Get Carter Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Get Carter script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michael Caine movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Get Carter. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Get Carter Script

            Bare-ass naked with his socks still on?

            -Yeah, they do it like that up North. -What for? Protective purposes?

            -Ask me? -Ask Jack.

            It's his old stamping ground.

            Must be a bloody contortionist.

            Not suede boots!

            Knock it off, Gerald.

            What? And get the clap?

            We don't want you to go up to the North, Jack.


            You work for us, Jack.

            You know we're connected with the Newcastle mob.

            I'd hate you to screw it up.

            What's that, a python?

            What are you going for?

            To find out what happened.

            Look, your brother's dead and gone.

            They're hard nuts up there, Jack.

            They won't take kindly to someone from London poking his nose in.

            -Too bad. -Remember, they're killers. Just like you.

            The police seem satisfied.

            Since when was that good enough?

            Think again, Jack.

            I will.

              Pint of bitter.

              In a thin glass.

              Mr. Carter?

              Is there a Mr. Carter in the room?




              Why the hell aren't you here?

              What time?

              Is Doreen at the house?

              Who's with him, then?

              When can I see you? Will you be there tomorrow?

              Now listen...

              -I won't be using the room tonight. -I see.

              I'm staying with a friend.

              Her husband docks tomorrow, does he?

              -It's not like that, love. -It never is.

              -Are you a traveler? -Definitely.

              -Will this do? -Yes.

              Very nice. I'll pay you for tonight as well.

              Don't be bloody silly. You're the first since Monday.

              -You sure? -Sure.

              I'll bet this has seen some action, hasn't it?

              I'll give you the key when you come down.

              Was he in bad shape?

              They come worse.

              Doreen. All right, are you?

              Been staying with a friend?

              I'm sorry about your father.

              Tell me, Doreen...

              ...did the police say anything?

              They said he was drunk.

              How's school?

              I left last year.

              -What are you doing now? -Working at Woolworth's.

              -That must be very interesting. -Yes.

              What are you going to do? Live with Margaret?

              Well, why won't you come with us to South America?

              My fiancée won't mind, and that's how your Dad would have liked it.

              Get Hubert up, will you?

              We're ready now, sir.

              We weren't sure where it was taking place, you know.

              -Nice of you to come. -No, Frank was a good bloke.

              -He was that. -One of the best.

              -I couldn't believe it when I heard. -What?

              I was surprised when he didn't turn up for work.

              He was always on time.

              -Did you work with him, Keith? -At the Half Moon.

              It's a bloody funny thing, you know.

              You work with a bloke for six bloody years...

              ...and all the time he's as calm as gentle Jesus.

              Then he goes and does a thing like that. A bloody funny thing.

              Yeah, a bloody funny thing.

               y:i Will you all stand up, please.

              "For as much as it hath pleased Almighty God...

              "...of his great mercy to take unto Himself...

              "...the soul of our dear brother here departed...

              "...we therefore commit his body to be consumed by fire...

              " sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life...

              "...through Our Lord Jesus Christ...

              "...who shall change the body of our low estate..."

              -Is that Margaret? -Yes.

              "Who shall change the body of our low estate...

              "...that it may be like unto His glorious body...

              "...according to the mighty working, whereby He is able to subdue...

              "...all things to Himself."


              I thought you weren't coming.

              Changed me mind. Everything go off all right, then?

              Fine. I want to talk to you.

              -What about? -Doreen.

              She's nothing to do with me.

              What do you mean?

              You've been Frank's bird ever since her mother cleared off.

              You're closer to her than anyone.

              No, it's not like that.

              I've got a husband, you know.

              Hold it. Hold it.

              Who killed Frank, Margaret?


              I don't know anything about it.


              I must go. I'm in a hurry.

              I want to talk to you later.

              -I can't. -Tomorrow morning, then?

              Well, all right then.   :   on the Iron Bridge.

              Well, absent friends.

              You don't suppose he might have done it on purpose?

              What? You mean, kill himself?

              No. Frank, kill himself? Get away.

              I mean, what for?

              -That's what I was wondering. -Come off it.

              Frank was, well, straight.

              He had no worries I know of. It would have showed.

              Why would it?

              It just would, that's all. Frank was always the same.

              Since when did Frank drink whisky?

              -I don't know. -No. Nobody seems to know.

              He was a bloody good bloke. One of the best.

              How would you know? Or you? Or you?

              None of you knew. I knew. He was me dad.

              Okay. Let her go.

              -I'm sorry about that. -Don't worry. She's bound to be upset.

              -Let's have another drink. -No, I must be off. I should be at work.

              -Get your suit cleaned. -That's all right.

              Come on. Thanks for coming, Eddie.

              Frank was a good bloke. It's the least I could have done.

              -Do you work here, Keith? -Yeah.

              If anyone comes in and asks for me...

     let me know, right? -Yeah, all right.

              I'm at the Las Vegas behind the dance hall.

              Do you know a man called Albert Swift?

              Yeah, he comes in here a bit.

              Where would I find him?

              Today? At the races. He always goes.

              How come you know Albert?

              I went to school with him. He'll know what's going on in this town.

              Grey suits you, Eric.

              -Good God. -Is He?

              -Jack. Jack Carter. -Eric. Eric Paice.

              What are you doing around here?

              -Didn't you know this is my hometown? -No, I didn't know that.

              Funny, that.


              So what're you doing then? On your holidays?

              -No, I'm visiting relatives. -That's nice.

              It would be if they were still living.

              Meaning what?

              -Bereavement, death in the family. -I'm sorry to hear that.

              That's all right, Eric.

              -Small world, isn't it? -Very.

              -So who you working for these days, Eric? -I'm straight. Respectable.

              What're you doing? Advertising Martini?

              -You've been watching television. -Yeah.

              Come off it, Eric.

              Who is it?



              What's it to you, anyway?

              I've always had your welfare at heart, Eric.

              Besides which, I'm nosy.

              That's not always a healthy way to be, is it?

              And you should know.

              -If I remember rightly. -Oh, yes.

              So, you're doing all right then, Eric.

              -You're making good. -Making all right.

              Good prospects for advancement, is there? A pension?

              Do you know?

              I'd almost forgotten what your eyes look like.

              They're still the same.

              Piss-holes in the snow.

              -Still got a sense of humor. -Yeah.

              Yes, I retained that, Eric.

              Do you know a man called Albert Swift?

              Can't say I do.

              Don't miss the start on my account.

              -Carter's here. -Where?

              -I don't know. -You stupid shit.

              You see what it's like these days, Jack?

              -You can't get the material. -Yes, I can see your problem, Mr. Kinnear.

              -Sit down, Jack. -Thank you.

              I could weep, I really could.

              Sometimes I think I'll retire...

              ...just piss off to the Bahamas and let somebody else employ them.

              Glenda, get Jack a drink.

              -What is it, Jack? -Scotch, please.

              Piss off, Ray.

              Eric told me of your bereavement.


              Do you know I never knew he worked in one of my places?

              It's funny that. Neither did I.

              If I'd known, I'd have fixed him up with something better.


              Nasty way to go.


              Are we here to play cards or talk about the old days?


              Jack, I don't want to be rude, but these men have brought...

              ...a lot of money with them.

              Glenda, you don't offer a man like Jack a drink...

     these piddling little glasses. Give him the bloody bottle.

              Now where are we?

              -I think I'll stay as I am. -You're bluffing, you bastard.

              That's what you pay to find out. Right, Jack?

              Right. If you can afford it.

              Thought you were going soon.

              Soon. When you've lost your money. Won't take long.

              -Clever sod, aren't you? -Only comparatively.

              Harry, I don't like to push but...

              ...could you let us know how much your hand's worth?

              I'm taking two.

              Do you know Sid Fletcher?


              Do you know Sid Fletcher?

              I work for him.

              Do you?

              Yes, I do.

              £   .

              What's that? £   ?

              That's right, Harry.

              Your £    and another £   .

              -I know him, too. -Another £   .

              -Who? -Sid Fletcher.

              -£   notes of the realm. -Do you?

              -Do you really know Sid Fletcher? -£    and another.

              I know Sid Fletcher.

              What's that?

              £   .

              I'll follow that.

              £   .

              Yes, I met him last year.

              -All right, and another £   . -Oh, yes. When he came up on business.

              -Really? -I don't know, what shall I do?

              He came to see Mr. Kinnear.

              -Is that £   ? -Did he?

              That's right, Harry. You can always see me if you want to.

              Didn't he, Mr. Kinnear?

              All right, your £    and another £   .

              What's that?

              £    Harry.

              £    to follow you, and I've raised it £   .

              -£   ? -That's right, Harry.

              You're not seeing me?


              All right, I'll see you.

              -Calling my bluff, are you Harry? -Yeah.

              We went about together.


              While he was here.

              While he was here, you went about together.

              He was here for four days.

              -Was he? -About.

              Would you do me a favor?

              Yeah, I'll do you a favor.

              Would you please put my glass on the table?

              Come on, Harry. I haven't won, have I?

              Go on you're pulling my leg.

              What about that, Jack?

              -Old Harry thought I was having him on. -Shut up.

              Not going, Jack?

              I have to. Things to do.

              Of course.

              Any time, just drop by.

              Yeah, I'll do that.

              I told you it wouldn't take long, didn't I?

              Jack, I didn't like that.

              -You should've told me who you work for. -Cyril didn't like it, either.

              -So it's all girls together, is it? -He thinks Sid and Gerald won't like it...

              ...when they hear you've been sticking your nose in.

              He's right. Tell him to save the money on the phone call.

              What do you want?

              What happened to this car?

              What's it got to do with you?

              -This is my brother's car. -All right.

              Well, he drove it into the river.

              -Was the steering faulty? -No.

              -What about the brakes? -Fine. Nothing wrong with them.

              How did it happen then?

              He was drunk, drunk as a lord.

              -What you having, Jack? -Large scotch.

              Heard of a man called Thorpe?

              Old Thorpey?

              -Haven't seen him in a long time. -That's what he was saying about you.

              He said he'd heard you were up in town, wondered if I knew you were staying.

              He wants to look you up, old time's sake.

              That's nice. What did you tell him?

              -Nought. -Good lad.

              See you later.

              -Where you off? -Las Vegas. Come over.

              -You all right now? -Yeah.

              -Are you coming to South America? -No.

              Where you going to live then?

              At me friend's house.

              -Well, where's that? -Wilton Estate.

              They're a nice family, are they? Churchgoers and all that?


              I'm off tomorrow, so I don't suppose I'll be seeing you again.


              -Go and get your hair done. -Thanks.

              Be good.

              And don't trust boys.

              That was left for you this evening. What is it?

              -My brother Frank. -Is he staying the night?


              Can I phone London?

              It'll cost you.


              I miss you.

              I fancy you.

              I wish I was touching you...

              ...right now.

              Making love to you.

              I want...

     stroke you...

              ...and kiss you all over.

              Where are you?

              In the bedroom.

              My black underwear.

              The sexy silk ones?

              Take your bra off.

              Stop it, darling.


              Go on.


              ...hold them gently...

               y:i ...slowly...

               y:i ...imagine it's me.

              When we're in South America...

               y:i ...we'll make love in the sun.

              Roll over.

               y:i Make love again.

               y:i And again.

              With me.

               y:i I really fancy you.

              What's the matter, you got gut trouble or something?

              No, darling. Just doing my exercises.

              Listen, Janet, Gerald's just walked in. I must ring off.

              Yeah, I'll come tomorrow.

              Save it till Sunday.

              I'll be back then.

              That'll be for me.

              Thorpe! They were waiting for us in the car park.

              -How many? -Four of them.

              -Jack? -Good evening.

              I'd like a word with you, Jack.

              -That's nice. -The confidential like.

              You stay in the car, I'll come and listen.

              What do you want to tell me?

              I've been asked to give you this.

              Train goes four minutes past   :  . You've just got time.

              That's very kind of somebody. Who do I have to thank?

              What happens if I miss the train?

              -I've been asked to make sure you don't. -Oh, really?

              You're getting very optimistic in your old age, aren't you, Thorpey?

              Let's stop pissing about.

              Are you coming, Jack? It'd be best.

              Righto, lads.

              Don't worry about him!


              Hello, Keith. Stay there, Thorpey.

              What the bloody hell do you think you're at?

              -I'm sorry. -You don't look it.

              -No. Really, I am. -Don't pull that bloody flannel with me.

              If you're a traveler, I'm bloody Twiggy. And who's he?

              Are you still at it? Have you no thought for others?

              -We're going inside. -Why should I give the room to your sort?

              -Upstairs, the door on the right. -Everybody knows you, Edna Garfoot.

              They knew there'd be trouble when you moved in.

              -You keep your trap shut, Ma. -I'll send the old man to see you.

              And wouldn't he love it. Where do you think you're going?

              Why don't you make us all a nice cup of tea?

              What are you going to do?

              Make us a cup of tea and I'll tell you. I might even let you watch.

              -I'll call the police. -No, you won't.

              Well, now, Thorpey.

              It seems...

              ...that I've got a secret benefactor.

              That's nice, isn't it?

              There's only one trouble.

              I don't know who to thank.


              ...I want to know who it is, Thorpey.

              All right. If you like, Thorpey, we'll stop mucking about.

              Somebody doesn't want me poking my nose into something...

              ...and I happen to know what that something is.

              Now stand up.

              Who paid you to see me off?

              Well, I can't, Jack! How can I?

              -Yes, you can. -Don't, Jack, don't!

              Who sent you?


              There we are, you see? Now you could tell me, couldn't you?


              Edna, come in. Join the tea set.

              -Who's Brumby? -Cliff Brumby?

              Ever been to Westsea?

              Ever been in an arcade there and put a penny in a slot machine?

              Well,   -to-  it belongs to Cliff Brumby.

              Like as not the bloody arcade as well. Right along the coast.

              Isn't that right, Thorpey?

              -Where's he living these days? -He's got a new place at Burnham.

              -Address? -On Durham Road. The pantiles.

              Suppose you tell me what the hell is going on!

              It's my house.

              Yes, Edna, I must say, I think you've been great about...

              Stick the soft soap. Let's be having it.

              Can I go?

              You must be joking. Keep him away from the telephone.

              -I'm going out. -Now, just a minute!

              Don't let on I told you, for God's sake.

              Jesus wept!

              Now, Cliff, don't get mad.

              I'll murder the little bitch!

              -Daddy! -That's right, bloody Daddy.

              I wasn't expecting you until  :  .

              This is what you call having a few friends over for coffee?

              Running riot over my bloody furniture!

              Spewing all over my bloody goldfish!

              Good evening.

              Sandra! Where do you want...

              The front door is open.

              Who are you?

              I'm an old friend of Cliff's. I want to see him. It's urgent.

              -What's it about? -Business.

              I know all about Cliff's business.

              Yeah, well, tell him the Fletcher's sent me.

              Cliff, Cliff!

              What the hell is this? Do you know the time?

              -It's  :   in the morning! -I know.

              The Fletcher's sent you.

              What is so important it can't wait till the morning?

              I'm not in the mood for playing silly buggers.

              I made a mistake.

              -What? -I made a mistake!

              -What about? -Never mind.

              -It's not business? -See you.

              I don't like it when some nut comes pushing in and out of my house at night.

              Bloody well tell me who sent you!

              You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me it's a full-time job.

              Now behave yourself.

              Goodnight, Mrs. Brumby.

              You sod!

              They came back?


              Look at this, you bastard.

              You don't care a stuff, do you?

              I'll buy you another one.

              What about the lad? They took him away.

              What'll they do to him?

              Don't ask me.

              They bloody hurt me.

              You're lucky. They kill as well.

              And what about you? Did you kill Brumby?

              Thorpey nearly died laughing.

              That little shit!

              What about Keith?

              -What about him? -What you going to do?

              -Pension him off. -You're a bastard.

              What am I supposed to do?

              I don't know where they've taken him. Do you?

              So shut up!

              What's that gun doing in your room?

              Suppose I phone the police, told them there's a bloke in my hotel...

              ...who's planning to shoot somebody?

              You wouldn't do that.

              How do you know I wouldn't?

              'Cause I know you wear purple underwear.

              What's that supposed to mean?

              Think about it.

              Are you awake?


              Do you want breakfast?

              You must be joking. I never eat breakfast.

              Did you sleep well?

              Did you sleep well?


              Yes, thank you.

              Are you tired?


              Are you tired?

              No, I'm not tired.

              Do you eat breakfast?

              Put us in it, Jack.

              Don't let us interrupt you.

              I might have guessed.

              Sorry about this, Jack. Orders are orders.

              What orders would they be?

              Gerald phoned us up in the middle of the night.

              He'd heard you'd been making a nuisance of yourself.

              We've got to take you back to London.

              He said it'd be doing him a big favor.

              We know you're all steamed up, so do Gerald and Sid.

              But they have to be diplomatic.

              Take me back to London.

              Jack, don't you think you ought to get dressed first?

              Come on, Jack, put it away. You know you won't use it.

              The gun, he means.

              Out! Out!


              If Anna could see you now.

              Now, Jack, be reasonable.

              You know we're going to take you back sooner or later.


              Mind you don't catch cold, Jack.

              I hope she's got understanding neighbors.

              We'll see you when you've got your drawers on.

              Do me a favor, will you?

              What, and get myself beaten up again?

              -No chance of that. -Not much.

              -They're friends of mine. -And that'll make me feel better?

              Now I don't want to get rough, do I? Take that.

              Out the back door.

              Hold it!

              Where do you think you're going?

              Strawberry fair.


              Turn right.

              Open that door and go inside.

              -What are you going to do? -Sit in the car and whistle "Rule Britannia".

              -You're coming back? -How could I stay away?

              Where were you?


              Keith in?


              What happened to you then?

              How did you find me?

              They give you a rough time?

              No, you bastard! You knew they'd come back.

              No, I didn't.

              Does Albert Swift still live across the ferry?

              Get knotted.

              All right.

              I want to square things with you.

              Oh, yeah? How? Stuff it!

              My girlfriend's coming from Liverpool tonight.

              Nice surprise, isn't it?

              I'm sorry.

              Here, get yourself a course in karate.

              Frank said you were a shit and he was bloody well right!

              You even screwed his wife, didn't you?

              The poor bastard didn't even know if the kid was his!

              How were things...

              ...between you and Frank?

              He was all right to me.

              Nothing more? Just another fella?

              Nicer than most.

              -Just another fella though, wasn't he? -Yes.

              -Even though he was nicer than most? -Yes.

              I can't help the way I am.

              Why'd you see him so regular?

              Once a week?

              I call that regular.

              He was gentlemanly. I like that.

              Once a week. You like a gentleman, do you?

              Look, I'm me. Right? We are what we are, like it or not.

              Why all the bloody needle?

              What was bugging Frank?

              He wanted me to leave Dave and marry him.

              Last Friday I told him it wouldn't work. Dave would have killed us both.

              He followed me home and kicked up a stink in the street.

              I had to tell Frank I couldn't see him anymore.

              It was getting too dodgy.

              That was Sunday. He said he'd kill himself.

              I was frightened what you might do.

              I don't believe you. Frank wasn't like that.

              I'm the villain in the family, remember?

              It's the truth.

              It is, honestly.

              You bloody whore.

              Frank was too careful to die like that.

              Now who killed him?

              I don't know nothing.

              The only reason I came back to this crap house...

              ...was to find out who did it.

              I'm not leaving till I do.

              Do you understand?

              Hello, Jack.

              You bitch!

              It was you who told them I was here, wasn't it?

              Peter's very upset about his car. He's going to shit all over you.

              I'll catch up with you, Margaret.

              -You bastard! -Come on, get me!

              Over here, Jack.

              Peter! Peter!

              What the hell's she doing?

              You didn't know you had a fairy godmother, did you?

              No, frankly, I didn't know that.

              A fairy godmother all of your own. Aren't you lucky?

              Yeah. So, where are we going, Princess?

              To the Demon King's Castle, of course.

              Of course. Where else.

              How did you know where I'd be?

              You were seen parking your car.

              The Demon King waved his wand and I was dispatched to bring you to him.

              Lucky for you, I waited.

              Very lucky, I should think. You're drunk.


              He must have been pretty sure I'd come.

              He was.

              He told me a magic spell that would make you come.

              What was that?

              We're there now.

              Thank God.

              A new venture of mine. It's going to be a restaurant.

              Do you like it?

              Yes. Very nice.

              Last night, after you'd gone, I did a little bit of asking around...

              ...seeing as you weren't very forthcoming.

              It seems you're concerned about the death of your brother.

              I got to thinking how nice it would be if the bloke you was after...

              ...was the same bloke I wanted off my back.

              You know my life: machines...

              ...the arcades. It's a nice business.

              It runs itself. People put money in. I take it out.

              There's not much rough stuff.

              It's a business that makes me very happy.

              Recently, though, I've had a spot of bother.

              One of my lads gets a bit overanxious and flogs some machines...

     a club that has already got some.

              The upshot is I've got to eat shit and stop flogging my machines to other clubs.

              As far as I'm concerned, that's it. Apparently not.

              These people I've offended get the idea that it would be good thing...

     take over the whole of my outfit, so I'm worried.

              I can't fight them. I don't have that sort of a setup.

              But I've got to fix them before they fix me.

              The trouble is, if I try...

              ...and they find out, I'm dead.

              £       .

              That belongs to you.

              Along with a little name I'm going to give you.

              What name?

              Kinnear. Cyril Kinnear.

              Kinnear did it.


              I don't know.

              All I know is there were people shitting bricks at his place last Saturday.

              Your brother's name was mentioned. Next day, he was dead.


              -I don't know. That's all I was told. -That's not good enough.


              Do me a favor.

              Do you really think I'm going to fix Kinnear on your say-so?

              Just because they put me onto you last night?

              Don't think you can play the same trick. Stroll on.

              Jack, you're wrong.

              -Good afternoon, Mr. Brumby. -Jack!

                Who is setting you up in this place?


                -Is he coming here? -Don't worry.

                He's meeting the architects at the restaurant.

                Aren't you scared Kinnear will find out?

                He won't. He thinks I'm simple.

                Why does he want that great big country place for?


                What kind of entertaining?

                Now you're asking.

                Does Brumby really enjoy that crap?

                Especially when I play the lead.

                Did Kinnear...

                ...say anything about me after I left the other night?

                That's why you waited for me?

                No, not entirely.

                You're sure about that?

                Sure, I'm sure.

                You bastard.


                I'm in the bath.

                I want to give you an Oscar.

                You've been watching the film.

                Tell me about the girl.

                What girl?

                The young girl. Who pulled her?

                I don't know.

                Was it Albert?

                Shouldn't think so.

                -It is one of Kinnear's films? -Yeah.

                Who set it up? Eric?


                Then he must have pulled her.

                Expect so.

                Did my brother Frank...

                ...find out?

                Your brother? What are you talking about?

                You lying bitch!

                Tell me the truth.

                The girl's name was Doreen. That's all I know.

                -And you didn't know her last name? -No.

                Well, it's Carter. That's my name!

                Her father was my brother...

                ...and he was murdered last Sunday.

                Now get in there and get dressed.

                Get in! In!

                Where's Albert? Where's Albert?

                I know where to find him.

                He's come for Albert.

                 y:i I don't know. On the ferry, I reckon.

                Hello, Albert.

                Hello, Jack.

                I don't know anything, Jack.

                Yes, you do.

                Talk, or I'll kill you.

                I know.

                Do you want to go to the toilet, Albert?

                Do you want to go to the toilet?

                Do you want to go to the toilet?

                You can't get away from me, Albert.

                I know.

                For Christ's sake, give us a fag.

                I didn't know who Doreen was.

                Though she was just another bird.

                Did Eric Paice pull her?



                I don't know. Got his ways. He knows Margaret.

                When did you find out?

                Couple of weeks back.


                No choice. I had a visit from somebody.


                Cliff Brumby. He'd seen the film. He wanted to meet Doreen.

                And you told Brumby?

                Who killed Frank?

                Do you want to be dead, Albert?

                Last Sunday afternoon Eric and two of his boys arrived with Frank.

                They told me he'd rumbled.

                Somehow he'd seen the film and was about to shoot his mouth off.

                They asked me for some whisky and started forcing it down his throat.

                I thought they'd just duff him up a bit. Honest.

                What did you do, Albert?

                Nothing. What could I do?

                Did Eric know that Frank was my brother?

                Yes. I told him.

                What did he say?


                They drove Frank away in a car.

                Is that all there is?


                That's it then.

                Jack, for Christ's sake.

                For Christ's sake!

                You knew what I'd do, didn't you, Albert?

                Yes, but... Christ! I didn't kill him, did I?

                I know you didn't kill him. I know!

                Put me two bob on Lucky Leap, would you?

                No shooters, you stupid bastards! Cyril said no shooters!

                -Do you want to get us all nicked? -Get stuffed!

                -Turn it in. Gerald wants to see him first. -Shut up!

                Are you coming in, or are you gonna piss about all day?

                You're bloody finished, you know that, Jack.

                I've finished you.

                Not till I'm dead, Eric.

                You've still got your sense of humor.

                Do you want to tell him how I've finished him?

                He's told Gerald about you and Anna.

                He didn't believe me at first. Then Peter talked to him.

                Didn't even say goodbye. Just asked us to take you back.


                He's probably talking to her right now.

                Are you still going to fancy her when Gerald's finished with her face?

                Stay where you are, Peter!



                Carter, your car needs a wash.

                I don't want them cooking in here. You can put a hatch in that wall.

                I can do that, but it's a question of design.

                Aesthetically, you've got to use...

                Who in Christ's name's that?

                A bloody madman!

                Extraordinary fellow.


                You shouldn't have shown the film to Frank.

                It was the only way I could get at them.

                You shouldn't have.

                Your brother was going to the police.

                -You didn't have the guts to do it yourself. -They'd have killed me.

                They killed my brother instead.

                I didn't think they'd do it.

                How would you have liked it...

                ...if that had been your daughter being poked in that film?

                What would you have done then?

                Slags like your Sandra can get away with it.

                Can't they?

                The Doreens of this world can't.

                Can they?

                It's very rude to disappear like that. Where can he possibly be?

                I have an awful feeling we're not going to get our fees on this job.

                The guy on the Swing Bridge.


                -How did it happen? -I don't know how it happened.

                How far did he fall?

                What did Betty say?    floors, I think it was.

                Really, was he dead?

                Yes. Apparently he hit his head on the pavement.

                -Well, he would be, wouldn't he? -I'm sure.

                It's better to go quick like that.

                 y:i Number   Doctor's Orders.

                 y:i Five and eight,   .

                 y:i One and five,   .

                 y:i Two and six,   .

                 y:i Three   Blind   .

                 y:i Seven and eight,   .

                 y:i Five and three,   .

                 y:i Nine   Blind   .

                 y:i Two and five...

                 y:i ...on   .

                 y:i One so f ar on   .

                 y:i Anybody else please, for that full house.

                 y:i Just the one, nobody else?

                 y:i Checking just one this time.

                I've come for you, Margaret.



                Hold on.

                Hello? Gerald?

                It's Carter.

                Now listen carefully, you hairy-faced git!

                I've got the film and enough evidence to put you away for a long time.

                All it takes is one call to the police.



                I'll do a simple deal with you.

                All I want...

                I see. I think that can be arranged.

                But I don't want him there...

                ...until  :   in the morning.




                You wanted something, Cyril?

                Yes, Eric. A word with you.

                Get out!

                Come on. Come on!

                Take your clothes off!

                Take your clothes off!

                Keep your pants on. Lie down.

                Lie down!

                I want you to listen very carefully. Jack Carter...


                Do you know what he looks like?



                You couldn't win an egg-and-spoon race, Eric.

                Sod off.

                Stay away from the car or I'll blow you apart.

                Stand up. Stand up!

                I bet...

       could use a drink...

                ...couldn't you, Eric?

                Have a drink.

                Still got your sense of humor.

                Drink up.

                Drink up.

                I want you...

       drink all of it.

                Do you understand?

                Drink it all.

                Just like it was...

                ...with my brother Frank...


                Drink up!

                Drink up, Eric!

                It was you...

                It was you who poured it down him, wasn't it?

                What? What?

                Did you all have a good laugh...

                ...while he was spewing up?

                Drink up! Drink!

                Drink it!

                Did you pass the bottle round...

                ...when the car went over the top, eh?

                Goodbye, Eric!




Special help by SergeiK