Hard Target Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hard Target script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Woo movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hard Target. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hard Target Script






If he makes it to the river,

he's won.



We cannot allow that

to happen, Mr. Lopaki.






It's like a drug,

isn't it?



To bring a man down.



Was it won'th it?



- Every nickel.

- Good.






Hi, I'm... I'm looking

for Douglas Binder?



- You a friend of Mr. Binder's?

- No, l...



I'm... I'm his daughter.



Doug was a nice man.

He had manners.



He didn't tell you where

he was moving, did he?



He owed some rent,




I told him he could

wait to pay me...



- 'til he got back on his feet.

- He wasrt in an accident, was he?



Oh, no. He lost his job

with the oil tool company.



When Doug moved out,



he left this box.



He told me I could

hold it...



'til he could make up

his back rent.



Do you have any idea

where he might be now?



You might try checking down

at Our Lady of Charity.



Marine, huh?



Ah, Recon.



- I was in the service

for a while myself.

- Really?



- Yeah.

- Do you know him?



Well, he comes here




Nice guy too.

Uh, if I see him,



I'll... I'll tell him

you're looking.



Do you happen to know

where he lives?



I-I'm afraid your...

Your daddy, uh, well...



Well, he was like the rest of us:

Out of doors.



You know?



How is that gumbo, Chance?



A tragedy.



The coffee

was tolerable, though.



- It ain't free neither.

- Yeah, I know.



Leave your wallet

in your tuxedo?



I play that one

on you before?



- Yeah. For the gumbo.

- That's right.



-   If you don't want me, baby  

- Hi. Do you have any change?




please tell me so  



-   If you don't want me, honey  

- Thank you.




please let me know  



  But if you don't

want me that bad  




please let me know   



Hi, Murray.



Yes, I was wondering if my father

came to pick up his mail yet.



He hasn't? No, that's fine.

Thank you. Bye-bye.



- Hello, pretty lady.

- Leave me the hell alone.



We'll take the wallet.



How about a little

extra, honey?



You having fun?



Why don't you do yourself

a favor, boy?



I think the favor

gonna be done for you.



It's okay.



I said get lost.



Now, take your big stick

and your boyfriend...



and find a bus to catch.



Oh, this guy's funny.



Come on, let's go!



Let's go! Come on!



You know, it's a shame. This

used to be such a nice part of town.



Next time be more careful

when you show your wallet.



Without cops, the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops, the city stops!



- Come on, let's hurry now!

- Without cops, the city stops!



- Will the strike end soon?

- Here you go.



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Without cops,

the city stops!



Happy birthday to me.



Excuse me.



- Can I help you?

- Yeah. I need to fill out

a missing person report.



Look, I just pulled a double shift.

Why don't you catch me tomorrow.




Why don't you catch me now.



- What is the name

of the missing individual?

- Douglas Charles Binder.




of reporting party?






- Okay. You got a picture?

- Mm-hmm.



- Got something a little more recent?

- Oh, no, I don't.



See, my parents

were divorced    years ago.



- You got an address?

- I think my father was homeless.



I didn't even know myself...



u-until I just

came down here.



Look, um, I'm not sure

what you want me to do here.



I want you

to take my report.



Well, generally, in order

to be considered missing,



you need somewhere

to be missing from.






If you're too busy

to do your job, Detective,



then I'll find somebody

who isn't so busy.






You wanna find your father,

take my advice: Canvas the missions,



ask at the shelters,

but, um,



get somebody who knows the city

to show you around...



or I'll be filling out

one of these on you.



Hey, you're welcome.



All right,

pipe down and listen up.



We got    positions this morning,

Able Seaman or better.



When I call your name, come into

the office, show your papers,



and you'll get your ship.



Here we go. First man,

Gombas, Luigi. Able Seaman.



- Right here.

- Walker, Steven. Second Engineer.



- Hi.

- Leslie, Francis R.



- They told me at the cafe

that you might be down here.

- Seeler, D. Master.



I need to talk to you

about something.



- I don't think this is a good time now.

- Walters, Nichols D.



- Yeah.

- Able Seaman.



How'd you, um,

like to work for me?



- I'll pay you $    a day.

- Third Mate. Stevens, Frank G.



- For doing what?

- For $    does it really matter?



Actually, it does.



Yeah. It does.



Look, I really need you

to help me find someone.



Jales, Bill. Cook.



You know this city, you obviously

can take care of yourself.



Boudreaux, C. Able Seaman.



I would like to

help you, darling.



- Looks like I'm gonna be out of town.

- Bakelman, Fats.



- Way out of town.

- Able Seaman.







Thought you got blackballed...



about that thing with,

uh, Captain McDonald.



- That was a big misunderstanding.

- Right.



Broke his damn jaw

is what I heard.



You make sure I said

a big hello.



Whoa. Wait a minute.



Johnson says

I was reinstated.



With the company.

Not with the union.



You owe some dues here,




-     bucks.

- I'll pay that off on this cruise.



No. Nobody ships out if they're

in arrears, you know that.



- How am I gonna pay my dues

if I can't get the job?

- I don't make the rules, mate.



Look, your ride doesn't sail

'til the end of the week.



If I can get the money,

then what?



Then I'll let you

ship out.



I'll get the money.



Keep goir.

Take it back. Yeah.



Bring it, bring it,

bring it, bring it.



Okay, down.



So, this guy you're looking for,

he owes you money or something?



- He's my father.

- Okay, I change my mind.



I'll help you for two days,

you'll pay me $   .



It's a deal.



- You can drive.

- I...



don't have

a driver's license, ma'am.



So, what's your name?



Chance Boudreaux.

What's your name?



It's Nat.






Your parents name you

for a... bug?



No, actually,

it's short for Natasha.






What kind of a name

is Chance?



Well, my mama took one.



So how did you lose

your papa?



My parents, um, they got divorced

when I was seven and my father...



Well, he moved away.



We started to write and

he even called me a couple of times.



Three weeks ago

the letters just stopped.



I've got a friend here

who can help us.



You check the line,

I'll look around inside.



Hey, you don't have

a bottle of hot sauce on ya, do ya?



- Elijah. What's happening?

- Hi.



Wednesday meat loaf.



I mean, they said

it was meat loaf.



- I thought you were gonna get a ship.

- I lost my boarding pass.



I've got something

to show you.



You two know each other?



- We met yesterday.

Have you seen my father?

- I saw the next best thing.



I was over at

Plaza D'ltalia yesterday...



and I saw this sleeping bag

in a can't.



It was a tiger stripe, like the kind

they used to issue to Recon guys.



Your daddy had one

just like it.



- Thanks, Charlie.

- You bet.



Don't be offended.

He passed them out for money.



Uh, yeah, I've had to

do it myself.



Here. Barracks Street.



Both sides this time, Grandpa.

Next! Get!



Here. Decatur. Lower half.



Well, if it ain't

my good friend Boudreaux.



I thought you was gonna

catch a ship.



Maybe I'll stick around

to run for mayor.



We're looking for someone

who worked for you.



The mars name

is Douglas Binder.



- I never heard of him.

- I think he know you.



- Did he work for you, sir?

- Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.



I'm not too good with names.



I have a photograph.



What Mr. Poe trying to say,



he's not too good with faces.






Hello, Randal.

I didn't know you had company.



We were just leaving.



- You know, we should go back up there.

- Not now. Not together.



Poe knows something

about my father, obviously.



If you don't want to go back

up there, I'll go myself.



If you want to find your daddy,

you're gonna have to work smarter,



not harder.






- Natasha Binder?

- What's the problem?



I'm afraid I have

some bad news.



They found

your father's body.



I'm sorry.



- They made a positive I.D.

- How did it happen?



There was a fire last night in

an abandoned building in the Ninth Ward.



The fire department discovered

your father's body in one of the rooms.



I need to see him.



Your daddy was burned

pretty badly.



The identification had to

be made from dental charts...



in your father's

service record.



What's your

involvement here?



I was helping her

find her daddy.



Wakey, wakey, you fat fuck!



Oh, God!



Mr. Fouchon,

what are you doing here?



- Aah! Oww!

- Don't talk, Randal. Listen.



Oh, don't worry

about Randal.



- Aah!

- He's all ears.



When Mr. Van Cleaf came upon

your visitors yesterday,



you neglected to tell him

that they were inquiring...



- about one of our volunteers.

- That was nothir, Mr. Fouchon.



Oh, it was something,




This man we hunted last night.



Why don't you tell us his real name?



- You fuck.

- Binder. Binder. Douglas Binder.



That's not the one

we selected, is it?



I-I couldn't get the guy

you asked for.



Look, y-you said you wanted

a combat veteran, so I sent you Binder.



- He has more medals.

- He had a family.

Now they're asking questions.



Please. Please.

I said I was sorry. I sai...



- Aah! I said I was sorry.

- Careless is what you are, Randal.



Careless and stupid...



and now you're sorry, too.



He said he...

He said he was alone.



- I didn't know he had

any relatives. Honest.

- You made a mistake?



- Is that what you're saying?

- Yeah. Yeah.



Uh-huh. And I see you're anxious

to make up for it, aren't you?



Yeah. Yeah, right.

Yes. Yes, sir.



We've got another client

and he's about to select a new playmate.



Next time send us

the one we ask for.



I will, Mr. Fouchon,

I swear. L...



I think

we understand each other.



- Yes? No?

- Yes. Yeah.






I come back here,



I cut me a steak.



You did your best.



No, l...

I came too late.



I mean, Jesus, he was living

out of a shopping can't.



Goddamn it.



Why didn't he just...

tell me?



Why didn't he ask

for my help?



I've been there myself

on the street.



It's hard.



It's hard to...



put your hand out.



I just kept thinking

if I could...



just tell him

that I loved him.



And because

he loved you so much,



he didn't want to

pull you into it.



- Our friend, Mr. Boudreaux.

- Mm-hmm.



Silver Star.



Marine Force Recon.



He joined

the Merchant Service after he got out.



His captain

was smuggling opium.



When Boudreaux found out,

he threw the man overboard.



He's been looking

for work ever since.



He's obviously not someone

we should underestimate.



He was raised

in the bayous by his uncle.



I think Mr. Boudreaux...



would make

a very interesting quarry.



Maybe I should, uh,

pay him a visit.



No, no, no, no, no.



Send a couple of lads down there

to have a chat with him.












Some friendly advice, Boudreaux:

Get the fuck outta Dodge!



Do it today! And tell

that bitch girlfriend of yours...



to point her titties north

and step on the gas!



It's always

nice to see you.



You seem to have a real talent,

Mr. Boudreaux,



for attracting violence.



Does that make me

a bad person?



Why did you arrest me for,



getting beat up

without a license?



Thank you for calling me.

Oh, my God, you look awful.




you hurt my feelings.



What we have here is a charge sheet.



Willfully crossing a police barrier;

that's considered Criminal Trespass.



Yes, that officer was nice enough

to mention that to me.



- What were you doing at the house?

- The dog tag...



you find in that fire?



They always come in twos.



So I went back to that place

to look for the other one.



Your daddy,

he didn't die in the fire.



- He was murdered.

- There's no evidence of that.



There is now.



That hole in that tag was made

by something sharp and hard.



And I'll bet my rent money

it was made...



when Binder

was still wearing it.



Why would somebody go through all

this trouble to kill a homeless man?



- Do you believe us now?

- The wheels turn slow around here.



- Real slow.

- But they do turn.



I'll order a new autopsy.



This'll help.



- You should see a doctor.

- I hate them doctors.



Yeah... Aah! Shit!



Goddamn it.



What? Not now.



So... So, you in 'Nam?




a long time ago.



It seems to me a man with

your obvious experience...



should be pullir down

a lot more money.



You're gonna pay me     bucks

to fill out a form?



I'll pay you a lot more than that

if you got the experience.



What kind of experience?



Well, maybe you ain't interested.



Uh, no.



I'll fill out

the application.



You got any family?

Anybody to worry about you?




Anything like that?



I got nobody.



You'll deposit

$       in our account...



in a bank

in the Cayman Islands.



Do not refer to

our agreement by telex...



or in conversations

on the phone.



You'll be provided

with a guide, trackers...



and the weapon

of your choice.



Naturally, we will

dispose of the body...



and provide you with

an out-of-town, ain'tight alibi.



Don't worry, Mr. Zenan, all you

have to do is point and shoot.



Mr. Zenan has made his selection.



A black man named Roper.

Used to be in Special Forces.






I don't see any problem

with your choice.



It has always been

the privilege of the few...



to hunt the many.



Soldiers, policemen,

fighter pilots.



Men who kill for the government

do so with impunity.



All we do is offer

the same opportunity...



for private citizens

such as yourself.



- These opponents, they're volunteers?

- More or less.



The same government that has

made murder their sole preserve,



they train our targets.



We pride ourselves

on only hunting combat veterans,



men who have

the necessary skills...



- to make our hunts more interesting.

- What about the police?



I'm sure that they would be interested

if they were to find out.



Dr. Morton here

assists us...



with the formality

of police autopsies.



It's no accident

that we're in New Orleans.



Last year we conducted hunts

in Rio de Janeiro at Carnival,



Yugoslavia during

the late unpleasantness.



Oh, yeah.



You see, there's always some unappy

little corner of the planet...



where we can ply our trade.



All right, Mr. Fouchon.



- You have a client.

- Well,



thank you for visiting,

Mr. Zenan.



Dr. Morton will

show you to the car.



My bank will arrange

the transfer of funds within the hour.



- Excellent.

- When do we go out?



We'll contact you when the

necessary arrangements have been made.



Chance. What you doing here?



- Secret mission.

- Mmmm.



Rub me, baby.



Oh, yeah, baby.



Hello, Poe.



What the fuck?



- You miss me?

- Aw, Christ, not again.



Looks like you're short

an ear,



so you better listen

very carefully.



- Now, are you paying attention?

- Uh-huh.



Who sent those apes

after me?



I don't know

what you're talking about.



Two million people

in this city.



- Who's gonna miss a fat

slob like you, Poe, huh?

- Van Cleaf!



H-His name was Van Cleaf.



Good boy.

Where is he?



I don't know where he lives!

He ain't even American!



Look, he'll... He'll kill me

if I don't do what he says!



You gotta believe that!




Tell your boyfriend

Van Cleaf...



I'm gonna find out who

killed Douglas Binder.



If you understand me,

just grunt.






Did you get my memo?



Binder, Douglas C.



I want you to take another look

at the post-mortem.



That memo contains evidence...



that might make

Binder's death a homicide.



Now, you can act on it, Doctor,

or you can file it,



but if I have to get a court order

for a formal inquest,



I will.



You should do something

about that cough.



Don't you ever knock?



We have a problem.

A big problem.



They want me to redo

the autopsy on Binder.



- Who is it that's asking?

- A detective named Mitchell.



Binder's family's

breathing down her neck.



- Can we buy her?

- No.



I guess we've overstayed

our welcome.



Tonight is our last hunt

in New Orleans.



Open it.



What a funny

little man, eh?



A change of scenery's what we need.

Something less tropical.



Rolling hills, castles.



Eastern Europe.

We can work there for years.



- Where's Poe?

- Mr. Poe couldn't make it.



He's got an ear infection.



Look, he, uh, he said

he'd have some work for me.



That may still be

a possibility.



We got a little game

we'd like you to play with us.



This money belt...



has $      in it.



It's all yours if you want it,

every penny.



What do I have to do?



The rules of the game

are very simple.



All you have to do is get to the river.

Ten miles through the city.



You and the money belt make it

to the river, you're $      richer.






Maybe you like being

the object of pity,



begging for quarters,

sleeping in the rain,



listening to a half an hour

of fire and brimstone...



- for a bowl of soup.

- Man, fuck you.



You could change everything




Think of what $     

could buy you.



You could get new clothes,

clean yourself up,



look men in the eyes when

you pass them on the street.



This money could

make you a man again,



instead of the shadow

of your former self.



- I get to the river, I get the cash.

- Every nickel.



- If I don't make it?

- Oh, you're a sports fan, Roper.



Figure it out.



You've got a five minute head start.

Don't waste it.



This is New Orleans,

Mr. Zenan,



not Beirut.



After you, sir.



- Mr. Zenan, take it off safe.

- Oh.



Finish him.



I don't want him. H-He's wounded.



- Finish him.

- I can't do that. I hit him.



- I shot him. Let's go, okay?

- Listen, don't make me look bad

in front of my dogs.



You know why you're here?



You paid us a

half a million dollars...



to find out

if you're alive or dead.



Now finish him.



Finish him!



God, why didn't he

go fishing?



Now you understand why we

insist on payment up front.






Set the dogs on him,

won't you, Pick?



I don't wanna be out here

all night.



Help me!

Please! Please!



Help me!



H... Please!

Help me! Help me!



- Go on, get a job!

- Please!



- Please!

- Watch it! Damn! Watch yourself!



Help me. Help me!



Help me! Please!



Hey, look!

Come on, man!



- Walk on by, now, man.

- Call the police here or somethir!



Help me!



- Hey! Hey! Let me in! Come on, man!

- No, we're closed!



Let me in!



Hey, buddy!

Hey! Hey! Come on!



- Brother, get out of here, man.

Come on, get out of here.

- Hey, come on, man!



- Help me!

- Hey! I ain't got no change, man!



He was passir out flyers

for Randal Poe.



Let's pay him a visit.



Randal, Randal, Randal.



You were gonna leave

without saying good-bye?



My mama got sick in Biloxi.




I was gonna call you,

Mr. Van Cleaf.



Of course you were,




Of course you were.



I know you didn't mean to

hurt my feelings.






Looks like we missed

the party.



- Get down!

- Ooh!



Stay down!



Go! Go! Go!



- Let's go.

- We can't just leave her here!



Keep him in the Quarter.

Stay on his ass.



She's dead. Come on.



Grab the bar!






Ladies first.






It appears we'll have

one last hunt after all, Pick.



The train went by

maybe two,



two and a half hours ago.



This could be dangerous.

We're on his turf now.



Thank you, gentlemen, for making

yourselves available on short notice.



We are stalking

an exceptional opponent.



Truly a world-class trophy.



The price for participating

in this little excursion...



is $       each.



Should one of you be lucky

enough to bring him down,



I'll consider that hunter's

account paid in full.



Shouldrt we be worried

about alligators or something?



If it make you

feel better,






Come on, keep going.

It's still a long way...



- to Uncle Douvee's place.

- At least they won't

be able to find us out here.



Yes, they will, if they have

a tracker as good as Uncle Douvee.



All they have to do

is to check along the railroad.



I'm just guessing

we have a couple of hours.



- Okay.

- Maybe less. Come on. Let's go.



Isn't there

a trail or something?



This is the trail.



You're really enjoying yourself,

aren't you, Chance?



If it's tough for us,

it's tough for them.



You trust me?



Of course I trust you.



Close your eyes.



Why do you want me to trust you

with my eyes closed?



Close your eyes.



- Is it dead?

- Not hardly.



What are you doing?



I'm leaving a surprise

for my friends.



Son of a bitch!



If you would die quieter

and pick up the pace,



Boudreaux would have less time

for these little surprises.






Would you be so kind?



And do watch your step,

won't you? Let's go.



Sometime I amaze myself, me!



Is good whiskey!

Make jack rabbit slap the bear!



- Chance? Chance.

- Yeah!



You come to see your Uncle Douvee.




my Uncle Douvee.



Enchanté, mademoiselle.



We'll fix him up good.

Put bandage on, it no hurt.



- Be strong, my boy.

- Douvee, I've got some people after me.



I know.

I can smell them.



You've still got a.  -  

the one I gave you for your birthday?



No. A gator ate it.



But, uh,



I've still got

your shotgun.



So tell me, this mans

what chase after you,



he mad at you

for business or pleasure?



- Both.

- Uh-huh.



I'm going to take Elvira south,

then to Bayou La Fouche,



Mardi Gras graveyard.



If you can talk her

into it, go ahead.



You be careful.



Don't worry about me.



I love the company.



Be careful.

Without you, I'm hunting them.



He's gonna be all right.



Oui. Come.



We go.



Here, drink. But do not spill.



It kill the grass.



The place is clean.

He just left.



Get the fuck down!






Hold it!



Boudreaux is the target

we're after.



You are a fucking buffalo!






Boudreaux went this way, maybe ten,

   minutes ago. He's on a horse.



He's trying to lead us

away from his friends.



Get in

the fucking trucks.



Move! Fucking move!

Will you move? Move!



They're fucking brain-dead.



Get the helicopter.

Find Boudreaux.



- We'll set up an ambush

this side of Bayou La Fouche.

- I can take him from the air.



Any pinead can take him from the air.

I want to take him from the ground!



I can take him

from the air.



- Be a professional, Pick.

- Hey, you're making a mistake here.



Make sure

he gets there, Pick.



That's him.



Hey, pigeon.



Avril Pybus has a store

two miles this way.



You go to a telephone,

call the sheriff.



You know,



chére, I think you should

call the sheriff.



It appears your trophy's

ripping us a new orifice.



Let me review the tactical situation

for you, gentlemen.



Boudreaux is wounded.

He's been pursued and harried...



across miles of open country.



Now he's cornered

and outnumbered    to  .



He's an annoying little

fucking insect...



and I want him

stepped on, hard.



You're not angry with me,

are you, Pick?



I don't get angry.



I'm a professional.



Let's move!



This is not good.



If we walk away now,

we can be in Mexico in five hours.



What the fuck is the matter

with you, Pick?



Hunting drunks in alleys

made you soft?



God, that son-of-a-bitch

is good!



Goddamn it, I'm gonna blow

his goddamn head off!



What are you lookir at,

you sons-of-bitches?



This is what you paid for!

Get him!



Seal off this place.



The son-of-a-bitch

is mine.



Sorry about the shirt.



Give it a rest, pal.



- Now what do you want to do?

- Now...



Now we put arrow into everyone

what's not Chance, huh?






You fuckir bitch!




Now look what you do.



Give me this gun.

I take care all this bad guy.



Give me this gun!






- I told you to go for help.

- But we help.



All these men try to kill you.

We're here to help.




Boudreaux, Boudreaux.



I've been looking

all over for you.



- You've been looking

in the wrong places.

- That's good,



'cause I know you wouldn't

want to... hurt my feelings.



Can you get up?



I cannot dance,

but I can get up.









You lucky son-of-a-bitch!



- You want some more of that?

- Yeah!



How does it feel

to be hunted?



You tell me!



You should know better.



There isn't a country in the world

I haven't fired a bullet in!



You can't kill me!



You can't kill me!



I'm on every battlefield!



There's no winner here!



I don't see one.



You're looking at him!



Come on, you son-of-a-bitch!

Take your best shot!









My boy!



Just shoot him!



You won't do that, will you,

Mr. Boudreaux?



- Chance, please!

- If he shoots me, he'll kill you.



He's picked the wrong tool

for the job.



Put the weapon down...



or I'll run her through!






You see, Miss Binder,



you I can understand;

it was a matter of family.



You had nothing in common

with those people.



What made you want to

complicate my life like this?



Poor people get bored too.



- Come here.

- Please.



Load me.



Hunting season... is over.









What is this noise?



I was dreaming.

Chére, I think about you.



I tell this turkey,

he no kill this eagle.



Some headache I got here!



Oh, my God.



- What?

- I think I hurt pretty bad.



Now this,

this real catastrophe!



- This real bad.

- Yeah, real bad.



  Ah, when I was just

a little boy  




to my daddy's knee  



  My papa said, Son

don't let the man get ya  



  And do

what he done to me  



  Born on the bayou  



  Born on the bayou  



  Born on the bayou

Lord, lord  



  Wish I was back

on the bayou  




with some cajun queen  



  A-wishir I were

a fast freight train  



  A-just a-chooglir

on down to New Orleans  



  Born on the bayou  



  Born on the bayou

Mmm, mmm, mmm  



  Born on the bayou  



  Doir it, doir it

doir it, doir it  






  Oh, get back now  



  Well, I can remember

the fourth of July  



  A-runnir through

the backwood bare  



  And I can still hear

my ol' hound dog barkir  



  Chasir down

a hoodoo there  



  Chasir down

a hoodoo there  



  Born on the bayou  



  Born on the bayou

Ohh, ohh  



  Born on the bayou  



  All right  



  Do it, do it, do it

do it  



  Mmm, ohh   

Special help by SergeiK