Great Raid Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Great Raid script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the World War 2 movie by John Dahl starring James Franco, Benjamin Bratt, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Great Raid. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Great Raid Script



Inspired by true events.



1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.



The U.S fleet was crippled.



Ten hours later across the Pacific



they attacked the Philippines



clearing the way for an overwhelming

occupation of the islands.



U.S. forces, including  10,000 Americans



and 60,000 Filipinos



pulled back to the Bataan peninsula.



Without the NAVY to rescue them,



with their backs to the

sea, they were trapped.



Despite promises to the contrary, president

Roosevelt and his military high command



decided to focus first on Europe.



And not on stopping Hitler.



This strategy effectively

seals the faith of Philippines



and the men trapped on Baatan.



Under orders, and against his wishes,

general McArthur escapes to Australia,



down to return.



After four months of

fighting without supplies,



starving American and Filipino troops



surrendered to the

Japanese Imperial army.



It is the largest single defeat in

the history of the American military.



Unequipped, on feet

      prisoners of war,



The Japanese take the weaken soldiers

on the brutal sixty miles forced march.



Men fall at the line

were bayoneted or shot.



      perish on what would become

known as the Bataan death march.



The surviving POWs are

headed into various camps.



At Bonnel, Cabanatuan, and Palawan.



The Japanese guards abuse surrendered

to disgrace, treat them viciously.



Thousands died from disease,

starvation, and abuse.



     however, the

tide of battle changes.



With each new victory American

forces advance on Japan.



With each new defeat the Japanese

army becomes more desperate.



By years of propaganda, they believed

that Americans will show no mercy.



The Government in Tokyo

encourages these fears,



convincing its people that they must

prepare to defend their country to the death.



On August  st      the Tokyo

war ministry releases a memo,



detain the Japanese army's

policy toward prisoners of war.



It reads:



It is the aim not to allow

the escape of the single one.



To annihilate them all,



and not leave any traces.



Palawan POW Camp






The following events took place

over five days in January     .



 th Army Headquarters

Calasio, Luzon, The Philippines




- January   th



Landing at Nguying gulf is

the largest naval operation



ever undertaken in the Pacific.



Over a quarter of million

troops came ashore,



ready for the final push

into the Philippines.



I was the Stanford crutch



with service to the RTC.



I wasn't interested in

making career of a soldier.



I just wanted to do my

part and go home to my wife.



I was a captain of the

 th Ranger Battalion.



My commanding officer was

lieutenant colonel Henry Mucci.



You still in this Hamilton?



I'm thinking about it colonel.



What are you thinking

about, you're already lost.



You want me to take my hat

off, to show you a better look?



No colonel, I don't want you to...



West Point graduate, Mucci was one of

the most terrific men I've ever met.



He took on what seem

to many a hopeless task.



The job of turning group

of raw untested recruits



into a new unit of elite soldiers.



Originally signed to handle less talk,



they were mostly farmy hands

from small towns and rural areas.



with no combat experience.






Have you seen colonel Mucci?



Yes sir, he's in there playing poker.



You don't wanna interrupt

him, I think he's losing.



Lt. Foley get me a new deck

of cards, I suppose I'm lucky.



Every time you stick that pipe in your

mouth colonel, I just know you're in trouble.



Colonel. Look at this.



D'you have any idea who that is?



Yes sir.



Corporal on the guard!



Yes sir!






find out who the cowboy is.



Yes sir.



We spent months training and

it seemed very little action.



As far as the army was concerned,



doing nothing was the

colonel's personal experiment.



Mucci was determined

to prove they weren't.



- General.

- Henry.



You know Colonel White.

And this is Major Lapham.



Major, this is Lieutenant Colonel

Henry Mucci CO  th Ranger Battalion.



Henry, Major Lapham is a stay

behind in Bataan campaign.



He runs guerilla unit

here north from Luzon.



You should know Philippine

guerillas has been the primary source



of intel for General

McArthur since fall.



Good done, major.

- Thank you.



Major Lapham, tell Colonel

Mucci what you've told us.



Five miles east of Cabanatuan city here



there's a Japanese

POW camp holding about



Five hundred survivers

of the deathmarch.



As we advanced on this area



I believe that the Japanese will murder

these prisoners rather than release them.



Unfortunately, major

Lapham is probably right.



There was an incident

in a camp on Palawan.



Hundred and fifty American POWs were herded

into air-raid shelters and burnt alive.



Our access of advance set

right before that camp.



Unless we're running

to something unexpected



we're gonna be in Cabanatuan

at the end of the week.



And it may be to late.



I want you to say about this.



We are rapid advance Jap troops

movements become increasing



retreating at night, not during

the day to avoid our aircraft.



That means we can't be

sure where the enemy is.



Thirty miles from the front lines.



There're thirty thousand Japanese

troops in that area, colonel.






Can you develop a plan you

get there by the morning?




- I'll make my decision then.



Now general Kreuger hasn't

made up his mind yet,



but he's given a call up

with a hell of a plans.



Call our boys to briefing,

we may set off in the morning.



Yes sir.



So we got to be

accompanied on this mission.



Don't worry captain.

It'll be a little raid



How many guards on the compound?



Could be as many as two hundred.



And tanks.



This building with metal roof looks

like it's protecting something.



Are these the best photographs we have?



You'll have everything you need

when we hook up with about the camp.



Sir it's hard for me to tell the number of

men we'll need without more specific intel.



Unfortunately we don't

have that luxury, Bob.



I selected you for your flexibility.



You got    hour jump

on this, lieutenant.



Do I give you enough time to

get capt. Prince all he needs?



We will be ready to report you

at   -   hours in the morning sir.



Get it done.



Tough knot is the final approach.



No cover of over     miles.



It's as flat as a pancake.



Cabanatuan POW Camp



We'll be killed if they stop by now.



What difference does it make?



Japs gonna catch them sooner or later.



You couldn't have got me

something easier to chew?



Mango, banana.



I took some graveyard rats,



but I thought that

would be over indulging.



Is it your gums or your teeth hurting?



It starts at the gums, walks his

way around the back of my head



and ends up in my neck somewhere.



Don't worry.



It's not malaria.









I've just translated the

telegram to colonel Mori.



Their guard is coming

to southern islands.



They're landing here in Luzon.



You can take in for a few days

and head on back to Australia,



like you did the first time.



The information's good, major.



I'm in their office every day.



We don't know how close McArthur is

and how many will reach Cabanatuan.



Tell the men the best thing to do is sit

tight, and stay calm till we find out more.



Yes sir.



Make sure you get it this time.



Yes sir.



They caught Hewitt.



I was watching him!



Poor dumb bastard, couldn't even

wait for the goddamn doctors.



You are responsible for this.



You surrender like cowards,

then you run away like dogs.



He'll die, because none of you

had the courage to stop him!



Cabanatuan City   miles west of POW camp



It's time.



I need food.



Call me.



Watch his back.



How much?






You should not have come.



Neither should you.



I had no choice, people are too afraid.



How's Margaret?



She's fine.



All we really need is more medicine.



Carlos had them requested

by the Japanese last week.



- Are they watching us?

- Tell Margaret not to take anymore risks.



You think she'll listen to it?



Is there anything you

want me to tell her?



She's to take care.



There's some peanuts.



Take them. You don't look well.



- Who's Margaret?

- Why?



He was just asking about her.



She's an American nurse who was

married to his commanding officer.



He died of malaria about a year

ago in one of the other camps.



- Was major involved with her?

- What makes you say that?



Nothing. Just sounds he's concerned.



He wasn't involved with

her. But he should have been.



Her husband wouldn't

give a damn about it.



And Gibby, he couldn't have damn

about anyone else except her.



Why didn't he do something about her?



Gentlemen don't fool around

with another man's wife.



I on the other hand might.

- Where's she now?



She's still in Manila.

Working with the underground.



Where do you think we get

all the medicine in camp?






There are rumors that

underground spin on by war.



We had no idea she works for you.



This is not enough.



We have agreed on    .



Miss, there's very little

quina left in Manila.



This is worth at least    .



Unless you double your supply.



I'll go get the money.

Let's get of here.



This is set up. Get in the truck.

- What about medicine?



Get in!






At ease.



I'm here to tell you a man

on the tree rumor is true.



Finally we got a mission

worth of the rangers.



We're going to push right through our

front lines into the Japs backyard.



And rescue     American

prisoners of war.



I want you to be rough sons of a bitch.



A textbook style of raid,

it can be only achieved



through speed, surprise

and overwhelming firepower.



That's why you've been chosen.



Before you start

congratulating yourselves,



remember, you haven't

achieved the damn thing yet.



You're the best trained least

probed battalion in this whole army.



This is your one chance

do something about it.



And I mean one chance.



How you equip yourselves

over the next    hours,



will determine how you are

judged for the rest of your lives!



Men who are worthy of

serving in this army,



or an embarrassment that history

and time will eventually forget.



It's up to you.



Now, I have to think it's performed, that's

why I'm accompanying you on this raid.



Not another group of men in this or any

other army I'll sooner trust my life with.



You're the finest, best prepared

soldiers this country's ever sent to war.



And I expect you to prove it!



- Is that clear?

- Yes, sir!



- Are you sure?

- Yes, sir!



Hurry up.



General liked your plan.



I don't believe what colonel said.



He's got the pencil and moustache,

who else gonna know he's an officer.



I'm gonna kill my helmet,

use the code, clean, wash.



The helmet will make too

much noise on the field.



- I'm sorry, I didn't hear that.

- I heard that.



You're the best shot in company,

you're gonna be fine with this?



- No, sir I like one on one.

- Choose yourself a loader.



- Lucas.

- Sure about that?






- Cap, you have a minute?

- Sure, Tom.



I was going on with personal

roster. And I ain't on it.



Coloner Mucci said you're prepared bad

on this trip, so I had to take you off.



Well with respects sir, you're married.



And I imagine that your wife

witness you have a lot mind.



I'm the one planning this right to top.

Don't make me go against my instructions.



No sir, I'm asking you to be

some more of company commander.



And we had some rangers out there

that haven't heard the first round,



rangers that didn't come back.



You need me on this mission.



I tell you when I was in errand DC,

that's some way from insule to Betaan.



I wasn't to come back if I

hadn't the wisdom to do it.



Guys I knew ended up in those camps.



And I ended up with the feet.



Well that may be but you're gonna

find it a lot harder without me.



All right, I'll talk to the colonel.



- Anything else?

- Thank you. Good night, sir.




- January   th



We left  th army quarters

with very little information.



The only advantage we had

was the element of surprise.



We faced the two day walk, through

open terrain, patrolled by the enemy.



All we take is if single

Japanese scavenger spot us,



our mission would be over.



Let's go!



- Ready? Let's move!

- Moving up!



We all knew the ideal

was to rescue POWs.



We didn't spend much

time thinking about it.



As far as we were concerned, we're

going to rescue them or die trying.



- They're gonna just leave us?

- I don't know what they're doing.



Get this quina to the

doctors. You know the drill.



They must be retreating.

Even the press is leaving.



Hey major, Mori's leaving too.



Let's think you were right, kid.



General McArthur has

got them on the run.



They're not on the run, they've

got orders to fight to the last man.



- It's a trap.

- God damn elaborate one.



We walk out of those gates, it'll give

them the perfect excuse to kill us.



Since when do they need an excuse?



I don't know about you, but I'm getting

out of here before they changed their minds!



How far do you think

you'll get, captain?



Even if the Japs shall retreat,

jungle is gonna be crawling with them.



What's wrong with that, we're

still soldiers, ain't we?



Hey, major's right. Where are we

gonna go? Almost no one can walk.



I don't recall inviting you, kid.



But I'm the one to be behind.



I never said we'd all leave

but at least some of us might.



If we sit tight, all of us will make it.



Our troops can't be far now.



It's like you got

yourself a disciple, Gibby.



Don't be so quick, listen to him.



Running won't make any easier for you.



Don't worry, I won't escape

without your permission.



How can they still believe in God.



We can't escape with guys like you.



- How did you learn how to do that?

- I wasn't always the same.



- What's the matter?

- This food portions were for us.



Bastards starved us and left it.



Make sure you get some of this

back to men in the hospital.



Easy major, you can use to it.



Well I can, it's like I'm

stuck and I'm seeing some tits.



I was thinking more of making west.




   miles from POW camp



- What is it, Tom?

- Traps. They left a few here.



Must have been highly remoted plains.



Do we proceed sir or do you want me

to take a look around before we go on?



They're retreating, captain that's

all we need to know. Let's move.



Battalion, let's go!



Nothing I knew appear to be in place.



He can be a pain in the ass.



There's a method to his madness.



Take your time.



Damn it!



Can't be time.



I think they gonna lead us to the camp.



River branch is about

a half mile east of us.



It's not marked, there might be a bridge

that can get us out of this convoy.



Japanese are regarding

the major point like that.



I think we're to check it out. If

it's a trap, we can't even get there.






     Manila was concidered

the sprawl of the orient.



An international city where people from

all over the world lived and worked.



That all changed when

the Japanese took over.



They believed that as a conquered people

the Filipinos should do as they were told.



Those who disobeyed were

jailed, tortured or executed.



This made the bond between the Filipinos

and the Americans even stronger.



Resistance grew throughout the country.



But      hundreds of ordinary

people had joined the underground.



It's like they have been

watching you for weeks.



The Japanese have

questioned our people before.



It doesn't necessarily mean anything.



They know that the

Americans are closing in.



And they know that we have

evidence of their war crimes.



Don Antonio is right, this...



This wasn't like before, Margaret. They

know of things informators have told them.



Then why do they let you go?



I'm sorry, Carlos but if you're

worried, you're free to go.



I won't hold it against you. I

won't hold it against any of you.



I won't leave unless we

all go. You know that.



I can't leave. Not as long as there's

a single prisoner left in Cabanatuan.



- Margaret, I saw Daniel.

- Who is he?



He know you well.



I know father said to wait. But if we

do that, it may be too late for Daniel.



No, your father is

right, it's too dangerous.



- Don't listen to me.

- I'll meet you outside the hospital.



At usual place.



I should go.



It was thanks to me you met

Margaret in the first place.



It sure was.



When I look up at the sky like this,

I could be anywhere in the world.



- Where are you now?

- Halfway across the jungle.



I've disobeyed your orders and now I'm

only a few miles from the civilisation.



- Have a dream for me when you get there.

- What do you want me to tell Margaret?



I assume if she's still interested.



Well if she's not I'll

propose to her myself.



And you know what?



I'll make you my best man

as I know you won't run off.



If I had something like that waiting for

me on the other side of an open gate...



That's not good.



Don't! You get them a satisfaction.



They'll be dead soon.



You fall to a Bataan major?



You're commander to battalion of the

   infantry in operations near Malayew?



I can give you my name,

my consuetude number.



We found these in your barracks.



I assume they were smuggled

in by the Filipino resistance.



They say take hope help is coming.



We've been having rumors

like that for three years.



Only this time they are true.



Your forces is will recapture the

Philippines within the few weeks.



- Why are you telling me this?

- Because it is too long we wait.



You are the senior officer.



If you help me keep order, I can

make your time here tolerable.



But if any of the prisoners try to escape,

I will kill ten others in his place.



- Are you married, major?

- No.



But do you have a reason

to survive this war?



I'd like to be here for your surrender.



Will that be all?



Rizal Bridge    miles from POW camp



Looks like they're not

going to set off, sir.



We can't wait here, they can spot us.



Son of a bitch.



Last thing left, sir.

There's nothing else in sight.



- Looks enough for now.

- Gentlemen, let's not waste anymore time.



We've already waited here for two hours.



Let's move.




- January   th



I have good news.



We have a treatment from malaria.



- How long are they giving me?

-   or   days unless we get you more quini.



Are you trying to convince me

to send you to same shit world?



- No. You're my next kid now.

- Hey, it's not a joke.



You die on me, what's gonna

stop me leaving this place?



I told you what that guy said.



- Stay out of trouble, the war soon be over.

- The problem is I don't believe the guy.



You probably don't believe, but

what about ten of us getting killed



for everyone that escapes?



There's neither one of your friends

here left in case I let him down.



Unfortunately you and

I are stuck from before.



You gotta pull through this, pal.



Just think of everything

you got to look forward to.



Think of Margaret and that

chance you get when you're back.



- Are you ever gonna stop?

- No.



Come on you bastard, pull out of it.



Manila hospital



Twenty SIV, please.






They had Cora.



I'm being followed.



I'm on the list.



Is that just you?



I think so.



Mina, you got to get out of here.



The money is in the bag.



Go to the father's

house pack your things.



- No I'm not leaving!

- Mina, leave!



If you think you can get the

medicine to Cabanatuan, try.



If not, head for the mountains.



What about you?



Don't worry about me.






What are you doing?






Yes sir.



All clear.

- What do they got?






You better go get the colonel.



My future is in your hands.



We caught the people



we were looking for.



Follow her!



She'll lead us to the others.



You're safe now.



They killed Mina.



I know.



I was not always conscious.



I don't know what I told them.



You didn't tell them anything.



Mina and her father

were arrested last night



on the way to Cabanatuan.



It had nothing to do with you.



She went because of me.



She knew what I told Daniel.



She wanted to help him too.



I should have stopped her.



I should have stopped her.



But all I was thinking about was him.



Whatever you feel you've done wrong



you more than made over it.



Hundreds of POWs owe you their lives.






I did have failed.



You'll be with him soon.



I have friends, who will take you to

the mountains until Americans come.



But Margaret,



Listen to me.



You have to trust in something

stronger than yourself.






Padre. The Japanese, they are here.



Take Margaret.



I'll deal with them.



Arrest anyone you find!



Go around back.



Run, don't look back.



There's no need to go to the

church. There is no one in there.



There's no one in the church.



Oh honey, you look great.



So do you.



Pity we can't go to

Cabanatuan beauty contest.



I got you something.



I hope this will help me.



You're getting fussy now.



They didn't get through.



Your friend Hagai stopped

them over near Cabanatuan city.



They'll find some other

way to smuggle it here.



It'll be too late for you, my old pal.



You ain't thinking of

leaving me, are you Red?



I don't think Nagai's men want me here.



I could think of ten of us to do.



Like I said



you're the only one I give a damn about.



You and the kid sometimes.



Don't try it, Red.



I'll see you, Gibby.



Go get Pitt to keep an eye on him.






May I discuss with you the

role of my men in the mission?



Your men will be screening

our flanks, captain.



Sir, this is our war too.



We've been fighting the

Japanese for three years.



I understand your anger what the

Japs, did to your people have today.



If I were in your place

I'd also want a revenge.



But this mission has

objective of its own.



Sir, my men are disciplined fighters.



What happened at Balingarin

is nothing new today.



Your man will be a great

value on our flanks.



Lieutenant, are you ready?



I wanna step way.



My compliments to the

villagers for the hospitality.



I'll see to it, sir.



- Captain.

- Colonel.



You want me to take a look

at those feet, captain?






God only knows how

you walk on these, Bob.



You're lucky that colonel

doesn't know about this.



Doc, can you figure when I'm out?



Do you see?






Every time I think I

have, he surprises me.



Not always in a bad way.



Here's the reason I joined the rangers.



There's a time I found many questions asked

but always seemed to do nothing but answer.



You know, he may not like

you standing up to him.



But I suspect that's why he chose you.



I can't imagine any other reason why

he'd ignore this jungle dance of yours.



That's a convoy captain,

beholder was talking about.






Looks like they're reinforcing the camp.



Hey Duke.



Wake up!



It's your time to keep watching Red.









Get a message to Tokyo.



"Fuel shipment received. Awaiting

orders to liquidate prisoners."



You're late! Now there

are too many of them.



Everyone, let's go!



This is all I have. The

Japanese took everything.



Come back tomorrow when you have more.




- January   th



He's gone.



He's gone!



You fell asleep.



Because one man disobeyed to me.



Ten others will pay the price.



It was my fault.






Please. My fault.



They resupplied the camp last night.



Brought in fuel and fresh troops.



It looks like they're up to something.



How many?



Between     and    .






I was depending Lt. Fox will

captivate the bridge, sir.



But since the Japs have

strange events inside the camp,



we're gonna need everyone, right?



May be we can hold the bridge

with less men we're allowed for.



Can you make to what

is what, lieutenant?



I don't think so sir.



Captain Mahon said the Japs

reinforced the bridge last night.



Captain Mahon couldn't share

this information with me earlier.



Let's take a look.



CABU BRIDGE  /  mile east of POW camp



Get the count.



With respects sir,



What's the count?



There's a thousand men over there.



May I show you something?



Here's the bridge.






They were beginning to

disobey, aren't they?



They won't let you down.



It's not the question

of letting me down.



They were taught and raised

to deserve their shot of glory.



I don't suppose many of them

fight for the glory, sir.



I'm not telling you

about the publicity, Bob.



I'm talking about the kind of glory you

carry inside you for the rest of your life



knowing you've done

something worth remembering.



Something you made a difference.



The only recognition I want

is from that boys in the camp.



Nothing in our lives will

ever be as important as this.



You've come here to change my mind?



No sir. I came here to tell you

that whatever you decide,



it'll be the right choice.



Something you can't fake.



Captain Mahon has volunteered

to hold the bridge.



Well you better leave me alone with

him, so I can meet some noble guy.



They respond with tanks. We

wait until they aren't respond.



They would blow up the bridge.



We don't have enough

explosives to bring it down.



All we need to do is damage it.

Enough to stop their breakers.



We want the soldiers to come.



If I place my men, when they decide to

roll, we'll trank them in a cross fire.



They won't use the bridge, they'll

go around trying to outflank you.



The Japanese don't go around.

Not with the fighting ability.



They do not have enough

respect for us as soldiers.



- How are the others?

- It's good.



We're waiting to hear

what you have to say, sir.



I don't know what to tell them anymore.



I can say something on your behalf, sir.



Until you feel better.



Can you write a letter?



It depends what kind of letter.



I'm not sure myself.



I already started it a

thousand times and give it up.



There's a... pencil

and paper under my bed.



- Who you're writing to?

- A lady named Margaret.



And I'm not sure how

well I know her anymore.



I have been living in

my imagination so long.



I'm afraid I'll write something crazy

love letter and embarrass us both.



Red didn't seem to think so.



What did he tell you?



That she felt the same way you did.



That she would left her

husband if you'd wanted her to.



Cause I thought that if

I did the right thing,



some good would come of it.



It's funny. I'd spent

the last three years



thinking of all the things

I want to say to her.



Now I don't know how to begin.



What about dear Margaret?



At   -   hours our combined

forces will begin at terrain.



We'll split up here to the Bangu river.



Captain Ohoda, you'll continue to the Cabu

bridge where you set up the road block.



Captain Joson, you do

the same on the highway.



In case the Japs reinforcements

advance toward city.



Objective. It's the sealed

off area operation during raid.



When the Japanese reinforcements

get to you, you get to us.



Now when here is the much darkness as we

need, you get the POWs out of the camp.



Which means we'll have to begin our

approaching to daylight risking attack.



We break the tree line. Lt. Riley's men

will head to the east side of the camp.



The rest of us will advance with

the low crawl for the main gate.



I want you to come again.



There's intermediate cover-up

    yards from the camp.



After that before the expose we reach

a ditch    yards from the front gate.



This is the camp.



The main service road. POW barracks.



All enemy occupied. Suspect

the tank shed to the main gate.



This is the ditch we're trying to reach.



Again. Until we get there

we're completely exposed,



so we may need to create some diversion

reaction in this wood area to the north-east.



Sir, how about the plane?



Could they have one of

their planes fly over?



No without breaking a radio silence.



Not a bad idea Bob,

maybe it's worth the risk.



As we make our approach, Lt. Riley's men



make their way along this ditch.



Leaving men at    yard in a raws

to engage and reduce the enemy.



Lt. Riley, as soon as you're in

position here, the south-east corner.



Your first shot will

kick off the action.



Meanwhile the rest of us

will be in position here.



As soon as we get the

signal, Lt. Foley second squad



take out the gore tower

and a central shaft.



First squad will open the main gate.



Since first squad is

inside, we'll flank right.



Maybe have to supress fire

in the enemy officer areas.



Probably we shall

suspect the tank shift.



I want capral Aldridge and

his loader to run at     yards.



I want back-up team in

case he don't make it.



- If tanks get loose, we're all in trouble.

- Yes, sir.



Instructions next. Lt.

O'Grady, later will make the way



to the main gate to force

entry for the POW area.



First squad will spread on the south-west

and lay out supressing fire to enemy rear.



Objective: make sure that POW barracks

not taking enemy fire in all directions.



Once this achieved Lt. O'Grady's

second squad run to the POWs



and we meet at the front gate.



Where doctor Fisher and

the medics will be waiting.



Our aim is to get

back to the Kango river



where we'll be waiting

to escort the prisoners.



Since I'm satisfied

we've left no one behind.



A fire of red star cluster

- the signal that raid's over.



Any questions?



- Yes, sir. Who's the last man out?

- That'll be me.



- You'll cover me at the front gate.

- Yes, sir.



Anything else?



Bring your people, get them ready to go.



We're leaving in two hours.



What's that?



- Why?

- Nothing, I'm just curious.



Two hundred at a Jap's camp.



Thousand at the river.



Ten thousand nearby.



I think we're gonna

need a little miracle.



Take it.



What I gotta do, kiss her?



The time is now   -  . And mark.



Lt. Riley fires his

first shot at   -  .



Capt. Gordon is at bridge at   -  .



We will be out there

by   -  . Any questions?



Soldiers, try to get back in one piece.



Good luck, gentlemen.



Road to Cabanatuan  / 

mile west of POW camp



Cabu Bridge  /  mile east of POW camp



Well let's god damn fly, boys.



It's one of ours, sir!



Get them back to their positions.



Tighten security.



Guards, back to your positions!



Cabanatuan Road






It's time.






If I'm gonna be the one

who starts this thing,



I wanna be dead sure

everyone's in position.



I'll check it out.



Come on, Riley.



What a hell is Riley doing, sir?



Lt. wants me to make sure

your squad is in position.



Yeah I've been. Last ten minutes.



Sir, the colonel is getting NG,



they're afraid the bridge

is gonna blow before the end.



Damn it!



We're in position, sir.



Sir, it's your shot.






Japs are shooting us.

They're gonna kill us all!



Go! Go!



Aldridge! Go!






- Let's go!

- Move! Move!



Aim! Riley!



It's all right! We won't hurt you!



We're gonna get out of here!



All right, those who can

walk, get to the main gate,



those who can't, wait

we'll come back for you!



We're going home. All right, let's move!






Come on! They saw us!



- Shoot fire left!

- Shoot fire left!



Cover me! I'm going in!



- Cover me!

- Fire!



It's okay! I'm American.



You got to stay calm.



Don't be afraid.



We're not gonna hurt you,

we're here to help you.



We're going home, you understand?



- We're going home.

- I can't leave him.



You won't leave him.

I'll take him myself.



Soldier, you go out there and tell my men

there's people here need to be carried.



Can you do that? All right, let's go!



- I got you.

- No, no.



I met soldier. Soldiers are

gonna take us out of here.



Japanese are trying to fight

them and to get through the river.



All right, I better take a look.



Help them!



Hold your fire. Give me flaring out.



Wait till I light them up.



Withdraw! Withdraw! Stroll back!



Let's go! Move!



Does the mortar work?



It's damaged Sir, but still working.



Target the main gate.



Capt. Fisher stay back,

they're not safe yet!



All right, I'll be at the

other side of the road.



Let me give you a hand.



Pull back! Pull back!



Fire! Get down!



Fire from that son of a bitch!



Dont' stop!



Lt, come on.



- Charge gate. I'll cover you, ready?

- Ready.



Fire! Everybody down!



Get up! Roll!



Keep to the gate! Keep to the gate!



Keep to the gate, let's go!






- Are you all right?

- Daly, where the hell have you been?



Somebody get a medic over here!



Soldier, are you all right?



Jesus! Jimmy.



He's unportable sir.

He's lost a lot of blood.



- I can't transport him, captain.

- We got no choice.



- Jimmy?

- Keep moving.



You stay with him the

whole time, you understand?



Hang in here.






Cease fire! Cease fire!



- Hold your fire!

- Pull back, let's go!



Pull back! Pull back!



- Daly, Daly!

- Stay with him!



Come on, Daly. Come on!



We've lost him.



Let's move!



Let's get them across.



It's gonna be all right,

major. You're going home.



- Captain Prince.

- How did we do?



Succeed, sir.



- How many casualties?

- PFC Daly.



A lot of wounded.



I think it's great call

we moved on to operate.



I don't think he's gonna make it, sir.



Thanks, captain.



More plasma.



Did we get them all?



Did we get them all?



All of them.






But that keeps moving at me.




- January   st



Talevera American Frontline



Excuse me, have you seen major Gibson?






Six bucks.



I told you, I can't sell it.



- Ten bucks?

- Can't do it.



- That's all I got.

- When you saw one you got it?



At least you have plenty to spare.



I'd like to.



My mom gave this to me.



Well how would your mom

feel about ten bucks?



I know how your mom

feels about ten bucks.



I'm sorry, have you seen major Gibson?



Yeah, I was with him at the river.



Check with the medics

ma'am, near the carts.



Thank you.



- Margaret.

- Where's he?



He wanted me to give you this.



Dear Margaret,



after three long years of witnessing

so much destruction and suffering



a simple letter seem so pointless.



I've often wondered what my life would

have been like if we'd been together.



However time passes. I

realize this may never happen.



There is one thing I want you to know.



You've come to mean the world to me.



And not just to me. To all of us here.



You've given me the strength

to give these men hope.



And maybe one day a second chance.



I miss you more than you can imagine.



I love you more than you can ever know.



All my love, Daniel.



Capt. Prince!



General, this is the man who

planned the raid, captain Prince.



Congratulation, captain Prince.

I'm very sorry about your losses.



I want you to know you men have done

a great service for your country.



- Thank you sir.

- Gentlemen.



- So, how do you feel?

- All right.



I'm proud of you.



Thank you sir.



Never I used to see such

a large group of men,



Who've done so much

and complain so little.



Many were unable to believe that

their country had abandoned them.



Left them to die in a foreign land.



Who said to be of no

significance to the war effort,



but as for me, saving them was

a way of setting things right.



It's true. They have been left behind.



But never forgotten.



On January         after

nearly three years in captivity



    POWs were rescued from

the Cabanatuan Prison Camp.



During the raid, two

army Rangers were killed.



The Filipino Guerillas

suffered    casualties.



One POW died after being

liberated from the camp.



Colonel Henry Mucci was awarded

the Servise Cross for valor.



Captain Robert Prince was

awarded the same honor.



President Truman awarded Margaret

Utinsky the Medal of freedom



for "outstanding heroism and fortitude".



The raid on Cabanatuan remains

the most successful rescue mission



in U.S. military history.

Special help by SergeiK