Highlander Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Highlander script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Christopher Lambert movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Highlander. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Highlander Script



              Here we are  

              Born to be kings  

              We're the princes of the universe  

              Here we belong  

              Fighting to survive  

              ln a world with the darkest power  


              And here we are  

              We're the princes of the universe  

              Here we belong fighting for survival  

              We've come to be the rulers of your world  




              I am immortal  

              I have inside me blood of kings  

              I have no rival  

              No man can be my equal  

              Take me to the future of your world   

            ...and the Tonga Kid.

            Their opponents, in the corner to my right...

            with a combined weight of     pounds...

            the toasts of the coasts...

            from Brad Street, U.S.A., Atlanta, Georgia...

            the Fabulous Freebirds!


            You gotta love it!

            Kill him! Stomp on the son of--

            Hey! Where you going?


            Fasil. Wait.


            All right.



              Ah ha ha!






              - Oh!







              Clan Macleod!

              May this year of our Lord     ...

              bring victory to the Clan Macleod!


              Victory to Macleod!

              Hurry up! Hurry up!

              Are you scared, Connor?

              Ha ha ha!

              No, Cousin Dugal. I'm not!

              Don't talk nonsense, man.

              I peed my kilt the first time I went into battle.

              Oh, aye.

              Angus pees his kilt all the time!


              Connor, wait!


              Take these flowers and think of me.

              Remember, you fight with God on your side, Connor.

              A girl like that can wound a soldier...

              more than a Frazer sword, my friend.

              Angus! You and Dugal keep him in one piece!

              Aye, we all know what piece that is!

              There is one called Connor among them.


              Remember our agreement, Murdoch.

              The boy is mine.

              It's begun.

              Death to the Macleods!

              Death to the Macleods!

              Yay! Yay!

              Death to the Frazers!

              Yay! Yah!




              Come on!


              Now you stay under.

              - Forgive me... my son. - Aah!

              Fight me, damn you!

              Fight me, cowards!

              No, not him!

              Castrate the heathens!

              Nobody will fight me!

              They all run away.

              Here, laddie, stay by me.

              Mother of God.

              Fight me!






              Come on, quick!

              There can be only one!


              Another time, Macleod!

              Get out of the car!

              Put your hands on the hood!



              Watch it, freak! Just cool it!

              Watch him! Watch him!

              Move! Come on! Come on! Move!

              Come on! Get up there!


              Spread 'em! Spread 'em!

              - Come on!

              Let's see some l.D., pal.

              Well, Mr. Nash.

              Where were you going in such a hurry?

              Give me it! Give me it!


              Don't move, pal.

              Don't even breathe!

              In nomine patri et filii et spiritu sancti.


              It is over.


              Other men are dying this day.

              I must attend them.


              He's a highlander, by God!

              The last sound he hears...

              shouldn't be that of a wailing woman!

              Hey, let me through.

              Damn it, Frank. Forensics is supposed to be notified...

              the same time as homicide.

              Holy shit.

              Yeah, this one came unassembled.

              Did you make an arrest?

              No. We're questioning some guy named Nash.

              Antique dealer on Hudson Street.

              - Hello, Brenda. - Hey, Walt.

              You look pretty, Brenda.

              What do you think's...

              the cause of death, Lieutenant, huh?

              You're a barrel of laughs, Garfield.

              Get your hands off!

              Try explaining this to my wife!

              Get me a cherry-cheese danish too.

              What time did he buy it?

              About   :     :  .

              Whatever cut him was razor sharp.

              Get out of here with these cameras!

              Frank! Frank!

              Oh, my God.

              A guy was killed like this in Jersey.

              What the hell. That's Jersey.

              I want out!

              Hey, Frank. Come here.

              Aw, shit!

              Ooh, baby. Look at you.

              Garfield, cover that head.


              What the hell have you got?

              A Toledo-Salamanca.

              A what?

              A sword, Frank. A very rare sword.

              Is it worth much?

              Only about a million bucks.

              Any antique dealer on Hudson Street...

              could tell you that.

              You can't keep me here!

              I know my rights!

              Ever see this guy before, Nash?

              His name's Vazilek, Polish national.

              Had his head chopped off in New Jersey two nights ago.

              You ever get over to New Jersey, Nash?

              Not if I can help it.

              You talk funny. Where you from?

              Lots of different places.

              - You're an antique dealer, right? - Mm-hmm.

              Okay. What's that?

              A sword?

              Wise up, smart ass.

              It's a Toledo-Salamanca broadsword worth about a million bucks.


              So you want to hear a theory?

              You went down that garage to buy this sword from that guy--

              - What's his name? - I don't know. You tell me.

              Okay, his name's lman Fasil.

              You fought about the price and cut off his head.

              Want to hear another theory?

              This Fasil was so upset...

              about the lousy wrestling tonight...

              in a fit of depression, he cut off his own head.

              That's not funny, Walt.

              Are you a faggot, Nash?

              Why? You cruising for a piece of ass?

              I'll tell you what happened, Russell.

              You went down to the garage for a blow job.

              You just didn't want to pay for it.

              Huh. You are sick.

              Hey! Hey!

              Hey, what are you doing?


              - What, are you crazy? - Break it up, goddamn it!

              That's enough! Now, cut it out!

              Goddamn it, I said cut it out!

              - Am I under arrest? - Not yet.

              Then we're through.

              Nash, we're just getting started.

              ...in water from the sprinkler.

              It also left a man's decapitated body...

              next to his own severed head.

              A head which at this time has no name.

              I know his name.

                Here I am  

                I'm the master of your destiny  


                I am the one The only one  

                I am the god of kingdom come  

                Give me the prize  

                Just give me the prize   

              Okay, Mr. Victor Kruger.

              Room    .

              And I'll hit you for    in advance.

              Uh, hey, uh.

              If there's anything you need--

              Broads, uh, blow. Just dial   huh?

              That's right, Mr. Kruger.

              Lucky Strike means fine tobacco.

              Don't talk to the guests.

              I didn't do nothing.

              At last...

              the gathering.


              I'm Candy.

              Of course you are.

              Come on in.

              Hiya. Got a present from the coroner.

              Pieces of metal found on the dead guy under the Garden.

              In the wound and on the clothes.

              Real smooth shave.

              That can't be right.

              Son of a bitch.

              Who's there?

              Hey, Brenda. Usual?

              Lots of it.


                ls better than a lifetime alone  

              Say when.

                One sentimental moment in your arms  


                ls like a shooting star...  

              Excuse me a minute, Brenda.

              Double Glenmoran on the rocks.

              Glenmoran. Right.

              Go to the Garden often?

              What did you say?


                I'm a prisoner of love inside you  

                I'm falling apart all around you  

              What did you say?


              Do you go there often?



              The circus? Wrestling?

              Why are you asking me?

              Have you been following me?

              I'd like to walk you home, Brenda.


              I can take care of myself.

                It's always a rainy day without you  

                I'm a prisoner of love inside you  

                I'm falling apart  

                All around you   



              Be quiet!



              Here. Take this.

              Ha ha ha!



              Nice to see you again, Macleod.

              Nice to see you--


              - Ooh! - Stop!

              There can be only one!




              You, on the ground.

              This is the police.

              Put down your weapons.

              Hands on your head.

              Another time, Highlander! I will find you!

              Hold it right there!

              Come back here!



              Who was that?

              He called you Highlander.

              "There can be only one"?

              Only one what?

              - I want to know! - Shut up!

              Don't you ever follow me again.

              You only have one life.

              If you value it... go home.

              Ha ha!

              You saw the wound.

              He should have died.

              I say he's got the devil in him.

              Drinking with us, are you?

              What's the matter, Dugal?

              You, talking and breathing...

              and last night, all but a corpse.

              How did you manage that?

              You'd rather I was dead?

              It's not natural.

              He's in league with Lucifer.

              Don't say that, Kate.

              I'll say it.

              You've the devil in you.

              We've been kinsmen    years.

              Connor Macleod was my kinsman.

              I don't know who you are.


              You better go, Connor.

              I'm not going anywhere.

              He's the devil! Kill him!


              Burn the devil out of him!

              All right. Get him down.

              Burn him!

              Leave him be!



              He's your cousin, man!

              No, Angus!



              There'll be no burning here today!

              We'll banish him!

              No! Burn him!

              Stop it, Kate!

              Burn him!

              Angus, burn him!

              Can you walk?

              I'll bloody well walk out of here.

              Then go! While there's still time.

              I'll not forget you, Angus.

              That's a good dog.

              Pie and ale. Do you want it?

              Aye. Right now.

              You filthy sod! You're all muck and muscle.

              Aye, blossom. The way you like it.

              Ha ha ha!

              Ha ha!



              You can do that to me forever, my lord.

              Will you, Connor?

              Aye, blossom. I will.



              I am Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez...

              chief metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain...

              and I'm at your service.


              What do you want?


              You're Connor Macleod.

              Maybe I am and--

              You're Connor Macleod, wounded in battle...

              and driven from your village five years ago.

              - Connor! - Ohh!

              Heather, go in the house.

              I'll stay right here.

              Do as I say, woman!




              The sensation you're feeling is the quickening.

              Who are you?

              We are the same, Macleod!

              We are brothers!

              I knew you guys were bottle-fed.

              Well, there's not a lot I can do about it, pal.

              See what I'm up against?

              His Vietnamese neighbor ate his dog.

              Uh... that's confidential.

              How are things in forensics?

              Dull. How about lunch?

              Lunch? It's a good idea. Who pays?


              You're on.

              By the way, Frank...

              the hairs in the Moretti case...

              matched up.

              Oh, I forgot my purse.

              I'll meet you outside.

              Garfield, Brenda and I are going to lunch.

              Sometimes, Macleod...

              the sharpest blade is not enough.

                B-A-L-A-N-C-E Balance   

              I don't like boats! I don't like water!

              I'm a man, not a fish.

              Oh, you complain endlessly.

              You look like a woman, you stupid haggis.

              Haggis? What is haggis?

              Sheep's stomach stuffed with meat and barley.

              And what do you do with it?

              You eat it.

              How revolting.


              Be still. You'll tip us over!


              I cannot swim, you Spanish peacock.

              I'm not Spanish. I'm Egyptian.

              You said you were from Spain! Liar!

              You have the manners of a goat...

              and you smell like dung.

              And you have no knowledge whatsoever of your potential.

              Now, get out!



              Help! Help!


              Help me, I'm drowning!

              You can't drown, you fool. You're immortal!

              I'm drowning! Come help!

                We ask you... Heavenly Father   

              I'm alive.

              I can breathe.

              Ha ha ha!

              Ha ha ha ha!

              I'll slice you in half.


              Crude and slow, clansman.

              Your attack was no better than that of a clumsy child.


              This cannot be. It's the devil's work.

              You cannot die, Macleod. Accept it.

              Ha ha ha!

              Ha ha ha!

              I hate you.


              That is a perfect way to start.

              Tell me...

              how did it happen, for God's sake?

              Why does the sun come up, hmm?

              Or are the stars just pinholes in the curtain of night?

              Who knows?

              What I do know is...

              because you were born different...

              men will fear you, try to drive you away...

              Iike the people of your village.

              You must learn to conceal your special gift...

              and harness your power...

              until the time of the gathering.

              What gathering?

              When only a few of us are left...

              we will feel an irresistible pull...

              towards a faraway land...

              to fight for the prize.

              Come on!



              Never lose your temper.

              If your head comes away from your neck...

              it's over.

              Ha ha ha!


              Never overextend your thrust.

              You're vulnerable and...

              off balance.

              Connor! Ha ha ha!

              Heather, please.

              If it came down to us two, would you take my head?


              We must fight until only one remains.

              You are safe only on holy ground.

              None of us will violate that law.

              It's tradition.

              Now for the last.

              Trust me.

              Let yourself feel the stag.

              His heart...


              His blood...coursing.


              Come on!

              I feel him.

              Macleod, come on!

              I feel him!

              Come on!

              Ha ha ha!

              I feel him!

              Ha ha ha!

              Ha ha ha!

              Come on, haggis!


              This is the quickening.



              Now, pendejo...

              shall we see what sort of swordsman you've become?

              En garde!

              Very good.

              Give me your hand, brother.

              That one there.

              How much is it?

              Put him in.

              But what I want is a family.

              You cannot have a family.

              We cannot have children.

              That won't please Heather.

              I'll tell you that for nothing.

              He's full of life.


              Here's dinner!

              I'll be off now.

              I fancy buying a new dress.

              Oh, you little devils! Go on!

              She's beautiful.

              You must leave her, brother.


              I was born      years ago.

              In that time, I've had three wives.

              The last was Shakiko, a Japanese princess.

              Her father, Masamune, a genius...

              made this for me...

              in     B.C.

              It is the only one of its kind...

              Iike his daughter.

              When Shakiko died, I was shattered.

              I would save you that pain.

              Please. Let Heather go.

              When we first met, you felt ill, remember?

              That wasn't the first time...

              you felt that sensation, was it?


              When the Macleods fought the Frazers...

              and a black knight...

              I felt it then.

              Only it was more painful.

              That black knight was the Kurgan.

              It's because of him that I sought you out.

              Who is the Kurgan?

              Where does he come from?

              The Kurgans were an ancient people...

              from the steppes of Russia.

              For amusement, they tossed children...

              into pits with hungry dogs to fight for meat.

              The Kurgan.

              He is the strongest of the immortals.

              He is the perfect warrior.

              If he wins the prize...

              mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness.

              How do you fight such a savage?

              Hmm. With heart, faith, and steel.

              In the end, there can be only one.

              very dangerous for you.

              Well, I was very much in love...

              with her, my dear.

              She was the only thing on my mind.

              So, holding the rose in my teeth...

              I climbed up on the rooftop, lowered a rope...

              and swung in through the open window.

              Unfortunately, the lady was no longer there.

              What did you do?

              I introduced myself...

              to the lady that was there.

              She was most helpful.

              Would you like some more wine?

              Yes, please.


              Get out!

              What's wrong?

              Get out!





              The Highlander, where is he?

              You're too late.

              I've prepared him for you.

              You waste your time!



              It hurts?



              Now you die! Heh heh heh!

              I am the strongest!

              My cut has improved your voice.



              Ha ha ha!

              Ha ha ha!





              Ha ha ha!


              Ahh. Hurts?

              Who is the woman?

              Oh! She's mine!


              Not for much longer.

              Tonight you sleep in hell!

              There can be only one!



              Hello, pretty.

              I'd like to speak to Russell Nash.

              Oh, I'm sorry. Mr. Nash isn't here.

              May I call him at home?

              That won't be possible.

              Good morning.

              This is Brenda Wyatt, Mr. Nash.

              We've already met, Rachel.

              What can I do for you?

              I'd like some advice.

              Are you someone who takes advice?

              That depends.

              Advice about what?

              What can you tell me about a seven-foot lunatic...

              hacking away with a broadsword...

              at one in the morning, New York City,     ?

              Not much.

              A Japanese sword dated     B.C...

              the metal folded     times?

              I don't deal in exotic weapons.

              May I show you something in   th-century silver?

              That's not why I came. You know it.

              Do you cook?


              I thought we might have dinner.

              Did you?


              So I'm standing there, and there's Brenda.

              Our little Brenda.

              You're sure it was Brenda?

              She was in Nash's shop talking to him.

              What are you looking at, Rachel?

              The eyes in the back of your head.

              People are asking about you.

              What am I supposed to say?


              Tell them I'm immortal.



              Don't be frightened.

              - What's your name? - Rachel.

              - What happened? - Everybody's dead.


              I'm like you. I'm alone.

              Come with me, Rachel.

              You're alive. Why didn't you die?

              Hey. It's a kind of magic.


              Ow! Aah!

              - Move! - Nein!

              Heh heh heh. Whatever you say, Jack.

              You're the master race.

              Let's go.

              That was a long time ago.

              Would you listen to me for one moment, please?

              You can't hide your feelings from me.

              I've known you too long.

              What feelings?

              How about loneliness?

              I'm not lonely.

              I've got everything I need right here.

              Oh, no, you don't.

              You refuse to let anyone love you.

              Love is for poets.

              You're such a romantic, Rachel.

              You always were.

              Just a minute.

              Good evening.

              You want to dine in the hall...

              or shall we step inside?


              Come in.

              May I take your coat?

              What? No, thanks.

              I'll hold on to it.

              Oh, fine.

              Where are you going?

              I forgot my earrings.

              Make yourself a drink.

              There are glasses in the bar.


              You know what you're doing?

              I like your place, Brenda.

              I've been here three months. Still fixing it up.

              Interesting view.

              What did you say?

              I said, "lnteresting view"!

              Isn't it great?

              You never told me...

              what you do for a living.

              I work for the Metropolitan Museum...

              in acquisitions.

              Huh. That explains your interest...

              in ancient weapons.


              Especially the samurai.

              Very nice.

              Shall we have a toast?



              Bottled in     .

              Wow. That's old.

                   was a very good year.

              Mozart wrote his great mass.

              The Montgolfier Brothers went up...

              in their first balloon.


              And England recognized...

              the independence of the United States.

              Is that right?


              What's that?

              It's for you.

              Can I open it?

              If you like.

              You bastard.

              Where did you find this?

              I have an extensive library.

              Odd thing.

              Your bio doesn't mention the Met.

              It says you work for the police...

              in forensics.

              Are you and Moran setting me up?

              I don't work for Moran.

              Then why is that bald policeman...

              sitting outside watching your apartment?

              You remember him.

              Moran's had him tailing me.

              What are you going to do?

              Question is, what are you going to do?

              Turn off the tape or shoot me with the .  ?

              I'm not looking for a killer.

              I'm looking for a sword.

              The one used on Fasil.

              - I only want to see the samurai. - Why?

              Because it's not supposed to exist.

              I dated the blade at     B.C.

              The metal had been folded     times.

              The Japanese didn't make swords like that till the Middle Ages.

              So where the hell did it come from?

              If I could verify its existence...

              it would be like discovering a    ...

              a thousand years before the Wright Brothers ever flew.

              This is crazy.

              Wait a minute, Nash. I want some answers.

              You want?

              Don't you ever think about anything...

              except what you want?

              You must leave her, brother.

                There's no time for us  

                There's no place for us  

                What is this thing that fills our dreams  

                Yet slips away from us?  

                 Who wants to live forever?  

                  Who wants to live forever?  


                  There's no chance for us  

                  It's all decided for us  

                  This world has only one sweet moment  

                  Set aside for us  


                  Who wants to live forever?  

                  Who wants to live forever?  



                Connor, I'm here!

                  Who dares to love forever  


                  When love must die?   

                My beautiful man.

                My husband.

                I am that, my love.

                I've never really known...


                Why you stayed.

                Because I love you as much now...

                as the first day we met.

                And I love you.

                I don't want to die.

                I want to stay with you forever.

                I want that too.

                Will you do something for me, Connor?

                What, lass?

                In the years to come, will you light a candle...

                and remember me on my birthday?

                Aye, love. I will.

                I wanted to have your children.

                They would have been strong and fine.

                Don't see me, Connor.

                Let me die in peace.

                Where are we?

                We're in the highlands.

                Where else?

                Running down a mountainside.

                The sun is shining.

                It's not cold.

                You've got your sheepskins on...

                and the boots I made for you.

                Good night, my bonny Heather.

                Hey! Kastagir.

                Macleod, it's good to see you again.

                It seems like     years.

                It's been     years.

                How have you been?

                Hey, this...

                puts hairs on your chest.

                What is it?


                Big strong man like you...

                shouldn't be afraid of a little boom-boom.

                Maybe you think I'm trying to poison you.

                I think you're crazy, Kastagir.

                So... the gathering is here.


                Time's almost caught us, friend.

                Has it? Do you think we should go on?

                I think we should have a party.

                Oh, no. I remember our last party.


                When exactly was that?

                It was     .


                Oh, yes.

                Your famous duel on Boston Common.

                Ha ha ha! You were drunk.

                What was that guy's name again?

                His name was Bassett.

                The heavier blade, Mr. Bassett.

                I implore you.

                I am fighting this duel, Hotchkiss, not you.

                See if the imbecile is ready.

                Mr. Bassett is waiting, sir.

                Tell him I'm ready.

                Christ! I've gone blind.

                En garde, sir.


                Wonderful, sir.

                Thank you, Hotchkiss.


                That you?

                You missed him, Mr. Bassett.



                The sword, the sword.

                Ha ha ha!

                Stop, sir.

                I beseech you.

                I apologize for calling your wife...

                - a bloated warthog-- - Ha ha ha!

                And I bid you good day.

                Shoot him, sir.

                Shoot him.

                Now, sir, in the back! Now, sir!

                Hotchkiss. Hotchkiss! Stop it!



                No, sir.

                No, no...

                No! No! No!

                That's the mood of New York now.

                Get out of here!

                So far...

                Earlier today, in response to growing pressure...

                the mayor's office issued the following statement...

                Give us a drink, pal.

                Got a joint?

                ...vigorous investigation...

                following up on some promising leads.

                Hey, Rockefeller, how'd you like Candy?

                She said you were kind of kinky, huh?

                Don't ever speak to me.

                I didn't mean nothin'.

                Look, I didn't mean--

                Don't ever speak to me again.

                Do you understand?



                I hope you get your head chopped off, asshole.

                And you!

                Shut it!

                  Here we stand  

                  And here we fall  

                  History won't care at all  

                  Lay on the bed  

                  Put out the light  

                  ...won't be home tonight, yeah  

                  We don't waste no time at all...  

                - Hey, big boy. - Slow down.

                  Comes to you...  

                  Ahh, we just waited for another...   

                What the hell?

                Okay, marine, this is for real!


                Let's go!

                Go, go, go, go! Come on, come on!

                What the hell is going on?


                Is somebody trapped in there?

                Aah! Aah!

                For God's sake!


                Look at that!



                Ha ha.

                Aah! Aah!

                Mother of God.




                Hey, where are you going with my car?

                Daddy, help me! Daddy! Daddy, help me!

                Help, Daddy!

                Daddy, help me!

                Frank, take it easy.

                I checked everywhere.

                There aren't any witnesses.

                That's New York for you.

                Twenty people standing around. Nobody saw a thing.

                Tell me about Matunas. Is he on drugs?

                He's a survival nut.


                He was a marine.

                His ex-c.o. said he was paranoid...

                but he was a good man.

                How you doing, kid?

                Okay, for a guy who got three feet of steel crammed through his gut.

                How you doing?

                I understand you saw who stuck you?

                You kidding me, man?

                Is that him?


                Quit kidding, Matunas. It was dark in that alley.

                The freak was trying to kill me!

                He had a scar across his neck.

                That ain't him.




                You don't know grunt about depressed.

                I got me a .   .

                Got me a trunk load of shotguns.

                I got three big-bore battle rifles...

                ammo up the ass...

                and I ain't safe!

                I can't protect myself!

                Okay, take it easy, pal.

                That weirdo, man.

                He got up after I put enough lead in him...

                to drop a rhino.

                Hey, listen, could you work...

                with one of our artists?

                Get a picture of this guy?

                Sure, sure.

                Thanks. Take it easy, pal.

                Hey, cop.


                I know you guys think I'm nuts...

                but there's something else I gotta tell you.

                After he threw me against the wall--

                This is like "One Step Beyond".

                All we got is an eyewitness.

                Don't say anything about sword fights...

                or guys glowing in the dark for Christ's sake.

                Hey, Moran!

                Have you read this?

                Are you kidding? You know cops can't read.

                What does "incompetent" mean?

                That mayor.

                He calls me at  :   in the morning.

                I don't answer the phone anymore.

                What does "baffled" mean?

                Karen Joan Nash.

                Yeah, I remember her.

                I was practicing in Syracuse.

                Didn't get many of these.


                Unwed mothers.

                Nowadays, that's no big deal.

                Back then, in Syracuse...

                that was a stoning offense.

                What happened?

                She had the baby, and she died.

                So Nash was illegitimate.

                Oh, yeah. Yeah, he was illegitimate...

                for about a minute and a half.

                He died right after she did.

                He died.

                Hello, Brenda.

                I did what you asked.

                I went through the deeds to Nash's house...

                back through five previous owners...

                to the original guy, Montague, in     .

                In all five instances...

                Montague through Nash...

                I found a death certificate...

                for a kid with the same name...

                who died at birth...

                years before he pretended to sign for his inheritance.

                Jesus, Rick, isn't there any heat in here?

                No. Heat's bad for the circuits.

                In case there's any doubt...

                So, what you've got here, Brenda...

                is a guy who's been creeping around...

                since at least     ...

                pretending to croak every so often.

                Leaving all his goods...

                to kids who've been corpses for years...

                and assuming their identities.

                It's not possible.

                "Post" final!

                Cops release headhunter picture!

                Reward offered.

                I'll take a "Post."

                Headhunter revealed!

                For you, my bonny Heather.

                Happy birthday.

                And you, Juan Ramirez.

                Take care of her, you overdressed haggis.

                Ha ha ha.

                Ha ha ha.

                Ha ha ha.

                Ha ha ha.

                Kastagir is gone.

                Only you and I remain.

                Nice to see you, Kurgan.

                Who cuts your hair?

                I am in disguise.

                This way no one will recognize me.

                I do.

                What do you want?

                - Your head. - Ha ha!

                And the prize.

                Ha ha. Watch.

                Happy Halloween, ladies!

                Blah, blah.


                Blah, blah, blah.

                Nuns. No sense of humor.

                Ramirez's blade did not cut deeply enough.

                He was right about you. You're slime.

                Ramirez was an effete snob!

                He died on his knees!

                I took his head and raped his woman...

                before his blood was even cold!

                Ha ha ha!

                Ha ha ha!

                I see.

                Ramirez lied.

                She was not his woman.

                She was your woman...

                and she never told you.

                I wonder why.

                Perhaps I gave her something...

                you never could...

                and secretly she yearned for my return.

                Holy ground, Highlander!

                Remember what Ramirez taught you.

                You can't stay in here forever.

                You are weak, Highlander.

                You will always be weaker than l.

                I'll be out front.

                Goodbye, Macleod.

                We will meet soon enough.

                Ha ha ha!

                Ha ha ha ha!

                This is the house of God.

                People are trying to pray.

                You're disturbing them.

                He cares about these helpless mortals?

                Of course he cares.

                He died for our sins.

                That shall be his undoing.


                forgive me!

                I am a worm.

                Ha ha ha!

                I have something to say!

                It's better to burn out...

                than to fade away!


                Ha ha ha!

                Ha ha ha!

                Ha ha ha!

                I need to see him, goddamn it!

                I'm afraid that's impossible.

                Mr. Nash is--

                Mr. Nash is dead.

                What are you doing here?

                I'm looking for a dead guy named Nash.

                He died at birth in Syracuse, New York.

                All right.

                Come on.

                Are the Claymores real?

                What is this, a museum?

                This stuff must be worth a fortune.

                I've been alive for    /  centuries.

                I cannot die.


                Well, everybody's got their problems.

                What are you going to do with that?

                Take it.

                I am Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod.

                I was born in     ...

                in the village of Glenfinnan...

                on the shores of Loch Shiel...

                and I am immortal.

                Aah! Ohh!



                You're not listening.

                Brenda, it isn't going to work.

                I can't get involved. Not again.

                You know what's weird?

                Most people are afraid to die.

                That's not your problem.

                You're afraid to live.

                Take care of yourself.

                Don't lose your head.

                Hello, pretty.


                Ha ha ha!

                Come on! Open up!

                Oh, my!


                Ha ha ha!

                Have you ever played chicken?

                Here we go!

                Ha ha ha!

                Watch out!

                Excuse me! Ha ha ha!

                Oh, no!

                Watch out! A truck!

                Look out!


                  New York, New York  

                  I want to wake up  

                Shut up.

                  ln the city  

                Sing along--   That never sleeps  

                Shut up!

                  To find I'm king of the hill  


                Shut up!

                Shut up!


                  lf I can  

                  Make it there  

                  I'll make it anywhere  

                  It's up to you  

                  New York  






                Ha ha ha!


                I can entertain myself.

                Your friend is a real screamer. Listen.

                Aah! Uhh!

                Which part should I cut off first?

                I'll be waiting.

                The endless killing has driven him mad.

                Rachel, there are instructions in the desk drawer.

                I want you to follow them.

                There's a power of attorney for you.

                You'll have everything you need.

                You're not coming back.

                Even if you kill him...

                you're not coming back...

                are you?

                Sweet Rachel.

                You always knew this would happen.

                Russell Nash dies tonight.

                Hey... it's a kind of magic.

                Goodbye, Russell Nash.






                Ha ha ha!

                Ha ha ha!

                So now it ends.


                Ha ha ha!

                Ha ha ha!


                What kept you?

                There can be only one!




                The quickening overpowers me!

                I know! I know everything!

                I am everything!




                Uh! Uh!




                this is where it all began.

                Can you tell me about the prize?

                It's like a whirlwind in my head.

                But if I concentrate...

                I know what people are thinking...

                all over the world.




                I can help them understand each other.

                What am I thinking?

                You're thinking...

                whether or not you can love me.

                You can. I'm just like you.

                I can love and have children.

                Live and grow old.

                You never prepared me for that...

                you Spanish peacock.

                Ha ha ha ha.

                Patience, Highlander.

                You have done well.

                But it'll take time.

                You are generations being born and dying.

                You are at one with all living things.

                Each man's thoughts and dreams are yours to know.

                You have power beyond imagination.

                Use it well, my friend.

                Don't lose your head.

                  One dream  

                  One source  

                  One prize  

                  One goal  

                  One golden glance  

                  Of what should be  

                  One shine of light  

                  That shows the way  

                  No mortal man  

                  Can win this day  

                  The waiting seems  


                  The day will dawn  

                  On sanity  

                  ls this a kind  

                  Of magic?  

                  There can be only one  

                  This rage  

                  That lasts  

                  A thousand years  

                  Will soon be done  

                  This flame that burns  

                  lnside of me  

                  I'm hearing  

                  Secret harmonies  

                  The bell  

                  That rings  

                  lnside your mind  

                  ls charging  

                  The doors of time  

                  The waiting seems  


                  The day will dawn  

                  On sanity  

                  This is  

                  A kind  

                  Of magic  

                  There can be only one  

                  This rage  

                  That lasts  

                  A thousand years  

                  Will soon be will soon be  

                  Will soon be done  

                  This is  

                  A kind  

                  Of magic  

                  A kind of magic   


Special help by SergeiK