High Crimes Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the High Crimes script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of High Crimes. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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High Crimes Script

If you get a chance,
get over to the marine,

check out the marine's county
arts fair. It's amazing.

It will be going on through this
thanksgiving weekend.

Well, nothing change.

We got fog and low cloud in
both east bay and here in

San Francisco.

And we looking at a high of   

Time now is twenty three after

Oh my god.

Honey, turn it off.

We gotta make a baby.

I can't do that now.

We have an issue that need to
be resolved.

It's red.

Good, I'll talk to you later.

I thought you had a sentencing.

I do. So we got to hurry.
We have got   minutes.

I'll be only   minutes late if
I check my messages in the car.

How about    minutes for us and
   minutes for your


Mind in thirteen.

No, suppose to be you're on

How come I never hear you say

So nice.

But I think I can get a new

Claire, I don't know we should
bite off that much.

It's her first defense.
We could ask for Lenience.

The juries' forewoman is an

She is not an impartial jury.

I don't know. hate to push.
This is a rape case.

I don't want top piss the judge

Trust me on this, Alex.

You telling me this is joking?

Your honour, my client is
looking at some serious time in


While this guy are laughing
all the way to CNN.

That ridiculous.

Your honour,
jury number   is a rape victim.

She's a major fund raiser for
sexual assault hotline.

I must point out now however,
the prosecution should have

submitted those fact.

And the prosecutor's misconduct
does not stop there.

Really, how do you figure that?

The very D.A. office handle her
case   years ago.

And I find it impossible to
believe that no one in the team

recognize her.

This is outrageous.

I'm very pleased that she
gonna receive a new trial.

His victim said she've been
rape all over again.

This time by the system.

My heart goes out to her.

But anyone is violating the
regulations, justice will


Good job.

Good job,
I need to talk to you.

Good, I need gossip.

That was luck.

Just like your Bruins last
night. Sorry about that.

She scores again.

Well the heart of America's
democracy beats on.

Would you punch up my calendar,

Pleasure or business?

Both. Thanks.

Oh, hi, big guy.

Good work Claire.

We proud of you.

Thank you very much.

I guess we're like partner
right here from January first.

I didn't know you were


Are you serious?

We'll see.

Not bad.

I think that was just lucky.

Bring it up, girl.


Pretty nice.
-Pretty lucky.


I don't think you have a shot.

Fifteen ball in that pocket.

Not this life time, pal.


That is not fair.

You can't use your left hand.

You're a mutant.

Hey, guys, look.

You were great.

Look at you.


Lock the door.

Someone is in the house.


damn kids.

It's okay, honey.

Send somebody right away.

Are you okay?

Oh, god.

I'm fine.

Baby alert.

Could we meet your baby?

Oh, my god, what a doll.

You want a T-shirt or

All men all across America buy T-shirt.


Yeah, that's the spirit.


Really interesting.

Keys, please.

What is it baby?


Get down!

Leave me alone!

You know you're looking at
multimillion dollar lawsuit,

right Mr. Mulkon?

It is Mullins.
Special agent Mullins.

You have a warrant for the
arrest of someone named

Ron Chatman.

My husband is Tom Kubik.

Your computer obviously have
some kind of psychotic break.

It wasn't our computer.

If you people had got any
closer, you would have burn the

guy. Alright?

Fine. Forget about it.

It wasn't our computer.

It was marine P.D.

They ran all the finger
prints after your house was


The FIS finds your husband.
He has been in the system for


What is he've been accused of?

I'm sorry, but I can't tell you.

You know they have been a
subject to arrest.

I have the right to know the

No, you don't.

Not when it's military court.

Not when national security is

Military court?

Thank god I call you.

I caught you on the news.

You have to stop letting them
messing with your hair.

-I just need some money.

I hate ask.

But can you help me out,

My mum is with them right now
as we speak.

If you say no,
I'm gonna be evicted.

Can you come get me?

I know what it could be.

Maybe he did something that he
didn't even know he did.

And, so? That's enough, Jackie.

He is in witness protection?


Next time you need help call
your other sister.

Oh, no, wait.

You don't have another sister.

I didn't call you Jackie,
you called me.

Yeah, and I came here to pick
you up.

Looked like the first you try
to see me in months. By the way.

The base in San Lazaro is about
   minutes south of L.A. off the


I booked you a flight into John
Wayne airport in Orange County.

Okay with luggage?

Luggage and the rental car
should be at the base at between

eleven or eleven thirty.

Good afternoon, madam,
may I see your Id please.

Mrs. Kubik.

James Hernandez.

This must be a terrible shock
to you.

Is there anything I can do?

Hutchinson! Chatman, Green.

Ron was a good marine.

I won't keep you. Good luck.

Thank you.

End of the hall, madam.

Room B, madam.

Where the hell are his clothes?

Suicide watch, madam.

I want clothes put on him right

You'll have to file a request
on your way out.

Is your name Ron Chatman?


I don't know what to say.

I had no choice.

I had no choice.

They were accusing me on
something that I didn't do.

Please believe me.

Believe you.

I believe that?

never married?

you love me.



What ever you name is.

I do love you.

But I did not do this.


I swear that I never did this.

I didn't want to tell you.

Is that I don't want you to leave me.

What happened?

My lawyer is here.

Mrs. Kubik.

Sorry to interrupt.

I'm First Lieutenant Embry,

I'm older than I look.

Well, I'll et you two...

I'll wait.


I'll go talk to him, okay?

First Lieutenant.

Is that what I call you?

Why you didn't request to get
him out of the chain and put in

some clothes?

Alright, I'll take care of it.

I'm an attorney.
May I see the charging document?

We call it charge sheet.

Fabulous, may I see it?

Can you give me the basic?

Article    desertion.

Article    assaulting or
willfully disobeying a superior's

commission? -Murder?


Yes, if convicted he'll get the
death penalty.

Who is prosecuting?

Major Luke Waldron.

Any good?

The best.

How about you?

I do okay.

Have you ever won a case?


I'm going to defend you.

I know you didn't kill  

I don't want you involve in

I'm already involved.

You don't understand.
Military law is?

We gonna fight them, okay?


Still remember those   American


Were killed in that cafe in
El Salvador back in      .

In a little town called

I remember the rebel group
threw a bomb into the cafe.

The press had a field day.

Everybody went nuts.

So they call up my unit,

to locate the rebel leader who
is responsible.

He is a terrorist by the name
dinelo Chicon.

And your orders came from?

RCO, Bill Marks. Anyway?

What? Sorry?

Brigadier General Marks?

Special representative to the
joint congressional committee on

military appropriation,
Bill Marks?

He was colonel Bill Mark back

Under his orders, we were sent
to a little village called

Las Calinas.

The village has just a few

dinelo Chicon is suppose to be
hiding out there.

It was suppose to be routine.

Somebody lost it.

I hear gun fire.

By the time I get to there,
  people are slaughtered.

And god damn.

They were all women, men, kids,

and I lost it.

I jumped the guy who did it..

And the next thing I know, I'm
looking at first degree,   specs.

Who did it?


Jimmy Hernandez.

He ordered me to keep my mouth

He said he was teaching them a
lesson and Mark will back him up

I told them to go to hell.

Major Hernandez?
Marks's top aide?


He introduced himself to me
yesterday in the waiting area.


Claire, I want you to listen to

I want you to stay away from

He is extremely dangerous,
do you understand?

General Marks, he is like the
most decorated most powerful?

And you're saying you were
framed by General Marks and his

special assistant.

That is our defense?


Claire, sit down for a minute.

I don't want the firm's name to
be connected to this.

Nobody knows Ron Chatman is
Tom Kubik.

Alex, my husband is innocent.

I'm not considering any other

I'm even less interested than
you are in seeing his name

associated with a mass murder.

I just want you to understand.

All the possible unforeseen

I'll make it really easy for you.

If the firm's name got dragged
into this, you don't have to

fire me. I'll resign.

Hei, Josh, remember that thing
from the twenty?

Thank you.

Claire can I do anything?

Yeah, I need a lawyer.

Somebody from the marine corps.

Somebody who beat them before
and hungry to beat them again.

Where will you be?

Bill, bill, William.

I'm looking for Charlie Grimes.

don't tell me you need a lawyer
because you are one.

I followed the Norris case.

Talk about a rabbit out of a

Are you Charles W. Grimes?

You just can't get over my
decorating, can you?

Welcome to Grimes and associate.



Rumour has it that you are a
very good attorney.

Formerly of the Jag Corps.

In another life.

And in that former life you
were having an affair with your

superior's wife,
and they pushed you out.

Let's not dwell on my youthful
offences, what do you want?

The military has set up my

And they assign some junior
lieutenant to defend him.

Who is prosecuting?


Tell your husband to cop a

Try to make a deal with the judge.

Military justice is different.

Wake up. Smell the napalm.

Charlie, you're not gonna
believe this shit!

They busted me again.

It's like?

every time I turn around,
they slapped hand cuffs on me.

That's because every time you
turn around, you made some


I perform a very important
service for the military.

That's her denial defense.

You do somebody at the base

Yeah, actually.

How about your lawyer here,
is he any good?

When he gets up his ass, yeah.

How about it Mr. Grimes?

Why don't you sit up?

Nice to meet you, Lola.

I'm due for in an hour.
-In an hour?


I'm here to help.

'Cause, what are sisters for?


You got evicted didn't you?

What happen to the money I

Too little, too late, too much
credit card debts.

All I need is an extra phone

What for?

Find new job.

Psychic hotline.

don't laugh, I'm really good at

Good morning, Lieutenant.

Good morning Mrs. Kubik.



did you see that,
he just call me madam.

Shall we?

Yeah, let's get out of here.

So, I do not need any security
clearance for the pre-trial


Yes, exactly.

The only portion of the trial
that are classified or those

pertaining directly to the
incident in El Salvador.

I hope she didn't think I was


Your sister.

Well, don't worry about it,
she understand.

She is psychic.

Mr. Grimes decided to join us
after all.

Mrs. Kubik, Charlie has a
history of being a major drunk.

Are you sober, Mr. Grimes?

    days, Mrs. Kubik.

Pre-trial plan? Fill me in.

Pre-trial in   .




You don't think they'll be
impressed by leather?

Who is the judge?

Colonel Farrell.

Yeah, it would be.

Piss all over it because we are

And he won't give a shit about
the reverses down the line.

Because he is about ready to

Have you file any motion?

I'll duly dismiss all charges
due to insufficient evidence.

Motion denied.

You haven't even read the

No doubt, neither has Farrell.

The whole military judicial
system is based on denial.

Can we fight the system?


We play by the rule.

do not fight the system.

You fight the system,
you loose.

Isn't that right, Embry?

Say yes sir.

Yes, sir.

don't be a sap, Embry.

Nobody in uniform can think for

This is a pre-trial hearing.
The goal is to listen,

and not to reveal anything.

do we have anything to reveal,
Mrs. Kubik?



Than that ought to work.

Which one is the prosecutor?

We call them trial council.

Mrs. Kubik, I'm Major Waldron.

How do you do?

Hi, Luther.

Nice to see you.


All rise.

Be sitted.

Court in session, call to

I'm Colonel Farrell.
U.S. marine corps.

Where is the accuse?

Charlie Grimes.

I'll explain later.

Sergeant Chatman, you've seen
the charges against you,

how do you plea?

Before that, can you dismiss
all my client charges?

Motion denied.

Since you are unfamiliar with
system of our court.

We don't have clients here.

Sergeant Ron Chatman have been
accused, and I'm still waiting

for the plea.

I plea not guilty.

Not guilty.

You may be sitted.

The court rules does not allow
the accuse being represented by

his spouse.

Thank you, your honour.

Prosecutor request short
pre-trial period to ensure



Opening statement is scheduled
for   week from today.


There's no way we can prepare
for defense in   week.

That is the rule. Are we done?

The defense has no intention
of waiving a public trial.

This case involved national
security and classified


We would like to defend this
from spreading by the media.

We are civilian and not
subject to military order.

Such order will be taken for
informational personal purposes


You still can be disqualified
from participating this trial.

All rise.

So it begins.

See you soon.

He is suppose to be the best.

What the hell was that?

I said you should follow the

I'm the wild card.

You could have got us thrown
out from the case.

That's too early..

If they think we're gonna go
public, it might give us an idea

how scare they are.

What do you think, Embry?

I think why me, why I was
assigned to this case.

  guys in Tom's unit and all of
them said he did it.

But only two of these
eyewitnesses are on their list.

What happened to the other


All of them?

dead how?

Two were killed in combat.

One was murdered,
and the other two accidents.


I know a couple of P.I.s, ex-Green Berets.

Not very ethical, but maybe
they can give us the unofficial

version of their death.

Could be useful.

Here we go. Troy Abbott,
Sacramento, California.

doing   to   for arm robbery.

Waldron's office is trying to
extradite his parol.

Why am I certain he is going to

'Cause it's the marine corps.
Be all you can be.

That's charming.

I think maybe Hernandez acting

No one is gonna believe
General Marks was in this.

In other words,
you don't believe it.

That is not my point.

do you believe Tom or not?

Easy, he is just expressing his

Isn't there something you
should be doing some where else?

Not really.

Can I get you another coffee?

No, madam, I'm good.

I have to agree with Embry.

Guy like Marks smells, looks,
tastes creditable.

Put him on the stands, he'll
just give Hernandez credibility.

Right, that's what I'm saying.

Well, the young man has an
original thought.

You know what?

-Is that my phone?

-Go to hell.

Another one.

Yes I'll hold for Major

Hello, Major.

We'll be there.

I can't believe it.

They want a deal.

I love being a wild card.

Voluntary manslaughter is only
one specification,

and only   years.

Plus one condition you sign a
non-disclosure agreement.

As your council I?

Tell the man to take the deal
of the century.


I won't do   minutes for the
crime I didn't commit.

do you have any idea any of

do you have any idea what it's
like to spend    hours a day in

a   by   cell?

  years, they'll make sure I'm
dead long before that.

Motion denied.

Come on in.

Based on our conversation?

We here to tell you we're gonna

Thanks anyway.

Personally I'm quite happy to
go to trial with this case.

There's a lot of interest
in putting this behind us.

They work for everyone.

Command and your husband.

And Major Hernandez and
General Marks.

See you in court, sir.

So, no deal.

Can you believe I ask my
husband to do   years in prison?

Go ahead?

tell me what a waste of
oxygen all lawyers are.

You are curiously quiet on the

Jackie, would you please turn
that down? I mean come on?

Your husband came to my village
and killed my family.

And it's true.

Lawyers are a waste of oxygen.

drop this deal.

He went out!

Claire, are you okay?


It's Hernandez.

We turn down their deal and
they try to scare us.

You don't know how this people

I don't know how any of those

What do you mean?

This ther life of your.

You don't believe me do you?

Of course I believe you.

I'll take a polygraf.

It's not even admissible in

To hell with the court.
I want to do it for us.

Hey, Ron.

Or Tommy, or whatever it is?

I just come here to help.

What are you doing here?

You ought to plea this out.

Major, no!


Hold on!

Who let Major Hernandez in

He is not suppose to be in

He is provoking my client.

Who is in charge?
Who let him in here?

He is not suppose to be in

Major Hernandez says he is a
defense witness.

He is not a witness for the

Who is in charge?

I want to talk to whoever is in charge!

Is your real name Ron Chatman?



did you participate in the
death of anyone in   - -    ?

You passed.

Of course I passed.

Are we being monitored?


It absolutely secured.

Absolutely secured?

What do you mean?

What do you think I mean?

And Lieutenant Colonel?

Were there any eyewitnesses to
this massacre?


We have   eyewitnesses'

All saying Ron is the shooter.

Thank you.

Nothing further, your honour.

You were and still are special
agent in charge of this

criminal investigation?

That's correct.

So, when you said the
investigation were not flawed,

you basically were giving
yourself a big thumb up.

I am just expressing my

So help you God, no doubt.

Is it possible that this
witnesses were coached before

you got your hands on them?

I guess it is possible.
But unlikely.

And are you aware that   of the
witnesses were subsequently

killed in combat?

Yes, I'm aware of that.

And another   relatively young
men have die as well?


That was Lieutenant Alan,
hit and run.

Sergeant Spencer,
accidental drowning.

And the other the unfortunate
mountain climbing fall.

That sounds right.
-does it?

That is interesting.

I just made up those causes of

I mean there were no
accidental drowning,

no mountain climbing fall.

I do have the details about
these tragic deaths.

Including a fatal home invasion
robbery. Look at them.

I'm a little fuzzy on the

I wasn't in charge in those

No further question.

My investigation was strictly..
-No further question.

-Claire, it's Charlie.

You know the witness in Tom's
unit that was murdered?

Yeah, home invasion robbery.

He was killed right in front of
his wife.

And she accused that the
military had involved.

Will she talk to us?

The problem is, she disappear
right after that.

Is this a bad time?

I was thinking we could go over
to Hernandez's cross.

I was just taking a break.

Going over Hernandez's stuff

Please don't be mad.

It wasn't him, it was all me.

This doesn't affect anything,

My work 'm totally up for it.

Yes. We were just going over
his briefs.

You never can take anything
seriously, can you?

Nothing! Ever!
-Oh, yeah. That's right.

You got to be a lawyer,
I got to bang one, right?

We are closed.


We are closed.

Excuse me, can you tell me how
to get to Strick street?

Sure,   blocks down.

Thank you.

Want some cheese?

Yeah. I can make an omelette.

I'll make one.

You want Cheddar, American,

Cheddar is good.

Mrs. Chatman.

It's Kubik.

Okay, Mrs. Kubik.

I wanna tell you what I do for
my living.

This sicko bothering you?

'Cause I know how to handle this
kind of weirdo.

I teach guy to beat the

Who are you?

I teach anyone how to beat the

Like special operation

I teach people how to create a
new persona.

That way when they lie,
they're not really lying.

Why are you telling me this?

I don't know.

But my guess is you do.

Who are you, who send you?

I was asked to convey this
message to you.

Good night Mrs. Kubik.

Get out of here.

Is it true?


That you get that kind of

To beat the box.

What are you talking about?

The polygraf , Tom.

But I didn't beat the box.

I told the truth.

Why didn't you tell me you
could do that?

It doesn't occurred to me.

That's not part of who I am

That's it, isn't it?

How do I know who you are?

You the only one who knows who
I am.

I don't care anymore.

I did it.

I shot them all.

For fun, why not?

Who the hell cares, Claire?

The man you've been waking up
to just love to kill women and


In cold blood.

Who the hell knows why, Claire?

Am I making any sense?

do what I'm saying make any
sense to you?


I'm scared.

You know me more than

Tell me how do they know,

How do they know?

Good question.

It's been ages.

You come for the leftovers?

No, just want to look at your

What's the problem?
Take it easy.

Hold him.

I just don't believe it.
I refused.

The truth is less fun than the

Tell me that you never do that.

You're screwing him,
that means you know him?

Excuse me, Mrs. Ron Chatman.

What happened?

You got lot of explaining to

You alright? Who did this?

Some of the old gang down the

Same group that know every move
we made.

What are you talking about?

I didn't know about the

Were you drinking with them?

Every Friday, everybody drinks,
we don't talk about cases.

Charlie you know what it's

Claire you can understand.

I understand you're fired.


Listen, this case will be over
and you'll be gone.

But I'll still be here.

did you know about this?


did you know the attack on me
and Claire?

Or is this just a coincidence?

You seriously think I would do

What do you say we go to the

I am worry about your ribs.

Just give me some ice.

I won't be there for Hernandez.

I got word Troy Abbott got his

I gotta go track him down.

I was kinda sick.

Chatman taunted the victim.

He tossed his gun around like
a cowboy.

Kind of showing off.

And then he executed them.

Please continue.

I ran to the south end of the
village but it was too late.

They were all dead.

And Chatman was still shooting.

  members of the unit assisted
me and we got him down.

You said Chatman did some sick

Yet, you allow him to proceed
without any supervision?

I didn't realize he take it
that far.

Had Chatman been cited for this
kind of behaviour before?


Isn't he the most experience
and reliable in the unit?

Before you answer that,
a quote from a report you filed.

defense's exhibit A.

Chatman was a good marine.

Courage, honest.

I thought so.

The kind of marine that will
not go along with a cover up.


For you who actually committed
the killing.


Make that your last outburst.

Jury members you are instructed
to disregard that accusation.

How was it possible that   men
spread all over a village would

witnessed the exact same thing?

We all got to the barn at the
same time.

How convenience.

doesn't it make more sense that
some of them are order to lie?

They were not ordered to lie.

How did you know?

I would know if something like
that happened to my men.

And if something like that
happened to them, you would tell us?

Of course,
I wouldn't lie about it.

You were train to lie about
your clandestine operation.

As I understand it,
you were trained to be the polygraf.

Is that true you possed that

I only use it when interrogated
by the enemy.

That's good to know.

So tell me this.

do you consider me a friend?

Hey, I ain't doin' no more.

It's going to be time.

You got that all wrong brother.
It ain't me.

Should I be so lucky.

I'm suppose to deliver this to
Troy Abbott?

That you?

Yeah, who from?

From Jim Hernandez,
down the base.

Hey, Charles.

Grace, what are you doing here?

I got a call from the base.

You got a call?


Bullshit you got this call.

What bitch, who you raising

Stop! Stop!

Why you always getting into

Why you always trying to play

Now apologize to the man.

I ain't going to apologize.

do you want me to apologize,

Grace is going to apologize
real good.

do you?

You want me to say sorry?

So they parol you?

Yeah. Then they bring me here
to testify.

What really happened that day?

I don't know. It was years ago.

El Salvador some massacre shit.

I bet some officers are on it too.

You ain't thirsty?

Yeah, sure.

I'm just, chilling.

What did you say back?

Yeah, what did you say?

Come on tell us.

Come on.

Alright, hey.

What did you say?

That I was no where near the

And they want me to say that I
saw this guy shooting.


You going to do it?

I already did it in my
statement to the CId and I

already testify to what I said.

What CId?

Criminal Investigation division.

What about this poor guy?

We get the poor guy.

I mean what you gonna do?
Your XO comes up and say:

You see Chatman shoot the bad

You say, no sir, I didn't.

He say be sure about this cause
you career is on the line.

Everybody else say he did it
so I say what they want to hear.

One more witness and there's no



    emergency situation.

Yes,      .

Alright now,
is this an emergency?

There is somebody trying to get
into the house.

Come on.

No, it's ok, I'm sorry.

Yeah, it's a false alarm.

Charlie you scare me to death.

That guy was out there.

What guy?

You've been drinking.

Who me?

Oh my God.,

No, you got it wrong.

See I'm just a victim of this
hazardous working condition.

Sure you are.

No, really!

That man was watching the

No there ain't nobody.

What is this?

Looks like a recorder.

Is that what on here?

Saying he never saw what he
agree to testify to in court.

You didn't?

I most certainly didn't.

You know what?

He was no where near the

I mean no where near it.

Charlie, this is fabulous.

This proof they're setting him

Charlie, I....

You really think I wanna give
up     days of sobriety?

And start all over from day

I'll make some coffee.

Oh, wait a minute, not so fast.

See I figure,
you already slipped Charlie.

Why not just one more?

How about it Claire?
One for our side.

I can't.
I'm trying to get pregnant.


I'm not trying to get pregnant.

I'm certainly not trying to get

You're late council.

Prosecution request to side bar.

Make it good.

Your honour, my next witness
Troy Abbott has disappeared.


He's gone from his room and we
notify the MP

Notify my ass? You let him out jail.

We have a tape that impeached
his original statement.

I don't know anything about
this tape.

What do you mean you don't
know? You got spy all over.

In my chamber everybody.

This court is recess.

All rise.

You see Chatman shoot the bad

You say, no sir, I didn't.

He say be sure about this cause
you career is on the line.

Everybody else say he did it
so I say what they want to hear.

One more witness and there's no


We can't authenticate this

For all we know he may had been

It isn't admissible.


You admitted Abbott's CId

We need this to rebute it.

This tape clearly exonerate
Ron Chartman.

The CId statement is taken by
an objective party.


He lied!

They lied! How the hell was
that objective?

The tape is excluded.

What's next?

Your honour!

Excluded, counselor!


We are out of witnesses.
Prosecution rests.

This is a capital case.

An objective judge would have
admitted the tape.

We'll hear from the defense
next Friday.

This is ground for an appeal.



We will appeal this.

Stop. You can't fight them.

don't talk that way.
We will get another break.

You don't know this people.

Stop it before you get yourself

We can win this.

I'm not going to let them do
this to you.

What are you doing?

Is that a ....

Must have done it when they
install the phones.

And you two were so ready to
blame Terry.

So self-righteous.

Let's go to Federal.
demand a retrial.


There's no way we can proof
that they have anything to do

with all this.

Then what?

We are out of witnesses and
we are out of time.

Maybe it is time that we heard
from the Brigadier General.

I don't understand.


You think we should pay him a

I think you should pay him a

Why me?

Are you scare of them?

No, but....

I'm just a torn on the marine
corps ass.

But you my dear?

You're the pretty,
young sympathetic little wife.

I don't play those games.


General Marks.

No press please.

I'm not from the press,
how do you do?


Kubik, Claire Kubik.

I'm representing my husband.

Mrs. Kubik, good day.

General Marks.

You gave Hernandez an order.
-I have nothing to say to you.

He knew detachment    will come
under attack.

You're a dignify man sir.
And the cover up.

I dare you.

Your man Hernandez overreacted
and a open fire.

Young lady you are way out your

Listen to this Sir and tell me
how out of the line I am.

This is CW Grimes and

If you want to talk to Charlie,
leave a message after the beep.

If you want to talk to Delailah
you should get your head examined.

Charlie that was a great idea.
He flicks me off like a flea.

I'm going to loose my mind.

I mean we cannot let them get
away with this.

There has to be somebody was

There has be somebody whose?

directory assistant.

The Herald?

When you settle down.
I do have something to say.

You know that I cannot legally
comment on?

the details of the court
marshall proceeding.

But I would however like to say
that my husband is innocent

There is a man who is stranger
to me who said to me last week,

that all lawyers are a waste
of oxygen.

As a wife and attorney,
I greatly feel that justice will

not be served.

And I would like to challenge
that man or whoever who know

what happened to come forward.

press conference with attorney
Claire Kubik.

She is continuing insisting
that her husband is innocent.

As an attorney and wife, she is
clearly standing by her man.

The whole firm saw you at the
  o' clock news.

Hello Alex,
I have been expecting you.


I'll send in my resignation

Get in.


Wait, okay, wait.

Where are we going?

I want to know the truth.

I want to know what happened
at Las Calinas.

You don't care about the truth.

All you care about,
is saving your husband.

Get out.

You want to know about
Las Calinas?

Women like you?

beautiful, young?

And the old people? begging for their lives.

Jesus Christ.

It was    years ago.

They all looked the same in
green uniforms?

don't be foolish.

I just want to show you a

I remember him.

The one with the patch over his

The blood is still fresh in

This man was in Montezo?

Of course he was.

He killed dinelo Chicon.

Chicon was in the Cafe.

In a secret meeting.

And this man was there.

He was there.

That is how he hurt his eye.

Chicon blew off the cafe and
killed the   American students.

You people believe anything.

The students were killed by

Because the American military
didn't know they were there.

To cover it up,
they blamed the rebels and were

looking for their leader in
Las Calinas.

But they knew he was already

They knew they had killed him
with the bomb.

Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

If it isn't the little miss
  o'clock news.

You're drunk.

You're suppose to call me...

And you got....

Charlie, I called you.

I was out.
But you could have called back.

I thought we had an agreement.

Excuse me.

I thought we had an agreement.

I thought me and you were fine.

But you know, partner don't...

Charlie, it worked.



I just spent an hour with the

He's the real deal.
He saw the whole thing.

Tom is innocent.

This proof that there's a cover
up and it is bigger than we


I need you sober!

Come on.

Yeah, alright.

Let's get you home.

Okay, baby.

No, Charlie.

Chris last one.
Just one more.

Forget about it.

I got it.

Come on partner.

Alright partner.

What the hell was that?

Oh, my God!

Shit, it's oil!

Hey, sweetie.

I had the worst dream.

I dream I was pregnant and
these people came took the baby


You one lucky girl.

You and the gentleman.

I want you to take something.

don't you worry about a thing.

You'll have another baby.


don't you worry.

You'll have another one.



Be strong, be strong.

Claire, is Charlie.

Come in.


How's your neck?

Oh, it's alright.

I had it worse the last time
looking at pretty women like you

on the street.

I'm truly sorry, Claire.

I wanted that baby so much,

You know I kept thinking.

Maybe there is something wrong
with me or I didn't deserve it.

I wouldn't be a good mother.

I really didn't think they'll
do something like this.

I'm at zero, Charlie.

Hold now. Listen to me.

I know about zero.

I've hit bottom.

And I was on my way back
before that accident.

But you know what?

I think we were spared for some

And you got to believe that.

So, if we are gonna make it
over this is day one.


You got another visitor.

Merry Christmas.

You alright?

I owe you an apology

We were mistaken.

That's ok.

Although I'm not sure 'merry'
is the right word to use around


Well, that's why you might be
wrong, Mrs. Kubik.

If it's true Hernandez injured
his eye in the bombing,

he would've got an immediate
treatment for it.

And they just keep records
about those operations so we can

go and look them up?

No, he would've insisted on it
for insurance purposes.

So the government can ensure
the amount of compensation.

Agent Mullins!

I just need a minute of your

Some how I'm sure it's not my
good looks for which I owe the

honour of this visit.

The press accepted the official
version of the story.

But what if Chicon didn't blow
up the cafe?

What if Hernandez blew up the
Cafe and killed the American

students by mistake?

What if General Marks wanted to
cover the whole thing up,

staged a raid in Las Calinas?

First of all this is not my
job. And is none of my business.

I'm just asking you just to
look in to it.

Big and lean one, chief.

Why not?
I know you have resources.


You keep saying it is not your

Good, I wasn't sure you were

Well, agent Mullins whose job
is it?

Come on! Whose job?

What a pain in the ass you are.

Hernandez was injured in the

There has got to be a
classified medical record.

Hey, Charlie, it's me.

How are you, Mac?

I've been checking out rumours
of how those witnesses really


I've been all over the place.
I've got expenses.

This is going to cost you.

You told me that.

I found the wife of the one who
is murdered.

She is living in Mexico.

And she swears,
military killed her husband.

Just inside.

Have you heard from Charlie?

He called about an hour ago.

But we was like really weird,
he can't speak on the phone.

Well, like Charlie, I don't
want to talk on the phone.

He did say he was in Mexico.

In Mexico?

What is he doing in Mexico?

Yeah, but I want to stop on
Los Angeles first.


So I'll see you.


You all have had him all night
and it's my turn.

Shall we?

We uncovered the real reason
you send detachment    to

Las Calinas.

Uncovered? It's a matter of
public record.

Well, not really.

What is a matter of record is
Hernandez sustained his eye

injury in a bombing at Montezo.

Eyewitnesses placed him in the
truck which the bomb was thrown.

And he had that injury treated
at the hospital in San Salvador.

The gung-ho raid,
was decoy for your bombing.

This fairy tale of yours would
have to be based on classified


Even any of it is possible.
And you're bluffing.

And you're doing it badly.

We be only too happy to have
you testify on the court to

fully explore our evidence.

For example classified document
dated  .   .  .

Hernandez's medical report,
for shrapnel wound,

Santa Maria hospital.

That is the same day and mighty
close to Montezo.

You have no shame.

Look at what you are willing to
do, to free a murderer.

Call the right people, I want
the charges drop and documents...

Have you notice that,
you've been unlucky lately?

Caution might be the order of
the day for you.

I'm not afraid of you.

I've already survived you once,
you smug son of a bitch.

The real question is will you
survive me?

Make it got away,
or the document goes public.

For both our sakes, sir.

Pull over, right here.




Claire! You alright?


What the hell is that all

Colonel Farrell wants us to be
in court tomorrow at     .

Waldron was disqualified from
the case for talking to the


Any word from Charlie?

I'm trying on his cell all day,
but just getting the voice mail.

We still have Hernandez's
medical report.

I'll do my best.

Farrell wouldn't admit
classified document anymore than

he would has with the tape.

Maybe we should take the deal.

There is no more deal.

I'm sorry.

Why don't you spend the night

I don't know if it is a good
idea to be around here tonight.

I ....

need a little time on my own.

You looking for Charlie?


What's going on, Honey?

I don't know.

All arise.

Be sitted.

Major Waldron, Mrs. Kubik please approach.

What the hell is this?

For reason of national

The department of defense
determine to withdraw the charges

against Chatman.

Court is close!

Sergeant Chatman,
you're free to go.

Oh, my God.

Let's get out of here.

Hey, Charlie, listen in case
you are interested pal, we won.

We are going to the Marane,
a while from this town.

If you ever want to call me,
there is where we'll be.

Hope you're ok.

Jesus, look at this.

What do you suggest I do?

Have Jackie met us on the next
block with our car.

Will there be more of them at
the airport?


Why do we need to bother?

Let's just drive.

That's everything.

You take care of yourself.

You too.

Thanks Jack.

Well, kid?

-Old man.

We're okay.
-Take care.

Thank you so much.

Thank you Lieutenant.

We are gonna to take our time.

So we'll call you when we get

Probably around  .

Good bye.
-Good bye.

A week before he was murdered,
he started calling an old marine

corps buddy.

Who incidentally was killed
about two months after Paul's.

I don't know what they talk
about but it really upset him.

You have no idea what it is
like to see somebody you love

killed right in front of you.

And you believe that this is
connected to the military?


It's just a feeling,
cause all women?

you know..

He just seem to recognize them,
the thing he did with hands.

Paul seems to know who he was.

You think that they are still
around here?

You know one thing that bother
me more than everything?

I couldn't protect you.

I just stand by and let them
hurt you.

We need some more champagne.

I love you.

I love you.

I thought, you unplugged that.

I did but I tried Charlie one
more time.

Hi, Claire, it's me.

Sweetheart I'm sorry.

I'll be right back.
-I'm sorry I wasn't there today.

I let you down.

Yeah, Charlie.

I'm real sorry.
I just, I couldn't get there.

Why is it Charlie? Of all days.

What if Marks opt to testify or

You know what,
I don't want to talk about it.

I thought I had a friend.

I am your friend.

Sure you are.

Just say a toast for my husband
while you drink yourself silly.

Good bye Charlie.

I am your friend.

I was being your friend today,
more that you care to know.

What do you mean?

We need to talk.

I just do not think that now is
the good time for it.

Where are you going?

I think this AA's meeting
should be anonymous.

I'm going to get some more

Okay, hurry back.

Are Marks and Hernandez
going to give us trouble?

Is Tom still there?

No, he's going to the stall.

Alright, get your computer,
hold up your calendar.

Find out where your husband
was on    Jan     .

Why are you doing this Charlie?

Look it up, it's important.

Tom is in Santa Fe.
He met a collector.

I pick him up from the airport.

   Feb     ?

Houston, Texas.

Claire listen to me.

Those are the dates that
witnesses were murdered.

Stampson was murdered on
January   th      at Santa Fe.

Alan died in Houston Texas,
February   th.

didn't Hernandez said that Tom
tossed his gun back and forth,

taunting his victim?


Stampson's wife say the man
shot her husband, then toss the

gun back and forth showing off,
before shooting him again.

I can't talk about this right


I'm sorry.

I just thought to let you know.

Alright, gotta go.

I thought you went to the

I grabbed the wrong keys.

Those are the right keys.

Those are Jack's keys.

What were you working on there?

You want to ran out with me to
get some champagne?

I'm not really in the mood for

-I'm sorry.

We'll just talk then.

Talk about what?

About what you are talking
about on the phone.

You think I'm stupid?

Why didn't you come to me and
talk about it?

You must like to keep your

Your life is one big secret.

did you do it Tom?

You can tell me.

I certainly have the right to

I risked my life for it.

Lost a baby.

did you kill those people?

Yes, I did.

I have to. That was what I was
trained to do.

They lied to me.

They told me they were

Want me to interrogate them.

So, I do?

what you have to do to get
information out of them and...

So I did.

It was the best I can do.
And he knew it.

What about Stampson and Alan?

What about Stampson and Alan?

Stampson saw me on the street
one day,

he told Alan and they have to
go away.

do not look at me like that.

I do nothing.

I do not deserve it.


Just protecting ourselves.

We will get over this.

You'll see.



Stop it!

Tom you're hurting me.

Stop it.

Tom. Stop it!

Look at me.

Shut up, shut up.

don't ever lie to me.

I didn't want to have do this
to you.

You don't want to?


It's okay.

You have a whole sweet of
office here Charlie.

But, not talk about it cause I
might get spooked.

I mean who know what might

How are you holding up?


Same old associate?

Oh, yeah.

Put your bag down at the back

She hasn't come back from
lunch. She's probably busy.

Come and see me.

You know I often ask myself why
I never left.

It didn't occur to me that I
never left because I didn't have

any place to go.

You know,
it could be Grimes and Kubik.

It gotta say Gromaldi.

My maiden name.

And Charlie.

You got do something about
this colour.


I'm very sensitive about my
working environment.




So I'm thinking about a
tropical colours,

just like look really pretty
with a little contrast....

Charlie check out the exterior.
I mean..

Special help by SergeiK