The Hidden Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Hidden script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Nouri movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Hidden. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Hidden Script



Drop it!






Get down behind something.



Somebody get the police!



Get down! Go!



He went that way

in a black Ferrari. Go!



Suspect is heading...



Look out!



Now in pursuit.

Wilshire at Parkview...



Suspect is currently...



Stop! Oh, my God!



Yeah, that's him, all right.



That's Jack.



Real nice man.



Kind of quiet.

Real gentleman.



When was the last time

you saw him?



Oh, I haven't seen him in...

about a week.



What did he do, rob a bank?



Tom, we've got to move.

They've got DeVries.



High-speed pursuit,

West Hollywood.









Let's go.



Yes, sir.



All right, Johnson,

back here with me.



Watch your ass, guys.



Hey, Beck.



How many units

you got in pursuit, Sandy?






How long?



I wouldn't go for coffee.



There he is.



Give me that.



Tommy, come on!



Mr. DeVries' condition

is deteriorating.



We'll have to move him

back to intensive care.



Think he'll make it, doc?



With all the trauma,

it's a miracle he's still alive.



I doubt he'll last the night.






Keep us up to date,

will you, doc?



Detective Beck.



No one deserves

to die like that.



I don't care

what the man's done.



He killed twelve people,

wounded twenty-three more...



stole six cars,

mostly Ferraris...



robbed eight banks,

six supermarkets...



four jewelry stores,

and a candy shop.



Six people he carved

with a butcher knife.



Two of them were kids.



If anybody deserves

to go that way...



it sure in the hell was him.



Look, Ed,

Tom Beck is the best I've got.



If I give him to you,

I'll never get him back.



My department will crumble...



crime will run rampant...



the city will fall into ruin...



hordes will control the streets,

and life as we know it will end.



I don't want Willis.

I want Beck.



Senator's coming to announce

he's running for president.



He's gotten some threats.



You don't want some ass

blowing him away.



Ed, Willis is a better man now.



He's been with Beck

for over a year.



Give him another shot.



Send Beck to my office, John.



Lieutenant Masterson.



Yeah, I'm Masterson.

Who are you?



Lloyd Gallagher, FBI.



What can I do for you?



I'm following a suspect.



I need some local

law enforcement help.



I spoke with your captain.



He assigned me

a Detective Thomas Beck.



All right.



Beck. This is agent

Lloyd Gallagher, FBI, Seattle.



You'll be working with him

the next few days.



I'm in the middle of a case.



Am I supposed to drop this?



Doesn't anybody

say please anymore?






Oh. How can I refuse?



You can't.



Bureau's getting them younger

every day now.



Must get them

right out of high school.



Don't put it on my desk.



Do not put that on my desk.



Give me a break.



I haven't seen my wife

in a month.



She's fine.



I was with her last night.

She said to say hello.



Sends you a big kiss.



She's getting fat.



Yeah, a beer belly or something.



So who we looking for,

public enemy number one?



His name is Jack DeVries.



- Stockbroker?

- Right.



How long you been after him?



About a month.



A month, huh?



Why don't you go

buy yourself a drink?






He's in the hospital.

He's dying.



- Which hospital?

- St. Joseph's.



First and Main.



He ain't going anywhere.

What's your hurry?






Still no rhythm.



Can you feel a pulse?






OK. Let's try it again.






Doctor, are you OK?



Yeah, I'm OK.



What happened?



I don't know.






I got one patient

dead on the floor.



Are you saying

a man in his condition...



walked the hell out of here?



He left when I went after you.



What do you mean?



Can I help you?






Mr. Miller has an extremely

bad stomach condition.



Severe gastritis.



His heart deteriorated

to where we had to schedule...



a triple bypass.



Yesterday afternoon

he had a massive coronary...



but today it was as if he just...



Got up and walked out.



I can't really explain it...



but I know that's not the man

you're looking for.



Jonathan Miller would never

do anything to break the law.



He's a very kind,

honest gentleman.






What are you,

stupid or something?



I'm talking to you, wank.



I said I'm...



I'm going to kill you.






Beck, we should get started.



On what?



I got a news flash for you...

DeVries is dead.



Who's this,

public enemy number two?



His name is Jonathan P. Miller.



I need to find him.



Get away. Do not put that...



Beck, it wasn't funny

the first time.



This better be good.



Quite the desperado.



Still handing out

the death penalty...



for unpaid traffic tickets?



I don't do traffic tickets.



You got a body at a record shop

on Melrose and Stanley.



What is it, a full moon?



How's it going, Sarge?



Hey, Frankie, how's it going?



You check the back room?



Yeah. It's clear.



What have we got here?



Hey, Beck, there's a witness.



Apparently she came in

right after it happened.



She got a good look at the guy.



Where is she?



Right here.



Yeah. He was carrying a radio.



What are you doing here?



I'm checking on a couple

of traffic tickets.



Come here.



Sanchez, call the coroner.



See if he can come

sometime today.



That way over there.



How tall would you say he was?



What does this

have to do with you?



You're out of line.



The guy you want is dead.



Your job is done.



I suggest you take

the next flight to Seattle.



How we doing here?



Hey, Sarge.



What do you think?



Is this him?



It's him.



Brem, print this

and circulate it.



Put out a felony warrant

on Jonathan P. Miller...



armed and dangerous.



Shall we get started?



You have that picture of Miller?



Use this instead.



How did you know about Miller?



He worked with DeVries.



Pulling illegal U-turns?



He didn't have a record

till two weeks ago.



Long before that.



Not according to our files.



No. According to our files.



If you want my help,

tell me what's going on.



A criminal's come to your city.



You've been assigned

to help me find him.



If it's that simple...



why's the Bureau

sending you down here?



You don't have

anything on Miller...



because he's always

changing his identity.



You didn't have anything

on DeVries...



until you caught up

with him as DeVries.



Before that,

he was Arvin J. Lusk.



Before that, William Butler.



Miller does the same thing.



This is the closest I've been.



He's got to be stopped

before he moves again.



We'll take my car.



Let's go.



Bureau must be paying

pretty good these days.



Pretty good.



Mind me asking how much

one of these costs?



How much?



I don't know.



You don't know.



What did you do, steal it?



Hey, can you turn that down?



Order up on number three.



One coffee, right?



Senator Holt is drawing a crowd

wherever he goes.



The senator, who was expected

to announce his candidacy...



for president

in Los Angeles tomorrow...



is in town to dedicate a new

branch of Child Help U.S.A.



The work of this organization...



in bettering the lives

of young people here...



stands as an example...



that government

can and should serve...



the needs of the small

as well as the giant.



Senator, is it true...



you'll be announcing

your campaign plans Tuesday?



You'll have to wait

till next Tuesday.



Bye, guys. Thank you.



And now Capitol Hill.



An old ship

is making new waves...



It's your table, honey.



Don't look at me.



How far is St. Joseph's

from here?



About a mile.




Which direction?



We'll start up here

and work back.



You're calling the shots now?



I know how the suspect operates.

There's little time.



How do you know Miller

was at the hospital?



A hunch.



What, was he visiting DeVries?



Just tell me. Let's cut out

the Twenty Questions.



We're on the same side.



Miller came from the hospital.

He was there to see DeVries.



That's illuminating.

That solves everything.



Miller doesn't have a chance.



Why would he kill a guy...



for a lousy hundred dollars

and a radio?



'Cause he likes it.



He sees something he wants,

he steals it.



Something gets in his way,

he kills it.



And right now,

he's hiding out in your city.



You're talking about Miller.

Sounds more like DeVries.



Could you be a little confused?



So, you impressed?



I'm impressed.



That's because this car

makes an impression.



The question is,

do I trade in my Mercedes...



or just hang on to it?



I want this car.



I'll bet you do, dear.



Shall we go to my office?




Excuse me.



Sir, please.

Don't. Don't.



It's not a toy.



Just let me finish

with this gentleman...



and I'll show you another car.



I want this car.



This car is sold.



Thank you.



Hey, buddy.



I'm buying this car.



Don't touch it.



We get occasional mental cases.



I'll take care of it.




Come in.



Hey, dickhead.



What do you think you're doing?



I need the keys.




Out of the car.



Don't come back.



I won't be as friendly

next time.



What is your problem?



You understand English?



Beat it!



You want a broken nose,

you got it.



What was that?



Just a backfire.



Not one of yours, I hope.



No way, my friend.



Have some more.

It's good stuff.



Thank you.



How you doing?



Feeling good now, huh?



You'll feel good when you do

a hundred with this baby.



A hundred? In the city?



In the city.

Where else?



Anybody can do it

on the freeway.



I'm busy!



I want the car!



What the hell is that wacko

still doing here?



Give me a minute.



What the hell is Eddie

doing out there?



Oh, my God.



I need the keys.



Give him the keys.



I just signed the paper.



Give him the fucking keys!



Thank you.



We got a couple of cars

out there with plates on them.



One, a three-oh-eight,

to Anthony Mercurio.



Another one, a Mercedes

registered to Anchor lmports.



I think it's this stiff's here.



No name.

His wallet was lifted.



We're running it down now.



Anybody contacted the owner?



It's in the works.



Contact him. Check inventory

for anything missing.



They were finishing a deal

for a red Mondial.



It's not here.



He took it.



How do you know?



He likes Ferraris.



Put out a want and felony

warrant on the Ferrari.






Come on.



Four dead bodies in four hours.



I want Miller now!



Get in.



We could go over there.



Fuck off!



Know what bothers me

about DeVries and Miller?



Neither has a criminal record.



Both led normal lives,

and now they're killing people.



You read minds,

or was that a shot in the dark?



I read minds.



Oh, yeah?

What was I just thinking?



That I'm full of shit.






Not really.

Pretty simple to read.



I don't read minds.



Are you doing your job,

or is this something personal?



I guess you could say

it's personal.



He killed my partner.



Which one?



Which one killed your partner?






I'm surprised the Bureau

let you stay on the case.



I hear they're not big

on revenge.



What would you do?



As a cop?



As a man.



I lost a partner once.



We'll get Miller.



Buckley owns Anchor lmports...



which owns the Mercedes.



Let's see if Mr. Buckley

has a record.



Looks like this guy's

an arms dealer.



Carrying a concealed weapon...




of narcotics for sale...



firearms possession...



Another law-abiding citizen,




What the hell is that?




You believe it?



Patrol grabbed it

from some homeboy on the street.



What happened to the days

of zip guns?



Get two units

to his home and office now.







Sure, hold on.



Beck, I think it's your wife.



Hi. No, I'm sorry.



About fifteen minutes.



Hold on. What are you

doing for dinner?



Sorry. I got plans.

You know, ladies.



Not you, Sanchez.



No plans.



I'm bringing somebody

for dinner.



You coming?



I suppose you live in a castle.




One bedroom, one bath.



Want a beer or something?



Whatever you're having.



"She climbed up

on his long tail...



"and walked up his back.



"When she was comfortable,

they walked on.



"They reached the end

of the forest...



"and the fairy princess

began to laugh with joy.



"There was the shiny castle

on the mountaintop..."



And here's Daddy.



Hi, Mommy.



Hi, baby.

How was your day?






Hi, Daddy.



How's my girl?






Did you feed your turtle?



Wait till you see

the painting she did.



She's got it

on the refrigerator already.



Who've we got for dinner?






Well, at least they're polite.



I'm sorry. I didn't know

you were standing there.



Honey, this is Lloyd Gallagher.



This is my wife Barbara.



It's very nice to have you

with us, Lloyd.



It's nice to be here, Barbara.



I don't mean to disturb you.



That's OK.

Come on in.



This is our daughter Juliet.



Want to say good night

to Mr. Gallagher?



Good night, baby.



Well, um... Tommy tells me

you're from Seattle.



I'm sorry?



You're from Seattle?



Where you're going back to

when you're done here.




I'll go home when I'm finished.



Is that where

you're from originally?






Where did you grow up?



What's that, north?



I have some relatives up north.



What town?



Ras Alhague.



And that's in the United States?



Well, I never heard of that one.



Your little girl.



She's very...






Yeah, I think so.



You love her.



Yes, we love her.

She's our daughter.



Don't FBI agents

love their kids?



Tommy, I don't think he...



What about you?



You married?



- I was.

- Kids?



- One.

- Divorced?



My wife is dead.



She and my little girl...



were killed by the man

who killed my partner.



I'm very sorry.



Take it all off!



I love you, darling!

I love you!



That's my wife

you're talking about!



Freddie, can I have

a bourbon and soda?



You got it.




Hey, buddy, you OK?



I said are you OK?



You look kind of pasty.



I'm fine.






This is six Adam forty-two

requesting assistance.



We have located missing Ferrari.






I'm on my way.



Let's go, Lloyd.



We got to get going.

They found the Ferrari.



Brought you some Alka-Seltzer.



It's Alka-Seltzer.



You put it in water

and drink it.



Lloyd, as a friend...



stay away from alcohol.



Give me a break.



Hey, pal, the show's over, OK?



Can you take it outside, please?






Hey, Robbie!



All right, man, come on.



Let's go!






Hey, officer!



We didn't do nothing!



We're clean.



Hey, baby.



How you doing?



Hey, where you going?



I thought the show was inside.



Stay away from that Ferrari,





That's a police suspect vehicle.



Yo, baby!



Hey, honey, you know,

what's your hurry?



The night's still young, and...



Your name is Brenda, right?



I seen you before.



Say, uh...



Do you like cars?



'Cause I got a great car,

and it's, uh...



parked right over there

in that lot.



What do you say?



Yeah, baby.



Come on.



What have we got here?



Been a long time

since we've seen one of these.



What the hell's this?



Looks like he's bled to death.



What, from this?



You find a weapon?



No weapon, I.D., nothing.



This is getting stale, Tom.



Check on the coroner.



I'll get you an E.T.A.






Here's some aspirin, sir.



Beck thought

you might need them.



What are you doing?



Yo, Beck. Caught beautiful here

trying to leave.



She's the one

that found the body.



Let me have a minute.




It's been a hell of a night.



Are you OK?



Can you tell me what you saw?



I saw Brenda walk out

on my way in.



This guy was on the floor.



I screamed, and the cops came.



You ever seen this guy before?



You sure

you never seen this guy?



I know Brenda.



She'd never have anything

to do with that creep.



- Beck.

- What?



We need to find her.



You trying to tell me

that she's part of this?



Hey, Tom, you ain't going

to believe this.



We have another stiff.



In the parking lot.



I don't believe this.



Thank you for your help.



What's he doing

with his pants down?



What the hell

you think he's doing?



Busy night, huh, Beck?



Getting a little crowded

in my van, you know?



Joey, let me know

when this guy gets posted.



Yeah, right.



- Cliff, get these out.

- Gotcha.



Come here.



In a span of twelve hours,

I've got five bodies...



not counting Miller...



who dies because he

runs out of blood.



A stripper

screws some guy to death...



steals his car, and takes off.



All this in twelve hours.



I ask you, am I crazy...



or does this seem

just a little bizarre?



Yeah, it's a little bizarre.



I knew that.



I just wanted to know

if you knew that.



Let's get out of here.



Step out of the car slowly.



Keep your hands

where I can see them.



It's going to be

one of those nights.



Watch it!






Holy smoke.



Suspect is armed

and headed eastbound.



I'd say we're going

the right way.



There it is.



You bitch.






God damn it!



Why not try for the tires?



I'm trying to.



You think it's easy?

Why don't you try it?



Son of a...



Hold the wheel.



You hold it.

You wanted to...



What are you doing?






You're out of your damn mind!



You're fucking nuts.



I'm going in.



I'll cover you.



I'd be safer if you didn't.



Fine. I won't cover you.



All right. Cover me.



Want me to cover you or not?



I need you to cover me.



Fine. I'll cover you.



Jesus Christ.



She's bleeding to death.

Why doesn't she go down?



We got to get to her

before she dies.



Why don't we wait

till after she's dead?



You think it's over now.



You're wrong.



I'm not coming out yet.



I'll kill you first.



Roy, come...









Yeah, Willis,

what's your status?



Broad just jumped, around back.



Go on ahead.



- Halt!

- FBI!



Get away from the body!



The party's over, pal.

She's dead.



She's dead, Lieutenant.

Hell of a night, huh?



Who was here?

Who touched the body?



She's dead, Mr. Gallagher.



It's over.



Nelson, this is Willis.



Check on the coroner's

arrival for me.



Better bring in the

Robbery /Homicide shooting team.



What's going on up there?



You want us up there?



You want to make

some room there?



Move 'em out of the way.



Gurney coming through.






Hey, look,

it's none of my business...



but the lady had

fifteen bullet holes in her.



You guys like

making my job miserable, huh?



Shouldn't you go

to the ambulance now?



Just give me a minute.



It's not over, is it?



I want an explanation.



Explanation won't help you.



I've worked homicide

for thirteen years...



and I've seen

a lot of strange shit.



But I have never

seen anything like this.



You know what's going on,

and I don't.



You're going to tell me.




not going to help you.



I'll decide that.



Then I'm sorry.




Don't you walk away from me.



What I'm after

is still out there...



and I don't know where to start.



Tommy, what happened to you?



Arrest him.



Arrest him?



Book him.




I've got to take you downtown.



Boss' orders.



Come on.




what are you doing up so late?



Having a ball.



I heard you took one.

You OK?



Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.



I woke you, huh?



No, I'm fine.



I'm fine.



If I wasn't fine...



somebody else would call you,

wouldn't they?



I got into a bit of a scrape,

but no big deal.



I'm just calling

so you won't worry.



I'll be home soon.



I'll, uh...



I'll be home as soon as I can.



I love you, too. Bye.



I hope you know what

you're doing, busting a Fed.



Let me worry about that.



How's the arm?



Hey, it's a scratch.



What the hell's this,

your press secretary?



This is the stuff

I got from Lloyd...



firearms, personal I. D...



and who in the hell

knows what this is?



Must be some kind

of special FBI toy.



Drop it off at the lab.



We'll see what they can

figure out in the morning.



Gotcha. No problem.



Thanks, partner.



Take care of that arm.



I got that information

you wanted.



Seattle FBI

says Agent Lloyd Gallagher...



was killed in a forest fire

about a month ago...



with a friend of his

named Stone, Robert Stone.



They were hunting

in Olympic National Forest...



the weekend

they had that big forest fire.



Bureau figured Stone was dead.

Never found his body.



Just figured it burned up

in the fire.



Is that all?



I had them wire me

a picture of Stone.



Evidently, Mr. Stone...



has taken over the identity

of his dead friend.



If you don't need me,

I'm going home.






Good work.



Excuse me, Sarge.

Where do you want him?



Take the cuffs off him.



You want me to stay?



Crazy thing.



I was starting to like you.



Sit down.



I checked with the FBI

in Seattle.



Lloyd Gallagher is dead.



Your real name is Robert Stone.



That's about all

we know about you...



except for the fact...



that you're driving

a stolen Porsche...



which is probably

the only true thing...



that you've told us so far.



So why don't we just

have a little talk?



Who are you,

and what are you doing here?



Please don't ask me that.



Don't give me that!

I've had it with you.



You think this

is some kind of a game?



You think you can waltz

into this town...



turn my department




endanger my men's lives?



I'm tired of you

jerking me around.



I want answers!



Why does it take

fifteen shots...



to take down

some zoned-out stripper?



Why do three

law-abiding citizens...



go crazy

and start killing people?



I want answers,

and I want them now!



Miller, the stripper,

DeVries were the same...



and it's not human.



Excuse me?



I've been after it

for a long time.



Now it's here,

on Earth, in your city.



Oh, boy.



Are we talking spacemen here?



The way it works is

it finds a body...



gets inside,

uses it to move around.



It stays in that body

until the body is so damaged...



it has to find another body.



That's the only time

I can kill it...



when it's between bodies.



I missed my chance when it came

out of the stripper.



It found another body

and changed before I got there.



So now we don't know

who the spaceman is.



But I don't have to look

for it anymore.



It knows I'm here.

It'll come after me.



Beck, I need my weapon.



That's the only thing

that can kill it.



So the spaceman is the one...



that killed your partner,

your wife...



the one that you've been

tracking for the past...



Nine years.



Nine years.



Your time.



Our time.



I guess

a career in the police...



didn't really prepare you

for this, did it?



Yes, it did.



We'll try again later.



It's OK.



Good morning, Lieutenant.






What's eating him?



I thought you said

he wasn't coming in today.



Hey, John, what do you say?



I thought you weren't

coming in today.



I have work to do.



I'm sorry.

This is Lieutenant Masterson.



Carol Miller,

Senator Holt's assistant.



Agents Stadt and Lowe.



They're handling security

for the senator's speech today.




The one everyone applauds.



We'd like to think so.



Where's the speech?



Park Plaza.

You know that.



Yeah, five.



Five guys in the lobby,

I think, Carol.



Take it easy, all right?



Sure. I'll be fine.



How are you doing, Sarge?



Hey, Frankie, how you doing?



That was a bomb!



Where did that come from?



We've got an explosion

in ballistics.



Just sit down here.



There's smoke

through the corridor.



Get a fire unit over here.



Get a fire extinguisher in here.



Was it a bomb?



Get him out of here!



What happened?



What the hell is going on?



Hey, what's going on here?







Lieutenant, what's going on?



Where is the other one?



What other one?



The one you were with.



I locked him up.

You know that.



I want to talk to him.



What is this?




I already shot you once.



I can hardly wait

to do it again.



Now, let's go.



Stay back.



Lieutenant, what's going on?



Get back!



Take cover!



Tom, you OK?



Stay back, Cliff,

it's not Masterson.



Seal this corridor off!



Get him out of here!



Now, Beck!






We just dumped the lieutenant.



Get an ambulance.



Sanchez, stay away from him.






Give me your gun.



Give me your fucking gun!



It's in my waistband, man!



Get a shotgun

and seal off the stairwell.



Open the gate!

Gate into C-eight!



What the hell's going on here?



Just open...

Masterson has flipped out...



and he's shooting up

the station, all right?



Check your piece, Beck.



Give me the keys, Joe.



Buzz the gate, Joe.



Buzz the fucking gate!



And watch out for Masterson!



Hey, I need a phone call.



I just saw Masterson

dump two cops.



He took six hits

at point-blank range...



and he's not going down.



Is Masterson...



Is he dead?



The real Masterson.



You're going to need this.



Hey, what's going on?



Jesus Christ.



Let me in.



I can't do that, Lieutenant.



Hey, put that down.

Don't do that.



Get down.



You're hit. Here.



I know.






Before I kill you, I'm curious.



How did you find me?



You left an angry partner

for dead on Altair.



A mistake.



That's what it said.



Die, you fucker!



Son of a bitch!



Why don't you use

that goddamn thing?



Not yet.



You said it's the only thing

that kills him.



It's not that simple.




how do you like being human?



It's all right.



Better than being Altairian.



Altairians are a filthy people.



We could take over this place

if we wanted.



They have nothing here

to stop us.



Yo, hippy,

what kind of dude are you?



OK, what's going on, man?






He's going to change soon.



I'm going to be there.



Who the hell are you?



Do you feel pain?



- Yeah.

- Yeah?



Why didn't you use that thing?



You said it's the only thing

that would kill him.



Wrong composition.



Doesn't work on human flesh.



Hey, open up the door, man.



He's from outer space.



Nobody knows it. It's crazy.



Something's going on.



Dude's from outer space.



Seal this off.



Get back in there.






Cover me.



You go low.



On three.



One... two... three.



- Freeze!

- Don't shoot!



Don't move!






- Is it him?

- No.



Beck, what's going on?



- Is he dead?

- Yeah.



What's the hell is going on?



Did anybody leave this room?



I don't know.



Willis. He said

he was going to get a medic.



Beck, who did this to Masterson?



- Not Willis.

- I'm sorry.



I think we better find him.



Senator Holt.



What about

the Admiral Gray appointment?






Jesus Christ.



And the free lunch program...




Don't move!



Hold it right there.



Beck. LAPD.



Who the hell's he?



Gallagher. FBI.



It's OK.

He's one of mine.



What are you doing?



Code red. Code red.



Sir, there may be an assassin.



We'll take you

out the back entrance.



Detective Willis...



I've got orders

to disarm and detain you.






Get out of here now!



All right. In here!

Move it! Move!



Back against the wall now.






Oh, shit.



They're in the kitchen.






Jim, stay with Beck.

Charlie, go with me.



Three-L-ten, requesting

medical attention.



I got two downed officers here.



Freeze! Drop it!



Both of you in the closet, now!



Who are you?



Who are you, God damn it?



What do you want?



Let's get the senator

out of here.



All right.

Everybody move.



Get him out of here.



Watch that guy.



Uniform, seal this off.



Hey, you can't go through here.



Did we get him?






Was any motive established

for why Detective Willis...



would want to assassinate

Senator Holt?



Lieutenant Flynn?



The depart...



the department is conducting

an investigation...



but at this time

we have no motive.






Yes, sir.



Senator, do you still intend

to run for president?



The senator will discuss

his campaign plans...



after he has had

adequate time...



to fully reflect

on the situation.



I want to be president.



What's that, Senator?



I want to be president.



Gallagher. FBI.




What's in the bag?



Security equipment.



Open it up.



All right. Go!




Hold it! Freeze!






Mommy, is Daddy

going to be all right?



You know, your daddy

loves you very much.



Mom, take her

out of here, please.






Get a gurney.

Get an orderly. Stat!

Special help by SergeiK