Grease 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Grease 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michelle Pfeiffer movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Grease 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Grease 2 Script



A new school year, Blanche.

A new era.



If the Russians

can put a man in space,



just imagine what our young

American minds can do at Rydell.



- This is going to be a wonderful year.

- Wonderful.



- Miss McGee!

- Blanche!



Spendin' my vacation

in the summer sun



Gettin' lots of action and lots offun



Scorin' like a bandit

'til the bubble burst



Suddenly it got to be September  st



Woe is me



All summer long l was happy and free



Save my soul



The board of education

took away my parole



I gotta go back, back

Back to school again



You won't find me

'til the clock strikes three



I'm gonna be there 'til then



I gotta go back, back

Back to school again



Whoa, whoa, l gotta go

Back to school again



She's late again.



I think being late demonstrates

terrible leadership qualities.



- I'm not waiting.

- Here she is.



We're gonna be late. Let's go.



Geometry and History isjust a pain



Biology and Chemistry

destroys my brain



Don't they know

that l deserve a better fate?



I'm really much too young

to matriculate



Well, Mama, please



Your child's come down

with a fatal disease



Mama said, "Come on, you lazy bum

and get your butt out ofbed



"You gotta go back, back

Back to school again



"lt's bye-bye fun

Get your homework done



"lt better be in by ten"



I gotta go back, back

Back to school again



Whoa, whoa

l gotta go



Back to school again



Senior year, the home stretch.



My dad wants me

to go to junior college after grad.



- Nerd junior college.

- What are you gonna do?






What are you gonna be

when you grow up?



A burden on society.



- Hello, Miss Mason.

- Hello.



- Ready for a great new year?

- I love your hair.



- Oh, thanks.

- All     pounds of it!



- Hello, boys.

- Good morning, Miss Mason.



I'd love to see all of you

in Music Appreciation.



I'd like to see all of you

in Music Appreciation.



- You just might.

- I think l'm in love.



Oh, my hair!



- Excuse me. Let me through.

- What are you doing?



- Watch it!

- Nerd!



- Michael?

- Frenchy?



Hello. Hi. Thanks for meeting me.



When your cousin Sandy

said you were coming to America,



I said, "Any cousin of yours

is a cousin of mine."



- She said you'd know the ropes.

- Ropes are my specialty.



I dropped out of Rydell

to go to beauty school,



but flunked Tinting

when my hair turned pink.






The Pink Ladies pledge to act cool



To look cool and to be cool



'Til death do us part

Think Pink!



Hi, guys.



Your mother!



But now the most important thing

in my life is skin care.



- So tinting's out and skin care's in.

- That's why l'm back at Rydell.



To get my Chemistry

so l can mix my own cosmetics.



Makes sense.



I got my books together

and l dragged my feet



And then l saw this angel

Boppin' down the street



I said, "Hey, pretty baby,

how's about a date?"



She said, "l'm goin' to school

and l can't be late... "



Hey, basketball. You caught it!

How tall are you? Never mind.



We'll put high heels on

your sneakers and make you centre.



Go catch that! Oh, boy!

Basketball, basketball!



Whoa, whoa, l gotta go



Whoa, whoa, l gotta go

Back to school...



- Thank you.

- Give it back!



Hey, have a nice trip.






Hold it, Birds.









- Make way.

- Pardonne-moi!



Gentlemen, start your engines.



I gotta go back, back

Back to school again



Whoa, whoa, l gotta go



Back to school...



You're going to love Rydell.






From the front it's a perfect nose. From

the side, it doesn't belong on this face.



So dump the face and keep the nose.



- What's the new look, Sharon?

- Jackie Kennedy.



It only landed her a president.



The magazines say that JFK

secretly prefers the Marilyn Monroe look.



Hi, Johnny. I really like your hair

in the back. It's really cool.



- Thanks.

- Still giving lube jobs.



- Stuff it, Goose.

- What's the story, Stephanie?



Yeah, what's the story?






- You know the story, Johnny. It's over.

- Yeah? Yeah? That's not good enough.



- Don't make a scene.

- There's no scene.



- Johnny!

- What's the scene?



- There's no scene, all right?

- Sorry!



- Hi, Louis.

- Hello to you.



What's this?

The Vince Fontaine National Library?



Quiet, please!



Laugh, you jerks, but wait till

l turn up on National Bandstand.



You may turn up on the bandstand,

but your beak will still be turning down.



- You're mean.

- I gotta do it.



The nose goes. Bandstand here l come.



I wouldn't fool around

with Mother Nature.



- You did with everyone else.

- Shut up!



- Meet me at the homeroom.

- Pants!



- Hi, Paulette.

- Hi, Willie.






Excuse me.



How long have you been in America?



A week.

I'm staying with my aunt and uncle.



Oh. These are the lockers.

Take a locker and lock it.



Because these guys will steal every...



- ...thing.

- Thanks.



What do you think you're doing?



- Just putting things in my locker.

- His locker!



- Excuse us.

- No one touches these lockers, OK?



- You can't read? That spells T-Bird.

- Which spells us.



- This is a protected landmark.

- A slice of American history.



- Dig?

- I think l understand.



Good. A real Einstein.



My name's Michael Carrington.



I'm the Duke of Earl.



This is your new locker, Shakespeare.



- A perfect fit.

- We're being invaded by foreigners.



- Are you OK?

- Yeah, fine, thanks.



- Don't let these guys bug you.

- I won't, don't worry.



- When are you going to grow up?

- The nerd invaded our sacred turf.



I want to talk.

Meet me for a smoke after class.



I quit. It's bad for your health.



- Standing me up is, too.

- Says who?



The Sturgeon General

of the United States.



All right, everyone take a seat.



I got mine. You loved it.



God, watch the nose!



Good morning, Rydell, and welcome

one and all to a new school year.



I know this is going to be an exciting

and stimulating year for all of us.



First, l'd like to welcome back

our own Mr Spears,



who made such a miraculous recovery

from the mental exhaustion



which sent him to the hospital

last spring. Welcome back, Mr Spears.



We're all rooting for you.



Now, Rydell is very proud

ofher extra-curricular activities,



so please come out for band try-outs.



Ifyou play an instrument, it's better

to play with a group than with yourself.



Auditions for the June Moon Talent

Show will be held next month.



Come out one and all.

You could win     long-playing records.



Last but not least, we are fortunate

to have a straight- 'A' student



all the way from England,

by the name of Michael Carrington.



Stand up, Michael.



All right, now, all say hello

to Michael Carrington.



Hello, Michael Carrington.



Let's have a wonderful year.



Rydell High, beat the Cavaliers!



Rydell High, beat the Cavaliers!



- What's the story with Johnny?

- I outgrew him over the summer.



He hasn't lost the hots for you.



He hasn't learnt when you're dead,

lie down.



- There's more to life than making out.

- I never thought of that.






- I heard you play piano.

- I can a bit.



Then you must play for the talent show

audition. I won't take no for an answer.






- OK, l'll do it. Why not?

- I think he's kinda cute.



- Virgin alert! Virgin alert!

- All male periscopes down.



- How's your first week been?

- Great. Yours?



There's a fascinating world

of chemistry out there.



Yeah, l know. How well do you know

that Stephanie Zinone?



Stephanie Zinone

is one of my very best...



Uh-oh. Michael, there's

something you don't understand.



Stephanie Zinone is a Pink Lady.



If you're not a T-Bird, which you are not,

you can look, but don't touch.



Michael, l wouldn't even look.




how do you become a T-Bird, then, eh?






Football is like life, you gotta push.



You gotta push and elbow. Come on!

Push those men out of the way.



Elbow 'em, then bite 'em,

then rip 'em, then chew 'em up.



Come on, push!



Push, push!



Attaboy! Chew 'em up.

Come on! Don't you have any...



Come on. You're a bunch

of old turkeys. Can't you push?



You said push.



- Look.

- What are they doing here?



- Nogerelli.

- Balmudo.



These cockroaches

will invade our turf once too often.



We should take care of them tonight.



- Tonight, we bowl.

- You're lucky. We're bowling tonight.



I like that.



You'd better write your will, boys.



- Hey, baby, check your oil?

- Hi, hot stuff.



- Hey, are we bowling tonight?

- That's right.



- And Paulette...

- Yeah, Johnny.



- I want you to look special, dig?

- No problem.



- Hey, Johnny!

- Yeah, Johnny!



- Way to go, Johnny!

- Hey, do not mess the hair.



- I'm sorry.

- Hey, Paulette. Whose side are you on?



- Our side.

- Then don't fraternise with the enemy.



- Mark that a strike.

- You hit two pins!



It's a technical strike because

these chicks were late. Read the rules!



- Read 'em and weep.

- That's not fair.



- This bra's killing me.

- You wish.



You gotta put your fingers

in the holes.



I'm not breaking my nails.



You got something going with Paulette?



I'm giving her therapy for her disease.



- What disease?

- Nymphoidmania.



- What's the final score?

- That happens later tonight.



Last game, winner take all. Agreed?



Just shoot the ball!



Shoot the ball!



Come on, everybody

Gather round



I'm gonna show you

how to knock 'em down



When l'm on the ball

l'm the number one



And l'm gonna show you

how it's done



Let's bowl, let's bowl

Let's rock 'n' roll



Hey, come on

Let's get the show on the road



Let's bowl, let's bowl

Let's rock 'n' roll



You're sittin' on a bomb

That's about to explode



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna score tonight



- Ifyou're lookin' for a fight

- Then the time is right



- We're gonna wipe the floor

- With you tonight



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll

We're gonna bop, we're gonna bowl



We're gonna score, score,

score, score, score...tonight!



Hey, Paulette, take a look over here



I'm your kingpin, honey

And l'm gettin' in gear



Hey, Johnny, Johnny

Go for that strike



And ljust might be your baby tonight



Let's bowl, let's bowl

Let's rock 'n' roll



Hey, come on

Let's get the show on the road



Let's bowl, let's bowl

Let's rock 'n' roll



'Cause the stakes are high

And the winner takes all



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna score tonight



Don't get sore when you lose tonight



We're gonna show you how

to do it right



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll

We're gonna bop, we're gonna bowl



We're gonna score, score,

score, score, score...tonight!



- You bowl me over

- Bowl me over



- You bowl me over

- She's hot tonight



- You bowl me over

- Take a hike



Get a strike



Ten, nine, eight, seven



Six, five, four, three, two, one!



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna score tonight



We're gonna score






We're gonna score






We're gonna score






"Always be courteous

when asking for a game.



"Hi, want a game?

Howdy, fellas, let's bowl some balls.



"Bowling, anyone?"



- Another well-deserved victory.

- Yeah, but where's the trophy?



Right here, Johnny.



Oh, kissies.



That's for best average.

Now what about for best score?



- God!

- Touchy!



- What about the trophy for best score?

- I ain't no one's trophy.



She ain't no one's trophy! So that's how

it's gonna be now, Miss lndependent?



Yeah, independent.

I kiss who l want, when l want.



I could kiss the next guy

who walks through that door.



- Yeah?

- Yeah.



Be my guest.



Let's eat.



- I vote for pizza.

- You vote for bed. It's past ten.



- Go home and leave me alone.

- Bed stinks.



- Is it too late to join the game?

- You want something?



- Food!

- Food!



- Food!

- Food!



- Life stinks.

- Are you talking to me?



- Yeah, you'll do.

- Great.



The name's Michael Carrington.



The name's Dolores.

Dolores Rebchuck.



Some call me Woodchuck

or Upchuck, but l prefer Dolores.



- Got it?

- Got it.



They think they're cool

'cause they got wheels.



- Go home.

- Looks like we don't make the grade.



With them it's all these weird codes

and rules and pledges about cycles.



You gotta be a biker or a biker's old lady.

Without a cycle, forget it.



- Pisses me off.

- We're in the same boat.



I sure can't afford a cycle without a job.



I'm willing to negotiate.



I offered to be a Pink Lady mascot.

It ain't the coolest job, but it's a start.



Think they'd listen?

Forget it. Pisses me off.



It's late. I'd better walk you home.



I don't need a babysitter, OK?



Why not think of it as a date, OK?



Why didn't you say so in the first place?



Come on. When l'm in    th grade,

l'll be head of the Pink Ladies.



They'll rule the school.

They'll be the best.



We'll have the best-looking jackets.

I once tried to put letters on this jacket.



They fell right off.



It was really embarrassing 'cause

it happened in front of my sister Paulette.



- Morning, Mr...

- Stuart.



- You could've killed us, Rhonda.

- Good move.



- Imagine dying a virgin!

- Oh, God.



- Nosebleed.

- Nurse, room     .



- Good morning, l'm a substitute for...

- Good morning, Miss McGee.



Good morning, Miss...






- This is Mr...

- Mr Stuart.



I love your hair, Miss Mason.



Thank you, Mr Stuart.



Miss Mason will help you

while you're learning the ropes.



- My pleasure, l'm sure.

- I'm sure you're sure.



- I'm a substitute for Mr...

- Spears.



Follow me.



That's why we're gonna win this talent

show.      long-playing albumens.



- But we got zero talent.

- There must be ten Roy Orbisons there.



The greatest hits of Beeth-oven?



Good morning. My name is Mr Stuart

and l'm your substitute teacher.



- Let's have a cigarette.

- Yeah.



Mr Nogerelli. I've been looking for you.



Hello, Miss McGee.

You're looking lovely today.



There has been a rumour,

Mr Nogerelli,



that motorcycles have been driven

across our school lawn.



I know that couldn't have been you,

Mr Nogerelli.



I'm sure you have more respect

for grass than that. Right?



Now hear this. No more!

ls that understood?



Good. Do you smell something burning?



Mr Nogerelli...



I guess you sure told her, huh, Johnny?



- Water!

- Sorry, l'm sorry, Johnny!



I'll kill you!



- OK, we're ready.

- Good luck, girls.



The try-outs and we're the first.

I hope l don't blank out. Now!



His loafers were Weejuns



His chinos were black



With a cute little buckle



That fastened in back



These are my girls.

There's some good breeding up there.



And that is so important.



- Hey, what's happening?

- Hey, Woodchuck.



Dolores, all right? What's happening?






Does this song stink, or what?



Don't know what possessed me



But l gave him my address



And my heart shook with fear



As l prayed that l'd hear



From Brad



Hear from Brad



I won't let a little hard work

come between me and      LPs.



We're calendar girls. You have to

get into your seasons, become them.



Rhonda, you're fall.

Give me maturity, give me ageing...



- Give me a break.

- Lunchtime.



Then at yesterday's tea dance



My day turned to night



Muffy Rogers was wearing Brad's pin



I couldjust die



Thank you, but we haven't got all day.



- But these are my girls.

- I know, dear. Next!



OK, OK, we're almost ready.



I want everybody to sing

their ah, ah, ahs.



Take your music.

Do l have to do everything myself?



Are you ready?



I'll be your girl for all seasons



All the year through



- Hello.

- Hi.



- Are you free after school today?

- I'm free every day.



It's in the Constitution.



- OK, we're ready.

- Sharon Cooper and the Seasons.



Ifyou fall in the fall you'll see



September can be heavenly



- Eugene, ready with the leaves?

- Ready.



When autumn leaves

are falling from the tree



I'm sick of being a tree.



- That's enough. Thank you.

- We still have three more seasons!



I need the stage for my Drama class.



Sharon, what about tonight?



- How about a hamburger later?

- I'm busy.



- How about tomorrow?

- Busy.



So maybe you can explain

about the bowling alley.



- You just don't kiss a guy and...

- It was just a joke. Forget it.



- Let me give you a hand.

- I can manage.



- I think he's in love.

- I think he's cute.



I think you should shut your yaps.



You forgot this one.



- Thanks.

- The day after tomorrow?



Look, when are you

gonna get the picture?



Ifyou really want to know



What l want in a guy



Well, l'm lookin' for a dream

on a mean machine



With hell in his eyes



I want a devil in skin-tight leather



He's gonna be wild as the wind



And one fine night



I'll be holdin' on tight



To a cool rider



A cool rider



Ifhe's cool enough he can burn me

through and through



Whoa, whoa



Ifit takes forever



Then l'll wait forever



No ordinary boy,

no ordinary boy is gonna do



I want a rider that's cool



That's the way it's gonna be



That's the way that l feel



I want a whole lot more

than the boy next door



I want hell on wheels



Just give me a black motorcycle



With a man growin' out of the seat



Then move aside



'Cause l'm gonna ride



With a cool rider



A cool rider



Ifhe's cool enough

he can burn me through and through



Whoa, whoa



Ifit takes forever



Then l'll wait forever



No ordinary boy,

no ordinary boy is gonna do



I want a rider that's cool



I don't want no ordinary guys



Comin' on strong with me



They don't know what l'm lookin' for

They don't know what l need



You're gonna know it

when he gets here



'Cause the ground will be shakin'



I'll do anything

to let him know that l'm his



His for the takin'



I want a cool rider



A cool, cool, cool, cool rider



I want a cool rider



A cool, cool, cool, cool rider



I want a C-O-O-L R-l-D-E-R



English, l got something scholastic

to discuss with you.



What l'm saying is

you're Mr History, right?



I got this essay on the fall of Rome.

I didn't even know they were in trouble.



- What are you driving at?

- Papers for paper.



Essays for cash?



- So that's it.

- What's what?



- It'll have to be a motorcycle.

- Good idea. Invest in a cycle. So?



- You've got a deal.

- All right.



When we make the drop,

not out in the open like this.



I got a rep to protect.



It's open.



Your uncle said you was back out here.

What is this joint?



- It's his nuclear fallout shelter.

- Yeah?



- You got that essay?

- You got the cash?



This is a neat joint.



A nucleoid shelter.

It's private, good for homework



and other activities

involving student bodies.



Can you handle a couple

of History assignments also?



- I'll try.

- OK, and remember, this is between us.



- I got a rep to protect here, OK?

- Yeah.



William the Conqueror, by the Goose.



Oh, God.



Nobody, but nobody,

knows this happened, dig?



Whatever you say.



That's very nice. Nice penmanship.



Remember. I got a rep to protect.

OK, Shakespeare?






It's very simple, but yet very important.



Now, what is the best time of the month

for a woman to conceive?









- What's "conceive"?

- You know, to be fertile.



- What's the best time?

- Ask Nogerelli.



- Mr Nogerelli?

- Ask Goose.



- Mr Goose?

- Ask Dimucci.



- Mr Dimucci?

- What?



Conceive. What is the best time?



At night?



I can see that we're not getting very far.



I got the same problem.



- Morning, everybody.

- Good morning.



Good morning, Mr Stuart.



- Let's start at the beginning. Page one.

- Open your book.



- "Where do babies come from?"

- If you need me, l'll be right over here.



Do we need this for the exam?



The parts of a flower

are so constructed that



Very, very often

the wind will cause pollination



Ifnot, then a bee or any other

nectar-gathering creature



Can create the same situation



Yes, anything that gets the pollen

to the pistil's right on the list



I'll try to make it crystal clear



A flower's insatiable passion

turns its life into a circus of debauchery



Now you seejust how the stamen

gets its lusty dust on to the stigma



And why this frenzied chlorophyllous

orgy starts each spring is no enigma



We call this quest for satisfaction

a what, class?



A photoperiodic reaction



Oh, that's good

That's very good



Hey, l'm lost. Where are we?



- Chapter two

- Page five



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



Put your pollen tube to work



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



Make my stamen go berserk






I don't think they even know

what a pistil is



I got your pistil right here



Where does the pollen go?



Get back here. Get into your seats.



Next chapter.



How in an abstract way,

the same thing applies



to the reproductive organs

of the more complex life-forms.



But we are now dealing

with sexual response.



Are there any questions

before we begin reading?



Is it possible the female member

ofsome sex on a couch



Could, like, get this guy all hot

and she never even knew it?






When a warm-blooded mammal

in a tight little sweater



Starts pulling that stuff

she's saying that she wants to do it



Can't prove it by me



'Cause they change their tune

when you got 'em in the back seat



- With his heart beatin' fast

- They make it sound like a track meet



- Gross!

- Yeah...



... Then all they can do is say,

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!"



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



Baby, give it to me now



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



Is that all you think about?



Reproduction, come on, baby,

show me that you really love me so



- I think l'm gonna throw up

- Where does the pollen go?



Mr Goose, please be seated.



The human is the only being capable



of consciously controlling

his number of offspring.



Are there any comments on that?



I was wondering

if you could tell me where she lives.



- What is this?

- Mr Stuart



Is it true that guys like you,

you know, mature and all



Carry some protection with them

for sexual occasions?



Oh, God!



Can a girljust do that thing in a book



Where she adds up the days ofher,

what do you call it, mentalstration?



Oh, that's really neat!



Yeah, and what if a guy says

the numbers don't add up right, huh?



Yeah, yeah, yeah!



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



Hope he's proud of what he's done



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



He was only pokin' fun






See what happens when a boy

and girl don't know how to play it safe



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



- Reproduction

- Reproduction



Where does the pollen go?



Learn anything, Steph?



What's the rush? Gotta take a pill?



Try to remember that their bodies

are more developed than their minds.



- I understand.

- They have drives.



- Lustful drives.

- I understand.






- Hi, Mr Stuart.

- Hi, Mr Stuart.



- May l speak to you, Miss McGee?

- What about?



I've missed my last two periods.



That's all right.

You can make them up after school.



Where does the pollen go?



Nice one, Davey. That does it.



Yep. Follow me.



Quite a selection here. All very,

very serviceable machines, young man.



One or two were my personal

transportation a few spare parts ago.



A little elbow grease and any one

of these beauties is a fixer-upper.



- You got yourself a bike.

- Great.



- And you're gonna need these.

- Thanks.



Good luck.



Cool rider



A cool rider



Ifhe's cool enough he can burn me

through and through



Whoa, whoa



Ifit takes forever



Then l'll wait forever



No ordinary boy,

no ordinary boy is gonna do






I want a rider that's cool



Oh, Michael! Michael!



- Good to see you, French.

- What were you trying to do?



I'm trying to ride that motorcycle

without bloody well killing myself.



Wait a second. Michael!



Michael, this isn't for Stephanie?



I'll be yours in winter



When the snow is on the ground

l'll warm you through December



And l'll always be around



- That will be all for today.

- Blanche!



Wait, we still have some more seasons.



We have to start with winter

because Paulette's late and...



...she was late again today, but she's

here now and we'd like to do summer.



Sharon, will you stop yelling?

You're in the show.






The Preptones.



Mr Sandman, bring me a dream



These are my boys. Look.

Good, clean-cut American boys.



I know.



Then tell her

that her lonesome nights are over



Sandman, l'm so alone



Don't have nobody to call my own



Please turn on your magic beam



Mr Sandman, bring me a dream



- That was wonderful!

- Yes.



The T-Bones.



Birds. T-Birds.



- We're goin' prowlin'

- Walk, talk like a T-Bird



These are my boys.



Walk, talk like a T-Bird tonight



- Prowlin'

- Thank you.



- That was just wonderful.

- It was very nice.



We could work a little bit

on the harn-omies. Catch you later.



Thank you.



My mom wants you to come over

for a psaghetti at your convience.



Thank you.



- Practise over mid-term break.

- Practise?!



I'll be yours in springtime

When the flowers are in bloom



We'll wander through the meadows

ln all their sweet perfume



I'll be your girl for all seasons



- Disaster!

- What? We blew it?



No, we made it. But we're the worst.



- We'll get unworst.

- Liverwurst.



- How did we get in?

- They recognised natural talent.



Everybody made it.

They didn't have enough acts.



Get him!



Mr Sandman, bring me a dream



Make her the cutest

that l've ever seen



Give her two lips like roses in clover



If we are gonna win that grand prize,

we've got to get it together like that.



But with class.



- I want the Roy Orbisons.

- You'll get 'em.



Please turn on your magic beam

Mr Sandman, bring me a dream



- I'm talkin' only weeks before the show.

- I'm talkin' winnin' albumens.



- I'm talkin' progress.

- I'm not talkin'.






Balmudo's out front and he's all alone.



Tilt! My turn.



Your turn after we tilt that crater face,

Balmudo. Come on.



- Comb.

- Louis, be careful!









Comb again.



Come on, action out front.

Balmudo's gonna get his face mangled.



- All right.

- Oh, my gosh!



Hey, where is that rat-face, Bal...?



You lookin' for a rat-face,




Get that mutha!



Who, who, who's that guy?



Who, who, who's that guy?



He came out of the darkness

in the middle of the night



Blazin' like a mutha

with a fist of dynamite



He ain't foolin' no one

on that pile of chrome and steel



Burnin' up the pavement

like he was some kind of wheel



He's lookin' for a rumble

and some heads are gonna bust



He's gonna take a tumble

with one solitary thrust



The only thing you guys are gonna do

is eat his dust



Who's that guy?

Where did he come from?



- Who's that guy?

- Hey, tell me someone



I never knew anyone could be so cool



- Who's that guy?

- What's so amazin'?



From headlight to tailpipe

His burners are blazin'



Looks to me like he could really fly



Who's that guy?



Who's that guy?



He wears a pair ofgoggles

like a man from outer space



It really doesn't matter

that l haven't seen his face



We're gonna wrap those handlebars

around that neck ofhis



- The punk is gonna get it

- When we find out who he is



Everybody wants you

when they don't know who you are



Ifyou're a man ofmystery

it really takes you far



Everyone around you

thinks that you're a star



- Who's that guy?

- Where did he come from?



- Who's that guy?

- Where can l get one?



They never knew

that l could be so cool



- Who's that guy?

- On that motorcycle?



What would they say

if they knew it was Michael?



Looks to me like he could really fly



Won't somebody tell me?



- Who's that guy?

- Who's that guy?



Pretty cool stuff.



Everyone inside... We bowl!



- All right!

- Yeah, we bowl!



- Hey, Dimucci, did you see that?

- Yeah, l saw it.



- Come on, Steph.

- I'll catch you up.



- Hey, what's eatin' you?

- Nothin'.



You know, Steph. There's been talk.



We haven't been talkin',



but there has been talk

questioning your loyalty to the Birds.



Doesn't mean you gotta go steady with

Johnny. I think it's better that it's over.



Yeah, but the code does say

we're T-Bird chicks, at least till grad.



Let's go, Louis.



Maybe l'm tired

of being someone's chick.



Are you feeling OK?



- Yo, Ritter!

- Yo, Goose!



- I don't know what l'm feeling.

- Have a ciggy. It'll make you feel better.



Those guys are show-offs.



I hate those matches

from the liquor store.



Oh, thanks.



Want a ride?



Some other time.



I heard there was this motorcycle chase

outside the Bowl-a-Rama,



and according to Paulette Rebchuck,



this very mysterious and gorgeous guy



knocked Stephanie Zinone

right out of her bobby socks.



- How do you plead?

- I am guilty.



- Great. But now what?

- We've got a problem.



On that motorcycle, in that gear,

l knocked that girl out of her socks.



- But like this...

- You'll knock her into her socks.



Simple, l have to tell her.

Next time l see her... Come here.



Next time l see her,

l'm going to walk up to her and say,



- "Steph..."

- Uh-oh.



Hiya, girls.



Your boyfriend's here.



- Having a facial?

- Yeah.






- Steph.

- What?



- Do you...?

- What?



Have you...ever read

a Superman comic?



- Not in the last few hours.

- I was just checking. Right?



Just checking.



- He needs the guidance counsellor.

- Rhonda, you got a nose job.



- I walked into a door.

- So she says.



Attention, attention, please.



This is a test. I repeat, this is a test.

Please do not panic.



Nuclear war is like football:

if the Russians throw the bomb,



you intercept it

and ram it down their end zone.



It's like life. Somebody throws

something, you throw it back.



Please proceed to your nearest shelter.



Boys to one side, girls to the other.

Run, run, run!



- Blanche, please do not panic!

- Miss McGee, it's so loud.



Please do not panic.



How did you talk me into this?



- You trust President Kennedy?

- Of course.



All right. Kennedy says we gotta be

prepared for a nucleoid war.



- It's nuclear, Louis.

- Yeah. Nuclelar, nucular...



...a bomb's a bomb.



This is an official fallout shelter bed.



Hey, you gotta be prepared, 'cause

some day, when you least expect it...



Ka-blam! Nucleoid war!



- What's that?

- It's started.



America is calling

Let's care enough to give our very best



What's happening?



The Russians are attacking. Get down.



For if we give our very best



I know that

we will more than pass the test



- Get off me!

- Think about it.



What if we died here tonight

without ever doing it?



"lt"? Oh, my God! Let me out of here!



Are you crazy? They're dropping bombs.



Yeah, let's do it for our country

The red, white and the blue



It's Uncle Sam who's asking

So your mother will approve



Tomorrow l'll be fighting

And l'll win this war for you



Let's do it for our country

Our country wants us to



- Oh, Louis!

- Bullets are exploding



They'll soon be at the door



Give something to America

you never gave before



Yeah, let's do it for our country



The red, white and the blue



Are you sure my mother would approve?



Your mother don't even have to know.



And you think we're old enough to go?



- All the way.

- But, Louis, you might get hurt.



- Oh, God.

- Think about it.



It would be like doing it

for the Statue of Liberty.



- Or the Grand Canyon.

- The New York Yankees.



For Disneyland!



Let's do it for our country



The red, white and the blue



It's not a lot to ask of us

Our parents will approve



- You'll be a mighty soldier

- Before this night is through



- Let's do it for our country

- We owe it to our country



Let's do it for our country

Our country wants us to



- I'm ready.

- Me, too.



- Hurry, let's sign up.

- No, don't!



Oops! Guess you didn't get any,

huh, Babooch?



Louis Dimucci! Oh, God!



Oh, how could you do this?



- That'll be about $  .  .

- Will you get my windshield?



Yeah. Hold on. Just a second.



Can l pay so l can get out of here?



Yeah, look, hold on just one minute, OK?



- Sorry.

- It's all right.



OK, that's two, three, four, five.



- Where are the maps?

- What kind?



- Street maps.

- Yeah?



Hey, miss. What do l owe you?






- How about that ride?

- My windshield!



- You forgot our green stamps.

- We're in a hurry. The maps?



Are you going to get

this windshield or not? Come on.



- Honk it where the sun don't shine!

- Where are you going?



Oh, l can't stop shivering.



Then hold on.



That's what's making me shiver.



- Great ride.

- We're home.






- I can't stop shivering now.

- Why?






- There's something l should tell you.

- What?



Oh, no. We've got company.



- Check this out!

- I can handle these guys.



- He popped Balmudo.

- Look who he's poppin' now.



When am l gonna see you again?



Friday night. The Talent Show.



Let's go!



Out front, you hear?



Talent Show?



How'd he know?



Hi. What are you guys doin'?



What's the story

with the creep on the bike?



- What?

- The creep?



- Yeah, the creep, the story.

- Shut up, Goose.



- Leave her alone.

- Shut up.



- Let's have it.

- What?



- The story.

- I think...



We don't care!



No chick of mine messes

with no other creep except this...



- ...except me.

- No chick of yours?



- Someone's jealous.

- You never get jealous over me!



- I ain't jealous.

- Stay out of my life, then.



I'm out! l catch you with that punk again,

l'll rearrange his face.



He's a dead man. D-E-D!



You better decide

who belongs to who around here.



- You're making a scene.

- Because l'm getting mixed up.



You're embarrassing me.



I think you owe Paulette an apology.



- Jerk!

- Where are you goin'?



Forget about it.



- Weirdos.

- Who needs broads?



Me. I get to second base with Sharon

and get called out when l try third.



He bombed out in the bomb shelter.



Yeah. I think we could all use

a little guaranteed...



...all-the-way action.



And l know just the place.



Well, come on and tell us, Johnny



What's the secret ofsuccess?



You gotta take a tip

from the King ofHip



'Cause you know that he's the best



We're goin' prowlin'



We're goin' prowlin'






You say you're hungry for a lover



Gotta find a chick who'll give you more



Well there's a spot that l've discovered



Where a guy's guaranteed to score



I'm gonna show you cats some action



Like you've never seen before



We're gonna get some satisfaction



Down at the grocery store



We're goin' prowlin'



We're goin' prowlin'



Walk, talk like a T-Bird tonight



There's a female butcher



At the luncheon meat display



Got the best tongue in town



She delivers both night and day



You'll see the apple ofyour eye



Stacking peaches in a five-foot pile



Just waitin' for some guy to come



And take her rollin' down the aisle



I like a debutante that comes across



Now, that's what l call class



I like a tall girl with long legs

that come right up to her...



You know what l like?

l like a girl who's really smart



Provided that she's really stacked



Yeah? Well, l love 'em all

And they love me



'Cause l'm the leader of this here pack



We're gonna find ourselves some cuties



Who are sad and all alone



We're gonna show them little beauties



That we're T-Birds to the bone



We're goin' prowlin'



We're goin' prowlin'



Walk, talk like a T-Bird tonight



How about some sales tax?



Very nice.

We could win those albumens yet.



- We can win those albumens.

- We gotta get rid of the competition.



There is some very good work here

and some very sloppy work.



Miss Zinone, l would like to see you

about your Shakespeare essay.



Attention, please. A few reminders

ofgraduation activities.



The final dress rehearsal for the

Talent Show is Thursday afternoon.



All students on the decoration

committee for the Lani Kai Lani Luau



report to Coach Calhoun

after school today.



- I guess she didn't like your paper.

- I gotta write the whole thing again.



- Do you want some help?

- I don't know.



Think it over. It's not a difficult decision.



- Steph, you comin'?

- Yeah. I'll think about it.



I don't usually do this bad in English.

I got other stuff on my mind these days.



- Can l help?

- No, it's not school.



- Let's get this over with.

- All right.



Where do you want to start?



- It's this guy.

- What guy?



- Forget it.

- I'm trying. You're not making it easy.



I had this idea of Mr Right.

A stupid idea, right?



- Right.

- Out of nowhere he shows up.



- Like some dream or something.

- Who?



- Mr Right.

- Oh, right.



I've seen him twice and both times

he's wearing these goggles.



- I don't even know who he is.

- Mr Right?



Isn't that kind of weird?



Not weird weird but, like, exciting weird.



So, what's the problem?



Maybe he's just not

everything l imagined.



What if he's just some ordinary guy?



What if he is, eh?



What if we get back

to the Shakespeare essay?



- Stephanie.

- I figured out Hamlet's problem.



No ketchup.



- He got along OK without it.

- They never put ketchup on.



How can you eat a hamburger

with no ketchup? Shoot that over here.



Where were we?



You figured out the problem

with their hamburgers.



You know what his big problem is?



No laughs.

The guy's gotta lighten up, right?



- Bite?

- No, thanks.



- Who are we talking about now?

- Hamlet.



Oh, right.



"Hamlet went nuts when he caught

his mother doing it with his uncle."



- Not so great?

- You have the right idea.



But you could've said,



Hamlet was tormented by his mother's

incestuous relationship with his uncle.



"lncestuous relationship"! Mason's

gonna flip when she reads this.



"lncestuous." You're a really

smart guy, you know that?



You must think l'm a dummy.



- Actually, l think you're kind of terrific.

- Get outta here.



You're the terrific one.

You know all this deep junk.



I don't understand it any better than you.



I just know a few big words

that impress English teachers.



You impressed me.

And l give credit to who l want, OK?



- To whom.

- To who, to whom, to you, that's whom.



- So learn how to take a compliment.

- All right.



- A hamburger for my friend. Loaded.

- With ketchup.



Double ketchup.



There are some very cool,

very scoreable broads at this joint.



Cool. Scoreable. What-not.



- Very nice.

- Very nice.



Lots of Rydell girls

would go out with you.



- What about you?

- Me? Are you kidding? That's all l need.



- No, l wasn't.

- God, look, l didn't mean anything...



- We're just different types, that's all.

- Different types?



- What do you mean?

- Look, there's a Pink Lady code, OK?



Well, to quote Dolores,

"The code stinks."



- Hi.

- What's this? Nerds' night out?



- What are you, a cop?

- Sure picked up a lot of new friends.



I guess the T-Birds

ain't the class act no more.



Goose. Wait for me inside.



- I don't want to eat alone.

- Go on!



What do you want?



Yeah, well,

l just wanted to let you know that...



...l'm officially declaring us

as an item officially over.



- You're declaring?

- That's correct.



OK, fine. You've declared it.

It's over. Can l go now?



Just like that, huh?



I got one more thing to say to you.



That jacket you're wearing

is T-Bird property.



You want to leave the party?

Leave the jacket. I got a rep to protect.



So don't damage the rep,

we don't damage new friends, dig?



What happened? Did she take

the nerd's brains over your brawns?



- I dumped her, not versa-vice, got it?

- Sure, Johnny.



Don't worry about it.



- All right, cherry pie!

- Davey!



I'm all dressed up



In my finest attitude



Pretending l don't care



Guess l really messed up



By trying to be two



When only one heart can be there



Why can't l bejust what l am



And speak my love

without any shame?



Why can't she see what l am



Is a costumed fool



Trapped in a tragic game?



Charades and pretty lies



They hide what's deep inside me



Charades conceal me



But can't you feel



The real me



The real me



Behind my charades?



Oh, please don't mind me



Performing at my hardest



As l paint upon the air



You won't find me



'Cause it's a portrait of the artist



As the man who isn't there



Charades and pretty lies



They hide what's deep inside me



Charades conceal me



But can't you feel the real me?



The real me



Behind my charades?



Can't you feel the real me



Behind my charades?



Have l lost the real me



Behind my charades?



Girls, girls, l'm so nervous.

How do l look?



Perfect. Just remember,

have lots of fun tonight.



- And good luck!

- He's meeting her out front.



How can she get so hot and bothered

over someone she doesn't know?



- What?

- She's got a crush.



I'll be back.



- It's that guy.

- This time we get him.



Johnny, no!



Rhonda, go. They're going to kill him.



- Who's killing who?

- Open the door. Move over.



- Where are we going?

- I don't know, just go!



Oh, God! We're gonna die and

l'm wearing my mother's underwear!



- Where are we going?

- Just follow 'em!



I figured the guy to slow up.






Yeah, it ain't our fault

the guy don't slow up, huh, Johnny?



It's gotta be at least      feet

to the other side.



Yeah, yeah, what can l say?



If he didn't make it,

he ain't gonna look too pretty.



Where is he?



- He ain't down there.

- Where'd he go? Biker heaven?



- I know he's dead.

- He made the jump. I could do that.



- Yeah, you could jump that, Johnny.

- Let's go.



- And l'll never see him again.

- Come on!



- What have l done?

- Nothing.



- He'll be OK.

- Nobody rides like him.



- There's nothing down there.

- You can't stay here.



We'll be late.



He jumped over a cop car.

That was a big jump.



He'll show up, l know it. I just know it.



Ifyour sweetheart



Sends a letter ofgoodbye



- Hi, Johnny.

- Hi... Hold it!



What are you, crazy?



I told you before,

you are not going out there like that.



I know, l gotta put

a little something on my face.



You gotta put something on your body.



I gotta dress like this. I'm summer.



Get yourself a pair of galoshes,

a snowsuit, a scarf and be winter.



And that is Johnny Nogerelli's final word.



Well, you want to hear my final word,

Mr Push-Everyone-Around Nogerelli?



Maybe you can bully

some chicks in this school,



but this chick

has been bullied for the last time.



I may not be the classiest chick,



but l'm the best you're gonna get,

so take it or leave it!



So let your hair down



And go on and cry



Let go of me!



Stop that!



Shut up! Quiet!



And now, Martin Miesner

and his red-hot accordion.



Let's go practise up in the can.



- Don't worry.

- The albumens are ours.



- Hey, he's taking our jackets.

- Hey, come on, guys.



Hey, Nogerelli!



Don't do it. OK, guys.



Turn it off! Hey, Nogerelli!



Thank you, Martin Miesner.



And now, l have the great pleasure

to introduce the T-Bones.



We're goin' prowlin', prowlin'









- The T-Bones.

- Birds! Birds.



And now, the Calendar Girls

in A Girl For All Seasons.



I'll be yours in springtime

When the flowers are in bloom



We'll wander through the meadows

ln all their sweet perfume



And every night l'll hold you tight

Beneath that April moon



I'll be your girl for all seasons

All the year through



Your girl for all seasons 'cause l'd love



Yes, l'd love to be everything to you



Just you



I'll be yours in summer

When we're playing in the sand



We'll spend the day together

Making love and getting tanned



And on the beach at sunset

When we're walking hand in hand



I'll be your girl for all seasons



All the year through



Your girl for all seasons



'Cause l'd love



I'd love to be everything to you



Just you



Ifyou fall in the fall you'll see



September can be heavenly



Ifyou fall, say you'll fall for me



When autumn leaves

are falling from the tree



I'll be yours in winter

When the snow is on the ground



I'll warm you through December

And l'll always be around



What's wrong with Stephanie?

She forgot the words.



Somebody help her with the words.



- It's that guy.

- This time we get him.



Johnny! Where is he?



- He ain't down there.

- Where'd he go?



I know he's dead.



Louis, pull the curtain.



I'll be back.



What's the matter?



No more secret rendezvous



I'm gonna miss

all the things we'll never do



Ijust can't believe



You left me here alone



How in this world



Can l make it on my own?



Remember, l love you



I won't be far away



Baby, close your eyes



And think ofyesterday



And we'll be there together



Love will turn back the hands of time



Turn back



Turn back



The hands of time



Baby, don't you know?



It's hard to let you go



Save all your dreams



And keep me in your heart



It hurts to say goodbye



No matter how l try



Love will survive



Even though we have to part



Stephanie, please don't cry



Oh, it all seems so unfair

Just when l found you, l lost you



That doesn't matter now



The only thing that matters

is that l love you



And you're the only one

who can keep our love alive



So, Stephanie, don't forget me



I promise






I love you



You won't be far away



Ijust close my eyes



And bring back yesterday



And we'll be there together



Love will turn back the hands of time



Turn back



Turn back the hands of time



We'll turn back



Turn back



Turn back the hands of time



We'll turn back



And now,

the winners of the Talent Contest,



and the King and Queen

of the Lani Kai Lani Luau, Mr Nogerelli



and Miss Zinone.



Please, Miss Zinone,

remember you're a queen.



- Smile, Stephanie.

- You won the whole talent show.



- The Girls' division.

- That's not so bad.



Everyone bow and we'll see you all

at the Luau tomorrow.



I can't believe we won half the records.

All the Tichokski and Choppin.



What are you talkin'?

No Roy Orbisons?



A well-a bop a bop a hula

Rock-a-hula rock-a-hula



Luau, luau, luau, luau



A wham-a bama lama

Shanga langa langa langa



Luau, luau, luau, luau



Rah rah Rydell

Well-a well-a well-a well-a



Rock-a-hula luau wow



Come-a come-a come-a

To the rock-a-hula luau



Everybody's here

And we're waitin' for you now



We're gonna stick together

And we won't let go



We're lettin' everybody know



It's a luau



A rock-a-hula luau



You know, it's girls like that

who give summer fun a bad name.



Come-a come-a come-a come-a

We're gettin' it on now



Summer, summer, summer

ls a-comin' along now



I wish it was forever

'Cause it feels so right



Don't you worry, honey

We'll be rockin' all night at the luau



A rock-a-hula luau



Summer is coming

We're all here together



If only this feeling

Could go on forever



Summer is coming

We'll always remember



Summer is coming right now



Rock-a-hula luau



Rock-a-hula luau



It's a rock, rock-a-hula luau



Rock-a-hula luau

Rock-a-hula luau



As the sun sets

on the Lani Kai Lani Luau,



a reminder to our seniors:



in the words of our very own

President Kennedy,



"Think not what your country

can do for you,



"but what you can do for your country. "



Now, will the King and Queen

of the Luau



take their appointed positions

on the Pool of Enchantment.



Come on, we're havin' a good time!



- Stop it! What are you doing?

- I'm burnin' myself.



You'll burn us up! Can't you put it out?

You'll knock us over.



- I'm tryin' to be cool here.

- Get me out of here.



Your doctor's right, Mr Spears.

School is better for you than hospital.



But l am encouraged at the way

you've been looking lately.



You look so... Mr Spears!

Oh, good heavens!



Sit down, Stephanie. Quit foolin'!



- Will you help me row!

- Stop yelling!



Get out of the way!



You punk!



Haul ass, shrimp!



- Get off of me!

- Will you help me row!



Get out of here!



Stuck in a pool with a chick!

Birds, get 'em!



- I got one! l got one!

- Sorry!



Get off! l didn't mean it.



- Balmudo!

- That's the guy who decked me.



- It's him.

- It's him!



He's alive!



- What's wrong with you, man?!

- You've ruined our luau!



Michael! lt's Michael!






- You?

- You made that jump?






I thought you were dead.



- You?

- Move! l'll rearrange his...



- Hey!

- What?






- No.

- Yeah. Yeah, Johnny.



Yeah, well, you got one more jump,

Mr Cool Rider, Shakespeare, Carrington.



- Haven't we had enough of this?

- She's got a point.



- Lou's got a point.

- Shut up! l've got a point, too.



- Jacket.

- One T-Bird jacket.



- Jacket.

- Jacket.



For starters, let's see how it looks.



Very nice.






- All right.

- All right.



Listen, l gotta talk to you.



We can't see each other any more.

I've got another man on my hands.



Oh, right.



That's the breaks.



What's everybody lookin' at? Disperse!



I never thought you'd kiss me

if you knew who l was.



Are you crazy?

l got two for the price of one.



- Are you certain?

- I've never been certainer.



- More certain.

- The certainest.



The certainest. Yeah, l like that.



I'd love to kiss you again.



You were the one

The one in my dreams



But l never knew it



I wanted to tell you time and again



But l couldn't do it



All that you are is all that l need



No more pretending



Now l can be me

You can be you



And we're never ending



We'll be together



Always together



Like birds of a feather



Forever and ever



We'll be together



I like what you got

l guess it's OK



Ifyou want to show it



I am what l am and l'm all for you



Just want you to know it



Will l ever score?



There's nothin' wrong

withjust likin' each other



We all had our doubts

But it's workin' out with one another



We'll be together



Always together



Like birds of a feather



Forever and ever

We'll be together



We'll be together



Always together



Like birds of a feather



Forever and ever



Like birds of a feather



Forever and ever



We'll be together



Always together



We'll be together



Always together



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