Hand That Rocks The Cradle Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hand That Rocks The Cradle script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Rebecca De Mornay movie also starring Annabella Sciorra, Ernie Hudson, Julianne Moore, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hand That Rocks The Cradle. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hand That Rocks The Cradle Script



[TV] Good Morning.

Welcome to Seattle Today.



I am the captain

of the Pinafore



- And a right good captain too

- You're very, very good--



It's almost ready,

you guys.



- We'll be right down.

- We'll be right down.



Occasionally say

I'm never, never sick at sea



- What never

- No never



- What never

- Well hardly ever



[ TV ] I'm gonna be talking

about traveling with children.



[ Scream ]





stay right there.



What's the matter?



Claire, stay here.









- Ooo, I'm sorry. Sorry.

- Hey, hey, hey.



- [ Michael ] What are you doing here?

- Mommy?



It's okay, sweetheart.



- Honey, this gentleman says

the Better Ways Society sent him.

- Um... better day.




Better Day Society.



The Better Day Society

helps place...



the mentally disabled

with employment.



I live there.



- Of course!

You're here to build the fence.

- Y eah.



I tried knocking.



Solomon, right? Rene Peterson told us

about the work you did.



I'm Claire and this is

my husband, Michael.



- Yeah, we met outside.

- And this is Emma.






It's nice to make

your acquaintance, Emma.



[ Claire ]

I'm gonna throw some shoes on.



See if our guest would like

anything to drink.



My mom says to ask

if you want anything.



I'd like a

brand new bicycle...



with a big basket...



on the handlebars

and some gears.



That sounds neat.



Y eah.



Okay, um...



okay, I see.






you wanted

to take away this.



Y eah.



The new fence

should contain...



the area here and

the gate should be there.






do you want the fence

to keep people in...






keep people out?



Well... both.



But mostly

to keep people out.















three... five...






[ Chuckling ]

Just kidding.



I got the tape measure.




Is everything all right

out here?



Right... as rain.



- Mrs. Bartel?

- That's me.



The doctor

will see you now.



-This is your first exam with Dr. Mott?

-Y es, it is.



The doctor who delivered

my little girl retired.



Dr. Mott was kind enough

to take me on midterm.



- He's one of the best.

Expecting his own, you know?

- Oh, really?



- Take everything off, put

the gown on, open at the front.

- Okay.



- Doctor.

- Mrs. Bartel!



- Hi.

- I'm Dr. Mott.



- It's nice to meet you.

- It's nice to meet you.




how are we today?



Just great.



The baby's kinda

kicking up a storm all day.



This is your second.

You're a pro at this.



I see you have

a history of asthma.



- Any problems?

- No, none at all.



- Why don't we take a look? Feet up.

- Oh, okay.



I didn't think it was usual to give

pelvic exams after the third month.



We won't again

until the   th week,



but... I want to make sure

my new patients...



have a full exam

on their first visit.



It's Mrs. Miller. She's calling

again for the test results.



Why don't you go ahead and

give them to her. She's all clear.



- If she has any questions,

I'll call her back.

- Yes, doctor.



[ Nurse ]

Would you hold, please?



Oh, Maria,

when you're in the lab,



would you call in the results

of yesterday's virupaps?



Yes, doctor.



- Sorry about that.

- It's okay.



Why don't we start

with the breast exam?



Weather's been beautiful

these days, hasn't it?



It has. Yeah.



I love taking walks

after the rainstorm.



It's very important

to be able...



to give yourself

your own breast exams.






Mrs. Bartel, we need to

schedule your next appointment.



[ Wheezing ]



[ Wheezing ]



[ Wheezing ]



- Claire?

- Oh, Michael!



- Honey, what's the matter?

- Michael.



[ Crying ]

Just hold me.



Honey, what's wrong?




It was the way

he was touching me.



He wasn't examining me.

It was like...



he was getting off

on it.



I mean...



what if I accused him

and I was wrong?



Do you think

you're wrong now?






Then we have to file

a complaint.



- Michael, I don't think I can do that.

- Claire, listen to me.



If we don't

report this,



he's gonna do the same thing

to somebody else.



You have

to trust yourself.



I don't think I can,




I think you can.



We'll go through it




[ TV ]

Even with food and supplies

flown into the area daily,



the aid is not reaching

many of the refugees.



Dr. Victor Mott, Seattle

gynecologist and obstetrician,



was brought up today on formal charges

by the district attorney's office.



The scandal began last week when one

of Mott's pregnant patients...



went to the state medical

board claiming...



she had been sexually molested

by the doctor during an examination.



Since the patient's initial accusation,

four more women have come forward...



alleging that they, too,

had been sexually molested.



Citing the possibility of criminal

misdeeds, the state medical board...



- turned the case over to

the district attorney's office.

- [ Gunshot ]



Dr. Mott was unavailable

for comment.



[ Man ]

The suicide provision

is quite clear;



However, we may be able to get

the insurance company to return

a small settlement.



Mrs. Mott, although your

husband had sizable assets,



- they've been frozen by the state.

- Frozen.



This is normal procedure

when the estate...



is probably going to be sued

by a number of sources.



You are free to stay in the house

until you have your baby,



but you should begin

to make alternative plans.



I'm very sorry,

Mrs. Mott.



Can I help?



Get an ambulance here

right away!



[ Mrs. Mott ]

My baby.



[ Groaning ]



- We'll need blood.

- [ lndistinct ]



- Four units cross matched now!

- Undo the belt.



- I want vital signs!

- Pediatrics is standing by.



- My baby.

- Now lift.



She's hemorrhaging. We gotta get this

baby out or we're gonna lose them both.



- I feel it kicking.

- You can?



- Ow! Ow!

- Keep her still.



I can't stop

this blood.



Call anesthesia.

I'm gonna operate.



Chest compressions are reducing.

We're losing him!






Hold her down.



- He's gone.

- No.



- Anesthesiologist is on the way.

- We're prepping her for surgery.



Increase the drip

to   .



Her pressure

is    over   .



- She didn't touch it.

- Emergency hysterectomy.



She's been so depressed,

she won't talk. Let me try.



[ TV ]

...against the late

Victor Mott's estate.



The suits were filed by four of the

women who claim they had been molested.



You have got to eat.



The investigation was dropped

when Dr. Mott was found dead...



from a self-inflicted

gunshot wound.



Claire Bartel has not filed a suit

although she was the first...



to accuse Mott of molesting

her during an exam.



I'll leave your food.



Her accusation prompted the other

women to come forward.



I'm coming up

to the back door.



I'm getting close

to the back door.



I am now entering...

the back door.



- Good morning, Solomon.

- Good morning.



- [ Crying ]

- Thank you.



[ Emma ]

You can't catch me, Daddy.



Hi, little baby.



- Get back here. I gotcha!

- [ Crying ]



Sorry, Mom.



Oh, don't cry,




Oh, yes,

that's a big boy.



Thank you, Solomon.

Don't cry, sweetheart.



Remember the rule at

the Better Day Society?



They said it's best if

you didn't handle the baby.



[ Solomon ]

I'm sorry. I forgot.



- I only wanted to help.

- I know you did.









They're replacing the small greenhouses

at the botanical gardens.



- I thought I might get

one of the frames.

- Let me guess.



You want to build

your own greenhouse.



Y eah! The frame's there,

the hardware's there.



All I'd have to do is erect it

and replace the glass.



Honey, don't you think

you're taking on too much?



Have you given any more

thought to hiring a nanny?



Honestly, I wouldn't

feel comfortable...



having any of the girls

I've interviewed take care of Joey.



Claire, it's not like

when we had Emma.



You don't need to do

everything yourself.



What about Solomon?

He could be our nanny.



Honey, I don't think

that Solomon...



would make

a very good nanny.



Why not?



Remember we had the talk about

what a special person Solomon is?



- Y eah.

- Well, there are just some things...



that he can't do.



What's gonna happen

to Solomon...



when Solomon

finishes painting the trim?



[ Michael ]




when he finishes painting,



we'll have to find something

else for him to do.



- Okay?

- Okay.



Hurry up, sweetheart.



- Bye, Mom.

- Bye.



Mrs. Thompson?



Mrs. Thompson!



[ Squeaking Brakes ]






- Thanks for stopping.

- No problem.



- Here you go, sweetheart.

- Thanks, Mom.



Thanks. I think it's gonna rain later.

That was really nice of you.



- You're welcome.

- Well, thanks. Thank you.



Excuse me, do you know

where the Bartels live?




I'm Claire Bartel.



- Oh, hi. I'm Peyton Flanders.

- Hi.



- I was coming about the nanny position.

- Oh!



- All right. You wanna

come up to the house?

- Yeah.



I can't believe I forgot

I had an appointment.



I'm usually so good

about these things.



Actually, I didn't have

an appointment.



Oh. Did the agency

just tell you to stop by?



- Well, no. I'm not with an agency.

- Oh.



The truth is, I've only

worked with one family.



They're moving and I didn't

know what I was gonna do next.



I was with their

little girl in the park.



Nannies talk and I heard

that your family needed someone.



I'm sorry. I shouldn't

have just showed up.



- I've made you uncomfortable.

- Oh no, it's fine.



You're here

so come on in.



- Are you sure? Okay.

- Yeah, yeah.



Usually I have a set

of questions I ask, like...



- are you old enough to drive?

- Thank you.



Oh, here.

Don't lose this.



My husband's been after me

to fix this thing.




[ Chuckle ]



how did you come

to be a nanny?



Well, um...



a few years ago

I was pregnant.



I lost the baby and my husband

within days of each other.



The miscarriage prevented me

from having more children.



It was a very

difficult time.



A mutual friend set me up

with a family looking for a nanny.



It turned out to be... a wonderful

experience for both of us.



I adore children.



I love being with them,

taking care of them.



For me it's...



the next best thing

to actually being a mother.



Well, I'm building

my own greenhouse.



And... although I'll just be

right in the backyard,



I'm anticipating

being very busy.



[ Crying ]



That's Joe.




I'd love to meet him.



The nursery is across

from the master bedroom.



[ Solomon ]

Claire? I need to ask you something.



I'll be right back.

Excuse me.



[ Crying, Cooing ]



[ Claire ]

Try to open the window from the inside.



If you can't, wait

'til Michael comes home.



Solomon, this is Peyton.

Peyton, Solomon.



- Nice to meet you, Solomon.

- Oh, hello.



[ Gasp ]



Oh, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.



- I'm sorry.

- That's all right. It was an accident.



Anyone can have an accident.







He's beautiful.



He's very hungry.



I've taken up

half your morning.



No problem,

I really enjoyed it.



I should be going. I'm gonna

leave a letter of reference.



I can show myself out.

You don't have to get up.



Peyton, would you like to

have dinner with us tonight?



I'd love for you

to meet the family.



I'd love to.



Say around  :  ?



I'll be here.



I'm in charge of

the salad dressing.



And now you're in charge of setting

the table, sweetheart.



Daddy's gonna be home

any minute.



If you don't mind my asking,

what does your husband do?



Michael's a

genetic engineer.



He works for a research

outfit called Biotechnics.



Daddy is a

mad scientist!



[ Honking ]



It's Daddy!



Here, let me help

with that.






Gimme a kiss.

Thank you very much.



- You helping Mom out, huh?

- Shh.



What are you

shushing me for?



[ Whispering ]

Oh, Joey's asleep. Thank you.






- [ Michael ] Hi, beautiful.

- How are you?



- Peyton, this is my husband, Michael.

- Hi.



[ Michael ]

I gotta tell you guys,



- that was one of

the all-time great meals.

- It was delicious.



I was in charge

of the salad dressing.



That's right. She did.

She made it all by herself.



When Mom finishes

the greenhouse,



- I'm in charge of the strawberries.

- Really?



- That sounds like a very important job.

- It is.



[ Whispering ]

She seems terrific. What's the catch?



There is no catch.

I think she's great.



I don't think she'll be a nanny

forever, but we can get her

to commit for a year.



- [ Michael ] Let's grab her up.

- Yeah? Okay.



[ Gasp ]

Oh my God!



[ Crying ]



- What happened?

- He had this in his mouth.



- Mommy's earring.

- It must have fallen out

when I was holding him.



He's okay.



I'm sorry

I frightened everybody.



- I'm glad you caught it.

- I'm glad you got there on time.



[ Doorbell ]



- Hi.

- Hi.



- This is for you.

- Oh, thank you.

You didn't have to do that.



[ Chiming ]



Oh, that's

very pretty.



They say a wind chime

helps a baby sleep.



Why don't we get

you settled downstairs,



- then we'll hang it up

outside the nursery.

- Okay.



This is a little bit dark,

but your room gets more light.



This is...

the laundry room.



And this is your room.



- Ah... it's perfect.

- You like it?



[ Alarm ]



[ Chiming ]



[ Cooing ]



There we go.



Mom, look!

We did it.



Oh boy!

Let's see.



- Emma, you can certainly shovel!

- Thank you.



How pretty!



It looks just like

your house.



Y eah, I know.

We put it out every year...



[ Claire ]

when the martins come back.



Who are the martins?



They're large swallows.



The same family comes back

every year to visit us.






I would come back too.



That is a beautiful

bracelet, Claire.



You like that?

I got that at an antique show.



- You can borrow it anytime.

- Well, thank you.



This must be

a special occasion.



I always feel sexy and glamorous

when I wear this dress.



It's a present

from Michael.






which shoes should I wear,

red or black?



- Are you wearing a jacket?

- Yeah. Well, no.



- Maybe not.

- Then I'd go with the black.



You think so?



[ Claire ]

Yeah, I guess you're right.



- [ Doorbell ]

- That's them. Now I'm really late.



- Where are you guys?

- Oh, we're running late.



-Where's Marlene? She want to come in?

-Nah, she's on the phone.



Oh damn.



- What is it?

- It's just a stain.



It's perfume oil.



I must have perfume oil

on my hands.



-Don't move. I'll go get some club soda.




Marty, this is... Peyton.



- Hello, Peyton.

- Hello. Nice to meet you.



- I need to get something for Claire.

- Okay.



[ Marty ]




Maybe we should

go ahead and have kids.



I just want to inform everybody that

this place will not hold our table.



- Hello, Marlene.

- Hello.



What's with you?



What do you mean?

Nothing's with me.



Nothing my ass.



Hi, I don't

believe we've met.



-I'm Marlene Craven. You must be Peyton.

-Nice to meet you.



- Poison.

- Excuse me?



- The perfume. You're

wearing Claire's perfume.

- Oh.



Well, Claire

needs me upstairs.



You look great.



- You don't think that's funny?

- No.



There she is.



- Hi. Sorry.

- Hi.



[ Marlene ]

You look great!



Honey, I thought you were going

to wear that dress I bought you.



Is there something wrong

with what I'm wearing?



That's not what I meant.

Um... boy you look good!



[ Marlene ] You look beautiful.

Let's go. I'm starving.



You have the number

where we'll be.



I do. Have fun.






[ Scream ]




The living dead.



This is great! Mom never

lets me watch these movies.



That's why we have

to keep it a secret.



Do you know what

a secret is, Emma?



Yeah, something

you can't tell anybody...



- No matter what.

- That's right.



Now we have our own little

secret club. That's our sign.



It was fun meeting your

Aunt Marlene and Uncle Marty.



They've known your mom and dad

a long time, huh?



Aunt Marlene grew up

with daddy.



They used to be boyfriend

and girlfriend when they were little.



Is that right?



Do you have

any boyfriends?



- No, I hate boys.

- You do?



If I tell you something, you

promise not to tell anybody?



I promise.

Secret club.






this mean kid at school,

his name is Roth,



he's been really mean

to me.



But he said if I told,

I'd be dead meat.



He said that to you?



- Did your mother do anything about it?

- She tried...



but she couldn't help.



You never, ever...



Iet an attractive woman take

a power position in your home.



- It's very bad business.

- A power position.



You heard what I said.



What's that saying?



- "The hand with the baby..." that...

- Hey, Marl?



How much did you get for

the Fletcher house last week?




and change.



All I'm saying is

you have to watch your back.



I'm serious!

There's too much pressure.



A woman can feel like a failure if

she doesn't bring in    grand a year...



and still make time for

blow jobs and homemade lasagna.



Marlene's not

much of a cook.



Marlene, I think I'm

gonna bum one of these.



You're such

a bad influence.



He only smokes

around you now.



- One isn't gonna kill me.

- Oh, I got it.



"The hand that rocks

the cradle...



is the hand

that rules the world."



You wanna look

at the baby?



Ahh, look.






Ahh, look, honey.



- Boy or a girl?

- Boy. His name's Joe.



- How old?

- Three months.



He is beautiful.



- Thank you.

- He has your eyes, you know.



Do you really

think so?






Do you have

any other children?



Yes, he has a sister.

Her name's Emma.



She looks more like

her father though.



We have one more too,

don't we, sweetheart?



- Peyton.

- Hi, Emma.



Tell me, which one

is he? Where?



Take that!



- The one with the blue

and gray striped shirt?

- Mm-hmm.






[ Arguing ]



- Watch it, Trippy!

- Sorry, Roth.



Ouch! My arm! My arm!



I got a message for you, Roth.

Leave Emma alone.



If you don't, I'm gonna

rip your fucking head off!






I get it, ma'am.

Let me go!



Don't forget it.



[ Girl ]

Awesome! Wow, that was cool.



Ha-ha ha-ha-ha.



Secret club.



Good morning.



What's the matter?



You're not hungry,







Claire, I thought...



maybe you could use

a cup of coffee.



Oh, thanks.



- Peyton?

- Yeah?



Have you noticed anything

different about Joe?



No, I haven't.

Why, is something wrong?



No. I was just wondering.



I'm real tired. Michael was up all

night finishing his E.P.A. proposal.



- I got up at  :   to help him type it.

- I hope it works out.



- Good morning.

- Good morning.



- See you tonight.

- You're not gonna have pancakes?



Nah, I've got to go to Federal Express

before I go to the lab.



Let me. That's the last thing

you need to worry about.



You have the time?

My proposal has to go out today.



Okay. Thanks.

I love you.



- Bye-bye.

- Bye, Michael.



[ Peyton ] How long have you

been volunteering here?



Gee, about seven years.



These days, I mainly take care

of the morning maintenance.



- Hi, Claire.

- Hi, Stan.



Kinda like a big

botanist family here,



- right, Stan?

- Y ep.



We sit around talking

about root rot,



drainage properties of shredded bark

and other topics like that.



[ Peyton ] Is your greenhouse gonna be

something like this one?



Oh, well, hopefully.

On a much smaller scale.



I've always loved

growing anything.



When I was little,

my parents thought I was crazy.



They thought I should've

been born on a farm.



[ Cooing ]













Do you have relatives

in Seattle?



Oh no.

No, I don't.



My husband

was my only family.



He's the only one who ever...

really understood me.



He took care of me.



He was murdered.






They never caught

who did it.



But I firmly believe...



what goes around,

comes around.



Is there a

bathroom here?



- Yeah, down through there

on the right side.

- I'll be right back.



Come here,

little one.



Do you need

to be changed?



[ Wheezing ]



[ Wheezing ]



Come here.



[ Wheezing ]

Michael's proposal. I can't find it.



It was in your purse.

I saw you put it in there!



- Claire, are you all right?

- Asthma. I'll be okay.






Michael, it...

just disappeared.



I retraced my steps. I spoke to

the manager in the restaurant.



He said he'd call

in the morning.



What did they say

when you called again?



They said they'd

consider it next quarter.



- But they said they'd consider it?

- Claire, come on.



We've been over this.



Look, everything

is gonna be okay.



- Michael, I'm so sorry.

- I know you are, honey.



I know you are.



Maybe I left it

at the botanicals.



I'm going to

get back to work.



I'm sorry.



[ Crying ]



- Michael, I'm worried about Joe.

- Why, what's wrong?



Well, it's

his eating habits.



He's not nursing

the way he used to.



How long has this

been going on?



- It's not all the time,

but... a couple of weeks.

- Did you call the doctor?



- Y eah.

- What'd she say?



She said it's fine as long

as he keeps gaining weight.



- Well... I'm sure he's fine, honey.

- Okay.



Someone named Peyton

is here to see you.



- Peyton's here?

- She's waiting in your office.



She's our nanny,




Uh-huh. Okay.



Let me in on where

you do your hiring.







He's out cold.



I'm sorry to bother you

here at the office,



- but I just wanted

to talk to you in private.

- Everything all right?



Oh, yeah. Everything's okay.

I just had an idea.



It's Claire's birthday

coming up.



I thought maybe it would be nice

to throw her a surprise party.



She's been feeling

kinda low lately,



- especially with this thing

with your proposal.

- That's a good idea.



- especially with this thing

with your proposal.

- That's a good idea.



- Y eah?

- Y eah.



Oh... do you think,



do you think Marlene

would want to help out?



Help out? You kidding me?

She'll take over.



Well, maybe it's best not

to tell her it's my idea.



Why not?



I wouldn't want her to

think I was competitive.



You know?

About Claire's friendship.



You understand Marlene

pretty well already.



Well, good...

so I'll be going.



Okay, good.

I'm real glad you came by.



- Bye.

- Bye.









I want to show you

my sculpture.









Is... that the head?



Or is

that the foot?



No, that's part

of the fur.






Okay, I see.



That's a piece

of art.



- I knew you'd see it.

- Y eah.



Y eah.



- Hi, Emma.

- Hi, Peyton.



Hi, Solomon.



Emma, why don't you go inside.

I've got to talk to Solomon.



- Okay.

- Okay.



Are you a retard?






Did you like

looking at me?



Did you like...

Iooking at me?



Don't fuck with me,




My version of the story

will be...



better than yours.



I won't let

you hurt them.



They're my friends.



I won't let

you hurt them!



Oh boy.






Would you step inside

for a minute?









It's for you,

big guy.



I was in charge

of picking it out.






You're my friends.



Oh my.






[ Claire ]

Should've seen his face when we gave

him the bicycle. Emma just adores him.



Claire, there's something

that's been bothering me.



I feel a little awkward

bringing it up.



I've been noticing

some behavior that...



I feel might be




I'm sorry. What

do you mean, inappropriate?



Something about the way

he touches her.



I'm sure you

must've misunderstood.



You're right, Solomon would

never do anything like that.



Besides, it would be obvious

if Emma were keeping a secret.



- I'm sorry.

- Oh no, please. It's okay.



[ Solomon ]

She's coming around.



Whoa! Whoa!



I love you very much,




You know that

if anything happened,



good or bad,



you can tell me and l

would love you just as much.



Do you know that?






We shouldn't have

any secrets, Emma.



Secrets between people who

love each other aren't good.



What's the matter,







You don't have to say.



Why can't I see

through this glass?



It's fiberglass,

a different kind of glass.



We put real glass in the ceiling

to let the sunlight through.



And this lets the air in so it

doesn't get too hot in the greenhouse.



Claire, Joe's intercom

conked out.



I couldn't find any

batteries in the kitchen.



- Do you think Solomon's

got some in his cart?

- Well...



he's got everything else there.

Let me take a look.



Do you see

what you've done?



[ Wheezing ]



[ Claire ]




Come away from

the window, honey.






Come sit down.






[ Crying ]



But I don't




Why did they take

Solomon away?



I guess your mommy didn't

like Solomon very much.



I wanted to help Solomon, but I was

afraid she'd try to send me away too.



I hate her.



I bet your mommy

wasn't mean like mine.



I didn't have

a mommy.



She died when

I was very little.



Your mommy died?



Then who took care

of you?



I had to take care

of myself.



Peyton, if something

happens to my mommy,



would you

take care of me?



Of course I would.



And your daddy too.



I'd take care

of all of you.



- Last of the boxes.

- Yeah.



[ Sigh ]



Emma's gonna be okay,




But she's so different

around me lately.



She's not

my little girl.



She's so angry...



and guarded.



I think...



maybe she blames me

because I didn't protect her.



I don't think so,







Marlene wants to get together tonight

to make out a guest list.



I'm not sure this party

is a good idea now.



- What do you think?

- I think we should go ahead with it.



Everyone could use

some cheering up,



especially Claire. You know how

she's been blaming herself.



Y eah, I think

you're right.



Guess I just

needed to hear it.



[ Cooing ]



[ Marlene ]

Thanks for lunch.



I especially liked the part where

we picked up the fertilizer.



- Oh, you liked that?

- Oh, yeah.



[ Peyton ]

Hi, you two.



- Hi. Oh, can I take him?

- Oh, sure.



- Hi, sweetheart. Hello.

- [ Crying ]



- Let me help.

- He's getting so big.



- [ Crying ]

- He's like a different kid

every time I see him.



[ Crying ]



[Marlene ] He's got a great

set of lungs, doesn't he?



- Oh, what's the matter?

- You want mommy?



You want to go?



- What happened, ohhh?

- [ Crying ]






I don't know what got into

him today. Want me to try?



- Wanna go to Peyton?

- Ah, it's okay.






Yeah, it's okay,

little one.



[ Chiming ]



What is that

annoying noise?



Wind chimes. It was a gift

from Peyton.






Well, I gotta go.



- Bye-bye. Thanks for lunch.

- Okay.



[ Whispering ]



[ Claire ]




Peyton's making one

of her famous souffles.



Why don't you and Marty

stop by for dessert later?



Sorry, I can't make it.

I'm showing the Fletcher house.



Didn't you sell

the Fletcher house?



Actually I did, but

the financing fell through.



I have to start all over.

Bye. I'll call you.






That smells great.



You know what they say.

Chocolate's a substitute for sex.



Chocolate's great, but

I don't know about that.



Guess you and Michael keep those

fires burning all the time, huh?



We certainly have

enjoyed each other.



When we first moved

into this house, we...



we christened

every room.



- Really?

- Yeah.



Well, you know.



When you have a baby you start to feel

tired and unattractive...



and fat.






I'm sure Michael is as attracted

to you now as he ever was.



A man never loses it

for his first love.



But I wasn't

Michael's first love.



- No?

- You'll never guess who was.






- Am I right?

- Yeah, how'd you know that?



Wild guess.



You know, it's a shame Michael's

not here. He's gonna miss it.



What's he doing so late

at the lab anyway?



That's a

good question.



I'm gonna give him

a call.



[ Marlene ]

Randy and Cecie.



[ Michael ]

Dave and Loreeta.



- And Mitch.

- Mitch and the Harrisons.



- Oh, come on.

- They always invite us.



You got a light?



Can't find my lighter.

Marty's gonna throw a fit.



You know, I'm still not sold

on this whole surprise party thing.



- Because of Emma?

- And Claire.



She just hasn't

been herself lately.



How's Peyton doing?



Oh boy,

Peyton's been great.



- Has she?

- I don't know what we

would have done without her.



[ Footsteps ]



- Hi, sweetie.

- Hi.



- How was your night?

- Fine.






Michael, I called the lab.

There was no answer.



I was in one of the rooms

without a phone.



Honey, come on. I didn't mean

to frighten you.



- You been smoking?

- No, I haven't been smoking.



One of the techs was.

Must be in my hair.



Michael, you never let

anybody smoke at the lab.



What is this,

an interrogation?



- Well?

- Well what?



It's been a long day.

I just wanna go to bed.



[ lndistinct Noises ]



I heard something.



I dropped something.






Well, good night.



Can I fix you




- No, thanks, l--

- Are you sure?



I'm sure.



Good night.



Good night.



Hey, sweetie, your mom

and I want to talk to you.



We heard that the Better Way Society

is putting Solomon back to work.



- Better Day!

- Better Day, sorry.



Your mom and I want you to let

us know if you see him...



around school

or at the house.



Sweetheart, you don't

have to be afraid, okay?



I'm not afraid

of Solomon.




Wait for me!






- Mrs. Bartel.

- Hi, Joe.



Mm-hmm, let's see.

Three pants,



a dress, one shirt.

Iike starch?



Yeah, and this jacket here

kinda smells of cigarette.



I didn't know

your husband was a smoker.



He's not.



What's this?

Mrs. Bartel,



your husband's got a habit

he's keeping from you.



[ Wheezing ]




what's wrong?



[ Sighing ]




let's go inside.



Emma, I want you to go upstairs

to your room and play.



But Mom--



Emma, please!

Go upstairs.







what's the matter?






how could you do this?



- What are you talking about?

- You've been lying to me.



- [ lndistinct Noise ]

- Honey, just calm down.



Don't tell me to calm down,

you son-of-a-bitch!



Honey, you

don't understand.



I understand.

You've been fucking Marlene.



All right, Claire,

that's enough!



There are people

in there.



What are you

talking about?



Talking about

a surprise party.



Oh, my God.




in there.






[ In Unison ]




[ Cooing ]



- Did you speak to Marlene yet?

- No.



I-- I can't

seem to face her.



Michael, I can't go on

like this anymore.



I can't say

I'm sorry...



any more than

I already have.



I can't go on like this

anymore either.



[ Claire ]

I was thinking...



maybe we could

go away for a few days.



[ Michael ] You mean,

Peyton and the kids or just us?



[ Claire ] No, I was thinking

just the family without Peyton.



[ Michael ] I thought you

liked having Peyton around.



[ Claire ]

I do, and then sometimes I don't.



[ Michael ]

You sound like you're turning on her.



It's just--

you know.



So many things have gone wrong since...

since she's been here.



- Are you saying those

things are Peyton's fault?

- No!



I don't know.

I don't feel like myself.



Claire, honey,

come on.



Peyton's come through

in some very tough times.



[ Claire ] I know.

We'll talk about it when we go away.



[ Michael ]

We'll go away, just the family.



[ Radio ]



[ Grunting ]



[ Marlene ] If there are any further

services that I may provide,



do not hesitate to call,

blah, blah, blah.



These are all in the Magnolia District

in that price range.



Eastwind, Hobart.

These are old.



They still haven't unloaded

the good doctor's house.



What are you waiting for,

a tip?



I'm going out.

Cancel my morning.



- What should I tell Lambert?

- Make something up.

You've got a Harvard education.



[ Cooing ]



Hi, sweetheart.

I'll be back in a while.



- You're not working here this morning?

- No, I have to go...



to the botanicals

to pick up seedlings.



I won't be long.



Fuckin' A.



[ Phone Ringing ]






- Let me speak to Claire.

- May I ask who's calling?



Marlene Craven.

Want me to spell it?



Claire's not here,




- I'll tell her you called.

- Sure you will.



What is this, a parade?

Let's go!



[ Honking ]



Claire, I didn't know

you were here.



Someone named Marlene called,

said it's important.



Oh, okay,




[ Doorbell ]



Hello, Marlene.



Claire! It's Marlene!




- Marlene, is everything all right?

- No.



I need a doctor.

Know of any, Mrs. Mott?



Where's Claire?



Marlene, please?



- Where is she?

- She's in the greenhouse.



But, please, Marlene,

please don't go out there.




This is important!



It has nothing

to do with the party!









[ Gasping ]



[ Dog Barking ]



[ Door Creaking ]



[ Humming ]



[ Humming ]



[ Spraying ]



[ Humming ]



[ Humming ]



[ Peyton ]

This little piggy stayed home.



This little piggy

had roast beef.



This little piggy

had none.



[ Wheezing ]



[ Wheezing ]



 - -  emergency.



[ Wheezing ]

H-- H--



What is the nature

of your emergency?



What is the nature

of your emergency?



[ Wheezing ]



[ Wheezing ]



[ Wheezing ]



[ Siren ]



[ Radio Dispatcher ]

Notify harborview,



medic one has

a respiratory arrest.



[ Medic ]

Here's the O- .



This isn't going to work.

Forget the oxygen.



Get me my laryngoscope

and a #  line right away.



- Oh, my God, what happened?

- You'll have to stay back.



Paramedics are

with her now.



- What happened?

- Everything's gonna be fine.

I'm assuming she's a friend.



- It's gonna be okay.

- She--



She has trouble breathing.

She has asthma.



[ Policeman ] The paramedics have

everything under control.



Hey, Al!



Take a look over here.



It's okay, Joe.

It's okay.



[ Beeping, Thundering ]



Claire, honey?

Can you hear me?



You're safe now.

You're in a hospital.



Just try and rest,




[ Siren ]






I keep seeing

Marlene's face.



I can't believe

she's gone.



Come inside.



That's better.



You're soaked.

Soaked through.






There's only one woman

for me.



[ Whispering ]

That's all you need.






- Thank you very much.

- You're welcome.



[ Nurse ]

Could someone hold the door for me?



- You okay?

- [ Claire ] Fine.






Fasten your seat belt,




I got it.



- Hi, Peyton.

- Hi, Emma.



Hello, Claire,

it's good to have you home.



It's good

to be home.



Michael, before I forget,

the school secretary called.



Said the meeting is Thursday.

I wrote it in your book for you.



Okay, great, thanks.

It's a fund-raiser.



Peyton heard about it

when she picked up Emma.



Oh, you said I could borrow it.

Is it all right?



Oh, yeah.



I'll be right back. I want to

make sure I don't burn dinner.



It's great

to have you back.



You like it?

Peyton did it.



Someone could have

asked me first.



We thought it

would be a surprise.



We thought

you might like it.



If you don't, I'll have

her take it down.



It's okay.



All right, well,

I'll put your things away.



[ Cooing ]



[ From "H.M.S. Pinafore" ]



[ Michael ]

All right, do you have any sevens?



- Go fish.

- Whoa-ho, look what I took, huh?



[ Emma ]

Do you have a ten?



[ Peyton ]

Go fish!



Keep your cards up here

so Peyton can't see them.



So you can't

see them.



[ Peyton ]

Yeah, that's it.



- There we go.

- [ Chiming ]



Did she tell you where

she was going in such a hurry?



No, she just

took off.



Told me to cancel

her morning.



What was she doing

before she left?



I had just given her these

listings she had asked for.



She looked at them.

A minute later she hurried out of here.







Those are the ones.



Mrs. Harris?

I'm glad you made it.



- Bruce Silverman, Windemere Realty.

- Oh.



Would you care

to take a look inside?






I'm glad you made it.

I was just on my way out.



The house was custom-built

two years ago.



It's listed well

below market value.



They're very motivated.



- May l?

- Of course.



The original owners

lived here a very short time.



New carpet throughout.



Uh, there is a nursery?



[ Silverman ]

It's a perfect room for kids.



That's a strange-looking toy.

What is it?



It's a breast pump.



Breast pump?



She used it to keep

her milk up.



[ Tires Screeching ]



- I don't understand where

she could be all this time.

- I don't either.



Here she is.



- Honey, where have you been?

- Michael, I've got--



Hi, Claire, we were

worried about you.



- Claire, my God!

- She's Dr. Mott's widow, Michael.



She's what?



Get out

of our house.



She's turning on me, Michael,

just like you said she would.



She doesn't realize how I've come

through for this family.



You have to tell her,

tell her about us.



There's nothing to tell.

You should leave.



Michael, what are

you saying?



You told me there was

only one woman for you.



I meant Claire,

my wife.



Okay, fine.



I'll just get my baby

and we'll be on our way.



I-- I meant,

I'll just go get my things.






You don't understand.

I mean, leave now.



We'll send your things.



You're right, Michael.

That's best.



Peyton, the keys.



Oh, of course.



I'm sorry.

You've been so kind.



Mommy, Daddy,

what's happening--



Emma, stay there!



[ Peyton ] It's okay, Emma.

Mommy and Daddy want me to leave.



Good-bye, Peyton.



[ Emma ]




[ Claire ]

Call the police!



Claire, calm down.



You don't know

what she's capable of!



We have her keys!



I think she rigged

the greenhouse for me!



All right,

get the kids' things.



- We'll go to a hotel.

- Go upstairs, sweetheart.



[ Michael ] Can you get someone

over here right away?



[ Dispatcher ]

But it's not an emergency situation.



- Well, no.

- I'll have a car there

as soon as I can.



All right,

we live at     Yakima.



Emma, sweetheart, we're gonna

go away for a few days, okay?



You can bring

dolly with you.



[ From "Pirates Of Penzance" ]









[ Alarm ]



[ Groaning ]



- Michael?

- Daddy?



Emma, I want you to lock

this door behind me.



- Don't open it until I come

back, do you understand?

- Y eah.



Stay here.






[ Glass Breaking ]



- [ Screams ]

- Claire.






- Michael.

- I'm okay. She's in the house.



I-- I can't move.



My legs are broken.



- I'll get the kids.

- Call the police.



[ Door Creaking ]






-  - -  what is your emergency?

- Hello, yeah.



We need help at

    North Yakima.






[ Yelling ]

My family!



It's my family.



It's okay, Emma.



Mommy's here.



I'm gonna take you and Joe.

We're gonna have a real family.



You never have to see

those people again.



So tell your mommy,

where's Joe?






Where is he?



He's in there.



You're not my mommy!






[ Crying ]



[ Crying ]



[ Crying ]



[ Pounding ]



[ Pounding ]



- [ Crying ]

- Shh, quiet.



[ Peyton ]










You're being

very bad, Emma.



[ Crying ]



[ Crying ]



[ Crying ]



[ Crying ]



[ Crying ]



- [ Gasp ]

- [ Crying ]






[ Crying ]



- You give him over.

- No!



- No?

- No!



You give me my baby or

I'll bash your skull in!






It's my family,




Don't hurt my mommy!



[ Wheezing ]



Something the matter,




[ Wheezing ]



When your husband makes love to you,

it's my face he sees.



When your baby's hungry,



it's my breast

that feeds him.



Look at you.



When push

comes to shove,



you can't even breathe.



[ Wheezing ]



- No.

- [ Crying ]



- Now give him to me.

- No!



[ Groan ]












[ Cooing ]



Oh, Solomon.



He's okay.

I-- I didn't hurt him.



- I know, I know.

- Okay?






[ Solomon ]

Emma! Emma, it's okay.



Come on, come on,

up we go.



- Mommy!

- Oh.



Let's go down

to daddy, okay?



Solomon, I need you

to do something for me.



I need you to take

Joey downstairs.



Oh no, I'm not supposed to...



handle the baby.



That's okay.



I trust you, Solomon.



It's okay?



Okay? Y eah.



- Oh boy. Oh. There you are.

- [ Siren ]



- Come on, sweetheart.

- [ Solomon ] Oh, he's a big baby.



- Let's go and get Daddy.

- Oh, my... Iittle baby.






Come on.



- [ Siren ]

- Oh boy.

Special help by SergeiK