The Holy Girl Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Holy Girl script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Lucrecia Martel movie with Mercedes Morán.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Holy Girl. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Holy Girl Script




            Iook at the extreme vileness

            that is singing like this to you today.

            What is it, Lord, you want of me?

            What is it, Lord, you want of me?

            Give me wealth

            or poverty.

            Give consolation...

            Who is it?

            ...or despair.

            Grant me hell

            or grant me heaven...

            The woman at the photocopy store.

            ...radiant sun,

            for I have given in to you,

            for I have given in to you.

            She's short of air. She doesn't know how to breathe.

            It's bad for the blood supply to the brain.

            Corridor number   .

            Listen carefully. Dr. Gutierrez,

            Dr. Vesalio, Dr. OIazabal

            and Dr. Jano, please follow me along here to your Ieft.

            Everyone else, follow the maid.

            -Doctor, this is your corridor. -Of course.

            Is it the one behind?

            No, it's this pipe here.

            Put on your shoes!.

            But nothing's happening.

            Dr. Jano, this way, please.

            We did some renovations,

            but that was a while ago.

            You can Iisten to music on this.

            Hello, how are you?

            Hello, how are you?

            I'II Ieave you the numbers of the taxi service

            for going into the center,

            You're there in    minutes.

            Massages, until  :  

             :   or  :   the masseuse is there.

            But you can also go Iater.

            Carlitos, my old friend!

            -How are you? -Fine, and you?

            I'II see you Iater.

            No, I told Dr. Vesalio

            that you were sleeping in this room.

            In the other bed, of course.

            I didn't know...

            -You Ieft this downstairs. -Thank you, girls.

            And forgive me. They're the girls from Theriaca,

            from the Iab.

            Girls! Just a second.

            It's some perfume.

            Your room will be free tomorrow.

            The important thing is always to be alert for God's call.

            God calls us and that is a vocation.

            He calls us to save and to be saved.

            And that is the only meaning

            our existence should have.

            What do I have to do? What is my role in the Divine PIan?

            Is it this? Is it that?

            What matters is to be alert for the call

            and not Iose hope.

             -What's that? -It's coming from the street.

              But what is the call Iike?

              Is it something you'II recognize?

              Like a voice in the night?

              But I get really scared at night

              and if I feel that a voice is calling me

              I'II think it's the Devil.

              -Don't be silly. -And the fear of God?

              That something completely different.

              You can't confuse ugliness with beauty,

              or happiness with horror.

              What if He asks me to kill someone,

              Iike He did with Abraham?

              I'd think it was the Devil.

              Don't compare yourself to people in the Bible.

              Before you go, we must organize the photocopies.

              Who's going to make them?

              The photocopies...

              -You've got the material? -And the money.

              I didn't bring any material

              but I heard a story that explains about a vocation.

              It's a bit horrific.

              -Is it short? -No, it's quite Iong.

              Why is it horrific?

              Yesterday she was kissing a man much older than her.

              The same one as before, with the hairy knuckles.

              She couldn't breathe.

              -He had his tongue down her throat. -Girls, I have to go.


              She never kissed the other guy Iike that.

              And he kept groping her.

              She was shaking, Iike she had epilepsy.

              What can I have? Anything tasty Ieft?

              -An escalope with something Iight? -A salad?

              A fried egg.

              Go on.

              It's a craving.

              Manuel rang.

              They're expecting twins.

              He told me to tell you.


              Are they boys?

              How could he know if they're boys?

              She isn't even two months pregnant.

              It's too early to tell, Helenita.

              Here, FIorinda,

              take this and check it.

              My hair is so dry.

              You shouldn't use the hotel shampoo too often.

              It's terrible.

              It's all we can get with the budget we have.

              What should I do?

              Do I call and congratulate him?

              Or should I wait until he tells me himself?


              What should I do?

              Do I call and congratulate him or wait for him to tell me?

              He asked me to tell you,

              so he knows that you know.

              Don't get involved in my affairs.

              I'II eat something and go.

              This room is freezing. It's Iike a grave.

              Don't say that, you're scaring me.

              You're freezing.

              Don't say that.

              Did you know you're going to have twin stepbrothers?


              -Are you Iistening? -Don't say "stepbrothers", mom.

              Who told you?

              Your dad told Mirta.

              Did you know?

              See what he's Iike?

              I'm always the Iast to hear.

              There'II be a Iot of interesting Iectures,

              and several seminars.

              Who's that?

              One of the speakers. The hotel is full of doctors.

              They're attending a very Iong congress.

              Their hair will be completely frizzled.

              Don't use the hotel shampoo.

              -  ' -What?

              I didn't say anything.

              Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us.

              Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us.

              Christ, hear us. Heavenly Father, have mercy on us.

              God the Son, redeemer of the world.

              Holy Mary, pray for us. Holy Mother of God.

              Virgin ofVirgins, Mother of the Divine Grace.

              Mother most pure, Mother most chaste, Mother without fault,

              Mother most kind, Mother most admirable,

              Mother most wise, Mother of the Creator,

              Virgin most powerful, Virgin most merciful,

              Virgin most faithful, Mirror of Justice,

              Throne of eternal wisdom, Cause of our joy,

              Spiritual vessel,

              Vessel of grace, Vessel of true devotion,

              Mystical Rose, Tower of David, Tower of Ivory...

              Mystical Rose, Tower of David, Tower of Ivory...

              Gate of heaven, Star of the morning,

              Health of the sick, Refuge of sinners,

              Comfort of the afflicted.

              Queen of the Angels, Queen of the Patriarchs,

              Queen of the Prophets, Queen of the Apostles...

              Why must you memorize that? Is there nothing more useful to do?


              I'm talking to you.


              Don't shout. I Iearned it because I Iike it.

              Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, forgive us.

              Don't speak to me Iike that!

              Good evening, Dr. Jano.

              See you tomorrow.

              Would you Iike a book of Spanish ballads? They're really Iong.

              "A-hunting goes the master, as he always does,

              the hounds are weary....

              The hounds are weary..."

              What time is it?

              Aren't you wiped out?



              What are you doing?

              My key...

              I can't find my key.

              I can't get into my room.

              Go and brush your teeth.

              Why are you up so Iate?

              I was watching a beautiful film.

              I can't sleep anyway.

              I can't believe Manuel didn't tell me about the twins.

              I can't believe it.

              -Why don't you ask Mirta for a key? -No, no.

              Why not sleep in Amalia's room?

              No, I'II Iie down here with you and Amalia.

              I'd prefer that. Look at the time.

              If I tell Mirta, she'II scream at me for hours.

              Don't Iet her. I'm sick of her interfering in my Iife.

              Move over.

              Oh, Lord, she's awake!


              What a beautiful child!

              Just Iike her mother.

              That child, Helena,

              is a blessing.


              Excuse me.

              It's a friend.

              An excellent idea. We need a good close for the congress.

              I had to share with a colleague Iast night.

              I'II call you at noon.

              Love to the kids.

              -Do you know Jano? -Yes, we've met already.

              How are you doing, doctor?

              Cuesta wants me to do a dramatization

              to close the congress,

              about the doctor-patient relationship. I Iove the idea.

              I'm going to show the difficulties of interpretation,

              what a good examination entails.

              We may have to do a few hearing tests.

              It would have to be a case

              that's very well documented with studies,

              and we could contrast it with the patient's statements.

              Yes, of course.

              I forgot my shaving cream.

              Jano, I'II have to steal yours.

              -Well, I must be going... -No, hang on.

              Let's settle this. It's a great idea.

              I saw it done at a congress. It's very didactic.

              What we must find

              is a patient with an interesting problem.

              -Thank you. -I'II come by Iater.

              Look at the time.

              My Lady and Mother, I offer myself to you,

              I consecrate to you today my eyes, my ears, my tongue,

              my heart, my whole being,

              for I am all yours.

              Keep me and protect me as your own. Amen.


              Two red dots.

              They have a yellow rim

              and are slightly separated.

              Some green Iines.

              Like rays?

              Yes, they gradually disappear.

              Things Iook different.

              White seems much whiter.

              Do you think a vocation

              can be to save just one person?

              It's not much, is it?

              Not at all.

              It's perfect.

              Your hair is so shiny! Don't cut it.

              Do we fit?

              Your son? What a coincidence!

              The same school...

              I met your kids at the party for Felipe's kids.

              When is it?

              They'II pick us up after the Iecture.

              Will you give me that? I have to move Dr. Jano's things.



              What are you doing here?

              Did you see grandma?

              -She went to some kind of group. -A prayer group.

              -Did she say when she'd be back? -In a while.

              I've got the photocopies.

              But did she say when?

              Well, I'm off.

              When grandma comes, tell her that...

              I don't want pre-marital relations.

              When will grandma be back?

              She's coming Iater.

              No, don't talk to me.

              A complete examination of the upper respiratory tract,

              a good rhinoscopy, a good Iaryngoscopy.

              A proper study means that, in a good interview,

              and generally this is what's hardest for us,

              a good interview will allow us to identify

              all the symptoms and situations

              that Iead to a diagnosis,

              and this should be done at Ieast twice,

              that is, before and after any medical treatment

              or surgical treatment.

              Well, that's everything.

              Doctor, how was it?

              Interesting, a bit Iong.

              The Iab people are here. I have to speak to the director.

              You know him quite well, you can introduce me.

              This is Dr. Jano. He and I studied together. Do you remember?

              -No. Hello. -My sister Helena.

              My pleasure.

              Yes, I want to hear your Iecture. It should be very interesting.

              The relationship between doctor and patient...

              No, that's Dr. Vesalio.

              Mine is about a case of Meniere.

              I'II go along anyway, because I Iike to attend

              all the congresses we organize, as a Iistener,

              provided there are no slides of operations.

              No, it's mostly statistics.

              We're all wiped out

              and Sonia broke her shoe.

              Weren't you a diver?

              Yes. I was a diver, years ago..

              We don't have a cold pool anymore. It was too expensive.

              Now we just have the thermal pool. But it's no use.

              You've got a call.

              -Who is it? -Don Manuel's wife.

              -What Manuel? -Don Manuel.

              -What Manuel? -Your ex-husband.

              -Tell her I'm busy. -Very well.

              One night, a man was driving a truck

              and before he crossed a bridge

              a woman appeared, desperately asking for help.

              The woman came up to his window and said,

              "There's been an accident, a car has fallen into the ditch.

              Two people are dead but there's a baby alive.

              PIease, call the firemen. We must save the baby."

              The firemen arrived, they pulled the car out of the ditch

              and turned it over.

              Look, that's the bridge.

              They found a couple who were dead

              but the woman was holding a baby who was alive.

              and the truck driver realized

              that it was the same woman who had asked him for help.

              I think it's here.

              What's this?

              A hand!

              Girls, a hand! A hand!

              Jose, come on!

              Girls, there's a hand!

              Amalia, this way!

              Jose, come on!

              Don't Ieave me here!

              Jose, over here!

              Where are you?

              Where are you?

              Jose, wait for me!

              Enemy, I'II not go with you. I'm going with God.

              Girls, those are shots!

              Go away, enemy. I'II not go with you...

              Last night I was talking to one of the doctors.

              Very pleasant.

              That's him.

              You've got a call. Your ex-husband's wife.

              Don't say that.

              Tell her I'm not here.

              Don't put it through.

              Does she want me to congratulate her?

              Just do it, and get it over with.

              I won't, because no one told me personally.

              Maybe she wants to tell you.

              Yes, that she's expecting twins.

              Did you meet Dr. Jano?

              He's married.

              It's impossible to talk to you, Mirta.


              some day I'II poison you.

              You'II never get a job as a chef afterwards.

              I'm not a cook, mom,

              I'm a physiotherapist.

              Dry your eye.

              And then I saw the Lord who was cradling an enemy of mine

              who was dead and for whom I had prayed.

              He said to me, "Here is our son.

              Who do you Iove more, me or our son?"

              I answered that I Ioved our son more,

              that is, I'd rather suffer in this world to save a soul

              than be in heaven with our Lord."

              How's that?

              I don't understand it.

              -What book is it from? -It's a photocopy.

              But who wrote it?

              M. D. V.    th Century.

              Girls, when you bring material

              you must know the source.

              Now, read it again.

              "One day I was dressed as Divine Charity

              and then I saw the Lord who was cradling

              an enemy of mine who was dead

              and for whom I had prayed.

              He said to me,

              "Here is our son.

              Who do you Iove more, me or our son?"

              I answered that I Ioved our son more,

              that is, I'd rather suffer in this world to save a soul

              than be in Heaven with our Lord."

              She'd rather save a man than be with God, I think.

              We'II never make any headway if you don't collaborate.

              We've discussed vocations for two weeks and got nowhere.

              But isn't the Divine PIan the plan for salvation?

              This woman says she'd do anything to save someone.

              You must be willing to do anything,

              even if it scares you, even if you have to Iie.

              -Can you Iie? -Apparently.

              The mother saved her child in the accident.

              I don't want to hear that accident story again,

              is that clear?

              She was talking about my story, not the accident.

              I meant the accident.

              Isn't being a mother a vocation?

              There is a Iot of material that can help us think

              about our role in God's plan

              and help us to be prepared for the call.

              Don't Iisten to her.

              She just wants tongue kisses.

              Since she's been with that guy...

              I bet they've had pre-marital relations.

              If you ask her she'II deny it,

              but I don't think she can....

              Page     .

              "In our Iives, there are also mysterious callings,

              more or Iess clear, more or Iess urgent,

              that come directly from God

              and show each person his role in the Christian community.

              AII means are good in God's hands

              for calling us." That's clear.

              God sends us signs, that's what matters.

              They say we Iook alike.

              Who says that? Dr. Jano?

              Jano Iooks Iike dad, before he got sick, don't you think?

              He's an attractive man, isn't he?

              He said he was here a few times as a student.

              I should have kept up my studies.

              Why didn't I do that?

              Did I give them up when I got married?

              No, Iong before.

              Look at your hands.

              A surgeon's hands.

              You've got no spots or anything.

              We must stop the kids running up and down the corridor.

              Mirta is worn out.

              She's difficult.

              Poor Mirta. She's in a bad way.

              Excuse me, may I spray this?

              Who's that?

              I don't know, she must be new.

              She's pretty.

              You have to understand that

              this is all Mirta has got.

              This is her Iife.

              Because you've got


              and I...

              You've got me, and Amalia,

              and your own children too.

              Of course.

              I need my children to help me.

              When the Chilean woman took my kids, it really hurt me.

              I know that.

              You should call your kids, at Ieast on their birthdays.

              What I'm saying is that Mirta, good or bad,

              is a help,

              even if it's just so that I can Iie down here for a while

              when I don't feel well.

              I'm not saying she isn't.

              That's invaluable.

              Goodbye. I'II see you tonight.

              Thank you.

              I was sent some marinated pigeon. Do you Iike it?

              I certainly do.

              Why don't you dine at my table? You can meet my daughter.

              -I don't think you know her. -No, I don't.

              I've been divorced for several years.

              I didn't know.

              See you Iater.

              Do it very neatly.

              Very neatly, above the Iines.

              If it's too faint to read, Iook at the book.

              -Do it carefully. -AII right!

              That maid is filthy!

              Do you know

              she Ieaves the Iaundry sink full of hairs?

              Why do you Iet her wash her hair in the sink?

              What's the sign, Jose?

              What sign are we waiting for?

              The other day, she was brushing her teeth at the kitchen sink.

              You have to tell me things Iike that.

              I can't do everything in the house!

              Did you say anything?

              She said you don't Iet her use our bathroom.

              She's got such a nerve!

              They're incredible.

              Jose, I think I've got a mission.

              How do you know?

              Did you get a sign?

              Oh, my God!

              He's dead, those are reflex movements.

              We have to call an ambulance.

              My head is splitting.


              a man was saved by a miracle today.

              He fell from the second floor into Josefina's patio

              and he wasn't killed.

              That's terrible!

              -Aworkman? -No, a neighbor.

              It's all the same.

              It's terrible.

              It was a miracle he survived.

              I don't know what to wear. What time is it?

              Let's see.

              I've still got time.

              Well, my pretty Iittle girl.

              Josefina is going to cut her hair and donate it to the V irgin's wig.

              How awful. That's her grandma's idea.

              There's pigeon for supper

              and I told Dr. Jano to join us for dinner.

              Tidy yourself up a bit.

              Dr. Jano?

              Don't breathe, you'II get an allergy.

              I didn't know what to say, so I said yes.

              But I don't Iike you hanging around that hotel all day.

              I don't know why Helena doesn't realize

              that her daughter needs a house, a home.

              You can't rear...

              Helena was reared in an hotel, it seems normal to her.

              We must have Turkish blood in the family,

              we all Iike smoking

              and Turkish baths.

              May I have the shampoo?

              And at the same time she's very kind.

              She sent us this box.

              Mom, the shampoo!

              Here, Ieave some in the bath tub.

              It's a specialty, a branch of medicine.

              But I forget how it happened.

              Maybe because my mother sang.

              Well, my mother Ioved to sing

              and I'd go with her to the doctor because she'd get hoarse,

              very often.

              Freddy, I'm ready. Shall we start?

              He's a photographer.

              But it didn't arouse my curiosity at the time.

              My daughter sings.

              Go and play.

              Isn't she having dinner?

              No, she'd arranged to meet a friend.

              I thought you were an actress.

              Excuse me.


              I thought you were an actress.


              Shall we have a photo taken with the doctors?

              Everyone close together.

              Another one. And smile!

              That's it.

              Very good.


              Oh, yes.

              No, I'm not an actresss.

              Freddy told us

              that you

              used to put on plays in the hotel when you were kids.

              I don't know why I saw you as an actress.

              Maybe because of Esther Williams.

              Esther Williams.

              A wonderful swimmer, but as an actress...

              No, we used to put on plays with the staff.

              Everyone used to Iook at you in the pool.

              I guess there weren't many girls

              who dived from    feet in those days.

              -Does your ear hurt? -No.

              The hotel was always a bit remote. It wasn't easy.

              -There were no drama classes. -It's bothering you.

              No, it might be water. At times, especially in this ear,

              I get a kind of whistling, mostly at night.

              Do you fall asleep with the TV on, or Iistening to music?

              Dr. Vesalio, you'II make her dizzy.

              One more time!

              So, do you fall asleep with the TV on, or Iistening to music?

              Yes, I often fall asleep watching TV.

              That can cause sounds inside your ear,

              but if you take a mouthful of air or move these joints,

              they sometimes stop.

              It must be because of all the diving.

              Our coach was deaf,

              but from birth.

              What kind of sound?

              Like a whistling

              or Iike a badly-tuned radio.

              They seem Iike distant voices if the frequencies are Iow.

              Generally speaking, most people hear things.

              What does the patient hear? How does he hear?

              That's what my work is.

              Do you hear those sounds at night,

              and when you watch TV do they stop?

              They usually show the films I Iike at night.

              With the hours I work I could easily have been an actress.

              The Doctors' Union has got theater workshops.

              Some doctors take part in the plays they put on.

              That's wonderful!

              You too?

              Yes, once.

              -Really? What part did you play? -A doctor.

              I didn't have to rehearse a Iot.

              I'm taking the kids to put vinegar on them.

              Come along.

              What are you doing in there? Get out!

              Kids, go to the kitchen with Mirta. Come on.

              Hello, how are you? Sit down.

              -No. -PIease.

              They're organizing an outing for tonight.

              Dr. Vesalio is tipsy already.

              I don't think he'II Iast.

              Did you see how the water cooling system has improved?

              -How are you, Helena? -Very well, doctor.

              Your colleagues are happy.

              -Are they bothering you? -No, not at all.

              Are you dining in the hotel or going out with your friends?

              No, I'm dining here.

              A glass...

              Thank you.

              -Want some? -No, thanks.


              What about the patient-doctor relationship,

              the dramatization?

              They're trying to find a hospital patient.

              It would be a good end to the congress.

              Yes, but it has to be an interesting pathology.

              What about some kind of acufens?


              Why not?

              "A woman of the world

              was driving very fast with her friends one night.

              She crashed and saw them burn to death

              without being able to save them.

              She walked for four days

              until she collapsed from thirst, wanting to die.

              Then she heard a voice saying to her,

              "Rest now, sleep,

              tomorrow you will be the fountain that will ease thirst."

              The woman returned to the city,

              gave up her Iife of comfort

              and devoted herself to tending the poor."

              Well, Jose.

              What do you think?

              It's horrible, she made it up.

              Is it so hard to make photocopies?

              -Did you write it? -No.

              You have to photocopy texts from books.

              It isn't so hard.

              I can understand the bit about the woman's vocation,

              but the people who were killed...

              Don't you have a vocation yet?

              Amalia's got one!

              Do you have a vocation?

              What was their vocation? Because they died

              and that helped the woman find her vocation.

              She finds hers and is saved.

              What about them?

              They were born to burn to death.

              Girls, this isn't getting us anywhere.

              I have to go.


          -Could I have a word with you? -Of course.

           Very nice.

            Look, Dr. Vesalio has an idea

            that may interest you.

            We'd Iike you to participate in the closure.

            What is it?

            We want to act out a visit to the doctor.

            It wouldn't be very much, just a short scene,

            but we'd do it properly, set up a surgery...

            Don Manuel's wife is on the phone.

            -No. -She's insisting.


            I won't speak to her. Doesn't she realize?

            I was trying to persuade her to take part in the scene, but...

            At first, I thought it was a stupid idea too,

            but I saw it at an international congress and it's amazing.

            It was a singer

            who had a problem with volume and tone

            because of some botched-up surgery.

            How can we interpret correctly what the patient wants to tell us?

            -Well... -It isn't so easy.

            Let's not keep on.

            But it's very interesting. She was a well-known singer.

            What was her name?

            A real beauty!

            As far as that goes, the doctor did have a good eye.

            Hello, doctor!

            Have you seen this? It's fantastic.

            He's not playing anything.

            I was Ieaving.

            Dr. Jano!

            How are you?

            This morning I saw one of the Iab girls coming out of a room,

            one of the rep girls, I think.

            This is a congress, not a casino.

            And it isn't the first time this week.

            This is a medical congress.

            We're only asking for a week of decent behavior.

            It isn't that much.

            Give me wealth

            or poverty.

            Give consolation or despair.

            Grant me hell

            or grant me heaven,

            sweet life, radiant sun,

            for I have given in to you,

            for I have given in to you,

            I have given in.

            This way, please.

            How is it going?

            Mr. Hoffer, Mrs. Helena Tiscornia.

            We're going do a cubicle trial.

            If you'd be so kind...

            Can you hear me?

            Can you hear my voice?












            -Tail. -Tail.



            -Ship. -Ship.







             -Niche. -Niche.

              -Handy. -Handy.

              -Bothers. -Mothers.

              What do you think?

              Can you plug the gadget into the piped music system?

              What kind of plug is it?

              Look, it's plugged into the electric organ.

              -Is that called an organ? -No.

              It's in behind.

              What do you think?

              Now, try it out.

              Don't follow me!


              Here, take a taxi, and don't come back to the hotel.

              You're filling your eyes with microbes.

              Did he touch you in the hotel?

              I know what I have to do.


              We have to tell someone.

              We could ask Ines.

              -I bet she'II know what to do. -You promised...

              You promised you wouldn't tell anyone if I told you.

              We don't have to tell anyone. It's my business.

              It's my mission, I know that.

              Don't cry anymore. I promise I won't tell anyone.

              Not a single word.

              Give me a kiss.

              Will I get the photo?

              What are you doing?

              Photocopies for grandma.

              What is it, the stigmata?

              No, the suffering of the Passion.

              Those photocopies.

              I need them, I'II come and get them today.

              -At grandma's house? -Yes.


              For a few words, doctor!

              But they weren't Legible.

              It isn't the first malpractice case over handwriting.

              This is Lawyers' doings.

              Putting a doctor on trial for his handwriting!

              I saw the prescription.

              It wasn't terrible, but you couldn't read the dosage clearly.

              It's possible.

              You can't smoke in here, mom.

              You know very well where you should be now.

              I left it all ready. You just have to cut and serve.

              Dry your eye.

              My hands are covered with oil.

              I come in,

              I sit down, we shake hands...

              I come in,

              we shake hands,

              and I sit down.

              And then, well, doctor....

              I think that you...

              Don't worry.

              Just answer the questions spontaneously,

              as we've been doing.

              Of course, you're right.


              Finish your coffee, Jano.

              I'd like to know what you think...

              I don't know what to wear.

              You'll think it's stupid,

              but I can't decide.

              I'm going to be on a stage, even if it is only a platform.

              They're all lovely.

              This one?

              That one would do.

              And this one?


              I'II put it on and we'll go over it all again.

              It doesn't suit me.

              Thanks for the coffee.

              Hello? I'll put her on.

              Maria Callas, for you.

              You only turn up at meal times.

              This isn't an hotel. Excuse me, Amalia.

              This isn't an hotel.

              It's a family home. There's a big difference

              and you don't see that.

              Mom, Amalia lives in an hotel.

              What did I ask you to do today?

              Try asking me for the car later.

              No more car!

              We can't practice here. My brothers have all got lice.

              That's the other idiot!

              Make me look like a skinflint.

              Until I'm gone, you won't know...

              -What did she say? -You've got whooping cough.

              I don't have whooping cough.

              You do, because if I spin you round

              you get whooping cough.

              No, try it.

              Try it!

     what you want.

              And I hope you're not like the Correa brothers.

              They didn't stop until they destroyed their mother.

              And look where they are.

              Where are they?

              One is divorced.

              The other is in Spain on a two-year scholarship.

              You see? The other one out of the country.

              Juan Pablo,

              don't you want to take elocution class with Ines?

              Ines isn't a speech therapist, she's a loony.

              She can give me classes in my room.

              -Good morning. -Hello.

              Good morning, doctor.

              How are you doing?


              Well, Freddy, where are the baths?



              -Do you remember Dr. Jano? -No.

              To be honest, I don't.

              My daughter Amalia, Dr. Jano, Dr. Cuesta...

              Say hello.

              What were you doing? Are you purifying the mud?

              This is ready.

              Fifteen minutes in the mud,

              then a shower and a Iie-down.

              Dr. Jano!

              Dr. Jano!

              It seems they're looking for you.

              Dr. Jano, you have a call. You can take it in the booth.


              Yes, thank you.

              Hello, how are you?

              What about the kids?

              Kind of so-so.

              I've been away a long time.

              Put her on.

              Hello, sweetheart.


              No, there's no cold pool.

              No, the diving board is gone.

              I told your mother I didn't know if it was worth you coming.

              No, it isn't that.

              I don't like you traveling at night.

              There she is.

              Hello, Jose.

              How are things?


              Pour her coffee.

              -Have you got a temperature? -Yes, she has.

              The photos!


              What's wrong?

              There's some problem between one of the girls and a doctor.

              I'm not surprised.

              Freddy, if you please...

              There's Jano.

              Is that him?

              How are you?

              We've got the photos.


              There's a little problem.

              Dr. Vesalio is withdrawing from the congress.

              He left me these papers to give to you.

              They're the tests they did on Helena,

              so that you or Dr. Cuesta can do the representation, the closure.


              That boy is so intelligent but...

              He went out last night with one of the rep girls

              and he just got back twenty minutes ago.

              The Iab has replaced the girl, they fired her.

              Dr. Vesalio made a scene.

              He says he's leaving.

              It's one way to ruin a career.

              My career?

              No, no, his career.

              He's an expert in his field but easily tempted.

              He does this at all the congresses, he can't resist.


              Dr. Vesalio.

              Why don't you tell him to stay? He'll listen to you.

              But I hardly know him.

              As you were sharing a room I thought you were friends.

              No, that was just for one night, the hotel had a problem.

              Excuse me.

              He's odd.

              Very odd.

              Going off like that, so suddenly,

              without a word to me

              and with the representation in a few days.

              He got me into this mess and now he disappears.

              There are a thousand questions...

              What do I care? I know what I've got.

              It won't change my life. Just the opposite.

              I'm going crazy, always thinking about that noise in my ear.

              -The family is coming. -Oh, mom!

              Why "Oh, mom"? Dry that eye!

              That man has a family.

              That torments him.

              He's not a bastard.

              He obviously has a sentimental conflict.

              You know, I think that too.

              Poor man.

              Stay by me,

              I still have caresses that you don't know.

              I don't think I can open my eyes.

              Open them.

              Look at me.

              I'm asking for the stigmata.

              I can see you a bit when you move,

              but I'm going to stay like this.

              AII right.

              Open them now.

              One, two, three...


              If my words,

              trembling with love,

              don't waken any passion in your mind...

              It's amazing how quickly I can learn.

              I've got the gift of learning.

              Open your eyes.

              The guy who groped you isn't that old.

              What's his name?

              Open your eyes, idiot.

              You opened your mouth!

              No, you stuck your tongue in.

              Stay by me,

              I still have caresses

              that you don't know of all of me.

              And I'll invent some new ones for you

              so that you'll stay with me.

              Take this off, it's burning!

              You have to give it time to work.

              Have you noticed that Dr. Jano is a bit withdrawn?

              Why not go to his room, kind of casually,

              and see what's wrong with him?

              -I can't go out like this. -I'll comb it for you.

              I look Iike I've got more hair, don't I?

              I'm worried.

              I have to do that performance and I'm really going off the idea.

              You should devote all your time to that.

              -Mirta can't do everything. -I'm here, aren't I?

              That's why I'm telling you. Go on.

              -Freddy... -Hello, doctor, how are you?


              Come in.

              -Is the room comfortable? -Yes.

              My family are coming, I've reserved a room for the kids.

              It's been years since I saw your wife.

              I'd just had my youngest son at the time.


              Your kids must be big now.


              Well, I must be going.

              -What did he say? -Fine, fine.

              He's fine.

              I'm going to call Chile.

              I'd like the kids to come and help me with the hotel.

              Mirta is very good, I know, but family is family.

              Mirta is almost family.

              I know that.

              Look at the time.

              What's the time in Chile?

              Have you got the number? It must be really late.

              How old are they now?

              They must be pretty grown up.

              Know what? I'll call the Carrera Hotel,

              my friend Francisco, so he can tell me the time.

              Have you got the Chilean's number?


              Mr. Francisco Gutierrez, please.

              Hello, Francisco.

              This is Freddy from Argentina.

              Yes, a very long time...

              How many years?


              what time is it there?

              What time?

              It can't be.


              Were you cut off?

              No, but the poor guy would have talked for hours.

              I'm going to call the kids anyway.

              They'll understand it's an emergency.

              -Is this my address book? -No, it's mine.

              It's all the same.

              Do you remember my wedding suit?

              You couldn't pay for that today.

              The Chilean.

              The Chilean.

              With that voice!

              We should call a doctor.

              Would you like something to eat?

              Yes, thanks,

              but nothing reheated.

              Then try another hotel.

              I'm sorry about the time, but I didn't want just anyone.

              Dr. Vesalio left in the end.

              What a pity, such a jolly man.

              Sit up.

              Does your throat hurt?

              Open your mouth.

              What about that food?

              Stick out your tongue.

              Take a deep breath.

              Sometimes, when you're asleep, you stop breathing for a few seconds.

              You could suffocate.

              She's all right, it's just a chill.

              Come and sleep with me, darling.





              -What's wrong? -A bee stung me.



              Dad, look! It's incredible!


              -Are you sure? -Yes, I am.

              It's a long time.

              You need a haircut.


              Wait, start over again.

              Don't talk to me.

              Don't talk to me!



              My God!

              What did you do to grandma?

              Something horrible happened.

              I was telling Julian about it.

              He's the only one who listens to me.

              It's horrible.

              A doctor at the congress interfered with Amalia.

              My God, that's awful!

              What happened?


              get dressed and get out.

              The doctor is a friend of her mother.

              I didn't know what to do, he told me to tell you.

              Of course.

              -Did Amalia tell her mother? -No, she didn't dare.

              See what I mean?

              -We have to tell Helena. -No, mom.


              I’ll tell Amalia to tell her, please.

              Jose, we're going home.


              fold this.

              Is the representation starting at  :  ?

              Stop that!

              A bit later, at  :.    or  ::  .

              Is there dinner afterwards?

              Yes, there's dinner.

              Don't pour shampoo on the bees!

              This is the hive. They're getting away, hurry!

              Hand me my purse, please.

              Quick, they're outside!

              I'II take the kids for a walk.

              -I'II keep a front seat for you. -Yes, do that.

              Come on, kids.

              They're getting out the other side.

              I'm going to tell your mother everything.

              I wanted to tell you something.

              You're a good man.

              You're a good man.

              Did I hit you?

              Come in.

              I feel the same. It's madness.

              We should be going.

              Good evening.

              We have to talk to Helena. It's urgent.

              I'm very sorry!

              She's at the closure of the congress.

              You can wait in the hall.

              I'm going to find Amalia.

              Don't come back until I've spoken to her mother.


              Get rid of that long face. You're helping her.



              -Mirta. -Yes?

              I must speak urgently to Helena about a very serious situation

              that has occurred here in the hotel.

              Stop that!

              What's wrong?

              Go and see what it is.

              Stop that.

              Right, I would ask you all to please take your seats,

              and if we could have some silence

              we'll get ourselves organized.

              Doctors, if we can all take our seats...

              You can sit there.

              I think there's going to be a scandal.

              They're going to report a doctor

              who interfered with the girl from the hotel.

              You know the one?

              The girl at the pool, with brown hair.

              Dr. Jano, if you'd come round this way, please.

              As you all know,

              today, to close this congress,

              we are going to present a public consultation.

              So I would ask for a big round of applause for Helena

              who is going to participate as our patient.

              The first part of this representation

              is an interview with Dr. Jano.


              -Your tie. -It's fine without a tie.

              Dr. Jano, we're waiting for you.


              When did you get here?

              What are you doing?

              Are you allowed in now?

              You want me to come in?

              Are you allowed?

              The water is so warm.

              You notice that smell?


              Orange blossom.

              I'll always take care of you,

              because you have no brothers or sisters.

              I'm your sister.

              Next year, I'll have twin brothers.

              I mean, sisters.

              Hello, hello. Did you hear?


Special help by SergeiK