Havoc Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Havoc script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Havoc. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Havoc Script





So you want to know about us?



'Bout kids from the Palisades?



That's easy, right?



Our parents moved

to the ocean...



and built walls

facing the other way.



They... send us

to private school.



They hire rent-a-cops

with uniforms...



and make them drive around

in little Ford Escorts, see?



This sends a powerful message.



There's us and there's them...



inside the circle and out.



We live very sheltered lives.



 Straight up o the block

with that Glock cocked



 From the school

of hard knocks



 Sellin' rocks, duckin' cops,

raisin' hell



 It's on, like Run-D.M.C.,

but with automatics



 You want some static,

can't top that



 Welcome to havoc



 Straight up o the block

with that Glock cocked



 From the school

of hard knocks



 Sellin' rocks, duckin' cops,

raisin' hell



 It's on, like Run-D.M.C.,

but with automatics



 You want some static,

can't top that



 Welcome to havoc



 Look, don't even

bring it my way



 It's like gettin' an atheist

to pay tithes on a Sunday



 A waste of time,

a wasted mind



 Found a side from the waist

to raise the nine



 See, I'll make your soul

rise and shine



 In the middle of the night

and go towards that light



 Runnin' towards that light



 In the coupe, looking right



 How you in your afterlife,

lookin' back in hindsight



 Here, nigga,

you got that iffy flow



 If he flow a little better,

he might make a little dough



 I'm a businessman,

fuck a rap star



 What's the point

of sellin' millions



 If you got to

rent a car?



 Nah, it's the bishop,

no, not the deacon



 I've been this way since

Doc Dre was rockin' sequins



 Bad for the cause



 And the thugs,

why they beefin'? 



 Bustin' them slugs,

and niggas die every weekend



 Straight up o the block,

with that Glock cocked



 From the school

of hard knocks



 Sellin' rocks, duckin' cops,

raisin' hell



 It's on, like Run-D.M.C.,

but with automatics...



So we dress gangsta.



We talk shit. So what?

It's our thing.



See, basically,

the thing to remember...



is that... well,

none of it really matters.



We're just teenagers,

and we're bored.



We are totally...









How long have you identified

with gangsta culture?



I mean, I hate fucking...



rich-ass white culture.



Shit's fucking wack.



You know?



So, are you guys just wiggers,

trying to borrow from the blacks?



Nah, the whole world jocks, sonny.



It's, like, all the good shit

came from black people.



Do you like anything white?



Yeah. Yeah, like my skinny

white ass, player.



Yo. Fuckin' interview's over.

Let's go!



 Desperate times

and desperate measures



 You can bring anybody, dawg,

I'll take whoever



 If you wanna fuck with us,

get your shit together



 But I don't think

you wanna fuck with me



 Desperate times

and desperate measures



 You can bring anybody, dawg,

I'll take whoever



 If you wanna fuck with us,

get your shit together...



What's up, dawg?



Little rich bitches.



Yo, first things first, 'cause someone

fuckin' keyed my car...



and your fuckin' bitch-ass name

keeps comin' up.



I fuck something up,

I'm gonna fuck you up...



not your fuckin' ride.



Oh, dang, excuse me, ma'am.



I should be talkin'

to your bitch instead, right?



Huh? She wasn't talkin'

to Toby then.



What's the smell?

Damn, girl, close your legs!



Your ho looked a lot better

when she was down on her knees.



Ho ho ho ho!



You did not

do that to my boyfriend.



Shit, son! I guess maybe...



you should've let your bitch fight

for you, you know what I mean?



Oh, shit! It's on now!



I'm gonna fuck you up!



Stop! Uhh!



Who you fucking with?



You fuckin' bitch!



Alli! Alli!



What's up?






Get the hell o her!






 - !



Go, go, Alli!



- Whoo, whoo!

- Go, go!






Come on!



Everyone all right?

You all right?



Go! Go! Go!



Fuck you!



Come on, son.

This is a Sunday.



I been livin' up here in my head

for so long, it's, like...



I can talk to my own God.



But y'all motherfuckers

can't feel.



Hey, Eric. Good party.



Thanks. Well,

the lease is up next month...



and most of the furniture

that we're still gonna use...



is in Chicago with my mom.

No one's gonna notice anything.



So that means you're not coming

back to school with us?






How's it going over here?

Are you all right?






I'm just a...

little sick.



No problem. I mean...



I feel really good.



That's good.



See? At least now

you know your limit. That's...






Oh, man.



Eww! Ehh!



- That's so gross.

- Yeah, girl.



Gotta pace yourself.



Ha ha.



Hey, get skinny

the west side way.



At Camp Palisades, our smack diet

is guaranteed to slim you down.



- Oh, shit.

- Ha ha ha.



Watch yourself, boy.



Watch myself. I'll do that.



Just for you, Allison.



Damn, high as shit!



Ha ha!



So, have you, um...



decided what your...

thing is on...



the big docudrama?



Yeah, it's on

what it means to be us.



Shit, son, you're not one of us.



You're the video boy.



Ha ha ha ha.



What it means to be you,

what it means to be wiggers.



What does it mean?



Aw, come on.



You don't really want

to know about that.



Yeah, I do, actually.



I mean, today,

kids were gettin' hurt.



Why? For what reason, you know?






Teenagers think

they'll live forever.



Don't you know?



Well, yeah, but that doesn't

answer my question.



Yeah, well,

maybe it's a stupid question.






 Hey, yo, hey, yo,

it's spittin'...



 Yo, it's spittin' lines



 They yanked,

and it be over...



 Fuck it,

I leave you face-down



 You ashamed

'cause y'all be sober



 If it's what y'all want



 Then y'all can

bask in my... my light



Ha ha!



 Then y'all can bask in...



- Ha ha!

-  And if it's...



Hey, Toby?



 How do you want it?



 How do you feel?



 Comin' up as a nigga

in the cash game



 Livin' in the fast lane,

now for real



Better go get it, dawg.



 How do you want it?



 How do you feel?



 Comin' up as a nigga

in the cash game



 Livin' in the fast lane,

now for real



That's my bitch.



I'm his bitch. Yo.



Yeah, Ghetto T.



You like that, don't you?






You're so fuckin' hot.






Oh... ha ha.



Damn, girl.









Oh... ah!



So, uh...






How are things at home

with Alli?



You know, the home life.



I don't know.

They're cool, I guess.



I mean, her mom's pretty open

about the whole recovery thing.



Yeah. You know,

plenty of parents get sober.



I mean, her moms,

she's always working...



like some twelve-step

or whatever.



I don't know.



I think she's, like,

into art now or something.



There was a time

that, like...



you know,

Alli would come home...



and she'd find her mom,

like, passed out...



and she'd have to call

an ambulance and shit.



She was... she was fucked up.



But... that was a long time ago.



She's fine now.



My pops' in A.A.



With the fuckin' Sex Pistols.



I mean, that's the kind of shit

that could make a guy question...



like... like, what's really good?



Oh, you poor thing.






Guys having fun, huh?



Ha ha ha!



Are you all right?



Yeah. Just...



same old, same old.



I'm glad you came over.



Love you.






Ha ha ha ha ha.

You're too much.






- Morning, Daddy.

- Morning, girls.



Morning, Mr. Rubin.



Oh, God, thank you so much

for breakfast...



but I really gotta run.



Allison, have some juice.



OK. Thank you.



Talk to your parents

about Sun Valley.



If you want us to call...



No, no, no, I'll ask.

Thank you. Thanks.



All right. See you later, Em.









I can't believe someone that hot

is your friend.



Josh. That's enough.









Mom, Dad?






Your daughter's here.



Oh, great!



Thank you, Becky.



Do you need anything?



No. I think we're all right.



- Hey.

- Hi, honey.






- You're early.

- Yeah.



Oh. Cool.



So, are we, uh,

we goin' to lunch?



- Yeah. I'm gonna grab my phone.

- Oh, great.



Doesn't it seem arbitrary...



people having to eat together as

an excuse to have conversations?



You want to just shoot the shit?






So... how are you?



Um... l'm good.



Yeah, I'm good.



Uh... you?



I'm doin' all right.



I'm a little overworked, but...



Yeah, I'm sure. Always.



So, how's Toby?



Dad. Heh.



I mean, Toby... is he still

your boyfriend, or...






I don't know. I mean...






I don't believe

in relationships anyway.



Hmm. Why not?



Is it because of

your mother and me?






What do you think

about Mom and me...



as a couple... our marriage?



How does it strike you?



I just... thought we could talk

about everything.



Yeah. Um... well, Dad...



if you're asking me

should you stay married...



I say yes. Stay married.

Just make sure...



to make love at least once a week

and continue therapy.



Ha ha ha!



Fair enough.



Yo, Toby? Hey, honey.



Come pick up me, OK? Bye.



P.L.C. In full eect.



Well, I foresee another night

of driving around.



We'll get a fuckin'

paintball gun...



and head down to Hollywood

and pick o some fuckin' tourists.



Yeah, where the B-L-V-D, son?

Where the Hollywood?



Where the real Hollywood at?



I'm talkin' about

the wax museum, nigga.



 Introducin' the Don Corleone



 Big Don's with canary stones



 Bounce with Pirellis on



 Them sawed-o shotguns



 And pumps

with the safety o



 My niggas don't flip birds,

we somersault...



Yo, T, what we doing?



This is what we doin', son.



We're gonna hit up that ghetto.

We headin' east.






East? Wait, yo, east...

like downtown east and shit?



No, east like fucking north.

Yes, goin' east!



We're goin' to the hood. Ohh...



- Oh, shit!

- I'm gonna run on this!



We holdin' it down

on these streets, nigga!



Ha ha. Wait, really?



Are you...

what does everybody say?



I'm tellin' you, east!









- East!

- East!



East, east, east!



¡Hola, la cabron!

We coming for you!



 Creep on in, on in



 Whoa, see I'm ridin' high






 Kinda broke, you see me



 And all I got is five



 I got five



 Player, gimme some brew,

and I might just chill



 But I'm the type that

likes to light another joint



 Like Cypress Hill



 I steal doobies,

spit loogies when I pu on it



 I got some bucks on it,

but it ain't enough on it



Fuckin' look at this shit!



Those people

are totally doing drugs.






They're lookin' at us.



They can tell

that we're nervous.



Heh heh!



Shit. Hey, baby, let's get o

the main street, OK?



We could get busted.



Yes, sir, oicer.



Do you think

we should be down here?






Definitely o the main street.



What you want, homey?



How 'bout some herb?



How much?



I don't know.

How much for a quarter?






I'll give you   .



Come on, man.    .



It's gonna be    .

That's what it is.



All right.



Ahem. Roca?






Hey, what the fuck, man?



You still counting your money

and everything?



- There's  -  all around here.

- Here, here, here.



You know that?



Yo, yo, you owe me    in change.



Toby, chill!



Let's go.



Fuck! The fucking shit's light.






- Toby. Toby!

- Relax!



I'll fuckin' handle this.



Yo, Toby, get back in the car.



- I can handle this.

- Get in the car...



Yo, dawg.



Yeah, this bag's fuckin' light.



You better back the fuck up

and get back in your car...



before you get beat down.



Just gimme

my fuckin' money back, all right?



You can get

your fuckin' bag back.



We're outta here.



All right?

Here's your fuckin' bag and...









See? See,

now gimme your fuckin' money.



No. She didn't

fucking do anything.



Take the fuckin' money, man,

all right?



We'll get the fuck outta here.



It's my bad.



No shit. Get the fuck down!



- Toby!

- Allison!



You don't know

how to fuckin' act right.



Ah, fuck. Come on, man!



- Yeah.

- Stop. Don't.



Please. Please?



You fucked this little fuck

right here?



Huh? Does he pee

all over himself like that...



when he's with you? Huh?






Does he shit on himself,

you wipe his ass for him?



Huh? The fuck

is wrong with you?!



Don't you ever fuckin'

come around here again.






You know what I mean?

We started swinging...



but my dawg Sammy,

he got my back and shit.



It went down fast.



We shook that spot, son.

It was some bullshit.



Yeah, that's...

no doubt, no doubt.



Yo, but for real...



the P.L.C. Will go back

in full eect.



All right?

Ain't nobody gonna be frontin'.



- Yeah.

- Ha ha.






I'm gonna go handle

some business.



Be back.



- Hey.

- What's up, ma?



You OK?



Yeah. You know,

shit was insane and crazy.



Yeah, I know.



I'm gonna go back down there...



and find that fuckin'

punk ass cholo...



and I'm gonna stick him.



- You know, it's OK.

- No. It's not OK.



All right, Alli?

I'm fuckin' hard!



A'ight? Nobody does that to me.



Come here. Gimme some sugar.



OK, um...

I know you're OK...



but... if you want

to talk about it, it's OK.



It's cool.



I don't know. Uh... look...



it's just... it's, uh...



I don't know.

What do you want me to say, Alli?






Fuckin' cholos got me.



Hey, Toby.



What's up?



But it ain't gonna happen again.



A'ight? Believe that.



Bye, Toby.









Are you OK?






- I know what we need.

- What?



We need a girls' night.



- Yes!

- Yes!



Oh, my God, look at that guy.



He's, like,

"I'm gonna fuck a teenager."



Ha ha ha!



"Maybe your friends, too!"



Would you like another drink?



Oh! Yes, Richard,

I would love one.



Heh. Could you give her

an apple martini?



She's got to be

getting something, right?



She is so good!



She's owning him right now.



Say... l've got some blow.






Watch and learn.



He's got his hand

in his pocket.



Oh, quick, get the Viagra!



She's giving him "fuck me" eyes.



"Fuck me" eyes right now.



She's so good.



- I'll be right back.

- Take her easy.



You just have to

watch and learn.



She owns him.



Here she comes.



Oh, God.



Right here. Come on.






Sweetie, sweetie, look...



All right. I'm way too whacked.



I think he thought I was a pro.



Do you think he thought that,

like he would have paid me?



Oh, my God,

that'll be $     please.



So, now that we're wired,

what are we gonna do?



Oh, Dopa Yume...



Ha ha ha! D-Do...



- Dopo Yume?

- Yeah.



I love them. They're so dopo.



At the Roxy.



Ha ha ha ha!



Let's go downtown.



Oh, yeah. That worked last time.



No. OK, you know that was

just Toby trying to be all hard.



There's a monetary zone

of geography...



which we're not allowed to pass.



No, OK, you know what?



Fuck that. There's a whole

dierent world down there.



There's nothing new here,

the same old boring shit.



I mean, come on, Em,

you were there last night.



That was so fucked up!



Didn't it make

your stomach feel good?



- Let's do it.

- OK.






- OK.

- Let's do it.



- OK.

- OK. Let's go.






Say something.



OK, you know what?



I, for one, would just like

to voice an opinion...



that this is crazy wack.

I just had to say that.



Oh, my God.



The police should know...



- Oh, my God!

- What?!



That guy's getting a blow job.

Ha ha!



It's not fuckin' funny, Allison.

Shut up!



Oh, my God. Stop here.



Aren't they the guys...



- Yeah.

- Hey, Allison.






I got your back.



Want something?



Uh... yeah.



No, I don't...

Um... no.



I don't know.



Not really. Heh.



What are you smiling at?



I'm just, um... smiling.



What are your friends

smiling at?



I think they're having

a nervous breakdown.



Oh, hi.



Hey, let's go, homes.



This is good.



Invite 'em to the party, homes.



Nobody's gonna kill us.



Yeah. They're going to kill us.



Some stupid ass white pussy...



and I'm horny

like a motherfucker.






- Aah!

- Aah!



Ha ha ha!



Ha ha!



You guys wanna come

to a party or what?






Hey! Whoa. Thanks.



This is so fucking intense.



No, it's just family.

You're welcome here.






Yo, Hector,

we got a situation, man!



I'll see you later, OK?



- You guys.

- What?



I really think that we need

to call somebody right now.



- Relax.

- No, I'm serious.



OK. Let go of my arm.



Hey, you rucas

want some tequila?



Do I get to eat the worm? Ha ha.






Sí, bueno.



¿ Tu hablas español?



Un poquito.



- What's she doing?

- Ohh!



Oh, my God. Look at that.



Please don't...

Al! Please don't...



- Right now.

- Go!



You guys, we should go!






Hey, move, homes.



- Hey.

- Hey.



- Drinkin' that, man?

- Hell yeah, homes.









- Hey.

- What's your name?



Thanks. Um, Amanda.



- Amanda.

- Mm-hmm.



Thank you.



You want to smoke rock?



Mm-mm. No.



You and me, man.

It is fucking brilliant.



You think I look hot?



Emily, you always look hot.



You're just saying that.



Oh, bullshit.






Hmm. Would you fuck that guy?



Yeah. But he'd fuck you

in a second if he could.






I think I'm gonna

go talk to him.



All right. Well, do it, honey.



But no dancin'.



Because it leads

to the hard stu.



- Get your ass over there.

- OK.






- What's up?

- Nothing.



- What's your name?

- I'm Emily.



- Damn, Emily...

- Nice to meet you.



Ha ha!






Ooh. Ha ha.



Any new business on Virgil,




Virgil? No.



You know, we still have the...



you know, maybe...



we still have a couple of taxes.



Hey, Amanda. Come here.



You know, feeling young

and being cool and...



Hey, what's up?

You guys like hip-hop?



Hey, ese, that's my homegirl.



Hey, don't talk like that.



- I'll be right back.

- What's the matter, ese?



Hey, Em, sweetie,

OK, I think we'd better see...



about getting the girls

and gettin' home, OK?









Hey, I'll be right there.

Hector... thanks.



I'm Allison.



Hey, check it out.



I was gonna move this party

to a motel...



- the Alvarado.

- Mm-hmm.



That's bad, girl.



What's that face

you got right there, huh?



It's not even like that.



It's just a place

where we party, you know?



I got a friend

who gives us a few rooms.



Kick back.

Nobody abducted your ass so far.



Thanks for letting us chill.



Yeah. Hey, don't forget, OK?



Alvarado Motel,

just south of   th Street.



I can't believe

we just fucking did that!



Yo, Alli's always on tip.



That was so much more fun...



than giving some rapper

a blow job at Jerry's Deli.



It was hot!



Ha ha ha ha!



Do you want anything?



No. Thank you, though.






We don't talk so much as

leave clues for one another.



I'm not a latchkey kid.

I have latchkey parents.



So, uh,

are your latchkey parents...



the reason you decided

to join a gang?






poor little rich girl

needs the gang...



as mi familia. That's funny.



Someone once said

friends are just God's way...



of apologizing for family.



How can I complain?



If I say one word, it's, like...



"Look at your life. There are

people starving in India."



There are people starving

in Santa Monica, you know.



I thought they take them

downtown to starve.



All I'm saying is, you know,

that's not an excuse.



I'm not making excuses.



Hey, you don't have

to get angry about it.



I'm just interviewing you.



I'm not getting angry.



Let me ask you something.






is it... possible...



that all... this...



is really about you...



being attracted to me?






Maybe. I don't know.



Oh, I think you do.



You're a smart guy.



You just don't know

if I feel the same way...






you're playing hard-to-get

in your guy way.



It's so dishonest.



Have you noticed

that when you get serious...



you stop talking all, you know,

street and dope and shit?



Step, muthafucka!



I'm kickin' it old school.



A big shout-out

to all of your Gs in the house!



Yeah, dawg!






Oh. Oh,

but you don't like that...



all street and dope and shit.



Oh, God. Um... OK.



How's this?



The Grateful Dead, dude.



     The Greek Theatre.



Uhh ha ha.



Oh, we had the kindest Humboldt.



It... it...






I found God. Heh.



I can be lots of people.

I can be like you.






Gee, Dr. McConnelly, your...



position on cultural ethics

is fascinating...



and really applies

to the post-Clinton era...



in American politics.



I... just...



I just can't wait

till I'm old enough to vote!






do you want to be

a dierent person?



Do you want to make love to me?



No, seriously, though.



Isn't this what all the clothes

and the talk...



you know,

isn't that what it's all about?



No, seriously.



Do you want to fuck me?



I'm just trying

to get to know you here.



And you're acting

like a porn star.



Oh, God, my nipples are hard!



Oh, God! Oh, God!



Oh, my God, Eric.



Eric, hooking up with you

would feel so good. Ohh...



Do you ever take

anything seriously?



How do you know

I'm not taking this seriously?



Ha ha!



Because this is

a fucked-up power game.



Games are fun.



Could... could you

cover up, please?



Well, that's great footage, huh?



That'll really get

the math team going.



Yeah. Thanks.



You know...






It's nothing.



No, Eric.

What were you gonna say?



Come on, I don't want

to hurt your feelings.



You're gonna hurt

my feelings? Heh.



Come on. Say it.



No, it's just...



You're one of the loneliest people

I've ever met.



What you doin' around here...



Iooking all homegirl and shit?



I always dress like this.



Oh, yeah? Wow.



Here I am, trying to look

like I got the money...



and you're tryin'

to look like me.



Fuckin' white people.



So, you shoppin'

like the other night?



'Cause you know

I got the real shit, huh?



No. I'm just lookin'.



You just looking, huh?



Yeah, so am I.

I'm just looking, too.






Hey, Hector!



Hey, why do you hang out here

all the time?



I mean, couldn't you make

more money somewhere else?



Somewhere else?



Where the fuck

you want me to be at, huh?



Beverly Hills,

sell some rock on Rodeo Drive?



It's my world right here.



It's my home. It's where I live.



I got my homeys. I got my rucas.



Who the fuck am I

someplace else, huh?



Oh, hey, what's up?



Money comes to me, girl.



You make it sound

too fuckin' easy.



Hmm. Oh, you think so?






You know what

the most fucked up thing is?






People come around here

and they think...



that all we do

is sell drugs here, you know?



People live here.

People grow up here.



You know? Look up there.



My Tia Maria lives up there.



I got a few primos

who live over there.



What's a primo?



Primo's a cousin.



Got it.






Hey, hey...



don't talk dirty, homes.

She's here with me.



She didn't fuck you last time.



You think she's gonna

fuck you this time?



Hey, hey.



Leave her alone, homes.



I don't think your friend

likes me.



He's my brother.



He's my older brother.



He's big-time here.



Listen, I want to

show you something.



Come here.



Heh heh.



Come here. Have a seat.



I want you to be

my eyes with me.






Every... body...

smokes... rock.



Rock doesn't only get

the poor people o.



You got everything...

got Mercedes, got BMW...






L.A.P.D.! Stay where you are!



Oh, fuck!



Hands where I can see 'em!



Come on, now, girl.

Let me see your hands.






Hands on your head.

Interlace your fingers.



Put 'em on the back

of your head.



Let's go, Hector.

Spit out the cigarette.



Spit it out.



Easy. Come on.



Let's go. This way.



Let's see those hands.



Turn around.

Up against the fence.



Let's go. Keep moving.



Spread your legs.



Spread 'em.



You got some I.D.?






Is there anything in here...

Hands on your head!



Is there anything in here

I need to know about?



- No.

- Knife? Needles? Gun?



Pacific Palisades.



You get lost

looking for Hollywood?



Spit it out! Spit it out!



Spit it out!



What we got?

Forty worth of rock.



You should've swallowed it, Ace.

You're under arrest.



Yeah, I got something

you can swallow.



Come on, I want to talk with

you. You can drop 'em.



Look, just tell me the truth.



No. Listen, l... I stopped

to ask for directions...



because... I missed

the    by accident...



OK, that's it. You're underage,

you're loitering...



and you're going

down to the station.



Oh, my...



Get in the car!



Watch your head.



The cop started asking me

these really stupid questions...



like, what's closer to you now...

the moon or Europe?



Fuck you is closer to me now.



I've been to Knott's Berry Farm.



Ha ha ha ha!



What'd you do?



Hmm? Me?



No, the debutante

sitting next to you.



Fuck. Vice cop asked me

where my dick is.



Darling, I did Axl Rose...



and you don't get him

with a dick down there.



You don't got any Dilaudid

shoved up your ass...



to get her to stop doing that.



Heh. No.






You can check if you like.



Ha ha ha ha!



Ha ha ha ha ha!



Yeah. In your dreams.



Allison Lang?






Your parents are here.



Bitch got parents?



You got arrested!

With crack dealers!



Maybe this hasn't been

the easiest place to live lately.



All right.

Then we talk about it.



That's what we're

supposed to do.



One of us has a problem,

we all talk it over.



Oh, right. Who are you kidding?



Who could ever talk to you

when you're never even here?



Well, I'm gonna make it

easy for you to find me.



You're grounded.



Hasn't she already

suered enough...



And besides,

what good would it do?






I don't want any soup, Mom.



What were you doing downtown

in the first place?



I was sick of this phony life.



All right, stop it, stop it,

both of you.



This whole thing

is just gonna go away.



Tomato or chicken with rice?



Alli, you're so fucking down.



Like, doing hard time and shit?



No. No, it wasn't like that.



Come on. I heard

that you hit a cop...



and you got

into a knife fight.



No. No, no, guys.

It was more like... detention.



See ya later.






Heh. So, I wonder

what Daddy thought.



Please. Daddy waved

his magic wand and it went away.



- Whoa.

- What's your problem?



Hey, what the fuck

is this I'm hearing?



Yo, she was in lockup,

motherfucker. What?



Well, going to jail

is fucked up.



What? It was juvenile

detention center.



Did you go back down

to that fucking spot?






Hey, shorty,

you gettin' a rap sheet?



The man gonna be fuckin'

three-strikin' your ass, kid.



How you gonna rep it

without the P.L.C., huh?



Yo, maybe she don't need

the P.L.C., motherfucker.



Fucking P.L.C.

Is the only family we got.



Ooh, I'm scared now.



- Let's bounce.

- Why you gotta be like that?



They don't even know

what family is.



You don't want to think

that you're with someone...



just because everyone else

thinks you should be...



because we're not assigned

to people like, you know...



parking spaces, and, um...



and you do love him, you know?



I mean... God,

you've known him forever...



and he's great and fun,

and it makes sense, and...



So, yeah, the whole thing

seems predetermined...



but, um...



Heh. You find yourself, like...



giving him a blow job,

and it feels like a performance.



OK, it is a performance.



But, um, ha ha ha!



Um, what I mean is that...



that you can't, like...



feel it.



It doesn't even seem real.

It seems like a dream...



like you're just...



sleepwalking through your life,

you know?



Does that make any sense?






But what...

what isn't a dream?









the other night,

I was with Emily...



and we were at

this crazy party downtown...






I don't know.



We just sat there

together and...



And what?



I don't know.



I just love her, you know?



It seemed real.



So, what was it like in there?



It was totally fuckin' real.



It smelled like puke...



and it was so bright,

it made my eyes hurt.



And there were

these hookers in there...



and it was, like,

business as usual for them.



And this one white chick...



who thought

she was super-bad, but...



I think she just wanted

to appropriate my wardrobe.



Heh. I love your nails.



Were you scared?



Oh, I was scared shit.



I don't know.



I was helpless, but...






What if it's, like...



we're on our deathbeds...



and we're looking back

at our lives...



and, like, all the guys

we've, like, loved...



and just, like, fucked, and...



and it turns out that,

like, the whole time...



like, we were supposed

to be together?



Aah! Aah! Oh, my God!









I don't think

I could go down on you.



- Ha!

- Ha ha ha!






It's OK.






Oh, my God.



Oh, I can't believe

I almost forgot this.



I will be right back.



OK. Ah.



You're gonna love this.



Super surprise.






are you ready?



Super surprise.



The dark dungeon, and...



What is that?



Put out your hand.



Crack cocaine.



Ohh! Where did you

get this from?



Whatever. A lady never tells.



Oh, my God.

Wait, how do we do it?



Um... OK. So,

I called the drug hot line...



and asked them what signs

to look for if my mom smoked crack.



They said little pieces

of aluminum foil everywhere.






you want to try it, right?



- Yeah.

- All right. Cool.






You're such a crackhead.



We are such crackheads.



OK. Oh, shit! Go!

Just inhale it! Just...



Aah! Shit!



Shit, where'd it go?



It splattered.

It got me right there.



Ohh... ohh.



- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Mmm!



Whitney's right...



- crack is wack.

- Crack is wack.



Shit. Yeah, it is.



Oh, my God.



That was fun.






I want to go downtown with you.



You do?



Yeah, I don't know.



I just want to,

like, feel it...



and... I don't know.



Well, fuck you... bitch.



 Bounce with me,

bounce with me



Yo, tomorrow, after school!



- Really?

- Yeah.



 You don't gotta be rich,

but fuck that



 How we gonna get around

on your bus pass?



 Before I put this pussy

on your moustache



 Can you aord me?



 My niggas breadwinners,

never poor



 Ambition gets me so horny



 Not the fussin'

and the frontin'



 If you got nothin', baby boy



 You gotta get up, get out,

get somethin'



 Shit, I like a lotta Prada



 Alize and rock



 Late nights, candlelight,

can I get a cock?



- Hey.

- Hey, Hector.



I'm down. OK?



  th Street por vida.



Ha ha!






that's the house.



All right.



You look very hot. Let's go.



Hey, what are you doing here?



Stop right there.



Hey, what the fuck, eh?



They took us downtown

and held us for two hours.



They thought they could get

something outta you.



- I don't know anything.

- She didn't say shit.



Slow down, white girl.

I know she didn't...



because they didn't arrest us.



Check it out.

This is a party for Javy.



He just got baptized.



Oh. Is he your baby?






- No?

- Mm-mm.



But we're gonna be kicking it

at the Alvarado a little later.



Maybe, like,

in about a half an hour.



So we'll see you there?















What up, chump? Yeah!



What's up? What's up, Sleepy?!









Let's roll.






- Who's your papi?

- Joto.



Get him a fuckin' calculator,

this motherfucker right here.



Ha ha ha!















- Oh!

- Oh!



I want to do the next one.



OK, here we go.






- Ooh!

- Oh!



I believe!



I think it's bullshit.



I don't lie.






- You gotta drink.

- Whoo!



Drink it, homes, drink it!



Here you go.



Ha ha.



- Whoo! Very nice.

- That's hot.






Oh, I'm gonna get you

so drunk tonight.



Ha ha ha ha!



Oh, shit.



We'll see about that.



You're her bitch, homes.



- Go! Go!

- Whoo!



Do that shit, man!



- Oh. Get it!

- Go!






¡Chupando como la   th Street,




Órale, vato.






can you ask?



You ask.



I can't.



Why? Why can't you ask?



- No, come on. You.

- No.



- You.

- No.



They like you better.






Um... I got to ask you

a question.



We were wondering

if we could join your crew.






I mean, you know,

like, hang out with you...



like... hmm...

yeah, be in your crew.



You mean you want to join   th?



- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah?



Be all down and shit...



like a fuckin' O.G.

In the house? Huh?



Yo, we're down, you know.

We just thought...



- Are you gonna work a corner?

- Ha ha!



Huh? Move a little rock

o Bonnie Brae...



like an after school job?



How about Beverly Hills?



Maybe you can open up

a fuckin' franchise, huh?



- Fuck you.

- Oh, shit.



Oh, that's some

fucked up shit, homes.



Ha ha!



No, no, no, no.



Not fuck me.



She wants to join   th.

What do you think about that?



Hey, pendejo...



What? OK, you know what?



You want to make fun of us?

We're gone.



Hey, gabacha.



My name's Allison.



- Allison.

- Ooh.









So you want to set

  th Street, huh?



Well, you gotta do it like

every other lady here, girl.



Well, what do we gotta do?



It's a dice game.



You got to...



you got to do it

with our people.



You know what I mean?



You understand?



Do it.



Heh! Stop!



Each of you rolls one time...



but whatever number you get...



that's the number

of my friends you take...



in there.



Ha ha!









But I choose the friends.



Ooh. Look out.



All right.



Órale! Ha ha ha!



Come on.



Yeah, come on, man.



All right, man.



Watch me bag

that shit up, homes.



All right. Here we are.



You girls are down, right?



- Yeah.

- Who's going first?



- You?

- You.



I'll go first.






Heh heh!



- Big six!

- Seven.



Oh, shit. Heh.



- Oh!

- Ohh!



One? Ha!



Just one.



So be thinking

about who you want, OK?



It's your turn.






Whoa. OK.



- Oh...

- Three?



- Yeah!

- Three?!



Big three.



Three is cool.

I can handle three.



It's just sex.



Well, if it's just sex...



who do you want

to start with first?






Ah ha!



All right. Hurry up, homes.



And you?






Ha ha!



Ha ha!






Uh... stop.



I'm so sorry.



I'm sorry. I can't do it.



I can't... I can't do it.



No. Please.



No. Please. Please.



Em? Em, we can go.



Ohh! I'm doing this.



What? No, Em. Come on.

OK, listen to me.



All I ever do

is listen to you. Ha!



Fuck it. Let's go.



All right? Let's go. Come on.



Get the fuck out of here.



Listen, he said we could go, OK?



We're going, Emily.

Just... We gotta...



No, I'm doing this.



And I want Hector first.



Just let me do my thing.



Let's go.



No. Emily...



Let's go.



What the f...



- Yeah.

- Ah ha ha! Ahh!



Ohh. Harder. Harder.






Ohh! Stop!



Ohh! Stop it! Stop!



What the fuck

is wrong with you?! Bitch!






Emily? Oh, my God.



- Emily? Emily!

- No! No!



No, it's me! Emily!



- No!

- Shh, shh.



Look at me. Look at me.



- Shh. It's me.

- Aah!



OK? Oh, my God. Oh, my God.



¡Eres loca!



It's OK, it's OK.



I'm here. It's me. It's OK.



You're OK. You're OK.



What the fuck is it

with you two?



What do you fuckin' want?!



It's OK.



Let's go home, OK?



OK. It's OK.



I'm so sorry.






You know...



you can hardly see

the mountains.



Because of the clouds.



I think it's snow on Mulholland.



Smog in Encino.



How do people live out there?



How do they live here?



OK, so, you're all aware that

the government bailed out...



the savings and loan industry

in the Nineties?



We also talked about

the independent record label...



Hey. Hey, where's Emily?



I heard she went home sick.



Went home?



While he was serving time

in jail...



he used his thug image to promote

a successful record company.



Anyone see a correlation here?



Anyone? Allison?



Oh. Um...



both are examples

of legal profiteering...



from illegal activities.



You want to connect the dots?



Economics and ethics...

don't mix.



Um, individuals

and governments...



both pursue their own




often, uh, carelessly...






no one's really willing to take

responsibility for anything.









Em, are you there? Pick up.






Call me, please.






Oh, Alli.



- Alli.

- Yeah. What?



I want to talk to you.



You know I'm here for you.



Tha-thanks, Mom.

I just gotta...



I don't understand.



Why were you downtown... there?



What about your real life...

something to challenge you?



You know, you've always

been into art...



and I thought that maybe

we could do something...



Hey, Mom, listen.

I'm sorry...



if I've been stressing

you out lately. It's...



- Oh, baby.

- I'm OK...



I'll be back.



I love you.



What the fuck you doing here?



Look, we need to talk.

Can we just go...



Hey, whoa, stop.



Stop. Hey! Stop it.



Can you talk to me for a minute?



What the fuck you playin'?



What you want, gabacha?



Why did you do that to us

last night?



Do what?



Huh? We did exactly

what you wanted us to do.



You wanted in   th Street,

and you didn't fuckin' make it.



Hold it. You think

that Emily wanted that?



Who? Emily?



Yeah. Yeah, you know...



Emily. ¿ Cuál es Emily?



Ohh, sí, la chiquita,

la putita, ¿ huh?



Yeah, yeah,

the one who got drunk...



and played us

like a fuckin' punk, huh?



No, no, no.

OK, she wasn't playing.



All right?

That wasn't a game to her.



Bullshit! Everything's

a fuckin' game to you two!



You know what?

You don't know me, OK?



You don't know shit about me!






that's where

you're wrong, girl.



I know everything about you.



Yeah, I can see

right through you.



Everything to you

is a fuckin' game.



You ain't real.



That's not true.



Oh, it's true.



You ain't real.



I'm real, right?



There ain't nothin' real

about you.



Your talk ain't real,

your walk ain't real...



the way you dress ain't real.



You don't even copy 'em

from the real thing.



You fuckin' get it from the TV.









What you thought?



You thought I was in love

with you or something?






Is that what it is?






I don't know where you belong,

but it ain't here, girl.






That's the guy.



That's definitely the guy. Yeah.



You sure?






Do you know this guy?






Excuse me.



Yo. Come on.



Come on. We got to talk.



You want to tell me

what happened to Emily?



What the fuck

were you guys doing...



in some hotel room in the slums

with another crew?



Shut up.



Alli, you fuckin' hear me?



I'm talkin' to you.

Talk to me! Come on!



Fuck o.



Yo, I ain't gonna let

this shit slide, Alli.



You're out the P.L.C.!



Mr. Shapiro, we're here

to investigate a gang rape.



We just want to talk to her.




Allison knows nothing about it.



Her friend has been raped.

Allison was in the next room.



We just want cooperation...



in identifying the man

who violated her friend.



I can't believe you think

that Emily was raped...



and I hung out and watched.



Alli, let Robert handle this.



Detective, Alli can't be

of any use to you.



She didn't see anything.



She can't identify anyone.



This is insane.



I don't know anything

about a rape.









I'm not supposed

to talk to you.






Well, I mean,

it's just that what happened...



was almost, uh...



I mean, I think they took

advantage of me or something.



They, like, slipped me something.

Like, a roofie or something.



Yeah, maybe.



I wanted them to stop.



You were there.

You were my witness.






I can't believe

I did that, Alli.



Oh, God. We both did it.



OK? We both did it.



I'm so sorry.



So, what now?



You've got to tell

the detectives what happened...



what they did to me.






Those little bitches are gonna

testify against Hector...



and put his ass away, homeboy.



What do you want to do, ese?



Go after them.



Hit 'em up, shut 'em up.



Órale. Vamos.






I owe you an apology.



We talked to the Rubins,

and they told us what happened.



- They did?

- Yeah.



Ohh, thank God.

I told Emily yesterday.



I said th-th-that

I hoped that she would say...



Nobody blames you.



Emily got isolated in another room

where she got attacked.






You kids had been drinking.



They realize that

you didn't see anything.



They don't even need

your testimony.



We made sure of that.



They're gonna press charges?



Yes, of course, but you don't

need to be involved.






but they... they didn't.



We were the ones...



I know you're relieved, honey.

I know.



Let it all out.



¿ Qué pasa, homes?



Hey, yo, camera boy.



Say something, boy!

Say something!






Hey, T. Hey, my pops

took out an alligator...



with this gauge right here.

He was, like... boom!



For real, dawg.

This is some serious shit.



This is seriously illegal.



You're not gonna want

to be taking film...



Son, you better

turn that shit on.



You hear me? Our life

is a fuckin' film, dawg.



We a fuckin' film.

You the fuckin' filmmaker.



We 'bout to mount up.

We 'bout to pay back.



That's why you with

the P.L.C., dawg.



Ain't no   th Street punk

gonna be corrupting my goddess!



Yo, I would die for that girl.



And I will kill for her.

That's my word.



This is for you, girl!



How do I look?

How do I look? Huh?



Huh? You gonna see me

comin' right at you!



Right up in

your fuckin' face, dawg!



That's right!



That's right.

That's for real, dawg.



That's real.



¿ Dónde vas, vato?



Ain't this Pacific Palisades?



Nah. Chale, homes.

This is Bel-Air.



Fuck! Turn around, turn around.



Keep it down.



Not in front of

the fuckin' police.



Hey, what the fuck

you want me to do?



Well, none of it really matters.



We're just teenagers,

and we're bored.



We are totally...



fuckin'... bored.



I remember her.



I shot something

earlier today...



that I would love for you

to watch, if you would. Um...



That's right! That's why

you rollin' with the P.L.C.!



Ain't no   th Street punks

gonna be corrupting my goddess!



Yo, I would die for that girl!



And I will kill for her.

That's my word!






Don't get that shit

twisted, son.



That's shit's

fuckin' right, son!



It's fuckin' right, dawg.



Oh, God.



Yeah, what's up?



Toby, what are you thinking?



What the fuck

are you talkin' about, man?



The guns, Toby. What the...



Fuck you, bitch!



Don't fuckin' come at me,

telling me what to do!



Fuckin' bounced your ass

out the P.L.C.!



No, Toby!

Toby, listen to me, OK?



You don't know anything

about what happened, all right?



Emily wasn't raped.



Aw, fuck... You fuckin' liar.



You havin' fun goin' down on

your fuckin'   th Street pole?






Fuck, Toby.

Just listen to me, please.



I'm gonna talk to you later.

I'm fuckin' busy.



Chicken-ass chicken heads.



Oh, shit, homes.

It's the jura.






So, why are you out here

in the first place?



Uh, we're just driving

to the beach.



The beach?



We're going home now.



- And where's home?

- East Los.



You know how

to get out of here?



Chale, we're lost.



Homes, you got lost.



Well, we can help you out

with that.



I don't ever want to see you

in this neighborhood again.



- Órale.

- All right.



I just don't want

to see anybody right now.



So we go to Sun Valley

for a couple of weeks...



and we don't worry about it.



- Deal?

- OK.






Oh... Alli...



you've always been a friend

in our house...






It's not that

we don't love you...



but I think we all need

a little break.



You didn't tell them

about the dice?



Alli, don't.



Emily... Toby, Nick, and Sam

are going downtown right now...



for revenge,

to defend your honor.



We asked...



I asked if we could...



if we could be in those guys

from East L.A.'s crew.



- If we could...

- Shut up.



No, no, no. What...

You did what?



The way to do that

was by rolling dice.



Then you, um...



you sleep with

whatever number comes up.



Oh, no.



Do what?






It's their initiation thing.



We asked for it.

We asked if we could join...



and then we went

into the other room with them...



on our own.



It was our decision.



I hate you! I can never be

your friend again!






Come on. Em?






Why don't you just fuck o?



Come on. Don't be like that.



Why not, Alli?



What, do you want

to spend the night again?



Do you want to go on vacation...



with me and my parents?

Is that what it is?



I'm sorry.



The one fucking time

I really, really needed you...



and you didn't have my back.






No. Em, come on.

It's not like that.



No, that's exactly

what it's like.



Get the fuck on the ground!



Get on the fucking ground!






Get the fuck on the ground!



Where is everybody?!



Sammy, check the other rooms!



Shut the fuck up!



Where the fuck is everybody?!



Shut the fuck up!



What's she saying?



I swear to fucking God!

What the fuck's she saying?!



She said,

"Please don't hurt my baby."



Are you fuckin' serious?!



"Please don't hurt my baby."






I'm so... I'm so sorry.



What the fuck...



Sammy! Yo, come on!



Sammy, get the fuck in the car!






Come on! Get the fuck over here!






Are you using a razor?






You know, razors really hurt.



And you're gonna have to

cover up your wrists...



for, like, a week.






Emily, do you have a gun?






It's OK. I'm taking a bath.



Well, you could try

taking sleeping pills...



but you don't have enough

to kill yourself...



so you're just gonna be

in the hospital...



in about an hour,

getting your stomach pumped.



Ohh, I can run home and get you

this nylon slip noose I made.



When you strangle yourself,

your jugular pops out...



and you can slice it

with a sharp knife.



That's great.



OK, that sucks.



I'm sure your mom's got an extra

suicide kit stashed somewhere.






yeah, I think she, uh...



Heh. I think she keeps it

in a fucking... pot. Heh.






Let me in?



I'm OK.



I'm not leaving.



So... what's, uh...



what's everybody doing tomorrow?



Hey. ¿ Qué quieres, cabron?



What's up, white boy?



Damn. Just go. Just go.



- Hey, hey, hey!

- Go! Go!



I don't know. Shit.



I mean, I'm a... kid,




with good S.A.T. Scores.



But you can waste a lot of time

buying into stu like that...



crying over some shit

you think's important...



for, like, two seconds.



I mean, if you give us

a moment of... connection...



one true moment...



and it's, like, suddenly...



we know everything in the world.



And that's us.



That's all there is to us.



So, um...



is that a wrap?



That's it.


Special help by SergeiK