Good Boy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Good Boy script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Liam Aiken movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Good Boy. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Good Boy Script



It's adoption day!



- What?!

- Hey, pal.



- It's dining room day, Owen.

- Let's see that calendar.



Didn't you just start that job?



He's right. Exactly three months

today he's been walkin' those dogs.



Not one problem. I already

got mine picked out at the shelter.



- Good for you, O. Great job.

- Yeah, that's great. Terrific.



Listen, can we talk

for a second?



Don't you think

that it makes more sense



to wait until after we move

to the new place



before we get the dog?



I'm just thinking of the dog.



That way, he won't have to

relearn a new house



and a new neighborhood

and all that other newness.



We had a deal, Mom.



We did. We sure... we sure...

we absolutely did.



"The best way to achieve your goals,

Owen, is to make a plan,



work hard, and always

keep your eyes on the prize."



That's an exact quote, isn't it?



I want my prize.



So, shall we all go

to the shelter at noon?



- Yes!

- Yes!



This'll be great for him, right?



Yeah, yeah.

A little buddy is just what he needs.



I better put down

some newspaper.



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



Morning, Miss Ryan.



Mr. Baker.

Barbara Ann had a restless night.



Poor dear.

I don't want her overexerting.



Keep her on the grass.



The hot pavement is far too harsh

on her delicate paws.






Hold still, Wilson.

It's only me.



He had the runs last night.



Can you keep an eye

on that for me



and let me know

if things turn solid?



No problem.



Be good now, Nelly.



Don't let the big dogs

step on you.



- I'll watch out for her, Mr. Leone.

- I know you will.



- Bye.

- Ciao.



You want it, Shep?

You can't have it.



- Psych!

- Yeah, you want it?






Hey, Connie, here comes

your boyfriend,



- direct from Weirdo-ville.

- Nice.



Cut it out.



Good morning,

Franky, Fred.



Good morning, loser.



Gimme a kiss good-bye, Shep.

Gimme a kiss.



- You comin' along today?

- We're going to the pool.



Duh, dog boy.



- I smell poop.

- I smell it, too.



Oh, Wilson!



- He's touching it.

- Nasty.



At least it's solid.



Connie, let's go.



- Gross.

- What a freak.



Why does he wear

those stupid clothes?



Aren't you getting

your new dog today?



Yeah, so I guess I won't be

seeing you around much anymore.



But you're still gonna

walk Shep, aren't you?



Yeah. I'll see you then,

but otherwise...



I'm gonna be busy with training him

and bonding with him.



- Hey, Connie, move your butt.

- Yeah, move it.



Have a fun day at the pool.



This is Bob over at Tri County.



Go ahead, Bob.



I'm on a search and retrieval

for a wild wirehair.



Got an APB out

on a wild wirehair.



Could be coyote...

not rulin' out coyote.



Could be another mad dachshund.

Another mad dachshund.



Where did you come from?



Wait! Stop!






So precious.

Look at you!



You are so pretty.



There's something wrong

with him.



He's mean!



He didn't have to do that.

Oh, my God!



- Give me some kisses.

- I want some love, too.



Honey, you're biting.



Somebody's about to meet

their new best friend.



Are you sure

this is the one, Owen?



It's your call, O.



- Wow! Now, he's interesting.

- Oh, little prisoner.



There's the man.



Tell your folks about

your scuffle this morning?






Owen helped me nab

that tough mutt off the street.



- Tough? Is he stray?

- There are no tags around his neck.



Just that funny little rock.



Checked out all right

health-wise, though.



He seems worried

about something.



Yeah, I'd be worried, too.

Think his days are numbered.



- What do you mean?

- Attitude.



Not makin' him

very popular around here.



- Attitude?

- Yeah.



You wouldn't put him

to sleep, though, right?






Hubble, slow down.



Heel, Hubble.



Hubble, slow down. Heel.

Hubble, no!



Easy, boy. Easy.



Hi, Mr. Leone.



Hello there.

And who is this?



His name's Hubble.

I just got him.



Hello, Hubble.



- No, Hubble.

- That's all right.



- I'm a stranger to him.

- Where's Nelly?



She likes to check out

the headlines.



Easy! Sorry.

I've still got to train him.



Good luck with that.



Okay, Hubble, first day,

do your best.









Good boy.

Good boy, Hubble.









He's a bright one.



Okay, Mr. Genius,

how about... roll over?



Play dead.



- But he's really, really smart, Dad.

- Yeah, that's terrific.



No, I mean he's too smart.



I hate to break this to you,



but everyone thinks they've got

the smartest dog in the universe.



"Love and Loyalty."



It's okay, Hub.



All right, we'll take our time.



Oh, no, you don't.



Here, boy.









Orh sale this week

at Arhdersorh's.



Fresh. Ripe peaches



We're yourpowerstatiorh. KRZY

Crazy forclassic rock



I tell you. Miracles



Miracles are happerhirh'

every day irh our world



Here, boy.






That was a weird dream.



More like a nightmare,

if you ask me.




One, two, three. Testing.



Don't give me that look.



No, not that look either.



Stay! Stay!



You hear me?



- I...

- Are you sure?






Doggone it!

How could I let this happen?



Don't be afraid.

I am Canid     .






Was that you?

You better be up and at 'em.



Don't say a word.



You can't forget the other dogs

just because you've got Hubble.



Bless you!

Somebody's got a wittle cold.



Poor baby.



Hop to it, O.



Can we tie her up

out back, please?



- Did you just learn how to talk?

- Here come the questions.



Let's just say your hearing

suddenly got a lot better.



Oh, man.

How is this even possible?



Oh, boy.



Look, I don't have time

to train you right now.



Just take me

to your leaders.



- Leaders?

- The dogs who walk you.



- I walk them.

- Sure you do.



I'll get to the bottom of this.



Wait. Am I the only one

who can understand you?



Okay, it was a big mistake...

wasn't meant to happen.



You can't tell anyone

about this, ever.



Got it?

This was a major boo-boo.



Nobody'd believe me anyway.



It's not like dogs start talking

all of a sudden.



Code red!

Code red!



- The kid can hear us talking?

- Watch out, shorty.



Coming through.



You can really

understand me?



Right now, you understand

what I am saying to you?



- Yep.

- Can I have a cookie?



No, wait. Ten cookies?

No, can I have twenty cookies?



Be a pal, kid.

Loosen my collar a notch.



I got a foof in my chach.



Owen, honey, can we just

talk about how pretty I am?



Oh, oh, shoot!



I'm so nervous, I forgot

what I was gonna say.



I know what I wanna ask.



Can you teach us how to work

a stinkin' can opener?!




Collect yourselves.



I knew he was trouble

the minute I sniffed his butt.



Oh, my!



I have come here on an important

mission from the Home Star,



and I expect full cooperation.



Hold it.

Where are you from?



Where we all came from...

the Home Star.



- Unbelievable.

- It's true.



What are you talking about?



Thousands of years ago,

dogs arrived here from the Home Star



to colonize

and dominate the planet.



All Earth dogs are descended

from those dogs.



What Home Star?!



This is why dogs and people

shouldn't talk.



Dude, you never heard

of the Dog Star?



It's called Sirius.



Wait, you know

about this, too?



My grandma used to

tell me stories.



We've all heard them.



My great-grandfather told me



he had to pass through Uranus

to get here.



You expect me to believe

that there's a planet out there



made up of only dogs?



We don't expect much

from your species.



Now go outside and play

so we can do our business.



Go play, boy.



I don't have to go outside.



Pardon me, but you were saying

something about a mission?



Right. Thank you.



I have been sent here to file

a report on Earth dogs.



What, like a report card?



Yes. Now, sit!



I will observe your lives



and then grade you

on how you have upheld



the Sirius code

of dignity and dominance.



We're going to get graded?



Yes, and I'll be

submitting my report



directly to our most noble

pack leader...



the Greater Dane.



- What?

- The top dog?!






I need to pee-pee.



The Greater Dane

is upset by rumors



floating around

the galaxy recently



that Earth dogs may have

strayed from their original mission



and lost control

of this planet.



There's even one crazy rumor

we've heard



that claims humans

keep dogs as pets.



Oh, my!

That is crazy. Isn't that crazy?



Super crazy.



Who would say

a crazy thing like that?



Hold on!



You don't honestly think

that dogs are in charge...



Can we get some air?

I feel a little woozy.



See this?

I bought it.



I clip it on you

because you are my dog.



I own you.



Pay no attention

to the dude in the red suit.



The idea of dogs being in charge

is so... far-fetched.






I teach you

and I tell you



what you can

and can't do. Understand?



Dude, I'm wide open!

Throw the ball.



Throw the Frisbee.

Throw the stick.



Throw something, player!



Yeah, I know what you think,

but that's not the way it works here.






- Who are you talkin' to?

- Yeah.



- Just the dogs.

- You're talkin' like they're people.



You've got to...

to train them.



Let's just go.



Connie, I wouldn't let my dog

hang out with that mental case.



What a mental.



That's it!

You guys are makin' me look nuts.



All this stupid Dog Star talk,

the Greater Dane.



I want proof.

Show me proof.



Works for me.



- You know how to drive?

- He knows how to crash.



I'm an excellent pilot.



There happened to be some radical

wind currents the other night.



Hold on.

What's this thing?



Be careful.

That's my woofer.



A communicator.



It got slightly damaged

in the landing.



- Slightly?!

- Hey, let's see you fly one.



This is what you

were using last night?



Yes, when it short-circuited

and you were caught in the current.



Don't remind me.



Now I'm talking to you,

but I can't contact Sirius.



I bet I could fix this.



You keep your paws

off my woofer, mister.



No, really.

I'm good with this kind of stuff.



I mean, let's face it.

I can't make it any worse.



Fine. That'll be your job.



As for the rest of you,

tomorrow I start grading.



I want to see all the ways

you've taken control



of people and the planet.






- No problem!

- We'll show ya!



You guys are so busted.



See ya tomorrow!






If you don't know

what you're doing...



- Chill out, Hubble.

- My name is Canid     .



I'm not calling you

by some number.



I named you Hubble.



When did these human-dog

relationships start anyway?



Thousands of years ago.



Why on earth

would we do that?



Believe it or not, dogs here

are called "man's best friend."




Dogs don't need friends.



Everybody needs friends.






I'm probably not

the best person to ask,



considering I don't have any.




You two havin' a chat in here?



Yeah. Ha ha.



Here's a boy.



Whoa, careful!



Knock this over, we'll all

get pretty goofy in here.



Don't play around with this stuff.



Your mom and I will be finishing up

in the dining room tomorrow.



Then it's moving time again.



I think this house

is my favorite so far.



Me too.



- You okay?

- I'm okay.



Okey-dokey, then.



All right, buddy, sleep tight.



You, too, stubborn Hubble.



I think he understood me.



If one more person

wipes their hands on me...



Did you...



I drank out of that bowl.



All I'm asking

is for a little respect.



Why do you do that?



Because I need sleep.



Why do you

turn around like that?



Enough with the questions.

We've got a big day tomorrow.



Lights out.






Just one more.



How could dogs run

an entire planet all on their own?



I mean, no offense, but you guys

don't have that much intelligence.



Oh, really?



Who's been teaching who

all day long, Mr. Genius?



You may know

about where you live,



but I know a lot more

about where I live.



One thing I do know

is that dogs don't run things.



Wait until you see how we

got things runnin' down here.



We're gonna give you

a grand tour.



I'm not shaking

because I'm nervous.



I'm shaking

because I'm excited.



Excuse me.

I have to go first, please.



- Why?

- Because, honey,



you do not want to deal with me

until I've had my day at the beauty parlor.



You see, here on Earth,



we pick people to do the things

that matter most...



hair, nails, accessories.



We have our own

back scratchers.



I've got my own chauffeur.



I got my own personal shopper.

Charge it!



They make the sandwiches,

I eat them.



They warm up the seats,

and I lay on 'em.



They plant the trees,

I pee on 'em.



We get what we want.



- We do what we want.

- We go where we want.



It may look to you

like people are in charge,



but let's face it...



you don't see us

pickin' up their poop.



Okay, that last one got me.



Pretty cool, huh?



So, what do you think,

Mr. Space Dog?



You're all pets.



Lazy, greedy, spoiled rotten




You've lost all dignity.



- Will this affect our report card?

- What do you think?



Now I have no choice.

I have to flunk you.



- Flunk us?

- Flunk them?



We can't flunk.

That'd be very bad.



Pardon me, Mr. Hubble.



We've been away

from the Home Star so long.



Maybe if you helped us

refresh our memory a little?




Be our teacher, Hubble.



Not my job.



I make my report, and I go.



- Go?

- He's leaving?



What do you mean, go?



Mission Command will send

a retriever for me eventually.



Then we still have

some time to improve.



Please help us, Hubble.

We don't want to flunk.



We want to be more like you.




Intelligent, dignified.



Who are we kidding?



We could only dream of being

as dignified as Hubble.



I don't know about that.



I may be an old dog,

but I like to learn new tricks.



Oh, please!



Please, please, please,

pretty please.



Come on. Please.



I usually don't approve

of begging,



but I could teach them

a thing or two.



Hubble's our teacher!



But no funny business.




Tomorrow, you start

getting serious.



It's your class, Teach.

You're the dog.



I didn't realize I'd made

such an impression on them.



They really seem

to look up to me.



That's the thing

about Earth dogs.



If they like you,

they're not afraid to let you know.



Another fine example

of the intelligence of human beings?






- Wow!

- I know. Finally, right?



I can't wait to get started

on the new place in Metro Village.



- So soon?

- It's our dream home, honey.



I can't wait to get in there

and get started.



But that's what you said

about this house, Mom,



and the house before that

and the one before that.



It's what we do, sweetheart.

You know that.



I know. I just wish we could

stay somewhere,



just once, for good.



It makes more sense financially



to live in the place

that we're renovating.






And besides, every time we move,

we get a nicer place, right?



But this place seems

nice enough to me.




that's a lovely compliment,



but I bet you're gonna like

the new place best of all.



Honey, can you move out?

I want to get the painting by itself.



Thank you.




And this time, you won't

be starting off all alone,



'cause you'll have Hubble.



Hello. I was just...



- Where were you?

- With my mom.



Why do you care?



Why do dogs

howl at the moon?



Only coyotes do that,

but it's not the moon.



They're howling

to the Home Star.



- Sirius?

- Just to the left, two stars over.



Coyotes are

homesick cry-babies.



So when that retriever

you talked about comes for you,



you're planning

on going back with him?



This is only

a temporary mission.



Right. I get it.



I appreciate your hosting me

for the time being, but...



It's okay. I'm used to

temporary missions.



All right, class,

lesson number one.



Dignity comes from within.



On Sirius, we begin every day

with meditation,



easing gently

into peaceful poses



to achieve

a higher state of being



and release our more base

animal impulses.



Shh! Surrender.



Breathe in, breathe out.



In and out.






Let it go.



Whoop! Pardon me.



Shep eats people food




How lucky for us.



This one's outta the park.



Erase all distractions

from your mind.



Hey, was that a ball?



I coulda swore

I just heard a ball.



Focus is the key

to canine composure.



- Was that a ball?

- I do believe there was a ball.



I'm pretty sure

that was a ball.



I think I need to get it.



You ain't gettin' nothin'!



Back off, boxer, it's mine!



It's my ball!



What happened?

What did I miss?



Did I miss something?




Watch this.



- Gimme back my ball.

- I don't have it.



Why don't you talk to your dogs

and tell 'em to give it back?



Talk to 'em, dog boy.



- What a freak!

- Your dog's a freak like you.



Get him!



Don't, you guys.



- Quit it.

- Who's gonna make me?






Whatcha gonna do now, Baker?



Call 'em off, Baker.



Call 'em off.



Just get up slowly.



Those dogs bite us,

and my dad'll sue.



Give me the ball, Wilson.



Here. But I bet they come

after you for it.



Keep it.

I don't care.



- Is this your only one?

- Just keep it.



Guess you guys don't have

any balls then.



We catch you without 'em,

you're dead meat.



You're really dead meat.



- Run, run!

- They're such total jerks.



Why do you

hang out with them?



I don't know.

We grew up together.



I could hang out

with you, I guess.



Could you watch the dogs?



I'm gonna check on Hubble.






You all right?



Why did you step in like that?



They were

throwing rocks at you.



Sirius dogs

fight their own battles.



Why would you

put yourself at risk for me?



Because... you're my dog.




that's what friends do, right?



You backed me up, too.



I did, didn't I?



Why would I do

a stupid thing like that?



I think they wanna

play ball.



Want this?

Is this what you want?



Doesn't your dog

wanna play?



I don't think he knows how.



Or maybe

he's not good enough.




He wants to try.



Okay. Go get it.



- I can do this.

- I got it!



What am I doin'?



- I got it!

- Wait, wait, wait.



Now I get it.

That was just practice.



- Barbara Ann got it.

- Do over.



- Let's go one more time.

- Do it again!



This one's all yours, Hub.



This one's all mine.

All mine.



- Eat my dust.

- Bad bounce.



That was a bad bounce.

Bad bounce.



You can do this.

I know you can.



Show 'em, Hub.

Show 'em what you're made of.



Let me try this

one more time.



I can do it.

I can.



I'll show 'em.

I'll show 'em.



I got the ball!



- Holy guacamole!

- Good splash!



Is he all right?






- Can you teach me that?

- Is that water clean?



He's fine.




He just took off like a    .



Yeah, he's a good leaper,

like those dogs with the Frisbees.



Owen, dogs don't fly.



Now what is up

with your dog?



You won't believe me.



I know how to keep a secret.



Works for me.



We had an agreement.



You weren't going to tell

anybody about this.



Hey, don't blame me.



I wasn't the one who jumped

    feet in front of her.



I was just going for the ball.



Hubble, you were flying.



We have stronger gravity

on Sirius. Ouch!



It's much bigger than Earth.



You're like an astronaut

on the moon.



You can jump higher

and farther.



I can do lots of things.



What I can't do is catch

that infuriating bouncy ball.



Wait a second. So that rock

around your neck...



is this from outer space?



We all wear them.

It's a token.



- What's it mean?

- It means... home.



- Ouch!

- Here, lay down a minute.



We have to work

on the woofer. Ouch.



- Hey, don't...

- Would you just...



That's why you got

those thumbs.



- You're a very nice person, Owen.

- Thanks.



We really should get back...

to work... woofer.



Shep, you can't fly.



You can try all you want.

You're an Earth dog.



Three, two, one...

blast off!



Up, up, and away!



Barbara Ann!



We're sort of concerned about

what he might be teaching... Wilson!



I believe I can fly!



Tony? Tony!



- Stupid thing.

- I got it.



- I got it, too.

- See what my dad built for you?



If you lived here,

you'd have your very own house.



Get back here.






Don't touch.

Must be some sort of code.



Aren't you     ?



Oh,     . I'm here.

This is     .



-     . please resporhd

- I am responding.



I don't think

they can hear you.



Visitatiorh corhfirmed



Arrival of the Greater Darhe




- Oh, no.

- Arrival?



- Repeat. Greater Darhe arrivirhg

- When?



- When?

- When?



Hey, it's getting late, guys.



- What was that?

- Nothing.



You all right?

You're lookin' a little pale.



No, I'm fine.

Yeah, I'm fine.



The Greater Dane

is coming here.



Oh, this is bad.

She is not going to be happy.



The Greater Dane is a she?



- Of course.

- Wow!



It's all over now.



She's going to expect

a proper welcome, a grand tour.



So? We'll do it.



- We'll give it to her.

- You don't understand.



When she sees

what I've seen here,



she'll give the order.



What order?



Come on, Hubble.

Tell me.



What's the worst thing

she can do?



Global recall.



- Global what?

- Recall.



All Earth dogs will

be ordered back to Sirius



for punishment

and retraining.



- She can't do that.

- It'll be gradual.



City by city, day after day,

but trust me, she can.



- Why would she?

- I told you.



Earth dogs are not

supposed to be pets.



All dogs... gone.



We can't let that happen.



It won't be up to us.



No, I mean,

we can work with the dogs.



You can teach them

how to give a royal welcome,



and we'll come up with something

that shows her how dogs run things.



I'll even act like

I'm your pet if I have to.



No, sir. I am in enough trouble

already with her.



- No way.

- What did you do wrong?



Us talking right now...

that's a problem, remember?



I did that.



Is it chilly out here

for you, Nelly?



We'll take you inside,

warm you up.



I know it's hard to imagine

a world without dogs, Owen,



but you can't fix things

that are beyond your control.



I'm not trying to.



But if you go away



and all the rest

of the dogs go away...



...then... then...



Who's gonna be

your best friend?



When the Greater Dane arrives,



we must welcome her

with dignified pageantry.



Your pride and honor

should burst forth.



- Oh, Shep!

- Sorry. Spaghetti and meatballs.



That's it!

This is hopeless.



You're all

leaving Earth forever.



- Hubble...

- Not now. I'm yelling.



That's what's gonna happen

if you don't straighten up.



This is the Greater Dane,



not some cockapoo

or Shih Tzu.



She'll have you strung up

by your tails.



- Strung up?

- Not my tail.



- What did he say?

- He's a little stressed out.



Let me talk to them

for a moment.



You all understand that you're being

asked to prove yourselves, right?



To prove that

you're worthy to live here,



to stay with the people

you love.



We want that

more than anything.



We'll do whatever

we need to do.



I know you will.



Just do your best.



They usually respond better

to a little... encouragement.



Let's start over.



When the Dane passes,

you must bow low before her.



No one's head should ever

be higher than hers.



Let's practice.

I'll play her.



Thank you.

Thank you, Earth dogs.



Nice to see you.



I'm pleased to visit

your fair planet.



Oh, isn't it lovely to be here?



La-dee-dah, la-dee-dah,

et cetera and so forth.



Not bad.



Not bad? That was cool.



It was good, actually.



I want to encourage you all

to keep practicing.



It's an attitude...

dignified, serious.



Now, have you figured out a way

to convince her we're in charge?



Connie had an idea.

Tell him your plan.



Whenever a great leader

visits the White House,



they give a formal dinner.



It's so lovely getting together

like this, Earth dogs.



We should do it more often.



It's hard for me,

Your Majesty.



I summer here,

but I winter in Miami.



Yes, I summer here, too,

but I winter in my poopie.



Whoa, Nelly.



That was embarrassing.

I'm fine.



Bring on the first course.



- Oh, my!

- They got steak.



I did say I was

hungry enough to eat a cow.



My compliments to the chef.



That's a sausage, right,

not a hot dog.



A hot dog would be wrong.



Can I just have a bite

right now?



Medium rare.

Look it.






- Control.

- Shep.



Your Majesty, I would like

to apologize in advance



for any farting.



- Is that chicken bits?

- No, sweetheart, that's pâté.



What is she talkin' about,




It's French

for meat byproduct.



Ooh, pass me the pâté.



I must say, the humans are much

more domesticated than I expected.



Thank you very much, ma'am.



Has any other Greater Dane

ever visited Earth before this?



You're talking to me.

That can't happen.



Oh, yeah. Right.



It's been ages

since the last visit.



I betcha this will be

the fanciest welcome



any Dane's ever gotten.



We are in deep diddily doo-doo.



Hey, O.,

lookin' pretty spiffy there.



Hey, honey, we got

a very big day tomorrow.



- We're gonna sell, sell, sell.

- Sell, sell, sell.




Eyes on the ball. Be the ball.



All right, Hub.

Go to bed.



I'm just saying, I think I could

get pretty good at this game.



What's the point if you're not

gonna be here long enough to play?



Oh, right.



It's just a silly game anyway.



Are you... agitated?



Yep, but it's not about you.

Don't worry.



You want a biscuit?






It's hard to leave home.

I know.



But it's not

where you are, Owen.



It's who you're with.



Your mom and dad and you...

you make a good home.






All right, lights out.



I'll deal with you later.



All right, you gotta tell me.



- What?

- Why do you do those circles?



I'm building a mind fence.



- Excuse me?

- A mind fence.



It helps to keep out

negative thoughts while you sleep.



Yeah, sure.



How would you like to never, ever

have another bad dream?



- Never?

- Never, ever.



There. Go to sleep.



Mind fence.

Can't believe you fell for that one!






Our cookies... in the air

will help sell your house



Cookies in the air

will sell your house



Oh, no.

I can sense it.



This could be the day.



Owen! This is

an all-family operation.



Up and at 'em!



No, Ma.

I have to work with the dogs today.



Owen, I need you

around here today.



- Mom. Mom!

- What?



There's nothing more important



than me working

with the dogs right now.



We've gotten some interesting calls

lately from the neighbors.



A particularly interesting one

from Connie's mother last night.



Your dad and I think

it's time to wrap it up



with the neighborhood dogs.



But, Mom, the dogs

need me now more than ever.



Today you're needed here,

with people.



I want you downstairs

in one minute.



Not good.



Dad, watch for Hubble.



That dog.

Not today, Hubba Bubba.



- I'll get him.

- No, I got him. You stay.



I'm gonna tie him up

out front.



Sit nicely out here and say,

"Hello! It's Open House Day.



Buy, buy, buy!"



That's what you're

gonna tell them.



She's got a little terrier

in her, that one.



- Hey, look, it's freak dog.

- What a freak.






He's all alone.



And that should do it.



- Whoa!

- What was that?



Sounded like a sonic boom.



Yoo-hoo! Smile.






That was a sonic boom?



Yeah. Doesn't make

sense, though.



Owen, change that shirt.



I need you to pass out

fact folders to the guests.



When I was a kid,

I used to hear that a lot,



but we lived near

an Air Force base.



That... that is weird.



Owen, tick-tock.



- Thank you.

- Great. Thanks a lot.






- Mom.

- I was looking all over for you.



Feel free to roam the house

as you like.



- I can't find Hubble.

- I'm sure he's around somewhere.



Hubble's gone.



- Give him to me.

- I'm tryin'.



I can smell them.

It's Franky and Fred.



The Greater Dane

might be coming today.



We can't lose him now.



Straight edge.



Buzz cut.



- Let's give him a close shave.

- Yeah, shave.



I said the dog, loser.



There he is.






Get away from him,

you punks.



- Frank!

- I'm gonna get you, you brats!



I'm outta here.



Get him.



- Go!

- Hubble, run!



If I catch your butt,

I'm gonna bite it.



That little one is mine.



Oh, my back.



Red light.



We are law-abidin' citizens.



There they are.



Green means go.



There they go.






Over there.



Oh, we got 'em now!






Owen, it's a party!



What was in that gas?

'Cause I can't see straight.



Run! Run!



- What are you doing?

- What's going on?



The Greater Dane.



- Va-voom!

- That is one handsome lady.



Shh. Quiet.



Can someone tell her

to stay in focus, please?









Mom. Dad.



Bow down.



All hail Her Royal Highness!



That is not a dog.



What is that thing?



- That's a rat with a wig.

- It's a wig rat.



What's the matter

with all of you?



Don't you know who this is?

Look sharp!



Your Majesty,

what a lovely surprise.



We were all wondering



when you were gonna get

your royal heinie down here.



Can I bite him?

I'll bite him if you want me to.



You have a lot

of explaining to do,     .



    . That's my number.



I'm not here right now.

Please leave a message.



Pull yourself together, Canid.



I'm sorry.

I'm totally serious now. I'm... Sirius!



Isn't there one among you



who knows how to give

your leader a proper welcome?



Oh, you're all dog meat now.



All of you, come with me.



Earth dogs.



And you,     .



What a disgrace.



- What's happening?

- Nothing good.



If it makes you feel any better,



we all knew

you were gonna screw up.



- Back!

- Yes, ma'am.



Right away, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.



Every rumor I've heard about our

species on this planet appears to be true.



No dominance, no dignity.



We had something formal

planned for you.



"We had something formal..."

Shut your yap!






Your little welcome party

was highly revealing,     .



I have no choice but to give

the order for global recall.






I've seen all I need to see.






No, you haven't.

You haven't.



You can't take them away.



Please. Dogs mean

so much to the world,



and you haven't seen

any of that yet.



They protect us,

and they keep us company,



and they always warn us

if something bad might happen.



Some dogs even work

with police and firefighters,



and do amazing things...



things people could never do

on their own.



Some dogs even help people

who can't see by guiding them.



We rely on them for so much.



You should be proud of them,



because people love dogs.



Did you know that?



People and dogs

love each other.



I am still curious as to why

a human boy is talking with me.



- Funny story.

- You did this?



It's not Hubble's fault.



I mean,     .



It's not his fault.



You better step down, Owen.



I'm sorry.



But please,

think about what I said.






Here they come.






What happened?



She decided to go home.



Is it all over?



It's all over.



- Yes!

- You did it, Owen!




What about you, Hubble?



Are you... here?



I'm... here.



I don't believe it.

I thought I blew it.



Where's everybody going?



I think everyone's tired.



Oh. Well, we can

celebrate later, right?



Now we can play ball, Hub.



I know it won't be easy

not going back to Sirius,



but it's not where you are.



It's who you're with, right?






What is it, Shep?



My pretty ladybird.






That's my girl.

My sweet Nelly.



Yeah, you are sweet.






I know I haven't been

the most affectionate dog.



It's okay.

You're different, Hub.



I like that about you.



But I've seen the way others

express themselves to their people,






I want you to know,

I do like you.



I'm just not used

to all the customs here.



Hubble, it's all right.



You just told me

you liked me.



How many people get

to hear that from their dog?



Owen. Honey.






Honey, Miss Ryan

is at the door.



She wants to talk to you.



What about?



I know Barbara Ann's

every move.



I know everywhere

she would go.



You don't understand.

It's as if she simply vanished.









Oh, no.



You're not saying Owen

took the dogs?



No. No, no, no.



He lost his dog, too.



I just don't understand



how he could know nothing

about what happened.



Now you're moving away.

Where does that leave us?



It's not Owen's fault.



- Connie, go inside.

- He tried to stop them.



Stop who, Connie?

Who took them?



The dogs.



The other dogs.



From outer space.



Maybe it is best

that you're leaving.



It's because of all this constant

moving we've been doing, isn't it?



I'm sure it's not helping.



The deal on the house

hasn't officially closed yet.



It's not too late

to change our minds.



What do we do?



Here you go.



The movers will be here

at   :   tomorrow.



- Where's your cap?

- I can't find it.



Owen, you know

we'll get you another dog.



And soon.

That's a promise.



Maybe I'm not supposed

to have one, Mom.



Don't say that.



Nobody deserves a dog

more than you.



Arhd firhally torhight.

File this urhder "Odd"



There's beerh a drastic irhcrease

irh reports of lost dogs



all over the state recerhtly



Authorities are baffled

by this rash of disappeararhces.



But say they're doirhg their best

to "srhiff out" the culprits



We' see you tomooiow n ght



Hubble, I'm sorry.



I let you down.



I should've kept quiet

up on that hill.



I hope I didn't get you

in trouble by talking.



I didn't think of...



I just didn't think.



Now everyone's losing their dogs,

and it's all my fault.



I know you can't hear me.



I miss you so much.



I never had a friend like you.



I wanted you to stay here

with me so badly.



But I...



I know you have

your home there.



I hope I didn't

screw everything up for you.



I hope they're not

being mean to you.



Because you're

a good boy, Hubble.



You are.



You're a good boy.



You are.



You're a good boy.



I have often wondered

what it was about human beings



that could lead so many

of our species astray...



what it is that makes us

abandon our drive for dominance.



Go on,     .




Enlighten me.



I think it's friendship.



People and dogs

live side by side on Earth,



and they make a home together.



A home?



It seems that inspires

great loyalty.



I must ask you now...



where does your loyalty lie?






I prefer the name Hubble.



Owen, it's time to go.









Dad, was that

another sonic boom?



No, that was just

the movers closing the door.



Come on, buddy.

We really need to get goin'.



- Dad.

- Sorry about that.



- Pothole.

- No, that was too big of a noise.



- Owen.

- It was too big of a noise.



- Dad, stop. Wait!

- What is it?



Stop the car.

I forgot something.



- What?

- Owen!









Something's going on.



- Where are you going?

- The dogs!



The dogs!



- What?

- The dogs.



I know I heard it.

I know I heard it.



Please. Please.



What was that?

Now, wait a minute.



Look at that cloud up there!



- Look at that cloud!

- Look, the sky!



What is that?






Here, boy. Over here.



- This button, right?

- You broke it.



- Don't touch that.

- I know what I'm doing!



Wait. Wait!






Is that the dogs?



We're home!

I missed ya, Owen.



There's my main man.



- It's good to see you.

- It was a long flight.



That's the last time

I travel in a spaceship.



There she is!

There she is!



Hey there, Mama!



Hey, guys, I'm back!



Hello, Papa.



Look, Mom, he's back.

Say hi, Shep.



Are you here...








The Greater Dane

declared Earth dogs



an entirely different breed.



I... really missed you.



I know.

I heard.



You heard?



I think you're

a good boy, too.



I almost forgot.



She said I could stay

on one condition.






Was that your woofer again?









I have so many more

questions to ask you.



How am I gonna know

what you're thinking?



Start unpacking.



- We're home for good.

- Yeah.



Hubble, good boy.



Good boy.



Special help by SergeiK