Herbie: Fully Loaded Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Herbie: Fully Loaded script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Lindsay Lohan.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Herbie: Fully Loaded. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Herbie: Fully Loaded Script



...little car takes first...

and third place!



 A lot of Herbie fans

here today wearing Herbie's colors.



- What the heck happened to you?

- I'm sorry, Crazy Dave.



I had a few problems getting

this critter on the truck.



Please. I've blown

bigger things out my nose.



Prettier too.



What was that?!



I wouldn't insult him

if I was you. He's sensitive.



- He's a car.

- Yeah, I know.



It's that he's proud.

That's all I'm saying.



The shed I got him out of

was just full of these old trophies.



I think he used to be a racecar.



A racecar?



Yeah. You know, I bet it took

first place at the Ugly-anapolis    .



Oh! Oh! Oh, ow!

What did...?



It wasn't the car!

All right.



Just be calm.

I don't have to take this.



This is just a car...

an inanimate object.






Are you kidding?



It just leaked all over my shoe!



Just get this thing

off my truck!



You are so in the crusher. Push!



Come on!



Come on!



Ahh! Whoa!












I'm... just gonna...



- I got to go!

- Hey! Hey, you...



All right. Listen up, car.



No one makes a fool

out of Crazy Dave.



No one.



Consider yourself crushed!



Marie Peters.



Derek Parker.



Gregory Petell.



Chad Peterson.



- Margaret Peyton.

- Yeah!






I've seen some photo finishes

in my time.



That was cutting it close.



OK, Dad.



Getting dizzy.

Oxygen deprived.



Your mom would be so proud.



You're the first Peyton

to graduate college.



One where you don't

have to keep a toolbox at the end.



- Where's Ray?

- Running some laps.



We got a qualifying race.

He's working on some problems.



Like not crashing?






Check out what mom and dad

got me for graduation.



Oh, great. Rub it in.



 .  V-  right?



V-  what? I don't know,

but it's adorable!



Promise you'll look

after Maggie in New York.



- We'll be roommates for    minutes.

- An assistant producer job at ESPN.



You'll be in front of

the camera in a heartbeat.



Have a great time in Paris.



Bye. Be back in a month.

I'll spring you from Riverside.



We'll cruise to the Big Apple

and start our new lives. Au revoir!



I promised your brother we'd

meet him at the track. We got to go.



Do I even get

a graduation lunch?



Well, this isn't quite

what I had in mind, but...



Hey, I sprung for the churros.



Dad, is Sally

still sponsoring you?



One of the proud, the few.



Hey, guys!



- Congrats on the ESPN job!

- Thank you.



I thought Maggie might swing

some free publicity over there.



Only publicity Team Peyton

needs is to win a race.



We're turning this thing around.

I know it. Believe me.



Aw, come on, Ray.

What are you doing?



Ray, what...?






Ray, you were just

pushing the right front.



Was that what it is?

Did you learn that in college? Thanks!



- At least he loses with style.

- He's sure had enough practice.



I can't believe

Trip Murphy won Daytona.



He's a loser.

A well-paid loser.



Hey, Ray,

the guy's a great racer.



Say what you want about him.

He has excellent focus.






You drove past that tree

on purpose.



- No. We're taking a shortcut.

- You were gonna chop it down.



We tried to knock it down

by crashing a car into it...



Oh, wait! That was you!



Oh, right. I'm not the one

who crashes into walls, am I?



Don't let him get to you.

The important thing



is when you see that tree and this town

in your rearview mirror,



you know you're on your way

to a better life. Right?



- Right.

- All right.



Now you, Gramps, had style.



He sure did.






I'm sorry I didn't really pull out

all the stops for graduation.



It's OK. You know,



that was always

Mom's department.



It's been ten years.

I should have more of a clue.



I didn't know the team

was doing so badly.



Maggie, it's a bad streak.

We'll pull out of it.



But I do think it's time we find room

for you up on that wall.



That ought to do it justice.



- Night, Dad.

- Night, baby.



Tomorrow morning, getting you

a graduation present.



It's OK. I really

don't need anything.



I want to. First thing,

bright and early, you and me.



- You get to pick it out.

- OK.



- Good nĄght.

- Good nĄght.



Dad, uh,

what are we doing here?



Buying you a car.



I appreciate the gesture,

but I'm only here a month.



You don't want me chauffeuring you

around for a month.



Happy graduation, Magpie.



Hey, Dave!



Wow. A stock car.



One lap to go. Maggie Peyton

is about to make NASCAR history.



She's going! She's going!



She's done it! Unbelievable!



She's the first female driver

to take the Nextel Cup! Wow!



Hey, Maggie!

You find anything yet?



- Not yet, Dad! Still looking!

- OK, honey.



- What do you think, hon?

- Nothing calls out to me.



Now, trust me.



There's a certified

pre-owned champion out there



waiting to be discovered.



A car with the guts, the character,

the heart of a thoroughbred.



Dad! It's perfect!



OK, just think,

if this horn hadn't gone off,



I wouldn't have found

this Nissan!



Hey, Maggie.

What about this guy?



These are great. Take care

of the engine, they run forever.



- Doesn't really need anything.

- It's cute.



But, Dad...



How much for the Nissan?



Good eye. Good eye.



We've had a lot of interest

in that car this week. But, um...



I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.



Since you are

the first customer today,



I think I can

cut you a deal.






I'll give you    for the Bug.



Sorry, no can do. See...



I always felt there was something

special about that car.



I wouldn't sell

in a million years.



- Seventy-five.

- Oh, sold!



I'll make out the papers.



At least we know

the horn works.



OK, Mags.

Tires are good.



Gas is good.

Brakes are good.



Look at that. The speedometer

goes up to     miles an hour.



Somebody's got

a sense of humor.



All right, now. Come over

to the garage later.



Have Augie

take a look at it.



Thank you, Dad.



"Please take care of Herbie.



Whatever your problem,

he'll help you find the answer."




A fortune cookie on wheels.



OK, let's start slow.



What are you doing?! Stop!



This isn't funny anymore!



Come on, car!

You're a car! I drive!



What is going on?



Oh, my God! No!



- Oh, God...

- Oh, my God.



I'm so sorry.

Let me help you.



Are you OK?



- Maggie?

- Kevin?



God, you look great.



I mean, it's great to see you.



What are you... I haven't

seen you since high school.



- What are you doing here?

- Oh, I just got this car.



My dad wanted to get me

something for graduation.



Didn't you used to drive cars

with a little bit more, uh... muscle?



This car is not for racing.

It's for regular driving.



- For show.

- Yeah.



Oh, man.



You know what? It's not worth it.

I'm gonna take it back to Crazy Dave.



- Good to see you, Kevin.

- Yeah, good to see you.



Hey, Mags.

I could fix it for you.



Oh, no, that's OK.



No. That's what I do.

Kevin's Custom Car Shop.



- Nothing too fancy.

- No. Just the basics.



We'll take him for a test drive,

see what we got to work with.



- Sorry for almost running you over.

- Don't do that again.



Whoa! Whoa!



OK. All right. Easy, Mags.



- Smooth ride.

- Sorry.



Do you know where we

could get some new shocks?



Uh... There's a car show

at the Fairplex.



We could borrow parts

from the Hernandez brothers.



Yeah, I'm not really up

for that whole scene.



What? You used to

tear it up there.



Well, I mean, that was then.



Besides, this bucket of bolts

couldn't make it down there.






That's the Maggie I know!



What are you talking about?

I'm not doing this!



What'd you say?



OK, Mags!



Oh, my God.



It has more horsepower

than I expected.



Are you kidding me?

He just took off.



- He?

- Herbie!



OK, the car's name

is Herbie?



It wasn't my first choice.

Name came with the car.



Let's strip it down,

get rid of old parts.



- Maybe there's something to salvage.

- Works for me.



Go easy, Mags... Herbie.



What are you doing?



- Steering wheel's jammed.

- Left.



I can't turn it!

It's jammed!






OK! Easy!



Great. I'm being

carjacked by my own car!



OK. Watch the people.

Easy, easy.



Oh! That's the e-brake.



That should be

connected to something.



Oh, good.

They have valet parking.



Oh, man!






What are you doing?

You didn't want to come.



I didn't! It was Herbie!



That's funny, Mags.



"It was Herbie."



- Hey. Where are you going?

- What?



- I'm so sorry.

- Her bad.



 Step away

from the vehicle.






- What's up?

- What's up? How are you?



Pablo, Pancho.

Hey, what's up, guys?



- Hey!

- Hello!



- You look good!

- Yeah, what happened?



Thanks, guys.

Great to see you too.



Hey, is that your car?



No. No.



No, no. I don't know

whose that is.



Good thing,

'cause that thing is ugly!



Hey, Trip!



Ladies and gentlemen,



Nextel Cup Series champion,

Trip Murphy!



I hope you don't mind

I crashed your party.



When I'm in the

middle of a race,



swapping paint with

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. And Jeff Gordon,



you know what keeps me going?



It's you guys.



My fans.



And now, I'm going to give you

that same experience



in your very own living rooms.



Crash? What have you got for me?



Oh, wow. You guys

are in for a real treat.



It's my new video game.



"Trip Murphy: Undefeated."



All right.



You got a Sports Illustrated

shoot in an hour.



No sweat. I'll do two laps.

Keep the Sharpies handy.



And when women give you

their numbers, get photos.



I don't want

a replay of Phoenix.



- I do enough charity work already.

- OK.



Can I get your autograph?



Trip! Sign my head.



Yeah. Yeah!






Yes! Trip Murphy signed my head!



- Where are you going?

- Anywhere but here.



I'm not gonna be

embarrassed again.



What about the car?



Crazy Dave can keep his cash.

I'll stick with my board.



You can't just leave it here.



Hello? Look around.

Somebody will take it.



What is with this car?

Like it's trying to embarrass me...



Look at this.



Some guy named Maxx

left these in the trunk...



You look great.



You got a tiny little spot

on your shirt. What happened?



- You're gonna change into those?

- Stand guard. No peeking.



Don't flatter yourself.

"No peeking."



Oh. Hey.



- Oh, good. It fits. All zipped up.

- Let's go.



- Wait. Where are the keys?

- Uh, they're in the...






Oh, whoa. Take it easy, guy.

All you gotta do is ask.



I'd wear a helmet too

if my ride looked like that.






- Come on. Let's get out of here.

- Good idea, loser.



Get this car back to the circus

before Bozo puts out an APB.



Ha-ha. Good stuff.



Oh, my God!






What are you...?

Take it easy.









Ohhh! Oh, dude!



- What did you do?

- I swear to God, I did not do that!



OK, try telling that to him.



Race! Race! Race! Race!



Trip! You gonna take that?



Race, race, race!



I can't race. Get out there

and tell them I'm sorry!



I love that I have

to do thĄs. Sure.



'Cause TrĄp and I

have such a good rapport.



Race! Race! Race!



What have I got to lose?

It's a Bug.






Oh, my God! Kevin!

Kevin! Help me!



Kevin! Kevin!



Mags! What are you doing?






What is going on?

I don't want to race!



Kevin! Kevin!



Race, race, race, race!



What are you trying to do,

you crazy little car?



Oh, my God! Oh, my God!



OK. So that's

how you want to do it?



I thought you said

you hadn't been racing.



- That was unbelievable!

- I know. Unbelievable.



Hey, Trip.

What do you say?



Get that camera out of my face!



Did you see me

come off that guardrail?



I saw... I don't know

how you did that.



All right. This is gonna

sound strange, but it wasn't me.



I think it was Herbie.



Herbie is a car.



You always said

they had personalities.



Yeah, personalities.

They're not possessed.



I can't explain it, but when Trip

blocked me on that final turn,



I wished I was on my skateboard

so I could rail-slide past.



Then Herbie did it.

It was like we were connected.



That makes perfect sense.




What are you doing?



Checking to make sure exhaust fumes

haven't gone back inside the car.



Kevin, I beat the reigning

NASCAR champion in a '   Bug!



- How else do you explain that?

- How about,



you're an amazing racer

and proved it?



Why are you

afraid to admit that?



You beat Trip Murphy, on your own,

with this... hunk of junk.






Hey. Admit it.



It felt great to be

behind the wheel again.



Yeah. It did.



That's what I thought.



The family's been

in racing for    years.



I won't let guys in suits

tell me what to do.



- These guys pay our bills.

- What do they know about racing?



They know not to back

a losing team!



- Another sponsor bite the dust?

- They come, they go.



That's business.

You got in late last night.



Let me direct you to the date

of birth on my license.



Let me direct you to the

address on that license.



My house, my rules.



- Hey, guys!

- Hey, Sally.



Hey, Sal. Don't tell me

you're pulling out too.



No. I'm making your day.



You're gonna love this.



Taking the sports worid

by storm.



Here it is again.

Our exclusive footage of Trip Murphy



just getting scorched

in an impromptu street race.



And get this:



The competition was

a      Volkswagen Beetle.



That's right, folks.

A '   Bug.



I'll be back. Dad!



What did I do?



I sense you're looking

for an explanation.



You promised,

no more street racing.



Listen to me.

I almost lost you once.



- I'm not gonna let that happen again.

- At least let me explain first.



OK, go ahead.

I'm all ears.



I ran into Kevin.



Kevin? You aren't

in town    hours,



and goofy Kevin talks you

into street racing again.



Maggie. Do you think

I busted my butt



to put you through school



so you could get back behind

the wheel of a racecar?



- Dad, I wasn't even driving.

- Who was?



It was Kevin's friend, Maxx,

who was driving.



They wanted to challenge Trip,



so I let them borrow the car,

and it was a one-shot deal.






I mean, yeah. Yeah.






I'm sorry too.



Whoever this Maxx guy is,

must be pretty good



if he beat Trip Murphy

in a little thing like that.



Not bad.



Life's a Trip.

Then you drive.



- Cut.

- I nailed that one.



I agree. I'd love

to try one more.



- It doesn't get much better than that.

- OK. Moving on!



- Can I talk to you?

- What is it?



The sponsors are all over me,



and the ESPN special

is down the drain



because you banished

the film crew.



- I won't talk about yesterday.

- I'm not. I'm talking about tomorrow.



This is your future.

Those people paid for it,



- so get your head in the game...

- I can't deal with this, Larry!



Good hustle, everybody.

Good hustle.



It doesn't make any sense.

How could that thing beat me?



Nobody cares about

a stupid street race.



I care. I'm a Nextel Cup

Series champion



who got beat

by a Volkswagen Bug.



Yes. You're a champion

on the track, where it counts.



This is nothing! The reporters

get some laughs out of it.



By Thursday, everybody

will forget it happened.



I've been up all night

going over this race.



I outclassed him on every front.



- I want a rematch.

- Aw, jeez. Trip, no.



It's me, your brother.

Forget it.



A two-day racing event

where I beat all comers



and then destroy

that little Bug.



I want posters at every garage,

body shop and auto parts store,



and full-page ads

in the local rags.



How do you know

this Maxx guy would show up?



Maxx is a racer. He'll show.



I'm gonna exterminate this Bug.






Where you been? Look at this.

I want to show you something. Huh?




Dual Weber carburetors.



Front, rear swing axles.

Pretty sweet, huh?



Yeah, they're, um... Wow.



You really put

a lot of thought into this.



There's potential in this car.

We can turn him into a champion.



It'll take work, but, uh, there's

a race in Lancaster in a few weeks.



Whoa. Hold on a second.

The other day was great.



I don't know how it happened,

but it was a fluke.



You loved being

back behind the wheel.



Yeah, I did, but now

I'm moving to New York



and I'm starting a new life and...



How are you gonna

move to New York,



a city where you take

a subway to work?



Listen, I told my dad

no more racing,



and I ended up lying to him.



The last time that happened,

I ended up in the hospital.



Note the vicious Afterschool Special

cycle I'm trying to break here.



- I need cash for my apartment.

- Those are the classifieds.



Listen, Kev, I'm really sorry.



I know, I know.



What about Herbie?



I guess I'll drop off the keys

and the number to an exorcist.






Maggie, what happened?

Are you all right?



I know what you're thinking.



It's one race, Mags.



One race, ten grand.

That's a lot of cash.



OK. We'll split it.



You got rent money to pay.

I got this dump to fix up.



Everybody wins.

What do you say?






Come on, Herbie.






- Sorry.

- It's all right.






I have been over every inch

of this model ten times.



I've run all the tests.



There's no way an ordinary VW engine

like this could have smoked yours.



There's nothing ordinary

about this Bug.



I don't know what

it's got under its hood,



but I intend to find out.



Those guys

always use you



to get me to do something.



You can't let them drop us.

It'll break Ray's heart.



No. It's gonna

break your heart.



When are you gonna

open your eyes?



Ray Junior

is not cut out for racing.



I have held out

as long as I can.



Bass Pro is dropping you.

I'm sorry.



Wait a minute, Sally.

Wait, please.



Tell them to hold on

until the Speedway races.



If Ray doesn't place,

I'm out. I close up shop.



I'll sell motor oil.

I'll do something.



How long you been standing here?



Long enough.



I sure am glad

you're not part of this.



At least I dĄd

somethĄng rĄght.



Why do I feel like we just got

sentenced to five to ten?



I'm gonna go sign us in.



Maggie Peyton.



Haven't seen you in a long time.

Who you here for?



- "In-the-way Ray"?

- Actually, I'm sponsoring Maxx.



So, do you like the makeover?



You can take the car

out of the junkyard, Maggie,



but you can't take

the junkyard out of the car.



- How do you know this Maxx?

- Um, we go way back.



I'd like to meet him.

Can you arrange a face-to-face?



He's meditating.

Getting in the zone.



Sure. Pressure's getting to him?



- He's not worried. He beat you once.

- Beginner's luck.



You tell that to yourself at night

in your Trip Murphy pajamas?






you tell Maxx I'm really

looking forward to the rematch.



Oh, hey.

Sorry, big fella.



I'm so sick of all

this Trip Murphy cra...






Hey. See you later, Trip.



I don't know

if I can do this.



Time to suit up, Maxx.



 Race fans,

please welcome our own Trip Murphy.



We've got     names up there.



By the end of the day,

there will be only one.



- Yeah!

- And that driver will face me,



and have a chance

to win $     .



Let's race.



Ladies and gentlemen,



today's winner goes up

against Trip Murphy tomorrow!






Vroom, vroom!

Let me hear you say "Hey, yo!"



What a day.

The real wild card here



is the enigmatic racer

known only as Maxx.



Questions abound.

Who is Maxx?



Where did he come from?

What's with the helmet?



Gotcha, Maxx.



I've signed so many autographs,

my hand is numb.



Guess who wants an interview.



How'd you get over here?



What's wrong?



Wow. Maggie, you...

Iook amazing.



I mean, you know, for someone

who changed in a Port-A-Potty.



Come on. I know there's

a compliment in there somewhere.



I think I'm losing my mind.



That was my first reaction.



And then I embraced

the mystery that is Herbie.



She's too young for you.



I got to tell you...



...winning definitely suits you.



Oh, I got you something.



It's stupid.



It's for luck tomorrow.



It's amazing.






I hardly recognized you

without your camera crew.



I decided to give them

the night off.



Can we talk?






- You OK?

- Yeah.



Your driver did pretty well,

for an amateur.



But he's got some serious flaws.

Take his car, for instance.



The chassis's too high, and...



...the aerodynamics

are all wrong.



Thanks for the tip.

I'll pass it on to Maxx.



You know what I

can't figure out?



Why you're not

behind the wheel.



I hear you were a heck of

a street racer back in the day.



- Ancient history.

- I doubt it.



It's in your blood.



Your grandfather was one

of the greatest drivers



to ever hit the track.



He's why I got into racing.



And I gotta believe it's

hard-wired into your DNA.



Your dad ought to get Ray out of   

and put you behind the wheel.



How many women drivers

have won a NASCAR championship?



Well... It only takes

one person to blaze a trail.



Ever think that you might be

the next great Peyton?



Thanks for the props,

but I gotta go.



You want to see how it feels

behind the wheel of a real car?



Are you serious?



I doubt your old man is

gonna make you the same offer.



Go on.



It'll be our little secret.



OK, Bug.



Let's see what makes you tick.



There's no way you could

beat me with this engine.






You want a piece of me?!



Who's laughing now?






- That was unbelievable!

- She's a pretty sweet ride.



I've never driven

anything like it.



That was my most awesome

driving experience.



Amazing what

a real car can do, isn't it?



I got a little proposition.

Why don't we raise the stakes.



My car for your car.



Let's make tomorrow's race

for pinks too. Huh?



I don't know. I mean,

Herbie's really special.



Come on. Nobody's gonna

take you seriously in that thing.



Now, if, uh,



you drive home

in Trip Murphy's stock car,



your dad would be an idiot

not to put you on the team.



What do you say? For pinks?



All right.



You just better hope your boy Maxx

is on top of his game tomorrow.



Ray, if you drank all the

orange juice, I'll kill you.



- Mag-Wheels!

- Charisma!



- Why aren't you in France?

- Ugh! Paris was a drag.



I couldn't understand anybody.

And hello!



Learn to pick up

after our poodles.



I thought I'd come back to start

our road trip early.



Slight problem. I promised

I'd meet a friend in the desert.



Why? Are you burying a body?



No, he's in a racing tournament.



You think you're clever,

but I see through you.



You can?



It's obvious.

You're dating him.



OK, if you say so.



Don't be coy. What's his name?

Is it serious?



Maxx. You know, we're so close,

it's like we're the same person.



What are you doing?

Where have you been?



In a nightmare where my dad,

brother and best friend showed up.



Well, you got a new problem.

Herbie's freaking out.



I don't know what to do.

Stop it!



Did you leave him alone

with Trip?



Hey, Maggie!



- Who's that?

- Keep her away from my dad.



And she thinks

I'm dating Maxx.



Just don't ask me to explain.



Five-minute warning.

Get suited up.



And have a heart-to-heart

with your car. OK?



Yeah. Sure.



- Where you been?

- Excuse me.



I'm Kevin!

You must be Charisma, yes?



- Good to meet you.

- I just came back.



- I had the worst time...

- Herbie. What's going on?



I don't have time for this now.

We need to beat Trip.



Just get a grip. You're a car.



You do what I tell you to do,

all right?






It's winner take all at the



Trip Murphy

Sudden Death Showdown.



Maxx decimated

his challengers yesterday,



but now he's up against

superstar Trip Murphy!



And now here comes Maxx

and Herbie to the starting line.



Blow his wheels off, Maggie!



I mean, Maxxie!



Come on, Herbie!

He's pulling ahead!



That's it, Herbie.



Come on!

I want that stock car!









Stupid car!

You blew this on purpose!



You were supposed to help me!



The voice is more high-pitched

than I might have imagined.



Come on, Maxx.



Take off the helmet and show

everybody who you really are.



- It's a chick!

- That ain't a chick! That's Maggie!



I guess I was wrong about you.



You're not the next

great Peyton after all.



You're just another amateur

who choked in the clutch.



Mags! Maggie.

Hey. Hey, come on.



Come on. Stop this.



You had a bad day.

That's it. OK?



Come on. Let's get out of here,

take Herbie back to the garage.



- There's always another race.

- There's not. Kevin, it's over.



I should have never done

this in the first place.






- Hey. Whoa. Get away from him!

- Hold it, buddy! Take it easy.



- OK. All right! Easy!

- Wait a minute.



- Maggie didn't tell you?

- What?



We were racing for pinks.



It was a little deal we made

after I let her race my car.



She said it was

the best ride of her life.



Please tell me

you didn't do that.



Look, Kevin, I'm sorry.

OK? I'm sorry.



Don't apologize to me.

Apologize to Herbie.



He's the one

you stabbed in the back.



- How could you lie to me?

- I can explain.



Your word

used to mean something.



I thought I taught you honesty.



Guess I was wrong.



- Dad, wait!

- I'm through listening, Maggie.



- Don't hurt him!

- It's a car!



Payback tĄme, Bug.



I can't believe you were pulling

a Racer X on everybody.



I thought this was

a conversation-free ride.



We've been friends for years.



I've never known

the real you until today.



A lying backstabber



who alienated

everyone she cares about.



You don't get it.

You were awesome out there.



Why go to New York?



You belong behind

the wheel of a racecar.



- Grab the wheel!

- What are you doing?






Look, I'm really excited

about this new career.



Are you going to be happy

to report the story



rather than being one yourself?



Trip, we need to talk.



Amateur hour's over.

I've got a real race to prepare for.



I want to buy Herbie back.



- Herbie?

- The Volkswagen.



Oh, yeah, the Bug.



I'm sorry. I'd like to help you,

but you're a little late.



Crash just took him out

for a little spin.



Trip, what did you do

with him?!



Ten cars enter! One car leaves!



Ten cars enter! One car leaves!



Ten cars enter!

One car leaves!



Ten cars enter! One car leaves!



Ten cars enter!

One car...






Ten cars enter!

One car leaves!



Drivers! Are you ready?



Get set!



Let's go!



Whoa, whoa, whoa.



- Drivers only.

- No, wait.



You don't understand.

That's my car out there.



Well, now, you parked it

in the wrong place.



My name's Jimmy D.



This here's my place,



and that there car

belongs to me.



How much to buy him back?



If he comes out

of this thing in one piece,



I'll just give him back

to you free. How's that?



Whoo! Monster trucks rock!



I'm gonna wipe that Bug

off my windshield!



Don't just sit there!



Do you work out?



Yeah, actually.

My gym's six miles from here.



Go, Maggie!



- What are you doing?

- Sorry!



Come on, Herbie.

I can't lose you. We're a team!



I need you, Herbie! Come on!



Oh, come on, Herbie.

Don't do this. Please!



That's it. Come on, Herbie.



You can do it!



I didn't do that.

It was the car.



- His name is Herbie.

- That's a ridiculous na...



OK, Herbie.

Let's get out of here.






Oh, come on!






Go, Herbie, go! Come on!






There we go!



All right! Hang on, Herbie!



Pile driver!



Thanks, buddy.



What...? What...?









Look, I don't care if you

ever speak to me again,



but you have to help Herbie.



What happened?



I was a jerk. I know.



Me too.



- You weren't a jerk.

- No, I meant...



I also know you were a jerk.



What are you gonna do about ESPN

and New York and the big time?



I met someone

who made me shift gears.



You know,

get a new perspective.



We're down to the final few spots

to see who gets into the big race.



We're down to the final few spots

to see who gets into the big race.



One lap to go for

Ray Peyton, Jr. In the    car.



It's gonna be close.



Let's see if Ray Peyton, Jr. Can qualify

for Sunday's Nextel Cup race.



Come on, Ray!



Whoo! Yeah!



Oh, my God.



Peyton. To the right.



- He needs to be transferred.

- Ray, you OK?



I'm fine. I keep

telling everybody.



Can we please get out of here?

I'm fine! Jeez!



I guess that means

he's not totally fine.






- Come here, Ray. Come on.

- Ow!



Doc, I'm fine.



- Look straight ahead.

- I see it. It's...



Now it's bright.



There's a problem

with his left eye.



His depth perception is off.



We won't know the extent

of the problem until we run tests.



Bottom line,

he can't race Sunday.



Dad, I'm sorry.



Hey. It's not your fault.



You ran great today.

I'm gonna go see the doctor.



Wait a minute, Dad.



I still qualified.



All we need is another driver

and we got a shot.



Let Maggie race.



Yeah, Ray.

It's a good idea.



I mean, Team Peyton

needs this race.



She's ready, sir.

She's really good.



No. That's not gonna happen.






Dad, I'm sorry

I lied to you, OK?



But all I've ever

wanted to do is race.



You're not getting

behind the wheel.



Because I'm a girl? I've had

one crash. Ray's had dozens!



It's different!



The only difference

is your support!



What's really your problem

with me racing?



Because you're the

spitting image of your mom.



And... I can't lose her twice.



Dad, I may look like her

on the outside,



OK, but on the inside, I'm you.



I'm a Peyton.



Racing is in my blood.



Please, let me race.



I can't.



I'm sorry.



I got it. OK.



All right. Fine. Bye.



I have bad news. I just got off

the phone with my supplier.



They're not gonna give me parts

until I pay my overdue bills,



- which you need money to do.

- So you can't fix Herbie?






- Shouldn't you be in bed?

- Mags, I'm not blind.



I just can't race.

But you can.



You're taking my space tomorrow.



Well, wait. What about Dad?



Dad always says

I should be a team leader.



I called rest of the crew.

They agree. You're the one.



Look, we got a lot to do



if we wanna get my car

ready to race.



There's one car I'm gonna drive.

He's sitting over there.



You serious?



I race in Herbie,

or I don't race at all.



I'm with Trip Murphy,

Nextel Cup Series champion.



The prevailing wisdom

in the press box



is that your only worry is you

don't have enough shelf space



for a fourth championship.



Tell the boys

thanks for the support.



But it's a tough track.

It's a    -mile race.



There are some

competent drivers out here.



Jeff Gordon's a decent driver.



There's an outside shot

he could win.



I guess what

I'm saying is, it's a...



...long race and anything

can happen in this sport.



We love you, Trip!



I thought you told me

you destroyed that car.



- I'm sorry, dude.

- Hey, Trip.



I know you're gonna win,



but on the microscopic chance

she beats you again,



I've set up a Slim-Fast

"Big Loser" campaign.



So there's that.



- He's mad at me.

- He's mad at me.



- Hates me.

- He hates us both.



- Never seen a Bug with a spoiler.

- Don't touch.



Soft top on a racecar.



- I like that.

- I like that.



- This car just winked at me.

- A racecar winked at you.



I swear. The car winked at me.



Are you feeling OK?

Is it the pressure?



I'm fine! Fine.



No problem. I'm telling you,

it just winked at me.



- Hey, Kev.

- Hey.



- Could we get a second alone?

- You and...?



- Herbie.

- Of course. Hey, guys.



Ray? Augie? Let's give

the lady some space, huh?



- Sure.

- Thanks, guys.



You nervous?



It's good to be nervous.

Keeps you alert.



I just want to say,

in the spirit of honesty,



I did total a car once

when I was racing.



That was a long time ago.



Hey, um...

Thanks for not giving up on me.



All right.



Ready to do this thing?



Cool. Let's show them

what we got.



Here we go, Herbie.

This is it.



- Maggie Peyton. Is that right?

- That's what I've got too.



So it's Maggie Peyton

in #   for Team Peyton



in a last-minute ruling

by race officials.



What? Come on.

You've tried to think of a way



to sell gear

to women for years.



It says she calls

the car Herbie.



I've never heard

of a VWBug racing NASCAR,



but Team Peyton

found a loophole.



- Go, Maggie!

- What are you doing?



You go, girl! Whoo!



Go, Maggie, go!



 Ladies and gentlemen,

rise for our national anthem.



Here we go.



- Go get 'em.

- Thanks.



Is this what you dreamed

it'd be like?



Yeah. I mean, I wanted my dad

here cheering me on, but...



Yeah. There's something

I want to say to you.



I guess

I underestimated you guys.



Good luck out there today.



Thanks, Trip.



Word to the wise:

It gets pretty nasty out there.



Uh, Trip, we got a race.



- Let's go! Let's go!

- Don't listen to him.



He's trying to get inside your head.

Kev, let's go.



All right.



So, you wanted

to tell me something.






I was gonna say,

don't cut your turns too tight.



Got it, chief.






Let's go!



Drivers, start your engines!



 We've got

the makings of a great race today.



Beautiful weather

and a great field of cars



as they head out

for their two pace laps.



 We anticipate

a record crowd.



Fans have come to see

which driver



will hoist

the Nextel Cup trophy.



 Great stories

bookend this field.



Trip Murphy, star of the season,



will lead the field to the

green flag from pole position.



Then there's Maggie Peyton,

starting last.



We'll see if she has what it takes



and if Herbie has

a good enough engine.



The pace car is off,

the green flag is out,



and we're underway here

at California Speedway!



Those guys are fast!



 Looks like

the    car got left in the dust.



There is a minimum speed.



She better get going

or get a black flag.



Come on, Herbie.

We're not out of this yet.



Come on, Mags. Go!



 Rookie jitters

or a mechanical problem,



but Maggie Peyton's

barely hanging on now.



OK. Let's go get Dale!




starts to gain ground.



Here's Peyton drafting up

to Dale Jarrett in the   .



 Wait. I don't

think Herbie's drafting.



I think he's

literally attached to #  .



That little car's

riding my bumper!



 Come on, Dale,

shake her off!



Hang on!



Come on, Maggie.



Here we go! Ready?



 What a move!



Maggie just did a slingshot on

Dale Jarrett to move past #  .



Yes! Go, Mags!



Unorthodox, but it

put her back in the race.



I bet her granddad's

smiling at that one.



We're back in it.

Who's running first?



 Trip has Junior

by   lengths.



Come on, Mags!



 Best pit stop

of the day for Team Peyton.



That keeps them in the hunt.



Got a hungry pack

chasing the leaders.



Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon,

Mike Bliss, all after the top spot.



 Maggie Peyton

and Herbie come up on the outside.



Eighteen laps to go in one

of the most surprising races



in NASCAR history.



Trip Murphy in #   is in front.



But can he hold the lead

in the final laps?



Here we come.



Herbie, we gotta find

an opening!



We'll make a move on turn three.



They're boxing us in.



 Three wide

behind the leaders!



Labonte low,

Peyton in the middle!



Peyton takes a shot from Gordon

and one from Labonte.



And now one from Kasey Kahne!



Herbie's getting pounded

in this pack!



- I'm getting killed. Can't shake them!

- Yes, you can.



You can do this, sparkplug.



- Dad?

- Buckle down and grit your teeth.



Come on, Magpie.



You're the next great Peyton.

Time for everyone to know it.



Thanks, Dad.



Look at that.



Now what?



- Any suggestions?

- Gas it. Gas it right now!







running over competition,



but never done like that!



- Yeah!

- Yah-hah!



- Oh-ho!

- Yeah!



Uh-oh. We've got a new problem.



Herbie's losing

oil pressure... fast!



Looks like the   's

leaking oil on the track.



We're coming in.



Kevin, it's Sally.

What's going on with #  ?



- Did you drive here?

- Yeah. Why?



 Here comes

the caution flag.



Everyone to the pits.



Team Peyton may be out of

the race with that oil leak.



That stunt you pulled

almost cost us the race!



Take care of the car

and let me drive.



- Can I make two suggestions?

- Not now, Larry!



Not a perfect fit,

but it'll have to hold!



- How bad is it?

- It might hold for   laps.



It might hold for one.



Either way, avoid being

slammed around out there!



Listen. You raced your heart

out there today, Herbie.



But if we keep going, that might

be it for you. Forever.



Sorry. I'd rather lose

this race than lose you.



Whoa! Oh!

Are you sure?



 I can't believe it.



Maggie Peyton and Herbie

are getting back on the track!



For a car,

you're not a good listener.



OK, Herbie. Let's finish this.



Where is she, Crash?

The Bug! Where's the Bug?



Focus on the win!



 The fans are pulling

for rookie driver Maggie Peyton,



in a car she calls Herbie.



Attagirl. Nice move.

Now go get 'em, Maggie!




on an incredible rally,



passing them left and right.



Now up to second place,

behind Trip Murphy. Amazing!



Come on.



Did you miss us?



This girl's really

beginning to tick me off.



   laps to go

in a two-car race.



Trip Murphy and Maggie Peyton

will settle this between them!



Go, Maggie!



- All right!

- We've got him now!



On the outside!



Go high, Herbie.



Come on, Herbie.

We're almost there.



 Door to door

off the corner at the final... Contact!



Murphy slams

into the side of Peyton!



Mags, don't push it.

Mags, Herbie can't take it.



- Forget the Bug and win!

- You're going down, Bug!



Trouble in turn four!



Murphy into the wall

and upside down!



OK, Herbie, you ready?



- Keep it steady!

- Ahh!



 No place to go!

Look out for the crash!






Herbie's on the fence!

Herbie's on the fence!



Oh! Oh, God!



Maggie Peyton won!



- Maggie Peyton has won! Incredible!

-  Unbelievable!



I've never seen anything

like this in NASCAR,



not to mention the birth

of the next great Peyton!



We did it.



Let's go!






- Whoo!

- Yes!



I'm so proud of you!



Thanks, Dad.



Maggie, that was awesome!



- Thank you.

- So great!



Hey! I thought

your depth perception...



Oh, well,



the best Peyton was on

the track today. You did it.



- Congrats.

- Oh...




Listen to me!



That car is possessed!






I saw it too.

It smiled at me!



That car is alive!



You gotta believe me.

It's mocking me!



I'm telling you!

That car is alive!



Look! It's doing it again!



You gotta believe me!

You gotta believe me!



This isn't the end, Bug!



I'm going to get you, Bug!

I'm going to get you!



He's fine. He's fine.

Just a little dehydrated.






Gotta say, Peyton, you and

Herbie make a great team.



We make a great team.



Yeah, I thought we had good

driver-crew chief rapport there.



Herbie, help me out here.






All right, now, I'm gonna trust

you guys this time,



but you got

a big race coming up.



Have her home at a decent hour.

Show some respect. All right?



My house, my rules.




OK, Ray,

I think they got it.



All right.



Go on. Get out of here.



I mean it, Herbie.





Special help by SergeiK