The Horse Whisperer Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Horse Whisperer script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Horse Whisperer. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Horse Whisperer Script



That shit!



- Hello!

- Hello!



- So, did you ask 'em?

- Yep. They said fine.



Oh, good!



Sure it's okay with your mom,

though, right?



Yeah, she doesn't care.

She's working.



Isn't she coming up this weekend?



I don't know.



So, ah, come on, how cute is he?

Spit it out.



- Oh, he's kind of gorgeous.

- Yeah?



He's sort of like a cousin, but not

really. He wants to be a forest ranger.



Oh, good! Well, then after dinner

we could set a fire in your room,

and he can come and rescue us.



You should've seen the look

on her face.



I never laughed so hard, I swear to God.

I just can't believe you might miss it.






Hi, Gulliver.

How you doin', boy?



Hey, Pilgrim.



Come here.



Hey, babe.

You're such a beautiful boy.



What are you thinkin', huh?

What are you thinkin', boy?



You wanna go for a ride?



Let's go for a ride.

Come on. Come on, boy. Come on.



- Hello?

- It's me.



- Hi.

- Hi.



- So what train are you taking?

- Um, I should be in by  :  .




You want me to pick you up?



No, I can take a cab.

Grace go riding?



Mm-hmm. What do you want to do

about dinner?



- I hadn't thought.

- I can ask to try that place

Emily says--



- Oh, hang on.

- They're here, so--



I, I'll let you go. We'll figure it out

when you get here, okay?



Yeah, okay. Okay. Bye.




Please! Oh, God, please!



Oh, wait. Have you seen that

stupid cereal commercial? It's like--



-And where are the paintings? It's about

her work, and we can't even see it.

-But we're trying to--



We can change the colour of the deck,

and we can move it up so then

you can see the paintings--



We need to see the paintings.

She's an artist.



- Have you checked on her going rate?

- Gottschalk.



Yes. The legal department's

on that right now.



- David!

- Did you speak to Felton?



Yes, we're suing.



Well, is that absolutely necessary?

It'll just make it a bigger story.



-Am I on the speaker?

- David, he signed an agreement

that he wouldn't talk to the press...



and now he's libelled me

by saying I faked the figures.



- You're not going soft on me, are you?

- Well, nothing like a good public feud.






- You know that kid Adam?

- Yeah.



- Mm-mmm, he's very cute!

- I, I think you'd make a good couple,




- I don't think so.

- Oh, I do!



- You think he's cute?

- Eww! Are you serious?



- I think he's cute.

- Oh, I think he's lucky

that he lives next door to you.



- I think, I think I--

- What do you think?



I think you have a crush on him.



All right, let's take a shortcut.

Let's take a shortcut.



- You know, we can't even read it.

- Friday is confirmed.

- Right, okay.



No, no, no, no, no, no.

We have to reshoot this.



- I said it

- I said that

- I said it



- It's ''that.'' It's ''that.''

- I said it



- I swear to God, it's ''that.''

- It, it, it, it!

- It's ''that.''



- All right, fine.

Let's start again. Ready?

- All right, fine, fine, fine.



All right.

I met him at a party



And he told me how to drive



He said he'd like to do it backwards



I said it




- Come on.




I said it




Come on!



Gulliver. Gulliver, up!

Up, Gulliver! Whoa!




- Hey! No! No, no, no!



Grace, look out!



- Pilgrim!Judith,Judith!

- Grace!












Gulliver, stop!

Hold it, Gulliver!



Gulliver! Come on!






Judith's dead.



And what about Grace?



- She's in pretty bad shape.

- It's a multiple trauma.



- Where is she?

- She's still in the O.R.



- O.R.? What for?

- I-It's just-- It's--



It's a mid-shaft, tib-fib fracture

with a vascular compromise, meaning

the blood supply to the lower leg--



They think they have to take part

of the leg off.



Which leg?



T-The right leg.









Just take it easy.



This is gonna be tough on both of us.



So let's not make it any harder

than it has to be.






- That bag's almost empty.

- Oh, they'll be in to change it.



If you leave it up to these people--

Excuse me.



- My daughter needs a new I.V.

- Yes, I know. We have her down.



Well, I'd like it

taken care of now, please.



You have to stay on top

of these people constantly.



I'm sorry.



- Thank you.

- Thank you.



We really should let her get some rest,

and I do have to change the bandage.



You can come back in a couple of hours

and see how she's doing.



Mrs MacLean? Mrs MacLean,

you have a call on line two.

You can take it right there.



- Hello?

- Annie, it's Liz. How's Grace?



Her leg was very damaged,

and they had to remove it.



Oh, God. Annie, I'm so sorry.



Listen, I, I know

that you're being hit with a lot now...



and it's hard to think

about anything else,

but I have to talk to you about Pilgrim.






Yeah, I'm here.



I've never seen an animal

with these injuries still breathing.



I'd like your permission

to put him down.



- It's, it's really the best thing--

- Uh, I-- Y-- Uh--

You mean shoot him?




- Well, um--



Um, look, Liz.

The doctor's here right now...



and I, I can't make this decision

on my own.



-Annie, I understand that,

but I have to know--

- Uh, just do what you can.



- Okay?

- Annie, no matter what I do,

this horse will never be the same.



Well, look, I, I, I, I just don't know.

It's Grace's horse, so when she--



- It's not right to make it suffer.

- I cannot deal with this now, Liz.



I-If you need a yes or a no,

then don't do it.



Okay? Just, just, just, j-just do

what you can for him, okay?






Animal should be put down.

Anybody can see that.



What did he say?




He's just going off duty.



Well! That's important information, huh?






Doctors, huh?



I'm gonna get to know all

the nurses' names.



It's, it's good to know their names.



- I'll go get some of her things.

- I'll go.



No! I'll go.

You stay, in case she wakes up.



You guys go on ahead.

I'll be up by Christmas.



Oh, I meant to tell you. I got

those tickets for the Knicks game.






- Wanna come, Annie?

- No. Why don't you go with a friend,







Wanna eat something else, honey?

We can order out something else.



No, I'm just not that hungry.

That's all.



Well, you should try to eat anyway.

It's the only way you're gonna--



I said I wasn't hungry.



- Wanna watch some television?

- I think she should finish first.

- Maybe.



I just-- I-- I can't.



- Here.

- I'm sorry.



No, Dad! I got it. Got it.






- You've got to stop doing that.

- What?



Helping her all the time.



Running to her every time she trips,

anticipating her.



You know, Annie,

this didn't just happen to you.



Hi, Grace.



I don't care what he told you.

The man's a liar.



He's a actor, for God's sake.



He'd do anything to get a cover.



Gracie, what happened?



It doesn't matter.

I just--



I don't wanna come back.

That's all.



Well, what are you gonna do? I mean,

you have to go to school, sweetheart.



I said no!



I don't want to come back.

That's it. I wanna go home.



Grace, listen to me. Hmm?



Your leg is just healing, and you have

to give the rest of you time as well.



Is that your version of a pep talk?



Well, you're not staying home all day,

feeling sorry for yourself.



You're gonna get up,

and you're gonna figure this out.






It's still early.

What's your next class?






Appears to be an excellent jump.

Head and hands, eyes, perfect.



Pilgrim moves with absolute confidence

at the command of Miss MacLean.



- What is it, sweetheart?

- I wanna see Pilgrim.



- Hello.

- Hi.

- Hi.



It's so good to see you.

How are you doing?



- She's doing just great.

Aren't you, kiddo?

- I'm fine.



Watch your step.



Mind how you go.

It's muddy back there.



Back there?



W-Well, what do you, what do you mean?

Why isn't he in the barn

with the other horses?



Well, Grace, you see...



Pilgrim just isn't the same horse

that he used to be.



As a matter of fact, maybe now's

not the best time for you to see him.



I really wanna see him.



Can you open it, please?






Hello, beautiful boy.



- No! No!

- Grace.

- Oh, God, no, no, please.



- No, Grace.

- No, no, no, no. Leave me alone!



Here. Grace. Grace!



Mr MacLean, I'm so sorry.



- Dad, why didn't you tell me?

- I'm so sorry.



You should've told her, Annie.

This animal is beyond help.



Annie, can I have your permission now

to put him down?






And get me every publication on riding,

racing, breeding.




Medical publications as well.



Veterinarian journals. And tell them

it's me, and I want it now.



- Hold on, hold on. Gottschalk.

- I'll call him back.



- He says he's on his way

to the airport, he really needs--

- Lucy, I'll call him back.



I'll call him back.

Just get me what I want.



''A million years before man...



''they grazed the vast

and empty plains...



''living by voices

only they could hear.



''They first came to know man

as the hunted knows the hunter...



''for long before he used horses

for his labours...



''he killed them for meat.



''The alliance with man

would forever be fragile...



''for the fear he'd struck

into their hearts...



''was too deep to be dislodged.



''Since that Neolithic moment...



''when a horse was first haltered...



''there were those among men

who understood this.



''They could see

into the creature's soul...



''and soothe the wounds

they found there.



''The secrets uttered softly

into troubled ears.



These men were known

as the Whisperers.''



It's perfectly shot,

perfectly cropped...



perfectly laid out,

and I am so bloody bored.



Start again.



Thank you.

Would you excuse me for a moment?






- Hello?

- Yeah, this is Tom Booker.

I got a message you called.



Oh, hello, Mr Booker.

It's Annie MacLean from Cover.



You know, the magazine.



Um, well, thank you

for returning my call.



- Is there something

I can do for you, ma'am?

- Yes, yes.



I read this article about what you do

for people with horse problems.



Well, truth is, I help horses

with people problems.



Well, whichever way

you want to put it.



Uh, this article said that you were,

you were a, a horse whisperer.



Oh, they said that, huh?

A whisperer. Hmm.



And I was hoping that you'd come

to New York...



and take a look at my daughter's horse

and possibly do some--



Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I'm,

I'm afraid you've misunderstood

whatever it is you read.



Because that's not exactly what I do.

I mostly conduct clinics, you see, and--



Well, could you come to New York

just for the day?



- It's only a few hours by plane.

- And I'm not doin' them now.



I'm on my way to Montana where I have

a ranch to take care of.



Well, I'd pay your fare, of course.

Uh, first class.



Ma'am, first class to Montana

is a waste of good money.



Well, if you could just give me a time

when you'd be available.



Say, am I, am I being too polite here

when I say ''no'' in Nevada?



Does that mean ''yes'' where you are?



Look, I'm really sorry for your

situation, but there's nothing I can do.



You just called the wrong person is all.

I'm sure there's some fine horse doctors

back east.



No, but I don't want a horse doctor.



- I want, I want you.

- So I, I hope everything goes okay

with you and your horse.



- Well, but you see, it's not my horse.

- So, so, goodbye now.






Grace, it's Mom.









Are you all right?



- I've decided about Pilgrim.

- Oh.



I think we should put him down.



It's not fair to let him suffer.



- Well, I think that's a very--

- Maybe they should put me down, too.



- What?

- I'm not much use anymore.



You're getting a fax.



- You're up late.

- Is it?



- How was the dinner?

- Is Grace asleep?



- Yeah, I think so.

- Nothing we haven't heard before.



Just louder this time. That's all.



- So why'd you go?

- Well, one of us had to.



They're still our friends, Annie.



Listen, I had a thought.

What do you think

we go someplace warm, the three of us?



Bermuda or the Bahamas or--




Mmm, nothing.



No, I just don't know if Bermuda

would be such a good idea.



- Grace would have to wear

summer dresses or shorts.

- Oh, yeah, of course, of course.



What is it?



I want to take Pilgrim out to see this

horse guy. Drive him out to Montana.



- No, I'm serious.

- Now, wait a minute.



- I thought you said you didn't like

the way he sounded on the phone.

- Well, I didn't.



- I want to take Grace with me.

- You're kidding!



Liz'll find me a trailer.

We can stay at motels along the way.



- What, you made arrangements already?

- No, I just checked out a few things.

You know.



- Wait a minute. Drive a crazed horse

all the way to Montana with--

- Oh, he's not crazed, Robert.



- Don't exaggerate.

- No, I can't just pack up and leave.



- Well, I'm not asking you to.

I'll do it.

- By yourself? How?



- You can't take care of Pilgrim.

- He'll be sedated.



- I do know a thing or two about horses.

- What about the magazine?



I'm in charge.

I can oversee things from Montana.



- I can take my fax, my computer.

- Oh, you're in charge.



Well, what about Grace? The doctor says

she needs stability and security.



Well, I can't say he's being

all that effective with her.



- Are you a psychiatrist?

He says it takes time.

- Well, I don't care what he says!



I cannot sit here and pretend

everything's gonna be all right.



- I am not pretending. I am trusting.

- We have to do something, Robert.



- Other people know more

about this than we do.

- We are losing-- We are losing her!



I don't care what the doctors say.

They don't know her.



I don't care

if this doesn't sound rational.

Nobody is suggesting anything better!



I, I can't explain it, Robert.

I just have this feeling.



I just know it's the right thing.



Why, Annie?



I just know it.



Does this, uh, cowboy vet

know that you're coming?






What if Grace doesn't wanna go?



She will if you think she should.



- And you think it's best

if I don't come.

- No, that's not what I said.






I don't wanna go.



Straight back. Come on.

A little closer. A little more.



Watch it. Get behind him.



Hold it! Get back! Hold it.



- Watch it!

- There he goes, Eddie!



- Why don't you get inside and--

- Lady, we're doing the best we can!



- It's the only way to load

this kind of horse.

- Keep trying.



- Maybe we should give him

another sedative.

- We did.



Get the gate! Get the gate!



Let's get out of here!

Hold that door!



You got a gun, just in case?



Of course not.



That's probably best.



You may want to shoot yourself

halfway to Ohio.



Grace, are you hungry?

Do you want to stop for lunch?



I don't care.



I want to find a place before

it gets dark. What do you think?



- Grace?

- Doesn't matter.



Okay, Lucy, look.

This is what I'll do.



I'll get to the next motel,

see if they have a fax and then--



Oh, wait, hang on. Uh--

I gotta go, okay? Later.



Grace, do you want

to put your music on up here?






Do you want to put your music on

up here?



And when you purchase

your Eureka World Deluxe Vac--



Here the agricultural markets

and farm news headlines continue to--



Insecticide for small grains.



Important to always read

and follow label instructions--



This here man was rejuvenated

in the grace of the Lord.



He was washed.



Mmm, Grace, look at this.



Do you wanna see that?



- I don't care.

- ''I don't care.''



Oh, it'll be fun. You haven't seen

any of the sights yet. It's history.



When I was     I used to love

doing things like this.



Oh, you were never     Mom.






Great idea, Mom. Now what?



- How long is this gonna go on?

- What?



You know what I mean.



Do you want us to go back home?

Is that what you want?



What are you asking me for?

You didn't ask me if I wanted to come

in the first place.



Now I get to decide? Sorry.



Do you know who I'm doing this for?

I'm doing this for you.



Bullshit! It's all about you, about

you deciding, about you being right!



-It's like we work for you or somethin'!

-I don't believe this!



- How come Daddy didn't come, huh?

- What do you mean?



You know everything.

You figure it out.



- Your father had to work.

- Yeah, right!



- Would you please stop acting like

you know what you're talking about?

- You are amazing, you know?



I mean, you act like I don't even live

in that house anymore.



What, you think

I don't know what's going on?

You think I'm still five years old!



- When you act like this, you are.

- How long are we gonna be away, huh?



- I don't know. I don't know.

- Yeah, well, what if this guy

can't do anything, huh?



I don't know!



I don't have all the answers.



No, you just act like you do.



- You okay, ma'am?

- Yeah, I'm, I'm fine.



That young lady's gettin'

a little worried.



Oh, sorry. Sorry.



- Good night, ma'am.

- Good night.



You buckled up?



- Are you cold?

- A little.



You may have seen the

Kennel Club champion being rewarded

with a box of chocolates the other day.



Veterinarians and humane--



But I can't get you out of my mind




Winter weather got you down?



Wilson Travel is offering charter

packages to sunny Orlando, Florida.



Well, looks like lots of precipitation,

as we mentioned, overnight.



Great Falls, an inch and a half.

Plus, it looks like

about another half an inch.



He had an epiphany. Paul had

been transformed by the grace of God...



so he was a new creation in Christ.



Is there a man who is completely--



Hop on down to the Northern Plains

John Deere. We'll be glad to see you.



Gee, this place looks like fun.



- Don't they believe in signs

around here?

- What would they say?



- ''Ten miles to Big Rock,

twenty miles to Bigger Rock''?

- No.



- Great trip, Mom.

I'm having so much fun.

- I think I should turn here.



Oh, yeah, those rocks over there,

much more interesting.



Can we take a look at Bronty's foal

when we're done here, Dad?



Sure, as long as she don't mind.



There's this kid at school says

we should have imprint-trained him.



Says if you do it soon as they're born,

makes 'em real easy to handle later on.



That's what some folks say.



There's this thing on the TV

about a guy who does it with geese.



He has this aeroplane,

and these baby geese all grow up

thinking it's their mom.



And he flies it, and they just follow.

You hear about that, Uncle T?



Yeah. Heard about it.



Well, what do you think

about all that stuff?



Well, I'll tell ya,Joey,

it might be all right for geese to

grow up thinkin' they're aeroplanes...



but horses, as far as I can tell,

can't fly.



We expecting company?



- You know who it is?

- Nope.



- Mr Booker?

- Yeah?

- Yeah?



Tom Booker?



Annie MacLean from New York.

We talked on the phone.



I had a little bit of a hard time

finding the place. There are no signs.



Oh, there are plenty of signs,

just not many of them printed.



Why do I get the impression

that you're just not driving through?



I want you to take a look at my horse.

Now, it won't take long.



And if you still feel the same way,

then I'm sure I can find--



You thinkin' about personally

driving me back east?



Oh, no, no, no. No, I brought him along,

and my daughter, too.



We're at, we're at the Lazy J Motel.



- You hauled him all the way out here?

- Well, yeah.



I had a trailer. It's not like

I made him run alongside the car.



- By yourself?

- Mm-hmm.



Well, ma'am, I appreciate the pains

that you've obviously gone through--



Look, please don't do

the ''Shucks, ma'am'' thing again.



I have just driven a few thousand miles

for a few minutes of your time.



I have brought him

all the way out here.



Just take a look at him.

If you still feel the same way...



I will be on the road by morning, and

you'll never hear from me again, okay?






We're at the Lazy J Motel.

Whenever you're free.



You don't have to call.






- No, this is what you call the boonies.

- Mom, the door.



No. No, not really.



No services,

and there's one doctor in town.



But I managed to find a therapist

for Grace.



I had to drive, like, two hours.



Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Did they get the colour corrections?



- Yeah?

- Uh, I'm Tom Booker.

Is your mother around?



She's on the phone.

She'll be right out.



- Could I--

- Mom, there's a cowboy here.



This is not Gottschalk's business.

Why is he interfering with this?



I told him I'd take care of it.



No. I told him I'd take care of it,

and I will take care of it.



I just have to get myself settled here.



Well, um, put it in a memo,

and I'll sign it.



- This your first time in Montana?

- Oh, no! Really?



Uh, it's completely ridiculous.

It's completely ridiculous.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

yeah, yeah. I can imagine.



I can imagine. They are?



Then why did you go to meet him,

alone, secretly?



-All dressed up?

- That's, that's funny.



No, really?

I can't believe that.



- Is she gonna be long?

- Probably. She's on the phone

   hours a day.



- What does she do?

- She's an editor.



An editor? Ah, ah, yeah.



Just in case she hasn't told you,

which she probably hasn't...



I don't wanna be a part of this,




Mm-hmm. Thank you.



Hi. Sorry about that.



Grace, this is Mr Booker.

Did you look at Pilgrim yet?



I was gonna take that look now.



Would you like me to come with you?

I have to run over to the office

and give Mr Peterson a cheque.



- Doesn't matter.

- Grace?



Do you wanna come with us,

take a look at Pilgrim?



- Probably best she stay behind anyway.

- Okay.



- Howdy, Lester.

- Howdy.



- Goin' to see that horse?

- Yeah, I thought I might.



Well, I hope you got insurance.

That dirty son of a bitch.



Well, you're the closest

anyone's ever gotten.



I have to be honest with you.



I still feel you've made

a long trip for nothin'.



But before I even think about it...



I need to know somethin' right now.



And it's a question for Grace.



You see, when I work with a horse,

it's no good just me doin' it.



- The owner's gotta be involved, too.

- Well, that'll be a little complicated.



You can make it as complicated

or as easy as you like.



But she's the one that's gonna

be ridin' him. Am I right?



Hey? Right?



Now, here's the deal.



I don't know that I can do anything.



But I'm prepared to give it a go,

if you'll help.



- Oh, you have a problem with that?

- Isn't it, like, obvious?



Not to me.

Either you want to or you don't.



- Look, I'll talk to--

- Excuse me. With all due respect,

this is her decision, not yours.



Now, I don't wanna waste

anybody's time here, mostly mine.



Well, nothin' else to do around here.



That's not good enough.

I can't help you.



What do I have to do?



I said, what do I have to do?



Well, what does she want?



- Does she want you to take care

of her horse?

- Somethin' like that.



- And they're stayin' in a motel?

- The Lazy J.

Can I have some butter please?



- Not exactly a tourist stop.

- Well, well, what about the girl?

Doesn't she go to school?



- I don't know.

- You know, I just think she's got

a lot of nerve showin' up here.



Draggin' that, you know, poor animal

and that child all the way--



Honey, don't eat with your fingers.

Frank, don't you think

she's got a lot of nerve?



Well, hell, I don't know. According to

Tom, she's a pretty determined woman.



She must've thought it was worth it.



Yeah. Well, I guess they'll want

feedin', bein' out here all day long.



- I don't think they'll expect that.

- What, they gonna drive    miles into

town every time they want a hamburger?



- Mixed salad.

- What?



Well, I believe women from New York

eat mixed salads.



- Ain't that right, Tom?

- I believe so.



Well, that's just what we need!

A vegetarian from New York

on our cattle ranch.



A Great Traveller, interested,

not merely a good one...



is a kind of introspective.



As she covers the ground outwardly...



so she advances towards fresh

interpretations of herself, inwardly.



And this is the quality

which lends Frea Starks'books...



the memorable poetic density

which is their special cachet.



Moreover, it is this quality

which makes them as fresh and strike--



You're at a good place to quit.



Oh, I got him movin' out a bit.

That's about it.



It's still a long ways away

from gettin' a leg over him.



Well, we're movin' along.



What's he doing?



Is this some kind

of physical therapy?



Hello? Hello?



What? No, you're breaking up.



Hold on. Hold on.



Don't start a fight with him.

Joey, give me your rope.



Just to pull him back.

We'll never get him outta there.

Let me go in after him.



Mr Booker, I'm really not comfortable

with you taking these kind of risks.



- Oh, God!

- Hey, hey! Pilgrim!



Let him go!



Let him go.



Does that hurt you?



Only when I kick somebody.



Don't you go to school?



Taking a break.



Don't you?



School term's out early for us

so we can work the ranch.



Look at him out in the pasture.



He must've been a big,

beautiful-lookin' horse.



How was he to ride?



Excuse me.

I've got chores to look after.



Are we in the way?



Should we leave?



I guess we'll go then.



From now on,

leave your phone somewhere else.



Miss MacLean, would you and

your daughter like to stay for dinner?



Joe, take off your hat at the table.

I don't want to say it again.



Uh, dear Lord...



we are humbly thankful

for these gifts...



for the blessings on our home,

our family and our guests.



And bless those that aren't

as fortunate.



Bless all God's creatures. Amen.



- Amen.

- Amen.



- Like some roast beef?

- Looks great. Thanks.



Thank you.



- Want some milk?

- Yeah. Thanks.



Ol' Hank got us

a couple more men...



to move the cattle.



And what kind of cattle

do you raise, Mr Booker?



Well, we run a mixed herd,

but mostly Black Baldies.



And, uh, what're, what're those?



- Black Angus Herefords

instead of straight Herefords.

- Oh, Black Angus.



- There you go.

- Of course.



And, uh, what's,

what's the difference?



- Well, they suit the weather better.

- And their utters are black

instead of pink.



They don't get burnt

with the sun bouncin' off the snow.



- They make good mothers.

- Our daddy raised straight Herefords.



You know, that's interesting. Um--



I've always wondered every time I,

you know, when I go into a restaurant...



what's the difference between a regular

steak and a Black Angus steak?



I can never taste the difference,

but I could swear that one

was more tender than the other.



I didn't know there was

that much difference between the cows.



Of course, I've never been on

a cow farm before.



Seems to me that the bulls

have the best of the time.



Just laying around the fields,

waiting for somebody to come along

and ask them to do their work.



You get born a bull,

got a   % chance of getting castrated,

served up as hamburger.



So on balance,

I reckon I'd choose being a cow.






- Hey, young man.

- You get back up to bed!



So how's the Lazy ''J''

holding up for you?



Oh, it's fine.



I still can't get used to how dark

it gets around here, though.



Every time I leave the ranch,

I hold my breath

until I can see the motel.



Well, by golly,

that's a lot of drive time.



You know, Tom, while you're working

on that horse of theirs...



Annie and Grace should move

into the old creek house.



Nobody's usin' it. It's silly for her

to be driving back and forth...



when she, she don't know her way around

that well.



Well, that's very kind of you,

but really we're fine where we are.



Oh, hell, look,

I know the Lazy ''J.''



Whole place is as good

as falling down around your ears.



Frank, they're already

all settled in.



And anyway, I'm sure

they want their privacy.



Well, it's got doors, Diane,

and private as can be.






I don't have a problem with it.

I think it's up to Annie.



Well, it'd be great for when my dad

comes to visit.



Where is your dad, honey?



He's at home, working.



You know, um-- I don't know, um--



Is it worth it, really? I mean,

how long do you think you'll carry on

working with Pilgrim?



That depends on Pilgrim.



I know. Me, too.

When are you comin' to visit?



Yeah, well, there'll be plenty of room

'cause we're moving down to the ranch.



Yeah, yeah. They've got this really cute

little house down by the creek.



It's really pretty.



Okay. Okay.

I love you, too.



Ho-Hold on.



Dad wants to talk to you.






- Well, she sounds like

she's doing all right. How is she?

- Yeah.



You know, I think she seems

to be getting more comfortable

on the ranch...



which is, which is the only reason

I said yes to this move.



Well, that makes sense.



So, how are you doing out there

in Marlboro country?



- Is the magazine complaining at all?

- Yeah, but nothing I can't handle.



Lucy says she thinks Gottschalk's

plotting. But what else is new, hmm?



So when are you coming home?



You know, I asked him that myself

tonight, and he doesn't know.



Hmm. I miss you, Annie.



Yeah, I know.

We miss you, too.



- Good night.

- 'Night.



Did you ask him to come visit?



You already did.

Do you want me to help you pack?



- Hi.

- Howdy.



What's he doing?



He's tryin' go get him

to hook on.



How's it going?



Get over there!



Ha! Come on!



Hey, you over there!



Wanna make yourself useful?



- Hey, Hank.

- Yeah?



I think you got a volunteer here.

You wanna take care of her?



Where's Grace? Grace?



- You okay?

- Yeah.



- Cocktail hour yet?

- What?



I said, is it cocktail hour yet?



Come here a second.



You handled that pretty well.

I think it's time you started earning

your keep around here.



So when we're not working,

you're not doing your therapy...



I'd like you to help out

with the horses, you know,

rubbin' them, cleanin' the stalls.



Think you can handle that?



- That's not a question, is it?

- Nope.






Hey, cowboy.



When I was out walkin'

one morning for pleasure



Spied a cowpuncher

come a-lopin'along



His hat was throwed back

and his spurs was a-jinglin'



And as he approached

he was singin'this song



Hey, you little ones.

How are you?



He was only     he had a flat

on his little pickup, and--



You know you're not allowed

to go swimming in the river.



And Marie here made the best pie.

Cherry pie. Go get some.



As luck would have it, he didn't have

all the lug nuts off...



but the jack slipped and fell

right on that rock he calls a head.



Is he okay?



Well, it rearranged his scalp

about     inches--



But he always dreamed of having a place

where he could raise horses...



and have a whole separate life.



My grandson Joe is named for him.



And somebody told him

about a place called Stockett.



He got on his horse

and he rode over there...



and he got off, and he walked

as far as he could one way.



And then he turned around, and he

walked as far as he could to the other.



And then he decided that

that's where he was going to settle.



And that's where we raised

Frank and Tommy.



- Where do you call home?

- She's from New York, Mom.






Well, I was born in London,

but I'm from all over really.



My father was a diplomat,

and so we moved constantly.



Oh, my.

That sounds very important.






No, he was, he was a wonderful man.



He died when I was     but we,

we lived all over the world.



We-- It's, it's not the same as,

as knowing a place like this.



Well, sometimes people carry it

more on the inside...



than the outside.



If it hadn't have been

for them troublesome doggies--



I suppose I could gather up

some of these cups and plates.



- You guys done with these?

- Yeah?



You better give me that recipe.

It was really--



I know, I know.

Be glad to tell her anything.



This family has quite a history.



Yeah, it's a story, all right.



- I love how she calls him Tommy.

- Yeah, always did.



I think she always favoured him.



She loves tellin' this story about...



when he was two years old,

he ran off...



and they found him sleepin'

in the barn...



between two giant hooves

of a Percheron stallion.



He said that horse was protectin' him,

and nobody could convince him otherwise.



Why do you always wear that hat?



'Cause it fits my head.



- Wanna try it on?

- Come on!



What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do?



Huh? What?

What do you call that?



Okay, one more time.



You gonna, you gonna sit on me? Here.



So you can watch this 'cause I don't

wanna do this too many times, okay?



Put your finger up. Okay?



Okay? Loop's knotted, right?



Looks like the only way to get it off

is to break the touch, right?



Now watch.

You watchin'?



Watch careful.



- Again! Again!

- Again! Again! One more time.



Oh, no, no. I don't fall

for that one twice.



Now, you guys get on in

before your mother calls you.



- Here.

- So--



Thank you.



- What?

- Do you ever sit still

for just a minute?



Well, you sit still too long

in New York and you get renovated.



Why is it, Mr Booker,

that sometimes I get the feeling

that you're laughing at me?



I don't know. Why?



No. You're supposed to say

you're not laughing at me.



Oh, I see. You take care of both sides

of the conversation, do you?



It's a man's world, Mr Booker.

Most women have to.



You can call me Tom.



Maybe I am laughin' a little bit.



I figure since you're here, it might

be nice to relax into the place a bit.






Well, it's beautiful country.



And I could see having

some kind of a...



you know, vacation place, retreat.



But I don't know how you do it




Don't you miss

the rest of the world?



What's there to miss?



Well, if you've never lived

in a city with...



with museums and theatre and...



and restaurants and music...



uh, well, I can't explain.



Well, does Chicago count?



- You lived in Chicago?

- That's where I met my wife.



You, you were, you were married

to a woman in Chicago?



Yeah, really. A woman.



No, I'm sorry. I didn't, I didn't--

No, I'm so--



I was studying engineering...



and she was studying music,

the cello.



And I once heard her play

a Dvorak concerto...



and I thought it was

the most beautiful piece of music

I'd ever heard in my life.



So, just who's laughin' at who here?



Jogger, huh?



I don't jog, Mr Booker. I run.



Well, that's lucky for you.



Grizzlies around here

mostly go for joggers.



You sleepin' okay in that house?



Well, I don't sleep well anywhere,

but the house is fine, yeah.



Oop. I have a way with animals.



That's all right.

He's just young.



Here, hold out your hand

just a little lower. That's it.



So he can get the smell of you.



He's beautiful.



-Now, how come you don't ride anymore?




Grace told me you used to ride

when she was younger.



- She did?

- Yep.



Uh, I don't know.



Uh, no time, I guess.



I thought it was supposed to be spring.



Enjoy the day.



You, too.



Come take a ride with me.



- Can you drive?

- Drive? Not old enough.



Well, it's never too soon to start.

Here. Get in.



Uh, I, I can't.



Come on.

I don't have all day.



Put the key in

and turn it on.



- This one?

- Mm-hmm.



Now, the right pedal is the gas.

The other one's the brake.



Uh, I don't think I, I can

with my, uh, with my leg.



Well, there's only one way to find out.

Now, put it in ''D.''



Now give it some gas.



Okay, we know you can.



Now you just gotta feel how much.

Now give it-- Try it again.



There you go.






Real nice. Now there's a little road

up at the end here. Turn onto it.



Now just follow this.

Nothin' to it.



I'm gonna kinda close my eyes here

for a little while...



so keep goin'

till you run out of road.



Uh, I, I, I don't think I can.



It's not a question if you can.

You are.



Where'd you get Pilgrim from?



We bought him in Kentucky.



Me and my mom took a trip down there

to see him.



Well, that must've been special.






Are you afraid of anything, Tom Booker?



Oh, growin' old.



Not bein' much use.



Hey, Grace?



What went on out there with Pilgrim?



See, Grace, I got a problem.



When I work with a horse,

I like to know its history.



Now most of the times, a horse,

in its own way, can pretty much

tell you the whole story...



but sometimes they get

so messed up in their head

that you need more to go on.



Now, I don't know how you feel

about talkin' about it...



and if you don't feel like it,

I understand.



But if I'm gonna figure out

what's goin' on in his head...



sure would help me if I understood

exactly what happened that day.



You know, not today.

Whenever you feel like it.



I'll leave that up to you.






- The answer's no.

- You haven't even heard

the question yet.



Now, the truth is,

you'd be doin' me a real favour.



I got all these young colts

that need ridin'. Rimrock here, he's--



- I mean, he's feelin' kinda left out.

- Poor thing.



He'd be grateful,

and he'd take real good care with you.



- Is this how you're gonna make me pay

my phone bill?

- No. No, ma'am.



That part's extra.



Oh, brought you a hat.



- Oh, I have a hat.

- I know. I've seen it.



- I think my stirrups are too long, or--

- No, they're fine.

Just relax your centre.



- Yeah.

-Just sittin' in a bucket.



Well, it's all coming back, you know.

I mean, I'll be fine.



Okay. Well, then

I'll stop talkin' then.



No, I didn't mean that. I-- You know,

I've never ridden western before.



- So--

- Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

Just sit the horse.



- Yeah.

- You have a nice seat.

You're doin' fine.



Thank you.



- You look good. You feel okay?

- Yeah.



- You wanna pick it up a little?

- Yeah.



Watch your reins.



Give him some room.

Let him do the work.



- Okay? You okay?

- Yep.



Let's go.



I envy your mother.



I do.



It must be great to be her age...



and to be at the point in life

when you have no more guesswork.



No more impossible decisions to make.



And anyway, it doesn't matter

because all the worries

and all the wrong turns that you made...



are as valuable and as, as...



as cherished as the things

that you did right.




Oh, it must be such a relief.



Must be such peace in that.



Well, I don't think you have to wait to

be her age to find that kind of peace.



Yeah, but how would you know

unless it was all behind you?



Do you have it?



Sometimes. Not all the time,

but sometimes.






Wakin' up on the ranch in the morning,

knowin' what I'm supposed to do

that day.



Knowing I'm home.



I wake up every morning, and

I don't know a damn thing. Was I--



Was I right to bring her here,

away from what's familiar...



away from her father, her friends?



And the more I try and fix things,

the more everything falls apart.



Maybe you should let 'em fall.



- No, I can't.

- Why?



Do you think I was right to come?



I can't answer that, Annie.



Well, I'll know soon enough.

If I've made a mistake,

Grace'll let me know.



She's a strong kid.



She gets that from somebody.



Thank you for all you're doing.



You and your family,

letting us stay at the house.



It wasn't gettin' much use.



What was your wife like?



She had reddish hair.



Not, not quite. Almost.

Depended on the light.



She had green eyes.



And when she played, that was it.



Something just went right through me.



I'd never heard music like that

played before.



And the way she looked

when she played it.



And then one day, she looked at me

that way, and that was it...



for both of us.



I knew she didn't want

to be a rancher's wife,

but I wanted to give it a try.



I thought maybe she could

give music lessons to the kids

in town, the school maybe...



and that our kids would grow up with

my brother's kids and play together.



But she wasn't happy here.



''Too much space,'' she said.



- So why didn't you stay in Chicago?

- Wasn't enough space.



It just wasn't meant to be.



But how did you know, for sure?



Knowing's the easy part.

Saying it out loud's the hard part.



Mmm, seems so obvious now,

doesn't it?



''We weren't right for each other.

If only we knew then.''



I didn't love her

'cause it was right.



I just loved her.



For whatever it's worth, Annie,

took a lot of guts for you to come here.



Lift your leg.



Come on. Come on.









Would you let me ride your horse?



- Have you talked to Tom about it?

- Of course I have.



I don't know.

You sure Tom said it's all right?



You gonna give me a hand or what?



- You sure?

- Come on.






Easy. Hold it.









Got it. Got it.

I can do it.






Are you okay?






You better not say anything!



I thought there were too many forks,

so I just, um--



Oh. You look really pretty.






Does anybody want something to drink?






Better go give your mom a hand.



Oh, yeah.



- Everything under control here?

- Um, no, not really.



Uh, it's been so long

since I've done this.



I've forgotten. Uh, and

I couldn't find any Parmesan cheese.



Well, you got an easy crowd out there,

as long as it's hot.



Can I do anything?



Uh, just make yourself comfortable.



I am comfortable.



Well, um, in that case

you can bring in the pasta.



- You missed a button.

- Thank you.



You know, I'll have another round

of that spaghetti, if I may.



- Oh, of course.

- Thank you.



I, uh, like the sauce.

Maybe I could get the recipe.



- It's from a jar.

- Oh.



Well, now, you know what?



I, uh, used jar sauce once.

I don't believe it was

near as good as this.



- Isn't that right, Frank?

- No.



No. You know, I think you gotta know

which brand to pick.



I sure would like the name

of this one.



Annie, you've given me

a rare night off.



Ooh, you're touchin'

on a sore subject here.



Diane's got these big dreams in her head

about gettin' away to--



- Gosh, what was it? Greece, Morocco?

- Morocco.



One of these places

where women wear masks and...



everybody's runnin' around

in robes and--



- Well, we could use a vacation.

- Mmm. We're going to Branson

for the wedding.



- It is not. You just had a turn.

- You don't know how to play the game.



- Hey!

- Yes, I do.



- You do not.

- Uh-huh.



You know, Frank. You know...



Branson, Missouri

is not exactly Morocco.



I got family there. Got no family

in Morocco, far as I know.



- It's my turn.

- Is not.

- You had a turn.



- Was not.

- Was so!

- Boys, settle down.



- You're just showin' off for her.

- Shut up, stupid.



-You're the only one who's stupid,

lettin' her go and fall off your horse.

-Hey, boys.



- Oh, you little turd.

- I saw 'em in the pasture,

her tryin' to get on Gonzo.



- Hey, boys!

- I saw 'em.

- Oh, you turd.






- Did you go riding?

- No!



- Get up off that floor.

- Out you go.

- Get outta here.



- Right now. Out the door.

- Go on home now.

- I didn't start it.



- My gosh!

- Here, here.Joe,Joe. Hey.

- Come on, let's go. Right now. Come on.



- Let's go.

- What's the matter with you boys?

- Annie, I'm so sorry.



They're just tired. We, we should

just get 'em home to bed.



- Say good night and thank you.

- Annie, the dinner was delicious.



- Thank you so much. It was wonderful.

- Thank you. You, say thank you.



- Thank you.

-Joe, did Grace try to ride?



I expect you should talk to Grace

about that, ma'am.



If I did anything wrong,

I'm sorry.



Don't let her turn you away.






Is everything all right?



- Did you try riding again?

- Yeah.



Does that mean I'm cured?



Nobody's trying to cure you.



Look, I just wanna say I think

it's great that you're riding again.



- And I think I know why

you needed to--

- Yeah, you know everything.



Stop it.

Why won't you let me talk to you?

Why are you so angry with me?



Whatever I do, it's wrong.

Whatever I say, it's wrong.



Yeah? Well, now you know

how it feels.



Look, I, I know that

I'm hard on you sometimes.



- Right.

- And I'm sorry if that

makes you feel this way.



But if I push you,

it's only because I want--



Because if I'm the perfect daughter,

that makes you the perfect mother,




I don't deserve that!



I don't push for me.



I push for you so that

you don't spend half your life

not knowing where you belong.



Yeah? Well, you've done a great job.






Who's ever gonna want me like this?



Don't cry.



Who's ever gonna want me like this?

Nobody will.



I know it sometimes doesn't seem

this way, but I do understand what,

what you're feeling.



When I was your age,

and when my, when my dad died...



I'd felt like I'd lost everything

and I'd be all alone, and--



And-- But I've got you.



I used to pray every night...



that you and Dad

would have another kid...



so I wouldn't have to be

so, uh, special.



I, I know.



And I know how, how hard it must be

to have lost your best friend...



and have your body be different

than from how you'd like it to be.



But one day, somebody will look

at this extraordinary woman

that you're becoming and...



all they'll see

is how much they love you.



That's all I see.



- Yep?

- Hello, this is A T& T

Conference Service.



- Is this Annie MacLean?

- Yes.



I have a conference call scheduled

for you with Mr Gottschalk

and Mr Felton.



Mr Felton.

Hold on, please.



Okay, I'm ready.



I've been waiting for you

to come back.



Are you hungry?



Judith was, um,

telling me about this boy.



I never even got his name.



We were gonna go around

the railroad bridge.



We were laughing about something.

I don't know what.



And, um, her horse fell...



and Judith's foot

was caught in the stirrup.



And she was so scared.



And next I saw this truck

coming around the turn.



And it was honking,

trying to get us to move.



And I, I-I tried

to grab her reins and...



to get her horse

to move out of the way.



And the truck started to skid.



And th-there was no time

to do anything.



It ran right into Judith, and--



And she just disappeared.



And then it came

at Pilgrim and me.



And Pilgrim reared up

at the truck.



And I fell off.



But Judith--

Oh, God,Judith.



- I'm so sorry,Judith.

- Grace.



Now, I'm not gonna tell ya

it's gonna stop feelin' this bad.



But I will tell you

you didn't do anything wrong.



The same thing

could've happened to me...



or to Frank or to Joey.



And it doesn't make any sense

to try to figure out

why these things happen.



There was a boy from

the Blackfeet reservation.



He used to do some work around here

for a while.



Sixteen, strong kid, good kid.



He and I were

really, really good friends.



One day he went swimmin'

and dove headfirst into the lake...



and right into a rock.



And it snapped his neck,

paralysed him.



And after the accident...



I'd look in on him

from time to time.



But he wasn't there.



It was like his mind, his spirit,

whatever you want to call it,

just disappeared.



The only thing left

was just anger.



Just sort of as if the...



the boy I once knew

just went somewhere else.



I know where he goes.



I know you do.



Don't you disappear.



You do whatever you have to do

to hold on.



I'll tell you one more thing.



You know when Pilgrim

reared up against that truck?



You know what I think?



I think that damned horse

loved you so much

he was tryin' to protect you.



That's what I think.



- How did you get like this?

- No, no, no. Get up.



Let me show you.



- Wanna see it again?

- Yep.



- Can you do it without smiling?

- Yep.



No, you can't. Not possible.

I can feel the muscles right--



- Try me.

- I can feel the muscles right--



Must be nice to have a few days

off work, huh?



Yeah. Yeah.



It's more than a few days, though.

I'm not an editor anymore.



- First time I said it out loud.

- They fired ya?



No, no. It's more like a--



Yeah. They fired me.



- You don't seem too upset about it.

- Delayed shock.



Or maybe not.



I'm sure I can talk my way back in there

or get another magazine someplace.



But maybe I don't-- Well, I'm just

not sure I-- I'm not sure I want to.



Well, I guess you don't have

to figure it out till you get home.



- See, when you hit like a windmill...

- Yeah.



it's not gonna do any good.



But if you hit down,

like you can hit a golf club...



come back down,

down into it.



Did you always know

this is the life you wanted?



Well, I was a rancher's daughter.



I guess it's not too far to go

to becomin' a rancher's wife. Yeah.



Yeah. Frank's a good man.



Oh, they don't come better.



I don't deny there are times I think

about all the things I won't have.



Maybe I'll get to see Morocco.

Probably not.



Did Tom have many girlfriends

after his divorce?



Hey, look, Annie,

I'm not good at this sort of talk.



Goes around and round somethin',

and never gets to it,

so let's just say what it is.



Tom means so much to this family.



Don't you go lookin' here

for whatever it is you're lookin' for.



Don't make that man go through

somethin' that took him so long...



to see his way clear of

in the first place.



I don't think Tom would do anything

he didn't want to do.



Yeah. He's a good man.



Ooh, he's got a gift.

Comes from heaven above, I swear.



But he's still just a man.



Bitter raindrops glisten



On the painted Injun flower



Honey child, the mornin'



Loves you true



The muddy road

is brown and still



As far as you can see



Honey child, the noontime is--



Couldn't, um--



There's something I need to know.



Are you sure?



Gotta get back.









- Diane. It's a pleasure. Welcome.

- Diane.



- Hello. Frank.

- Hello, Frank.



- This is our oldest boy,Joe.

- Hi,Joe.



- And, and this is Mr Booker.

- Tom.



- Hi, Tom.

- It's a pleasure.



And I want to thank you

for the way you took in my girls here.



I can already see a difference in them.

Very grateful to you.



Dad? Dad, did you notice?

No cane.



I know. It's amazing.



- Could we show him Pilgrim, Tom?

- You bet.



- Let's go get your bags.

- Need a hand, Annie?



- Yep.

- See you later.



So at this point I'm,

I'm pretty sure I'm lost.



So I stopped by this general store and

ask if anyone knows the Booker ranch.



And this, this nice, uh, older gentleman

with a bandage on his head...



uh, gave me directions.



- Sweet Jesus. That's Henry Vanoker.

- Oh.



I'm surprised you didn't wind up

in Mexico.



Well, once when, uh, Dad was in India,

he, he got lost...



way, way up in these mountains.



And when he finally found his way back,

everyone said that he had discovered

a new route.



And they redid all the maps.



Well, now how'd you end up

in India, Robert?



Oh, this is right after college.

I was in the Peace Corps.



Well, that's where he met Mom.



Hey, tell 'em about when, uh,

Mom went looking for Tubab.



- No, honey, I--

- Oh, Dad! Come on, Dad.



Uh, well, Mom was a writer,

and, um, Dad knows the rest.



- Come on.

- She was a journalist

for an English periodical.



- Uh, what was it called?

- Cambridge Monthly.



Right. And she decided to go to India

all by herself without knowing a soul.



Uh, she had no place to stay, but

she was, she was told to look up Tubab.



- Tubab?

- She comes to my door...



suitcase and typewriter...



and asks where Tubab is,

and I said, ''Right here.''



And she said, ''You're Tubab?''

I said, ''No, my name is Robert.



Tubab means white man,

and yes, I am.''



And that was how we met.



Small bed.

Maybe I should sleep in the barn.



You're allergic to hay.



I, I apologize

for the surprise.



- But the days only opened yesterday,

and I figured that--

- You don't have to apologize.



You have every right to be here.



You were right to bring her here.



Well, there've been plenty of times

I wasn't so sure.



Must be tired, huh?






And then out here, not far from this,

I'll show you the, uh, bulls--



- Sorry about that.

- Oh, that's okay.



- I can't believe it's the same horse.

- We still have a ways to go.



So, uh, how much longer do you think?



Like I told your wife,

it's really up to Pilgrim.






- Dad, will you come dance? Please, Dad.

- All right.



Daylight has found me



Here again



You can ask me anything



But where I've been



You should know the reason



Why I called



I was lookin'for



A soft place to fall



Lookin'for a soft place



Nothin'more than

a small taste



Of a love that ended



Long ago



Lookin'for a place to hide



A warm bed on a cold night



I didn't mean to hurt you



No, no, no



Lookin'out your window



At the dawn



Baby, when you wake up



I'll be gone



You're the one who taught me



After all



How to find a soft place



To fall



- The summer is really very brief.

- Oh, there's no time at all.



After I doctor those fellas,

do you want me to put them

in the upper or lower pasture?



- Well, upper.

- Okay.



That's very short, very short.



You grew up here?

This is, this is where you're from?



I, I wasn't born here,

but I've always--



- The winter is real--

- I asked Annie.

Of course she didn't know.



- What do you do?

- Well, of course that's the time

we gotta feed cattle...



and hope the majority of'em

survive the summer here.



Is this how it's gonna be now, hmm?



You don't speak to me?

We don't speak to each other?



Well, I'm speaking to you now,

so say something.



- No.

- Why?



- I can't get in the middle of this.

- Well, I'm afraid you are

in the middle of this.



- He's a good man, Annie.

- I never said he wasn't.

I can't change the way I feel.



- You gotta figure out what you want.

- Do you know what you want?



I do know what I want. And I'm tryin'

real hard not to get lost in this.



I never expected

to feel this way again.



Annie, this is where I belong.

This is who I am.



Is this what you want?






Are you sure?






Can you tell that to your family?

To Robert? To Grace?



If you had a chance to go home

and change things, would you?



You can't ask me that.

It's not that simple.



It is.



It's not fair.



No, it's not fair.



There's something

you gotta do tomorrow, boy.



He'll be okay, Grace.

Just hang on there a minute or two.



Tom will get him all right.



- What are you doing?

- Gonna have to do somethin' different,




It's not gonna hurt him, right?



Nothing we've done has hurt him.



Grace, this is Pilgrim's chance,

and it's yours, too.






Let him get everything ready.

Come on, Grace.



Come along.



That's enough! Stop!



- Grace, this is where you come in.

- No.



Come on.



Okay, I want you

to get down here, Grace.



- Grace, I want you to come over here

and sit next to me.

- But--



- But, why, why would he let me--

- Grace, look at him.



Look at him.



He's okay. And you never did anything

to let him down.



- No.

- Grace, listen to me.

- No, I can't.



Grace, you've gotta do this.



Trust me just one more time.



- Do what?

- I want you to come over here

and sit next to me.



Start right here where the neck is and

the head, and I want you to stroke him.



I want you to rub him

and feel him all over.



That's it.



That's it.



That's it. Go on ahead.






Now we're going to show Pilgrim here

how to help you get on him.



Because, you see, there's a point where

neither of you is gonna need me anymore.



And we're there.



I'm not askin'.

Put your leg over the saddle here.



That a girl.



Now, we're gonna rock him up.






- Dad.

- Honey, you were wonderful.



Hey there! Gettin' ready

to go home, are ya?



Mm-hmm. Is Tom around?



No, he went to Sheridan to get

some horses. He left last night.



Um, when's he coming back?



Oh, I don't rightly know.



Let me know when you need some help

loadin' Pilgrim, okay?






- What time's your flight?

-    :   .



The Bookers want to leave

for the airport by  :  .



Sure you want to drive Pilgrim back?



Well, I already know the way, and it's

not like I have a job to rush home to.



To tell you the truth,

I could use the time alone.



- When are you planning to start?

- Oh, I guess I'll leave

when you and Grace go.



May I make a suggestion?






Take your time.



What's the matter?

You look like there's something wrong.



I'll tell you something, Annie.



I stood there looking at that horse,

and I swear I felt like the same thing

was happening to me.



And I have two choices.



I can either fight

the way things are...



or accept them.



See, um...



I always knew I loved you more.



Didn't bother me.



I guess I felt kind of lucky,

a little amazed that...



a woman like you would want to be

with a man like me.



And I guess I thought if I could

do everything right-- If I could--



If I was the best husband I could be,

the best father...



even, even being

a good lawyer only mattered

because of what it meant for us.



If I could do all that...



it wouldn't make any difference

if we loved each other the same or not.



I didn't ask for more.



I told myself I didn't need any more.






the truth is, you don't know

how you feel about me.



You don't know if you want

a life with me anymore.



And the truth is...



I don't want you to come home

until you do know...



one way or the other.






- Thanks,Joe.

- Yep.



Goodbye, Annie.

Good luck to ya.



Thank you. And, and you, too.



- All right, everybody in.

Frank, we all set?

- I believe so.



- I can't believe he's not here

to say goodbye.

- Oh, he probably got held up is all.



No, sweetie. The truth is,

he's not real good at goodbyes.



You know, come to think of it,

not too good at hellos either.






- You ready?

-Just a second.



- When will you be home?

- Oh, in a few days.



I'll miss you.



Well, if I get lost, you know where

to send the search party.



Could be just about anywhere.



I'll call you, okay?



- Bye.

- Bye.



He goin' back inside the trailer

or runnin' alongside it?



I just wanted to be here

when you left.



I don't want to leave you.



I don't want you to.



Just a few more days.



- And then?

- Oh.



Why did this happen?



I don't ask those questions, Annie.

And I didn't ask to love you, but I do.






I'll always have that with me.






Can we go for one last ride, hmm?



Yeah. I'll saddle 'em up.


Special help by SergeiK