The Gospel Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Gospel script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Nona Gaye R&B movie by Rob Hardy.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Gospel. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Gospel Script








Come on and stand up on your feet

and give God some praise.



Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!



Come on.



Come on. Get up on your feet.



Get up on your feet.



Come on, sing it.



Our God is an awesome God.



I'm so proud of you.



Oh, the Lord is moving in here.



The Lord is moving in here.



Now, I'm here to say

that the God I serve...


            a awesome God.



And I'm so happy

that the youth of the church...



...are channeling their energies

into doing God's work.



I wanna take a minute

to acknowledge two young men...



...whose stars are shining

especially bright.



My son, David Taylor,

and his close friend, Charles Frank.



Come on up here.

Come on up here, Frank.



- Thank you, Jesus.

- Come on.



These two wonderful young men

are one class shy...



...of graduating from our

youth ministry training program...



...and they're moving on

to becoming ministers.



- Amen. Amen.

- Hallelujah.



- Wanna swing by the mall later?

- I can't.



My dad's in a meeting

and my mom's picking me up.



Man, your cousin Charlene

is gonna be there.



Now you trying to get at my cousin?



She must be trying to get at me.



She gave me her number.



Let me see. Give me that, man.

What are you...?



- Crazy?

- Minister Hunter.



Can I speak to you for a minute?



That ain't even the right number

anyway. It starts with a    .



- Lorraine Taylor?

- Room    .



Where's the father?



On his way back from a conference.



Dear Lord...



...please don't let my mother die.



She's done so much for people.



And we need her here with us, Lord.



I'd do anything you ask.









I love you.



- Ernestine.

- Bishop.



I got here as soon as I could.

Is she okay?



- Let me... No, I'm so sorry.

- Ernestine.



She's gone.



Ernestine, no.



But before you go in the room,

I need to talk to you.



I just need to go in and see her.



- Let me just go in and see her.

- No, bishop, please.



- Let me go in and see her.

- What's he doing here?



- Son, I'm sorry.

- No. My mother's already gone.



- It's too late now.

- David.



She died and you were away

with the church like always.






- There are things parents need to...

- Get off of me. I hate you!












D. T.! D. T.! D. T.! D. T.!



You did your thing out there, man.

That's what it do.



What did I say? Rip the shirt off.

See how they fell all over the place?



- That's what I'm talking about.

- God!



- And I'm just getting started, huh?

- I know this.



In six months, David Taylor's

gonna be a household name.



That's what I've been

telling you, boy.



Hey, man, you packing clubs

like a superstar.



Selling records like a superstar.



- Now I want dollars like a superstar.

- Superstar.



Yo, Dave. What up?



I gotta buy tickets

to holler at you now?



- Something you need, Stone?

- No.



I'm trying to holler at the man

I helped make a superstar. It's all chill.



But he's still gotta holler at me

about that contract.



Look, man, you're drunk.

I got nothing to say.



- You got nothing to say to me?

- Are you deaf?



I got something to say to you!



D! D!



Where's security at?



- It's over, man, it's over.

- What's up? Get off of me.



You want some more of this? What?



- Take him home.

- Get him out of here, boy.



- What is wrong with that guy?

- It's cool.



- I put him on!

- I know. Ignorant.



It's all good.



- Relax.

- I put him on a hit record.



Don't let him spoil our night.

Know what I'm saying? In fact...



...I got a couple dime brizzles

picked out just for you, baby.



Look at them right there.



- That's why you're my manager.

- Yes, sir.



- Wesley said it, and it shall be done.

- And it shall be done.



Yes, sir. Yo, let's mix some drinks

up in here, baby.



Last quarter, New Revelations'

attendance was down    percent.



Well, that may be true

on the surface...



...but if you'll look at the

quarterly report, you'll see...



...that the   -percent drop has not

affected our primary financial base.



You can pay the mortgage,

utilities and payroll...



...but there's no room

for renovations.



And it's put an additional burden

on your core congregation.



I think our congregation

is in a better position...


            tell us what's a burden to them.



Where are you going to get

money for supplies?



That's the reason

we're asking for your help.



Give us a few days. I'll take it under

advisement, and we'll contact you.



Henry, that won't be necessary.



They're giving us a few days.



Bishop Stackhouse has something

he needs to tell us.



And you're not gonna

leave here until you do, Henry.



We go back, Fred.



Obviously, we don't

go back far enough.



This is not about friendship.

It's about what's practical.



And what exactly does that mean?



It means you've got    days.



If you've got a thriving congregation,

then you've got our support.



But what you need to do

is put yourself in a mental state...



...where you can tell your congregation

that you're gonna be closing down.



This is my life's work, Henry,

and you know that.



- It's bigger than you.

- But it's not bigger than God.



Let me tell you something, Henry.

I won't let you.



- You what?

- I wont let you!



Call    .



Answer your phone.



What's up?



Hey, Miss Ernestine.



No, I'm good. What's going on?






No, tomorrow's the last show.






Slow down.



Oh, boy. What about him?



What? When?






Yeah, well, all right. Can l...?



Let me call you back.



All right.



See? Now, that's the reason

I got into this business.



The dime brizzles.



And I be working for you, D.



Making moves, miracles

and dreams come true.



Talked to Phil Fishman

three times this a.m.



He started out with that same old

Little Orphan Annie spiel.



I put the brother on front street.



Let him know I'm not new to this,

I'm true to this.



- Brother's gotta get paid, you know?

- Yeah, that's good.



"Yeah, that's good"?



That's not the response

when your man tells you...



...he just broke his foot off into

somebody's hind parts on your behalf.



What's really going on?



My old man...



...he's sick.






I'm real sorry to hear that, dog.



- Is it serious?

- I don't know.



I think I'm gonna have to

go home for a minute.



For sure.



Absolutely, man.

It's the right thing to do.



Spend time with pops,

make sure he's straight.



Don't worry about nothing. I'll work out

this thing with Sandstone...



...set up the deal with the promoter

and fly down there to meet you.



All right? It's gonna be all good.



Wesley said it, and it shall be done.



The temperature tonight

is in the upper   s...



... with a high tomorrow

of    degrees.



- Frank?

- Oh, hold on, baby.



- Join us Sunday mornings at  ...

- I don't want to miss this.



... for the hour of Divine Gospel

led by Reverend Isaac Winston...



- Frank.

- ... of Divine Soul Ministries...



... right here.



That's what I'm talking about.



You feel like the hand of God

just came in and touched you.



You know what I mean, baby?






I came down to say

good night to you.



I know. I know. I was...



You were just watching

Divine Souls Ministries' commercial.



You gotta give it to them.

They doing it way big.



Radio, TV, on the front covers

of magazines.



They're like the all-stars

of the gospel game.



You will be too.



- How's your sermon coming?

- Oh, it's good, you know.



I worked on it all morning.



I'll work on it all night

if that's what it takes.



You nervous about tomorrow?



I don't know.



On one hand, it's like I've been waiting

for this moment my whole life...



...but on the other hand...



...if it means Bishop Taylor's

gonna have to die for me to get it...



...then I'll pass.



But it was just a minor attack.



He'll be back

at the church tomorrow.






You're so beautiful, baby.



Thank you.



I can't.



Baby, it's been a long time.



- I know, but I'm just...

- But you're tired.



You're tired. Lord...


            me. I'm a patient man.



It's part of what makes me

a good minister, I guess...



...but, Charlene...


            ain't the congregation.



You're my wife.



Yeah. Yeah.



Thank you.



Now, before I take my seat...



...I want y'all to rejoice

in the blessings from God.



- Amen?

- Amen.



Don't be ashamed, you know.



If God blesses you

with the money to buy that car...



...and that ice and that bling,

then that's all right.



That's all right.



But in rejoicing, I want you to always

acknowledge where it came from.



Amen? Hallelujah.



All right.



The Minister Frank.



Charles Frank.



I've been watching him

since he was a little boy.



Reverend Charles Frank. Let's just

give him one more hallelujah.



As the choir starts to sing, we gonna

invite y'all to come up to the altar.



You know, sometimes

we lose our way.



Sometimes we struggle

with our faith.



But if you put your faith in God...


            can't go wrong.



If you're looking for a church home,

come on and join our family.



There's no such thing

as a perfect church.



But I'm here to tell you,

there is a perfect God.



Now, as the new saints

turn and face the congregation...



...the congregation has something

they wanna tell you.



Welcome home!



And that's what we say when you

join our church. Welcome home.



This is big. I worked it out.



The Reverend Isaac Winston

wants to meet you.



I'm serious. Apparently he's heard

some great things about you.



As soon as he gets

a break in his schedule...



...he wants to take you to lunch.

- That's big.



This is big. This is what we've been

waiting for. You're on the way.



- I'll see you in a little bit.

- All right.



Excuse me. You're David Taylor,

aren't you?



- Yeah.

- Told you.



It's great that you still come by

the church when you're in town.



No one's supposed

to know I'm here.



- It's a surprise for my father.

- Well, good for him.



I know I'd be surprised if I came home

and found you in my living room...



...singing your song

"Let Me Undress You."



I'd be happy and both surprised

at the same time.



- Do you have a girlfriend?

- All right, now, ladies, come on, now.



Let the man be.

He came to hear the word of God...



...not be put on the spot.

- Okay. Well, David...


            was nice meeting you.

- Nice to meet you.



Where your Bible at?



You still got the gift of gab, I see.



Well, you know. I try to be

of service to those in need.



- Right.

- You look good, though, man.



I mean, you look real good. It's good

to have you back in the church.



Help offset that bumping and grinding

you've been doing in them videos.



- Hey, cousin.

- Hey, cousin.



- How you doing?

- I'm good, David.



- Good to see you.

- Good to see you too.



- When did you get here?

- This morning. Came right to church.



I knew y'all would be

doing your thing here.



Yeah, we are.

Does the bishop know you're here?



Not yet. No, I'm gonna go up

and surprise him now.



- Okay.

- Baby, we gotta go so we can...



Yeah, we do. Well, how long

are you gonna be here?



- A couple days, maybe a week.

- You're not going...



...without having dinner

with Frank and me.



- Okay, no doubt. Yeah.

- Okay?



- All right, Frankie.

- All right, David.



- Take care, man. All right.

- Love you. All right.



I printed out directions

and a map for your trip.



I printed out directions

and a map for your trip.



I know where I'm going, Ernestine,

and I'm gonna be okay.



When you get lost, I'll be sure

to refer to this conversation.



Come in.



I'm good.



Give your father a hug, son.



How you doing?



I guess I'll leave you two alone.



I'm so glad you came.



Me too.



It's good to see you.






And you're back in the church.



The Lord never ceases

to amaze me.



Yeah, Frank, he preached

a good sermon today.



Yeah, he's developing

into a real fine minister.



Good for him.



So, what brings you here, son?



You got another concert

or something?



Miss Ernestine called me.

She said you weren't feeling well.



Now, I told her you were a busy man,

and I wish she hadn't done that.



Dad, I'm not too busy to wanna know

whether or not you're okay.



You know, I left your room

just like you had it.






...what's going on? Seriously.



I have...



I've got prostate cancer.



So how long have you known?



I've known for a while now.



I haven't shared it

with too many folks.



You know, these things

have a way of getting out.



- How many people know?

- Well, Ernestine, of course.



Minister Hunter.



- Frank and your cousin Charlene.

- Frank.






And you weren't gonna tell me?



Son, it's complicated.



I am going to be stepping down

as the church's bishop.



- Hey.

- Yeah.



Now, was it just me...



...or David didn't seem like he

wanted to be in church today?



Well, Miss Ernestine called him

and he came.



Miss Ernestine called?

Not Bishop Taylor?



My uncle's a minister...



...but he can't get beyond the worst

of the seven deadly sins.



- Pride.

- There you go.



I don't know,

it just seemed awkward...



...having David Taylor

at the church today.



- Don't do that, Frank. Please?

- What?



Don't talk about my cousin

like he's other people.



I'm saying, spiritually,

we don't know where David's been...



...or what he's been up to.

Am I not saying it right?



No, you're saying it perfect.



- Oh, come on.

- It's coming out great.



We got enough problems

on our plate...



...without adding David

to the equation, that's for sure.



Well, I go see Dr. Morris tomorrow.






That's encouraging.



Well, we'll see what happens.



Sure would be nice to have

the loving part of our marriage back.



Yeah. Sure would be nice.



- Hey.

- Hey, bishop. Good to see you.



We brought you

some boxes of clothes.



We got some more

out in the hallway.



I appreciate that, Bishop Taylor.

We'll take care of that for you.



It's good to see you, bishop.



Hey. I should've known.



It's you.

Hey, man, good to meet you.



- Good to meet you.

- Yeah. That's cool.



You got a lot of influence

over people.



Maybe you ought to work

with the choir while you're here.



Dad, look, I came to see about you,

all right? Not the church.



Well, maybe you don't realize

they're one and the same.



Yeah. That's always been

the problem between you and I.



Look, I'm gonna go and see

one of my friends. I'll be back.



Well, we're gonna be ready

to give you a grand sendoff.



Yeah. It's good to see you.



You know, that is a great man.



He comes here twice a week,

every week.



I don't know where

he finds the time.



Yeah, he's been that way

ever since I was a kid.



I know he's proud of you.



Hey, it was nice to meet you, man.



Look, my client acted

on good faith...



... assuming things

would be negotiable...



... which is why he refused

to sign the contract.



Look, Sandstone.



You agreed to the deal, and you

can't just change the terms now...



- ... because the song's a hit.

- It was a bad deal from the jump.



With the cash that song made,

I'm supposed to get more.



"It was a bad deal."

You know what, I took the risk.



If the song was a bust,

I'd be left holding the bag.



My client should also be guaranteed

that two of his tracks...



...appear on the next

David Taylor album.



Hold on. You know what?

You can have my answer right now.



You get nothing.

No track, no money.



Wanna take me to court? Go ahead.

It'll be a cold day in hell...



...before I let a chump like you

extort money from me.



So that went well.



- Hey. Hey, Reverend.

- Bishop.



- How you doing?

- Man, how you doing?



- I'm doing great.

- Good to see you.



Look, I'm glad you're a little early.



There are a few things

I wanna talk to you about.



No problem. What's going on?



You know, minister, I don't know

how much time I've got left.



And I think it's about time

I choose a successor.



I agree. I agree totally.



That's why I'm gonna choose Frank

when I step down.



- Frank?

- Yeah.



Look, with all due respect, sir...



...I just always thought,

when the time came...



...that you'd pass the baton to me.



You know, minister, you've been

a great administrator for this church...



...and you've been a good friend.



And I expect you

to do the same for Frank.



We're just gonna leave this

in God's hands.



Come on, now.

It's gonna be all right.



We're living in a brave new world.

We're competing against tabloids...



... rappers, music videos,

basketball players, Internet.



People are seeking guidance

from everywhere outside the church.



Now, if we don't step up our game,

we're gonna get left behind.



We can't preach prosperity

and blessing...



...when we ain't looking the part.

That's not gonna fly.



I'm sorry, I didn't know

you were meeting.



- Come in, have a seat.

- I'll come back.



- No, no, no.

- You sure?



We all like family here.



You were saying, Frank?



We done made our repairs.

The roof, plumbing, the transformer.



You know, I believe in maintenance,

but this here is ridiculous.



Now, we need a new church.

A new church.



- But we've been here for years.

- A new facility would be nice.



- Yeah.

- The board of churches...



...has already denied us funds

to do repairs in this church.



What makes you think

they gonna give us money...


            build a new church, Frank?



Besides, this church right here

has been a historical pillar...



...of strength in this community

for as long as I can remember.



I'm sorry, Bishop Taylor, but you see.

It's like the Lord himself saying:



"If y'all won't erect

a brand-new church...



...I'm gonna take this one down."



So, what do you propose, Frank?



Minister Hunter here could get us

a great low-interest loan, right?



But we gonna need

the down payment...



- And how much? a few weeks.



About       .



Assuming that

this thing is feasible...


            soon can we come up

with a down payment?



- The repairs have depleted all of our...

- I got an idea. Sorry.



Why don't we just ask David

to cover the shortfall.



Then we'll pay him back.



- David?

- Right?



Wow, that's a great idea, yeah.

I mean...



I got a better idea, though.



What if I just call in some favors...



...with my artist friends and we'll have

a concert and raise the funds?



- Like a revival.

- Exactly. Yeah.



I mean, it's great for them because

most of them are spiritual anyways.



Right? And then the publicity will help

bring new members to the church.



Yeah, we could also make it part of

Bishop Taylor's retirement celebration.



Use it as a way

to salute in a new legacy.



- I like it.

- I like it.



Now, assuming, David, you could

help me out with the choir.



Oh, but, Dad, my quota's

one great idea a day.



I think David has exhausted

himself a little bit.



Hold it up, y'all. Hold it up. Everybody,

I'm sure you know David "D.T." Taylor.



This is Bishop's son.



But what you don't know, he got

his start right here in this choir.



- Yep.

- He stopped by to give us a few words.



- Oh, no, no.

- Come on, man. Let's give it up.



Stop, stop, stop.



Watching you guys sing

is really something.



I have one suggestion, though.



- Just an idea.

- Sure, by all means.



Opposed to starting with the solo,

go with the alto section first.



And then the tenors and the bass...



...and then maybe

the solo or something.



- Let's do it your way.

- I don't know.



All right. Oh, okay, cool.

All right, ready?



We ran late, but I'm on my way.



- Hey. So how did you like the new...?

- I have a phone to my ear.



What do you think that means?



Give me    minutes? Okay.



You were saying?



Only that I hope you like

the changes that we made.



They were good changes.

I was kind of impressed...



...Mr. "Undress You" Man by night

and servant to the Lord by day.






Okay, okay. Hold on, hold on.



So is that how you operate?



A few snide comments and you just

vanish without a trace or a name?



It's Rain.



- Rain. Well, that's cute.

- Cute?



You headed somewhere specific?

Wanna grab a bite?



- That is, if your man is cool with it.

- Excuse me?



- Well, I see you've met my niece.

- Oh, Minister Hunter, yes.



Hey, Uncle.

We've gotta go pick up Alexis.



- Right. Catch you later, David.

- Okay, take it easy. Good to see you.



All right.



I heard Brother Gordon invited you

to sing with the choir.



Yeah, we talked about it.



Hey, Frank.



How long did you know

about my father?






...he told me shortly after

he was diagnosed.



How come you didn't call me?



I didn't feel it was

my responsibility...


            tell you about your own father.



You know...






Wait till Sunday.



You're gonna love my performance.



All right, now.



I'm a little concerned

about David, sir.



- Why so?

- Don't get me wrong.



I'm thrilled to have him back

at the church...



...but I was a little surprised at his

involvement in the board meeting.



You know, I remember

when y'all used to be so close.



And how hard you took it

when he left the church.



We all love David, you know...



...but I just wonder if his presence

is not gonna send out...



...the wrong message

to the other members.



- I understand.

- Yeah, now he's singing...



...with the choir on Sunday.



Well, you know, I encouraged him

to get involved with the choir.



Well, now, I don't know. I mean,

I'm just worried that, you know...



...him singing with the choir will

send the wrong impression.



He's a secular artist with a hit song

called "Let Me Undress You."



I mean, you see

what I'm getting at?



- Doesn't look good, huh?

- No, sir.



- No, sir.

- Well, you know, I'm of the mindset...



...that we should spend

a little less time looking good...



...and a little more time

actually being good.



Now, I know David's involvement

may ruffle a few feathers.



But I'm gonna encourage his growth

just like I did with you.



- You remember that, don't you?

- Yeah.



- Come on, now.

- Yes, sir.



Now, we gotta leave those things

in God's hands.



The God I serve got a way

of working it all out.



And I want you

to stop worrying so much.



- You hear me?

- Yes, sir.



- All right, now.

- All right.



I'm gonna sing with the choir on

Sunday. You should come through.



I'm gonna sing with the choir on

Sunday. You should come through.



- What's the punch line?

- Well, I figured since I'm in town...



...I might as well help out.



They're trying to raise money

for a new church.



- They paying you for that?

- Come on, man.



I'm serious, D.



You get    thou a show, minimum.



I don't get    percent

of these freebies.



- It's for the church, man.

- All right.



You sing with the choir.

They hype it up...



...take up a little collection,

and for what?



So Deacon So-and-So

can get a new Benz?



Fishman has already put together

the new tour.



We get out there or risk losing that.



- Just work it out.

- Work out what, D?



My father is sick.



How can I say no?



Want me to do the dance?

So I'm shucking and jiving.



But we gotta get back out there, man.

Time is money.



You the "Undress Me" man, right?



- Yeah, that's my song.

- I told y'all that was him.



Hey, how can I get you to listen

to one of my demos?



I got a card right here.



- You can hit me up...

- Hold up.



I'm singing at

New Revelations Church on Sunday.



Find your way there,

I'll check you out.






This is the demo CD

I was telling you about.



So we're bribing people

to come to church now.



All right, man, I appreciate that.

I enjoyed the singing today.



- Thank you. Y'all take care, now.

- All right.



- You really blew us away back there.

- Oh, well, I just do what I do...



...when I do what I do.



Oh, hey.



- And who are you?

- Alexis.



Hi, Alexis. That's a beautiful name.



- Wow, how old are you?

- Five. How old are you?



I'm    .



It's nice to meet you.



- Wow, she's adorable.

- Thanks.



- I see where she gets it.

- Laying it on thick, I see.



Is there any other way to do it?



Look, I'd rather continue

our lovely banter...



...under different circumstances.



Are there some digits I could use

to make that happen?



Are you asking

for my phone number?



Hi, I'm here for Rain.



Sure. Come in.



You know, he's cuter on TV.



- Hey, Maya.

- What?



I mean, he looks good, okay?



I'm just saying,

keep it in perspective.



You know how you get sometimes.






You ready?






My uncle tells me you may sing again

with the choir next Sunday.



Oh, really? Well...



...I'm thinking about it.



- Why?

- Why?



Yeah. What's your motivation?



- Do I need one?

- Yeah.



When you sing in the choir,

it's called praise.



Because you're praising the Lord.

That's why I do it.



So why are you doing it?



Does your sister give every man

the third degree?



- Weren't we just talking about you?

- Now we're talking about you.



Oh, goodness.



You were about to answer

items one through   ...



...on the first-date questionnaire.



I have a beautiful daughter...



...and her father and I

couldn't make it work.



- Is that why you left Chicago?

- One of the reasons.



I also didn't wanna raise Alexis

in the city.



Now your turn.






Motivation? Well, I could give you

about a half a dozen reasons...



...but none beats the idea

of doing a duet with you.


















...I guess that's it.



- I had a nice time.

- Me too. Me too. It was...



It was great.



- Good night.

- Yeah. Good night.



- Good night. All right.

- Good night.



See you later.



What? I gotta do something

while you playing David the saint.



- I didn't say nothing.

- I'm gonna do me, then.



- All right. Go ahead, baby.

- No fingerprints.



So let me get this straight.

You're dating this chick.



- Rain.

- Oh, she's a stripper?



- That's all you had to say.

- What? She's not a stripper.



- Her mama gave her that name.

- Oh, okay.



- Rain, that's French.

- It's French, huh?





           're not hitting it, because

she's saving it for marriage.



- Yeah.

- But she already has a kid.






Ain't that like closing the barn door

after the horses already escaped?



Who hurt you, man?



I'm telling you, girl,

if you're gonna marry the man...



...tell him you wear a weave.



Otherwise he's gonna think his kids

are gonna be born with straight hair.



Hold on.



- Who is it?

- It's Oscar.



Hey. Let me call you back.






- How's it going?

- What are you doing here?



You gonna let me come in,

or do I have to stay out in the rain?



- Daddy!

- Hey, Daddy's little princess.



- Look at you. How you doing?

- Good.



You have got to get over that...



..."bad boy being saved by the love of

a good woman and Jesus" syndrome.



It ain't healthy. Next thing you know,

you'll try to do an all-gospel album.



Could you just take your shot?



Look what I drew, Daddy.

It's a house.



- Wow, that's really good. Look at you.

- You couldn't call first?






I'm sorry, okay?



I figured if I called, you wouldn't let me

come by and see Alexis.



- I was in the neighborhood...

- In the neighborhood?



Your sister didn't tell you?



I got reassigned to Fort McPherson,

so I'll be in town for a while.



I'll come by and play with you

and see you...



...and love on you and kiss on you

whenever I get ready.



I hate to put a dent

in your hometown fantasy...



...but we're running out of time

in Fishman's favor bank.



He wants us back on tour

by the end of the week.






Look, man, I'm sorry about what

happened to your pops, really.



We gotta get back in the saddle, D.



Look, I don't know.



You're a superstar.



A long way

from where we came from.



Struggling, working the late shift.

You know what I'm talking about?



Now it's four-star hotels, limos,

women on standby.



That's the American Idol dream, baby.

What's to know?



What about Cathy?



Cathy and I are no longer together.



- Sorry to hear that.

- Oh, no, don't be sorry. She...



Cathy wasn't my speed, you know.



It's all about the money, right?



I care about the money, yeah.

But I also care about you.



When you said you wanted more,

I got you more.



And don't tell me

you don't miss the road.



Ate good, slept late...



...fists full of dime brizzles.



You know...



...that gospel-album idea

doesn't sound bad.



Man, I was just playing about that.



All right. There you go.



- Keep playing, man.

- Man, stop crying.



Man, answer your phone.






- Fred Taylor.

-    .






- I'm glad you came, son.

- Yeah, me too.



I told them not to...



...worry you and burden you.



I got so much

I wanted to say to you.



It's all right.



Back when I was a kid...


            father never told me

he loved me.



I want you to know...



...that I never stopped

loving you, son.



I know, Dad. I know.



I love you too.



When your mother died...



...a lot of things changed

between me and you, David.



Son, when you're young...



...there are a lot of things

you don't understand.



- Yeah.

- And I was being pulled...


            so many different directions.



Trying to build my church.



Trying to be a good husband.



And I tried to be a good father

to you, David.



I'm so proud of you, David.



I prayed and I prayed...



...and he brought you back.



Yeah. I'm here.



It's okay.



It's okay, son.



It's okay.



We'll make sure that the center

does a special service for him.



And know that we'll always

be there for you, okay?



- Thank you.

- God bless you.



I can't buy you the things

that he can...



...and I'm not famous

or anything like that.



Where's all this coming from?



I know I've made some mistakes

in the past.



But I've always taken care

of my responsibilities.



I've been doing

some soul-searching...



...and I'm just trying to get it right,

you know?



And I've been thinking that maybe

we could work on being together.



Being a family.



That is...



...if things between you and

the megastar aren't too serious.



Think about it.



The celebration will honor

my uncle Bishop Taylor's memory...



...and, in conclusion...



...we will publicly recognize my

husband, Frank, as the new pastor.



Now, there'll be a lot of important

people there to help move...



...our ministry to the next level.



- Really?

- Yeah, I mean, we need a victory lap...


            help show the congregation

and the head bishop...



...that we in good shape.



And, oh, I wanna take a special

offering on Sunday's service...


            help propel us towards that goal.

Write that down.



I'll set it up, but I'm scheduled

to visit Divine Souls...



...for the pastor's

anniversary service...


            I really won't be able

to facilitate that for you.



- Come again?

- I won't be here.



Oh, no, I heard that part.



Does Divine Soul Ministries

take precedence...



...over New Revelations business?



Listen, Bishop Taylor would never

question my loyalty.



I'm not Bishop Taylor.



You don't have to remind us.

We're all quite painfully aware of that.



Sorry I'm late.



Late for what?



To discuss the revival plans.



Oh, well, you know,

that's mighty noble of you...



...young David, but...

- Reverend.



I'm sorry, Miss Ernestine. This

meeting is for the business at hand.



If David wants to come back,

make an appointment.



- Thank you very much.

- Appointment?






Would you like me

to send a fax or e-mail...



...or will a phone call suffice?

- That's not necessary.



No, that's all right, Charlene.

We all a little emotional these days.



Put your ego aside for one minute

so we can discuss these plans.



You know, David...



...this revival isn't just

about Bishop Taylor.



The man who built this church.



We have a congregation

to think about.



Don't pretend this event means

more to you than your own spotlight.



Let church people handle

church business.



This will always be my father's church.

That makes it my business.



Don't come here talking about

"my father" and "his church."



While you were playing

the absentee son...



...we were here with your father

doing God's work.



Normally, I'd be coming

at you right now, but... Hold on.



- Out of respect for my father's church

and these people, I'll give you a pass.



You can thank your

work with God for that.









- David!

- Miss Ernestine, I love you, all right?



But you need

to leave me alone right now.



You're running from the church

that needs you because of adversity?



I'm not a minister, all right?

I'm an entertainer.



That's what I do. That's who I am.



That's what you ran to.

That's not who you are.



Let them fight over it. I don't care.



But it's your father's legacy.

Who's gonna fight if you don't?






So, what's up?



I just wanted to see you before I left.



- You're leaving?

- I gotta get back on tour, you know.



They're expecting me

in Philly tomorrow.



My father's gone.



Ain't no reason for me to stay.



It was nice knowing you too,

even if it was for a little while.



Well, I mean, we can still,

you know, stay in touch.



Well, that's cool. You'll come back.

You'll check on us from time to time.



- That's not what I meant.

- No, really, it's cool.



Are you gonna get this?



Someone must really be trying

to reach you.



It's Oscar.



Oh, Alexis' father.



He just moved back here.



What's that?






Oh, absolutely.



Well, right now, Dave's just picking up

a few family mementos.



Yes, sir. We'll hit up

a couple clubs tonight...



...then tomorrow we're on

the first thing smoking out of here.



Well, this is our first concert

since our little hiatus...


            we wanna do it big. I'm talking

about big with a capital l-G.



A dozen dime brizzles on standby

for deviant behavior.






Hold on a sec. What up, D?



Change of plans.



After the choir sings,

the next voice you'll hear...


            the Minister Terence Hunter

from New Revelations.



Let's make sure that we give him

a Divine Souls welcome.






That's some mighty powerful words

you gave us in there. I appreciate that.



Thanks for having me. You guys are

doing some amazing things here.



I can honestly say that the Lord is

blessing us here at Divine Souls.



I know what's going on

with New Revelations.



You trying to make

the deadline and all.



So how is that coming, anyway?



Let's just say I'm praying

about the whole situation...



... and still waiting for some direction.



Come on, now!






God is good.



We are blessed.



- It's a new day!

- New day!



- Amen?

- Amen.



Amen. I want you to turn your Bibles

to the Book of Acts.



- Thank you.

- Nice to meet you. All right.



- I thought you went back on tour.

- I...



I decided to stick around for a while.



Hey, what's going on?

How are you?



- Good.

- You sang beautifully today.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.



David, this is Oscar.



- Heard a lot about you.

- Same here.



Yeah, good to meet you.



Nice turnout.



See this?



- We knew he was gonna do it.

- We knew he was gonna do it...



...but we didn't know

he'd tell the world.



My lawyer said he'll have

the injunction squashed...



...and my residuals

back online in    days.



Great. But the P.R. Is bad.



Should've just put him on a song

and been done with it.



Now he's making us look like fake

producers while I line up new work.



- Did Fishman give us the extension?

- He gave it to us, yeah. But that's it.



We gotta be back on the road

the day after the revival.



Or your tour will be over faster

than you can say C+C Music Factory.



- Who?

- My point exactly.



- Minister Hunter, you got a moment?

- Sure.



- I'll see you inside.

- All right, baby.



How was your meeting

at Divine Souls?



It was fine. Why?



Well, I was just wondering

why one of my clergymen...



...would share Revelations business

with a member of another church.



Isaac Winston, especially.

What are you trying to do?



Make me look bad?



- You've got that covered by yourself.

- Right.



Why don't we be honest

for one moment.



You have a problem

with my appointment.



No. I've got a problem

with your attitude and perspectives.



And let me tell you,

the only reason I'm working with you...


            because Bishop Taylor

asked me to.



In case you haven't figured it out,

as the head pastor of this church...


            isn't up to me

to listen to your vision.



- It is the other way around.

- Who do you think you are?



I'm the pastor.



Better check yourself...



...before you're left here

with a congregation of one.



- You need to deal with this.

- I'll see you in a minute.



- Minister Hunter.

- Hey, David.



You're not staying for the service?

Is everything okay?



Look, I'm just glad you decided

to stick around.



This is your father's church.

He and I didn't always agree...



...but he always had a reason

for everything that he did.



Don't let that legacy get lost

in this new vision of Frank's ego.



Reverend Frank, you've made

community service your mission.



Reverend Charles Frank.

David Taylor.



I'm so excited

that you are here today.



This revival is gonna signify

the rebirth of evangelism...



...and my commitment to aggressively

spreading the Gospel to people.



You know, after this event,

people will truly understand...



...the vision of Reverend

Charles Frank...



...and how the Lord is using me

to bless others.



Now, David, you went from the church

to the top of the R & B charts...



...and back to the pulpit.



- Help me understand how it happened.

- My dad.



Well, my father was the bishop and

the cofounder of New Revelations.



So that's where I have my roots.



- I love music.

- So there's no problem...



...with this Sandstone thing

and everything?



- There's allegations.

- I can't talk about it.



People are talking about your

new song and the credit disputes.



It's really nothing. We had minor

creative differences. We talked it out.



- That happens in the industry?

- Happens all the time.



- We work it out. Everything is good?

- Everything is perfect.



- Now the revival.

- You know...



Reverend Frank and I are very excited

about the revival.



We'll have tons of musical surprises

at the revival.



We want everyone to support.

We're building a new church.



That is a beautiful thing.



The David Taylor gospel performance

this weekend, huh?



Definitely. Yeah. What better way

to pay homage to my father...



...than to salute him through song.



And with a new building.



Patrick. Hi, it's Charlene.






Yeah, I need you to do

a little research for me.



Come on, make a joyful noise

in this house.



Make a joyful noise.

Come on, make a joyful noise.



We are here

at the Hosea Williams Center...



...for the New Revelations




There are a number of celebrities

and influential people on hand...



...including famed

Reverend Isaac Winston...



...of the global-reaching

Divine Souls Ministry.



I have not seen a faith-based event

of this stature in quite some time.



I'm so glad you made it.



I wouldn't miss this

for anything in the world.




Come on, make it glorious!



Make it glorious!



The event is packed.

Anticipation is high.



And it all seems to center

around one man, David Taylor.



And now, the next voice

that you will hear...



... is that of the newly appointed

and anointed...



... Reverend Charles Frank.






You'd think he built this church

with his bare hands.



Praise Jesus. Amen. Amen.

Praise the Lord.



Praise Jesus. Amen.

God is good. Hallelujah.



- You know, when I was...

- I just wanna share...



...with you how I remember

when my father, Bishop Taylor...



...founded New Revelations.

Remember that, Frank?



Of course. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.



As a little boy,

he instilled in me the need...


            preach the word of God...


            a way that made

everyone open...


            receive it.



Not just the rich and educated,

but everyone.



- He taught us...

- You know, we thank...


            Taylor here for his rendition

in our memorial. Don't we, saints?






But, you know, when Moses

led the slaves away from Pharaoh...



...he had a vision. When he

received the Commandments...



...from the mountaintop,

he had a vision. Amen?



And when the naysayers

wanted to return...


            the bondage of slavery

rather than see that vision...



...Moses parted the Red Sea. Amen.



Oh, I'll tell you. He did not need

the approval of his comrades.



No, he needed a vision from God,

and let no man...


            man challenge his destiny.

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.



We can definitely afford

the down payment now.



Just when I was looking

at giving you guys a check.



Well, the Lord helps those

who help themselves.



Yes, and you guys have certainly

worked hard at the church.



That had to do with David

and the people he got to perform.



And let's not forget the excellent

sermon by Reverend Frank.



No, not at all. It was fascinating

as well as effective.



And, Miss Adams,

you were simply spectacular.



With all that Bishop Taylor did

for this city, it was the least I could do.



Bishop had a profound effect on us all.

We loved it when he came to Detroit.



Well, I'm especially proud

and appreciative...



...because he was a huge fan

of the both of you.



Now, he left some big shoes to fill.

Make us proud.



He's gonna be all right.

He's got some good stock.



I cannot believe you, David.



How can you

embarrass this church?



Hold on. The people that performed

came because I asked them.



Let's not forget the tickets

my name sold.



Despite your husband's

pathetic personal infomercial.



I wanna say something, I'll say it.

I earned that much.



You earned that much? You don't

even know what that word means.



My cousin, the two-bit thief,

who goes from minor performer...


            chart-topper by forcing

Sandstone into signing a bogus deal?



No, no, no. Did you even imagine

what kind of dark cloud...


            could've put over

what Frank has worked hard for?



And I stuck up for you.



I have better things

to do with my imagination...



...than to worry about Frank's

delusions of grandeur.



All right? I'll leave that to you.



Yeah, go ahead and run, David.

You've always been good at that.



So don't keep me in suspense.

Who are they from?



"Looking forward to a new start.




So all this is yours.



I underestimated you, Frank.



I gotta tell you, man,

I am very impressed.



That means a lot coming from you.

I mean, with your pull on the north...



...and my developments here,

we can do things in this world...



...that few men have ever thought of.



First New Revelations

and next the world, huh?



- Amen.

- Brother, you are ambitious.



- Miss Ernestine.

- Never thought Eden...



...would be littered

with so many emotional demons.



I'll give you two a moment to talk.



You know, Miss Ernestine, I ain't

no different from Martin Luther King...



...or any other great man

with a vision.



Don't sell yourself short, son.

Tell me what you really think.



Oh, when I'm done, I'm gonna

have me a retirement village...



...and a grade school out here.



I always figured your passion

to do God's work...



...would do wonders for his ministry.



Now it seems to have become

a drug for the spotlight.



- What's wrong with progression?

- Nothing.



As long as the priorities line up.



Some might get lost in the hype

and see it as playing with God.



Kind of makes you question

Bishop Taylor's selection of you.






...I never questioned

his judgment before.



So, what are you saying?



With all the bickering, dissension

and the wives, I...



I don't think I have the stomach

for this anymore.



D. All right, I trust you

and I believe in you...



...but you need to let me

send a car for you.



You don't need to send a car.

I got the rental.



I hear you talking. Now, be for real,

will you be at the airport or what?



- I'll be there.

- I said, you... Hello?



Hey. Look, I'm sorry for just...



You got company, huh? That's...



My bad.



David, wait. Wait.



Look, I like you. I do.



And I want nothing more

than for you to be happy.



It's just that right now, I think I'm more

of a convenient distraction.



A convenient distraction.



I'll remember to program that into my

phone, all right, next to your number.



I'm not saying

you're not being sincere.



It's just that

you're all over the place.



- And I want you to have time...

- Look, listen to me.



You have a shot at making things

work with the father of your child.



Who could be mad at that?



All right?



Why are you sitting in the dark?



I may have been in the dark

all this time and I just didn't know it.



About what?



About the church.



About David, about everything.



You don't have to worry

about David.



After what I found out, he's not gonna

be a thorn in your side anymore.



You're responsible

for people seeing that?



I have to protect the church, Frank.



In the process,

what have we become?






Are you...?

Are you putting this all on me?



You're my wife, church's legal

counsel and David's cousin.



Who else am I supposed

to put this on?



Don't you get

self-righteous with me, Frank.



I'm serious. You know,

I can deal with the arrogance.



I can deal with the ego,

I can deal with the insensitivity...



...but I won't stomach hypocrisy.

- Now, hold on, Charlene!



No, you let me talk!

You can talk when I'm finished.



This thing between us doesn't have

anything to do with David or church.



It has everything to do

with you wanting a family...



...and me not being able

to give you one.



- I didn't say any of that.

- You say it all the time!



Every day you say it! The way you

look at me, the way you touch me.



I'm tired of being made to feel like

half a woman...



...because I can't give you a child.

- Well, you know what?



You might not feel that way if you gave

your man something to look forward to!



I didn't mean that.



I didn't mean it.



You're amazing.



You quote Scripture

like nobody I know.



You know the Bible

backward and forward.



And you still...



You have no clue.



No clue.



You need Jesus, Frank.



- Charlene.

- You need Jesus.






Attention, passengers, this will be

the final call for flight    ...



... now boarding at gate   B.



Excuse me, pastor. It's almost time.



All right.



All right.



I don't really know what to say.



Wish you were here.



You were never there.



All right? I needed you.



I need you now.



- As I take this to a close

and reflect on the message.



Living through the eye of the storm.



This particular message

is one that's close to my heart...



...if I can be transparent

for a moment.



Okay, God.



What do you want from me?



I don't understand.



Why are you doing this again?



Now, I've been living in the

eye of the storm for some time now.



Can we talk about it?



Can we talk about it?



Like many of y'all,

mine was self-imposed.



Now, I could flee or fight.

There ain't no change.



Or I can call on my friends.

They ain't around.



And it's at that moment...



...that God has you exactly

where he wants you to be.



Dependent on him.



That's right.



Am I supposed to learn something

from this?



Are you listening to me?



Do you hear me?



Do you hear me?



You know, I can think about

how difficult it was for me to let go...



...of my will, you know, my ego,

and allow God to run things.



Your pastor's not perfect.



I'm flawed.



I'm flawed.



But with God's blessing and direction,

you know...



...I will see my way

through the storm...



...and have clear skies

on the other side! Amen?



That's when I can look back

and let my testimony...



... be a beacon to help someone else

out of the storm too.



- You know?

- Amen.






Okay, I won't run anymore...












As the choir begins to sing,

there are some of you...



...who are going through

your own storms.



Can we talk about it?



Won't you come on down?

Won't you come?






Don't allow those situations

in your life...


            keep you from having

a relationship with God.



No, you need to know him.



You know, many of us talk about,

"Oh, I'll get to know God tomorrow."



Tomorrow is a promise

that you can have salvation today.



Now, won't you come?



Won't you come on down, brother?

Come on down.



Won't you come?



Won't you come, sister?

Come on down, sister.



God loves you. God be praised.

God be praised!



Won't you come?






There is no perfect church.



If there's a perfect church, it stopped

being perfect when we walked in.



But there is a perfect God.



Won't you come, brother?






When I was little, my father read me

the story of a young man...



... who decided to leave home

and strike out on his own.



He was determined to live life

on his own terms.



And although he knew

right from wrong...



... it seemed so much better

to do things his own way.



Soon, that road got rough.



He spent all his money...



... and was doing all sorts of things

to survive.



Eventually, he hit rock bottom.



At that point...



... he realizes that he had

placed himself in that situation.



And he prayed about it

and returned home.



Now, upon his arrival, his father

prepared a huge feast in celebration.



When his other son inquired

about this, the father told him:



"My son has learned the error

of his ways and he's returned. "



It is my belief that upon that day

of returning to that spiritual place...



... I will be greeted

by the Almighty Father...



... and he too will smile upon me

and say:



"Welcome home.



Welcome home. "


Special help by SergeiK