Hearts In Atlantis Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hearts In Atlantis script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Stephen King movie starring Anthony Hopkins.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of War Of The Roses. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hearts In Atlantis Script



-Package for Robert Garfield.




-Sign here.




Whenever it wants, the past can come

kicking the door down.



And you never know

where it's gonna take you.



All you can do is hope

it's a place you wanna go.



You can reach them on their cells.



I'll be on the road for a few days.

Be back Tuesday.



On behalf of the president

of the United States...



...I present this flag...



...for the honorable

service rendered...



...by your husband,

Major John Sullivan.



-Hey, Sully!




Bobby, I decided what I wanna be.

A magician.



-I'll pull rabbits out of a hat.

-Rabbits will shit in your hat.



But I'd be a cool bastard.

Admit it.



There's cake at the Veterans Hall.

Of course you're all welcome.



-Mr. Garfield.

-Mr. Oliver.



-Thanks for sending the glove.

-Been Sully's lawyer forever.



Couldn't see why a baseball glove

had to go through probate.



-You and Sully were kids together?

-Yeah, there were three of us.



Me and Sully, and a girl named Carol.



-Carol Gerber?

-That's right.



I'm hoping she'll be here.



You didn't hear about Carol?






I'm afraid she's dead.



I'm so sorry.



This street is where it all happened.



It's not much now.



Why do we always expect home

will stay the same?



Nothing else does.



It's funny how when you're a kid,

a day can last forever.



Now, all these years

seem just like a blink.



Bobby? Bobby-o?



Time to get a wiggle on.



Wake up, Bobby.



Hey, wait for me!



Come on, Johnny.



Happy birthday, Mr. Eleven. Ta-da!



Oh, wow. Library card.



A grownup's library card,

if you please.



Thanks, Mom.







Don't you think I wanted to get you

a bike? I can't afford it.



Know how that makes me feel?

Your father didn't leave us well-off.



He did leave us three months'

unpaid rent...



...a life insurance policy that lapsed

before he died.



He left a rather large stack

of unpaid bills...



...which I managed to take care of.



People understand our situation.



Mr. Biderman is a good example...



...but it has not been easy.

Do you get that?



Your father never met

an inside straight he didn't like.



-What's an inside straight?

-Never you mind, Bobby-o.



Don't let me catch you playing cards.

I've had enough of that.



Come on, then.



That must be the new

upstairs apartment tenant.



I don't trust people who move their

things in paper bags. It's slutty.



-He has suitcases.

-Yes, but they don't match, do they?



Oh, hello, folks. I'm Ted Brautigan.



I'll be living upstairs.



I'm Elizabeth Garfield.

This is my son, Robert.



Nice to meet you, Mr. Brattigan.

Tempus fugit.



It's Brautigan,

but Ted is fine with me.



It's nice to meet you.

I hope you like it here.



Thank you, Robert.



Birthday boy!



Carol, it's hard enough

being friends without that.



You loved it. Here.



-Is this gonna be gushy?

-I don't know.



Better not be.






-Just like it.

-Yeah, that's great.







-Didn't get the bike, did you?

-No big deal. Mom can't afford it.



She buys new dresses.



She has to look nice for the office.

Are you coming?




-Come on.



-Hey, Sully!




-Get the bike?




Well, I got nothing for you.

But happy birthday!



Hang on! Wait for me!



-What's an inside straight?

-Something to do with gambling.



Poker. You draw a middle card.

It's dumb, strictly for suckers.



This neighborhood

is getting terribly run-down.



I think I'll have to move.




-ls that how we answer the phone?



Hi, Mom. I'm sorry. I was just excited

about dinner and all.



Mr. Biderman has to work late

and needs me to do the same.



So birthday dinner

at the Colony is off.



Okay, Mom.



There are leftovers.

I'll be home to tuck you in.



Oh, make sure to turn

off the gas ring...



...when you're done with the stove.



-I know.

-See you soon.



Evening, Robert.



Or should I say Bobby?



Oh, Mr. Brautigan. Hi.



It's Ted.



Sorry. Ted'll be hard for me,

but I'll try.



You going out later?



I was supposed to have

a birthday dinner.



Mom had to stay at work,

even though she didn't want to.



Are you a rich man then...



...from your birthday gifts?



A library card?



No, an adult library card. Oh, my.



All the master storytellers

waiting for you.



You know why she picked it?

Because it was free.



That doesn't matter.

Don't you give up on this card.



Because books can be solid gold.



The great ones have gotten us

through the nights for centuries.



Give a writer an hour to hook you.

If he can't, find someone else.



Think you can try that?



If I don't have anything else to do.



Fair enough. Don't be afraid.



A Tale of Two Cities ends

with a beheading, great stuff.



Lost Horizon, magic and places

unknown. Can't beat that.



Where'd you live before

you came here, Mr--? Ted?



Some other place

that wasn't as nice as this.



You lived here long?



Yes, sir. Since my dad died.



-When was that sad day?

-When I was  .



Six years, huh?



You must know everything happening

on this street.



Sure do. Because nothing happens

on this street.



-Six years.

-That's just a blink.



Someday you'll agree.



You know, Ben Jonson called time

"the old bald cheater. "






Ben Jonson called time

"the old bald cheater."



I like that.



I think I do too. Who's Ben Jonson?



He's an English writer,

dead these many years.



Brilliant, but foolish about money.



And given to flatulence.



What's flatulence?



Yeah, kids always think

farts are funny.



Might have a job for you.

Have to think about it first.






Yeah. If it works out,

you might get that bike.



How'd you know I wanted a bike?



All kids want bikes.



Hey, Mom. I took another look

at that bike.



It's a Phantom,   -incher. Real swell.



No, perfect. Perfect is more like it.



Start saving those pennies.



Ted? It's me.



Hi, kid. Come in.



Thanks for making the skyward journey.



An icy root beer awaits you as reward.



The colder, the better.



One feels them first at the back

of one's eyes.



Feels what?



One feels them first

at the back of one's eyes.






Hey, I did like you said.




-I gave him a couple of hours.



Oh, yeah. Lost Horizon.

What do you think?



Better than the Hardy Boys.



Yeah, sure is.



Tell me, Bobby, how'd you like

to make a dollar a week?



Would I ever?!



Well, my eyes are beginning

to fail me...



...and if you will read me

the Harwich Journal every day...



...headline stuff, sports,

comics, want ads...



...I'll give you said dollar.

What do you say?



What else?



What do you mean?



There's got to be more

to it than that.



Yeah, there is.



So, what's the real job?



Keep your eyes open.



-For what?

-Low men.



That's right, Bobby.



I use the term "low"

in the Dickensian sense...



...meaning dangerous. Men who stop

at nothing to get what they want.



Your real job will simply be...



...to walk around the area...



...and if you see them

or find evidence on them...



...you'll alert me immediately.



Okay. And why are they hot

on your trail?



A certain something I have.

Let's leave it at that.



What do they look like?



Well, they wear dark clothes,

dark hats.



They're kind of anonymous...



...but you can recognize their cars...



...loud and flashy.



When they move, they move in packs...



...like animals closing

in on the kill.



And they cast long shadows.



Oh, what a world.



They're not cops, are they?



Or secret agents?



Are you asking me if I'm a bad guy

or a commie spy?



I've scamped my share of fines...



...and if there were library police...



...I'd be one of their

   most wanted.



But I never robbed a bank

or stole a military secret.



So who are they?



They're thugs, relentless...



...when they're after something.



-Like this something you have?

-That's right.



And what they want is me,

back under their control.



Look out. When they're closing in...



...they leave strange signs in code...



...in obvious places

like telephone poles...



...posters and notices

for lost pets and lost dogs.



If I knew what they'd do,

they'd never catch me.



-What do I do if I see them?

-Run and tell me what you've seen.



Remember when I asked if you knew

what was going on around here?




-That's why you're my man, kiddo.



Don't worry,

I won't let the bogeymen get you.




-She can't know what you're thinking.



You think she can,

and that's a mother's power.



Mrs. Garfield.



Well, it's very cozy in here.



Mom, Ted-- I mean, Mr. Brautigan...



...he's gonna pay me a dollar a week

to read him the paper.



Well, that's very generous.



Do you always have boys read to you,

Mr. Brattigan?



It's Brautigan, ma'am.



And, yes, I need someone to do it.



My eyes aren't what they used to be

since I retired.



And what did you do before that?



I worked up north. Various places.



Well, come along, Bobby.

Time and tide wait for no man.



-Bye, Mr. Brautigan.




Mom, guess what Mr. Brautigan--



-Something doesn't make sense.




Why would a man his age wanna

spend time with a kid?



I don't know.



I do know that he said

I must be some lucky kid...



...to have a mom who'd let me...



...have a grownup library card

for my birthday.



I don't know. I trust him...



...about as far as I could

sling a piano.



That's right, spoil it for me.

You never want me to get that bike.



I do, and I wish I could've

gotten it for you.



But your father didn't exactly

leave us well-off.



It's only reading.



All right, what's the harm?



Yes, yes, yes!



But only on the porch,

mind, in the fresh air.






-Bye, Bobby.

-Bye, Carol.



Sorry I'm late. I forgot the time.



That's all right.



We're all time's captives,

hostages to eternity.



Ben Jonson?



No, Boris Pasternak.



He was a Russian

of no account, I think.



What's going on in the world?

Something scurrilous.



"Vice President Richard M. Nixon...



...after having won

the Republican nomination...



...on the first ballot,

confers with Henry Cabot Lodge--"



-We're going for ice cream.

-Can't. Earning my daily bread.



-Afternoon, Mrs. Gerber. Carol.

-Hi, Ted.



I never, ever saw a girl

as special as Carol Gerber.



There's millions.



Oh, yeah?



-Have you kissed her yet?




-Well, you will, I promise you.

-Stay away.



You will. It will be the kiss

by which all others...



...in your life will be judged,

and found wanting.



Are you done?



Yeah. Come on, read to me. Go on.



-Come back here and do your job.




But you will kiss her.



Oh, my God!



Nice going.



Get in! Get in, Bobby!



Come on. Come on, Sully.






"FBl announces new measures

to combat Red infiltrators. "



-Hey, Bobby.




Tell me what Dale Arden's wearing

in Flash Gordon.



What is it with you and her?



When I was younger I thought

she was a real hotsie-totsie.



Okay, before comics,

we've got sports, baseball.



"Maury Wills on the way

to break Ty Cobb's record."



I saw Cobb.



My dad saw Babe Ruth.

He saw him point for the home run.



Against the Cubs.

He told me all about it.



He tell you of Nagurski's

comeback game?



I know he saw it, though.

Were you there?




-You and Dad were at the same place.



You know about Nagurski?



He was my dad's hero, that's all.



The greatest football player ever.

He came to Chicago...



...played eight years

to make the Bears champions.



Then he retired.

When he was old, six years retired...



...the Bears brought him back.



Last game of the season,

they played...



...the Cardinals, sworn enemies.



The Bears had to beat

the Cardinals to win.



Nagurski wasn't supposed to play.

Third-string fullback.



In the first half

the starter went down.



-The second half there was a pileup.

-Oh, no.



If your dad was here

he'd say he was frightened.



-He was just so scared.

-But why? Nagurski was in the game.



I was scared too. We all were.



We wanted a miracle, you see, Bobby.



We wanted him the way he was,

the old Nagurski.



We wanted him the way he was

in the old days.



Did he do good?

I don't wanna hear this if he didn't.



The quarterback gave him the ball...



...and Nagurski ran slowly

up to the line...



...and the Cardinals crushed him.



But somehow...



...somehow, he gained a few yards.



Next play, the same.



They just kept giving the ball

to the old man...



...and the Bears began to move down

the field, five yards, seven more.



If he could score for us,

we'd be champions again.



Go on, Ted! You can't stop!






Come on. I gotta know

what happened.



Come on.



You know what your dad did then?



No, what did my father do?



We were all screaming. We couldn't

believe what was happening.



My God, what was it? Go on.



It was our miracle, you see,

because he was crawling.



Bronko Nagurski was crawling

toward the goal line...



...and they did everything

they could to stop him.



But nothing could stop him.



Yeah, that's right, Bobby.

Not on that day.



Not when your dad and I

saw the miracle...



...when the old man brought us home.



He scored. He scored for us.



We were champions again.



I just knew he would.



Then he was gone again,

back to the North where he came from.



Bronko Nagurski.



Bobby? Bobby-o!







Well, I know the low men

don't exist...



...but if they started

driving around here...



...and the signs started

appearing on the poles...



Well, we both know

that couldn't happen.



But if it did...



...would you have to go away?



It wouldn't be safe

for me here.



And wishing cannot make it so.






Bobby? This Ted of yours...



...did he say where he's from?



Someplace not as nice as here,

I think.



Well, that doesn't tell us much,

does it?



-Anything else?







-Does he...?







You'll tell me if anything

unusual happens?









You promised.



I really need the--



Who was that?



Nothing, honey.

Just a wrong number.



Son of a bitch!



-I know it's you!

-Your mom says she's almost ready.



-Think Ted would come?

-To the fair?



-Don't you think we should ask?

-I guess.



-You do it. I'll get Sully.




-Do you like being beaten by a girl?

-Hey, no fair.



-Mr. Biderman needs me to go in.

-On Saturday?



-Some people have to work for money.

-Mom, you promised.



These are just Kools.

Read the advertising:



"Kools. They cool the throat. "

They're hardly cigarettes at all.







Can I have money for the rides?



You never stop, do you?

Aren't you earning money now?



For the bike.



If you want to spend it on rides with

your girlfriend, that's your business.



Ted? It's me.

You wanna come to the fair?






Is everything okay?



Ted, wake up.



Ted, you have to help me.



Ted, I don't know what to do.



They draw west now.



Who? Jesus, Ted, please.



They draw west now,

but they may be back.



Ted, please.

You can't die on me.






Oh, my God.



What just happened?



I went off again, didn't I?



-You mean, like at the fridge?




No, way worse.



I thought you were having a fit.



It's all right.



If it happens again,

don't touch me.



Nobody should touch me,

that's all.






-Is it safe to leave you alone?




It's okay.






Mrs. Gerber's taking us to the fair.



Carol and I thought you

might like to come.



Thank you, Bobby,

but I think just now, it's not wise.







The cigarettes are on the table.



Thanks, kiddo.



What's so funny?



You run along now. Enjoy yourself.

Don't fall out of anything.



Yes! That one.









What are you gonna name it?



All right. Step right up!

Hey, who feels lucky?



Find the queen of hearts and win.



-It already happened!

-Just once.



Easy peas-y Japanese-y.



Just find the queen of hearts.



-Put down your bet. I'll do it again.

-A quarter.



See, a jack.



We got the king and we got the queen.

Tell me where she lands.



-Fortune awaits you.

-That one there.







-I told you!

-Wait. Double and add a half-dollar.






That one there.




-That's enough. I have to stop.



-I can spot his moves.

-I better give up then.



-Just a quarter.

-One, okay.



Up and down, all around.

In and out, all about.



Now they're back...



...side by side.



Tell me, mister.

Where's she hide?



It's on the right.



No. It's the one on the left.

Right there.



-Okay, enough.

-There she is.



-Bobby was right.

-A prodigy, huh?



-Why don't you win it back?

-I could, but I can't play for money.



A boast-y boy.



Says he can win,

but afraid to back it up.



I could have my money back.

Come on. Beat him.



-I can't. Your mother won't be happy.

-Beat him, come on.



My mom's never happy.

It's all I got.



This is the move that stunned

the sheik of Araby. Behold.



This one here, in the middle.



-All right!

-That's it!



A lucky guess.



Double your bet.

That way we all go home happy.






This one is five years of my life.



This one here.



Nobody ever beat that shuffle.



Well, mister,

is it or isn't it?



-Yes, that's it! Okay.

-All right!



-It was a fluke.

-You bet it was a fluke.



Now beat it, kid.



Okay, gang, let's go. That's enough.

Come on, Bobby.



Step right up!

We had a winner!



It's easy as can be.

Easy peas-y Japanese-y!



Yes, yes.



Don't be afraid.



When we swung out, I was afraid

we would fall to our doom.



We're as safe as can be.



What do you think you're doing?



Well, I thought you wanted me to.



I just wasn't ready, that's all.






-Bobby, do it again.

-I better not. You'll tell.



No, it'll be our secret.

Hurry, before we go down.



Bobby, I'm dying here.



Thank you.

That was the nicest thing.



It'll be the kiss by which

all others will be judged.






Sounded better when Ted said it.



You knew, didn't you, where

the queen of hearts was?



I could tell what was

going on in his head.



Every thought he had, I knew,

and he couldn't fool me.



Can you tell what's in Sully's head?



Sully's head's always empty.



Oh, yeah? Maybe I'm thinking

of getting a new glove.



You are?

Well, what about that one?



-Want it?

-Are you kidding? I love it!



-Then, Bobby, it's yours.

-It is?



I'll leave it to you in my will.



-Sully, you just love doing that!

-I got you again.



You know, when you're young...



...you have moments

of such happiness...



...you think you're living

in someplace magical...



...like Atlantis must have been.



-Carol, I owe you $  . It's your turn.




-Here, give me $   back.




-Here. $  .

-Okay. Wait, no!



-No! Hold on.

-Oh, yeah. No.



Then we grow up...



...and our hearts break in two.



-Yes! I own it!

-Wait, no!



-No, I do.

-He does.



-Come on.

-Hang on.



What is it?



I wonder what it means.



It means somebody lost their pet,

goofball. Come on.



Yeah, but maybe it's a secret code.



What are you talking about?



-Fairy. I'll take that!

-I'm not a fairy!



-Don't talk to them!

-How are your tits?



-Go away!

-Grow up, Harry Doolin!



The Lone Ranger.



-Hi-ho, Silver!

-Bobby, how was school?




-You'll never guess.



Don-- Mr. Biderman

has invited me to a seminar...



...on the weekend.

"Real Estate in the '  s."



Mr. Cushman and Mr. Dean are going,

but I was amazed he asked me.






I so want to be an agent.

This is a big chance for me.



Great, when is it?



Friday. Just for two nights.



-You can't go to your girlfriend's.

-She's not my girl--



Whatever. You can't stay there...



...so I'm gonna ask

Sully's mother to put you up.



That won't work.



But it has to.



They're gonna visit his grandma.



Just my luck.

Just my rotten luck.



Why don't you ask your friend

to come down for a cup of tea?






I'm sorry, Mrs. Garfield, but no.



I wouldn't be much of

a babysitter for Bobby.



But I've never been invited

to a real seminar before.



You could sleep on the couch,

and you could go to the diner...



...and maybe even take in a movie.



I'll tell you what.

If Bobby wants me to, I will.






How come you get to have

all the fun?



Don't you want me to better myself?



Yeah, but what about me?

I never get what I want.



Who knows?



Maybe I'll get a raise after this.

Who knows what I can afford then?



I guess, if it's only a weekend.



-Thank you.




-Have you ever heard of privacy?




Wait, you can't just leave.



-What do I do, then?

-Tell me, how do I look?



You look like my mom.



The dress!






Be an angel.



-Guess it must have cost a ton.

-Don't you start on that.



"And in this reporter's opinion...



...the Haywood-Albini fight

could tarnish a sterling record."



I'd back Hollywood Haywood any day.



Ted, you listening?



Their senses grow keener.



Hey, kiddo, you're too young to smoke.



So how long this time?



Breaking records left and right.



Well, they're coming closer.



They're doing a good job

of hiding from me.



-Haven't seen a single thing yet.




I've been wrong before.



So go on about the fight.



Okay. So this old guy, Albini...



..he's gonna take on Hollywood

Haywood tomorrow in New York.



-Sounds like Albini's gonna get beat.

-It sure does.



Well, I might place a bet.



We may go into town

after your mother leaves.



Get a bite to eat.

See a movie.



Ever hear of Village of the Damned?



It's about evil little kids

taken over by alien forces.



There you go.



What's up?



Oh, no, your bike.



Stay right there, Bobby.



Thank you.



Hey, Gerber Baby!



-Still with your fairy?




Come on, let's go home.



-Where you going?

-This isn't funny!



It's a riot, Gerber Baby.



Hey, lay off her!



Hey, the little guy's a hero.



Stop me, fairy.

Be a man.



I asked how your tits were.



I wanna feel for myself.



Get away from me!



Leave her alone!



She's just a Gerber Baby.




-Hey, guys?



-Let's beat this queer up.




-Ted, go home.

-We're all going home, Bobby.



Who's that, your fairy godfather?



Richie O'Rourke, Willie Shearman,

and Harry Doolin.



The unholy trio of St. Gabe's.



How do you know us?



Come over here.

Find out what I know.



You're going to apologize.



-I don't think so.

-Shall I tell you why?



Because I know your dark secret.



-And l will tell the world.

-I got no secret.



You like calling people queer

and fairy and such words?



Look in my eyes, Harry Doolin.



Tell me what you see.



Do you see someone in your mother's

clothes when he thinks no one is looking?



Tell the whole, wide world.



Now say, "I'm sorry, Carol. "



I'm sorry, Carol.



-What did he say?

-Yeah, what?






Thank you, kind sir.



What did you say to him?



Just intellectual chitchat

among men of goodwill.




-Yes, sweet Carol?



-You're a very strange person.

-Tell no one.



All right, here we go. Come on!



Settle down.



Sully's got the ball!



-Oh, no!

-Oh, touchdown!



-Get in.

-All right.



-Get the dog!

-Come on!



-And away we go!




-Bye! See you.

-Have a good trip. See you.



Oh, my gosh. The low men.



Where's the little lady?



There he is. On time.

Give me a little kiss.



Get the bags, dear.



-Good afternoon.

-You look great.



-How are you?




-Here, I'll take that.

-Thank you.



-Need a hand with those, sport?




A real helpful kid there.



He's a good boy.



I'm sure he is.



-What a beautiful day.

-Yes, it is.



-Mr. Cushman, Mr. Dean.




-Good day for a drive.

-Yes, isn't it?






Always have to bring the farm.



Well, you know what they say.



Can't live with them, can't live

without them, can't shoot them...



...outside of Montana.



Don't do anything I wouldn't do.



But if you do, name it after me.



I trust him about as far

as I can sling a piano.



Yeah, I'm worried for my mom.



I'm worried for us all.



-So scary!

-Oh, I know!



-What now?

-Had enough to eat?



Are you kidding,

after those hot dogs?



So, what do they call

this part of town?



I've heard it referred to

as "down there."



You see, every city

has a place where...



...your last name doesn't matter.



Wine comes in a paper sack,

and you can buy anything...



...if you've got cash in your pocket.



Hey, come on.



-Stay close now.

-Don't worry about that.



You shouldn't be in a place like this,

but I can't leave you here. So...



...let's go.



Hollywood Haywood versus Eddie Albini,

tomorrow night, New York.



I've got money to burn.



What do you say?



Not one step.



Making good on that promise,

look how he piles into Freon.



Hey, kid.



What's your name?



Bobby. Bobby Garfield.



Been in before?



No, ma'am.



You look familiar.



Did I know your father?



My father's dead.

He died years ago.



Was he Bobby too?



Bobby Garfield. Yes, ma'am.



He was just like me.



Yeah, he was a good customer.



I liked him.



Yeah, he used to...



...stop in for a beer now and then.



Like on Mondays, when it's just

dead in here...



...and in no time flat

we were all laughing.



Yeah, not a mean bone in his body.



He was generous too.



Not too many like that in here.



He'd never buy a drunk a drink.

I admired that.



He also never met an inside

straight he didn't like.



Who told you that?



I remember the big losers.



Most nights he walked out of here...



...with a little more

than he came in with.



Yeah, he was a hell of a card player,

Bobby was.



Keep that, if you want.



He's handsome, don't you think?



You've got that to look forward to.



You got a girlfriend?



Yes, ma'am.






Yes, ma'am. Her name's Carol.



She's a real hotsie-totsie.



A what?



Let's go. Taxi's waiting.



My dad came here!

He didn't lose our money.



He was generous and funny

and people liked him!




-Isn't that a thing?



Yeah. Lucky for us

we came in here, I'd say.



Yes, it is a wonderful thing.



-How much did you bet?

-All I've got. $    on Albini.



-You think Albini can beat Haywood?

-I think he can knock him out.



I bet   -to-  odds.



-Do you know anything about boxing?




    Broad Street.



It'll be on the radio.



We'll listen tomorrow night.



I hope you're right.



-Oh, no. Here they come! Get down!

-What is it?



Take your mind away! Don't be scared.

Think of something else.







Think of Carol. Don't let her go.

Think of a happy memory.



Take your mind away!



Think of a happy memory.

Don't let her go.



Good night, kiddo. I'm proud of you.



I'm sorry I didn't believe you

about the low men.



I know.



Ted, my father never bought

a drunk a drink.



What does that mean, exactly?



It means he was a good man.

He was honest.



And he never added

to the troubles of the world.






-Good night.

-Good night.



There's the bell.

Haywood coming out...



...throwing punches, running in.



Now attacking Albini at will.



Albini, arms hanging like weights,

occasionally throwing a weak punch.



The punches are flying! Hollywood--



Oh, my goodness!



Out of nowhere, a right by Albini

hits Hollywood to the head...



...and to the mat!



They're counting him out.  ... ...   !



Oh, my goodness!



Albini has beat Hollywood Haywood!



This one has got to be reviewed!






You just won      bucks.






Mrs. Garfield.



Yes, fine. I'll get him.



Bobby? It's your mother.






-Hi, Mom.

-Hi, honey.



-Have you missed me?

-Of course I have.



But I'm trying not to be too sad.



Oh, good.



-Brush your teeth.

-I did.



Good boy.



I can't chat all night. There's

a cocktail party for us delegates...



...down in the ballroom and I'm--



Are you there?



I dropped the phone.

I love you, Bobby!






That's funny.



Got cut off.



That     ....



-It's traveling money, isn't it?

-Yeah, it is.



I lied to you. I didn't tell you

about the lost pet sign I saw.



I know.



When will you leave?



Tomorrow, when your mother gets back.



Collect my winnings from Len Files

at the Corner Pocket...



...then go.



Will I ever see you again?






And wishing can't make it so.



I don't want you to go.



It's all for the best, kiddo.



It's all for the best.



"In yet another startling

development in Washington...



...J. Edgar Hoover, the director of

the Federal Bureau of Investigation...



...today issued a statement denying

the Bureau was involved...



...in recruiting psychics

in the battle against Communism."



That's really what all this is about,

isn't it, Ted?



Want a root beer?



That's the only good thing about you

going. I can't stand that stuff.



Yeah, I know.



-Do you know everything?




So what happens when you touch people?



I pass on a kind of window

into other people's minds.



Is that why they want you?

This window?



Yeah. I know certain things,

see certain things.



Some see it as a gift,

but to me it's always been a burden.



What I see has a value for some.



Maybe I escaped them this time.









To good health.



Oh, well.



We're all just passing through, kiddo.



Just passing through, that's all.



Tell Carol I'd like to

say goodbye to her.






-Hey, Bobby!




I think you should go find her now.






-Hey, Bobby.

-Is Carol home?



No, she went to the ravine

to read...



...by the tree.



You don't scare me, Bobby Garfield.



If it isn't the Gerber Baby.



No! Please!






Carol! Carol!



Is everything okay?



He hit me, Bobby. He hit me hard.



It's okay.



-I'll go get help!

-No, please!



Don't leave me alone.

He might come back.



It'll be okay.



Can you walk?



I don't know.



-Just try, okay?

-Maybe, I don't know.



It'll be okay.



It's okay.

Here, try and stand up, okay?



You have to get on my back, okay?



-Bobby, I can't!

-Yes, you can.



You can.



You have to think about

something else, okay?



Here, get on my back.



Remember at school how we

rode piggyback at recess?




-This is just like that, okay?



-Bronko Nagurski.




Ten yards...



...seven yards....



Nothing could stop him.









I think her arm's broken.



Come on, Carol. It's all right.



It's all right.



My arm.



Bobby, take her hand, all right?



Oh, yes.



One great, big boy

against one little girl.



He's probably so afraid of you.

Thought you had the heart of a lion.



He hurt me, Ted.



I know. Believe me, I know.



Now listen. I've got to look

at your shoulder. Understand?



I don't want to hurt you.



Oh, my.



He broke my arm.



No, I think it's just dislocated.



And I think I can fix it.



Are you a doctor, Ted?



No, I'm not a doctor.



But as you noted, I'm very strange.



So who knows what I can do?



Do you have the heart of a lion?



Just close your eyes

and try to relax.



Bobby, give me your belt.



Now, Carol, do you know

what pain does?



It rises and travels up the body.



That's it. Thank you.



Listen to me, Carol.



Just listen and relax.



I want you to bite down hard

on the belt.



You're going to bite down

on Bobby's belt and catch the pain.



Now relax.



Close your eyes.



Keep them closed.



You're safe. Just breathe in.



Breathe out. That's it.

There's no pain.



Just listen to my voice.



I can sense them

closing in on me, Bobby.



I know. There's signs everywhere.



Here we go.



Bite down hard and catch-- Here we go.



All right.









It doesn't hurt anymore.



You do have the heart of a lion.



You did well, kiddo.



What the hell is going on in here?



Mom, what happened to you?



-Take your hands off that little girl!

-Mom, he didn't do anything bad!



How dare you touch her!



He didn't hurt her!



I brought her so Ted could help her!



Go to your room!

And you! You are going to jail!



What happened to you

didn't happen to her.



-Why's her blouse open?

-Her shoulder's hurt!



I said, go to your room!



What Bobby said was true!



Let's clean you up in the bathroom.



He carried me up the hill.



Ted took my pain away.



Don't you touch her!



Go in the bathroom.



I'm calling the police

to tell them everything.



Tell them what happened to you.



You weren't there. You couldn't know.



I know.



I know you didn't realize

the seminar would involve that.



And I know he's growing up

while your mind is on other things.



I'm taking that child home. And you

better not be here when I get back.



-Be careful.

-I'll be fine, don't worry.



Where will you go till it's dark?



The diner near the Corner Pocket,

I guess. Pick up my winnings later.



I want to go with you.



Bobby, come inside, please.



Do as she says, kiddo.



Yes, is this...



...Housatonic-    ?



Yes, well, I have some information

for you...



...about Brautigan.



You can find him at

the Corner Pocket tonight...



...in Bridgeport.



Yes. Now, there's a reward--?












When your mother writes "bad"...



...under a mental picture of someone,

she writes it in ink.



I mean, I knew that, but

I didn't think she'd betray me.



See, I need the money to survive...



...and I can't go back

to the Corner Pocket.



And I need time to think...



...and there isn't any.



Here's what you do.



Write a note for me.



A note?



Yeah, to the Corner Pocket.



I'll get you your money.



I'm not sure this is a good idea.



Ted, take my hands.



Don't worry. I won't let

the bogeymen get you.






Can I help you?



It's about Brautigan.

He took the train. I saw him go.



Stay out of this, kid.



Brautigan 's our business.



Don't hurt him.



Please don't hurt him.



Go home, Bobby.



Ted, I got the money!






I wouldn't have missed a minute!



Not a single minute!



Not for the whole world!



Where have you been?

I've been worried!



I'm all safe and sound.



Do you have any idea

what you just put me through?



You only think about yourself!




-Ted's gone.



I'll never see him again.



So you got everything you wanted.




There's no money. I don't have a job.



There's plenty of money now!



See how great it worked out,

turning him in?



I did it for you. For your own--



You lie! You always lie.



My father was a good man

and people liked him.



Everyone liked him except you.



You never liked me either.



Then I find a grownup friend

of my own, and you know what?



I loved him.



You didn't just betray him;

you betrayed both of us.






Ted got it right.



It isn 't all Atlantis.



My mother got a job outside of Boston.



And I was upset, of course,

but one thing....



I wasn 't afraid.



I had Ted to thank for that.



Hey, get out of here.

This is my place now.



You can't. This is everybody's park.



Yes, I can.



Little Bobby Garfield.



Where's your fairy godfather

when you need him?



That was for the Gerber Baby!



Do you need any help?



I'm fine.



Do you think you could ever

see your way to forgiving me?



I'm working on it, Mom.



Carol, we're leaving now.



Oh, no.



Here. It's where I'll be

in Massachusetts.



-Will you write to me?

-Of course.



I'll write to you.



I'll probably be homesick.



I'll never forget you.



Was it you who beat up Harry Doolin?









-Carol, wait.

-I can't. Not now.



-But I--

-I love you too, Bobby Garfield.



But I have to go make the salad.



 :      minutes before   

on WKMD...



...serving up the biggest hits

with the Platters.



So, what are we gonna do?



The best we can, Mom.

The best we can.



Well, time and tide wait for no man.



Ben Jonson called time

"the old bald cheater. "



-Who was Ben Jonson?

-An English writer.



Foolish about money,

and given to flatulence.






Bobby Garfield!




I don't think you should be in there.



It's not safe.



I used to live here when I was a kid.



-Have you lived here long?

-Only my whole life.



Oh, wait a minute! Wait, wait, wait.



Was your mother...



...was she...?



Was she Carol, Carol Gerber?



-My mom's dead. She died years ago.

-I was sorry to hear that.



We never kept in touch

like we said we would.



My God.



You're the boy on the Ferris wheel?



-Mom told me about that.

-She promised she'd never tell anyone.



She said you were beautiful.



One of us was.



You can keep that, if you want.



I'm Bobby.







She had the heart of a lion.



I never heard from

Ted Brautigan again.



Not that I didn 't think of him.

I always have...



...and always will.



Because that summer was the last

of my childhood.



And though I never again saw

what people were thinking...



... there was an enduring gift

that he left me.



What Ted did was open my eyes...



...and let the future in.



I wouldn 't have missed a minute of it.



Not for all the world.

Special help by SergeiK