From Beyond Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the From Beyond script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the H.P. Lovecraft movie with Jeffrey Combs.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of From Beyond. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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From Beyond Script














Go away...



Now listen to me.

I've got to talk to you.



The resonator, it's working!



If this is your idea of a joke...



Listen to me.

The new program, it worked!



Just like you said.



My God!



Do you feel it, Crawford?



Turn it off.

Edward! Shut it off!






Can't you feel it, Crawford?

In the mind.



The mind!



It's out of control,

you've got to turn it off!



No, I want to see more...

more than any man has ever seen!



Edward... It's running itself!









They're at it again!



With the coloured lights

and the weird sounds!



Last time I called,

you said you'd send a squad car



if there was another disturbance.



Well, I'm disturbed!






Ah! Bunny! Come back!






Bunny... Please...



Oh, God!



- Oh, my God!

- Come on!









Dr. Bloch, I'm Jordan Fields

from the D.A.'s office.



This is Dr. Catherine McMichaels.



- Hello.

- I've read some of your work.



Very impressive.



Well, yes.

So is this facility.



Though if you've read my work,



you know I'm not in favour

of locking away schizophrenics.



Yes, I know.



You're in favour of using them

in experiments, like...



lab animals.



We've asked Dr. McMichaels

for her expert opinion



on the sanity

of Crawford Tillinghast.



As it pertains

to his ability to stand trial



for the murder

of Edward Pretorious.



Thank you.



Oh, just a minute. Ray?



Thank you.






Forgive me, God in Heaven.



Get them out of here!



He's in here, Doctor.






This is Doctor Catherine McMichaels.






I suppose you're another psychiatrist.



Yes, I am.



And you're a physicist.



Your record at Miskatonic University

was brilliant.



Yes, well...

I had quite a future, didn't I?



Yes, you were working

with Edward Pretorious.



I was assisting Dr. Pretorious

with his experiments, yes.



What was the purpose

of the experiments?



To stimulate the pineal gland

with resonant vibrations.



The pineal gland? Why?



Dr. Pretorious believed the pineal

was a dormant sensory organ.



A sixth sense.



Yes, well that's not a new theory.



The philosopher Descartes

believed it was a third eye.



It's not a theory, it's a fact!



Then your experiments worked.



They proved the theory.






Then what went wrong?






At first.



But then we saw them.



What did you see?



We saw creatures.



We saw creatures, these...



Things, that were

swimming around in the air.



They fill it! All the time.



- Are they around us now?

- You bet.



Only we can't see them

without the resonator.



And they can't see us,



unless they're under the

influence of the vibrations.



That's why I had to destroy it!



Destroy what?



The resonator!

Pretorious' invention!









It... came.



What came?



Dr. Tillinghast?



Crawford, what did you see?



It ate him.



Bit off his head.



Like a gingerbread man.






Dr. McMichaels.



I'm not mad.

I saw it!



I saw it!



Do you hear me? I saw it!



Why doesn't anyone believe me?



We can't reach him.



He keeps returning

to the same fantasy...



Let's do a CAT scan on him.



Why? You've already seen

everything you need to see.



There's always more to see.



No machines...



- Please...

- It's alright.



You'll be alright.



I promise.



Oh, God, no...



Oh, my God...



There, do you see that?!



The pineal gland is oversized

and extending through the optic thalami



Think the tumor

is causing his delusions?



I don't think that's a tumor...



I think the pineal gland

is growing...



- That's impossible...

- I know! But the CAT scan bears it out



The pineal stalk

is elongating through the brain.



Wait a minute.



I donít know

the inside of brains.



What does all this mean?



Well it could mean

that the experiment



they were perfoming

actually does stimulate the pineal.



You mean he's not crazy?



I don't know...



He actually believes

that he saw these creatures...



It still doesn't explain

how Pretorious died



or what happened to his head!



I'd like to recreate

their experiment,



and i'll need Tillinghast to do it!



That is absurd...

and unethical!



I know your methods.

The girl wonder...



You use your patients



so you can make

your great discoveries!



At least here

we try to cure them...



By locking them up?



Giving them drugs,

taking their lives away?



I can give him his life back!



I'll give you an expert opinion:



Crawford Tillinghast is a classic

paranoid schyzophrenic,



and a dangerous one.



If I can recreate the experiment,



then I can find out

what happened to Pretorious.



I'd like nothing better

than to lock this guy up.



I've got a dead man

with his head twisted off



covered in some shit

the pathologists can't even identify!



No other fingerprints found,

except Tillinghast's...



No blood on the axe,

no blood anywhere...



I want to know what the hell

happened up there.



He's all yours.



You're my patient now,

Dr. Tillinghast.



Thank You.



I'll call for an apointment.



No, wait a minute.



You've been released into my custody,

you have to come with me.



Where are you planning

on taking me?



Back to the Pretorious House.



I want you to recreate

your experiment.






Look, you can either stay here

for the rest of your life,



or you can come with me.



That's not much of a choice, is it?



I believe you Crawford,

I want to see what you saw.



Hi, you must be Dr. McMichaels?



No, I'm Dr. McMichaels.



- Oh, hi.

- Hello.



- Then you must be?

- This is Dr. Crawford Tillinghast.



The crazy.



I'm Sgt. Bufford Brown,

but my team mates call me Bubba.



I used to play pro football.

We were all crazy...



Not exactly cheery.






Sorry about that...

Child-proof lock.



Last stop. Everybody Out.



Dr. Tillinghast, would you care

to show us around?




if you're telling us the truth,



the only way to free yourself

is to go back.



Through this door.



Come on Doc,

there's nothing to be afraid of.



Look, I'll show you.



See, what did I tell you?



- Bubba, are you alright?

- Yeah, I'm okay.



Electrical cables.



We needed more power, so...



they rewired the whole house.



Where are

the circuit breakers, Doctor?






Damn it, we lost him!



He knows this place

better than we do.



First thing is to find the power.



- Hey, wait a minute.

- What?



I bet these cables lead

to the resonator.



First we find

our missing mental patient.



I want more yelling!



More yelling, bitch!



This guy was into some weird shit.



Your mouth I want to kiss!



That's him.



Dr. Edward Pretorious.



I don't care about his private life.



Pretorious' resonator.



I heard you hacked up Pretorious.



That's were I hid it!



I knocked a fork off.



There... There it is.



What do you want me

to do with it?



- Let him go.

- Are you crazy too?



He's reliving it.

The night of the murder.



Let him go!



Ian says you call the signals...









This is how it was.



That's where it ate him.



Wait a minute. What ate who?



We can start

in the morning, Crawford.



I've started.






All this talking about eating

is making me hungry.



How about we have some dinner?



The real danger here is starving.



Pretty, isn't she?



She's beautiful...



So how's it going, Doc?

Need some help?



He used to bring

beautiful women here...



Eat fine meals, drink fine wine,

listen to music...



But it always ended with screaming.



And I would just lie there

and listen to them...






You boss had some screws loose.



He was a genius.



It's just that the five senses

weren't enough for him, he wanted more.



Is it finished?

Are we ready?






I had to bypass the computer



because the magnetic field

erased the program.



And of course the monitors

are completely useless.



So, the entire system

has to be manually operated.



And unfortunately the resonator

was so severely damaged



that I had to convert it

to just an on/off system.



When we reach        MHz,



we throw this switch



and a powerful magnetic field



vibrates these forks

at a precise frequency.



Stimulating the pineal gland,

allowing us to see with it.



Listen to me:



don't move when we're

in the field of the vibrations.



- Why?

- You move, and they may see you.



It will see you.



What is this it anyway?



Pray you don't see it for yourself.



I'm staying right by this switch.



If it appears, I'm shuting down.



Are you sure

we're ready for this?



- Yes.

- Please...



Remember: stay still.



This looks real great, people.



Oh, man...



What the hell is that?



- What?

- I don't know what.



Don't move!



Holy shit!



Is this what you saw?



Yes, these things

are around us all the time.



It's coming.



- Bubba! Are you alright?

- Lost a little piece, but I'll be fine.



When you move in the field,

it can sense you.



How far does the field extend?



I'm turning it off.









- Who is it?

- Show yourself.



Welcome home, Crawford.



I'm glad you came back.



Who's the lovely woman?



It can't be you...



Doctor Pretorious?



You have me

at a disandvatange, my dear...



Crawford, where are your manners?



Bring your friend to me.



I saw you die.



No, not die, just pass beyond.



It was horrible!



A necessary rite of passage,

quite wonderful in fact.



Where have you been hiding?



Move towards me, my dear.

I want to see you.



- How...

- Did I survive?



I am the master here.



Is it...



Is it really you, Edward?



Touch me, if it pleases you.



If it helps you understand.



It's just the body...



but my mind is indivisible!



Bodies change.



That will be quite enough of that.



I feel excelerated.



We almost died...



Incredible creature.



It must have total bodily control

on a molecular level.



Yes, and Edward's mind.



He became the thing that ate him.



Crawford, we saw the same things.



We've proved you're not insane.



I'm not so sure...



You faced your fear

and you overcame it.



You saved our lives.



Yeah, I owe you one.



Want some breakfast?



How can you eat after that?



Can't work without eating...



What work?



I thought I'd record the results.



The pineal gland was stimulated.



It gave me one hell of a headache.



Expansion of the pineal.



I'll have to do a study

of CAT scans of scyzophrenics.



If there's a statistical correlation



between scyzophrenia

and an enlarged pineal...



They may be seeing or feeling

what we saw.



Their minds may be influenced

by those creatures.



How about the hard on I got?



Is there statistical

correlation for that too?






we know that the pineal gland helps

to regulate the sex drive.



Perhaps pineal stimulation causes...



an accompagnying sexual stimulation.



There's so much to learn...



Well, we learned

what we came for.



He ain't crazy

and that... it



ate Pretorious' head.



They're gonna think we're crazy,



but that's their problem.



We'll just have to

try the experiment again.



Did you say we?



Catherine, you can't.



You don't mean to go

back up there now, do you?



You always run an experiment twice,

to check the results.






I saw it get to him, Catherine.



Just exactly what you're feeling

and it ruined him.






I'd like to know more about him.



That resonator is a work of genius.



Were we in the same nightmare?



Didn't we just almost

all get eaten by an it?



All it takes is a hand on the switch.

If it appears, you make it disappear.



I've got a better idea.



How about if we disappear

out the door?



Don't you understand?

This is the greatest discovery



since van Leeuwenhoek first looked

through a microscope and saw an amoeba!



But he wasn't down there

with the amoebas!



I have to find out if the pineal gland

is really the key.



Fine! But not here.



Not now.

Under controlled conditions.



But we have control.



No one knows that resonator

better than you do.



You're right!

And that's why no one is touching it.






This could be the first step

in curing scyzophrenia.






My father spent    years

in an institution. He died in one.



They called his condition incurable.



They tried everything:

drugs, shock therapy, even surgery.



They turned him into a vegetable.



I'm sorry...



We can save so many others.

Please, Crawford...



We can do it.



Help me.



Help you?



Help you to take your mind...



and shatter it!



I can't.



And I won't let you.

I'm the law here.



You turn on that machine

and it's reckless endangerment.



Look, we all need some rest.



Why don't we just get some sleep

and then we'll think about it.



We get some rest

and then we're going.



Turn it off!






I have to see more...



Feel more!



Turn it off!






We've got to stop it.






Don't stop...



I'm impressed Crawford.



Do you realise now

what I was creating?



Edward, my God,

what have you become?






Get the swich and I'll distract him.



Yes, I do find you distracting.



Don't, Crawford!



Listen to me.



Whatever you are, you're

still Edward Pretorious.



You're still human!



More than human...



Join me, forever.



Everyone must join me.



We'll be waiting for you,




What the hell are you going to do?



Circuit breaker.

I'm gonna have to turn it off!












In another life,



I would of enjoyed you

in another way...



Messing with that

damn machine again!



What the hell is that?



Vibrations must reach down here.



I'll be right back.



What are you going to do to me?



I'm going to kiss you...



Oh my God!



I'm sorry.



I really thought

that I could control it.



It's changing us, Doc.



All of us.

And not for the better.



I was wrong to turn on the resonator

with other subjects present.



It's clear now that only one person

should run the experiment.



This ain't an experiment!



It's suicide!



The presence of other subjects

causes dangerous distractions!



I can stand right

at the master switch



to maintain control

of that resonator,



but I must do it myself.



I know this behaviour.

I've seen it in the streets.



You may be a scientist, lady,



but right now

you're acting like a junkie.



Just take him and leave!



Wrap him up,

I'll get the van ready.



Put some clothes on,



unless you want me to take you

kicking and screaming like that...



What the hell are you doing?



I told you to get dressed.



I did.



The van's ready.

You're going like that?



What a shame...



I just...



love what you have done

with this room...



You're asking for it.



Look at yourself!



Is that who you are?



I don't know...



I don't know who I am...






Crawford, we're leaving now.



No, listen, the resonator!



It's him!



He's trying to start

the resonator, from beyond!



Son of a bitch!






Bubba, pull the cable!



Use the axe!






Oh no, God!


















Kiss, my dear...



Humans are such an easy prey...



Let her go!



Oh, I will...



Beyond her wildest dreams...



She will go into my mind,



and I will go into hers...



It's the greatest

sensual pleasure there is!



You never knew pleasure,

nor gave it.



Only pain!



You are evolving into a being



that has never existed before.



I'm Crawford Tillinghast!



Let it happen, Crawford...



Let it out!






Oh, it's so beautiful...









Now you can truly see...



What have you done to him?



I only awakened

his sleeping pineal gland.



It did the rest itself.









You whore!



Die, you fucker!



Oh, Crawford...



The police are here.



She's been telling us

a pretty wild story.



I have been telling you the truth!



We'd like your opinion

of her mental state.



I'd rather give you my opinion

of her professional conduct.



You're contemptible.



Look at her!



I doubt she even understands

what she's done!



You cost Crawford Tillinghast his mind.



Quite possibly his life!



And another man's life.



That machine has got to be destroyed!



I listened to you the first time

and now I've lost one of my best men.



The DA's going to chew me

a new asshole, thanks to you!



She's in your custody now.



No, wait a minute,

you can't lock me up!



Not here, please!



I can't do much with her

in this agitated state,



she'll upset the other patients.



Do whatever you think best.



Listen, Dr. Bloch, please...



You know that I'm sorry

for everything that I've done.



You have got to let me go back...



Don't you tell me

what I have got to do, girl wonder.



You always have

all the answers, don't you?



Well, you're my patient now.

And I've got a few answers myself.



Prepare her for electro-shock therapy.



But, Dr. Bloch, hospital policy...



Hospital policy dictates that

the nursing staff is to follow orders!



Now do as I say.



Yes, doctor.



Stop her!



My God, Bloch, no!



Send her up to no.  .

I'm going to check on Tillinghast.



If she continues to resist, sedate her.



Please, don't do this.



It's not necessary.



I'm alright now.



He's gone.



Call security!






Please don't eat those.



They're delicious.



They'll make you very sick.






What is happening to me?



We don't know for sure...



but we're going to find out.



We're going to go

in the hall now, Crawford.



Take it easy, honey.



Come, quick, something's happened

and we need your help.



Wait a minute, what about her?



Lock her up in a room.









You better hurry,

before he goes into DT.



And get me a candybar, I'm starving.






Harley, what's going on?



I saw...



A snake...

came out of his head...



It ate him...



Shit, Harley, you son of a bitch,

he's gone into DT.



Harley, you alright?



That's the snake man, that's him!



Somebody help me!



Oh my God, help!



Help, somebody!



Crawford, stop!



Crawford, let me go!



Crawford, stop!



Why are you doing this?



Because I love you, Catherine.



Crawford, we have to get out of here,

the resonator's going to blow up!



I want us to be together...



Listen to me!



I set a timing device on a bomb,

we only have a few minutes!



It doesn't matter.



If Pretorious

can turn on that machine,



then he'll always have

a way back here.



He's always here...



Don't you understand!



He won't just influence us!



He'll devour us and the rest

of the human race if he can!



You're so beautiful...



Please, Crawford!



It won't hurt, I promise.



Crawford! Help me!






Welcome, my dear...



I've been waiting for you...



Edward, no!






The greatest

sensual pleasure there is



is to know the desires

of another mind.



I know your desires,

you impotent pig!



We are the most powerful being

in the universe!



She'll know, Edward...



How pathetic you are!



How you can't make love!



Maybe you can teach me...









Come and get me, eunoch!



This time I'm not running away!



Catherine, run!









I've called the fire department.

They'll get you to the hospital.



Oh my god!



What happened up there?



It... ate... him...



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