Hustle And Flow Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hustle And Flow script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Craig Brewer movie with Terrence Howard, Ludacris, and Anthony Anderson.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hustle And Flow. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hustle And Flow Script







            ain't like a dog.



And when I say "man,"



I'm talking about man

as in mankind, not man as in men.



Because men,



well, we a lot like a dog.



You know, we like to piss on things.



Sniff a bitch when we can.



Even get a little pink hard-on

the way they do.



We territorial as shit, you know,

we gonna protect our own.



But man...



...he know about death.



Got him a sense of history.



Got religion.






...a dog...



Man, a dog don't know shit

about no birthdays or Christmas



or Easter bunny, none of that shit.



And one day

god gonna come calling,



so, you know,

they going through life carefree.



But people like you and me, man,

we always guessing.



Wondering, "What if?"

You know what I mean?



So when you say to me,



"Hey, I don't think

we should be doing this,"



I gotta say, baby, I don't think

we need to be doing this neither,



but we ain't gonna get no move on

in this world, lying around in the sun,



licking our ass all day.



I mean, we man.



I mean, you a woman and all,

but we man.



So with this said...


            tell me what it is

you wanna do with your life.



I don't know.



- I mean, I guess I could, like...

- Hold up a second.



What's happening with you, man?



You like what you see, huh?



Look here, baby,

it break down like this:



Twenty in the front,    in the back.






Why don't you walk over there

and explain it to that motherfucker.



- Damn.

- From the D&Z sports desk,



I'm Dennis Phillippi, and the answer...



- Hot    .   number one for hip-hop...

- Nothing but a bunch of jive and junk.



Coming up, your chance

to win a trip to Las Vegas.



Holler at your boy, it's Hot    .  .



- Please! Fucking with me, man! Hey!

- Hey, hey, hey!



Hey, what the hell?!



- Pull that shit again,

- Motherfucker, how you like that?



Boot your ass to hell.



- You heard me!

- Get the fuck up out of here.



Deranged son of a bitch!



- You all right, Nola?

- Thanks, D.



Come on in, man. Come on in here.



Damn, man, you gotta

get some security up in here.



I'm the only

motherfucking security in here.



Sure is good

not to be cracking heads.



So, what you need, man,

a half or full O?



Ounce wiII do good.

Fourth coming up and all.



Righteous, man.



Hey, you remember

that sticky herb you brung up



to my brother's house for playoffs?



Yeah, I remember that shit.

That ain't this, now, man.



We talking about... That's

a whole other zip-up bag on that.



That's fucking prime product

right there.



We got some big company

coming in here for the Fourth.



Thought you may want

to get you some money.



- Big company?

- Yeah.



- Like what?

- You know Skinny Black?



Skinny Black.



Yeah, that...

Yeah, I know who Skinny is, man.



I know Skinny from

way back in the day.



See, I know Skinny

when he was hustling



his underground tapes

down at the drive-in,



out the back of his Cutlass.



Not no more he ain't.

Last one he put out went platinum.



- Platinum?

- Yeah.



- That's more special than gold, right?

- But he's stiII in Memphis.



He and his brother Tigga hook up with

their friends every Fourth of July.



I shut the place down,

make it all private for them.



And they just buy me out.



- Bullshit.

- No shit.



Yo, Skinny rolling like that, man?



Best get your ass up here

with that good shit.



Those boys don't want

none of this dirt weed.



So you're trying

to hurt my feelings, right?



- Just trying to help out a friend.

- For sure, man.



All right, all right, all right,

goddamn it,



we're going into a  -for- 

for all you balling motherfuckers.



You gonna love this shit.



These lovely ladies wiII be doing

two dances for the price of one.



We got Luscious, we got Phoebe

and we got Lexus



coming up to satellite one.



- Mike.

- What up, D?



- What's happening, baby?

- Wet out there, huh?



Yeah, sorry, man.



- It's like a motherfucker.

- All right.



Hey, baby.



- Hey, where Lex at?

- Over there on satellite one.



Don't miss out. Take advantage.



We got Monique coming up

on satellite one.



- You'll love this,  -for- .

- What the fuck? WiII you let me...



These lovely ladies wiII be giving you

two dances for the price of one.



- Come here. Excuse me, daddy.

- Don't you see me on a hustle?



- Where you at?

- I ain't at shit.



- I was on my third dance.

- Don't tell me...



You think I can just run up in here,

snap my fingers



and make these motherfuckers

throw their money at me?



- Watch your motherfucking tone...

- I ain't even made payout yet!



This one is pretty good.



My motherfucking house

got broken into too, bitch.



- Hell, no.

- Hell, yeah, they kicked



both my doors in, girl. Stole the last

pound of hydro weed for the party.



You hear that?



That's my gut saying,

"Hurry the fuck up," okay?



- Come on.

- Look at this.



Hell, no. Look at this shit. What

the fuck you call that, the clapper?



Lights on, lights off. Don't play.

I'm gonna roll tonight.



I don't care what you say, D,

I ain't working day shift no more.



I don't care if I got to

take me a taxi ride home.



- You gonna work if I say you gonna.

- I ain't working with these skank-ass,



- trucker-bait ho's no more.

- Kiss my ass.



- Bitch, fucking take my shit again.

- Shit don't make no sense.



If I'd known y'all was gonna take your

sweet fucking time, I'd have come in.



Trudy says she made $   

last night, $    you heard me?



- Bitch got that birthmark on her face?

- Five hundred dollars



for dancing for some man

who makes cotton.



- What she do for him? She tricking.

- It ain't fair.



I'm tricking! I ain't making $   .



- What the hell, fool?!

- Hey!



- D. Djay.

- Get your ass away from our car.



- What the fuck's wrong with you?

- Hey, D!



- It's only me, it's Harold.

- Get the fuck away from my car!



- It's me, Harold, Djay.

- Get away from my car, man.



- It's your dog.

- You're lucky as shit,



that's normally my barrels

under my fucking seat, motherfucker.



- It's Djay, nigga!

- Okay, Djay, I didn't mean no harm.



You got any of

that crankity-crank shit?



Nigga, I'm gateway mother... Man,

don't waste my time on no bullshit.



Wait, wait, wait. Check this out.

Check this out.



Check this out.

What can I get for this?



You think I look like

a pawnshop, man?



Is that...? I got "pawnshop"

written on my forehead?



Come on, Djay, fuck with me.



- Fuck with me, Djay.

- Where you get it?



You know the business.



- You took that shit from little kids?

- No, none of that, man.



I used to play this thing myself,

all the time.



- That shit work?

- Man, like a pro!



Let me see that motherfucker, man.



Yeah, man, I used to have

one of these when I was a little kid.



- Shit wasn't as big, though.

- But that's bigger and better.



Fuck with me, now, D.



- Fuck with me, Djay!

- Shut the fuck up, man.



- Nigga, I'll give you a quarter for it.

- A quarter?



Man, you mean a half and some. I can

get more than that at the pawnshop.



Take that shit to the pawnshop,

let's see what you get.



No, take it over there, man.

Give them your thumbprint.



- You on. You got it, you got it.

- Hey, give me that bag, man.






You the man. You got it going on.

It's all good.



Nigga, you advertising my shit

right now.



It's okay, I'm gonna

fuck with you anyhow. It's all good.



You fucking with me already.



Hey, Stevie Wonder!



We hungry.



Motherfucking Carl Lewis

or something.



I called the power company about

getting an extension on the light biII.



They say I gotta come down there,

stand in line.



I can't be standing in line

how they do down there,



not if I got Roger with me.



You know, D?



Man, it's Skinny goddamn Black,

you know...



Hey! There goes Skinny Black, man.



Hey, Lex. Lex, come here, baby!



Look right there, look at that.

That is Skinny Black, man.



Me and him gonna be kicking it over

at Arnel's club on the Fourth of July.



- Ain't that some shit, huh?

- Who, you?



Yeah, me and Skinny gonna do us

some little catching up.



So am I supposed to piss myself

or something?



Okay, let's see who it is

that you know is somebody, huh?



Nobody in this here crib,

that's for damn sure.



- Where my baby, Roger, at?

- No, no, Lex, please!



I just put him to sleep, Lex!



Skinny used to DJ over at Booker T.

The same way I did at Westwood.



D, I know it's my job and all...



Ain't like he the only nigga

can spit flow.



- But why she gotta wake Roger up?



Ain't like he the only nigga

can spit some flow.



D, I need time for me too,




Shit, I was just doing the same thing,

just over at my school.



Ask anybody, man. Go ask Carlos

on the corner, he'd tell you.



He was in my grade. Ask him.



We gotta get that extension, D.



Fuck. Paper money. Shit.



See, now, back in the day

you wouldn't even catch me



in this Bentley right here,

you'd catch me in a Crown Vic.



Bitch. Shit, back in the day,



- I was triple platinum. Ask anyone.

- D.



- I think I'll take a shower. Here.

- I don't give a fuck, man.



- I need you to watch Roger for me.

- Hey, give him to Shug!



Shug say it's her chiII time.

Come on.



When is my chiII time?



Come on, man. Hey. Hey.

Hey, man. No, no, man.



The bitch gotta go take a shower, man.

You relax your ass, man.



Come here. Come here, man.



Hey, man, you can't be

crying around like no bitch, man.



Hey. Hey, get rid

of them tears, man.



No. Cut them tears shit out, man.

Come on.



Come on. Come on.



Come on, come on. Here we go.

Here we go, man.



Come on, come on.

Let me try something.



All right, push that one.



Do that. What is this right here?



Hey, I like that, man. Do that again.



Listen to that, man.



Now, that shit buck, ain't it, man?

Do it again, man.



What the fuck you doing

with my boy?



- Come on, give him to me.

- We just playing.



- Give him to me.

- Come on...



- He don't need to be playing.

- That's what I'm talking about.



Every time he gets settled,

you gotta come fuck with him!



I'm telling you, you gonna

give that little boy a twitch!



Better go easy, girl.

Man can't be no open candy store.



We tight this whole week.



Put your shine on, man.

I hear this one coming.



What's happening with you, man?



Don't act scared, man,

she don't bite.



She just nibbles a little bit.



Come on... Hey, hey. Damn.



Why can't I work the motels

anymore, D? At least they got air.



At least they take a cut

is what they do.



Thirty dollars an hour

on top of what we already charging,



for what, a five-minute nut?



Taking money out of my pocket

trying to keep



your little country ass cool.



God, D, all I did was ask about a motel

and you get so ugly with me.



God, D, all I did was ask about a motel

and you get so ugly with me.



- He's coming back.

- I'm all wet and sticky.



You gonna have to put a show on

for this one.



Do that little shit you do

with your tongue.



Now, come on, he's coming back.

Get your mind right, okay?



Come on, come on,

come on, come on. Fuck.



Fuck, man!



How come Lex gets to work

out of that strip club, and I can't?



Because we done been over this

ten times, Nola.



You got what they call

a bad equilibrium.



And it ain't your fault,

you just knock into shit.



I put you on that stage

in them heels,



tricks gonna be yelling, "Timber."



I'm in heels out here every day.

You don't see me fall down once...



Because you sitting, Nola.

Ain't that much of a fall to the floor.



Lookit, why don't you just let me do

the thinking for you, okay?



You do what you do,

and you let me do what I do.



One day, you'll have to tell me

about that.



About what?



What the fuck it is you do.



What did you just say to me?



Hi, honey.



Wanna see me walk in these heels

all the way to your lap?



I'll be right there.



Looks like he got air in his car, D.



Must be working hard as you.



Fuck you doing, man?

Doing my job? I got a mop for you.



Elroy, I'm having me a day

that won't quit,



so I'll need you to shed

just a little light on me, okay?



You got something for me?



Yeah. I got a grocery list for you too.

I need a...



A brick of that Big Easy bud.



What the fuck is this, man?



Got your stank all over this.

I don't even like my own sweat, D.



What the fuck is this?



Okay. Let's do it this way, then.



Let's give it some

of my sweet juices on it...



...and tell me you ain't

gonna take that.



You better watch yourself, D.



Let me get you on your way.



You cool yet?



You stiII into that shit, man?



I remember Coach Rosallis

used to let you flow



over the intercom in gym class,



back when we used to beatbox

like the Fat Boys, remember that?



Dude, man,

we went to East Middle together.



Clyde. Called me Key.



- Nigga, what's up, man?

- How you feeling, man?



Yeah, you used to spin them

little records at the after-school joints.



Yeah, yeah. It's not like I was

scratching or nothing like that.



I just made sure "Purple Rain"

got played for the ladies, that's all.



- Let me get these batteries, man.

- "Purple Rain."



Hey, give over, man. He cool. He cool.



East Middle, man.

Them was the days, man.



- Yeah, man.

- Them was the days.



I see you stiII doing the same.



Oh, yeah, you know,

like the post office:



- Through rain, sleet or snow.

- You looking good, though, man.



So, what, you got you

a diIdo or something?



A do-what?



I mean, what's all the batteries for?



It ain't for no diIdo,

I'll tell you that right now.



- I'm just fucking with you, man.

- Okay, okay.



They for my microphones, man.



- Microphones?

- Yeah.



So, what do you do?



I told Jesus



It would be all right



If he changed my name



I told Jesus



It would be all right



If he changed my name



I told Jesus



It would be all right



If he changed



My name



- Jesus told me

- Jesus



That the world would be against me



- If he changed

- Changed my









Hey, Shug. Shug.



Wake up.



What, I gotta watch the baby?



No, everybody asleep.



- So he kicking now, huh?

- Usually after I eat.



He real active

during the day, though.



He must get that after his daddy.

He sure don't get that from me.



Whoever that is, huh?



You know, Shug,

you and me, we got history, right?



I mean, you been tricking for me

for a few now, so we got that, right?



And me not pimping you

because of...



...your demonstration,



it just puts us in a whole...



...different kind of place,

you know what I mean?



You want me to leave.



Hell, no.



Why would you say

something like that?



I just feel like...



Like I'm having one of them

midlife crisis, you know?



I mean, my daddy...


            know, his heart

gave out on him when he was, like...



Well, shit, when I was    years old.



Shit, he was my age.



And that shit just been...



Just been fucking

with my mind, you know?



It got me feeling

like this is it for me.



I just don't know what

I'm supposed... Supposed to do.



I get bad dreams.



Dreams like me giving birth

to dead dogs.



Sometimes I'm breast-feeding

a big old ugly catfish.



- For real?

- Yeah.



But that's just my mind



touching in on something

I ain't said yet.



What's that?



I'm scared, D.



Sometimes I just get so scared...



Most gracious and heavenly Father,

we pray that you



bless this food and this house

in Jesus' name. Amen.






So Beth Ann tells me



the reason I didn't

get that sales-supervisor position



is because she says I have issues



enforcing company policy

with my coworkers,



who, by the way,

she referred to as my friends.



Not "coworkers," mind you,

but "friends."



And I said to her,

"Hey, just because I am pleasant



and supportive does not mean

that I cannot crack a whip."



Because, you know,

I can crack a whip.



Yeah, you can, baby.



Because what we talking about here,

huh? Folding some sweaters?



Shoot, sales supervisors

don't even handle the safe.



So I go in and I talk to Leonard.

Because he always talking about,



"Come in and air your grievances,"

right? So I did.



- What did he say?

- You know what he says to me?



He says I am incapable of writing

somebody up because I'm so friendly.



And I said,

"Hey, give me a pen, Leonard, okay?



I'll tell you everything

that everybody's doing wrong."



What, Beth Ann, she take

way too long on her lunch break.



Alan, that little shit down in Receiving

came to work the other day high.



And Sally, just yesterday, came in with

this skirt with the discontinued line.



Remember that, baby?

Remember that little skirt I had?



And I know she didn't pay for it.



He think I'm gonna take some kind of

blind eye to all of these violations



if I was sales supervisor

just because I'm nice?






- Damn.

- What the hell you doing here, Djay?



Hey, look here, baby. I know you about

sick and tired of seeing me right now,



- but I just wanted to be able...

- Clyde. Who is it?



- It's just...

- Just an old school buddy, ma'am.



- From back in the day.

- Well, we was just having dinner.



I'm so sorry, y'all. And I'd have

left them in the car,



but this one right here, man,

she just



sniff out an air-conditioning unit

like an old bloodhound bitch.



Hey. Hey, man, respect my house.



Look, man, anyplace you and me



could just sit down

and talk for a minute?



Djay, things don't always

come together



just because you want them to,

all right, man?



Look, just because you got the bacon,

the lettuce and tomato,



hell, man, that don't mean

I'm gonna give you my toast.



Look, man, I know you done learned

a whole mess of shit



hustling out on the street, right?



Let me tell you what I learned

while working on my job.



- Thank you.

- There are two types of people:



Those that talk the talk

and those that walk the walk.



People who walk the walk,

they sometimes talk the talk.



But most of the time, they don't

talk at all, because they walking.



Now, people who talk the talk,

when it comes time for them to walk,



- you wanna know what they do?

- What is that?



They talk people like me

into walking for them.



Look, I'm just asking you...



Just listen to what I got here,

man, all right? Just listen to it.



And if you ain't... If you ain't feeling it,

man, I'm out your life, okay?



So can I get y'all anything?



No, ma'am.



Hey, I really like your hair.



It's got some, like,

chocolate colors in it.



Oh, thank you.



I have this great guy that does it

over in germantown,



the coloring.



- That sound all right.

- The whole time it's gonna have



this thing going like:



- Then I come in...

- When you gonna start a rhyme?



Just gotta get my mode on, man,

just give me a second. All right.



These bitches pop it for some paper

Pop that ass for some cash flow



Do it like I like it

And I give you what you ask for



I try and do my hair

every couple of months



because it keeps the tricks guessing.



- You know?

- I'm sorry, keep the what?



Well, my hair has to be redone a lot



because these ain't me real braids,

these just extensions.



Nola, would you just

shut the fuck up, please?



What makes you think this lady

care about your kitchen-ass hairdo?



I think, you know what, it's nice.

It's okay...



Lady, you don't got to be nice to her

because she's sitting on your couch.



You think her hair look like a wet

dust mop, go on and tell her so. I do.



- Damn, Lex.

- Well, I didn't. I mean, I don't.



Lex, why you gotta be so ugly?



Get a nigga minx

Grab her by the hand



Take her back for some convo

Drop a couple grams



Now you're back at the condo



- Ugly as a swamp-duck ho.

- God!



Everybody else

says my hair looks sexy.



And then they nut.









Real fast

Shake it, shake it real fast



Put your hands on your knees

Shake it, shake it real fast



Shake it, shake it real fast

Shake it, shake it real fast



- What's up, nigga, you run out of spit?

- No, man, I just...






What are you doing?






I see you're down with that next nigga

Tryin' to make your chest bigger



See you're down with that next nigga

Tryin' to make your chest bigger



Working on your flex

Figure what? Nigga, fuck that shit



Let's get this to work, Djay.



The roadblock



Got niggas jumpin' up

Tryin' to move the rock



It's like all my days, I've been

hearing this beat in my head, man,



like a pounding.

I mean, sometimes it's real raw,



like a eightball joint, but then

sometimes, man, it get real soft,



like Otis Redding and shit, man.



And this beat, this pounding, man,



that's what I been calling my mode,

this feeling. And, Key, if my mode



is cracking, man,

it's like I can't be stopped, man.



It's like I'm Mike, and it's showtime.



Nigga, it's on, you know what I mean?

You know?



Because, shit, when I'm out here

on this track,



I gotta keep my game tight, man.



Because it's hard out here

for a pimp, man. For real, man.



Hold on, I like that, man.



"It's hard out here for a pimp."



Hot    .  . Big up to South Memphis

out there, checking in.



I got your requests, and I got

that coming up for you.



Keep your radios locked.



This is messing with my mode.



This is a bunch of bullshit, man.



This is all I got

So I keeps it hot



How I'm supposed to not?

Read your post to plot



"Read your post to plot."



Baby, this is some hard shit

right here.



Trying to take what's

in your head, man,



and put it into words that fit together

like a puzzle.



So, you know...



I wish there was something

I could do.



You know, just...



Shit, baby, you my whole operation.



You might be what they call a...



Like, a primary investor, you know?



Making this shit happen

one trick at a time.



- Hey, Nola.

- What?



Remember when I first met you?



Right where I found you at?

Remember, you was at the truck stop?



Smallest little lot lizard I'd ever seen,

tricking them truckers for change.



But you had balls, man.

Big goriIla balls.



I got love for you, Nola.



Big love.



And I ain't talking about a way a man

love a woman or nothing like that.



I'm talking about like a brother.



Hey, do me a favor.



I want you to put your hands

right here. Both of them.



Now, I'm gonna put

my hands here too.



Know what this means?






It means we in charge.



It means we got our hands

on the wheel. We in charge.



Not them tricks out there, man.



We in charge.



I wanna hear you say it...


            I can believe in you

the same way you believe in me.



We in charge.



That's the best you can do?

Say it like you mean it.



We in charge.



You said you was all right with this.



It's what you wanna hear, right?

So let's just drop it.



No, Yevette.

I wanna hear what you really think.



- No, you don't.

- Yes, I do.



You say that,



but I know you wanna hear what you

want, so that's what I'm gonna say.



I'm sick and tired of people telling me

what I'm thinking,



like I don't know my

own goddamned mind.



Don't you dare take that tone

with me, Clyde, okay?



- I have supported you in everything...

- We already discussed this!



All right, fine! I'm thriIled!

Okay? ThriIled.



What woman wouldn't want

her husband spending all his time



in a house full of ho's?



What's all this shit again?



Drink holders.

Poor man's soundproofing.



So you ain't so dumb, huh?



- D?

- What?



There's someone at the door for you.



Well, shit, baby, you know my rates.



- I don't think he want no weed.

- Then wake Nola's ass up.



- I don't think he want that either.

- Shit, man.



We have to come up with some

fucking rules in this house!



- Well, if you just tell me not to

- I wanna put a red light bulb up there



- answer the door, that's fine with me.

- To say I'm working.



- It ain't for me!

- Every time I'm fucking working,



y'all come and bothering me.



Hey, man.



You Mormons is some

brave motherfuckers.



No, I'm Shelby.



Okay, you Shelby.



All right, look.

Hey, turntable's set up,



and the mixer that D got

has room for four inputs.



- Cool. You got a power strip?

- Oh, we tight.



How many outlets you need?



- Three. I brought my MPC.

- Smart move.



Hey, Key.



Let me holler at you

for a second, man.



- What's up, man?

- Who the fuck is this nigga, man?



That's Shelby. He play piano

down in my church.



You know, I figure we bring him in,

help him develop our sound.



You know he white, right?



No, he just light-skinned.



Yo, peep. I got this shit right here




I keep this notepad

so that I can just jot down some shit.



It's something...



get the fuck out of here, man.



It go like this, man.



Y'all sure y'all don't wanna, like,

burn one first, man?



No, man. We can toke up later.

Let's hear what you got.



Fine, man. I got...






I bet you won't beat that bitch

Whoop that bitch



Got me acting buck and shit

Ho's telling me to calm down



But I'm like, "Fuck that shit"



I'm already on that Hpnotiq

And that Grey Goose



A couple of shots of Hen

That just gave me a...



What the fuck wrong?

You don't like that shit?



- No, D, look.

- I got other shit, man.



- No, look... It's okay, man.

- I think that's tight.



It's just that we want radio play, right?



You got a song called

"Beat That Bitch,"



they might hear that

and think that's degrading.



But that's if you're calling

a woman a bitch.



This sounds like a

tearing-the-club-up song.



Man, I ain't trying to call no ho

no bitch.



Yeah, I mean, besides,

most of the bitches I know are guys.



Look, man, y'all preaching to the choir,

all right?



If you had to say something different,

other than "beat that bitch,"



what would you say?



I don't know. Shit. Stuff like...



"Stomp that ho."



- Who gonna play that?

- Fuck.



- Shit, "whoop that trick."

- No, no, no.



- Go back.

- What?



- "Whoop that trick."

- That's it.



- Like what?

- Like a chant, man.



- Whoop that trick

- Whoop that trick?



Get 'em



Whoop that trick

Get 'em



Whoop that trick

Get 'em



Whoop that trick

Get 'em



Whoop that trick

Get 'em



Oh, shit, man, yeah.



Get 'em

Whoop that trick



Get 'em

Whoop that trick



Get 'em

Whoop that trick



Get 'em

Whoop that trick



Come on, Shel, find it, man. Find it.



Speed it up. Speed it up.



There you go.



I like that clap.



Not bad to be light-skinned, huh?



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- go!



I'ma make these suckers

Recognize I ain't playin', ho



If you violate off the top

Trick, you gotta go



I done held in a lot of shit

And I'm 'bout to flip



Now I think it's time to show

You bitches who you fuckin' with



Djay, that's the name

And I came to bring the pain



Ana on my chest got me

Bustin' at you lemon lames



You ain't know

You fuckin' with a street nigga



From the gutter

Pimp-typedrug dealer



Born and raised in the M

Memphis, Tennessee



Before it's said and done

You bitches gonna remember me



It's only the beginning

I got a lot to say



It's been a long time

And you got hell to pay



Ain't no love, ho

Just bring it to the door



I bar none let my nuts

Hang to the floor



So if you want some

This is your death wish



Better come correct

Because I came to break you off, bitch



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



Whoop that trick



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



- Whoop that trick

- Get 'em



Whoop that trick



Okay, let's go smoke that joint.



It's nice to have company, huh?



Thank you.



See, the thing is...



And I believe this, man... . Rap is

coming back home to the South.



- Yeah, man.

- Because this, man...



This is where it all began.



Heavy percussion, repetitive hooks,

sexually suggestive lyrics.



Man, it's all blues, brother.



"Back Door Man" to

"Back That Ass Up."



It's all about pain and...

And pussy.



Sorry, baby. And making music, man.



With simple tools,

by any means necessary.



You've got to get what you got to say

out because you got to.



Every man, you know

what I'm saying?



Every man has the right,

the goddamn right...


            contribute a verse.



- Number one for hip-hop. This

your man Boogaloo in the house.



North Memphis,

throw your thumbs up.



South Memphis,

let's get ready to kick it.



I got this hot joint from my man,

Al Kapone.



"Get Crunk, Get Buck." It's hot.



- Do you just do music?

- Hey, man.



Do you got, like, a regular kind of job,

a day job?



Yeah, I got a job.

I restock vending machines.



- Really?

- Yeah, you know,



soda, candy, microwave popcorn.

All that shit.



- That's cool.

- No, it's not cool.



- Why?

- Because



I gotta get up every day

at the crack



and head out to all the truck stops

on the interstate



before I head to the high schools.



Yeah, I'm alone all day,



and I smell like...

Like sticky buns and Skittles.



I thought my job sucked, but...



Hey, man.



So this Skinny Black shit, that's real?



Look, man, because even if he

does listen to what we got, man,



we stiII don't know what he gonna do,

you know what I mean?



It's a one-in-a-miIlion shot, D.



If I can pimp $   ho's out the back

of this motherfucking Chevy,



I can pimp Skinny.



Nigga, you just get me

where I gotta be at.



I'm telling you, this dog got him

some tricks, man.



- You mean "old dog," right?

- I didn't mean it like that, man.



My wife, man, she a...



She a good woman.



She feeds me.



She get freaky on my birthday.



- What she do?

- None of your business.



But sometimes I feel, man, like...



Like I talked such a good game

when we was young, man,



about my own studio

and my own label that...



Shit, Djay,

now I'm just paying rent, man.



This shit right here, it gotta work.



It gotta work, man,

because it ain't over for me.



I am so sick and tired of you trying

to tell me what to do with my boy.



That's my son! You go on and

have your little baby, then you can do



- whatever you want!

- Lex, stop yelling.



My pussy paid for this.

I should be mad.



Lookie, lookie, who just decided

to waltz on in.



Where the hell you been at, Djay?



You know, I been standing outside

three hours.



Finally just went on ahead,

took myself a taxi ride.



Spent up all my little monies.



So I really hope you ain't expecting

shit from me today!



- Right back to your toys.

- You should go.



You know what, Djay?



You ain't never gonna be nothing more

than what you is right now,



and that's my motherfucking




I make the money up in here.



Know what? Matter of fact,

I think I feel like



making me some money right now.



Feel like popping my pussy,

maybe shaking my ass.



Go on, boy. Go on, get my car for me.



You heard me. Go on, now, little bitch.



- What the fuck you just say to me?

- That's right, keep...



- What the fuck you call me?

- Called you a motherfucking bitch!



Now, do something about it, damn it!

Do something!



You and me...



...we done, okay?



We done.



You know what?



We been done.



And there you go,

running off to your little toys.



Because you ain't nothing

but a little punk-ass bitch!



- Lex, please back off.

- Just shut the fuck up!



Wasted five years of my damn life

working in this piece-of-shit hole.



So, what now? That's my shit!



What, you just gonna

throw my stuff out?



Oh, out the door! Hey, Djay!

You just leave my shit alone!



I paid for that...

No! No! No!



- I paid for this shit!

- Fuck! Come here.



- Now!

- Djay, no!



- Get the fuck off me! Get off me!

- No! No! Djay, no!



Talk now!



- Hey. Hey, come here.

- No, please, D.



Let go. Let go.



Come on. Come on.



Where in the fuck do you

expect me to go?



You can go to hell, all I give a fuck.



Y'all make him pay!



All right, man.

This is what I got so far.



Man, it seems like I'm duckin'

Dodgin' bullets every day



Niggas hatin' on me

'Cause I got ho's on the blade



But I gotta stay paid

Gotta stay above water



Couldn't keep up with my ho's

That's when shit got harder



North Memphis, where I'm from

I'm Seventh Street bound



Where niggas all the time

End up lost and never found



These gals take me through things

Leave a big headache



I'm hopin' every night

They don't end up being dead weight



Hold on. Hold on, one second.

My bad.






Look, I'm in a session right now,

all right?



- What time you coming home?

- I can't give you that time.



If I give it to you,

you're gonna hold me to that.



- I don't see why you can't give a time.

- Because I'm not gonna do it.



L... Look...



If you just let me talk, I can be able

to tell you that I can't do it...



Because I said so, that's why!



You ready to work, lover-boy?



Hey, Shelby,

bring that beat back, man.



From the top.



You know what? Just kiII it.



Fuck, man.

I got this flow I need to spit.



Look, look, Djay.



Now, we gonna have to make

a choice, man.



Either we just gonna lay down

some freestyle freefall,



or we gonna lay down a track.



You know, something that's gonna

get us some radio play.



I thought that's what we was doing

right here.



No, no, no. What we doing

is a whole bunch of flow.



That's all we doing.

And it just go on and on and on.



Man, the shit don't ever stop.



Yeah, D, what he's saying is that

we ain't got a hook.



Well, shit, give it some hook, then!



I mean, fuck, you the producer, man.



You just tell me what

you want me to do, then.



We need to lay down something,

Djay. Anything. Even if it's shit.



And I keep telling you, I ain't putting

no shit on top of no shit, man.



I ain't trying to sell no cash shit here.



Well, that's the wonder of audiotape,

Djay. We can just record over shit.



Go on, bring it back up, Shel.



- Go on, bring it up!

- You need some ass, nigga?



- What?

- Because I got a room full of pussy



right in there for you.



- Fuck you, Djay.

- Oh, fuck me?



- Yeah, fuck you.

- No, no, fuck Yevette, man.



Because she the one got your ass

wound up like a motherfucking clock.



Look here, you dirt-rascal pimp,



you keep my wife's name out

your mouth, you hear me?



- Hey, guys, come on, keep it light.

- Sound like your wife,



she the one need to put something

in her motherfucking mouth.



- You know what I'm saying?

- Fuck you say, man?



- You heard me, nigga!

- What the fuck you say, man?



- That's what!

- Stop it, man! Sit down!



- What?! What?!

- What's up, man?!



Can you please stop it?

Do we have to do this?



Can't we just smoke a joint,

for chrissake?!



- Who is it?

- It's me, Shug.



- Look, bitch, we working right now!

- I got something for you.



Come on, man.



Sorry to interrupt y'all's

recording session,



but they had this interview

with Skinny Black on TV



and look like he had one of these

in his studio where he uses,



so I thought I'd go out

and buy you one.



Y'all have fun.



That's a bottom bitch for you.



I mean, we got everything we need

right here.



And all this stuff in this...



This little-bitty space, man,

it just looks so much bigger now.



I'm here trying to squeeze a dollar

out of a dime,



and I ain't even got a cent, man.



It takes time, Djay.



Do y'all believe in omens?



Okay, Shug, put your headphones on.



- Move closer to the mike.

- Okay.



Can you hear yourself?



- Say something.

- Hello. Oh, yeah.



Okay, Shug,



what we need right now

is called a "hook."



That's like the chorus of the song.



Now, you're gonna be singing

what's on Djay's pad. Djay.



All right, now.



"You know it's hard out here

for a pimp



when trying to get the money

for the rent.



With the CadiIlacs

and gas money spent,



got a whole lot of bitches

jumping ship."



"Jumping ship." Okay.



Now, Shug, I got an idea

how this should go.



Now, I suck,



but, I'm gonna sing it with you

untiI you get it down, all right?






You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When you tryin' to get the money

For the rent



With the Cadillac

And gas money spent



Will cause a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



- Okay, sing with me.

- Can I have that? Okay.



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When you tryin' to get the money

For the rent



With the Cadillac

And gas money spent



Will cause a whole lot of



- Bitches jumpin' ship

- Bitches jumpin' ship



- Bitches jumpin' ship

- Jumping ship.



- That's right. Okay?

- Okay.



No, hold on, hold on.



Nola, kiII them fans.



Okay, here we go.






You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



Shug, I'm gonna need you

to sing out, okay, baby?



- Okay.

- Shug.



Feel that.



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When you tryin' to get this money

For the rent



With the...



Can I say "for"?



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



Will cause a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



Will have a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



Push that shit out.



Come on.



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



Will cause a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



Will have a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



That's it right there.

That's the money take.



- You got that?

- Hold on, we gonna see in a minute.



Hey, D, I wanna do one.

I wanna put one down.



No. Hush up, Nola.



- You got that, or don't you?

- Hold on, hold on, hold on.



We got something. We need to work.

Y'all need to leave the studio right now.



- Did I fuck up?

- You didn't fuck up. Just go.



Hey, Shelby, close the door.

We need to work.



This is my motherfucking house, man.



Ain't that some shit?



Come on, fuck all that, man.



You're on, dog.



All right, D.

We about to lay you down now, man.



That means we got

a fixed length, right?



So that means don't say no more

than what you got on that pad.



- I got you, man.

- Nola, kiII the fan.



Hold on, hold on.



Shelby, you hear that?



Yeah. What is that?



- One of y'all leave the TV on?

- No.






This day is really starting to fuck

with my mode, man.



Hey, man, R.L. Over here?



R.L., look, man, I'm sorry

to disturb you and all.



And I know you and me,



we done had words in the past and

some of them weren't too friendly.



But right now, man, I got some shit

taking place in my crib



that just requires a little bit of

silence. You know what I mean?



Now, I'd never demand of you,

I can only request...



...with a gesture of neighborly

friendliness, you know what I mean,



that you please, please consider

the mute button just for a spell, man.



All right, man.



- Stand by, everybody.

- Standing by.



I'm standing by.



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



Will cause a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



Will have a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



With my eyes, I done seen

Some crazy things in the street



Got a couple ho's working

On the changes for me



But I gotta keep my game tight

Like Kobe on game night



Like taking from a ho don't know

No better, I know that ain't right



Done seen people killed

Done seen people deal



Done seen people live in poverty

With no meals



It's fucked up where I live

But this is how it is



It might be new to you

But it's been like this for years



It's blood, sweat and tears

When it come down to this shit



I'm trying to get rich 'fore

I leave up out this bitch



I'm trying to have things

But it's hard for a pimp



But I'm prayin' and I'm hopin'

To God I don't slip, yeah



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



You ain't know, nigga



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



You ain't know, nigga



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



You ain't know, nigga



Will cause a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



You ain't know, nigga



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



You ain't know, nigga



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



You ain't know, nigga



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



You ain't know, nigga



Will have a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



You ain't know, nigga



Man, it seems like I'm duckin'

Dodgin' bullets every day



Niggas hatin' on me

'Cause I got ho's on the tray



But I gotta stay paid

Gotta stay above water



Couldn't keep up with my ho's

That's when shit got harder



North Memphis, where I'm from

I'm Seventh Street bound



Where niggas all the time

End up lost and never found



Man, these girls take me

Through things



Leave a big headache



I'm hoping every night

They don't end up being dead weight



I got a snow bunny

And a black girl too



You pay the right price

And they'll both do you



That's the way the game goes

Gotta keep it strictly pimpin'



Gotta have my hustle tight

Makin' change off these women, yeah



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



You ain't know, nigga



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



You ain't know, nigga



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



You ain't know, nigga



Will cause a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



You ain't know, nigga



You know it's hard out here

For a pimp



You ain't know, nigga



When he tryin' to get this money

For the rent



You ain't know, nigga



For the Cadillacs

And gas money spent



You ain't know, nigga



Will have a whole lot of bitches

Jumpin' ship



- Cut it. Cut it.

- What?



Wait, man.

I got another verse, man!



Djay, we need to talk, man.



Look, I just want it to be perfect.

And this mike,



it ain't shit.



What the fuck wrong with it?

That shit record, don't it?



Djay, the mikes we using, they got

a wider pattern, D. They go flat.



So when you start screaming,

man, they just distort and pop out.



Man, nigga, I don't know shit

about none of that shit!



All I know is that shit

in there was live, man!



And every time I get

my motherfucking mode up,



- you come and fuck with it!

- It ain't me.



That shit, it ain't gonna

be live like that again.



I don't give a fuck what mike I'm on!



Djay, that shit was live in there,



but it was also distorted, man.






I just don't understand why

I gotta pay so much more money



for that microphone right there



when the one right next to it

look just like it but cost half, man.



Let's do it this way, man.



If I buy two of them, say you give

them to me both for $  .



This is studio quality. It costs $   .



Now, why would I sell you

two of them for $   apiece?



Just because of that statement, man,



"The customer's always right,"

ain't you heard?



Not in this case, sir, no.



If you want quality,

you have to pay for it.



Look, man, can't you cut me some

type of break on this stuff here?



What was that?



- What?

- I mean, what you looking at, man?



- Nothing.

- Don't worry, Sparky, man.



I ain't gonna pop or nothing like that.



Look here, man.



The thing is, that gal over there, right?



I got it in real good with her.



I mean, she's my gal and all,



but she don't necessarily

belong to me.



You see, a gal like that, man,



she the type of girl that wanna

shut them doors, lock them,



see what type of specials

you got going on in the back.



And me, I'm the kind of man that



just walk out of here and

leave a girl like that behind



because, like I say, she with me

and all, but she don't belong to me.



Not necessarily.



And maybe when she leaves...



...she can take something that don't

necessarily belong to her neither.



It's like you say, man, you want

quality, you got to pay for that.



Hey, gal.



I need that microphone.






I need you to go back there

and be friendly with him



and bring that microphone

out with you, okay?



No. No way.



Nola, I need that microphone.



Get it.



Y'all be good, now.









- Don't ever do that to me again, D.

- What? I ain't...



No, I ain't some fucking cash machine,

where you can get shit for free.



Ain't like you was

in there sweating bullets.



- I gotta have a say in what I do!

- You was in there for a minute.



- I gotta have a say in what I do!

- Look, man, I was gonna give...



I'm not gonna suck dick

every time you come up short!



You got something for me.



- Do you got something for me?!

- Fuck you, D.



- Here, take it! You earned it!

- What the fuck's wrong with you?



This is expensive motherfucking...

Hey, Nola, bring your ass...



- I'm fucking out of here. I don't care.

- Nola! Don't you do this shit right now!



Nola! Bring your ass here, man!



Don't you ever walk away from me!



We do what the fuck

we gotta do, man! By any means!



Ain't that right?

We take care of our shit.



You think I like this shit?



You think I wanna

spend the rest of my life



pimping your pimpled country ass?



Well, not me! I fucking hate you.



I hate this shit!






Do you know what I do

in the back of them cars?



Do you?



Everybody's got something to do!



Everybody's got something important

going on in their life but me, D!



And I want something!



- What do you want?

- I don't really know, but I want some...



- What do you want?

- I don't know.



- Tell me what the fuck you wanna do!

- Not this, D!



You know what, man?

I just got you dressed all wrong.



You know, bitch like you, man,

you need to have on



one of them suits.



Get you a mobile phone and shit.

Get an ear jack.



Man, you gonna feel different.



I'm gonna put you in some

new shoes tomorrow, man.



And you gonna feel



- like you are in charge.

- D!



I know when you're messing

with my head.



Because I let you.



Because sometimes my head

needs to be messed with.



But right now, just don't.









Hey, Shelby,

I need some high-hat, man.



Give me some high-hat

up top, all right?



Okay, man. This takes a little time.



Look, it should come in right

after the kick. Right there.



Yeah, that's it.



- Try that bit.

- Keep hustlin'



- Keep flowin'

- How that sound?



Tell her to put some more dick in it!



- Most gracious and heavenly Father,

- Okay.



We ask that you bless this food...



...and our home.



- Hi.

- Hey.



My name is Yevette.



I'm Clyde's... I mean, Key's wife.



Oh, yeah. He in the back

with the rest of the fellas.



They fitting to cut something.






Well, I like that first one, but you don't.



Well, I think you should

throw out your best ball.



And to me, that's the second one.



Okay. We gonna gab, or we gonna

do the damn thing? Which one?



- Hey, let's beat that bitch, then, man.

- Hey, everybody.



This here's Yevette, Key's wife.



And look, she brought

everybody sandwiches.



Yeah, yeah. There's...



There's some diII sauce there

in the middle if y'all wanna dip.



If you want.



Hey, you know...



...Key worked really hard

on this last one there,



so you might wanna

just take a little listen to it.



Oh, no. I don't wanna interrupt. I...



- It's just dinnertime. I thought y'all...

- But I think we'd like for you to stay.



Right, Key?









Look, this track here, man, this...



This is my heart, man, so...



Before I do my thing,



put my mouth to this mike,



I wanna bless it with a kiss

from my primary investor, all right?



Come on, baby.



Go on, girl.



Hey, just like our primary investor,

that mike is hot.



So kiII them fans.



Look, this is my life



And it's a battle within

I gotta survive



Even if I'm sinnin' to win



And if I show no remorse

I'll reap the devil's reward



He said he'd give me riches

But I'm lookin' for more



When I was young

Witnessed my dad standin' for right



Black pride in him

Even though he passin' for white



Took years from my life

Now I'm missin' the man



Mom's on some other shit

And now I'm missin' the plan



So I'm stuck

In this fuck-the-world mold



All the lessons

To a young teen nigga was cold



Then my pimpin' ass uncle

Put me up on the game



It really ain't no love

It's 'bout this paper, man



Put me in a position

Got me out on a mission



Collectin' from the ho's

Turned me on about pimpin'



A nigga from Memphis

Dealin' with life as a struggle



This is the gift I was given

So I just live by my hustle



Keep hustlin'



It ain't over for me

No, it ain't over for me



Keep flowin'




I'ma step my game up

And get what's coming to me



Keep hustlin'



It ain't over for me

No, it ain't over for me



Keep flowin'

Keep on flowin'



I'ma step my game up

And get what's coming to me



We got to get this shit done

by the Fourth of July, man,



because I got some people

I gotta slip this to.



- Who do you know?

- You remember Skinny Black.



I think I see a hater right there.

Hold up.



Hey, there go Skinny Black, man!



- "Skinny Black" Skinny Black?

- Yeah, I know who Skinny Black is.



I've got all of his early stuff,

back when he was stiII good.



Now, do you really know him,

or just know of him?



I mean, he may not know me, because

we went to different schools and all.



We went to different schools and all,

but, yeah, I know Skinny.



But I'm here to let you know

you ain't taking shit,



because I'm running

this goddamn thing!



You wanna make a dollar? Best get

your ass up here with that good shit.



Those boys don't want

dirt weed.



Me and him gonna be kicking it over

at Arnel's club on the Fourth of July.



If I can pimp $   ho's out the back

of this fucked-up Chevy,



I can pimp Skinny.



Now I'm just gettin' by

And it's fuckin' with me



See others doin' big things

They was nothin' to me



I'm seeing what I used to be

And it's lookin' legit



Got my hands on some music

Started fuckin' with it



Put it down hard

Then I started pumpin' to this



I let some others get a dose

And they was nuttin' to this



Let me check my connections

'Cause we go back in the day



Say they was lookin' for 'dro

Heard I was hustlin' hay



Got me connin' my niggas

Spittin' game to my ho's



This my opportunity

I feel like anything goes



I was never supposed to see

The new millennium, man



And I refuse

To let my dad die in vain



So I give it my all

You feel my struggle and pain



If you ain't feelin' what I'm spittin'

Trick, you lame to the game



But the closest ones to me

Know I'm holdin' it down



You gonna feel me one day

We gonna be hurtin' the town



Keep hustlin'



It ain't over for me

No, it ain't over for me



Keep flowin'



I'ma step my game up

And get what's coming to me



Keep hustlin'

Keep on hustlin'



It ain't over for me

No, it ain't over for me



Keep flowin'

Keep on flowin'



I'ma step my game up

And get what's coming to me



Thank you.



Ain't you gonna be hot in your coat?



No, this is good leather, man.



The kind that keep you

at the temperature you wanna be at,



know what I mean?



See this thing right here?



This was my daddy's watch.



He used to work

for the school district and all...



...fixing them buses all over town.






Every now and then, when I see

them buses go by today,



I get all excited

because I say,



"My daddy used to work

on that," you know?



But, you know, after he'd been

there maybe about ten years or so,



gave him this and...



Kind of thought about burying

him with it, but then again I said,



"Maybe not, maybe I should keep it

as an heirloom," know what I mean?



- I got you something.

- What?



Well, it's like, you know, I been

watching them videos and all.



And it be like all them rappers,

they got some chain.






Oh, shit.






You always talking about your name

being right and everything,



so I thought people

could see how you like it spelled out.



You know, with the J-A-Y.






- This shit is perfect, man.

- Let me put it on.



- I wanna see it.

- Okay.



- D.

- What?



I can't believe...

I get like this



because I'm pregnant and everything...



...but, you know,

letting me sing on the...



On the demo and everything

like you do...



...well, it just...

It made me feel real...



Real special.






I mean, I know y'all gonna

be moving on and moving up...



...and y'all are gonna get

real good people to sing,



you know, backup for you

and everything...



...but I just...



D, I need you to know

it meant the world to me.



Come here.



Thank you so much, D.



Djay, come on, man,

you gotta be there at  :   right?



Calm your ass down, man.

He gonna be there all night.



I ain't scared.



I know.



- Come on, man.

- Wow, check it out.



Okay, look here. Djay, I put some

extra demos in the car, all right, man?



In case they have

some label folk there.



Hey, if they want CDs, they just

gonna have to hit us back on that.



Man, I like that.

I need to get one of those.






- You all right, man?

- You got your mode on, D?



Hold up for a second.



Came to party tonight.



What's happening with you, man?

Where your boy at?



Over at the big table.



- I don't see him, man.

- I'll take you over. You ready?



Hey, let's get a drink first, man.



All right, what the hell.



- Hey, I see you packing tonight, huh?

- Do a bear shit in the woods?



Hey, who the fuck is that?

Hey, who the fuck is that, man?



Oh, man, I can't believe what my

goddamn eyes are seeing right now!



I'm gonna have

to get a Seeing Eye nigga



just to tell me what the fuck

I'm looking at, man!



Is it? Could it be?



The one, the goddamn only...






- Is that you?

- Slobs!



- Boy, you fat, black and nasty,

- My nigga.



- Greasy ham-hock, chicken-eating,

- You Ethiopian poster boy.



- Can't-see-your-own-dick,

- Middle Eastern stepchiId.







fat, black, nasty bastard!



- What's going on?

- Come here, nigga!



- How's my nigga?

- Back in the day, nigga.



- Yeah, that was it.

- Back in the day.



Back in the motherfucking day.



Bring your ass over here, man.

Let me get you a drink.



A drink in your hand

and some pussy in your lap.



Hey, I need that!



You ready to go over?



Hold... Hold up, man.



Hey, man.



Skinny, I think

you know my man Djay.



- Man, I don't know this nigga, man.

- Hey, baby, it's been a long time.



No, it's cool, man. It's nice

to see you home again.



Got all these folks telling me

I been gone too long.



Like I'm coming back or something.

Like there's a back to get back to.



I say, fuck!

Best place to keep Memphis



is in my rear-view,

you know what I'm saying?



You know what I'm saying,

whoever the fuck you is?



You know what I'm saying?



Hey, man, what's up

with your boy, man?



- Skinny.

- I don't need this shit.



This is the man

I was telling you about.



- Oh, this here the man?

- This here Djay.



- You and me, we went to different...

- Djay like short-for-something DJ,



or you mean like... that type of DJ?



- No, man. It's just... It's just Djay.

- Man, every time I come to Memphis,



my folks hooking me up with this

old dirt-ass weed out here, man.



Like they grow it out the ass

of some redneck or something.



But my boy Arnel here

say you slinging that kiIler.



Is that real, or what?



Baby, you be the judge for that.



How much I owe you for this, man?



Here now, seeing how friendly

you are to me



and the fact we go back in the day,



it's on me, okay?



Well, go on ahead and have a seat,

my blood brother.



Hell, yeah. Check this out here.

Smell that. Damn, boy.



Boy, he wasn't playing around

with this here! I think I'm in love.



You remember way back in the day



when you used to be hustling

your tapes over at the drive-in, man?



- What?

- Look at that ass, boy!



God bless America in this

motherfucker! What's going on, baby?



It's Independence Day!

It is Independence Day, right?



You know, I got that up from...



There's this little dude brought that

up from New Orleans, man.



Me first! Me first!



Hey, Skinny!



What the fuck

happened to you, man?



What the fuck

happened to you, man?



What the fuck did you just say?



I don't mean no disrespect and all.



I just remember when your first

underground crunk



hit the motherfucking streets, man,



that shit flew through Memphis

like a motherfucking typhoon.



Y'all was there, man.



Nigga couldn't even walk halfway

down the block without the pavement



crumbling underneath his feet

because some cat was bumping



your shit

out the back of his Caddy, man.



We just miss you, Skinny, that's all.



Miss me? Get up, bitch.

Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.



- Miss me? Nigga, I don't even...

- Fuck this nigga, man.



So wait, wait, wait, wait.



You trying to say

I can't cut it no more?



Like I ain't the shit?

That's what you trying to tell me?



- I ain't saying nothing like that.

- Then what the fuck is you saying?



What is you saying, then?



Dig this right here, man.



One day, this whole motherfucking

place is gonna be gone.



This club, this city, man.



This whole U.S. Of A., man,

is just gonna turn to dust, right?



And a whole new civilization

is gonna rise from this one.



And they gonna start digging,

you know.



They gonna dig up

the pyramids over in Egypt.



They gonna dig up the Eiffel Tower,



Statue of Liberty and the Empire State.



But if a nigga

wanna know about me?



Wanna know about Memphis?



All they gotta do is find your

first underground tape, nigga.



North Third Thugs. Motherfuck it,

man. That was the shit.



You know, I cut that shit in my

own mama's laundry room, man.



Boy, it was raw as hell,



but I put everything I had

into that shit, man.



Yeah, but see, to me that was a sign

of your genius, you know?



See, because it's not enough

for a man to climb Mount Everest.



You know, he gotta do that shit

with the least amount of tools.



- It's about the man. One man.

- One man and his skiIIs.



Like the samurai say, "The sword is

only as powerful as its master."



And it ain't the size

of the dog in the fight, it's the size



- of the fight in the dog, nigga.

- Of the fight in the dog.



- My nigga.

- My nigga. Shit.



You know, and I know

a nigga like you, man,



a man gotta do

what a man gotta do, right?



You know, sometimes a nigga

gotta surround himself



with a whole bunch

of motherfuckers



that think they got a say

in who the fuck Skinny Black is.



Yeah, they pimping me.

I ain't gonna lie about that.



Gotta break bread with all these



number-crunching motherfuckers,

man. It ain't like it used to be.



Hey, baby, you ain't gotta explain

a damn thing to me, man.



Because I'm always

gonna be here for you.



Same way we was here for you

way back in the day.



- Oh, man.

- He got a cassette tape.



- Remember that?

- This nigga tripping, man.



Man, look at this shit!



Tigga, Slobs, you see what this nigga

got, man? My underground, man.



Where the fuck you get this from?

I ain't even got no more of these left!



Skinny, you got thousands of those

left in you.



All you gotta do is just come back

home, man. Because we miss you.



Come home, man.



You stand behind your product, nigga?



Is a pig's pussy pork?



I had this Mustang, right?



Motherfucking tight-ass ride!

You hear me?



Hood snout.



- What the fuck is a hood snout?

- Maple dash.



It's the goddamn hood come up,

like that from the sides,



- like a fucking nose.

- Okay.



- Hood snout, maple dash.

- Shit.



You know what I mean?

Two-tone metallic monster



- motherfucker, you know?

- I hear you.



So I go to my lady's crib

over there in The Courts, right?



- You had one in The Courts?

- I had one in The Courts.



- You had one in The Courts?

- I had a few of them in The Courts.



So, look, man, I go up in there, right?

I get my ugly on real quick,



come out, my ride is gone!

You hear me?



- Gone in    seconds?

- Gone in   ...



And I nut pretty damn fast,



so them niggas must've

took my ride like that! You hear me?



So I call up my crew. I call my crew

up, I'm like, "Come pick me up."



Because I know there's only one place

them niggas going riding in my car.



That's motherfucking

MiIIbranch, man.



MiIIbranch. MiIIbranch, right?



So we go down to MiIIbranch,

and we wait.



And sure enough, just like I said,

not even an hour go by,



and these niggas

coming in my ride, right?



So we roll up in front. We box them in.



Next thing you know,




come rushing at these niggas,

pulling them out of my car.



I'm just screaming

like a little bitch, like,



"Don't touch my car!

Don't touch my car!"



Tripping, man. I can sit back

and laugh about it now,



but goddamn it, it wasn't funny then.

You hear me? At all.



You know, I'm sitting here

listening to you, man.



And you ain't bragging and shit,

man, you just telling me how it is



being on the side of the moon

that you see from.



And I realize a nigga like me ain't...



I ain't but a slice of cheese

off your motherfucking cracker, man.



- Right.

- You know...



...but I got this thing right here.



My motherfucking heart

beats in this thing, man.



Fuck I'm gonna do

with a cassette tape, man?



See, that's my blood pumped

in this shit, man.



Dog, do you know it's

a new miIlennium, nigga?



I can't do nothing

with no cassette tape.



I don't even have

a cassette-tape player.



- What the fuck is this shit here?

- I ain't trying to play you.



I appreciate the fact you talking

to me man-to-man like this and shit.



Hell, treating me like an equal, man.



And the only reason I give you

that right there is because...


            know, you and me,

we come from the same place,



- you know what I mean?

- Right. That's the truth, man.



- Hell, we old friends, man.

- Definitely. Definitely old friends, man.



And I'm gonna tell you something.



I miss you, Jay.



- Man, it's Djay, man!

- Djay.



- Djay, man!

- Djay, my bad, nigga.



- My bad. Djay, Djay.

- Djay.



You know, in real life, man,



you know, if you give me a shot...


            know, just...



Just give me a chance

to get my voice heard, man,



you know, I wouldn't...



I think I wouldn't even have words

for that shit, man.



Let me tell you something, man.

Look here.



- Got something I wanna tell you.

- Shit, he getting up.



- Don't get up.

- Listen to me, this is important.



Now, this is serious. Look at me.



Look at me, man.



- Okay, man.

- You laughing, this shit ain't funny.



- I'm serious, now.

- Okay, I'm with you.



Everybody gotta have a dream, boy.



Everybody got to have a dream.

You hear me?



I hear you, man.



- You know what I'm talking about?

- Don't make... Don't fall, man!



I can't help you, man.



Where the bathroom at?



Nigga, over there, man. Go get it.






Hey, hey, man.

You better help your nigga, man.



Thank you.



- I didn't think it was going in.

- How'd it go?



Played it like a pro, man.



My mode is just...



Just pounding in my head now.



I mean, and it's...



It's hard in my heart right now.



All that boy gotta do is just

play the damn thing,



and it's gonna be undeniable, man.

Undeniable, baby.



I think you gonna have to get your

weed from some other hustler, man.



You're on your way.

You're on your way.






...I got something for you.



Thank you for everything, man.



Let me get my jacket, man.



I'm gonna take me a piss,

and I'm gonna roll, baby.



You take care of yourself.



I wiII. Next time you see me, man,

I'm gonna be     feet tall, man.



Talking all this...



Shit, I can't...



Nigga talking to me.

I don't care about that shit, man.



Hey, Skinny, man.



You need to take a piss?



Hey, baby, let's try this shit

standing up.



Come on, man. Come on.



- Now, don't try...

- Come on. Big motherfucker.



Nigga talking to me

about his bullshit.



Nigga, I'm talking to you, man.



I'm talking to you, dog. You need

a little help, okay? Stay with me here.



I'm gonna pull your pants up, nigga.

I ain't no faggot or nothing.



You know, shit, ain't too many men



pull a nigga's dick up for him. Shit.



You better show me some love

for this one, man.



You know, one day...



One day, you and me

gonna be on tour, man.



- I ain't gonna do this shit for you.

- Tour?



- What tour you taking about?

- Shit, man.



Man, you know, a fucked-up nigga



would do some wiId shit

to you right now.



Hey, hey, hey. Come on, man.

Come on, come on, come on.



Come on, baby.

Let's get the fuck up...



Hey, Skinny, man.



You tell me this shit

just fell out your pocket, man.






Hey, bitch.



You tell me this shit fell out

your pocket, man.



- Hey, hey, hey, man.

- Hey, what, man?



You know what you could do?



What can I do, man?

You tell me what I can do, man.



You can suck my dick, bitch.



Hey, bitch, why don't you

suck on this shit? Motherfucker!



This what the fuck you want, man?



This what the fuck you want, man?



Oh, shit.



Oh, god.



Oh, Skinny, man.

Hey. Hey, nigga.



Hey, Skinny! Hey, Skinny,

wake the fuck up, man!



Skinny, come on, man!

Come on, man. Come on, nigga.



Breathe, you motherfucker!



Hey, yo, Skin...

What the...?!






Get the fuck up! Get your ass up!



Get your ass up, motherfucker!



- Oh, shit!

- Hey, motherfuckers,



I'm coming out now!



If I see any gleam, motherfuckers,



I'm gonna shoot this motherfucker

in his head!



- Shoot this nigga!

- Get him!



- Shoot this nigga!

- Fuck off, bitch!



Hey, niggas, back the fuck up!



- Not tonight, nigga! Not tonight!

- Shoot him! Shoot him!



There he is!

There that motherfucker go!



- Right there!

- Away from the door.



Hey, man, I ain't armed.

It's in the glove.



- It's in the glove, man.

- Djay! Djay!



Hey, wait, man! Hey, Shug, it's okay.

Hey, wait!



- Hey, get off my foot, man.

- Djay!



Hey lay off my foot, man!



- Fuck you, man! Hey, man!

- Get down on the car!



- Hey, get them off my girl!

- Hey, get your hands off her!



Hey, man!



- Fuck!

- What the fuck's up now, nigga?



- Bust his motherfucking head, man.

- Nigga, come on, come on.



Djay, please, what did you do?



Hey, man! Come on, man!

He turned himself in, man!



You ain't gotta dog-pile

on him like that!



Hey, yo, she pregnant, man!



Don't forget, man,

you knock this motherfucker out.



He's gonna have to come around here.



Djay, tell me what to do, please.



Please tell me what to do.



Baby, take my pad.



I want you to get that shit up

on the radio.



You put it in the DJ's hand

yourself, you hear me?



- Okay, I wiII.

- Get him up.



I got a stack of demos

right there in the car.



I want you to get Key and them...

Key, y'all put my shit on CD!



All right, man!



Nola, you in charge and shit,

all right?



In two weeks, I wanna hear my shit

in the yard at  :   you hear me?



- Get him!

- Motherfucker!



- Bitch!

- Don't hit him like that!



Get him! Bitch!






I wanna hear my shit in the yard,

you hear me.



You in charge.

I wanna hear you say that.



- Say it!

- I'm in charge.



- You my partner.

- I know.



- Say, "I'm in charge!"

- I'm in charge!



- All right, man.

- Get in the car.



Watch your head.



I'm in charge.



Me. I promise.



Go get down in the yard.



I tried calling the house, you know...



...but the phone's just...

- They shut them off.



But me and Yevette, we...



We chipping in.



Thank you.



She precious, man.



Beautiful little girl.



- Named her Keisha.

- Keisha.



That's a good handle, man.



I like that.



You know, with all I gotta do...



...all these people in my life, man...



...feels like an eternity in here.



Can't seem to find my mode now.



Don't hear a damn thing.






...did you know Skinny Black

before that night?



You know that

little girl Keisha, right?



One day she gonna dream big,



the way kids do, you know.



And she gonna come to me

and ask me



when she grow up,

can she become president?



Now, I know that little girl got a ho

for a mama and a trick for a daddy,



that nobody even know where he at.



But I tell you something.



I'm gonna look her right in the eye...



...and I'm gonna lie.



Because sometimes

that's what you gotta do.



How you been doing, man?



Back to the same old shit.



About six months ago,

my neighbor brought my maiI.



It was maiI that she'd gotten

from her neighbor.



It was addressed to me.



The court depositions

and the high school recitals.



Talk about eternity, man.



It's been on my mind too.



It's on all our minds.



We was just dead, Djay.



Locked up, just like you.



But ain't no sorrow gonna

take away Shug's song.



Let me tell you that.



That woman, she got love for you.



So when you talk about eternity...


            think about your woman.



- Hey, how's Nola, man?

- Nola?



Let me tell you something, man.



That girl got a mode all her own.



She hit the bricks running.



For some reason, she got it stuck

in her head that she was in charge.



We can't lay around licking our ass

all day like a dog, you know?



I mean, we man.



I mean, I know I'm a girl and all,

but we mankind.



Man, she hit every shake joint,



radio station in Memphis

and then some.



I don't know how she did it.



That girl got skills.



Power    .  .

Number one for hip-hop.



This your man Boogaloo

holding you down.



Man, I got a brand-new exclusive

from my man Djay.



Straight from the north, north, north.

Put your thumbs up out there, man.



And I hear my man Djay...

Djay, you gotta call me,



let me know if it's true.

Did you slap Skinny Black?



Did you do it, man?



Holler at me, man.

Power    .  .



Brand-new, right here.



Hey, man, this is me!

I made this beat!



Whoop that trick

Whoop that trick



Whoop that trick

Whoop that trick



Whoop that trick



Whoop that trick

Whoop that trick



So if you don't mind,



Nola and I, we got a few points



we'd like to talk about

in regards to your agenda.



That's if you got a minute.



For you, Key...



...I got    months.



Hey, Al, hold up, hold up.



Ain't this the guy on the radio with

that "Whoop That Trick" song?



- What you talking about?

- Man, this the cat



who stomped on Skinny

with that "Whoop That Trick" song.



You know that song.



- Whoop that trick, get 'em

- Whoop that trick, get 'em



Whoop that trick

Get 'em



- Yeah.

- Yeah. Oh, shit, that's you?



Yeah, man.



Look, man.



- We in the rap game too.

- Yeah, you know what I'm saying?



We got it going on both sides

of the law, being from the streets



and being officers of the law.



You know what I'm saying?

Our stage name, Five- .



They call me Big Five- .



Look, man,



when you get a chance in

the rec room or something like that,



check out our demo

and tell us what you think.



Well, you know what they say.



Everybody gotta have a dream.


Special help by SergeiK