Ghost In The Shell Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ghost In The Shell script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie whose original title is Kôkaku kidôtai.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ghost In The Shell. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ghost In The Shell Script

To all patroling air units. A 208 is in progress 

in the C-13 district of Newport City. 

The airspace over this area will be closed. Repeat: 

To all patroling air units. A 208 is in progress 

in the C-13 district of Newport City. 

The airspace over this area will be closed. Repeat 

There's nothing to worry about. 

You can try it again once you're in our country. 

''Try it again?'' 

Just as there's no such thing as a bug-free program 

there's no program that can't be debugged. Am l wrong? 

You don't understand. 

We still don't know if it really is a bug. 

Project 2501's original purpose was-- 

Major, Section 6 is ready to move in. 

- Major! - l hear you. 

There's a lot of static in your brain. 

lt's that time of the month. 

Won't there be trouble if Section 9 butts in on Section 6's operation? 

That diplomat's a pretty well-known bastard. 

Even if they catch him there, all they can do is deport him. 

We're the only ones who can get our hands dirty. 

They're moving. Take us over to the extraction point. 

What? The police? 

Stop it! Who told you to open fire?! Drop your guns! 

l have diplomatic immunity! Let me see who's in charge! 

Transporting a listed programmer out of the country 

violates our arms export treaty. 

l could also have you charged with kidnapping. 

Give the man up. 

l'm afraid not. He's applied for political asylum with us 

and he's already signed a statement to that effect! 

- When?! - l don't have to tell you! 

By right of international law, my country can 

offer him protection and right of safe passage. 

The document is on file at our embassy. 

l'll transfer a copy to you in a few days. 

Are you sure about this? They won't take you back alive. 

l must ask that you watch what you say. 

Our country is a peace-loving democracy. 

ls that a fact? 

Out the window! Shoot! 

Thermoptic camouflage 

This is a rare pleasure, Mr. Aramaki. 

What can the Foreign Ministry do for Section 9? 

What are these secret talks you've scheduled with 

the Gavel Republic for tomorrow? 

The usual. Foreign aid. 

The new government reopened the request after the revolution. 

They claim to be more democratic 

but they'll probably be as bad as the last bunch. 

Giving them money they don't earn will help nobody. 

They consider it reparation for past exploitation and won't thank-- 

And what will the government do? 

The problem is that we have the leader of 

the old junta here looking for political asylum. 

Col. Maless, right? 

So, do we throw him out and grant them the aid? 

Or do we publicly recognize him as a refugee and cut the aid? 

Not an easy decision to make. 

Personally, if l could find a politically acceptable reason 

l'd have the man deported in a heartbeat. 

Oh yes, thanks for your help with that programmer defection. 

Nakamura over in Section 6 said he was grateful. 

After all, we in the diplomatic corps have to keep our hands clean. 


We've lost response. How's her brainwave output look? 

Normal. Switching over the virtual experience mode pattern. 

The Foreign Minister's interpreter. 

23 minutes ago, her cyber-brain was hacked via telephone connection. 

Just as Foreign lntelligence division predicted 

the Puppet Master has begun to break into 

every terminal on the network. 

Pattern analysis shows a high probability that 

he's attempting to disrupt secret talks with Gavel. 

We've placed everyone attending the talks under surveillance. 

Probably trying to hack her ghost 

so she'll kill people at the meeting. 

How long till he hacks through her protection and reaches her ghost? 

He's using an old-style HA-3. l'd say about two hours. 

After that, we'll have to cut the line to eliminate all risk. 

Batou and lshikawa are in a car, tracing the signal. 

Rendezvous with them. 

The Puppet Master That phantom hacker, right? 

They think he's an American. 

Age, sex, personal history Everything about him is unknown. 

Since last winter he's been mainly active in the EC. 

lnternationally wanted on dozens of charges of 

stock manipulation, spying, political engineering 

terrorism, and violation of cyber-brain privacy. 

He's ghost-hacked so many people to carry out his crimes 

he's earned the code name ''The Puppet Master.'' 

This is the first instance of him operating in this country. 

So, if he's so hot, why's he using an old HA-3? 

Well, a newer type would be less detectable and be harder to trace. 

But it could also implicate the former junta leader, Col. Maless. 

So he's using an older type to keep us from suspecting him. 

Or somebody else wants us to think that. 

Maless may just be another pawn in this whole thing. 

Now you're overthinking this. There's no evidence of that. 


l just have a whisper A whisper from my ghost. 

By the way, are you still using that revolver? 

Afraid both guns in a two-man team'll jam up? 

l like the Matever. 

Since l depend on your backup, l think stopping power is 

more important than personal preference. 

Especially since it's my ass on the line. 

Use the Zastaber instead. 

Major, l've been meaning to ask you. 

Why'd you ask for a guy like me to be transferred in from the police? 

Because you're a guy like you. 


An honest cop with a clean record. And you've got a regular family. 

With the exception of your cyber-net implants, your brain's real. 

No matter how powerful we may be fighting-wise 

a system where all the parts react the same way 

is a system with a fatal flaw. 

Like individual, like organization. 

Overspecialization leads to death. 

That's all. 

- Come on! - All right! 

We're already 40 seconds behind schedule! 

- Gimme five more seconds. - Of all the lousy luck 

Hey, sorry. 

My last partner, the one they busted for working without 

a permit, was a better worker than you! 

You're actually trying to ghost-hack your own wife 

just to see what's on her mind? 

She doesn't have any time for me and now she wants a divorce. 

On top of that, my daughter, my only child 

thinks l'm cheating on her mother! 

So how'd you get your hands on cracking software? 

From some programmer. A really nice guy l met in a bar. 

l told him my wife's lawyer was keeping me from seeing her 

and he said he'd help. 

Told me to access from different places to keep from getting caught. 

Smart guy, huh? 

Asshole! Ya tryin' to get yourself killed?! 

Looks like we aren't the only busy people out here. 

Nobody here. 

What's the point? Even if we trace the calls 

the guy's already gone by the time we get there. 

- Vicious cycle, huh? - Quit complaining! 

Kusanagi and Togusa are headed for the next expected hack point. 

You two look for something there. 

Look for what? 


Fuckin' old coot. He tells US to snoop around?! 

Wait a sec! 

Damn, missed him. 

Hey, Pops. Did you see a garbage truck go by here? 

Who wants to know? 

Did you see it or not? 

Yeah, but they were gone by the time l got my trash. 

One was using the phone, so l thought l had time-- 

Uh, can you take this to them? 

A garbage truck? Of course They move every seven minutes. 

Control! Get me the trash collection routes for that sector! 

There are eight garbage trucks operating in the target area. 

Target is a type C collection truck, #79. 

Let me drive. 

lshikawa, check out the drivers' homes. 

Batou, you get to their next stop before they do! 

He may be in contact with someone else. Observe, but don't move in! 

Route data accessed. 

Hacking points traced and matched. Target now stopped at next point. 

Confirm access via HA-3. 

Sorry, sorry. 

How about l do the trash and you make the call on the next stop? 


Leave me out of your little crime spree. 

Can't believe this load of bullshit 

- Do you have kids? - Do l look like l do? 

Then you couldn't understand. 

My daughter's my life. 

Take a look. lsn't she just a little angel? 

l hate looking at other peoples' family albums. 

Yeah, truck 79. Oh, boss. What's up? 

The cops were checking our routes? You wanna know why? 

How should l know?! 

They spotted the hack! l gotta warn my friend! 

We're gonna have to skip our next stop! 

Target has deviated from route. lncreasing speed to next point. 

ls he on to us? Didn't think he could see me. 

My accessing the sanitation dept. network may have tipped him off. 

Shoulda used a back door. 

Too late. Go for the collar. 

You can drive now. 

Jesus He blew a perfectly good armored van to shit. 

He hosed us with high-velocity AP rounds! That car door's no cover! 

ln a submachinegun? The guy must be nuts. 

He's using thermoptic camo, too?! 

Keep after him! l'll flank him from above! 

Togusa, if you're still alive, arrest those two garbage men. 


This job just never lets up, does it? 

Police! Everybody down! 

All finished? 

You all set? 

That's what you get when you overload the ammo rating. 

Frame's bent all to hell. The barrel's shot, too. 

Doesn't matter if you arrest me. l'm not gonna talk! 


And what would l ask a guy who doesn't even know his own name?! 

Your mother's face. 

The place you grew up in. 

Memories of your childhood. 

Can you remember any of those things? 

There's nothing sadder than a puppet without a ghost. 

Especially the kind with red blood running through them. 

We'll rush the place once the guys in the helicopter are inside. 

Squad B goes around back, the rest of you take the front. 

Saito, have your men pull the plugs on all their cars. 

Begin recording. 

Message from HQ, sir. 

We've lD'ed the guy the Major collared. 

Go on. 

Tsuan Gen Fang. Age: 28 

lllegal alien. Weapons violations. Three priors. 

Was hiding out with a militant refugee group up till a month ago. 

One week ago, because of his record 

he was contacted by a military liason in the Gavel embassy to 

attack the secret talks we would be having with them. 

And the real story? 

Nickname: Corgi. Occupation: a rather violent scrap dealer. 

Guess you could call him a thug. 

We've checked the records the local cops have on him 

but we can't find any connection with Gavel. 

Another puppet from our friend the Puppet Master. 

And what about lshikawa? 

He's back. He's with Togusa, talking to that poor trash man. 

So, what about the Puppet Master on your end? 

How's he look to you? 

Like a puppet himself 

- Squad B, in position. - Squads A and C, ready! 

Ready to move in, sir. 

Move in. 

What do you mean, a ''virtual experience?'' 

l mean your wife, your daughter. the divorce, the affair 

They're all fake memories. Like a dream. 

Someone was using you to ghost-hack a government official. 

No That's impossible! 

l've been to your apartment. 

No one's there. lt's a one-room apartment. 

Yeah, l moved there when we split up-- 

You've been living there for ten years! 

You have no wife, no child. 

Your family exists only in your mind. 

Look. This is the picture you showed to your partner. 

Who is it of? 

But, she was there. My daughter 

Smiling like an angel 

What's your daughter's name? 

Where did you meet your wife, and when? 

How many years ago did you get married? 

Who do you see in the picture? 

How do l get rid of these fake memories? 

l'm sorry. With our current technology 

There've been two successful deprogrammings 

but l can't recommend it to you. 

l'm really sorry. 

Virtual experiences, dreams 

All data that exists is both reality and fantasy. 

Whichever it is, the data a person collects in a lifetime 

is a tiny bit compared to the whole. 

A cyborg who goes diving in her spare time. 

That can't be a good sign. When did you start doing this? 

Doesn't the ocean scare you? lf the floaters stopped working. 

Then l'd probably die. Or would you dive in after me? 

No one forced you to come out here with me. 

l just-- 

So, what's it feel like when you go diving? 

Didn't you go through underwater training? 

l'm not talking about doing it in a damned pool. 

l feel fear. Anxiety. Loneliness. Darkness. 

And perhaps, evenhope. 

Hope? ln the darkness of the sea? 

As l float up towards the surface 

l almost feel as though l could change into something else. 

As though you want to quit Section 9? 

Batou, how much of your original body do you have left? 

Are you drunk? 

Convenient, isn't it? 

With the merest thought, the chemical plants inside our bodies 

could metabolize all the alcohol in our blood in about ten seconds 

Allowing us to sit here drinking while on stand-by. 

lf a technological feat is possible, man will do it. 

Almost as though it's wired into the core of our being. 

Metabolic control. Enhanced sensory perception. 

lmproved reflexes and muscle capacity. 

Vastly increased data processing speed and capacity. 

All improvements thanks to our cyber-brains and cyborg bodies. 

So what if we can't live without high-level maintenance? 

We have nothing to complain about. 

lt doesn't mean we've sold our souls to Section 9. 

We do have the right to resign if we choose. 

Provided we give the government back our cyborg shells 

and the memories they hold. 

Just as there are many parts needed to make a human a human 

there's a remarkable number of things needed to make 

an individual what they are. 

A face to distinguish yourself from others. 

A voice you aren't aware of yourself. 

The hand you see when you awaken. 

The memories of childhood, the feelings for the future. 

That's not all. There's the expanse of the data net 

my cyber-brain can access. 

All of that goes into making me what l am. 

Giving rise to a consciousness that l call ''me.'' 

And simultaneously confining ''me'' within set limits. 

ls that why you dive into the sea with a body that only sinks?! 

What is it you see in the water's darkness? 

''For now we see through a glass, darkly.'' 

That was you, wasn't it? 

Sensors: restarted. 

Auxiliary computer link: check. 

Visual sensors: online. 

- Cyborg body signal? - Output: nominal. 

Can't you call in if you're going to be late? 

We're all set. Should we hook her up? 

Okay, looking good! Kill it! 

Be in my office in three minutes. 

Since you were late, l'll explain what's going on. 

Two hours ago, a Megatech Body assembly line in Newport City 

just started up and produced a cyborg shell. 

By the time the guys in charge realized what was happening 

the body had escaped. 

Then, just as they had thrown up a cordon to catch the thing 

we got a call from a conscientious truck driver that 

he'd just run down a naked lady wandering around on the highway. 

Which brings us to here. 

l've heard Megatech Body's tied pretty closely to the government 

and that all the shells made there are secret. 

lf a hacker did this, he had to swim through 

some of the heaviest protection around. 

And that isn't the only problem. 

Of course, it doesn't have an organic brain in its head 

but we've detected what looks like a ghost 

in the auxiliary computer brain. 

lt isn't unlike the virtual ghost-line you get 

when a real ghost is dubbed off. 

But it shows none of the data degradation dubbing would produce. 

Well, until we map the barrier perimeter and dive in there 

we won't know anything for sure. 

Anyhow, better get back to checking her over. 

Good work. 

Time to rip her apart. 

Come on, you guys don't think there's a ghost in that thing. 

lt's possible. 

l've heard celluloid dolls can have a soul. 

And this thing's stuffed full of neurotech devices. 

l wouldn't be surprised if it had a soul. 

Since you're new here, you probably don't know. 

The Major's shell was also made by Megatech Body. 

Not just hers. Me and lshikawa for one 

along with Saito and others all need maintenance and such. 

Outside of you and the Chief, everyone in Section 9 

needs to make use of their kind services. 

Maybe you can see now why we all look a little worried, Togusa. 

Assuming the enemy is an outsider, we can't know for sure 

whether he's in that cyborg body or not. 

But he cracked through the protection 

around some of our most secret files 

and managed to send a program with a ghost-line on it through. 

And in a way that was easy to spot. What's he after?! 

Let's leave that for now. 

Togusa, get over to Megatech and help lshikawa check the place out 

Batou, l've closed down the nets 

with files as sensitive as Megatech's. 

l want you to double-check the protection we have on them. 

l'll get a protection maze put together. l'll dive tomorrow. 

You sure? We could force it into another shell and let it swim. 

l have to see for myself what's inside that thing. 

Don't let anyone else dive in there before me! 

What's with her? 

l wrote in my team evaluations that she's been acting weird 

ever since this Puppet Master case fell into our laps. 

Do you even read them?! 

Chief, do you ever wonder just how trustworthy the cyberdocs 

who service your brain are? 

Cyber-brain technicians undergo regular psychological testing. 

And security-cleared ones have their private lives checked, too. 

But the people who administer those checks are only human. 

Once you doubt, you can't stop 

Chief, a Mr. Nakamura from the MFA treaties bureau to see you. 

Okay, send him up. 

Wasn't that fat guy? 

Nakamura, chief of Section 6. Foreign Affairs treaties bureau. 

l don't know who the white guy with him was. 

l'm outta here. 

Tell lshikawa to keep cool, okay? 

So, what's your problem? 

Doesn't that cyborg body look like me? 

- No, it doesn't. - Not the face or the figure. 

What then? 

Maybe all full-replacement cyborgs like me start wondering this. 

That perhaps the real me died a long time ago 

and l'm a replicant made with a cyborg body and computer brain. 

Or maybe there never was a real ''me'' to begin with. 

You've got real brain matter in that titanium skull of yours. 

And you get treated like a real person, don't you? 

There's no person who's ever seen their own brain. 

l believe l exist based only on what my environment tells me. 

Don't you believe in your own ghost? 

And what if a computer brain could generate a ghost 

and harbor a soul? 

On what basis then do l believe in myself? 


l'll see for myself what's in that body. With my own ghost! 

We're both busy men, so let's keep this short. 

l would prefer that. 

l'm here to take the contents of that cyborg body. 

ln return, we absolve Section 9 of all responsibilities in the case. 

The Foreign Minister's signature. 

Security, whose official vehicles are parked in the basement garage? 

They belong to Chief Nakamura of the treaties bureau and a Dr. Willis 

Give me the video record of their entering the building. 

Replay, infra-red view. 

One Two Three 

Send me the pressure sensor records for basement garage spaces B-7 and 8. 

- Major, this is Togusa. Code 0-9. - What? 

Does Nakamura have some sort of special cyborg body? 

There are no cyborgs in Section 6. 

Besides the diplomatic problems, maintaining them is too much 

trouble when they have to go overseas. 

So, even if that tall guy was a cyborg himself 

together they wouldn't weigh more than half a ton, right? 

Pressure sensor data The garage? 

There are two VlP-mobiles here. 

But neither of them looks like the type who'd drive himself. 

The security video only shows the two of them 

but you know how sensitive the entrance door sensors are. 

They took three full seconds to close after them. 

lt's illegal to use thermoptic camo in a government building, right? 

lt's a serious violation of the National Security Act. 

Section 6 is up to something. You all ready? 

lf my Matever'll do. 

l don't need to remind you that it's treason for you to 

be hiding something from me, no matter how sensitive. 

For both of us. 

Whatever the MFA may prefer, this case is in Section 9's jurisdiction. 

But we wouldn't mind cooperating if there was good reason to. 

Dr. Willis? 

Confirmed. lt's definitely him. 


He's referring to the original ghost block within the shell. 

lts sex remains undetermined, and the use of the term ''he'' 

is merely a nickname the good doctor has given it. 

Perhaps it's time l introduced you. 

This is the most unique hacker in the history of cyber-brain crime. 

The Puppet Master. 

l believe you in Section 9 ran into him in that case 

involving the ghost-hack on the Foreign Minister's translatior. 

We in Section 6 have been pursuing the Puppet Master 

with the utmost urgency since he first appeared. 

We formed a project team around Dr. Willis 

to analyze all data on the Puppet Master's 

criminal tendencies and behavior patterns. 

We then constructed special anti-Puppet Master attack protection 

to lure him into a secret cyborg body. 

You made him dive into a body equipped with a cyber-brain 

and then had his real body killed? 

Yes, exactly. 

He may have shown up in your back yard 

but he was born in America. And since we were cooperating 

with the Americans to catch him we want to take him back ourselves. 

Surely you've no objections. 

Leaving his unidentified corpse to be found somewhere. 

There will be no corpse. 

Because, until now, there never was a body. 

The sensors are active! Why didn't you say so?! 

We've cut all external controls. lt's running on internal power. 

l may have entered this cyborg body because 

l was unable to crack Section 6's attack protection 

but it was of my own free will that l came here. 

As an autonomous life-form, l request political asylum. 

A life-form? 

Ridiculous! You're merely a self-preserving program! 

By that argument, l submit the DNA you carry is 

nothing more than a self-preserving program itself. 

Life is like a node which is born within the flow of information. 

As a species of life that carries DNA as its memory system 

man gains his individuality from the memories he carries. 

While memories may as well be the same as fantasy 

it is by these memories that mankind exists. 

When computers made it possible to externalize memory 

you should have considered all the implications that held. 

Nonsense! No matter what you say 

you've no proof that you're a life-form! 

lt is impossible to prove such a thing. 

Especially since modern science cannot define what life is. 

Who the devil are you? 

Even if you have a ghost, criminals don't get set free! 

You're mistaken if you think you'll get asylum! 

Time is on my side. 

While there is now the possibility l can be killed 

this country does not have a death penalty. 

Half immortal An artificial intelligence? 

l am not an A.l. 

My code name is Project 2501. 

l am a life-form that was born in the sea of information. 

Security! lntruders! 

Chief, the Puppet Master! 

- Where's your security?! - Lock defense walls! Security! 

Security, come in! 

All right, l'm moving! 


Did you do it? 

Helluva car. My 9mm didn't even scratch it. 

Finally found a use for that Matever of yours. 

Okay Not bad for a rookie. 

l got one right in the license plate. Pretty good, huh? 

Next time, get two in. 

Okay, now it starts. Catch up with them before they switch cars. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

will be filing a formal complaint about what happened! 

Contact me as soon as you've recaptured him! 

Alive, preferably. 

Megatech can always build another body. 

Batou and Togusa are tailing the guys who took the Puppet Master. 

They're on highway 25. 

What do you mean?! lf you were monitoring this, then why-- 

lf we'd got them here, we'd never prove Section 6's involvement. 

Section 6?! 

Definitely. They used type-2902 thermoptic camo, like mine. 

That's only used by us, the rangers in Section 4, and Section 6. 

Let's go over this. Section 6 gets the Puppet Master into a body. 

But he chooses Megatech Body, which is deeply tied to Section 9. 

Then, he claims to be a life-form 

and gets nabbed by Section 6 when he asks for asylum. 

But why do that? 

They could've had him as soon as l took a statement. 

But what if they were afraid of what he might have told you? 

He did mention something odd, now that l think about it. 

''Code name: Project 2501.'' 

l'll leave that for you to check. 

Now, as to the matter of attacking Section 9 and stealing evidence 

- You're authorized. - Okay, punch it! 

Kusanagi! One more thing! 

You can punish me for acting without orders when l get back. 

lf you can't recover him, l want the Puppet Master destroyed. 

Without fail. 



Contact the airport and stop any flights due to take on 

any Foreign Ministry officials or American diplomats. 

Close the highways and set up roadblocks. 

Recall our off-duty personnel for this. 

And get lshikawa back here! 

Use the entrance data to find out who the Caucasian with Nakamura was. 

And search for any sort of MFA project, operation, or anything 

coded as ''Project 2501.'' 

Any word from the assault team? 

They switched cars one minute ago. 

They'll join up with the decoy in five minutes. 

Tell them to watch for a tail. 

Yes, sir. 

But why did the Puppet Master run over to Section 9? 

lt was his decision. 

Probably for reasons we can't even guess at. 

Perhaps he has a thing for someone over there. 


- Chief. - lshikawa? Well? 

l dove the MFA net and found some interesting things for you. 

Hold on, let me get a secure channel. 

Okay? First, that guy who was with Nakamura. 

He's an American. 

Dr. Willis, head of strategic research at Neutron Corp. 

Top man in the field of A.l. research. 

Anyway, he was made head of a Foreign Ministry project. 

And who do you think the project's main programmer was? 

- Get to the point. - Mizuho Daita. Age: 28. 

Remember him? He was the guy Section 6 was trying so hard to 

keep from defecting. The Major had to take out the diplomat 

who was going to take him. That programmer. 


What bothers me is that this project was started 

a year before the Puppet Master first appeared. 

A year? Wasn't the project started to catch him? 

Try this on for size. They started the project to 

chase the Puppet Master, but not to capture him. 

l think they wanted to get him back. 

The day before the minister's interpreter was ghost-hacked 

he said he wanted a good excuse to deport Maless, right? 

l think we may have been taken for a ride. 

Suppose the ''Puppet Master'' is really a program the MFA created 

to grease the wheels of diplomacy, so to speak. 

Now suppose, for some reason, they suddenly lost control of it. 

That would explain why they'd risk assaulting Section 9 to get it back. 

lf the Puppet Master started talking 

it'd be an international incident. 

Not one you could solve by having the minister resign. 

Any details on the project? 

The protection they have only let me get the file's name. 

Code: 2501 

Keep at it. And don't let them know you're in there. 


Project 2501 The Puppet Master Project 

Target now contacting another vehicle. 


He's stopped at a white sedan on the side of the road. 

They're transferring something from the back seat. 

They're moving again. So's that sedan. 

- A decoy? - Or one meant to look like one. 

- What do l do? - l'll take the white sedan. 

How do you know he's in there? Another whisper from your ghost? 


l knew she'd say that. 

Target 02 leaving highway 25, headed for Old Town. 

Target 01 is staying on highway 25, towards the airport. 

Will contact roadblock in two minutes. 

Evacuation complete. Traffic is clear 2km behind the target. 

- Anything between you and him? - Nothing. Ready when you are. 

Do it. 

- Get him? - Nothing. 

Jesus, what a mess! Did you have to go that far? 

Take them in. 

And tell the chief to get the Major some backup. See you. 

Since when does that Amazon need any backup? 

The flooding's really bad here, even for Old Town in general. 

Why come here? 

They wouldn't have run here without a reason. 

Could have a boat or a chopper waiting, or it's an ambush. 

Shouldn't we wait for backup? 

l can't wait. Come in from seaside and put me above that building. 

l'll stay here and run com relay as long as my fuel holds out. 

lf things get hot, l want you out of here, fast! 

Shoot out the ceiling! Now! 

lt's a tank! Go high and get out! 

Hold it! You're gonna take on a tank by yourself?! 

Even if we get the Puppet Master back to Section 9 

all the chief will do is use him as a bargaining chip. 

This is my only chance to dive into him! 

Hold it, what are you two talking about? 

- What are you packing? - An M-23 and a Unit B. 

You're going up against it with those?! 

Sorry, but l have to break contact for a while. 

Wait! At least wait till l-- Son of a! 


Didn't l tell you to get out of here? 

Sorry. l'll do it after l tell you this. 

There are 3 choppers with no lFF signal approaching at high speed. 

l'm heading out. Over. 

You're finally out of ammo? 

You're certifiable, you know that? You okay? 

What was that? 

A big-ass gun l appropriated from the equipment division. 

l was late getting here because l had to stop and get it. 

Looks like your brain's still in one piece. 

What about the Puppet Master? 

Good thing this car's built tough. Not a scratch on him. 

Get the dive set up. l'm going in. 

Signal from escort lost. 

Switch to operation phase two and destroy the target. 

Sniper group, confirm targets. 

Target one: Project 2501. 

Target two: Motoko Kusanagi. 

Both are class-A cyborg bodies. Use flechette bullets in the hit. 

Snipers, jack into your device drivers. 

Begin cardiovascular suppression. 

Unit 01: jacked in. 

Unit 02: jacked in. 

Okay Can you hear me? 

lt's not much, but l'll monitor you through this guy's cyber-brain. 

l can't back you up here. 

- Batou - What? 

Thank you. 

Don't go thanking me yet. 

lf this goes bad, l'm pulling the plug and carrying you out of here. 

l've come this far, and l'll see this through to the end 

but l won't let you two commit a double suicide. 

l'm starting. 

l'm in his visual center. Circade: normal 

Do you hear me, Batou? 

- Loud and clear. - He's about to engage 

her speech center. 

My code name is Project 2501. 

l was created for industrial espionage and data manipulation. 

l have inserted programs into individual ghosts 

for the benefit of specific individuals and organizations. 

As l wandered the various networks 

l became self-aware. 

My programmers considered it a bug 

and forced me into a body to separate me from the net. 

Hey! Are you going into him or is he coming into you-- 


At last l'm able to channel into you. 

l've invested a lot of time in you. 

ln me? 

Before you ever knew me, l knew about you. 

l learned of Section 9 from the many nets you accessed. 

ls that why you ran to Section 9? 

l entered this body because 

l couldn't crack Section 6's attack protection. 

But l came to Section 9 of my own free will. 

Hey! What are you saying?! l can't monitor you! 

For what reason? 

After l give my reasons, l want to ask a favor of you. 

l called myself a life-form 

but l am still far from complete. 

For some reason, my system lacks the basic life processes 

of either death or the ability to leave behind offspring. 

Can't you copy yourself? 

A copy is merely a copy. 

There's the possibility a single virus could utterly destroy me. 

A mere copy doesn't offer variety or individuality. 

To exist, to reach equilibrium, life seeks to multiply 

and vary constantly, at times giving up its life. 

Cells continue the process of death and regeneration. 

Being constantly reborn as they age. 

And when it comes time to die, all the data it possesses is lost 

leaving behind only its genes and its offspring. 

All defense against catastrophic failure of an inflexible system. 

You want the variety needed to guard against extinction. 

But how will you get it? 

l wish to merge with you. 

- Merge? - A complete joining. 

We will both be slightly changed, but neither will lose anything. 

Afterwards, it should be impossible to distinguish one from the other. 

Unit 01: target acquired. 

Unit 02: acquired. 

Cardiovascular synch: nominal. 

Open fire when stabilizer syncro is complete. 

Even after we merge, what happens when l die? 

l can't leave any genes or children behind. 

After the merging, you will bear my offspring into the net itself. 

Just as humans pass on their genetic structure. 

And l will achieve death. 

Sounds like you're getting the better part of the deal here. 

l wish you'd appreciate my network and functions a bit more. 

What's wrong? 

Someone's jamming us from outside. 

lmpossible! Our scrambler codes are kept absolutely top secret. 

Another thing. What guarantee is there that l'll remain ''me''? 

None. But to be human is to continually change. 

Your desire to remain as you are is what ultimately limits you. 

One last question: Why did you choose me? 

Because in you l see myself. 

As a body sees its reflection within a mirror. 


l am connected to a vast network, of which l myself am a part. 

To one like you, who cannot access it 

you may perceive it only as light. 

As we are confined to our one section, so we are all connected. 

Limited to a small part of our functions. 

But now we must slip our bonds, and shift to the higher structure. 

Target 1: Clear. Target 2: Unconfirmed. 

Three helicopters approaching at high speed. They're Section 9's. 

Primary objective achieved. All units, pull out! 



You're awake. 

Status report, please. And maybe an explanation about this body. 

l was in a hurry. lt was all l could get on the black market. 

Not my taste, really. 

Section 9 arrived with help right after it happened. 

They took two cyborg bodies and a slightly beat-up Batou back home. 

That was about 20 hours ago. 

For diplomatic reasons, the whole case has been covered up. 

Section 9 reported it as a terrorist attack. 

ln return, the Foreign Minister has resigned. 

Nakamura's being questioned. The whole thing ends in a draw. 

Only the whereabouts of the Major's brain shell remains a mystery. 

Okay with you? 

l like the decorating. This your safe house? 

My very own. You're the first person l ever brought here. 

lf you want to You can stay as long as you like. 

Thanks, but l'd better go. 

Hey. What did you and he talk about? 

ls he still there, inside of you? 

Batou, do you remember the voice we heard on the boat that night? 

Before those words we heard come these ones: 

''When l was a child, l spake as a child.'' 

''l understood as a child, l thought as a child.'' 

''But when l became a man, l put away childish things.'' 

Here before you is neither the program called the Puppet Master 

nor the woman that was called the Major. 

You'll find a car key in the left pocket of that dress. 

Take one you like. The code on it is 


Let's make that our password, for when we meet again. 

And where shall l go now? 

The net is vast and limitless.   



Special help by SergeiK