Ghoulies Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ghoulies script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 1985 horror movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ghoulies. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ghoulies Script






You promised!



You promised. Not our child.






He is the one.



You can't hurt him now, you bastard!



His blood will flow.






Take him away...






Do it now!



You will take his place.



Don't be afraid...



little one.



You'll be safe.






The child had been saved.



So it seemed.



And I vowed that he would never know

the evil from whence he was spawned.



And when his father

finally died a horrible death...



I felt sure that the curse had passed forever.



l still can't believe you inherited this place.



l know. Me either.



l suppose we'll just have to

get used to the good life.



Does that mean

we get to hire a maid and cook?



Are you kidding? lt's gonna break me

just to keep the lawn mowed.



Well, we could always...



sell it, and move to Westwood.



-Very funny.

-No, l like this place...



l think.



What's that?



l don't know.




-Like a grave.



What are you doing?



l'm gonna take a look.



No, don't. lt's kind of creepy looking.



Come on, Becky. lt's mine, isn't it?



l don't know.



lt's sort of old.



lt must have been hard

growing up without a family. l mean....



Rebecca, this is Wolfgang,

and he's sort of the caretaker around here.



Wolfgang, this is Rebecca.






You scared me.



We'll go back to the house.



We'll see you later, Wolfgang.



So, Wolfgang's the only family

I've ever known.



Who read all these books?



Your dad?



Yeah, l guess so.



''The Secret World Of Magic''.



''The Black Magic Ritual''.



''The Grimoire Of Abramelin''.



You all right?



You probably scared him

more than he scared you.



Hey, l'll tell you what.



Why don't you start cleaning the upstairs

and l'll work on the downstairs?






But if there are any more rats,

the deal is off.



l've been thinking.



About having a party.






Sure. Why not?



lt's not like anybody can wreck the place.



This is it.



Eddie, you'll love it.



They got food.



Eddie, these are my friends.



They love me, man.

And this is where they're at.



That's good. Real good.

But what if they're not?



Then l'll have to get some new friends.



Man, you should've seen

the quim l poked last night.



l'm so unhappy.



Toad Boy needs some sweetmeats

for his tum.



Will you knock off

that Toad Boy shit already?



You don't love me.



You just pretend.



l can't talk to you, man.



-Hey, Dick!




-How're you doing?

-All right. lt's him l'm worried about.



Hey, Mark. How are you doing?



l'm miserable.



l'm miserable.






wanna dance later?



Think you can handle it?



Try me.



l might.



l went out with Mark last night.



You're kidding.



-You mean Toad Boy?

-Don't ask me why.



So, things were really nice. They were.



But then he just got so weird.



You think he's a virgin?



l don't know.



But l certainly know who isn't.



Rebecca, can you lead me

to the nearest beer?



ln the refrigerator.









-who's your beautiful friend?

-l'm Donna.



They call me Dick.



But you can call me Dick.



Break dance!



l think l busted my head.



Thank God.

l thought that you really hurt yourself.



What do you guys wanna do?



-We could play hide-and-go-seek.




What about Trivial Pursuit?






Why don't we just play charades?






Strip poker!



No way.



l got an idea.



Let's do a ritual.



You guys, it's kind of spooky in here.



All right, everybody listen up.



l want everybody to take a sip.



-Go ahead.




Right, l'm gonna draw a circle.



And l want you all to stay inside it.



So now what're you doing?



l'm gonna conjure up a spirit...



and it's going to appear...



right here in this triangle.



Yes. Okay.



l believe you.



Jonathan, how do you know how to do that?



l don't know.



l must have read it in a book.



Rebecca, take the rock

and put it at the north point of the circle.






Take the candle,

and put it at the south point.



Right there.



Yod hay vav hay.



-You do the hokey pokey and you turn

-Knock it off!



Shut up, God damn it!



l'm sorry.



O Surgat...



l conjure thee...



that thou come

before this circle immediately...



and agree to obey my orders.



Come. l order thee.



ln the name of the Most Holy Trinity.



l order thee to manifest thyself at once...



without injury to me

or any other in this room.






l order thee!






l order thee!



ln the name of the Most Holy Trinity.



Come. l order thee!



Well, that was fun.



-Yeah, let's go get another beer.

-Nice try, Jon.



Where's Robin?



l don't know.



-Maybe the toad monster got her.

-l don't think that's very funny.



She's not the kind who would just leave.



-Honey, l think we'd better go find her.

-Yeah, come on.



No, wait! l need to dismiss the spirit.



So do l. Where's the bathroom?






l don't think she's in here.



Well, l don't think so either.



Hey, let's check out the closet.






Hey, Mike.






Wasn't he over there?



l don't think she's here.



Where are you?



Come on.



There she is.



Robin, what are you doing?



You okay?



Yeah, l guess so.



Come on, little girl.

l'll have you feeling better in no time.



l made a big decision today.






l decided to withdraw from school

this quarter.



That's the stupidest thing l've ever heard.



l just think l should take some time off.



Stay home and fix this place up.



l walked around this place all day today.

l thought of these great things l could do.



Terrific. Can't you just wait

until you've graduated to fix up the house?



No, l can't wait.

l've got this urge to do it now.






when l inherited this house...



l inherited a lot of responsibility.



l'm just trying to do things right.



l want this to be a nice home for both of us.



But this place is gonna need work.



l can't do it if l'm going to school full-time.



You understand?



Yeah, l understand.



l just want good things for you.



l know.



And so it began.



The Evil One willing the boy on...



using the boy's curiosity

as a powerful weapon.



I could but sit and wait...



gripped by the fear of events foreshadowed.



-Hey, kiddo.

-Hi. How'd it go today?



See for yourself.



l can't believe it!



You know something?

l'm really proud of you.



Wait, there's more.



Open it.



lt's really beautiful.



-What is it?

-lt's a talisman. lt'll protect you from....



From what?



From everything.



-Even my physics professor?

-Mr. Bolton? Yes, especially him.



Never take it off, okay?



l promise. l love it.



Dinner's ready!



Are you okay?



You look terrible.



l'm fine.



-Come have dinner.




l'm not eating.



Why not?



l'm fasting.



You're fasting?



Jonathan, l don't know what you're up to,

but l just cooked dinner for us.



So you can do whatever the hell

you want to do.



O Paimon...



l conjure thee.



Empowered with the strength

of the greatest power.



l command thee...



creature of the water...



to bring forth life...



unto this world.



l command thee.






at once!



Welcome to this world.



l am your master.



You may roam about the grounds.



But you must remain invisible to all but me.



Remain obedient to me at all times.






I call upon thee, Vepar...



and thee, Procell...



and thee, Ashtaroth!



Bring forth the fury

of thy tempest before me!



With these words.;



Come. Now!



Show me thy might!



Come now, that l might anoint myself

with thy power!



Yes! Come now!






Thank you, Vepar, Procell, Ashtaroth...



for having appeared

and for having fulfilled my request!



Thou mayest depart in peace.



You shall return when l call upon thee.



Now, indeed you are a powerful instrument!



What're you doing?



You're home early.



Would you please tell me

what's going on here?



l get it.



Oh, no. Don't change for me.



l will leave you here to do whatever it is

you're doing, and l will go upstairs...



and make dinner for myself...



since you're not even eating these days.



-No, Becky. Wait!

-No, don't!



Becky, listen to me!



Becky, come on! Wait!






will you listen?



Talk to me!



What the hell's going on here, Jonathan?



You tell me that you want

to drop out of school so that you can...



fix up the house.







So l come home, and l find you...



in the middle of l don't even know what!



-Why did you lie to me?

-l didn't lie.



l have been working on the house.

That's all l've been doing.



Look, l got sidetracked.



l figure this stuff

has something to do with my parents.



l don't know who they were, so l'm curious.



-Don't you understand that?

-No, l don't understand it!



That's just the problem. l don't understand!

Don't do this to me!



When l walked in that room

l saw someone that l didn't even know.



l saw...



a stranger.



Rebecca, please.



lt's nothing. Honest.



l'll cut it out. l swear.



Rebecca, l love you.



You know that.



l just get scared, that's all.



This is the last time

you'll hear anything about it.



l swear.









l love you.



Well, l love you, too.



What are you saying?



What are you saying?



What are you doing?



You bastard!




-No, that's it. l've had it!




-No, you listen to me!



l've had it with your black magic,

your rituals, your lies, everything!



Goodbye, Jonathan.



-We are here, Master.

-What would you have of us?



l will have you serve me.



-That, precisely....

-ls why you've called us, Master.



-And we will.

-Most faithfully.



Forsaking all others...



you will obey me?




-We are yours.






How may we drink?



lf you do not release us from the triangle?



lf you are worthy to serve me...



you will drink.



lf you are not worthy...



you will burn.



The choice is yours.



-Me first.

-No! Me first.



Excellent. Well done.



What are your names?



-l am called Grizzel.

-And l am called Greedigut.



And who am l?



-You are Jonathan.

-Our master. What is it you wish, Master?






and power.



These things we can do.



What about Rebecca?

Do you want her as well?



-You know of Rebecca?

-We know of many things, Master.






-l want her.

-Then you shall have her.



-As for the other things you wish--

-There must be a master ritual!



And there must be seven others,

besides yourself.



When the moon is full.



The ritual is fraught with danger, Master.



What? Answer me now!



The ritual is dangerous.



But you must perform it

if you wish to achieve knowledge.



And power.



And power.



What do you want?






l want you.



l want you to come away with me now,

tonight, away from this house.









l can never leave this place.



Your eyes!



What have you done to your eyes?



lt's a sign.



A sign of power.



l don't want this.



l love you, Jonathan.



But l'm leaving.



lt's over!



Becky, l love you.



l'm so sorry, Jonathan.



Please forgive me.



The Evil One had him now.



The things that would be unleashed

that night were to be horrific.



And I was powerless to stop it.



-What is that?

-Mushroom dip.



There's a lot of it.



This is really nice.



Really grand, you know, really special.



Feels so wonderful.

You invited me here and all that.



You know what? You're a prince.



An earl. A prince among earls.

King of the soiree.



Bad manners, dude.



Sorry. l'm really sorry.



Small faux pas.



Don't worry about it, Mark.



You know what they say.

A faux pas a day keeps your friends away.







-lt's okay.



How come you and Jonathan aren't eating?



We ate already.



Why don't you sit down?



All right, darling.



Tell me, why are we wearing

these ridiculous glasses?



-l can barely see what l'm eating.

-lt's all part of the evening l have planned.



lt's gonna be great.



A toast.



To my friends...



forgive me.









Hear me, all you hosts gathered here.



Give me the knowledge.



l will have the wisdom.



And the power!



Answer me, my friends.



By the force

of these terrible words of power!



A toast...



to my friends.



Rebecca and l are going to retire early.



You're welcome to spend the night.



The house is yours. Just pick a room.



Wine cellar.



You madman. Yeah.



Good night, everyone.



Good night.



So, can't wait to pick a room.



Children, your true master has returned...



and tonight you will do my bidding.



Baby, l've been waiting

for this moment ever since we met.



All right.



Mark, would you hurry up!



God, it's kind of spooky out here.



Wasn't Rebecca

acting kind of weird at dinner?



l mean, the way she looked at me when l--







Come on. Let's sit down.

Come on over here.



-Right here.

-That wasn't funny.






Nice night.






ls that a little girl's tum?



Don't, Mark, you're tickling me!

Please stop! Please stop tickling me!



Sounds like Toad Boy's on the attack.



Don't, Mark!



Mark, my bracelet!



Don't worry. l shall retrieve it.



l can't see anything.



Yuck! l touched something weird.



What the hell's in there?



Man, that chick is really a screamer.



Where are you going?



Water. Want some?



No, thanks.



-l'll be back.

-l'll be waiting.



Who are you?



Come here.



No doubt about it, Mr. Dick.



You are a lucky guy.



Who are you?



You got any matches?



Yeah, l got reserves.






You got any that work?



There's got to be some around here.



l'll be back.



l'm sorry, Rebecca.



l'm sorry l had to do it this way.



But it worked.



lt'll all be worth it.



You'll see.



l just hope you can forgive me.



What am l....



l'll tell you about it in the morning.



Yeah, l'm so tired.



Sleep now.






No! Don't do it here!






Yes, now! All right!









Where is that guy?



There it is! Get it!



-l despise these creatures!




Malcolm is the master, blast his soul!



He always has been

and will be until you rot!



No, it is not so.

l cannot do this thing! l cannot!



Quiet! He'll burn us both!



Hey, dude, don't bogart that joint!



Come to me.



Come to me, my children.



All of you.



Let me show you my love.



Come to me now!



Jonathan? Oh, boy, what a dream.



-Why, Jonathan? Why?







l can make you live.



l've got the power!



Where's my robe? Where the hell's my robe?



Aren't you going to greet your father?



You did my bidding well, Jonathan.



Grizzel, Greedigut.



You tricked me.



-l am your master!

-No. l am the master!



l own them, as l now own you.



Come, and greet your father.



Vepar, Procell, Ashtaroth...



help me now!



Where are your gods now?



They, too, are mine.



Not bad.



Although at your age l was much better.



You killed them!



You killed Rebecca!



Yes, l suppose l did.



But it was you l really wanted, Jonathan.



You were to resurrect me.



And what should have happened

   years ago will happen now.



l will have your youth, Jonathan.



Greater things command all of us, Jonathan.



l suppose that in another time,

another place...



l could have loved you as my son.



My soul is not my own...



and you must be...



my sacrifice to Lucifer.



Again, a good effort.



But it is your love

that weakens you, Jonathan.



You can never oppose me.



A shame.



She's so pretty.



May you rot!







Forgive me.



l love you, Jonathan.






Take me away from here.



Take me.



Hold me.



Kiss me.



l love you.



Becky, l'm so sorry.



lt's all right, my love.



Come to me.



No, Master Jonathan, don't listen!



lt's a trap, yes!



You little worms!



You shall burn for this later! But now...



l am tired of playing.



You try my patience!



You are my life!



And l will have my life!



Kiss me, my son.



Let me drain the life from your lips!



You will not have the boy's life!



You are no match for me...



old man!



Die, Evil One!



Get out of here while you still can!



Dick, come on, wake up!

We got to get out of here!



Jesus Christ! Go on, l'll wake these guys!



Come on, let's go!



-Jonathan, how?

-Don't ask.



-What's going on?

-Just get in the car!



You got a cigarette on you?



Would somebody mind telling me

what the hell is going on?



lt's a long story, Mike. But it's over now.



ls it Jonathan? ls it really?



Yeah, really.



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