Highwaymen Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Highwaymen script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Jim Caviezel.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Highwaymen. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Highwaymen Script



- Molly.

- Hey.



Sure I can't give you

a ride home?



Oh, thanks, Boone.

Alex is picking me up.



But it's nice of you to ask.



Well, it's late.



It's cold.



You think it's a good idea

for you to wait out here alone?



- I could wait with you.

- I'll be fine.



Good night, Molly.



Good night, Boone.



- Hey, Alex. Thanks.

- No problem.



Alex, take it slow tonight?






I don't know. It's late.

I'm not as alert as I'd like to be.



You're a passenger, Mol.

How alert do you have to be?



What's he doing?






He's getting over.






Are you all right?












- Are you all right?

- Yeah?



Stay here.



I'll go get help.






Hey! Hey!



Hey, damn it, we need help!



No! No!



No, please!






Come back here!



...possible hit and run,



Multiple-T.I. Accident

with kill injuries.



Officer on scene not involved.



Hold it.

Hold it right there.



Tunnel's closed.

This is an emergency lane.



Will Macklin,

traffic investigator.






T.I. Coming through.



Clear a path, guys.



Come on, get jumping.



You're good. Go ahead.



Hey, Jimmy.






- What happened?

- We got a mess.



Come on,

you remember how it was...



it's great to be young and stupid

on a Saturday night.



We've got three vehicles, four bodies,



nothing ticking but their watches.



White female, early   s.



Talk about a hard-on.



You have a filthy mind, Jimmy.



You ought to transfer to vice.



Okay, move it back.



There's a concrete post!



We'll have to go low.



Horse trailer must have

gone down first.



That's how the animal's walking.

Then this baby comes along. Splat!



First on the scene was that guy

over there with the dogs,



but he didn't call it in.



Who did?



Wouldn't leave his name.

Came in on channel nine.



- Nine? C.B.?

- Yeah.



- People still use 'em?

- Ten-four.






This look like a souvenir shop?



Hey... hey!



Hey, we got

a survivor here! Hey!



Hey, up here!



Let's go!




get somebody over here!



Come in.






Will Macklin,

state traffic investigator.



She's already said

everything she has to say.



Not to me.



It's okay.



- I'll be right outside.

- Okay.



Please, sit.



You must feel that we

don't do our job very well



for something like this

to happen to you...






This isn't the same.



No, of course not.



The other was worse, I'd guess,

losing your family like that.



I've seen it

take down grown men.



You must have been

a tough little girl.



I was just wondering...






...if it wouldn't skew

what you saw,



shade your thinking a little.



It shades my life.



So it's conceivable

that you got things wrong?



He saw her.



He toyed with her.



He killed her,



and then he came after me.



Don't suppose you know

anything about skid marks?






Well, rubber on asphalt

is like ink on paper.



Tires may not

know how to spell,



but the marks they leave

are a language, just the same.



And what do they say?



There were a lot of people in that tunnel

trying to avoid one another.



One guy

doing just the opposite.



It almost sounds like

you believe me.



What are you gonna do about it?




I'm not a homicide detective.



I don't even carry a gun,

just a measuring tape



and a pencil.



I never made an arrest in my life.

Never shot anyone.



You said the vehicle was big.



American, maybe.



Old. Possibly green.



What else can you tell me

about it?






Okay, let me start by confessing



that I've never actually

been in an accident,



but I know what you're thinking...






You're saying to yourself,

"Why me?"



Yes, well,

it didn't just happen to you.



In America,



    of us are seriously injured

in a motor vehicle accident



every hour.



That's over      of us a day,



       a month.



That's over three million a year.



      of us die.



The person next to you,

take their hand.



Take it.



Come on, take it.



That's it.



I want you to do something

for me.



I want you to say,

"I am not alone."



Say it with me.

"I am not alone."



Good. Again.



I am not alone.



What happened to me

happened once.






Not      times a day.

One time.



I understand what you're feeling.



Excuse me.



Okay, see? That's what happens

when we put up the barricades.






About what?



About whatever brought you here.



How did yours happen?



Hit and run.



Me too.



Did they catch the person?



No, they didn't.



I have to be somewhere.



Can I give you a ride?



Somebody's meeting me.



What about later?



It's kind of a bad time.



I didn't say

we'd enjoy ourselves.



You promise?



We'll be pitiful.



I'll be back next week,

and if you're here, then we'll see.



Wasn't an accident, Molly.



He knew what he was doing.



What are you talking about?



He drives a     

Cadillac El Dorado, pepper green.



I believe you know the car.



If you know something

about what happened to me,



take it to the police.



They can't help us.



You don't think

I've tried that before?



No police.



Did he take

something of yours?



What do you mean?



Are you missing something,

something to remember you by?



He always takes a souvenir.



He took my picture.



If I can find you, so can he.



He's coming back, Molly.



You're his only mistake.



  :   Orchestra Hall.



I think you and I

had better talk.



Hey! Son of a bitch! Damn!



This is traffic unit   .



I've got a pursuit,

could use some backup.



- Identify yourself.

- Macklin.






Will Macklin,

Traffic Investigations.



Stand by.






Never mind.



The tunnel's coming up.

Maybe we should go around.



Let's go around.



Thanks, Boone.









Boone, can you move?



Boone! Boone!






No! Hold it!



Come on!



Grab my hand!



Look at me! Look at me!



- Now!

- No!






You want another shot at me?



Have the girl out here

tomorrow night.



It's simple.

I want her. You want me.



Use her.



- We'll be here.

- Very good.



Another    .    miles of this,

and you'll be



just like me.



Let me out.

I have to help my friend.



Molly, your friend's dead,



and like I said before, no police.



Any sign of the girl?






The guy in the Barracuda?



Well, his plates were stolen

three weeks ago in Indiana, and...






He's missing a door.






What do you want with me?



You're not seriously considering

going back out there.



I'm not considering.

We'll be there.



No, we won't.



I am not getting back in that car.



What happened to you?



He killed someone

close to you, didn't he?



Who did he run down?






Am I gonna die?



My wife.



He ran over my wife.



He always takes a souvenir?



He convinced them

it was an accident.



That she was standing

in the road.



That he ran

because I went after him.



I did three years...



...and he spent

the next    months in the hospital.



They rebuilt him

from the ground up.



Then one day

his bed was empty.



Month later, I got the first

of I don't know how many letters.



Press clippings of his accidents.



From all over the map.

Totally random.



Just like yours.



Most of them recent.






He'd been doing this

for a while.



Nine women.

Three before Olivia.



Why didn't you tell the police?



I did.



But they're just

hit-and-runs to the police,



and usually

a thousand miles apart.



They don't have the imagination

to link them to one man.



Did you mean to hit him?



I didn't know much

about driving back then.



You know,

it's basic obstacle avoidance.



You're not supposed to look

at the thing that you're trying to avoid



or you'll drive right into it.



All I know is...



...I was looking at him.



That door

get over here yet?






Oh, yeah.

You mean the '  . Sure.



Check this out.



"For use in supervised

acceleration trials.



Not intended for highway use."



Barracuda, Super Stock    

heavy package.



Only about       ever shipped.



The body's been acid-dipped,

for weight.



Check this out.



There's no sound deadener.



It's not what you'd call

street legal.



Put her on a drag strip,

she'll lay down some serious rubber.



Man, I'd love to get my hands

on the rest of her.



Yeah, so would I.



Hmph, something else.



Look at the tiny magnet

on that thing.



It's not for voice only...



scanner, two-way radio,

C.B., stuff like that.



That mean something to you?






Someone I'm looking for

uses a C.B.



Well, congratulations.



You've arrested his door.



Wally, can you

hook me up with a C.B.?



Yeah, I got a nice little

  -channel number,



single side band,

voice lock, dynamic squelch.



How's that grab you?



If that's a C.B., I'll take it.



You've done this before.



A long time ago.



You're a doctor?



It's just what I was.



Here's a... shirt.



And, uh...



...some other things,

if you need 'em.



Thank you.



Could you turn around?



So, what was he

before all of this?






He worked out of

a little bungalow in Oakland.



Mostly automobile coverage.



Dealing with smashups all day



could be where he

picked up a taste for it.



Definitely where he learned

how to get away with it.



It happened to you, too.



A car did that.



When you were a kid.



Who was driving,

your mom or your dad?






Did he make it?



What about your mom?



I can't drive because of it.



Can't get over the fear

that I'll screw up



and make another little girl

an orphan.



We have a lot in common,

you and me.



I can't go out there again.



He disappears for three,

four months at a time.



I'd have to start over again.



I can't do it.



He'd be halfway across the country

right now if it weren't for you.



Molly, he killed two of your friends



without so much

as getting a speeding ticket.



- I know what he did.

- Then help me.



I can't.



There's something

I can't do, either.



I can't let you go.



- Will.

- I'm here.



Okay. There are only   

heavy Barracudas still registered.



One model matching description.



Owner of record.

Cray. Renford James.



Did three years

for aggravated assault.



Guess what he used

for a weapon.



His car.






Are you there?



I was thinking of

heading out west after this one.



Try our luck

on one of the super slabs,



The I-  . maybe the   ,

past all those Pizza Huts.



 -  s. K-Marts,

all those chain cities.



And all those girls.



You know, she takes

a pretty good picture, our Molly.



I wonedr if she's thinking of me

as much as I'm thinking of her.



You should let me

finish her, Cray.



You know I'm going to.



Sooner, later...



...with you, without you.



You know what

the head shrinkers call this?



Exposure therapy.



I know.



When the body's doing something

it doesn't want to do...



...it tightens up.



You lose feeling

in your hands, your legs.



You can't steer.



You can't shift.



Turn the key.



Is that him?



No. His headlights

are like his eyes.



Only one works.



His body is his car.



Stop his car, stop him.



All we have to do is husk

the slug right out of his shell.






I'm not sure.






Cray, do you have her?

Is she with you?



Yeah, She's here.



He's coming.






God damn!









Renford James Cray!



Kill the engine.



Listen to me carefully, 'cause

I only have time to say this once.



The fellow you're after

drives a '   Cadillac El Dorado.



He's got a two-minute head start.



Step out of my way,

I make that time up no problem.



- Turn it off.

- Three-minute head start.



I said turn it off!



The only way I'm gonna find out

what's going on is to keep...



...one of you off the road...

- Move!



...long enough to fill me in!



Cray, pick up.



Pick up, Cray.



I know you're there.



Is she still alive?



I'm not sure.



Just tell me!



Let me check.



No! Rennie! No!









Would someone please tell me

what the fuck is going on?



Yeah. First help me

find a radiator.



Do you have any idea

where we're going,



or you just driving?



Been tracking him

for two years.



Yeah, I have some idea.



You're just driving.



He prefers major highways.



See, he likes to speed.



With fall coming,

he'll stick pretty much



to the western/southwestern




He has a sixth sense

for hick towns with speed traps



and manages to avoid them.



He loves tunnels,

drive-thru restaurants.



He hates drawbridges,



will go miles out of his way

to avoid one.



Used to stop for repairs, too,



but he's gotten pretty good

at taking care of that himself.



You can patch a punctured lung

just as easily as a flat tire.



Why does he do it?



He just does it.

Isn't that enough?



No, man. If I'm supposed

to help, I need to know more.



His father had

a little auto insurance business.



He used to show his kid

wreck photos.



Bodies, smashed faces,




Kid collected them, and he went

to work for his father.



Soon that wasn't enough.



He started creating his own pictures

with the accidents he caused.



Why Molly? I mean,

how does he choose these women?



It's completely random.



He drives for hours, playing out

different scenarios in his head



until he has to act, then he just

looks for an opportunity.



You know, an empty highway or...



...a woman by herself.



So, a killer

who leaves no fingerprints,



no DNA,



and he drives off

in the murder weapon.



And only you know about it.



And you.



Have you ever seen him?

Up close, I mean.






Last night.



Five years ago.



The day he killed my wife.



He looked exactly

like what he was...



a middle-aged insurance salesman



that no one

would pay attention to.



Ordinary face.






Except you can't forget it.



Let me tell you something.



Outside that Caddie,

he is nothing.



You separate the mind

from the machine...



And what?



You can go home.






Not sure. Something.



It's morphine sulfate.



She's alive.



I don't understand.

How can you tell?



That's what he's telling us.



He's also telling us

where he's taken her.






About four hundred miles

or so...



...across a couple of states.



It's where

he's gonna kill her.



You know where we are?



I got it for a good price.



Insurance money.



You know what that is?



There's a lot of me

still in that car.



If you look close,

you can see bone.



Check the glove box.






This your wife?



Keep looking.



There. That one.



It was taken

the day he killed her.



For revenge,

he's gonna do it again.



There's one thing about me

Fargo's always depended on.



What's that?



I'd come alone.



He'll be expecting me.



Won't be expecting you.



Is there a REACT unit

monitoring this channel?



This is a police emergency.



I'm at a motel

somewhere near the state line.



Towers Motel.



Anyone. Anyo...



I need to be sure of something.



You've been on this highway

a long time,



and that can change a man.



I need to be sure that when the

time comes, you can change back.



What are you asking?



We're here to save a life,

not commit homicide.






Right there is good, Cray!



- Rennie!

- I said there!



Go. Go.



Who are you supposed to be?



Will Macklin.



State traffic investigator.


Special help by SergeiK