Hate Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hate script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mathieu Kassovitz movie (La Haine).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hate. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hate Script





You murderers! It's easy

to gun us down! We only got rocks!






This film is dedicated

to friends and family



who died

while it was in the making.



Heard about the guy

who fell off a skyscraper?



On his way down past each floor,



he kept saying

to reassure himself:



"So far so good...



"so far so good..."



How you fall doesn't matter.



It's how you land!



More rioting in the projects

outside the city.



Last night a mob of youths



attacked a police station



in the Muguet projects.



Pitched battles

left    officers injured.



   arrests were made.



A mall and nearby buildings

were damaged by looters



who dispersed around   a.m.



Alleged police brutality

sparked the riots   days ago.



A local teen was severely beaten

under questioning.



The officer was suspended.



The victim, Abdel Ichaha,

is in hospital



in critical condition.



Got a looter under arrest,

a minor.






Vinz! Where the fuck is he?



- What?

- Whadda ya mean "what"?



Can't fuckin' say hello?



Chill, Sayid. What's up?



Tell your bro to come out.



- What for?

- Tell him!



- What for?

- Just tell him!



What for?



Is this a TV game show?



Quit hollering!



You guys made enough noise

last night!



You see me last night?

I wasn't here.



Shut up!



Don't play dumb!



- You'll burn next, asshole!

- Idiot!



- You gonna get him?

- Don't asshole me, asshole!



You still there? Beat it!



If I wake him,

he'll get mad. You try!



I hope the cops tan your hide!






Shut up, Sayid.



Shut up? Be nice

or you're history, fuckface!



Go away. You stink!



You want to play

this early? One...









You lose.



Fuck your sister.



I told you not to talk about her!



She sucks Donald Duck. Get lost!



Jew boy!



You bogus kike, you're nowhere!



- I saw a cow.

- What?



A cow.



Got some smoke?



In the box.



Last night, during the riot,

I dashed behind a building:



Wham! I ran right into a cow.






Stop smoking,

your brain's fried!



Off my bed!

I'll say you're taking drugs!



I'll cut your throat, hang you up,



you'll drown in your blood!






Get off the bed.



You get out.



Stay off my bed!



Get lost, you snitch!



Move it.



Watch your mouth with my sister!



- Got any salt?

- Respect your granma!



You my father?



What about Dad?



You my mother now?



Go to school!



It burned down.



Burned down! Savages!



Start that way and soon

you'll skip temple!



- Granma!

- What?



I didn't burn the school!



And you don't go to temple!



You win! I surrender!



If everyone ran from an argument,



there'd be a stampede, already!



But we'd all be going

the same way!






You talkin' to me?



You talkin' to me,




...the guy says: "For cash,

I'd even murder!"



He tells his friend:

"I'd even waste you."



The friend freaks,

so the guy says:



"Don't worry, you're a buddy.



"I won't waste you for cash,

I'll do it for free!"



What a killer line! "For free!"



"I'll waste you for free!"

What a line, Vinz!



I got it the first time.



Tell your brother to come see me!



What a killer put-down!

"I'll waste you for free!"



Shut up and gimme the joint.



- A killer line!

- Killer.



"I'd waste you for free."

Can't do better than that!



Why you so uptight?






Bastards wrecked everything!



Check that!



I don't believe it!



How'd they get the car in?



The doorway's too narrow.



Chill, Sayid! There he is.



He must be pissed off.



Took him two years to get this gym!



Your dope's good, Vinz.



Not mine. It's Hubert's.



Don't bogart, Sayid.



Thought you quit smoking?



Me too.



What happened here?






A fire?



You win the prize, Einstein!



Kiss mine, cousin!



I knew it'd go up

in smoke one day.



So why'd you bust ass to get it?



'Cause he wanted to, dickface!



You're the dick.



You know who did it?



I don't want to know.



How'd the car get in here?



The doorway's not big enough.



We dissed them, spit on them!



But the cops didn't move an inch.



Then the mothers stepped aside

to make a path...



Then these plainclothes pigs

came out with wooden clubs.



They hit a homeboy,

like real bad!



Kept clubbing him

till we tore into 'em.



I kicked a pig right in the head!



That's a Yamaha.



More like your Mom on a Harley!



It's Mohammed's bike.

He fixed the exhaust.



No, it's Vinz's Mom on a Yamaha!



Which Mohammed?



Farida's brother?



Farida with the driver's licence?



No, Farida from the supermarket.



Anyway, it was a scene.



You should've been there Hubert.

It was intense.



Tear gas,   nights in a cop shop,



all the fists you can eat,



getting hell at home:



sorry cousin, but I ain't buyin'!



Gimme a break! It was war

against the pigs, in living color!



I was trying to make some cash.



Your bogus riot fucked it up!



When a brother goes down,

I stand up!



What brother?

Do I know the guy?



I won't take hits for

a homeboy gangsta I don't know.



Let's go.



I mean it!



Abdel's no gangsta.



OK, but I'm not faster

than a speeding bullet!



Hey, hands off the hot dogs!



Gimme one.



And go broke?



Don't make us cry!



I'll make you cry, Sayid!



Everyone pays the same!



Except Hubert, it's his building.



A buck?



A buck for one, OK two!



You're a drag!



You should try one.



- Got a buck?

- Yeah, for me!






No way, I'll remember this!



- So remember.

- Never forget.



Don't be a jerk. I'll pay later.



How? With your sister?



Don't talk that way about her!



Chill out, you bogus Arab!




Come back with that!



Got any change?



We're broke!



-   bits.

- We're broke.



...The judge says I go to jail,



or do jobs for the City.



Community service? The pits!



Ever do it? Jail's bad enough!



You'd rather do time?



Your bro stole a dog!



- Liar!

- His mouth is full!



Put it on my tab.



Liar! Your nose is growing!



I'll bust your nose, Sayid!



Beat it!



A.  !



Like the gun in "Lethal Weapon."



We saw that movie together!

It was a  mm. Glock!



- What?

- No, it wasn't!



That was a Desert Eagle.



He shot at the truck!



That wasn't "Lethal Weapon"!



What are you talking about?



A cop lost his handgun

during the riot.



That's a good one!



I don't know the pig

who lost his piece.



But I'd like to know

who found it!



No joke!



...l'll sleep, eat, lift weights.



Everyone's been inside, except me.



A month for theft

is pathetic!



Not in your league!



- What league? I was never inside!

- You got nabbed.



I quit in time!



Come look!



We got visitors.



Over here!



It's the mayor!



Up Your Honor, Mr. Mayor!




Cut the stereo!



Who's in charge here?

You, Nordeen?



What's going on here?



Think you're in Disneyland?



You're not allowed up here.

You gotta go down.



We're causing no trouble.



Still, you've got

to get off the roof.



We like it up here.



Off the roof.



You learn that shit at Notre Dame?



Cut it out! Quiet everyone!



- I'll handle this!

- Forget it!



You can't stay here!



So fold your little tents,

grab your chairs...



and let's all go downstairs

nice and easy.






Who's gonna make us leave?



Your goons or you,

in your little uniform?



Nordeen, we're doing our job.



Leave us alone!



Don't talk to me like that,

I don't know you.



Now get lost!



Sitting duck!



Your mother drinks Bud!



Anyone who wants to stay, stay!

Heat's off.



- I'm staying

- You're going.



Let me stay, Nordeen.



- What did I say?

- You said go.



- So what do you do?

- I go!



OK, I'm going!



Vinz, c'mon!



Don't play tough guy!



You always wimp out!



...You see 'em in porn stores.



What are they called?






- What?

- G-strings, moron.



She had one on, I swear it.



I fucked her like an animal.



We were in the room...



she kept screaming for more.



Guy next door pounded

the wall we were so noisy.



You dreamt you fucked her!






- You know the bitch?

- I know her, she has AIDS.



Get outta here!



- Hi, we're from TV.

- What's this?



Were you in the riot last night?



Did you break things, burn cars?



- We look like looters, lady?

- I didn't say that.



- So what do we look like?

- Nothing special.



Get out the car! This ain't Thoiry.



We got work to do.



What kind of work?

Stirring up shit?



- For a juicy scoop!

- No camera!



Quit snooping in the 'hood,

fuckface! Stop taping!



Quit taping, dickhead!



This ain't Thoiry!



What's with all the assholes today?



That fuckin' broad...



What's Thoiry?



A drive-in safari park.



This ain't no zoo!



Open up, WalMart!



You fuckin' jerks.



Talk nice, we're in France.



It's   p.m. and you're in bed?



What's with the hair net?



Lay off!



You a movie star, WalMart?



What's this shitty TV?



Watch where you sit!



Just sweat pants!



Where's the new TV?



It's too big to move.



I came by for my cash.

Where were you?



I don't have it.



Don't you know what happened?



Go see what your pals did.



Foued's brother did that.



So what?



Give me his address.



Look what he did to my car!



Look what he did!



Just look!



Leave that alone.



I lost ten grand!

I can't work now.



WalMart, it's just a car!



That's what you say!



You don't realize.



It's all I got.



Cut it out!



Leave that alone!



A homeboy's dying,

fuck your car!



"A homeboy!"

Big deal!



You disgust me!



That car's all I have.

It's my life!



- They're showing the riot!

- My car's more important!



Look, the riot.



- Some TV!

- Sure, bust it!



- Fix the antenna!

- I'm trying!



It's David!



How'd he get on TV?



I was over there,

they missed me!



- Fix it! I can't see a thing!

- This TV sucks!



How'd that fucker get on TV?



Hey, gimme my money!



I don't have it. Snoopy has it.



Gimme my coat

and get outta my face!



You guys must be happy.



A cop lost his gun in the riot.



I hope the guy who finds it



uses it uptown, not here for once!



Forget it,



we'll get even!



You know that show,

"Candid Camera"?



So this celebrity's sure

he's been set up.



His buddy's fixed it

with the camera guys.



The celebrity thinks

they're out to get him.



He always eats

in the same joint.



He's sure

they'll film him there.



The others convince him

there's a hidden camera.



He sees the TV truck,

a camera behind the mirror



and the guy with him

pretends to act weird.



The celebrity thinks

he'll fool 'em,



pretending he hasn't noticed.



He thinks all hell

will break loose.



But they just film him, jumpy,

waiting for shit to happen.



So you see this guy...



Cut it out, Sayid!



- Wasn't me!

- Then who?



The celebrity's sweating,

trying to act cool.



Each time the waiter passes



he thinks it'll happen.



Then a guy asks him

for his autograph.



The celeb thinks it's a trick



and starts ranting at the guy,



who doesn't know what's up,

so he gets mad.



They start fighting,



and the Candid Camera guys

have to break it up.



It was a killer punch out.



Then what?



That's all.



Who was the celebrity?



Dunno, but he was real famous.



I don't remember.



This looks like trouble.

See ya.






What did they want?



"Don't get mad, get even."



It's Abdel's brother.

He's got a pump gun.



Party time!



We go visit Abdel

in the hospital?



I gotta show you something...



That's real steel!



- Get a load of it.

- What a mother!



What'll you do with it?



Stop it, Hubert.



What you gonna do with it?



Depends if Abdel dies.



You gonna kill a cop?



Best way to get respect!



Smoking a cop

will get you respect?



lt'll even up the score.



- I coulda got you a piece.

- This one's special.



Think you're on a mission?



Well, I did find the gun.

Leave me alone!



- Will it help Abdel?

- It'll help us.



Stop fronting!



You pussy!



You're headed for big shit!



I'll do my thing, you do yours.



- I don't want to know.

- So don't ask!



One thing's sure...



with that piece

you're the big man.



Hey, wait for me!



Fuck it...



What the fuck ya doin'?



OK, don't have a shit fit!



Sorry, fellas, you can't go in.



Let us in. We came to see Abdel.



Sorry, I have my orders.



Just a couple of minutes.

Then we'll leave.



He's our friend.



The docs won't let you in.

He's in a coma.



We won't make trouble!



If I let you in,



- I'll lose my job.

- Sure, flunkey!



Tone it down.

His family's here.



They need peace and quiet!



We're not as good as reporters?



Get going!



Hands off, man!



You gonna make me leave?



Gonna shoot me?

Pull out your pop gun!



What's going on here?



Look at that fuckface!



We came to see our pal Abdel!



We won't leave till we see him.



Beat it, before I take you in.



Oh, yeah?



You shut up!



Move 'em out!



We can be nice or nasty.

It's up to you!



Calm down!



Lieut., these kids made trouble.



I got the ringleader.



- He did nothing.

- I arrested the leader.



- What leader?

- He means Sayid.



Sure, Uncle Tom!



Things aren't bad enough.



You had to go to the hospital?



They were only doing their job.



Doing their job?



Shut your yap, once and for all!



- You shut yours!

- Don't talk to me like that!



- Same to you!

- Shut up, will ya!






You don't know a fucking thing!



What do you know?



Cut it out, asshole.



- Watch your tongue!

- If you watch yours!



The bastards who beat up Abdel

will go to jail!



You're dreaming.



The cops at the hospital



protect Abdel and his family.



You just fuck things up!



You idiot, you got it all wrong.



Those cops

are just protecting Abdel!



Most cops don't beat on you.

They protect you!



Who protects us from you?



Never do it again!



Who writes your jokes?



Watch your tongue!



Watch your mother!



You ever trash me again,



you go to central lock-up.



Your brother can bail you out.



- I didn't ask no favors.

- I did it for your brother.



He'd rip you apart!



You're the ripper.



About the boxing gym:

I can get you a City grant.



You'll get another gym.



Kids want to punch

more than bags now!



It's hopeless. Once I could talk

to the kids. No more.



And they know me!

A rookie cop wouldn't last a month.



An Arab in a police station

doesn't last an hour!



I have to go.

Try to keep cool.



Yeah, we'll try.



Outta my face, you fucker!






You shook his hand?



He's always been cool with me.



You don't shake a pig's hand!



You shoot him, I shake his hand!

You're a fuckin'pain!



And you're out of it!




I knew it!



You acted so weird

at the hospital.



- Take it easy.

- Let me see.



You didn't tell us?



You didn't want to know!



Packing that!

You retard!



I'm a big boy.

Quit preaching!



I'll bust your chops!



Stop it!



You feel big with that gun!

I'll kick your ass!



Like how?



Cut it out.

Let's grab a sandwich.



You shut up!



I'm splittin'.



So split!



Stay with us.



Sayid, let him split!



Don't go!



Back off.



What's with him?



Jerk thinks too much.



- Where's Mom?

- Explain this to me.



I can't now.






What's the answer?



I don't know.



- You never know.

- OK, I never know.



Hi, Mom.



How's the kid brother?



He's fine.



But your brother

in jail isn't so good.



What's with Max?



He needs textbooks.



What for?



To get a high school diploma

while he's inside.



He never made grade school!



Hands off the pots!



I didn't do nothing!



I dunno how I'll buy his books.



By the way...



There's the money

for the power bill.



- And my machine?

- What machine?



My new sewing machine!



Shit, I forgot to ask WalMart.



Mine's ready to croak.



Patou, go study in your room.



- Mom.

- Don't argue.



Who's WalMart?

That fence in Tower B?



No, he's in Tower D.



I don't know him.



Could he get us textbooks?



That's not his line, Mom.



Officials now admit



that a policeman lost his gun

in the riot last night.



It is still missing.



We asked locals

if a loose gun is dangerous



in this explosive situation...



What a fuck up!



They burned down the gym.



I'm sick of the projects.

I want out. It's getting worse.



I'm sure Vinz helped

torch the gym.



He's going wild, like Max.



I have to get out.



I have to leave this place.



If you see a grocery,

buy me a lettuce.



No credit for you.



My granma's a regular here!

So I'm   bits short!



You're not your granma.



- Hands off!

- Just looking!



- Got two bits?

- How about one?



- One OK?

- One not OK.



Gimme a coin, you dinosaur!



No coins for you.



OK... Now what?



So what'll it be?



- I saw you!

- You saw what?



Gimme the red peppers.

They're cheaper.



My granma'll kill me!

She hates 'em.



So shoot the Chink,

grab the green peppers!



lt'll make granma's day!




fuck the po-lice...



He's intense.






A mother killer!



Sayid, check out the cow.



Fuck off with your cow!



- I swear!

- You said you'd cut my hair.



The same cow! I saw it!



You're the cow!



It was the same fuckin' cow!



You gotta believe me!



Shut up!



I'm Seņor Duck...



I fucka you,

I fucka her, I fucka him...



OK Granma!

So they're red peppers!



You know this cow business.



It's a weird trip.



Don't wreck my hair!



I gotta get laid!

So watch it!



I can mow a lawn, I'll try.



A lawn?



Sit your ass down.



- It's hot, Vinz

- What?



A cop's piece is hot.



You said that already.

Sit still, loser!



I'll whack you.



Don't move.



If Abdel dies, you'll kill?



Wanna be the next Arab

iced by the pigs?



Well, me neither.



So now you're an Arab!



They think we're full of shit.



But I'm not bullshitting

about this, Sayid.



Watch it!



It's cool.



Is this gun legit for a cop?

...What'd you do?



Nothing, I swear it!



Why swear?



Because it's nothing.



I'm cold there!



It's cold in this room!



I'll even it out,

it'll be great!



I got a date! Lemme see!



No fuckin' trust!



I didn't see!



You didn't look!



Trust me, dammit!



It's a nice hole.



A nice what?



Trust me, or no haircut!



Look at me, Sayid!



Get outta here!



Don't get bummed out!



It's the style in New York.



The killer cut, so stop whining!



New York?



They got hair like this

in New York? I look punk!






Don't laugh!



Give us a kiss, Sayid.



Outta my face!



No hard feelings, sucker!



Hey pooch,

your master's an asshole!



There's your sister.



- Why're you here?

- And you?



I'm asking the questions!



You should be in school.



Get outta here!



Get lost, you cows.



You still here?



Get lost!



You talk to my friends!



To Vincent.



The name's Vinz, not Vincent!

And don't talk to him!



- Get a move on!

- Don't push!



- Coming tonight?

- Where?



Jason's brother's in a prize fight.



- Got tickets?

- Freebies.






Who cut your hair, Sayid?



Kids these days!



Check that!



Shit's happenin'!



Abdel's my brother, pig!



You're gonna pay!



Step on it!



It's stalled!



Outta the car, freeze!



Drop the gun!






Get back!



Get the fuck out!



Riot cops are coming!



Get back, scum!



Vinz, Hubert, this way!



This way!






You crazy?



Where were you?



We fucked your mother!



I swear the pig was

right in my sights.



I had him like I have you now!



The sucker froze,

shit his pants.



Without Hubert,

I'd have smoked him!



Right in the mother!



Hubert slugged him so hard

he went into orbit!






I swear it!



Slugged a pig?



You were great!






Now what do we do?



I gotta call to get my bucks.



Got Snoopy's address?



I'll wait, but not forever!



This cost me a $  chocolate milk!

I'd better collect!



You want some, Vinz?



- Want some?

- No.



You sure?



Want some, Cousin Hubie?



You're already chocolate!



Will you guys stop sulking?



Who's sulking? Not me!



- Unbelievable!

- Ask him!



A couple of kids!



- Who's the kid?

-   kids worrying over jackshit!



I'm    % behind you!



Wanting to kill a cop is jackshit!



Tell your buddy to back off!

I never said I wanted to.



Yes, you did!



- Yes!

- No!



I didn't say that!



I said if Abdel died,



I'd smoke a cop.

Not for the hell of it!



Without my gun back there,



we'd have been history!



My name's not Rodney King!



Not the same thing!



Expect us to bring you

gifts in jail?



I expect nothing!

Not from a guy who kisses cop ass!



Go ahead, laugh!






I'm fuckin' sick

of the goddam system!



We live in rat holes,

you do fuck-all to change things!



Neither do you!



You're my homeys,

so I'll tell you:



If Abdel dies, I hit back.



I'll whack a pig!



So they know we don't turn

the other cheek now!



Wow, what a speech!



Half Moses, half Mickey Mouse.



Forget it, Vinz.

You're out of your league.



If Abdel dies, we lose a friend?






If a cop dies,

do all cops go away?



You're just one guy!

You can't blow 'em all away!



Who made you a preacher?



You know what's right and wrong?



Why do you side with the assholes?



Who's the asshole?



In school we learnt

that hate breeds hate!



I didn't go to school,

I'm from the street!



Know what it taught me?



Turn the other cheek,

you're dead mothafucka!



Bullshit! You pointed a gun

at a cop! We coulda been killed!



Nothing like a good shit!



You believe in God?

That's the wrong question.



Does God believe in us?



I once had a friend

called Grunwalski.



We were sent to Siberia together.



When you go to a Siberian work camp,



you travel in a cattle car.



You roll across icy steppes

for days,



without seeing a soul.



You huddle to keep warm.



But it's hard to relieve yourself,

to take a shit,



you can't do it on the train,



and the only time the train stops



is to take on water

for the locomotive.



But Grunwalski was shy.



Even when we bathed together,



he got upset.



I used to kid him about it.



So, the train stops and everyone

jumps out to shit



on the tracks.



I'd teased Grunwalski so much



that he went off on his own.



The train starts moving,



so everyone jumps on,



because it waits for nobody.



Grunwalski had a problem:



he'd gone behind a bush



and was still shitting.



So I see him come out

from behind the bush,



holding up his pants



with his hands.



He tries to catch up.



I hold out my hand,



but each time he reaches for it



he lets go of his pants



and they drop to his ankles.



He pulls them back up,



starts running again,



but they fall back down,



when he reaches out for me.



- Then what happened?

- Nothing.






froze to death.



Good day.



Why'd he tell us that?



I got the address. I'll call you.



Why'd he tell us that?



'Scuse me,

I'm just out of the hospital.



I haven't eaten for   days.



My child's hungry,

I need your spare change...



I wanna date with Mina!



I'll lasso her!



What d'you want?

My dad's in jail,



my mom's in jail,

my whole family is!



Get a job like everyone else!



What is this, Mardi Gras?



I want Mina!



I'm homeless,

my welfare ran out.



I got out of a halfway house...



It's a block away.






Have a nice day, sir.






The pigs are fuckin' polite

around here!



Even called me sir!



Maybe he won the lottery!



Damn, it's locked!



What's his real name?



I only know him as Snoopy.



- Yes?

- Sorry to bother you.



I'm looking for...






- It sounds weird.

- Very funny!



The fucker hung up.



You try.



- Why me?

- Try!



Darkie and me

will get shot at!



- Hello.

- Yes?



Is Snoopy there?



No, but Charlie Brown is!



You fucked it up, you asshole!



Stop that!



Sorry to bother you.



Our pal Snoopy lives here,

we don't know his real name.



Stop ringing!

You thinka da world is yours?






No, we're staying!



So call the cops, you spic!









- What floor?

-  th.



We're coming!




Is no name!



You always make-a trouble!



- Were you followed?

- No.



- No one?

- Nobody!



- You sure?

- Why?






You cool?






Check that kitchen.



Who's this dude?



Nice space!

You win the lottery?



A guy loaned it to me.

He ain't gettin' it back!



This is no apartment,

it's a palace!



I don't believe it.



Bitchin' apartment!



Snoopy, meet Vinz.



This is Cousin Hubert!



We've met before!



- Line of coke?

- No.



- You sure?

- No thanks.



A little line of coke?



No one for coke?



- How's your bro?

- OK.



Mean fuckin' dude!



- He still a maniac?

- And you?



Fuckin' A!




So you got my cash?



My bread!



Make it snappy, Snoopy!



Cut the bullshit!



Come get it.



Comin' at you, Bruce Lee!



- Hands off!

- What?



Not for kids! It's my gun!



So what? I got a piece too.



Let's see!



Whip it out.






Don't, Vinz!



He knows guns.



A snub-nosed

Smith & Wesson Magnum   .



Watch it!



It's loaded.



Mean piece.



You're a gangsta.



It's for self-defense.



You into magic?






One bullet.



I missed.



You're nuts!



- That's live ammo!

- It's an old trick!



Cool it.



We up the stakes:   bullets!






Wiggin' out, guys?



You're nuts.






Your turn.



Let's go, he's fried.



Gonna do it?



- Gimme.

- Do it!



I did it, you do it!



Man, you want trouble?



Do it!



Chill, guys!



Stop, Vinz!



You aiming at me?



You're off your head!



You bet I'm aiming at you!



No one fucks with me!



I'm not some ass-wipe!



Wanna see a gun?



A fuckin' gun?



Sayid, get him out!



We're outta here!



Up your mother's slash, sucker!






That's right, asshole!



He was bluffing!



Now I'll never get my cash!



Leave us out of your games, Vinz!



Games? We got a pal

in the hospital!



Don't take on the world!



You got the wrong build!



I'm not like you,

Mr. Black Hercules, right?



Go fuck yourself!



Fuck myself?



Alright, kids!



- Who're you?

- Easy!



You had your fun!






Search them.



Fast work! In my 'hood,

the cops come



a week after you're dead!



Hey, you!



- You together?

- I don't know them.



Why you here?



I live with my aunt!



What's her name?



Mrs. Zyl...



- Got I.D.?

- I'm on the level...









Don't move, boy!



You know him?



- Who?

- Your pal.



I don't know him.



We'll see about that, wise guy!



- This is humiliating!

- Too bad.



What's this?



Good stuff!



I'm keeping it.



Afghan's the best.



Good buzz going up and down.



Same with Black Bombay.



Lebanese can really vary.



This is crap

but I'll keep it... Well?



The little fucker outran me.

Take them in.



- Get in the back.

- Why me?



Get in!



Listen, scumbag.

You know what I think of you?



You're like poodle shit

on a sidewalk.



I can't take a step



without squashing

your ugly dog-turd face.



So watch where the dog dumps you!



You're all alone!



Far from the slums...



and your looter pals.



Pick it up with your feet.



Like your people do back home.



They're great with their feet.



This is the hard part.



OK, there's no big hurry.



In   hours, they may be free.



Make the most of it.



How 'bout a bullet

in the back of your head?



A nice little bullet?



You gotta stop in time.



You need self-control.



Gotta be a pro.



This takes control.



Don't get mad! It won't last!



You got something to say?



Don't touch him!



You know this one?



The Shanghai Squeeze.



It's an oldie.



Wait, I think he's thirsty.






Don't hurt yourself!



Take it easy!



Don't get me aroused.



You look like a bitch from behind!



A nice bitch to suck me off!



Blow jobs!



Bitches to suck my dick!



That's the way.

Then you relax!



But it's hard to stop in time.



You gotta stay in control.



That's the trick.



I like his face.



He's cute.



What was the name?



- Are you cute?

- Yes! I'm cute!



I'm cute!



- Which one?

- He's Hubert.



That's no Hubert!



He's French, he's Sayid.



Sayid? That's pretty!



Is Sayid a French name?



Aren't they pretty?



Take a good look!



The little guy's excited.



Leave him alone!



It's so easy to go too far!



But you mustn't!

Though you're dying to!



Right, you Arab sonofabitch?



OK, let's go.






We'll miss the last train!



Forget it.






Did I talk to you?



Yo, Vinz!



Where's Sayid and Hubert?



Dunno. They pissed me off tonight.



You guys are always fussin'!



Your sister's hot.



Shut up, asshole.



Sorry, but she's hot.



You don't stand a chance.



Don't you try.



Don't even look at her!



Check the turn!



I won't try 'cause she's pregnant.



Don't diss my sis', butthead!




I gotta make it



by any means necessary



'cos my mind's

playin' tricks on me.



You won't let us in?



Beat it!



That nigger bouncer

never lets us in!



We know his bro for    years!



And he still gives us shit!



Drives me crazy!



What's up with the flare gun?



Where you going?



Don't be a hot dog!






I told you I'd be back!



Not so big now, fuckface!



You and your stinkin' club!



Fuck your club!



Goddam nigger!



That cop made us miss it.



Dickless fuckin' Tracy!



When's the next one?



Tomorrow morning.



How much did Snoopy owe you?






What'd he owe you?






- $    ?

- No, $   .






All this shit for a lousy $   !



It's the principle that counts.






Coyote's a bad motherfucker.



Roadrunner's a pussy.



Pick between Tweetie and Sylvester.



Fuck you and Tweetie!



I don't take shit

from a guy who sees cows!



I say Sylvester's the real gangsta.



Bottom line! 'Nuff said!



Can't talk with you guys

if you won't listen.



'Cause you listen?



You got it all wrong.



I say Tweetie's the baddest.

He always wins.



That's bullshit!



Sylvester fucks Tweetie and you!



Come again?



Who does he fuck? Me?




Sylvester's a black brother.



A black brother?



Full of shit!



Shall we, gentlemen?



What can we lose?



It's positively frightful!



Is this guy famous?



He will be when he grows up!



There's Champagne,

Cinzano, Bogardi...



- I don't drink.

- I mean Bacardi.



Outta my way.



I want peanuts.



Cheers, Charles!



Hey, Charles!



Behave, asshole!



Let 'em through, Sayid!



Check out the babes!



That's what I call women!



The sister is hot.



Do me a favor.



I'm not going!



Who bought the tacos last week?



You owe me one.



Get me the sister.






There's just two!



- Who cares?

- Shut up!



Get her for me, Hubert!



Excuse me, my name's Hubert.



My friend's a romantic,

he's really shy.



He'd love to meet you.



That's him.



What d'ya say?



Look what you did to me!



He's really cool.



- He's too nice.

- OK, then!



C'mon Sayid!



Hold this.



Haven't we met before?



Don't I wish!



Hi, girls!



I'm Sayid.



Please don't lean on the painting.



You're the painting!



I'm good at what?



Guess, babe!



We heard you were shy!



Shy? That's my middle name!



What's your number?

We'll go out.



You're all alike!



He said you wanted to talk.



Talk? What about?



Lighten up!

We were ready to talk,



but with your attitude,

how can we respect you?



Who are you?

The Wonderbra bitch?



- Who asked you?

- I'm asking you!



He's nuts.



What are you staring at?



Got a screw loose?



You're the screw.



- Stop!

- What's wrong with you?



Leave us alone,

we didn't ask you over!



Gentlemen, please!



It's cool, Pops!



Nobody's been hurt!

What's your beef?



- Keep your heads, please.

- Please what?



Let's go!



Pretty please!



Let's all calm down!



Stop that!



Stop your friend.



You're not my friend!

Fuck you!



Know what?



Go suck cocks in hell!



- With your mothers!

- You're all ugly!



I'm fuckin' sorry, sir!



Have fun, mothafuckas!



Troubled youth!



We shoulda swiped a bottle.



I got the sucker's charge card!



Hubert! Up to your old tricks!



Like riding a bike:

you don't forget.



Mr. David Moe?



He's not here?



We keep it for him!



Give it to me.



What's the score?






Know what I'm saying?



Your name's not David!



And cabs don't take plastic.



Just this once.



Gimme a break!



You fart?



It was you.

Who else?



It stinks. Had to be you.



That's not my stink.



I know your farts.



Mothafucka, we're locked out.



Who farted?



- He did.

- He did.



Can't you tell?



It was him.



Your ass reeks.




goddam steering wheel!



Cut the poetry



and pull the thing!



Jean-Claude does this

in five seconds flat.



Which Jean-Claude?



The mailman?



No, that's Sylvie's boyfriend.



This guy got   years

for car theft.



Move it,

bust the fucker!



Use your foot!



Don't be a sissy.



Who's a sissy?



Relax, Max.



"Night of the Living Car!"



The wipers!



Rip open that plastic box.



Open sesame!



Connect the green wire

to the red one.



Nah, that's for the blinkers.



How'd they do it in on TV?



Fuck TV!



Start the mother!



Who the fuck's he?



Freaked me out!



Who the fuck are you?



- Huh?

- What you doin'?






So go somewhere else.



Move, you'll get us nabbed.



It's my wife...



What about her?



She left me.



Do we fuckin' care?



Don't wait for the law, start it.






The red wire to the green wire.



Lay off, that's for the horn!



Try the blue, jerk!



You do it! If you're so smart.



I'll kill you!!



You're a drag.



That wire's for the horn.



No, that's the horn!



Sayid's right.



You see?



Who was right?

We do it my way!



Gimme some metal!



Move it!



You're a good guy.

What's your name?



You got a name?



At least we put it to good use!



Ready? Watch this.



Anyone know how to drive?



- Vinz does.

- Wait a second.



I never learned,

I got no licence.



He does. He was in the Army.



The Navy! I can't drive.



I can!



Shut up!



- Vinz?

- What?



You took that bitch

around Israel in a Mercedes.



Not the same thing!



That was different. It was... uh...



It was an automatic...



More like a dream!



You guys are so lame!



Now what?




but a cop car's coming.



- Where?

- That's a cop car.



It's real close.



On three, we're outta here, OK?












Out of the way!



"You down with OCB?"



"Yeah, you know me..."



"You're down with OCB?"



"Yeah, you know me..."



"Yeah, you know me..."



Sometimes you feel

so fuckin' small...



Got any more bullshit wisdom?



"The early bird catches the worm."



"A stitch in time saves nine."



"Haste makes waste."



"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."



I save that one

for special occasions.



Holy fuck!



I'm wasted.



Your shit is dope!



Sayid, watch it!



He's a big boy!



- Spray cans!

- You're the can!



What was that old guy

in the john trying to say?



Talked about God and shitting.

What was the point?



I see skinheads.



You're the skinhead.



Fuck Nazis!



The point is: God's inside you,



so He helps you dump!



God loves your bowels.



Pass the joint.



Check this shit out:



"Pinhead is to skinhead,

as teeny is to weenie."



Get my drift?



Out of the way.



Know the one about the guy

falling off a skyscraper?



On the way down he says to himself:



"So far so good...

so far so good..."



I heard it with a rabbi.



Like us in the projects.

So far so good,



but how will we land?



I feel like an ant

lost in intergalactic space.



Watch, I'll switch off

the Eiffel Tower.



That only works in movies.






You in a movie?



In a porn flick

with your mother!



Look who's talking!



Yours sticks carrots up her ass!



You're the carrot!









How did they get

the car in the gym?



Search me... Ask God!



Very funny.



Look at those sheep in the system.



They look cute

in their fancy leather jackets.



But they're scumbags.



They ride escalators,

carried by the system.



They vote far right,

but aren't racists.



They can't move without escalators.



The worst!












Where's Vinz?









Dumb fuck!



What did I do?



Why hit me?



What did I do?



What'd I do, asshole?



You suck big time!



So what'd I do?



Help me, Sayid! Please.



Help you what?

What'd I do?



Abdel's dead now!



He's sick of your shit!



What shit?



What the fuck I do?



You wanna kill a pig,

go right ahead.



But you're on your own.



We're outta here.



Get lost.



Both of you!



I don't need you!



I know who I am

and where I come from!



So go home and shut up!



Fuck your mother!



Don't bug me, Sayid.



Think we should've...



Just what we need!



A nigger!



You're the fucker

who dissed us from the roof!



The gang banger from the roof?



Let's see you fight!



Hold him!



Come back!



You fuckin' asshole!



I done nothing!



Faster than a speeding bullet?



I done nothing!



Check it out!



Whadda you say?



Get the fuck in there!



Whatcha gonna do?



You think I'm all talk?



I'm all talk?




Don't try and stop me!



- Vinz, don't do it!

- Let him!



Do your good deed!



Shut up!



There are good cops.



But the only good skinhead

is a dead one!



Shoot him.



We took your shit all day.

Fuckin' shoot him!



You got the piece.









Fuck his mother!






Abdel's dead!

Get even, for fuck's sake!



Do it for Abdel!






Get outta here!



See ya tomorrow.



Take it.



Gonna sing a love song?



Go home, loser.



Let's go, Vinz.



Later, Hubert.



Hear the one about the nun?



This drunk guy comes out of a bar,



and walks up to a nun

in this big black cape.



Wham! He slugs her

in her teeth. She goes down



and he keeps on pounding her.



After about   minutes he stops,



looks at her and says:



"You're not so tough, Batman!"



That's a killer!



He thought the nun was Batman!



I heard it with a rabbi.



Over here, you!



What's the matter?



I know you!



You were on the roof!



What're you doin'?



Got a problem, you fuck?



Scared without your pals?



Not so tough now!



Look at him!



It's about a society falling...



On the way down

it keeps telling itself:



"So far so good...



"so far so good...



"so far so good..."



How you fall doesn't matter.



It's how you land!


Special help by SergeiK