Giant Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Giant script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the James Dean movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Giant. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Giant Script



There he is.



There's the stallion. That's War Winds.






That's my daughter riding him. Leslie.



Leslie is my daughter. She's riding him.



Doctor, that sure is a beautiful animal.



We'll get to the horses

first thing in the morning.



Now you'll come up to the house

and get ready for dinner.



You're from Nevada, Mr. Beckwith?



Texas, Mama.



You're from Texas, Mr. Beckwith?



Yes, ma'am, Texas. Benedict's the name.



You're here about the horses, aren't you?



Yes, ma'am.



l came to buy your stallion, War Winds,

if your daughter doesn't mind too much.



ln all likelihood,

Leslie will be leaving us soon anyway.



David is with the embassy in Washington.

He's been called back to England.



Will she like it there, do you think?



She's going to marry him?



Mother! Let me sell Mr. Benedict

War Winds.



l can tell you all his bad points.



For one, he eats too much,

doesn't he, Papa?



You see, it's either War Winds or me.

Something has to go.



You know that horse is just too spirited

for any woman to ride.



l know your horse is going to miss you

and all this nice, green country, but...



l'll try to make him happy in Texas.



lsn't Texas green, Mr. Benedict?



No, ma'am, not altogether.



You must tell us about Texas,

Mr. Benedict.



lt's not that easy.



lt's different than any other state, l think.



At least that's what we think.

lt's almost a different country.



From an Englishman's point of view,

its mere size takes your breath away.



Yes, it's big all right.



How large are your ranches?



Most every size. Large and small.



Mr. Benedict's Reata is

one of the largest of them all.



Oh, really?



And just how large is that?



lt's one of the biggest.



How big is that?



There are one or two others as big,

l suppose, up where we come from...



and some larger ones

on the coastal plains.



Can't you be more specific?



What's the size of your place?

     ?       acres?



Around a half million.

       acres, to be exact.



l'd call that quite a parcel!



How many acres did you say,

Mr. Benedict?



He said        acres, Mama.



And you should see the greedy look

on your face.



Witness excused.



Won't you join us at the Hunt Ball?

l'm sure you'll enjoy it.



No, thank you, Miss Leslie.



l'm afraid l wouldn't look good

in this outfit.



l like your country.



Why don't you stay a while

and really see something of it?



lt's roundup time in my country.

Big spring roundup.



Your country?






Your country, my country.

You make us sound so far apart.



Maybe you could come out and see it...



if you get a chance.



l'll be off real early in the morning, so...






l'm awfully glad you came.



l'm not going to say goodbye to you

in the moonlight.



lt would just be too touching. Good night!






Are you in love with him?



Yes, l think so.



Will you do me a favor

and run along to bed?




-Good night.



lf you won't marry David Karfrey...



will you give him to me?



Yes! Now, good night.



As far as l'm concerned, it's a deal.



-$      is a lot of money.

-lt's a lot of horse.



Let's have some breakfast and get going.



-Why, Leslie!

-Good morning.



You don't look as if you'd been dancing

all night, Miss Leslie.



l came home at   :  .



l read about Texas until  :   this morning.



Let the poor boy

eat his breakfast in peace.



lt takes a heap of reading, Texas does.



We really stole Texas, didn't we?



l mean, away from Mexico.



You're catching me a bit early

to start joking.



But l'm not joking.

lt's all right there in the history books.



Mr. Austin came down

with     families, it says.



The next thing you know,

they're claiming it from Mexico.



l never heard anything as ignorant

as some Eastern people--



Oh, please, Jordan.



l'm only speaking impersonally.

About history.



You all think

that the glory happened in the East...



with Valley Forge and Bunker Hill!



Do you know about San Jacinto?

Have you heard about the Alamo?



Why, certainly.



l read about them all last night.



l didn't mean to be impolite,

but it's so new to me.



l just mean, it's just all so new...



and so fascinating!



You mustn't talk that way to a Texan.

They feel very strongly about their state.



He shouldn't take it so hard.



Jordan, you would think

somebody had spoiled you terribly.



Your wife or somebody.



l haven't any wife. l live with my sister.



Why aren't you married?



First you attack a man's country,

and now you try to pry into his family life.



Thank you, Doctor.



-Good morning.

-Good morning.



-Good morning, Lacey.

-Good morning, Papa.



How are we doing?



We'll have to be getting along soon

if you're going to make your train.



-Good morning, everybody.

-Good morning, Nancy.



Good morning, dear.



Good morning, Mr. Benedict.



lsn't this a beautiful morning?



Leslie, if Mr. Benedict has finished

his breakfast...



why don't you show him the stables?



We've just quarreled politely about Texas.

lt's no use trying to pawn me off on him.



And anyway, Mother...



he's probably engaged to marry

the daughter of the adjoining ranch...



who, though beautiful,

is comparatively poor.



She only has        acres

and half a million cows.



ls she pretty?



We must hurry.



Mr. Benedict and l will have

to be leaving now.



Who, may l ask, is the lucky young lady

that you're going to marry...



with all those cows?



l'll get the car.



lt's funny, ma'am.

My neighbor is a girl, Vashti Hake.



There was some talk of my marrying her,

but l'm not.



Come on, if you want to catch that train.



lt all sounds so romantic!



Come along, David, you're for me.



What's that, a wolf?.



No, honey.



lt's just a little old coyote.



Don't you think you've done

enough sightseeing?



Tell me when we're in Texas.



That's Texas you've been looking at.



For the last eight hours.



l don't know how other brides feel

on their honeymoon...



but l'm having a lovely time.



We can't say it's been dull.



That is, so far anyway.



Wake up, honey. We're here, honey.









Good morning.



ls that Texas?



lt's Benedict. That's where we ship from.



These people never learn!



l'm Mrs. Benedict.



That means, "Welcome, the newlyweds."



Let's go, Leslie.



And what is your name?



That's a beautiful name.



Come on, it's    miles to coffee.



This is it, honey. This is your home.



But it's huge!



l thought it was a ranch house.



My old man built it to show the cotton

crowd we were just as high-powered.



lt's enormous just for the two of us.



Luz lives here with me.



With us.



She's run the house since Ma passed on.

Some say she even runs the ranch!



Take it easy, Leslie.



What are your names?



What do you mean behave?



Here we don't make a fuss

over those people. You're a Texan now.



ls that a state of mind? l'm still myself.



You're my wife, honey. You're a Benedict.



l still have a mind of my own.

Elsewhere, being gracious is acceptable.



We're gracious, but....



Fine thing...



standing here quarreling

with rice still in our hair!



lt's so nice and cool!



l thought somebody was hurt, maybe.



We didn't know you were there.



Well, we're home. We're here.



l've been looking for you for weeks.



We weren't expected to be back sooner,

were we?



With all the spring work to be done,

the roundup...



l didn't figure Bick would stay away.



lf l miss a roundup every time l have

a honeymoon, l won't miss much, will l?



l thought l fired him off this place.



Where do you think you're going

with my automobile?



Just hold on.



Don't go taking off on me.

That old truck broke down again.



You want me going down the road?



That's exactly what l was going to do.



But she said,

"You stay on and do your work."



Next time l tell you to get, you get!



Bick and Jett are everlasting jangling

about something.



-Madama is the one who told me to stay.

-That's right.



With you away,

we needed all the help there was.



They're all scared to death of her.

You know that.



Everyone, except you and me.



You just tend to your work.



Tell me who is the boss around here...



and l'll be glad to do anything you want.

Just tell me who's the boss.



This is Bick's new wife.



Leslie, this boy here is Jett Rink.




-He works for us.



You'd better get going, Jett,

and get that truck fixed.



Nobody is king in this country.



Nobody, no matter what they think.



l'm sorry, honey. Things go loco here

every time l'm away.



Remember the time of the big rodeo?



Old Kale Beebe blew in,

higher than a kite...



slept on the sofa in your office.



He must have had nightmares.

He cut the couch to ribbons with his spurs.



This here is Bick's room.



This down here is your room, honey.






We're married.



You know how that is.



We'll take the connecting rooms.



We'll make that into a sitting room

where we can sit and talk...



and the breeze can get at us.



Breakfast's ready.



You and Jordan

have had breakfast already?



We have our coffee and talk

every morning of our lives at  :  .



Try and get things rounded up for the day.



l thought l was going riding with him

to the roundup.



lt would've been too hot for you.

l told him so.



Bring it in here.



You gotta watch out for that sun.

lt's rough.



Sit down.



Your blood's too thin. That's the trouble

with a lot of Easterners.



Thank you.



l'm fine, Luz.



l'm a lot tougher perhaps

than you think l am.






l never had a sick day in my life.

Except when l got thrown and tromped on.



All you gotta do is take it easy.



This rich Texas air will fix you up.



Don't you worry none

about being lonesome.



l'll round up the neighbors.



You're going to meet some folks.



Yes, indeed.

You're going to meet some folks.



This is Mr. and Mrs. Bale Clinch.



Bick, it's about time. Howdy, ma'am.



l'd like you to meet

my little wife, Adarene.



l'm mighty pleased to meet you.



This is Judge Whiteside.



How do you do, Mrs. Benedict?

We sure are proud to have you here.



Bick, congratulations.

Mighty happy for you, boy.



She sure is pretty.



l think so.



Here's Ula Japes.



Glad to meet you, ma'am.



Good to see you, Bick.



This is Ms. Wharton.



Howdy, Leslie. Mighty happy to meet you.



Fernie Kling.



We're glad to have you with us.



You've really done well for yourself.



Thank you, Fernie.



Now you'll meet the neighbor

l told you about.



The one who lives    miles away

with all those cows?



Vashti, l'd like you to meet my wife.



Hello, Vashti. So nice to meet you.



Jordan told me so much about you.



Mighty glad to know you.



l'm awfully glad we're neighbors.



l hope we'll be real close friends.



My name is Mort Snythe.

They call me Pinky.



Come here.



-Excuse me, ma'am.

-We'll be seeing you.



-This will perk you up, Miss Leslie.

-Thank you.



l propose a toast to a daughter

of old Maryland...



now blooming into a citizen

of the Lone Star State. To the bride!



Are you all right?



l'm fine, don't worry.



-There's more than one bride here today.

-How's that, Vashti?



Mort Snythe and l were married yesterday

in Hermosa.



l'm gonna kiss him!



l guess that leaves only me.



Why, Luz, everybody in the county knows

you'd rather herd cattle than make love!



One thing you gotta say for cattle:



You put your brand on one of them,

you know where it's at!



Come and get it!



The best food you ever ate, honey.



This is real Mexican barbacoa.



That's where we get the word "barbecue."



What is that?



Calf's head.



We take it and wrap it in clean white cloth

and then wrap it tight in canvas...



and put it down in a pit

of hot mesquite coals for    hours.



And do those brains taste sweet!



How fascinating!



l don't think l'm really terribly hungry.

lt must be the heat.



You call this hot?



Wait till July!



Eat it while it's hot!



What's the matter with her, Bick?



That's what l was afraid of!






Good morning, Luz.



What are you doing up?



Getting breakfast.



l think there's something

we should get in the clear.



l don't want to take your place.

l want you to know that.



But l can't have you

taking my place either.



l can't be just a guest

in my husband's house.



There you are.



Good morning, darling.



-How are you feeling?




You look fine.



l want everybody to know, no matter

what happens around here in the future...



l am never going to faint again.



l'll never get the hang of you,

Mrs. Benedict.



A horse that cost you a lot

for breeding stock, l'd use it for breeding.



l wouldn't let anyone ride him.

l wouldn't care if she's your wife.



l'd see she rides a more gentle animal

if l were you.



She's going to fall off and break her neck.



That's Old Polo. He's head vaquero.



He's been here longer than any of us.



Since Grandpa Benedict's time.



Look at them, honey!



There's never been anything like them

in this world, l can tell you.



Did you ever see such stock?



Are they all ours?



These and       others just like them.



Granddaddy and his boys

used to drive his longhorns...



great herds of them,

all the way to Kansas.



He was a pretty good old boy.

l mean, he was tough, too.



My old man brought in stock from Europe

and bred them in the best ways.



Look out!



This right here is the result, honey.



Look at them.



How are you doing?



Tired, honey?



Don't you worry about me.



l'm a tough Texan now.



You know, l love you, Tex.



Howdy, everybody.



Hold on a minute. l want you

to take Mrs. Benedict back in with you.



Go with Jett, and get out of this heat.



Honey, l'm fine, really.



There's no use overdoing it.

Go along with Jett.



Good morning, Jett.



Take it easy, Jett.



l don't want to chew on this, Bick...



but l think we'd better get it straight.



l run the house, don't l?



Her house. Her kitchen. Her help.



She doesn't even speak Spanish.



They understand English

when they want to.



l know how to handle Mexicans.

l've done it all my life.



They'd sit on their honkers all day

if l didn't keep after them.



All right, Luz. Cool off.



l thought we ought to talk

without her around.



l don't want to feel that you're setting up

against me, Bick.



Nobody is setting up against you, Luz.



That gal's my wife.



And you're fair enough, l think,

to try and get along with her.



All right.



l'll get a horse and help push

the stock along.



Maybe it'll make me feel better.



You gotta push something.



When l get enough, l'll ride on in.



Why did you come to Texas?



l mean, everybody else's trying

to get away from here.



Me, l'll get out of here one of these days.



This is my husband's land.



This is his home.



Who gets hold of this much land

unless they took it off somebody else?



You're not exactly loyal

to your employer, Jett.



No, l'm not complaining.



They bought this land long ago.



The Benedicts.



-They got it though purchase, years ago.

-Took it from some ignorant Mexicans.



That's not true. They bought and traded

for Spanish land grants.



They paid for it all right.

They paid five cents an acre.



l know my folks were here long enough

to get rich, too.



Except they just weren't so foxy.



Keep it on, boy. l'll ride him.



Nobody rides him but the señora.



l've been riding what l want to

for    years.



Already he bucked off López.



lf he bucks me down,

he won't be the first one that's done it.



l suppose you came out here

to show me how to run things, too.



Let's go.



l'm not too awful bad now.



l've got a few friends.

And Madama likes me.



And Bick....

Now, even old Bick likes me a little bit.



Of course,

they don't like me quite enough to...



kind of divvy up

what they got way too much of.



You're an odd one, aren't you, Jett?

But l like you.



l like you, too.



You're the best-looking gal

we've seen around here in a long time.



The prettiest one

l think l've seen down here.



Thank you, Jett.



That's a very nice compliment.



l'll tell my husband of that,

with your approval.



No, l wouldn't do that.



No, l wouldn't do that.



Beautiful Reata!



Them's your neighbors live there.



Them kids there.

Them's your ranch people.



Those are Ángel Obregón's kids.



That's the man who met us at the train.



Sure in good shape, ain't they?

Whole bunch of them sick.



What's the matter with them?



l don't know. Just sick. Every one of them.



Wait a minute. l want to get out here.



l wouldn't do that if l was you.






You're the boss.

And you know it, don't you?



May l come in?



l'm Mrs. Benedict.






that l do not rise.



The baby is sick.



My milk is not good.



Have you seen a doctor?



Doctor? lt is too far to come.



Mrs. Leslie,

l think we'd better be getting on.



This baby is extremely ill.



You're not supposed to be in there.



Try not to worry, Mrs. Obregón.

l'll be back soon.



Bick's going to blow a gasket.



What is it?



What's happened to him?



What's wrong?



Where in the world have you been?

l've been looking for you, too.



What happened to her?



l stopped by the village.



What happened?



lt's just awful.



l don't know. She was riding War Winds.



She might have been thrown

or something.



What does the doctor say?



lt's bad.



She hit her head on a mesquite stump.



She's been riding since she was six.



She could ride anything.

And now this happens.



How is she?



She's in a state of shock. Very serious.



Concussion, possible hemorrhaging.



l'm doing all l can do.



l called Dr. Borneholm on the phone.



He'll be along any minute.



lf only l hadn't bought that horse....



Don't blame yourself, Jordan.



lf l hadn't, she'd be alive right now.



Don't blame yourself.



This is a great misfortune,

but no one is to blame.



Things happen.



-Mrs. Benedict, this is Dr. Borneholm.

-How do you do?



l sure wish l could've made it for Luz.



Dr. Walker did everything he could,

l assure you of that.



Dr. Walker, there's more for you to do,

l'm afraid.



Mrs. Obregón's baby is very sick.



His temperature must be at least    .

Will you stop by, please?



Mrs. Obregón?



ln the village.



Jett will take you.



l'll go with you myself, Doctor.



What is this?



You can't do that.



He can't go there.



He's our doctor.



-Our doctor?




You mean, the Benedicts' only?



No, l mean, all of us.



He doesn't tend those people.



They have a way of doing things

by themselves.



How did she get there?



Now, don't go climbing on me.

l don't feel too good about it.



Jordan, darling,

l don't think you quite understand.



There's a child who's very sick.

l must take Dr. Walker.



You'll go, won't you, Doctor?



l'll be back just as soon as l can.



l'm a lot better, honey.



That's a good boy.



Where's my horse?



l shot him.



Bone was broken.



Somebody had to do it.

l thought it'd be better if it was me.



The baby?



He is alive, thanks to Dr. Walker.






We need you in here for a few minutes

if you can break away.



You're sure holding up fine.



ln times like this

folks really show what they're made of...



and you're sure holding up fine.



Vern and me thought a lot of Luz.



l guess everybody did.



At least everybody came.



lt's the biggest gathering for a funeral

l ever saw in Texas.



lt's a shame Luz wasn't here to enjoy it.



l mean, she always did like

a big get-together.



She'd have had a fine time.



-Come to see us.

-Thank you. Bye-bye.



Come see us.



l think you'll agree, your sister

was a very generous woman.



She wanted that boy

to have something worthwhile.



Now, that little piece of land is worth...



$    $    at most.



l'm going to ask you, in reverence

to the memory of Luz Benedict...



l'm going to ask you

to give one Jett Rink...



a check for twice the value of that land.



We can clean up the whole matter

right now.



Come inside, l want to talk to you.



Just a minute, Bick.



l'm afraid l'm going to beat you to it.



l'm quitting.



l lost the one friend l had in this place,

and l know it, too.



So l quit, l dead quit.

You don't have to say another word to me.



Nobody's firing you.



Boy, howdy, nobody's firing me.



l told you, l quit!



Nobody wants to fire you.



Come inside and listen

to what we have to say.



Come on in here, Jett.

Come on in here, boy.



Hi, Jett. Nice to see you.



-Howdy, Jett. Good to see you.

-Howdy, Jett.



Have my seat, boy. Sit right down.

You sure look good today.



Sit down. l'm going to tell you about

a piece of luck that's come your way.



Sit down, young man,

and make yourself comfortable.



lt's a real bad wind

that doesn't blow somebody some good.



l don't have to tell you that Luz was

a woman of strong, sentimental feeling.



She prepared a list of things she wanted

to give all the people on Reata.



Yes. We find that she wanted to....



We find that her bequest to you was

in the nature of a little piece of ground.



lt's the little piece we used to call

Buffalo Wallow.



She wanted to give you something.

l know she did.



lt's always been my aim to try

to keep Reata intact within the family.



Now, that little piece is worth at most....

How much, Bale?



At the most, l'd say $    or $    Bick.



Mr. Benedict, wanting to honor

his sister's wishes...



and, of course, right along

with his own personal feeling for you....



He wants to see to it that you get

something really worthwhile.



Now, to get down to the point, Mr. Rink...



we're prepared to place in your hands,

in cash...



the sum of $    .



$    ...



which, any of these gentlemen here

l'm sure will be happy to tell you...



is twice the value of that land.




-At least twice the value of that land.



That's a lot of money.

What are you aiming do with all of it?



You're in the chips now, boy.



There it is. There it is, boy.



And it's all yours.



l don't know what to say.



She sure was a fine lady.



Yes, she was a fine lady. Hallelujah!






l want you to know

that l appreciate her generosity.



Yours, too, Bick. And you all.



l want to thank you for it.



You know something, Bick?



l don't know, but it might not be...



a pretty good idea

to gamble along with old Madama.



How do you mean?



Just gamble on.



Just keep what she gave me.



l'm sentimental, too, Bick.



l think it's good to gamble on with her.



l know that land ain't worth much...



but then someday l just might up...



and put my own fence around her...



and call her Little Reata.



See you.



There's one thing on this earth more

important than money, and that's land!



l heard Luz say it a thousand times.



Pa said it and Bick, too. And it's true!



lf you ever get to Deep Smith,

you come and pay us a visit.



We're just on the other side of Umbarger.



Only a little-bitty, no-account piece,

only we had a run of luck.



-Only? Why, a gusher came in last year.

-How wonderful.



Right now it's bringing in a million.



-A million gallons?




A million dollars a year?



A million dollars a month.



-Goodbye. Thanks for treating us right.

-Thank you for coming.



l just love talking to you, Uncle Bawley.



Now that it's over, you get your fellow...



to take you around

and show you our country.



See San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.



l'm so impatient.

l want to see it all right now.



You don't have to hurry, honey.

lt'll be here when you get around to it.



lt's been here a long time.



And when you've seen it all

and have lived with it as l have...



in    years from now,

you'll feel about Texas just like l do.



Twenty-five years from now!



Twenty-five years from now

l'll be almost   .



lt's a nice age, Leslie.



You'll see wonderful things in Texas

when you're   .






But l won't care as much then.



You'll care more.



Because then

you'll have been part of it all.



Come on, we need you in the powwow.



l'm coming, gentlemen.



You get with it, Gómez.

Get your people out.



l don't want any of them

sitting on their honkers come election day.



Everything will be bueno, señor.

lt will be the same: good.



l love you.



Thank you.



We're just talking business. Just business.



Please, don't mind me.



Do go on.



l'll listen, quiet as a little old mouse.



You'd be bored, honey.



This is dull.



Why, l'd be fascinated.



We're talking about politics.



You married me in Washington,

remember, darling?



l lived next door to politics.

Brought up with it.



Please go on talking. l'd love it.



This is men's stuff.



Leslie, how about a cup of coffee

or a drink?



Men's stuff!



Lord have mercy!



Set up my spinning wheel, girls.

l'll join the harem section in a minute.



Don't you go worrying

your pretty little head about politics.



You mean my pretty, empty head,

don't you, Judge?



Could l get the coffee for you?



You, too, Uncle Brutus?



You don't feel well, Leslie.



l feel just great!



My adrenaline glands

are pumping beautifully.



lf l may say so before retiring...



you gentlemen date back        years.



You ought to be wearing leopard skins

and carrying clubs.









What's so masculine about a conversation

that a woman can't enter into it?



Leslie, you're tired.



Perhaps l am.



l reckon l'll go on upstairs

and get my beauty sleep.



You go ahead on, honey.



Good night, gentlemen.



That's right.



Send the children on up to bed

so the grownups can talk.



Good night, honey.



l must have dropped off.



Darling, l am sorry

about my caveman speech.



l'll apologize to the others first thing,

l promise.



That's big of you.



You certainly distinguished yourself

this evening.



-Shh, they can hear.

-Hear? They heard you already.



Every word you said out there.

We date back        years.



l said l was sorry about the name-calling.



lt was very impolite, l know.



But in principle, l was absolutely right.



You come down here

and try to tell us how to run things.



lnsulting my friends and everything.



Now you look here, Leslie.



You're my wife, Mrs. Jordan Benedict.



l'm asking you, when will you settle down

and behave like everybody else?




-Who do you think you are, anyhow?



Joan of Arc, or something?



Jordan, where are you going?



Jordan, take off your hat.



Carrying on like Carrie Nation!



Preaching stuff that's none

of your business, fixing the world.



Why don't you join a club?



Honestly, Jordan.

You make me sound just awful.



l'm not all that bad.



You knew what a frightful girl l was

when you married me.



l did not deceive you, sir.



From the first moment,

l couldn't have been more unpleasant.



Anyway, you're stuck with me.



Yes, l guess.



Honey, take your hat off.






you love me very much.



That fine mind of yours

gets pretty repulsive at times.



That's not what you told me on the train.



Now you're gonna throw that up to me.



l thought what we....



l thought what we said on the train

was in confidence.



Of course, darling.



But l'll never forget a single word

you say to me.



You can be pretty wonderful at times.



Come on, partner.



Why don't you kick off your spurs?



What a glorious, gorgeous,

brand-new day!



Let's spend every hour of it, just you and l.



Honey, l'm beat.






You have all the good things in the world.



And a woman

who loves you very, very much.



But that arguing takes a lot out of me.



That was just frightful.



The best part about quarreling

is making up.



When we make up, we make up.

Don't we, honey?



Why can't we take a trip, really see Texas?

Just let somebody else run Reata.



Couldn't we?



Honey, l want you to understand this.



l run Reata at all times.



That's the way it is.



Everything that's in it and on it

is run by me.



Don't raise your voice.



That's the way it's always been.



Everything that has a Reata brand on it

is run by me.



Does that include me?



That's the way my father ran this outfit

and my grandfather, too. All of it.



He kept it together for his son,

and my father for his.



And l'm keeping it together for mine.



All        square miles?



All of it. For my son.



You could at least say "our son."



Our son.



Don't you think that might be

a little too much for one little baby?



Not if he's a Benedict.



You'd better hope this is a boy.



Our baby. l just said l'm hoping it's a boy.



What do you mean?



Why didn't you tell me?



l'm telling you now.



Why didn't you tell me?

l mean, l should know.



-Are you sure?




And our baby is going to be a boy.

l know it.



A boy very much like his father.



ln many ways...



but not all.



Shouldn't she be putting on

a little weight?



lt's natural, l think,

for him to be gaining faster.



Let me see.



Very heavy.



Hello, sweetheart.



He's building up fine.



"l am now stronger than ever.



"l'm helping a young Dr. Guerra

get started here.



"Almost every day l find myself

walking three or four miles...



"through the dusty and dirty streets

of Vientecito village. "



Hello, Ángel. How are you?






l'd like to speak to Mr. Gómez, the boss.



The man that runs this place.



Mrs. Benedict, what is it l can do?



Mr. Gómez, l'm going to leave

Dr. Guerra here with you.



He'll tell you things

that must be done immediately.



This place is a scandal.



Thank you, Dr. Guerra.

l'll get in touch with you.



Hello, Jett.



-Howdy, Miss Leslie.

-How are you?



l'm doing good.



-You made some improvements.

-Do you like it?



lt looks good.



lt ain't much yet, but it's coming along.



l wouldn't have believed it.



Believed what?



Truthfully, l didn't expect this sort

of talent to be one of your virtues.



That's the first time l was ever accused

of having any of that.



lt really is nice, Jett. Real nice.






l'll have a place

that no one will be ashamed of.



l cut them out of the newspaper.



l thought maybe they'd kind of

dress the place up a little bit.



Sweet of you.



Do you want to come on in here,

sit down and rest a minute?



Thank you.



Having kids seems to agree with you,

you know?



You're looking prettier than ever.



Just as good, anyway.



My goodness, and tea!



You like tea, don't you?



l love it. lt seems down here everybody

drinks gallons of coffee.



l know.



Mind if l pay you

a rather personal compliment?



What is it?



You make a very excellent cup of tea.



l do a lot of things in a pinch.



Do you like one lump or do you like two?



l think l'll take mine straight.



That's good enough for me.



That's not too good, is it?



When will you get married, Jett?



Don't you need somebody to help you

with this kind of responsibility?



When l get some time to look around,

l'll go back East and....



To Maryland, places like that.



You got any attractive sisters there that

might be interested in some poor people?



Money isn't all, you know?



Not when you've got it.



The other people around here...



why don't they help themselves

like you've done?



When you say "other people,"

what do you mean?



l've just come back from Vientecito.



That bunch of wetbacks?



You don't go mixing me up

with none of them.



l'm just as much of Texas

as Bick Benedict is.



-l'm no wetback.

-l know that.



You're very like Jordan in that respect.

Attitude, everything.



But your situation is so different.

You're a working man.



That's something l'm gonna try to fix.



Someday l will.



All right, Gómez.



Yes, l understand.



Yes, thank you.



Thanks for the tea party, Jett.



And don't be such a stranger.



Stop by and pay us a visit.



l don't know about that.



Bick's still got his kettle on for me.






Hello, darling.



l was just having tea with Jett Rink.



Gómez telephoned.

"Mrs. Benedict went to Vientecito.



"l hope you're not displeased," he said.



l've told you before....

What's this about Jett Rink?



He made tea. lsn't that unbelievable?



He does so want to improve himself.



But your man Gómez, that camp he runs....



lt's hopeless.



You can't go around this place

with no regard for who you are...



interfering with those people.



Jordan, that place is a scandal.



Dr. Guerra threw his hands up in horror.



That's his problem.



You've been a powerful Texan for

    years. Why don't you do something?



l'm not the Red Cross, l'm a cow man.



lf you won't, l will.



lf you go near those dumps again...



if l ever hear you get mixed up

in this migratory mess--




-l'll leave you!



That's what l'll do, l'll leave you!



There's my darling little girl.



Did you think your naughty mama was

never going to come up to see you?



One thing you can be sure of:



One of these days l'll run

that Jett Rink's hide out of this country.



Say hello to Luz. Say, "Hello, Luz."



Look there. Say hello to little Luz.



l don't care what you say.

She does look like Luz.



Oh, honey.



We're all gathered for the fourth

anniversary of my son's birth.



And your daughter's.



And l want to take

this auspicious occasion...



to say that this young fellow here...



is gonna grow up to be

one of Reata's top hands.



l mean, this boy's gonna be the best.



Maybe he'll even grow up

to be better than his old man.



Girls, look at the pony.



There he is, son.



He's all yours.



All mine, Daddy?



Take him around, Ángel.



Take it easy, son.



He doesn't want to.



l rode before l could walk.



But that was you.

He's another person entirely.



He is a Benedict. He's gonna stay

on that saddle if l have to tie him on.



Take him away.




-Let him ride, Polo.



Let him ride.



Take him up for his nap. l think he's tired.



That wasn't so bad, was it, son?



Bick knows everything about running

a ranch. Bone, hide and hair.



He doesn't know a thing

about raising kids...



any more than his father did.



You just stay with it your way...



and help those children grow up to be

what they want to be.



l will, Uncle Bawley. l promise.



We're going to hit the hay.



-Good night, Leslie.

-Good night.



-Good night.

-Good night.



lt's time for me to turn in.



-Good night, Bick.

-Good night, Bawley.



Good night, everybody.

Don't forget to turn off the rain.



Are you tired?






What's happening is we're getting

on each other's nerves.



Could be.



We've been together every day and night

since we first met.



ls that bad?






We're getting in the habit

of snapping at each other...



about things

we should've adjusted to years ago.



l think it would be a good idea

if l took the children home for a visit.






lf you're homesick....



l mean, if that's the way you want it.



-That's not the way l want it, Jordan.

-All right, then.



lt'll be better for us

if we're apart for a while.



Better for us and the children.



lt'll give us both a chance

to think things over.



You know best, l guess.



l think it will be best.



-Hi, there.




Fine day for riding.



Just magnificent.



See you later.



She's a lucky girl.



lf l had it to do again,

l'd still walk off with Jordan.



Even if l knew it'd end like this.



You have no time to be homesick...



with this wedding and Thanksgiving

on us together.



Pedro, come here.



Pedro, eat your dinner like a good boy.



Merciful Father, we bow our heads

in gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day.



We give thee humble and hearty thanks

for this, thy bounty...



beseeching thee to continue

thy loving kindness...



that our land may still yield her increase,

to thy glory and our comfort.






ls that Pedro?



Yes, darling.



lt's a day

when we're supposed to be happy.



Come on now, smile.



Like Mommy.



ls something wrong, Miss Leslie?



Now maybe you'll stop crying.



lt's a message to you from your father.



ls he gonna be here for dinner?






but he says,

"l hope my darlings are all very happy.



"l want them to know l miss them

very much and love each one very much."



l could see you coming.

Why, Mr. Benedict, this is a good surprise!



We're having a wedding.

Sure is plenty of excitement.



"Dearly beloved...



"we are gathered here in the sight of God

and in the face of this company...



"to join together this man

and this woman in holy matrimony...



"which is an honorable estate

instituted of God.



"David, wilt thou have this woman

for thy wedded wife?



"To live together after God's ordinance

in the holiest state of matrimony?



"Wilt thou love her, comfort her,

honor her...



"and keep her in sickness and in health,

and forsaking all others...



"keep thee only unto her

so long as you both shall live?"



l will.



"Lacey, wilt thou have this man

for thy wedded husband...



"to live together after God's ordinance

in the holiest state of matrimony?



"Wilt thou love him, comfort him,

honor him...



"and keep him in sickness and in health,

and forsaking all others...



"keep thee only unto him

so long as you both shall live?"



l will.



"Bless, O Lord, this ring...



"that he who gives it and she

who wears it may abide in thy peace...



"and continue in thy favor

unto their life's end.






With this ring, l thee wed.



"Those whom God hath joined together,

let no man put asunder.



"For as much as David and Lacey have

consented together in holy wedlock...



"l pronounce that they are man and wife."



Are you ready to come back

to your old, beat-up cowhand?



l'm no different than l was when l left.



We Texans like a little vinegar

with our greens. lt gives them flavor.



What do you think of old King Tut?



Boy, howdy, that's some hunk of beef!



He's gonna make history, too.



When Bick finishes this breeding program,

he'll have an animal...



that's    percent beef

and the rest exaggeration.



Say, Ollie, do you see that?



That's Rink's truck.



l don't want him

hauling through my place.



Jett's got the easement, Bick.

He's got a right to go through the land.



No two ways about that.



l'm tired of his prospecting.

l want him out of here.



He's borrowed about all he could.

He's down to his last collar button.



Sure he is.



Buy him out, Ollie.

Buy him out and get him out of here.



Hello, Jett.



What do you want?



My well came in, Bick.






That's wonderful, Jett.



Everybody thought l had a duster.



You all thought Spindletop and

Burkburnett was all the oil there was.



l'm here to tell you it ain't, boy. lt's here.



There ain't a dang thing

you gonna do about it.



My well came in big, so big.



And there's more down there,

bigger wells.



l'm rich, Bick!



l'm a rich one. l'm a rich boy.



l'm gonna have more money

than you ever thought you could have.



You and the rest of you

stinking sons of Benedicts.



Leslie, go into the house.

Take the women with you.



Jett, we're glad you struck oil.



Now, you go on along home.



My, you sure do look pretty, Miss Leslie.



You always did look pretty.



Pretty, good enough to eat.



Wait a minute.



Take it easy!



You're touchy, Bick.



Touchy as an old cook.



You should have shot him a long time ago.



Now he's too rich to kill.



Tell your client that Reata is my property.



And the name of Reata is my property.



The Texas courts are fair.



He is to cease using the name of my ranch

in his oil schemes.



l won't have oil digging on Reata.

l won't stand for its name being used.



ls that clear?









They say Aunt Luz was really in love

with Jett Rink herself.



Even if she was old enough

to be his mother.



Now, Luz....



She was a character.



She was always trying to keep him

from getting married.



He had to run off to marry you.



What's that?



Who said what?



Somebody. l forget.



You know what they say?



That every girl in Texas was trying

to catch Papa.



They said, quote:



''There wasn't a prize bull like him

since Sam Houston got married.''



That's enough from her.



l'm sure it's quite true, darling.

lt took me two whole days to land him.



Really? lt all sounds so fascinating

and uncouth.



Where are you going?



Down the road to Smitty's for Coke.



With who?






Stay at home.



Hey, you!



Hello, Papa.






Where have you been?



Down the road for a Coke.



With who?






-Howdy, Mr. Benedict.

-Hello, Bob.



Well, good night, Mr. Benedict.



Excuse me, Papa.



Look, Papa, are you busy now?



Never too busy for you, young fellow.



What's on your mind?



Well, Daddy, it's like this.



l am, Mama. l'm going to be.



l want to go to Harvard

and then to Columbia premed.



So you want to be a doctor?






How about Reata, Jordy?

He's counting on you to take over.



Yes, l know he is. l know it.



But there are       guys who can do it

better than l can.



l don't want to live my life

pushing cows around.



l'd die for Papa if l had to.



Your father doesn't want you to die

for him. He wants you to live for him.



Talk to her, will you, Daddy?



Reason with her.



l don't want this pinned on me.



l'll take all the blame.



You just sort of soften the blow a little bit.



l'll talk to him myself.



You can persuade him, Mom.

l know you can.



lt's not gonna be easy, honey.



Maybe l can catch her at a weak moment.



You can do it, Daddy. l know you can.



Darling, l've been thinking....



Me, too.



About the children.



That's funny. Me, too.



We must be getting old.



Speak for yourself.



l wonder if we love them enough

to do what's really right for them.



Why, sure.



l hope so.



l mean...



so we love them too much perhaps.



So much that we keep from doing

what's right for them.



Not me.



You don't have to worry about me.



lt's always the mother.



The theory is she doesn't want

her fledglings to leave her nest.



Try their own wings. All that sort of stuff.



You mean...



you'd be perfectly willing to sacrifice?






l'd sacrifice for her. You know that.



l'm not so sold on that...



girl's school in Switzerland

you're stuck on.



Now, don't get your feathers up.



Judy's not crazy about that school either.



Of course she isn't.

That's exactly why she needs to go.



l wouldn't push her.






wants to go to Texas Tech.



That's a man's school.



Girls go, too.



lt's got the best animal husbandry course

in the country, she says.



She wants to be a rancher,

like her old man.



Like Bob Dace.



She's just got her little schoolgirl crush

on that hulking Bob Dace.



She's got her mind set on it.



That's what she wants.



And l, for one, am willing to sacrifice.



What do you say?



lt seems we've hatched

an odd pair of fledglings.



Brace yourself.



Jordy wants to be a doctor.



He wants what?



He wants to be a doctor.

He's absolutely set on it.



Over my dead body!

You know what he's supposed to do.



Well, he's not.



He'd die for you, but he's not gonna

live his life for you. And he's right.



He'll do as we've all done.



He wants to go to Harvard first,

then Columbia premed.



You're pretty handy with those terms.



l can see who's been cooking this thing up.



Of course...



this would mean a big sacrifice

on your part.



No matter where he goes to school...



he comes right back home and runs Reata.



l guess you were right about one thing.






On one thing.



We are getting old.






We are, Jordan.



We are the older generation.



Aren't we?






l guess so.



''...unless oil or gas shall have been struck

at a lesser depth.''



ls that about Vashti Hake's ranch?









How about Reata?



No. That Benedict is a hard guy to crack.



Let's just keep punching, boys.






What's he covering up now?



He'll overstep the mark one of these days.



Give him enough rope.



Give him enough rope, and he'll hang you.



l'll get it.






No, this is her daughter.



You'll have to find out for yourself.



-Take your social life on the other phone.

-lt's for you.



l think he's nice.



-Who's nice?

-Jett Rink.



l don't want to talk to him.



What do l tell him?



Let me talk. l'll tell him.



l'll talk to him.



You've heard from me before on this, Jett.



Judge Whiteside told you, and l told you.



This is a cattle ranch, not an oil field.

That's the way it's gonna stay.



That's about the most expensive

phone call you ever made, Bick.



lt'll cost you a billion dollars a year

for the next    years.



Couldn't we have just one little, itty-bitty

oil well, so l can get a private phone?



After reporting to President Roosevelt,

the Naval Secretary told the press...



that the battleship Arizona

and five other warships were lost...



in the Japanese air raid

on Pearl Harbor a fortnight ago.



He reported that    officers...



and      enlisted men were known dead.



That only makes me realize l'm losing you.



Here they are.



When did you two sneak in?



The honeymooners!



Judy, you're gonna get it.

You know Mom wanted a big wedding.



That's not true, Luz.



Not quite true.



We came for you to see Ángel.



He's the first soldier from Reata.



-Merry Christmas, Polo.

-Merry Christmas.



lsn't he a fine-looking soldier?



Just a minute.



Merry Christmas, Ángel.



Thank you.



Today the wish of all of us is

that the war ends quickly...



and that you, Ángel,

return safely to Reata...



and to all of those

who love you very much.



l'll drink a toast to that.



Come on, now, and open it.



-Hello, Dr. Guerra.

-Hello, Dr. Benedict.



Just a little premature.



l know, it takes time.



Jordan, this is Juana.



She's been training out at the hospital.



lt must be that darn north wind static.



Don't tell me you haven't learned that

dry wind, friction, and a heavy carpet...



are not the only means of creating

electricity between human beings.



Thank you.



Could you stay and give me the lowdown

on what it's like?



-Very nice to meet you.

-Nice meeting you.







-Let's get some Christmas cheer.

-You talked me into it!



Friends, we're gonna have

a mighty triumphant Christmas.



l'm gonna drink a toast

to two young men of Reata.



My two sons.



Thank you, Mr. Benedict.



Better take it easy on the bourbon, Dad.



lt's not good for you.



l'm not kidding you.



l hate to see Ángel go.



That boy is the best dang man

on the place.



lt's time for you to take your place here,

to produce beef for the war.



They need doctors, Dad.

They need doctors in war, too.



l want to finish medical school if l can.



You are being bull-headed.



l never would be any good

at running this place.



Any man on Reata can do it better.



You're the one.



You're the one with a responsibility

to Reata.



Your blood pressure is going up

just while we're talking here.



Please, it isn't good for you. Just relax.



Don't you get fresh with me.



We're talking.



Yes, l heard.



lt's Christmas morning. lsn't this

something you could discuss tomorrow?



There's nothing to discuss.



When l come home,

l'll work with Dr. Guerra in Vientecito.



l love Texas as much as you do.

l want to work here.



l just want to work in a different way,

that's all.



Come on, Jordan.



Work with Guerra!



Here's to you, Mr. Benedict.



You look beat, Mr. Benedict.



Here's to you.



lt's pretty good stuff.



Did you make that yourself?.



Yes, l make it every year.



lt's my Christmas special.



No, l mean the liquor.



Did you make the liquor yourself?.



lf not, it's about the only thing

you don't produce on Reata yourself.



Come here and sit down.



l've got some serious talk

to make with you.



l've been watching you pretty close

for a lot of years.



You're a ranchman.



And you're smart.



You're wondering why l'm talking to you.



Bob Dace...



look me right in the eye.



You could never be anything but a rancher,

could you?



-No, sir.

-That's my boy.



But somebody else thinks l could.



Not my Judy.



-No, sir, it's not Judy.




President Roosevelt.



Listen to this:



''To Robert Haskell Dace.



''Greetings from the President

of the United States.''



Let me see that.



''You are hereby notified to report

on December   ...



'' :   a.m. for induction.''



lt don't matter.



Your job won't let you leave this place.



lt'll make you stay right here.

This is just as important as carrying a gun.



l appreciate your confidence, sir.



But this is one thing

l'm not gonna try to get out of.



Have it your way. You might as well...



everybody else does around here.



l'll show you my heart's in the right place.



When you come back

after the war is over...



the job's yours.



lt'll be waiting for you.



l couldn't take it, sir.



Papa, Bob and l have plans.



We want a place, just our own.



You crazy kids, you!



Can you imagine you'll ever have

anything like this? Like Reata?



Gosh, no, sir. We just want a little place.



Just a little place that'll allow us time

for experimentation and progress.



See, sir, big stuff is old stuff now.



Big stuff is old stuff?.



Bob didn't mean to upset you.

He just wants to be honest, that's all.



We just want something little

that's our own. That's all.



Just ours.



You see, Dad?



Yeah, honey, l see.



See you, Daddy.



Keeping it together all my life for them!



l battled mesquite, dust, and the wind...



to keep it this big.



And for who?



l might just as well give it back

to the dirty Comanches!



That's the Christmas spirit.



Give it all back to the poor old lndians.



Don't tell me, l know. You're Jett Rink.



You're Judy.



No, l'm Luz.



That l am.



Come on in.



Dad's over at the bar.



Feel free, it's Christmas.

Everybody gets one.






l thought that was next week.

Somebody ought to have told me.



Christmas greetings

from Mr. Jetexas himself.



Sit down.



l guess Christmas is as good a day as any

to talk business.



Run along, Luz.



We've got business to talk about.



'Bye, now.



'Bye, Mr. Rink.



Everybody calls me Jett, honey.






What's on your mind?



The country needs petroleum.



l'm going to Washington, Bick.



The reason l'm going

and the reason l'm here is oil.



l figured.



You want to talk a little business?



l'm ready.



lt seems that every time we made a deal,

me and you...



it just turned out pretty lucky...



for somebody.



All this oil around here hasn't made

a lot of difference.



We live pretty much like we always have

here in Reata.



Just like we Benedicts found it.



The Lord was good to you, to set

the swimming pool in your own front yard.



Hey, come on in.



Not now, Luz.



lt's good for the young folks.



We'd have made improvements

around here, oil or no oil.



But that   .  percent tax exemption

on oil helped, didn't it?



Bale, l'll tell you what old Pinky thinks.






That oil tax exemption is the best thing

to hit Texas since we whooped Geronimo.



One of the finest laws ever passed

in Washington.



And all joking aside, Bick...



we're not adverse to accepting

a share of the credit for it.



Not at all.



How about an exemption for depreciation

of first-class brains, Senator?



Whose? Yours?



My father's, for instance. He spent his life

saving other people's lives.



How about some tax exemption there?



Leslie has always been a real sharp talker,

ain't she?



Fair enough, Judge. You've always been

smooth enough for two.



''Do you take each other

for better or for worse...



''for richer or for poorer...



''in sickness and in health, until death?



''Jordan Benedict, wilt thou take...



''Juana Villalobos here present...



''for your lawful wife, according to

the rite of our Holy Mother the Church?''



l will.



''Juana Villalobos, wilt thou take...



''Jordan Benedict here present...



''for your lawful husband, according to

the rite of our Holy Mother the Church?''



l will.



Join your hands and kneel down.



What did they say?



Friends and neighbors...



l want you all to meet my wife.



Mrs. Jordan Benedict lll.






He was the first Reata baby l ever saw.



l remember it as if it were yesterday.



He had a fever.



l didn't think he was going

to live the day out.



On behalf of the U.S. Army, l am proud

to present to you the flag of our nation...



which your son defended so gallantly.



Everyone in the world's gonna be there.



l'm gonna fly up to Dallas,

and l'm going to Neiman's.



l'll buy myself

a starlight-white evening dress.



Very plain and simple and deadly.



Before you get so elaborate and simple...



you'd better hear

what your father has to say.



We're certainly going. l promised Jett.



Jett! What are you talking about?



He likes me. He likes my family, too.

He's always talking about you.



My dear, darling Luz...



if l didn't know you had a level Benedict

head on those immature shoulders...



l'd prescribe a good spanking.



He's dreamy. Ask the Snythe girls.



Ask anyone.



He's just a rough diamond.



He's a rough rhinestone.

He's old enough to be your father.



What are you six evil men up to now?



Honey, it's a coronation.



Jett plans to get himself crowned king.



You got to have $   million

to be on the guest list.



The most important people

in the country will be there.



Coast-to-coast broadcast.



Jett's gonna make a magnificent speech.



l know.



l'm going to write it for him.



lt'll be heard across the nation

by everyone.



Eliminating one. That's me.



lf you people stay away, Leslie, you'll be

the only folks in Texas who ain't there.



You'll be roped in with the herd.



You'll be putting on your pink shoes and

dancing to Jett's fiddles like the rest of us.



lf we go then we'll do it right.



We're oil rich, like the rest of them.

We'll go like the rest of them! Only better.



Now you're talking like my father.



The old Benedict spirit.



You set up one of your great weekends.



lnvite everybody.

We'll take them all with us.



We'll show that so-and-so

who's top people around here.



l'll even buy the four-engine Douglas.



Fly in some orchids from Hawaii.



We'll fly in low and shake the tiles

off that hotel roof.



There's Lola Lane!



l bet even Hollywood isn't this exciting.



-lsn't this something?

-lt's perfectly fabulous!



Jett always tries to do things

in a bigger way...



and spend more money than anybody else.



Really? What does he do?



To some folks, he's just

a no-good wildcatting so-and-so.



There he is.



There's the emperor himself.



lsn't this terrific?

Look at Luz, she's queen of the parade.



You didn't tell me.



Did you know about this, Leslie?



No, l didn't.



My daughter, queen of Jett Rink Day!

What is this?



l don't know, Jordan.



She's done things before l haven't

gone along with, but this....



She's never been sneaky.



lt's not exactly sneaky,

appearing in a parade.



Don't try to be funny.



l'm not. l'm just as upset as you are.



But Luz is intelligent enough

not to be imposed on by him or anyone.



Give me the desk.



lt's Bick Benedict.



Did my daughter

Luz Benedict come in yet?



Get this. As soon as she comes in,

have her call me.



You know what l think l'll do?



l'm going to keep it just like this.



l'll keep all those people, send them home.



l'm not even gonna open up this place.



Some girls might like a hotel

all to themselves.



Me, l like company, Jett.

l like lots of people.



All right.



You want lots of people?

l don't see any problem there.



lf there's anything you want,

just say it, and you've got it.



All right, l'd like a Coke.



No, that's impossible.

That's just impossible.



You know as well as l do, Cokes are taboo.

All soft drinks.



You make the rules.



You like things your own way, don't you?



Let me ask you something.



Do you like things your way?

Not many people have things their way.



No, l don't get them my way very often.



And you won't either,

until you get married...



and get your man

to give you what you want.






So if l was you,

l'd start thinking about getting married.



You know, that's an idea.



You looked like a queen

in that parade today.



That was my job.



lt's just what you are.



Luz Benedict ll.



You could be the head lady

of this part of the whole country...



if you wanted to.

lf you married the right man.



That's a sweet idea.



Why don't l just announce it tonight...



with all them thousands

of people listening?



The whole of Texas.



Wouldn't that blow the roof off?.



Jett, tell me something.



ls this a proposal?



Does it sound like one?



After a fashion, but not quite.



You want me to say something

you can laugh at?






l just think you're a wonderful girl.



And l do think you're beautiful.



You're fascinating to me.

l've always been looking for...



a girl like you.



Sure would blow the roof off, wouldn't it?



You've got a long way to go tonight.



l'm very flattered. Any girl would be.



You be a good boy now.



l'll see you later.



l hope this storm doesn't louse up

your party.



A slip-up, boy. l just forgot

to order the right kind of weather!



l heard a twister hit Waco.



What's wrong with you?

Can't you talk United States?



You're talking to my wife.



l'm Jordan Benedict,

if that means anything to you.



l'm just following orders.



Mr. Rink said he'd have my neck

if l let any of the wrong people in.



You Benedicts are all close together.

They've got the Coronado suite.



You're in the Filando suite.



l'm a mess. l must go to the beauty parlor.



Hurry before they close.



Grand opening of the Jett Rink Airport

and Emperador Hotel...



is the latest milestone in the dramatic

life of this virile son of Texas.



Howdy, everybody!



-lt's time you got here.

-Where are the boys?



Where's Pinky, the old bat?



Filando suite for Mr. Benedict, please.



Beauty salon.



Can you take me?



Yes, if you can come right along.



Thank goodness. l'll be right in.



-Who's calling, please?

-Mrs. Benedict.



Come on along, Mrs. Benedict.



Thank you.



Keep everybody freshened up, will you?

We'll be quick.



We're anxious to see old Jett come out

in that suit.



Why couldn't they ride with us

like other people's kids do?



Luz had to fly her own plane

and Jordy and Juana had to drive.



ls anybody here?



We're all booked up.



l just called. l'm Mrs. Benedict.



l'm sorry, but we're busy.



l'll wait a little.



They're driving. lt takes time.



l know it takes time.



l made the trip myself     times.



But don't worry about the children.



Their behavior is odd,

but their manners are beautiful.



Listen here, boy!



l've taken enough from you!



l didn't want to come here!



l wouldn't be here unless you let them

bully you into it.



Now, for heaven's sake,

let's make the best of it.



Cool down, go on with your shaving, finish

dressing, and l'll go downstairs with you!



Otherwise, you can go alone!



You know, honey...



you're awful cute when you get riled.



Hurry on in there.

Your ma and pa are sure having a battle.



Hello, honey.



Where have you been?



We got tied up in traffic.



Where's Juana?



She's in the beauty parlor.



Hello, sweetheart.



He's all right. He just didn't get his nap.



How's my child?



ls that Judy crying?



l hope l'm not too late.



No. Come right in.






Hello, Juana.



Yeah, he's here. Jordy, it's for you.



Yes, dear?



Stay right there, honey.

l'm coming right down.



Don't you folks wait on us, we'll catch up.



Son, you're way behind.



Howdy, everybody, look what we found.



There you are.



We were getting worried.



You'd better get dressed, Jett.



You wanted me to go over

the speech with you, too.



Come on, we'd better hurry.



l'm sorry, but it happens to be

Mr. Jett Rink's orders, himself.



l'm just working here.



Everybody's orders. Same all over town.



The young lady should have gone

to a place where they do her people.



lf it isn't the queen herself!



-Are you having fun?

-We're making out.



-How are you doing?




Where are Mom and Dad?



Don't trifle with your luck.



There you are.



You wanted to talk to me, Dad?



lf you can spare me a moment,

l'd like to talk to you, young lady.



Dad, must we now?



Jordan, we must hurry to be in time

for the grand entrance.



Luz, darling, you look just beautiful!



Help me round everybody up.

l'm sorry l'm so late.



All right, people....



Did some of you boys change this around?



We haven't changed a single comma.

Changes tend to throw you.



''Columbus discovered only the shell

of this country. Agassiz came....''



Where's Rink?



He went thataway.



Looks like l just come in for a root beer.



That, my friend, is a Texas range.



What're you doing sitting up there?



''You've heard of Paul Revere?''

The Texan said, ''Paul Revere?



''Oh, yes. Ain't he the fellow

that had to ride for help?''



ln just a few moments, Mr. Rink himself...



will be here at the microphone.



Come on, let's go.



Jordy is looking for Jett Rink.






Where we had our hair done. Jordy wants

to fight Jett because it was his orders.



On account of Juana. The girl said

they didn't take wetbacks.



Stay here, honey, l'll be right back.



You invited me here to insult my wife.



You're gonna answer for it!



Ain't you the one who married the squaw?



What's the matter, boy?

Not having a good time?



Get them up, Rink! Everybody knows

you got this coming to you!



Jordy, no!



You want it in front of everybody,

or you want to come outside?



l don't care much whether it's here

or outside...



so long as l get one punch

at that stuck-up face of yours.



Sit down.






How are you this evening?



And now, to introduce our guest of honor,

we hear from a man...



known from the rocky coast of Maine

to the Golden Gate in California.



Ladies and gentlemen, our own...



Senator Oliver Whiteside.



Get them up.



You had this coming to you

for a long time.



You'll get what you gave my boy.



Get them up.



Get them up!



...proud, friendly...



warm-hearted, successful.



Yes, successful l am sure....



You ain't even worth hitting.



You want to know something true?



You're all through.



l'm going to ask you

to come with me tonight...



as l turn back the pages

in my book of happy memories...



and l recall the first time

l saw young Jett Rink.



-Where's the boy?

-Juana took Jordy upstairs.



Let's get out of here.



l'll go get Luz.



Come on, Luz. We're leaving.



Excuse me, please.



The years passed quickly...



as the years have a way of doing.



And now l see Jett Rink...



afraid of neither opposition

nor hard work...



his eyes set on the far distant...



goal toward which he's ever working...



planning, striving.



And now we come to Jett Rink, the man.



Texas has been kind to Jett Rink.



And Jett, never forgetting this kindness...



is ever ready to devote his resources...



to the greater glory of the state

which reared him...



which, in turn,

does honor to him tonight...



in this great gathering here present.



And now, my friends, here...



and to the thousands of you

listening across the nation...



l have the privilege, yes...



l have the great honor to introduce

a legend in his own time...



a great Texan...



an outstanding American!



Yes, my friends, a man!



l give to you Jett Rink!



You can count on me.



All right, goodbye.



How bad?



lt hit pretty hard in Vientecito.



Dr. Guerra set up an auxiliary hospital.

He needs help. l've got to go there.



You'll make better time

if you wait till first light and fly.



l hate to spend the night under Jett's roof.



Me, too. lf we weren't transporting

a circus, we'd all hightail it out of here.



l hope she doesn't let this

upset her too much.



This business tonight...



it's just one of those things.

The best thing to do is forget about it.



Go ahead and forget it.

Me, l'm going to remember it!



Now look, Jordy.



Take it easy.



We've had just about enough excitement

around here for one night.



Yeah, l guess so.



You've always had a mind of your own

and used it.



You've done things your own way.



You knew what you were doing

when you married in that direction.



l told you myself the morning

after you broke the news, remember?



l told you then that l knew

Juana was a mighty fine little gal...



but that marrying her was asking

for trouble. Remember?



l told you that.



Lots of folks in these parts

get pretty jumpy about that sort of thing.



Jett's only one of them.



l know those people. We've run

into this before. We're doing fine.



l'm concerned it has to do with the people

that ought to know better.



Like my own father.



Just the simple truth. That's you.

That's the way you think.



l don't care about Jett Rink,

but you, Papa, that's different.



Now you look here, Jordy!



You can't talk to me like that.



No man can!



l'm a fair man. l've been fair all my life,

with everybody!



And you, my own son,

can't tell me that l'm not a fair man!



Look, Jordy...



there's ways of living,

and there's ways of doing things...



that folks abide by when they want

to live right and happily...



in the comfort of their own people.



l always say that Juana is

a mighty fine gal, but--



Don't sit there and prove what l say!

l don't like to hear it!



You're not being fair!



When that ruckus started,

who went after Rink?



Your old man.



-Who took him to account? Your old man.

-And why?



Because of my wife?







Because your son, Jordan Benedict...



descendant of the long, proud line

of Reata...



got knocked flat on his back

in front of all of Texas. That's why!



Forget it. Don't worry yourself about it.



Mom, you made a mistake when you got

yourself mixed up with us rowdy Texans.



l'm shocked at you! l'm shocked

at all of us! l'm just so ashamed!



l'll never forget the sight of my brother

barging into the grand ballroom...



with all of our friends, disgracing us!

Then my father made it a bigger brawl!



How can l face people again?



lf you keep seeing Jett,

you won't have to face me.






How about that anyway, Mom?



l haven't been asked.



lt seems that my family

just can't tolerate his success.



My darling, Luz.



Tonight meant a lot to Jett. Really. l know.



lf l only knew how to apologize to him,

l'd go to him now.



But l can't face all those people.



The party is over. They've all gone home.



He passed out like a light

in front of the whole crowd.



Oh, no!



That's what we heard, Luz.



He must have been ill.



Weak with shame or something.



He was plain drunk, if you'll forgive me.



l don't believe you.



The party broke up early,

but not a minute too soon.



Give me Mr. Rink's penthouse, please.



You're not going up there,

even if l have to sit on you!



lt's important. Do you know where he is?



Luz, it's not like you

to make a fool of yourself.



l know where he is, honey.

Come along with Uncle Bawley.



All right, Luz. lf you must go.



l must.



l've always held a strange power

over your mother.



l'm sorry, Mother.



What do you say, doll face?

About ready to come along with me?



lt's time we hit the hay.



l give up.



Can we go to work now?



Leave him alone.

He owns the place, let him enjoy it.



Shut up.



Shut up!



Ladies and gentlemen

and distinguished guests.



l just want to count the blessings...



that this great domain

has bestowed upon her humble son.



My friends...



this is a man.



Old Mother Texas!



What did she give to me?



Not a goddamn thing.



You've got to work and sweat

and steal it from her.



But l got mine right out of the ground.



Poor Jett...



fighting for what's good.






Flunky for Bick Benedict...



her husband.



Poor Jett!



Poor pretty Leslie!



Pretty Leslie....



Pretty Leslie.

Wonderful, beautiful girl bride!



Poor boy.






Rich Mrs. Benedict.



She's beautiful.






The woman a man wants.



A woman a man has got to have, too!



Thank you, Uncle Bawley.






you know what you can do?



As soon as it lands, l'll sell it.






This is for me, boy.



The simple life.



No more of this highflying nonsense.



Juana, how does a hamburger

and a piece of pie sound to you?



Sounds very good.



No more of this highfalutin stuff.



Let's stop at this drive-in

and have us some chicken.



Then we can eat it with our fingers.



Nice place you have here. l've been

intending to stop every time l drove by.



Thank you.



What do you recommend?

How is the fried chicken?



Little Jordy wants ice cream, Grandpa.






lce cream it shall be.



Give the little fellow some ice cream.



lce cream?



l thought that kid would want a tamale.



Give them what they want.



What do you say? ls this all right?



lt's good.



After all that fancy food and high living.



This is the life.



Hey, you.



The plane should arrive in Benedict

around   :  .



You're in the wrong place.



Come on, let's get out of here.



Your money is no good here.



Come on, let's go.



You, too.



Hold on a minute.



Yes, what do you want?



Look here, Sarge. l'd sure appreciate it

if you were more polite to these people.



You would, eh?



l'm Bick Benedict.

Your neighbor, you might say.



Does that give you special privileges?



The name Benedict's meant something

to people around here for a long time.



That there papoose down there...



is his name Benedict, too?



Yes. Come to think of it, it is.



Forget l asked you.



Go sit down,

and we ain't gonna have no trouble.



But this bunch's gonna eat

somewhere else.



All right, come on. Let's go.



Come on, you, too.



You're out of line, mister.



ls that the best

that old horse thief can do?



He's feeling your mood, darling.



There's a lot of Clair de Lune

in both of you old fire-eaters.



You're both rather gentle creatures.



How awful!



Those kids....



Look at them.



Those kids, in their infinite wisdom,

are smarter than we are.



They know l'm a disgrace.

And they don't hesitate to say so.



Even the calf's got my number.



l don't have to take it from a sheep!



Now, Jordan!



Hello, Vashti. We're all fine.

How'd you make it back?



-They all made it back in one piece.




Yes, all our guests have finally gone.

Thank goodness!



But more have left than we bargained for.



Luz has gone on to Hollywood with Lola,

whatever the name was.



She decided she would like to see

how she liked Hollywood.



We never had one in the family.



Good Lord, an actress!



All you can do is raise them.

You can't live their lives for them.



Judy and Bob are out looking at a ranch.



A small one.



Jordy and Juana are gonna move

into Vientecito.



And we, we're home minding the babies.



The sun's going down over the yardarm.

When are you going to open up the bar?



Anytime. Go ahead.



Remember, one of these days

that bourbon's gonna kill you.



Okay. lt'll be me or it.



One of us has got to go.



l'm going to stay right here.

lt's coming onto spring.



Roundup time is no time

to be away from Reata.



Honey, everybody's on the move.

The strays are leaving the herd.



l wouldn't mind it too much if you wanted

to pack up and go back home for a spell.






Where do you think l've been

this last breathless quarter of a century?






Look, boy, l belong here!



You really want to know

what's gotten my goat?



My own grandson doesn't even look

like one of us.



He really looks like a little wetback.



Little muchacho fires up, don't he?



l'm sorry, Jordan Benedict lV.



There's times when a man

just has to be honest.



You know something, Leslie?



There's no use kidding.



l'm a failure.



Nothing has turned out like l had planned.



l just feel like my saddle's turning

right out from under me.



Do you want to know something?



l think you're great!



Don't ask me why.

Some things are difficult to explain.



You know all that fine riding

you used to do, and all that fancy roping...



and all that glamour stuff

you did to dazzle me?



lt was impressive.



But none of it ever made you

quite as big a man to me...



as you were on the floor

of Sarge's hamburger joint.



When you tumbled rearward...



and landed crashing

into that pile of dirty dishes...



you were at last my hero.



That's what you always wanted to be.



Could be.



When we went into that place,

before the fight started....



What a fight! lt was glorious!



Before we went in,

l was feeling like you are now.



l was thinking to myself:






''Jordan and l, and the others behind us,

have been failures.''



And then it happened.



You wound up on the floor, on your back,

in the middle of the salad.



And l said to myself:






''after 100 years...



''the Benedict family...



''is a real big success.''



You want to know something, Leslie?



lf l live to be 90...



l'll never be able to figure you out.




Special help by SergeiK