Hellraiser: Hellseeker Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hellraiser: Hellseeker script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ashley Laurence.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hellraiser: Hellseeker. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hellraiser: Hellseeker Script



[Suspenseful music plays]







[Laughing] No. No. 



Stop, stop. 






Cut it out. Oh!






[Laughing] Don't.



What's the matter?



Uh, nothing. 



I just haven't seen you laugh

like this in a long time. 



No, it's, uh... it's nice.

I miss it.



I miss it, too.



We're gonna work this out,




Yeah. Yeah.









I hope it's everything

you want it to be.



It will be.

It will be.



- [Smooching]

- [Giggling]



- Oh, shit!

- Aaah!



[Horn blaring,

tires screeching]









It's not... it's stuck.



- Calm down. Relax.

- I can't.



[Gasping] I... 



Trevor, I... 






[Glass breaking]



[Hissing, rumbling]



[Birds chirping]



[Muffled scream]






Help me! Somebody!













[Monitor beeping]






It's nice to see you




It's okay, Trevor. 



You're safe now.



Where's Kirsty?



Where's my wife?



This should help you relax.



- [Groans]

-  Just relax. 









[Echoing] Trevor!







Wake up, Trevor. 












[Breathing heavily]









[Whirring continues]



[Crackling, rumbling]



[Whirring slows, stops]



It's imperative

that you stay calm.



As you can see,

the thinnest layer of cortex



separates the part of the brain

that feels pleasure



from the part of the brain

that feels pain. 



Over the course

of this... procedure,



I will be triggering




disrupting the unconscious,



so our patient may experience

some... distress. 



What are you people

doing to me?



Now, just relax, Trevor.



We're helping you. 



Helping you... remember. 















[Monitor beeping]



Welcome back.



How are those headaches?



Any change

in the intensity?






Man, what happened?



My name is Allison.



You a dream, too,




Still hallucinating,




I don't know. 

Was I before?



I mean, it...



it looked like a dream,

but it just felt so...









It's probably

the morphine, Trevor.



We're still gonna have to

run a few more tests



to see if we can pinpoint

what's causing your headaches.



With the kind of head trauma

you've suffered,



you're lucky to be here

at all.



I'm gonna see you

through this.



I'm gonna take your word

on it.



Hello, Trevor. 



Back again, huh?



What seems to be the trouble

this time?



He came in through Emergency,

complaining of headaches,



blackouts, hallucinations,

acute memory loss.



I recommend that we admit him

until we run the rest of the tests.



Well, I don't see

any abnormalities.



Time to wean you off

those painkillers, though. 



Wouldn't want you

getting hooked,



start coming to the hospital for

the sole purpose of getting a fix.



We can't have that.



I'm gonna release you,



save this bed

for someone who needs it. 



Hey, doc...



Where's Kirsty?

Where's my wife?



Man: That's what

I'd like to know. 



I knocked.



What do you mean

she's missing?



Oh, it's not like we're gonna

stop looking, Mr. Gooden.



I don't give up that easy.



Well, what if I took you

back there, you know,



and walked you through it?



We've done that already...



over a month ago.






You sure

you're okay to drive?



Look, obviously,

I caught you at a bad time.



Go home, get some rest.



You look like

hell warmed over.






Oh, one more thing.



You said you tried to pull

her out of the passenger side,



but the door was locked,







Well, that's strange,



because the report says...



the doors were open



when the car was pulled

from the river.






Maybe she unlocked them...

you know, swam out.






I'll double-check.

Could be their bad.



[Sighing] Anyway...



Gotta run.



We'll talk soon.



Sure I can't give you

a lift?



Suit yourself.



[Hydraulic hiss]



[Heavy-metal music

playing loudly]



[Music continues]



Hey, you mind

turning that down?



Well, I, um...



Music... D-Do you mind

turning that down?



[Music plays louder]



[Brakes squeal]



[Hydraulic hiss]



[Heavy-metal music




[Hydraulic hiss]






[Chain rattles]



[Barking continues

in distance]



[Keys jingle]



Kirsty: Why don't you come

to bed?



Trevor: Okay. 










turn off the light. 







I love you. 



I love you, too. 



[ Jingles]



[Birds chirping]




[Echoing] Marion... 



That's him. 



You should look,




Well, well, well.



Look who decided

to show up today.






Bankers' hours

must be nice, huh?



Hey, um, what happened

to you yesterday?



Boss came by looking for you

after you left. 



Hey, I got a...



You got a piece of ass,

didn't you?



That's why you didn't

come back from lunch.



Secret's safe with me,




We'll call it a, uh,

personal day, okay?






Look, um, forget

I said anything, okay?



 Just get some numbers going. 

Any numbers at all will do. 



Hills have eyes, remember?









We're all here for you, Trev.

[Clicks tongue]






[Telephone ringing

in distance]






[Seagulls crying]



[Air horn blows]



[Vehicle approaches]



[Telephone ringing

in distance]



[Air hissing]



[Flies buzzing]



[Water dripping slowly]



[Sewing machines whirring]



[Flies buzzing]



[Dripping continues]



I can see

into your soul. 






  % of all headaches are due

to low blood-sugar levels, Trev.






Grab yourself a cookie.






[Coin rattles]















Come on.



[Electricity buzzes]



Oh, now what?



- Aah!

- Aah!



See anything you like?



Well, do you?



[Snapping fingers]

Come on, speak up.



I'm trying to run

a business here.



Right. Uh, I'm sorry. I just, you know...

I just kind of spaced for a second.



Huh. Well, don't let it

happen again.






Or I may have to

get rough with you.






I know what you like.



- Ugh!

- Hmm?



Trevor, it's me...




Hey, this is moving

just a little too fast here.



Don't tell me



Mr. Mario Andretti's

giving me a speeding ticket.



Hey, wait.

My wife just died, you know.



Come on, what are you...

what are you doing?



I know.



It's perfect.



Mmm, yeah.

That's it, Trevor.



What the hell

are we doing?



Nothing we haven't done




We'll pick this up




[Door opens]



[Inhales deeply]



Now get some

fuckin' work done.






We're watching you.



[Camera whirring]



[Sighing] Oh, my God.



[Keyboard clicks,

computer dings]



[Telephones ringing

in distance]



Gwen: Mmm, yeah. 

That's it, Trevor. 



[Tape rewinds]



Mmm, yeah.

That's it, Trevor.



[Tape rewinds]



Mmm, yeah. 

That's it, Trevor. 



[Tape rewinds]



Mmm, yeah. 

That's it, Trevor. 



[Tape rewinds]



Mmm, yeah. 

That's it, Trevor. 



[Tape rewinds]



Mmm, yeah. 

That's it, Trevor. 






[Telephone rings loudly]



[Clears throat]



Uh, hello?




this is Detective Lange. 



It's about your wife. 






Trevor, are you there?









Thank you

for coming down, Trevor.






How's that head of yours




It's, uh, better.




We still haven't been able

to locate your wife,



although Missing Persons

turned up some evidence



that suggests foul play

may have been involved.



Foul play? What?



For one thing,



there were no skid marks

on the bridge,



the tires were all intact,

and from what we can tell,



there was nothing wrong

internally with the vehicle either.



It's like the car was driven

off the bridge intentionally.



I just... I just

lost control, you know,



and... I swerved. 



We went off the bridge. I tried

to get her out, but I couldn't.



Is there anything

that might have happened



just before that accident

that you haven't mentioned?



Look, I've told you

everything I can remember.



I'm... I'm sorry.

I just...



Whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa. 



Don't take it the wrong way.



I'm just a guy trying to do

a job here, okay?



I mean,

between your head injury



and... and the fact

that you're still on



some really strong

pain medication,



you may have forgot something

about the crash that could help us,



and everything

you have told us



could just be

the medication talking.



That's all. 



So, we'll be revisiting

things a lot around here... 



[Laughing] No. No.



[Distorted audio]



[Muffled scream]




are you still in there?



Uh, she was trapped

inside and...



Well, apparently

she got out,



and therein lies a problem.



I won't keep you. 



If we have

any more questions...



[Grunts]... you'll get a call

from myself or my partner,



Detective Givens. 



You guys know something

that I don't?



All things considered,




we probably know

a lot less than you do.



Have a good afternoon,










[Dog whines]



What's the matter, boy?






[Door closes]


































What's happening?



[Bottles rattle]






[Rattling stops]









[Knock on door]



[Siren wailing in distance]



[Wailing intensifies]



[Wailing softens]



[Knock on door]



I did it.




what do you think?



I was gonna get it

on my ass,



but I thought

this was sexier.



[Dog barking in distance]






Oh, yeah, that's, uh,




I knew you'd like it.



Oh, uh, you know,

I'm... I'm sorry.






I'm having a weird day...

really weird.



Oh, okay.



It's definitely, um...



missing the woman's touch

it used to have.



Yeah. I know.



Well, if you, um...

feel like... talking



or whatever...

you know where I am.



Are you okay?



Not at all.






Strange, strange,







[Door creaks]









[Light-switch cord jingling]



[Exhales deeply]









Kirsty: How do you feel?



Trevor: What are you

talking about, Kirsty?



It's our anniversary,




It's been five years. 

How do you feel?



I feel great. 

Why wouldn't I?



You see, tonight, I've got

something planned for you,



something I've been planning

for a long time.



Planning what?



Why don't you just

come to bed, Trev, please?



First things first. 

I have a little gift for you. 



Something to remind you just

how much you mean to me. 



I can't believe

you got me a present.



It's beautiful. 



Where did you get this?



See if you can open it,




[Knock on door]



I can't believe

you got me a present. 



You wrapped this yourse...






[Knock on door]






[Indistinct talking

on television in distance]






[Siren wails]



[Dog yapping]






[Yapping continues]



[Woman yelling in distance]



Miss me?



Jesus Christ, Gwen. You

scared the shit out of me.



What's this?



This innocent bit's

getting a little old.



Don't you think?






Don't make me beat you. 



Where is it?



Where's what?









You usually have it

up and running by now.



[Chuckles nervously]



[Camera beeps, whirs]



Gwen: Oh, yeah. 



You're a bad boy.



Yeah, that's the Trevor

I know.



Uh, nah, nah, nah, nah,

nah, nah...



Oh, unh, unh, unh, unh,

unh, unh-unh.



Get off me.






Go ahead, get up.

Get up.



You're kidding me.



Uh, no, I'm not.



You have definitely got

a screw loose.



You can say goodbye

to that promotion.



[Door closes]






[Camera beeps, whirs]



Gwen: That's it, Trevor. 



That's a good boy. 



Oh, that's a good boy. 






I know what you like.



[Moaning] Oh...

Oh, Trevor.



Oh, yeah. 



Oh, that's it.



[Breathing heavily]




Mmm... mmm...



Trevor, that's perfect.






Yeah. Oh...






Oh, come on.



Trevor, mmm...












We're all here for you,







Hey, loverboy... 



You like what you see?









That's it, Trevor. 



Oh... oh...



That's perfect, Trevor. 




Oh! Aah! Aaah!



Gwen! No!






Aaah! Aaah!



Aaah! Aaah!



Gwen, what...



Aah! Aaah!



Aah! Aah!



Aah! Aah! Aaah!










Must be nice. 






Getting paid for doing shit.



Look, man...



You don't understand.



I got some seriously

weird shit going on.



That accident fucked you up

more than I thought.



[Telephone ringing

in distance]



Hey, um... you know what?



I'm gonna hook you up,




She'll take

one look at you



and know exactly...

what you need.



[Telephone ringing

in distance]



And, uh... 



look busy, all right?



Man: Anybody seen Gwen?



[Birds caw]



[Door rattles]



[Vehicles passing by]



[Horn honks]



[Bell rings]






[Door opens]



[Ice cracking]






Just relax.



Let the needles connect

to your soul. 



These headaches

you've been getting... 



Do they happen in conjunction

with hallucinations?



Uh, well, sort of.



My head's been in constant

pain ever since the accident,



and, uh, it just seems to increase

whenever I get those, you know...






No, more like nightmares,




I mean...

uh, it just seems so real.



That's your subconscious

talking to you.



It's trying to

tell you something



about your waking life.




[Taps mirror]



What's the mirror for?



To help you look into

your soul.



I can see

into your soul. 



You feel desperate... 



trapped by a wife who

suffocates you with forgiveness.



You're looking

for a way out. 






Something final...



without remorse...



without regret. 



Wherever there is hate,

violence, depravity...



a door

will always be found.



This musical puzzle... 



created by a Frenchman

named L'merchant. 



Merchant and Sage: It is a means

to break the surface of the real. 



[Wind whistles]






[Bottles rattle]



[Electricity crackles]






Ugh! Agh!



Which do you find

more exhilarating, Trevor...



the pain or the pleasure?



Personally, I prefer pain.






Is there something wrong?









No, I'm okay.



[Cellular phone rings]



Shall I get that for you?



[Ringing continues]






This is Detective Givens,

Mike's partner. 



But I don't...

I don't understand.



How could this be a... a homicide

case when there was no murder?



The last time anybody saw

this woman, she was alive.



You seem pretty certain

that she's dead.



Hey, detective, I saw

my wife drown in our car.









You know, I've done

my homework on you, man.



You're, uh... you're real smart

with numbers, aren't you?



Where are you going

with this?



How many zeros

was your wife worth?



We had nothing.






You had nothing.



She had a nice little




stashed away

for a rainy day. 




I'm sorry, what?



Don't play fucking stupid

with me, all right?



Kirsty's father

and Uncle Frank



had several sizeable

financial holdings



when they passed away...



under some rather, uh...

unusual circumstances.



You know...

I- I don't know.



Kirsty, she never liked

to talk about her past.



Well, maybe that's because

she didn't really trust you.



It seems that she's

the sole beneficiary,



so if Kirsty's dead,



like you seem

so fucking certain,



well, then,

I guess it all...



well, it all goes to you,




I swear to God, man, I don't

know anything about that.









[Snaps fingers]



My partner...

Detective Lange...



he's a little softer

around the heart than I am.



Me, uh... 

I'm hard as they come. 



When I get a feeling about

something, I'm usually right.



And I got a bad feeling

about you, Trev.



Real bad.



You're obsessed

with that thing. 



God forbid we let one event

go unrecorded.



Why don't you come to bed?

Please? Please?



It's our anniversary, Trevor. 

Come on. 




First things first. 






[Indistinct shouting]



[Siren wailing]



Just like I thought.















Can I, um... 



borrow something?






Yeah, sure.

What do you want?












I'm feeling kind of

weird here, you know?









It's getting hot in here,




You are being kind of... 






It's almost like...



I'm with somebody else.






[Ripping, moans]



Tie me up.



[Clears throat]



Come and get it.



Come on. 



That's it. 













































[Faucet handles squeak,

water running]






All problems solved.



[Water dripping]



[Birds chirping]



[Indistinct shouting,

dog barking]



[Baby crying]






Man, you're alive.






I have some serious

space issues.



What... did you want?



Uh, right. Um...



We need to talk...



you know, about what we did

last night.



[Chuckles] W-What?



Man: Who the fuck is it?!



Who's in there with you?



Are you having

a nervous breakdown



or something?






What can we do for you,




Who are you?






If you know Tawny,

you better know me, pal.



Hey, uh, I'm sorry.

It's my mistake.



I'll talk to you later.



Let's make it much later!







Get in there.



[Answering machine clicks]



Trevor: Hey,

we're not in right now. 



Leave a message

after the beep. Thanks. 






This is Detective Lange,




We need to talk

as soon as possible. 



There's been an interesting

twist in the puzzle. 



[Indistinct conversations,

telephones ringing]



Detective Givens: I'm telling you

right now your boy killed the boss. 



As sure

as I am standing here. 






Detective Lange: No, I'm not

too sure about the wife. 



It's done. 



What are you doing

to find my wife?



Well, I can assure you



we're doing everything in our

power to find your wife, Trevor. 



This investigation

is gonna take some time. 



I'm gonna need your full

cooperation on this. 



What about that message you left

on my answering machine?



What's your relationship

with Gwen Stevens?






We appreciate you

coming down.



- You've been very helpful. 

- Yeah, thanks. 



- So that's all for now?

- Yeah.






She was my boss.



And that's it?



Yeah, that's it.



What did he tell you?






We leave no stone unturned

around here, Trevor.



You think I did it.




I'm on your side here.



Then would you please tell me

what the fuck is going on?



I wish I knew.



Yeah. I'll bet.



[Door closes]



Once you choose to open the

bo x and unleash its power,



there is no returning.



And are you willing

to pay the price?



[Fly buzzing]



No, the price

is far greater,



but you'll learn that. 



They all do.



[Wings flapping]









You okay?



Yeah, I know,

I was just... you know.



[Chuckles softly]



Can I get you anything?



Uh, no.

No. I'm okay.



[Siren wails in distance]



[Man gasping]



You okay?



I don't know, Allison.

I think I, um...



I think I really

screwed everything up.



Come on, Trevor.

You can't blame yourself.






I miss her.



I miss my wife.



It sounds like you're

remembering more and more,



and that's a good thing,




Maybe you're not the angel

that you thought you were.



[Chuckles softly]




Come on. You're gonna

get through this, Trevor.



[Telephone rings]



Hey, Bret...



Come here.

We need to talk.



Look, Trev,

I'm really, really busy.



I got a stack of reports

due by  :  .



The suits upstairs are all

over my ass on this one, okay?



- What'd you tell the police?

- Nothing they didn't already know.



What's that

supposed to mean?



I didn't tell them anything

they didn't already know.



Hey, Bret, why don't you help me

out here, man? They think I did it.



Did what?



Killed Kirsty.



I got a... report

to... do.



Just make yourself

at home.



Oh, already have.



[Telephones ringing

in distance]



Why are you here,




We found this curious

little object



not too far from the site

of the accident. 



No prints.



Forensics scraped a little dark

residue that was caked on it.



Want to take a guess

what they found?



Uh, no, but somethin' tells

me that you're gonna tell me.



Blood, Trevor.



Matched some of the blood we

took from the seat of your car.



Can you tell me

anything about it?



I- I-I... It...



[Sighs] It looks familiar,

you know?



Like most things

these days.



I- I think

it was in the car.



Gee... you think so?



Think about it, Trevor.



Give me something

to go on here.



I got Givens ready to drag

you in today on murder charges.



Help me get him off my back...

off of your back.



It was an accident,




just like I've been saying

all along.



Somebody's gotta believe me.



[Telephone ringing

in distance]



I believe you, Trevor.



[Chuckles] Yeah.



But so far...



I'm the only one who does.



[Footsteps approach]






Look, I-I'm sorry, okay?

We need to talk.






What's up?



It's getting a little weird

around here, so, um... [Sighs]



I quit.

Today's my last day.



You know, I figured

it was the perfect time



to say "Fuck you" to the morons

around here and make a serious change.



Well, now, Bret, that's...

that's... [Door opens]



[Coins rattle]



[Machine beeps]



[Bag falls]



[Door closes]



Look, uh... i know you got your,

uh, golden egg all lined up,



and that's cool, but the rest of us

gotta make some hay for ourselves,



'cause frankly, this job

ain't paying the bills anymore.



We're not all drinking from the

cash cow, like your wife was.



What are you talking about?



What am I talking about?






The money.



[Camera whirs, beeps]



Don't play stupid, man...

Kirsty's inheritance.



I'm talking about

the plan.



You know,

let's get out of here.



Oh, whoa, whoa.

Hey, whoa, whoa, Bret.



What did you tell Lange?



- Oh, come on, Trev. What the hell's wrong with...

- No, no, no!



Did you tell him about Gwen...

a- about the inheritance?



I didn't tell him




You know, we're all here

for you, Trev.



Agh! God!









I trusted you!

Goddamn it!



How could you do this

to us?!



[Glass shatters]










 Jesus, buddy. 

You all right?




I gotta go, man.



Well, let me

give you a...



a ride.






[Hydraulic hiss]













Yeah. Hello.

Yeah, hi.



Um, I'd like to speak

to Dr. Allison Dormire.



Hello. Yeah, hi.



What do you mean

she's not there?



S- She's always there.

She's a resident.



All right, hey, look...



Can you... can you please

help me find her? Please?






Damn it.






Sage: There's

no physical explanation



for these headaches

of yours, Trevor. 



Your body's

completely healed.



If there is any pain

in your head...



it's in your head.



Your soul... is locked up

inside you,



and you need to free it,




You blocked yourself

from the healing process,



and that's what

we need to do now...



heal your soul.



The only way to do that

is to give in utterly.



Do you know what I mean

by giving in?






It's about trust.



Do you trust me...




I don't know

what's real...



or what isn't real anymore.



How can I trust anybody?



You can trust me.



Surrender yourself

to your past.



It's the only way you're

gonna become whole again. 



Are you willing

to partake?



[Siren wails]



Can you hear me?

 Just nod. 



You know where you are?






Remember what happened

back there?



Some woman on top of me

naked, trying to kill me.



Uh, yeah,

not quite that good.



Um, you were riding

on a bus,



and then you just collapsed

onto the floor, out cold.



Do you remember

riding on a bus now?









Maybe. I don't...



[Wheels squeaking]



Hello, Trevor. 



Well, what'd you do

this time?



Oh, yeah, couple of stitches

will fix that right up.



Hey, where's Allison?



- Allison?

- Yeah, Allison Dormire.




She's a resident here. 



I'm sorry. We don't have any

resident by the name of Allison. 



Look, my nurse will

numb this up, and, uh...



I'll get right back

to you.



Nurse: It's imperative

that you stay calm. 



This might sting a little. 



 Just relax, Trevor. 



- Remember, we're all...

- You're all here for me. Go ahead, say it.



Jesus Christ!

I'm so tired of this shit!



- Trevor! Trevor!

- I'm tired of all you people. 



Okay, you caught me.



At least let me finish,

will ya?



I got one puff left. 



Knock yourself out.



Trevor? I heard you were looking

for me.  Is everything all right?



Allison, hey.






I'm not all right.



Look, I, um...



think I've done some very...

very bad things.



Everybody does things

they regret. 



It's part of life.



Until now, you couldn't

remember parts of your past,



and now they're all

hitting you at once.



It's a shock

to the system.



You can't undo your past.



And sooner or later, you're

gonna have to confront it.



And it frightens me

to think



that I can't be there

for you when you do.



- Hey, buddy... 

- Yeah, but I was starting to think I was going,



you know,

insane or something. 



- Hey, buddy... 

- What?!



Who the hell

are you talkin' to?



- Agh!

- What have you done?!



Detective Lange: What's your

relationship with Gwen Stevens?



I know about Gwen...

and the others.



What the fuck?









[Thunder crashes]



[Water dripping slowly]



Where are you?



What have you done

to me?






What the fuck

is happening to me?









Where are you,

Goddamn it?!



Poor Trevor. 



Who are you?



Still in the dark?



This game is over.



Do you hear me?



Oh, I hear everything.



And soon you will know




much more than you want,

I guarantee it.



What is this?



Why are you doing this

to me?



Is it so difficult

to face your demons?



Unh-unh. Y...



None of this is real.



You're not real.



Oh, but I'm afraid

I am. 



You can't run

from your past.



You killed them.



You killed Kirsty. 



You killed Gwen...

and the others.



You killed them. 



And now you're trying

to pin it on me. 



The killer is amongst us,




[Water sloshing]



Ow! Fuck!



God... damn it!






[Seagulls crying]



Where you been, Trev?



Been looking all over

for ya.




What are you doing?



Put that thing away.



Tonight was supposed to be

the night, Trev, remember?



Oh, right, uh,

you don't remember anything.



Well, let me remind you

about your plan.



We'd kill Kirsty,

make it look like a suicide.



You'd get all her money,

and we'd split it   /  ... huh?



None of that's

gonna happen now, is it?



No, you had to go solo with

your little car-accident bit,



and then

you fucked it all up.



What were you thinking, Trev...

that I'd look the other way



and forget

about our little deal?



- I don't know...

- What you're talking about.  I know... heard it. 



Gotta tell you, buddy... the amnesia

routine's starting to get a little fuckin' old.



Lange's onto you,



and it's only a matter of time

before he's onto me. 



I don't want to spend

the rest of my life in prison.



I'd rather spend it

in Hell...



[Gun cocks]



...with you.






[Gun chinks]






Oh, my God, Bret,

what did you do?



[Seagulls crying]



Oh, God.




No, you're not real!



Get out of my head!



[Footsteps running]



[Bell rings]









[Door rattles]






Oh, no.






[Breathing heavily]



[Doorknob rattles]









[Lock disengages]



[Rattling continues]






[Door creaking]



[Guns cock]






Oh... you don't understand.

I didn't...



Save it.



You don't need

to say a thing.



No, it's, uh...

you know...



You have the right

to remain silent.



What's going on here,




Please, you can't believe

that I did this.



Detective, believe me.



I didn't do what

you think I did. Please...



Relax, Trevor.



Let's get to the bottom

of this once and for all. 



You want to tell me exactly

what happened back there,



or should we just play the

headache game a little longer?



[Telephone rings]



[Ringing continues]




We'll do it your way.



This is Lange.






Well, I-I-I got him sitting

right in front of me now.



[Flogging, man screaming]






[Flogging, screaming continue]






Ugh! Ohh!















Thank you. 



Well, one thing's

for sure...



This ain't

your lucky day.



They found a body

this morning in the river.



They're bringing it

into the morgue now



so you can identify it.



Is it my wife?



You stay put.



[Window blind rattles]



[Door creaks, closes]



[Door opens, creaks]



You know,

I had you pegged for bad



the minute

I laid eyes on you. 



Now, I want you to tell me

everything you remember happening,



in your own words, exactly the

way you told Detective Lange,



but I want you to make

one... minor adjustment.



What's that?



Don't fucking lie

to me.



I just want to see my wife,

man. [Door rushes open]



I thought I asked you

to stay put.



Each killed with a single

gunshot wound to the head...



tortured, then shot. 



We find the gun,

we find the killer. 



This way.



Sick motherfucker!

Get off me!



They're gonna fry your ass,




I'm gonna wring

your scrawny fuckin' neck!



Got quite the fan club.



[Man shouting indistinctly]



[Electricity crackling]



Ugh! Agh!



Agh! Agh!



Here we go.












[Door opens]



[Door creaks]



[Scream in distance]



[Keys jingle]



[Muffled screaming]



[Chains rattling]






Just about there.



[Water dripping]



[Screaming continues]



[Handcuffs click]






Whoa. What are you...

[Keys jingling]



What are you doing?

I thought you believed me.






Here's what I believe,




I believe you and me

have a lot in common.



I believe each of us

are the sum



of two entirely different







I know who I am.



And I'm not a killer.



Denial to the end...



That's what

I like about you, kid!



Good and bad, Trevor...



Honest, dishonest...



Righteous and evil...



That's how

we're all made.



It's a little of both.



It's just a question...

of how much... of each.






And we're made up of just

the right parts of both.



[Both laugh]



A little heavy

on the evil, huh?



[Both laughing]



It's all good, Trev!




It's all good!



[Laughter continues]









[Door rattles, creaks]



[Door creaks]



[Door closes]



[Exhales sharply]






[Flies buzzing]



[Flies buzzing]



What the fuck?









[Bottles rattle]















[Glass shattering]



[Electricity crackling]






[Rumbling, rattling subside]



It seems you've reached

the end of your journey.



I told you you couldn't

run from your past forever. 




it catches up with you,



and you must atone.



And now... 



it is time for you

to pay the price.



You were willing to pay

the price, weren't you?



[Music box plays]



I just want to see

my wife.



In time.



Let me see my wife.



I said, "In time"!



Agh! Aah!










[Breathes heavily]






Agh! Aagh!






Agh! Aagh!






[Metal clanking]




[Breathing heavily]






[Metal clanks]






All problems solved?



Not so simple,

I'm afraid.



I needed first

to open a door for you. 



You were

an interesting study.






Lust, greed, deception...



Fertile ground,

but rather mundane.



[Clanking] Let us take

one final journey together.



Let me help you remember

once and for all.




What have you done?



It's just a puzzle.

Open it up.



I trusted you.



I trusted you!

Goddamn it!



How could you do this

to us?!



You told me you loved me!



Just open

the fuckin' box.



We were uninvited guests at your

little celebration... [Trevor groans]



Is this what you want?



...unseen by you.



I hope it's everything

you want it to be.



I used you, Trevor. 



You were nothing more

than bait...



to lure a far more

interesting creature. 









We meet again.



[Voice breaking]

How did you find me?



You opened a door

long ago,



and it will not be closed

until I get what I came for.



[Shudders] My soul.






You solved the puzzle.

You unleashed the power.



There is no turning back. 



I will not rest

until I get what I want,



and what I want is you.



You always knew

this day was coming,



felt it deep within

your soul. 






[Breathes heavily]




What if I make you

a deal?






I will bring you five souls

in exchange for mine.



You would bring them

to me yourself?



You'll get your five.



I was impressed

with her handiwork. 



Three of your favorite




most supple

and delicious...



...and the man with whom



you once conspired

to kill Kirsty...



They are all with me now.



But the balance

is only four souls,



and that, as you now know,

was not our contract.



- Agh! Ugh!

- You have seen many things... 



that you will wish

you had not...



All those women...



in our home... 

in my bed. 



... many nightmares from which

you will never awake. 



- No, Kirsty, come on...

- Don't you lie to me!






We can make it work,

all right?



We can put the pieces

back together. 



- You gotta believe me.

- I am done believing! I trusted you!



I can't believe this shit is

happening, man. I had a fuckin' deal.



No, you had a deal...



but I made

a better offer.



Trevor: Aggh!



And guess what?



He took it.



Welcome to the worst nightmare

of all. 










[Tires screeching]















[Chains rattle]




[Breathes heavily]



[Water dripping slowly]






[Voice breaking]

I'm the fifth soul.



[Siren wails]



Yeah, that's him.



[Helicopter whirring]



Okay, people.

That's it.



[Indistinct talking]



[Camera shutter clicking]



He just shot himself.



Next thing I knew,

we were in the water.




I couldn't see anything.



I lost him.



You did what you could.



I'm sorry.



It just doesn't make

any sense...



that he would be capable

of murder.



We found the gun in your car.

It appears to be the same.



If it matches, I think we

may have found our killer.



Come on.



Wait a minute, guys,

before you zip him up. 



[Camera shutter clicking]






Wasn't your lucky day,

was it?



You checked the oral cavity

for blockages?



Oh, what do we got here?



And we have a winner.



Okay, zip it up.

We'll finish at the morgue.



Wait. Wait.



[Seagulls crying]



Sorry I had to leave you

like that for a minute, Trev,



but I'm back.



Can you hear me, Trevor?



Jesus, Allison.



What possesses you

to talk to cadavers?



What if

there's no afterlife?



Wouldn't you want someone

to talk to you



like a normal human being

one last time?



[Indistinct talking

on police radio]



[Siren wailing]



You're creeping me out,



and I'm the coroner.



[Helicopter whirs]



I've arranged

a ride home for you,



so I guess

you're free to go.



Thank you, detective...

for everything.



Uh, one more thing.



I wonder if you know

anything about this. 



We found it in the car.



Yeah. It was...

my anniversary gift.






You know, I was gonna

turn it in as evidence...



but I'll tell you what...



Why don't you

take it home?



[Siren wailing]




to remember him by.



[Trembles softly]



Of course.



Thank you.






[Siren wails]



[Helicopter whirs]



[Suspenseful music plays]



[Music continues]



[Music continues]



[Eerie music plays]



[Music box plays]

Special help by SergeiK