Home At The End Of The World Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Home At The End Of The World script is here for all you fans of the second Harry Potter movie based on the Michael Cunningham book starring Colin Farrell, Dallas Roberts, and Robin Wright Penn.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Home At The End Of The World. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Home At The End Of The World Script



Oh, my God!



Come on, Em, Bobby doesn't care.



- Well, I care.

- Just relax.



Kiss my ass.



I'll call you later, okay?






Hop in.



- Are you freaked out?

- No.



A little.



It's just love, man.



It's nothing to fear.



We need to find you a woman.



You're  .

You've been a virgin too long.



We'll find you a woman in the sixth grade.

Somebody with a little experience.






Come here.



I got a surprise for you.



It's windowpane.



For clarity of vision.






She's my favorite.



Yeah, she's a beauty.



- How you feeling?

- Okay.



- Tell me when you feel more than okay.

- I will.



Come on, I got something to show you.



It's a good place to come when things

get a little tilty back home.



My son...



...this is your inheritance.



There's nothing to be afraid of

in this whole pretty world, Bobby.



I'm here.



All is well, yes?



This is where we live.



- I can see our house from here.

- Come on down, man.



I can see the school too!



- Come on.

- I can see tomorrow from here.



How's it look?






Big, pretty world, man.



Everything can happen.



- Hey, guys.

- Hi, Isabel.



Lou! Jerry! Hi, how are you?

What are you drinking?



Oh, Mr. Right,

if you were only    years older...



Hi, little guy.



- I love Jefferson Airplane, man.

- Dig.



Hey, queen of the night.



Oh, Bobby. Come on, time for bed.

Go on.



- Right.

- Bobby, bed. Now.






Good night, man.



Oh, come on.



- No, no!

- Stop that.



- No, no, no!

- Don't be an asshole, man.



- Don't fuck things up.

- Go on.



Carlton, don't say "fuck."



Fuck you.



Mom needs a break tonight, buddy.



Your mission is to pass as a  -year-old

till further notice.



But I'm missing everything.



There's always more, pal.



- A flying saucer.

- What?



There's a flying saucer.

It's above the back yard!



It's gonna land!



So where is it?



- You mean that airplane?

- I know what an airplane looks like.



You're an idiot, Frank.



Hey, aliens!



Come back!



I'm ready to go home now!



Hello, beautiful.






Oh, my God!



Oh, my God.



- Somebody call an ambulance!

- You're gonna be all right, okay?



My baby! Oh, my God, my baby!



You're gonna be all right. It's okay.



It's okay. It's okay.



- Hey, man.

- Hi.



High school.






Nice jacket.






Hey, man.



Oh, hi.



Wanna smoke a joint?



Well, I guess so.






Let's go.



I don't think this is working.



Be patient, man.



This is definitely not working.

I feel just like I always do.



So, Bobby, you new in town?



No, sir. I've been here all my life.



Just been sort of...






- Well, welcome to the material world.

- Well, thank you, sir.



You made this bread?



Bread's a hobby of mine.

I can just about do it in my sleep.



So, what's your father do?



- He's a teacher, over at Fillmore.

- Your mother, does she work?



No. I mean...



...she died last year.



Oh, I'm so sorry.



You shouldn't be sorry.

You didn't even know her.



Well, l...



I meant...



I meant it in a more general way.

I meant I'm...



I'm sorry for your loss.



This is really good bread.



I really like your jacket.



It's my brother's.



It's cool.



He died too.



You wanna borrow it?



Here, go on.



It fits you, man.



Wait a minute.






Take this.






Hey, Dad.



- Boys?

- Shit!



Come on in, Mrs. Glover.



Sorry to intrude. I was just wondering,

what's that music?



It's Laura Nyro.






...nobody wants a mother hanging around.



Bye, Mom.



Put that out. Please. You boys

are gonna get into trouble.



Mrs. Glover.



You've been so nice to me.



I was wondering...



You want a hit?



I do not.



There's nothing to fear. It's all goodness.



I'm Jonathan's mother.



- Bobby, I don't really think...

- But...



...you're also...






Don't you dare tell your father.



What do I do?



Just pull the smoke

straight into your lungs.



That always happens.



Here, try again.



Good. That's good.



Now hold it.






What will it do, exactly?



I mean, what should I prepare myself for?



Lt'll just make you laugh,

make you feel, you know, happy...



...and a little foolish.



Mrs. Glover?



This is so cool.



She sounds so sad.



She's the goddess.



I heard her singing, and I just...



I don't know.



She just sounds so beautiful...



...and lonely.






Oh, thanks, dear.



We're all, you know,

beautiful and lonely here.



Come on, let's dance.






- Absolutely not.

- Can't take no.



Look what you're making an old lady do.



- You're a good dancer.

- Well, I used to be...



...in the early Pleistocene.



Bobby, if you get cold,

there's a comforter in the hall closet.



- Thanks, Mrs. Glover.

- Okay.



- Good night, Mom.

- Good night.



The Stones are coming in March.



We've gotta get tickets.



We should go all three nights.






Dad, it's getting late.



My angel.



- You poor baby.

- Thanks.



Sure thing.






...that's it, man.



I'm like...



...the last of my kind now.



No, you're not.



I wish I'd been with him.



It's all right.



Oh, mama, no. Life can't be this good.



Your father took me to see this

on our second or third date.



- Blessings on our Friday.

- What do you want to do?



- Something huge.

- There's nothing huge around here.



- You took your dad's car?

- Just a little spin, man.



Hey, can I hitch a ride?



Shit! Get out of here!

Get out of here right now!



- Shit. Shit.

- Jon. Jon.



- I gotta go.

- This is where you live.



This is all fucked up.



I guess we let things get...



- I mean...

- It's love, man.



- It's just love.

- We got carried away...



...and I think we should stop.



I mean, pretty soon we'll be out

of high school.



Then we'll be in college.



And I want to go to college in a big city.



- You're gonna go away?

- As soon as I can.



You're awake.



I just...



I wanted a drink of water.



I couldn't sleep either, so I decided

I might as well do something useful.



Maybe I shouldn't stay here anymore.



I'm not innocent in all this, Bobby.



I can't pretend to be.



I honestly don't know what to do.



I'm supposed to be the mother.



I'm the adult here...



...and I honestly don't...



...have the slightest idea what to do

or say to either one of you.



I should go...



...I guess.



Want to learn how to make a pie?



Sometimes it's good to just do

a simple, useful thing.



- I don't know.

- I haven't rolled out the second crust yet.



It's not like bread dough. You mold that

until it comes to life.



Pie crust is just the opposite.



It needs kid gloves. You handle it

as little as possible.



You'd be surprised how easy it is

once you learn a few of the tricks.



Just coax it.



That's right.



That's good.



That's very good.



At least Alice and I will never have to suffer

through another Cleveland winter.



You'll do better in Arizona, Ned.



Yep. New beginnings.



Just wish it wasn't so far.



No, man, Jonathan can just hop in a plane

from New York any time, and I'll be there.









...you can't move...



...to Arizona with Alice and me.



Son, you're   .



- You can't just live with us forever.

- I know. I mean...



Time to get out in the world a little.



No one's home. Leave a message.



Hey, Jonnie.



Sorry, man, I'm not used to these things.



I'm calling to tell you...

Well, to ask you, really...



You see, Ned and Alice

are moving to Arizona...



...and I'm just here.



To tell you the truth, man,

I'm not sure what to do.



It seems like I've just been...






...for so long.






- You're here.

- I can't believe it, man.



You're here.



- How was your trip?

- It was a trip.



Your new home.

Welcome to the Tarantula Arms.



I know, it's a lot.



Hey, man, you got bootleg Dylan.



- Is he here?

- He's here.



Welcome, Bobby.



Bobby, Clare, about whom

you've heard so much.



- Hi.

- I am so glad to finally meet you.



Me too. You.



Thanks for letting me, you know,

crash here for a while.



Well, come on. Grab your things,

get settled in. Come, Jonathan.



I like a little respite from all the décor.



You wanna go out to dinner,

or do you want to unpack first?



I mostly brought, you know...






- Let's go out.

- Okay.



- Have fun, boys.

- You come too.



Well, l...



No. You guys need

a little time alone, I think.



No, really. Come.






I'll just put on my other eye,

and we're out of here.



- Bobby is adorable!

- He is, isn't he, in his Bobby way.



- Why are all the good ones gay?

- Bobby's not gay.



Well, it's hard to say exactly

what Bobby is. You want another beer?






Come on!



Tomorrow, I'm taking you up

to Central Park.



Inside a week, you'll have

the whole city figured out.



Hey, man.



- What?

- You got a tattoo.



Yeah, years ago, at NYU. I thought I could

be the kind of person who'd have a tattoo.









I feel like there are things

we should talk about...



...but I'm not sure what to say.

- What things?



You know, when we were kids...



...what we used to do.



Man, we were kids.



- So are you seeing anyone in Cleveland?

- No. I'm...



I was just, you know, working,

hanging out.



How about you?



- You seeing anybody?

- No.



No one in particular.



Hey, man.



Look what someone was throwing out.



Hey, Leonard C.



Right out there on the street,

along with dead spider plants and macramé.



How many times

did we get stoned to this?



I lost count.



Hey, man, I'm making lasagna.



We could knock off a bottle of Chianti

and listen to "Suzanne," like,    times.



- Sorry, I've got a date.

- No problemo.



Save some for me.



You have to promise to make this,

at most, once a year.



Bobby, if I weigh     pounds,

I won't be able to get up the stairs.



Too bad Jonathan has to miss it.



Well, Jonathan has other priorities.



And it was the best.

We were out of our minds.



- You had a good time?

- The best. The best.



You know how sometimes

it seems like the DJ knows you?



That's what I'm talking about.



This is one of my sadness albums.



- After my divorce.

- You were married?



Years ago.

He was a sadistic drug addict...



...and I was, well, a masochistic,

aspiring drug addict.



- It made sense, at the time.

- Where'd you meet him?



- Want a real laugh? Woodstock.

- You were at Woodstock?



- Like, the concert?

- Well, I don't tell just anybody, Bobby.



- What was it like?

- Muddy.



You never seen so much mud.

I felt like a pig.



I was attracted to Denny because he had

a bar of Lifebuoy soap down at the pond.



- Hey, have you ever heard Steve Reich?

- No.



It's one of my favorites. Listen.



I just sort of catch whatever happens

to blow through.



Hey, beauties.



Hello, dear. You're home early.



Yeah, I was having a little less

than maximum fun.



Well, as you know, we always leave

the porch light on for you.



Love that.



- Jonnie, have you heard this guy?

- Steve Reich.



- Sure.

- He's great. He's amazing. He's just...






- Where'd you find him anyway?

- He found me.



He's a welcome addition

to the household.



Bobby, you'll have to find a job,

aren't you?



I'm a baker. Think a New York bakery

would hire me?



In New York, someone will pay you

to do just about anything.



If I make a living making hats...



She doesn't exactly make a living making

hats. She picks up a little change that way.



That is not true. I do have some money

left over from my grandfather...



...but I've stashed it

for when the baby comes.



- You're having a baby?

- Didn't Jonathan tell you?



- It hasn't come up.

- I didn't know you two were...



Lovers? We're not.

Most parents aren't lovers. Mine weren't.



I know this must sound a little...



A little what?

A little free? A little great?



A little like insisting on our own happiness

even if it's not what people ordinarily do?









I mean, hey, let's have a dozen.



- Shit, you scared me.

- Sorry, man.



What are you doing?



I get up and walk around

in the dark sometimes.



- Does that weird you out?

- No.



I don't know.



When the place is all dark...



...when you and Clare have gone to sleep,

and I'm awake...



...it's like being alive and being dead

at the same time, you know?



It's this sort of halfway thing...



...where the people who are alive

are dreaming...



...and the people who are dead...



...are where they are.



And I'm here...



...in the dark and the quiet.



You want some water?






- Are you and Clare really having a baby?

- Oh, God.



I don't know.



We've been talking about it.



It's something she really wants.



I like Clare.



So do I.



- Bye, Lacey.

- See you.



We can take it from there

if we need to.



- And on the Thursday ad, we can...

- Oh, shit. I gotta go.



- Can you...?

- Yeah, I got it.



- Thank you.

- Bye, Jonathan.



"Don't let it worry you,"

said the cameraman...



..."even De Mille couldn't see anything

looking through the wrong end..."



Don't let me kill the point,

or isn't it a story for grownups?



You've heard it. About the time I looked

through the wrong end of the camera.



Remind me to tell you about the time

I looked into the heart of an artichoke.



- Hey, is your name Dirk?

- No, I'm Jonathan.



I'm sorry, I just... You look like

someone I know named Dirk. I'm Wes.



Hey, Wes.



- These are my friends Clare and Bobby.

- Pleasure, Wes.



So, Jonathan, Bobby and I'll see you later.



- I thought we were all having dinner.

- All right, I'll see you later.



Do you know what I think?



Now, can Clare be absolutely honest

with you?



I think you need a new haircut.






You're so handsome, and that hippie do

does absolutely nothing for you.



I don't know.



- I never really, you know, think about it.

- Well, I do.



See, here's the thing...



...you don't look like yourself this way.

You know what I'm saying?



If you look like someone

other than who you are...



...you could get the wrong job

and friends, who knows what.



- You may end up with someone's whole life.

- I think this is my life.



- It doesn't seem like somebody else's.

- Check.



What do you think?



- I look so...

- Dangerous? Sexy?



- Stripped down, ready for action?

- That's not what I was thinking, exactly.



Well, you are definitely gonna start

turning heads around here now.






...what do you like about me?

- What?



Do you...?



- Do you like me?

- I like you. Of course I like you.



I mean, could you...?



You know, do you have...?



God, I can't believe

you're gonna make me say it.



Do you think I'm attractive?






That's what I thought

you were gonna ask.



And, yes, l... Absolutely, I do.






That's good.



Well, there's just no smooth

or sophisticated way to do this, is there?






No, listen.



You talk too much, darling.



If you don't shut up,

I will come to my senses...



...and realize how stupid

and self-destructive this is.



I have to tell you, I've never...



...you know...



...done this before.



- Pardon me?

- I've never...



...you know...



- Never?

- No.



Does that freak you out?






I mean, yes, of course it freaks me out!

Jesus Christ.



I guess maybe we should stop.






Because, you know...



...I may not be the most, like...






Oh, honey.



You think I'm upset

because you might not be adept?



- Is that what you think?

- No.



I guess.



Okay, junior...



...mama's gonna teach you

a thing or two.



Are you nervous?



Don't be.



This is the most natural thing

in the world.



All right.



It's all right.



Sorry I missed dinner.



Where is everybody?






...are you okay?



Are you okay?



I guess.



- You should go back to Clare.

- No, man...



...I don't wanna leave you alone.



You should go back to Clare.









Lovey, wakey, wakey!



I am not here. You never saw me.

I'm just the cleaning lady. So sorry.



You were in bed.

We tucked you in at   a.m.



I went out again.



- Fun?

- Sort of.






I don't think so.



So, what do we do now...?



- See you later, babies.

- Jonnie...



Oh, it's entirely fine. There's a whole world

full of art boys just outside.



No worries. Love you.



Hey, man.

What are you doing up here?



Some queen next door's got Mozart cranked.

I couldn't tear myself away.



Opera, huh?



Clare loves you.



I love Clare.



Doesn't this all seem sort of strange?



No, man, it's perfect.



Just like this.



Bobby, I'm starting to feel a little extra.



You're essential, man.



Let's dance.



- You can't dance to opera.

- You can dance to anything.



What are you doing?



A little kiss between brothers.



Nothing wrong with that.









Clare! Clare, wake up!









...you asshole! God.



We gotta find him.



Honey, he isn't lost. He left.



It's my fault.



This is not true.



No, you don't understand.






...this is a problem of Jonathan's.



- Trust me.

- There's something fucked up about me.



There is nothing fucked up about you.



You don't know.



- Hello?

- Hi, Alice?



Bobby, is that you, honey?



I don't wanna worry you,

but have you heard from Jonathan?



Of course. He's here.

Do you wanna talk to him?



He's there? Great, put him on.



Bobby, I'm sorry,

it looks like he's gone to bed already.



- But I'll tell him you called, okay?

- Tell him Clare and I are fine.



Okay, sweetheart, I will.






Do you like it here?



Here I can, more or less,

breathe the air...



...and your mother's learned

how to make blue margaritas.



Whoever expected to end up living

in the desert?



Yeah, whoever expects

to end up living anywhere?



That's too deep for me.



How's that?



Looks a little bit like me, doesn't it?



We're not speaking to anybody

right now.



Happy holidays.

Celebrate, all you people.



Hello, Bobby, this is Alice.



Sweetheart, there's something

I have to tell you.



Oh, look at you.



And this is Clare.



Oh, Clare. It's so wonderful

to finally meet you.



- Thanks for coming.

- Thank you for having me.



Alice, sorry.






- So clumsy.

- I'll get it.



It's all right,

they cost a $  .   at Kmart.






Do something for me.



- Anything.

- Hold me.



Just hold me.









Don't be gentle with me.



Squeeze me harder.






Make me feel like

you're breaking my ribs.



- Oh, God.

- I can't.



I don't wanna hurt you.



I love you.



- You're an angel.

- Mom?



I'll be right there, honey.



Anybody want a drink?



- Okay, sure.

- Okay.



I'm sorry about...



Well, all this.



I knew I'd see you both again.

I just imagined...






...different circumstances.



It's okay.



It's okay.



Ned, man...



...he was a trip.



He was like my father too.

You would have loved him, Clare.



- I'm sure.

- Bobby?



If you want my family so badly,

I hereby bequeath them to you.



No. No, better yet, I hereby

bequeath you my whole entire life.



Be me. I hereby dub you

Jonathan Glover.



Tomorrow, when they cremate

my father's body...



...you can be the son,

and I'll be the best friend.



You can come back from the service

and console my mother.



Jonathan, stop it.



You're better at it than I am.

You're better qualified. So go at it...



...be their son with my blessings.

- Listen to me, you little shit.



All he's ever done is worship you.

All you've done is walk out on him.



Don't you dare speak to him like that.



You don't know what you're talking about.

You don't know the first thing about worship.



Do you know?



Do you have any idea how much l...?



Listen, you guys...



How much I wanted you?

How much I loved you, you asshole?



You know, and then, what an idiot I am.

How pathetic is that?



Me, in love with you.

Then Bobby comes along...



...and I fall in love with this one,

then I think that we...



That the three of us,

maybe we could...



Fuck it.



Just leave me alone and go back

to the house and have a drink.






How could you just leave

without saying anything?!



I couldn't be the uncle anymore.

Give me a break, okay?



- Clare, hey.

- Don't call me that.



What, don't call you what? Your name?



What did you think I would do

without you, Jonathan?



- What were you thinking?

- Clare, come on.



I'm pregnant, you fuckers!






Are you sure?



I'm completely sure.



You wanted this, didn't you?



God help me.






- Oh, man.

- You think?









What do you think about "Ethan" for a boy,

or "Trevor"?



- Let's not get fancy.

- Lf it's a girl, call her "Clare Jr."



One Clare per family is enough.



- What will the kid call Bobby and me?

- I never thought of that. "Daddy."



Like "Daddy One" and "Daddy Two"?



- We're gonna have to move, aren't we?

- Right.



Funny family will need a third bedroom.



Funny family may need

a whole new neighborhood.



Somewhere where two out of three people

passing by are not psychotic?



- Exactly.

- How about Cleveland?



- No!

- Let's move here.



- Please repeat what you just said.

- It's too hard to raise a kid in the city.



Don't you think?



What if the kid turned out to be

some sort of, I don't know, Heidi.



How much goodness do we want?



Growing up in the country

doesn't doom anyone to good behavior.



Most of the interesting murderers

come from derelict farms.



This is so adult, looking at real estate.



- We are adults, sort of.

- Who would the kid play with out here?



Woodland creatures,

like Snow White.



I don't want him hanging with squirrels.

They have personality disorders.



Stop it!



This one has a great soul,

don't you think?






- It's your money.

- It's my grandfather's money.



- I didn't earn a dime of it.

- Still.



You'd be the owner.



What do you think?



You really want this, don't you?



If you do.



If we all do.



No, you, Bobby Morrow.

Beautiful, crazy boy.



- You want this, and I could get it for you.

- No, it'd be for us.



So long, treasures.



I'm thinking white here.

Totally white, like a Shinto shrine...



...and we can hang

paper lanterns all over.



- You are the gayest human being ever.

- Somebody's gotta be gay around here.



What do you like?



I think I'm gonna go and fix a window.



Okay. Jonathan, blue is your friend.



See, blue is the color of sky and water.



- Yeah, but white goes with everything.

- Well, honey, it's a house, not an outfit.



- It's all right, I'll do it.

- No, sleep. It's my night.



It's okay, Bobby's doing it.

It's his night.



If we don't keep to the schedule,

we'll all be exhausted by tomorrow.



- I don't care. I miss my daughter.

- Guess nobody's sleeping tonight.



Hello, Rebecca. Hello.



Oh, sweetie.



- Hey, beauties and heroes.

- Where have you been?



I got something to show you.



- This town's crying out for a cool café.

- This town's crying out for an outlet mall.



What? It has possibilities.



Where? Point out a possibility.



Kitchen's basically okay,

just needs a good cleaning.



Look, wood floors.



- Is that a termite?

- No.



Yeah, maybe.



I think I got a name.



The Home Café.



What do you think?



Well, it would be better for business...



...than "The Squalor and Desperation Café,"

I suppose.



And the goddess said, "Feed the people

and send them out happy into the night."



How's that mushroom lasagna

holding up?



- Two more orders left.

- Save them for Martha and Gill.



No problem.



- You got them, my dears.

- Thanks, Jonathan.



We're home, dear.

Oh, she's not happy today.



For a full hour. I have no idea.



Hey, honey.



- Just feeling shitty?

- I think she's getting sick.



I gotta get dressed

and get back to the restaurant.



Yeah. And I have to, well,

pick up some toys.



- You okay?

- Never better.



I seem to have ended up the mother

and the wife, haven't I?



- That's not fair.

- No, that's not fair.



And I can't help that.



I thought you'd be out here.



I'm sorry.



You haven't done anything.



I just want everybody to be happy.



- I know you do.

- It won't always be like this. We're...



...still getting started.



Bobby, what if I...



...just couldn't do this?



Lt'll be okay. Trust me.



You know, I think, maybe I'm not...



...this unusual.



I think maybe it's just my hair.



- I love your hair.

- Come here.



- Oh, Bobby!

- Oh, mamacita!



Here you are.



- Look what you've done!

- Our little place.



It's beautiful!



Oh, that's Ned and me!

Where did you find this?



Oh, it's lovely, all of it.



- I wanna see the kitchen.

- Come on.



Oh, I love it!



So here it is.

Yasgur's Farm, the holy ground itself.



It's hard to believe all that went on here,

isn't it? It just looks like...



Mud puddle and a field of cowpies?

I know.



- Come on in, you people!

- No.



I have been in that water before.

Bobby, don't you dare put her in there!



Boys, give them a puddle to play in...



They're sweet together, aren't they?



- In their gooney way.

- I think you're very brave.



- You do?

- Yeah.



When I was your age,

you got married and you had a family.



Never occurred to you

to do anything else.



Well, you know, I wanted that.

I wanted...



...just a more normal thing

when I was younger.



Just wanted a husband

and a baby and...



I think maybe you're better off.






One minute you have everything

you ever wanted, and the next...



...you find yourself in some

suburban neighborhood somewhere.



And it's fine. I mean,

it's not not fine, it's just...



The world just...



...starts to shrink around you somehow.



Most women have absolutely

no idea what they're getting into.






I don't suppose anyone knows

what they're getting into...



...till they're into it.



- For God's sake.

- Hey, what's up?



A little privacy, please.



You never wanted privacy before.



You okay?



Yeah, I'm fine.



What's that?



It's nothing.



Come here.



It's one of those spots, I think.



No, man, it's a bruise.









- Will you do something for me?

- Sure.



- Don't tell them.

- I won't.



I can't...



- lf I'm sick...

- You're not sick.



Just promise me that, then, okay?



- Lf it's just a bruise...

- It is a bruise.



If I just bumped my hip,

there's no reason to mention it.



- It is a bruise.

- Okay, there's no reason to talk about it.



- Okay.

- All right.



- Mom, is that...?

- Your father's ashes.



I thought there'd be a right moment.



Suddenly, if I don't give them

to you right now...



...l'll have to take them back

to Phoenix with me.



He wouldn't have wanted them

scattered in Arizona.



- I thought we could scatter them here.

- Here?



Well, this is your home, isn't it?



I guess.



You know, I think it might be best just

to be done with it. He was a modest man.



He wouldn't have wanted

an elaborate ceremony.



- Mom.

- And I can tell you this...



...this is no more him than a pair

of his old shoes.



Not yet. I'm...

Not here, not now. I'm not ready.



Well, whenever you are.



- We should go.

- Okay.



- Oh, I love you, honey.

- I love you too.



I'll see you at the café.






I know. Did you get yourself dirty?

Did you? You got yourself so dirty.



I need powder.



Did you get yourself dirty?

I know you did.



- You're so sexy like this.

- You are a true pervert. Get me the powder.



What happened?

You got something on your face.



Here, let me.



You can do anything, can't you?



- Me? No.

- I mean it.



You can live in the suburbs,

in the East Village, in the country.



It doesn't make any difference to you,

does it?



I don't know. I never really think about it.



There you go, all done. Come on.






Come here. Sit up there, princess.



You are a strange

and mysterious creature.



I'm, like, the least mysterious one

around here.



I bet you could live in the Sahara.



I bet you'd just pitch a tent

and find someone to sell you a camel.



I mean it. Is there anything

you couldn't do?



I couldn't be alone.






No, you couldn't, could you?



Hey, man.



Blessings on our day off.



I wonder if we should be closing

on Mondays.



- I feel a little guilty about it.

- No worries, please.



Hey, that little bruise gone away?



Well, no.



Let me see.



- It's the same.

- Let me see.



See? It's the same.



No, man, it's fading.



- You really think so?

- Absolutely.



You wanna dance?



- What?

- Come on.









I was so in love with you.



I was in love with you too.



But Bobby is the love of your life.



You know it's not that simple.



It's just that...



...I seem to have ended up...



- Come to bed.

- I can't sleep.



Do you want me to get up?






Go back to sleep.



Good night, crazy mama.



It'll all seem better in the morning.



- Gonna miss you.

- It's just a few days.



- You're taking a lot of stuff.

- Well, she needs a lot of stuff.



Okay, I think we're all set.






Bobby, do you wanna come with us?



I can't.






Do you wanna come with us?












- Call me.

- I will.



- Okay?

- Yeah.



You're a brave woman,

visiting your mother all alone.



She's not alone.

She's got Rebecca with her.






...don't worry, Miss R.



The best thing about Philadelphia

is you can leave it...



...and we'll be waiting for you right here

when you come home.



If you're lucky and good...



...we'll have a special surprise waiting

for you when you get back.



Lovey. Lovey.






Be good.






Love you.



You sleeping, man?



I can't, really.



They're not coming back, you know.



- This is a good spot, don't you think?

- Yeah, I do.



You think we should, like,

say a few words?



We got this far, Dad.



I think you'd like it. I really do.



- Hey, man.

- I should've written something.



No, man. This is perfect.



Anyway, Dad, here we are.



It's our place.



And it's yours too.


















- What's that?

- Window pane.



- For clarity of vision.

- Lf something bad happens...



...tell my parents I tried to be good,

but it was just too hard.



You're not freaked out about

the graveyard? I mean, don't be.



The dead are just people too.



People who wanted the same things

we want.



What do we want?



I don't know, man.



I mean, our lives, right?



Man, like, this whole big,

beautiful, noisy world...



...and everything that can happen.



All's well, little brother.



Your folks love you.



I love you.



Nothing to fear.



I've been thinking,

we should repaint Rebecca's room.



- Like, pink.

- She'd like that.



- Don't you think?

- Okay.



She'll come back someday...



...to this house, I mean.



It'll be hers.



I guess it will be.



She probably won't want it, right?



She probably won't have any idea

what to do with it.



But still, it'll be hers, you know?



Lt'll be hers.






This will be an all right place

to put my ashes too, okay?






I mean, whatever you want.



You built us a very good home.



That's not what...



That's what you did.



That's what you did for me, you know?



It's funny, isn't it?






The big, beautiful, noisy world.



Everything that can happen.






It's funny.

Special help by SergeiK