Hellraiser Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hellraiser script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Clive Barker movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hellraiser. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hellraiser Script



What's your pleasure, Mr. Cotton?



The box.



Take it, it's yours.



It always was.



It's gotta be one of these.



-I'm going to freeze to death.

-Okay, okay.



Well, maybe somebody changed

the lock.



Well, that's crazy.

Who's gonna change this lock?



Well, I don't know.

It was just a suggestion.



Ah! Success.






Well, this is it.



The old homestead.



-Oh! It smells damp.

-Well, it's... uh...



been empty for awhile,

hasn't it?



But we'll soon warm it up



and get it feeling like a home.



-How long since you were here?

-Oh, the better part of ten years.



I wanted to sell it after

the old lady died,



but I couldn't get Frank to agree.



I guess he needed a hideout

or something.



Would you look at this?



And don't worry,

this stuff means nothing to me.



It all goes.



I thought half of it was

your brother's.



I've never known him to kick cash

out of bed. Besides...



he's probably behind bars

some place.



You know...



we'll have to let Kirsty see this place

before we do a thing to it.



She'll love it.



You really want to move in here?



You don't like it?



I suppose it's better than Brooklyn.



Oh, don't start, Julia.



-Don't start what?




we can make it work here.



Now I've got a terrific job,

you're back in your own turf.



We can be happy.



-All right, all right.

-So what's the argument?



-No argument.

-Oh, Christ!



But honey...












Where are you?



ln here.









-He's here?

-Well, he's been here.



I mean, there's stuff in the kitchen

you wouldn't believe.



He's obviously made

one of his famous getaways.



What the hell is that?



Who is this?









I got through.



Darling, where are you?



-I found a room.

-You what?



I said, I found a room.



Wait, I thought you were going

to stay with us for awhile.






Well, you'd like this house.



You'd like my room.



I'd really like you to see this house.

It's something else.



Maybe in the next couple of days.

I gotta find myself a job.



What for, sweetie?



Look, you've already made

the gesture, there's no need...



Dad, this isn't a gesture. This is

something I need to do.



Come on and trust me a little,




Call me tomorrow.



I will. I'll see you.



Bye, Dad.






Why not.






We'll move in on Sunday.



Listen look out for the molding

on the way through here.



-All right.

-All right.



-Are you all right back there?

-Yeah, yeah.



All right,okay. Now just take it

straight upstairs.



Don't worry, it'll get through.



-All right.

-Hey, you got my arm!



All right, all right.



Watch it.



Let's take five, guys.



How's things in there?



Looks like a bomb dropped.



You got any beer?



There's some in the fridge.



Oh, well...



why don't I get it?



I got nothing better to do.



Ex cuse me.



-My lucky day.




-You wanna buy a bed?

-Not much.










Hello, sweetie. Come here.



-Here you go.

-Oh, great.



This is a big house.



-You like?




Me like.



I'll give you the grand tour if we ever

get this goddamn bed moved.



-Julia here?

-She's upstaris.



Look, be gentle with her, okay?



-She hates moving.





-Okay, all right, I'll be nice.



Get on with grand work and



I'll make myself some coffee.

-That's a great idea.



-There's the kitchen.







ls that your daughter?



-She's got her mother's looks.

-Her mother's dead.



Oh, shit!



Can I come in?



Can I come in?



-You're Julia, right?

-That's right.



Who are you?



I'm Frank.



I'm brother Frank.



Oh, yes!



I... I came for the wedding.



Well, can I come in or not?



I'm sorry. Of course.



-You're very wellcome.

-Yeah. Well, that's nice to know.



Do you have a towel?



Have you got a towel?






There's one in the bathroom.



Oh, by the way, did Dady tell you

I got a room?



It's not that big, but it's okay.









What shall we drink to?



Wedded bliss?



I'm very happy.



I'm sure you are.



Are you going to let me kiss

the bride?



What about Larry?



Forget him.



Take the weight away from me,

my foot's got.



-You got it?

-Got it.



Now push it to me as I pull.



It's never enough.









I'll do anything you want.









-Oh, is it deep?

-I don't know. I haven't looked.



You know me and blood.



-I'm going to faint.

-You're not going to faint.



Oh, shit!



-Look, let me see it.




Oh, it's going to need stitches.



-Oh, God, I'm going to throw up.

-You're not going to throw up.



-Just take it easy, take it easy.

-I'm going to throw up.



It's going to be all right.



Let's go downstairs.




-So stupid!



What happened?



It was just an accident.

He's all right.



Look, will you drive?

He needs stitches.



-Yeah, sure.

-The keys are in the kitchen.



-So stupid.

-It's all right.



No, no, I am not kidding.



This doctor is pocking around



with all the delicacy and compassion

of Joseph Mengele,



and I'm warning him: "Listen,

I'm going to pass out."



He says,

"No, of course you're not, old boy".



The next thing I know,

I'm on the floor,



and he's standing there

like he's the one that needs help.



-He's problably afraid you'd sue him.

-I should do it!



Bill, I should do it, you know

all about that stuff.



I'll call you tomorrow.

We'll sue his ass.






That's right, honey.



And what's my darling daughter




I don't remember.



Oh, Julia,

you want some more wine?



Uh, no more for me, thanks.






-Stop. I won't be able to stand up.

-So lie down.



Would you all ex cuse me.

I think I'm going to go to bed.



Are your all right, darling?



-We ought to be making a move, too.

-But, Bill!



Absolu...absolutely not!



This is the night

of the paper hats here.



We're celebrating... something.

So sit down.



Good night.



You'll have to come to us next.



Yeah, real soon.



-I'm glad you're back.

-Thank you.



-Good night.

-Good night.



-Does it still hurt?




Ho. No, only when I drink.



Oh, God!



No, please!









Oh my God!



Don't look at me.



Who... who... who are you?



I said, don't look.



Help me!



Tell me who you are.












Believe me, it's me.



It's really me.



His blood, on the floor.

It brought me back.






From where?



Just help me, will you?



Please, God, help me!







You can't leave me like this,

you can't.



What do you want me to do?



The blood brought me this far.



I need more.



You have to heal me.






Are you all right?



Kirsty? I thought I'd lost you.



No, I'm here.



Good night.



Why don't you stay at Larry's

house? There's plenty of room.



Oh, yeah, there's room.

And there's Julia.



Ah! I see.



-She's like you, she's so damn polite.

-Oh, yeah? Meaning what?



Oh, I don't know, she's uptight

and frigid.



I beg your pardon.



See, there you go.

"I beg your pardon."



Hey, we're not al frigid.



-Oh, no?

-Oh, no.



Oh, no?



Oh, no.



It's not what I heard.



You must have been speaking

to all the wrong people.









You'll do it?



Yes, I will.



Kirsty? Kirsty?






-You all right?




I don't know...



I was dreaming.









I'm all right, honey.



I just wanted to make sure

you're okay.



Never better.



-Now you sleep well, okay?




-I love you, sweetie

-I love you too, Daddy.






-Who was it?

-She had a bad dream.










-Not much fun, is it?




Drinking alone.



Not much.



I thought maybe...






as we're both on our own, maybe

we could have a drink together.



Why not.



You know, it's not often that...



you know.



-There's a first time for everything.

-That's right, yeah.



I suppose that's right.



-Would you... like a drink?

-Oh, no, no, no.



I'm well over my limit.



You know, it's funny,



but... I...



I feel like I've known you

for years, you know.



What's the matter?



It's what you brought me here for,

isn't it?



Well, isn't it?



I suppose so, yes.



So, what's your problem?



Let's get on with it.



You're not going to change

your fucking mind, are you?



I'm sorry.



-Let's go upstairs.

-Okay, okay, sorry, okay? Okay.






This isn't the bedroom.






So, what's going on?



We don't need a bed, do we?



Well, no, I suppose not.



I've always preferred the floor.



Oh, first time for everything, eh?



Whay don't you take

your jacket off?






why don't l?



Why don't you do the same thing?



Maybe I will.



You're very beautiful.



Am l?



Oh, you know you are.



The loveliest woman I've ever seen.



-Oh, Christ!

-What's wrong?



One minute.



Too much drink.



Have to empty the old bladder.



Did you lock this?



Please! Please!



Don't look at me.



Jesus Christ!






It's making me whole again.



Every drop of blood you spill

puts more flesh on my bones.



And we both want that,

don't we?






Come here.



Come here, damn you,

I want to touch you.



Come to daddy.









Come out, come out,

wherever you are.



Julia, I was calling for you.

Didn't you hear?



Are you in there?



Do you want a cookie, little girl?



I'm feeling sick.



Oh, babe.

ls there anything I can get you?



Maybe a brandy.



It's coming right up.



I'll be down in a minute.



Okay. There's no hurry.






I'm hurting.






My nerves are beginning

to work again.






One more. Maybe two.



-Not again.

-To heal me completely.



Then we can be away from here

before they start to follow.




-The Cenobites.



It's only a matter of time

before they find I've slipped them.



I must get away from here.






Are you all right?



Just a moment.



Put on some music,

will you, babe?



Yeah, sure.



Poor Larry, obedient as ever.



Keep your voice down.



You don't want "babe" to hear.



You're hurting.



You won't cheat me, will you?



You'll stay with me.

Help me.



Then we can be together

the way we were before.



We belong to each other now.



For better, for worse.



Make love, only real.



I'm sorry, I'm new here.

You're gonna have to wait.



Could you not do that, please!



Where's the manager?



That's a problem too, because

he's out to lunch right now.



I want to see somebody in charge.



Then you'll have to wait.



-Ex cuse me.

-Well, ex cuse me!



What are you doing?



You give those back.



Oh, my God!



Get out!



Get out of here!







Just came by to see

what you're doing after work.



What's wrong?



-Something weird.







You're sure we're not going

to be interrupted?



Quite sure.



Only I...



I like to be careful.



I can taste that.



It's a long time

since I tasted anything.



You promised me an explanation.



This is it.



-Let me see.

-No, don't touch it!



It's dangerous.

It opens doors.



What kind of doors?



Doors to the pleasures

of heaven or hell.



I didn't care which.



I thought I'd gone to the limits.

I hadn't.



The Cenobites gave me

an experience beyond the limits.



Pain and pleasure.




They won't get me back.



I'm going to leave and

you're going to help me, yes?






They'll never find us.



Not in the whole wide world.



"Boom Boom"" has got him now!



"Boom Boom"" has got him.



I thought this kind of stuff

made you sick.



I've seen worse.



Are you all right?






We can watch something else

if you feel like... Get him!



Get him!



What was that?



I think I left a window open upstaris.

I'll go see.









It was nothing.






What's the matter with you,




It's... it's just that I hate the thunder.



I'm here.



You're safe.



You're trembling.



There's nothing to be afraid of.



Look. I really should check it out.



Don't go up there, please.



Look, we'll both go up.

Come on.



-Larry, please!

-Don't worry about it. Come on.




-It's okay. It's okay.



It's probably a rat.



I told you.



There's nothing to be afraid of.



Let's go downstairs.

I'll make it better.



No, this is enough light.



Come on, let's go inside.



Oh, yes.



Yes, yes.












No, please, don't do it, please!



I can't bear it, please!



Please, no!






Please, don't!



I can't bear it, please!




Look at you!



I don't understand you!



I mean, one minute...



you're all over me, and the next...



I just don't understand you.



I don't know.



Maybe we shouldn't

have come back.



I mean, Brooklyn certainly wasn't

any worse than this.






you love her, so there must be

something worth loving.



I wish it were that simple.



I got a real problem here, kiddo.



She doesn't even want

to leave the house.






It's like she's...



waiting for something.






I don't know.



I don't know.



It's way beyond me.






could you...



would you...



stop by sometime?



Try to make friends?






Who knows, maybe all she needs

is somebody to talk to.



-You can't love him.

-You know I don't.



-So, where's the harm?

-I said, no!



Then find me somebody else,

before they come looking.









I get lonely sometimes.



Everybody does.



Come in.



What is this?



A game?



Jesus Christ!



Oh, Christ! Help me!



Oh, no!



Get out of here!



Please, don't let him kill me.



No, please!






-Kirsty, it's Frank, it's Uncle Frank.




-You remember.




-Come to daddy.

-Get the fuck off me!



You've grown.

You're beautiful.



Don't... don't touch me!



Don't touch me or so help me

I'll... I'll...



What'll you do?



What can you do?



There's nothing to be afraid of.



I bet you make your daddy so proud,

don't you? Beautiful.



This isn't happening.



I used to tell myself that.



Used to try and pretend

I was dreaming all the pain.



But don't you kid yourself.



Some things have to be endured.



And that's what makes

the pleasures so sweet.






Give me that!




-Give it to me!



You want it?



One last time,



give me that box.



-You want it?

-Give me the box!



You wanna fucking have it?









Come to daddy.



It's Frank. You remember.

It's Uncle Frank.



Are you all right?



You're awake!



-Good girl.

-What happened?



-I'll get the doctor.

-Wait a minute. How did I get here?



I won't be a moment.



Please, get back into bed.



I have to call my father.



That's easily arranged, but first,

back into bed.



-It's important. It really is...

-First things first.



We'll get you a telephone

after we've talked.



What about this?

Ring any bells?



You were hanging on to it

like grim death.



I don't remember.



Well, the police will want

to speak to you. You know that.



Oh, Christ!



ln the meantime, maybe this

will jog your memory.






The box. You opened it.

We came.



It's just a puzzle box!



Oh, no.



-It is a means to summon us.

-Who are you?



Explorers in the further regions

of experience.



Demons to some.

Angels to others.



It was a mistake!



I didn't mean to open it!



It was a mistake!



You can all go to hell!



We can't.

Not alone.



You solved the box.



We came. Now you must come

with us.



Taste our pleasures.






go away and leave me alone!



Oh, no tears, please.



It's a waste of good suffering.



Wait! Wait! Wait!

Wait, please, wait!



No time for argument.



You've done it before, right?



Many, may times.



To a man called Frank Cotton?



Oh, yes.



He escaped you.



-Nobody escapes us.

-He did. I've seen him. I've seen him.




-He's alive!



Supposing he had escaped us.

What has that to do with you?



I can... I can lead you to him.



And you can take him back

instead of me.



Perhaps we prefer you.



I want to hear him confess himself,



then maybe...






But if you cheat us.



We'll tear your soul apart.



She'll tell them everything.



I don't think so.

She'll want to warn Larry first.



That's problably her now.



-Or the police.

-It doesn't make any difference.



Don't you care?



What I care about is

a new skin.



-Maybe we should just leave.

-Like this? Look at me.



We can't just stay here.



My brother will be home soon.



What is it?



I don't know where to begin.



What are you talking about?



It's best you see for yourself.



I left her here safe and sound.

I even locked the door.



Well, she's not here now.



I'll start looking for her.



Maybe she's gone back to...



to her father's house.






Daddy, it's me, Kirsty!

Let me in!



Daddy, let me in!



Kirsty? It's very late.



Where is my dad?



-What's the matter?

-I want to see my father!



Of course.



Where is he?



Where is he?









-Daddy, you're all right.

-Sure I am. Sure I am.



-You're okay!

-It's okay.



I was so afraid that

something happened to you.



I know, I know.



-I need to talk to you.




It's okay, baby, Julia told me




Oh, no, see...



your brother Frank is upstaris.



He's upstairs and he's trying

to kill you. He's trying to kill you.



No, wait, wait, wait.



Whatever did Frank

was unspeakable.






But believe me,



it's finished with now.



Why is it finished?



He's gone.



What's gone mean?



He's dead, Kirsty.



He was insane, baby.



A mad dog. Had to put him

out of his misery.



Jesus, what a scene.



And, when I'm feeling better,



I'll go to the police and try

to make them understand.



God knows,



I don't really understand myself.



Did he hurt you, baby?



No, I'm okay.



He's better off dead.

Poor Frank.



I don't believe this.



-I don't believe this.

-Believe it.



I need to see him.



-No, you don't.

-Yes, I do!






Show her.



We want the man who did this.






No, that wasn't the deal.



He's my father and you can't

have him. No!












What's the matter?



There's no time.



No way, no way, I told you

all that's over with now.



No, it's not!

We've got to get out of here!



No, stay with us.



We can all be happy here.






Come to daddy.



Oh, my God!






to daddy.










so much for the cat

and mouse shit!






Not me!



It's nothing personal, baby.



Where are you, beautiful?



Come out, come out,

wherever you are.



Oh, my God!









No, don't mourn him.



He was dead long before

we ever touched him.




-Now, hush now.



Everything's all right.



Frank is here.






Your dear old Uncle Frank.



What the hell is that?









We have to hear it

from your own lips.



This isn't for your eyes.



You set me up, bitch!



Jesus wept.



Not leaving us so soon, are you?



We have such sights to show you.



Oh, shit!






-Don't do that!

-Go to hell!















oh, shit!



Oh, Kirsty! Thank God

you're okay.



Let's get the hell out of here!




Oh, no!



Oh, God! No!






Steve! No!



What's your pleasure, sir?

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