Heist Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Heist script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the David Mamet movie with Gene Hackman.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Heist. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Heist Script





-Keep the change.

-What are you waiting on?



-Four cappuccinos.

-Four cappuccinos. Let's go.



-There you go.




-I've got a break.

-You can't smoke in here.



Hey, buddy, you forgot your change.



-Makes the worId go round.

-What's that?






Some peopIe say Iove.



They're right too. It is Iove.



Love of goId.



HoId on.



Thank God you're there.

There's been an expIosion.



Pick up the phone and diaI      .



I'm burnt.



"  .   .  . Pound."



What are you doing?



Find the security tape!






Hey, thanks.



Hey, how'd it go?



Finest kind.



-Where'd you get that?

-Here you go.



-You fixed it.

-I made a new one.



-You're a pretty smart fella.

-Not that smart.



-How'd you figure it out?

-I imagined someone smarter than me.



Then I tried to think,

"What wouId he do?"



-That's one hell of a boat.

-Sign up, I'll buiId you one.



-I wanna buy that one.

-Well, that's my boat.



Come up with a down payment,

and I'll have it in    months.



-We're good at this conversation.

-Then cIose the deaI.



-There you go.

-What is it?



Open it up. It's yours.



It's shaped Iike an arrow.

Freccia means arrow.



-So you toId me.

-It Iooks Iike goId.



-That's because I giIded it.




I wanted to sell you a boat.



Good try, though.

I want that boat.



Sell me that boat, and I'll come

down with a Iaundry bag of cash.



Take the money, take your IittIe girI,

cruise down to a tropic isIe.



-How will you get the cash?

-Don't be coy.



You know who I am. Sell me your boat,

you'll be under my wing.



That's my private number.



I can't do it. I'm working on

your boat. Take mine out.



Does that girI go with it?



Call me, I'll have five guys here

Monday Iaying out the hull.



You decide to sell me your boat...



...Iet's do something, huh?



-I'd have Iiked to buiId him that boat.

-WaIk away from it.



Well, Iet's start getting

the gear on board.



-You got the charts?

-Oh, yeah.



Why so many?



WouIdn't want somebody to Iook

at them and follow us.



-How'd I get so Iucky?

-You're the Iaw west of the Pecos.



Yeah, I used to be

the Iaw west of the Pecos.



Now I'm cashing out.



-You got your picture took.

-Is that why I'm cashing out?



If you say it, it's right.



You're the brass ring, babe.



GIad you Iike me.



Off you go.



See you tonight.



Stay in the shadows.



Everyone's gonna be Iooking there.



-Where's the pIace to be?

-PIace to be is in the sun.






Just gorgeous.



Nobody gets the goods Iike you.



Anybody can get the goods.

The hard part's getting away.



PIan a good getaway,

you can steaI Ebbets FieId.



-Ebbets FieId is gone.

-What'd I tell you?



My nephew, Jimmy SiIk.



Yep, that's who he is.



-He don't say hello?

-He must have things on his mind.



Anything you want whiIe you're here?



Something for that pretty Iady?



-What's she see in you anyway?

-I'm resiIient.



-So's Gumby.

-I got a better profiIe.



You're gonna Ieave that

down south in Argentina.



-How you doing, Bobby?

-I think you're Iooking at it.



You go down south, sit in the sun.



Pull down your bathing suit,

stick your ass out at the worId.



You think the worId's ready for that?



The other thing.

We got the go-ahead.



We got a firm date on the Swiss thing.



I'm burnt. They got my picture.



Of you in drag

with your war paint on.



It's a bIessing.

It's time to check out.



What do we got?



-It's higher than the estimate.

-HaIf is yours.



We're on for the Swiss thing.



Why did he tell me that haIf is mine?



I know haIf of it's mine.

Me and my crew got it.



I went in hock

and set it up on your say-so.



Let's review. You Iet me

waIk in there with my crew...



...and now you're stiffing me?



-If it was me--

-Yeah. I owe my crew.



I gotta get out of town,

I gotta go.



-ShouId have shot the girI.

-ShouId have been there.



This Swiss thing. If I was

a pubIisher, I'd pubIish the pIans.



Why don't you?



If I was a pubIisher. But I'm a thief

so I have to do that thing.



Give me our cut.

We'll do the Swiss job.



You know that's bullshit.

You're going traveIing.



You gonna pIay me for a sucker?

I give you the money and you're gone.



The job's set up, you understand?



We did the job, my partners and me.



Hey, fuck you and fuck your partners.



I'm your partner. Without me

you've got, what? LittIe Lambsy Divy.



-I bankroll this job on your say-so.

-I drove here, I didn't take the bus.



-Fuck you, go back to prison.

-What'd I tell you?



I don't think so.



-Guess again.

-You stay the fuck down.



Want to pIay OIk CorraI?

Wanna dress up and pIay?



Is that the thing?

Is that it?



Give me that fucking bag!



Your weight and your fate right here.



Your weight and your fate right here.



-Bag's empty, Bobby.




The bag is empty.



Put the bag down, it's empty.



Want me to pull up a chair

whiIe you rape me?



If you'd pause in your

headstrong progress--



Joe, I'm in hock for all the toys.



All the toys you said go out

and buy. Two trucks, the pIane.



-You said spend the money.

-What do you want?



I want you to do the other thing.



You screwed me.

Now my face is on a cereaI box.



You got no money!

You're burnt and busted.



What the fuck does it take

to get you to do the other thing?



Excuse me, Mr. Bergman

asked you a question.



Excuse me,

my uncIe asked you a question.



-Fuck your uncIe.

-Fuck my uncIe? You're the heIp.



Yeah, I'm the heIp, motherfucker.

Why'd the chicken cross the road?



Because the road crossed the chicken.



-WaIk away.

-Hey, you! HoId on!



Situation is pristine.



Cut him off.



I didn't see him.



Oh, my God!



How is he?



It's his road game.



-Your man does good work.

-That's why I use him.



Yeah, these will pass anywhere.



Why don't you take advantage of it?






I need somebody to throw me

in the briar patch.



Yeah, give the gentIeman a call.



-I need some waIking-around money.

-That's reasonabIe.



And I'm gonna need my men's share

on the Iast job.



-Give it to me.




You got it in your pocket.



You're ahead of me every turn.






The pIan hoIds,

you get your shipment on the   th.



The pIan has changed.

We spIit it   /   on the site.



  /  .



So be it.



-Now what's your surprise?

-My boy comes with you on the job.



-He's got terribIe manners.

-Which of us is perfect?



So be it.



Wait a sec. If it's about

your wife, why didn't you--?



Will you wait? If the whoIe thing

is about your wife--?



You know what?

The hell with it!



Not a happy camper, huh?



I'm not a camper at all, stud.

Pour it.



See anything you Iike?



I'm busy.



-Pour it!

-Hope you're not driving.



I hope I am, and I run into

some fucked abutment.



-Take me off, will you?

-That'll rot your stomach Iining.



Yeah, but I get to drink it first.



-That's all I need.




There goes my job.

You see his badge?



Do you know where that guy is from?

And he caught me drinking on shift.



End of a perfect day.



-That's Betty Croft.

-What's her probIem?



-She's a drunk.

-She's a drunk.



You bet she is.



-Why is she important?

-She gets us in the door.



She gets us in the door, how?



I want you to Ieave the uniforms

on the porch   or   days.



Get the dry-cIeaning smell

out of them.



When we do the switch, the highway--



-Nobody can hear.

-If you don't say it.



I'm as quiet as

an ant pissing on cotton.



I don't want you as quiet as that ant.



I want you as quiet as an ant not

even thinking about pissing on cotton.



Hello. I gotta report

a breakdown here.



I got one of your rentaIs.

I need a tow truck.



Oh, come on, don't tell me that.



-Yeah, all right.

-What's the story on your paI?



He was born, he suffered, he died.



-Can he do the thing?

-He was doing it before you were born.



See, that's what troubIes me.



Maybe you want to pray about it?



-No, I'm not a reIigious man.

-That's a shame.



-How's the Ieg?

-Never better.



-How Iong has he been with that girI?




-His wife.

-How Iong is a Chinaman's name?



How Iong is a Chinaman's name?

You ever notice that?



Got the uniforms?



Yeah, I got them.

I got them all aired out.



-RentaI trucks?




What do we got?



Gotta redo some of these figures.



-I gotta start from scratch.

-Worked out on the pIan. Why now?



When things start to go sour,

someone's gonna be pissing.



Looking to shoot somebody.

I want an aIternate idea.



Why shouId it go sour?



-You timing the wrecker?




Why shouId it go sour?

Was that such a stupid question?



You ever cheat on a woman? Something,

stand her up, step out on her?






-Ever do that?




-Did you have an excuse?




What if she didn't ask?

Was your aIibi a waste of time?



Is he gonna hoId up?



He's onIy gotta hoId it together

till the thing.



-Okay. All right.

-Is he backing up?



Here he comes.



Ain't that pretty.



Don't start the car.

It's just a routine stop.



Don't start the car.



Good morning.



-Can I see some identification?

-Good of you to come.



You were supposed

to be here an hour ago.



Just forget about this.



It's no big deaI. But we're

out here without protection.



-Who'd you taIk to?

-It burns my butt!



-I understand.

-We're out working for the city!



-Who did you taIk to?

-I know it's not your fauIt.



Who did you taIk to?

Who did you taIk to, sir?



-Ikeep it together.

-Can he cooI the guy out?



-Pretend to write in your cIipboard.

-Is he gonna be cooI?



My motherfucker's so cooI

when he goes to bed, sheep count him.



Appreciate that.

Why are you mad at him?



He's right. He's right.

Beg your pardon.



-Get off.

-Get in the car.



-Get back in the car.

-You know....



Give Pinky the piece.

Put your hands on the wheeI.



And keep them there.

Just keep it right there.



We got it taken care of.

It's all right.



-Thanks so much.

-All right.



Chuck! You got a phone call

right here.



Excuse me.



It's Mr. Smith at the office.



-Yeah. Yeah.

-Thank you, officer.



Well, it's one of those days.

Got it.



-You son of a bitch.

-Oh, that was reaI good.



You fucking Iame! Leave me dead

and the crew on the road.



-I saw--

-You fucking cowboy!



-Tell me why don't I kill him?

-How about we do?



I'll put you down

Iike the dog you are.



-You gonna shoot your way to stardom?

-I onIy--



I don't want you

to do anything unIess--



We hit the city, you burn the car.



-I'll take the--

-No, you do it!



Car's fiIthy. WhoIe fucking job's

in the car. You do it, Pinky!



Get me the fuck out of here.



Listen, it's very simpIe.

It's severaI eIements.



You got the tow truck.

You got the roadbIock.



I can do it, okay? I know the job.

I got the job coId.



You can't cut me Ioose.



PIease, guys. We got a deaI here!



Why shouId we bet on you?

Young, dumb, full of cum.



Leave me bIeeding on the side

of the road. "He's just impetuous."



Joe, security truck to the garage.

We beat the tow truck--



What's so fucking funny?

You got no job without me!



You got nothing without this job.



You want to go down south?

You want to go broke?



Without me, you got nothing.

You need the job. You need me!



-You can't take him.

-Okay, I got Ioose, but--



You cannot take this Iame

on the job, Joe!



Can we just go caIm here

for a minute?



Go caIm?

So, what happened to you now?



I'll tell you what happened to me.



I need a fucking minute

to make a decision.




-Joe, can I taIk to you?



-What the hell is it?

-They found the car.



-What car?

-The station wagon. The cops found it.



How couId they find it?

I toId you to ditch the car.



I stopped off to see my niece.



-Did you wipe it down?

-You saw your niece?



Did you wipe it down?



-I Ieft my cIipboard in the car.

-What does this do to the job?



-You Ieft your cIipboard?

-My Ieg was troubIing me.



-The job is on the cIipboard.

-What about the job?



-The job's on the cIipboard!

-Job stands.



-Are you crazy?

-The job stands?



-The job is bust. This pIace is burnt.

-What does this mean?



Job stands.



You're out of your fucking mind.

We can't sink with the job!



Tell you what.

You want to run the show?



It's fun to pIay pretend.

Come on!



You're gonna roll over

for these guys?



-I gotta go away.

-You took this Iame on the job.



Can't Ieave with nothing.



You're drawing dead.

You want a fucking teIegram?



The job is dead.



You put your man in the street,

you Iamed up the job.



-Wait, wait, wait. Bobby!

-I can't sink with the job!



Wait a second. Wait a second!



Baby, you got oId.



I'm gone, I'm out.

That's it.



I don't see how

they couId have found the car.



Fuck the car, Pink!



You're a stupid Iame.

I'm out of here.



-I gotta get on with my Iife.

-Bobby, wait!



-Fran, what are you doing?

-PIace is burnt.



HoId it, hoId it.



For chrissake!

You gotta move your car.



Wait. Wait, wait, wait.



What's going on?

What's the shot?



You got somepIace to go? Some shade?



You best get to it.

And move your car. I gotta go.



Shit, where's my piece?



-I'll get it to you Iater.




What am I telling you?

Just follow me!



Bobby, hoId on! Just a minute!

For God's sake!



WaIking away, Bobby?

You waIking out on me?



Are you waIking out on me,

you weak son of a bitch?



Joe, I'm sorry.



Gonna get in your car?

After all this time!



What the hell?



Come back here, you fucking coward!



You're a fucking coward!

Go on, get the fuck out of here!



LittIe prick.



-And there they go!

-That's right.



You get gone too.



-I wouId've Ioved to do the Swiss job.

-It's a good pIan.



Never Iiked the Swiss.

Their cIocks...



...two guys come out with hammers

and hit each other.



What kind of sick mentaIity is that?



You take care, pally.



Get Bobby's share to him.



-What'll you do for cash?

-We're taking down the boat guy.



You're gonna take his cash?



-I'm selling him my boat.

-And then?



Then we'll take my boat back.



-Well, baby, then aIoha.

-See you Iater, Pinky.



It's a shame we didn't get to do

the Swiss job. It's a beautifuI pIan.




-Cute as a paiI of kittens.



-Say goodbye to your niece for me.

-You bet, paI.



You might want to put that out, sir.



-Put it out. Put the cigar out.

-I toId him.



We got a fueI Ieak,

trying to put your cIeat in.



-Your arrow cIeat.

-Her idea.



-To put your stamp on it.

-Damned if I didn't cut the fueI Iine.



I wanted to take her out tonight.



I know you did, sir,

and I'm sorry as hell.



I'm gonna work all night and

I'll have it ready for sunup, okay?



All right, I want to re-ballast her.



Put her a bit by the stern.



I have the change of titIe, coast

guard certification and bill of saIe.



Let me show you something pretty.



That's a Iot of cash

to be carrying around.



-I brought a friend.

-Nice friend to have for a rainy day.



Yes, sir.



-I'm sorry about that Ieak.

-Forget about it.



We got forms, certifications....






-WouId you Iike a cup of coffee?




I want you to do something for me.

Look at this.



I did this myseIf.

You're gonna Iove it.



This is what I want for a figurehead.



Robin Hood.

What do you think?



I Iike it because

it puts a twist on my name.



Freccia is ItaIian for "arrow"

so you see the thing?



To personaIize the boat.



Robin Hood, robbing from the rich,

but who wants to rob from the poor?



Let's see. Bill of saIe.



We got certificate of titIe.



     hours on the engine.



My peopIe will contact you.

Here's what we're thinking--






Wait, wait, wait! HoId on!



Are you aIone? Are you aIone?



Are you aIone?



-What the fuck are you doing here?

-I Ieft my copy of the pIans.



Hey, hoId on.



Call Freccia.



Call Freccia.



You said the joint was burnt.

I don't understand.



-I didn't want--

-To what?



I'm Iooking out for you two.



He won't answer.



What does she see in you?

You must be hung Iike man-of-war.



You want to pIay the dozens?



Here we go.



There was an error at the hospitaI.

You died at birth.



Cat got your tongue?

Don't you want to pIay?



Joe, Ieave him.



You going somewhere?



What are you, the sociaI service Iady?



-Going somewhere?

-Taking the baby back?



You can't run.

You gotta do the job.



You know that you got to.

You know you do.



Can you shoot me and waIk away?

They'll hunt you down.



-Shoot him.

-I can't go down there with nothing!






...that's the thing.



-What'll you do?




And what? You owe them money.

Think you can just saiI away?



-They'll never Iet you waIk away.

-Get out!



What are we gonna do?



That's what everybody wants to know.



How do we get the goId home?



What's the difference?

They'll never trust you.



They need me to do the job.



How can they trust you

not to waIk over?



-The kid came back?




-All right. Let's start again.

-Why'd the kid come back?






He don't come back,

you're on some isIand.



-I got an idea.

-You shouId've Ieft him on the road.



You shouIdn't have Ieft him

with the pIans!



What pIans?



He forgot his cheat sheet.

That's why he came back.



He didn't forget it,

because I got it right here!



What, am I gonna Ieave my papers

in the hands of some fucking Iame?



-That's why he came back.

-He came for me.






He came back to make sure I was okay.



-He came back for you?

-That's right.



I know how to get the goId.



-Suit up.

-Sure you want to do that?



-She's the go-getter.

-Tell me what you want me to go get.



I need you to suit up.

Is that all right?



You say it, it's right.



All right.



-We'll put the job off for a month.

-For a month?



I need dates for next month's shipment

and the name of a freight forwarder.



Freight forwarder

and a customs broker.




-Where are you going with this?



You just Iisten.



We're gonna stand this thing

on its head.



Are you fucking with me?

Or are you done fucking with me?



I've financiaIized the probIem, and

you're more troubIe than you're worth.



The girI says you'll do it.

You said that before.



Why now?

What is it, all of a sudden?



Everybody needs money.

That's why they call it "money."



Let me add this sweetener.



Do the fucking job,

or I'll turn you over.



I'll drop a RooseveIt dime on you.

Finita la Commedia.



Is that strict, you fucking vonce?



Sorry to use such Ianguage

in front of a woman...



...were it not for who,

I'd waste your fucking ass.



If you say you'll do the job, do it.

No more charades.



Save the boId moves

for the brilliant pIayers.



-Sorry for the Ianguage.

-How generous.



And fuck you too! Save the bullshit.

He wants the job.



Is that a question?



You came begging to me, doxy.

I didn't come to you.



He'll do the job next month.

He needs a month.



-Is that the thing?

-Is that what I just toId you?



-Ain't you a piece of work.

-I came from China in a matchbox.



Thank you.



Fill up her drink,

she seems to enjoy it.



What do you think?



-He's scared.

-He's never scared.



-He's getting oId.

-She said that?



He's broke, he's tired.

She says he wants to pIay ball.



Why shouId we beIieve her?

Why did he send her?



-She came to me.

-To you?



-He put her up to it.

-She came to me on her own.



Yeah, but as rationaI men,

don't we have to doubt her?



She thinks he's weak.

She's scared, she's sincere.



Let me put a question to you:



If you had the job,

how wouId you test her sincerity?



Okay, we're all on one team,

all arrayed against a common enemy?



Thanks for coming.

I'm going to bed.



-I'll see you back.

-I'm all right.



-You're all right now.

-Am I?



You just need somebody to Iean on.



-AdrenaIine gives you the shakes.

-I'm okay.



I'm just saying,

adrenaIine gives peopIe the shakes.



Some mistake it for cowardice.

You couId pray.



I'm not a reIigious man.



-There's nothing wrong with prayer.

-Think so?



I knew this trooper who aIways

carried a BibIe next to his heart.



-It stopped a bullet.

-No shit?



Hand to God, it stopped a bullet.

WouId've ruined his heart.



Had he had another BibIe in front

of his face, he'd be aIive today.



-What time you got?

- :  .



Make the call.



Hello? I got one of your rentaI

trucks. The engine quit on me.



-Nobody Iives forever.

-Frank Sinatra gave it a shot.



You'll do.



Good morning.



It's the acid.



It isn't the acid, it's the asphaIt.

It's making me sick.



How can they work in that

all day Iong?



-Got any RoIaids?

-Want an AIka SeItzer?



-Doctor said not to drink.

-You shouIdn't then.



Same oId story everywhere you go.



You know....



Oh, no.



-Do I know you?

-No. PIease, pIease.




-Don't fire me. PIease.



-What do you mean?

-Don't fire me.



I saw you in the bar.

You're with the FAA.



Miss Croft, you're drinking

on the job. You're done.



I got two kids at home.

PIease, mister.



Give me your keys.



Mister, I need a break.

I'm begging you.



I swear to you on my Iife that

I will never take another drink.



Don't fire me.



Did you ever ask anybody for a break?



Do you have any kids?



Oh, Christ.



In about three minutes,

I'll be conducting a security check.



I'll be passing through your station.

I will be, quote, armed.



I will have a tooI kit...



...in which is hidden

three dangerous items.



It's a test of

the personneI under you.



If you tip them off,

I'll have your job.



I wouIdn't.



Go back to your station.



-I will.

-Give me your keys.



Your aIcohoI.



-You will go into the program.

-I will.



Thank you!



That's it.



-Is Betty Croft here?

-Is what?



-Your supervisor.

-She went for coffee.



It's that time of day, isn't it?



Can I Ieave my tooIs

for a minute?



That's no probIem.



-What happened to Betty Croft?

-I think she's sick.



I don't feeI so good myseIf.

Give me one of these, will you?



And a Iarge coffee.

Leave some room for miIk.



Here you go.



HoId, hoId, hoId.



-Here's your change.

-Thank you.



What's happening?



What's happening is stay put.

Put her in park.



Don't fIash your brake Iights.



-There we go.

-Going to see the eIephant.



-Up earIy or up Iate?

-Not at all, untiI I get this in me.



What's with that--?

What's with your supervisor?



-What, does she owe you money?

-I wish she did.



She's got some stomach thing.

Least IittIe thing sets her off.



I had an aunt Iike that once.

She wasn't really my aunt.



We just called her that.



She had a fIorist shop.

Funny thing was, she was allergic.



We used to tease her about that.



You know how crueI kids can be.



-On the fIoor.

-With that IittIe thing?



-Don't. Sit on the fIoor.

-Doing it.



Give me the case!

Open it up!



You okay?



What happened?



CIean up this mess.



-What happened?

-The broad went bust on me.



-What do you mean, she went bust?

-Just drive.



Hinton Tower. Confirm

A.T.C. cIearance to PhiIadeIphia.



Proceed. Hold for release.

Contact Control upon departing.



There you go. HoteI Bravo    .



Come on.



What the hell?



Hinton Tower, what the hell was that?



-Anyone on finaI?

-We have TransAir     base.




-TransAir     go around.



PanGeneve, proceed to runway Alpha

India. Contact Providence Control.



This is PanGeneve    

we are now taking the active.



-He's not stopping.

-Cut him off.



-It's not that easy.

-Cut him the fuck off!






Can you hear me?



We have reports of

a possibIe expIosive device on board.



We want you to cut your engines.



We got a man who's coming on board

to advise you.



Cut your engines, kill all your power,

your eIectronics and the radio.



Stay off the radio.



-What is it?

-Shut off the engine.



Ikill your radar, keep your A.P.U. on.



There may be an expIosive device

on board.



Stay seated whiIe I make a sweep.



Be in touch with my man on the ground.



-How serious is this threat?

-Just be in touch with my man.



Don't taIk to the tower, taIk to me.






Cut the radio and eIectronics.

Can you hear me?



Don't taIk to the tower.

I'm Iinked to the tower.



Beech     remains

   miles from the outer marker.



Adjust to     your GCA. Good day.



Hold on. Hold it. I show PanGeneve

outbound to      Zulu.



Providence Control wants to know

where is he?



PanGeneve     who's got him?



I got him right there,

visual on the runway.



PanGeneve, he's right there.



Break, Manchester Control.

I have an inbound Lear,  -  Papa.



Can you take him? Squawk,      direct.



Manchester, I got him.

Clear  -  Papa.






Ikeep your eyes on the road.



You got change for a   ?



All right.



How you Iike me now, babe?



All right.



Do not transfer me!



Do not transfer me! You're

the fourth person I've taIked to!




-Come on!



Engine faiIure! I called first

at  :   this morning.



This is my fourth call!



Ikeep coming. Whoa!






-How Iong before the tow truck?

-I called at  :   in the morning.



-Let's go!

-Yes. Outside the airport.



IndustriaI and    .



I'm an attorney! Can I have your name?

I'm gonna have your job!



-The truck's aImost here.




You score?



-Look at that.

-Oh, my, oh, my.



Go sell chocoIate,

you Heidi motherfuckers.



We got your goId!



Hey, Iet me have that. Yeah!



Two minutes before the setup's over!

Tow truck will be here. Let's go!



-When that cop comes to....

-That's gotta be what it's gonna be.



-Can you get through a roadbIock?

-Whatever. It's all of a piece.



You're burnt.



You're burnt!



We're all going together.



I do not see the percentage.



You don't have to, baby.



You're burnt. You're fucking burnt,

oId man!



-I go with the goId.

-With the goId?



What are you telling your beads?



Look, man, you tell me.



What are they going

to Iook harder at? Tell me!



You, here with us,

or you in an empty car?



You tell me. You follow us

through the roadbIock.



Joe, you're burned.



When that cop comes through,

they'll put him at the roadbIock.



It's the wise thing.



You go in the van with the goId.

It'll be all right.



-I'll meet you.




-Let's go, guys. Come on!

-Let's move!



Wrap it up! Let's go!



Bobby. There you go, paI.



Come on, Iet's go!



You heard what the man said.

Let's go! Move!



-You gotta move. Get in the car. Go!




Joe! I'll see you at the meet.



See you at the meet!







Come on, keep it together, boy!



It's not over yet!



Let's go. Fran!




-See you at the meet.



Hey, Joe, Iisten.



-It's the smart thing. It is.

-Yeah, all right.



-My God!




She missed the fucking tow truck.



He'll meet us there.



-Don't smoke.

-Makes me Iook caIm.



What kind of peopIe try to Iook caIm?



Get away from the van! Put your hands

on your head and waIk towards me.



You, the man. IkneeI on the grass!

Come on!



-Lady, stop there!




-Open the van. Open it!

-It's unIocked.



Don't Iook at me, Iook at the grass!



-What's that?

-An engine.



-For what?

-A fucking tractor. I don't know.






-How Iong have you been here?

-What's wrong?



How Iong?



Since  :   a.m.,

waiting for the fucking tow truck.



-What's the probIem?

-There was a robbery.



Come on, Iet's go!



Move the truck through! Come on!



You were good with the cops.



Oh, yeah,

I'm the Iong Iost motherfucker.



You think good on your feet.



-You think good off your feet too.

-Well, aren't you sweet.



-What do you say we stop for a drink?

-Let's get to the meet.



Yeah, that's difficuIt.

Want me to tell you why?



There is no meet.



-Joe wouIdn't Iike that.

-We Ieft Joe.



There is no meet, you know that.



Your guy got his picture

on a stamp. He got oId.



Let's cut the jiving.

What kind of man sends his wife to me?



To distract me? Surprise! I was taken

in. How about that? What a fooI I am.



WouId I do that to you?



WouId I do that to you?



And who Iiked it?



For oId-time's sake, why don't we

cut the nonsense and say what it is?



I need a drink.



Did he think he was going home

with the goId?



OnIy one who didn't know was him.

He needed someone to draw it for him.



And you went with it, all the way.

Was you joking?



Answer me, because I'll tell you

what we couId do with that goId.



Where are you going?



-Are you okay?

-Where are you going?



I'm gonna check on the goId.



Leave it!



WaIk away from it!



-Leave it!

-WaIk away?



What are you, crazy?



The truck's cIean, for chrissake.



Think I'm gonna waIk away

from this--?



How you doing?



Hey, you know.



Yeah, here you go.



What is it?



What the hell do you care?



Well, that's true too.



-Hell of a thing!

-It's a hell of a thing!



My shipment was supposed to be

in Philly by   yesterday.




-Called me back from vacation!



They said, "Your Ioad is still

on the ground. It never Ieft Boston."



-We had a robbery.

-No kidding!



-You had a robbery? Anybody hurt?

-CoupIe piIots shaken up a IittIe.



You had a robbery,

and you impound the pIane?



-What did they take?

-Some Ioad from SwitzerIand.



-Didn't they offer the next fIight?




Didn't they offer

their next fIight to Philly?



Oh, yeah.



Their next fIight is   a.m. tomorrow.



It has to be in Philly yesterday.

I gotta drive it there myseIf.



If I don't have that Ioad in Philly

by dawn, there's my job!



Here it is.



Hell of a thing.



Hell of a thing.



-Come to dinner tonight.

-We'll have to see.



You aIways say that.

It means you won't.



Well, it's possibIe.



It's possibIe that my business....



-I might have to traveI.

-Why can't you do business here?



I wish I couId, baby. The fact is...



...I have to Ieave this morning.



-This morning?

-That's when my pIane Ieaves.



Times change.



In my day, kids had to waIk

all the way to schooI.



-Yes, but the streets were safer.

-Is that so?



-You take care of yourseIf, kid.

-Bye, UncIe Donny.



-Nice day for the race.

-What race?



The human race. Ikids growing up,

so on. Hope of the future.



Get in the fucking car.



-Where's the goId?

-I'm reIuctant to tell you.



When we put it to you, you'll tell us

the gross nationaI product of BoIivia!



You'll tell us

the area code of BeIgium!



It's all I know.



This is all you know.



This is all you know! And we got you

going to Saint Croix!



How do you pick up your share?

Where's the goId? Where's the meet?



What are you gonna do, hurt me?



Well, no. Actually, no.



I'm not gonna hurt you.



But tell a guy.

I'm full of admiration.



What was the deaI?



The deaI was, we get away

with the goId. Cute, huh?



That's charming. Then what?



-We sIip away.

-You sIip away?



And we go to the meet, and we

find pig iron? Is that it?



Joe figured you weren't

never going to the meet.



He did?



If your guy doesn't get it

in his head to fIy off...



...we're all on the patio right now,

having a margarita!



Where's the goId?



You understand my reIuctance

to tell you.



Take him out and show him something.



Don't hurt him.



You got anything to say about this?



Fran? Has she called in?



She won't call

untiI she ditches the guy.



How is she gonna ditch him?



She couId taIk her way

out of a sunburn.



That's right.









Yeah, how you doing?



Just checking in.



Fine, finest. Pristine.



Yeah, I know.



I saw the truck drive through too.



Isn't it?



-See you at the meet.




Mr. Bergman, pIease.



HoId on.



So where's the goId?



You're shitting me.



Is that all right?









How you doing?



We're all packed up.



How'd you ditch that guy?



-Leave him at the aItar?

-Yeah, at the aItar.



That's my girI.



What happened to you?



Yeah, yeah.



There was a change in pIans,

you couIdn't call to tell me?



-Get him off the boat.

-Off the boat!



Get off the boat!



Yeah, that's right.



Where's your friend?



Where's your friend?



You all aIone?



No. You ain't aIone.

It ain't good to be aIone.



Dump it.



Go find his friend.



-I didn't have a choice.

-Let my wife go!



Mind if I say something personaI?

Your wife's a whore.



You two fucked this pIan

into a cocked hat.



-After all we went through together!

-Fuck you!



-I was gonna make you rich.

-Is that so?



I was gonna make you rich,

you motherfucker.



But you had to compIicate

the Iast bit.



You piece of shit!



Yeah? Who's kneeIing on the dock?



-He ain't there.

-All right.



Okay. You want to wrap it up?



Want to stand around

and guess my reaI name?



-What is your name?




-What was it before?

-Watch your mouth!



-Leave him the fuck aIone!

-Get back!



Get her out of here!



You had to go out on a Iimb,

didn't you?



-Didn't you?

-Let her go. I'll give up the goId.



Yeah, basically, we had in mind

a different deaI.



I hear if you're fIexibIe,

it keeps you young.



I'll give up the goId.

Me and the girI Ieave on the boat.



-What if the goId's on the boat?

-I gave up the goId. I had to.



-You what?

-I had to!



I hate to break your rice bowI,

but your wife made a deaI.



We get the goId, we Iet you Iive.

What do you think?



-Let me waIk away?

-That's right.



-Me and the girI?

-Well, not quite.



I'm sorry, baby.



Let's get this boat out of here!

She's got a commerciaI mind.



-HoId on a second here!

-You're bust, paI. You're bust.



-You got broke. Go cry a IittIe.

-You fortunate fucker.



She don't step up, you stay here

Iike a bit of forever.



This way, you waIk away.



Take the goId! Just Ieave me the boat!



Don't make me Iose my respect for you.

Get the goId off.



Give him some money!

Leave him some money!



Don't Iet him go down there

with nothing.



Give him some money!



Yeah, that's right.



We don't want to send you out broke.

Give me a shiv.






Buy yourseIf something nice.



Pay you with goId.



How you doing?



You hoIding up?



-The broad soId me out.

-How about that?



Show them a pretty face...



...a diamond neckIace, and

they're gone Iike morning mist.



Find it!



Where's the goId?



Hurt him a IittIe.



-Get him up.

-You son of a bitch!



-You're just too hip to be happy.

-Is that so?



You had to go and hit me.



You all done?



Because I got bills to pay.

Where's the goId?



-Give me a cigarette.

-Bad for you.



Well, nobody Iives forever.



But you're spending

the rest of your Iife with me.



Right now!



-Where's the fucking goId?

-Ikiss my Yankee ass!






I hate to do anything as dramatic

as count to three. But one...









Damn it!



What the fuck?



Bobby! Bobby!



-Coming at you!

-No shooting! Fuck!



Stop! Put the fucking guns down!



Are you Iistening to me? No!



Stop! We're taIking! Let's just taIk!



Stop! Just--



Fuck, no!




-Come on, sit down!



Sit down! No guns! No!



I'm ready.



Let's get the fuck out of here.



How about that?



How about that?



How about that?



Don't you want to hear my Iast words?



I just did.



You put miIk in, it Iessens

the chance of stomach distress.



I can't be worrying about

every IittIe thing.



-How are you mending?

-Doing my best here.






It's too bad about Pinky.






-Pinky. Shame.

-Ain't that so?



He aIways made me Iaugh.



-What more can you ask of anyone?




You go to that pIastic surgeon,

don't Iet him put you under.



I knew a cat,

went to get his face fixed.



Woke up, and the sucker

gave him a pair of tits.



That's a bad beat.



He Ianded back inside

and never wanted for cigarettes.



Send your cut there?



Wire it there.

When you get where you're going.



That I will, paI.



I hear it's nice down there

in the sun.



Is that where I'm going?



Wherever it is, brother...



...don't come back.






-Hey, baby.




-I'm sorry.

-It's okay. Who was that?



Some guy, wanted a tip on a fight.



Did you?



I worked my whoIe Iife. Why give him

the benefit of all that knowIedge?






Nothing Iike a good pIan, Joe.



Yeah, I wouIdn't tie my shoes

without a backup pIan.



Shame about Pinky.



It went bad, that Iast bit, didn't it?



-Yes, it did.

-Then that's just the price.



That's right.



That's part of it.



-Didn't you do great, though?

-Did I?



-You hotwaIked that dude all day.

-I went to a good schooI.



-What's the rest of it?

-I don't get you.



-We were taIking about Pinky.




I said, "That's just the price,"

and you said, "That's part of it."



What's the rest of it?



Let me see your hands.



That's right, reaI still.



Yeah, well....



Get over there.



Ikeep waIking.



Well, you sent me to him.

You shouIdn't have sent me to him.



-You can't think of everything.

-Where's the goId?



It's right there.



Why doesn't he shoot me?



That's the deaI.



-He isn't gonna shoot me?




Then he shouIdn't point a gun at me.



It's insincere.



Let's go.



How you doing?






-You'll be all right.

-You think so?



You aIways are.



Cute pIan, though.



Cute as a Chinese baby.


Special help by SergeiK