Ghost Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ghost script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ghost. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ghost Script

            - Oh, this is great! - Wow!

            Oh, thatīs incredible. Thereīs got to be seven or eight feet up there.

            - And eighty years of dust. - Oh, look at all this height.

            We could put our bedroom upstairs, and get all this space.

            - For what? - Just space.




            - And four? - Come on.

            And five?

            - Watch, watch! - God, this place is huge.

            - Itīs beautiful. - God!

            - You guys, itīs absolutely incredible. - Incredible.

            - A little paint. - Sell it tomorrow, double your money.

            Carl, youīre obsessed.

            A little bit.

            Wow, look!

            Hey, itīs an lndian Head penny.


            Itīs a good omen.

            Youīre the good omen.

            Oh, itīs so great!

            I had Rose move your   oīclock with Bob Kahan to   oīclock.

            Gary Alan called. He has to see you about the painting bids for the loft.

              oīclock is the only time he can make it. Is that OK?


            - Iīm sorry. - Relax, man.

            Youīre not having brain surgery.

            Pitching these Japanese guys makes me so nervous.

            Sam, youīre going to be great. OK?

            What am I supposed to say? I canīt really tell them my Swedish girl joke.

            Great. Where did you get those?

            Molly. What do you think? Are they me?

            - Oh, man. Look at that, a Testarossa. - Wow...

            - Ouch! - Pay off your Mustang first.

            How are you? What did the doctor say?

            He said that it was contagious. That it was really...

            - No? - Yeah.

            I shouldnīt even be coming in today.

            What about the rash?

            The rash?

            The rash is also incredibly contagious.

            - He said theyīve both been spreading. - No?

            On your genitals again?

            Yeah, yeah, right on the genitals.

            Basically everywhere. He said that I shouldnīt touch anyone.

            Excuse me, līm sorry.

            - Youīre sick! - I know.

            - Morning, Paul. - Morning, Carl.

            Save it, Paul.

            - Morning, Mr Wheat. - Susie. Youīre looking good.

            - Sam. - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

            - Here it is. - Thanks.

            - Morning, Sam. - Morning, Rose.

            - Listen, the Kobiashi people... - Theyīre already here.

            - Theyīre early! - I know.

            - Come here! - Andy Dillon called...

            - How long have they been here? - Ten minutes.

            Andy Dillon called. He needs $       transferred to Albany by ten.

            - By ten? - Yes.

            - Carl? - Yeah.


            Dillon needs        in Albany by ten. Can you transfer it to his account?

            - Yes, but I need your MAC code. - OK.

            - Discretion, right? - Got it.

             - You bet. Iīll do it right now. - Thanks.

              Bill, līll call you back.

              OK, thatīs fine.

              Thatīs fine.

              This is too far out.

              Can you get this, man?

              Are you guys from the New York City Ballet?


              - Saved your life! - You shit.

              Why do you scare me to death?

              Itīs better than seeing this gorgeous body splattered all over the place.

              Look out!

              - Grab it! - Sam, Moll! Are you guys home?

              - Did you invite Carl? - Slave labour.

              - Carl! - Hurry, help!

              - Oh, my God. - Grab the bottom.

              - Now, go there. - Here?

              - Right here? - Watch your toes.

              - Where do you want this? - In the bedroom.

              - God, this place looks great! - You like it, huh?

              Like is hardly the word. I had no idea it would be this beautiful. Itīs incredible.

              - What about her? - Leave her until the other stuff is here.

              - What are these? - Oh, let me show you.

              Will you help me lift this up?

              - Just finished it. What do you think? - I love it.

              Sam, whatīs this chair doing here?

              - I love that chair. - I know, but we discussed this.

              Iīve had it forever.

              - When I watch TV, I sit in it. - This chair is ugly.

              - And it doesnīt go with anything. - It goes with me.

              Youīre right, it does.

              - Weīll paint it. - Weīll what?

              Are you OK?

              Iīm fine.

              Whatīs the matter?


              Are you worried about the promotion?

              No, not really.

              Then what - moving in together?


              I donīt know. Itīs a lot of things.

              I just donīt want the bubble to burst.

              It seems like...

              ..whenever anything good in my life happens, līm afraid līm going to lose it.

              I love you.

              I really love you.


              The pilotīs first report of trouble was he blew the number two engine...

              Oh, Jesus. Another one?

              Donīt watch that.

              I should cancel my LA trip. These things always happen in threes.

              Sam, get serious!

              - Besides, you lead a charmed life. - Yeah, so did they.

              Itīs amazing. Just like that...


              What are you doing?

              I couldnīt sleep.


              I really must have passed out.

              - What time is it? - Itīs   am.

              Oh, no!

              I hope it wasnīt a masterpiece.

              Well, itīs not now.

              - Can I help? - Yeah.

              Put your hands here... Now get them wet.

              Let the clay slide between your fingers.

              Oh, no.

              - Whatīs the matter? - A glitch. Whatīs up?

              The Greenberg and White accounts, I canīt get in. The code doesnīt work.

              - I changed it. - Why?

              - I just want to nose around a bit. - Is something wrong?

              Can you keep a secret?

              Yeah, sure. Whatīs up?

              Thereīs too much money in these accounts.

              Thatīs impossible.

              Sam, this is going to take you hours. Let me do this.

              - It already has taken me hours. - Let me figure it out for you.

              No, itīs OK. Itīs like a vendetta now.

              Thanks, though, I appreciate it.

              - If you start to go blind, give a shout. - OK. Adiós.

              Listen, what are you and Moll doing tonight?

              Weīre going to the theatre. She wants to see Macbeth.

              I think she likes the guys in tights.

              - You want to go? - No. I want a full report, though.

              - Later. - Yeah.

              Well, I loved it. I was spellbound the whole time.

              I could tell, and so could the rest of the audience, with that snore of yours.

              - Did I tell you what Marcia said? - About six times.

              It wasnīt six times. Quit being so blasé about this.

              This was really important. Iīm going to have two pieces in her gallery.

              The New York Times reviews her gallery all the time.

              The New York Times is a frustrated critic with pimples on his ass

              who flunked art school. Who cares what they think?

              About   million readers, thatīs who.

              No, theyīre just reading the sports page.

              Your work is really beautiful. It really is.

              It shouldnīt matter what anyone else thinks, just what I think.

              - I want to marry you, Sam. - What?

              - What? - Yeah, līve been thinking about it.

              Iīve been thinking about it a lot.

              I think we should just do it.

              - Are you serious? - Yeah.

              Whatīs that look for?

              You never wanted to talk about it.

              - Do you love me, Sam? - What do you think?

              - Why donīt you ever say it? - What do you mean?

              - I say it all the time. - You say īīditto.īī Thatīs not the same.

              People say īīl love youīī all the time, and it doesnīt mean anything.

              Sometimes you need to hear it.

              I need to hear it.

              Letīs go!

              - What should we do? - Let me handle it.

              - What do you want? - Your wallet!

              Sam, just give it to him.

              Just take the money. Just leave...

              No! Sam!

              You son of a bitch!

              Somebody help us!

              Somebody! Somebody help us!

              Stop it, Sam!


              Molly! You got...?

              Oh, baby, hold on. Youīre going to be OK.

              Somebody? Somebody!

              Somebody help us!

              Oh, my God! Oh, Sam, come on. Come on, baby.

              Youīre going to be OK.

              Somebody? Somebody help me!

              Please, anybody!

              OK, lady, take it easy. Weīll help you.

              Molly? Molly?


              What shall we do?

              Whatīs happening? Whatīs...

              Is he breathing?

              Oh, goddamn, hold on.

              Here we go.

              Sam, donīt you leave me! Hold on!

              If you would just step this way.

              - So, what happened to you? - What?

              Youīre new, huh? I can tell.

              - Are you talking to me? - Relax, it ainīt like before.

              Itīs a whole new ball of wax.

              - Who are you? - Iīm waiting for my wife.

              Sheīs in the cardiac wing. Sheīs fighting it.

              Shot? Thatīll do it every time.

              Poor bastard.

              You may as well get used to it - you could be here for a long while.

              Iīll tell you a secret. Doors ainīt as bad as you think.

              Zip-zap - ainīt nothing at all. Youīll see. Youīll catch on.

              He ainīt going to make it. Iīve seen it a million times - heīs a goner.

              You see? Here they come.

              Lucky bastard! It could have been the other ones.

              You never know.

              Who are they?


              God help me!

              Help me!

              īīl am sunk in the abysmal swamp where there is no foothold.

              īīl have reached the watery depths. The flood overwhelms me.

              īīl am wearied with calling.īī

              As we say farewell to our friend, Sam Wheat,

              we are reminded of his kindness,

              his generosity,

              his buoyancy of spirit.

              All that we treasure,

              our loved ones, our friends, our body...

              ..our mind,

              are but on loan to us. We must surrender them all.

              We are all travellers on the same road, which leads to the same end.

              As our loved one enters eternal life,

              Iet us remember that love, too, is eternal.

              That although we will miss him, our love will light the void

              and dispel the darkness.

              I picked up your shirts today.

              I donīt know why.

              Mr Reynolds told me to tell you īīhello.īī

              I broke into tears.

              Itīs like I think about you every minute.

              Itīs like I can still feel you.

              Iīm here, Moll.

              Whatīs the matter, kitty?

              Whatīs the matter?

              Crazy cat.


              Itīs really stupid.

              I love this picture.

              Itīs great. Office.

              Let me see that!

              Samīs address book.

              - Dave Brubeck, should I toss them? - No.

              No? Molly, we hated that concert.

              You wanted to save those?

              Rolaids? Molly, what are you doing?

              I just miss him, Carl.

              Me, too.

              Carl? Wait a minute.

              Not that one.

              Iīm sorry. I didnīt mean to put that on there.

              Hey, Moll. Why donīt you come?

              - Itīs like summer outside. - No. Iīm really not up for it.

              - It would be good for you to get out. - I donīt want to.

              You canīt stay in here all day. Itīs not healthy.

              I canīt do it!

              Youīre not the one who died.

              - Iīm sorry. - Donīt apologise.


              - Maybe youīre right. Just a short one. - That a girl!

              Iīm sorry.


              What are you doing here?

              You bastard!

              You son of a bitch!

              What do you want?


              Molly, get out!

              No, Molly!

              No, please?

              Heīs got a gun, Molly!

              Hi, kitty.

              You hurt her, līll...


              Is somebody there?


              Let go! What are you doing?

              Like trains?

              Stay out! This is mine.


              Itīs me. I couldnīt get it.

              She came home.

              Give me a couple of days. Iīll go back.

              Relax. Iīll get it.

              Get what?

              Who are you? What do you want from us?

              No. You stay away from her!

              Do you hear me?

              You stay away from her!

              Rosa Santiago?

              Please be seated.

              Our sister will be with us soon.

              Sister Oda Mae,

              grant us the gift of your all-seeing presence.

              Appear before us now.

              Mrs Santiago?

              - Buenos días. - Iīm Oda Mae Brown.

              You wish to contact your husband. I believe heīll be with us today.

              Thank you.

              But you know, Mrs Santiago,

              thereīs no telling about that other world,

              so youīve got to be a believer. Are you a believer?

              Sí, I believe, I believe.

              Then let us begin.

              I canīt.

              Itīs too difficult.

              I just canīt seem to make contact. No - wait!

              Iīm feeling something.

              Did he know someone by the name of Anna?


              Lucita? Julietta?

              Josephina? Linda? Maria?

              Sí, sí! His Mama, she is Maria.

              Yes! Praise God. I knew he was with his Mama.

              Oh, my God...

              Itīs too difficult. Itīs two of them - Iīm not sure I can do that.

              I pay more! How much?

              - How much? - Twenty dollars.

              Way to go. Milk her for every penny.

              Yes. I believe we can start again.

              Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus.

              Welcome, Mrs Santiago. You are fortunate, the spirits are churning.

              - My husband? - Mercy!

              Oh, yeah, where?

              - Julio? - Yes.

              I feel his vibration.

              - I see him. - How is he? How does he look?

              Heīs a handsome man.


              Mrs Santiago, in our Fatherīs Kingdom, weīre all handsome.

              Oh, Julio.

              Julio is coming towards us. I see him! Heīs coming.

              Heīs there.

              Heīs dressed in a black suit.

              Black suit?

              - Could be blue. - What a crock of shit.

              Who is that?

              Where are you?

              Did you hear it?

              Where are you?

              - Who are you? - Who?

              - You can hear me? - Canīt you hear him?

              I donīt believe this. My name is Sam Wheat. Can you hear me?

              - Say my name, īīSam Wheat.īī - Leave me alone!

              - Talk to me, Oda Mae. - Sam Wheat.

              - Jesus... ! - Sam Wheat?

              I swear, no more cheating. Iīll do anything, just make that guy go away.

              No way.

              Itīs OK.

              - All right, sister? - Yeah, youīre all right.

              My mother had it, and her mother. They both had the gift.

              They always said I had it, but I never did, I never had it.

              They told me all about it, but now that līve got it, I donīt think I want it.

              Just go away. Find somebody else.

              - Youīre out of your mind. - Iīm getting there fast.

              She hit her head hard.

              She was talking to somebody before that.

              Sister can do that.

              - Where exactly are you? - Standing right beside you.

              - Youīre standing right beside me? - Honey, weīre right here!

              - Are you white? - What?

              - White? - Youīre white, arenīt you?

              - You know what? - Iīm calling the doctor.

              - I knew it, a white guy! Why me? - Youīre going to help me.

              Thereīs a woman who is in terrible danger. The man who killed me

              is going back to our apartment. Youīve got to warn her.

              - Why would she listen to me? - Itīs just a phone call.


              ..youīre all līve got. Iīm not leaving until you help me.

              I donīt care how long it takes, because I can talk forever.

              - Hello. - Hi, is this Molly Jensen?

              My name is Oda Mae Brown, līm a spiritual advisor.

              I have a message for you.

              It sounds crazy, but itīs not. Youīve got to believe me, donīt be afraid.

              - Who is this? - Iīve got a message from Sam.

              - What? - Sam Wheat asked me to call.

              - I told you! - Youīve got to go there.

              Iīm not going anywhere.

              Second verse, same as the first.

              Iīm Henry the Eighth, I am Henry the Eighth I am, I am

              I got married to the widow next door, sheīs been married seven times before

              Henry the Eighth I am, I am Henry the Eighth I am

              Second verse, same as the first

              Iīm Henry the Eighth, I am Henry the Eighth I am, I am

              - I got married to the widow next door. - All right! Stop singing.

              Iīll go anywhere you want to, just donīt sing any more.

              I canīt believe līm doing this. What am I doing here? I hate downtown!

              Sheīs probably not even there. Where are you?

              Which building is it?

              Push  .

              - See, nobodyīs there. - Just wait.

              I did everything I said I would. Sheīs not there. Iīm going.

              Iīm sorry.

              All right, donīt sing.

              - Hello? - Hi... She canīt hear you.

              I called you last night about your friend, Sam Wheat.

              I told you!

              Hey, Molly. I know youīre up there.

              I know you hear me. Sam wants to talk to you.

              This is for real!

              Remember the starfish at Montego Bay?

              How would I know that?

              I know about the underwear you wrote your name on!

              I wonīt forget that.

              I know about the picture in Reno.

              Hey, Molly!

              The sweater she knitted, in the closet, thatīs too big.

              He just told me about the sweater that you knitted thatīs too big.

              Four sizes.

              - Do you hear me? - I hear you!

              - Nobodyīs talking to you. - Hear of the phone?

              Want to kiss my butt?

              - I wonīt stay here all day. - Thank God!

              Oh, shut up!

              Molly, līm going to count to three, and then līm out of here.


              - No, wait. - No.

              Itīs Molly.


              Iīm Oda Mae Brown.

              I donīt know you or Sam, but let me tell you what he did.

              He kept me up all night singing īīlīm Henry the Eighth, I am.īī

              Thatīs how he got me to go out with him.

              Look, līm sorry.

              I just donīt believe in this life after death stuff.

              - Tell her sheīs wrong. - He says youīre wrong.

              - Youīre talking to him right now? - Yeah.

              He asked me to tell you that youīre wrong.

              - Where is he? - I canīt see him, I can only hear him.

              - Iīm right here. - That doesnīt help, Sam.

              - Iīm holding her hand. - He says heīs holding your hand.

              What are you doing? What do you think youīre doing to me?

              If you think līm here for my health, youīre crazy.

              Samīs dead. Heīs dead.

              - Tell her I love her. - He says he loves you.

              Sam would never say that.

              - Tell her īīditto.īī - What is īīdittoīī?


              I donīt know how līm doing this.

              Confidentially - nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

              Now I canīt turn it off.

              - Is this him? ls this you? - Yeah.

              Cute! White, but cute.

              What I donīt understand is, why did he come back?

              - I donīt know. - Whyīs he still here?

              Heīs stuck, heīs in between worlds.

              Sometimes the spirit gets yanked out so quick,

              the essence still feels it has work to do.

              - Stop rambling. - Iīm not, līm answering a question.

              - Heīs got an attitude. - I donīt.

              Yes, you do. Weīre having a little discussion.

              If you didnīt, you wouldnīt have raised your voice.

              - Oh, goddammit... - Donīt take the Lordīs name in vain.

              - Would you relax? - Youīre the dead guy.

              If you want me to help, youīd better apologise.

              Thatīs it, līm leaving. Nobody talks to me like that.

              - Now, youīd better apologise. - Iīm sorry. I apologise. OK?

              Now would you sit down?

              - Please? - Heīs apologised.

              I need you to tell Molly what līm saying,

              but you have to tell her word for word, all right?

              Yes. He wants me to tell you what heīs saying word for word.

              - Molly, youīre in danger. - You canīt blurt it out like that!

              Quit moving around - youīre making me dizzy. Iīll tell her in my own way.

              Molly, youīre in danger, girl.

              - What are you talking about? - He knows the man who killed him.

              His name is Willie Lopez, and I know where he lives.

              His name is Willie Lopez, and he knows where he lives.

              - Write it down. - I ainīt no secretary!

              Just do it!

              Heīs so testy!

              - What do I write? - Itīs     Prospect Place, apt.  D.

                  Prospect Place?

              - Itīs my neighbourhood. - Molly, heīs got my wallet,

              heīs got my key, and he was in here.

              - He was in here. - Yesterday, when you came back,

              you went upstairs, you talked to Floyd...

              When you came back he was here. He saw everything.

              Molly, go to the police. It was a set-up. I was murdered.

              He says go to the police. It was a set-up, he was murdered.

              - Somebody else is involved. - Forget it. I donīt want this.

              - Where are you going? - Iīm leaving.

              I did everything I said I would. Donīt follow me, because līm finished.

              Have a nice life, have a nice death, goodbye.

              Thereīs no one on earth whoīd want this to be true more than me.

              Youīve got to be rational about this.

              Sam is no more in this room than...

              I understand the need to hang on to him, I really do.

              - But this is absurd! - It seems absurd, but it had to be real.

              How could you believe a fortune-teller from Brooklyn?

              - I watched them have a conversation. - I donīt buy it, not for a minute.

              - What about the things she knew? - What things?

              The photo Sam took of me on our trip to Reno. We were alone.

              And the green underwear that I wrote my name in.

              She said Sam knew who killed him.

              - That he was set up. - This is getting deranged.

              - She had a name and an address. - Good, Molly...

              Willie Lopez,     Prospect Place, apt.  D.

              - This is sick. - Oh, Carl!

              Molly, I donīt understand how you could...

              ..swallow this crap.

              This guy may not even exist.

              Maybe sheīs using you to set someone up.

              Youīre right. Youīre absolutely right.

              - Thatīs what līve got to find out. - How are you going to do that?

              She said Sam wants me to go to the police.

              Sam wants you to go to the police? Jesus, Moll... !

              What are you going to tell them?

              That some storefront psychic lady has been communing with the dead?

              Do you know how that sounds? Youīre talking ghosts here!

              Iīm sorry,

              this really gets to me.

              - Itīs OK if you donīt believe me. - Iīm trying to, Molly.


              ..if itīll make you feel any better, līll go check this out.

              I want you to try and get some sleep.


              Iīll call you in the morning. Goodnight.

              Be careful!

              Carl! What the hell are you doing here?

              - Who have you been talking to? - What do you mean?

              Some woman knows all about you. Whereīs she getting it from?

              - I havenīt said a word to anybody. - She knows your name and address.

              - How do women know where I live? - She knows about the murder!

              Now, I want you to find this bitch, whoever she is,

              and I want you to...

              Just get rid of her, OK?

              Iīve got   million dollars stuffed in a goddamn computer.

              If I donīt get those codes, if that money is not transferred soon...

              ..līm... dead. Weīre both dead.

              Tell them you only launder money on the first of the month.

              What the hell is wrong with you? ls everything a joke?

              You killed a man. You were supposed to steal his wallet.

              I did you a favour, man, that was a freebie.

              Look, these are drug dealers, OK?

              Just donīt blow this for me, Willie. Iīd lose my job, go to jail.

              $      of that money is mine.

              Let me have the keys to Samīs apartment,

              Iīll get the address book myself, OK?

              You goddamn bastard! Why?

              You were my friend!

              I had a life, goddamn you!

              I had a life!

              I donīt even believe in this stuff myself.

              But she was real.

              Do you think līd come here if it wasnīt real?

              You told me if I had any new information, that I should come.

              So, here I am.

              I know how this sounds. I hear myself saying it, and I want to cringe.

              But she knew things she couldnīt have known. Things Sam only said to me.

              According to this psychic lady,

              there are ghosts and spirits all over the place?

              Watching us all the time?

              Iīm never going to get undressed again.

              Excuse me. Iīve got more important things to do.

              The guyīs name is Willie Lopez. All līm asking is for you to check it out.

              OK. You wait here and let me see if the guyīs got a record.


              - Whereīs the file on Willie Lopez? - Thereīs no file for Willie Lopez.

              He was probably some old boyfriend she was trying to get even with.

              This psychic womanīs got a long record.


              Forgery, selling of false ID.

              Served one year in       .

              Arrested for fraud,

              numbers racketeering, served ten months,      .

              - Look, this is impossible! - It goes on and on.

              She knew things - private things. How could she have known all that?

              A lot of times they read the obits.

              All she had to do was see the word īībanker.īī Boom.

              They even go through your garbage to find things they can use.

              Letters, old papers. It doesnīt take much.


              It was real.

              She knew about a sweater I knitted.

              And songs we sang.

              The trip to Montego Bay.

              Iīm sorry. I know this is hard.

              People want so much to believe.

              Theyīre grieving, theyīre vulnerable. And they will give anything

              for one last moment. Believe me, these people know what theyīre doing.

              I know how you must feel, but you know you can press charges.


              Thank you.

              Oh, God, let this be it.


              - Hello. - Eddie, itīs Carl Bruner.

              Everythingīs fine. Weīre all set. What do you want me to do?

              I want you to transfer the money into a single account

              under the name īīRita Miller. īī

              Tomorrow, at five minutes before closing,  .   pm,

              transfer the full account to the First lsland Bank ofNassau,

              registry number    -    .

              - Call us when itīs done. - OK, līve got it.

              Just tell Mr Balistrari that there wonīt be any more problems, OK.

              Yeah, līll do that. Good work.

              Molly, why canīt you hear me? I need you.

              - Who is it? - Itīs Carl, Molly.

              No, donīt open the goddamn door! Heīs a murderer.

              Listen, I know itīs late. Iīm sorry to disturb you.

              Iīve been thinking about you all day.

              I feel really lousy about last night.

              - This supernatural thing... - Donīt worry about it, really. Itīs OK.

              Itīs not. You needed me to hear you, and I didnīt.

              I wasnīt there for you, and that was wrong.

              Itīs just... I just...

              I want you to know that līm your friend.

              - Thanks, Carl. - You were never her friend.

              - That means a lot to me. - Me, too.

              Iīve brought you some Japanese apple pears.

              - Thanks, thatīs very sweet. - Could I come in for a second?

              I wonīt stay long, itīs just been one of those days.

              - Yeah, come on in. - No, Molly.

              You seem a little tense. Are you OK?

              No, līm fine. Itīs just... What can I tell you? ltīs been tough.

              It still hurts so much.

              - You lying snake! - On top of it, thereīs stuff at work.

              Theyīve given me my own accounts, which is good.

              But I just havenīt really had time to adjust,

              to absorb everything.

              Itīs no big deal.

              - Can I have a little more cream? - Yeah.

              Oh, shit! Jesus, I canīt believe I did that.

              - Are you all right? - Iīm fine.

              - Let me throw that in the washer. - Donīt worry about it. Itīs OK.

              - Can I get you another shirt? - No, itīll dry in a minute.

              Where were you today? I thought you were coming into the bank.

              I was supposed to, but I didnīt have time. I went to the police.

              You did? What did you tell them? What did they say?

              It was awful.

              I felt really stupid.

              They brought out a file on this woman at least ten inches thick.

               - Rip-off artist, huh? - No, Molly!

                You know, the sad thing is that I believed her.


                ..sometimes we need to believe.

                Why? Whatīs the point?

                Itīs not easy to face the realities of life.

                Sometimes youīve got to give yourself that.

                Youīve got to remember the love you guys felt. Thatīs real.

                Remember how good Sam was, how much he loved you.

                You were everything to him, Molly. You were his life.

                I feel so alone.

                Youīre not alone, OK.

                Youīve got your work - youīre talented. Youīre young.

                Youīre fantastically gorgeous.

                I donīt know whatīs real anymore.

                I donīt know what to think.

                Just think about Sam.

                Think about the time you two guys had together. How wonderful that was.

                Let your feelings out, itīs OK.

                Life turns on a dime.

                You know...?

                People think theyīre forever, that there is always tomorrow. Thatīs bullshit.

                Sam taught us that.

                We have to live for now.

                For today.

                - I canīt. Iīm sorry. - Itīs OK.

                - I canīt, itīs just too soon. - Itīs OK.

                Youīve been great, Carl.

                - But I need you to leave. - Itīs OK, I understand.


                Could we just have dinner tomorrow? Just talk.

                - Yeah, sure. - Great.


                - Get off my train! - No.

                Get off!

                Get off! Get off!

                Get off! Get out of here!

                - Get off! - No.

                Show me how you do that. Iīm not leaving till you teach me.

                Get off!

                - No. - Get off!

                You stubborn asshole!

                What the hell are you doing? Youīre trying to move it with your fingers.

                You canīt push it with your finger. Youīre dead.

                Itīs all in your mind. Your problem is that you still think youīre real.

                You think youīre wearing those clothes? That youīre crouching there?

                Bullshit! You ainīt got a body no more. Itīs all up here now.

                You want to move something, youīve got to move it with your mind. Focus!

                - How? How do you focus? - I donīt know how you focus.

                You just focus.

                How did you do that?

                You take all of your emotions, all your anger, love, hate.

                Push it, down here into the pit of your stomach,

                and then let it explode, like a reactor.

                Donīt laugh!

                - Way to go, kid. - I did it!

                I did it!

                Way to go.

                From your gut, like I told you.

                Give it time. What else have you got?

                How long have you been here?

                Since they pushed me.

                - Someone pushed you? - Yeah.

                - Who? - You donīt believe me?

                You think I fell? You think I jumped? Well, fuck you!

                It wasnīt my time! I wasnīt supposed to go!

                Iīm not supposed to be here.

                Iīd give anything for a drag!

                - Just one drag. - Are you all right?

                Who are you? Why are you hounding me? Who sent you?

                Who sent you?

                Leave me alone!

                Concentrate, and youīll probably rouse him.

                - Whatīs his name again? - Orlando.

                Orlando, Orlando. Is there an Orlando here?

                - Iīm here. - Heīs here.

                - Sam! - Iīm Orlando. The lineīs over there.

                Where did these ghosts come from? You can hear them, too?

                In the morning and in the evening. They come into the shower!

                Did you tell every spook in the world about me?

                I got spooks from Jersey. Thereīs stuff going on you wouldnīt believe.

                - Itīs amazing. Youīre really doing it! - Can you please hurry this up?

                Chill out!

                I need your help again. Thereīs something we need to do.

                Iīm not doing anything else with you.

                Youīre holding on to a life that doesnīt want you anymore. Give up the ghost.

                - Are you speaking to me? - Does it look like līm speaking to you?

                Youīre supposed to be concentrating. Are you going to try it?

                Are you going to get out? līve got work to do.

                Fine, then stay there. Excuse me, are you ready now?

                Letīs do it.

                Listen, līve got to talk to you now. Iīve got a plan.

                Oda Mae?

                Oda Mae?


                - Orlando! ls that you? - Where are you at? I can hardly see.

                - Sheīs here! - In front of you. Iīm right here!

                Damn, baby, what did you do to your hair?

                Orlando, do you like it? ltīs autumn sunrise.

                Get out of me, you son of a bitch!

                - Donīt ever do that to me again! - Orlando...?

                I can barely move.

                You should know better. Jumping into bodies wipes you out.

                - Everybody out! - What happened to Orlando?

                Are you deaf? I said everybody out!

                Everybody out! Get out, get out! Everybody get out!

                - Get out! - Are you the fortune-teller?

                - Who are you? - Thatīs an interesting question.

                - Why donīt you tell me? - Willie.


                - Prospect Place Willie? - Get out of here fast!

                Iīm all right.

                - Weīre in trouble. You have to help. - Whoīs we? Youīre already dead.

                - Theyīre trying to kill me! - And theyīll be back.

                Why donīt you find a house to haunt?

                Get some chains and rattle them.

                I have a plan. Youīve got to get some fake IDs.

                - Forget it. - If you do this, theyīll leave you alone.

                Scoutīs honour.

                All right.

                What exactly do I have to do?

                Have you got a nice dress?

                - Whatīs wrong with my clothes? - I made a joke. I love your shoes.

                Iīm going home. I donīt know anything about banking. I donīt know if itīll work.

                - Just relax. - Iīm nervous.

                I know youīre nervous, but līll get you through it.

                I donīt think I should do this.

                - Weīre going to New Accounts. - Iīm giving them no money!

                Do what I say, and donīt talk!

                Youīre here to fill out a signature card for a new account.

                - Can I help you? - Yes.

                Iīm here to fill out a card for a new account.

                - Do you know your account number? -    -      .

                   -      .

                - Rita Miller. - What?

                Tell her Rita Miller.

                Didnīt you sign when you opened the account?

                Tell her Carl Bruner did it by phone.

                Carl Bruner opened that account for me by phone,

                and heīs asked me to come in today.

                - Is that right? - Yeah.

                Just sign this card on the bottom line, please.

                May I use your pen?

                No! Rita Miller!

                Iīm so sorry.

                I need another one. I signed the wrong name.

                Tell her to send it up to the third floor file, you have a transaction to make.

                Make sure this goes to the third floor, I have a transfusion to make.

                Letīs go.

                You know what I mean... ! Can I keep this pen?

                - Yes, sure. - Thank you so much.

                Bye-bye. I love these pens.

                What do you want to keep the pen for?

                Carl Bruner speaking. Mr Balistrari?

                Balistrari? ltīs me, John.

                John... Sorry!

                Whatīs up?

                Iīve got the info on the Bradley portfolio.

                - Iīll pick it up later, all right? - Iīll be here till six.

                I couldnīt talk you into losing the hat?

                Keep messing with me, youīll be here by yourself.

                Youīre here to see Lyle Ferguson.

                - Iīm here to see Lyle Ferguson. - Do you have an appointment?

                - No, līm here for my health. - Tell him Rita Millerīs here!

                - Tell him Rita Millerīs here. - Just one moment, please.

                - Donīt embellish. - Jawohl!

                Excuse me?

                This guy Ferguson is a real jerk.

                Iīve known him five years.

                - Why are you whispering? - Just listen!

                Heīs a social moron, youīve got nothing to worry about.

                Tell the guard Ferguson knows you, from the Brewsterīs Christmas party.

                What is this in regards to?

                He doesnīt remember me? We spent time at the Brewsterīs, last Christmas.

                He and his lovely wife, Shirley. It was beautiful. A big old tree and presents...


                I get a little gas from time to time.

                - Quit poking me! - Well, donīt overdo it!

                Ferguson was so drunk, he couldīve met Tina Turner and not remember.

                Here we go!


                Of course. Well, itīs been a long time.

                - Oh, a long time. - Ask about Bobby and Snooky.

                - How are Bobby and Snooky? - Fine... fine.

                Thank you for asking.

                And how is your...

                - - Oh, couldnīt be better.

                Well, wonderful.

                Ask how they did on the Gibraltar Securities.

                I was wondering, how did you do on the Gibraltar Securities?

                Gibraltar Securities? Well, it looks like we topped out on that one.

                - We sure did. - That was a very useful tip.

                Good old Randy.

                Got a good head on his shoulders... her shoulders.

                - Her shoulders. - Randy.

                So, what brings you here today?

                Iīm closing an account.

                Do you have your account number?

                - Yes? Yes. -    -      .


                ..      . Is that right?

                Well, Rita - it looks like youīll be withdrawing four million dollars.

                - Four million dollars! - Say yes.

                - Is that correct? - Yes.

                Yes. Thatīs correct.

                - How would you like that? - Tens and twenties.

                - Pardon? - Tell him a cashierīs cheque.

                - A cashierīs cheque. - Cashierīs cheque. Fine!

                Of course, you know we require identification.

                Itīs a procedural thing.

                Thank you. Iīll be right back.

                Four million dollars!

                Get me the First lsland Bank of Nassau. Itīs on the Rolodex.

                Now, we have some things for you to sign here.

                This officially closes the account.

                Sign īīRita Miller.īī

                Miller - thatīs my name.

                My name - Rita Miller.

                My name.

                Iīll be right back.

                - Just anywhere? - Right here.


                The cheque...

       you are.

                Mama took the money from the oil wells,

                and she sunk it into gas pumps.

                And those gas stations have five or six of those things, so itīs lucrative.

                - Oda Mae, weīve got to go. - Got to go now.

                Itīs been a pleasure doing business. May I keep the pen?

                Say goodnight to Bobby and Snooky for me.


                What is wrong?

                Excuse me - Lyle?

                Molly Jensen.

                The woman you were doing business with. What did she want?

                Did it have anything to do with me or Sam?

                - Sam? No. - That was Oda Mae Brown, right?

                Her name was Rita Miller. She was closing an account.

                Is there a problem?

                No. I guess not.

                Carl? ls something wrong?

                Did somebody play with the computers?

                - One of my accounts is closed. - Whatīs wrong?

                - Do you want me to call someone? - Itīs OK.

                Four million dollars! What am I going to do with this money?

                Iīm going to buy the building. No, līll buy the block.

                Iīm going to make my sister go to a fat farm.

                Wait, Oda Mae. Take the cheque out of your purse.

                Youīre right, līll put it where nobody can get it.

                No. Endorse it.

                No, if I drop it, then somebody will get it.

                Itīs not yours. I never said you would get the money.

                This is blood money. I was killed for this money. Endorse the cheque.

                - What are you going to do with it? - Look over there.

                To your left.

                You donīt think līm giving this to a bunch of nuns?

                Otherwise they will track you down. Your only protection is to get rid of it.

                Youīre kidding me!

                Youīll go to heaven!

                I want to go to a bank and cash this cheque.

                - Hello. - Youīll thank me later.

                - Endorse it īīRita Miller.īī - I know!

                Make it out to St Josephīs Shelter.

                I donīt believe youīre making me do this!

                - Give it to her. - I just want to feel it in my fingers.

                - Just give her the cheque! - I will!

                - Give her the cheque! - I will!

                Bless you, child. Bless you.

                Give it to her.

                Let go. Let go!

                - Iīm proud of you. - I donīt care. Stay away from me!

                Whatīll that nun do with it? She canīt go buy underwear!

                Leave me alone! Never talk to me again.

                Youīre wonderful, Oda Mae!

                Go ahead, search! Youīll never find it.

                Theyīre going to kill you and Willie. Youīre going to be fertiliser.

                Theyīre going to bury you next to Jimmy Hoffa.

                Whoīs doing that?

                Whoīs doing that?

                Hi. Where were you? I thought we were having dinner.

                - Things got a little crazy, I forgot. - A little trouble at the bank.

                I wish youīd have called. Iīve been worried.

                - Iīve got to ask you about something. - He needs to borrow $       .

                When you said you thought Sam was talking to you,

                - what did he say to you? - Why?

                Listen, I want to know exactly what this psychic lady told you.

                Carl, let me go! Stop this!

                It doesnīt matter. It wasnīt real.

                What the hellīs happened to you?

                Does this have anything to do with her being at the bank today?

                At the bank?

                Ferguson said she closed an account.

                Her name isnīt even Oda Mae Brown. Itīs Rita Miller.

                Carl. Are you all right?

                Itīs just my stomach.

                Do you have some Pepto-Bismol?

                - Cyanide. - Itīs upstairs. Sit down, līll get it.

                Whatīs wrong? Does little Carl have a tummy ache?

                Now do you believe in ghosts?

                Iīll set the place on fire!

                - Iīll cut her throat. - Carl!

                I swear to God. Iīll cut her throat.

                I need that money. I want it tonight, at     oīclock.

                If that psychic lady does not bring it here, Molly is dead, OK?

                Carl, who are you talking to?

                Nothing. Molly, I have to go.

                I canīt explain it now, but thereīs a problem at the bank.

                - Youīre scaring me. - I canīt talk now, līll be back.

                - Why not now? - I canīt talk now.

                Iīll come back at     oīclock, OK? līm sorry, but itīs really important.

                - Eleven! - Oda Mae!

                Iīm Arsenio Hall. Donīt try to adjust your television. Iīm black.

                - I want to watch īīLove Connection.īī - I love īīLove Connection.īī

                Leave that! Thatīs Arsenio.

                You love īīLove Connection,īī send your picture in.

                - She did! - They just havenīt answered yet.

                - Oda Mae! - Sam?

                Weīre in trouble. They want the cheque.

                The cheque you said they would never know about?

                - Whatīs happening? - Theyīre here!

                Get out of here, now! Go, go!

                Knock on the doors!


                - Let us in! - Who are you kidding?

                What are you doing? The cat donīt like visitors.

                Theyīre going to get us. Whereīs Sam?

                - It looks like the bitch just left. - Iīll check downstairs.



                Youīve got a serious problem, man.

                Help me! Help!

                That dude is dead.

                Youīre dead, Willie.

                Help me!

                Tell the driver to hurry.

                - Can you step on it, please. - Iīm driving as fast as I can.


                - Carl, is that you? - Itīs me, Oda Mae.

                I know what you think of me, but weīve got to talk. You are in serious danger.

                - Iīve got Sam here with me. - Get the hell out of here!

                - Im calling the police! - Good. Tell her to do it!

                Fine. We want you to call the police. But youīve got to let us in.

                Donīt you get it? Sam wasnīt accidentally killed, he was murdered.

                He found out that Carl was laundering money.

                Carl is dangerous. He tried to kill me.

                Heīs going to try to kill you, too. You are in deep, deep trouble.

                Why are you doing this to me? Do you hear me?

                Why are you doing this to me?

                Oda Mae. Tell her sheīs wearing the shirt that I spilt the margarita on,

                and the earrings I gave her for Christmas.

                Sam says youīre wearing the shirt he spilt the margarita on,

                and the earrings he gave you for Christmas.

                Donīt you see? līm not a fake! Not about this.

                - Give me a penny. - What?

                - Push a penny under the door, now! - What are you talking about?

                - Tell her itīs for luck. - Sam says itīs for luck.

                Between Green and Mercer on Prince.

                Itīs the grey building across from the post office.

                Thanks, Sergeant. Please hurry! Weīll be waiting.

                - Theyīre on their way. - Good.

                - What do we do now? - Just wait.

                Is Sam here?


                Iīm sitting beside her.

                Heīs sitting right beside you.

                Sam, can you feel me?

                With all my heart.

                He says with all his heart.

                Iīd give anything if I could just touch you once more.

                He says he wishes he was alive again, so he could touch you.

                Me, too.

                OK. Look - you can use me.

                - Use you? - Use my body.

                - Use your body? - Quick, before I change my mind.

                - Molly, are you home? - Carl.

                - Molly! - Fire escape.

                Whatīs happening to me?



                Come on!


                Letīs go!

                - Molly! - Get away from us, Carl!

                - Molly! - Youīre just a liar.

                This womanīs a thief. Sheīs a con artist.

                Why are you doing this?


                Get away from us. Iīve called the police.


                - Carl, why are you doing this? - Sheīs a thief!

                Just give me the cheque!

                Stay out of this, Molly!

                Get off me!

                Where is it?

                - Where is it, goddammit? - I gave it away.

                Youīre lying to me. Donīt lie to me, goddammit.

                The cheque!

                Iīll kill her, Sam. I swear to God, līll kill her!

                Just give me the cheque, Sam.

                I promise you līll let her go if you just give it to me.


                Oh, Carl...


                Are you two all right?



                I can hear you!

                Oh, God!


                Theyīre waiting for you.

                Iīll miss you.

                Your motherīd be proud.

                Iīm going to miss you too, Sam. Youīre all right!

                Bye, Oda Mae.

                Bye, Sam.

                I love you, Molly.

                Iīve always loved you.


                Itīs amazing, Molly.

                The love inside - you take it with you.

                See you.

                See you.





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