Hellboy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hellboy script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the Mike Mignola comic books starring Ron Perlman, John Hurt, Selma Blair, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hellboy. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hellboy Script



What is it that makes a man a man?



Is it his origins,

the way things start?



Or is it something else,

something harder to describe?



For me, it all began in     .



Classified mission

off the coast of Scotland.



The Nazis were desperate.



Combining science and black magic...



...they intended to upset

the balance of the war.



I was    already a paranormal

advisor to President Roosevelt.



I could never have suspected

that what would transpire that night...



...would not only affect

the course of history...



...but change my life forever.



All right, men, let's go. Move!



Come on! Come on! Come on!



Let's fan it out.



Your men...



...they'll need these.



Are you a Catholic?



Yes. Among other things.

But that's hardly the point.



Well, you're gonna need

one of these.



I abhor the use of violence.



Thank you. I wouldn't want you

to think me mad, Sergeant Whitman.



No, three days too late for that,

Professor Broom.



All right, you guys,

let's move, move, move, move!



This way! Left, right!



Come on, men, let's get the lead out!



We're close!



You're wasting our time. There's

nothing here but sheep and rocks.



- Ruins, not rocks.

- Hold it right here!



The remains of Trondham Abbey,

built on an intersection of ley lines...



...the boundaries between

our world and the others...



What a load of crap!



Hell, a week ago, I never even heard

the word "parabnormal."






Move it!



Hold the line.



Come on!



Sweet Jesus.



They must be here for the sheep.



The freak in the gas mask...



Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.



Hitler's top assassin

and head of the Thule Occult Society.



If he's here, this is worse

than I thought.



No matter what happens tonight...



...this book will guide you

back to me.



I will not leave you.



I grant you everlasting life...






...and the power to serve me.



Ilsa! Grigori!



It's time.



Five years of research

and construction, Grigori.



Five years!



The führer doesn't look kindly

on failure.



There will be no failure, general.



I promised Herr Hitler a miracle.



I'll deliver one.



What I will do tonight

can never be undone!



I will open a portal...



...and awaken the Ogdru Jahad:



The Seven Gods of Chaos!



Our enemies will be destroyed!



And from the ashes...



...a new Eden will arise.



Get down!



I was taking a picture.



You do that again

and I'll carve you a new one.



Listen, the portal is open.



Do you understand?

We have to stop them.



Go! Go! Go! Go!



Look out!



Get down!



It's almost over.



No, it's not.



The portal's been open for too long.



Something may have come through.



Have your men search

the area thoroughly.



Spread out over that way!



Sir! Something up here!



He's gone.



For now.



When you said something

came through...



From where?



I don't see them!



Do you really, really believe in hell?



There is a place,

a dark place...



...where ancient evil slumbers

and waits to return.



- Grigori gave us a glance tonight.

- Grigori?



That's Russian, right?



Grigori Efimovich Rasputin.






- Come on!

- Occult adviser to the Romanovs.



In      at a dinner in his honor...



...he was poisoned, shot,

stabbed, clubbed...



...castrated and finally drowned.



And yet, we saw him here tonight.



Professor Broom.



Careful. Be careful.



- What the hell is that? An ape?

- No.



It was red. Bright red.



Lower your light, you're scaring it.



- What are you two shooting at?

- A red ape!



No, it's not an ape.



It's got a big stone in its hand.



I think that is its hand.



Look at the size of that whammer.



No, wait! Wait!



A blanket. Get me a blanket.



Come on. Come on. It's safe.



Jump down.



Come on. Jump down.



It's a boy.



It's just a baby boy.



Move to the left.



There we were, an unready father

for an unwanted child.



The boys gave him a name

that very night.



In retrospect,

perhaps not the most fortunate.



But nevertheless,

a name we all came to use.



We called him Hellboy.



Look at the birdie.



Speculation about the origins...



Evidence that Hellboy...



So, what is it exactly

that you say this agency does?



I kid you not. It hunts monsters.



The claim, of course,

that this creature...



...works for the FBI

as a monster hunter.



What you seek is in there.



This is a sacred place.



Give me my gold.



We shouldn't be here.






- Have you told him yet?

- No.



We should.



- I'll notify his family.

- He has no family.



According to this file, he does.



He has a son.



Hurry up!



- Hurry up!

- Wait right here!



Tom Manning is the head

of special operations at the FBI.



He joins Pat in the studio tonight

to go over the latest Hellboy sighting.



There. That's the tail.



And these are the horns.



I have a question.



In the pictures of aliens, UFO,

the yeti, Hellboy...



...why is it they're always out of focus?



Why don't you tell us...



...about the Bureau of Paranormal

Research and Defense?



I wanna tell you, I wanna tell

the American public one thing.



Now, this Bureau for the...



Paranormal Research and Defense.



There is no such thing.



"Waste Management Services"?



What is it?



John Myers, FBI.



Transfer from Quantico.



Look at the birdie, son.



- Hello. I'm John...

- You are late. That's what you are.



- Five minutes.

- Yes, I know.



- I'm going to...

- Section   . I know.



Watch your hands and elbows.



- Pardon?

- Watch your hands and elbows.






Turn the pages, please,

if you don't mind.






The pages.



These? You're reading these?



Four books at once, every day...



...as long as I'm there

to turn the pages.



My name's Broom.



Professor Trevor Broom.



Sir, I'm John...



Agent John T. Myers,

Kansas City, '  .



T stands for Thaddeus,

mother's older brother.



Scar on your chin happened

when you were   .



You still wonder if it's ever

going to fade away.



- How did it...?

- He.



Not "it."



Abraham Sapien.



Discovered alive

in a secret chamber...



...of St. Trinian's

Foundling Hospital, Washington.



...of St. Trinian's

Foundling Hospital, Washington.



His name was taken

from this inscription...



...stuck to the side of his tank.

- "Icthyo Sapiens.



...stuck to the side of his tank.

- "Icthyo Sapiens.



April        ."



The day that Abraham Lincoln died.



Hence, Abe Sapien.



Rotten eggs.



A delicacy. Abe loves them.



How does he know

so much about me?



Abe possesses a unique frontal lobe.



"Unique." That's a word you'll hear

frequently around here.



Sir, where am I, exactly?



As you entered the lobby,

there was an inscription:



"In the absence of light,

darkness prevails."



There are things that go bump

in the night, Agent Myers.



Make no mistake about that.



And we are the ones

who bump back.



     Hitler joins

the Thule Society...



...a group of German aristocrats

obsessed with the occult.



     he acquired

the Spear of Longinus...



...which pierced the side of Christ.



He who holds it becomes invincible.



Hitler's power increases tenfold.



     President Roosevelt

decides to fight back.



The Bureau of Paranormal

Research and Defense is born.



     the Occult Wars

finally come to an end...



...with the death of Adolf Hitler.



     you mean.



Hitler died in '  .



Did he, now?



Myers, this is Agent Clay.



Take his lead.



He'll make the introductions.



You're not coming?



I handpicked you from a roster of over

   academy graduates.



Make me proud.



They're not speaking.



Professor Broom had him grounded.



Grounded? Who's grounded?



Okay. You saw the fish guy, right?



Oh, yeah. That was weird.



Yeah. Right.



Well, come on in.

Meet the rest of the family.



He gets fed six times a day.



He's got a thing for cats.



You'll be his nanny,

his keeper, his best friend.



He never goes out unsupervised.






I hate those comic books.



They never get the eyes right.






He's real.



   years old by our count.

But he doesn't age like we do.



Think reverse dog years.

He's barely out of his   s.



What's with the hair, Clay?



Finally got them implants, huh?



lt'll fill in.



Who's the squirt?



Agent Myers is your new liaison.



I don't want him.



What, you get tired of me, Clay?



The candy. Give him the candy.



Oh, sir, I...



I have these for you.



Father's back?



- He still angry?

- Well, you did break out.



I wanted to see her.



- Nobody's business.

- It is. You got yourself on TV again.



Myers, huh?



You got a first name, Myers?



Try not to stare.

He hates it when people stare.



John. John Myers.



Well, John'll do.



- Stare at what?

- His horns. He files them to fit in.



What you looking at, John?



Oh, no, no, no. Nothing.

Nothing at all.



Code red.



Hey, hey, hey.



Warning. Code red.



They're playing our song.



Come on, champ,

let's go fight some monsters.



We're here at the Machen Library...



...where just hours ago,

an alarm was triggered.



The N.Y.P.D. has yet

to issue a statement.



We've got SWAT vans, paramedics.

You name it.



And now here comes

a garbage truck.



A large garbage truck.



Look at them ugly suckers, Blue.



One sheet of glass

between them and us.



Story of my life.




I could be outside.



You mean, outside with her.



Don't get psychic with me, fella.



Nothing psychic about it.



You're easy.



How am I gonna get a girl?

I drive around in a garbage truck.



Liz left us, Red.



Take the hint.



We don't take hints.



Okay, guys,

let's sync up our locators.



Seal the doors.

Red and Blue are coming in.



     hours, an alarm was tripped.



A large entity, type   reported.

Very aggressive.



Six guards dead.



I thought we checked this place.



Fakes and reproductions.



Apparently, not everything was fake.






The entity is still in there.



Video surveillance shows

a   th-century statue was destroyed.



St. Dionysius the Areopagite.



- Who wards off demons.

- Exactly.



The statue, however, was hollow.



A reliquary.



A prison.



The Vatican deemed its occupant

dangerous enough...



...to include it on The List of Avignon,

of which, by the way, we hold a copy.



Perfect job for these babies.



Made them myself.



Holy water, clove leaf, silver

shavings, white oak. The works.



Behind this door, a dark entity.



Evil, ancient and hungry.



Oh, well.

Let me go in and say hi.



You better hit the books,

Brother Blue.



We'll definitely need

more info on this one.



Hey, no one goes with him? Jesus.



No. He likes it that way.



The whole "lonely hero" thing.



Hey, Stinky.



Kitchen's closed.



What you having?



Six library guards, raw,

plus belts and boots.



Man, you're gonna need

some heavy fiber to move that out.



Red, I found something.



This entity's name is Sammael,

the desolate one.



Son of Nergal, brother of...



Listen, Sammy...



...l'm not a very good shot, but The

Samaritan here uses really big bullets.



So, what do you say we work this out

in a nice, peaceful...



Oh, crap.



That's it for you, Sam.



Red, you need to hear

the rest of the information.



No, he's taken care of.



No, listen to this.



"Sammael, the desolate one,

lord of the shadows...



...son of Nergal,

hound of resurrection..."






...I don't like that.



What? Hound of resurrection?



"Harbinger of pestilence.

Seed of destruc..."



Cut to the end. How do I kill it?



Doesn't say.



Go to the front. Let's go! Move!



I'm going around the back.



Oh, crap.






All grown up, I see.



That voice.



It was the first lullaby

you ever heard, my son.



I ushered you into this world.



I alone know your true calling,

your true name.



Name this.



- That thing. That thing.

- What do you think you're doing?



- What do you think you're doing?

- Helping you. l...



Nobody helps me!



It's my job.



You want to help? Here.

Load this.



It's a tracking bullet. Crack the pin.



Jesus, what's that on your arm?



Oh, crap.



What the hell is that thing?



Let me go ask.



All right, keep coming.

Good. Keep coming.



Why, you little...






We're heading toward civilians.



Crazy costumes, huh?

Trick or treat.



Red means stop!



- You all right?

- Yeah.



Stay here.



Sammy, you got a leak.



Waiting for me, chunk-face?



What the...?



- I'm on your side.

- Sure.



That's right!



Open wide!



Son of a...






Screw this.



I'm fireproof.



You're not.



Hey, Myers.



Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?



How's your arm?



Yeah, my arm's fine.

Where are you?



I just fried Stinky.






...tell Father I'll be home...



...but he shouldn't wait up.



No. No, wait, wait.



Yeah, I gotta go with you.



- Hey, Myers.

- Yeah?






Damn it.



Sammael, die in peace...



...and be reborn again and again.



There's a big, red man down there.



That's fine, darling.

Santa's not here for another month.



Not Santa.



Well, who, then?



I brought beer.



Oh, Red, your arm.



You better get that looked at.



I wanted to see you.



Every time the media gets

a look at him, they run to me.



I'm running out of lies, Trevor.



- I thought you like being on TV.

- I do.



So how many escapes

this year alone? Five.



Tom, he's our guest, not a prisoner.



Your guest is  -foot-  bright red,

has a tail and is government-funded.



I know where to find him.



- I'll get him back.

- Hey, fish stick.



Don't touch anything.



I need to touch it to see.



- See what?

- Past, future.



Whatever this object holds.



Is he serious?



Don't worry about fingerprints.

Never had any.



Professor, they were here.



Who was here? Nixon? Houdini?



Jimmy Hoffa? Who?



Show me, Abe.

Show me what happened here.



This is east-wing check-in.

We're all clear.



Also, make sure it's all locked up

over there in the annex.



Roger that.












There he is!



We'll cover him from here!



All right, don't move! Put that down.



Put down the weapon!



Get them.



Drop the weapon.



On the ground!



Last warning!



Take him out!



Now, ready the welcome, my love.



Salt gathered from the tears

of a thousand angels.



Restraining the essence...



...of Sammael, the hellhound.



The seed of destruction.



This I can promise, Sammael.



For each one of you that falls...



...two shall arise.



- Professor.

- I'm all right.









You are very sick.



I don't want Hellboy to know.



Sixty years ago,

they tried to destroy the world.



They're back.



In my lifetime, they're back...



...to finish the job.



We miss you at the bureau.



Abe's crazier every day.



Father's still mad at me.



Come back, Liz.



- Come back.

- No. No, H.B.



No, not this time.



I don't like it here...



...but I haven't had an episode

in months.



And you know what?



I'm learning to control it.



I'm learning where it comes from.



For the first time in my life...



...l'm not afraid.



- Looks like your ride is here.

- Have escort stand by.



The Nanny Squad.



Listen, H. B...



...l've got a chance out here.



So if you really care about me...



...you won't come back.






...I gotta go too.



Lots to do.



Hey, Red.



Oh, God. You've lost a lot of blood.



This is nothing.



You know what'll kill me, don't you?



Okay, Red, let's get you home.

Come on.



You were burned

by some organic acid.



I'm lucky that way.



- I worry about you.

- Me?






...I won't be around forever,

you know.






Could you please be a little careful?



Big baby.



How long was it latched onto you?



I don't know. About five seconds.



- Professor, look.

- Is it bad?



Touched you five seconds,

laid three eggs.



Didn't even buy me a drink.



The stinger detaches itself from

the tongue and injects the eggs.



They are very sensitive

to heat and light.



They need a humid,

dark environment to breed.



Did you ever lose track of him?



Well, let's see.



There was that moment when

I had the train on top of my head.



We can't risk it.



Tomorrow you'll go back to the tracks

with a group of agents.



Search the whole place

top to bottom.



Find those eggs and destroy them.



"Elizabeth Sherman."



I don't like the term "fire-starter."



I just don't.



And "pyrokinesis" sounds like

some psychosis or something.



I don't know.



Maybe that's right.



Not being able to let go.



It's scary.



I black out after each episode.

Sometimes for hours.



You hear about so and so...



...who just lost control

and just exploded.



Well, they're lucky it isn't true.



With me, it is.



My master is calling

your name now, my girl.



You must return to the child.



So once again...






...of fire.



Hey, freak!



Get back here, freak!



- Let's get her!

- Get her!



- Get her, guys!

- Watch this!






Oh, no! Not again.



Oh, no! Somebody!



Help me!



Help me, somebody! Help me!



How many buildings

does she have to burn down?



She belongs here.



That's not what she feels.



She may never feel it.

It's her choice.



She may never feel it.

It's her choice.



Professor, the girl you're...




that girl you're talking about...




that girl you're talking about...



Hey, Boy Scout...



...think twice.



No, listen, I read her file.



- "Read her file."

- She blames herself...



...for that explosion in Pittsburgh.

Look, I think I can help.



I could talk to her.



I think I could bring her back.



Just what was it that landed you

this job pushing "pamcakes," huh?



What was it?




The way you part your hair?



What is your area of expertise?



He doesn't want me with him.



I know that much.



- You're doing fine.

- No, I'm not.



Look, he respects Clay, not me.



I'm really sorry, okay?



I'm not your guy.



I'm dying, Agent Myers.



Like any father, I worry about him.



In medieval stories,

there is often a young knight...



...who is inexperienced...



...but pure of heart.

- Come on.



Look, I am not pure of heart.



Yes, you are.



Rasputin is back for him.



What I ask of you...



...is to have the courage

to stand by him when I am gone.



He was born a demon.

Can't change that.



But you will help him...



...in essence...



...to become a man.



Pull that down.



She was making great progress...



...and now this.



We'll be closed for months.



And it put a big dent

in our Thorazine supply.



She's been like this

since it happened.



Are you sure you want to go in?



Miss Sherman?



I'm Agent Myers, FBI.



Miss Sherman?



Can I call you Liz?



It's a beautiful name.



Sixty percent of all the women

in the world are named Liz.



Well, it's impressive by my standards.

My name's John.



John T. Myers.



Dr. Broom asked me to invite you

back to the bureau.



No special precautions,

no security escorts.



Just you and me in a taxi

like regular folks.



Over here.



You said those eggs need it

dark and humid?



Well, they hit the jackpot.



The subway lines,

they all converge right around here.



Right below us

is the old Vandeveer reservoir.



It was abandoned in the mid-  s.



There's a pulse.



There. A cistern on the other side.



Most of the eggs are there.



There's no way in.



We should go back and request

a special permit, type  ...



You guys coming or what?



We lead a charmed life.



Here you are, doctor.



This should cover your tail fin.



This should cover your tail fin.



Reliquary. Straight from the Vatican.



A bone from St. Dionysius.

Looks like a pinkie.



A bone from St. Dionysius.

Looks like a pinkie.



A bone from St. Dionysius.

Looks like a pinkie.



Remind me why I keep doing this.



Remind me why I keep doing this.



Rotten eggs

and the safety of mankind.



This doesn't really look

like doll's hair.



Be honest, Red. What do you think?



I'm thinking about doing it myself.



Hey, you guys find anything?



No eggs yet, Red.



What, are you on a lunch break?



Nothing here.



Red's on the move. I'll cover him.



Damn it, Red.



Hey, it's Abe.



Oh, God.



Bring your toy over here.



Oh, man.



Oh, Jesus.



There's only one. I'll fry him quick.



Two. There were two.






Red. Come in, Red.



What's your   ? I got no signal.

Where the hell are you?



It's like Swiss cheese in here.



Sit tight, pal, I'm on him.



Sammael, hound of the resurrection.



Didn't I kill you already?



You goddamn monster!



Oh, crap.



It's for you!



You shouldn't hurt people!



You missed.



Hey, chunk-face.



You can do better than that,

big monster like you.



My kittens! Please!



My kittens! Please!



Somebody, please, get my kittens!



Somebody, please, get my kittens!



Second date.



No tongue.



My kittens. Careful with them!



Lady, give me a break!



Thank you.



My job.



Clay, I'm getting a signal from Abe.

I'm on my way back.



Clay, I'm getting a signal from Abe.

I'm on my way back.



Buddy, don't take another step.






Man down. I need an ambulance

right away. Do you read me?



Hang in there, pal.



Man down.

Do you read? Do you read?



Quarry, Moss, do you read me?



Quarry, Moss, do you read me?

Man down!



He'll make it.



Not everyone was so lucky.



We had two agents die today.



Clay probably won't survive

the night.



- Not now, Manning, please.

- My problem with you:



You're reckless.



These men trusted you

to lead them as a team.



Where were you?



I knew those men

better than you did.



- That makes it all right, then.

- No, it doesn't make it all right.



- But I stopped that thing, didn't I?

- Yes, you did.



- But I stopped that thing, didn't I?

- Yes, you did.



It's what you do.

It's why we need you.



It's what you do.

It's why we need you.



You have an insight.

You know monsters.



What are you trying to say?



What are you trying to say?



This whole thing is a farce.



This whole thing is a farce.



This whole thing is a farce.



Because in the end...



...after you've killed, after you've

captured every freak out there...



...after you've killed, after you've

captured every freak out there...



...there's still one left.






Hey, Manning.



I wish I could be more gracious, but...



Welcome back.



It's only for the weekend,

Professor Broom.



I want that thing locked up,

starting now.



Right now! Do you...?



Now, you hear me?



- Locked up!

- Nothing's changed.



Home sweet home.









You did it, buddy. You did it!









I'm gonna put these over here, okay?



One minute. One minute.



Hey, Myers...



...you're a talker.



What's a good word,

a solid word, for "need"?






..."need" is a good, solid word.



Too needy.



Start in, okay?

You got nachos coming.






Oh, my God.



Look at them all.



Who had babies?



Liz, there's something I need

for you to hear, and it's...



Will it take long?

Because I'm actually going out.






"Out" out?



Yeah. Yeah, for a cup of coffee,

but go ahead, read.



Are you going alone?



No, Myers is taking me.



Hey, your chili's getting cold.



Not hungry.



Is there something

you'd like me to hear?



- It's just a list. It's not finished.

- Okay.



Well, then, later.



See you.



- Anything else you need?

- Not from you.



Well, good night.






Subject: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.



Born in Munich,     .



Suffered from

a masochistic compulsion...



...commonly known

as surgical addiction.



Both eyelids surgically removed...



...along with his upper...



...and lower lip.



The blood in his veins

dried up decades ago.



Only dust remains.



What horrible will...



...could keep such a creature

as this alive?



And one of those cookies.

Do you have any doughnuts?



Sorry, pal. How about a bear claw?



No. He's determined, unstoppable.



Some people would call that cocky.



- He's just strong.

- Yeah. That he is.



Hey, I've got yours.



My uncle, he used to say

we like people for their qualities...



...but love them for their defects.



He loves you, you know.



What about you?



I don't know. I grew up with him.



But now every time I see him,

I get confused.



There's hardly a day that goes by

that he's not in my mind.



Even now...



...I feel like he's here.



Hey, wait up.



You like doughnuts? I got two.



- Thanks. That was nice.

- I got a cookie, as well.



- Sugar?

- No. No sugar. Thank you.



No cream and sugar, moron.

She takes it black.



- I got some milk here.

- No. I'm okay. I don't take milk.



- You're lucky.

- Told you.



She took his picture.






She took his picture.



She took his picture.



She took his picture.



Oh, crap.



It's freezing, isn't it?



Coffee's warming me up.



Well, what do we do now?



Newark, New Jersey,

entertainment capital of the world.



- You sound like a game-show host.

- Hi.






You're Hellboy.



I'm on a mission.



All right, tell me something about you.

Where do you come from?



I lived with my uncle most of my life.



Then I went to Quantico, went to top

of my class. I'm nothing like...



Don't tell anyone, huh?






Sebastian Plackba, number   .






Who wants us in Moscow?



- My mom baked them.

- She's laughing.



She's sitting on a park bench,

and she's laughing.



That's it. I'm done.



They don't look like spies.



Are you kidding me?



Look at this guy.



Those shady little eyes,

that phony grin.



- Are you going to eat that?

- No.



Hey, he's yawning. He's bored.



Yeah, the old yawning trick.



Watch his arm.



First he wants my job,

then he wants my girl.



Hey, we all have a side

that we try to hide.






Hey, what the hell?



Hey! Hey, who threw that?



- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.



Nice shot.



Sebastian Plackba, number   .



It's Rasputin's mausoleum.



It's Rasputin's mausoleum.



I see the puppet.



But where is...



...the puppeteer?



Very good, Professor Broom.



It was you.



The scraps of paper...



...Liz's sudden relapse and return.



Bread crumbs on the trail.



Like in a fable.



They both distract him...



...and guide him exactly

where I need him.






His destiny.



And the last clue...



...will be left by

the late Professor Broom.



You raised the child.



Nurtured him.



So in return...



...I will permit you...



...a brief, brief glimpse of the future.



He will open the portal...



...and bring about

the end of the world.



If only you had had him destroyed

   years ago...



...none of this would have

come to pass.



But then, how could you have known?



Your God chooses to remain silent.



Mine lives within me.



Every time I died and crossed over...



...a little more of the master...



...came back with me.



He disclosed to me

the child's true name.



Would you like to know it?



I know what to call him.



I call him...






I'm ready.



It'll be quick.



Just go there

and tell her how you feel.



My mom says that...



Look, it's not...

It's not that easy, okay?



Plus, you're  .



You're not old enough

to be giving me advice.



- All right, stand by.

- Who are those guys?



Liz, I'm sorry. It's Broom.

Let's go. We need to find him.



- No!

- Wait, what happened?



- No!

- It's okay.



No, not him.



- Would you take her?

- Something's wrong.



He hasn't spoken to anybody

in three days.



Not a word.



He won't eat, he won't sleep.



I've never seen him like this.






Should I stay?



With him, I mean?



Listen, I'm not much

of a problem solver.



Three decades,

I've only completed two sides.



But I do know this much.



If there's trouble...



...all us freaks have is each other.



And I'm stuck here.






...take care of the big monkey for me,

will you?



Volokolamsk Fields,    miles from

Moscow, that's where we're going.



Sebastian Plackba, number   .

That's the only clue we have.



We've collected

and destroyed thousands of eggs...



...but we have no trace of this

Sammael or this Rasputin character.



We leave as soon

as we get clearance and equipment.



Hellboy's coming.



I'm not pleased about that,

but I'll be in charge this time.



We either wrap this up or I'm closing

this freak show for good.












...come to Moscow...



...if you're still going.



I am.



But I have something to say.



I understand

what you don't like about me.



I do.



What I am...



...makes you feel

a little out of place...



...out there.



- Red, I don't...

- Listen.



I'm not like Myers.



He makes you feel like you belong...



...which is good, really.



I wish I could do something about this.



I can't.



I can promise you two things:



One, I'll always look this good.



And two...



...l'll never give up on you.






I like that.



One falls, two shall arise. Sammael.



We'll have to nail them all at once,

and the eggs.



And when we do, no mumbo jumbo.



Double-core Vulcan-   grenades.



We've installed a handy little timer.

You set it, you walk away.



Cable pulls the safety pins.






Easy to clean, easy to use.



Sparky to Big Red.

Do you read me? Come in.






Who came up with that? Myers?



Yeah, we're leaving the main road,

so hang on.



This better be the place or I'll puke.



You better come out and see.



Sebastian Plackba, number   .



Forget it. We're never gonna find

Rasputin's mausoleum.



Now, what we do here

is we make up a grid.



We go in by quadrants.

Maybe satellite photography.



Let me ask for directions.



What'd he say?



Come on, baby, find me a talker.



Hi there.



Come on.



Come on.



Come on.



What do you want?



This is ridiculous.



I run this show, not him.



This guy's nothing but trouble.



Anybody got a PowerBar?



Hey, there he is.



Sixty feet further, comrades.



And three rows in.



What the hell is that on his back?



This here is lvan Klimentovich.



Say "hi," lvan.



Go that way, Red Monkey!






Ivan says there's a whole network

of tunnels down here.



Goes on for miles.



Stay close, everybody.



You better be right about this.



We'll be all right as long as

we don't separate.



Hey, Sparky.



Tell everyone to turn their locator

belts on. Anybody sees anything...



I'll say "Marco."






- Are you sure about this?

- On a scale of one to ten: two.



Don't worry, Boy Scout,

she'll take care of you.



She's a tough one.



Come on.



Ask your buddy

how far this thing goes.



How you doing up there, lvan?



If I had legs I'd kick your ass!



Would you mind holding this guy

for a while? He is so negative.



What the hell is that?



Something big.



- Lime, come with me.

- Right.



No, no, no. Stay put!






You listen to me.



Listen to me!



I'm in charge.



We're gonna go back.

You can take that door apart.



Whatever it is, it's coming for us.

Now, we gotta move forward!



Lime, let's go!



Stay put!



And you! I am not afraid of you!



I'm in charge! We go back!



I was better off dead!



Oh, crap.






Really went deep.



Hey, what's wrong with you?!



You killed my father.



Your ass is mine.



What are you laughing at,

you Nazi son of a...?



Don't even think about it.



That's all for you, pinhead.



What are you doing?



- What are you doing?

- Having a...



You never light a cigar that way.



You use a wooden match.



Preserves the flavor. You see?



Thank you.



Thank you.



So he thinks you and I...



That's why he's mad at me.



But it's not true, right?






Well, that, you know,

you feel that way about me.



You want to know that here? Now?






Red, white, whatever.

Guys are all the same.



Hey, wait up.



Have you found them yet?



I got them right below me.

It's a matter of minutes.



Okay, good.



Could you hurry up?

Because it's a little spooky in here.



Liz, wait.



Oh, my God.



Let's back out real slow.



Let's back out real slow.



Myers, ready your grenades.



Marco. Marco. Marco.



Get your big, red butt over here.



I'm coming for you, kid!



No piggybacks!



Get off me, you...



Liz, no!



They're gonna kill him!

Do something!



What do you want me to do?



- Hit me.

- What?



Hit me.






You should be running.



They are all here.



All of them.



Just the way it was promised.



This one's awake.



Thank you for this.



"And I looked...



...and beheld an angel.



And in his right hand,

the key to the bottomless pit."



These were the words I heard

as a peasant boy in Tobolsk.



And now, the door.



Sent by the Ogdru Jahad...



...so that they might at long last

enter our world.



You are the key,

the right hand of doom.



Your stone hand.



What did you think it was made for?



Open the locks.



Don't do it, Red! Don't do it!






Imagine it.



An Eden...



...for you and her.









In exchange for her soul, then?



Open the door.






As you wish.









Her soul awaits on the other side.



If you want her back...



...open the door and claim her.



Your true name is inscribed

around the locks that hold you.



You cannot break them...



...no matter how strong you are.



The eclipse has begun.



Your true name...



...say it!



Become the key.



For her.



Anung un Rama.



Repeat it.



Anung un Rama.



Open the final lock.



Remember who you are!



Believe me, I have lived

long enough to know...



...not a tear will be shed

for this world!



You have a choice.



Your father gave you that.



No, you don't!



Open it!



Do it!



What have you done?



I chose.



You will never fulfill your destiny.



You will never understand

the power inside you.



I'll just have to find a way

to live with that.






Look what you've done.



You've killed me...



...an insignificant man.



But you have brought forth...



...a god.



Myers, let's go.



Hell will hold no surprises for us.



I took a grenade belt.



The damn thing's broken.



Keep her safe, will you?



Whatever happens,

don't leave her alone.



I won't.



You're okay, Myers.



Stick around.



Hey, Red.



Just pull the cable.



I didn't get you anything.



Are you going to be okay alone?



How big can it be?









Oh, this is gonna hurt.



Gonna be sore in the morning.



She's got no pulse.



She's not breathing.






I was so foolish.






In the dark...



...I heard your voice.



What did you say?



I said, "Hey...



...you on the other side...



...let her go.



Because for...



For her I'll cross over.



And then you'll be sorry."



What makes a man a man?



A friend of mine once wondered.



Is it his origins?

The way he comes to life?



I don't think so.



It's the choices he makes.



Not how he starts things...



...but how he decides to end them.



Hey, guys? I'm still here.




Special help by SergeiK