Hostage Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hostage script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Bruce Willis.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hostage. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hostage Script



I need to talk to that motherfucker!

You hear me?



I want to talk to that fucker right now!



I want that motherfucker!



(gun cocks)



(man) You find that bastard now.

or I am gonna...



I'm gonna shoot my whore wife.

and I'm gonna shoot the boy!



Joe, just relax.



Relax. We're looking

for your wife's boyfriend,



- and I'm gonna find him, all right?

- You want to help me?



Which one do I shoot first? Do I shoot

the whore. or do I shoot the whore's boy?



Huh? You help me choose!



No, no, Joe,

nobody wants to hear gunshots in there.



You scare us all out here.



Now look.

I've been trying to help you all day.



All right. You want me to help you,

you gotta help me.



You don't know what it's like. man.



You do not know what it's like.



You do not know what I've been through.

You don't know what I'm going through.



You don't think I got the balls. do you?



I know you got the balls, Joe.



- No. you don't think I'm gonna do it.

- Joe, you got the gun.



You can do whatever you want.



(helicopter hovers)



I feel so tired. man.

When in Christ am I gonna sleep?



I know you're tired, Joe.

You've been up all night.



Come on. Let me come down there.



- What do you say?

- No! No. no!



- Fuck you!

- (hangs up phonedial tone)



You all right?



I hate this fucking guy.



Jeff, I'm leaning toward an entry.



We know the boy's in his room. If we move

now, we got a    % chance of saving him.



- We're giving up on the mom?

- She's   % at best.



Jeff, we gotta move on the boy.

It's the only choice.



- This one's getting away from him.

- Shrink-wrap, don't talk like I'm not here.



- We've been here for    hours.

- Fucking new guy.



Everybody calm down.

We're all tired.



I'd just steer Joe away from the subject

of choice. Choosing represents...



Tell me something I don't fucking know.



Wait, wait.



- I hear crying.

- The boy's awake.



We've gotta keep the boy in his bedroom.



(Joe) Shut up, Sean. Shut up!



(speed-dials numberJoe's phone ringing)



Hey, Joe. It's me, Jeff. I'm back on.



Listen, let Sean's mom

take care of him, all right?



He's such a little shit. you know?

He's a little shit.



He's probably hungry.

'cause he wakes up and he just whines...



- Tell you what. Let me do you a favor.

...till that bitch feeds him.



Find out what Sean likes to eat,

and I'll send it in.



Him and his mom can eat in the bedroom

while me and you fix this thing.



- What do you say?

- Sean!



The cops want to know

what you want to eat. so get in here.



- The boy's moving from his bedroom.

- (Joe) Get in here!



Our guys put him at   %.









(Sean) Hello?






Hey. this is Jeff Talley.



Son. I need you to move back

to your bedroom. OK? Right now.



- Mr. Talley?

- Yes?



Are you gonna save us?



Yeah, Sean. I'm gonna save you.



Now I know why you couldn't choose.



It's because God

decided everything already.



Me and the whore are gonna go to hell.



- No, Joe. Just... Look, relax. Just relax.

- But my boy's gonna go to heaven.



I'm sorry. Jeff.



- Joe, listen.

- (hangs up)



(speed-dials number)



Come on, Joe. Pick it up. Pick it up.



- (man) I hear ringing.

- (Jeff) Pick it up.



- It's just ringing.

- (Jeff) Pick it up, Joe.



Jeff? He's saying something.



- (man) We got movement!

- Fuck!



- Where's your shot?

- (man) We lost the shot.



- Where do you want it?

- Side one, opening two.



- I'll put him there.

- O my God. at the end of this day.



I'm heartily thankful

for all the graces I've received.



I'm so sorry for all the sins

I've committed against you.



Please forgive me. O God.



And graciously protect me

at the end of this night.



Blessed Virgin Mary. my heavenly mother.

please take me under your protection.



(Jeff) Joe! Hey, it's me, Jeff...



And St. Joseph.



I'm outside your house!



Saints of God. please pray for me.



Just come to the window

and talk to me! Come on!



- Amen.

- It's me, Jeff! Just come on!



Joe, only God has the right to decide

who lives and who dies!



And he hasn't decided!



Joe! It doesn't have to end now!

I know you can hear me!



Joe, just come to the window

and talk to me!



Come on, pray with me.

I'll pray with you. Come on.



Come on. Just shoot me. Shoot me.



Come on, I'm right here. Just come to

the window. Come on, I know this prayer.



St. Joseph, dear God...



- Joe!

- (gunshot)


















(labored breathing)



(Sean stops breathing)



(siren wailing)



(door being broken down)



(man) Everybody stand down.

Get the EMTs.



(girl) 'Cause it's not fair.

My life sucks since Dad moved up here.



(woman) We've all had

to make adjustments.



It's just as hard on your father.



(girl) Oh, bullshit, Mom. He loves it here.

He thinks Bristo Camino's nice.



(mother) Can we talk about this in the car?



(girl) No, Mom.

Why can't you tell him to come back to LA?



(mother) His job is here, Amanda.



His home is here,

and when we visit, it's our home too.



(Amanda) It's not my home

and it'll never be my home!



Mom, don't you get it?

I fucking hate it here!



- Don't swear, and keep your voice down.

- What about me?



Bathroom's free.



(Amanda) Why don't you guys

just get divorced?



Freezie, come on.



It's OK. I'm not finished with it yet.



Sorry for all the shouting.



Well... She had to get me to hear her

somehow, didn't she?



This is getting really, really hard,

you know?



I just wish you would talk to me.



How am I not talking to you?

I'm talking to you right now.



It would be nice

to know what you're thinking.



I'm thinking

that I'm a half-hour late for work.



Well, at least explain again

to your daughter why you took this job.



(Jeff sighs)



See you next weekend.






Look, I don't know

what pisses you off more.



Me or my Tater-Tot casserole.









- Aman...

- (door slams)



(# hard rock on stereo)



(CD sticking)



This yours?









- Hey, that's, like, a $     ticket.

- Shut up.



- You got $    ? Huh?

- Shut up, Kevin.



Green light.



(boy) If you have four dollars, you can't

give him seven. So you have to borrow.



(man) Yeah, but... so you're...

If you're studying borrowing,



you have to know

exactly how much you're borrowing.



OK. Bye.



- Can I go hang at the Plaza tonight?

- The Plaza?



- Yeah, just friends. It might be a movie.

- Can we have Mr. Kim's tonight?



- Can you wait?

- Oh, Mr. Kim we have on speed dial.



- I'm hungry.

- I'm talking.



I'm ordering. Hello, yes. I wanted to

put in an order, please, to pick up.



- What about homework?

- (boy and girl) Done.



(father) Ha. I almost believe that.



Yeah. We'd like to order...



Well, what would we like to order?



(Dennis) Kev, do the Dew. In super size.



Hey, why do I always gotta go?



If I'm buying, you're flying.

Get out of the truck.



- You should listen to your brother.

- Give me some money then.



It's in the box.



What's that for? Dennis?



Check the car. Check the car, Mars.



Hey, I know her.



I mean... I don't know her.

I've seen her around.



- You know where she lives?

- No.






Oh, you think it's funny?



Rich bitch driving in her daddy's Escalade.



Fuck you.



- Hello, Louise.

- Afternoon, Chief.



Who's in the field?



Ruiz and Kovaks are working

a TC over on Monte Verde.



Two units, one fender bender.

Hope she's   .



- Afternoon, Chief.

- Bill.



Mikey. Very dynamic wheels.



- Casual Monday?

- Well, Chief, I...



How do you expect

to be taken seriously as a cop



if you're gonna wear

sneakers to work, kid?



- I'm sorry, Chief. It won't happen again.

- That's what you said on Casual Sunday.



- It was the play-offs.

- Yeah.



What do you say we rename today

"Low-crime Monday"?



- Followed by what?

- Low-crime Tuesday.



That's right.



Low-crime Tuesday.



(man) Yes, I would say

Brenda's looking very good.



Fine. Couple of minutes.






Uh, can you give me just a second?

My son just walked in.



What's this attached to my ear?



- A phone.

- Why is it attached to my ear?



- 'Cause you're talking on it?

- Which means you are...



- Interrupting your conversation?

- That's my genius.



OK, Mr. Genius. What I'd like is

all your homework done, on my desk,



before any more television. Sound good?



- God...

- I know.



How about getting

the doors there for me, champ?



- Appreciate it. One, and then...

- The other.



Yeah. Thanks, champ.



OK. I am ready

to loan you Heaven Can Wait.



What time would you like me to drop it?









I like it.



Let's just go to the movies.



We're gonna go to the movies.



- But first we're gonna take daddy's car.

- (Kevin) No, man.



Dennis, this is way worse

than any shit you've done before.



Stay in the truck, OK?



Dad, you're such a dinosaur!



All right. All I'm saying

is that there are men out there.



Men. Not the boys I go to school with.



Right. Men. OK?



Men see this sort of outfit

as a sexual invitation. That's all I'm saying.



- Looking for something?

- Empty.



Ooh, how'd that happen?



Look, how's this?

If I change what I'm wearing,



- will you give me $   for tonight?

- If that doesn't remind me of your mother.



How about you change

what you're wearing,



then we talk about the $   afterwards, OK?



Hey. Hey.






Say it again, rich bitch. Huh?



Say "Fuck you."









- Tommy, what...

- Hey, don't move.



- No. No.

- Don't move, man.



- What do you want?

- Who else is in the house?






(muffled) Daddy!



- Tommy...

- (Dennis) Where's mommy?



Huh? Where's mommy?



- My wife's dead.

- (door slams)



Mars, the door.



You really should listen to your brother.



(muffled sobs)



- Shit!

- What are you doing?



I told you to stay in the fucking truck.



- Dennis, man, you can't do this.

- I told you, don't use my fucking name.



- Where are the keys?

- Keys?



- Where are the fucking car keys?

- In my office.



Office. Go. Come on, let's go.



All right.

It's gonna be OK.



I like your shirt.



(Louise) By the way,

Carol's answering a silent alarm.



Says there's a suspicious vehicle out front.



All right. Let's get her some backup.

See who's in the area.



Bristo    and   er,    requesting backup.



(Louise) Ruiz. Kovaks. are you out there?



Bristo    and   er.

   requesting backup.



Bristo    and   er.

   requesting backup.



Louise, what's the address on that alarm?

I'm gonna go check it out myself.



- Daddy, just give them the keys.

- I'm gonna give them the keys, honey.



- I just need to be certain...

- (beep)



- What is that? What the fuck is that?

- The front gate.



- It's a cop. Dennis, it's a cop.

- Shit!



- (father) It's OK. I know her. Just be cool.

- (Dennis) Shit, shit, shit, shit!



- It's OK. I can just...

- Shut the fuck up!



Calm down, OK? I can talk

to the police officer from here using that.



I can tell her that everything's fine.

Then she'll go, and then you can go.






(father) Hello?



Afternoon. This is Officer Flores

with the Bristo Camino Police Department.



We're answering a silent alarm.

Is everything OK in there?



(father) I'm sorry. We must have

accidentally tripped the alarm.



I understand, sir.

These things happen all the time.



But there's an abandoned

pickup truck on your street.



Have you seen who it might belong to?



Oh. no. it's not abandoned. There's

a guy here fixing the air conditioning.



(Flores) I'm sure everything's OK.



Could you come outside. please?



- (Dennis) Say something.

- Officer, my son's got a fever.



I've got the pediatrician on hold. Do you

really need me to come down there?



- (Louise)   . please respond.

- Bristo base, this is   . Come back.



(Louise) Carol. be advised

there's a felony want on that red pickup.



The vehicle's suspected of being involved

in a carjacking last week in Valencia...






Mars! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking shit!









(officer) Shit!



Code three!

I'm taking fire. I'm taking fire!



Get on the fucking couch!

I gotta fucking think, man.



- Fuck! Shit.

- Dennis, in my desk I have contacts



for lawyers and judges.



- I can help you get out of this, Dennis.

- Fuck! Don't say my fucking name!



- (girl) No! No!

- (Kevin) Dennis! Dennis! Dennis!



Stop it!



Daddy, no! Daddy, wake up!



Fuck you.






(Ruiz) Flores is down. Flores is down!



Heads down, heads down.

I'm coming up to...



- Hector, you all right?

- Jesus!



Jesus Christ, what are you doing?



They ran your truck, dawg.

They know we've been jacking cars.



- Shit.

- (Jeff) Attention. you in the house.



This is Chief Talley

of the Bristo Camino Police Department.



I'm gonna bring my car closer

so I can evacuate the injured officer.



I am not coming in the house.

I repeat: I am not coming in the house.



Do not shoot me.



Do not shoot at me.



Carol, come on. Give me your hand.



Hang on. Come on.



Come on.



Just hang on. Hang on.



(Jeff) Hey.



Pull yourself together.

Put this in the back of one of the cars.



Go on.



(Louise) ETA on the sheriff is    minutes.



Deputy in charge is Captain Shoemaker.

negotiator is Wil Bechler.



(Jeff) Thanks, Louise.



Truck's registered

to a Mary Anne Kelly of Agua Dulce.



We're still trying to track her down.



But a neighbor told us she lives with

her two teenage boys, Dennis and Kevin.



And the neighbor also told us

that Dennis has some juvenile history.



(girl) You're gonna go to jail.



- You're all gonna go to jail.

- (Dennis) Enough!



- Why won't you just leave us alone?

- Tie 'em up.



- Tie 'em up with what?

- I don't know. Just figure something out.



Tie 'em up. Go upstairs. Let's go.



I'm not leaving my father.



I'm gonna take care of him. I'm gonna get

some ice for his head, maybe a pillow.



- It's OK.

- Come on, let's go.



- Let's go.

- (phone rings)






(Jeff) Since you're answering the phone.

I'm going to assume this is Dennis.



I'll take that as a yes.



This is Jeff Talley, Dennis.

I'm with the local police.



You the man in charge in there?



Yeah. I'm in charge.



All right.



Then you can tell me who shot my cop.



- Was it you, or Kevin?

- No... no, don't put that on us.



I want to talk to Mr. Smith for a minute.



I want to hear from him

that everything's OK inside the house.



Fuck you. I'm running this shit.



- You talk to me.

- That's right. Dennis.



You are running this shit.



Tell me you're the man in charge. that'll

be your responsibility. You understand?



(Dennis) Fuck you.

Don't try and play me.



You get us a helicopter

to fly us out of this shit.



I'm just a local paper-pusher, Dennis.



Get me a fucking helicopter

before I start shooting people.



Be cool, Dennis. Be cool.



Nobody wants to hear guns go off in there.



You tell me you didn't shoot my cop?

All right. I believe you.



But nobody's gonna be able to help you

if you start hurting people in there.



- You understand?

- Just get me what I want.



- I'm not the guy, Dennis.

- Then get me the guy!



- (Jeff) Louise, come back.

- Go. Chief.



Confirmed the entire Smith family

is inside the house,



along with two suspects, possibly a third.



You want a hit?






- Can't get out this way.

- We can't get out this way, either.



- Hey, Dennis. Dennis.

- What?



- Dennis.

- What?



That cop... Mars just started shooting.



You know what, Kevin? Mars had a reason.



- Had a reason?

- Yeah.



Dennis, you've known that guy,

like, three weeks, and he just shot a cop.



Whose fault

do you think that was, Kevin? Huh?



- He shot a cop.

- Huh?



Maybe you should've stayed in the truck.

If you'd listened, you could've warned us.



You could've lied to the cop. Done

something other than fucking this shit up.



There's no way out up here.



(Dennis) Hey, you guys

gotta come see this shit.



Kitchen. Driveway.



And office right there.



Holy shit.



(reporter)... apparently

a hostage situation is unfolding.



We have no further information.

other than the pictures that you see here.



Fuckin' rich people.



(buzzer alarm)



No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.



This is bad. No, this is bad!



(locks clank shut)



Fuckin' rich people.



(Kevin) Put it back.



- Claustrophobic?

- Try fuckedophobic.



Mars. Mars, Kevin.



Fucking check this out.



(sirens wailing)



(police radio squawks)



(dials cell phone)



(cell phone playing tune)



Hi. This is Walter Smith. You've reached

my voice mail. Please leave a message.



(phone rings)



We have a problem.

I can't get to the accountant.



I know. I'm watching it on TV.



We must get control of this situation.

We have nine hours until the hand-off.



Bristo Camino

has a very small police department.



so we have requested the assistance

of Ventura County Sheriff's Department.



who will be here shortly.



Chief. we understand the dead officer...



- Would you stop it?

- We need to help Daddy.



Shut up. Watch the TV.

That's the police, OK? They're gonna help.



- We gotta cut the tape.

- Shut up.



Roll together, OK? Off the bed. Then, like,

maybe we can get what's under the bed.



- Under my bed? What's under my bed?

- Your bong. We can break it.



What? You've been sneaking in my room?



(loud thud)



- Come on, hurry. Faster. You gotta do it.

- I'm trying.



- (running footsteps)

- Wait, shh.



(Dennis) Christ. What are you guys doing?

You didn't hear that?



All right, come on. Fight with me now.



- Stop screaming, you little gerbil...

- (Tommy) Help! Help!



Jesus Christ. You're kidding me.

Are you kidding me?



The kid... Cut him, yeah. Cut him.

The kid weighs, like,    pounds.



Are you kidding me? Tie him up, OK?

Tie him up in his own room.



Please try doing it right, OK?

Please do it right.



- You get the girl.

- It'll be OK!



Do it right without dickin' it up.



(helicopter hovers over the house)



What about my brother?



Don't worry about him.



You cold?






I'm Marshall.



What's your name?












...the situation is under control...



(sound mutes)



"Jeff Talley, Chief of Police."



(siren wailing)



- Asked for the helicopter yet?

- Right from the jump.



Might want to get a minister

or a priest up here.



Like riding a bike, isn't it?



- Want to talk to him?

- Robby!



Got me that dedicated line yet?



You miss LA?



(officer) Five minutes,

scout team, five minutes.



- Speed dial one?

- Yeah.



(dials numberphone rings)



- Yeah?

- Dennis, this is Jeff Talley.



I'm gonna introduce you to Wil Bechler

from the Sheriff's Department.



Are you ready to talk to him?



Is he the guy?



Yeah, Dennis. This is the guy.



Hang on.



Good luck. I'll see you around.



Captain Shoemaker? Captain?



- Thank you for coming up.

- Thanks, Jeff.



- Anything you need, give me a call.

- Got it.



...apparent hostage situation is unfolding.

- (phone rings)



Well. Jim. details are still a bit incomplete

right now. but here's what we know so far.



Earlier today. a police officer

was shot and killed while in...



Hey. How you doing? It's me.



You guys almost home?



Actually. we're still at your place.



After you left, Amanda and I,

we had another fight.



She turned on the TV.

We've been watching it all.



Well... (sighs)



I turned it over to County,

so I'm not there anymore.



Look, I know you're busy,

but can you stop by for a little bit?



I think I can, yeah.



I have to go by Carol's.



She had a kid.



It's not your fault she's dead. Jeff.



You know?



It's not your fault.






- So, what was the argument about?

- Oh. you know. What it's always about.



She's afraid we're gonna get divorced.



What do you think. Jane?



You think we're gonna get divorced?



- No.

- Good. Me neither.



- So, I'll see you in a minute.

- OK.



- Say hi to Amanda.

- I will.



- OK.

- I love you.






(man) Drive.



I know you're scared, but as long as

you don't do anything stupid,



we're not gonna hurt you.

Do you understand?



What do you want?



I want you to put your hands

on the roof of the car.



Pardon me.



Now, would you mind putting your left

hand through the steering wheel, please?



Now bring me the right.









Now the guy behind you

is gonna take hold of you.



Don't struggle. It's for your own good.




Eyes in the rearview mirror. Now.



- Daddy!

- (growls) Jane! Amanda!






I know. I know, I know.



But at least they're still alive.



From this point on,

you control what happens to them.



Can we let you go?



Can you be calm?



Good. Good.



Now, listen to me. I want you

to go back to Walter Smith's house.



There's a DVD inside Walter Smith's

house that belongs to me.



I'm no longer in command.



You are going to reassume command

until my people arrive to finish the job.



You're not gonna let anyone

go into the house or anything come out.



Are you with me so far?



How am I gonna do that?



You... are the famous Jeff Talley.



Ten years SWAT,

seven years prime hostage negotiator.



You'll figure it out.



When this white phone rings,

it'll be me with further instructions.



If you deviate from the plan one little bit,



I will kill your wife.



And then I will kill your child.



But when I have what I want,

you get your family back.






Now, you wait until our van is gone

before you uncuff yourself.



Let's bring this home, Talley.



(phone rings)



- Yeah?

- (Louise) We have a boy on the line.



And he says he's Tommy Smith.



I was gonna turn him over to the Sheriff's,



but he says he saw you on TV

and he wants to speak with you.



- All right. Louise. Put him on.

- Hold on.



- (Tommy) You're the man on TV?

- Yes, Tommy, this is the man on TV.



The guy called Dennis hit my dad.

and now he's...



Slow down, slow down, slow down.

Slow down, Tommy. Slow down.



I'm really. really scared.

and you gotta help us.



Slow down and take it easy.



Was your dad shot?



Dennis hit him

a bunch of times with his gun.



- He hit my dad.

- Tommy. Tommy. Tommy!



- He needs a doctor.

- Try and talk quietly, OK?



- Just take it easy.

- OK.



All right.

Are you in a safe place?



I'm in my bedroom.

They think I'm tied up. but I got free.



Wait, Tommy.

How do you know they can't hear you?



'Cause I can see them

on the security channel.



Tell me everything you can see on the TV.



I see Dennis.



I see Kevin.



I see trees.



I see army men.



I see... the Mars guy...



Wait. Tommy.



Tell me about Mars.



- Captain Shoemaker?

- Get me an aerial shot ASAP.



This is Shoemaker.



(Jeff) They're watching you

on the outside cameras.



Chief Talley?



The suspects inside the house

are watching you.



- They're watching every move you make.

- Where did you get this information?



If I were you I'd be thinking about

what to do with that information.



Mikey. Yeah, it's me. Listen to me.



Yeah, Chief.



Yeah, the snipers are shifting positions.



(Jeff) Louise? Louise, come back.



- Come on, Louise. Where's that patch?

- I'm locked out.



It's a dedicated line, Chief.

They won't let me cut in.



What about Walter Smith's cell phone?

Did you get that?



Uh... yes. Yes. I got it.



- OK, go.

- It's    -   ...



Dennis, you know what I'm hearing?

I'm hearing your dad's a real son of a bitch.



(Dennis) No. we're fucking done. OK?



All I want is my fucking helicopter

to fly me the fuck out of here.



You got that, fuckhead?



- Dennis, listen. I...

- (hangs up)



Hi. This is Walter Smith.

You've reached my voice mail.



- Shit.

- Please leave a message.






Come on, Dennis. Pick it up. Come on.



(cell phone rings)



(phone still ringing)



He keeps ringing.



(cell phone rings)



- Hello?

- Dennis. this is Jeff Talley.



Listen to me. Watch the security channel.



Dennis. can you hear me?



Yeah. I don't really know

what you're talking about.



The hell you don't!

Shut up and listen to me!



Just watch the TV.

Just keep watching the outside cameras.



- Yeah, what am I supposed to be seeing?

- Shut up!



Get your ass on the floor

and watch the outside cameras, Dennis.



I'm watching, OK? I'm watching.






What? What are they doing?



(helicopter overhead)



- What?

- Talk to me. Dennis.



- Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.

- Listen to me. Listen to me carefully.



The Sheriff's playbook

is to make you dead.



First they're gonna

shoot out those cameras,



and then they're gonna shoot you.

Am I clear?



- What are you talking about?

- I'm trying to save your life!



- I don't understand what...

- Shut up! I'm trying to save your life.



But you said you weren't the guy.



I am the guy, Dennis.



I am the guy.



TAC sergeant,

pull your people back    yards.



(Shoemaker) Hold it. You turned

authority of this situation over.



I'm reassuming command.

What are you waiting for?




You don't give orders to my men.



Now, ten minutes ago you called and

told me to shoot out the cameras. Now...



You shot out the cameras?



I give you great intel like that and you

just piss it away? Way to go, big time.



I am not gonna let you step back in

after you stepped out.



- This is my town.

- Captain Shoemaker!



I invited you into my jurisdiction.



Dennis says he doesn't trust me anymore.



Says he's gonna shoot a hostage

if he doesn't talk to Talley,



right now.



The name of the shooter

in the house is Mars.



You're gonna want to

run that through your database.



Your next question is:

how did I get that information?



The little boy in the house called me

on his sister's cell phone.






Chief? You OK?



Go on back up top, kid.






Hey, Dennis, it's Jeff.

Everybody OK in there?



- We're buggin' in here, man.

- I know. I know. I'm trying to help.



Dennis, I really need

to talk to Walter Smith.



Smith's not talking.



Is Smith not talking

because you won't let him?



- Or is he not talking because he can't?

- It's not my fault.



I've hit people harder

and they haven't fallen!



I know. I understand.



You're under a lot of pressure in there.



But come on, man.

I just saved your life, and you know it.



All I'm asking

is that you help me save his life.



Come on.






He wants me to give up the old man.



Yeah. Yeah.



- It's your spin.

- Yeah. Good idea.



It's not a wise move.

We don't have enough information.



Look, I want to help.



But I am not gonna let you

do something that draws fire on my men.



You want to help me? Turn the lights off.



Get the bird out of here.






Mikey, I'm behind the command post.

Come on up here, will you?



I'm for breaking all the rules -

but one.



Now, Dennis already broke it off with me.

If you get shot, we are all...



I'm trying to save a life, Wil.



Yeah, Chief?



- Who we got on EMTs, Mike?

- There's, like, seven units.



- Names, Mikey. Names.

- OK. Uh...



There's Hoffman, there's Latona,

Ridley, Jackson...



Ridley. Get Ridley up here.

Tell him to strip.



- OK.

- You too.






- Me too what?

- Strip. You're driving.



Sniper one to Control.

Ambulance is    yards from the gate.



No activity.



Oh, shit.



(running footsteps)



Come on.



He's MOI. Let's load and go.



- OK. On three. Ready?

- Yeah.



One, two...



- Three.

- (gasps)






Come on.



(ambulance doors slam)



(Jeff) Go, Mikey, go.



- Mike, stop right here.

- What, Chief?



- Stop the goddamn ambulance!

- (brakes screech)



- Everybody OK?

- Jeff, what are you doing?



- We're gonna wake him up.

- What?



We're gonna wake him up,

and you're gonna do it.



He's fixed and dilated.

He could have brain damage, for all I know.



- We're going to the hospital.

- Wake up.



- Hey, Jeff...

- Wake up, Smith.



- What the hell are you doing?

- Get your fuckin' hands off me!



You want me to write this up? Do you?



- I'll put this in the report...

- Goddammit!



Give him the smelling salts.

Give him a shot of epinephrine.



I need him for one minute.

I gotta ask him one question.



He can't answer you!



Then just give him the drugs.



I am not gonna give this man a shot.



Jeff. Jeff!



Get your gun, then.

Get your gun and pull the trigger.



- Goddammit, I need your help!

- Do you want to kill him?



Go ahead, kill him.

Come on. Come on. That what you want?



I want your help, Bob.



No, Jeff. No.



What you're doing can kill this man.



(Jeff) Fuck.



(reporter) What you've been seeing

is footage taken only minutes ago.



We're not yet sure exactly who

the rescued hostage is.



but it appears to be an adult male.



If our sources are correct.

it could be Walter Smith.



owner of the home...



Smith is on his way to the hospital.



(man) Smith worries me.



He knows his place in the food chain.

He'll be good.



And so do we.

If we don't deliver that DVD.



we're going to need the accountant alive.



Now get somebody over there

and make sure we don't lose him.



- (PA) Visiting hours are now over.

- (phone rings)






Someone at the information booth

is asking for Walter Smith.






I need to ask if you're

a member of the Smith family.



I'm sorry, but I'm only

permitted to inform you



that Mr. Smith was deceased on arrival,



and that all other inquiries

must be made tomorrow morning



through the county coroner's office.



- If you'd like, I could give you the...

- (caller hangs up)






(heart monitor beeping)






- You good?

- Hell, no, I'm not good, Jeff.



The man needs a hospital.

Damn, man, what the hell's going on?



It's not just his life you're saving.



(cell phone ringing)



Stay off the radio. You want to get

in touch with me, call me on my cell phone.



(door closes)






- What?

- (man) Did I not say



nobody was to go in or out of the house?



Now Smith is dead.



What do you care if Smith's dead?

You said all you wanted was a DVD.



Dumb fuck. You wait for my people

or I will cut your daughter's heart out.



Fuck you.



Go ahead. Kill my family.



Kill me.



But before you do,

I'm gonna get in Smith's house,



I'm gonna box up

all that dead motherfucker's DVDs,



and you and the feds

can bid on 'em on eBay.



How's that, smart fuck?



I guess we still need each other.

don't we?






I guess we do.



This isn't Los Angeles. Jeffrey.



You don't want another dead child

on your conscience.



Now we're almost home. you and me.



So keep your shit together.






You too.






(Dennis) Hey. We take the Benjamins,

we use the rope, we climb up over the rock.



(Kevin) That's so stupid. They got

helicopters. They got night vision and shit.



(Dennis) Don't be a dumb-ass.

We're not gonna walk out the front door.



(Kevin) How you gonna

get the Benjamins up the rock?



(Dennis) What are you gonna do?

You've done nothing! Do something!



(Kevin) You think we're gonna

get out of this? Are you crazy?



(Dennis) Then do anything. Anything!

Do something, Kevin. Huh? Something.



I want to hear your plan.

Please, tell me your plan. Please.



- (Mars) Burn it.

- What?



The house. We burn it.



Lots of smoke.

Helicopters can't see through smoke.



What about the brother and sister?






Huh? What about the brother and sister?



You're not killing any more people.



(Wil) Classic foster product.

At three years old, Marshall Krupcheck



witnesses daddy kill mommy,

then sees daddy kill himself.



You can guess the rest. Look at this.



He was only    at the time.



The clerk, he's trying to say something.



- He's saying, "Help me."

- Yeah.



Why is he standing there?

Why is he just standing there?



He's not just standing there.



He's watching him die.



(Wil) We're talking to the wrong guy.



(Mars) It sucks your mom died.



My mom, she just...



She just walked out on my old man.



And he just, like... died.



He died of a broken heart.



(Jennifer whimpering)



I know you're scared.



But I'm scared too.



You want some?






What's the best day of your life?



You don't know?



Mine's today.



That's my girl.



That's my girl.



(cell phone rings)



- Go, Louise.

- It's Tommy Smith again.



Yeah, put him on.



(Louise) Tommy.

you're talking to Chief Talley.



Hey, Tommy. How you doing, buddy?



- OK.

- Where are you?



- I'm in my secret place.

- Where's your secret place, Tommy?



It's kind of like this tunnel place.



- Got plans on the house yet?

- I found it above my...



Tommy... Tommy, listen to me, buddy.



What exactly is in your secret place?



Has it got. like.

pipes and wires running through it?



- Yeah.

- He's in the crawlspace.



Where does your secret space lead to,




Like, everywhere.



- Chief Talley?

- Yeah, I'm still here, Tommy.



Dennis... he found my daddy's Benjamins.



What's a Benjamin?



A Benjamin

is a hundred-dollar bill, Tommy.



How many Benjamins

does your daddy have?



- Two big bags.

- (Jeff sighs)



- Chief Talley?

- Yeah. Tommy?



Is my daddy gonna be OK?



Yeah, son. A good friend of mine

is watching over him.



Tommy. I need you to go back

to your room right now. OK?






Did you turn your sister's cell phone

on vibrate like I told you?



- Yeah.

- Good boy.



Wait for me to call you back. OK?



- OK.

- All right.



- I gotta get better plans to this house.

- (cell phone ringing)s



Where's Shoemaker?



- Yeah.

- (Ridley) It's about Walter Smith.



- What happened?

- He's awake.



- I gave him the shot.

- OK.






Mr. Smith, my name is Jeff Talley.



I'm the chief of police

here in Bristo Camino.



I've been talking to your son, Tommy.



He's still inside the house,

along with his sister Jennifer.



I know you know the kind of young men

they're dealing with.



I need that DVD, Mr. Smith.



You know what I'm talking about.



You save my children.



Of course I want to save your family.



But the only way I can do it

is if I get that DVD.



Heaven Can Wait.



Where is it?



(Smith) Office.












- You OK. buddy?

- Yeah, I'm fine.






Tommy. I have to ask you

a grown-up question now. OK?






If you could do it safely,



and only if you could do it safely,



could you get into your daddy's office

without anyone seeing you?



I guess so. But my daddy says

I'm never ever supposed to go in there.



Shh. Keep your voice down, buddy.



Keep your voice down. Remember?






- Tommy, do you like to play video games?

- Yeah.



Do you?



What kind of games do you play?



I like Monster Jam,

I play Bounty Hunter, I play Wubba Zorg...



Wubba Zorg. I know Wubba Zorg.



I know that game.



That means you know

who Agent Zero is, right?






What do you think

Agent Zero would do right now?



Do you think he would say

"never ever," Tommy?



No, he wouldn't say "never."



Agent Zero would help Captain Wubba

save Planet X enon.



Are you like Captain...

Are you like Captain Wubba?



And my house is Planet X enon.



And Captain Wubba's

gonna save Planet X enon.






Yeah, Tommy.



Captain Wubba's

gonna save Planet X enon.



But I need your help.



Well, the most efficient entry point

is here. The pool area.



Well, the most efficient entry point

is here. The pool area.



Four-man team ropes in. Silent entry

through one of the skylights here.



All right.



I put the doer and the two boys here in the

courtyard. I keep the two kids in the house.



- How much time you need for the play?

- Two minutes.



Say you can get

the hostages to the pool area.



How are you gonna get all three suspects

to this side of the house?



Well, we're about to jump off that bridge,

aren't we?



(cell phone ringing)



- (Dennis) Yeah?

- (Jeff) I'm coming up.



- What?

- You and I are gonna talk.



Make sure you're alone.









What do you want?



You by yourself?






We got a problem, Dennis.



Oh, yeah?






Walter Smith just died.



Hear what I said?






I know Mars killed my cop,

but Smith's death is on you, man.



Things just got a lot more complicated,

didn't they, Dennis?



Not to mention the fact

that helicopters are very expensive.



Gotta pay for the fuel, the pilot...



chief of police.



You know what cops do

when they retire, Dennis?



They play golf.



I don't want to play golf.

I hate fucking golf.



I want a house on the golf course.



I want that.



Walter Smith talked to me before he died.



I know about the money.



I don't know shit about money, man. I don't

know shit about what you're talking about.



I'm talking about a transaction.



You want a helicopter,

I want a house on the golf course.



Fifty thousand.



Maybe you can negotiate

with the sheriffs for that.



No. No!












I'll give you half, OK?



That's, like... two million, OK?

Half is good.



All right. Sell it to your crew.



Jennifer and Tommy stay in the house.



The three of you

down here in the courtyard.



I'll trade the helicopter for the cash.



How do I know

the pilot's not gonna shoot me?



Let me worry about the pilot.



You just make sure he gets that bag,







Half an hour.



Heaven... Can... Wait.






(Dennis) I'm the one who did this. I'm

the one who had the balls. I made the deal.



(Kevin) Fine. Whatever. Just get us out.



(Dennis) I'm getting us out, Kevin.

What do you think I'm doing?



- (Kevin) You're just making it worse.

- Look, I always take care of you.






That's the way it is, Kevin.

Always has been and always will be.



Always. OK?



What... What if they just want

to get us outside just to shoot us?



They could have killed us,

like, a million times, Kev.



But they didn't,

because Talley wants to get paid.



Yeah. Get paid and then shoot us.



(Mars) We're leaving.



Wait. Leaving where?



We're going on a helicopter ride.



No. No, I don't want to.



I'm not your girl.



I'm not going anywhere with you.

I'm not leaving...



You're my girl.



And my girl comes with me.



Red team ropes in.

Upon entry, our packages should be here.



This indoor pool area. Any questions?



It's all there!



- Two million.

- OK. Let's go.






What's this?

This wasn't what we discussed.



This wasn't what we talked about.



Three people in the chopper.

That's all it can carry, Dennis.



I thought you were the man in charge.

Isn't that what you told me?



- You said, "I'm the man."

- I am the man! I am in charge!



- Prove it.

- Mars, leave her!



Jenny and I aren't going nowhere.



Dennis. The man that owns

this house is a criminal.



So are his friends.

This money belongs to them.



- You want more money?

- They'll come after you and fuckin' kill you.



You want more fucking money?



You just chose

the wrong house on the wrong day.



- I'm not lying.

- Bullshit.



The only thing

I lied to you about was Smith.



He's not dead. You didn't kill anybody.



That means that you and your brother

can still beat the hard shit.



Just walk out of here with me.

Put those guns down and walk out now.



- Come on, don't let him fuck this up.

- Dennis, it's fucked.



They're gonna shoot us

as soon as we get through the gate.



- You're lying to me!

- (Mars) Shoot him.



- What the fuck is that?

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



Shoot him!



- I'm gonna turn around.

- You will not.



I'm gonna turn around

and walk out of here.



- And I will call you on the phone.

- Dennis, come on. Come on, Den.



- Shoot him!

- Dennis. Dennis, don't.






(helicopter whirring)



- We can go.

- Let him go.



- Fuck you.

- Come on, Kevin. Come with me.



- Grab the bags.

- Come on.



Get the goddamn bags.

Get the bags!



God damn it, Dennis!



- Dennis... (yells)

- I am in charge.



(Jennifer) Please, please, we need help!



Please help us!



No, please! Please!



No, please! Help! No!



Stand down. Stand down.



Kids are in the house.



(Kevin) I fucking hate you.



I want to go.






I want to go.






- I'm your brother.

- I said I've fucking had it.



I'm your brother!

So you gotta choose. Me or Mars.



I choose the money.



Oh. You choose the money.



You choose the money?



- What do you think of that?

- Done?



Chief Talley.



The situation

has clearly gotten away from you.



Your flagrant disregard for protocol



has unnecessarily placed yourself

and my officers in the line of fire.



My opinion? You remain in command,

there's a probability of a negative outcome.






- (man) What are you doing?

- (Wil) No, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.



You've just made it easier, Chief.

You're done. You're finished.



(officer) Chief Talley? The FBI's here at

the barricade and they're asking for you.



Where's Chief Talley?



Laura Shoemaker, Sheriff's Department.

I'm in command.



Are you Talley?



Walter Smith and his family are witnesses

under federal protection.



Chief, the US government would like to

thank you for your service and cooperation.



Chief, move, now.



Chief Talley is no longer in command here.



This is a federal matter now, ma'am.



Get in.



(cell phone ringing)



That would be the white phone.






- Yeah.

- (man) You're almost home. Talley.



All you have to do is stay put

and leave the rest to my men.



When they recover the DVD.

you recover your family.



Counterfeit feds.



Must be very expensive.



Maybe they're real.



and maybe not.



The less you know. the better for you.



Don't fucking touch me.



(Jennifer whimpering)



Look, when all this shit's done, it's just

gonna be you and me again, OK, Kev?



And with this kind of cake...



I mean, rich people

always got a way out, you know?



Come on, let me see how bad it is.






God damn it, there are kids in that house.



Turn this into a smash-and-grab job

and people are gonna get killed.



You have your instructions, I have mine.

We'll leave it at that.



Come any closer to the house

and your family is dead.






It's over.



I'm taking them and going.






You gotta go, huh?












Shit. Shit.



They shot him. They shot him.



I'm sorry, Kevin, I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.






Mars, they shot Kevin! Mars!



- Dennis.

- Mars?



Please, do something. Please.



Please, please, please...



- I am.

- What?



(Jennifer) Come on, hurry!



Hurry, please!



Hurry, please!



Come on, hurry! Faster! Come on!



- Hurry. Hurry!

- (door opens)



Tommy! Run, Tommy, run!



Shoot him, Tommy! Shoot him!



Shoot him!



Tommy, shoot him! Shoot him!



Shoot him, Tommy! Shoot him! Shoot him!



Do it.



Please. Do it.






Safety first.



Come on!






Come on, come on! Follow me!



(Jennifer) Go, go, go!



(phone rings)



Come on, Tommy.

Pick it up, kid. Come on.



- Come on, Tommy, pick it up.

- (Tommy) Chief Talley?



- Who are you talking to?

- (Jeff) Tommy. where are you?



- (screams) He's coming!

- Run away!



Tommy. Tommy, can you hear me?



Answer me. Tommy.



- (Jennifer) Go faster, go faster.

- Come on.






Come on. This way.



Oh, Jesus.






Come on, you've gotta go faster!

Come on!



Go, go! He's coming.









Tommy, answer me.



Answer me. Tommy!



It's OK. He can't see us.



He can't see us.






Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! No! No!









- Chief Talley!

- You did very good. You did really good.






Jennifer, come on.

We have to leave right now.



Come on. Get that shower on in there. Go.



- Get the shower on, get some towels wet.

- I found them.



Get 'em soaked.

Tommy, come on. Come on.



- I've got your special movies.

- Oh, my God.



You were very brave.

But it's not over, right?



Go help your sister. We're still

in trouble, all right? Hurry, please.






(Jeff) Come on, come on. Get down.






Gun - down.



Turn around, slowly.



Nobody leaves till I get what I need.



Just let 'em get to the front door.



(children scream)



Just let 'em go.









(Jeff) Down. Get down!



Come on.



Thanks for everything, man.

How bad?



You could be bleeding to death,

we wouldn't even know it.



- You gotta get to a hospital, Jeff. Now.

- (cell phone ringing)



No time.









(man) Do you know how bad you have

fucked this up? Your family is dead!



- Shut up.

- They are fucking dead.



Shut up.

Just shut up and listen to this.



- Fuck! Talk.

- It's me.



This is Walter Smith.



Now what?



Look out the window.



(Smith) Listen to me. I...

I don't even know who these people are.



Or what they do. I cook the books.



You know, set up shell companies,

offshore accounts.



And then I would encrypt it onto a disk

and leave it at the drop point.



I mean...



It was never face to face.



I want to see my family.



- Jane? Amanda?

- (both scream)



Shh. Shh.



It's OK, baby.



We're gonna be out of here

in just a minute.



(man) Now, only the famous Jeff Talley

could come up with a rig like that.



And I see you've taken a bullet.



Walter, you're looking

fairly banged-up as well.



How do I know you still have what I need?



- Trinidad...

- Wait.



- Go ahead.

- Trinidad Mercantile, Dominican Republic.



Uh... Michelangelo Sister Trust.



The account number's Brenda         .



(man)...   .



Um... Um...



- Dutch Antilles National...

- Shut up.



- Dutch Antilles...

- Shut up, Walter.



- You're good.

- (Jeff) OK.



You can let 'em leave now, right?



Just let my family leave.

Walk 'em to the door.



I leave with 'em. Smith stays here.



Everybody's happy.



I haven't seen your face.



I haven't seen any of your faces!



- I leave you alone, you leave me alone.

- (man chuckles)



You're negotiating?

Is that what this is, Talley?



You're gonna wear me down?



I'm just trying to bring us all home.



Cut Walter loose. Send him over next

to me, and we will disappear into the day.



Let them go.

I'll stay here. Just let them go.



You get this one thing: I don't bargain.



I give. You take. That's it.



Cut him loose.






Hands. Hands up, in the air.



Oh, you're a fucking dead man.

You're a fucking dead man!



Thank you very fucking much.

He hasn't seen your face?



- He's seen my face!

- My family hasn't seen his face.



- What are you waiting for? Kill him!

- They didn't see his face.



Come on.



My family hasn't seen Walter Smith's face!

Just let 'em go!



- Come on, what are you waiting for?

- Just let 'em leave! Just let 'em go now!



Goddammit, kill him!



(Jane and Amanda sobbing)




Special help by SergeiK