F/X Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the F/X script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy movie  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of F/X. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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F/X Script








Harry! What a surprise.

It's good to see you.



Hey... It's not what it looks like.



Tony and I are old friends. Ain't that



right, Tony?



Harry and I were partners.



Huh, Harry?



Well, more than partners, huh?



Good times, huh, Harry?



No. No, Harry.



Harry, no!



Cut, cut!



Great! We've got it!



Are you ladies all right?



Are you OK? That was great.



Ellen, come on outta there.



- How was I?

- You were great. Nobody dies like you.



Are we goin' again?



- Not on your bit.

- Good! I'm free!



He wants the bartender again.



- Yeah, you're free for lunch.

- Where are we going?



- The Italian joint?

- I hate Italian food.



Hey, you did a beautiful job.



- Where have you been?

- Plenty of blood.



- How are we doin' here?

- Rollie... Great work.



- Looked terrific.

- Let's do it again sometime.



We will, in a minute.



It's perfect now.

The cornstarch works great.



- Rollie Tyler?

- Yeah.



- Hi. I'm Joe Leitner.

- How do you do?



Rollie, that was sensational. As usual.



- We're gonna go again soon.

- Yeah. We'll be right...



I've been a big fan of yours

since you came to this country.



Thank you very much but...

we're a little busy now, as you can see.



- How did you get on the set?

- Oh, I'm not just a fan.



I'm a producer.



I've really admired your stuff.



- Ever since Vermin from Venus.

- You saw that?



That's the one that got him

deported from Australia.



But the special effects were... incredible!



- And also very expensive.

- Well, we have a decent budget.



Which brings me to the project

I wanted to talk to you about.



- It's not a splatter movie. More sci-fi.

- Hi.



I'm Ellen. I'm in the movie.



Oh, right! The wig and everything.



- That was lovely. I saw that.

- Thank you.



That was...



- If we could discuss this privately...

- Tomorrow,   am at my workshop?



  am is great. Thanks very much.

I appreciate this.



Very nice to meet you.

And that looked great! Amazing.






Thanks very much.



Nice man. Might be a job in that.



Nobody cares about making movies

about people any more.



All they care about is... special effects.



I'm gonna cry.



- Frank, can I borrow this?

- Sure.






- Wow! That works great!

- It's good, innit?



- It's for the suicide scene.

- Sure is.



- It's great.

- Like it?






Listen, guys. I'm gonna skip lunch cos

I feel yucky and I wanna take a shower.



- Charlie, could you drop Ellen off?

- Yeah. No problem.



I love you. Goodbye.

  o'clock. Don't forget.



- Bye, Andy.

- Bye, Ellen.



The first stop is Prince Street

between Wooster and Greene.



I'm the first to make sure

of my real life pleasure!



I have an audition in half an hour.



I have to go to Susan's apartment.

Water those cats and feed the plants.



Don't forget. Dinner tonight

in Susan's apartment.



I don't wanna go. I'll stay here with...

No, I gotta go.



Do you have to rehearse

this early in the morning?



Oh, God...



- Good luck!

- Break a leg.



Break a leg.






Hey, Leitner!



Up here!



Sorry. I should've

warned you about Rosebud.



- I use it to scare off burglars.

- I can believe that! Wow!



- Come on in.

- Wow. That is great.



Oh, my God!



- Song of the Succubus.

- That's right.



Planet of the Female Mummies.



- You've done your homework.

- Yeah... Oh, God!



Blood in the Basement.



- Careful of that.

- Sorry.



- I Dismember Mama.

- You know 'em all.



Yeah. That's great. That's beautiful.



- Rock-A-Die Baby.

- Uh-huh.



How about some coffee, Mr Leitner?



My name's not Leitner. It's Lipton.



OK, Lipton. In that case,

maybe you'd prefer tea.



- I'm not a movie producer either.

- So what are you?



Justice Department.



Sorry about using the phoney names, but

it's for security - yours as well as mine.



- Am I in trouble?

- No! Not at all.



As a matter of fact, we are. And...



We thought we might be able to utilise

your particular genius to help us out.



- Did you say coffee?

- Yeah. Great. Thanks.



Ever heard of

the Witness Relocation Program?



Can't say I have, no.



Basically people testify for the

government in exchange for protection.



We give them new identities,

set them up in different cities...



- Milk? Sugar?

- Milk, no sugar. Thanks.



I did a movie like that once.

A guy sees a murder...



I'd like to hear about that, but...



- We have Nicholas De Franco in custody.

- The Mob guy? I read about him.



He'll testify for us

if we can keep him alive that long.



Well, good luck.



A contract's been put out on his life.



So we figure the best thing to do

is to make them believe that he's dead.



There you go.



We wanna stage a fake assassination.



We wanna do it in public,

and we want you to supervise it.



You're crazy.



Look, I wasn't just flattering you.



- I know you could pull it off.

- I didn't say I couldn't pull it off.



Just direct it for me. Supervise it.



Christ! You've seen too many movies.



Just out of curiosity,

when would this have to happen?



- Within a week.

- God! No way!



Why not? You're used to

working under pressure.



I'm a special-effects man. I deal in

make-believe. I'd like to keep it like that.



It requires skill, precision and timing!



I couldn't teach you to do what I do

in a week and expect you to pull it off.



We're in a position to break the Mafia's

back, put   % of 'em behind bars.



- Also, I'll pay $      tax free...

- Money doesn't give me the time I need!



OK, look. Just think about it.



Just think about it - please.



That's all we ask.



Who's the "we"?



Do you have any idea what damage

De Franco could do to organised crime



- if he lives to testify?

- Nice work if you can get it.



What does that mean?



It means it pisses me off, that's all.



God, this guy's a total slime.



Been one of the heads of

organised crime for    years.



Then when he wants to retire, he just

gives evidence and walks away scot-free.



Mr Tyler, that    years is exactly

why he's so valuable to us.



I mean, if life were fair

we wouldn't need a Justice Department.



No, I guess you wouldn't.



What do you say? Will you help us?



Well, I'd like to...

but this is a bit out of my line.



- Shit.

- Martin...



Great. Stick with your

make-believe toy models.



- Mr Tyler's under no obligation.

- Thank you.



Oh, listen, I thank you for coming.



I'm disappointed... You realise

it's important we keep this confidential?



- Yeah, sure.

- And I understand.



I mean, it is a big responsibility.



I appreciate your moral qualms

about De Franco.



I'll remember your moral qualms

next time a teenager OD's on Mafia dope.



Good. You do that.



Leave him alone, Martin.

We'll get McKinnon.



Yeah, that's the guy we should've

gone to in the first place.



- Bill McKinnon?

- Yeah.



It was nice meeting you, Mr Tyler.



Give me    hours to think about it?






How are you?



"Oh, fine! How are you?"



- I'm great. How are you?

- Sorry. I'm a little preoccupied.



- Did you take that job?

- They're thinking about using McKinnon.



McKinnon? Is there a part for me in it?



You'd work on a job

that used McKinnon instead of me?



Oh, sweetie, never ask an actress

a question like that.



No, there's no part for you in it.

Not in this job.



Then who cares if they use McKinnon?



Bok choy has great texture.

Like alien flesh.



Is that all you ever think about?



I try not to.



What is it? McKinnon?



- No, not exactly.

- Then why are you so serious?



Andy? Rollie.



Yeah, I know what time it is.



I need your radiotelephone.



I'll be right over.



No, just leave it with the doorman.



You go back to sleep, all right?



Good night.



That job that guy wanted me to do?



I think I'll do it.



At   o'clock in the morning?



See you.



- What's this? You don't smoke cigars.

- Rollie, please don't. It's personal.



Come on, Andy. I've known you

for four years. What is it?



Just don't look in there. OK?



OK, Andy. Head down Broadway.

I'm not goin' in till noon today.



- Where are we going?

- You are going to return the gear.



I'm gonna see a man about a job.



Now pull over!






Anyone see you come up?



- Did anyone see you?

- No. What the hell are you doing?



- So no one knows you're here.

- My secretary! I told her.



- You're lying, Lipton.

- Jesus! All right, I'm lying!



You got a dangerous

sense of humour, mate.



So how does this work?



Have a look in the crotch.



It's a receiver.



Yeah. And here's the transmitter.



It's like remote control.



- Are there blanks in there?

- Yeah, blanks.



Remember the programmed sequence

and you hit a bull's-eye every time.



De Franco?



De Franco. When?



Turn him to the side.



I look ugly. I hope you're a better

effects man than photographer.



You'll soon find out.



All right, pick a point in space.

Look at it. Close your eyes.



You'll be all right.






Support the front.






Lean forward.



It's five minutes.



- Is that it?

- We can do it again if you want to.



Huh! Wise guy.



Have you got the negatives?



I gather Lipton thinks everything

is going fine. What do you think?



You're the director. I just rig 'em.



If he blows this, we're in trouble.



We will not only look pretty silly -

we'll never get another witness.



He'll be all right. He's just got to

calm down. A bit nervous, I think.



Listen, Rollie...



I know I don't have the right to ask this.



Yeah, go on.



You know you're the only one

who can do this job.



We're talkin' about

a very special effect here.



You've got the knowledge.

You've got the experience.



Without you it just won't work.



You want me to pull the trigger?



Oh, terrific!



What if someone takes a shot at me?



The restaurant will be filled

with our people.



- And Lipton?

- Forget about Lipton.



If he gives you any trouble,

you come directly to me.






This is a case where we really need you.



      dollars.    seconds' work.



Michael Corleone went to Sicily.

What happens to me?



You are     per cent protected.

I give you my word.



I also give you my thanks.



I can't tell you how much

we appreciate this.



I must be mad.



All right. Sit down. Shirt off.



- What, not even a hello?

- Hello.



- Shirt off.

- Always a wise guy.



Talks like he's gettin' ready to kill me.



What's that?



What, this?



I got a pack of Luckies in there.



No, it's a pacemaker. Cost me    grand.



- And they call me a thief!

- You probably are.



Oh, that's cold.



There you are.



Hey, this is great.

Gimme your best shot, right here.



I might kill you.



Put that gun down.



All right. This is spirit gum.



- What's that? Glue?

- Yup.



That's it.



The Man in the Iron Mask.



Here, pass this through, will you?



- What's this black box?

- A receiver.



What, like some kinda radio?



- Exactly like a radio.

- Forget it! Are you guys nuts?



- What's the matter?

- My pacemaker!



If I get any voltage near my chest,

I'm dead for real!



- Not with this amperage.

- How the hell do you know?



Listen, Tyler,

you'd better be goddamn sure!



Now I'm sure. All right?



Let's get on with it. Siddown.



Wise guy.



Let's start again, eh?



- Well? Am I beautiful?

- Settle for Italian.



Hey, Tyler...



Don't screw up.



Don't forget to get rid of that shit.



Better get rid of that.



I hate to do it. Particularly this one.



No loose ends.



Here we go.



- They got there fast!

- Of course they did. They're ours.



- Any problems?

- No. No problems at all.



People everywhere. I shot him

in the middle of his shrimp.



Why the plastic?



I didn't want to get any stains on the seat.



What stains?



I'm sorry, Rollie.



No loose ends.



Not again. Not again!



No parkin' after    o'clock!



I told ya yesterday!

No parkin' after    o'clock!



What the hell's the matter

with you people?!



This is my site! My street!



Mason, it's Tyler!



- Lipton just tried to kill me!

- What are you talking about?



- You heard me!

- When? Where?



In the car after the stunt.

He pulled a gun on me!



- Were you hurt?

- No, no. I'm not hurt. I just took off.



- He's out here somewhere! He's after me!

- Hold it just a second. Let me think.



What's there to think about?

He's up to something! He tried to kill me!



De Franco must have

paid Lipton off. I'll kill him!



Not if they kill me first!



Listen to me. Stay right where you are.



Are you kiddin'?!



You've gotta get to me!



Do as I tell you, Rollie!

I can't let you take any more risks.



I'll send a patrol car to take you to the

commissioner's office. I'll meet you there.



Yeah! OK.



Just fuckin' hurry up!



OK. Now, where are you?



I don't know! In a phone booth!



On the corner of






and   th!



All right. Rollie, I can't tell you

how sorry I am this happened.



But do me a favour -

yourself a favour. Stay there.



- Wait for us. OK?

- All right!



Yeah, Rick and Susie want us

to meet them at Kelly's.



I know it's raining. So what?

A little rain never hurt anybody.



Base One, this is Mobile One. We made

the delivery but it's the wrong address.



- Get outta there fast.

- What about Tyler?



Forget Tyler! Just get outta there!



- Did you get that?

- Yeah.



So what do we do?



Get over to the hospital.

It's time we brought in a professional.



- Do you have any suspects?

- Not yet but we have several possibilities.



- Wasn't De Franco in protective custody?

- Yes, he was.



Well, who was protecting him?



Hi, Jake.



There he is. What's left of him.



Yeah, that's De Franco.



- Want me to sign this?

- Yeah. Please.



I'll take this down to the squad

and have it vouched for.



Good night.



Quick, get in there.



- Why you?

- Because they knew I'd fall for it.



"Rollie, you're the best" - huh!

I dropped my pants and bent over.



- Who are "they"?

- I know who they said they were, but...



- Why not go to the police?

- An hour ago two cops tried to kill me!



They're probably not real police.



They had a police car, a police radio...

They looked like fuckin' police!






You haven't done anything.



I'm not so sure.



I loaded the gun with blanks.



But when I was makin' up

De Franco in the truck,



Lipton kept messin' with the gun.



- So?

- So... what if he put in real bullets?



Oh, God.



But then if they wanted him dead,

why didn't they just kill him themselves?



I don't know.



- Wait.

- What?



What? Come on.



You said they wanted

to do it in public, right?






To kill De Franco, they had to

get him away from police protection.



Well, maybe they knew

that De Franco would refuse



unless Rollie Tyler,

the effects man, was there.



To pull off this phoney murder.



You were the bait!



What time is it?



Don't worry about it.

There's no work today.



How are you feeling?



How are you feeling?



I've been better.



I'm not kidding!



Leave me alone.



- I've figured it out.

- What do you mean?



It's simple. You go

directly to the newspapers.



- Come on.

- I mean it.



Do a Woodward and Bernstein.

Blow the whistle on these bastards.



What makes you think they'd believe me?



I believe you.



Stop being so paranoid.



It's such a gorgeous day.



You're such a gorgeous girl.



The sun is shining, the birds

are singing, flowers growing.



Come on. Get dressed and let's go do it.



Get up.



Someone will believe us.



Yeah, I guess they will.



Talk to me.



I said talk to me!



Talk to me, you bastard!



Who are ya?! Who sent ya?!

Why'd ya kill her?!



Who does Mason work for?!

I want Mason!



Oh, no...






    Greene Street.



Can't you even say hello?



    Greene Street. Like the colour.



One unknown male, white.

One unknown female, white.



Both unidentified. Hello and goodbye.



Bobby, get a shot of this window.



- What happened to the bodies?

- The ME took them downtown.



- Who reported it?

- Susan Melnick. It's her apartment.



- Where is she?

- Downtown.



How am I supposed to investigate

if everybody's downtown?



I couldn't hold 'em here for ever, Leo.

I didn't know when you'd show up.



Hey, Leo? Here's what we came up with

in an empty apartment across the street.



- What is that, Eddie?   -calibre?

- Yeah,   -calibre close-assault carbine.



US model with silencer and laser scope.



Jesus H Christ.



Whatever happened to

Saturday-night specials?



- This was the girl?

- Yeah.



Shot through the front?



We figured she was standing

at the window when she got it.



How did she get to the bed?



- What about him?

- He's a William J Adams.



They're trying to figure it out now.



Start checkin' with the neighbours.

I'll catch you later. Downtown.



He was a cop.



- A cop?

- Ex-cop.



William J Adams.



Born   -  -  .



Two years military.

Honourable discharge.



Six years NYPD.

Packed the job in   -  -  .



The rest is N/A.



Not available.



Could you get me a make

on the fingerprints?



Here it is.



They lifted four sets of prints from

the apartment. Two male, two female.



The female matched the dead girl and

the apartment's owner, Susan Melnick.



One of the male's prints

match your dead cop - Adams.



We're still trying to make the other.



- Leo.

- Mickey, anything from the neighbours?



- Nobody heard a thing.

- Of course.



- But I got the word on Ellen Keith. Hi.

- Hi.



She had a couple or three

boyfriends this last year.



One's a film producer from Beverly Hills.

The other is an actor from California.



- They've both got solid alibis.

- And the third guy?



- Leo, you still need me or can I...?

- Just a sec. What about the third guy?



He's a special-effects man.

They do the tricks in the movies.



They were workin' on the same movie.



Name's Roland Tyler. They were an item.



- Where is this Tyler?

- He got into the wind two days ago.



Quite a coincidence.



You got an address on this guy?



I think I can find one somewhere.



Sweetie, see what you can dig up for me

on this Adams guy, huh?



Leo, the file's closed!



Reopen it.



Andy, listen. It's Rollie.



I want you to get my green make-up kit.



Yeah, it's in my place. Bring it...



Don't ask any questions, please.

Just do as I ask. All right?



I want you to bring it

to the boat pond in Central Park.



I'll be in the boathouse.



No, we're not doin' a boat movie.

Just do as I ask, please.



I'll see you later.



We were with De Franco.

He asked to go to the bathroom.



After    minutes Marshal Morgan and I

went to check and he was gone.



It's like I told Murdoch last night -

De Franco just slipped out.



- How did he get to that restaurant?

- I have no idea. A cab, I suppose.



It's my fault. I admit it.



- Do you want my resignation?

- I want your report, my desk, one hour.



Look, I'll get outta your hair.



Thanks, Murdoch.



Listen, I'm sorry about all of this!



I want you to meet Agent Whitemore.



- She will be liaison with your office.

- Anything I can do.



My desk,



one hour!



He bought that.






Lieutenant Murdoch,

is an informer involved?



- You don't have shit, do you, Murdoch?

- McCarthy, if you'll excuse me...



Give me De Franco. I'll take

all the press, all the responsibility.



Hell, I'll even give you the collar.

Just give me De Franco.



You'd love that, wouldn't you?



Leo McCarthy - first he brought in

De Franco, then De Franco's killer.



Why don't you just give it up, Leo?



- Not again, Leo. I don't wanna hear it.

- Well, you're gonna hear it, goddamn it.



I busted my ass for six months

on De Franco - six months!



He finally comes in and first he gets

shipped off to Lipton, who gets him killed.



And then you assign the case to

that asshole Murdoch. Why, Jake? Why?



You wanna know why? Because

I don't have time to play wet nurse



to some pathetic cop

who thinks he got the shaft.



- I did get the shaft. You shafted me.

- Know why Murdoch gets the glory?



Because he won't piss people off.

And, Leo, you piss people off.






Hi! I brought... What are you wearing?!



Look! You were followed!



- Followed?

- We've gotta lose him.



- Who?

- The tall one!



Rollie Tyler has a rifle

pointed right at your head.



If you wanna meet with him,

he'll know when you take this boat



and put it in the water.



Come on!



Hurry up!



Come on!






God damn you!



You've got to tell me what's going on!



I killed a man. Three people have

tried to shoot me. And Ellen's dead.



Did you knock?



Try it.



- Open up!

- I'm goin' for the tools.



Open up in there!



Put it away.



- Let's get outta here. We're dirty in here.

- Relax. We're in here already.



We'll look around. If we find anything,

then we'll phone down for a warrant.



Jesus Christ!



Look at this place.



I told you. He does special effects.



Oh, wow. I Dismember Mama.






You mean you paid good money

to look at this crap?



What kind of a guy

dreams this shit up, Mickey?



I mean, maybe this Tyler went nuts.

Look at how he lives.



Hey, I've seen your apartment, Leo.




Maybe Mr Tyler got tired of make-believe.



Decided it was time to try the real thing.



I can't tell these from the real thing.



Hey, Mickey.



You remember the medical examiner's

report on the De Franco hit?



Yeah. Six shots from a pistol.

Five to the chest, one to the head.



- What the hell...?

- If only it could talk, huh?



You're not sayin' Tyler killed Ellen Keith,

Adams and De Franco all in one night?



I don't believe it either.



I believe you.



I can't put the pieces together.



First I'm hired to do a pretend murder.



Then it's a real murder.



And then the people that hire me

try to murder me.



It doesn't make sense.



And then I bring you into it.

I must be out of my mind.



Now we've got to think what to do.

We've got to come up with something.



We can't stay here for ever.



Rollie, let's do something.






Good morning, Velez.



Whatcha got?



I called a guy at FBI Central.



He told me your friend Adams,

after he left NYPD,



he joined the Justice Department.



Morning, Marisa.






Justice Department.

So that's what was N/A.



And classified, and top secret,

and Christ knows what else.



So... how did you get this guy

at the FBI to help you out?



I told him I was going to Jamaica for

my vacation and needed some company.



Justice Department? That was it?



No division? No phone number?

No address?



That's all he said.



Hey, Velez!



Could you get me a breakdown of Justice

Department agencies on this thing?



- Sure.

- Thank you.



Antitrust... Attorney General...



- What are you looking for?

- How the hell do I know?



District Attorney,

lmmigration, Naturalization,



Interstate Traffic, Theft, WPR.



What's WPR?






Come home to Jamaica.



And have a helluva time!

Thanks a lot, Velez.



Please hold.



Colonel Mason, these men

have been waiting for you.



- Mr Mason.

- Yes.



I'm Lieutenant McCarthy, NYPD.



This is my assistant, Detective Gaglione.



How do you do?



May we have a few minutes of your time?



Sure. Follow along.

Tell me what I can do for you.



Well... Do you know a William J Adams?



Should I know a William J Adams?



Joyce, will you hold my calls?



Well, he works for you.



    people work for me.



- Siddown.

- Thanks.



Check the files for an Adams.



William J.



Now, sir, what's your interest in this fella?



He was found murdered this morning.






Well! Boy, that's terrible.



Have you any idea who did it?



- Well, yeah. We found a guy...

- No.



Yes, no.



Thank you.



Yes and no. Let's see.



No wonder I didn't recognise the name.

Adams was what we refer to as a floater.



A floater is what we call a body

we pull out of the East River.



Well, in our parlance

a floater is a freelancer.



An agent with no direct duties.



We used him for witness relocation

from time to time.



Last time was way back in June of '  .



And then...



After that, there's no

mention of him except this.



A below-standard evaluation

on his last assignment.



My bet is that he didn't work out

and we just discontinued using him.



Anything else? Any request

for references? Addresses?



Just a notation here

that correspondence sent to him



was returned with no forwarding address.



I am sorry that I can't be of more help.



We appreciate your cooperation.



It's nothing. I just hope that

you find whoever killed him.



Oh, we'll get 'em.



Martin, would you come in here, please?



So? What do they know?



So far they don't know a damn thing.



But for how long?

That goddamn Tyler could sink us.



We're gettin' outta here tonight.



Get it organised.



That got us nowhere.



- I'm not so sure.

- What?



- I think our nice Mr Mason is bent as hell.

- Come on!



No. . Mason says he never heard

of William J Adams. Right?



Adams is an ex-cop, pullin'

a black-bag operation for these people.



He fucks it up and he gets shit-canned.



And Mason never even heard of him?

That's bullshit.



No. . When I tell him Adams had been

murdered, Mason doesn't ask me how.



Everybody, Mickey, has

a morbid sense of curiosity.



- Of course.

- Everybody but Adams' old boss.



It's a theory.



Mason is definitely bent.



How bent is something I'm gonna find out.



Martin, one thing I forgot to mention.



There's a Mr Tyler

calling for Colonel Mason.



Tell him to keep holding for a second.



- Keep him talking. I'll trace. What line?

- Line two.






This is Lipton.



No, Mason isn't here.



Well, we didn't really expect...



Awful sorry about that, mate,

but if you knew all the details...



Yeah, I'm listening.



OK, you're absolutely right. It is time.



OK. Listen, Tyler...



I'm sure that can be arranged.



Listen, would you hold for a second?



He's in the building, for Chrissakes,

calling from a pay phone in the lobby!



Where the hell are you, Tyler?!



Remember why you hired me, Lipton.



For my "particular genius".



Meet me in    minutes exactly

at the corner of Bowery and Houston.



Mason! Did you hear that?



Get him. And make sure

you finish him off!



Tyler's in a phone booth

at the corner of Houston and Bowery.



Just keep drivin'!



Turn left and head east.



Yeah, OK.



This better be good.



Forensic got the prints

of these two at   st and   th.



- What happened there?

- A guy was blown away in a phone booth.



- I don't see the connection...

- Look at their social security numbers.



Whose social security numbers?



The two men who killed

the guy in the phone booth.



- Consecutive.

- Yeah, but look.



Varrick was born in Maryland,

Gallagher in Idaho - and three years apart.



How can their numbers

be consecutive unless...?



Unless they're phonies.



I thought: Who makes up

social security numbers?



And I remembered you were

looking into witness relocation.



This could be worth

an extra week in Jamaica.



You couldn't be away from me that long.

That's very intelligent, Velez.



Let's get our old friend Adams up there.



Don't erase it. Put 'em both up,

like on a split screen.



I can't.



Let me take some notes.






Shit. I never would've

thought of that in a million years.



- It's consecutive.

- Bingo.



That means they're all phoney

and they all work for the same guy.



And I know who that guy is.






You are a damn good cop.






Take all of Jamaica.



And the Bronx and Staten Island, too.



OK, give me the keys.



- Look...

- I said the keys!



I'll take that.



- Get out!

- I'm comin'.



I said out!



- Look...

- Shut up!



Andy, out. Your turn to ride up front.



You - get in.



- Get in!

- Wait!



I thought we were gonna talk!



Now just sit there

and don't ask any questions.






I want Mason's address!



Go fuck yourself, Tyler!



All right, have it your own way!



Put your belt on.



Tyler! Are you crazy?!



- Are you all right?

- You're killin' me!



Wait a minute!



- Now tell me where Mason is!

- For Christ's sake, Tyler, I don't know!



Maybe this'll jog your memory!



Wait a minute! Wait!



You still alive?



How about you, Lipton?

Havin' a good time?



All right! Stop! Please!



OK, Lipton!



- You wanna talk now?

- All right! All right.



So where does Mason live?!



- Colonel Mason isn't here.

- Then I need his home address.



That's classified.



Lady, I don't give a shit

if it's tattooed on your ass.



- I'm not playin' around here!

- She doesn't know!



The colonel's home address is strictly

confidential. You should know that.



A recognisable face!

Where does your boss live?



- That is strictly on a need-to-know basis.

- Believe me, darling, I need to know!



I'd hate to see you be made

accessory to four murders.



Are you trying

to threaten me or charm me?



- Whatever.

- Don't you consult with your associates?



I believe Lieutenant Murdoch

has that information.



He may even have it tattooed on his ass.



You're a sweetheart.



I think there's a connection

but we have to check it out.



It's gonna take a lot of...



Ladies and gentlemen, if you'd give me

a few minutes with Lieutenant McCarthy...



- Cool it, Leo.

- Up yours.



- Leo, what the hell do you want?

- I need to see De Franco's file.



For Chrissakes! Don't you ever give up?



Listen, you fuckin' creep!

I got no time to fuck around with you.



You break out De Franco's file

or I'll rip out your throat.



- It's on the desk.

- Thank you.



You read that right here in this office.



You bought yourself some trouble now.

You just closed your own case.



This is the end! You buried yourself!



Where the hell do you think you're goin'

with that?! McCarthy? McCarthy!



Leo, wait a minute.



- Guess what I just found.

- No guesses, Mickey. What?



Tyler's truck. It's in the pound.



- They'll call me if he shows up.

- No, go there and sit on it.



There you go, Jim.

Pick a good one for me, huh?



- Sure.

- I'll catch up with you later.



Watch out for the jumpers, Joe.



- Let me use your phone for a minute.

- Sure.



- Hello?

- Is Mr Mason there?



Who's calling?



- Let me speak to Lipton.

- Lipton isn't here. Who's this?



I'll bet it's Tyler.



Tyler, you son of a bitch! You're dead!



Son of a bitch.



Are you crazy?



In three hours you'll be out of the country.



But if one person - one person -

suspects, it's over.



Tyler knows. Why else would he call?



He doesn't know! He'd have

gone to the police if he knew.



He thinks he killed you!

Don't you understand?



All right, all right!



Get me the smoke pots

like the ones we used in Hellraisers.



You got it!



Hey, officer!



- What can I do for you?

- That's my car over there.



- Check in the office.

- Thanks.



- Can I see your driver's licence, please?

- Yeah, I got it right here.



Over there. Let's go.



Central, this is car     homicide squad.



I'm at the   th Avenue car pound.



- Jesus! What pots did you use?

- The big ones.



I said Hellraisers, not Killer Smoke!



This is car    .



I'm in pursuit of a blue step van.

Letters on the side: F as in Frank,



X as in X-ray.



Heading south on   th Avenue

approaching Canal Street.



- I got a possible murder suspect.

- Car     will assist.



Christ, we got company.



What do we do?



Open the back.



You got it.



Remember Skidball Express?



- I sure do!

- Then get ready!



Get out of the road!



- As I turn left at the next corner!

- You're on!






We got 'em!












Hold on, Andy!



Hang on there!






Thank God - a street!



There he is. Got ya, you bastard!



We're gonna crash!



Get out of the road!



Bloody hell!



- Andy, are you all right?

- Yes!



Come on, baby. Come on, baby.



What next?



- Remember The Mannequin Depression?

- Yeah!



At the next corner, send Nelly in!



We got him. We got him!



Oh, shoot!



No! No!



Oh, my God!



- What's goin' on, lieutenant?

- Shit! Oh, shit!



What's happenin' over here?



Great. Just great.






- All right, let's hear it. Is this a dummy?

- Yeah, it's a dummy!



What's up?



I wish I could've seen his face.



Yeah, me too.



- Damn.

- What?



Rollie, what is it? A flat?



Rollie, you son of a bitch!



They'll kill you!



And if they don't, I will!






Yeah, all right. But make it fast.



- McCarthy.

- Tyler stole his van.



We totalled three of our cars and lost him.



Son of a bitch!



Congratulations, Mickey.



Jake... Nick De Franco's alive.



If he's alive, who's sittin' in the morgue?



Who knows? Some stiff.

Jake, we can stop him.



- But we don't have much time.

- You got nothin' but time.



- You don't understand.

- Oh, I understand!



You couldn't stay away from De Franco!



- There was an overlap.

- You get an overlap, you come to me.



- Who are you to strong-arm Murdoch?

- All right, I fucked up! I apologise!



- Now can I get back to work?

- Sit the hell down.



Haven't you figured it out yet?



Why do you think they're here?



What are you gonna do?

Take away my pension?



Pension? You'll be lucky

to stay out of jail.



Coercion of a fellow officer,



criminal trespass, dereliction of duty...



Jake, it's Nicky De Franco,

for Christ's sake. He's gettin' away!



I want a status report.



After which... you'll sit down

with Murdoch and fill him in.



After which... you go home.



As of...  .   this afternoon,



you're suspended.



Is that clear?



What the hell are you

talkin' about, Jake? Huh?



You're not one of these guys.



I can't cover for you any more, Leo.






Come on. This is me, Jake.



This job is all I got.






You brought this on yourself.



I'll take your shield and your piece.









Are you all right?






Took it like a man, didn't he?






You're an asshole.



So what's so goddamn funny?



Your jacket.



Shit! What was that?



Check it out.






Check it out.









- What's goin' on out there?

- I'll tell you. It's your pal - Tyler.



I'll bet he wasted your two guys outside.

And Lipton.



He'd never get through the secur...



- I'm gettin' the fuck out.

- Siddown. The chopper's coming.



You're the one he's after.

He thinks I'm dead!



What difference does that make?



- What do we do? Just wait for him?

- Damn right! It's all we can do.



Now siddown!



Jesus Christ. He cut the wiring.



He still doesn't know the house

or what room we're in.



Asshole. "He doesn't know

what room we're in"?



The light's still on in the hall!

He's playin' with the fuse box!



- He's inside your fucking house!

- Shut up!



Hey, take this hallway.






Hey, Eddie! He's playin' games with us.









There goes two more of your tough guys.



Maybe he's gonna come lookin' for us.



Yeah? Well, let him come.



I'll show him who the fuck

he's dealin' with.



What's the matter, Mason?



You look a little nervous.



Jesus Christ. Are you

the only backup I'm gonna get?



No. The rest are on the way.

I was just a mile down the road.



- Are you Captain Wallenger?

- Yeah. We gotta bust this gate open.



We can't unless you find something.

Did you find something?



Jesus Christ, I guess you did.



Son of a...!



A helicopter! I'm impressed.



So am I. We don't have any.



Let's get the fuck outta here!



My pace...






The key. Where's the key?



- Eddie... help me.

- Nick, the key first.



Key... inside.



Eddie, please!



For God's sake...



Attention inside the house.



This is the police.

We have the place surrounded.



Drop your guns and come out

the front door one at a time.






Oh, my God.



What's the matter?

Forget why you hired me?



You son of a gun. You faked us out.



- Rollie...

- Don't move.



See this key?



This key is worth    million dollars -



all the money De Franco stole

for the Mob over the years.



It's all stowed away in a safe-deposit box

at the Royal Bank in Geneva.



   million dollars.






But you need me to get it.



Because only De Franco and I

are known in Geneva.



You have one minute to leave the house.



Listen, we can still get out.



I know a way but we gotta move fast.

If we go through the basement...



Rollie, will you get moving? We gotta go.



- Rollie...

- No, it'll never work, Mason.



- I'll take that key, Rollie.

- There's something you should know.



Gimme the key, Rollie.



In this hand... is the ammo for the gun.



And this... is Krazy Glue.



A thousand and one uses.



Now a thousand and two.



No! No!



- Mason! Drop the gun!

- No, don't shoot!



It's a mistake! Don't shoot!






A couple of you check upstairs.



Careful now. Be careful.



Somebody call an ambulance.



This guy's gone.



Too bad, Rollie.



It's not like the movies.



Please, just tell me he's not dead.



He's dead.



- The body's in the bag. In the house.

- Thanks.



The shit's gonna hit the fan.

Bag 'em and get 'em outta here.



- Hey, where's that cop from New York?

- What cop?



What's his name... Wallenger.



They don't want anybody to touch 'em

till the ME gets here.



- Nobody. Got it?

- Yes, sir.



Hiya, Rollie.



My name's Leo.



We need to talk.



Any problems?



None. Ow!



There's enough in there

for your pension, Leo.



Well, I'm gonna miss the job,

but this should ease the pain somewhat.



You'll never have to put

that shit on your face again.



I dunno, Leo.



It's hard for me to do anything else.


Special help by SergeiK