Hellraiser: Deader Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hellraiser: Deader script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Kari Wuhrer.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hellraiser: Deader. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hellraiser: Deader Script



Good morning, London.



It's another brilliant

overcast day today.



You want any of this?



No, thanks.



I got what I need.



Thanks for making me

look good, guys.









Amy Klein, nice of you

to join the meeting.



   minutes late.



So, what about the story, then?



I couldn't get

a verification on it.



Oh. You're kidding?



We'll send someone up.



Thanks again for your

contribution, Klein.



Great job, Amy.






Hey, Klein.



Nice reporting.



How about you

show me what you learned?



You want me to show you

what I learned?



Right here?



Right now?



Maybe later.



Maybe not.



Hey, Amy.



Good morning.



It's half past four.



Charles, Amy's here.






I detect that unique

and ubiquitous combination



of nicotine and patchouli oil

that can only signal the arrival



of the delightful and

world-famous Amy Klein.



Eat me, Charles.



You know, it's exactly that

lack of respect for authority



that got you fired

from the "New York Post. "



I wasn't fired.



I was reassigned.



Of course.



Lucky for you,

I opened my doors when I heard



that you'd become available.



And, by the way, I don't recall

ever being thanked properly



for this reassignment.



I seem to remember a similar

reassignment for you, Charles.



Well, look on the bright side.



We're back in the trenches

together, just like old times.



Don't get sentimental on me.



If this is about me being late

with my follow-up story,



I've got it all right here.



I was just about to...



It's not about your story.



Though I'm sure you're working

your usual insightful magic



on what will prove to be

yet another eye-opening exposť.



I expect nothing

but brilliance in      words.



Or less.



But this, my dear...



is better.



What, then?

We're being sued again?



Somebody mailed us this thing

about two weeks ago.



What is it?

Porn or something?






Amy, with your encyclopedic

knowledge of skankology,



have you ever heard of Deaders?



Yeah, me.



I owe two months' salary

on my credit cards.



No, not "debtors. "




D- e-a-d-e-r-s.



No, Charles, I've

never heard of Deaders.



Watch the tape.



This is something

you must see for yourself.



Don't be frightened.



Fear is where you go to learn.



That's Anna.



She isn't ready yet.



I don't think she's

learned the truth yet from him.






This is where Katia will commit

herself for you to see.



It won't be pretty.



I'm Marla.



Official dead activist.



Hi, me.



There she is.



And I have to show you this.



Don't be frightened.



She's here.



I don't like this part.






Do you become one of us

of your own free will?









Are you afraid?









Fear is the place

we go to learn.



Say it for me.



My skin isn't real.



My eyes aren't real.



My bones, my heart,

my veins, and nerves,



and flesh, and meat aren't real.



Go on.



I'm not...






I'm not real.



I'm not...



Holy shit, Charles.



Just keep watching.



I am not real.



I'm not real.



I'm not real.



I'm not real.



I am not real.



I'm not real.



Oh, my God.



Did you call the police on this?



Just watch.



This is sick.



Tell me this is some kind

of special effect.



I'm alive.



I'm okay.



I'm okay.



What the fuck?



Exactly what I said.



Maybe miracles don't just

happen at Lourdes.



Who says they happen there?



Might you, by some chance,

be interested in pursuing this?



You have anything

besides the tape?



Just a return address

on the envelope.



In Bucharest.






Very good.



It's where the Eurotrash kids

looking for a good time



are heading these days.



Amsterdam is so '  s.



I still have my finger

on the pulse,



even though I know

you think I don't have one.



Ticket, hotel, per diem.



You know me too well.



It's what keeps me up at night.



Now's the part where I'm

supposed to say, "Be careful. "






Call me when you get settled.



Go away.

Go on.



Get out of here.



Have you lost something?



Yeah. I...



I'm looking

for my sister, Marla.



You don't know

your sister's last name?



Of course I do.



Look, Marla's a friend of mine,

and she's missing.



I just need

five minutes in there,



and then I'll know

all I need to know.









Does it always smell

like that in there?



Like what?









Five minutes.















Oh, no.






Oh, fuck!












What are you doing in here?






Aah! Aah!






Whoever you are.



You were meant to find me today.



We all have the same story.



It's what brought us here.



You wouldn't be here

if you didn't belong here, too.



I thought if you saw it

and started believing it,



it might help.



Help all of us.



I'm starting to feel pain.



My eyes hurt.



The light really, really hurts.



And I don't know

how to get back.



I just don't want to be

here anymore.



I want to end it.



But I can't.



He'll expose

your own demons to you,



and he'll ask you to join him.



But don't, because there

is no turning back.



And above all,

don't open the box.



He needs for you to open

the box, but don't.



It's now up to you to stop this.






Go to the central

subway station.



At the south end,

wait for the last car.



Tell Joey I sent you.



He'll show you to them.






Please do it for us.



Open it?



Open what?






Aah! Aah!



Don't think for a moment

you are not in danger.












Help us, Amy.






I'm looking for Joey.



He's in the back.









Now here comes a daring soul.



A person committed

to a just cause.



Another seeker of the truth,

no doubt.



Are you Joey?



I've been called worse.



I have the pleasure

of meeting...



Amy Klein.



Somebody named Marla

sent me here to talk to you.






I'm looking for a girl

named Katia.



And a man.



A man named Winter.



The plot thickens.



Don't tell me you're mixed up

with those motherfuckers.



Oh, jeez.



Moral-quandary time.



What should he do?



Why don't you just tell me

what you know about the Deaders?



You first.



What do you think they do?



I think they bring

the dead back to life.



Who are they, Joey?



Some say he's like

this fucked-up guru.



Some think he's not human,

or they think he's not real.



But they all live together

in this house.



Those who believe, I mean.



Where is it?



If you don't tell me,

someone here will.



You know, that's the problem.



You've got this fucked-up,

self-destructive thing going on.



And that is making me

very unhappy.



Panduri and Kovacs.



Okay? The northeast corner.

Two doors down.



There are some stairs

that go all the way down.



But once you get mixed up

with them,



chances are you never get loose.



Amy Klein!



Don't do it.



Don't go there.



Change your name, go somewhere

else, become something else.



Can't do that.



I got that fucked-up,

self-destructive thing going on.



Yes, you do.



Only he can bring you back.










Where is he?



Where'd he fall?



Well, the men have looked.



And he wasn't there.



You don't seem

terribly surprised.



What do you want me to tell you?

I saw him.




So you've said.



Can you tell me again just

what it is that you saw?



I'm standing on the platform,

and I see this...



He had his back to the train.



That's him.



That's the guy.



- It's him.

- Hey.



- Hey, it's him.

- Hey!




I saw what you did to Marla.



Stop! Get the fuck off me!

Get off me!



I know who you are!



That's the guy.



Get the fuck off me!



Stop him!

What the fuck are you doing?



Let go of me!



You won't get away with this!






You are lucky to have

a boss like me.



Once again, I have saved



your small but relatively

shapely behind.



At least you got to travel.



What were they gonna charge

me with, anyway?



Charge you?



They were thinking

of shipping you



to the asylum for observation.



Believe me, you go in there,

you don't come out.



Got your stuff?



Why did you give me

this story, Charles?



Who else would have taken it?



They're gonna think

it's bullshit,



or they're gonna be too afraid.



But Amy Klein.



Tell me it's real, Amy.



It's real.



Or I'm crazy.



Either way, it's a good story.



You see, Amy,

for the average person,



the hunger for knowledge

is like the hunger for food.



We want to know just enough to

take the edge off our appetite.



Then we're satisfied,

and we stop.



But you are a glutton.



You can't help overeating.



- I don't hear you complaining.

- No, that's the point.



That's why I still need you.



'Cause all that stuff

I don't eat, I still want.



So I send you in to do

the eating for me



so I get to experience it



without actually suffering

any mental indigestion.



Thanks a lot.

So, I do all the suffering.



Nobody's forcing anything

down your throat, correct?






I'm not here to save people,

and I'm not here to judge them.



I take them as they come

and use them as they pass by.



You know, there's something

vaguely demonic about you.



Did you know the word "demon"



comes from the Greek word

for "knowledge"?



No, I didn't.



American education.



Hop in.

I'll give you a lift.



No, thanks.



I need the fresh air.



Then walk back to your room,



lie in your coffin until

the daylight hours have passed,



as is your habit,

then go get me my story.



Panduri and Kovacs.



Damn it.



Aw, shit.






Is anybody there?






Is somebody there?



What the hell?



Whoa! Aah! Aah!



Oh, God!



No! No!




No, no!









Follow me.



One of us.



Amy Klein.



You know me.



I chose you.



You didn't choose me.



I came here to help Marla

and the others.



And what makes you think

they need help?



Tell me, Amy Klein, were you

afraid when you saw Marla?



Of what you found?






What is it?



You might say

it's a family heirloom



passed down

through many generations.



Left here as a gift.



The way to cheat death.



An entrance to a world

of everlasting pleasure.



It rightfully belongs to me.



Though there are others

who might disagree.



Should I be honored or afraid



that you are here with me,

Amy Klein?



You tell me.



Don't dance with me.



Don't think for one second

that you're not in danger.



You are in more danger

than you ever imagined possible.



Who are you?



I am here to reclaim

what is mine.



And you are here to help me.



It is your destiny to be here.



I can give life back to those

who choose the dark over light



and will do so much more.



But first, I need your help.



What happened to Marla?



What did you do to her?






Why, I accepted her, that's all.



That's all I've ever done

for anybody who's come to me.



She didn't want to become

one of you.



Whatever the hell you are.



That's why she killed herself.



Or did she?



Marla will never really die

because she's not really alive.



The more she doubts...



the deader she becomes.



I know what I saw

in that room was real.



It was real, like this flesh.



Do you think this is real?



This flesh?



This blood?






Do you think this thing

is a presence?



In all essential qualities,

it is less than nothing.



In all essential qualities,

we are less than nothing.



Not solid.



Not here.



And not real.



What did you see?



What are you afraid of, Amy?



I'm not afraid of you.



Oh, yes, you are.



You opened the box.



Now I need you

to take the next step.



The box and all its powers

belong to me.



Get off of me!



Let me go!



You're all crazy!



Let go of me.



Accept my gift.






Keep still, Amy.



Now give back to me

what is rightfully mine.



Get away from me!






No more pain.






Only pleasure!






Get it together.



No. No.






What the hell?






What the fuck is going on?






Holy shit!






What the fuck is going on?



This is a dream.



This is a fucking dream.



This is a fucking dream!






God, help me!



What have you done to me?


















Oh, it's not real.



This is not real.












Only he can bring you back, Amy.



What the fuck

have you done to me?



Not done.



Nor will I.



Who are you?



Why did you do this to me?



Who I am is no concern of yours.



And you may be assured

that this is not my handiwork.



Ask yourself this.



When you stand there,

your flesh exposed,



paddling in a pool

of your own blood,



why is it that you feel no pain?



Because I'm dreaming.



Because this is a fucking dream.






Not a dream.



You have been recruited as

a soldier in another man's war.



A war that he can never win.



You opened the box,

and your soul belongs to me.



As does his.



The Deaders have discovered

an entry into my world.



My domain.



But they can only complete their

journey through you, Amy Klein.



And your only way back

is through me now.



I am your redeemer.



I am the way.






Don't even start.






Please, I need you to help me.



Help you with what?






Are those real?



Joey, please!



I need you to fucking help me!



You gotta give in, Amy.



You're trying too hard.



Forget about the facts.



Forget about reality.



Just sit back.



Enjoy the ride.



There's nothing

you can do about it anyway.



We're all just pieces

in Winter's puzzle.



The box.



You're a person who's willing to

do anything to find the truth.



That's what I find attractive

about you.



That and the fact

you got a great ass.



But me and you ain't

all that different, really.



We'll do anything to go

to the edge, to the extreme.



You know what

our biggest problem is?



Neither of us know when

to get off the fucking train.










Oh, God!



Oh, God!

































What is happening to me?



You're dying.



Like me.



Come on, let's go.






That's for you to decide.



Marla, look at me.



I just want to go home.






You are home.



Marla, wait.



Where are we going?






You said you wanted to go home.






What happened to you?



Just think of it this way.



An hour ago, I stabbed you

in the heart,



yet you're still walking around.



Isn't that a bit unusual?






Why aren't you dead, Amy?






Why aren't I?



I don't know.



Because when it's dark enough,

there's no such thing.



There's no difference

between being dead and alive.



And now I'm here to help you

face your past, Amy.



Your demons.



I didn't choose you

to stab me in the back.






Yes, you did.



But it was

only a rehearsal, Amy,



to get you used to this feeling.



You need to decide

what to do next.



Winter wants you

because you opened the box.



He needs you because of this.



But you'll help him only if you

become a Deader willingly.



And you can't have any doubts.



Guess I screwed up on that part.






Fear is where you go to learn.



And sometimes where you stay.






I'm sorry, Amy. I told you

there's no turning back.









Good morning.



Amy, calm down.



Calm down.



We're gonna get you out of here.






Look, I'm trying to get you

out of here, back to London.



But with that mess you made

in your hotel room,



they're not gonna

let you go so quickly.






That's the best fucking news

I've heard in a long time.



Well, there you go.



There's a whole new definition

of optimism.



What about Marla and the story?



Forget about the story.



What's important is

you're back here, okay?



But, hey, you know, this is

a great story, too, you know?



You could call it

"My Psychotic Episode. "



Or "Psychotic.

Episode One. "



Well, you look a lot better.



Maybe they'll let you use



some felt-tip pens

to take some notes.



How are we feeling?






What say we lose the charm

bracelets for now?



Unless, of course, you find

all this somehow stimulating.



Don't drag me into

your little fantasies, Charles.






I'm drawing pictures.



They're very lovely.



Mind if I join you?




Want me to draw your picture?



I would like that very much.



No peeking.



What do you think?






Marla, you're alive.



You say that

like it's a good thing.



Marla, what's happening to me?



Why am I here?



Ultimate pleasure.



More than anyone,



even those who have solved

the puzzle box before us



could have imagined.



Conditions of the nerve endings,



the likes of which

your imagination



could not hope to evoke.



At least that's what they say.



Trouble is, Winter

can't solve the puzzle.



Only a few chosen ones.



Just the right amount

of depravity and loneliness



in their souls can.



So he's been on this quest

for years.




for that one mythical person.



The one person

willing to both join us



and who can solve the puzzle.



It wasn't me.



Maybe it's Amy Klein.



Why me?



Why any of us, Amy?



We all have a dark past that we

keep hidden, even to ourselves.



He uses that against us.



But you're the chosen one, Amy.



You opened the box,

and only you can stop him now.



Remember that.



Looks like

you're running out of time.












Leave me alone!






Finish it, Amy.






Let all the pain go.



It is time for you

to finish your journey.












Come on, Amy.



You got that fucked-up,

destructive thing going on.



I don't belong here.



I'm sorry.



You see, you're one of us now.



All you have to do

is take the final step.






That's it.



I don't think so.



Go to hell.






It seems that evil

does run in the family.



Your lineage

is that of a craftsman.



A maker of toys.



You should have stayed

in the family business.



I sacrificed my mortal self

to that box.



It's mine now.



It belongs to me.



Well, that's where you're wrong.



Painfully wrong.



We belong to it.



You can't hurt me.



You're not the first

to say that.



And you won't be the last.






Help me!



No more!



When you were tempted

to live beyond death,



you entered into my domain.



Oh, God!



You should be very careful

what you wish for.












It just might come true!






This world.



It obviously

disappoints you all.



That is why you chose to begin

this journey.



And since you gave yourselves

so willingly,



allow me to finish

what he started.



Oh, for fuck's sake.



So, Amy Klein.



You opened the box.



You brought us all together.



And now you must pay the price.



It won't be so easy this time.



Yes, your father is with me.



And he is waiting for you.



You're here to stop this, Amy.



Don't let him take you.



Your soul is mine

and mine alone.



Only he can bring you back.



There is no way back

but through me!



I didn't give my soul to him.



I'm not gonna give it to you.









Witnesses say the building



at the corner

of Panduri and Kovacs



simply imploded sometime

in the early morning hours.



It is unknown at this time



if there were people

inside the building



or if there was anyone hurt



during the collapse

of the structure.



There are reports that victims

could be heard screaming.



Just talked to the police.



Still nothing.



She's just gone.



Left her hotel.



Left her clothes.

Left her money.



No sign of her anywhere.



See no Amy, hear no Amy.



Do you think something

has happened?



I don't know.



I just don't know.



The firefighters have been on

the scene throughout the night.



Too bad.

We may have a story.



The worst of the fires

seem to be put out.



I mean, until all this happened.



Other sources say

that it is highly unlikely



that anyone or anything

withstood the impact



from the destruction

of the building behind me.



This keeps getting

better and better.



Your  :   is here.









- Turner.

- Turner.



Miss Turner.



Yes, pleasure to meet you.



Welcome to the team.



Now, look, I want to show you

a tape that I just received.



Now, it's a story you might be

able to wrap your head around.



That's, of course,

if you're willing.



A small relic found incredibly

and mysteriously undamaged.



We'll stay here

for the remainder of the day.

Special help by SergeiK