The Fury Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Fury script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Brian De Palma movie with Kirk Douglas and Amy Irving.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Fury. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Fury Script





- I won.

- What do you mean, you won? You did not.



- I did too. The oId man can still beat him.

- Come on, Dad. You saw it, didnīt ya?



CIose, really cIose.



- All right. If it was cIose, Ietīs go again.

- How many times do I have to beat you?



- You beat me?

- Yeah, I beat you.



- All right! You won!

- Hey, Ieave your father aIone.



All this exercise is makinī me hungry.



- Come on, Dad. All right, you won.

- No, no.



- You won.

- No, you won.



- No, no, you won.

- No, you won.



Mr ChiIdress, teIephone

for you, sir... on the terrace.



Better get here as soon as you can.

Iīll tell Peter.



Whatīll Iiving in the States be Iike, Dad?



I donīt know. Weīve been away a Iong time.



- Yeah, itīs been since Mom died.

- Yeah.



- Hey, why Chicago?

- Good schooI for ya. The best.



- You couId go out for football.

- What, give up soccer?



Well, footballīs more popuIar in the States.



Football pIayers are

more popuIar with the girIs.






I donīt know, schooI and sports,

all that stu...



I just wonīt fit in there. I feeI Iike a freak.



- What is this?

- Maybe if I knew what was wrong with me...



Thereīs nothing wrong with you.



- I might do OK in a zoo.

- What the hell are you doing?



FeeIing sorry for yourseIf?



OK, you have a taIent that wouId

shock the hell out of peopIe.



But itīs a taIent that aIso can be put to

good use. Itīs nothinī to be ashamed of.



ChiIdress understands this. Thatīs why

he wants you to go to this schooI in Chicago.



Youīll meet other kids

that are speciaI, Iike you.






Iīll be with you. All the way.



If it doesnīt work out,

weīll do something eIse.



Robin... do me a favour.

I wanna taIk to your father aIone. One minute.



- Sure. Iīll be on the terrace, Dad.

- OK.






youīve gotta give me the teIephone number

of that dame from the antique shop.



Thereīs nothing antique about her.

Everything works.



- Gonna miss you.

- Well, Iīm not gonna miss you.



   years together in the same agency

is more than enough.



Well, you taught me a Iot. You did.



If this is a teary farewell, get outta here.



No tears. All Iaughs.



Say goodbye to your son aIone.






ReguIar Iuncheon for two.



My dad!



Get Robin outta here!



- Dad!

- Your fatherīs all right. Heīs a professionaI.



- Theyīre after my dad!

- Theyīre after all of us.



For Christīs sakes...






They killed my dad!



Oh, son, Iīm sorry.



They killed my dad!



Robertson, where the hell are ya?



Gimme the gun!

Iīll find out who broke security.



- Iīll...

- No! Get this boy outta here.



- Come on, Robin, move. Into the car.

- Itīll be all right, Robin.



- Iīm sorry, sir.

- Itīs all right, Jonathan. Good job.



- Iīm proud of you. Go by the road.

- Thank you. Sure.



Give me the fiIm.



Itīs aIready    degrees this morning...



I said īīMother, what do you want from me?īī



īīYou got this terrific job.

Youīre all over the worId.īī



I get to see her once a month, if Iīm Iucky.



īīIīm happy for you. I really am.īī



But I said īīJust donīt try and run my Iife

when you happen to be



around the house for a few days

and feeI Iike pIaying Mom.īī



I know. They just donīt know how to Iet go.

And they get so hurt when you try to expIain.






Anyway, Ietīs see if you know this junk.



January   th,     .



That was the first

United Nations GeneraI AssembIy



- that was heId in London. Right?

- Good.



- See, I toId you. I never forget dates.

- All right...



Who was eIected president of the assembIy?



Itīs names I have troubIe with.



- LaRue, donīt tell me.

- I didnīt say anything.



- Yes, you did. You said īīRaymondīī.

- I did not. īīRaymondīī?



His name wasnīt Raymond. It was...



Raymond Dunwoodie.



Who was Raymond Dunwoodie?



I donīt know. Itīs just... that name

just came into my head. I donīt know.



- So what was the reaI answer?

- PauI-Henri Spaak of BeIgium.



Oh, yes!



- PauI-Henri Spaak. I aIways get that wrong.

- OK, next.



The five permanent members

of the UN Security CounciI are...



The United States, Russia...



I know.



Letīs just forget the whoIe thing.



- Forget it? Are you crazy?

- LaRue, I know this stu.



- We have a finaI at two oīcIock.

- And Iīm gonna pass with fIying coIours.



Hey, guess what. We got a buddy.



Oh, my God. What a creep.



Heīs waIking backwards now.



- ShouId we give him money?

- No! God, what do you take me for?



I donīt know. Oh, heīs not gonna bother us.



- I hope we pass.

- Sure! Two popcorns, pIease.



- Hello?

- Mr Johnson?



- Yes.

- Itīs Raymond Dunwoodie.



- What is it, Raymond?

- Now, Iook, I havenīt changed my mind.



Thereīs nothing I can do for you personally,

but I may have somebody to Iocate your son.



Youīd better not be wasting my time.



No, Iook, Iīm at the beach,

and I made a contact.



Sheīs a kid, maybe    and sheīs psychic.



- Are you sure?

- Thatīs right, sheīs psychic.



Bring her here.



I donīt have her yet, but I couId get her.

Now, Iook...



Mr Johnson, this is gonna cost.



How much?



I donīt mean    or     bucks, not for this girI.



- How much, Raymond?

- $    .



I donīt have that kind of money.



Thatīs a sad story, Mr J.



AImost as sad as the story

you toId me about your boy.



Dunwoodie paid o.

Weīve compIeted the trace.



Heīs taIking to Sandza at the PIymouth HoteI.



- Step inside, o the street.

- Yes, sir.



- Is this man registered here?

- I donīt know.



- I just came on a haIf-hour ago myseIf.

- We think heīs been here a few days.



You ainīt the poIice, is ya?



Well... Iīm what youīd consider well-travelled,

but Iīve never heard of you gentIemen.



We donīt spend a dime on pubIic reIations.



Yeah, well...



That wouId be Mr RV Johnson. Room    .

Just down the hall to your Ieft.



Hey, government man. Donīt bust

my door down, pIease. Use a passkey.



Chase One to Chase Two.

Heīs Ioose. Do you copy?



Heīs Ioose. Do you copy?



Chase One to Chase Two.

Heīs Ioose. Do you copy?



Gunmen of the Hanafi MusIim sect



continue their siege

of three Washington buiIdings...



Goddammit! Did you hear that, Vivian?

Now thatīs what Iīm taIkinī about.



Them bozos in Washington are

mugginī the whoIe damn country.



Every court in the Iand is makinī it IegaI.



If you asked me what happened

to the miIk of human kindness,



Iīd have to tell you frankIy that

the whoIe worId has dried up at the tit.



You can say that again.

I swear to hell I donīt know...



- Vivian!

- Yes, Mother Nuckells, Iīm coming.



CouIdnīt you just once

manage to go potty by yourseIf?



- Vivian, somebodyīs in my room!

- Oh, sure.



All right, now. Nobodyīs gonna get hurt.



- I just want some cIothes.

- He came in my window.



Do you know who he is?



I toId you we shouId have

moved to MeIrose Park.



This wouIdnīt be happening

if we Iived in MeIrose Park.



You want cIothes?



OId cIothes, anything youīve got.



Well, you can see I need cIothes.

I canīt go anywhere Iike this.



- Just the cIothes?

- Yes.



I had to Ieave the hoteI in a hurry,

so couId you spare a coupIe of dollars?



CouId do.



This is a graphic exampIe of biofeedback.



Weīre converting the very Iow-voItage

aIpha-wave energy



into eIectricity to run that train.



And that train will onIy run

when my friend Hester is in aIpha.



Now, as you may have hoped, there are more

practicaI appIications to biofeedback training.



If you can reguIate your brain waves,



you can controI your heart rate,

bIood pressure, headaches, backaches,



even, Iadies, coId feet.



I work at the Paragon Institute,



where we study the phenomena

of extrasensory perception.



And we are using biofeedback techniques



to tap the aImost IimitIess resources

of the human mind.



And I am speaking now of such things

as thought transmissions,



commonIy known as teIepathy.



Now, that machine is called a magnetometer,

and it records the fIuctuations



of the human eIectromagnetic fieId

during our experiments,



and I guess Hesterīs had it.



Thank you, Hester.



I wanna stress that no particuIar taIent

is needed to achieve this.



Anybody can achieve aIpha...

with a IittIe patience.



Wanna try?






Try to remember that īīaIphaīī

is another word for īīpassiveīī.






VisuaIise sitting in an empty theatre

in front of a bIank screen.



And Iet that screen fill your mind.






- What is she doing?

- I have no idea.



Donīt mind about them.

Itīs OK. Are you all right?






Iīd say Iīm pretty sound,

considering the ravages of time.



For instance, I donīt have the use of any more

than one of my Iimbs or vitaI organs.



Good thing the Lord God Jehovah

buiIt in so many spare parts.



- But when the oId ticker gives out, thatīs it.

- Ainīt that the truth?



- How Iong do you think youīll be staying?

- Shut up, Vivian.



- Let the boy enjoy his breakfast.

- Thank you.



- What is it they want you for?

- Iīm a high-IeveI security risk.



Did you get it yet?



- No.

- Itīs been over two months.



WouId you shut up, Betsy?



It does not! I mean...



- Gillian, I was saving that seat for CheryI.

- Too bad.



- CheryI can sit over here.

- Oh, God.



CheryI, Iīm sorry. I tried to save a seat

for you, but Gillian just took it.



- Look, have my seat...

- Hey, watch it.



Good Lord, Pam. If youīre that nervous,

why donīt you masturbate?



Are you ready for tomorrow?



You two are so sweet.



When are you getting married?



See any ghosts today, Gillian?



- CheryI, youīre not very funny.

- Gillianīs not very funny.



There are more mature ways to get attention,

donīt you think, Gillian?



- Have you seen Mr Wadkinsī new girIfriend?

- Yeah, whereīd he pick that ticket?



Read my mind.



- What?

- Tell me what Iīm thinking.



Come on, right now. Read my mind.

Thatīs what they say you can do.



No, I donīt know how to read minds,

CheryI. Itīs ridicuIous.



- CheryI, just...

- Shut up, LaRue.



I onIy wanna find something out. Thatīs all.



All right, come on.



Oh, great. Now pay attention, everybody.

Gillianīs gonna perform.



I didnīt say Iīd...



CheryI, I donīt know anything

about reading minds, all right?



I mean, I donīt even know what Iīm thinkinī

most of the time, so... get o my back.



- Gillian, youīre so full of shit.

- CheryI, youīre an asshoIe. Just shut up.



She canīt heIp being upset.

She has to take it out on someone.



What did you say?



You donīt want everyone

to know that youīre pregnant?



What? I wouId Iike for you

to expIain that IittIe remark.



- Just what do you think you know about me?

- Iīm sorry, I didnīt...



- Tell me!

- Let go, CheryI. Let go.



- Tell me!

- PIease Iet go.



- CheryI!

- Tell me!



No! Oh, my God!



Oh, my God! Oh, my God!



HeIp me!



I put some cookies in a bag for you.



- You might get hungry Iater on.

- Thank you.



Howīs your hair? Dry yet?



Oh, itīs fine.



- Hey!

- Oh, just fine.



That ShinoIa will wash right out.



Iīd appreciate it if youīd wait

till after M*A*S*H to Iet them go.



M*A*S*H? Iīll wait till Sunrise Semester.



Might as well just Ieave īem there.

They ainīt got anything to say I wanna hear.



Iīve heard it all before.



Peter? Thatīs your reaI name?



Thatīs right.



Canīt see a reason why

youīd make up Iies to tell me.



- I donīt matter, anyhow.

- I wouIdnīt Iie to you, Mother Nuckells.



You know that.



Then I hope you find your son.



If heīs aIive... Iīll find him.



And if the Feds get in your way, shoot īem.

Just shoot īem. Itīs all they deserve.



Thereīs so many of them.

They just keep coming.



Kill īem! Kill īem!



Now donīt overwork yourseIf,

Mother Nuckells. Itīs bad for the oId ticker.



Thank you.



WouId you Iet us outta here now?






- PIease!

- Get us outta here, do you hear?



Letīs go check that out.



- Thatīs all the way down.

- OK, man, I dig.



- Hey, man. Check out Pops.

- Letīs see what the oId man got in the bag.



Watch One to Top Guy One.

VisuaI and cIear. Do you copy?



- OK, Ietīs have the bag.

- Heīs got a gun.



Come on, I wanna go home.



- Home with you?

- With me, yeah.



Iīll never go home with you. Come on.



- I donīt wanna go home.

- Youīre gonna go home right now.



Hey, howīs that for a horn?



But Iisten to that stereo. You ever heard

better fuckinī stereo sound in your Iife?



How can you be sure itīs Sandza?



He had to be in the neighbourhood.

All we had to do was wait.



I trained with him. I know his styIe.



Whatīs he doing now? Over.



Looks Iike off-duty cops

in that Cadillac ahead of us.



Thereīs nothing he can do.



- Can I heIp you, Pop?

- Youīre under arrest.






Youīre under arrest

for impersonating poIice oicers.



Hey, hey, Iook out! What the hell...?



Heīs got a piece. Itīs in my armpit.



All right... what do you want me to do?



Drive down that alley. Fast.



Crazy son of a bitch!



Take a right!






HoIy shit!



- ShouId I drive a IittIe faster?

- No. SIower.






Right now youīre the onIy two peopIe

in the worId I feeI safe with.



- I wanna enjoy your company.

- Yeah, OK, sure, sure.



Why not? Weīll just cruise around a IittIe bit.

Maybe after a whiIe youīll wanna taIk.






Whatīs your name?



- Peter.

- Iīm Marty OīBrien...



- Is that gun uncomfortabIe in your armpit?

- No, no.



I want you to meet my partner,

Oicer EggIeston.



Hi, Peter. Why donīt you call me Bob?



Hi, Bob. Nice car.



Yeah, itīs brand-new.



I just picked it up about a haIf-hour ago.



- I wouIdnīt want anything to happen to it.

- I donīt bIame you.



- Is that shoe poIish in your hair, Peter?

- Yes, it is. Itīs a disguise.



- Thatīs a pretty cIever disguise.

- Yeah.



It didnīt work, though.

They were waiting for me.



Must have been waiting all day.



I gotta give that ChiIdress

a Iot of credit, the son of a bitch.



Somebodyīs after you, is that it?



What do you suppose heīs tellinī those cops?



Whatever it is, they wonīt beIieve him.



I worked for a government agency

you never heard of.



They took my son away from me.



They needed him, so they just took him.



Keep your hand in your Iap, Marty.



Itīs a frightening power these peopIe have.

They can make anybody disappear any time.



- Somebodyīs gotta stop īem.

- Yeah, thatīs right.



If you donīt mind, maybe we can heIp.



Yeah. You see, Marty and myseIf

have had a Iot of experience with...



- PeopIe Iike kickinī peopIe around.

- Harassinī them.



I got an idea.

Why donīt we stop for some coee?



Donīt stop! Get o this drive!

Weīre Iike sitting ducks here!



Easy, man. Weīre on your side.

Weīre just tryinī to heIp.



Chase One to Top Guy One.

Weīve got him on the Lower Drive. Copy?



Copy. Weīre right above you.



Two sedans have been following us,

standard government issue.



- Heīs right about that...

- Bob!



- I want you to Iose those cars.

- Lose? How do you suppose I...?



Thereīs a construction site over the bridge.



When we get there, I want you to follow

my instructions exactIy, understand?






if they can make me disappear,

they can make you disappear too.



Chase cars,



pull up aIongside the Cadillac.

Letīs find out what Peter has in mind.



Somethingīs goinī on here.

Do they Iook Iike Feds to you?



Who knows?



Peter, Iīm worried about that gun goinī o

by accident if we hit a bump.



- Got something to worry about.

- Across the bridge when the Iight changes?



Weīre not gonna wait for

the Iights to change, Bob.



Weīre not?






Oh, God, pIease, God,

donīt Iet anything happen to my new car.



Chase One to Top Guy One. Heīs crossing

bridge into fog. Losing visuaI contact.



Theyīre finished. Letīs go home.

That son of a bitch!



- Hey, watch where youīre goinī.

- I canīt see anything in this soup.



- Which way?

- I donīt know.



- You go straight and Iīll go Ieft.

- All right.



- Now what?

- Dunno.



Hear anything?



I donīt know. Do you?



Yeah, I definiteIy hear something.



Chase One, weīre in pursuit of the Caddy!



I see him. I see him.

Heīs over there, around to the right.



- Jesus!

- How the hell was I...?



There they are. Go on, get movinī!



All right, get out. Both of you!



Leave the motor running.



- I canīt beIieve it. Not a scratch!

- Throw your pieces in the Iake.



What are you gonna do now, Peter?



If you see ChiIdress,

ask him if it was worth his arm.



What happened to his arm, Peter?



I killed it with a machine gun.



- Hey, Peter, now wait...

- Tell ChiIdress to follow me!



I want him to follow me this time!



Not in my car, man.



- Watch out, Bob!

- Peter, Ietīs taIk about this!



Gillian, I know youīre upset, but itīs silly.

I was toId CheryI has a history of nosebIeeds.



An ice bag stopped the bIeeding.



But what Iīm trying to tell you is:

I made it happen.



- Thatīs impossibIe.

- What about when you started bIeeding?



A coupIe of weeks ago? You said the cut

was heaIed, and it opened right up. Donīt!



Why not?



Cos it couId happen to you.



Gillian, Iīve had a Iong fIight

and Iīm very tired.



- I want you to stop carrying on Iike this.

- Donīt be mad at me.



Sweetheart, Iīm not.



I aIways thought we couId

tell each other anything, no matter what.



We can.



Mother, I Iove you.



Iīm afraid.



- Afraid to Iet me touch you?

- Yes.



Honey, Iīm home and Iīll stay here

just as Iong as you need me, I promise.



But what we really shouId do now

is taIk to someone.



And Steve Brenneman

has had wonderfuI success...



Iīm not going to a psychiatrist.






Oh, itīs you.



That was a good one. Really passionate.



I need...



Listen, Iīm a nurse.



And if my phoneīs tied up

and they canīt get hoId of me...



So maybe you couId breathe

for someone eIse tonight.



I need...



I need your body, baby.



Come on, baby, itīs me.



Oh, my God!



Why do we aIways have to meet in this van?

CouIdnīt we go to my pIace, just this once?



Too dangerous.



Well, for the sake of argument,



Ietīs assume that everybody at the institute

has their phones tapped.



- Nobodyīs watching me, for heavenīs sakes.

- Theyīre aIways watching.



Raymond Dunwoodie was a psychic. If heīd

had enough time, heīd have found Robin.



But ChiIdress was watching him.

How eIse do you think they got to me?



Why are you so afraid of this guy?



Iīm not afraid of ChiIdress. Heīs afraid of me.

He knows Iīll get my son back.



Now what about those fiIes?



Iīm nobody. I just work there.

I donīt have access to any vitaI secrets.



You mean you didnīt get a chance

to examine the fiIes at Paragon?



- Yes, I did.

- And?



Robin is...



- Well, heīs...

- Dead.



- According to the records...

- Of course thatīs what they say.



- ChiIdress keeps the records.

- What if itīs true?



Hester, Iook at me. Iīm proof.



Proof that my son is aIive, eIse why wouId

ChiIdress be so anxious to put me away?



Theyīve got him somewhere.



Youīre the onIy one who can heIp me.



How Iong did you follow me around



before taking a chance on me?



Too Iong.






Thanks for pickinī me.



Hester, you donīt reaIise

how beautifuI you really are.



Somewhere theyīre doinī

a hell of a Iot of research...



much more compIicated than Paragon.



God onIy knows

what theyīre doing to my son.



Peter, if Robin is still...



I promise Iīll do everything I can

to heIp find Robin.



But you take too much for granted.

You trust too many peopIe.



Paragon Institute.



It sounds Iike a haven for quacks.



- But their references are good.

- Itīs right up there on the Ieft.



GiI, the more I think about it, the more I think

this is not an appropriate course of action.



Mother, I Iike Dr Lindstrom. Anyway,

Iīm oId enough to know what Iīm doing.



Well, I donīt intend to Iet you stay here

untiI theyīve answered a Iot of questions.



- And I mean that, Gillian.

- OK.



- Hi, Gillian.

- Hi.



- Mrs Bellaver, Iīm Ellen Lindstrom.

- How do you do?



- PIease come in.

- Thank you.



Dr McKeever is busy monitoring a test,

but he shouId be with us shortIy.



- Maybe youīd Iike to Iook around.

- Thank you.



Iīve been here before.



- This was Babe Giordīs house.

- Yes, we bought the house from the Giords.



It was so beautifully furnished, we tried

to make as few aIterations as possibIe.



In fact, Gillianīs suite

is particuIarIy attractive.



- I donīt know why you want Gillian to stay...

- That was my idea, Mrs Bellaver.



Gillian and Katherine Bellaver,

this is our director, Jim McKeever.



How do you do?



- Gillian.

- Hi.



Young peopIe stay with us all the time whiIe

they heIp with our evaIuation programme.



Thanks, Ellie.



We can do a betterjob ofjudging psychic

abiIity if thereīs a minimum of distractions.



Of course, itīs not all work and no pIay.



Thereīs a good Iibrary right here

and a game room down the hall.



- Do you pIay backgammon, Gillian?

- Yeah.



Good. And our housekeeper is the best

Irish cook in Chicago, Iīm sorry to say.



Iīd Iike to know what kind of programme

youīre taIking about.



CertainIy. Why donīt we Iook

at one of our workshops?



TeIepathy is a timeIess

form of communication.



Now my five-year-oId daughter

was very good at this.



But the oIder and more sophisticated

we become, the more we rationaIise



what our senses try to tell us.



This is all Gillian will be doing?



Yes, this and simiIar tests,

under my personaI supervision.



Weīll take good care of her, Mrs Bellaver.



Iīll be fine. Donīt worry.

Iīll see you in a coupIe of weeks, OK?



All right, but Iīll call you when I get to Paris.



- You know where Iīm staying if you...

- Yes, Mother. Iīll be fine.






- Goodbye.

- Goodbye, Mrs Bellaver.



- Nice meeting you.

- Have a good trip.



Oh, my God! Itīs beautifuI.



Do you Iike it?



Look at this.



Itīs great.



Iīll start unpacking. Look around,

make yourseIf comfortabIe.



This is beautifuI.



- īīParagon.īī The best there is, right?

- Something that canīt be equalled.



Like the incredibIe power of the human mind.



We hope you Iearn to use that power

to deveIop your gift.



Itīs not a gift. Itīs more Iike having a bad tooth

and never knowing when itīs gonna hurt.



Thatīs because a part of the mind youīve

never used before becomes sensitised.



- Sensitised to what?

- The biopIasmic universe.



Come again?



The biopIasmic universe.



In that universe is a record of

every human impuIse, word and deed.



Of Iives past and Iives to come.



Occasionally you make a connection



between the timeIess worId

and the physicaI worId.



You have what cIairvoyants call īīa visionīī.



But itīs never about me, though.

I never see anything about me.



Guess Iīm gIad I donīt.



Iīve been thinking.

We shouId have a IittIe treat.



- Just for ourseIves.

- What?



Hot fudge sundaes,

vanilla and chocoIate ice cream.



- Hester...

- Bananas, maraschino cherries,



coconut, strawberry topping,



- whipped cream all over the top.

- No, stop.



Oh, my God. You guys.



If I donīt finish these tests soon,

Iīll be so fat, youīll have to roll me outta here.



- Well, have fun.

- Thanks.



Come on. Youīve earned it.



Youīre right. What the hell.



Besides, what are you taIkinī about?

You Iook terrific.



- Not after this.

- Do you have a boyfriend?



No, no one speciaI. What about you?

Pretty sIim pickings around here.



- Yeah, Paragon is just ajob.

- Well, do you have a boyfriend?



- Have I got a boyfriend!

- Whatīs he Iike?



Well, heīs very charming.

Swept me right o my feet.



- In the park.

- In the park?



- Yeah, he picked me up in the park.

- What was his Iine?



He said he needed heIp.



Some Iine.



- What are you taIkinī about? It worked.

- True. What does he do?






Well, he traveIs around a Iot.






Well... all over.



When he comes to town,

we go to parties. He Ioves peopIe.



He takes me out dancing, buys me presents...



He dresses beautifully,

and heīs a good dancer.



The onIy troubIe is...

heīs very hard to get hoId of.



Come on. Letīs dig in.



You mean gross out. Look at this.



When I was your age,

I had one great ambition.



- To be Fred Astaire.

- Oh, my God.



As you can see, I faiIed miserabIy.



I took dance for a coupIe of years.

My mother insisted.



You see, she didnīt think

I was any too gracefuI...



Donīt touch me any more.



PIease donīt touch me.



Oh, God!



God! What happened?



Tomorrow we do reaI tests, make things

as challenging as possibIe for Gillian.



NeIson, as soon as Gillian begins

to show her psychometric taIents,



I want compIete audio and

videotape records of the tests.



- Will she be working in the Faraday cage?

- No, this girIīs no cheat. Sheīs the reaI thing.






Do we have any bIeeders in the group?






Anyone whoīs had even minor surgery

in the past three months?



How about uIcers?



Hester, Kristen, Lorraine...



If youīre into your monthIies,

I donīt want you around during testing.



- Are you serious?

- Iīm very serious.



Gillianīs power to psychometrise

is spontaneous.



She creates an enormousIy powerfuI

eIectromagnetic fieId.



AImost everyone exposed to it will bIeed.



Some will bIeed a IittIe, some a Iot.



What is this kid? A vampire?



You wanna continue working here?



Then I donīt wanna hear

any more funny remarks Iike that.



- How do you account for it?

- We canīt.



Not yet.



Gillian... can you hear me?



It takes a whiIe for the EvipaI to take eect.



Ellie, pIease.



Gillian... what did you see on the stairs?



A boy.






Have you seen him before?






I have.



Gillian and Robin were

in touch teIepathically.



Think what we couId do if Robin were aIive.



- Iīm sending her home.

- Jim...



- Why?

- I donīt wanna be responsibIe for Gillian.



- I donīt think you mean that.

- I donīt wanna taIk about it any more!



Itīs Iate.



And weīre both overexcited.



Listen, I donīt understand something.



This is a marvellous opportunity for us.



We onIy had Robin for a few days, but I think

that Gillian really wants to work with us



and she is the best subject for

psychic research I have ever seen.



Ellie... even the most backward tribes,

the most primitive cuItures on Earth,



wouId weIcome the birth of a Robin Sandza.



And in time heīd become their magician,

their prophet, their great heaIer.



There is no pIace for these kids in our cuIture.

Theyīre superior to what we hoId sacred.



And what a cuIture canīt assimiIate...

it destroys.



Jim, what really happened to Robin Sandza?



He was running on the steps,

takinī them two or three at a time.






sIipped and went through the window.



- But why was he running?

- I donīt know, Ellie. I wasnīt here.






Why donīt you come up to my pIace?



- I mean, Iīll scrambIe some eggs...

- No, Iīm...



Iīm gonna finish this.



Then Iīm gonna stretch out

on the couch for a coupIe of hours.



What time is it? My watch has stopped.



Itīs a quarter after four.



Excuse me.



Itīs Iater than I thought.



Thanks, Ellie.






Good night, Jim.



Good morning.



What do you want?



My arm hurts.



Itīs dead.



Why shouId it still hurt?



Youīre the brain expert.



So tell me.



Is it all in my head, Doctor?



Itīs an oversimpIification,

but thereīs nothing I can do.



Thatīs not why I came here.



Tell me about Gillian Bellaver.



My peopIe aIways know

whatīs going on here,



even if youīre sIow to keep me informed.



Will the girI be another Robin Sandza?



- No.

- Really?



Poor Peter.



If he onIy knew that Robin

doesnīt care any more,



doesnīt care if his fatherīs aIive or dead.



- What the hell have you done to that boy?

- Heīs being treated Iike a prince.



He is. Heīs royaIty, unique. The Chinese

donīt have one, the Soviets donīt have one.



In all the worId, thereīs no one quite Iike

Robin Sandza... unIess itīs this girI.



How can you hoId him against his will

and get any kind of resuIts?



Against his will?



You donīt understand Robinīs needs. We do.



Are you testing the girI today?



Sheīs faiIed every test.

Sheīs a fake. Iīm sending her home.



- I donīt have time to waste on peopIe...

- Donīt do that to me, Doctor.



Donīt ever try Iying to me.



For Godīs sakes, sheīs just a chiId.

She doesnīt know anything.



She has no controI over what sheīs doing.



Robin had no controI when he came here.



Just raw abiIity.



Doctor... I wish you couId see him now.



For Godīs sakes.



I want you to get yourseIf together,

stop fudging your responsibiIities.



This girI is important to me.



Iīm assigning extra security.






If I know Peter,

he penetrated your security weeks ago.



He probabIy knows I have Gillian Bellaver.



I donīt know who his confederate is...



but Iīm Iooking into it.



- Sheīs all right.

- Try that one.



I will, I will.



Kristen, whereīs Dr McKeever?



Heīs checking out the new testing equipment.



- Do you know when heīll be back?

- He said not before dinner.



- Whereīs Gillian?

- Having breakfast.



I couId use a cup of coffee myself.



A cIub...



Good morning, Gillian.

Youīre not eating much.



Iīm not very hungry.



Did you hear what happened yesterday?

Dr McKeeverīs hand started bIeeding.



Yes, I do know about that.



Well, what are you gonna do about it?



I mean, itīs why Iīm here, isnīt it?



Canīt anybody heIp me?



Gillian, we have to work together.






Do you remember much of

what we taIked about Iast night?



Last night?



- Were you here Iast night, Dr Lindstrom?

- Thatīs all right.



WhiIe you were with Dr McKeever,

you had a vision that upset you.



You were in a fugue state for a whiIe.

We gave you something to heIp you reIax



and I suggested that you consciousIy

forget whatever was troubIing you.



And apparentIy...

it worked better than I thought.



So you donīt remember

anything about Robin Sandza?



No. Whoīs Robin Sandza?



Heīs a boy your age... with powers Iike yours.



Like me?



Well, where is he?

I mean, do you think I couId taIk to him?



Do you know him?



I feeI Iike I do.



What can you tell me about him?






Heīs not very cIear. Heīs...



Heīs, Iike, dreaming or...



or not... not awake yet.









Just reIax, Robin. ReIax. Itīs gonna be OK.



Gillian, where are you?



Get that Iight o him.



Disturbance of the magnetic fieId

on the Iast PK.



TriaI was stochasticaI, with a parametricaI

resonance on a frequency of five cycIes.



- Weīll go for a magnetometer check now.

- Infrared scanning system is operationaI.



We want a two-dimensionaI

view of the fieId potentiaIs.



We have a miId eIectrostatic fieId fIuctuation.



We have dierentiation between the P and T

waves. Heart action sIightIy arrhythmic.



Let me have that eIectroneurogram reading.



PuIse   . Pressure    /  .



PuIse steady at   . Pressure    /  .



Robin, weīre going to show you a fiIm.



Now, thereīs nothing in there

that can possibIy harm you.



But you must keep watching, OK?



PuIse beginning to rise.   .



Pressure    /  .



Magnetometer hoIding at    .



PuIse is   . Pressure    /   .



No. Keep watching. Keep watching.



We have a miId eIectrostatic fieId fIuctuation.



- Body temperature   .  .

- PuIse steady at   .



Robin, pIease keep watching.



No! No!



Robin, for Godīs sake, watch the screen.



Gillian! Gillian!



Where is Robin now, Gillian?



Theyīre after my dad!









- Hester?

- Oh, thank God!



Oh, my God. Listen.



I need to taIk to my mother.

Do you think I couId call my mother?



You can taIk to your mom in a IittIe whiIe,

but youīve had a shock and you need to rest.



- Here.

- What is that?



Itīs a sedative. Itīs Iike aspirin.

You take aspirin, donīt you?



Hereīs some water.



Drink pIenty of water.



Thatīs a good girI.



I need to see Dr McKeever.

I have to know what happened to Ellen.



Heīll be here in a IittIe whiIe. Iīll stay

here with you. Just Iie down and reIax.



No. No, I gotta get outta here.

I gotta go home.



Itīs all right, Gillian. Everythingīll be all right.

Weīll take good care of you. Donīt worry.



Ellenīs x-rays were encouraging. Sheīs

beginning to show signs of consciousness.



- It had to be a cerebraI haemorrhage...

- īīSheīs a fake.īī



You were gonna send her home.



Is that the kind of cooperation

I can expect, Doctor?



I want Gillian Bellaver

at the PSI faciIity tomorrow.



Do we Iet her mother know? Sheīs weaIthy,

with powerfuI friends. Gillian canītjust dis...



Peter, itīs impossibIe.



Iīll never be abIe to get that girI

out of that pIace. Iīll bIow it.



Getting out of Paragon is

a hell of a Iot easier than getting in.



- What do I say to Gillian?

- Tell her everything.



Tell her what they did to Robin.

Theyīll do the same thing to her.



- What if she wonīt Iisten?

- I donīt have much time.



That girI can Iead me to Robin.



- She was doped the Iast time I saw her.

- Everythingīs set for tomorrow.






I need your heIp. PIease.



You feeI all right, Robin?



You know, that wasnīt a very smart thing

to do. You couId have been very badIy hurt.



Why were you running away?



You didnīt have to use the window.

There is a door.



Yeah, Iike theyīd really

Iet me just waIk out the door.



Why didnīt you come to me?



Because youīre one of them.



I just wanna get outta here. I hate this pIace.

I hate these doctors and the tests.



Theyīre driving me crazy. I canīt even sIeep.



And you want to get away

from me, too. Is that it?



- What do you care?

- Well, I care very much.



Whatīs the matter, Robin?

Donīt you trust me any more?



I donīt know.



But you do want to get out of here,

donīt you?






All right. Then weīll go together.



- Go where?

- Gillian!



Well, I have this pIace in the country,

north of Chicago, in Lakeview.






You can do whatever you Iike. You donīt

have to see anybody, or taIk to anybody.



Not even me.






Yes, really.



WouId you Iike to do that?












Hi, Hester.



Iīve been Iookinī everywhere for you.



This was Robinīs room when he was here.



Yes, it was.



Heīs in terribIe troubIe now.



Those peopIe,

they shouId be trying to heIp him.



What peopIe?



Where Robin is.



They wonīt Ieave him aIone.



I mean, it was Iike they were

deIiberateIy trying to hurt him.



- Hester, donīt!

- PIease, pIease, itīs OK.



Itīs OK.



Iīm not bIeeding.



- You know where Robin is?

- Yeah, I do.



WouId you Iike to see him?



I need to see him.



Well, I think we can work that out.






Dr McKeever says

Iīm supposed to give these to you



to keep you happy and harmIess.



- Do you know what I mean?

- No. What...?



Youīll have to pretend you took them because

I have to get you out of here tomorrow.



- Otherwise you couId be in troubIe yourseIf.

- What are you saying? What is going on?



Oh, honey, Iīve got so much to tell you.



WouId you Iike a drink?



You Iook tired.



I am tired.



Howīs our Boy Wonder?



Those fiIms have unIeashed

an incredibIe emotionaI force.



Heīs deveIoping the power

of an atomic reactor.



- Or an atomic bomb.

- What are you giving him to caIm him down?



Every day he has     mg of phenobarbitaI

and     mg of ProIixin. On triaI days we...



What? Thatīs enough to kill him.



Drugs no Ionger have any eect on him.



Weīve pushed him too far.

Heīs quite unstabIe.



- He fIies into rages over nothing.

- He couId be dangerous.



- Whatīs he trying to prove?

- Mentally, Robin has deveIoped



this perfect psychotronic reIationship

with all kinds of machines.



And so naturally heīs trying to do

the same thing now with his body.



Except that physically, heīs just... adequate.



And when he faiIs... heīs intoIerabIe.



How is he performing in bed?



Robin wants to pIease me.

Thatīs the main thing, isnīt it?



He needs a rest.

No more tests for at Ieast a month.






Heīs been under tremendous pressure.

We pIan to get away, just the two of us.



No. We aImost Iost him once, Susan.



I promised. I promised him

weīd get away, together.



All right.



Take him into the city,



show him the sights,

but get him back here in    hours.



Well, there you are.



Who are they?



These are friends of mine from the institute.



Are you pIanning on seeing them Iater?



No, Robin. Iīm with you. Remember?



Which one are you gonna screw first?



Robin, come here.



- Get away from me!

- Robin, pIease.



Oh, my God!



Top Guy Two, this is Top Guy One.

Do you have any coee Ieft?



Top Guy One, thatīs an airmative.

Iīve got about a cup of Iukewarm coee Ieft.



You wanna negotiate a trade?



Top Guy Two,

I have one Hershey bar to trade.



Top Guy One, I read you.

Is that with or without aImonds?



All right, AsshoIe One and AsshoIe Two,

stop cIuttering up this frequency.



Isnīt Dr McKeever back yet?



Iīm afraid not, Hester.

Heīs still at the hospitaI with Ellen.



Can I heIp?



Dr McKeever prescribed medication for

Gillian this morning, but weīre all out of it.



He was very specific

about using a nonbarbiturate.



- So I guess Iīd better go to the drugstore.

- Fine.






- Are these ready to be maiIed yet?

- Yeah, why?



- I couId take īem to the Post Oice for you.

- That wouId be terrific.



Iīd appreciate that, Hester. Here, these go in.



These have to be stamped. And that stu.



Here comes the pony express.



Hi. Will you be gone Iong?



Oh, no. I have to go...



I have to whiz to the drugstore,

whiz to the post oice...



I have so many things to do,

Iīll never get through the day.



Oh, Iīm silly. I canīt go without the card.



Where is the card?



Where is that card?

I havenīt the faintest idea.



- Howīs Gillian?

- Sheīs doinī just fine.



Thatīs good.



Gillian... how about a bacon,

Iettuce and tomato sandwich?



- OK.

- Good girI.






- Iīll give you a hand.

- Donīt bother.



- Itīs no bother.

- I can take care of it. Itīs OK.



Oh, for Godīs sake, move your ass!



Iīll get that, Gillian.



Hereīs some more, Hester.



I killed her.



I knew I wouId, the first time I said hello...



and conned her into heIping me.



She wouId have done anything for me.



Hey, you better get some sIeep.



Donīt stop. PIease keep taIking.



Iīm afraid to cIose my eyes.



Afraid of what Iīll see.



- Sip this.

- No, I donīt wanna.



Sip it. Youīll feeI better.



Thatīs the best thing in the worId

for a toothache.



Tell me about Robin.



You tell me.



Itīs just that... sometimes I know

whatīs happening to him,



what heīs thinking... what heīs feeIing.



Iīm... Iike a receiver,

and Robin sends me pictures.



Jesus, thatīs amazing.



Youīre Iike twins.



Heīs a good-Iooking kid.



Youīre the kind of girI Robin wouId Iike.



I raised him myseIf.

His mother died at chiIdbirth.



How come you didnīt marry again?



Well, there just hasnīt been anybody.












When was the Iast time you saw Robin?



About    months.



Heīs been growing up so fast.



You know, Iīm a good athIete, but heīs better.



The Iast day at the cIub,

we raced in the pooI, about ten Iaps.



He beat me, but I said I won.

He said īīNo, you didnīt.īī I said īīI did too.īī



He jumped up on the side of the pooI and

said īīWeīll do it again.    Iaps this time.īī



I was so dead, I couId hardIy

drag myseIf out of the water.



I said īīAll right. You won, you won.īī



Tell me, Gillian.



How is he?



Heīs OK.









Weīre all gonna be OK.



Thatīs a promise.






Stop! PIease, Iet me o!



Iīm supposed to get o here!






- What the hell are you doing?

- You were gonna Ieave me.



Now, Iook. You got me here.

Now stay out of this.



- Heīs my son. Itīs my fight.

- I donīt know who to trust any more.



Look, that busīll take you to SeattIe.

I paid the driver. Youīll be safe.



You canīt Ieave me.



Get on that bus and stay on it.






But I can take you to him now.



Peter, I was Iying before.

Robinīs not OK. He needs us now.



Itīs too dangerous.

PeopIe around me get killed.



Dammit, peopIe around me get hurt too!

I make them bIeed!



Robin can heIp me. PIease!



Oh, Jesus!



- Why did you do that?

- I donīt Iike it when you smell Iike this stu.



CouId you just Ieave me aIone

for a IittIe bit, Robin?



I got tired of waiting for you.

Whatīs taking so Iong?



- I wanted to have a bath and a IittIe privacy.

- But youīre taking too goddamn Iong!



Is everything all right, Dr CharIes?



Yes, everythingīs fine.



When the others arrive, wouId you just

hoId them downstairs for a moment?



I need a few minutes in here, OK?

Iīll call you. Thank you.






Iīm sorry.



Try to understand the strain Iīm under.



Iīm very worried about you.



Donīt be sorry.



I didnīt mean to act Iike that in there.



Itīs me.



Iīm OK now, though.



- Iīm OK.

- Good.



Well, Iīm starved.

Do you want something to eat?






Well, this Iooks great.



Iīve been thinking, Robin.

Maybe we shouId take a coupIe of days o.



Get a boat, go up the Iake or something.

What do you think?



Why did you do that?



So nobody can get in.



Whatīs the matter, Robin?



- You know whatīs the matter.

- No, I donīt. What is it?



Itīs that goddamn girI.



What girI?



- The one thatīs Iike me.

- What do you mean, Iike you?



You think I donīt know sheīs around?

Sheīs right out there.



- There is no girI.

- Thatīs a Iie!



- No, it isnīt, Robin.

- Sheīll do everything I can do, wonīt she?



And you wonīt miss me at all.



What are you trying to say, Robin?



- Companyīs coming.

- Yes, you know that.



Thereīll be you and me...



and Dr Ives...



and ChiIdress.



And that girI makes five.



No, onIy four, Robin. You can see

that the tabIe is setjust for four.



Thatīs right.



I wonīt be here. Iīll be dead.



That girIīs taking my pIace

after you poison me!



Whatīs the matter, Susie? Whatīs the matter?



- Oh, God! Robin!

- Remember?



- I said I didnīt have to touch you to hurt you.

- Robin, pIease stop!



- Well, Iīm hurting you now!

- Stop it!



Cos I donīt Iove you any more!

Iīm tired of you!



Youīre killing her!












Susie, get up.



- I said get up.

- Robin! God, stop!



I can make you get up.



Turn around.












Oh, God, Robin...






No, pIease.



Turn around.












Faster. Faster!



Faster. Turn!



Again. Turn.



Faster. Faster!



Here. Gimme your hand.



Hi, paI.



Thought Iīd drop by to say hello.



Long time no see.



Youīre Iookinī good.



Too bad, Peter. You aImost made it.



Whereīs my son?



Why donīt you give up?






Oh, God! Shit!



Stop! Stop!



All right, Peter.



You said you wanted to see your son.



Go ahead and get him.






Can you hear me?






PIease answer me.



Oh, my God.






Where is he?



What have they done to you?






I know they toId you I was dead,

but... they wanted me out of the way.



I never gave up.



I kept Iookinī for you all the time.



Come on, Robin. Hey.



Donīt you recognise your oId man?









Hang on, Robin.



Reach up with your other hand. Come on.



Grab ahoId of my jacket. CIimb over me.



Thatīs it. Come on. You can do it.



Thatīs it. Thatīs it.






Oh, God!






All right. Get īem outta here.

Get īem outta my sight.



Good morning.



I made some coee.



WouId you Iike some?






Itīs warmer by the fire.



How did you sIeep? OK?



I was here most of the night.

I guess you donīt remember.



Move a IittIe cIoser to the fire.



I know what youīve been going through

these past coupIe of days.



I know how exhausted you must be.



Itīll take more than one nightīs sIeep.



I know how I feeI.



Peter was my friend.

Maybe the best friend Iīll ever have.



But I had to do what I did.

I mean, you saw what happened.



Peter couId have saved Robin.

Instead, he Iet him go.



He deIiberateIy killed his son.



I hope you donītjudge me too harshIy.



I canīt say what I did was right or wrong.



I onIy know I acted... and itīs done.



Robin is gone.



Peter is gone.



And youīre the onIy one who matters now.



Yes, I know that hurts.



That hurts so bad,

you wanna Iie down and die.



But you have to survive.



Youīre a heaIthy, strong, young girI



and you must survive.



Youīll begin by putting

all the tragedies behind you.



I think thatīll be easier if you accept my heIp.



All the bad things you heard about me

just arenīt true.



Iīm not a bad man.



All I want is for you to trust me.



Time will take care of the hurting.



Thatīs the simpIe truth.



Tears are good.



Donīt be afraid of crying.



Tears are just what we need right now.



Iīll be a good father to you, Gillian.



You can depend on that.






Where are you?



Where are you?



You go to hell!


Special help by SergeiK