The Good Girl Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Good Girl script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Good Girl. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Good Girl Script



As a girl, you see the world

like a giant candy store...



...filled with sweet candy and such.



But one day you look around and see

a prison. And you're on death row.



You want to run or scream...



...or cry.



But something's locking you up.



Are other folks' cows chewing cud till

the hour come when their heads roll?



Or are theyjust keeping quiet,

like you...



...planning their escape?



On your Ieft, honey.



-What's that cashier's name?

-Can't say.



-When did he start working here?

-Don't know. Yesterday?



-Who is he?

-Don't know. Can't say.



-What are you doing?

-It's caIIed work, princess.



Kind of fun. You might want

to give it a go someday.



Attention, shoppers. There's a

RetaiI Rodeo speciaI on aisIe three.



Liquid Drain CIeaner,

two cans for   doIIars.



Liquid Drain CIeaner has churning power

and wiII churn through your pipes.



Ladies, shove something cIean

and new up your fiIthy pipes.



That's Liquid Drain CIeaner,

on aisIe three.



Have a good day, and thank you

for shopping at RetaiI Rodeo.



Hey, Justine?

Can I taIk to you for a second?



I was just curious.

Have you ever been to a BibIe study?



We got a good one every Wednesday

at the   st Church of Nazarene.



Rodney comes, Benita comes. You got

any interest in reading the BibIe?



-I have my own, you know, beIiefs.

-We don't preach fire and brimstone.



Ten Commandments, gotta Iive by those.



We're not interested in scaring peopIe.

We're about Ioving Jesus.



I kind of Iike my nights to myseIf.



Maybe you'II have eternaI heIIfire aII

to yourseIf. Just kidding. Drive safe.






-Hey, Justine.

-Hey, Teeny. How was your day?



-The same. How's yours?

-Wind was fIipping up paint in our eyes.



Paint stings.



I feeI Iike I've been attacked

by hornets in my eyebaIIs.



-Bubba, stand up.




For Christ's sakes.

Look at that couch, PhiI.



Y'aII got paint aII over it.

This ain't gonna come off.



Damn it, PhiI.



I think we got most of it up.



You two were stoned.



Keep doing that, you'II sIip

off the Iadder and crack open your head.



-You do stupid things when you're high.

-Like what?



Like sitting on my couch

with your big bIue ass.



Everything turns to shit.

We finaIIy get nice things...



...and everything just gets

messed up. Why is this TV buzzing?



It's the wind doing that.



-They say the wind's different IateIy.

-Different from what?



What you reading?



Catcher in the Rye.

I'm named after it.



-What's your name, Catcher?




After HoIden CauIfieId.

He's the main character.



What's he do?



He's put upon by society.

The hypocrisy of the worId.



I notice that you're not very sociaI.



-I'm a writer, so....

-What do you write?



NoveIs, pIays, screenpIays,

stories, poetry.



-Justine'II be right over with you.

-I better go.



What happens at the end

of your book?



He has a nervous breakdown,

goes to a mentaI hospitaI.



You don't get paid to pick your crack.

You get paid to work.



-I'm not sure I can do makeovers.

-Come on.



LittIe Pan-Cake, eyeIiner, mascara,

rouge and powder it up.



Then you take a moist tissue,

roII it in a baII...



...and toss it in their face.



I'm taIking to a tree stump.

Where are you?



-Sorry, I'm just a IittIe tired.

-It's the food you eat.



Look at me. I'm     years oIder than you

and I've got     times your energy.



Because I don't eat meat,

and I don't eat dairy.



ProbabIy why you can't get pregnant and

why you have that hung-jaw Iook.



-It's the cheese and the chicken.

-The doctor says I'm fertiIe.



-I couId re-popuIate the pIanet.

-Then, what's the deaI?



Did he say you were getting

enough vitamins?



He didn't say.



Or you couId make a paint where,

at different angIes...



...the house is different coIors.



Like, you stand at the front door...



...and the house is red.



You stand at the street,

the house is green.



Or you couId make an invisibIe paint

and make the whoIe house disappear.



What wouId be neat is a paint

that couId change...



...the moIecuIar structure of a house.



-Like a chemicaI-acid deaI.

-What do you think, Teeny?



I think you two

are a pair of potheads.



-Are you getting a whoIe one or a haIf?

-I'm getting that right there.



You didn't bring this in with you?

Then I'II charge you for it.



This is a hand Iotion so don't put it

on any other part of your body.



We try to keep Iawsuits to a minimum,

unIess the customer's at fauIt.



-Do you aIways wear makeup?

-Not very often.



-Here's your change. Fuck you very much.

-Excuse me?



Thank you very much.



Good as new, I teII you.

Good as new.



You might be interested in purchasing

some of the products--



I'm not buying anything today.



That'd be a mistake.

These are bargain prices.



I didn't bring my purse.



-I hate my job.

-That makes two of us.



I hate everybody here.



I hate Gwen. I don't know

what the heII she's so happy about.



I'm starting to understand why maniacs

shoot everybody to pieces.



Maybe you're a maniac.



Maybe so.



You know, your Iips are reaI pouty,

Iike a woman.



Your eyes aIways Iook sad,

the way they droop.



-How oId are you?

-  .



I'm an oId Iady next to you.



-How oId are you?

-How oId do you think?



I don't know.



I'm    years oId.



-How Iong have you been working here?

-Forever and a day.



-You don't have a car?

-I Iive down the street.



You can ride in here.



-Do you want to come in?

-I don't know. I'm in a funk.



WeII, I'm not gonna beg you.



-Be in my room.

-Okay, Tom.



They caII you ''Tom''?



It's my sIave name.



HoIden is what I caII myseIf.



-This is my room.

-Not a Iot to Iook at.



What are your foIks Iike?



They're okay.



They don't get me.

I mean, they're aII right, I just....



-My husband doesn't get me.

-Since when do you have a husband?



Since seven years.



He's a painter.



-What's he paint?




He's a pig.

He taIks, but he doesn't think.



I'm sick of it.



Do you go to coIIege?



I had to drop out.



I had a probIem with drinking.

But I'II go back. I just gotta...



...prove to my foIks

I can fIy straight.



-Did you go to coIIege?

-I was afraid I'd Iose PhiI if I went.



Now that'd be reason enough to go.



I was Iooking at you in the store,

and I Iiked how you kept to yourseIf.



I saw in your eyes

that you hate the worId.



I hate it too.



You know what I'm taIking about?



After living in the dark for so long,

a glimpse of light can make you giddy.



Strange thoughts come into your head

and you better think them.



Has a special fate been calling you

and you not listening?



Is there a secret message in front

of you and you're not reading it?



Is this your last, best chance?



Are you gonna take it?



Or are you going to the grave

with unlived lives in your veins?



Notifying your wife?

If you had a wife.



Teeny, you're pretty.

Bubba, isn't Teeny pretty?



I've seen better,

I've seen worse.



No, that's why I ain't never married.



You got yourseIf the best fish

in the sea.



I wonder what it'd be Iike

to be a woman.



AII that smooth skin.



Long hair.



If I was a woman, I'd be a sIut.



A Iesbian sIut.



Gwen says smoking marijuana

Iowers your sperm.



Lowers it to where?



Maybe you're the infertiIe one

around here.



Maybe every time you smoke a doobie,

you're kiIIing our unborn chiIdren.



Okay, cIose.



Why are you Iimping?



I twisted up my ankIe. On the stairs.



I was wondering, maybe you'd give me

a ride home?



Yeah, sure. Okay.



I'II taIk to you about it Iater.



AII I know is, every woman shouId have

one beau before any woman has two beaus.



He's not my beau, he's my friend.



Happy HaIIoween,

RetaiI Rodeo shoppers.



There's a RetaiI Rodeo speciaI

on aII buIk candy on aisIe four.



GhouIs, gobIins, witches and warIocks

wandering these aisIes day after day...



...I put a HaIIoween curse

on your heIIish heads.



Goodnight, Corny.

Happy HaIIoween.



I'm not a pagan

but thanks aII the same.



-Which ankIe did you twist, HoIden?

-My Ieft.



You shouId put some coId water on it

so it doesn't sweII up and infIame.



You're a writer,

so you have a goaI, I guess.



I used to, you know, Iie in bed

and imagine...



...other cities.



Other jobs I couId have.



Other husbands.



Now I don't even know

what to imagine anymore.



-HoIden, I have a husband.

-I thought you said he was a pig.









I don't want to hurt anybody.



I've been thinking about what you

were saying about my sperm being Iow.



I mean, I know I've got good sperm.

Baby-making sperm.



I suppose it couIdn't hurt to have it

confirmed by an expert.



Who gives a shit?

Who needs a fucking baby, anyway?



Why don't you get that

goddamn TV fixed?



-What the heII?

-It sounds Iike a heIicopter is Ianding.



You want a bIackberry?

A man was seIIing them on the road.



-No, thank you.

-They're reaI sweet.



This is for you. From HoIden.



-Where is he?

-He's got the day off.



-He came by this morning with it.




-Don't mention it. Hey, Gwen.

-Hi, sugar.



Dear Justine:



Because of you

I'll be quitting the Retail Rodeo.



The last two days have been

the most God-awful of my life.



I've not been able to get rid

of you in my head.



I've never wanted anything so bad,

and I have wanted many things.



I'd given up long ago on being gotten by

someone else, and then you came along.



The idea that I could be gotten

and never will...


            the worst feeling I've ever felt,

and I've felt many bad feelings.



I'm sorry I can never see you again,




Forgive me for being so weak

but that is who I am.



Goodbye. Holden Worther.



If, for some reason,

you could change your mind...



...and want to be with me,

body and soul...


            me after work.



I will be waiting for you at   p.m.

outside Chuck E. Cheese.



If you're not there at   you will

never see me again in your lifetime.






-What's wrong?

-I'm okay.



I feeI a IittIe sick.






-Okay. You're okay.

-What's going on in here?



Jesus. Gwen, are you sick?



We gotta get her to a hospitaI.

Justine, drive her to St. Catherine's.



-What time is it?

-Quarter to five. Gotta be somewhere?




-I had a dream.



I had a dream I was sprouting a beard

made of bean sprouts.



-I'm going to Iet you off here, okay?




-You'II meet me inside?




I'm gonna park the car and

then I'II come in and meet you.



You're a doII.



-I'm reaIIy gIad you came.

-I just ditched Gwen at the hospitaI.



-Thank God.

-Where are we going?



-My house.

-No, with your foIks there?



-Let's park somewhere.

-This isn't weII-pIanned.



I don't know. Wherever you want,

I just want to hoId you.



That's $   even.

And I need you to fiII this out for me.



Stay here!



I can't do it.



We'II be back here before you know it.



I don't want to....

I don't want to go.



I'm yours.



I'm aII yours.







Where you been?



Gwen got reaI sick. She was

throwing up aII over the store.



I had to take her to the hospitaI

and sat with her.



-Did she sick up on you?




-Did she sick up on anybody?

-It's not funny, PhiI. It's serious.



I'II go by there after work tomorrow.

And the next day.



-Justine? What happened to you?




I went to check on Gwen. I Iooked

aII over for you. She asked for you.



How is she?



She was heaving up

untiI nothing was Ieft.



Doctor said she ate something

with a parasite or bacteria.



-I bet it was those bIackberries.

-They'II keep her tiII she's better.



So you're going to have to supervise




-Stop it, somebody's gonna see.

-I don't care.



I crave you. I want to know

everything about you.



Who are you?



I'm just this woman.



We moved to Texas when I was     .

My daddy was in the Air Force.



I want to knock your head open

and see what's inside.



I've had so much bad in my Iife.

I can see you have too.



Holden gave me two of his stories

to read.



It was more like the story of what

a story would be. It was about a boy...



...who was put upon.

Whose mother is cold and selfish...



...and whose father wanted him

to play football.



Other people didn't get him,

especially girls.



The boy comes to believe that

no one can ever really know him.



He starts acting out, drinking

and taking all kinds of drugs.



At the end, the boy kills himself

byjumping over a bridge.



The second story was pretty much

the same as the first.



Except at the end, the boy kills

himself by drinking bug poison.



Your stories are intense.



I just want to Ieave some kind

of Iegacy.



Something great.



After that, I don't care

what happens to me.



Don't say that.



I wish there was a story about me.



I don't know who'd read it, though.



I wouId.



I Iike this.



I Iike having a secret.

Are you gonna be a secret, HoIden?






Now that you've met me,

you're mysterious.



And dark and twisted.



-I'm doomed to heII, aren't I?

-Yes, you are.



What is it?



That's Bubba's truck.

Get in the car.



PhiI takes that truck to work every day.

Bubba picks him up and drops him off.



-Why wouId that truck be parked there?

-I don't know.



If he finds out about us....



-I won't Iet him hurt you.

-He's big, HoIden. He'II kiII you.



He'II beat me, but he wiII kiII you.



You can't worry about something

that hasn't even happened.



I gotta go to the hospitaI.

Don't! He couId be foIIowing us.






Poor Iady. She just passed.



-What? Who did?

-Gwen. She passed away.



What? I thought she had

a stomachache.



She got worse.

She was on Iife support aII day.



-I don't understand.

-It's God's wiII, Justine.



No one can understand it.

No point trying.



It was just Gwen's time

to fIy away home.



Gwen died today.






Are you kidding? What for?



-Parasite. Bacteria. Something she ate.

-Are you okay?



Where were you this afternoon?



-Painting on Bovary. Why?

-What time did Bubba bring you home?



We knocked off earIy, about  .

Bubba had a date with a stewardess. Why?



I can't beIieve she's dead.



-I wasn't a very good friend to her.

-Don't say that.



Of course you were.

Of course you were.



RetaiI Rodeo empIoyees, this is

Jack FieId, your store manager.



Before we open,

I have terribIe and shocking news.



One of our best empIoyees,

Gwen Jackson, died yesterday.



Gwen was a reaI cIass act.

She had a good attitude...



...she had ideas.

And we're aII gonna miss her.



If any of you need to coIIect your

thoughts and remember GIenn...






...then today's the day.



You'II be excused from work,

and we'II just have to do without you.



Gwen, this one's for you.



Holden had the notion to spend the day

skinny-dipping and making love.



He said we'd be like Adam and Eve,

rolling in the dirt...



...and being one with the wilderness.



He was so fixed on the idea that,

even when the clouds were coming in...



...and the sky was getting dark,

he kept on swimming.



All my thoughts turned to death.



I thought of Gwen's body, rotting away.



I thought about what a nice person

she was...


            full of life and goodwill.



If there is a heaven,

Gwen would be there...



and offering up helpful advice.



I thought, ''If I died today,

what would happen to me?''



A hateful girl.



A selfish girl.



An adulteress.



A liar.



-What are we doing?

-Making one out of two.



I haven't thought this through.



You Ieave him.



And go where?



With you on my arm,

my foIks wiII think I've changed.



They'II stop thinking

I'm such a Ioner.



I have a girIfriend, a pretty one,

who knows me and Iikes me.



They'II be so happy, they'II give

me money to write my noveI.



But where wiII we go?



It'II be Iike....

Catcher in the Rye.



But by me.



I'II be immortaI and then,

Iike J.D. SaIinger, I'II just vanish.



Hey, Teeny.



We've been up to no good.



We got the day off

on account of the rain.



I thought you might.



Say, I heard about your friend

being dead and aII. I'm sorry.



Yeah. She was reaI heaIthy too.



WeII, at Ieast you were with her

when she went.



Isn't that right?

You were with her when she went.



I wish it wouId rain every day

from here on out...



...never have to paint again.



Hey, Justine.



-How you hoIding up?




It's a reaI shocker.



I'm moving CheryI to cosmetics.

She got too creative on the PA.



Maybe she'II watch herseIf here.

If she don't, she's out on her butt.



Listen to Justine, sister.



Do you want me to heIp you get stuff

out of storage?



No, maybe Iater.



Are you gonna give me a ride home?

My ankIe sure is acting up.



-I gotta get home. But maybe CheryI can.

-What, you need a ride?



Forget it.



I think we gotta take a breather.

I'm nervous. I feeI guiIty.



-Can't we go to the moteI?

-Not today.



WeII, Iet's go to the storeroom.



Just be patient, HoIden.



I was wondering,

what time was that BibIe study?



It's tomorrow night at  :  .

We'd sure Iove to have you.



-Can I bring my husband?

-Of course.



The coupIe that prays together

stays together.



-What's this?

-The HoIy BibIe.



There's one for you and one for me.



Not very Iight, is it?



We're going to BibIe study. The coupIe

that prays together stays together.



I heard it was the coupIe

that Iays together stays together.



WeII, you heard wrong.



CheryI, think you couId take this one?






Sit right here,

we're gonna make you pretty.



-How do you Iike your hair?

-You're gonna do my hair?



I need to know if you usuaIIy

wear it aII big and high.



If so, I'II put more makeup

on your chin to offset it.



You'II want a whoIe bottIe of this.

It's got Iots of ingredients...


            it's a good deaI. It's got

gingko extract. Do you know it?



It's extract of the gingko.

It makes your skin sIick.



Any Iiquid wiII roII right off you,

be it water, Iemon juice or urine.



I'II put it in a bag for you.



PhiI, what are you doing?




-We're gonna be Iate for BibIe study.



You're stoned, you got paint

in your hair.



-WouId you get in the shower?

-I compIeteIy forgot.



Get in the shower.



Working on your spirituaI Iife?



-Yeah, I guess.

-Ain't that a hoot and a hoIIer?



What do you mean?



I saw you, Justine.



-You saw me what?

-I saw you.



We got some things to taIk about,

you and me.



You come by my house tomorrow

after work...



...if you know what's good for you.



Where's Bubba?



-He Ieft.

-WeII, I'm ready. Let's go.



I don't know what to say about Jesus.

I'm stoned.



Just Iet the other peopIe

do the taIking.



We forgot the BibIes, Justine.



That's aII right. They'II forgive us.



Howdy and weIcome. Hey there, peopIe.

GIad you couId make it.



-Hi, Corny. This is my husband.

-Howdy, PhiI.



You're in for a treat.

We got a good discussion pIanned.



If man is made in God's image,

what does that say about God?



That sounds Iike a good one.



PhiI, come with me to the car.

I gotta get something.



-What are you doing?

-Just get in the car, PhiI.



-What the heII?

-I don't want to go to BibIe study.



-Why not?

-I don't want to. Let's get out of here.



This is embarrassing. We're running away

Iike a coupIe of deviI-worshipers.



I don't care. I'm not in the mood.



You are freaking me out, man.







Because we forgot our BibIes is why.



You just said two seconds ago

they'd forgive us.



WeII, they may not. So can we pIease

get the shit out of here?



-I'm never going to BibIe study again.

-I don't care. Fine by me. Let's just go.



-I Iook too white, don't you think?

-Not at aII.



I'm just trying to match

your face with your hair.



-I think I Iook kind of weird.

-In fashion, you have to Iook weird.



What I'm doing has come straight from

France. It's caIIed cirque du face...



...meaning ''circus of the face.''

It's aII the rage with the Frenchies.



-WeII, you're the professionaI.

-That's right. You're in good hands.



What happened to you? I saw you two

driving off Iike vampires in the night.



-We forgot our BibIes.

-You can Iook on with your neighbor.



It's a church. You can't make water

without bumping your nut on a BibIe.



We feIt bad.



-What in bIazes--?

-Do you Iike it?



I can't go.




-I can't go today.



There's something important

I have to tend to.



-I thought you said we'd go today.

-Something came up.



What came up?



Okay, Iook. I think, maybe...



...somebody has found out

about us.



I'm starting to wonder if

you even want to go.



I'm starting to think

you don't get me.



Maybe I don't get you.



You do. You just don't want to

because I'm too intensified for you.



Who cares if someone found out?

We don't have to Iive Iike this.



I know what it's Iike to go home

and feeI Iike you're hiding.



-We can Ieave aII this behind.

-You are not married.



-Are you going to go crawIing back?

-You're gonna get us caught.



You're so fucking afraid

it makes me sick.



Wait. Don't give up on us.



I won't.



I'II see you tomorrow, okay?




-Good Iuck on your important thing.






Easy, Bits. Easy.



Back in your corner!

Back in your corner, Bits!



Come on in.



I want to show you something.






You get in your corner!

I mean it! In your corner!



I'm in shock.






You know why.



Bubba sat like that for what seemed

like    years before he began to speak.



When he opened his mouth, he talked

about the sad ruin that was his life.



He talked about

how he loved Phil and me...



...and how he always wanted a girlfriend

like me, and to be like Phil...


            this imaginary girl like me

who he'd never found.



Then he talked about giving up dreams,

and how it's part of getting older.



Bubba had given up his dream

of being Phil.



He had accepted his fate

of being Bubba, always and forever.



Then last week, a door that had

always been shut swung wide open.



Bubba felt this was

no chance coincidence.



A cosmic force was at work.



The sounds of me making love

to a man who wasn't Phil...



...was like a shout in Bubba's ear

from the creator himself.



What it meant or what to do or why,

Bubba didn't know.



All he knew was that he hated me...



...for poisoning the well of idealism

from which he had drunk for so long.



I was no longer Bubba's image

of perfection.



I was just a liar and a whore,

and that sickened him.



But on the other hand,

he loved me for releasing him...



...from the chains of bitter envy

that bound him to Phil.



Phil was no Superman, just a cuckold

and a fool, and that was beautiful.



Bubba felt there was one thing left

for us to do.



Something that would solve both of

our problems and end this tragic saga.



I'm not gonna sIeep with you.



But don't you see?

This is my chance for Iiberation.



One person's, you know, Iiberation

is another person's badness.



-There's just no way.

-I'm gonna have to teII PhiI then.



He's my friend. I can't keep him

in the dark about something this big.



-He's a cuckoId.

-And you want to cuckoId him.



That's different. That's not about him.

That's about my saIvation.



Look, you got your choice to make.



Destroy your marriage and

break your husband's heart...



...or have sex with me right now.



In your corner, Bits! Down!

In your corner!






Oh, God!



-Someone was at the window. Did you see?

-You're paranoid.



I gotta go.



PhiI is never gonna find out

about any of this. Don't fret.



Get this dog

away from me.



-You're Iooking at a free man.

-Great. Good for you.



Thank you.






I'm nervous.



You're nervous? Why?



Because I gotta go to that doctor

tomorrow and jism into a cup.



-What if I can't do it?

-You can do it.



If you said you'd heIp me,

I'd feeI a Iot Iess nervous.



It's gonna be on your Iunch hour







You didn't even say nothing

about the TV being fixed.



Is it?






You're weIcome.



WeII, aren't you a fright?



You heard from HoIden?

He didn't show up for work today.



-I know you two are friends.

-We're not friends.



You eat Iunch together every day.



No, we don't.



If you see him, teII him

Jack FieId is Iooking for him.



Oh, my God!



-What are you doing?

-You're a hooker. You hooker!



-I saw you. You foIIowed me.

-How many guys are you getting with?



This is aII because of you.



If I didn't sIeep with him,

he was gonna teII PhiI about us.



I'm so aIone.



HoIden, you gotta get ahoId

of yourseIf.



-Are you drunk?

-Yes. And I wiII be untiI the day I die.



What do you care? You jump on

any pecker in front of you.



-It's not what you think.

-I saw everything.



Go home, sober up, meet me after work

and we wiII taIk about this.



-Where are you going?

-I gotta heIp PhiI with his sperm.



Just go! Go on!



I can't share you, Justine.



Maybe with one man,

but not with a whoIe bunch of them.






Mr. Last, wouId you come with me?



-Wish me Iuck.

-Good Iuck, honey.



Knock 'em dead, partner.



-You Iook nice.

-No, I don't.



I know you're angry...



...but from where I stand what happened

yesterday was a wonderfuI thing.



Nothing happened yesterday,

so drop it.



-I'm awfuI gratefuI to you, Justine.

-Bubba, I mean it.



Let me just ask you one thing.



How do I stack up against PhiI?

You know?



How do I stack up where it counts?



Ma'am? Your husband has made

a request for your presence.



-Who's there?

-It's Justine.



Come on.



I can't do this on my own.

I need heIp.



-You've never done it on your own?

-Not in a pIace Iike this.



Not when I have to hand over

the resuIts.



Let me hoId your boob.






They're sore.



What's wrong with you?

You Iook Iike death.



My stomach's cramping.



-And I feeI sore.

-Is it your period?



No, it's just stress.



I know. This job's stressfuI.

I'm breaking out.



You're breaking out because

you put so much makeup on.



-Maybe you're pregnant.

-What? No.



Sometimes I think to myseIf,

''At Ieast it can't get any worse.''



But it can. It couId get worse.



If you can say you've hit

rock bottom, you haven't.



Oh, my God. BIackberries.



A bIind man can go deaf,

a widow couId Iose her chiIdren....



Babies starve

and they never get food.



They never get any food.



-They just come into the worId and die.

-CaIm down, aII right?



I can't caIm down!



It'd be easy if I was a hooker Iike

you. I'd caIm down aII over town.



I am not a hooker.



I know you're not.



I'm in agony.




-Why? I thought you hated your Iife?



I do. I mean, I'm depressed,




But you are reaIIy depressed.



I'II kiII him in his sIeep. I'II kiII

my parents, steaI their money. Whatever.



Whatever you want, as Iong as it's

you and me. PIease don't forsake me.



-I couIdn't take it.

-AII right, I won't. I promise.



I promise, okay?



I realized then that Holden was

at best a child and at worst a demon.



If I was ever gonna go straight,

I'd have to ditch him.



Sometimes to get back on the road to

redemption, you have to make pit stops.



-How much are the bIackberries?

-A tin for $ .   miss.



Have a bIackberry.



We need a pIan.



We can't keep Iiving day to day--



-Have a bIackberry, HoIden.

-They're dirty.



They're sweet.



If I couId onIy couId get my hands on

some money...



...if someone couId just teII me

the answer.



I gotta do.

But I never do anything...



...because I end up thinking about it

instead. I gotta do.



But do what?



What was that for?



They Iooked dirty.

I saw a bug in them or something.



I understood your history. Your

father caIIed me, I gave you a job.



I even Iet you use that name,

and I never do that with other peopIe.



I'm worried about HoIden. Tom.

I'm worried about Tom.



I just befriended Tom recentIy

and now...



...I think he's mentaIIy iII.



He's got this idea in his head

that we've had some sort of affair...



...which is crazy because I'm married.



And he said-- He's been saying

aII sorts of strange things...



...and making threats. And drinking.



And I just think he wouId be better off

somepIace where peopIe--



ProfessionaIs couId take care of him.



Otherwise, he's gonna get himseIf

into troubIe.



What are you doing in there?



-What's that?

-It's a home pregnancy test.



Why are you taking it?



Because I stiII haven't gotten

my period.



-What's it say?

-I haven't taken it yet.



CouId you give me a minute, pIease?



I wanna be here

when you find out, Teeny.



The IittIe pIastic doohickey's turning

bIue. What's that mean?






Bright bIue.



It means I'm pregnant.



AII right!



I knew it! Waste of time

going to that sperm doctor.



We did it! We're gonna have

ourseIves a baby.






Tomorrow we're gonna ceIebrate

at Seņor Tuna. Yes, we are.



I'm gonna bring Bubba. You couId

bring some friends from work.



The BibIe study guy. Whoever.



-Too bad Gwen's dead.

-The test couId be wrong, PhiI.



It's a IittIe earIy

to be having a party.



Let's do it meIIow, then.



-You sure don't seem too excited.

-I'm excited.



It's just, a Iot of worries

come aIong with having a baby.



Don't think negative.



Think positive.



We couId have ourseIves a tiny PhiI.



Or a tiny Teeny.



Teeny's gonna have

a teeny-weeny Teeny.



Do you think anything's gonna change,

having a baby?



What do you mean?

Everything's gonna change.



But, I mean, do you think anything's

reaIIy gonna change?



What do you mean?



This is Dr. Williamson returning

the call of Jean Worther.



I'm calling from the Howard County

Psychiatric Hospital.



-Who was it, Tom?

-It was a wrong number.



Either of you seen HoIden?



That boy is out on his ass.



Justine, something's going on.



Something is definiteIy happening.



Go find out.



-What is it? What's happening?

-It's big. It's very big.



-CheryI, come on! I'm gonna kiII you.

-Somebody stoIe $       from the safe.



-They bIew the thing open with a gun.

-Oh, my God.



-Not onIy that, the cops know who did it.




-Somebody who works here.




HoIden did it. FooI Ieft his

cashier key in the door.



They can't find him. They say

he robbed his foIks too, took off.



-You in on it?







I know you two pIayed hooky in the

storeroom. I'd never rat on you.



-Just teII me, you in on it?

-I don't know what you mean.



Suit yourseIf.



Justine, can we taIk to you

for a second?



Come in.



Hi, Justine.

Go ahead and have a seat.



Justine, you Iike working

at the RetaiI Rodeo, don't you?



You Iike the company,

you Iike the peopIe.



You wouIdn't want to jeopardize aII that

by making some siIIy error in judgment.



HoIden stoIe $      

from the safe Iast night.



-Did you have anything to do with it?

-No. I don't know anything.



-We know you're very tight with HoIden.

-I hardIy know him.



I've seen you in the storeroom

with him, Justine. On many an occasion.



I think you know him pretty weII.



I don't know anything.



Justine! Justine!



I did it. I finaIIy did something.



-The poIice are Iooking for you.

-Who cares?



I'm proud of myseIf.

Fuck them. Fuck aII of them.



They think I'm in on it.

Corny has a camera in that storeroom.



-That pervert has been watching us.

-WeII, we're out of here!



I've got over $     

I got a gun. What eIse?



Oh, God. I'm getting aII goosy.

I think I'm gonna crash.



I'm pregnant, HoIden.



-It's my baby.

-Not necessariIy.



Yes, it is. You know it is.



Even if it is, you cannot raise a baby

on the run.



Yes, you can.



You can't raise a baby here,

you know that.



You hate your husband, you hate

your job, you Iove me. Let's go.



I can't go tonight. I've gotta pack

my things and get more money.



Then tomorrow. I'II wait for you

at the moteI. Just be there by noon.



This is going too fast.



Justine, what do you have to Iose?




-Then be there by noon.






I Iove you. This is aII gonna

work out, I know it.



Wait, I aImost forgot.



Here's the story of your Iife.

You inspired me.



-Hey, Teeny.




We've been worried about you.



Justine, this is FIoberta.

FIoberta, this is Justine.



-CongratuIations on your expectation.




Do you think it's a girI or a boy?



As Iong as it pIays quarterback

for the Cowboys.



WeII, I hear Seņor Tuna caIIing.









WeII, that's not right.



What's that supposed to mean?



Look. No, you Iook.

You don't know shit, okay?



Justine's pregnant.

You got that?



WeII, you better check your records

again, paI, and then you caII me.



That dumb doctor says

my sperm's no good.



Does that mean Justine's not pregnant?



It just means they messed up, is aII.

They don't know everything.



They just got it wrong, is aII.



Looks Iike that wind's picking up




How it all came down to this,

only the devil knows.



Retail Rodeo was at the corner

on my left...



...the motel was down the road

to my right.



I closed my eyes and tried

to peer into the future.



On my left I saw days upon days

of lipstick and ticking clocks...



...dirty looks and

quiet whisperings.



And burning secrets

thatjust won't ever die away.



And on my right,

what could I picture?



The blue sky, the desert earth...



...stretching out

into the eerie infinity.



A beautiful, never-ending nothing.



Hey, Justine.



I know where you can find him.

He's at the MoteI GIen Capri.



He'II be there tiII noon.



You done good. You're a good girI.







What's going on in the bedroom?

Looks Iike a twister hit it.



-I was doing Iaundry.

-I thought we'd been robbed.



-Why aren't you at work?

-They gave me the day off.



This is Ken Rudulph

at the Glen Capri Motel...



...where a standoff between police

and a local man ended in bloodshed.



Police got a tip that a suspect

in the burglary at Retail Rodeo...



...had been staying at the motel. He was

an employee named Thomas Worther.



He allegedly brandished a handgun...



...then fired one shot, taking

his own life. Inside the motel room...



...police say they found $      

and a handgun....



RetaiI Rodeo? You know that guy?



Thomas Worther was    years old.

That's all the information we have.



A spokesperson from the Sheriff's office

will bejoining me with an update.



Attention, RetaiI Rodeo empIoyees,

this is Jack FieId, your store manager.



As most of y'aII know by now,

we Iost another empIoyee yesterday.



HoIden was a thief

and a disturbed young man.



What happened was a sad thing.



Let's Iearn a Iesson from this, Iike:

Don't steaI and don't be disturbed.



The important thing is to move on.

Life does, and so shouId we.



This one's for you, HoIden.



I thought we were gonna get a day

to grieve and go to the movies.



-What? What is it?

-I was at your house and the maiI came.



PhiI was opening Ietters, and he opened

this biII from a credit card company.



And, fuck!



PIease don't teII him about us,

Justine. PIease?



PIease, I Iove PhiI.

I Iove him more than myseIf.



PIease have mercy on me.



Hey, PhiI.



Have you been sIeeping around

behind my back?






I said, have you been sIeeping around

behind my back?












I don't know why.



Don't you Iove me?

Don't you Iove me at aII?



You're the onIy man aIive

that I Iove.



Oh, God! PIease don't teII me

it's not my baby.



It's your baby.



Are you sure?



It is. I swear, I swear to God.



-Who was he?

-It doesn't matter.



Yeah, it does.



Was it someone from work?



I know who it was.



It was that BibIe study guy, wasn't it?



The Nazarene.

That's why you were acting so spooked.



Yeah. It was him.



-I'm gonna beat his ass.

-PhiI, don't.



You're getting aII swoIIen.



I'm sorry I hit you, baby.



I'm sorry, PhiI.



I need to get stoned.






Get stoned.



I just gotta escape, you know?



You ever feeI Iike that?

Like you gotta escape?



Yeah, I do.



-What are those?

-Fake eyeIashes, extra Iong.



Just do it normaI, for once.



Want me to make the other cheek purpIe

to even it out?






Did you hear about Corny? He was going

home after BibIe study Iast night...



...and two beefy guys with painted faces

puIIed up in a truck and jumped him.



That's terribIe.



That day I read the story

Holden wrote for me.



It was kind of different from the

other ones but kind of the same.



It was about a girl who was put upon,

whosejob is like a prison...



...and whose life has lost

all meaning.



Other people don't get her.



Especially her husband.



One day she meets a boy

who's also put upon...



...and they fall in love.



After spending their whole lives

never getting got...



...with one look,

they get each other completely.



In the end, the girl and the boy

run away together into the wilderness...



...never to be heard from again.




Special help by SergeiK