Hanover Street Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hanover Street script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Harrison Ford.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hanover Street. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hanover Street Script



Oh, my God, it's the baby!



Are you all right?



I'm frightfully sorry.

It appears you've missed your bus.



I'm terribly sorry, I--



-Missed your bus.

-I don't own a bus.



I'll buy you one.



How nice, a rich Yank. No, thank you.



If you don't want a bus,

how about some coffee?



I don't drink coffee.



I drink tea.



There probably won't be a bus

along here for some time.



Probably not.



You really drink this, don't you?



No, we just like to pour it into cups

and stir it. Why did you ask?



-It tastes too much like boiled water.

-It is boiled water.



I knew there was a reason.



-Where are you from?




-Where gangsters come from.

-Some come from Detroit.



-Chicago grows the best.

-You a gangster?



Twelve arrests, no convictions.



-Nobody looks like that in a uniform.

-How should I look?



-Like a short man.

-Your boiled water's getting cold.



Then let's order some more.






All right.



-What about you?

-What about "what about me?"



Who are you? What are you?



I'm a short man, born in London.

I've lived here all my life.



-What do you do here?

-I work in a hospital.



I tell men they'll be all right

and they believe me...



...because they want to.



Then I watch them die.

I want it to all end.



-I'll win the war for you.

-That would be nice.



-Are you stationed here?

-Our base is an hour from here.



-I get a day every couple of weeks.

-You're a pilot?



B-  s.



-Do you like to fly?

-I hate to walk.



-My name's Halloran, what's yours?

-Tell me about America.



-I think you're lovely.

-Tell me about Chicago.



Chicago's windy.

Something's happening here.



-Please don't.

-Please don't what?



-I have to go.

-I don't want you to go.



-I shouldn't be here.

-Yes, you should.



I have to go.



-I have to catch the bus.

-Don't leave.



-I want to see you again.

-You can't.



-Look, I just have a few hours.

-Please don't do this to me.



-We've got to get into a shelter.

-I'm sorry, I can't--






You're trying to go away again,

but I'm not gonna let you.



I'm not gonna let you.



-I can't think. I have to go home now.

-I'll take you there.



No, you can't.

I have to go.



My name's David Halloran,

I'm from Chicago. I won't let you go.



-Tell me your name.

-I'm sorry.



-You won't tell me your name?

-Please let me go.



I have to see you again.

My next day off is in two weeks.



-I can't.

-Meet me here Thursday.




-On the same corner. Right here.



-I won't be here.

-I will, I'll be here all day.



-Please don't, I won't come.

-I'll be here.



We can't act like nothing's happened.

There's not enough time.



It's too late.



The objective this morning

is this airfield north of Rouen.



Reconnaissance showed

we didn't do too well last night.



These dark circles here

are fuel storage tanks.



They're under concrete, so it'll take

more than one hit to knock them out.



Again, recon photos show

they didn't take even one direct hit.



We'll approach from the east.



We'll have the sun at our backs

and in their eyes.



How come he says "we"?

He's not going. We're we.



We expect light to moderate flak.

We'll approach from      .



Cloud cover at   to     .

We'll drop at     .



-I wish I were going with you.

-We'll stay, you can go.



Lt. Halloran?

Something you want to say?



I'm sure no one wants to miss

whatever you have to add.



Yes, sir, what?



No one wants to miss anything,

except I don't have anything to add.



So there's nothing

for any of us to miss, sir.



Takeoff is at     .

Good luck, gentlemen.



-What is " light to moderate flak"?

-Less than heavy flak.



-It's more than no flak.

-He wishes he could go with us.



Somebody's got to stay behind

to volunteer us.



Radio check.



Pilot to tail, okay?



Everything's fine, sir.

Radio's okay, ammo's okay.



Radio check, pilot to waist.




-Yes, sir?

-How we doing?



All set, sir.

Radio's okay, ammo's okay.



Radio check, pilot to turret. Lucas?



Yes, sir. Ready, sir.

Ammo's okay, radio's okay.



Bomb bay closed?

Flaps locked.






I don't understand. They make it

so hard to get in these things.



I don't even want to be here

in the first place.



I understand making it hard to

get out, everybody wants to get out.



These things are made of metal.

Ever try to pick one up? You can't.



You know why? Because it's made of

metal and metal's heavy, very heavy.



Don't believe me?

Just try and pick one up.



You'll see. You'll wrench your back,

that's what you'll do.



Air isn't heavy, you know?

This pile of junk is heavy.



Heavier than air. Much heavier.



Don't you see? This thing

is not supposed to be up in the air.



Jesus, I hate these things.



We're    miles from target,

descending, bombs away at     .



Roger, Pacer Leader.

Descending to     .



This is leader. Maintain positions,

we are    miles from target.



Rate of descent,      feet per minute.



They're shooting guns at us.



Somebody forgot to tell the Germans

they should only have light flak.



Bomb bay open.



Seven miles to target.



Feather it.



-It's feathered.

-Let's turn back.



-How far from target?

-Five miles. Turn back!



-He's right.

-Have to slow to    .



-We'll be sitting ducks.

-We'll get our asses shot off!



How far from target?



Three miles. Am I the only one

who's not crazy?



Ever take a look at Hyer?



If there's a God, he doesn't send Hyer

to prep school and Yale...



...to let him die in a plane.

So as long as we're with him...



... the Krauts can't get at us.



I'm messy enough to take Hyer down

with me! We're over the target.



I'm gonna drop the bombs

and let's get out of here!



Just a second.



We're over it,

the engine's falling off!



-Chief, what do you think?

-It'll hold, if you wanna wait.



Terrific, we've got Sergeant York

on the plane. I hate you, Lucas!



We're over the goddamn target,

let me drop the bombs.



We're over the target!



You're early because

you're afraid the wing will fall off.



-I'm gonna wait a few more seconds.

-I hate Lt. David Halloran!



-Serial number       --

-   .



Let him drop the bombs!



If we don't hit the target now,

we'll have to come back again.



-Now we're really over the target!

-Well, drop the bombs!



They're away.



Jesus, I hate these things.



I was there on Hanover Street

for over an hour, just watching you.



-I was afraid, so I stayed hidden.

-Are you still afraid?



Yes. I wasn't a few minutes ago,

when we had something to do...



...but now I just feel awkward again.



-I don't know what I'm doing here.

-Yes, you do.



Yes, I do.



-I'm not hungry anymore.

-Neither am I.



Thursday. I can get back to London

next Thursday.



-Tell me your name.

-I can't.







I'm frightened.

It's happening so fast.



I'll bet your name is really Fred.

You're embarrassed.



Hey, Fred...



...I think I love you.






Leader to group, we are    miles

from target, begin your descent.



-Bombs away at      feet.

-     .



Open bomb bays.



Bomb bays open.



They're shooting guns at us again.

How come they do that every time?



-We drop bombs on them.

-They have no sense of humour.



Can't you take a joke?



-    .

-Five miles to target.



-How far is target now?

-Three miles.




-    .



We're almost over the target.




-    .



-    .

-Cimino, drop them!



They're away.

Halloran, I love you!



There really is a God,

ladies and gentlemen.



I'm going to church

when we get back.



So I haven't been in a while,

I missed a few Sundays.



What's a cross between

a parakeet and a tiger?



-I give up. What?

-I don't know, but if he sings, listen.



You think that's funny?

You're a wretched child.



-lf I am, it's your fault.

-Really? Why?



Mrs. Thomas said children

are a reflection of their parents.



-But Dennis doesn't have a moustache.

-He's a reflection of his mother.



Dennis calls his parents by their

names. It's smashing.






I'm too old to keep on calling you

Mummy and Daddy.



-You only call me Daddy, not Mummy.

-I think I shall call you Paul.



-lf that's what you'd like.

-Yes, Paul.



-And I shall call you Margaret.

-And I'll call you Rover.



-No, I'll call you Mummy.

-For a short person, you're not bad.



-More tea?

-I'd love some.



Judy Fox stole my keychain,

you know the one with the clover?



-Stole it?




How do you know?



I brought it to school.

I was changing after gym...



...and I couldn't find it. She had it.



When I said it was mine she said she'd

always had it.



And I know it's mine.



Everyone has to be nice,

because her father died.



-When did he die?

-A few months ago, in Africa.



She says it's hers. It isn't. I'm glad

you're intelligent. You won't die.



I'm in Intelligence. And you should be

especially kind to her now.



-You won't die, will you, Daddy?

-Wasn't it Paul?



Promise me.

And you will always love me?



-I'll always love you.

-And you'll always love Mummy?



-Even when you're   ?




I'll have to put my false teeth in

to kiss her.



-We're going back to Rouen.

-I'm gonna be sick.



We believe the Krauts are sending

an ammunition train south.



They'll expect us.

It won't be easy.



-You'll get lots of flak.

-Definitely sick.



Halloran, you fly lead.

Packman, second.



You've got cloud cover from   to

     . Make the drop at     .



I know what it's gonna be like,

so be careful.



He flew     missions over Texas

and he knows what it's gonna be like.



We should have  - to   -mile

visibility below     .



Approach from south to north.



Nobody ever took Texas

while he was there.



Takeoff is at     .



Good luck. I wish I could've gone

with you. Dismissed.



Lt. Halloran, I'd like

to speak with you for a moment.



Take it easy with him. Don't say

anything you'll regret later.



Don't take it easy. Say something

you'll regret, maybe we'll be grounded.



Sit down, lieutenant.



In every group of men, there's

one man looked up to for leadership.



In this group,

you happen to be that man.



You set a good example,

the others will follow.



You've got the makings

of a very fine officer.



You could go far, very far.



It's your attitude that concerns me.



-You understand what I'm saying?

-No, sir.



I don't like you either, buster!



Stop crapping around in the briefings,

you understand?



-No, sir.

-What do you mean, no?



No, sir. I don't understand.

What crapping around, sir?



You're a wiseass.

You even say "sir" like a wiseass.



How should I say it?



I'm gonna get you.

That's what I'll do.



Blink the wrong way

and I'm gonna nail you.



-You understand?

-Yes, sir, you're gonna nail me.



You get the hell out of here!



-You okay? What did he say?

-That he didn't like my attitude.



-Lucas, did you check this gear?

-Sure, I always do.



-Tire pressure?

-Fine, sir. What's the matter, sir?



Check it again.



I like this attitude.



It's different,

but it's one fine attitude.



When I was little, I spent summers at

my grandfather's. It was like this.



You worked on a farm?

You don't seem like the farm type.



-I can milk a cow.

-Her ladyship can milk a cow.



-She can.

-With her own hands?



No, with her feet. Why is it

so incredible? Lots of people can.



-Haven't you ever?

-I opened a bottle once.



Don't they drink milk in Chicago?



How do you think baby gangsters

grow up to be big gangsters?



-There's a place to eat.

-I'm famished.



So am I. I want some tea.

I love tea.



-Did I ever tell you that?




It's true, I drink it all the time.







-I love you, my name is Margaret.

-No kidding?



No kidding.



-You love me?

-I love you.



-Your name is Margaret?

-My name is Margaret.



Maggie, I like the name Maggie.



I can't stop it, you know,

no matter how hard I try.



It terrifies me

how much I want you.



It must be wrong to want someone

this urgently.



And know later that I'll feel guilty.



Later I'll hurt terribly.



Except I'm with you now,

and that's all I can think about.



-I love you, Margaret.

-I love you, Halloran.



-Captain Sellinger, you've met Lester.

-Yes, sir, I have.



New tobacco.



-Do you like it?

-It seems very pleasant.






-Bad business, very bad.

-I beg your pardon?



As you know, one of your agents,

Reed, was dropped in Lyon.



Two weeks later he was killed.

A month ago you sent another.



-Forbes. A good man.

-Yesterday we heard he was found dead.



What do you think?



I trained both of those men.



I knew them well, very well.



They wouldn't make mistakes so glaring

they'd be found out in two weeks.



There's a leak.



There has to be a leak somewhere.



Their identities had to have

been known before they went.



It would take that long

just to find them.



There's a double agent,

fairly high up.



-That's the only explanation.

-I agree.



Forbes' last communication was that the

Gestapo has a list of double agents.



He was trying to get it.

That's the last we heard.



This is bloody awful. It may smell

good, but it tastes like hell.



Someone will have to get that list.



-In Gestapo headquarters in Lyon?

-That's where the list is.



He had three children.



-Did you say something?

-I said Forbes had three children.



We'll have to do this differently.

No one outside this room may know.



-No one in OSS, no one in G .

-He can't transmit the list back.



He'll have to copy it and bring it

back without the Germans knowing.



-Who do we have?

-Two. McCallum and Wells.



-I say Wells.

-Quite right.



-Work with him.

-I'm not sure he's ready.



You make him ready.



That's better. They can put

that aromatic in their noses.



Oh, God, I think I'm going to die.

Look, isn't she beautiful?



-Yes, she is.

-Isn't she the most beautiful thing?



-Who's more beautiful than she is?

-You are.



She closes her eyes

and her hair curls.



She's a wonderful doll.



Let's think of what to get Daddy.



-Why did you want me to see the doll?

-No reason in particular.



-It has nothing to do with Christmas?

-Of course not.



-When will I get breasts?

-Next week, why?



-Sometimes I think they look silly.

-They look best with formal wear.



-What would Daddy like?

-Anything you get.



I want to get him something special.



-What about a tie?

-Daddy has ties.



-Daddy has most things.

-I want to get what he doesn't have.



Get him a dress.



Just get him something you like.

He'll love it if it's from you...



...not because it's blue or red.

Because it's from you.



-Do you know any Germans?

-Not too many.



-What are they like?

-Probably very much like us.



Are German children buying

presents for their fathers?



I suppose so.



Handkerchiefs! Let's get Daddy




It looks like the propellers

spin backwards.



-The propeller's spinning backwards?

-Forget it.



-I'm supposed to forget it?

-It's an optical illusion--



-Forget it.

-Illusion, my ass!



How do you know forward

from backwards?



If we land in New York,

the propeller spins backwards.



I hope it's backwards.



-Leader to tower.

-This is tower.



-Starting taxi.

-Roger, leader.



Just my luck,

they're spinning forward.



Want me to take it up for you?






-Listen to number one.

-Why? What's wrong?



-Something doesn't sound right.

-Leader, this is tower. Over.



One second, tower. Over.

Check the rpms.



-Rpms normal.

-Oil pressure?



Leader to tower.



Lucas, are you hearing number one?

Something doesn't sound right.



-Check the gauges?

-Gauges are okay.



-Can't tell from here.

-I hear something wrong.



Something's not right.

Gauges don't always show it.



Leader, this is tower.

Please answer. Over.



-Tower, this is leader.

-Begin your takeoff.



I've got a problem with

my number one, I'm coming back.



I've got a problem with

my number one, I'm coming back!



You're returning to base.

Packman, you're the new leader.



-Roger, Tower.

-Price is number two, Anderson follows.



-Packman, you're cleared for takeoff.

-Roger, Tower, cleared for takeoff.



It's very late. If you want Christmas

to come, go to sleep now.



-I can't sleep.

-I know, but you have to.



Father Christmas won't come

until you're asleep.



-It's the rules.

-I just want to say hello to him.



-Won't the Germans shoot him?

-Of course not.



-Anything I get will make me happy.

-Of course.



-Nothing in particular that you want?

-Oh, no. Nothing in particular.



It would be nice, though,

if I had a friend to play with.



-I'll have another baby.

-Not a real person. Just a-- You know!



I haven't the faintest idea what you're

talking about. Good night, old friend.



Dream sweet dreams,

tomorrow is Christmas.



If you don't go to sleep now,

I'll strangle you.



Well, young lady,

if you're not tired, I am.



-Wait until you see what I got you.

-lf it's from you, I'll love it.



Good night.



I'm sound asleep.



-Did you put her present out?

-Yes, it's in the living room.



Her glazed little eyes

staring at the window.



-What does she want with another doll?

-God knows.



I've never seen a child

want anything more.



Sarah's hands are so small.



During the day when she's rushing

around, she doesn't seem so small.



When she's in her bed and she's

sleepy I think she shrinks.



I know what you mean.



It's so strange.



It's Christmas Eve,

and we're fighting a war.



Fighting wars never seemed

to make much sense.



It just seems it makes less sense

on Christmas Eve.



I wonder what the other side

is thinking right now.



-Night, darling.

-Good night.



-I love you.

-I love you.



-Harriet, your throat is beautiful.

-My name is Phyllis!



Of course it is,

your throat's beautiful too.



-Do you want to dance?

-Susan, darling...



...ordinarily, that would be

a wonderful suggestion.



-However, since the injury....

-What injury?



-I don't like to talk about it.

-You were wounded?



Just a little shrapnel in the leg.



-How come they didn't send you home?

-I wouldn't go.



Nothing will keep me from flying.



-Oh, lieutenant--

-Paula, my sweet...



...it's nothing to make a fuss about.

Sometimes the pain....



What's life without pain?

How about another drinkie?



Hey, Cimino.



You gotta help me.



Have you met Barbara?

Have you ever seen such a throat?



I got this one all primed, but

she won't leave her friend.



I suspect that blue eyes don't see

so good. Too much inbreeding.



-Have you taken a good look at Dorothy?

-What am I gonna do?



-Give one to Halloran.

-I don't think so.



It's a terrific idea! Come on, Rita,

we're gonna go be with Halloran.



-I thought you had an injured leg!

-My God, I can walk again!



Ladies, this is our leader.

Leader, these are our ladies.



This is Elizabeth. Meet Halloran.



-This is Audrey.




-Where are you from?




Aren't the decorations pretty?



Let's go somewhere private.



-I want to stay here.

-It's Christmas! I am your serviceman.



-Alone, overseas.

-I want to stay here!



Marion, perhaps you are a spy.



-Are you all right?




Let me put it another way.

Let's fool around.




-There is a God.



They're back.



-Where's Packman?

-He'll be here.



Who's Packman?



My luscious Linda, he's a brave soul

who flew lead instead of us...



...because of a port engine

with the holiday spirit.



They'll be here in a minute.



-Hey, Pete.

-Halloran. How you doing?



-How did it go?

-Bad. We lost three.



-Hey, you are one lucky son of a bitch!

-Where's Packman?



Never saw a plane break

into so many pieces.



Where's Packman?



He took a hit in the bomb bay

with a full load.



-Maybe he bailed out.

-No way.



I never saw so many little pieces.



Where's Cimino? I wanna tell him.

If it wasn't for your engine...



...it would've been you. I wanna tell

Cimino to go kiss that engine.



What's the matter?



You heard it, didn't you?

Something was wrong.



-Sit down.

-You heard something.



Every time an engine starts I hear




It was something!



It was.



Ladies, let's play follow-the-leader.



Come on, Francine.



You found it, didn't you?

Goddamn you! You found it!



-I don't know.

-Tell me you found it!



Take it easy!



-He heard it!

-Excuse me. Don't go away.



Hi, guys.



I heard it.

I heard it!



I heard it, believe me.

Captain, I heard it!



-I thought we were gonna play?




Believe me, Packman!



I heard it, Packman!



Goddamn you, Packman!



Please don't smoke.



Lieutenant Wells...



...English is a language

you do not understand.



You have never spoken a word.



They didn't teach you

English in Essen.



You must never speak in English

or respond to it...



...even around here, no matter what.

If it's in English...



...you do not understand. Even if

it's the PM himself talking to you.



One slip like that

and you're quite dead.



All right, lesson over.

It's time we took a break.



Don't be discouraged, you're doing

fine. Come on, I'll pay for the tea.



Come on, it's all right.



Lt. Wells, class is over

for the afternoon.



Sometimes when we're together...



...I feel so close that I don't know

where I end and you begin.



I never knew it could be like that.



I was    when I got married.

He was the only man I'd ever known.



I never felt I lacked anything, it's

just I wasn't sure if this was it.



If this was everything. Maybe that's

why I went with you that first day.



It's so damned unfair. I try

so hard to forget you, I really do.



I spend all my time trying to forget

you, so I think of you all the time.



I don't want to hurt anybody.



Sometimes I sit at the dinner table

with him and I watch him...



...and I want him so desperately

to do something...



...or say something

or be something that I can hate.



But he never does.

I've hurt him so much.



It makes me hate myself

and wish I've never met you...



...but then when I'm with you...



...and it's so strong and

I don't ever want to let you go.



Why don't things work

the way they're supposed to?



I don't know how

things are supposed to work.



I don't know anymore

what I heard in that engine.



Before, a propeller could have fallen

off and I wouldn't have gone back.



It's easy to be brave when you haven't

got anything to lose.



I'm scared now.



I don't wanna die

and not see you anymore.



Nothing makes sense until I'm with you,

then everything makes sense.



I don't wanna let you go.

I wanna be with you all the time.



I don't wanna wake up and not know

if I'll see you.



I'm tired of missing you.



I'm in pieces.

I want you to put me back together.



Hold me now,

make everything outside go away.



On my way in to see you...



...I was trying to

think of a way to tell you...



...we should stop seeing each other.



I did the same thing.



Here are your two main types:

your combination lock...



...and your key lock.

With your combination lock...



...which works with a series

of tumblers...



...you have to find out whether it's

a three- or four-number combination.



Then, whether you move

to the right or the left.



If it's your key lock, it's

a matter of finding the proper key.



In the absence of a key,

a common problem...



...there are certain instruments

that do a right proper job.



-It's a matter of learning to use them.

-How long will it take?



You've got to understand, opening these

is not something any old bloke can do.



-It's a gift, if I do say so myself.

-Let's say Lt. Wells is gifted.



A key lock, a couple of days,

a combination lock, six months.



-We're interested in a Cona    .

-That's a Jerry safe.



-We are at war with the Germans.

-You've got a point.



-Which is it?

-It's a key lock.



Any schoolkid could crack it. In fact,

I cracked one when I was a schoolkid.



Right. Now, gentlemen, here you have,

before your very eyes, your lock pick.



You have here your safe, which is

almost the same as your Cona    .



Insert your lock pick

into your Cona    ...



...feeling your way

through the elements.



For your information,

there happen to be four.






Two. Three.






Apple pie. Bleeding apple pie.



-Nice to see you, lieutenant.

-Nice to see you.



Why don't you sit down?



I have a little problem.

It's a special mission.



The group said they needed a volunteer.



It's risky, so they wanted

to put it on a voluntary basis.



It's for tomorrow night.

Oh, about the other day...



...the mechanic couldn't find

a thing wrong with that engine.



If you felt there was something wrong,

I'm sure there was. If you heard it....



A mechanic's not a pilot. I don't

listen to any kind of rumour. Never.



There's been a lot of talk around.



You can't pay any attention

to that kind of talk.



I don't believe for a moment

that you made the whole thing up.



Not a word. Just gossip.

Now, where was I?



Oh, yeah. That mission tomorrow night.



I knew that you'd want

to volunteer to do it.



Not that you've

got anything to prove.



I just felt that you'd like

to go for it.



I told Operations to have

those engines double-checked.



I'm sure you won't be disappointed

and have to cancel that flight.



-Is he ready?

-As ready as he ever will be.



What do you mean?



I can't be too specific.

There's nothing wrong with Wells.



I'd prefer he was more spontaneous.




-He learns what he's taught.



But I'm not sure how he'll react

if something unforeseen happens.



-Prepare him for everything.

-That would be nice.



New stuff, this.

Supposed to be a cooler smoke.



We're not going to send Wells

on a regular flight.



We have to be paranoid

about the leak in Intelligence.



We're going to drop him

in a totally different way.



If this is cool, I'd hate to think

what they call hot.



We won't use Intelligence. We won't

even use a transport aircraft.



As a matter of fact, we're not

even using a British aircraft.



Would you come with me

to that tobacconist?



Hello, how have you been?



-Hello, handsome.

-What's it today?



I do hope you like potatoes.



-Your dinner is served, my lord.

-I'll take it in the study.



Very good, my lord.



-There's a call for you.




At the nurses station.



Hello? Hello?



I can't hear, it's madness here. Paul?



Yes. Can you hear me now?



-Better. You'll have to speak up.

-Is this all right?



-Is anything the matter?

-No, no.



I'm sorry if I disturbed you.

I just wanted to hear your voice.



Of course you haven't disturbed me.

I'm glad to hear your voice too.



I love you, Margaret.



I love you too.



-I know I'm not that special.

-Of course you're special.



No, I'm not and we both know it.

It's just my curse to be so ordinary.



I do so want to be dashing.



I can't blame you

for finding me unexciting.



Why are you talking like this?

You're very special. And dashing.



Mrs. Sellinger, ward  .



-I didn't mean to disturb you.

-I'm glad you called.



Mrs. Sellinger, ward  .



-I have to go, they're calling me.

-I understand. Talk to you later.



-I love you.




-Yes, Captain Sellinger?

-Could you get me Lt. Wells, please?



-Hey, it's dark out.

-No kidding?



Really, I wouldn't fool you.



-Why are we the only plane taking off?

-We got a special mission.



Lucky us. When it's dark out,

you can bump into things.



-I'll be real careful.

-Hey, Cimino, where are the bombs?



We're a bomber. We drop bombs.



No bombs. I like that.

Bombs are dangerous, they can blow up.



We're waiting for an English guy

named Wells. We're gonna drop him.



I like that, dropping a person.



People don't blow up like bombs.



-Starting port engine.

-Starting port engine.



How do they sound?



They sound fine. Even if they don't

sound fine, they sound fine.



-Where the hell's that English guy?

-It's dark, maybe he's not so stupid.



-Is this Wells?

-There's been a change of some kind.



Captain Sellinger, Lt. Halloran.







-Hello, darling.



Your hair smells nice.



-Mrs. Carling got soap in my eyes.

-Did you cry?



Wouldn't you cry

if she got soap in your eyes?



-Where's Daddy?

-He went out.



-Mrs. Carling gave me dinner.

-Did he say where he was going?



He left a note on the pillow.

I think that's romantic.



What does Daddy say? Is it mushy?



-Daddy has to go away on a little trip.

-When will he be back?



-Very soon.

-Your coat's all wet.



I did a painting of

a Tyrannosaurus Rex in orange.



Have you ever seen an orange one?



Come and look at it.

Mummy, come on!



I don't mean to be pushy, but

that Englishman isn't English.



He's your actual Kraut.

You can tell by his collar.



I forgot to tell you.

We're on the German side now.



-I like the uniforms.

-Sellinger, are you okay?



Quite well.



We're over France.

We'll avoid the Germans.



-This mission's not that crazy.

-We'll drop you through the hatch.



Keep your arms tight to your body.



I shall remember, thank you.



Jesus Christ!



How bad is it?



No. It's a mistake.

You're not supposed to die.



-It's all a mistake.

-Lt. Halloran! Are you all right?



-We're hit up here. It's bad.

-I'm afraid we've been hit back here.



-How bad?

-I think they're dead.



Lucas? Giler? Cimino?






Cimino, don't do this.

Please don't--



Oh, my God.

He has no face.



Your men back there...



...they're dead.



He has no face.



Keep your arms tight!

Don't pull the ring till you're clear!



It's like someone took a vacuum

cleaner and straightened out the mess.



They're all gone.



It's not right.

They should have left a mark.



I'm really sorry.



I know how you feel.



-I'm so sorry I caused all this.

-It's not your fault.



You know where we are?



   miles south of Lyon.



Well, that's where I have to go.



I gotta make my way to the Channel.

That's the other direction.



-Good luck.

-Thank you. Thank you for everything.



I beg your pardon, lieutenant.

Lyon is north of here, you say?



Yeah. I'm pretty sure.



I hate to impose,

but do you know which way is north?



-Yeah, that way.

-Thank you again.



Oh, damn!



Lt. Halloran, I'm sorry

to be such a burden to you...



...but would you mind giving me a hand?



It's sprained, it'll be sore for

a while. Can I ask you a question?






You don't seem to know north from south

and you fall on your ass immediately.



-Have you ever done this before?





You look real spiffy in uniform.



I don't want to go with you.

You don't know what you're doing.



And I certainly

don't know what I'm doing.



But here I am, as we speak,

going with you.



-We'll get our asses shot off.

-I'm really grateful.



That's just swell.






Mrs. Sellinger? This is Major Trumbo.



Oh, my God. It's Paul.

Is he all right?



The plane he was on was shot down.



I have no more information, but it's

possible he bailed out and he's fine.



I just don't know now.



Mrs. Sellinger, are you there?



As soon as I learn more, I'll call.

Your husband's a good man.



I'm sure he's fine, I just can't

understand why he replaced Wells.



Not like him to be so impulsive.



I'll call you as soon as I learn

anything. I'm sure he's fine.



Mrs. Sellinger, are you there?



Thank you.



Thank you for calling.



Mummy, is everything all right?



-How far do you think we've gone?

-You're the spy.



-Don't you have a manual?

-Yes, we do.



-Didn't you ever read it?

-I wrote it.



-What does it say about distances?

-I forget.



We're gonna get our asses shot off.



Give me a hand, she's gonna kill me.

She thinks I'm German.



I wonder why she thinks

you're German?



Betty Grable, Hershey bars,

Yankee Stadium. Hello, Joe.



She had a brother who was killed

by the Germans.



Her father wouldn't do anything.

He's a collaborator. Out of fear.



She says she's doing

what he should be doing.



It's his car,

she says we can take it.



-This will work out rather well.

-I'm thrilled.



As an SS officer, I'm entitled to

an aide. You won't look out of place.



-Where won't it look out of place?

-At Gestapo headquarters in Lyon.



You've got a right to get killed,

I have a right to live.



I appreciate your position, but

I don't think I can do this alone.



My leg is hurt and this thing

is important.



I don't speak German,

in case you didn't notice.



If you don't speak to anyone,

no one will know. That makes sense.






Get rid of the cigarettes.

And the lighter.



They're American.



-Do you mind if I ask you something?

-Not at all.



Why did you decide to go

instead of Wells?



That's complicated.

I don't know how to answer that.






All my life, no matter what I did,

I've always been the same thing.



Pleasant. I'm pleasant. I was

a teacher, a pleasant profession.



I'm pleasant-looking.

If anyone were to describe me...



...they'd say I was pleasant.

I never minded it that much before.



Except now it's beginning to hurt.



-More than I thought it could.

-What do you mean?



-Look at yourself.

-I can't, I'm driving.



Take a good look

at yourself and you'll see a hero.



I don't want to be a hero.



You are one, you can't help it.

When the boy falls through the ice...



...you save him. I'm the one who

gives you my coat to wrap him in.



When it's all over, you're in the

paper, saying it was really nothing.



And I have a wet coat.



Are you kidding?



You're supposed to

open the door for me.



They've changed it.

They put in a combination safe.



-I have no idea how to open it.

-I love it.



-Mrs. Sellinger, what a surprise.

-I'm sorry to barge in like this.



I haven't heard anything since

last night and I'm beside myself.



-I was hoping you'd have news.

-Won't you sit down?



Would you like some sherry?




-What the hell happened?



We don't know. The plane is missing.

Not a word. Not a trace.



-I can't understand Paul's actions.

-I can.



-Really, why?

-It's not something I can explain.



I'll contact you

as soon as I hear anything.



I spoke to the American colonel,

Bart, and they're waiting too.



-Who's Colonel Bart?

-Paul was in an American plane.



-Bart is the wing commander.

-Where's he located?



-At Windsor Field.

-Thank you, major.



-I'm sorry for pestering you.

-Seeing the colonel won't help.



-He knows no more than I do.

-I'm sure you're right.



Thank you again.



Are you out of

your goddamn mind?



-Mrs. Sellinger?




I'm Colonel Bart.



-It's nice of you to see me.

-Not at all. Will you sit down?



You must think I'm a pest.

I have to know what's happened.



Yes, of course. Well, we've received

no notification of survivors.



Can't send reconnaissance in.



We can't draw attention

to the mission, understand?



No, I don't.



-There's every chance they bailed.

-But you don't know for sure.



No. But I do know that if they did,

your husband is in very good hands.



The pilot, Lt. Halloran, is a very

determined, very resourceful man.



Apple pie?



We did it.



We actually did it!



-We're still not out of France.

-We'll get out, all right.



It would be silly to have come

this far and not get out.



I can go back now.

I can be more for her to see.



-She must be very special.

-She is.



Have you ever felt that way

about any woman?



Yeah, I do now.

Except with me it's different.



Since I met her,

I don't know who I am.



I know who you are.

You're a good and brave man.



I don't feel very brave.



-That's absurd. Look what you've done.

-All I did was try to stay alive.



-I was just too scared to die.

-Only frightened men are brave.



Men who aren't frightened

are insane. You're only brave...



...when there's something

to lose and you still try.



When we get back...



...go to her, hold her...



...and never let go.



That's what I'll do

when I see Margaret.



Tell me more. What's her name?




God, I love that name, don't you?






How do I tell you about her?



If there's such a thing as one woman

for you, it's Margaret for me.



I know it sounds like something

out of Mother Goose, but it's true.



We have a daughter, Sarah.

She looks like her mother...



...which is reason enough

to think she's beautiful.



This is Margaret.



-She's lovely, isn't she?




She says there's a bridge

eight kilometres from here.



A resistance group is waiting for us.



Come on, old man!



Eat something.



-Here's your watch.




Son of a bitch! The girl's father

must have called the Germans!






Will you come on!



I think I left

my kidneys back there.



You still got your ass.



-I can't go back!

-I'm too scared to argue! Come on!



You're gonna

get us both killed.



When you get

back to London...



...please, look up my wife.

Her name's Margaret. Please.



Tell her I died a brave man.



Tell her yourself!



I get the wet coat again.



No. This time you get the girl.



No, you don't. Not now.



You die on me, I'll kill you.



Want to play cards?

I feel like demolishing you.



You're trying to be cheerful,

you're worried about Daddy.



He's going to be all right.



I love you more than it's

possible to love anyone, you know.







Mummy, is it good crying

or bad crying?



I knew it.



-Capt. Sellinger, which ward is he in?

-    just down the corridor.



Hello, old friend.



It's so unfair for anybody's

eyes to be that colour.



I try.



Me too.



-Are you all right? Are you hurt?

-I was lost, but I think I'm back.



I just wish your eyes

weren't that colour.



There's a man in a

room down there...



...a good man...



...I wish he wasn't.



When I heard you'd been shot down

together, it felt like punishment.



Then, after a while...



...I knew that you'd take care of him,

and you would come back.



I love you enough to let you go, which

is more than I've ever loved anybody.



I wish I didn't cry

all the damn time.



I will never care for anyone

the way I care for you.



And to think it had to

work out this way.



Things work out the way

they're supposed to.



And listen. You've got to go to

him and I've got to walk away.



That's what we have to do.

You know that and I know that.



I'm entirely capable of messing

this up, so you must help me.



-I love you, Halloran.

-I love you, Maggie.



Think of me when you drink tea.

Special help by SergeiK