Gingerbread Man Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Gingerbread Man script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Grisham movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Gingerbread Man. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Gingerbread Man Script



Life sentence if found guilty...



defense attorney rick magruder argued



That police posing as drug

merchants were overzealous...



We've also got tropical storm geraldo



Milling around out in the atlantic...



Winds are    miles per hour...



It's what we've been saying all along.



Rick, how did you end up triumphing in this case?



This is about proving that

no one is above the law,



Not even the law enforcement

officers themselves.



This is the latest from

the national hurricane center.



It is moving to the northeast...



 .   degrees west, but look at this...



but look at this...



From jacksonville all the way up to cape hatteras,



But it looks like national

hurricane center...



later as this hurricane continues...



Come on! I don't give a damn what you come at us with.



   of florida's finest just

let him walk in criminal.



You think civil's

gonna work differently?



You move it uptown it will,



Where the jury

will use some logic.



When you geniuses at d. A. Gonna learn



That logic runs a distant second

to god, country, and color?



We intend to invoke all  .



And that's why I vacation in the Canary Islands



And you guys get your news

from the bottom of a bird cage.



You took a   -Year vet



And kicked the living daylights

out of him.



He blew procedure. Lied on

the stand, suppressed evidence.



Come on, terry.

I'm a big supporter of cops,



But there's only one set of

rules if you read them or not.



What about morality?



Morality in law?



Who told you that,

the great lawyer fairy?



My job is to protect my client.



I don't know about you

or the cops or anybody else,



But i'm making like hank snow

and moving on.



If you want to push for civil,



You go ahead,

i'll see you in court.



Defense attorney rick

magruder argued that police



Posing as drug merchants

were overzealous...



I told y'all not to

leave those on the sofa.



Is the phone in here?



We're watching dad on tv.






Hey, betty, it's mr. Magruder.



How are the kids?



They're fine.

I'm about to fix...



Oh, my gosh,

you're on the tv.



I must have done

pretty well today.



Is leeanne around?



No. Mr. Alden came by

and picked her up.



Mr. Alden, huh?



Hey, kids, your daddy's

on the phone.



Hi, dad.



Hey, how you doin',




Ok. One of the guys on tv said

you were a snake oil salesman,



And I told jeff you couldn't be

'cause you're still a lawyer.



You're right, honey.



You don't believe

everything you see on tv.



I guess not.

I told you, jeff.



Daddy said so.

He's still a lawyer.



You're not fooling me.

Dad's still on tv.



You guys quit fighting.



Listen, I love you both and

i'll see you tomorrow, ok?



Bye, dad.



Yeah, bye, honey.



Dunson, hess, and magruder.



Konnie, it's rick.

Put me through to lois?



Yes, mr. Magruder.

One second, please.



Lois, it's rick.



Well, if it isn't

the golden boy.






I just caught a glimpse

of you on the  :  .



Didn't I tell you

not to wear that tie?



I like that tie.

It's good luck.



Are you coming

by the office?



You read my mind.



How's a nice quiet dinner

at the pink house sound?



Ricky, i'd love to, but

we're just swamped here.



But swing on by. We'll grab

something a little later.



I'll come by, lo.



All right.



Shh shh shh!



Are we ever gonna

fix this door?







Oh, what is this?



Is this you?



I'm sorry. I was

dying to tell you,



But the boys

made me swear.






Let me take your stuff.



Is this all for me?



I don't drink




I've got yours.



You are a psychic.






What are you doing here?



Real good to see you here.

I appreciate it.



Who are all these people?

Do I know all these people?



Well, look who's here.



You didn't wear

that costume.



I knew you were going

to mention this suit.



It worked.



I want to tell you



That you did a superb job

in jacksonville.



This is the first time

a savannah lawyer's



Won a case down there

in    years.



   years? Judge winslow

sends his regards.



What is that?



Hey, Lois.



You put this girl

up to this?



Lois, this is his night now.



I know. We're going

to take care of him.






Thank you for this.



This is a big surprise.



You doin' all right?



Do we have to do this?






There's still a table

at the pink house.



Oh, boy.



I wanted to warn you.



Why is she here?



I'll talk to her.

I'll see you later.






Hey, leeanne.



Congratulations, rick.



Got a little lipstick




Thank you. Hey, carl.



I thought I recognized

that lincoln.



Yes, she is

a beauty, isn't she?



Didn't spoil the surprise,

but the license gives it away.



That's clever. You're an

attorney and it says attorney.



Works every time.



Everyone's very happy

for you.



I know how hard

you worked this case.



We got lucky.

We had a good run.



Marvelous knack

of making the cops



Look absolutely

rotten, i'd say.



No matter what side

of the law you're on,



You got to play

by the rules.



That's exactly what you

told the jury, wasn't it?



We lay out the evidence,

let them do the right thing.



So, why didn't they?



I'll get us

a couple of drinks.



I'd love another bacardi

and cranberry.



Thanks, honey.



Yeah, thanks, honey.



Aw, don't thank me.



So, I thought you'd

given up on attorneys.



Well, everyone's

got their thing.



Is that what it is?



What do you call someone

who's addicted to attorneys?






At least he's a divorce lawyer

and not a criminal...



Don't start.



That he happened to be

your divorce lawyer



Is a little shitty,

don't you think?



What is this about?



You want to go through

with this?



Tomorrow, what time

for the kids?



It's always  :  .



Why don't

we make it  :  ?



Do me a favor.

Try and be on time, rick.






Can I get another drink?



Jack straight up?



What am I going to do?

Did you see that jerk?



J.D. Straight up,




Oh, boy.



How she picked him,

i do not know.



I try so hard.

I really do.



Just try and remember

what the carrot is here.



Fuck the carrot. I have

to put up with his crap.



If you lose it now...



i know,

you're right, carl.



If you lose it now, it's

going to cost you later.



He just has this way

of pissing me off.



I understand.



Where'd you park

the damn car anyway?



One step,   steps...



what color was it




It's green.



Do you know what a fabulously

attractive woman you are?



Why don't we leave here

and go have some dinner?



It's the booze, rick.



It makes you itch,




Well, we can scratch.



You know better.



If you don't, I do.



That's what you pay me

for... Good judgment.



Well, I got the kids tomorrow,

but i'll call in, so...



one nightcap?

Something medicinal?



I'll fix you one,



But I still got an hour

or   of catch-Up.









God damn it! That's

my car, asshole!



Jesus! Shit!



Something wrong?



Son of a bitch just

stole my fucking car!



Just now?



Yeah, just now!

Didn't you see?



If it was stolen, we

should call the police.






So they can make out

some goddamn report



And tell me to call

my insurance company,



Which I don't have

because I can't afford it,



And they aren't gonna

do a darn thing anyway.



No, thanks. I've been

through this shit before.



Is there anything

i can do?



Find me a new life.



I'm just gonna walk to

a phone booth so I can call...



I've got a phone

in the car.



Of course you do.



Miss, i'm on my way.

I could give you a ride.



No, thanks.

I just need a cab.



This time of night,

this weather,



You're gonna

wait around forever.



Where do you live?



Across town.



I don't mind, really.



I'm just wired from today,

so I could use the drive.



But, you know, whatever.



I'll... I'll

give you a ride.



It's up here?



It's down this road




i don't know,   lights,



And then you turn

right on victory,



And it's a couple

of miles out of town.



You like your job?



It wasn't a lifelong ambition,

if that's what you're asking.



I was just wondering.



Pays the rent.



Any news about geraldo?



The tv guy?



The storm.



I had other things

on my mind.



Just wondered

whether it was coming in.



It's funny. Sometimes you

get so wrapped up in a case



You forget

other things exist.



Like what?



Like storms.



Ok, right at the end of

the street, you turn right.



Turn right.



Right here.



Down the street?



No. First house on

the right-Hand side.



All right.



Well, there you go.



What is it?



That's my car.



The one

that was stolen?



Maybe it wasn't stolen.



What do you mean?

You got a roommate?



No, I live alone.

Thanks again for the ride.



What do you mean?



You forget to lock it?



You want me to come in?



For what? I'm fine.



Why don't I come in?






This is very unusual.



Another tropical depression

has developed



Out in the atlantic ocean...



are these

your car keys?



Anybody home?






So, what did

i walk into here?



A jealous boyfriend?

Ex-Husband? Current husband?



None of the above?



My daddy.



Your daddy stole your car?

Broke into your house?



Any particular reason?



He's just not well.



What's wrong with him?



I didn't say there's

anything wrong with him.



He just does

weird shit sometimes.



How long has this

been going on?



Hey, you know what?



You went out of your way,

you gave me a ride,



That was swell, but I don't

want to talk about this.



I think you should.

What is it he's doing?



He follows me.



You mean he stalks you?



Oh, is that

the legal word?




That's what he does.






I don't know.

He's in this group.



It's not religious.



They don't believe the

world's coming to an end,



But they just

got some strange ideas.



I may be out of line here, but

this isn't rational behavior.



You got to have

somebody talk to him.



You sound like

everybody else in town.



Acting like it's

so easy. He's my daddy.



I'm not saying it's easy.

These things escalate



Which can

become dangerous,



And you can

make him get help.



What do you mean?



If he's dangerous

to himself or you,



The state can force him

to get checked out.



There's no money

for anything like that!



There doesn't

have to be money.



You have

an evaluation period.



If he needs care,

the court can order it.



The court didn't

do shit for me!



They can get him

on lithium, prozac.



Maybe that's all he

needs to get better.



He ain't gonna

get better!



my daddy

ain't gonna get better.



I'm sorry.



L... I didn't mean

to upset you.



it's all right.

It's all right.



Am I in your spot?



Oh, jesus!



Come on, leeanne.

I didn't forget. I'm sorry.



I was not out screwing around.

I had a meeting.



Why do you always assume...



I'll be with you in   ...

In    minutes.



Yeah, i'm coming.







you're late! Again!



I'm sorry, darlin'.



How are you?



I'm sorry, jeff.



In we go.

Squeeze up.



Here we go.



You look like shit.




Forgot to shave.



Don't start.



Same shirt you had on

last night, isn't it?



We're good to go.

Say good-Bye to your mom.



Bye, mom.



I love you both.



I won't let go!



Now, listen, you guys,



If I let go of your hands,

are you gonna behave?






Yes, you are.



You want anything?



Hey, listen!



You want one

of these wheel things?






Ok, you choose one.



Can I have one of these?

I'll have  .



Guys, look at this.

What is this?



Can we get over here?



Look at this guy.

He is something else.



Look at this.



Yeah? Yeah,

put him on.



What did I do, just step

off the banana boat?



You want to go

see the pets?






Ok, let's go

see the pets.



It's not even in the ballpark.



Oh, get out of here!



You guys land back on earth,

you give me a call.



Yeah? And thank you.



Callin' your psychic hotline

on that cell phone?



Libby? Jeff?



Mr. Father

knows best...



Libby? Excuse me.



I thought

i lost you guys.




starting again.




his benadryl?



It's the cats.

Mom's got it.



I thought you weren't

supposed to play with cats.



Let me just...



i was just

petting him.



I tried to warn him, but

no one ever listens to me.



I know that, honey.



I guess we shouldn't tell

your mom about this cat stuff.






Well, we don't

want to upset her.



Well, I don't

like to lie.



You don't have to lie,

but jeff's still sneezing.






Get me out of here.




Undo it.



Out you come.



Hey, i'm real sorry

i was late.



I love you.



I love you, too.

Hey, mom, jeff's sneezing



'Cause daddy took us

to the pet booth.



Make sure you take your benadryl.



For god's sakes, rick.






How many times do I have

to warn you about pet shops?



Leeanne, they

were just there.



At least keep him away

from the cats!



What do you want me to do,

keep him on a leash?



Keep yourself on a leash.




Look at you.



I can smell her on you.



I can smell something

on you, leeanne.



Good morning,




Good afternoon.



I knew that.

Hi, konnie.



Mr. Whitaker called.

Mr. Howard rang again.



He wants a response

on the jensens' case.



And judge russo

won't give up about golf.



Tell howard I haven't

heard anything yet,



And we should make

russo sweat a little.



And if I could have some...



what? What?



Coffee. Same shirt?



I didn't notice.



I'd like to say we've

seen all we're going to,



But that's not the case.



The stationary front

stays right on top of us.



Hi. Thought you might

be a little hungry.



Oh, yeah.



Heck of a lot of food

left over from last night.



Oh, and phillip wants to talk

to you when you get a chance.









Caviar house.






You catered

a party last night



For dunson, hess,

and magruder.



And, um...



one of the caterers

left a jacket,



And I just want

to get it back to her.




Do you have a name?



No, I don't have a name.



She... She was a girl,




about  ' ", brunette,

and, um...



we have a lot of people

coming in and out.



I didn't manage last night.

Jerry did. He's back tomorrow.



Ahem. Yeah, well,

i agree.



I'm right behind you

on this one,



And I agree also



That I don't think this case

should ever get to trial.



I think we can

achieve that for you,



And i... I really

appreciate your call.



Thank you.



You didn't even

get her name.






I'm simply curious.



You just keep

propositioning people



Until somebody says yes?



Aw, come on, lois.



Or was this just another

in your regular rotation



Of girls who have trouble

with too many syllables?



Well, how many syllables

do you need?



Could you sign this

for me?






By the end

of the day.



Yes, ma'am.



Thank you, lois.



You're welcome.



Konnie, any calls,



I'll be back

in one hour.



What about...



I'll call later.



Lois, i'm so sorry

for the delay on this.



You all have

a nice day.






Anybody home?






Anybody home?



Hello? Anybody home?






Hey, konnie,

this is rick.



I want you to get ahold

of clyde,



Tell him to meet me

at the office.



I'll explain it to him

when he gets there. Ok.



Hey, cassandra.



Where's konnie?



I think she's in

with lois.



Has clyde pell

shown up?



No, I have not

seen him, sir.



Cassandra, you want to

put your legs away,



Maybe try answering

the phone?



That's why you're here.



Hey, konnie,

where's clyde pell?



I thought I told you to get

clyde pell here right now.



I did.



So where is he?



She's been

waiting for you.



I had to see you.



I've been to the house.

I saw what he did.




gonna be all right.



Can I get you

anything, sir?



Ask lois to step

in the office.



Clyde shows up,

you bring him right in.



Son of a bitch.



Hey, hey...



i liked that cat.



I came home from work

this afternoon



And found him.



I know, I know.



I'm scared.



There's no smoking

in here, right?



Mr. Pell. Mr. Magruder's

waiting for you.



Hi. How you doing,

sweet cheeks?



I'm great. Thanks.



You look fine today.



Thank you.



Tell him i'm here.



Please don't play

with my phone. Go on in.



I won't play with your phone

if you won't play with my...



Hey, remember me?

Private dick.



Don't be touching me

like that. He's waiting.



All right I won't.

Ok, ok.



I called you about

half an hour ago.



My pager's

on the fritz.



Hey, rick.



Hey, clyde.



Hey, thanks for coming

on such short notice.



No problem.



Clyde pell this is,




doss. Mallory doss.



You two know

each other?



No, not exactly.



What does that mean?

You know her or not?



Maybe she don't

remember me.



I investigated her father

a couple years back.



Shoeless joe

they called him.



Well, for what?



I worked for bauer

and lewis at the d. A.



For some tax case.



Some fringe group applied

for religious exemption,



And old joe found himself



Up shit's creek without

a paddle.



Excuse me, ma'am.



Come on in, lois.

Uh, you know clyde.



This is, uh,

mallory doss.



This is lois harlan,

one of my associates.









Didn't you waitress

the party last night?



That's right.



You want to

sit on down, lois?



You should hear this.



Mallory, why not tell

miss harlan and mr. Pell



Just what's been




Well, my...



my daddy's always been

a bit different.



He dresses real strange,



And he don't wear

any shoes,



And he doesn't get along

with many people,



Just lately things

have gotten real bad.



He's threatened her.

Stalking. Break-Ins.



He stole my car

a couple of times.



And then I come home

this afternoon,



And my cat...



he strung up

her cat.



Wow. No offense, ma'am.



It appears to me your dad's

a few beers shy of a  -Pack.



Well, we should maybe

ask some questions,



Uh, just to help

this woman out.



You have

any other family?



No. Mama died

  years ago.



Any brothers or sisters?






Any of your father's family living?



Not that I know of.



Does your father

have an attorney



Or is there someone

who handles his affairs?



No, daddy hates




He had one

a few years back,



But he went nuts.



He jumped

out a window.



Well, there's one

with a conscience.



Well, uh...



we're gonna need




We need somebody



Who can corroborate

your father's behavior.



You know, confirm

he's been doing this.



I don't know.



Pete, maybe.






Peter randle.



My ex-Husband.



Daddy put him

in the hospital once.



Well, why is that?



Because he drank out

of daddy's favorite cup.



Well, we'll need him

to testify



As to your father's




It's gonna go a long way

when we get into court.



I don't know

about that.



We're not friends




Last time we spoke,



He swore he wouldn't

spare a drop of piss



If I was burning

to death.



We'll talk to him.



I think it'd be

a real good idea,



If you left your house



While all of this

was going on.



I don't have

any of my things.



Clyde will drive you home,

wait while you get them.



Then he'll take you over

to the bayshore.



It's a nice place.

Real quiet.



Who's gonna pay

for that?



We'll take care

of this.



Talk about it later,




So you give clyde

some addresses



On your father

and your ex-Husband,



Maybe phone numbers

that will help us,



And then i'll fill

in lois on the rest,



And she'll be

in touch with you.



I thought you were gonna

handle this.



Yes. Lois is just

going to help out.



It'll be ok.

I promise.




you want to...









Yeah, you come on

with me.



Get her to the bayshore.



Ok. Come on.



I was under the impression



That our firm didn't handle

these kinds of cases.



Cases where people

need help?



You ask me, it looks like

she can help herself.



A few others, too.



What's that supposed

to mean, lois?



Nothing, mac.



It's just

you don't know her.



There may be

something else.



There's no other reason.

There's no money in this.



She just wants her father

to get better.



We'll have it done

in a week.



Before I go putting

her old man away,



I'd make sure

it's because he's nuts.



You don't want this,

i can take care of it.



I'll handle it, mac.



Just make sure you know

which end you're thinking with.






Hey, diane.



It's rick magruder

for judge russo.



Hi, darling.

How are you?



I'm good, thank you.



Hold on just one second.

I'll get him for you.



Roy russo.



Hey, roy.

What's the word?



Rick, you gotta give me

another shot now.



Yeah, i'll give you

another shot.



You just lost your swing.

You'll get it back.



So what can I do

for you, my friend?



If I sent over a subpoena

and commitment order



You mind giving it

a quick glance?



What's the story?



Nothing earth-Shattering.



Just some, uh...



some nutty old man.



Hey, fella!









Can I talk to you

for a second?










for dixon doss.



We're looking for dixon doss.

Is he around?



No, he's not here.



We got a search warrant.



All right, let's go, boys!

Come on, everybody!



We're looking

for dixon doss.



Whoa! Hey, hey!

Slow down!






Dixon doss?



I'll check this room.



Hey, hey!



Hey, buddy, you can't

go anywhere.



These guys gotta talk

to you.



Hey, officer,

we got one here!



You got anybody else

back in there?



Y'all seen dixon doss?

We're looking for him.



We just want

to talk to him.



All right.

What's your name, sir?



Anybody here?



I'm not dixon doss.



Whoa! Hey, hey, hey!



Come on now.

Is it clear back here?



All right,

get back in there.



Anybody else

back there?



Ok. Hey,

this room's clear.



Hey, no, come on.

Come on back here.



Hey. Hey, sir.



Hey, get that guy.



Dixon doss?



Hey, hey, hey!

This way. This way.



Hey, hey, hey!



Hey, sir.

Get out front, sir. Go on.



Everybody out front!



We're checking ids.

Out front.



Move it out!



Keep them all in sight.



Pick it up! Come on!



Come on.

Line up here.



Make a line.



Let's go, guys!



Everybody out!

Pick it up!



Watch the stairs.



We need some id.

Any id.



Come on now.

You got some id?



All right, boys,

give me some id.



What's your name, sir?



What have you got?

You got some id?



Looking for dixon doss,

ladies and gentlemen!



Dixon doss!



Give me some id.



Aw, come on, fellas.



Come here. One of you guys

got some id?



Come on, guys!

You better cooperate!



What have you got?



Come on, guys!



It's the hard way

or the easy way!



You got some id,




Got some id, sir?



Got some id?



Hey, hey, hey.

You got some id?



Where are your shoes,




Hey, officer...






We got a man running!



That's him!



Hold it!



His old lady kicked it

a couple years back.



Left him

a few thousand acres



Of unimproved land.



There's nothing there,




'Bought enough to cover

your dry-Cleaning bill.



You seen

my dry-Cleaning bill?



That's right, giorgio.



But remember

you saw the house?



Yeah, I saw it.



Nothing. Land's got

a couple cabins on it,



But no water, no roads.

Nothing that adds up.



It ain't even

near anything.



Tax rolls say it's...






Somewhere around

$   an acre.






Speaking of dollars...



what? What, what, what?



Well, how's she making

her retainer?



Where's the captain,




He's right up there

in the lever room.



Stuart, it's clear.



You can swing

to the north side.




We're swinging.



Hey, tough guy.



That one's called ike.



Yeah, he looks

like a general.



No, not that one.

Ike like ike and tina.



Well, either way,



It's looks like he's been

through a few wars.



They gotta have   lives

on this rig, don't they?






Hell, if the machinery

don't get 'em,



Gear box usually does.



Suck a    -Pound man down,

grind him into cheeseburger,



Least of all

one of these cats.



I'm looking for the captain.

Peter randle.



Yeah, that'd be me.



You don't want

that shit on your hands.



Capitano, busboy,




You from georgia

ports authority?



No. My name's

rick magruder.



I'm an attorney

representing your ex-Wife.



Oh, well,

i paid that bitch



The last dime

she's getting out of me.



Yeah, well, i'm not coming

about that, mr. Randle.



I'm here in the matter

of miss doss' father.






something happen to that

old, shoeless fruitcake?



I hope he croaked.



Miss doss is seeking

a commitment for evaluation.



Seems he's become unstable.






Hell, he never

had a stable day



In his entire life.



Yeah, well, he's become

dangerous to himself



And to his daughter.



I understand

he attacked you once.



So? Ain't no big deal.



That's not what

i heard, mr. Randle.



We heard that he put you

in a hospital.



He what?



We know that he put you

in a hospital.



I'd like you to testify

to that.



It'll go toward establishing

violent tendencies.



You want me to help

mallory out?



Yeah, that's

the general idea, sir.



That'll be a cold day

in hell.



I wouldn't spare

a drop of piss on her



If she was burning

to death.



Yeah, we're aware

of your urinary problem.



Thing is...



mr. Randle, if I need to,

i can force you to testify.



I'd like to see you try

to force me to do anything



Other than throw your ass

off the side of this vessel.



Yeah, well, maybe we should

talk about that



When you get your subpoena.



I look forward to seeing you

in court, mr. Randle.



All rise!



All rise!



Be seated, please.



My calendar shows this

is a competency hearing.



Are we ready to proceed?



Yes, your honor.



Mr. Cherry?



Your honor...



i regret to inform you

at this late date,



But i've been discharged

by mr. Doss.



He wishes

no legal representation.



Mr. Doss, is this so?



Do you understand

you're waiving your right



To have a court-Appointed




Yes, sir.



Well, since this is not

a criminal matter,



I'm gonna

let it proceed,



But i'm gonna ask you

to stand by, mr. Cherry.



Yes, your honor.



Are you ready,

mr. Magruder?



Yes. Your honor. We intend

to prove that the respondent



It mentally incompetent.



To that end,



We call our first witness,

dr. Bernice sampson.



Disoriented, certainly,



And showing distinct signs

of paranoia as well.



He was utterly




And seemed given

to violent outbursts.



And your conclusions,




Judging from the behavior

i observed,



I'd say

mr. Doss suffers



From rather acute




I recommend

that he be committed



To georgia regional hospital

for an evaluation.



Unmedicated and untreated,



He is clearly volatile



And very possibly dangerous,



Both to himself and others.



Thank you, doctor.



Any questions, mr. Doss?



Mr. Cherry?



You may step down,




Call your next witness,

mr. Magruder.



Your honor,

we call mr. Peter randle,



Who is appearing here today

pursuant to a subpoena.






Come forward, sir.



Face the clerk

and raise your right hand.



You do solemnly swear

that the evidence you give



Shall be the truth,

the whole truth,



And nothing but the truth,

so help you god.






Have a seat.

Up here.






Mr. Randle,

will you inform the court



Of your relation

to mr. Doss?



Oh, uh, yeah.



L... I used to be married

to his daughter.



She in this courtroom?

Would you point her out?



Yeah, she'd be that

skinny girl over there.



Let the record show

mr. Randle indicated



Mr. Doss' daughter,

mallory doss.



Now your marriage ended

in divorce, I believe, sir.






During your marriage,



You had occasion to make

the acquaintance of mr. Doss



And your relationship

with him was turbulent,



Was it not?



Come on. You had fights

with him.



You had actual

physical confrontations,



Didn't you?







your honor.



Answer the question,

mr. Randle.



I don't remember.



Well, do you remember

going to the hospital



As the result of any

of these incidents?



Your honor, may I remind

the witness he's on oath?



No, I will.



Mr. Randle...



i order you to answer

the question,



Or i'll hold you

in contempt...



Punishable by a fine and

up to    days in jail.






Yes, sir, I understand,



But nobody can prove

i remember something



If I don't remember it.



Let's see if you can

remember this, mr. Randle.



Is it true that,

as it says here,



  years ago

on the fourth of july,



You were admitted to

the savannah memorial hospital



With a possible concussion?



Yeah, I guess.



Well, I guess so,

too, sir.



It says here

on your medical record,



That you were clubbed

with a stick of firewood.



A stick of firewood,

mr. Randle.



You remember that?






By whose hand,







Mr. Doss.




Your honor...



That kind of behavior

will not be allowed!



Get those people

out of the courtroom!



Be quiet!



Knock it off,




We just won the case.



Mr. Magruder,

please continue.



Mr. Randle,

exactly why do you think



Mr. Doss attacked you

with a stick of firewood?



'Cause I drank

out of his cup.



Because you drank

out of his cup.



Now, march   

the following year,



You received    stitches



And a laceration

on your right arm.



Mr. Doss as well,

i believe.






That is all,

your honor.



If you have any defense

to these charges...



your... Your honor, uh...



nothing this asshole says

is true.



But help me. Just, please,

would you, your honor?



You arrest me.



You arrest me...



based on her pack of lies.



Now you appoint me

a lawyer



Who's grossly incompetent

and inexperienced.



He probably cheated his way

through law school.



On top of that,



You give me   doctors

to examine me.



They come into the room,

look at my eyes,



And then they rush out.



The first one wanted me



To name the first

  presidents in order.



Now, can you do that,




Let me hear you.



Name me the first   presidents

of the united states.



George washington,

abraham lincoln, john kennedy...



Mr. Doss!



You can't do it!



I don't answer

questions. I ask them!



They ought to ship

your ass off for    days!



Your honor,

we don't have to hear this.



This man is terrorizing

his own daughter



And needs to be treated.

It's as simple as that.



That's enough!



And you, and you,

and you.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



Mr. Doss,

please stand up.



Stand up.



Yes, sir.



After hearing the evidence

in this case,



I think

it's in the best interest



Of you

and of everyone concerned,



That you be hospitalized

at georgia regional in savannah



For psychiatric




And i'm so ordering



That you be admitted

for that purpose.



Come on, mr. Doss.



Hold it!






you ungrateful







can I go?



It's just paying bills,

checking investments.



Making sure he doesn't

suffer financially



While he's in

the state hospital.



That's why they call it

a conservator.



Well, can't you be

the conservator?



I don't want to touch

any of his money.



He'll accuse me

of stealing it.



You gotta do it.

You're the next of kin.



Besides, you can't steal

any of his money.



You need court approval



For every penny

you spend.






They're gonna get

your father on lithium.



They're gonna treat him.



In a few months,



He's gonna feel

a lot better.












No, don't hurt me.












Please, no!






No, no!






Hey, easy, easy.



Easy, easy.









Aah. No, no, no!



It's ok.



That's it. Easy, easy.

Come on.



Come on now.






It's ok. It's ok.






This dream...

was strangling...



Was it him?



It was him.



It's always him.



When I was a kid,



He used to

tell me stories,



And they became

stranger and scarier,



And he'd come

into my room,



And he'd sit on my bed,

and he'd...



aw, honey.



There was one.



Yeah. Tell me.



The one about

the gingerbread man.



Yeah, I know that one.



A lonely old man and woman

who lived in the woods.



They had no children,



So she decides to bake

a gingerbread man.






And when he comes out

of the oven, he's alive.



And he runs

out of the house,



And he runs past a cow

and past a horse



And past a group of men,

all who want to eat him up,



But he just keeps on

running, yelling...



"run, run, as fast as you can.



You can't catch me.

I'm the gingerbread man. "



That's it.



And he grew very proud

of himself,



Because he thought no one

could ever catch him.



Until one day,

he came upon a river,



Which he couldn't cross,



Or he'd break

into little pieces.



And so he agrees

to let this fox,



Who promises

not to eat him,



Carry him across

the water on his back.



Only, just before they

reach the other side,



The fox snaps

his head back...






And swallows him whole.



My daddy

used to warn me...



that it was just as easy



For little children

to disappear...



as it was

for gingerbread men.



I'm still worried about geraldo.



Is somebody gonna

help me with this food here?



Is anyone gonna help me

with the food?!



I'm gonna catch you!






Come on!

Don't stop! Don't stop!



You gonna give me

a hand here?



Ok, last one there

gets no food.







Gee whiz.



I land!



This picnic table, ourpicnic table.



Who wants to eat?



Am I going to be carrying

this stuff all day?



I guess me.



You want some food?




what did we order?



I don't know.

Mashed potatoes.



I get the chicken!



Order the chicken,

you get the chicken.



Macaroni and cheese,

you get macaroni and cheese.



Hey, listen, guys, I just

saw somebody I know from work.



Why don't you lay this stuff

out for me? Some tea.



I'll be right back.



I don't see




Me neither.



Let's see

what this is.









fancy meeting you here.



It's a sign.






How are you?



Cute kids.



You want to

come meet them?



You sure

it's a good idea?



I think

it's a good idea.






Come on.



Libby and jeff.



Or leffy and jib.



You can say

whatever you want.



Or lessy and jibby.



Maybe you'll endear

yourself to them



By calling them by

slightly different names.



What you have for lunch?



We got everything

you can get.



Hey, guys! Here's somebody

i know from work.



I'd like you

to say hello to her.



Libby, why don't you

say hello to mallory?



Jeff, why don't you come

and say hello to mallory?



Shake her hand.



I'm lovely.

My name is jeff.



I'm a lovely person

with a fabulous dad.



Come on and sit down.



In your dreams!



In my dreams?




What you gonna eat?



I'll have my chicken.



Hey there.



They didn't give it to us.



Ok, so...



hey, rick!



Piece of chicken,

big boy?






You tell him

we were coming here?



No. Did you tell him we

were going to the park?



Hey, guys, why don't you

lay this stuff out



And help yourselves?

And i'll be right back.



How'd you know

to come here?



That's my profession.



Listen, I got to tell you

something real quick.



What's the matter?



Now, I don't want

to panic miss doss,



But it looks

like the old man



Didn't exactly like

his new address so good.






A couple of them wing nuts

from the group



Broke into the hospital,

busted him out somehow.



Staff wound up putting someone

else in his room by mistake.



Didn't even catch up with it

till this morning.



That son of a bitch.



Well, not to freak,

but, you know...



i think it would be a good idea

to keep an eye on her.



Sure. Thanks.



Listen, will you

do me a favor?



Will you

take the kids home?




will be back soon.



But don't tell her

what's going on.



Hell, i'm on the clock.

I don't care.



Hey, guys, clyde is

gonna give you a ride



In his new cadillac.



It's not much comfort.



Introducing the norelco reflex...



Has become hurricane geraldo.



And geraldo is...



Scared and anxious for no real reason?



I'm sorry, leeanne.



This is real important.



I promise, if this

hadn't been an emergency,



I wouldn't have done it.



Come on, you know clyde.

The kids know him.



They feel comfortable

with him.



I just

don't like him.



I never have.



I know.



I mean, the guy hung

around here for an hour.



He asked for a drink.



He was flirting

with me, too.



I just don't trust him.



He did me a real big favor

dropping off the kids.



He's gone now, so maybe

we should try and let it go.



I just don't

want that drunk



Hanging around

my children anymore!



Would you mind if I gave you

a call a little later?



As a matter of fact,

i would.



Well, uh...



I'll give you a call

a little later.



I'm... I'm sorry.



Rick, wait.



L... I was scared.



Clyde told me if I had one,

i should carry it.



Take it.



What is it?



They left it

on the steps.









Get your things.



Where are we going?



Just get your bag,

and let's get out!



Where are we headed?



To get some help.



The point is,



We weren't even in there

for very long.



And that's when we got

the picture with the eyes.



A couple of minutes later,

the car blew up.



Did the doorbell ring,

or was it just a knock?






Helps with the profile.



Certain criminals knock.

Others ring doorbells.



You understand what i'm saying?

This guy is dangerous.



Probably that's why

he's called a criminal.




police department,



  th precinct.



Oh, hi, baby.

How you doing?






I got to see hal.



Can I have

some help here?!






You can't go in there.



I'll do what I want.



Goddamn it, hal.



What do you think you're

doing in here, magruder?



I know what these guys

are up to.



If one of these clowns

doesn't do something about this,



I'm going to make a lot

of problems for you all.



We got a problem... You.



You ain't got

no manners.



This place is full

of guys who are fed up



With busting their chops

bringing in scumbags,



Particularly the ones

that shoot at the cops,



So you can waltz in



Like some champion

of civil rights



And get them off.



If you want to file

a complaint,



Do it at the front desk.



Get the hell

out of my office.



Have a nice day.



You got a car fire?



Maybe you ought to call

the fire department.






Lois, it's rick!






I'm sorry, lois.



Her old man

flipped again real bad.



The cops

didn't want to know.



I didn't know

where else to go.



I thought it was

a good idea.



To bring her here?



It's just for tonight.



Well, then what?



I don't know.

I'll work it out.



While doss is on the loose,

she's in real danger.



Why are you

in charge of her?



You're her lawyer,

not her bodyguard.



I'm just trying to

take care of her.



I paged clyde

to call me here.






Hello. Lois?



Hi, gorgeous.



Let me talk

to boss man.



Hold on a second,

clyde. Hold on.



Yeah, clyde.

Where are you?



I'm at huey's,

watching the storm.



How long you been there?




  or   hours or so.



What the hell's

going on anyway?



Somebody torched

mallory's car.



Jesus h. Christ.



Well, anybody

see anything?



I don't know.

It was so fast.



Well, what do you

want me to do, boss?



How soon

can you be here?



Where you at?



At lois'.



Damn! I'm sorry, man.

I'm a little blown away,



And i'm

a little toasted.



But give me the address.



I'll pop over there

in a minute.



I'll wake up.



Forget it. Go home.



Get sober. Get some sleep.



Meet me here at, like,

 :   tomorrow morning.



Sure thing, boss.



Yeah, bye.



So clyde's going to

come by in the morning,



And he'll wait with you

when we go to the office.




What about tonight?



We'll stay here.



All we need to do now



Is figure out

who's sleeping with who.



The last hurricane

to hit was david,



A minor swell

as hurricanes go.



News savannah storm team



Will monitor all the action

in the oceans,



And we'll keep you posted on how

you can prepare for the worst.



Well, still to come

on abc news savannah,



You might be able to kiss

your meter maid good-Bye...



I'll call clyde.



We'll figure out

when they're gonna leave.



I appreciate that.



And, hey, thank you

for last night.



You're welcome.



Anything good today?



Oh, i'm sure last night

was better.



You know, the only exercise

you're getting



Is jumping to conclusions.



Hey, lois, you want to do

this whitaker thing today?



That would be great.



You get lucky last night,

miss konnie?



No. I'm not a very

lucky person, sir.



Well, I don't know.

You still got your job.



Lighten up, konnie.



You were being

a smart ass.



Hey, what's   letters

for "unnerves"?



Should I get this?



Blank, blank, "t. "



Maybe... Yeah, maybe it's

another "t" in there.



"Rattles. "






Yeah, clyde. It's rick.



What's going on?

Is mallory there?



Yeah, of course. She's just

fixing some breakfast.



You want to put her on?



Ok, hold on.



Guess who.






Hey, how you feeling?



I don't know.

A little better.



Any news?



Uh, nothing yet,

but they'll find him.



Is everything

going ok with clyde?






Uh, can I call you back?



All right.



What's that?



Oh, my god.






Yeah, betty,

is leeanne there?



No, sir. She and mr. Alden



Went to nashville

for a couple of days.



Yeah, yeah. I forgot.




uh, where exactly

are the kids now?



In school.

Is everything all right?



Uh, yeah.



L... I'll call back later.




this whitaker thing.



And call clyde



And tell him

what's happening.



Oh, my jesus, rick!

What are you doing?



These are my kids,




Maybe he's just trying

to scare you.



Yeah, well, he's doing

a pretty good job.



Excuse me.

My name's richard magruder.



My kids libby and jeff

are here.



I need to take them

out of school right now.



What's the problem, sir?



Something came up.



Let me just sign

whatever I need to sign.



I'm in a hurry. If you

could help me out here.



Can you let me know



Which classrooms

they're in, please?



I got to get to them,

so could you, uh...



i'm sorry, sir. I'm not

going to be able to do that,



Not without their mother's




I appreciate that, but

this is an emergency.



I think my kids

might be in some danger.



What's the trouble here,

miss hamrick?



Mr. Magruder wants

to take his children out,



But he's not on our list.



I'm sorry, mr. Magruder,



But our rules in such cases

are quite clear.



I'm going to

get my kids.



We'll talk

about this later.



Call mr. Pitney.






Mr. Magruder.






You're gonna have to stop,



Or we're going to be forced

to call the authorities.



Miss hamrick,

call the police!



Mr. Magruder,

will you listen to me?



I understand perfectly

what you're going through.



Can you tell me

where your brother is?



I know you're having

a bad divorce



And a bitter

custody battle here.



Hey, jeff!

There he is.



Hey, how are you?



We're going to go

on a little trip.



I can't talk

about this right now.



When I can, I will call you.

I'm an attorney...



All right, now,

settle down.



We don't want to have to

bring the state police.



Don't do that!



He's ok, he's ok.



He's ok, honey.

Let's go.



Miss hamrick! Miss baker!



Are you ok?

Are you ok?



Ok, strap up!



Everything's going to be ok.

Your mom's all right.



You're not going to

miss anything, are you?



Yes, I am.



Miss campbell was going

to give me a bird test.



You don't want to do

a bird test.



Yeah, I do.



What are you

going to miss, jeff?



Yes, I got to skip math!




That's good, isn't it?



You shouldn't

sound so pleased.



Don't tell your mom

you're so pleased.



Why'd they call

the police, dad?



And why did mr. Pitney

try to hit you?



They probably thought

i wasn't your real father.



You know, they have to

look out for strangers.



Is something wrong

with mom?



There's nothing wrong

with mom, honey.



Then what's going on?



Uh, we're just going on

a little trip, darlin'.



Would you please stop talking

to me like i'm jeff's age?



What's wrong

with my age?



I know something's

going on, dad.



It's your grandmother.



She's just a little

sick, that's all.



Cancer or heart attack?






As a matter of fact,



She's just got

a little flu.



You know, a little

  -Hour stomach flu.



I'm sure she'll be fine

as soon as we get there.



Then why are we going?



Hey, why don't

you two guys



Just concentrate

on being navigators?







Was that judo that

you used on mr. Pitney?



Yeah, it was

kind of judo, jeff.



Come on.



Ok, you want to

get something?



You want to get

some candy?



You got some money?

Let me give you some.



Watch the puddle.



Me! Me!



Ok, ok,

what do you want?



I'll give you one, ok?

I'll give you one.



You want to fill her up,




Hey, clyde. It's rick.

What's going on?



Nothing, man. Police

don't know nothing.



Well, are they looking

for him at least?



I mean, this guy's

under a court order.



He just bust out.



He blew up a car.

He threatened my kids.



You ain't the poster boy

of the month.



The cops are hacked off

at you right now.



Then you get on it, clyde.

It's your job, too.



How am I supposed

to do it?



You got me here

baby-Sitting pandora, man.



All right, then leave her.



She's probably safe there.



I'll figure it out.



You figure out



That leeanne got a call

from school,



And she about

blew her lid?



You know there's a warrant

out for your arrest?



For what?



You popped that janitor.



The school filed for

an aggravated assault.



I'm not dealing with that

until the cops catch doss



And put that

son of a bitch away.



This is not about me anymore,

clyde. This is about my kids.



I'll be goddamned if I let

anybody harm either of them.



Now you get out there,

you find dixon doss.



I want to hear the door slam

before I put down the phone.



All right.



Now let me talk to mallory.



He wants to talk

to you, mallory.



Here's nervous nellie




I'm gone,

i'm gone, rick!



Rick, hi.






I never meant for you

to get involved like this.



It's not your fault,



And we have no choice

but to deal with it now.



Where are you?



I'm on the road.

It's better if no one knows.




I understand.



How are the kids?



They're fine. I don't think

they know what's going on.



L... I don't...



I don't think you should

be left on your own.



Uh... I think you've

got to come with us,



If you don't mind.



All right.

Whatever you say.



Listen, you take the greyhound

to stillwell station.



It's off the   .



If you get a bus at  :  

i can pick you up at  :  .



Now, whatever,

you wait there for me.



What about clyde?



Hasn't he gone yet?



You on a cellular,

dumb shit?



I thought you'd gone.



You know that a cellular

gives off a signal



Even when you're

not talking,



So will you get rid

of the damn thing



And use a hard line

from now on?



Yeah, you're right.

Will you just get moving?



Just calm your liver.



Hello? Hello?










Is he gone?






L... I better hang up.



Don't miss that bus.



I won't.



Libby, jeff,

let's get moving!



Let's get moving.

Ok, move, move.



Ok, you strap up there.



You going far, pal?



I'm getting out of town.



I've been in these

storms before.



Yeah, it looks

like a big one.



Well, you all

have a nice trip.



Hey, it's room service!



You going to

let daddy in here?



Thank you.



All right, we have food.



Food coming your way.

Mmm, yummy.



Hold it, hold it, hold it.



Where's the pizza?



They didn't have pizza.



We're not gonna have

problems about this.



We're gonna enjoy this.



I'm going to make

a telephone call.



I'll speak

to your mommy, ok?



You stay here,

enjoy this.



This is good food, nutritious.

You're gonna love it.



What the hell do you mean,

everything's all right?



I mean,

you kidnapped my kids,



Then you punched out

a janitor,



And now I find out there's

a maniac after my children?



That's why I have them.

They're safe with me.



God damn you, rick.



I just want you

to bring them home.



Well, I can't, leeanne.

Not now, not yet.



Why the hell not?



Whether this creep's

serious or not,



Or whether he's just

going out of his way



To scare people,

i don't know,



But i'm sure as hell

not taking chances.



I should go now.



If you won't go

to the police, I will.



There's a warrant out

for your arrest.



This creep's

on the loose,



The best the police can do

is put a warrant out on me?



I don't care about

your problems with the police.



You made that bed.



I just want

my children back.



Listen, as soon as this guy

is caught and put away,



We're going to

come home, I promise.



Until then, it's not safe.

I got to...



you better get on

the phone with me!



Don't you dare get off

the phone with me!















Libby! Jeff!



What is it?



The kids.

He's got my kids.



Somebody got in

the hotel room.



You got to think.



How did you get here?

Move the car!



You done hired me

to keep an eye on her.



Now she's coming

to meet your ass?



I'm clueless, boss.



Would you move the car?

Doss has got my kids!



Somebody must have

been following me.



Did you see him?



No! Maybe it was

one of his guys.



We got to find him!



I got a lead

that he and his cronies



Might be hanging out

in his compound.



Do you know

this place?



He had this

old hunting place.



Can you find it?



I can try.



Tell the police

what's happening.



Meet us at the compound.

Get a move on!



Be careful!

That old man's crazy!



Run my ass over, too!



Put your belt on.



I was just on the phone

with leeanne.



Forget it.

It wasn't your fault.



If anything happens

to those kids...



take this road.



Ok, up ahead there.



Here? Here or here?



No, there. Take a left.

The road here.






I think.



Slow down.



How far?



I'm not sure.



You have to remember.



I'm trying!

Well, think!



Goddamn it!

I don't remember!



Left or right? Think!



I don't know!



Is it left or right,

goddamn it?!



I don't know!



Left, I think.

Back at that tree.



That's his car.



What are you gonna do?



You better wait here.



You're trespassing,

lawyer boy.



You're trespassing.



Give me back my kids!



You're trespassing.



Give me back my kids,

you son of a bitch!






Let's go!



Come on! Come on!



The kids!

They got the kids!


















Jeff! Libby!






Libby! Jeff!



Your kids

are all right!



The kids are safe!



Drop the gun!



The kids are safe?






They're down

at the station.



Not a scratch

on them.



Will you give me

the gun now?




the gun down!



Throw it down,




I will.



I killed doss.



Step over here! Now!



All right,

come on, come on, bill!



The kids are

at the station, rick.



Someone dropped them off.



Get me

the fire department.



Send me an ambulance.

I need some backup.



Get your hands up!

Get your hands up!



Lady, get your hands up!



Step around to the front!









Put your hands

on the hood!



It's all right, ma'am.



Easy on her, bill.



I know this lady.




let us do our job.



Hey, that's what

i'm doing, man.



She's good people, man.

Be nice to her.



Step back!



It's all right, ma'am.




who started this party?



I don't know.



When they saw

he was dead,



They just started

burning everything.



Just burning everything.



It's all right.



They just want to ask you

a couple of questions.



Have a seat in there.

Watch your head.



Be careful with this guy.

He's a lawyer.



Put you behind bars first.



You all right, boss?






I'll see you

at the station.



He lifted the gun,

he started to shoot.



You were trespassing.



And the daughter said

he fired in the air.



If I waited to see where

he was firing, i'd be dead.



I was scared. I thought

my kids were in danger.



But they weren't.



You know,

the founding fathers



Established the right to

protect one's property



And one's self...



by force if necessary,



Even from lawyers.



And I don't have the right

to protect my kids?



They were found outside

the station safe and sound,



Minutes after you all

called me.



Somebody took them.

Somebody dropped them off.



They said so themselves.



That's right. Somebody.



They said some tall guy

with a beard



And a ball cap

and dirty clothes.



I could step outside and spit

and hit   just like that.



Don't you think that's

a little strange, sir?



You tell me.



Somebody took my kids.



It's your job

to find out who it was.



Either it was doss

or one of his group.



They were in on this.



They broke him out

of the state hospital.



I didn't know that carried

a death penalty.



Doss came at me

with a   -Gauge shotgun.



So you thought you had

to protect yourself?



Yes, I did, sir.



But y'all never gave

that same courtesy



To officer watson down

in jacksonville, did you?



You put that guy

up on the stand.



He was just trying

to protect himself.



You punched holes

the size of cow chips



In a   -Year career.



You got yourself



In a whole bucket

of shit here, magruder.



And if I were you,



I'd damn sure

find myself a good lawyer.



I just want to see my kids.






Come on, now.



Where are my children?

Are they all right?



Yeah, the kids

are just fine.



They're ok.



Thanks, lois.






Ok, kids, hold it.

It's all right.



I'll tell you what.



How about I take you guys

out to the car



And we play some...



Don't you tell my kids

what to do.



I was just

trying to help.



Can I talk

to you, rick?



The last thing

you've ever been



To them is a father.



And if I can't trust you

to keep them safe,



So help me, i'll fight

you tooth and nail



For full custody

with no visitation.



Don't do that, leeanne.



Please don't do that.



Oh, and do me a favor.



Keep your

white-Trash tramps



Away from my children,



And that drunk pervert, too.



Come on.

Let's go home, honey.



Say bye to your daddy.



See you.



Bye, daddy.



Car's around to the right.



What else can we do?



I'm gonna have to impound

the car a couple days.



We need our fellas

to go through it.



You didn't actually

see those kids



Get in that car,

did you?



I don't know.

I thought I did.



I just saw

everybody running.



Doesn't make sense.



What's that?



Why doss

or one of his buddies



Would have taken my kids



And then released them

after an hour.



It wasn't the kids

he was after.



He just wanted

to use them as bait.



To get me on his property?



That's right.

To kill you.



If your kid's in there,

you're a loose cannon.



So then he has them dropped

off at the police station?



It makes

kidnapping charges



Harder to press,



And he's got you




So how was I supposed

to find his property?



Those cabins were up   miles

of unmarked dirt road.






But he didn't know

you'd come.



The kids were taken

before you arrived.



Probably figured you'd call



And she'd tell you

how to get there.



Yeah. What daddy didn't

figure is i'd be with you.



And when he saw me,

he hesitated.



That's when you shot him.



We've got something.



What you got?



Looks like a box

of some kind.



Well, rick, on the good side



And under these




You might not have

to do any hard time.



You want to give me

that again?



If things go right,



You might not

have to go to prison.



So what's

the bad side?



Even if you don't

serve any time,



You're probably looking

at disbarment.



Are you serious?



I'm serious.



Listen, counselor.



You don't understand

the gravity



Of the situation.



I understand the gravity

of the situation.



You don't understand

the gravity



Of the situation.



Because right here

under standard   ...



I know about standard   .



Even if you plead

no contest



And serve no time,



You can still

be disbarred.



I don't believe this!



This crazy bastard

kidnapped my children!



Wait a minute, rick.



You violated the court order

by taking your own children.



Has everybody here

just lost their minds?



Yeah, wait. Let me

clean it off first.



It's a metal box.



Rick, there's no evidence



To connect doss

to those photographs.



We gotta have something.



Or to mallory's car,

or that he ever had the kids.



They were taken by somebody

even they can't identify.



Here's how they're

gonna present it.



You put the old man away.



I was set up!



Anybody get that

in their heads?



I was set up!



You went out

to his property



With a loaded




And you

shot him.



And if that alone

weren't enough...



Yeah, what?



That daughter

is your client...



I know.



Who, rumor has it,

you're sleeping with.



Now normally that wouldn't

be any of my business.



It isn't any

of your business.



But as your lawyer



I'm obligated

to tell you...



You're not obligated to

tell me stuff like that!



It's certainly gonna

raise some eyebrows.



Can you open it

while I photograph it?






Everything was charred up, rick.



Best they

can make out,



It's probably doss'.



It's a pretty good shot



That if there's

a copy of the will,



There's also an original.



This is georgia.

They're held privately.



They're only probated

if necessary,



So who else

might have one?



We could check

the county.



You're gonna take

forever doing that.



Mallory says her father's

attorney committed suicide



A few years back.



It's a real

long shot, lois.



I don't know how much time

we got here.



What's that

gonna tell us?



All he had was that

old house and some land,



None of which

amounts to much.



When's his estate hearing?



It's tomorrow

at   :  .



Who's presiding?



Judge cooper.



Ok, do it quietly



And cash in a chip

if you have to,



But we gotta have

some more time



Before we hand over

this estate to miss doss.



What do y'all

want me to do?



Check county again.

Check anywhere



Where doss and his daughter

might have lived.



Just what am i

looking for?



I don't know. Maybe

something in the will.



One thing I know.

Doss was a hunter, right?



He had a good

clean shot at me.



So if he was waiting

up there to kill me,



How come i'm not dead?



Your land didn't register

as much with the county



'Cause there's nothing

really taxable on it.



No roads, no improvements,

limited access.



Yeah. We know what's

on the tax books,



But I don't get this.



What exactly

is this worth?



The land?



Not much.



But the timber.






Now, on this




Is    acres

of black walnut.



But they can't

tax it



Until they

cut it down



And use it

for income.



Black walnut?

Isn't that kind of rare?



And very valuable.



How valuable?



Well, depending upon

the density



And the quality,




and $   million.



Counselor, I find it

very difficult to believe



That a man with these assets

had no will,



No documentation

of any kind, nothing.



Well, your honor,



The late mr. Doss

was mentally ill,



And he had a deep-Seated

fear of attorneys.



Don't we all?



Miss doss,



Given the circumstances,



I'm compelled by the law

to appoint you



As the administratrix

of your daddy's estate.



Only before I do so,



I would like a full search

and inventory



Of all of his assets

and papers



Filed with this court

within    days.



Do you understand?



Yes, your honor.



Court's adjourned.



See you later.












I want to know what

the hell's going on.



What do you mean?



You had no idea



Of the value

of those trees?



No, I didn't.



I don't care

what they're worth.



I don't want any of it.



I'm supposed

to buy that?



I don't care what you

buy or don't buy, rick,



But i'll tell you

something else.



I hope there is a will




And that he left

the whole damn thing



To those hillbillies.



Well, if not,



You'll always have

that choice, won't you?




the category   hurricane



We thought had left

for good is coming back.



Storm trackers now believe

geraldo is aimed right at us.



If it continues

to follow its current path,



Savannah is the center

of the bull's-Eye.






Yeah, magruder.



You sitting down,







Well, I was down

at county as usual,



Running a cross-Ref

on the old man,



Poof, the daughter's

name come up



On a marriage




Out of south carolina.



Well, it turns out



Your girlfriend

and pete randle...



They aren't exactly

husband and ex-Wife.



What are you saying?



What did it sound

like i'm saying?



They never divorced.



They never even

filed for divorce.



They're as married

as married can be.



Whatever's hers

is his.



Uh, the line is going.

You there?









Yeah, i'm here.



I'm here.

Where are you now?



You're at huey's bar,




You know it.



How long will it take you

to get to mallory's house?



With the rain?

About    minutes.



I'm heading over to huey's.



In    minutes

i'm going to call mallory



And give her

the good news.



What good news?



We found the will,




Wait. I'm a step

behind here, man.



Bait, clyde.

Let's see what we hook.



I want you to go

to mallory's.



Park outside

her house and wait.



   to   she's gonna go for

a drive when I talk to her.



You follow her.

You give me a call.



All right, boss man.



Hey, robin.



Robin, I gotta go

do some work, ok?



You got that $   I gave you?






All right.

Pay your bill.



See you later.

Love you. Love you.



Love you, too.



He ain't he ain't

coming back. Coming back.



Death and debris.

Geraldo is here.



This is what the georgia coast

looked like earlier today.



This is where we live.






Hey, mallory, it's rick.



I want to apologize.



Very wrong, what I said,



And i'm sorry,

real sorry.



What do you mean?



We found the will.



We haven't had time

to go into the details,



But it looks

like you got your wish.



Your dad left everything

to the group.



Are you there, mallory?



That's great.



Well, I can get you the

paperwork in a couple...



The cellular unit you have called



Is outside

of the service zone.



Hang up and try

your call again. What?



And those on the street

right now



Need to seek

immediate shelter.



You done with this?






What time is it,







Give me the phone




I'll see you.



Right now a lot of what you're hearing



Is the generator

from our live truck.



There isn't much

electricity left.



It's far too dangerous

to be on the streets.



Wherever you are now,

stay there.












Mallory! Anybody!












Rick. Thank god

it's you.



Listen, we found

a copy of the will



In effingham county.



We should have

started there.









Oh, no. Hello.



Hello, hello.






I thought I lost you.



Lois, what else you got?



It's all hers, rick.



He left her everything.



And his!



What's that?



And his, too!



Listen, keep trying

to get ahold of clyde.



Try him on his cellular.



I'll call you later.






Ok, bye, lois.



Come on, come on, clyde.



Ok, answer.



Come on, clyde,

where are you?



Come on, clyde.









That was a good shot.



I had to.



He'd have killed you.



Lucky for me.



You know how to shoot

these things off.



What do you do?

We need some help here.



  guys are dead.



Whatever you thought

about your father,



You were wrong.



He left you everything.



You would have

had it all.



That's a lie.



You son of a bitch.



You're lying to me!









Let me out, damn you!



You know, mac,



It's a pretty lousy offer.



  years, lose your

license to practice,



Probation, a lot of

community service.



I don't want to risk

a trial, lois.



I got the kids

to think about.



A little community service

never hurt anybody.



You were used.

We could prove that.



Any way you cut it, lois,

i still killed doss.



They can prove that.



Well, you thought

he kidnapped your kids.



Yeah, but he didn't.



You haven't lost

in   years, rick.



Well, maybe

it's time I did



Special help by SergeiK