House Of The Spirits Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the House Of The Spirits script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Meryl Streep and Winona Ryder movie also starring Jeremy Irons, Vincent Gallo, Glenn Close, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of House Of The Spirits. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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House Of The Spirits Script



            that good to be of turn.

            come, dad.

            that good to be of turn.

            Our memory is weak.

            The life is very brief.

            everything is so fast

            that there is no time to understand the relationship among events.

            this wrote my mother in their diaries

            to be attentive at the time.

            what was, dad?

            do want to lie down?

            feel Clara's lack.


            ...I think the mammy he/she is connosco at this time.

            come to lie down.

            My mother always referred to the love as a miracle.

            from child registava everything

            to see the things in their owed dimens

            were the first time that she saw my father.

            although he had come to ask the oldest sister's hand, the Rose,

            my mother noticed that it was passionate for him.

            wanted, we didn't get to talk.

            Esteban, if it is that also the will of the Rose...

            for us the important...

   is not only that the Rose is happy,

            but also... - I am decided...

            to work arduously everyday.

            are convinced...

            that to work always arduously,

            one day I will be sufficiently rich for...

            no, Clara.

            that one day will be sufficiently rich to take the Rose to the altar.

            Clara, not!

            two years later,

            discovered the gold that would take him of turn Pink

            The love made him to go down bottom in the mine,

            but the arduous work and the wait turned his desire still larger.

            finally, he had success and soon it would go back to marry the Rose.

            vein people to celebrate the candidacy of my av

            my grandparents tried to hide my mother's supernatural powers,

            but all knew them.

            secretly, the people came to advise with her.

            only wanted to know Clara it was able to me to say...

            got into an enormous debt.

            for a politician that is an escãndalo.

            don't know what to do.

            My family... - "Black Devil" will expire Sunday.

            The something? - In the third race.

            thank him/her immense.

            promise that never again I will ask for him/her help. Thank you.

            thank you.

            It is that my fiancé...

            are so unhappy...

            thought that Clara maybe I could help myself.

            could feel a hunch for him love again.

            His/her fiancé doesn't support the lavender smell.

            if he/she leaves of using lavender oil,

            maybe he wants her again.

            what happens?


            should be embarrassed for upsetting Clara!

             He/she is a delicate child.

              rose, what is she to say her?

              say that soon there will be a death in our family,

              but that will be by accident.

              Partido Conservador has state always in the power.

              are greedy, corrupt, intolerant and outdated.

              us, of Partido Liberal, we have that combatting.

              thank you, dear friends for your support. Thank you.

              should drink.

              who it carves the pig, drink. It is the tradition. Go.


              nun meows...

              nun meows...

              The brandy has enough poison to kill an ox.


              to have the certainty of the cause of the death, I have of the autopsiar.

              have that to examine.

              mean... what will have he/she that to shred?


              ...the fault was not yours.

              you don't provoke the events...


              only foresee them a little before they happen.

              It is soon the Rose had to die in my place.

              don't feel need of revenge.

              The revenge doesn't do well to anybody.

              The revenge...

              ...he/she won't bring us the Rose of turn.

              because I wrapped up in politics in this country?

              don't pass of murderers and thieves!

              My mother thought the Rose he/she had died for fault of her.

              that if he/she spoke again, he/she could cause new accidents.

              tormented for the displeasure and fault, maintained the silence.

              never again decided to pronounce word.

              Is it even true, Clara?

              could not have waited for me, Pink?

              for why didn't wait for me you?

              if he/she knew that you would live so a little,

              would have stolen to marry with you.

              would have done you happy.

              after leaving of speaking,

              the mother started to live in an own world,

              wrapped up in their fantasies,

              in a world that escaped logical ã and laws of the physics.

              enclosed for spirits of the air, of the water and of the earth...

              becoming unnecessary for her to speak for many years.

              don't go back to the mine.

              have to do any thing.

              the mother's medicines they are expensive.

              already ended.

              already ended.

              how many years of my life do know passed to take care of the mother?

              The road for God is through of the devotion and of the suffering.

              were what taught me.

              will leave. I hate this city.

              because you don't say before what do hate this house?

              that also.

              would like to be man... for also to leave.

              And I am happy for not being woman.

              bought an old farm with the money of the mine.

              will feel your lack.

              write me if the mother worsens.

              do favor!

              can take me even ã "Three Marias?"

              how you call?


              now are the patrón here now.

              who doesn't like, it can leave.

              the ones that be...

              won't lack them food, if they work a lot and well.


              understood, patrón. We don't have to go where.

              force, force.

              care, they can break the wheel.

              go, I count. A, two, three!

              in the    following years, the father rebuilt Three Marias,

              turning her/it in an of the farms more productive of the country.

              worked very in the morning even ã night,

              and he/she had many conflicts with unhappy workers.

              do you want him to pay them orderly? Is it like this that you/they thank me?

              are demanding, but I am always exactly.

              in spite of all of the problems, my father was happy

              and conscious that everything was fruit of his/her arduous work.

              how much want?

              preferred that he/she lent me some money.

              are very shameless. -    weights, patrón.

              He/she is the most powerful man and rich of this city.

              would not ask for this the more nobody.

              for something so much money?

              for a convoy ticket for the city, a red dress,

              a pair of shoes of high jump, a perfume bottle...

              and a permanent one. I want to come to be rich and famous.

              as I know that I return you to see? - We will see each other again.

              I know.

              trust me.

              how you call?

              I closed business,

              I taste of ambitious people.

              - Is everything? - Yes.

              telegram for itself, patrón.

              remember of when were we children?

              cook for you...

              and to order you to the school.

              take care of you, do you know?

              will make what the mother asked me.

              accepted me as son-in-law once...

              her no, Esteban. - They can make him/it again.

              she is not normal.

              His/her sister, the Rose, was special.

              at least, it was healthy and normal,

              but Clara is so strange. You will never be happy with her.

              are with jealousies. You were never passionate.

              only remain you a home for old spinsters.

              she will never be able to love you as necessary of being loved.

              Clara is too strange.

              necessary of a woman that he/she takes care of you,

              that he/she adores you and obey. - It already arrives, Ferula!

              seem to live in another world, since the Rose died.

              I know.

              are not that she cannot speak. He/she never wanted.

              I know.

              since it can feel healthy children, it is enough.

              maybe had her protected too much.

              It is impossible to give afecto too much to somebody.

              can see her now?

              don't take decis

              know her first.

              later have to know what does Clara want, doesn't you agree?

              dad! Dad!

              came to ask me in marriage.

              Clara! Be not impertinent!

              want to know. I don't want to lose time.

              me also taste of being directo.

              yes, Clara. - She told any thing.

              were for that that I came. - She spoke!

              she told any thing. - You told any thing!

              she spoke!

              she speaks!

              she speaks!

              thank you, Clara. You did me very happy.


              everything is well?

              good afternoon, Ferula.

              excuse the delay.

              suddenly... I didn't remember if it was today.

              owe you an explanation...

              for having request that you came.

              wait for not having made you to wait a long time.


              are so happy that you have come.

              used to frequent places like this.

              in fact, it had never here come.

              Clara, he/she would like to talk about you...

              don't worry.

              come to live with me and with Esteban when we marry.

              will be as sisters.

              And our friendship... the rest of our lives will last.

              don't worry. I will speak to him.

              nor we will tell him/her that in the encontrámos.

              are well?

              excuse me. Used to cry.

              are not habituated that you/they play me. Excuse.

              are not accustomed the one that is kind to me.

              never nobody showed me affection.

              excuse me...

              are so confused... and so diminished.

              thank you, dear Clara.

              Ferula, dear sister.


              ...Esteban Trueba...

              ...Clara del Valle...

     your legitimate wife...

     love and to respect...

     the disease and in the health...

     the wealth and in the poverty...

              ...until that the death separates you?


              And you, Clara del Valle...

     accept Esteban Trueba...

     your legitimate husband...

     love and to respect...

     the disease and in the health...

     the wealth and in the poverty...

              ...until that the death separates you?


              yes, I accept.

              It is beautiful.

              oh! It is beautiful!

              welcome ãs Three Marias. Congratulations.

              remember of my sister Ferula?

              should be tired.

              will make you a chocolate.

              are not tired.

              did take good trip?    

              she is not any child. You should not treat her as such.

              oh! My dear Esteban!


              forgive me Priest, because I sinned. I don't admit there am me one week.

              leaning that committed a terrible sin. - Of the meat?

              My meat is weakened, but my spirit is not.

              The demónio torments me.

              The mercy of God is infinite.

              don't imagine the thoughts that a lonely woman has.

              a virgin that he/she never had a man,

              not for opportunity lack but because...

              God gave me a sick mother of who had to take care.

              that sacrifice it is recorded in the sky, daughter.

              same that I have sin in thoughts, Priest?

              well, that depends of the thoughts.

              per times...

              ...ã night...

              ...I don't get to sleep.

              feel to suffocate.

              to calm down, I wander for the house.

              are going to my sister-in-law's room and I listen ã carries.

              per times,

              enter in beaks of feet and I observe her/it to sleep.

              that she was stupid and incompetent.

              now know that she doesn't belong to this world.

              maybe his/her life in the earth be a small part of her.

              maybe are more close to God than us, Priest.

              seem the Angel of the Light.

              please to enter me in his/her bed...

              ...and to feel...

              ...the heat of his/her skin...

              ...and his/her soft breathing.

              prayer, my daughter.

              the oraç

              wait, I still didn't finish.

              when my brother, per times, sleeps with her...

     is still worse.

              my oraç    

              don't get to sleep.

              sweat and all my body shakes.

              rise and I wander for the house in the darkness.

              cross the corridor...

              carefully, for the ground not to do noise...

              ...and I listen to them...

              ...ã carries of his/her room.

              once, until I saw them...

              ...because the door was open.

              What saw...

              ...I cannot tell him/her, Priest. It is a great sin.

              The fault doesn't belong to Clara.

              she is innocent. My brother takes her/it to that.

              he wants much more of the one that his/her body.

              want what exists inside of her of more secret.

              he is eternally cursed.

              only God can judge and to curse, my daughter.


              what made them?

              be good narrator.

              didn't get to see very well,

              but the one that I felt was incredible.

              the movements trementes,

              the abundãncia of fluids,

              the whispered words to his/her ear,

              the strangers and secret odors,

              a true miracle.

              He/she is a girl...

              ...and Blanca will be called.

              are not beautiful, Esteban?

              who he/she had felt that the mother could be present.

              would be proud of you. And only think...

              ...a girl. Badly I can wait.

              don't like the form like her he/she always walks thereabout.

              The doctor ordered to rest her a lot.

              And he/she said that should not continue to sleep together.

              The something?

              said that it would not be good for Clara to sleep together during the pregnancy.

              To me didn't tell me anything.

              are only to repeat what he said.

              leaning that he wanted to say...

              that you are weighed for the bebé or for Clara, that is fragile.

              leaning that a lot of excitement he/she won't make ã well Clara.

              are to enter in subjects that you/they don't tell you respect.

              good morning, Clara.

              Is it necessary kiss each other?

              are, yes.

              sit down how he/she gives kicks.

              think he/she wants to leave to greet the grandparents.

              grandparents? - Do they arrive today, do you remember?

              will treat of your bath.

              will know myself well.

              The doctor gave me almond oil for your belly.

              Evita that you are with grooves.

              lament a lot.

              should have come from convoy but the dad insisted on coming...

     that old car.

              have something to communicate him/her.

              It is terrible. - Tell me.

              due ã collision with the convoy...

              their parents they were spit of the car...

              His/her mother's head it was separate from the body...

              And the most terrible is that...

              but I know where she is!

              stop with that.

              know where she is!

              The police sought her/it on the whole side.

              My wife is a little... It is of the pregnancy.

              Ferula, my sister, do you help me?

              - It is here. - Clear?

              but we are very far of the place of the accident.

              are here. I know.

              could do me the favor of going there...

              to look for me a head of woman that will find?

              are dispatched, señor.

              think my hour he/she is to arrive.

              are dispatched, senor.

              everything well. I relaxed you.


              everything well. - Force!

              are to come.

              well arrival to this world, small Blanca.

              hold her/it with firmness.

              concentrate you, Blanca. - You are a champion.

              throw her/it for the aunt Ferula!

              go, Ferula, with force!

              do you have to play with hat?

              will win.

              don't throw her outside.

              don't throw her/it for so far!

              leave you of stupidities.

              go there, Ferula!

              almost that it picked her!

              should teach Clara to play.

              think ganhámos. Blanca is the champion.

              if the mother was alive it ordered you for his/her foot.

              will take a refreshment. Only us the two.

              do you come to play with me?

              please, it comes to play with me...

              here have.

              who are those?

              what make here? Out of here!

              needed money for food.

              then will win him/it!


              don't remember of me, Esteban?

              to the foot of the river?

              this is your son.

              look at him.

              have your name.

              what that talks is?

              take and it is going you away!

              if I return you to see here, I loosen you the dogs.

              will never get rid of us, Esteban!

              will never get rid of your son!

              did stop playing? Were you to win?

              who are you? - Esteban Garcia.

              my parents are not.

              I know.

              what want?

              to see your house. - You cannot be here.

              the strangers are not authorized to enter here.

              I know.

              then are going you away.

              already go.

              arrive here.

              walk. - Reason?

              want to smell you.

              smell well.

              It is perfume. My mother he/she gives me everyday bath.

              have a beautiful dress.

              seat you to the foot of me for the power to touch.

              were my aunt Ferula that made him/it.

              imagine. We are of the same blood.

              don't understand you.

              Blanca, your chocolate is ready.

              last, he/she wanted to ask to Pedro

              that it told us the history of the chickens and of the fox.

              once there was a capoeira...

              and all of them night was visited for a fox...

              to steal the eggs and to eat the chicks.

              this irritated the chickens.

              the people are happy with their liç

              Pedro! - Blanca!


              Clara, why don't use your powers well, to vary,

              and don't you tell me where they are?

              cannot contact who doesn't want to be found.

              if you didn't have the school, nothing of this would have happened.

              The Second found them close to the river.

              are well?

              The fault is yours, Second!

              never again want to see your son with Blanca! Did you hear?

              heard yes, patrón.

              will close the school tomorrow and to order Blanca for an internal school.

              cannot do a thing of those!

              can, yes!

              don't want to see my daughter turn in a native one.

              It is my duty to give him/her a life enter people of his/her class.

              Esteban, it is not necessary... - It silences you, Ferula!

              It is interfere never again in subjects of my family!

              Pedro! - Blanca!

              The school had finishing.

              What turned bearable my life in the school...

              were the wonderful vacations of Summer that approached.

              congratulations for your exam. - There is so much time.

              are very proud of you.

              the school finished! - Thanks to God!

              are so happy that you are home.

              me and your mother we felt your lack.

              I and Pedro saw each other always hidden ãs, to the foot of the river.

              now that he/she had finishing the school, we could be together forever.


              thought that he/she would die at the school. Now never again I return.

              of here for the future only both of us will count.

              what happens? - You know...

              ...that it is not well like this. - It is, yes.

              don't want to know of the opinion of my family.

              I love you and you love me. That is that it matters.

              told me that you began to do political speeches.

              Your father represses the farmers.

              are afraid of him.

              all hate him/it. - Pedro...

              promise me that you are careful. Don't run danger.

              love you.

              love you.

              I also love you.

              well coming, Mr. Trueba!

              the Conservatives want to do him a proposal.

              are not political. - He/she is a powerful man, Esteban.

              He/she is a honest man, as we needed for Senator.

              The country is to change.

              unhappily, the things are not what were.

              are with crazy ideas. The farmers of his/her district

              and the workers of the cities speak in uniting.

              if we don't take a position now...

              will think.

              you are a family man, which has to be protected.

              have to protect our values.

              who is that?

              He/she is Conde Jean of Satigny, there is very absentee of the country.

              for the that I know are very rich and it continues single.

              His/her daughter could use a coat of arms in their cart

              later tell me that decided on Party.

              excuse me.

              can make him/her company?

              have ear to speak a lot of itself, "Monsieur" Trueba.

              say that his farm it is the more beautiful woman of the roundness.

              And the most efficient, as it consists.

              wait one day to know her. To study their methods.

              will be very well coming the...


              a terramoto!


              did feel him/it here? Did some happen thing?

              are everything well, patrón.


              Clara asked me to be to his/her foot to fall asleep.

              were panicky with the terramoto. It was alone for that.


              already destroyed too much my life family time.

              want you to leave of this house.

              never again want to see you...

              ...and you proíbo-te of you contact with my wife...

              or with my daughter.

              will send you money all of the months for Priest António.

              will live honestly, while I live.

              if it picks you to importune my family again,

              kill you.


              ...for our mother's soul...

              ...that I kill you.

              damned you are, Esteban.

              had been alone forever...

              ...your body and your soul mirrarão...

     will die with fear...

              ...and with the heavy conscience. - He/she leaves.

              in consideration to Clara...

              tell you that there was never anything of what you imagine, among us.



              would like to speak with you, Clara.

              as you could do a thing of those?

              as you could order her away?

              now already more nobody exists among us.

              she was never among us.

              love you, Clara.

              want to do you happy!

              want us to have a happy family!

              but she is also part of our family. He/she is your sister.

              don't want to know of Ferula.

              want to know of us and of our love.

              display that you love me.

              show me that I am your husband.

              love me.

              love me.

              are you hear? He/she loves me!

              help me, Clara.

              tell me that should do...

              for us to be happy, as husband and woman.

              give me a time, Esteban.

              give me a time.

              a long time passed,

              are with good aspect.

              as it is that he/she discovered me, patrón?

              asked for the best house of the city.

              now can pay him/her the    weights...

              ...with interests.

              prefer that you are me to owe that favor.

              wait a little

              I display...

              ...some tenderness.

              fake that you like me.

              It is alone of that that I need. - But I like you...

              a lot.


              come for here.

              I feel so well with you.

              It is as returning to the home.

              are the best, Esteban.

              are a strong man.

              very strong.

              a man of the earth.

              "to your health. "

              there is a thing that I don't understand, Monsieur Tassigny.


              And it is...

              ...what does you in our barbaric country?


     felizarda position allows not to need me of working.

              only have the time to pass. A luxury life is upset.

              turned in the restless ones.

              my vineyards in Liechtenstein and in Riviera.


              ...this country...

     is a challenge for me.

              but Monsieur Tassigny...


              even so are very strange.

              sought again and I don't find him/it in my letters.

              nor his/her family, nor his/her age...

              nor from where came.

              maybe your letters don't see for besides the Atlãntico.

              Is it for me? - Oui.

              thank you.

              It is beautiful.

              tons a year, in two crops.

              have the advantage on the countries to north of the equator,

              of we get ripe fruit in another time of the year.

              God gives to all the right of struggling for the justice.

              don't want us to await only for the reward in the Sky.

              Own Jesus Cristo it was a revolutionary.

              are entitled to a wage.

              that is revolutionary?

              of course is!

              are entitled of not working on Sunday.

              are entitled to the vote.

              are entitled...

              arrive. Return to the work!

              return to the work, he/she already said!

              tell them that you/they return to the work.

              please, return to the work.

              come here.

              didn't teach your son to not to look the patrón in the eyes?

              take off the shirt.

              ...Tassigny doesn't he/she eat connosco?


              Conde Satigny.

              he continues outside to see the crop of the corn.

              have a great interest for the agriculture.

              And in to know that possess.

              today had to dismiss Pedro Segundo.

              never again want to see him/it for here. - Reason?

              picked him/it to try to return the workers against me,

              to do revolutionary speeches.

              only in consideration to his/her father, I didn't give him/her a shot.

              my God!

              all my life tried...

              to help this people.

              gave them everything...

              and now that crooked one he/she speaks to them in their rights!

              I know them, they need to be guided.

              need justice and not of charity, dad.

              are as children.

              need a firm hand.

              only notice like this. - You cannot avoid that the world changes.

              but I can try.

              decided to run for office to Senator for the Conservatives.

              what leaning of this?

              the politicians don't pass of thieves and criminals.

              cannot close one of the windows?

              aunt Ferula?


            Ferula died.

            that is impossible!

            still two days ago I saw her and it was perfectly well.

            I know that it is true.


            ...leave me the alone ones with her.

            If you knew as we felt your lack...

   and Blanca.

            spoke about you almost everyday.

            would be so proud of Blanca.

            Esteban expelled the man that she loves,

            but they continue to be seen hidden to the foot of the river.

            she is so courageous...


            ...and honest to her own.

            will always remember of you.

            until we find ourselves again.

            listen all!

            are entitled of to speak and to demand!

            are entitled of facing your oppressors!

            The owners of the earth need of you, that you/they work her.

            are you that make possible them the comfort!

            you make possible that they live well!

            are entitled of adhering to unions!

            should demand, to form unions and to organize!

            If they leave of working, they will leave of patrones to exist!

            To turn you to see for here, I burst you the insides!

            did you hear!?

            excuse me, but...

            didn't get to sleep and for that I went to the river...

            were there that I saw them.

            I saw my future bride completely nude...

   the arms of that...

            Of who? Tell me. Who was he?

            tell me!

            of that Indian. Of that revolutionary.

            kill him! I will kill that crooked one!

            where it is that he is?

            tell me!

            where he is? I kill him! Where is he?

              never I ho will say!

              I kill him/it!

              tell me where he is!

              Abram the gate!

              The fault is yours!

              created her/it without any morals sense,

              without religion nor beginnings. Nor he/she makes idea of who is!

              she is my daughter!

              If it had been with somebody decent, he/she could understand.

              but with that disgraced, with that crooked one! I kill him!

              interest for my mother's soul that he will never want...

              Pedro didn't make anything that you no longer you had done.

              also went to the bed with women doutras classes.

              but he made him/it for love and Blanca also...

              Clara, my angel.


              walk. - Not.

              walk there... - Not.

              will never again speak to you.

              never again!

              Soon we will return for my parents' house in the city.

              all will feel his/her lack, Señora Clara.

              I will also feel your lack...

              leave although, patrón.


              don't want to be present, when it picks my son.

              Did he/she already discover him/it?

              still no, patrón, we continued ã seeks.

              swallow-millstone. I offer reward, be which goes.

              because it is to take that so to chest?

              It is a personal subject.

              should inform him... - I know the laws of this country.

              what was? Don't you see that I am to eat?

              know where Pedro is hidden.

              as it is that you know?

              give me the reward...


              as it is that you know?

              all know where he is...

              ...except you.

              show me,

              for me to know that you are not to lie. - Does he/she give me the reward, patrón?

              take care of the horses.


              A telegram for itself, señor.

              The reward, patrón.

              informers they don't deserve rewards.

              you will marry my daughter!

              It is exactamente that told him/her.

              A whiskey.

              received a telegram

              to say that she is pregnant, therefore he/she will marry her.

              but I didn't go me. It was that revolutionary Indian.

              don't know than he/she speaks.

              must have dreamed.

              There is a misunderstanding here.

              know that man's species is. I am not foolish!

              for that, we will make an agreement.

              I offer him/her that always wanted, my money...

              for my grandson to use his/her stupid name!

              did understand?

              Your mother? - She doesn't want to see him/it.

              arranged you a husband... - I won't get married.

              ...a father for your bastard. - I won't get married.

              go yes. You will marry him.

              will be a senator.

              don't want him to be known that there are bastard in the family.

              thought that there was already several.

              besides, I am passionate for other person.

              should find out that Pedro As it is dead.


              find better than forget him immediately.

              piece to my husband and his friend that leave this house.

              Mister, lament but I should ask him to remove.

              my God! As I hate the dad.

              don't cry, my love.

              tears in surplus they will make ã bebé badly...

              and turn-la-ão unhappy.

              were capable killing.

              never seek the revenge. It is not good for anybody.

              besides, Pedro continues alive.

              as it is that he/she knows?


              won't see him for a long time. He has to hide.

              cannot be exposed until that the world changes.

              are so...

              ...proud for you have refused to get married.

              because it married with the dad? - Because he/she loved him.

              as he/she loved him!

              were fascinated by him.

              were strong and courageous.

              fought all his/her life.

              but I want you to know...

              that anything than your father does it is for cruelty.

              have energy more

              And I continue to love him.

              It is true.

              he is my life...

              ...just as you you are.

     assure the values...

              ...that all of the people of well rock.

              don't want to return to the hotel? - No...

              do you prefer to return for Three Marias?


              continue to guide.

              I later tell him/her.



              The door was open. Me...

              forgive me.

              forgive me for...

              ...everything that I did you.

              forgive me for the that I made ã Blanca.

              forgive me, Clara.

              would like to be with you some times, if you don't care.

              don't want to return for Three Marias.

              feel your lack so much.

              feel the lack of our family.

              don't need to speak with me.

              but it lets to be me with you.


              ...that I am already av

              ...and that I never saw my granddaughter.

              turn off them all of only one time. Only one time! Blow!

              were a lit one, Dawn.

              mean that you have a secret love.

              will tell us who is? He/she counts ã mother.

              It is the av

              don't make jealousies ã grandmother. It seats you and let us cut the cake.

              Does he/she already know the last surveys?

              don't worry about that.

              It is always like this.

              will get the best results always.

              It is good to the country.

              should not despise the opposition.

              don't understand as somebody can take them seriously.

              dreamer and romãnticos.

              eat the cake, wanted.

              The Left already won some democratic election?


              until a child see...

              ...that the leftists they are enemies of the democracy.

              The History testifies him/it.

              when it is that the revolutionaries were some time chosen?

              for itself are very easy. - I know what am to say.

              know than this country needs.

              If it depended on the dad, never nothing would change.

              He/she only sees the things to black and white. The law of the more fort.

              It is the law of the nature. - It is the law of the jungle.

              It is so primitive.

              His/her world it is so infinitely small.

              Blanca, my wanted, you are a true one Utopian.


              that it respects the facto of being today my granddaughter's birthday?

              yes, Señora.

              It is my duty to ask to the Senator that... - It excuses, Clara.

              piece to my husband that serves the drinks to the guests.

              take cognac or liqueur?

              Blanca, a liqueur?

              cognac, please. I will see who is.

              who are you? - He/she wanted to speak with the Senator.

              The Senator is busy.

              Are you Blanca?


              didn't see him/it in some side?


              who are you?

              are a relative of the Senator.

              wait here.

              with license.

              that he/she talks are that of my beings relative?

              don't remember of me, patrón?

              what want?

              dispatch you. I am with visits.

              want to go for the troop. I need money.

              should have been in the earth.

              continue to be due that reward.

              I know.

              tomorrow in the morning I call the Military Academy.

              will get that you/they give you a scholarship.

              now are going you away.

              don't importune again.

              "Partido Conservador"

              senator Trueba, with the counting almost it completes,

              seem that the votes they lost temper, this time.

              Did the Conservatives lose?

              In way none!

              will expire. The country will win. I trust the common sense of the people.

              seem that the tide he/she is against you.

              are the defenders of our democracy.

              always expired and we will expire again.

              The Papá is an old one very stubborn!

              wait for the results for all we be celebrated.


              ...that we already have the final results.

              while we awaited the results...

              continue the counting of the last votes.

              The Popular Front expired for a smashing majority.

              expired! We expired!

              mammy, we expired!

              after a generation in the power, the Conservatives lost.

              were rejected out by the voters by the country.

              were a sensational victory front Popular.

              The before labeled as subversive, revolutionary

              and enemies of the State, they are celebrated today in freedom.


              One moment.

              Blanca, telephone.

              who is?

              where you are?

              dawn, this is a my great friend.

              greet him. - Hello.

              will sit down.

              want to come with the mammy?

              everything well.

              are my old angel wings.

              were my mother that made them.

              press them for here.

              no there is food, clothing, shoe,

              nor ask for sobresselentes. There is nothing.

              It is a losing bad. He/she knows who is behind these strikes.

              all know. It is pure sabotage.

              occupied Three Marias.

              are to distribute what built with my work.

              are to give everything to the people!

              My property! - We will be well.

              some thing has to be done. Fast.

              have the solution for everything. - You don't understand.

              more police and more crazy generals.

              because you call them crazy generals?

              worry about the country just as me.

              want to reestablish the order.


              think will leave for my calm sea of blue silk.

              are you very sick, grandmother?

              leaning that beginning to abandon this world, wanted.

              but you should never fear the death, Dawn.

              to die it is only a change, how to be born.

              always contacted with the spirits on the other side.

              when there to arrive...

              ...I will be in contact with you...

              ...and with all the other ones.

              do you understand, done want?

              please, he/she gives them your ã mother.


     recover the past.




              ...the relationship among the factos with more clarity.

              And one day she can need this...

              ...for something more than...

              ...simple decoration.

              tell to the av

              tell to the av

              ...for taking.

              what happens? - The grandmother died...

              It is difficult to evaluate the situation.

              The events they are to develop quickly.

              The government elect democraticamente is to be attacked by the troops.

              The army is under the command of officials followers of the blow.

              consist that the Conservatives they are from behind of this blow

              and that you/they will take the power,

              as soon as the military ones they retake the order in the country.

              It is known now that the country it was controlled by the armed forces.

              for the country!




              Abram the door!

              cover the rearguard. We were here.


              what happens?

              would like to speak with his/her daughter.

              with my daughter?

              she is suspicious of subversive actos and we have a capture order.

              are you crazy?

              It is mistake. Let to see me that order.

              everything will run well. The mammy returns soon.

              come with me.

              that is a mistake.

              are Senator Trueba.

              don't recognize me?

              for love of God! - Remain silent!

              In my own house?

              are quiet!

              his/her old one crazy!

              His/her daughter walks with Pedro Segundo, a revolutionary!

              My father is a senior man.

              can give me one moments with him, only to say good-bye?


              dad, listen to me.

              Pedro is here.

              are in the it digs.

              no... no!

              If they find him, matá-lo-ão. Do understand?

              these men are dangerous. They can kill me...

              and to itself also. They can kill us to all.

              know how the love is.

              master Pedro, as the father loved the mammy.

              he is my life, dad...

              ...and he/she is the father of the Dawn.

              have influential friends. If it can helps him.

              help him to leave the country.

              don't do an orphan of his granddaughter.

              do you hear me? I beg him/her...

              that it helps the Dawn to not to lose the father.

              she needs him.

              they won't play you.

              are not afraid, my wanted.

              will speak to the Minister. That is a mistake. Be not afraid.

              join the hands.



              where they go?

              where take her?

              good night, Blanca.


              would like you to tell us where is your lover.

              need to go ã marries of bath.

              would be wise you cooperate.

              want to go ã marries of bath.


              Their roles? - I am Trueba. I came to see the Minister.

              can move forward.

              you there!

              what happens? Leave me alone!

              skirt of the road!

              stop! - I am Senator Trueba!

              demand to see the Minister!

              sit down! - Now!

              sit down!

              can enter.

              because it is that my daughter was it arrested last night?

              answer me! Where is my daughter?

              feel the keys of the car.

              The Congress closed and the congressional privileges ended.

              are whole crazy.

              who he/she thinks that it established the contact with the generals?

              who he/she made the contacts with the Americans?

              Of who was the money and the reputation...

              what guaranteed your weapons?

              do you know I am?

              now arrest my daughter...

              and they want to confiscate my car.

              let to speak to me with the Minister.

              speak to me.

              want in speaking with the Minister! - No longer there is any Minister!

              deal with the matter with me.

              did understand?

              do you want to find his/her daughter?

              fill out these printed papers.

              you and their friends can still have the economic power,

              but we governed the country.


              ...feel the keys of the car.

              hello, Blanca.

              who are you?

              find better begin to speak, Blanca.

              recognize his/her voice.

              who is?

              want to go ã marries of bath.

              will begin to speak! Did you hear?

              nothing has to say, crooked! - Speech!

              don't have anything to tell him/her, crooked!


              who are you?

              do you want to know who I am?

              do you want to know who I am?

              smell well.

              imagine that he/she runs us the same blood in the veins?



              don't find anybody that...


              ...or want...

     help me to find my daughter.

              You now are an important person,

              I know everyone.

              all of them come here.

              for the old times, I...

              please help me.

              help me to find my daughter.

              continue to be due a favor, patrón.

              this man doesn't know what is good for him nor for anybody.

              should eat any thing, av

              of our lover people, to corrode our proud tradiç

              as worms and parasites, those demoniac forces...

              Does the Mammy return soon?

              as it is that I was able to to have deceived me so much?

              speak to Trueba. She would like to speak with the Ambassador.


              anything well, John.

              as it is that she can be well with this everything. It is terrible.




              are blamed of everything.

              but I didn't call for you feel sorry for me. I need help...

              for the old times.

              know that what will ask you...

              are for beyond of the one that the diplomacy allows...

              and it is dangerous.

              very dangerous.

              but I need to help a person.

              came to remove you of here.


              because here you are not in safety.

              Go to the devil!

              please, it comes with me.


              " Embassy of Canada"

              Senator Trueba to speak with the Ambassador.

              can see their documents?

              search the suitcase!


              please, leave the vehicle.

              have that searching.

              skirt of the car!

              skirt of the car!

              quiet there...

              ...his/her old one dizzy!

              are " clean. "

              open the port

              her no longer he/she reacts.

              should not want the death, my daughter.

              that is not the important.

              Amorte comes in any way.

              should struggle to live...

              because the life is a miracle.

              And the Dawn needs you.

              she is your ã wait.

              who speaks?

              did get?

              thank you

              I remember collecting obligatory.

              don't move to the sunrise.

              what made you, my daughter?

              thought that he/she would never again see you.

              thought that he/she would only die and unhappy...

              just as Ferula told me. - Dad...


              are in safety.

              are your ã wait in Canada.

              hope he is better father than me went.

              made his/her best, dad.

              once got annoyed a lot get.

              did get to hate him/it.

              know reason.

              while I was arrested, I only thought about taking revenge...

              ...not of itself...

              ...but it was obsessed for revenge thoughts.

              would take revenge of all the one that deserve be avenged.

              but now no longer I am right of my hate for anybody.

              arrived ã conclusion that should have...

              ...a relationship among the things, as the Mamma always said.

                that good to be of turn.

                what happens, dad? - I feel Clara's lack.

                come to lie down.

                thank you, Blanca.

                like this better?

                go, Blanca.

                are going to the foot of the Dawn.


                my wanted.

                my angel.

                My mother wrote everything...

                for not losing the contact with the reality.

                The one that she wrote, helped me to cross my terrors.

                nowadays, I wonder if I want to contribute

                for the endless history of the hate, blood and revenge.

                but no longer I find reason for such.

                for me the life is...



                ...the light...

                ...the day...

                ...the present moment...

                ...the memoirs...

                ...the future.

                for me, the own life became the most important.


Special help by SergeiK