Hunt For Red October Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hunt For Red October script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan movie costarring Sean Connery.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hunt For Red October. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hunt For Red October Script



Hey, what are you doing?



You're supposed to be

upstairs sleeping.



Stanley keeps waking me up.



Oh, ho, ho. I get it.



Boy, are you getting heavy.



Don't let her pull more

than her usual nonsense.



Two stories,

two glasses of water.



Jack, you're going

to miss the plane.



OK. Cricket,

you listen to me.



Go upstairs with Mrs. Wheeler now

and go to sleep.



On my business trip,



I'll get Stanley

a little brother.



Will you promise?



I promise.



Can I get you anything, sir?



No, thank you very much.



If you try and get sleep,



the flight will go faster.



I can never sleep on a plane.












Solar radiation

heats the Earth's crust,



warm air rises,

cold airs descends.




I don't like that.



Oh. Well, try to sleep anyway.



Dr Ryan?



Jack, boy,

get yourself in here.




You look like hell.



Thank you very much, Admiral.



Want coffee?



I think I need some coffee.



I'm not going to ask you

how your flight went.



When's the last time

you got some sleep?



Oh, I don't know.



This thing's still

on London time.



Milk and sugar?



Milk and sugar.



So how's Caroline?



Last time I saw her



was at your granddad's place

in Maine, wasn't it?



She's fine.

Sends you her best.



And Sally?



She's fine.



What is she now,  ?



Ah, no, she's

a very precocious  .



She announced to Caroline

and I the other day



that her life would be

considerably less lonely



if we were to buy her

a baby brother.



But she decided

it would be enough



if we were to

buy one for Stanley.



Who's Stanley?



Uh... Stanley's a bear.



All right.



What's important enough

to get you on a plane



in the middle of the night?



British lntelligence obtained

these pictures two days ago.



She's the Red October,



the latest typhoon class.



Big son of a bitch.



   meters longer than

the standard typhoon.



  meters wider.



The captain's name is Ramius.



One of yours?



Yeah. I did his bio last year.



He's taken out the lead boat



in each new sub class

for    years.



Fairly good

political connections.



Trained most of their

attack boat skippers.



The Russians call him

Vilnius Nastavnic...



the Vilnius schoolmaster.



What are these doors?



Those doors, sir, are the problem.



I don't know what they are.



Neither do the British.



Perhaps our friends in Murmansk



have come up with something new.



With your permission,

I'd like to show these to someone.



Do you know Skip Tyler?



Sub driver.



Was. Clipped by a drunk driver.

Lost his leg.



He's teaching at the academy,



consulting for Navy labs.






Top secret or better.



Margie, have a car for Dr Ryan



downstairs in    minutes.



A satellite caught Red October



in Polijarny lnlet this morning.



Do you hear it?






Beaumont, at Cal Tech



we used to do this

in our sleep.



You hear it now?



Wait a minute.









It's buried in surface clutter?






I should go to SAPS?



Correct, Seaman Beaumont.



Signal algorithmic

processing systems.



Give it a week,



and you'll be

teaching at Cal Tech.






Iike Beethoven on the computer,



you have labored to produce...



a biologic.



A what?



A whale, Beaumont.

A whale...



A marine mammal



that knows a hell

of a lot more about sonar



than you do.



Kill the SAPS.



Train over to  - - 

and let's try it again.



If he gets to ragging

on you too bad,



ask him about Pavarotti.



We don't have time

for sea stories.



I was in the middle

of teaching Seaman Beaumont



the intricacies

of modern sonar. Now...



I ain't chief of the boat.



I'm Sheena,

Queen of the Jungle.



Cob, please.



Come on, Cob. Tell me.



OK. Fine. Go ahead.



Ahem... Seaman Jones here,



he's into music in a big way.



He figures this whole boat



is basically just his own



personal, private stereo set.



He gets this

piece of Pavarotti...












This is my story, OK?



Tell it right.

Pavarotti's a tenor.



Paganini was a composer.



OK. So he's got this music,



and he's got it out

in the water.



He's listening

on his headsets,



happy as a clam.



Then all hell breaks loose.



A slew of boats

out of San Diego...



Including one

way out at Pearl.



Including one

way out at Pearl.



All of a sudden,

they start hearing...



- Pavarotti.

- Pavarotti...



coming out of their asses.



What do I do?



I got it.



Conn. Sonar.

New contact, bearing  - - .



Designate contact

number Sierra  - .



Captain, aye.

What've you got, Jones?



Distant contact,

probably submerged.



It's a wild guess,



but I'd say we hit a boomer



coming out of the barn.



Could be a missile boat

out of Polijarny.



OK. Start your track.



I'll be there in a minute.



Sonar, aye.






And the seventh angel

poured forth his bowl



into the air,



and a voice cried out

from heaven, saying,



"It is done".



A man with your responsibilities



reading about the end

of the world. Huh.



And what's this?



"I am become death,



the destroyer of worlds".



It is an ancient Hindu text



quoted by an American.







He invented the atomic bomb,



and he was later accused

of being a Communist.



You wrote and underlined

these passages?






This book belonged to my wife.



I keep it

for sentimental value.



I'm sorry, comrade Captain.



Your wife was...

a beautiful woman.



Her death was... unfortunate.



I'm only doing my job.



It is my responsibility.



How many agents did the KGB

put aboard my boat?



Your boat, Captain?






This vessel belongs to

the people of the Soviet Union.



Besides, if the KGB or the GRU

has agents aboard,



I will be the last to know.



I suggest we open

our orders, Captain.



Certainly, comrade.



"From commander...



strategic submarine forces



red banner northern fleet".



We're to proceed north

to grid square reference   -  



and rendezvous with

alfa submarine Konovalov.



Captain Tupolev's boat.



You know Tupolev?



I know he descends

from aristocracy



and that he was your student.



It's rumored he has

a special place



in his heart for you.



There's little room in Tupolev's heart

for anyone but Tupolev.



Having made contact,

we are to run a series of drills.



Tupolev will hunt us

while we test our ship.



Having evaluated

the operational readiness



of the caterpillar drive,



we are to return to Polijarny



on or about the   th

of this month.



Captain, this is

an historic moment.



I'd like to make a request.



Before you proceed, comrade...



I know it's not protocol,



but would you permit me

to post our orders



and inform the crew

of our mission?






Where I'm going...



you cannot follow.



Dr Petrov, report

to my cabin immediately.



There's been

a dreadful accident.



Hey, buddy!



Daniel, got any more rods?



More rods!



Listen to me.

There's no cradle underneath it.



Get it over.




Stop being an old maid.



You want to come up here

and do it yourself?



All right. Bring her up.



What? What?






Who let you in here?



Hey, Skip,



what, have they got you

playing with models now?






Damn it, Bill!



Tell them to slow down!



I'm doing it.

I'm doing it.



Calm down, will you?



It's not a model. The DSRV.



Rescue sub.



I know what it is.



What are you doing with it?



We're rigging it

with a generic docking collar



so it'll mate with

British, German...



just about anybody's sub.



We can get it

anywhere in the world



in    hours.



How's your back?



It's fine.



Have you got a minute?



Bigger than

a regular typhoon.



What are these doors?



You don't miss much, do you?



Those are too big

to be torpedo tubes.



Would you launch

an ICBM horizontally?



Sure. Why would you want to?



They're symmetrical.



Right down

the long axis of the sub.



How about a towed sonar array?




Too close to the screws.



I'll be...






This could be a caterpillar.



A what?



Uh, a caterpillar drive.



Magneto-hydrodynamic propulsion.



You follow?






It's like a...

a jet engine for the water.



Goes in the front,

gets squirted out the back.



Only it's got no moving parts,



so it's very, very quiet.



Like how quiet?



It's doubtful our sonar

would even pick it up.



And if it did,



it would sound

like whales humping



or a seismic anomaly.



Anything but a submarine.



We messed with this

a couple of years ago.



Couldn't make it work.



They really built this?



This isn't a mock-up

or anything?



She put to sea this morning.



When I was   



I helped my daddy build

a bomb shelter in our basement



because some fool parked

a dozen warheads



   miles off the

coast of Florida.



This thing could park

a couple of hundred warheads



off Washington and New York,



and no one would know

anything about it



until it was all over.



Are you all right, Captain?



Oh, yes.



It's just to die for something



as petty as slipping on tea.



You're blaming yourself, Captain.

It was an accident.



You'll feel better

when we put in.



Put in?



Well, to base, Captain.



We cannot go on without

a political officer.



Doctor, this is a combat vessel

of the Soviet Navy,



and I'm a senior combat officer.



We do not cancel operations

because of accidents.






Come here.



Come here.



Your name?



Cook's Assistant, Loginov, sir.



Good. I want you and the doctor

to witness this.



I'm removing

the political officer's...



missile key...



carry on...



and I'm keeping it myself.



Captain, I think

we should report this



to Red Fleet Command.



I'm afraid

that's impossible, Doctor.



Our orders are

for strict radio silence.



Orders, sir.



That's all, Loginov.



Yes, sir.



This is most unnerving,




The reason for having

two missile keys



is so that no one man...






May what?



May arm the missiles.



Perhaps I should keep the key.



Thank you.

That'll be all, Doctor.



Captain, l...



When I address the crew,



then you will understand.



Yes, sir.






Yes, sir?



I will try to forget

your comments



when I present my report.



Thank you, sir.



Holding steady on  - - .




at about       yards.



Have you got a make on him?



Computer's chewing on it, sir.



Twin screws.



The plant noise

sounds like a typhoon.



I'd say we got

a new boat, sir.



Tommy, I miss something

on the boards?



Sub plant hasn't said

anything about it.






All right.



How many typhoons

we got in the computer?



Six, sir.



OK. Call this guy

Typhoon Seven.



Start a tape on him.



See if we can work

in a little closer.



Yes, sir.



Won't he hear us?



Not if we stay in his baffles,

Seaman Beaumont.



Not if we stay in his baffles.



Come in behind his propeller,



and he's deaf as a post.



Any sonar contacts,

Mr. Kamarov?



No contacts, Captain.

The sonar is clear.



Good. Do we have any

surface contacts, Mr. Borodin?



No contacts, sir.

Scope is clear.



Good. Then it is time



I explain our orders

to the crew.



Comrades, this is your captain.



It is an honor

to speak to you today,



and I'm honored

to be sailing with you



on the maiden voyage



of our motherland's

most recent achievement.



And once more,

we play our dangerous game,



a game of chess,



against our old adversary...



the American Navy.



For    years,



your fathers before you

and your older brothers



played this game

and played it well.



But today,

the game is different.



We have the advantage.



It reminds me of the heady days



of Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin,



when the world trembled

at the sound of our rockets.



Well, they will tremble again



at the sound of our silence.



The order is engage

for silent drive.



Aye, sir.



Ballast control,

open outer doors.



Yes, open outer doors.



Diving command.



Engage caterpillar

and secure main engines.



Doors opening, Captain.



Comrades, our own fleet



doesn't know

our full potential.



They will do everything

possible to test us,



but they will only test

their own embarrassment.



We will leave our fleet behind.



We will pass through

the American patrols,



pass their sonar nets,



and lay off their largest city



and listen

to their rock 'n' roll



while we conduct missile drills.






And when we are finished,



the only sound they will hear



is our laughter



while we sail to Havana,



where the sun is warm

and so is the comradeship.



Cryogenic plant

coming on line, Captain.



A great day, comrades.



We sail into history.



Caterpillar engaging.



Caterpillar engaging,




What happened?



I don't know.



Full rudder left.



Full rudder left.






New course,  - - .



Yes, new course,  - - .



Steering  - - .



Yes, course is  - - .



Sonar contact, Captain.

Port quarter.



Close aboard.






Los Angeles class.



American. Captain, we...



Course  - - .



Is the American

turning to follow us?



No, Captain.



The American is continuing

in his original course.



He's continuing northwest.



He can't hear us.



And the singing?



Let them sing.



What are you talking about?

Check your gear.



Running diagnostics now,




Sonar is working, Captain.



The Russian disappeared.



One minute, he was steady



     yards off the bow,



and then he was gone,



and for a second,

I thought I heard...



Heard what?



I thought I heard singing, sir.






Yes, sir.



Yah, yah.



Yah, yah, yah.



Yah, yah.



Good morning, sir.



I hope we had a lovely evening.



Yah, yah.



A little chilly this morning.



There's a letter there

from Marko Ramius.



Ah, Marko.






No. This is Dr Ryan.



What the hell happened?



Come on.



This is no longer

a research project.



I got a line on those doors.



You know what they are?



A nearly silent

propulsion system?



How did you know that?



The captain of the sub

following her radioed in.



Thing disappeared

right in front of him,



and that's only

the half of it.






Oh! I'm sorry.



Got your I.D.?



My God, this is unbelievable.



The Kirov, three Sverdlovs,



the Kiev, the Minsk.



They've sortied

their whole bloody fleet.



That's about the size of it.



Good afternoon, Admiral.



Afternoon, Matthew.



Where are we going anyway?



Briefing for Jeffrey Pelt,



President's National

Security Adviser.



Most of the Joint Chiefs

will be there,



along with a few other people.



Who's giving the briefing?



You are.



The yeoman will

have all the slides



Iaid out for you.



So all you got to do...






No one understands

this material better than you.



Just give him

a rundown on the sub



and a precis of the

stuff in your hand.



He's liable to ask

some direct questions.



Give him direct answers.



Tell him what you think.



Come on.









Uh, gentlemen,

the last    hours



have seen some extraordinary

Soviet naval activity.



The first to sail

was this ship,



we believe

called the Red October



in reference to

the October Revolution of     .



A variant

of the typhoon class,



she's some     feet long



and       tons

submerged displacement...



roughly the same size



as a World War Il

aircraft carrier.



We believe that these doors,



here on the bow

and again on the stern,



enclose a unique

propulsion system...



a magneto-hydrodynamic drive,

or caterpillar,



that would enable the sub

to run virtually silent.



It is possible

that this new drive system



allowed the captain,

a man named Ramius,



their senior and perhaps

most respected commander...



Do we have

his picture available?



Allowed Ramius to elude

one of our attack boats,



the Dallas, which trailed Red October

from harbor this morning.



It is also possible



that this drive system,

if operable,



could render the Red October



undetectable to

our Sosus warning nets



in the Atlantic.



Mr. Ryan, would you

characterize this



as a first-strike weapon?



Uh, that is a possibility, sir.



It is designed

to approach by stealth



and to shower its target



with multiple

independent warheads



with little or no warning

before impact.



Goddamn thing's made

to start a war.



Proceed, Mr. Ryan.



About the same time

the Dallas lost contact,



there were additional sailings



from Polijarny and from

Leningrad on the Baltic



and from the Mediterranean.



There are now

some    nuclear submarines



headed at high speed

into the Atlantic.



This afternoon a satellite pass

over Polijarny



found heat blooms

in the engineering plants



at the Kirov, the Minsk,



and more than    other

cruisers and destroyers,



indicating they were

preparing to sail.



This constitutes the bulk

of the Soviet surface fleet.



Admiral Greer,

your conclusions.



Well, sir,



the data support

no conclusions as yet.



The absence of activity

in the Pacific



suggests this could

be just an exercise.



It may have nothing to do...



Suppose it's not an exercise?



Suppose this

is the beginning



of a move against NATO?



NSA can speak for that,

Mr. Pelt.



I must emphasize the extreme

sensitivity of this information



and that it not leave the room.



Before sailing, Captain Ramius



sent a letter

to Admiral Yuri Padorin,



Chairman of the Red Fleet



northern political directorate.



That's her uncle.



Whose uncle?



Ramius' wife.



Padorin's her uncle.



Now, the contents

of the letter are unknown,



but Admiral Padorin

immediately demanded



a meeting

with Premier Chernenko,



and within minutes

of that meeting,



the Soviet fleet sailed



with orders

to find Red October



and sink her.



Sink her?



My God. They've got

a madman on their hands.



If it gets within

    miles of the coast,



we'll have less than

two minutes' warning.



Today's the   rd, isn't it?






Is today the   rd?






You son of a bitch.



You son of a bitch!



You wish to add something



to our discussion, Dr Ryan?



Well, sir,

I was just thinking



that perhaps there's another

possibility we might consider.



Ramius might be

trying to defect.



Do you mean to suggest



that this man has come...



Proceed, Mr. Ryan.






Ramius trained most

of their officer corps,



which would put him

in a position



to select men

willing to help him.



And he's not Russian.



He's Lithuanian by birth,



raised by his paternal

grandfather, a fisherman.



And he has no children,

no ties to leave behind.



And today is

the first anniversary



of his wife's death.



Come on.

You're just an analyst.



How can you read his mind?



I know Ramius, General.



He's nearly a legend

in the submarine community.



He's been a maverick

his entire career.



I actually met him once

at an embassy dinner.



Have you ever met

Captain Ramius, General?



Admiral Hollis,



how long before Ramius

could be in a position



to fire his missiles at us?



Four days.



All right.

I'll brief the President.



That will be all, gentlemen.



Dr Ryan,



would you stay

for a moment, please?



I said speak your mind,

Jack, but Jesus...



You slammed the door

on the general pretty hard, Jack.



That was not my intention, sir.



Oh, yes, it was.



He was patronizing you,



and you stomped on him.



In my opinion,

he deserved it.



Listen, I'm a politician,



which means I'm

a cheat and a liar,



and when I'm

not kissing babies,



I'm stealing

their lollipops,



but it also means

that I keep my options open.



So let's assume for a minute

that you're right



and this Russian

intends to defect.



What do you suggest

we do about it?



We definitely

grab the boat, sir.



Hey, wait a minute.



We're not talking about

some stray pilot with a M.I.G.



We're talking about several

billion dollars' worth



of Soviet state property.



They're going to want it back.



Maybe it's enough then



just to get some people

onboard and inspect it.



Call it whatever

you want to...



a Coast Guard

safety inspection.



So how do we proceed?



First, we need to contact



the commanders

in the Atlantic directly.



The Russians get

one whiff of this



through the regular

communications circuits,



the game is up.



Second, we figure out

how we can help them.



We devise a plan to intercede,



ready to go at a moment's notice.



Third, somebody's got to

go make contact with Ramius



and find out what

his intentions really are.






When do you leave?



Ha ha ha!



Wait a minute.



The general was right.



I am not field personnel.



I am only an analyst.



You're perfect.



I can't ask any

of these characters to go.



They don't believe in it.



They'd never stake

their reputation



on a hunch, whereas you...



Are expendable.



Something like that.



I'll give you three days



to prove your theory correct.



After that,



I have to hunt down Ramius

and destroy him.



Will you do it?



Mother of God!



Secure the mast!



All ahead,  / !



Set depth to     meters!



What is it?

What's happened?



Mast secured, helm at  / .



Commence heading  - - .



 - -  affirmative.



These orders

are seven bloody hours old!



Sitting on the bottom



Iike an addled schoolboy.






Passing at...



All ahead, flank.



All ahead, flank.



Inquire of the engineer

about the possibility



Seven hours.



The entire fleet is after him.



Leveling at     meters.



Very well.



Captain, Engineer reports



but not recommended.



Go to     on the reactor.



Captain, what is it?



Where are we going?



We're going to

kill a friend, Yevgeni.



We're going to kill Ramius.



If you like borscht,




but I've eaten better

in an oiler's galley.



My wife said to the waiter,



"Where did this man

learn to cook,






So then we went

on to the Bolshoi,



the ballet,



to see this new girl

as Giselle.



You remember

how beautiful she was.



She just married

a factory manager.



Excuse me, Doctor.



Do you have the figures



for the latest batch

of radiation tests?









Perhaps you could bring

the preceding set as well...



for comparison.



Thank you, Doctor.



It will take him some time.



Before we begin, Captain,



I'd like to know



exactly what happened

to Putin.



He didn't slip

on his tea, did he?



I don't think I like

your tone, Slavin.



What the hell's my tone

got to do with it?



We're risking our lives here.



Putin could've caused




Did you think he would

just go away and sulk



while we carried out our plans?



Are you saying

he was murdered?



My God.



Stop whining, Yuri.



How can you justify murder?



So he was murdered.



The man was a pig,



but it's a decision

we should've all made together.



You are not in command here.



If the crew finds out,

we could have a mutiny.



What are you talking about?



They could kill us all.



Everything that happens

on this ship affects us all.



The Master-At-Arms

is already suspicious.



We could still go back.



There will be no going back.



Before we sailed,



I dispatched a letter

to Admiral Padorin,



in which I announced

our intention...



to defect.



In the name of God, why?



When he reached the New World,



Cortez burned his ships.



As a result, his men

were well motivated.



You have signed

our death warrants.



Padorin will send

the entire fleet.



Jesus, they'll find us.



They'll find us and...



No one's going to find us.



That's enough, Yuri.



You had to do it, huh?



You couldn't just

turn the submarine over



to the Americans.



You had to make

a political statement.



Or was it something

deeper, Captain...



something that made you

unable to slip away?



Was it ego, Captain?



We each have

our reasons, Victor.



My own began



the day I was handed

the blueprints for this ship...



a ship which had but one use.



And as for the rest,



well, those are things

that I alone



must carry the burden for.




you're afraid of our fleet.



Well, you should be.



Personally, I give us

one chance in three.



More tea, anyone?






Then you may report

back to your posts.



You heard the Captain.







Captain, I would never

disagree with you



in front of the men,

you know that.



But in this case,

Victor is right.



It would've been better



if you had not informed Moscow.



Oh, Vasily.



Moscow is not the worry,



nor the whole Soviet Navy.



I know their tactics.



I have the advantage.






The worry is the Americans.



If we meet the right sort,



this will work.



We get some buckaroo...



Some turbulence,

eh, Commander?



You don't like flying, huh?



Oh, this is nothing!



You should've been with us



five, six months ago!



Oh! You talk about puke!



We ran into a hailstorm

over the sea of Japan, right?



Everybody's retching

their guts out!



The pilot shot his lunch



all over the windshield,



and I barf on the radio!



Knocked it out completely,



and it wasn't

that lightweight stuff either!



It was that chunky,

industrial-weight puke!



You want a bite?



Jack, next time

you get a bright idea,



just put it in a memo.






That'll be all, Lieutenant.

Thank you.



That hawkeye

from Weymouth Trap?



Four wire.



Caught a gust over the fantail.



Well, not bad, considering.



The gentleman

is here to see you.



The gentleman?



What the hell

you talking about, Charlie?



I apologize

for the uniform, sir.



This is Admiral Greer's idea



of a low profile.



You work for Jim Greer?



That's right, sir.



Then I imagine you'll tell me



what all the hubbub's about.



Captain, you got a minute?



Jonesy's got something



I think you ought to see.



Martinez, get yourself

a cup of coffee.



Send me up some tea.



Aye, Captain.




get the captain a cup of tea.






Sir, the moment

that sub went silent



and I thought I

heard some singing,



I heard something

in the background real faint.



After all those subs took off,



I caught it again

and got it on tape.



I washed it through the computer



and was able to

isolate this sound.



When I asked the computer

to identify it,



what I got was

magma displacement.



You see, sir,

the SAPS software



was originally written

to look for seismic events.



I think when it gets confused,



it kind of runs home to Mama.



I'm not following you,




Sir, I'm sorry.



Listen to it

at    times speed.



Now, that's got to

be manmade, Captain.



All right.



The first contact was at   :  



and the bearing was  - - .



At   :   it was here.



I came back to it at   :  

and   :   here and here.



Remember the dispatch we got



about Russian sub skippers



running the Reykjanes Ridge

at high speeds



because they had

hyper-accurate surveys



of the underwater canyons?



The front door to those canyons



was a formation

called Thor's Twins.






Look at that.



Right into Red Route One.






You may think I'm crazy,



but I'll bet that

magma displacement



was actually some

new Russian sub,



and it's headed

for the lceland coast.



Have I got this straight,




A $   million computer tells you

you're chasing an earthquake,



but you don't believe it,



and you come up

with this on your own?



Yes, sir.



Including all the navigation math?



Sir, I've got all the...



Relax, Jonesy. You sold me.



Tommy, I want you

to plot us a speed course



for the bottom end

of Red Route One.



We'll never find him

in those canyons.



First take us

to periscope depth.



This we got to phone in.



Aye, aye, Captain.



Hang on, Jonesy.



If I can get you close enough,



can you track this sucker?



Yes, sir.



Now that I know

what to listen for,



I'll bag him.



Carry on.



Yes, sir.



That's the craziest notion

I've ever heard...



a serving line officer?



An entire ballistic

missile submarine?



They can't all want to defect.



Even if it's only the officers,



it's extremely

difficult to believe.



What's his plan?



His plan?



Russians don't take a dump, son,



without a plan.



Senior captains don't start

something this dangerous



without having thought

the matter through.



What's he going to do,



sail into New York, pop the hatch,

and say here I am?



It might be just

that simple, yes.



Things may appear simple

in the cubicle at CIA,



but in the middle

of the Atlantic



with Soviet warships

bearing down on us,



they get more complex.






No, thank you.



And I don't think your notion



of a few days inspection's

going to wash either.



In order to be of any value,



you'd have to tear it apart.



The metallurgy would

take a couple of months.



Then we'd have to keep it.



What will you do with the crew?



Ones that don't defect will go back

and say we got the boat.



Or do you plan

to eliminate them?



We're not at war, sir.



So you have to get them

off the boat in such a way



that they think we don't have it,



and they'll report that

we don't have it to their bosses.



Otherwise, this whole business



is just academic, right?



Yes, sir.

I think I see your point.



When's the last time you slept?



A while.



The chief outside

will fix you up.



Thank you, sir.






It'll be dawn

in a couple of hours.



We'll be in the CIC.



Things are liable to get

a little dicey around here.



Yes, sir.



You think he's crazy?






No matter what

his credentials,



I don't care for him

wearing the uniform.



Did you see that ring

on his finger?



The academy, class of '  .

A marine.



You're kidding.



How did you...



Greer told me.



Summer of his third year,



he went down

in a chopper accident.



Bad. Pilot and crew killed.



That kid spent

   months in traction



and another year

learning to walk again.



He did his fourth year

from the hospital.



It's up to you, Charlie,



but you might consider

cutting the kid a little slack.



Ah, Russians are

going to find that sub



before we get near it anyway.



Passing Thor's Twins, sir.



Very good.



Passing the twins now,




Very good.

You may commence your run.



Call me at the first turning.



Aye, Captain.



Mr. Kamarov.



You may commence your run now.



Aye, sir.



First leg on my mark,

course  - - .



Speed,    knots.

Depth,     meters.





















Diving command, course  - - .



Course  - -  aye.



Speed,    knots.



Speed,    knots, aye.



Stop pissing, Yuri.



Give me a stopwatch and a map,



and I'll fly the Alps



in a plane with no windows.



If the map is accurate enough.



We're in the lane

and approaching first turn.



Come left to course  - - .



In    seconds,



decrease depth to     meters.



Maintain speed.



Very good, Navigator.



Captain, we're approaching

the first turn.



   seconds to course  - - .



Increase speed to    knots

and recompute.



Aye, Captain.



Navigator, recompute

for    knots.



Turn on my mark.



 ...  ...  ...  ...  ...






Diving control,

come left to  - - .



Come left to  - - .



Up on the bow planes.



Course now  - - 



and maintaining speed




Mr. Kamarov?



Next leg, Captain,



come right

to course  - -  now at...



  minutes and    seconds.



Very good.

Maintain course and speed.



Too fast, Vasily.



Too fast.



Those charts are

laid out precisely...



so many knots

for so many seconds.



And this thing

handles like a pig.



Watch your bearing,

Mr. Slavin.



   seconds to turn, Captain.



Should we decrease speed?






Prepare to come right.



Aye, sir.



























   degrees down angle

on the bow planes.



Come right  - - .



Move it!



We're in the lane.



Next leg    minutes

to the Neptune Massif.



Course  - - .



What happened?



The cryogenic plant!



The magnets aren't cooling.



Temperature in

the caterpillar



is    degrees above red line

and rising.



It's going to melt.



Kill it! Shut it down!






What happened?



The cryogenic plant failed.



Reactor damage?



There was a power spike,



but the reactor

scrammed automatically.



Was there any

radiation leakage?



I don't know yet!



How long will it take to fix?



I got to find

what's wrong first.



Could be the liquid helium

or the superconductors.



Captain, we will have to stop



until we can repair

the caterpillar unit.




We'll run on normal propulsion.




we will not be silent.



Make revolutions for    knots



and engage the propellers.



Aye, Captain.



Commence engine start-up.



He'll get us all killed.



The captain knows

what he's doing.






Naval activities?



I have no knowledge of this.



But then,

I never was a sailor.



Mr. Ambassador,



you have nearly

    vessels operating



in the North Atlantic

right now.



Your aircraft have dropped

enough sonar buoys



that a man could walk

from Greenland to Scotland



without getting his feet wet.



Shall we dispense with the bull?



You make your point



as delicately as ever,

Mr. Pelt, but...



And what looks like an exercise



could be a prelude to war.



How can we tell the difference?



Prudence demands that we

deploy ships to observe yours.



Your government should consider



that having

your ships and ours,



your aircraft and ours,



in such proximity

is inherently dangerous.



Wars have begun that way,

Mr. Ambassador.



We have lost

one of our submarines.



Lost it?



We fear she may be down, and...



this is most embarrassing, but...



several of the officers

are sons of...



high party officials.



One is even the son



of a Central Committee member.



I cannot say which.



You're telling me this is

a massive rescue operation?



That is correct.



I'm terribly sorry.



How can we help?



I'm not sure that...



Perhaps a joint rescue mission?



That is very gracious of you, sir.



I'll pass your offer on.



But at this time,



I think we're doing everything



that can be done.






Our strategy depends

on your answer.



The entire fleet

will know where we are.



Captain, Sonar.



We've been overflown

by a multi-engine turboprop.



Put it on audio.



Short transients,

close aboard.



Water entry of small objects.



Sonar buoys.



Battle stations.



Battle stations!



Battle stations!



Battle stations!



How long to Neptune Massif?



How long?



  minutes,    seconds.



Should we bottom the boat?



No. Too late now.



We've run out of time.






Prepare to launch missiles.



Aye, sir.



Aircraft on computer guidance.



Request permission to launch.



You are authorized

to launch the weapon.



Weapon is away.



High speed screw!



Torpedo in the water!



Stand by.



Torpedo is active.



Torpedo has acquired.



Launch countermeasures.



Launch countermeasures.

Aye, sir.



We're in the lane.



How long till

the turn at Massif?



  minutes,   seconds.



We have no room to maneuver

in these canyons.



Shut up.



Torpedo has reached




Torpedo has lost contact.



Massif approaching.



Torpedo has reacquired.



Torpedo has reacquired

and is homing.



Give me the count.



Turn at Massif    degrees starboard

in    seconds.



Time to torpedo impact?



Torpedo impact,    seconds.



Increase to flank.



Full ahead flank.



Full ahead flank.



Full ahead flank, aye.



Torpedo impact now    seconds.









Turn at Massif in...



























Torpedo impact    seconds.



The turn, Captain.



Not yet.



Mark plus   seconds...



plus  ...



plus    seconds...



plus   ...



plus    seconds...



plus   ...



plus    seconds.



Captain, we're out of position

by a boat length.



Torpedo impact now    seconds.



Sound collision.



Sound collision.



We're out of the lane!



You're relieved.






Right full rudder!



Reverse starboard engine!



Right full rudder.



All back starboard shaft.



All back starboard shaft!



Torpedo impact    seconds...



  ...  ...  ...



 ...  ...  ...



Captain, they're

really shooting at us!



Pull yourself together!



Boy! Easy, boy.



If they were really

shooting at us,



we'd be dead by now.



Give me some line.



I found out what happened

to the caterpillar.



The buffer circuit

has been torn out.



It was only a matter of time



before an overload

shut it down.



What are you saying?



Whoever did this knew how

to cripple the caterpillar



in a way not easy to find.




we have a saboteur on board.



It can't be any of the officers.



They had plenty of time

before we embarked.



Must be a crew member.



Go to Putin's cabin.



Check his files

for information on the crew.



We may have to put them off

before we planned.



The average Russky, son,

don't take a dump



without a plan.



Wait a minute.



We don't have to get

the crew off the sub.



He would have had to do that.



We just have to figure out

what he's going to do.



How is he going

to get them off the sub?



They'd have to want to get off.



How do you get a crew



to want to get off a submarine?



How do you get them

to want to get off



a nuclear sub...



I know how he's going

to evacuate the sub.



Not now, Jack.



Yankee One star base,

say again status.



Declare an emergency.



Declare an emergency.



Yankee One,

requesting vectors.



Vector  - -  speed is buster.



Yankee One's

losing hydraulic pressure.



Say again, Yankee One.



Bear Foxtrot got too close

to the group.



One of the F-  s crowded him,

and they bumped.



He's losing hydraulic fluid.



They're trying to get him

back aboard now.



Busy morning.






Russian attack subs are now stationed

off every East Coast port.



We're up here.



The New Jersey

is moving up the coast



while the Russians,

aside from over     bear foxtrots,



have a row of subs

and several surface groups.



That's a lot of firepower.



For a rescue team, yes.



There's something else strange.



They're using sonar as if

they're looking for something,



but nobody's listening.



What do you mean?



At their speed they could

run over my daughter's stereo



and not hear it.



They're not searching

for Ramius.



They're driving him.



Driving him where?



The hounds to the hunters.



Your sub captain's going

to make it to America.



He's going to die

within sight of it.



His wing man kept requesting

permission to fire.



Somebody messes up, we'll be

in the biggest naval battle



since the Jutland.




Water's too cold to eject him.



Air boss will try

to bring him aboard.



Sir, what's this sub

off by herself?



Bart Mancuso's boat.



He's going to the bottom

of Red Route One.



He's had intermittent contact



with a magma displacement.

He's got this...



Magma displacement?



Is that like a seismic anomaly?



I suppose so. Why?



Is there a way you could

get me onboard the Dallas?



What for?



I think Mancuso's found

the Red October.



He hasn't found anything, Jack.



He's just waiting.



Sir, this silent propulsion system



could easily be mistaken

for something...



The only way to get you

that far north



is to use a chopper turned

into a flying gas can.



Admiral, Yankee One

is on final.



Rescue personnel

are in place.



Pick up your left wing.



You're drifting left.



Power, power!



Wave off, wave off!



Eject, eject, eject!



Fire, fire!



Fire on the flight deck!



This business will

get out of control,



and we'll be lucky

to live through it.



Fire on the flight deck.



All hands lend assistance.



The bird's loaded down

with enough fuel to get you there,



but Dallas may not be there.



We're trying to reach her.



If she's gone deep,

it's dodgey.



If you have to ditch...



If you have to ditch,



don't think about anything

but the survival gear.



At this water's temperature,



you'll have about four minutes.



I'll try to remember that.



Next time, Jack,

write a goddamn memo.



Diving Officer,

make your depth  - -  feet.



Make my depth  - -  feet.



Sonar, Conn preceding

below the thermal layer.



The captain's sacked out?







proceed      pounds.



What about him?



He won't leave.



Conn. Sonar, hold.



No contacts on bearing  - - .



You know...



I seen me a mermaid once.



I've even seen me

a shark eat a octopus,



but I ain't never seen

no phantom Russian submarine.



We're emerging

from the route, Captain.



I've ordered a routine clearing

of the baffles.



We'll be making the first turn

in a few minutes.



The caterpillar is operational



and appears to be

running normally.



The crew know about the saboteur.



They are afraid.



Well, that could be useful

when the time comes.



You know, we could make

the Labrador Coast in    hours.



Half of them would freeze

before they were rescued.



No, it's Massachusetts

or Maine...



in    hours.



Two days.



Do you think they will

let me live in Montana?



I would think they'll

let you live wherever you want.






Then I will live in Montana,



and I will marry

a round American woman



and raise rabbits,



and she will cook them for me,



and I will have a pickup truck...



or a...



possibly even

a recreational vehicle



and drive from state to state.



Do they let you do that?






No papers?



No papers.



State to state.



All right.

Commence your turn.



Well, then...



in winter I will live

in Arizona.



Actually, I think

I will need two wives.



Oh, at least.



Possible aspect change

on target.



Sonar, Conn. Aye.



Concur possible target zig

based on bearing rate.



Conn! Sonar! Crazy lvan!



All stop! Quick quiet!



All stop, aye.



Engine's all stopped.



What's going on, Jonesy?



Russian captains

sometimes turn suddenly



to see if anyone's behind them.



We call it Crazy lvan.



The only thing

you can do is go dead,



shut everything down, and make

like a hole in the water.



So what's the catch?



Catch is a boat this big



doesn't exactly stop on a dime.



If we're too close,



we'll drift right

into the back of him.



What about you?

What do you look forward to?






I have no such appetites.



Now, let's see if he can hear us.



Well, there must be something.



What is it?






I miss...

the peace of fishing



Iike when I was a boy.



   years I have been at sea.



A war at sea.



A war with no battles.



No monuments.



Only casualties.



I widowed her

the day I married her.



My wife died while I

was at sea, you know.



Post guards

in the engineering spaces.



If he can get

to the caterpillar,



he can get to somewhere

more vital.



Where is he, Jonesy?



Conn, Sonar.



Target is now coming out

of our starboard baffles.



My read is that he

is returning to base course.



Concur. He's returning

to course  - - .



He went right around us.



We'll give him

another    seconds,



then secure from silent running.






Here's what we got

on the E.L.F.






Aye, sir.



What is it?



You're not going

to believe this.




we are approaching no return.



Dallas apparently

hasn't gotten the message.



We have to turn back

for the carrier.



Give it a couple more minutes.



Negative. Fuel status

says we turn around now.



Fuel status?

You got a reserve, don't you?



I've got a   -minute reserve,



but I'm not allowed to invade that

except during war.



If you don't get me

on that submarine,



you might have it.



You got    minutes

worth of fuel.



We stay here    more minutes.



Yo! Mount up!



Yo, I got a submarine

at around  :  .



About   miles.



OK, Tony, hook him up.



I'll be lowering you down

to the submarine now.



Give me eight minutes.



Let's hope this thing

runs on fumes.



Very well.

Surface the ship.



Whoever this guy is,



he's in for one hell of a ride.



OK, Commander,

go ahead and sit down.



You ever do this before?



Once. On a calm day...

off Hawaii.



The pilot will have

a difficult time keeping steady.



Don't take chances

getting grounded.



Keep that rod in front of you.



In air like this,



the rotors will put out

enough static electricity



to light up Chicago.



That's why I joined the Navy.



A diver's in the escape trunk



in case this guy

goes in the drink.



Someone must have

a burr up his ass



to go for a stunt like this.



All right. Ready! Ready!



Get your hook up!



Commander, if I got

to bring you back up,



I'm going to shake the wire.



I'll give you a thumbs up,

like this.



Remember to cross your arms.



Got it? OK. Out you go.

Passenger's out the door.



Passenger's halfway down,

drifting forward.



Start forward.



All right, Tommy.

Get the hook on his cable.



On his cable. Now, watch it.



Don't touch him.

OK, here he comes.



Oh, no!



It would be easier

without that bloody crosswind.



Where is he?

I can't see him.



Don't touch him!



Jack! Jack! Jack!



This is never going to work.



OK, reel him back in.



Tony, what's going on back...



What happened? Dallas,

have you got a swimmer standing?



Emergency stop! Man overboard!



Port side!

Send out the diver!



Very well, Dallas.

We are history.



Get the doc down here!



I'll be in the escape trunk.



Down ladder! Down ladder!

Make a hole!



Watch his head.

Watch his head.



How do you do, Captain?



It's a pleasure to be aboard.



I have to talk to the President.



Of course.

May I inquire as to the subject?



It seems that the initial reports



that one of our submarines

was missing



were not completely accurate.



The submarine in question



is commanded

by Captain Marko Ramius.



Apparently, he has suffered



a kind of mental

nervous breakdown.



Just before he sailed,



he posted a letter

to Admiral Yuri Padorin



in which he announced

his intention to...



to fire his missiles

on the United States.



Why didn't you tell me this

the last time we met?



In my position

I'm sometimes compromised



by the fact Moscow doesn't

always tell me everything.



So one of your submarine captains

has gone insane?



What do you want from us?



You offered your assistance.



That was a rescue mission.



Now you want us to help you



hunt him down and kill him.



I have been instructed



to ask your President

for precisely that.



Find him?

We already found him.



We had to break off

to pick you up.



Captain, excuse me.




Thank you.






Don't smoke.



Assuming we can find him,



just what exactly

am I supposed to do about it?



Captain, radio.



We're receiving

flash traffic



on the V.L.F.

emergency circuit.



Very well. Bring it down.



Well, Mr. Ryan?



Chief, excuse us for a second.




come on out of there.



The sub we're after

is called the Red October.



She's under the command

of a man named Ramius.



Now, there's the possibility



that he and a good

portion of his crew



are attempting to defect.






Excuse me.



You say the boat's

called the Red October?



That's right.



Skipper's Ramius?






It seems the circumstances



have changed somewhat,

Mr. Ryan.



Get this man some dry clothes.



I'll be in the conn.



Aye, aye, sir.



"National Command Authority



informed Soviet typhoon class

submarine Red October



is potential renegade



and threatens

independent missile launch.



You are authorized

to use any necessary force



to prevent said submarine



from approaching



the coast

of the United States".



Left    degrees rudder

steady on course  - - .



Left    degrees rudder

secure course of  - - .



Make turns for    knots.



Chief of the watch,

rig for red.



Time Quartermasters

and Navigator



on the deck in the conn.



What's going on?



Battle stations

are manned and ready.



Very well.



Captain, I have to talk to you.



Not now.



Make your depth      feet,



   degrees down angle.



Diving officer, make your depth

     feet,    degree down.



Full dive

on fair water planes.



Full dive on stern planes.



   degree down.



Passing     feet,

going to     .












Did you get a good fix?



Yes, Captain.



Very well.



At ordered depth,




Sonar, Conn.

You got him, yet, Jonesy?



Very faint, sir. Hold on.



Yes, sir. Contact typhoon seven

on bearing  - - .



Right where he's supposed to be.



Any sign he's alerted

to our presence?



No. Operating as before.



Come left  - - .



Bring us up

behind him quietly, Tommy.



Aye, aye, Captain.



Diving officer,

make your depth     feet.



Captain, please listen to me.



Two minutes, that's all.



Plot, time to intercept his track.



Four minutes, Captain.



Very well, Mr. Ryan.



Two minutes.



It makes perfect sense.

Look at the situation...



Ramius intends to defect.

The Russians know this,



which is why they've

tried to sink him,



but they haven't been able to.



I have a firing solution.



The Russians

will stop at nothing



to prevent Ramius

from defecting.



They've invented

this story that he's crazy



because they need us

to sink him



before he can contact us.



Weapons control,

I want full safeties.



I don't want this fish

coming back.



Full safety.



Captain, I know this man.



Has he made any Crazy lvans?



What difference does that make?



- The next one will be to starboard.

- 'Cause his last was to port?



Because he goes to starboard

in the bottom half of the hour.



Flood tubes one and two.

Warm up the weapons.



Find a way to establish contact

without violating orders.



He wants to defect!



Mr. Thompson,

call Chief Watson



to the conn with his sidearm.



Conn, Sonar.

Signal to noise ratio's dropping.



Possible aspect change

in target.



Possible target zig

based on bearing rate.



Conn, Sonar. Crazy lvan!






Captain, he's turning.



Which way is he turning?



To the starboard, sir.



Give the man a chance.



All back full.



Captain, say again.



I said all back full!



Back full. Aye, sir.



Engines back full.



We're cavitating.

He can hear us!



Conn, aye. All stop.



All stop, aye.



All right.

We just unzipped our fly.



Mr. Thompson,

open the outer doors.



Firing point procedures.



Now, if that bastard

so much as twitches,



I'm going to blow him

right to Mars.



All stop rudder amid ship.



What's going on?



Can you identify the contact?



American Los Angeles-class

attack submarine



bearing  - - ...




sharp metallic transients.



He may be trying to open

his torpedo tube doors.



Outer doors are open

on tubes one and two.



We're ready to shoot.



Very well.

My orders are specific, Mr. Ryan.



He's opened his outer doors.



He's preparing to fire.



Flood tubes three and four

and plot a solution.



Captain, flood tubes three and four.

Plot solution.



Shall I open

the torpedo tube door, sir?




shall I open outer doors?






Lock the firing solution

into the computer.



Do not open the doors.



Aye, Captain.



Lock solution into computer.



Conn, Sonar.

Target's flooded his tubes.



Has he opened his outer doors?



Negative, Captain.

He's just sitting there.



Hold on.



Hull popping.

Target's coming shallow.



What's that mean?



That means he's

a very cool customer,



your Russian.



He knows we're here

and ready to shoot.



He's not provoking us.



He's heading to periscope depth



to see what's on the surface.



His course is  - -  due west.



Bring us alongside him.



Aye, aye, Captain.



Sonar, Conn.

Report all contacts.



Conn, Sonar.



My only contact is typhoon seven,

bearing  - - .



Very well. Fire control,

range to target?



Range is     yards.



Make your depth    feet.



Diving Officer,

make your depth    feet.



He wants to go up

and take a peek.



We'll play along.



Going to   .



Going to   .



Weapons status?



Weapons are on.



Tubes three and four

are flooded.



Outer doors are closed.






Depth    meters.



Mark this bearing.



You wanted to talk

to him, Mr. Ryan.



There he is.



What do you want to say?



Is he the only one looking?






We'll have to chance that.



"U.S. told you intend

missile launch". Break.



"Do not approach U.S. coast



or you will be attacked".




"If intention is other...



will you discuss option?"






Can he acknowledge

with a single ping?



Yeah, he can.



The question is, will he?



Verify our range to target.



One ping only.



Aye, captain.



I'll be damned.



Now what?



All right.



"If defection..."



You plot course toward..."



The chart.



I need a chart.



No. No.



OK. Where the hell are we?



Someplace deep.

Someplace deep.









Send them this!



You out of your mind?



Just send it.



Tell me one thing.



How did you know he was

going to go to starboard?



I didn't.



I had a   /   chance.

I needed a break. Sorry.



That's all right, Mr. Ryan.



My Morse is so rusty



I may be sending dimensions



on Playmate of the Month.



Reverify our range to target.



One ping only.



Captain, I... I... I just...



Give me a ping, Vasily.



One ping only, please.



Aye, Captain.



What the hell is this about?



The Russians

want us to sink her.



We might have to do that.



We must give this American

a wide berth.



Let us turn south.



Mr. Kamarov.



Plot a new course due south.



Yes, sir.



New course  - - .



It's the reactor!



Shut down the reactor!



Seal the ventilation system!



The ventilation controls

have failed!



Everybody out.



Clear the compartment!






Ventilation system,

shut it down now.



They don't respond.



The controls don't respond!



Bypass it.

Seal it manually!



Move! Shut it off.



Melekhin, say again.



Suffered a leak

in the primary coolant tube,



so shut down the reactor,



but the ventilation circuits

have been disabled.



The coolant appears

highly contaminated.



I knew there was damage



when the caterpillar went down.



Radiation alarms activating

in all compartments.




is heavily contaminated,



and radiation's moving forward.



Get to periscope depth.



Ventilate with outside air.



Aye, Captain.

Periscope depth!



Prepare to ventilate!



Ventilating won't do anything.



We've got to get them off.



What's the battery condition?



Four hours.

Six, if we're cautious.



Engage battery system.



We've got a level one

radiation leak.



Every surface of this

ship's contaminated.



We've got to get the men off.



Sir, we have been sabotaged!



Who said anything

about sabotage?






Sir, I'm afraid

the doctor is right.



Very well.



Surface. We'll evacuate

the men to the deck.



Aye, Captain.



Surface the ship!



Prepare to muster all personnel

to escape hatches.



Break out the rafts.



Lash them to the deck.



We'll use them as shelters

until the fleet arrives.



Make sure the count

is accurate, Doctor.



We must get the entire crew out.



Yes, sir.



Master-At-Arms reports rafts secure

and evacuation proceeding.



Very good.



We'll rotate through the conn.



No officer will spend

more than    minutes below deck.



Will that be satisfactory?



Completely, Captain.



Surface contact!



 - - .



  miles and closing fast.



It's a warship.



What? Here?



Can you identify it?



It's a frigate,



U.S., probably,



Perry class.

He's signaling.



"Red October.

Red October.



Halt and stay where you are.



Do not attempt to submerge,



or you will be fired upon".



Captain, I think

he means to board us.



You will go with the crew.



The officers and I will submerge beneath you



and scuttle the ship.



You'll receive the order of Lenin

for this, Captain.



We're going to cast off.



The captain's going

to scuttle the ship.



He's going down, sir.



Put a shot across his bow.



Come right at  - - .



Seahawk One,

this is Bravo Command.



She's ready.



Seahawk One,

release on my command.






Range to target...






















The torpedo is detonated.



Now, understand, Commander,



that torpedo

did not self-destruct.



You heard it hit the hull.



And I...was never here.



Contact Dallas.

Give them the go.



Advise Dallas.

Get the DSRV moving.



Dallas, this is Rueben James.



There are about

two million things



that can still go wrong

with this stunt.



Central lntelligence Agency.



Now, there's

a contradiction in terms.



How's the coffee, Ryan?



Dallas, this is the Mystic.



Request clearance for launch.



Mystic, Dallas.

You're cleared for launch.



Hatch is secured.



Life support, normal.

Prelaunch checks complete.



We're ready to launch.






Flood the skirt.



Flood the skirt. Aye.



Skirt's filled and equalized.



Soft seal.

Ready to lift off.



OK. Let's do it.



We're off.



Thrusting port.



    yards and closing.



Steer right to course  - - .












Hit the lights.



Jesus, that's a big sucker.



OK, we're in position.



You can open the hatch.



Hold it a second.






Mr. Ryan.



He's defecting.



And he can't change his mind?



He's not going

to change his mind.



You willing

to bet your life on that?



Uh, sir, could you

hand me that hammer?









What's so funny?



Well, the captain

seems to think



you're some sort of cowboy.



It is.



I doubt you'd remember,



but we met once

at the consulate in Leningrad.



Along with your wife.



I'm very sorry.



What gives you the right

to fire on my ship?



Your signal said nothing

of a torpedo.






It was necessary to maintain

the illusion for your crew.



My crew are being rescued, yes?



As we speak.



You sent the signal.



That's correct, sir.



Then how did you know

our reactor accident was false?



Well, that was a guess,

but it seemed logical.



Very well.



I present you



the ballistic missile

submarine Red October.



My officers and I

request asylum...



in the United States

of America.



It's a pleasure, sir.



Bart Mancuso, USS Dallas.



Torpedo. The Americans

are shooting at us again.



The pitch is too high.



The torpedo's Russian.



Where the hell

did it come from?



Conn, Sonar.

New contact. Sierra  - .



Alfa class Soviet submarine.



Why don't I have a detonation?



The weapon enabled

on the far side of the target.



It passed Red October

before arming.



Fire again with the right settings

and reload both tubes.



Get me power.

Get that damn thing off my boat.



It's off.



I think somebody

shot a torpedo at us.



No shit, Buckwheat.

Get out of here.



Where am I...



Borodin, fire control.



Uh, Ryan.



Sit here.



I'm not a naval officer.

I'm with the CIA.






I'm not an agent.



I just write books

for the CIA.



Whatever. Sit down.



And do exactly what I tell you.



DSRVs away.



There's a Russian alfa

     yards to starboard.



I think it's the Konovalov.



Increase the flank.



Increase the flank.






That knob. Turn right full.



All ahead flank.

Right full rudder.



He's shooting again, sir.



Go to battle stations.



Battle stations.



Chief of Watch,

man battle stations.



Torpedo in the water.



Bearing  - - .



Make range      yards.



Steer right  - - .



That's heading

into the torpedo.




bearing still  - - .



Estimated range...




Still  - - .



Steer right

till this reads  - - .



No, that's wrong.

Ryan, don't turn that goddamn wheel.



 - - .



You're heading straight

into that torpedo.






Doing what?



He's turned

into the torpedo's path.






Red October's turned directly

into the torpedo's path, sir.



Mother of God.



Torpedo steady,

bearing  - - .



Range...     yards.



Melekhin, more speed.



Estimate range      yards.



Closing awfully fast.



What's he trying to do,

kill himself?



We have a firing solution

on the Russian alfa.



Can we shoot back?



They didn't shoot at us.



I can't attack a Soviet submarine

without authorization.



Torpedo bearing steady at  - - .



Best range...     yards.



Torpedo impact...




What books?



Pardon me.



What books did you write?



I wrote a biography on Admiral Halsey

called The Fighting Sailor,



about naval combat tactics.



I know this book.



Torpedo impact...



Your conclusions

were all wrong, Ryan.






Halsey acted stupidly.



























Torpedo impact...






I'll be damned.



What happened?



Combat tactics, Mr. Ryan.



By turning into the torpedo,



the captain closed the distance



before it could arm itself.



So that's it?



Not quite.



Right now, Captain Tupolev



is removing the safety

features on all his weapons.



He won't make

the same mistake twice.



Vasily, have you

plotted a solution yet?



Aye, Captain.

It's a little rough, but I...






That's what it sounded like, sir.



Won't change his mind?



It's one of the crew.



Well, whoever he is,

he's having second thoughts.



I would like

to have seen Montana.



Captain, he stumbled forward

into the missile bay.



There's a silo hatch warning...



port side, number   .



He can't launch a missile.



No, but he can blow one up.



Captain, take the conn.



Fire control's blasted to hell.



Then get behind him

and stay there.



Captain, wait.



You may need this, sir.



Thank you.



Don't just stand there, Ryan.

Go with him!



You, you speak English?



Yes, sir.



Get your butt over here.



Captain, torpedo

broke off on impact.



Set the safety ranges

for zero.



I cannot go any faster.



We must get him



before he gets to

the ignition circuits.



What happens if he gets

to that ignition circuitry?



He can incinerate the ship.



Is that door

the only way out of here?






Don't let him get past you.



Hey, Ryan.



Be careful

what you shoot at, hmm?



Most things in here



don't react too well

to bullets.






I have to be careful

what I shoot at?



Safety ranges set to zero.



Sonar, give me the bearing

for Red October.



She's positioned behind us.



Right full rudder!



I'll shake the man loose.



He's going deep.



   degree down angle!



All the countermeasures

were over there, right?



Very well.




the alfa's too quick.



It's only a matter of time.



"Ryan, some things in here



don't react well to bullets".






Like me.



I don't react well to bullets.






Where's he now?



Close, sir.



    meters, directly ahead.



Got him.



Match bearings and fire.



We are too close!



Don't argue.

Launch the weapon.



The torpedoes are armed

in the tubes! You cannot...



Do it now!



Another torpedo. It went active

the moment it was launched.



Left full rudder.

Ease off on your bow planes.



I think he's got us.



Way to go, Dallas!



Torpedo is in acquisition.



Range     yards and closing.



You've done it, Mr. Thompson!



I hope this works.



Chief, put us on the roof.



Countermeasure station,

on my mark.    ...



 . Release countermeasures.



Emergency blow!



Full rise. Fair water plane.















Come on, big D. Fly.



That torpedo's still active.



It's searching

for another target.



A goddamn cook!



How close is that alfa, Jonesy?



     yards, going to port.



Reverse your turn.



We're turning straight at him.



Torpedo's still on our tail.



The hard part

about playing chicken



is knowing when to flinch.



Collision in     yards.












Right full rudder,

   degree down angle.



Aye, sir.



This one's going to be close.



Torpedo dead ahead!



You arrogant ass.

You've killed us.



We have ascertained

the Red October's



final position, but...



given the depth of the water



and the fact that the wreckage



spreads across a wide area,



it'll be some time before

anything's recovered.



However, your people

are interviewing the crew now



and making arrangements

for their return.



This has been a terrible tragedy,

Mr. Ambassador.



And I can only stress



that if you'd come to us earlier



it might have been avoided.



I appreciate your candor

in the matter.



And I yours, Andrei.



Perhaps in the future



technology will allow

a more thorough investigation



of the wreckage.






There is another matter...



one that I'm reluctant to...






One of our submarines...

an alfa...



was last reported in the area

of the Grand Banks.



We have not heard

from her for some time.






You've lost another submarine?



All this way to hide

a submarine in a river.



We're     miles

from the nearest naval base,



the last place

that satellites will ever look.



I grew up around here.



My grandfather taught me to fish



off that island right over there.



There's one question



you haven't asked me yet.






Well, I figured you would tell me

when you were ready.



Now, there are

those who believe



we should attack

the United States first,



settle everything

in one moment.



Red October was built

for that purpose.



When the dust settles

from this,



there's going to be

hell to pay in Moscow.



Well, perhaps.



Maybe something good

will come from it.



A little revolution,

now and then,



is a healthy thing,

don't you think?



Do you still like to fish, Ryan?






There's a river,

not unlike this one,



near Vilnius,



where my grandfather

taught me to fish.



"And the sea will grant

each man new hope



as sleep brings dreams of home".



Christopher Columbus.



Welcome to the New World, sir.



Everything all right, sir?

Special help by SergeiK