The Hustler Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Hustler script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Paul Newman as Fast Eddie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Hustler. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Hustler Script



Yes, sir.



I got grease

in this lining.



It'll take about

 30  minutes to check it.



Check the oil, too.



Boys just

passing through?












We got

a sales convention.



What do

you guys sell?



Druggist supplies.



Buster's going

to get an award.



He sold       bucks

worth of stuff last month.




and the best.



Hey, give us

another round, will you?



It's a hot day

for driving.



Late afternoon

is better.



You guys have

plenty of time.



Make Pittsburgh in two,

maybe three hours.



Hey, he's right.



What do you say?



Play a little pool?



Wait out the heat?



It's going to

cost you money.



Grab yourself a cue.



Good thing

he can afford it.



Keep them coming,

will you, friend?



J.T.S. Brown.









You miss again,



you lose again.



What's the kid

in hock for?



About       bucks.



Next game,    bucks.



Nice-looking boy.



It's too bad he can't

hold his liquor.



I made it, boy!



Pay up, sucker!



Talk about luck.



What do you mean?



You couldn't make

that shot again



in a million years.



I couldn't, huh?



Go ahead,

set them up



the way they were before.






Go ahead.



Bet you    bucks



I'll make this shot.



Nobody can

make that shot,



not even

a lucky lush.



How's that?



That the way

they were before?




That's it.



Come on.

Put it up.



Ha ha ha!



Set them up again.



Come on.

Set them up again!



You're drunk, boy.



No more bets.



We got to be

at that convention



in the morning.



Up the flagpole

with the convention!



I got my money

on the table.



I don't want it.



I'll try you.






Don't be a chump.



Don't bet

any more money.



Well, well, well!



You figure

I'm a little drunk,



and you just want in

real friendly



while the money's

still floating, huh?






Go ahead.

Set them up.



You want some

easy money, huh?



Here's $   .



That's one week's




You want to take

the whole thing?



I'll take a piece.



No. I want him.






I'll meet you

in the car, chump.



Morning, Henry.







Like a church.



Church of the good hustler.



Looks more like a morgue.



Those tables are the slabs

they lay the stiffs on.



I'll be alive

when I get out, Charlie.



Any table?



Any table.



No bar?



No bar.

No pinball machines.



No bowling alleys.



Just pool.

Nothing else.



This is Ames, mister.



This is Ames, mister.



Nice clean pocket drop.



How much am I going to win







I'm going to win

   grand in one night.



Who's going to beat me?



Come on, Charlie.



Who's going to

beat me?



Okay, okay.

Nobody can beat you.






Is there

any other pool room



where a guy can leave

with    grand in one night?



I can remember

hustling an old man



for a dime a game.



You looking

for action?






You Eddie Felson?



Who's he?




your game?



You name it,

we shoot it.



Look, friend.



I'm not trying

to hustle.



Don't try to

hustle me.



Okay. I'm Eddie Felson.



Got any straight pool

shooters here?



What kind of

straight pool game?



The expensive kind.



Come here to play

with Minnesota Fats?



Yeah, that's right.



Want some free advice?



How much

will it cost?



Who are you,

his manager?



His friend?

His stooge?



He's my partner.



You well-heeled,




We got enough.



Go home.



Fats don't need

your money.



Nobody's beat him

in    years.



He's the best.



You got that

wrong, mister.



I am.



You just go ahead

and play him, friend.



Where can I find him?



Comes right in this poolroom

every night,



 :   on the nose.



You shoot

a good stick.






Gee, you shoot

straight pool, mister?



Now and then.



You know how it is.



You're Minnesota Fats,

aren't you?



They say Minnesota Fats

is the best



where I come from.



Is that a fact?



They say old Fats

just shoots the eyes



right off them balls.



Where do you

come from?



California. Oakland.






Is your name Felson?



That's right.



I hear you've been

looking for me.



Yeah. That's right, too.



Big John?



You think this boy

is a hustler?



You like to gamble?



Gamble money

on pool games?



Let's shoot

a game of straight pool.



$   ?



You shoot

big-time pool, Fats.



That's what

everybody says.



Let's make it

$    a game.



Now I know why

they call you Fast Eddie.



Eddie, you talk

my kind of talk.




rack 'em up!



How do you feel?



Fast and loose, man.



In the gut, I mean.



Tight, but good.



Willie, hang on

to that.



You break.



I didn't

leave you much.



You left enough.



  in the corner.



   in the corner.



Ace in the side.












Boy, he is great!



Geez, that

old fat man!



He moves

like a dancer.






Cross side.



And those fingers.



Them chubby fingers!



That stroke.



It's like

he's playing the violin.









Cross corner.



Nice shot.









  ball in the corner.



  in the corner.



   . Game.















  in the corner.






   . Game.



Ace in the corner.




He's too good.




I'm going to take him.



Your shot.



You miss?



You don't leave much,

do you, fat man?



That's what

the game's all about.






  ball, side pocket.



Very good shot.



I got a hunch,

fat man.



It's me from here on in.



  ball, corner pocket.



Did that ever

happen to you?



All of a sudden



you feel like

you can't miss?



I dreamed about

this game, fat man,



every night on the road.






This is my table, man.





















Rack 'em!



   ball in the corner.



  ball in

the corner pocket.






Pay the man again, Fats.



How much we ahead?







Fats, let's shoot

for $     a game.






Get me some whiskey



and some ice.



Get me some bourbon.



J.T.S. Brown.

No ice.






Get it atJohnny's.



You got a bet.



Cash me in.



  in the corner.






Ace in the corner.



  ball, side pocket.









   . Game.






Will you cut

that sunshine out?



Hey, mister!



Name's Gordon,

Bert Gordon.






Would you mind moving?



You bother me.






That's game.



How much we got?






here and in my pocket.



Preacher, get me

some breakfast.



Egg sandwich and coffee.



You want

something, Charlie?



You're coming

with me.



The pool game

is over.



No, it isn't,




The pool game

is over



when Fats

says it's over.



You wanted      

you got      .



Get with it, Charlie!



You can't see it.



I came after him,



and I'm

going to get him.



I'm going with him

all the way.



The pool game

is not over



until Minnesota Fats

says it's over.



I beat him all night,



and I'm going to

beat him all day.



I'm the best

you ever seen, Fats.



I'm the best there is.



Stay with this kid.



He's a loser.



What did he say?



   hours, Eddie.



   hours you've been

playing straight.



Get me a drink.



You don't

need a drink.



Shut up!



Just get me a drink.






We're ahead




Minnesota Fats decides

when this game's over.



It's over now.



Fast Eddie,



let's play

some pool.



Let's go, Eddie.



You look beautiful, Fats.



Just like a baby.



All pink and powdered up.



What are you

doing, Eddie?



You beat him bad.

Want to kill yourself?



Are you chicken,




Yeah, I'm chicken.



Leave me the money.



Go to hell.



Charlie, you better

give me that money.



Give it to me.

It's mine.






Here. Be a damned fool!



Oh, yeah.



You really look beautiful, Fats.



Ha ha ha!



I'll break.



Ha ha ha!















Wake up, Eddie.



We lose again.



This is all

we got left?



That's all you got.

That's all we got left.






give me

the stake money.



Fats, I got

about $    here.



Game's over, Eddie.



I got

about $    here.



You can't run out on me.



You watch me.



Fats, come on.



Come on.



Hey, Fats?









I'm sorry, Charlie.



Give me a towel,

will you?



May I have

your attention, please?



Ha ha ha!



Are you sure?



Can I get you







Long wait for a bus?






How long

you been waiting?






How long have you

been waiting?



Since  :  .



Just a cup

of black coffee, please.



And ma'am,

wait a minute!



Would you like

another cup?



Fine. Thanks.



What time's

the bus leave?



What bus?






 :  .



That wouldn't give us

much time, would it?



You're right.

I guess it wouldn't.



Hello and good-bye.



Have a nice trip.






I will.



Give it to me.



 :   bus toJersey City,





and Williamsburg, Virginia,



loading on platform

number three.



How much

do I owe you?



It was paid for

by the lady.



Give me some bourbon.



J.T.S. Brown.






Want a chaser?






Have a nice trip?






Can I sit down?



Why not?



We already know

each other's secrets.



Thanks for the...

for the breakfast.



Two ships passing

in the night



should always buy

each other breakfast.



Can I buy you

another drink?



Another one for me

and the lady.






You look different.



More relaxed.



The lights.



And the scotch.



You missed your bus.



I wasn't

waiting for one.



Why go

to the bus station?



The same reason

you went.



That hour

of the morning,



you haven't

got much choice.



I only live

three blocks from there.



Where do you live?






I know where you live.



In a locker

in the bus station.



What's it like

living in a locker?






You always

drink like this



so early in the morning?



You always ask

so many questions?



No, not always.



Sometimes I wake up,

and I can't sleep,



not without a drink.



The bars don't open

until  :  .



Mac over there

has faith in me.



When I'm broke,

he trusts me.



Don't you

trust me, Mac?






When I'm not broke,



I usually have

a bottle in my room.



Then I sleep

very well.



You talk funny,

but I like it.



I used to be

an actress.



What do you do now?



I'm a college girl.



Tuesdays and Thursdays

I go to college.



You don't look like

a college girl.



I'm the emancipated




Real emancipated.



I didn't mean that.



You just don't

look young enough.



I'm not.



Why go to college?



Got nothing to do

on those days.



What do you do

on other days?



I drink.






No. No more.



I'm getting sleepy.



Thank you very much,




Eddie. The name's Eddie.



The name

should be Eddie.



What should

my name be?



Whatever you

like it to be.



I like it to be

what it is... Sarah.



That's a biblical name.



You want to know

its meaning?



I could always

get us a bottle.






Afifth of scotch?



Do you want me to

step out in the alley?






I'll take you home.



All right.



It's all right.



I'm not drunk.



I'm lame.



Why me?









You're too hungry.



Take it. It's yours.



You can have this room

for $ .   a night



or $ .   by the week.



For the night.



In advance.



Clara Macy.



Bottle of beer.



Hey, mister.



Can I grab a cue?



You're Eddie Felson,

aren't you?






I saw you play

at Ames the other night.



I tell you what.



I'll keep one hand

in my pocket.



You're out

of our league.



What are you stuck for?



Three. That's

enough for me.



Thank you.



Can I buy

you fellows a drink?






Say, you know,

you shoot good,



but you also

shoot lucky.



Yeah, I shoot lucky.



Why did you do that?



I wanted to see what kind

of a day it is.



Like any other.

People come, people go.



Give me a drag.



What time is it?



  :  .



I'll be back later.






Come here.



Whoa! You need

to shave.



There's a razor

and shaving cream



in the bathroom.




of the house.



Why did you

say that, Sarah?



How did you know

my name was Sarah?



You told me.



I lie.



When I'm drunk,

I lie.



Okay. So what's your name today?










I've got troubles,



and I think

you've got troubles.



Maybe it would

be better



if we leave

each other alone.



I got my things

over at the hotel.



I'll bring them

over later.



I'm not sure.



I don't know.



What do you

want to know?



And why?









Thank you.



Where you been

all day?



At school.

It's Thursday.



Oh, I forgot.



You were asleep

when I left.



I didn't want to

wake you.



Did you go out?



Yeah. For a couple

of hours.



A present.



I've been living here

for almost three years.



Now, in three days,



it seems as if

I know everybody.



When I pass people

on the street,



I want to say,

"I got a fella. "






Where do you go

when you go out?




art galleries, concerts.



I believe you

when you say



you go to school.



You want to go

with me?



Are you kidding?



See that book?



I've tried to

get through it



ever since I got here.



You read all them books?






You got it

all in your head?



They get mixed up

when I'm drunk.




they're mixed up.



Stop talking about yourself

like you're a lush.



You ought to

get some treatments.



I'm getting

treatments right here.



I'm hungry.



Take your choice.



We won't have to leave

the house



until Tuesday.



What did this

cost you?



Pay when you've

got the money.



I want to know.



The bills

are right here.



What do you want?



Don't you ever

cook anything?



Eggs. How do you

like them?









I cut my finger.



I got something

in my bag.



Oh, it's not bad.



Eddie, what's

in that case?



Haven't you opened it?



No. Why should I?



It's yours.



It's a machine gun.



Someone told me

when I came to the city,



I'd need a machine gun.



Where do you get the money

to pay for all this?



I mean, the liquor

and the groceries



and the rent?



From the rich

old man



who used to be

my lover.



Hello, Eddie.



Hello, Charlie.



Come on in.



That's my girl.



Hello, Eddie's girl.



I looked all over

for you.



How'd you find me?



I asked around.



Do you

want me to go?




Stick around.



Can we get you

a drink?



I don't want to be

no bother.



Don't play it small,




How should I play it?

I'm broke.



So am I.

Sit down.



Would you get us

some drinks?



You walk out on me...



No good-bye,

like a thief in the dark.



We were partners.



We were

more than partners.



He was like a...



A son.






I've known him

since he was   .



The first time

I saw him,



I said, " this is

a talented boy.



This is a smart boy. "



Talk to me,




Come back on the road.



Nah. I've had

that kind of life.



What kind of life

have you got



scuffling around

the small rooms?



I'll connect.

You'll get your money back.



You want to play

Minnesota Fats again?



Is that

what's on your mind?



Never been out of it.



I want to beat

that fat man



with that curly hair

and those diamond rings.



They wiped the floor

with him,



and he wants to

go back.



What for?



I said you'd get

your money!



He thinks I care

about the money.



I care about you.



Do you care about me?



We're together

a long time,



so how do you

say good-bye?



You give me the car

and     bucks.



Do you think I care



about the dough

or the car?



I care about you.



This boy is

the greatest pool hustler,



a high-class con man.



He can charm anybody

into anything.



Did he ever tell you

how well we were doing?



We had everything!



We had money to burn,

whiskey, dames...



Excuse me.



Take her along.



If you don't want to start

right away,



we won't.



We'll drive to Miami,

have some laughs,



lie in the sun.



With what?



Don't worry about it.



I'll raise the money.



Oh, yeah?




What's the difference?

I'll raise it.



Can I have

another drink?



Did you hold out

on me, Charlie?



How much?



My   %.







Oh, you crumb!



With that     

I could've beat him.



That's all I needed,




Give me the money.



To play Fats?



To play Fats!



If you're coming back

on the road, okay.



If you're giving it

to Minnesota Fats,



nothing doing.



You still don't see,

do you?



You are nothing

but a small-time Charlie.



You'd love to

keep me hustling.



A couple more years

with me,



you might make enough

to get a poolroom



with a handbook

on the side.



Is that when you

say good-bye to me?



That's what

you think?






All right.

That's what I want.



A poolroom with

a little handbook



on the side.



I'm getting old.



Lay down and die

by yourself.



Don't take me with you.



Just like that?




just like that!



Thanks for the drink,

Eddie's girl.









everybody wants

a piece of me!



Aren't you going to

have one?



What did he have to

come back here for?



Come here.



Come here!



Going out?



Yeah, for a little while.









You okay?



What are you writing?



Oh, it's a story,



a story

I'm making up.



Give it to me.



What's this

supposed to mean?



Give it back to me.



What's this

supposed to mean?



"We have a contract

of depravity.



All we have to do

is pull a blind down. "



Write yourself

another story.



Well, what else

have we got?



We never talk

about anything.



We stay

in this room,



and we drink,

and we make love.



We're strangers.



What happens

when the liquor



and the money run out,




You told Charlie

to lay down and die.



Will you say that

to me, too?



What happens, Eddie?



Just find yourself

another rich old lover.



And I'm sure

you'll help me.



Are you waiting



for me to cry?



You bum.



You poolroom bum!



Give me three cards.



Give me

a bottle of beer.



How'd you make out?



I made

a couple of bucks.



Poker game?






Is it open?






It's open.



What will you have?



Give me a beer.






Sit down.



What's the limit?



Half on a dollar.



Give me    bucks worth.



$  .



Make it   .



$  .









Bourbon,J.T.S. Brown.






I'm buying.



I thought

you only drank milk.



Only when I work.



Yeah? Why?



I like it.

It's good for you.



Besides, you start

drinking whiskey gambling,



it gives you an excuse

for losing.



How'd you do

in the game?



I lost    bucks.



Poker's not

your game.



What is?






Are you being cute?



I don't think anyone

shoots better pool



than I saw you shoot

at Ames.



You got talent.



So what beat me?






Yeah, sure, sure.



You're damn right

I'm sure.



Everybody's got talent.

I got talent.



You can't play poker

for    hours on talent.



Minnesota Fats

isn't the best



just because

he's got talent.



Minnesota Fats has

more character than you.



I got drunk.



He drank as much

as you did.



Maybe he knows

how to drink.



You think that's a talent,




What do I do now?



Lie down and bow?



What do I do?

Go home?



That's your problem.



So I stay



until I hustle up enough

to play Fats again.



Maybe by that time,



I'll develop myself

some character.



Maybe by that time,



you'll die

of old age.



How much do you

think you'll need?






No.      at least.



He'll start

at     a game.



He'll beat the pants

off you.



That's the way he plays



against a man

who knows the game.



He might be

scared of you.



That could

change things,



but I wouldn't

count on it.



How do you know?



Nobody knows that much.



See that big car




I get a new one

every year



because I make it my business



to know

what guys will do.



I made enough off you



to pay for it twice.



In that case,



you owe me

another drink.



Go ahead.



Eddie? Is it okay

if I get personal?



What have you been

so far?




you're a born loser.



What's that

supposed to mean?



First time

in    years



I ever saw Minnesota Fats




but you

let him off.



I got drunk.



Sure you got drunk.



You had the best

excuse for losing.



Winning can be heavy, too.



Drop that load,




when you got

an excuse.



Feeling sorry

for yourself



is a great

indoor sport



enjoyed by all,




the born loser.



Thanks for the drink.



Wait. Maybe I can help you.



To do what?



Get the     .

Play Minnesota Fats.







maybe   .



There's something

in it for me.



How much?






For who?



For me.



Who do you

think you are?



General Motors?



How much do you

think you're worth?



I'm putting up

the money.



I get   %

if you win.



You think

I can lose?



I never

saw you win.



You saw me beat

Minnesota Fats for $     .



When you hustle,



at the end

of the game,



you count

your money.



That's how you

find out who's best.



Why back me, then?



Find yourself

a big poker game.



I like action.



One thing I think

you're good for



is action.




you got talent.



Yeah, you already

told me that.



Cut that slice down

to bite size,



maybe we can talk.



No. I don't make

bad bets.



  /  .

That's it.



Kiss off.



Hey, wait.



What will you do

about the money?



There are places.

I'll scuffle around.



The word's out on you.



You walk in

the wrong place,



they'll eat you alive.



When did you

adopt me?



I don't know when it was.






You lucky punk.

I quit you.



You want in,




How much

you playing for?



$ .   on the  

  on the  .



I'll play you

a couple.






That's it for me.



You quitting, too?




a good player.



How much

are you ahead?



A couple bucks.



I guess it's just

you and me.



I guess it is, boy.



Let's raise

the bet.



  on the  

  on the  .



You know what, kid?



I think

you're a hustler.



Try me.









You sure you don't

want to quit?



Let's cut

the small stuff.



$    freeze out.




   bucks a game.



Winner take all.



Then we'll see

who quits.



Okay, friend.

You're on.



Call it.






You win.



You better not miss,




I don't rattle, kid.



But just for that,



I'm going to

beat you flat.



That's one.



That's five.



That's six.



That's   .



You two-bit punk.



Pay up.




You quitting, friend?




I'm quitting.



Why, you're a pool shark,




A real pool shark.



So's he.



But you're better

than he was...



much better.



There's your money, boy.



There's your money, boy.



All right.



Pool shark!



Wait a minute.



Let's give this boy

his money.



We always pay

what we lose, boy.









Who is it?



It's me.

It's Eddie.



What happened?



I got beat up.






they broke my thumbs.



Oh, my God!






they broke my thumbs.



They broke my...



It's all right.



I'm here.



You can read it

if you want to.



You want to go out?

To a movie?






You want a drink?



No. Do you?



What is it so hot in here for?






Sarah, you think

I'm a loser?



A loser?






I met this guy,

Bert Gordon.



He said

I'm a born loser.



Would he know?



He knows a lot.



Why did he tell you?



I'm not sure.



He said some people



look for an excuse to lose.



What does he do,

this Bert Gordon?



He's a gambler.



Is he a winner?




he owns things.



Is that

what makes a winner?



What else does?



Does it bother you,

what he said?







it bothers me a lot,



'cause twice, Sarah,



once at Ames

with Minnesota Fats



and then at Arthur's...



in that cheap,

crummy poolroom.




why did I do it?



I could've

beat that guy cold.



He never

would have known.



I just had to

show those punks



what the game is like

when it's great.



You know,

like anything can be great.



Anything can be great.



Bricklaying can be great



if a guy knows



what he's doing and why



and can make it

come off.



When I'm

really going,



I feel like

a jockey must feel



with all that speed

and power



underneath him.



He's coming

into the stretch,



the pressure's

on him,



and he just feels

when to let it go



and how much,



'cause he's got

everything working...



timing, touch.



It's a real

great feeling



when you're right



and you know

you're right.



It's like I got oil

in my arm.



The pool cue's

part of me.



It's got nerves

in it.



You feel the roll

of those balls.



You don't

have to look.



You just know.



You make shots that

nobody's ever made,



and you play that game



the way nobody's

ever played.



You're not a loser, Eddie.



You're a winner.



about anything.



I love you, Eddie.



You know,

someday, Sarah,



you're going to settle down,



and you're going to marry



a college professor.



You're going

to write a great book...



Maybe about me, huh?



Fast Eddie Felson,




I love you.



You need the words?



I need them very much.



If you ever say them,



I'll never let you

take them back.



Are you glad?



Yes, I'm glad.



Hello, Eddie.




How's business?






Why the openhand bridge?



Something wrong

with your hand?



I had a little accident.



You seem to do okay

that way.



My game's   % off,

maybe more.



Somebody step

on your hand?



A big creep

broke my thumbs.



A man named

Turk Baker?



You know everybody,

don't you?



Everybody who can hurt me.



Everybody who can help me,

I pay.



Where do I sign up?



First match

is Louisville, Kentucky.



I'll be there.



What happened to you?



My thumbs.



I don't mean

your thumbs.



Maybe I'm not



such a high-class piece

of property right now.



A   % slice

of something big



is better than a    %

slice of nothing.



Hey, give us

a couple of drinks,



will you?



J.T.S. Brown.



Good evening, sir.



Give us a nice

quiet table.



Yes, sir.

Right this way.



Would you like a drink

before dinner, sir?









Very old.

Very dry.









It's a nice joint.



You look very pretty.



I feel pretty.



What's so funny?



Your tie.



I've never seen you

wear one.



Afirst time

for everything.



Oh, yeah.



That's great.



Excuse me, sir.



To you, Eddie.



Thank you, sir.



What is it, Eddie?



Want another drink?



What do you

want to tell me?



I'll be leaving town

for a little while.



For how long?



Oh, I don't know.



A week? Ayear?



More like a week.



I'll be back.






Let's go.






No, I want to walk.



Come here.

Come on.



You better get

some dry things on.



Don't you want to know

where I'm going?






Yes. I want to know what for,



but I don't want to ask.



I'm going to Louisville

with a friend



to make some money.



I need it, the money.



I'll be leaving early

in the morning.



Leave now.



Oh, grow up.



Why should I?



I'm going to Kentucky

to play pool.



I need the money.



I said I'd be back.



If you were coming back,



you wouldn't have

taken me out tonight



or bought this dress.



You're hustling me, Eddie.



I never hustled you,



even when I thought I was.



What do I do?

Sit here and wait?



You'll come back

and you'll love me,



and then you'll

go away again.



Is that your

idea of love?



I got no idea of love.



Neither one of us

would know what it was



if we saw it

coming down the street.



I'd know it.



What are you trying

to do to me?



I love you.



Well, what's your idea of love?







I made you up,

didn't I?



You weren't real.



I made you up like

everything else.



There was no

car crash, Eddie.



When I was  

I had polio.



The rich old man

is my father.



He walked out on us

when I was  .



He sends me a check

every month.



That's how he buys his way



out of my life.



The men I've known...

after they left,



I'd say they

weren't real.



I made them up.



I wanted you

to be real.



I'm so scared, Eddie.



I'm scared.



Sarah Packard,

Bert Gordon.



Miss Packard,

how do you do?



That brown one

is mine.



It goes in there.



I got it,

I got it.



You sure you're

comfortable, Miss...




Sarah Packard.



I have trouble

remembering names.



You want anything?



No, I'm fine.



You ever been

to Louisville



during derby week?



I've never been

to Louisville.



Lots of class.



See some of

the best-dressed,



most beautiful women

in the world.



James Findley's

very rich.



Grandfather left him   %

of the tobacco company.



And he hustles pool?



He's a gentleman




gets his kicks

playing with hustlers.



He's got an old

southern mansion.



Drinks  -year-old




How good is he?



They say he's

one of the best.



You must have

confidence in me.



I have confidence

in Findley.



What's that mean?



I'm confident

he's a loser.



You're only

half a loser.



The other half,

a winner.



Here, I got it.



No, I pick up

all the tabs.



Fats knew the game

was in the clutch.



He played it smart.



In my head,



I played that game




Play it again.

Learn something.



Fats went

in theJohn.



Washed his face.



Combed his hair.



Came back

all ready to go.



You were through.



You saw

how he looked.



All set to start

all over again.



You know what

you were doing?



You were waiting

to get beat.



Flattened out

on your butt.



Swimming around

in glory and whiskey.



Probably deciding

how you could lose.



How do you know

what Eddie was thinking?



I know.



I've been there




We've all

been there,



haven't we,

Miss Packard?



Got a match, Eddie?



Doesn't your lighter

work, Mr. Gordon?



I forgot

all about it.



How's your hand?






Good. I don't like

backing cripples.



Why did you

say that?



Mr. Gordon

meant no offense.



It was a figure

of speech.



That's right,

Miss Packard.



A fact is a fact.



Smart girl,




Right this way,

Mr. Gordon.



Suite   .



I wired ahead



for two suites




I want two suites.



We're filled up.



You must have

gotten my wire.



Look through

your reservations.



You were right,

Mr. Gordon.



I mislaid

your wire.



Two adjoining




That's sweet music

in there.



You can almost smell

the action and money!



I can feel it

in my shoes.






Hey, Billy,

how are you?



Fast Eddie!

Everybody's here.



It's like

a hustlers convention.



The guys will be

glad to see you.



What room

are we in?






I'll be up later.



Thank you, sir.



Wait a minute,

Miss Packard.




neighbors now.



You can

call me Sarah.



I want to talk.



Do we need words?



We could try

to cut each other up.



It would be bad

for Eddie.



You know what's good for him?



To win.



For whom

and for what?



What makes

the world go round?



For money

and for glory.



For whom?



Today for me.

Tomorrow for himself.



You own all the tomorrows



because you buy them today,



and you buy cheap.



Nobody has to sell.



You bastard!



Look, you're here

on a rain check.



You're hanging on

by your nails.



If Eddie hears

that glory whistle,



you finish last.



So don't make trouble.



Live and let live...



while you can.



I'll make it up to you.






You tell me.






There are three late scratches

from the following race...



Rosemary, Stroke of Luck,

and Ellen Parr.



Where's Bert?



He went off someplace.



With the     bucks

I won last night



and today

at the track,



I got $   .



Here, you hold it.



Just for luck.



Findley's here.






Over there

by the bar.



Aren't you going

over to him?



He'll be over here.



You ready

for another?



Thank you.



I haven't seen you

in a long time.



I haven't been here



for a long time.



Miss Packard.

Eddie Felson.



James... uh...









I've heard about you.



You play

pocket billiards.



Now and then.



Why? Do you?



A little.

I generally lose.



So does Eddie.



Well, I win sometimes.



I'll bet you do,

Mr. Felson.



How much?






Mr. Felson's

making a proposition.



Could be.



Maybe you'd like

to come out



to my place

some evening.



We could play

a few games of billiards.






Come out tonight.



What time?



I'm having

some people over



right after the races.



Why don't you

all come over?



We'll be there.



Good, good.



I'll stay at the hotel.



I'm a little tired.



There'll be

a lot of laughs.



Findley's parties

are famous.



He invites everybody

from top to bottom.



It excites him

to be around



what he calls

the criminal type.



Some men

are like that.



Some women, too.



What happened?



She's had a little

too much to drink.



Go upstairs and sleep it off.



Come on.

Go upstairs.



Would you like

a drink?



No, none for me.



Come on,

let's play.



Thought we came

to play pool.



I don't play pool.

I play billiards.



My house, my game.



You don't

have to play



if you don't want to.



Well, we won't.



Let me play.



How much?



We'll start small.



$    a game?



You ever play

billiards before?






You hustling me?



Come now.



You can afford $   

to find out.



Deal the cards.



Beautiful shot, Felson.



You've played

billiards before.



You gentlemen sure

you don't care



for a drink?



Nothing for me.



How do we stand?



About even.



If that's

his best game,



I can beat him.



You ever played

billiards before?



What's the difference?



You got a pool cue,

balls on the table.



Let's raise the stakes

to    .



You really think

you can beat him?



He thinks he can.



I know he can.



I asked him will he.



With Eddie,

that's two different things.



I can beat him.



All right.    .



Have you noticed, Bert?



This fella here bears

a striking resemblance to you.



It seems as though



you might have modeled

for the artist.






Mark that one up,

too, Bert.



I'll beat him

the next game.



How are the hands?



They're fine.



Rack up your cue.



We're leaving.



The night is young.



The night is $     old.



Bert, wait a minute.



I said we're leaving.



I didn't think he knew

how to hustle.



I can beat him.



I don't believe you.



I think you're still a loser.



All right, then.



I'll play him

on my own money.



I'll be right back.



Okay, come on.

Let's play.



Here it is.

I'm broke.



That's unfortunate,

Mr. Felson.



For whom,

Mr. Findley?



Bert, you can't

get off me now.



The bank is closed.



I know when to quit.

You don't.



What do you

want me to do?



Don't beg him, Eddie.



Go back to the hotel.



Please, Eddie.

Don't beg.



Go on back

to the hotel.



Doesn't any of this

mean anything to you?



This place, the people.



They wear masks, Eddie.



And underneath the masks,



they're perverted,

twisted, crippled.



Shut up!



Don't wear a mask, Eddie.



That's Turk, Eddie.



He's not going to break

your thumbs.



He'll break your heart.



He hates you



because of what you are.



Would you get off my back,




Get off my back!



Go ahead and play him,




Play him for $     a game.



Would you take a check, Bert?






How much do I owe you?









It's been an interesting evening.



Yeah. Sure has.






Call a cab

for these gentlemen, please.



I'd show you

to the door, but...



Yeah, you're tired.



And beat.






You must come again.



Yeah, sure.



There's your share.




Your cab's waiting.



Oh, yeah, yeah.






Come on, Eddie.

Let's go.



I want to walk.



It's a long walk.



I got time, Bert.



You want me

to tell her for you?



Tell her what?



You got to be hard,




When are you leaving?



In a little while.



It's what you want,

isn't it?



It's what Eddie wants.



He, uh, told me

to give you some money.



Put it on the bed.



Isn't that

the way it's done?



That's the way

it's done.



That way you are

looking at me.



Is that the way

you look at a man



you've just beaten?



As if you'd

taken his money



and now you want his pride?



All I want's

the money.




Just the money.



And the aristocratic




of seeing him fall apart.



You're Roman, Bert.



You have to win them all.



You got a drink?



Give me my key,




Room   .



Well, come on,

give me my key.



How did she

get in the room?



She closed the door

and went in there



maybe    minutes.



Hey, let him come in.



Eddie, uh...









She come in here, Eddie.




asked me for a drink.



I give her one, and...



we had a few more.



Eddie, she came in here.






Eddie, stop!






Stop it!



Came to play pool, Fats.



That's good, Eddie.

For how much?



You name it.



$     a game.



Let's make it

$     a game, Fats.



Come on, $    .



That's my bankroll,

my life savings.



What's the matter, Fats?



If you beat me

the first game,



I'm on my way back

to Oakland.



Let's go.



Get on me, Bert.



I can't lose.






Call it.






How should I play that one,




Play it safe?



You always told me

to play the percentage.



Well, here we go,

fast and loose.



  ball, corner pocket.



Percentage players die broke,

too, don't they, Bert?



How can I lose?






I mean, how can I lose?



'Cause you were right, Bert.



It's not enough

to have talent.



You got to have character,







Yeah, I sure got

character now.



I got it in a hotel room

in Louisville.



Shoot pool, Fast Eddie.



I'm shooting pool, Fats.



When I miss,

you can shoot.












That's the game.












I quit, Eddie.



I can't beat you.



Willie, give him the stake.



You got yourself

a pool player.



Preacher, give me my coat,

will you?



Where do you think

you're going?






You owe me money!



Just how do you figure that,




What do you figure

I owe you?






In Louisville,

it was   %.



Well, here it's half.



What if I don't pay you,




You don't pay me?



You're going to get



your thumbs broken again.



And your fingers.



If I want them to,



they'll break your right arm.



Better pay him, Eddie.



So you figure

you're still my manager?



I'm a businessman, kid.



You got many games

lined up?



We'll make

a lot of money.






It don't have to be   .

It'd be      .



We really stuck

the knife in her.






We really

gave it to her good.



And if it didn't

happen in Louisville,



it'd happen

someplace else.



If it didn't happen now,

it'd happen in six months.



That's the kind of dame

she was!



But we twisted it,

didn't we, Bert?



Maybe that doesn't

stick in your throat



'cause you spit it out



just like everything else!



But it sticks in mine.



I loved her, Bert.



I traded her in

on a pool game.



That wouldn't mean

anything to you,



because who did you

ever care about?



"Win", you said.



You don't know

what winning is.



You're a loser.



'Cause you're

dead inside.



You can't live

unless you make



everything else

dead around you!



Too high, Bert.



The price is too high.



If I take it,

she never lived.



She never died.



We both know

that's not true.



She lived.

She died.



Well, we'd better...



Tell your boys

they better kill me,



because if they

just bust me up,



put all those pieces

back together,



and then,

so help me God, Bert,



I'll come back here

and I'll kill you.






All right.



All right.



Only, uh...



don't ever walk into

a big-time pool hall again.



Fat man.



You shoot a great

game of pool.



So do you, Fast Eddie.

Special help by SergeiK