Hotel New Hampshire Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hotel New Hampshire script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Irving movie starring Rob Lowe and Jodie Foster.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hotel New Hampshire. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hotel New Hampshire Script



Our story begins with

another story.



It was our favourite story.



How mother and father met when

they took a summer job



at the Hotel New Hampshire.



And how Freud arrived

with his bear.



- What was the bear's name?

- State of Maine.



The bear...



was in his last legs.

- But they were the only legs he had.



Don't cut out all the juicy parts

cause you think they're too young



to hear about all the screwing







Let's just say they hadn't

consumated their relationship.



There was not the promiscuity

and freedom there is today.



I didn't expect to meet anybody

from the same hometown.



I like the way your hair looks.



I'm glad that someone I know

is here.



- You don't know me.

- Oh, but I want to know you.



And I want you to know me.



It will be two years before

I can afford to enter Harvard.



I think it's wonderful

you got in.



Why wouldn't I have gotten in?



It's Freud and State of Maine!



The Freud?



Give me a ride, Freud.



Nobody rides with me

but State of Maine.



Well, just a few things

still to iron out.



One fateful day everything

really started to go wrong.



A couple of Germans were

staying at the hotel.



Find the doctor.



Please, find the doctor.



We must find the doctor.



Good afternoon.

What's the matter?



- Are you a doctor?

- I'm professor Freud.



Freud? Is he a good doctor?



- He's an excellent doctor.

- As long as he's no Jew...



He's no Jew. They have no Jews

in New Hampshire.



- I'm blind! I'm blind!

- You should have closed your eyes.



I'm warning you, Freud.

This is your last chance.



- Good morning.

- Good morning.



I tell you he's a Jew.

A perfect Jew.






I've never seen a motorcycle like this.

This is a piece of junk.



You can try it yourself.

Why don't you?



I was leaving anyway. I mean,

that isn't my kind of a hotel.



What will you do?

Where can you go?



Well, back to Europe.



Why back to Europe?



They say there's going to be

a war there.



Oh, I don't know. At least

they got smart bears.



By the way. You can buy

that one.



- I can?

- Two hundred dollars.



That's all we earn

for the summer.



I know. Otherwise I'd have asked

for more.



I'm gonna throw in that bike as well,

and give you some good advice.



Here it is. You take every opportunity

given to you in this world,



even if you have too many




because one day the opportunities

stop. You know?



So, you promise me something.



- I promise.

- So do I.



You get married.

Right away.



So we got married.>



And father went off to the war.



Okay, come on, it's bedtime, kids.



- That's it. Come on.

- No. We've gotta have the sad part.



The war changed a lot of things.






I shot a bear!

I shot a wild bear!



It's my bear!



- Now it's bedtime. Come on, let's go.

- Come on, sweetie.



You've got school








Line them up! Let's go!



- All right.

- Go on!



Come on!

Come on!



All right. Line it up.

Let's try it again.



You big creep, Berry!



- Let's go. Let's go.

- Okay.



Dairy bulls. Dairy bulls

is our name.



Football. Football

is our game.



When we play

we play it good.



- Like you thought...

- See you later, sweetie.



Fight bulls, fight bulls...



Hey you, stop!



- You're a bitch, Titsie!

- My name is not Titsie, it's Bitty.



All right. Five laps and hit

the shower.



So what's this with you

and Bitty Tuck?



That slut Titsie was making eyes

at Chipper Dove.



He's a shit.



- Okay. I'm gonna get in the shower.

- All right. See you later.



Pop, I'm worried about

the school.



Admissions are falling. Standards

are falling even more.



Money is getting tighter.



Oh, yeah? What do you care

about money?



You got a great wife, beautiful kids,

you got a good job.



What do you care if the pay's not

that great?



Think about it, my boy.

You're a lucky man.



I don't want to be a teacher.



You know what I know about you,

my son?



You live in the future.

You're a daydreamer.



I want something better.



- Hi, Mom.

- Hello, darling.



- Is John home yet?

- Not yet.






Come here.



Come here. Hello.



- Sorrow farted again.

- Franny, please.



- Stop standing on your toes.

- What?



Stop standing on your toes, Egg.



If she hasn't grown in two years,

I doubt she's grown in the last   days.



- Hi, Dad.

- Hi.



- Hi, Gramps.

- Hi, honey.






Hey, kid, you know your sister has

the nicest ass in school?



- Is she banging anybody?

- She's got great tits, too.



Yeah, but her ass is what's

really special.



Say hello to your sister.



Lilly, don't worry about it.



- Just try to eat a little more.

- So I'm small. Everybody says so.



So what's the matter

with being small?



Nothing, dear, you can be

as small as you want.



- What did he say?

- He's a scum.



He talked about your ass, your tits,

even your feet.



My feet?



- What did he say about my feet?

- Your ass is all he cares about.



I don't care. I'm not

that interested.



Well, he's interested.



Stick with the others.



Some are sweet, but...



God! The others are just boring,

boring, boring!



- It's important the first time.

- Why?



Because it is.



Because it's the first time. It's the one

that sticks with you forever.



Well, everybody knows

what you're thinking.



- You don't know what I'm thinking.

- Oh, you mean about me?



I know you think about me

too much.



Remember you used to be

stronger than me, remember?



Oh, let me go! Let me go!



- Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!

- Why don't you two grow up?



Fuck off, Frank!



Franny y John are out here fooling

around with each other again.



They're perverts.



You're a big fink, Frank!



- You fart! You're a turd in a birdbath!

- And you're a whore.



Stop! Stop this!

Stop that!



- Stop! Stop!

- Stop it!






- Oh, shit!

- Come on, kids, knock it off!



- Come on, Goddam hold it!

- Stop it!



- Come on, hold it, kids!

- Stop that!



Hold it!



Hold it! Hold it, kids!



Franny, let go of him!



Now look at this.

Where do you hurt, kid?



She kick you in the nuts?



- You okay, Franny?

- She yelled but we could hear you.



Get some air.



You all right? You gonna be okay?



Breath easy. Breath.

Breath easy.



Do you know...



how this upsets your mother

and me?



How bad it is?



And your grandpa?



Lmagine that we fought all the time

and you had to live with it.



But do we, I mean, do your mother

and I fight? Do we?






Would you like it if we did?



Darling, I think we better take her

to the hospital.



Oh, Franny.



My baby.



Wanna see my stitches?



- Yeah.

- Look at this.



- You know what they look like?

- Pubic hairs.



What's a pubic hair?



They look gross.



- Sorry about your balls, Frank.

- Oh, they're okay.



- Sorry about...

- It's okay.



I'm sorry about everything.



Oh, Sorrow, come on.

Get off my bed.



Why do we like each other more

than we like Frank?



I don't know, we just do.

We always will. Frank is weird.



- Yeah, but he's our brother.

- So what?



You're my brother. That's not

why I like you.



Why do you like me?



I don't know. I just do.



- Get off! Get off!

- It's Frank!



Come on, you mud-fucker. You heard

the man, hump it! Hump it!



You love mud puddles,

don't you?



- Put it in a boy's ass is as disgusting.

- Stop it! Stop it!



Stop it!



- Well! Look who's here.

- Leave him alone!



Your brother likes boys.



- Don't you, Frank?

- So what?



Stop it!



Hey, no harm done.



I wanna talk to you.




Oh, well, sure.

That's possible.



Right now.



Yeah, well, right now.



- Sure.

- Let Frank go.



Yeah, we'll let Frank go. Right, boys?

We were just going to anyway.



I just wanna talk to him,

that's all.



Just talk.



You rat asshole!



You could've been so nice but you had

to be such a shit of a human being.



I hate you.



You son-of-a-bitch!



Leave me alone!



Ow, you make me sick!



You know you like me.



Come on!



- Thank you.

- Thank you both.



Oh, you're welcome.



- I really am queer, you know?

- I know.



It's okay, Frank.






- I love you.

I know you do and I love you.



I wanna tell you something.



You know that school where I teach

may not be good but it's gonna grow.



- So?

- So...



- We're gonna make some money.

- How?



I'll show you.



The Thompson female seminary

can only be what it is. An old school.



I went to school there.

I know it inside and out.



Do you realize how cheaply

one can buy it?



Do you realize how much

it would cost to fix it up?



Why a hotel? You're always saying

this is such a crummy town,



who'd wanna stay here?



Maybe not want to,

but have to.



The parents of those kids at our

school, they come to visit, right?



There's no place for them

to stay.



If there was a hotel here

people would stay here.



- Oh, hi, Howard.

- Oh, it's you, Win Berry.



What're you doing here?



Just between you and me, Howard,

we're gonna buy this place



amd turn it into a hotel.



Can't you just imagine it?

A family run hotel.



We'll have the place to ourselves

most of the time.



Our hotel.



The hotel New Hampshire.



Hey, come here.



If only Dad had found

another bear,



he wouldn't have needed

to buy a hotel.



Franny was right.



Just as father thought bears could

survive living with humans,



he thought we could survive

living in hotels.



Hey, these are all screwed down.

You can't move them around.



Why should anyone have to move

hotel furniture around?



You gonna leave the blackboards?



So long as they are clean,

what's the harm?



This job's gonna be harder than...



trying to rape a rhinoceros.



This is Miss Rhonda Ray, who's

going to be head maid and waitress.



- Hi.

- Hi.



I'm pleased to meet you.



Miss Ray remembers seeing State

of Maine perform with Pop



when he was touring

all those years ago.



But I never believed it was

a real bear.



They were trying to undress him.



And nobody would get a kick

out of undressing a bear.






- No meat.

- No meat?



They probably don't even know

what a steak is.



- Do you like Rhonda, John?

- He's going to.



Like you and Chipper Dove?



Lilly, try to eat something

and then you'll grow.



What's that?



- Who isn't growing?

- It's me.



- I've stopped growing.

- We come from Finland.



- And we never had a dwarf there.

- What are you saying?






- A dwarf!

- Bullshit!



She's no dwarf!



She's a baby.



Isn't it great having kids?



Why don't you all put your chairs to

my table and have some drinks on me?



Mine is stuck.



Everything's screwed down around

here. You know what I'm saying?



I mean this is the ship we're on.



We're on a big cruise

around the world.



Around and around the big wheel goes

and where she stops nobody knows.



- Everybody ride the rides.

- Fill the glass.



- Come on, Pop. Let's get some air.

- Of course your chairs are nailed down.



That way when the shit hits the fan

at the Hotel New Hampshire...



- What are you doing later, sweetie?

- Come on, Pop.



Nobody gets blown away,

there you are, girls.



- Let's get some air.

- Hang onto those chairs!



They go nowhere.



Nothing moves here.



Screwed down for life.



Grandpa, I think it's time

to go to bed.



Please, come.



They say it works both ways.



- You can either call in or you can listen.

- Fran, that's not ethical.



Okay, sex check.

I'm gonna try the Texan first.






Now we're gonna try

your girl friend.






I expected a little something.



You weren't that hot, darling.









- Staying in shape, huh?

- Sure.



Your pecker's gotta last you

all your life, you know?






That breathing gets me.



I don't know whether you're dying

or trying to come.



John-O, next time it rains

come to see me.



- Franny!

- Come on, wake up.



- I just want to sleep.

- It's raining, dummy.



It's raining. It's your big day.



- It's raining!

- Stop it!



Come on, put on your shorts,

brush your teeth.



Don't be a chicken. Frank and I

have been up for hours.



- Brought you some money.

- What for?



So just in case she charges.



- What are you guys doing?

Listen, we paid for. We get to listen.



We're just looking for you.



If you start to make a fool of yourself,

we'll call for a fire drill or something.



Oh, boy!



Hi. It's me.



It's raining.




Is it okay if I come in?



Were you expecting me?



That's how the worst germs

get spread. Mouth to mouth.






It's customary to tip

a waitress.



Oh, I forgot it.



I love the rain.



Franny won't understand.



Lilly and Egg are too young. There's

no point in asking their opinion.



I know he smells bad, but

it is not a fatal disease.



In a hotel it is! That dog has

terminal flatulence.



He's old.



Okay, but when you're old

we'll put you to sleep.



- That's it.

- Come on, old partner.



Easy go.



Grandpa'll be along soon.



One more fart and it's off to the killers

for me. I know that.



Jesus, we'll dump it all.



- Only Franny really loves the dog.

- That's not true.



She's the one who's really

gonna be upset.



Sorrow wasn't going to leave us

so easily.



We just didn't know how Sorrow

would return.



What's going on?



- The electricity went out.

- And it's Halloween!



They're out too.



Have the railroad station call

the phone company.



- Might be the main switch.

- Come on you two.



Let's switch on all the lights

in all the rooms.



The electricity is out.



It is now, but once the power comes

back on, the whole place will light up.



All right, we'll turn the radios

and everything electrical on.



It won't be long now.



Howard? I think he's had

a heart attack.






- I think he had a heart attack.

- Hello! Hello!



Don't do that!




I'll go get an ambulance. Come on

let's go get the school ambulance.



Hey, what's going on?



God, I hate Halloween.

Come on.



Well, look who's here.

The nicest ass in school.



Howard Tuck had a heart attack.

We gotta get an ambulance!



We were all going to the infirmary

for an ambulance.



Do you know what I want

you to do, Franny?



I want you to show me that place.

That place where we can be alone.



- Remember?

- Franny, dammit!



Let him go. I'll show it to you now.



- No, don't Franny!

- Shut up, blue stock boy! Shut up!



Franny, no!



Lenny, Chester and the rest are gonna

help you show me that place, okay?




Cut it out!



We'll be back for you later,




- Don't worry, Harold.

- You'll get your turn.



I don't want no turn. I don't want

no trouble, all right?



You're already in trouble.



You gotta help her. You've gotta

help my sister.



- The hell with those guys, man.

- They're gonna rape her!



They're gonna rape her!



I know somebody who could fix

those mother fuckers, man.



What do you want?

You wanna die?



You want to, don't you?



If somebody wants to die,

I'll help him.



- Who wants to die first?

- We need your help now!



Hate rises!



Hey brother, don't you know?

Be happy in the fucking jungle!



- We need your help, Junior.

- You sure do!



They're raping her!



- Did you say rape, man?

- Yeah, man, rape, man.



My sister Franny.



Your sister?



Black arms of the law!



Junior had a sister, man.

And some dudes raped her one time.



And they hit her with

an iron bar.



Black arms of the law!



Come on. Let's go, go!



Come on, move.



Come on, go, go!



It's right in here somewhere.






It's just another Halloween, kid.



Hey, listen.



Do you know what?



When somebody touches you...



and you really don't wanna be touched,

that's not really being touched.



You still got you inside of you.



And nobody has touched you.



Not really.



You still got you inside of you.



- You belive that.

- I don't know.



No, I'm fine. I'll be okay.



I wanna get some sleep and

I wanna take a bath.



You can have all the baths

you want.



I want Sorrow to come and sleep

with me. Have you seen him?



- Sorrow? Sorrow?

- Come on.



Where is Sorrow?



What happened to him?



Call if you need me, honey.



Franny, can I get you anything?



Yesterday and most of today.



I love you.



They expellled them, John.

All they did was expel them.



I'd like to get my hands

on that Chipper Dove just once.



You oughta have a hundred pounds

on here, but I'm gonna start with   .






- You got it?

- Yeah.



Can you imagine them trustees?



They actually suggested

we don't take any action



till after the Exeter game.






I told them right out.



Be much better off losing the whole

backfield, than you were losing me



after what I would have done

to the little son-of-a-bitch.



I'd split his bag and run

his foot through it.



Then I get to think...



What's the point?



What's the point to all this now?



All right, take a break. Then

come back and do some more.



Thank God, you're taking an interest

in your body.



You're the first one in this family

who has done it.



What's up, Frank?



Jesus God, Frank!



Where did you get him?



I got him at the Vet's before

he was incinerated.



I'm gonna take him to the lab

and I'm gonna fix it for Franny



in time for Christmas.

I'm going to have Sorrow stuffed.



- I don't think she's gonna like it.

- Yes, she will. Don't tell anybody.



Where the hell's going Frank

with that garbage?



All the trash cans are full.



Damn fool must be going all the way

to the dump.



Jesus, that boy is queer.



Okay, kid.



Do about ten of these. I'm gonna

get some water and I'll be right back.



'Get obsessed, stay obsessed',

Grandpa always said.



You're pushing yourself

too hard.



Kid, it's not gonna happen again.

I promise you.



- Franny. You wanna go to the movies?

- Maybe.






Does Franny love Junior Jones?



She likes him.



He's a friend.



- How many days till Christmas?

- Ten.



Look what I bought for Mom.



She'll never wear it.



- What did you get for me?

- I'm not telling you.



Ooo, the hope.






- Sorrow?

- It's Grandpa.



Don't look at me. Sorrow's still

in the lab. He's not finished yet.



The dog was here. Sorrow...



- He was here. He tried to kill me.

- No, you just had a nightmare, Pop.



I saw him.



He was here. I...



I could almost touch him.



That old rug's got so much dog hair,

your grandpa can still smell Sorrow.



Get back to you nap. That's it.

Go to sleep now.



Merry Christmas, Grandpa.



Merry Christmas.



I thought we'd lift some before

we open presents.



Take a day off, will you?

Jesus Christ, it's Christmas.



Merry Christmas.



Merry fucking Christmas.



Merry Christmas.



You can't stuff Sorrow and

you can't kill Sorrow.



This was the first death

in our family.



I couldn't get it out of my head.



I made me imagine the deaths

of the others.



How do you dry something

that's wet?



What's wet, Egg?






I wanna talk to you.



- Where is he?

- Where is who?



- Sorrow.

- Sorrow's dead.



Egg, I know he's dead.

I wanna know where he is.



Sorrow's with Grandpa Bob.



How would you dry hair?



How about a hair dryer?



- One of those things that Franny has?

- Mom has one, too.



Yeah, but Franny's is bigger.

I bet you it's hotter too.



No one feels very much like

New Year's Eve



so let's not decorate

or anything.



- A party's a party.

- Let's just have a good time.



Right. We've got a live band




An almost live band.



Move that mike back, will you?

And don't be an asshole!






How's Junior Jone's sister

getting back to Philadelphia?



- I guess she's got a car.

- A car?



That means she's older

than I am.



Don't get so scared. It's reasonable

to assume she's black, too.



Welcome to the Hotel

New Hampshire.



Here comes your main chance.



- Hi John-John.

- Hi, Titsie.



Hey, the fun is here.

Here's the fun, man.






Your weight lifter.






I thought you said Franny had

an older brother.



Hey, he's old enough.



There's gonna be a live band.



Oh, you don't say?

Do you dance?






That's Lilly.






Hi. I'm a dwarf. I'm not ever

gonna grow any bigger.



That's interesting.



- That's Egg.

- Why do they call him Egg?



Because he began as an egg

and he's still an egg.



I see.



Jesus! How much

are we paying them?



Don't worry. Everyone will have

a good time.



If we could start anew



I wouldn't hesitate.



I'd gladly take you back



and tempt the hand of fate.



Tears on my pillow.



Pain in my heart.



Caused by you.



Love is not a gadget.



Love is not a toy...



I know what you're thinking.

My advice.



If you're gonna pull out on somebody,

tell them first.






- Hi.

- Hi.



Sure it's fine.



You're not doing bad, John, really.



- Really?

- Yes. It's fine.



Thank you.



If you like that girl, why don't you

put a move on her?



I couldn't put a move on anyone.

I don't know how.



Well I'll be. Your sister is a slut.



And what about you?



You could introduce yourself

to Miss Tuck's affections by...



by offering to take her bags

up to her room.



Where are your bags?






Good night.



You didn't even try to kiss me.



I'm sorry. I'm not into kissing yet.



Never apologize.



Wait a minute, wait a minute.




Watch the tooth contact.



And don't try to ram me with

your tongue. Okay?



- Okay.

- Okay.



I'm sorry.






I always wanted to know how

it would feel to kiss without them.



- Do you like it?

- It's...






Yes. But is it better?






Yes, ma'am.



Well, you are ready for Bitty.



- Go to it!

- Yes, ma'am.



Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.



Four. Three. Two. One.



Happy New Year!






Should old aquaintance

be forgot



and never brought to mind.



Should old aquaintance

be forgot...



- Where did you learn to do that?

- Come on, I'll show you.



You okay?



You know, you could get a job

on television kissing like that.



Do it again.



I bet you can't. I bet it was

beginner's luck.









I have to use the washroom.



Bitty, Jesus Christ!



These people are insane.



What's going on?



Fainted while diaphragming




Bitty, wake up. Wake up.



It's just Sorrow, Bitty.



I tried to dry him up but he caught on

fire. I wanted to make him nice again.



Egg, Sorrow'll never ber nice.

By definition Sorrow was not nice.



Hey, no ofence to your sister,

but I'm very horny.



Ditto. No offence to yours.



You wanna hit on those two girls

at the bar?



I'm gonna pass.



Don't bother.



As soon as I handle

this littel problem,



I'll take a little walk in the moonlight

with you.



I'm sorry. I didn't want to spill it all.

I'll come up with you.



Wait a minute.






I'm picking Sleazy up at this party.

You wanna come?



No. No, thank you.



Chicken shit!



Kids today have no spunk!



Squirrel dink!



Good night, Miss Wales.

Thank you for the music.






- What do you know about Vienna?

- What did I know about motorcyles?



Or bears?



Freud says in his letter he's got

a new hotel.



And he wants us to come

and help him work it.



- Hi everybody.

- Hi, Junior.



- Hello, Junior.

- Hi Mrs. Berry, Mr. Berry.



How you doing?



- Good morning, Junior.

- Hi, Frank. How you doing?



- Hi, Junior.

- How you doing, love?



How did it go last night, Junior?



Franny, what do you think

about moving to Vienna?



I think it'll be more sophisticated

than staying here.






what am I gonna do

without you?



- You did okay last night.

- The pot calling the kettle black.






- Take me to Vienna with you.

- I'll ask Pop.



No, you won't.



It doesn't matter.



What's the matter with you?



The kids will all be fucked up.



Who could be more fucked up

than them at Dairy School?



There's fucked up and there's

foreign and fucked up.



I'm really worried about Franny.



She'll get over it.



Something must be

bothering her.



She won't even think

of sleeping with me.



She's still young.



I wish you'd speak to her.



Hey kiddo, wake up, wake up.

You've had a bad dream.



Jesus God!



Why does Frank have to spring

the damn dog on everyone?



You see?



It's your friend.



- He's smiling.

- Yeah.



- I'm sorry, but I don't like Sorrow.

- You don't like him?



He's very real, Frank, but he's dead.

I don't find dead things amusing.



Maybe it's okay.

Can I take him to Vienna?



If we go.

If we sell the hotel.



I've sold it.



Honey! Well!



- Freud must be     years old now.

- You know what he always said.



'I just keep passing

the open windows.'



What does 'keep passing

the open windows' mean?



Freud once told me

this story.



Once this...



There was this...

street clown



called the King of Mocks.



Nobody seemed to have

loved him in life



and now that he's dead,

everybody missed him.



Well, as Freud said,



'lt's hard work



and great art



to make life not so serious.'



All right, bedtime.



- Good night.

- Good night.



Hey, kiddo.



What does 'keep passing

the open windows' mean?



It's just an expression that means

'keep on living' I guess.



If you see an open window,

don't jump out. Good night.



I just don't know what it would mean

with Junior. Not yet.



It just seems like...



as soon as someone gets

to have you,



or some people get to have you,

you never hear from them at all.



What do you mean?



I've not heard one word from

Chipper Dove, not a single word.



Can you imagine that?



I don't suppose you've written

to him either?



Yeah, twice. I think

that's enough.



Why the fuck did you write him

at all?



I was in love with him.



I mean, I still am.



Wait a minute.



Let's just say he fell in love

with me.



Now if that happened, if he

fell in love with me,



maybe I wouldn't love him any more.

Then I'd really get him.



- You know what, Franny?

- What?



I don't think we can get to Vienna

quick enough.



- See you tomorrow, huh?

- But I wanna go today.



No, you and I are gonna follow

in another plane tomorrow.



I've got a little to finish

up here.



So when you arrive, everything

will be ready.



Come on.



Come on, it's okay.



- I don't wannna leave.

- I know.



- I wanna go to...

- I know.



- I love you.

- I love you.



Bye, I love you.



- See you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow, darling.






Bye, Dad.









- I'll see you tomorrow.

- Bye.



Keep running, John-O.



Off we went in pursuit

of a new hotel.



And arrived in Freud's Vienna.






It's old.



Is that you?



Win Berry?



Over here.



You didn't know I was blind.

The Germans did that.






Keep your hands to yourself, kid!



Susie is from Europe, but you do know

she went to college in New York?



She's very smart.



I went to Sarah Lawrence,

but I dropped out.



What an elitistic crock of shit!



She was the only bear I could find

who was really smart.



Now we have a grand hotel.

Now we're gonna have a future.



But we gotta get organized.

We gotta move everyone around.



Who's everyone?



The whores. The radicals.



Already you Americans change

your hotel to suit you.



We need this floor

for guests who pay.



Moving downstairs will be

better for you.



- Let me give you a hand.

- No!






That guy is weird. Susie,

don't go out with him.



I don't go out with men, honey.



- Lf you want to help you can help.

- They all have code names.



And that one is Miss Miscarriage.



She's never had sex.

That's their idea of humor.






Thank you.



"The Great Gatsby".

Do you like it?



So, what exactly are

your politics?



- Change fucking everything.

- To root out all that's rotten.



That guy looks like Chipper Dove.



You're an animal! You represent

the compromise!



- You are crazy!

- Americans are spying us.



- Get out! Get out!

- Shut up!



And fuck you too!



I didn't like the way that guy

looked at you.



They are all so scary.



They look straight at you,

but don't even see you.



There's gonna be sex and violence.



I hear the girls coming in

for work.



- Good mornig.

- That's Babette.



- Good mornig.

- Dark Inga.



- Her mother. Screaming Annie.

- Good mornig.



Screaming Annie's got the best

fake orgasm in the business.



I don't think Mother's gonna

like it here.



What went wrong went wrong




Sorrow floats too.



It was when Mother and Egg

were gone



that we knew we really were

in a foreign country.



There's no point.

That's the whole point.



You get on a plane and it

doesn't crash.



That means you got on

the right plane. That's all it means.



From now on I'm gonna be mother.

I'm gonna take care of you and you...



I wanna grow up.

I wanna change.



I'm gonna stop swearing.



You're not gonna say 'fuck',



'shit' or 'cocksucker', 'ln your ear',

'out your ass', anything any more?



- That's right.

- It would have pleased Mother.



Oh, great.



Beat your meat all night and dream

of tits,



but you wanna sound nice,

is that it?



- Dont' bitch, Franny.

- You're as queer as the cat's fart.



And what are you, honey?



What makes you think

you are so tough?



I'm not so tough,

but I'm smart.



You? You'd rather be a dumb bear

than a human being.



And you are beautiful,

but you're a bitch.



We offer you our revolutionary




We are all victims of the greed of

the capitalist flying corporation.



We suffer with your suffering.



But from now on you will be

our kinder.



Little Yankee, go home.



Pop, we wanna go home.

No way here.



- We miss home.

- It's not gonna work here, Pop.



It's the best time we do it.



For school and before we all

have our various commitments.



With a successful hotel,

we can afford to leave, but...



I'm afraid that we woudn't have

anything to leave with.



You mean money?



You mean you've already sunk

the money in here?



Unsink the money, Pop.



We should leave whether

it's sunk or unsunk.



No place to go.



Going no place is better

than staying here.






Franny, what do you think?



I think we should stay.



Try it out.



Thank you, Franny.



'Gatsby believed in the green light.



The orgiastic future that year by year

recedes before us.



It eluded us then, but that's

no matter.



Tomorrow we will run faster.



Stretch out our arms farther.



And one fine morning,



so we beat on, boats

against the current,



borne back ceaselessly

into the past.'



Well, I don't know...



only somehow...



it's against my politics, but it

makes me want to go to the US.



I wish we'd never left.



Lilly, what is it?



It's Father.



He is a Gatsby.



- Lilly, don't...

- Yes, I know he is.



He's always gonna be chasing

after some 'it',



and it's always gonna get away.



Damn it! Damn it!

Damn it!



Good, good.

Thank you. Thank you.



Thank you everybody!



What the fuck else could Pop

call it?



Capitalism at its worst!



I think it's sweet.



I think changing the name

hasn't changed anything.



It's not the place for you, Lilly.

You must find another home.



One. Two. Three. Go!



All sexual acts actually involve

four or five different sexes.



Wait a minute, that means



that for every one fuck there are

four or five people going at it?



That sounds exhausting.



I'm a pornographer because

I'm serving the revolution.



Everything that is decadent

speeds up the revolution.



Today, at this phase, it's necessary

to generate disgust.



You're certainly doing

a good job of that.



Disgust in ourselves and what we have

allowed ourselves to become.



Speaking for himself.



The pornographer is of course

the most disgusting.



- I thought you were a Communist.

- Personally...



Well, personally I'm

an aesthete.



I long for the erotic.

I mourn for the erotic.



For in the new world, after

the revolution,



all this must be lost.



The new world?



Keep passing the open




We gotta help her.



Franny is real tough.



She's beautiful and she's tough.

She doesn't need anybody.



She likes you. You're like an older

sister to her, so you could help her.



- Help Franny from whom?

- Ernst.



I don't usually mess around with

underage girls.



I'm not asking you to mess around

with her, but to help her.






Helping someone is the same thing

as messing with someone.



Good afternoon.



- The thing never runs.

- He's always trying to fix it, too.



Hey, you guys, you look like

you've seen a ghost.



What's the matter, your hard-ons

keep you awake?



It's too hot to fuck anyway.



- Never too hot.

- Never too cold.



I guess I'll have to go queer now.



No, John, I don't think

it works like that.



I'm convinced, you know.



But I think Franny's only doing it for

Susie, because Susie's so insecure.



You know Franny, she's open

to anything.



And in Kamasutra there are

many positions.



One of the more interesting

is the "vyanta",



the cow position.



The woman leans forward and...



Franny, what are you doing?



I just want Susie to understand

that I can't go on with her any more.



Don't give me that crap!



You dropped her so hard

she's becoming a bear again.



You just don't understand.

I love you.



I love you too.



What are we gonna do about it?



We're not gonna do anything

about it.



We're just gonna love each other

that's all.



Not ever?



May I help you?



We're looking for some clean, plain

honest-to-goodness decency.



- We've been robbed all over Europe.

- I can't wait to go home.



We've been through all

the tour books,



but you just can't believe

anything you read any more.



We're looking for some

American touches.



I'm sure we can fix you

right up.



You won't believe some

of the filth we've been...



What the hell is it?



It took her a long time to...



I came from in there. If you don't have

the guts to go in there, I will.



- Oh, you will?

- Well it's clearly a murder.



Just relax. I want you to relax.



He passed out on me.



Will you move?



- What's wrong with that?

- It's okay.



- It' was just an orgasm.

- Orgasm?



Haven't you ever had one,

for Chrissake?



- Are these your children?

- Yes, some of them.



You should be ashamed. Explosing

them to this sordid life...



It's disgusting.



I have just the man to show you

what's "disgusting", lady.



After all that, I could use some

fresh air. I'm gonna pick my coat.



It's a skimpy dress,




I'm not going out.



Dad, let's get out of here.



We were outside the Opera.

The famous Vienna Opera.



And I couldn't get Franny

out of my mind.



Love floats, too,

just like Sorrow.



I'm gonna get you a drink.



- Good evening, Leo.

- Good evening, Mr. Berry.



- What is it, John?

- Beer.



A beer, and the ususal

for you, Mr. Berry?



- Bye, Mr. Berry.

- Bye.



I didn't know you hung out here, Pop.



Yes, this was how it was all

supposed to be.






Your mother would have loved

all this.






I'm afraid I've...



I've let you all down.



You haven't, Pop.



John, I'm a failure.



So now it's off to 'the land

of the free'.



And no more hotels.

I'm gonna to get a job.



- Maybe we'll all have to get jobs.

- It's okay.



It won't be so bad.



Human beings are remarkable



at what we can learn

to live with.



If we can't get strong

from what we lose,



what we miss,



what we want and can't have...



then we could never get

strong enough, could we?



But, what else makes us




Oh, sorry.



Good night, John.



She's with Ernst.



- I love her too.

- Not like I do!



Just like you do!



I found out about everything.



What do you want to know?



You wanna know about




Do you wanna know about

the cow position or the elephant one?



The main point is it hurts.



- Do you want me to go on?

- No.



Do you still love me?



I can't help it.



Poor you.



Poor you, too.



While we were stuck in

our hopeless loves,



Lilly had a mission.



If she couldn't grow in life,

she'd grow in her imagination.



It's a novel.



It's a little autobiographical.



It's called 'Trying to Grow'.



I can't wait. I bet I come off

a real loon.



- No. Everyone's a hero.

- We're all heroes?



Well, you are all heroes

to me.



- Even Susie?

- Of course Susie.



She's afraid of simply be

a human being



and after deal with

other human beings.



You're gonna need an agent.






isn't that what you've always

wanted to be?



But others had a mission too.



A mission leading

to a mistery.



What do you want?



I'm checking the fuses.



Power's out upstairs.



Good morning, John.



Not Schwanger. She's the mother type.

What'd she be doing with a gun?



How would I know?



I'll tell you something else

that's weird.



Miss Miscarriage asked me

to come up to her apartment.



- Yeah?

- Do you think she likes me?



You should go.



- Now?

- No.



Now is not necessary

that you go. Come in.



I will lock the door.



Please, leave.



Just leave the Hotel New Hampshire.



- The what?

- From Vienna.



And make sure Lilly,

especially Lilly leaves.



- What are you talking about?

- We're going to blow up the Opera.



Get your family out.



Especially Lilly,

little Lilly.



- You'll have to come with us.

- I can't.



Why not?



Because I drive the car. And

in the car is a bomb.



It sets off the main bomb

in the Opera.



You'll be killed.



I'm expendable.



It's the hostages part

I don't like.



What hostages?



You and your family, because

you're Americans.



Because Americans make

great publicity as hostages.



- Please, you've got to get away.

- Come with us.



Will you do something for me?






Please, fuck me.



I just want to feel it one time.



- Do you have any protection?

- It doesn't matter.



Why not?



Because I'll be dead before

the baby is born.



Am I the first?



You're the first...



and the last.



Do everything to me.



Is that it? Is that everything?



You want more?



Not especially.



I just wanted to have it done

it all once.



If we have done it all,

you must get back.



You should go.



You must leave today

or tomorrow.



Take Lilly with you.

Give Lilly my love.



Make sure she hears

from me.



Say goodbye.



John, where have you been?

We've been trying to find you.



Listen, Lilly is gonna get published.



This publisher in New York

is gonna buy her book.



- Listen.

- Frank is gonna negotiate the deal.



- What?

- They're gonna blow the Opera.



Who's they?



- The radicals.

- What are you talking about?






What dream is this?



Line up!



So explain yourselves.



It's quite simple to explain.

We have two bombs.



The big bomb will explode

in the Opera.



Of course, it won't kill




just the people in the front seats,

the orchestra.



But the big bomb has to be set off

by a little bomb...



in the car.



I drive to the Opera, then

I get out.



Then other driver gets in the car,

counts ten, floors it, pop, zing, boom!



So we need a driver.



- I'll drive.

- No, you can't.



If one of us has to drive,

I'm much better driver.



I swear to God if you make

my father to drive, I'll kill you, Ernst.



We don't want to hurt

your father, Franny.



It's me. I'm the driver.



And if you fuck it up,

we shoot them all.



How can a blind man drive a car,

you morons?



Most terrorists fail because

they take hostages,



but they only threaten

with violence.



But we are beginning

with the violence.



It's a necessary phase.

Like you were, Franny.



You slept with Ernst, Franny?






- It was a necessary phase.

- Don't move!



My daughter was a necessary phase?



Get back! Get back!

Stand back, stand back.



Is he dead?



Forget him.



One hitch can spoil our plan.



- You don't have to drive the car.

- Of course I have to do it, Win Berry.



Goodbye, little Lilly.



Goodbye, Sussie dear.



You're a prince, Frank.



Goodbye, Franny.



Bye, weight lifter.



I love you, Win Berry.



And I'm sorry that I got you

into the hotel business.



I don't need your assistance.



- Just let me feel the fender.

- No, in here! Where are you going?



- Yes, here it's is the headlight, right?

- You fool!






Hold still, Pop.

Hold still.



Easy. Easy. Easy.



- It's gonna be all right.

- I can't see.



- Pop?

- I can't see.



The American publishers paid

a lot of money for Lilly's book.



Maybe they wouldn't have



if we hadn't been famous

for saving the Opera



and murdering the terrorists in our

good American family kind of way.



- This is just like a fairy tale.

- You mean we're going to be rich?



Yeah, Pop, you can have anything

you want. It's all yours. Here you go.



Back home a football injury

started Junior on a new career.



I sure miss football, though.



- Here you go.

- Thanks.



Hey, why don't you tell your father

I'll trade him my knees for his eyes.



Yeah, whatta you gonna give me

for my knees?



To Lilly.



To Lilly.



Anything you need just call

Room Service.



Lilly's publishers are picking up

the bills.



Room Service?



I've never been in a hotel

with room service before.



Frank. Is Franny gonna get that part

in the movie of Lilly's book?



Most certainly. With a good agent,

you have the world by the balls.



I just set up a three book contract

for Lilly.



That's the problem.

I'm lucky now.



But I've gotta keep growing.

I gotta get better.



My next book has to be

even bigger.



Just coast for a while.



The cash flow is terrifically liquid.



I'd like to live her forever.



Just so long as you have

a chaperone.



You know who I need

a chaperone from?



You and Franny have a bomb

between you.



One day it's gonna blow you away,

unless you do something about it.



One day we're going to have to do

something about the bear in you.






Look who's here.



I've enjoyed hearing

from Franny.



- Who's Franny?

- She's my sister.



Your friend here raped her.



- He and a bunch of guys.

- Oh, no!



Listen, I'll explain it to you later.

All right?



Is Franny here too?



Yes, she's in New York.



She is?



Tell her I'd like to see her.



Why do you wanna see her?



Well, to apologize.

Amongst other things.



Why don't you go and see her




- She's at the Ritz Carlton.

- Franny's staying at the Ritz Carlton?



They own the hotel.



I'll definitely call.

Well, must be going.



Can't keep the lady waiting.



Why the fuck did you tell him

where she was?



Because at last she can deal

with him.



How can I go outside? He could be

waiting for me. He could be anywhere.



He's not gonna hurt you again.



Of course you're afraid.



But once you get over the fear,

you can get to the anger,



and then you're home free.



He called me up today. I couldn't say

anything. I couldn't even talk to him.



Lilly had to talk to him.



He's coming tomorrow.



So whatta you wanna do, Franny?



I wanna kill Chipper Dove.

The bastard, I wanna kill him.



What a girl, Franny!



- The super shit of a human being.

- Give me a day.



What for?



The script.

I've got a great idea.



Miss Berry is all ready for you.

Right this way.



We are all so grateful

that you could come.



Hi, Franny.



You see, when you touched the her

in her, you broke her heart.



And that's why it was so important

that you came,



because if we could touch

the you in you,



then maybe the shock might bring

her back.



Well, look who's here.



- Hey, hey, what's all this?

- I'll take care of him.



We're gonna rape you.



Not me. I only fuck mud puddles.

I do it all the time.



No, don't look at me. You're not

gonna fuck me.



I got somebody who wants

to meet you.



Stop it! Stop it!



Go on, Chipper, put your pants back

and get outta here!



The next time you take youir pants off

for anybody, think of Franny.



Remember us.



It's enough, all of you!



Just go! Go!



Just get out!



What's the matter, Franny?

Didn't you like my play?



It's not that, Lilly.



He just meant so much to me

so many years.



At least I thought he did anyway.



It's all this dumb revenge stuff.



It's just...



It's just one big let down.



As far as I'm concerned, nothing

we could do to Chiper Dove



would be as awful as what

he did to you.



Just think of it this way, Franny.

It was a fairy tale.



You were lost in the woods and

then you suddenly find the way out.



Isn't that what growing

is all about?



That's it.



It's all over now.



Now there's a new ballgame.



But in a fairy tale when you think

you're outta the woods,



sometimes you're still in them.



Miss Berry, did you always dream

about writing a book?



Well, yes, that's all. And...



I'll get you a drink.



A dream...



is the disguises fulfillment

of a supressed wish.



What was one of your dreams?

When my mother was...



Do you know what my dream is?



But there's a difference between

you and me.



I'm gonna get over you, but you're

not gonna get over me.



Not without your help anyway.



...and I had the feeling it was

all fixed up.




A brand new hotel.



And you owned it, I bet.

Two white wines.



You said that I can do anything,

didn't Frank?



You really wanna do it again?



You really wanna start

all over again?



- Do you realize you don't have to?

- What else would I do?



I love you. I'm sorry but I do.



I love you too.




One day we'll have to.



John-O, Lilly's out having

a literary lunch.



Get your ass over here, kid,

it's now or never.



You are a sweaty bitty.

Come on, take a shower.



Jesus God!



- Your balls are all wet.

- I dried myself.



- Yeah, but you missed your balls.

- What's wrong with wet balls?



Nothing to Kamasutra.



Well, that was okay. It wasn't great

but it was nice. Right?



- It was better than nice.

- Yeah?



Get ready for great.



Go away. Come back in an hour.



- Why?

- I'm writing something.



- No, you're not.

- I'm trying to grow.



Okay. Keep passing

the open windows.



I still want you.



Are you sore?



Of course I'm sore. But you better

not stop.



If you stop I'll kill you.



- Go away!

- Come back in an hour.



It's nine oclock. I've been away

for five hours.



- Go have dinner with Frank.

- I had lunch with Frank.



- That was a good one.

- Yes.



- Franny?

- Yes?



We have to stop. We're gonna

hurt each other.



No, my love, that's exactly what

we're not gonna do, hurt each other.



We're gonna be just fine.



- I can't.

- Yes, you can.



- I'm finished.

- No, almost finished.



We'll do it just once more, then

after that we'll both be finished.



Come on.



Bye, my love.



That's the end of it.



We're free. It's over.



What are you guys celebrating?



John just finished a long run.

And I wrote a whole novel.



It was truly terrible, but I just had

to write it, so I threw it away.



Piece of trash. There's only

one author in our family.



Here comes the rest

of our lives.



The rest of our lives is finally

coming up.



A toast.



- To the future.

- To the end of bears.



To love.






'How shall I speak of doom

and ours in special,



but as something altogether




To passing the open windows.



Passing the open windows.



Father got his hotel. Franny got

her movie.



Lilly's second book

was published.



But life didn't become

any easier.



Lilly, the movie of your book's made

your sister more famous than you.



How do you feel about that?



Acting and writing are two

different professions,



and there's no way

to compare them.



Franny, is it true that you're

involved with a black law student?



Exscuse me. Don't you think

'Trying to Grow' has been a fluke?



Because after all your new book

has flopped with the critics...



That's a crock of shit,

you dumb asshole!



All right, that's it, that's the end.



That's enough.

Thank you.



No. Thank you very much.



We all love you, Lilly.



Thanks a lot, that's all.



They are right, you know?

My new book was a let-down.



You listen to me.

You're a great writer



and you're not gonna let

those people affect you.



You're right back to work

and I'm gonna take care of you.



But it's harder to be a writer

than a star.



Stars don't have to be alone.



Hi, Frank here, but actually

I'm not here.



Actually I'm out.



Wanna leave a message? Wait

for the signal and talk your heart out.



Hi, it's me.



Goodbye, Frank.



But I'm always the fucking agent.



I brought this about. I think

I was too hard on her.



I gave her too much shit to do.



You're my agent too. I need you

now more than ever.






Frank, my boy.



Lilly just dreamed more

than she could.



She inherited than damn dreams

from me.



It was Lilly that pushed herself.

It didn't matter who her agent was.



No, John, but it was me,

it was me.



Come on, Susie.



She had little hands.



Her little hands,

I remember.



It's so quiet.



Did father know there were

no guests? We never knew.



'The good hotel... ', father used to



'... provide you with the space

and the atmosphere you need. '



I was still the only one in our family

who didn't know what I needed.



We need an animal around.



Maybe we should invite Susie.






New York City is such a terrible

place to be a bear.



Franny and I decided



not to save it any longer.



Otherwise there would be

nothing else enough to save.



- Wouldn't you mother've loved all this?

- Yes, she would, Pop.



Good night, Pop.



Not every minute, but at least

this part.



At least the end.



- Sleep well.

- Good night, Pop.



- Sleep well.

- Good night.



I bet you Franny and Junior have

some beautiful kids one day.



Have you ever wanted

to have a baby, Susie?



A baby?



I wouldn't bring an ugly child

into this world



for anything.



You're not ugly, Susie.



You're all so attractive,

all of you.



You don't know the treatment

the ugly get in this world.



Susie, you're full of shit.



Why don't you just fucking

grow up?



Poor Susie.



Will we ever get the bear

out of you?



I just had to come,

I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



I'm sweating like a pig

in this dumb suit.






I look so awful, I don't dare

take it off.



It's going to be lighter soon, and then

you'll see how ugly I am.



I see you now and I think

you're beautiful.



You're going to have to work hard

to convince me.



What a beautiful morning.



I have some news for you, Pop.

Susie's gonna stay with us.



Isn't that perfect?



You couldn't have asked for

a better hotel, but we needed a bear.



Everybody does. That's what

we've been missing.



You're home free, John.

We're all home free.



You've written a happy ending.



The dawn.



The dawn is such a wonder

to the blind.



You know what Lilly would

have said?



Life is a fairy tale.



So we dream on inventing>




Our little lost sister.



Our sainted mother.

Our hero father.



But our dreams escape us however

we have imagined them.



There's only one thing

you can do.



Keep passing the open windows.



Special help by SergeiK