Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by anime master Mamoru Oshii  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence Script



If our gods and our hopes are

nothing but scientific phenomena,



then it must be said that our love

is scientific as well - "L'Eve Future"






Arrival on the accident site



Now start the live broadcasting



What's the situation?



   minutes ago,

In that apartment, the first site,



The victim was murdered,

Killer ran away



In the second site,

  police officers were killed



All entrances blocked,

We're starting a siege in   minutes



Damned officers of  th Section



There will be more casualty now.



Telecom got in,

Do we need information support?



First Police, here comes Telecom agents



We must be very careful



Help me



Help me



About Robot Murder



There has been   murders during this week



All victims have reset their robots



All of them are Model      from Rox Corporation



The model is a test version for evaluation only.



The customers got one for free

after signing a contract with Rox



Now all the machines were recalled



According to reports



There is nothing wrong with these machines



just such kind of explanation



New model robots attacked their

masters for unexplained reasons



The producer recalled these machines in a panic



They now face charges

from the victims' family



Some mistakes could result in many lawsuits 

and huge compensation fees



So that is why the  th Section was

authorized to handle this problem



Do you understand?



It's your duty to understand



Now there are   reasons for  th Section's intervention



First, None of victims' families have taken any action



All accidents alike



have been imparled between both sides



Two of the victims are politicians



And one is a retired police officer



Considering such a possibility



the  th Section will face a challenge



It's our duty to investigate this case



Let's start from the victims



First you must check the machines with problems



Don't ask anything, just go



I want to tell you, I am not a volunteer



There are so much that I should learn from you, Major



I don't think so



We lost all traces



This person only has his brain for nature part



It's not likely that this man exists as a human being



His arm, leg and computer 

are spare parts from the government



The classified information in the computer,

and all similar to this,



Belonged to the government



They are eager to reclaim the memory



so his life was not belonged to himself



Where shall we start?



Rox Corporation is located to the north



We'd better start our investigation there



It's you!



About the robot destroyed by that madam yesterday



Two of our young men were killed also



You shouldn't forget this



We've come here directly for this



Identification Room is located on the

right side of   th floor corridor



Need me to show you the way?



No, thanks. I don't come here for amusement



Destruction pursues the great



especially at the easiest moment



It is a hard time for you



To be arranged to one trouble team



but it seems you don't hate this position



It's terrible for me to remember my previous appearance



This is not your mirror's fault



The mirror only makes you confused



We can be reference with one another



It's pointless to come frequently

I don't have to cooperate.



I will arrest you if you don't cooperate.



I am from  th Section

Who's the horrible man you are talking with?



The guy who blasted the robot



All of it with a .   caliber gun



So the damaged robot could be easy to recover



  policemen of   are victims



The robots tried to commit suicide before murder



All right?



What's this about suicide?






Miss Halloway, What about suicide?



If the machine failed



Is it possible for them to attack people?



This situation has been considered by Three Laws of Robot



So they should be harmless to people



It is called Self-Existence



The better description should be self-destruction, no?



Thinking made human beings different from machines



Is the self-destruction a special function for this model?



That's not completely right



Those years, more gadgets for robots



appeared in haste



we have too many human-shaped robots






Virus, Microbe Pollution



Man-made mistakes during production



Problems due to age



Many reasons, but



But what?



The main reason is that people discard robots



They tire of old robots



Keep buying newer models



And then discard them when problem occurs






Robots do not want to be discarded



Is that true?



Human beings are different from robots



but it's not as simple as black and white



Humankind is selfish



Industry robots are mostly different from humans



But domestic robots are deeply affected



by utilitarianism and pragmatism



Why they are human-shaped?



Based on the most ideal human body



Why this decision?



It's to make a robot in his own image.



Have you got children?



One daughter



Children always violate adult regulation



They have egos



Acting with consciousness for themselves



When human being is a child



What's his role in exploration?



with a human body, or human-shaped?



Although all girls love dolls,



those dolls are not for practicing



Girls don't practice baby-sitting



They just try to find common places between

doll games and baby-sitting



What are you talking about?



Baby-sitting a kid implies making a human, by a human

That's an old dream



That's the shortest way to realize this dream



I don't agree with this idea



Children are not dolls!



humankind and machine,

difference is a life-form and nonlife-form



A doll is the same as my daughter

who died when she was   years old



I named her France, and loved her deeply



Some people told me the same thing



Shall we change to a realistic topic?



About the Model      Robot from ROX corporation



I would like to know more about it



That's all right



High quality products



Although these are test versions



They are special mode



Special mode?



Yeah, with some unnecessary parts



What kind of parts?



Sexual function



just for immoral interest



Is this illegal?



All right, so their family doesn't charge



When the robot is reset, their data bank

will erase all information



The producer did this just to protect their technology,

just a common measure






But what?



But the voice data will be kept,

you want to hear?



Help me



Help me, Help me



Help me, Help me



Help me



Help me



Help me



Help me



Help me



Help me



Help me






Thanks for your help






May I ask a question?



I neither gave any birth nor baby-sat any kid



That means, I never registered my ovum



Thank you, Miss



Don't call me Miss



She didn't look like a technical grandmom



who only writes her emotions in report sheets



I often wrote report sheets too



Don't you think our investigation 

is going to slow?



Anyway, you must protect that computer for  th Section



The relationship with grandmother was over



Who's your ideal woman?



Actually, I like women older than me




There are so many in the street







Accident     in     area



The victim is a Keeper of ROX



The team will be there within   minutes






The spring always pass quickly



Just you?



Koka and Lukuou will be back after a sandwich snack



Leisure guys



This is the situation    minutes ago



How did you teach these rookies?



There is nothing more important than teaching



Read the situation now



This is the victim's image



Jack Walkson, Keeper Director of ROX Corporation

   years old



He lost contact with other people after asking leave   days ago



This robot's contract ended   days ago



Weapons used by criminal are kitchen knives



We checked neighbourhood parking records



Try to verify with underground force



Seven cards are found in victim's jacket



We are now looking for their source






.   calibre pistol



It seems no one has used the gun recently



Was this a meaningless waste?



Maybe some smart guy faked it




We will arrive in    seconds



Don't play a joke on me



The rest of the work depends on you




We leave site to    






Today is my daughter's birthday



But I have bought nothing



Let me drive you back



You've made a mistake, Ishikawa



Me too



A daughter's birthday is the most important



You looked happy



It's the first time you didn't talk nonsense



Because the body was incomplete, so I come



OK, help yourself, we are leaving



Why give the case to local police?



Because that guy is involved



We found it, in the refrigerator



Heart, liver, kidney and pancreas



This asshole



After half a year, fresh dog food has been dry



You call this food?



You were his partner, weren't you?



I would rather go with a recruit than him



There are only complaints with him



You are a partner less tough than Major






Ishikawa, you talk too much lately



See you






What's up?



Maybe dry dog food was not that bad



Considering nutrition balance,

that would be a good choice



Impact to the neckbone has caused rupture and death



Kitchen knives aren't the cause of death,

They were used for dismembeing the body



So the killer dismembered the body after murder



That seems to be true



The stuff we found in the refrigerator

are the victim's bowels



He suffered from gastritis,

and hepatocirrhosis due to chronic alcoholism



Why did the killer disassemble the victim's body

in this detailed way?



The killer may be a psycho



Or it indicates a strong desire to revenge



Then the killer wasn't professional



And that twisted door handle?



Analysis report suggests it's created by a NR   artificial arm,

made in China



crab pincers shape



Is that for military purpose?



It should be inferior model from black market



And all the pictures were confirmed



What about the car?



A mulit-illegal modified car...



The conclusion?



According to parking records,



The car belongs to a violent organization, Human Society



It's bullet-proofed



This car has appeared several times in previous cases



What a Human Society!



Illegally produced



What's their motive?

What the hell does Human Society want?



This was an old, voilent Japanese organization



Drugs, prostitutes, gambling

They're a part of all kinds of illegal business



  days ago, captain tried to arrest their boss



Now he is in charge of this case



How could they make this decision!



In organization, only the revenger of a predecessor's

death could be recognized as the successor



Another question



Could the victim foresee his death?



What's the reason for him to lurk in Human Society?



All computer data is erased



This is also your investigation object



Is the killer using robots to

mislead our investigation?



At this time, all victims have no relationship

with each other, or political-concerned



And we almost have nothing to show for it.



Adding this case,



you first investigate these victims



Other people return to previous positions. 







Come to my office before you leave



What's the situation?



Anyway, we must find the relationship between

Human Society and Rox Corporation



About Batou



It is very important to undertake

psychological interactive verification



But I am not a computer psychologist



You don't need to change professions

when trying to comprehend another subject.



You have family?

Now do you feel happy?



Yeah.. that is it



Most people are between happy and unhappy



It's touching



They never give up their will for survival



What do you mean?



When I saw that guy,

I remembered Major before her missing



Solitary makes Evil



need few things



Just like the elephant in the forest



Director, why did you choose me?



You were recommended by the local department



What does this mean?



You don't need to change professions

when trying to comprehend another subject.



That is right



You cannot live with the rule of a great man



Shall we start a war?



You don't need to change into a rascal

if you are going to rascal's place



Weapons are necessary



We should prepare before going out






Listen to my words



Do you hate gangs?



Very much



I do too



I can only tell you this



I told you, we are going to a gang's place



We don't need to change into gangsters

but a weapon is necessary



I have a family



A bachelor could be better



We'll go together



We are partners,

so you'd better tell me your plan



Listen to me,

Don't fire unless you have to






I got it



Let's go, partner



What, is that you?



Bring him here



Don't shoot



I said unless you have to



Go, go



Come on






Did he intend to mislead our eyesight?



I hate these computers



What's the matter?



How can we attack in this

dark and narrow staircase?



Rush fast, I'll go first



I'll go first, you're too big






This bomb is a gift for you



In such a wide riot



You can't even kill   people

with bullet-proofed vests



Are you a woman?



This is not only for the death of Keeper Director



Tell me everything about ROX Corporation,



as much as you know



Come on, crab shit,

you're not qualified to be my opponent



That's just an easy job, idiot



Tell me where the Keeper Director is



Or I will hit you with my hand



I haven't been there for   years



I don't even know what my predeccesors

did in that corporation



Partner, you still alive?



My wife and my daughter's face became clear in my brain



But this guy is neither your wife nor your daughter



He is Death



I told you to investigate



But you made this illegal



I don't want you picking fights with gangsters.



This city is not a jungle



And you are not people-killing special agents



Are you still angry?






I didn't expect you'd save my life



After being your partner,



I would die hundred times



We're an investigation team of   men



Nobody cares what we did



I have to find criminal evidence 

relating to the ROX Corporation



So is that what you did?



If he is really angry, we should have been fired



Now that should be enough



Now excuse me.



Trampled by Quillson



You should reset the right arm by yourself



Increase defense and the shooting integrity system



It's probably due to malfunction



In this case, you should reset to default position



Where's my previous arm?



Don't speak nonsense



This arm is made with organic material,

especially tuned to your DNA



Overload usage may cause initialization



Get out! Wait



Why do you have my dog?



I went to your home



Couldn't find the host



but I did find a hungry dog



That made me feel sorry for it.



How generous of you 

to leave your dog alone. 



I took it to my home



My daughter was happy, but my wife

got angry because it soiled the carpet



When did you put me under surveillance?



All right, that's not your problem



I don't feel comfortable being watched



But how can you ignore it?



If you hate, do not hate the old man



Is it recreated?



Original breed should be stronger



This breed is created by test-tube



It comes from a most ancient breed



Does this come from a computer, really?



What a persistent life



That's why I said dry dog food is better



It's its favorite



And it's only on sale in that store



It looked happy, bouncing a lot



You shot   bullets



in that store



He is not insane



This man was a good hunter



Besides the Major



Shall I tell you the reason he missed my head?



They didn't want to kill you,

it was just a challenge



You picked fighting in the place of Human Society



Over    people dead or wounded



The store was shot up in the same day



Are you crazy, or is your computer malfunctional?



Wait, Did you feel attacked?



This matter was not an independent accident



From this, we can understand



The significance of  th Section



What he said is right



We were ordered to continue investigation



But we won't need evidence hereafter



And without any official support



It seems that we have to go directly to ROX Corporation



Quick victory keeps no secretary



Go to the north as soon as possible



The north?



  people are not enough



And... What about this dog?



This matter that



I will take care of.



And yet you still time to feed your dog.



Come on, mind your own business



The biggest information city in the eastern-most area



A particularly prosperous economic zone



Just this colony



Nationalism evanesced in vagueness



Now this place is a paradise for

enterprise criminals



Even Union Nations Cyber Police,

and Telecom Agents from ASEAN



can't get their hands here



I remembered those words,

Act as an individual



Represent with the same inheritance gene



It looks like the nest of the spider



Just like how an actinozoan changes into the coral reef






The essence of life lies in the continuance of genes



What about social culture and expanded memory system



The city looks like huge exterior memory sets



There should be many people with this idea



Adding me, the number could exceed 

the number of sand dust.



It's written in verse     Psalms of the Old Testament



I will check it



It seems you are inclined to remember trivia.



I don't want to hear this again



Now you are over ROX Corporation



After a long trip, it's about time for a visit



Flight is over, we are in the process of landing



They will fly as leaves during Autumn



Gnarring to the chaos



Now it is your turn, but we are not Satan






You're great man now, my position has been yours



I will never forget your kindness



Never forget?



Forgive me, Mister Batou



It's inappropriate to call me Mister



Forgive me, Please

You are the benefactor of my whole life



Do you know that asshole Kim?



I don't know such a person



Many people have this name



The Kim I am looking for is unique



In our business,

we make promises



There are   kinds

One is for keeping a secret, 

The other is for keeping truth



Both of them are promises,

Which one is yours?



They say there is no honesty without secrets



Let me ask again,

Do you know that asshole Kim?



I don't know such a person



People are just like puppets on the stage

Beginning from birth, Ending at death



Puppet falls when the strings break



And then?



They had been a long-term contractor with the Army



A man can't reach when he is at the top,

or when he is under



Just like a man lying on the roadside



Regardless of whether they had been special force

or electronic disturbance specialist



Secret arm sale, and other achievements



The come-off will be the same

all roads end at the tomb



A characteristic man



It is impossible for a robot to chang into a horse after a field trip



This asshole can only demolish everything around him



Let's go



Batou, the highest sanctum



We are late



He escaped



The brain has been burned out from attack and defense actions



It doesn't help.



According to the will

in my funeral,



All artificial flowers and birds

should be rejected






Don't sleep like a dead man



Confucius told us not to sleep like dead men



I have no time for your nonsense



It has been a long time since our last meeting



Are you here for official business?



ROX Corporation



They started Robot production

from the very beginning



Advanced robots brought a rapid expansion

to this corporation



Politicians and senior officers got

their shares



They became alert

as the government paid attention to the business



Assembly lines were shut down



Perhaps they transferred assembly lines 

to that multi-flag ship



And kept producing their robots



Are you so depressed that you want to commit suicide?



It's a big problem if true



Eliminating human soul, producing human-shaped puppets



I can't imagine what they are thinking



If there is a perfect man



Like a body without a soul



A body until final abrasion



This is why Cyborg waste grows



The human form is eternally beautiful



No, they should not appear in the shape of a child.



Because human beings have incomplete perception



It is impossible for them to understand

the inconsistency of reality



They have neither this consciousness



Nor the unlimited tendency



Only robots or a God can make this true



Shall we talk about official business?






There is only one creature

who can be compared with a robot or God



Is it animal?






A creature with self-consciousness stronger than we are.



With no negative emotions



A happy unconsciousness



To these birds depending on fruit



It is even harder than becoming God



Changing into dolls as the dead



That is the reason



You don't know death

before you know life



Confucius said something like this



There are few people who understand Death



Most people keep unconscious,

they are used to a stupid life



People don't even have purposes for dying.



Their lives fade away while waiting for death.



So Kim chose to change himself into a full cyborg



And then?



They had been special force,

or electronic disturbance specialist



Secret arm sale, and other achievements



All will be ended at the tomb



A characteristic man



It is impossible for a robot to change into a horse after a field trip



Let's go






Compliments to people who shall die today



Sounds like an advertisement






It makes people uncomfortable



I got it



Look outside, these things look alive



Are they really alive?



Thinking again



These lifeless things seem alive



Where does a robot's pain come from?



They are robots



made by human beings



Very simple material made by human beings



The terror to reset a robot



is just the essence of human being



A shadow between existence and non-existence



Stop that, let's talk about official business



It's also a science to know life



We created this terror by ourselves



In nature, humankind is too young



It's quite simple to reset a machine



made by a human being



"They are trying to make persistent active specimen"



From an   th century robotics theory



Because the realization of computerization and cyborgs



Even the appearance of exterior memory sets



The biological limitation of humankind was broken



through excessive self-mechanization



Humanity has overcome Darwin's Natural Selection



Human beings have overcame evolution 

by their own means.



Sublimation of consciousness



Born from self-consciousness



A dream to go beyond Nature



Replacing the body with hardware



That's the beginning of a Nightmare



God is always located in geometry



Let's go






What do you feel?



Who am I?



In a computer-like maze,

you are confused by computer



Fortune comes with Misfortune   times



Don't look at anything 

before you want it



Don't listen to anything



Just wait for the end



So we visited this place   times



The first omen should be the final end?



There is no time for explanation



When did you find out?



We are fooled by the swindler

who is waiting for our arrival



You can be an electronic specialist



but I am an elite spy



with my guardian watching over me



You stupid, clumsy exterior memory sets



Check your memory



If that is really



this robot wrote "AEMAETH" on the ground



That means getting energy from truth



But when the prefix "AE" was erased,

we saw "MEATH"



That means death, from dust to dust.



That's not real



Our trap has been intruded



What the hell! It is faked as real



So I told you it is my guardian



The game is over, Kim, show yourself



This guy is just an ordinary robot



Kim, you cannot defeat me



Batou, is this a fake too?



Not real?



Have you got enough confidence?



My ghost



Humanity is pursuing the dream of life



Is it a dream or a ghost?



All non-existence



I am a man useless, the same as you



I wear shoes different from you



I don't believe in ghosts



Are you suffering from schizophrenia?



I have to destroy your remains



Prepare for death



Your physical functions will cease



eh... eh...



Is it really a physical reset phenomenon?



It is neither memory nor imagination



It's what it should be



You have to understand before you go further



The time cannot be saved, so it is hard



Memory shared computerization along with exterior memory sets



When you go home



Are the wife and daughter real?



Or I am just a lonely individual?



Or am I just making up the dream of a family?



Is there any way to make sure?



I knew, but for what?



I have to know his purpose



I come here for work



That's an experience of virtual image



When I get freaked in the food store



Maybe it is caused by computerization



just like what Ishikawa said



Such a realistic guy may not be here



The same idea



I expected this from the beginning



They wanted to intrude us



Kim, this man is smart



We will lose if he escapes



Who's your guardian angel?



He is gone



In the cyber world



In huge network systems,

there is one area which integrates all domains



You want to verify your existence?



You got a daughter



When we are in the jungle



Kim knew this



I am sure of one thing



What is it?



I am your partner



Are you afraid?



It's not like what you are thinking



I want to go back alive, to my daughter



But you cannot leave your job undone



Shall we continue?



I will collect all data evidence

for ROX Corporation's guilt



If this accusation is successful



All computer rules must be broken up



Our investigation was illegal



The matter caused serial murders



We have to find evidence for criminal penalty



But Kim cut off all clues






His computer is linked to ROX Corporation



We must capture all of them



and destroy them.



People have always been talking 

about doing the right thing. 



Now is time for battle



Violence comes after the failure of negotiation



Hey, this explanation is different

from our trip to gangster place



He is here



I expect nothing from you



Birds fly in the air



fishes dive in the water



Get contacted



I knew



Use this body to finish something



It is deep here, very dangerous



I had a friend who liked diving very much






I don't know what you are thinking



May I introduce Lin as your girl friend?



No one goes back alive from that ship



I don't know what you're thinking



Just go ahead



Hold fast



Contact after    seconds



The disturbance signal will feed back for   seconds only






This guy is linked to the Security Director's computer



Synchronization Initialized



Send back more information if you get in



Just follow me



Of course, the older one started invasion,

recording began



You are not a lovely guy






 nd level security system reset



Computer activity searching initialized in all facility



Searching for virus in memory, initialized



Searching for delayed virus and interactive surveillance



Linking to Director impossible



Reset as soon as possible



System Reset finished

 nd level security system initialized



Figuring intruder's waypoints



Strengthening defense wall



Supplementing antibody



Virus checking



Anti-spy game initialized



Searching for lurking virus, full-scale



No.     wall broken



No.     wall error, error code    



Quarantining affected area, initialized



 st level exterior defense wall rebuilt



Identifying enemy's attack mode



Virus transfer started



Retreat! Your brain will be too dangerous to keep cool



Wait, let me try again



Shit, they are using this damned method!



Assembly Lines



Unfinished Project

Only accessible for authorized



Confirmed as unidentified lurking virus



Stop him with all anti-body



Virus tracing unavailable



All facility in resetting,

Linking with system unavailable



Battle arm loading system, initialized



Warning... abnormal body active in line THO 



All security armed

Move to that line, repeat..



Soul Phenomenon happened



Haven't see you for a time, Major



What should I call you?



This is only a part of me,

through satellite



There is not enough capacity in this computer



I can only load battle system and arm defense system



So I have to spare emotion and voice



   meters away from here



there should be an emergency terminal



We can linkup there and capture all system



Nothing changed



Hurry up, I'll take care of this place



Just like before



"Who gives me a mirror"



"The ghost will be visible in the mirror"



It is not the time for reflection



We don't have much ammo left



"Real time mirror can tell"



Hey, are you ok?



This ship will be ours,

it is just a matter of time



Linked to supply terminal system



Stop arm function before full control



We can only depend on Batou's .   gun



Ammo reserve, only   magazine



It seems our opponent will not surrender



It's begun



Abnormal linking activity in ship



In ship?



Tracing for linking point, defense action started



Too many signals from multiple terminals



No computer activity increased at all terminal



Checking for all exterior linking point



All linking points cut off except base facility



All exterior physical parts isolated from this ship



Emergency defense system inaccessible



Long distance initialization failed



Expansive Virus get in concourse



Defense of system area failed



System reset ready



 st level data quarantine started



Many linking points found in the core system



Interactive tracing failed



All exterior links cut off



This ship is under control



Are we successful?



Now this ship is no longer controlled by the north



The nearest country sent force is coming in



This ship could incriminate ROX



Do we still have time for investigation?



Found Naval frigate



They are informed






Shall we go to see the true face of ROX Corporation



Have you already known it?



Batou, you want to go with us?



No voice, electronic wave screened out



Ghost face



They can produce many animal examples



but that will destroy the brain

This technology was prohibited



The Human Society supplies children 

who will be neutralized here



They become ghost faces eventually



That is the secret



Help me



Help me



You come to save me at last,

Walkson told me



He said, the police will come to save me



I came here when I was in the  th grade,

Suvalla was in the  th grade



I can hear nothing, or say nothing



The murdered Director modified



the robot program for this child



but he was killed soon



Nobody will notice this without robot case



Then who will save me?



We did not expect sacrifice



It seems unreal



How could it be, if a robot has no soul

I can't imagine



But.. But..



I never wanted to be a robot



"When you cried for birds,

you cried for yourself"



"People with voice is happy"



If a robot has his own voice



He may cry, I don't want to be human being



Ask yourself now

do you feel happy?



This scene has put me in a reminiscent mood



I don't have this feeling, at least not now



"Solitary rejects evil"



"Need few things"



"Just like the elephant in forest"



Don't forget, Batou



When you get online



I will be with you






That ship is out



Your guardian angel?



Need me to write a report?



I will pick you up at  :  am tomorrow



I cannot get back without a gift



Do you want to come in?



I'm indifferent to family parties.






Have you got any gift for me?



I did not forget this

Special help by SergeiK