Holy Smoke Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Holy Smoke script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jane Campion movie starring Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Holy Smoke. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Holy Smoke Script



[ Applause ]



[ Guitar Plays Intro ]



[ Continues ]



Holly holy eyes



Dream of only me



Where I am



What I am



What I believe in



Holly holy






Holy dream



Wanting only









Holy love



Take the lonely






And the seed



Let it be



Filled with tomorrow



Holly holy



-Sing a song




-Sing a song of songs




-Sing it out




Sing it strong, oh



Oh, oh






Oh yeah



Call the sun

in the dead of night



And the sun gonna rise

in the sky



Touch a man

who can't walk upright



And that lame man

he gonna fly,yeah



And I fly






And I fly






Holy love



[ Arguing ]



I really want to do this.

It's some of the real stuff.



- God, you're so boring.

- What do you mean, ''real stuff''?



It's for the losers!




Okay. We'll miss--

We'll miss the Rajasthani buffet!






[ No Audible Dialogue ]






Ruth, wait!



Is she out of money?



[ Woman ]

No. It's quite simple.



I've decided that I have

to tell you the truth--



for the sake of Ruth's

and our old friendship.



[ Zipper Buzzing ]



Oh, what's that

taken on?



- It's very exotic.

- It's on my Olympus.



Oh, that's interesting.

Mine's a Minolta.



Is yours an auto-flash job?



What am I looking at here?




Wh-Who are these people

in the photo?






That's Ruth.



Oh, my God,

I didn't realize.



- Gilbert, it's Ruth.

- Oh, yeah, I can see that now.



She's wearing

the national costume.



I would never

have recognized her.



I know.



Is something wrong?

Well, tell me.



I want to know.



We were just like everyone else

traveling in India.



We wanted to visit

a live guru.



- We weren't serious about it.

-  [ Singing, Drumming ]



She thought it would be

a good laugh.



But oh, it was so scary.



Some sort of freaky

hypnotism happened.



I think they were

on drugs.



- [ Moans ]

-She even burnt her

airline ticket in front of me.



That's when I asked her--



''Is it true,

what they said,



that Baba might

marry you?''



[ Prue ]

No, thank you, mate.



No, thank you.

No, mate.



Thank you. That's fiine.

Thank you.



No, no. Say, Ruth--

Say no!



Say no, Ruth! Stop it!

Ruthy, stop him!



- [ Moaning ]

- No! Ruthy!






Ruth, don't!

Say no!







Somebody help!



[ Dogs Barking ]



[ Doorbell Rings ]



[ Dog Barking ]



- [ Speaking Gibberish ]

- This is serious.



Tim, please.

It's serious.



Come on. Come on, both of you.

We were waiting for you.



Okay, seriously.

What's happening?



- Who's he?

- He's the top man on the subject.



- He's been very, very helpful.

- Hi, Tim.



Isn't it terrible?



But don't worry.

Miriam's going to get her back.



She's going to India,

aren't you?



- Are you?

- Well, I will if I need to.



- I'm determined to fiight.

- G'day, Tim.



Stop Robbie from drinking

too much, Tim.



- Yeah, that's right, Mum, we'll fiight.

- Don't. Don't.



- [ Chuckling ]

- Don't come here and mock.



I'm close

to the edge, Tim.




sterilized at   ...



to focus on her spiritual growth,

wanted a reversal at   .



It can't be done.



- So how do we get her back?

- Lure. You lure her.



Couldn't we just

contact the embassy...



- and get her sent home?

- No, you can't.



If she were under    --

which she isn't--yes, certainly...



we could bring her back

under the international convention.



But you've got nothing on your sister

other than declaring her...



mentally incompetent,

and that's almost impossible to do.



What we often do

is steal.



You see, these cults use coercive

and deceptive methods.



Steal them, turn

the deception around.



They make up

their little stories,



we make up ours,



but we get her back.



The next step

is the diffiicult one.



You'll have captured

your daughter's body,



but not her mind.



- [ Sighs ]

- So what do we do, Stan?



We hire the man

I believe to be...



the number-one

exit counsellor in America.



For legal reasons, it's best if he's

in again, out again--



- Untraceable.

- Is there any way...



- it could be dangerous?

- Yeah, it's delicate.



The mind's a damn mystery.



Why do people

believe in God?



Why do people believe

they're in love?



Why do I tell myself

every day,



''You're fat, mate.



Today I'm not gonna eat

cake, butter or bread,''



and by lunch time

I've done the lot?



- [ Yaps ]

- So what did Mr. Hot Dog American cost?



- Ten thousand dollars

Australian, plus expenses.

- Shit!



And what's wrong with number two?

How much did he cost?



Forget it, Gilly.

We're doing it.



She's our golden girl.



My plane's leaving in three hours,




-[ Tim ] Delhi's hot--

   to      degrees.

- Oh, God!



What if she doesn't

come back?



When she knows

you're dying, she'll come.






What's bitten

his little bum?



He doesn't like

pretending to die.



Do you speak English?



Do you know where that is?

That restaurant? Shiva's Restaurant?



It's a fair way,

I suppose, is it?



[ Miriam ] Oh, goodness.

It's busy, isn't it?



- Hello. Give me money, please?

- No.



- Give me a rupee, please?

Give me a rupee, please?

- No. I'm sorry.



I'm from Australia.

I haven't got any, uh, any Indian money.



-[ Horn Honking ]

- You're sure...



this is it?



[ Groans, Coughs ]






Oh! Where's your sari?



I was looking

for a sari.



Oh, you're so hot.



- Who's that?

- That's the restaurant's

fake holy man.



This is my friend Rahi.



- Who?

- Rahi.



It's my Sanyasin name.

Hello, Miriam.



-[ Miriam ] Hello.

- Let me get you a cold drink.



Have you ever tried

a lassi?



- A who?

-A lassi. It's a yogurt drink.



- Is it from a bottle?

- Mum, it's clean here.



Oh, yes, I see there are

only a few dozen flies.



[ Whispering ] Is there a toilet

or a hole here?



[ Laughs ]

It's a hole.



[ Gasps ]






''All your father and I want--''



Oh, Lord.



Calmie, calm.

Calmie, calm.












[ Speaking Indian Dialect ]



Mum, I've got no idea

what Prue told you.



She just got really scared.



Something amazing

has happened to me.



It's so powerful

and so gentle.



It's... hard for me

to describe.



You've got to experience

Baba, Mum.



When he looks at you--

just looks at you--



all your pretensions

and fears just vanish.



And suddenly it's so--

it's so obvious...



how to live

your life--



that it's really possible

to be happy and truthful,



and do good.



How would you feel if I were

to become enlightened?



[ Rahi ] Come and meet him

this evening, Miriam.



It's a beautiful opportunity.

Baba's going to be taking questions.



Just come and see.



He is so full

of love.



Your father and I are pleased

you've found fulfiillment.



Are you?



- How is dad?

- Like I wrote to you, he's very ill.



He had a stroke at Bill

and Puss's farm,



and won't be moved.



Is he gonna die?



Yes, he could.

He wants to see you.



He's paid

for your ticket home.



[ Weeping ]



See, I cry.



I couldn't cry before.



I didn't know

you didn't cry.






Oh, poor daddy.



Maybe next time.



- What do you mean, ''next time''?

- Oh,you know, next time--



in another life.



- Oh, never mind.

- He's dying, Ruth!



- Is he scared?

- Well, of course he is!



He wants to see you.



- We've got a ticket for you.

- [ Groans ]



- Um, it's really the timing,

isn't it, Nazni?

- Who is Nazni?



[ Rahi ] Oh, it's Ruth.

That's her apprentice name.



Ruth, can you

speak for you?



Would you mind calling me Nazni?

It's my name now.



Look, they only initiate

new Sanyasins once a year,



- Fine. Fine.

-and it just happens to be next week.



You're doing

just as you should.



You are pleasing yourself, which is

exactly what we brought you up to do.



No,you just

please yourself.



Don't let our deaths

inconvenience you.



You've got great hair.



Oh, goodness.

That's really kind of you.



No, it's fantastic.



- She's a bit nervous.

- Of course.



How's the hair?

Any scent?



- Oh, it's good.

- Great.



[ Chattering ]



[ Woman Over P.A. ]

The kitchen may be open...



for supper after

the evening program.



[ Sniffiing ]



- No.

- Oh, please.



I'm sorry. No.



I can't be sniffed.

I-I feel sick, Ruth. I want to go back.



- Don't be silly, Mum.

Just walk through.

- No, I can't.



- I feel like an animal.

- Yes, you can. You'll be fiine.



- No! No! Don't touch me!

- You'll be fiine.



- Mum--

- No!



- Mum, don't be silly.

- Excuse me.



- Mum, stop it. You're embarrassing me.

- No!






- [ Chattering ]

- No. No. No.



- Hello. Give me money.

- [ Panting ]



[ Moaning ]



[ Gasping ]



[ Children Chattering, Shouting ]



I can't breathe!



- My spray!

- [ Chattering ]



My spray!



No! No drink!

No drink!



Oh, thank God

it's QANTAS.



[ Sighing ]



- We're fiine.

- It's fiine.



[ Both Giggling ]



-[ Screaming ] Hello!

- Oh, my God!



[ All Chattering, Screaming ]



So why is Miriam

so freaked out?



Oh, she thinks I'm going

to live in India, marry Baba...



- and commit group suicide.

- [ Laughs ]



She and dad hate Indians.



You know?

Dark people?



They're just

the main points.



Well, are you

going to marry him?



- [ Squeals ]

- I wish.



- Oh, you wish?

- Oh, yeah.



He's absolute love.




[ Clears Throat, Laughs ]



- There's, uh,just, uh, three problems.

- [ Laughing ]



- He's not cute, Ruth. Look at him!

- He's poofiie!



He's, like, old!



It's about love.



It's not that literal.



Marriage is symbolic.

He's marrying everyone.



-[Jet Engines Whining ]

- [ Imitating Jet ]



[ Man ]

Sydney, Australia.



Case     .



Did you ever read

about a frog who dreamed



Of being a king



And then became one



Well except for the names

and a few other changes



If you talk about me



The story's the same one



But I got an emptiness

deep inside



And I've tried

but it won't let me go



And I'm not a man

who likes to swear



But I've never cared

for the sound



Of being alone



I am I said



To no one there



And no one heard at all



-Not even the chair

- Fabio here is an

extra body if needs be,



and Robbie will

step in to help too.



Yeah, whatever's




Mr. Waters, my name's Yvonne with a ''Y.''

I'm Robert's wife.



It's such a relief

that you've arrived,



because we've

all been so worried.



Now, I'm here to be

of assistance to you.



I'm on supplies.



Do you fiind it hard

to get polite help in America?



- Polite?

- Oh, well, people with lovely manners.



Don't look at Robbie.

He hasn't got any. [ Laughs ]



Where's the guy with the exiting




uh, Colin--

where is he?



- He's had a family misfortune.

- [ Gasps ]



- His mother died.

- Oh, God, Stan. Was it expected?



Excuse me.



This is not looking good, Stan.

I needed Colin.



I can't begin this work

without a properly

experienced assistant.



Those are the rules.



Well, that's where Robbie

comes into it.




come here a moment.



Now, I'm a little




because I could have got

my lady Carol to come out,



and she is good.



Now instead you've

given me two fruitcakes.



One's a ponytail,

and the other's a clown.



Now, exiting is

a precision exercise.



I'm taking a leap with this girl

into the sky.



We put everything at risk

and when we get to the bottom,



I need her parachute

to open.



I need mine to open.



Now, which of these men would you trust

to pack your chute?



- Uh, Fabio. I think he'd do a neat job.

- Yeah, he'd do a neat job--



with his toilet bag.



If he hasn't packed a chute before,

would you trust...



him to fiigure it out?



[ Laughing, Chattering ]



No, no, no, no.



- Yvonne! Yvonne!

- What?



Okay, cop you later.



That was Tim,

my older brother.



He's a gay man.

They've arrived.



She's visited dad once,

but she's restless.



So where do we go

from here?



I'll take a look at her when I arrive,

then we'll start talking.



- Mm-hmm.

- [ Scoffs ]



She's not that easy

to chat to, is she, Robbie?



This isn't a chat.



This is a conversation

that takes three days.



It's a very intuitive thing--

very concentrated.



- So, what is it that you do?

- Um, I work...



a basic three-step system,

where I steer the subject...



toward a breakthrough--



- breakdown, whatever

you prefer to call it.

- Mm-hmm.



Step one, isolate her.



Get her attention

and respect.



- When she's listening well,

I start to push her.

- Mm-hmm.



- The heat goes on.

- The heat?



- It's very traumatic

for the subject--

- Mm-hmm.



which it's supposed to be.



- You want some? It's hot.

- No, thank you.



Step two, I remove

all her props.



Her books, her sari,

if she wears one.



- Is she wearing one?

- Yeah. Actually, she looks...



- quite feminine for a change,

doesn't she, Robbie?

- Shh!



- What?

- Finally, the clouds of her unreason...



burst upon the Earth, there's tears,

sobs, hugs with the family,



and it's over for me.



But...just beginning

for you.



I've successfully exited




with a recidivist rate

of three and a half percent.



There's no one in the U.S. or the U.K.

who can match those statistics.






I've failed to proceed in three cases

when I judged the subject...



too psychologically




Do you have a wife

or a lady friend, Mr. Waters?



Why do you ask?



[ Laughs ] Well, I bet she wouldn't

stand a chance.



- What do you mean?

- You're very persuasive.



I imagine you could persuade

any woman to do anything.



[ Ruth Sings Along With Radio ]

'Cause the love that you gave

that we made



Wasn't able to make it enough

for you to be open wide






And every time

you speak her name



Does she know how you told me

you'd hold me until you died



Till you died

Well you're still alive



And I'm here



To remind you



Of the mess you left



When you went away



It's not fair



To deny me



Of the cross I bear

that you gave to me



You, you ought to know



'Cause the love that you gave

that we made wasn't able



To make it enough for you

to be open wide, no






And every time

you speak her name



Does she know how you told me

you'd hold me until you died



Till you died

Well, you're still alive



-  And I'm here

- [ Both Laughing ]



- Hi, Mummy.

- Hi, baby.



- Hi, Aunt Puss.

- Good morning, early bird.



- Where are the boys?

- Oh, they're back at the motel,

cuddled up asleep.



- I thought I'd just... [ Kisses ]

- Mmm.



drive out

and say bye to dad.



Oh, he's sleeping, Ruth.



- I think he should be left.

- Oh, don't worry.



I'll sneak in.

I won't wake him.



[ Miriam ] W-Wait, Ruth.

We'll come too.



Okay. I'll race you.



Come on.



Oh, God.






Om mani padme om.



Dad! You're up!



Oh, my God,

that's great!



That's great!



- [ Clears Throat ]

- What's the matter?



- [ Grunts ]

- What's going on?



You're not sick at all,

are you?



We're all sick from worrying

about you, Ruth.



- What?

- There's someone visiting

we want you to talk to.



- You're bullshitting me.

- We just want to be sure

you're on the right track.



- Hi, sis!

- Hi, Ruthy!



Look, you'll bloody well stay here,

and get this sheet off.



- How dare you!

- Easy, easy, easy!



You liar!



- You lied to me!

- [ All Clamoring ]



I fucking came home! You made me think

you're dying, you liar!



We're here because

we all love you.



- Yeah. We all love you.

I-I love you.

-[ Robbie ] Yeah, sis.



You know--

You know we love you.



-[ Tim ] Yeah, Ruth. We all love you.

- Yeah, of course we do.



Yeah. We love you, sis.



- Where's mum?

-[ Tim ] Keep it tight.



- Come on. I'll take you to meet him.

- It's for your own good.



[ Ruth ] No thanks. Where's mum?



[ Gilbert ] Oh,you want your

mummy now, do you?



Not so tough, eh?

You've met your match in him, girlie.



He's gonna

straighten you out.



He's a great guy, sis. He's real

experienced in religion and stuff.



Just three days.

Just listen to him, yeah?



- Get around. Get around her.

- [ Wails ]



You fucking, lying shit!



- You lying shit! I hate you!

- [ All Talking ]



Let go! Let go!



[ Sobbing ]

Tim! Timmy.



Timmy, let-- Let me talk to you

and mum, please?




Please, Tim.






Please, Timmy, please!



Please. Please!






- Come on, walk over.

- [ Screams ]



Oh, God!



[ Waters ]

He's not there?



No other back-ups?

Nobody else?



Phone's out of range.

It doesn't work.



- Look at this.

- [ Beeps ]



It's a gift. See?

She's coming towards me.



We're on step one.

This could be over in     hours.



- What about your lady friend, Carol?

- I need someone now.



But there isn't anyone.

I've tried the Rabbi.



I've left several messages.

No response.



What do we do?

Just... let her go?



Yeah, we let her go.



Three little steps, Stan,

but you don't want to fall.



[ Robbie ]

Keep up with her.



[ Stan ]

Well,you're the expert.



I want to talk

to my mother.






[ Stan ] You're in.

So,you gonna do it?



Oh, there.



- Why?

-[ Door Slams ]



Why? Why?



Because I think

you've been manipulated.



Maybe even drugged.






No, Mum.



Mum, I'm the only one

of my friends who doesn't do drugs.



Tell her!



I'm sorry, Ruth.



That's what I believe.



I believe you're

manipulating me right now.



[ Weeping ]



- Mum. Mum, Mum?

- Yeah?



Why are you here?



To save you.



No. I mean on Earth.



Why are you here?

What's the point of your life?



Is this a trick?



No! No, Mum.

It's a real question.



Why are you here?

Do you ever think about that?






I think about a lot

of things.



I think about the...

magnetic draw of the planets,



their ever-shifting




the healing power

of crystals.



Look, mum and dad have spent

a small fortune on this guy,



who, by the way, has

a very good reputation.



- According to who?

-[ Tim ] Let me fiinish.



- No! Go on. According to who?

- So why don't you just do

the three days?



-According to who?

-Just do the three days. We'll all be--



- Excuse me. According to who?

- Okay, to a friend of mine.



-A doctor. Apsychiatrist, okay?

- No.



- May I?

- [ Weeping ]



Come on.



[ Door Shuts ]



Come on, big jump.

Flying! Oh!



[ Laughing ]




That was a good one.



[ Boy ]

It's my turn.



Is it my go?



[ Whispering ]

What do you believe in?



Safe sex.



- Sex?

- I'm an anarchist.



My parents subscribed

to their magazine.



''The Lord's Prayer is muttered

by traumatized, paranoid worms...




for a meager existence.''



- Traumatized worms?

- Traumatized, paranoid worms.



- So what's happening?

Have they fiinished?

- No.



But the good news is,

she's shaken hands on it.



She's going to do

the three days.



He fiinally promised her

a ticket back to India.



Excuse me, Robbie.



He wants to leave

as soon as possible.



- Well, where are they going?

- Out of the way, love.



Where are they going?

I think he should have told me about it.



I mean, I'm supposed to be

in charge of the security operation.



To the half way hut.



He says he can't work

anywhere near the family.



Look, we're very lucky to have him,

given the circumstances.



We're getting his personal assistant

out from America,



- and she's experienced.

- Mm-hmm.



I'm not going to think costs.

We have to do it.



Mmm. Well, that's all well and good,

but what about the security operation?



What about Fabio?

Do we send him home?



- Well done, dear.

-[ Puss ] Good luck, Ruthy.



- Fuck off, all of you.

- You, madam, watch yourself

with your mother.



Hey, come on, Ruth.



You can talk, you hypocrite.

Where's your little love bomb?



I don't know what

you're talking about.



- Don't engage with her.

- Yes, you do!



Where's my half sister

then, Dad?



- You know, your secretary's

secret little love bomb?

- What love bomb?



-She's in a complete fantasy.

- If this cure works,



I'll be as fucked

a liar as you.



-[ Robbie ] Keep up with her. Go!



[ Dogs Barking ]



To the rescue!



It's my go.




[ Grunts ]



[ Screams ]



[ Waters ]

Shoes please, Ruth.



[ Waters Narrating ]

Day one, isolate her.



Get her attention.



Win her respect.



I feel for these kids,

every one of them.



They're lost and they

don't know it yet.



[ Sighs ]






[ Footsteps ]



This is, um,

a complete waste of time.



You're never

going to break me.



That's fiine.



I didn't expect it

to be easy.



You're a young,

intelligent lady...



with strong convictions.



It would be a little disappointing

if it were too quick.



[ Scoffs ] There's no way I can even

listen to someone like you,



who dyes their hair.



- I've made up my mind.

- Oh, you've made up your mind?



Yes, that's right.



And how, may I ask,

did that happen?



- What?

- How did you do it?



Did you

make your mind...



hard and solid,

like a brick--



always the same rain or shine,

nothing gets through?



If I was to say to you,



'' Don't think of pink butterflies,''

you don't, right?



- Or do you?

- [ Scoffs ]



- I'm not thinking of pink butterflies.

- You just mentioned them.



You see,

the mind is a rebel.



It is not a servant.



I'm not the one

who will break you, Ruth.



Your own mind will.

It will seek the truth,

and the truth will set you free.



John,  :   .



It's already heard

the truth.



The truth about your saintdom?

Baba and Mrs. Baba?



Not everything's a posture.

Not everything's a joke.



You're right. [ Clears Throat ]

It's not a joke.



We're talking

about your soul here.



Have you thought

about the damage...



that could be done to your soul,

to your very center,



if you hand it over

to someone else?



To the wrong someone else?



''I feel within me

that spark,



that atom emanation

of the divine spirit. ''



Guiseppe Verdi.



The soul is the match.



[ Strikes Match ]



The spark.



The flame that can

light your path.



I want to ask you

a question.



What, in your opinion,



is the most important task

of a human life?



Any idea?



Is this multiple choice,

or a fake question?



It's an oratory technique.



Have you heard of Socrates?






''The soul takes nothing with her

to the other world...



but her education

and culture.''



So let's get

to the facts.



What are you doing

with your soul?



What is Chidaatma Baba

teaching you?



What's the point

of my telling you?



You already have an opinion.



I want to know

what you know.



Something has touched you,

hasn't it?



To fiind out that,

you'd have to look into my heart.



Way beyond something

you can read in a book and quote.



It is. It is.

It is.




That's his teaching.



Oh, that's what he said?



His words?

''It is''?



His words.



'' He alone attains unto it

who exclaims, 'It is! It is! '



Thus may it be perceived

and apprehended in its essence.''



The Upanishads.



The Upanishads, Ruth--

an ancient Hindu text.



Feel with your heart,

but check your facts.



I want my shoes back.



No. You agreed to stay.



And I'm going to make it

easy for you.



You can't stand the fact

that I've got faith, can you?



'Cause you're so frightened

and dried up.



But feeling--



just trusting

your heart--



it's beyond you.



I get strength like--



like you can't imagine

from my choice.



That's what we're

really here to examine.



The meaning

of the word choice,



and whether you had one

or not.



[ Telephone Rings ]



[ Yvonne ]




-[ Waters ]

Listen, I need clothes for Ruth.

- Oh,yes?



- Can you meet me at the yards?

- Okay, but two changes?



- Do you think dresses or pants?

- You decide.



- Dresses.

- [ Hangs Up ]



[ Sighs ]



[ Squawks ]



[ Rock On Radio ]



[ Squeals ]



[ Panting ]



Put your trust in me



Like I have faith

in you



Put your trust in me

[ Ends ]



[ Door Opens ]



- Have you got the clothes?

- Yeah. The clothes and...



the coffee.

[ Sighs ]



So, has she started

talking yet?



- A little.

- Oh.



Oh, she's so lucky

to have you to talk to.



I've got problems too,

you know?



- Robbie thinks

I've been having an affair.

- Oh.



Yeah. He found my letters.



So... you are?



Robbie's so mad.



[ Laughs ]

Just wants to beat the guy up.



He has no idea who it is,

and he'll never, ever guess.



Shall I tell you?



[ Chuckles ]






Me. I wrote them.



Oh, they're so beautiful.



- And they're so romantic.

- [ Laughs ]



- You-- You wrote the letters?

- Yeah.



I don't have sex

with Robbie.



I have sex

with fiilm stars.



I cut out their picture and I stick them

on my bedside drawer.



And when Robbie and I make love,

I pretend that it's...



Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.



[ Both Laughing ]



I like Sly, too.

Do you?



- Mmm.

- In the dark,



- [ Growling ]

- I imagine that Robbie's

arms and legs are theirs.



- Woof.

- Oh, honeybunch!



[ Moans ]

Oh, that's lovely, Robbie!



- [ Moaning ]

- Yeah! Yeah!



[ Yvonne Moaning ]

Oh, T--



Tom! Tom!



Oh! Oh, God, Matt!



- Matt! Oh!

-Sometimes I get...



a little confused because

I can't remember who it is...



who is making love

to me.



But-- But I think

that Yvonne is-is cheap.



[ Panting ]



Take it easy.






- Into the diaphragm.

- Yeah.



Keep breathing.



[ Panting ]

I mean,



who is going to want me when they know

how many guys that I sleep with?



Keep breathing.



- Yes, thank you. The breathing.

- Down here.



[ Exhales ]



The breathing.



Do you have a web site?



[ Moans ]



[ Moaning ]



Keep breathing.



[ Moans ]



Keep breathing.



[ Sighs ]



[ Waters Narrating ]

Day two.



Apainful day

for the client.



Remove her props,

upset her and provoke her.



So I put the sari

up the tree.



- No more Mr. Nice Guy.

- I want my clothes back.






You know,



I thought I was going to have to wait

the longest time...



for the real you

to break through.



You think a sari

is going to change that?



Ten hundred saris

won't hide that.



And you'll only succeed

in tying a big knot around yourself.



- Hello. Would you...

- [ Strikes Table ]



share what you're thinking,










I was just meditating on the difference

between you and Baba.



He wears a dress.



He lives the way

he teaches.



Mmm. And what, specifiically,

has he taught you?



To do good.

To be a good person.



And how is that

manifesting itself?



Are you out there

doing good deeds?



- Paying taxes?

- You're a cynic.



Yes. Yes, I am a cynic...



because I investigate crap.



What about the crap

in you, Ruth?



Did you take that to...

the guru?



You're a shit.



You don't care about me.

You don't even know me.



- And I didn't go to Baba

to get my fucked-upness fiixed.

- Well, you'd be the fiirst.



All right, so I hoped

it would help me grow.



- I know I'm not perfect.

- Good, Ruth.






So what do you

believe in then?



Why do you want

to know that?



Because I'm just curious to know

what you worked out.



So you can follow me?



Sorry, honey.

That's not my ticket.



I told you,



don't you ever touch me!



My body is mine, honey.

You're a prick.



You know, you'd be

better off crying.



- Fuck you!

- I don't want to disempower you.



[ Scoffs ]

Oh, yeah?



If you want disempowerment,

you go right back to Mother India.



See how they treat

women there.



Or didn't you notice all those little

ultrasounds blipping away...



so people can go in and say,

''Oh, my god, it's a girl! ''



and flush her out

and abort her.



- They're more honest.

- Excuse me?



They're more honest

in their hatred of women.



I don't hate women.



- I love ladies.

-[ Laughs ]



'' Ladies.''



You wouldn't know any.



I'll bet you date

little Barbie dolls, don't you?



''Oh! You're so brainy!



Oh, you're so big.



Can I suck your dick?''

[ Slurping ]



Can I be alone now?



So, was it

the ultimate revenge?



What was?



Taking your beauty

off to an ashram.



Beauty has

its own price.



- You wouldn't know.

- Yeah, it attracts the shit.



Can do.



Now, I've dated

some beautiful... ladies.



My ex-wife was a model.



- Wow.

- A bit paranoid.



Always going on

about fat people.



She looked good though.



- Oh, right.

- Excuse me?



''She looked good though.''



Yes. Well, it didn't

work that well.



There was a kind of

a hostility between us.



She was always mincing about.

Very flirty with the friends.



Suggesting open marriage--



which we... did.



We both slept around.



- Um,

-[ Airplane Flying Overhead ]



I slept around.



Then we went to India.

There were six of us.



Next thing,

she's off with my best friend.



I punched him out,

[ Chuckles ]



left the bus

and wanted to die.



And that's when I met Singh,

the so-called god.



I shook all over.



-[ Airplane Continues ]

- I totally...



relinquished myself to him.



If I saw any crap--

which I did on occasion--



I put it down to a test--

you know, ''Singh's testing me.''



Then one historic day...



he took me to his private rooms

and hugged me.



I thought,

''I'm special. He's chosen me.''



Very happy.



Next thing, his hand's down my pants

and he's pulled my dick out.



It's just lying there

in his hand,



and we are both...

looking at it.



-And so he starts rubbing away.

- God.



Are they spraying

or something?



- Sorry?

- Is the plane spraying?



Doesn't matter.



So, I'm on my way out of the ashram,

and Singh's standing there.



I couldn't avoid him.



When I drew parallel,

he... hissed at me.



''You show only outer love,



inner love not complete.



- Only delusion.''

-[ Phone Ringing ]



What's that mean?



- It means, '' Uh-oh, I didn't come.''

-[ Ringing Continues ]



He couldn't fuck me.



[ Ringing Continues ]



[ Tires Screeching ]



[ Miriam ]

Hello. How's Ruth?



- Is she all right?

- Yeah.



- She's listening.

She's still delicate.

- Uh-huh.



We're on step two,

so there's progress.



Oh, good, because we had a call

from air traffiic control.



- A pilot rang them.

- Uh-huh. What for?



A ''help'' sign.

He wanted to know if we'd left one.



- A what?

- A ''help'' sign made of stones.



- Whoo!

-[ Robbie ]Jesus!



I said

it was a game.



[ Sighs ]



Whoa! Whoa! Don't!



What? Stop!






What are you doing?



What, do you think

I'm gonna break,



like all those other little chicken wing

girlies you snap apart?



You're dishonest.



You wanna sleep with me,

don't you?



[ Sighs ]

Not all touch is desire.



- [ Gags ] I'm gonna be sick!

- But you wouldn't know about that...



'cause you're so busy imagining

how everyone is desiring you.



You're one of the most

ungenerous people I've ever met.



I don't think you could actually...

entwine with another person...



on account of your having to maybe

give something back.



You don't know that.



No, and I don't want to.



We made a contract

which you broke.



I don't have to honor

a contract with the devil.



I'm a regular person

and you know it.



Now, put

these stones back.






I have had

deep relationships.



[ Dance ]



[ PJ Narrating ] Day two ends

with screening the cult videos.



The cracks widen--

the client falls apart.



Bye-bye, Baba.



[ Video Game, Indistinct ]



Oh, you look wonderful,




Pink really suits you.



Doesn't she look

wonderful, Gilbert?



You're looking good, Ruth.

Would you like a drink?



What's your poison?



Can I bum a cigarette

off of you?



Are you sick?






- Are you feeling better?

- Off to bed, kids. Off to bed.



Do you want a sandwich?



Oh. You look good.



[ Robbie ] Have you ever tried

that taco food?



Taco Bell. I was thinking about

kicking into that.



It's gotta be




It's lovely to have

you here, darling.



[ Robbie ] You wouldn't know any

Yankee bods want to get into it?



I'm really here

for your sister, Robbie.



Oh, I know that.

Is she doing okay?









Shift your chair.



Oh. You all right, love?



Here we go.



[ VCR Beeps ]



[ Man Reporting ]

When you meet the happiest

people you've ever known,



who introduce you to the most loving

people you've ever encountered,



and you fiind the leader

to be the most inspired,




and understanding.



The cause-- something you never dared

hope could be accomplished,



and all this sounds

too good to be true.



It probably is.



Because these men

are not only...



some of the most charismatic

people of the   th century,



they are also

some of the most dangerous.



[ Woman Reporting ]

Fanatics have their dreams...



wherewith they weave

a paradise for a sect.



-[ Man ] How's it going, Charlie?

- Good.



[ Woman Reporting ]

At its peak,



there were    or    young people

in the Manson family.



-  [ Girls Singing ]

- [ Man Reporting ]

In their cult alias,



two of these girls took part

in the brutal murder...



of seven people

at the Tate/Polanski house,



including Sharon Tate,

who was eight months pregnant.



When evil falls

on your family



Holy provision

you'll bring



You'll walk with us--



[ Woman Reporting ]

As Manson was led back to jail,



newsmen put the sanity question

to him too.



-[ Man ] Are you sane?

- Sane?



- Yes.

- That's relative.



[ Man Reporting ]

Members of his clan have been

waiting outside the city jail...



protesting Manson's arrest.



[ Woman ] They're trying to kill us

as fast as they can.



[ Man ] He cut a man's head off.

Is that the truth?



[ Woman ] I-- You'd better believe

he's going to cut heads off...



when he gets out of here.



He's gonna cut

all your heads off...



'cause that's what

you got coming.



[ Man Reporting ]

On the    st of October       



Congressman Ryan was gunned down

at an airstrip nearJonestown, Guyana.



Over     bodies were found,

nearly     of whom were children.



Children who had no choice but to drink

the poisoned Kool-Aid mixture.



Many of these children

were wards of the state.



Would you like

a freshen-up?



- No, I've got one.

- All right. Okay.



[ Crying ]



Parents-- human parents--



do not possess

the offspring they have.



It's-- It's a very evil thing

for them to think that they are theirs.



My father used to say to me,

he used to say,



'' No boy of mine

is growing up straight.''



[ Gilbert ]

Shut up,you.



He used to put me in frocks,

lipstick, makeup.



He put his wig on me and made me mime

to Shirley Bassey.



[ TV]

... human misinformation.



If I would title this tape,

it would be...



''Last Chance To Evacuate

Planet Earth...



Before It Is Recycled. ''



[ Man Reporting ] Marshall Applewhite

led the    members...



of his Heaven's Gate cult

to suicide,



believing they would rise

to what they refer to...



as the evolutionary level

above human.









I don't want you to talk.



My God, I feel as if

I'm going to split into pieces.



My head is--

is busting.



I'm so confused.



Hold it!



You better know what you're doing

because this is heart surgery.



It's all gone.



It's just--

It's all gone.



The love is-- The love is gone.

The love is all gone.



You're doing well,




That's the girl.



Nobody likes me.



Hey, that's not true.



You don't like me.



Yes, I do.



Kiss me.



No, Ruth.

I can't do that.



I'm scared.



I know you are,

but kissing won't change that.









[ Urinating ]



I think we'd better

phone your mother.




Let's phone mum.



Don't come!

Don't come!



[ Groans ]



[ Screaming, Yelling ]



[ Honking Horn ]



[ Horn Honks ]



[ Car Approaches ]



[ PJ Narrating ]

Day three...






[ Horn Honks ]



[ Distant Chattering ]



- Put it on.

- You take the sunnies.



Listen, are we going

to go in and talk to her?



- Yeah.

- This is a bit embarrassing.



No, don't put

the hat on.



Give me--

Give me the hat.



This hut

is out-of-bounds.



Is she okay?



A bit tender.



Does she-- Does she accept

that they were crap?



I wouldn't say

they were crap.



Let's just say

she's hovering.



Yani's sister's come up. We want to take

Ruth with us to celebrate.



You know,

there's a theme night at the pub.



Absolutely not.



[ PJ ] She can't leave here

until the process is complete.



-[ Tim ] It's just for a--

- [ Screams ]



I think it would

be good for me.



I'll get changed.



That's good, Aunt Puss.






[ Knock On Door]



I'm sorry, Ruth.

I shouldn't have slept with you.



I don't know.



It's never

happened before.



All right, of course

it's happened,



but never in this situation,

never with a client.



Don't worry.

It wasn't anything.



Look. I was there too.



I think it was

a little more than that.



I was trying

to be comforting.



You don't think

I was faking it, do you?



[ Indistinct Yelling ]



- Get inside, Yani. You silly boy.

- Give me the joint!



- What's that?

- Give me the marijuana!



Get back.

[ Screams ]



Give me the joint!

Give me the joint!



- We're gonna be--

- [ Laughing ]






Am I ever gonna see

your face again



No way! Get fucked!

Fuck off!.



Am I ever gonna see

your face again



No way! Get fucked!

Fuck off!.



Am I ever gonna see

your face again



No way! Get fucked!

Fuck off!.



Am I ever gonna see

your face again



Am I ever gonna see

your face again



How we goin', mate?

You want some weed?



It's a good buzz.



What do you reckon?

I'll give you weight for    bucks, mate?



- It's good stuff.

-Am I ever gonna see

your face again



- May I have the pleasure?

- No, thanks.



Oh, yeah, of course,

you're on duty, aren't you?



See your face

I wanna see your face



You can have a stick for    bucks.

What do you reckon?






[ Slower Tempo ]



Will you get me

another one?



No. I don't think

you should be drinking.



Well, I think

I should.



I put a spell on you



I put



I put a spell on you



Because you're mine



I put a spell



On you



Because you're mine



Because you're mine



You better stop

the things you do



I ain't lying



You better stop

the things you do



I ain't lying



I put a spell



On you



Because you're mine






Because you're mine



-Ain't gonna take

your foolin'around

- Where's Ruth?



Or take none

of your puttin'down



[ Yelling, Indistinct ]



[ Chattering ]



- I don't want to. Don't!

- Have some.



- [ Chattering ]

- [ Groaning ]



Look here.

You drink from my bottle now, yeah.



-[ Ruth Groans ]

- No, no, no.



All right, all right.

Hey, what's up, Pops?



Who are you,

her dad or something, eh?



[ Bottle Breaks ]



We're all friends here,




- Right, next time, mate.

- I'm all right.

Don't worry about it.



Come on.



[ Groans ]



[ Groans ]



Oh, I want

to go home.



You're out of control.



[ Laughing ]



You didn't seem to mind

last night.



[ Scoffs ] Oh, come on.



Come on.

It's over.



You fucked up.



No, it's not over.



For one, you're drunk.



And two, we're still

in the cave.



- Ooh, spooky!

- But now it's...



a much darker and deeper cave

than it was last night.



All right,

I'll admit it.



In India, I was influenced

by processes beyond my control.



Ta-da! Happy?






Are you?



What about you?



You're playing

with me, Ruth.



What do you like about me?

Do you like my personality,

or do you like my breasts best?



All right, Ruth.

Right now I like your breasts.



It's just the way it is.



You can't stop me from having

sexual thoughts about you.



Oh, yeah? What do you think?

What are your thoughts?



They're private.



[ Chortles ]



Well, not the other night.



How was it for you?



A bit revolting.



You bitch.



[ Chortles ]



It was-- It was interesting,




- Oh, babe. Come, babe.

- Listen to me!



I had sex with you

because you begged me to.



- [ Chortles ]

- Now,you think it's funny

to insult me,



then I think you're a cruel

and stupid young woman.



Yeah, you laugh.



What about

you kiss me?









see if I can teach you.



I know how to do it.



I don't think so.

Not so I like it.



Close your eyes.



Now, gently.



And don't open

your mouth too wide.



Take my pants off.






No, no, no, no.



Kiss... around it.






[ Moaning ]



[ Moaning ]



[ Moaning ]



Four, fiive, six,

seven, eight.



Get off there.



[ Chattering ]



Robbie Baron.






You're from L.A.?



Not originally,

but PJ and I live there now.



- Where, originally?

- Houston.




how is your sister?



Good. Oh, we got

plastered last night.



John had to cart her home.



Could we talk




Yeah, here.



Did you disconnect

the phone?



Yes. I decided

against incoming calls.



- Great.

- I was going to call you.



- When?

- When I'd fiinished.



- Are you fiinished?

- Yes.



Pretty much.

She's still floating a bit, but--



Yeah, pretty much.



Look, I was here

alone, yeah.



I had enough

to worry about...



without having to think about

who was getting the fuckin' phone, yeah.



Don't go chewing

your stuff off at me!



You're incredible.



I can't believe

what I'm seeing in here.



She's on the couch, naked.

What's going on?



Are you fucking her,

for instance?



- I'm taking you home.

- [ Horn Honks ]






[ Sighs ]



You could damage

this girl.



Oh, come on, Carol.

I know all that.



- It's working. Honestly.

-[ Horn Honks ]



What if I tell

her parents?



There's nothing to tell.



Give me

a couple of days.



No. No.



- I swear to you.

- You've lost it. You've lost it.



I swear to you

everything's fiine.






One more day.



One more day.



Hmm? What is that? A nose?



You can have it back.



That was nice...

meeting your girlfriend.



She wanted

to smack your arse.



I'm just lying there, acting asleep,

so she covers me up.



I felt like a baby.



Well, you are a little baby,

aren't you?



You should be sleeping

with big mommies your own age.



- You wouldn't have to stick

all that dye in your hair.

- Man hater.



- Look. I'm here, okay?

- No!



All right!






Do your worst.



I'm gonna lie down,

and I wanna hear it.



Your absolute worst.



You do what you do best.



Okay, Tampax tool.



[ Laughs ]



- I'm gonna give it you

right up your arse.

- Hmm?



All this ''man hating'' shit

for a start.



Oh, she criticized me.

I'll her her a ''man hater.''



I know what

you want from me.



You just want a youthful

pussy transfusion.



Preferably one you can take home

to show the men folks...



what a beautiful post

you got to piss on.






Mr. ''Jeans Pressed,

Cowboy Boots. ''



Is that a uniform

for individuals, is it?



- I want a young man.

- No.



Your physical superiority

makes you unkind.






And that's the whole reason

we're talking intimate.



- As in ''Old salivating slob

seeks slim young thing--''

- Okay.



No, I haven't fiinished.

''Seeks slim young thing

for stimulating conversation.



Excuse me, dear. Let's fuck.''

[ Rhythmic Grunting ]



Keep going.



Go on.



Oh! Do you know what you need?



You need the same age,

fun-loving woman.



I've got just

the girl for you.



[ Laughs ]



[ Humming ]



You look lovely.



Hmm. Sexy.



I bet you bake

great cakes.



Stop it.



You old lezzo.






Getting a bit--

Getting a bit aggressive.



Now, come on, ducks.

We can't have you half-dressed.



Let's get your trousers off, and then

we'll see how irresistible you are.



- Fuck you, Ruth.

- No, you fuck yourself.



But you wouldn't,

would you?



I was young once too,

and handsome.



- [ Chortles ]

- You'd have been impressed.



I wasn't born!



I won, didn't I?



I'm on top,

aren't I?



I'm the winner!



Yes, you're the winner.



Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes!



So, what are you?



A dirty old man.



[ Laughs ]

Oh, this is so much fun.



I wish my friends were here,

then we could really laugh.



So, tell me

what I am?



[ Scoffs ]

Be kind?



So what?

You don't think I'm kind.



Oh, God.



Now I feel sick.



Why didn't you

just write ''cruel''?



Hey, come on.



No, you're right.



Be kind--

that's the whole point.



Thank you.

I'm very grateful.



That is it,

isn't it?



The only thing.



The Dalai Lama

said it-- kindness.



Do you know what

I'm really scared of?






Don't tell anyone.






Despite all my

strong feelings,



I'm heartless.



I'm hoping

you're heartless enough...



to abuse me

for your own sick pleasure.



Oh, it's not a joke.



No one can be

close to me.



[ Sobbing ]



Do you even like me?



[ Imitating Gunshots ]



[ Groans ]



She was starkers

when I took Carol.



- Who was?

- Ruth.



She was lying naked

on the couch.



He was in the shower.

He'd just been, like, goin' at her.



Takin' off the franger.



I don't think

Mom's paying him to--



Yeah, very likely not,

you big dick.



Did you tell mum?



No, no one.

I thought we could go down.



What are you doin'?



It's over.



No, it's not.







It's all wrong.



I'm ashamed I tortured you.

It's all defiilement.



I liked it.



I think we should...

be together.



No. No.



I'm lost.

I'm completely lost.



We're holding hands. We're--

We're sticking together.



Why-- Why don't

we get married?



Why don't you marry me?



- Be my bride.

- No.



- Yes!

- No! No!



Don't! Don't!



You're mad.

Let me go!



Get off me!



Stop it!



Stop it!



- Leave me alone! You're hurting me!

- Stop!



Oh, shit.



Oh, shit.

Shit. Oh, shit.



Now, if she was naked,

okay, it's her own affair.



Hey, look.

It's your car.



It's him. See?



- Robbie, pull up!

- No. I'll ram him. He's dead meat.



- Have you seen Ruth?

- No.



- Where is she?

- Has he got lipstick on his face?



- She's not at the homestead?

- No.



No, she isn't.

So what happened?



What's happened is

that she's taken off,



and we'd better get everyone out

to look for her.



- I'm trying the tavern.

- What do you want us to do?



You stay at the hut.

She might return there.



- I'll come with you.

- No. No, it's not necessary.



It's okay.

I'd like to come.



I hope she's been

behaving herself.



You know, young girls

can be big teasers.



I should know.



Have you ever wondered

where the dead birds go?



-[ Pounding ]

- I mean, when they die,

do they just...



- drop out of the sky?

-  [ '' Hark! The Herald Angels Sing'' ]



Actually, I feel

very sorry for Ruth.



Because I've been

thinking about it,



and I don't think

there's anything out there.



Just a big,

dark nothing.



All we really have

is each other.



[ Pounding ]



- Stop. Stop!

-[ Pounding ]



Stop the car!

Oh, my God, I know where she is!



This is so dangerous.

Ruth, it's Yvonne.



I don't care who you believe in,

you've gone too far.



You could have killed yourself

in this heat!



[ Radio ]

Underneath the mistletoe

last night



- Oh. Okay. Okay.

- Help me.



-[ PJ ] Ruth!

It's all right, Ruth.

- No!



- No!

- Ruth!



- It's okay!

- No!



I saw mommy pick up--



No, wait!

I'm not in yet!



- Underneath the mistletoe

last night

- No! No!






- What a laugh

it would have been

- We could go to India!



No! No!

[ Screams ]



Come on, stop!



Kissin'Santa Claus

last night



I saw mommy kissing

Santa Claus



No! No!



We'll see Baba.

He can help us.



Why not?



You and me

at the ashram.



I love you!



I love you.



I love you!



You-- You and I

at the ashram.



- Bang Bang!

- Yes. All right.




Thank you. Bye.



- Grandma, bang bang!

- Stan says to stay calm.



He's frankly a little worried

that they've left the hut.



[ Clapping ]

What a genius!



Do you know what

could happen, Miriam?



- Sh-She could be lost?

- She could be found.



Found wandering the effiing highway

by the police,



who will come here

to arrest us all.



Why aren't we checking the roads?

It's a good idea.






[ Gilbert ]

We'll get Robbie and Tim.



I think we should say

The Lord's Prayer.



[ Miriam ]

This is such a mess.



[ Sprays Inhaler]



Our Father

who art in heaven...



hallowed be Thy name.



Oh God, is the valley

of death in this?



No, it's

the daily bread.



Oh, I don't even know the words.

He won't listen.



Which art in heaven



Hallowed be



Thy name



Thy kingdom come



Thy will be done



On earth



As it is in heaven



[ Grunts ]



It's not the way you smile

that touched my heart



Sha la la la la



It's not the way you kiss

that tears me apart



Oh, many nights roll by



I sit alone at home

and cry over you



What can I do



I can't help myself



When, baby, it's you



Sha la la

la la la la



Baby, it's you



Sha la la

la la la la



'Cause, baby,

it's you



Sha la la

la la la la



Baby, it's you



Sha la la

la la la la



Don't leave me alone



Sha la la

la la la la



Come on home



Sha la la

la la la la



Sha la la

la la la la



Sha la la

la la la la



[ Yvonne ]

Oh, God.



I just can't believe

we all trusted him.



I mean,

he so disappointed me.



Oh God, Ruth.

Poor you.



And we'll

make him pay.



Yeah, we'll sue the prick

into the gutter.



Yeah. Use Dave Caughley.

He's bloody good.



Yeah, he's good.



God, he looked shocking.

Looked like the emus had been at him.



Serves him right.



[ Yvonne Muttering ]




The sun has set



Let's take Ruth to the doctor

because her nose is bleeding.



Robbie, can you

just stop the car?



Blood stained

on an ageless sky



Wipe your tears

and let the salt stains dry



-Let them all run dry

- Can you let me out, please?



All run dry



For time will catch us

in both hands



To blow away

like grains of sand



Ashes to ashes

rust to dust



This is what

becomes of us



[ Ruth ]

Dear PJ,



- [ Kids Chattering ]

-my dad fiinally did

run off with his secretary.



So, mum came back

to India with me,



and we're working at the Animal Help

and Suffering inJaipur.



[ Horn Honking ]



I'm still chasing

the truth.



I've read the complete

Bhagavad Gita.



[ Chattering ]



Oh, I've got a boyfriend.



[ Laughs ]

He's a little jealous of you.



[ Laughing ]



I don't know

why I love you.



But I do...



from afar.



Something--Something really did

happen, didn't it?






[ Baby Crying ]



[ PJ ]

Dear Ruth,



Thank you.



It was good to get

your card and news.



What about this?



Carol and I are

the proud parents of twins.



She's forgiven me,

patched me up,



- chewed me out, nursed me.

- Come on.



I'm writing a novel,

my second.



It's about a man

who meets his avenging angel.






Could you

really love me?



I'm amazed.



Even if it is from far, far away,

I wear it like a blessing.



About the ''something''--




Didn't you notice

it just about killed me?



Yours any time--

don't tell Carol--






[ Spiritual Chanting ]



[ Slow Instrumental ]


Special help by SergeiK