Hysterical Blindness Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hysterical Blindness script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hysterical Blindness. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Hysterical Blindness Script




-Thank you, honey.



See you later.



-You drive.




l'm sitting at my computer

doing all that data entry shit...



they always stick me with, and l go blind.



You went blind?



Yeah. l couldn't see a thing.



So l started yelling, "My God, l can't see."



My God!



So, Susan walks me

to the lot and she goes...



"l get stuck with all the responsibility."



And l'm like, "You're right, that is so true.



"You're here to help me out,

and that is a lot of responsibility."



To help a total blind person, it is.



She takes my hand and she goes,

"Deb, it's me and you in this together."



l cried all the way to the emergency room.



So, we get there,

and the nurse took me right in.



She could see it was a serious thing.



l know.



l'm sitting there, waiting for the doctor

on one of those table-bed things...



whatever they are.



Just sitting and waiting all alone....



And my sight came back.



Thank God.



lt was blurry at first.



My God, Deb.



-Thank God.

-l know.



-Can you see now?




l don't know what l'd do

if it ever happened again.



-lt was really scary, Beth.

-lt sounds scary.



And the worst part is...



the doctor walked in and all...



and he goes:



"lt's hysterical blindness."



My God.



And, Beth, it's caused by stress.



l told you.



l told you, Deb, a long time ago.



-You got to learn how to relax.

-l know.



But it's like there's always

something bothering you.



Excuse me, things just

don't bother me, okay?



Things happen to me.






-Do l look okay?

-Do l?



You look really hot.



-You, too.




What are we gonna order?



Okay, let's start with a shot

and then get two Rolling Rocks.



Yeah, tequila?






Yes, l don't want people thinking

l don't know how to do a shot of tequila.



Hi, Carolann.






Thank you.



That is so nice of you to say.



Deb, your mom is so sweet.



The girls from my firm took me out

to Skyway's to celebrate my engagement.



Your mom waited on us, and we totally

had her running around like crazy.



She's really sweet.



That's nice.



We should go.



Good luck tonight, girls.



We got to hurry.



The guys are waiting for us.



Why did you have to congratulate her?



l don't know,

she's a human being, isn't she?



She's wearing pink shoes.



Deb, will you carry my hairspray?



Beth, when will you get the travel size?



l need the jumbo, okay? l have a lot of hair.






Are you ready?



Don't rush me.



All right.



Debby does Bayonne.



Fuck off.



-Bobby's bartending.

-Yeah, so?



So, it's good to have a bartender

we know here.



l would know that the best, Beth.



-After all, l know him better.

-Yeah, l remember.






Hi, Bobby.



We'll have....



She's gonna have a shot of tequila...



and a Rolling Rock.



l'll have something sweet

like a Sex on the Beach.



You got it.






l changed my mind,

l felt like a Sex on the Beach. Arrest me.



Maybe you should tell him,

l'll have the same, too.



All right.



-lt's too late.








We had a plan.



What are you looking at?



Just that guy.



God, Beth. Way to stare at him.



l'm not staring, l'm glancing.



He's got Patrick Swayze eyes.



He looks mean.



l would drop my pants for him in a second.



Hey, baby.



You want to slip on some slime?



He's gonna hear you!



So? Maybe l want him to.



You're never gonna get

a guy like that, you know?



My God, Deb, he's coming over here.



-No, he's not.




See, l told you.



He's a conceited jerk.







You know that guy over there?



He looks like trouble.



Never seen him before.




-No reason.



Beth was just gonna

try and talk to him or something.



You think he's cute, Beth?



Yeah, a little.



So, that's your type.



Maybe, maybe not.



What is your type then?



Describe him.



l like a guy who's built

and really sure of himself.



lf l'd known someone,

l'd have fixed you guys up.



-You would?

-A girl like you?



Excuse me!



Any guy would be real grateful

for a girl like you.






Will you watch our seats?



Deb, wait!



l am so sick of this!



Sick of what?



Sick of my best friend talking to guys,

ignoring me like l'm not even there.



Nobody was ignoring you, Deb.



You were!



We didn't come out

so you could talk to the bartender.



l'm just trying to have a good time, okay?



l thought you liked Bobby.



He's an asshole, okay?



You shouldn't go to a place like Ollie's

with me and act like this.



Act like what? How am l acting?



Like l'm not your best friend.



You wouldn't even be going out

if it wasn't for me.



You'd still be sitting home with your kid.



l'm just trying to be everybody's friend...



and l don't see anything wrong with that.



You are really belittling yourself.






-Big word, Deb.

-You are.



You throw yourself at every guy you see.



My God! You should talk!



You've been with most of them.



l want to go home.







No! l don't want to go home now.



You always go home early

because of your kid--



l'm not finished talking to Bobby.



My God, l mean, Beth....






You got Patrick Swayze eyes, you know?



l do?






That's good, l guess.



Some might say so.



What, did you lose your hairspray?






What are you doing standing here?






No, l came out here because

my girlfriend's being a bitch.



She's talking to some guy

who was so rude to me.



Did he say something to you?



No, he was just ignoring me.



lt's just really rude.



Yeah, sounds it. That's a shame.



What are you doing?



l'm heading out.



Me too.



l'm parked over there.



lt's my special spot.



You want me to walk you to your car?



Yeah, sure.



That's mine. Camaro '  .



l'm really into cars.



-That's nice.

-What's your name?




-l'm Debby.



l'm in customer service. What do you do?



l work construction.



Where do you usually hang out?



At home.



l got my own house.



Sometimes, l go and watch

my buddies play softball.



You don't play?



No, l don't got team spirit.



l'm always waiting for one of my buddies

to do something stupid, so l can laugh.



l'd always root for a good laugh.



Me, too! l'm exactly like that.



l got to get going.



-See you.

-Yeah, see you.



Thanks for walking me to my car.



l owe you a drink now.



Yeah, okay.



All right, l'll be here tomorrow night.



Cheer up.



Sure. Thanks.



Hi, Suzie.



l had a nice time.



You can say that again.



l did, too.



You're an early riser. l like you already.



This is my daughter, Debby.



You're up early, honey.



How do you do?



My name is Nick Piccolo.

l met your mother at the Skyway's.



l have breakfast there almost every morning.



ls that your Ford in the driveway?



ls it parked out of whack?



lt's parked in my driveway, that's all.



There's plenty of room

for both of the cars, Debby.



No, there's not.

You don't know that, do you?



You don't drive, remember?



Why are you up so early, Debby?

ls something wrong?



l was gonna tell you

about my night last night.



But l guess l won't.



Nice girl.



She can be, really.



All the neighbors used to say that.



Want some coffee?



A little.






-Amber Autumn!




Will you go see what she wants?



What do you want?



l want to go to Skyway's for a Sky High.



Go get your mother!



Come on, we're going to Skyway's!



And it doesn't matter that you're mad,

we're going.



Hurry up!



You know how impatient she is!






Let's not be mad.



l had to walk all the way home by myself,

carrying my hairspray.



l was standing outside Ollie's last night,

smoking, and Patrick Swayze eyes...



walked right up to me and started talking.



He talked to you?



He must've seen me in the bar or something.



We had the most amazing conversation.



lt was really short, but it was really special.



You said he was a conceited jerk.



l didn't know him then.



l do now.



Did you go home with him?



No, it wasn't like that.



l just let him walk me to my car.



He walked you to your car?



He did.



This guy is real different.



At the end, when we were saying goodbye,

he went:



"Cheer up."






Because he was trying

to say something nice to me.



Congratulations, Deb.



Amber, can you sit back down?



l can't see.



What a night.



lt's amazing how fast

everything can change.



And a small orange juice.



You bet.



Two eggs, sunny-side up.



Not runny, but l want them soft.



Four extra pieces of toast

with the butter put on all included toast...



while it's still hot so it melts evenly.



A side of link sausage

and side of hash browns...



that must be brown.



Can you bring us another ketchup,

so we don't have to share the same bottle?



And one jumbo-size coke.



Coming right up, ladies.



Thank you, Mrs. Miller.



-You're welcome.

-Thank you.



You're welcome. Have fun, girls.






ls there something going on

between you and your mother?



l don't want to talk about my mother, Beth.






Your boyfriend's here.



l tried to give him a table and he goes, "No.



"l prefer to wait until

one opens up in Virginia's station."



He just likes my station, that's all.



l hope you don't think

something's gonna come of this.



Actually, he took me out Friday night...



and Saturday night.



Maybe he likes my company.



l hope you didn't sleep with him, Virginia.



l seen this before.



l know how this turns out every time.



Here you go.



Thank you, Mrs. Miller.







Guess what?






Debby's mother has a boyfriend.



My God!










He's a real asshole.



ls that why you're mad at your mother?



l don't want her to get hurt, that's all.



Deb, maybe she's not gonna get hurt.



He's a jerk. Just look at him.






Yeah, l guess.



Deb, it's okay, you know.



Look at it this way.



Now you and your mother

both met somebody.



That could be good.






Excuse me.



-Are you really going out with this guy?




After so long, you decide

you want to go out with some guy?



Debby, l'm working here.



Can l tell you something here, Ma?



You got to be careful.



People are waiting for their Sky Highs.



After this guy leaves,

l might not stick around this time.



l'm not    anymore.



There you go. Get you anything else?



l love this song.



l just want to party all night.






Sit down, everybody's looking at you.



-No, they're not.

-They think you look stupid.



No, they don't.



My God. He's here.



He saw you.



He looked right at you, Deb.

l don't think he recognized you.



l doubt that, Beth.



l told him l'd be here.

l'm sure he's gonna come over.



You're right, as soon as he's ready.



How're you doing?



All right, l'm gonna play the jukebox.



-Good idea.

-What should l play?



-lt doesn't matter.

-Yes, it does!



Play anything by Zeppelin,

you can't go wrong.



All right.



ls he looking?






All right. Here l go.



What are you doing?



Deb, l don't want to stay alone

at the bar forever.






Let's just go back.



Maybe he's not in the mood to talk.



Or maybe you should just

look for another guy tonight.



l can't do that.



All right.



My mother says

guys don't always know how to act...



around a girl they really like.



She says, you have to let guys know

how you feel...



so, then they know how to act around you.



She thinks that may be my problem.



l'm aloof.









All right.



l'm going over there. All right?



How do l look?



You look really cool, Deb.



-Here l go.

-Don't take too long.



l won't. Now, do not move.



How the fuck are you?



-Hi. How you doing?

-All right.






-Who's that girl? ls she your friend?

-My best friend.



She's waiting for her boyfriend.



lt's beat here.



l hate when it's beat.



You could play pool.



Bill, she wants to play pool.



Did she put her name down?



Give her a break, she wants to play real bad.






l don't want to play pool.



Me neither.



-l just like to watch until l get bored.




Me, too, l'm exactly like that.



Your best friend is waving at you.



No, it's no big deal.



l'll be right back.



-What the fuck are you doing?

-l'm bored, Deb.



-l might go home with him.

-No, Deb.



But why not? What's wrong?



l don't know.



Are you sure he's really into you?



You are acting like you're jealous.



l am not. Fuck you.



No, fuck you. l want to be with this guy,

and you shouldn't be ruining it on me.



What am l supposed to do all night?



Just take my car,

and just go where you want.







Now smile, and act like

you're having a good time.



l don't want him to think

we're arguing over this.



Okay, fine. Have a good time, Deb.






That looked serious.






She looks a little bored.



No, she's just....



l mean, she just loves waiting for him.



You want to go someplace?



-What, you mean now?

-Yeah, why not?



lt's pretty beat here.



Come here.



Where do you want to go?






-How about your house?

-All right.



See you, Rick.



Mrs. Miller?



This is Amber Autumn Tuchinsky.



I was wondering if you wanted

to watch TV with me.



He just left, that's all.



Without warning.



He had a girlfriend, of course.



He actually brought her

into my living room...



and said she was an old school friend

he'd just ran into.



She had dinner with us.



Sat down to dinner, just Ralph...



Debby, me and her.



Debby was only   .



Then the next day,

he just threw some things in the car and...



drove off.



Good riddance.



What do people call you?

They call you Ginny?






l'd be honored if l can call you Ginny.



-Yeah, sure.

-Or Gin?






After l met you l thought about you a lot...



and that's what l call you in my mind.






l like it.



Could l call you Nicky? That'd be okay?



Sure, that's fine.



Okay, Nicky.



This is a really nice house.






Did your mother help you fix it up?



-l'm gonna have a beer. You want one?







This is a really nice house.






l live with my mother.



There's two bedrooms...



but l moved in the basement,

and now, l have my privacy.



That's good.



l give an incredible blow job.






You'll never get better.






l'd like to see that.



Maybe you will.



Come here.



You leaving?



l was thirsty.



That's last night's beer.



Must be pretty rank.



l didn't have that much of it.



We should get in the bed.



lt's good here.



On the floor?



lt's not that comfortable.



l'm fine.



l'm good.



Why don't you want

to get in your bed with me?



All right.



lt's nice.



-l'm real tired.

-Me too.



How long have you lived here?



Ten months.



lt's beautiful.



-Really gorgeous.




Are you doing stuff to it?

Painting and stuff?






Doing all kinds of things.



Especially to the outside.



Like what?



l got to re-caulk the windows.



That's important.



l want to build a deck off the back.



-Really? You're gonna do all that yourself?




That's great.



l really want to put in French doors

instead of those sliding things.



That would look so good.



-You think so?




Yeah, okay, good. l wasn't so sure.






This place is gonna look amazing.



l got a lot of ideas.

l'll show you what l mean sometime.






Sweet dreams.



Sweet dreams.



-You wanna sit?

-Not yet.






l was thinking....



You have to go?



No, l was thinking that maybe we could...



go into your living room

and have our coffee there.






Sure, that'll be nice.



You know, this is the first time

l really been in your living room.



l never come in here.



l just come in to watch TV sometimes.



My wife and l drank our coffee

in the living room all the time.



lt was nice with the sun coming through.



This room is drab, isn't it?



-l'm gonna fix it up, though.

-No, it's very nice.



lt was always my dream

to have really beautiful furniture in here.



l started saving for it.



l don't know why...



because l don't see me

going and spending...



all the money l have just on me.



There, you're wrong. You should.



Money should be for that.



l've been saving so long

l don't think l could...



just spend it on my living room.



l sound like a millionaire, don't l?



When l went to work at Skyway's...



about    years ago, l decided l would just...



take one day's tips out of every week...



every month, the whole year.



And then, l'd save it

in a passbook savings account.



Now, that's smart.



First year, l couldn't save it because...



Debby really needed a new coat...



and she was   .



She wanted this little jacket,

little white fur on it...



big zipper and a buckle.



l said, "Debby, you can't

have that for winter.



"You got to have a long coat,

keep your little butt warm."



Boy, we could not get together on that.



You know what l did?



l took out my passbook...



l bought two coats.



A long one and a short one.



She was so proud.



That's good.



l mean, you did something

to make life a little nicer.






l'm starving. Are you?



No, not really.



What do you have in the refrigerator?



-l don't know.

-Just like a guy.



l make incredible eggs and hash browns.







l'm a really good cook.



You want to set the table,

while l start breakfast?



No, l gotta get to my sister's.



l'm helping my brother-in-law

work on his boat today.



Really? l love boats.



ls it down at the marina?

l always go sit out there on the dock.



l might've seen it.



lt's in his driveway.



Are you gonna put it in the water sometime?



That's what it's for.



-You're funny.




l got a lot of stuff to do today, too...



but l still have time for breakfast.



Actually, l'm not really

a breakfast-eating kind of guy.









No big deal.



l'll take a rain check.



Okay. lt'll be a rain check then.



How about l make you dinner

one night this week?



-Okay, sounds good.

-Wednesday, at my house?







-Write down your address.




l got a pen.






    Dewitt Ave.



 :   Wednesday.



Filet mignon.






Okay, see you later.



l want to cook him dinner. Filet mignon.



l'd be careful, Deb.



l don't know why you want to cook for him.



This is different, Beth.



l didn't just go out and fuck some guy.



l slept with him.



Where's the one-inch elastic?



Nobody talks like that to me, all right?

So, she starts shakin'.



Deb, how's the hysterical blindness?



lt got a lot better.



l met this guy at Ollie's.



Ollie's. l am so glad l met Steven...



and l don't have to sit

in that shithole with you anymore.



Yeah, me too.



-Wait, when did you meet this guy?

-On Friday night.



He comes up and starts talking.



l went to the emergency room

with you Friday.






lt was after that.



You sure recovered fast.



The doctor told me to go out

and have a good time.



He did. That's what he said to do.



lt looks like that's just what you did.



This is not just some guy l met at Ollie's.



l'm done with that, this is different.



We were just laying in his bed and talking.




-Yeah, about fixing up his house.



You met a guy with a house.



That's nice.



l hope this one calls you.



He will.



-Hi, Mel.

-Mornin', Annie.



Good morning.



Your guy's here, Virginia.



Go talk to him.



ls something wrong?



l got the horses right here.



What are you doing, handicapping?



No, it's a....



-l want to show you a brochure.




lt's for a mobile home park...



in Florida.












Things are easy down there.



lt's nice.



You think so?



Yeah, l guess so,

l don't know so much about Florida.



l'm always so busy here.



-l just don't have time for daydreaming.




We could have a grand old time down there.






That is so great.

And you didn't even drop it once.



-Are you watchin'?




What's wrong?



Can we go to Ollie's now?



No, l can't, Deb. You know that.



Remember when we used to sit out here...



and every guy who went by

would beep at us?



We were so hot.






We were.



Rick drives a Ford Bronco.




-MO     .



You memorized his license plate?



Yeah. So?



This guy could be it, Beth.



l can feel it.



l could end up getting married

or something.



There's no reason why l couldn't.

l never had a kid or anything.



Fuck you, Deb.



l could get married if l wanted to.

Amber's a great kid.



l'm just saying,

l didn't drop out of high school, okay?



Good for you.



-Hey, baby, nice hat.








You're not    anymore.



So? l'm just trying to have some fun.



Sitting out here ain't fun.

lt's like going backwards.



Yes, l'll tell her. Thank you.



What are you looking at?



J.C. Penney's catalog.



Engagement rings?



So? A lot of people look at

J.C. Penney's catalog. lt's no big deal.



Yeah, but l've never seen you

look at engagement rings before.



-Why'd you circle that great big one?

-Because it has class.



David and l got engaged, you know.



-That's different.

-Why? He gave me a ring.



He came into the Pants Palace with it

when l was working.



l had this really long line,

and he waited on it...



and then, when it was his turn,

he handed me this ring.



lt was just this little gold heart

with a tiny diamond chip in it.



And then he goes:



"l'm hungry, l got to go to Sbarro's."



My mother made me give it back of course.



'Cause that would've been stupid, right?

l mean, to get married at   .






He really wanted to, though.



He wanted for us to get married,

to have Amber Autumn together.



Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad.



He had just got that brand new Trans Am

and everything, you remember?



Who cares, Beth?



lt was a long time ago.



Yeah, l know.



l don't know why

you're always talking about the past.



l don't know.



-What's that for?

-l owe you a hairspray.



Thanks, Deb.







l could do it myself.






Stay out as late as you can tonight, okay?






Amber, tell your mother to come over.

l'm cooking, and it's very important.



Just her.



Yes, it's the filet mignon.



Tell her to hurry, okay?



l put a deposit on the mobile home.



lt has a lemon tree right out front.



-l never saw a lemon tree.

-Now you're gonna have one.



l've never even been to Florida.



We used to go down there a lot

with the kids on vacation.



We went to the Amish country once.



Yeah? That must've been a lot of fun.



Horse and buggies

and those funny clothes they wear.



-They got their own traditions.

-l know.



What town is it in?



l'm gonna look it up, they got

a great big map in the kitchen of Skyway's.



-lt's got the whole country on it.








l'm going to look up Jacksonville, Florida.











How'd it go?






Did you get to see Rick?



No. He wasn't there yet.



Did she make the filet mignon?



She's making it right now.



Hi, honey, how'd it go?



He didn't show up.



ls the fun over?






-l'll eat it.

-Go to hell!






Mr. Murphy?



lt's Debby Miller.



l can't come in today, l'm really sick.



Can you tell the girls l'm really sick?



Yes, l have a temperature.



   .  l think.



Okay, thank you.



l will.



-No work today?




-Surprised to see you here.

-Yeah, l'm surprised, too.



lt's no big deal.



-l got to go.

-You like a ginger ale or something?



No thanks, l just came for my cigarettes.



Stay awhile? Sit down.






-One ginger ale, please?

-You got it.



So, how's it goin'?



All right.



How's your job at the warehouse?




-That's a good job, you know.



You work hard enough,

you'll run that place in no time.



-lt's not like that.

-l sold auto parts.






-l know.

-l miss it sometimes.



-You do?

-Yeah, l do.



There you go.



l come in here at night with my friend Beth.



Yeah, l bet you have a good time.



You don't think l understand, do you?



You know, l understand.



And you should go out

and have good times. lt's important.



-lt's all part of your life.

-l know.




-But, what?






l know what you're thinking.

l think it myself, sometimes.



This must be the end of the world.



But it never is, you know.

And you'll find that out.



l know.



Girl like you has to be careful.



What's that mean?



You got that special something.

Like your mother.



And not many people are gonna see that.



-See what?

-That you're real smart.



But l bet a lot of people tell you that.







-Finish your ginger ale, there.

-All right.



He just got caught up in

what he was doing, that's all.



Do you even know what he was doing?



-l'm sure he'll explain.

-He didn't show up, Ma.



He knew you'd be standing

on the curb waitin', and he didn't show up.



-l'm sure he'll--

-He'll what?



He's not coming back, Ma.



God, didn't you learn how to tell

when a guy ain't coming back?



Yes. Yeah, l did.



-lt's just like l thought all along.

-Debby, you're being so unfair.



He's blowing you off.



-You don't know what you're talking about.

-Yes, l do, believe me.



l can't believe

he almost had me fooled for a second.



-He's not foolin' anybody.

-How do you really know?



Because he loves me.






-This is so stupid!

-lt's not stupid.



l can't fucking talk to you!



l can't talk to you, either, so just shut up!



You see?

He left his jacket here this morning.






l just hate to see her waitin' around

for this guy.



Yeah, l know.



My father was supposed to take me

to Six Flags last summer...



and he didn't show up.



lt was raining, Amber, you remember?



My mother told me that

when your father left...



you packed a suitcase

and kept it by your bedroom door...



'cause he said he was

coming back to get you.



And you didn't unpack it for over a month.



God, do you tell her everything, Beth?






l'll get it, Ma.









Yeah, hold on, please.



lt's Nick's son, Ma.



Hello, Michael.



l've heard many nice things about you.



l'm so sorry...



for your terrible loss, Michael.



Yes, l would.



l'll see you then.









Heart attack.






Can l help you look for something?



We're out of almost everything.



l haven't been keeping up

with anything lately.



Do you want me to help you?



No. Honey, l just....



l just have to start making this list.



You can go, honey, l'm fine.



l just gotta do this.






Thank you so much for coming.



Virginia, hi.



l'm Michael.






l just wanted to tell you

that you meant a lot to my father.



He talked about you every day, you know.



l'm just glad that we got a chance

to see my father happy again.



Thank you.



-l'm so sorry, Deb.

-Deb, are you okay?



l guess so. lt's such a difficult time.



-Very difficult.




Deb, l got to ask.



ls Rick being there

for you and your mother?



Of course he is.



You're so good at that, Bobby.



l'd really like to learn how to make

all those drinks.



Why don't you come back here?






First thing you got to learn behind this bar

is how to pour a shot of tequila...



-without spilling a drop.




You're making me nervous.



Hey, Deb.



-Hey, Carolann.

-Are you alone?



No, Beth's back there with Bobby.

He's a really good friend of ours.



Yeah, mine, too. He's so sweet to me.



Remind me to introduce you to my fiancÚ.



-l've met him.




A few times.



l hope that you meet

somebody special soon.



l got to go.



Having fun, Deb?



-l gave Bobby my phone number.




l gave Bobby my phone number.






Hey, Beth.




-For me?




-What time is it?



-Look, l don't know.




Amber, calm down.

l was just about to come home.



Look, Amber, you can't just call me any....



Okay, l heard you.



-Okay, l'll come home real soon.

-ln an hour.



No, real soon, honey.



Don't you dare. Don't....



Do not call my.... Amber!




-Did she hang up on you?



Yes, she said she's calling my parents

in Florida...



-if l don't come right home.

-Your parents can't do nothing to you.



Deb, my mother's gonna kill me.



She's gonna get all started again saying:



"Amber Autumn,

you want to stay with your grandma?"



-So what?

-So? Debby.



You're exaggerating, you're overreacting.

Just sit down.



-No, l'm not.

-Look, have a drink.






Always running out of here so early.



-Tonight, you should stay all night.

-Really? You want me to?



After everybody goes home.



-We could talk.

-You could, Beth.



No, but l can't.



l can still hang out, though.



At my house. l mean...



you can come over to my house

one night if you want.



Pretty much all l do is get up,

go to the gym, come here.



l'm the type of guy who doesn't need rules.



Has to be this way, at this time.



Past that.



Okay, fine.






Let me freakin' talk to her, okay?



-Deb, no!




Amber, your mother and l are grownups,

and we are out having a....



Hi, Mrs. Tuchinsky.



Yeah, Beth's right here.



Hi, Ma. l was on my way home.



Listen, Amber's exaggerating

the whole thing.



l have not been in a bar

every night of the week.



Okay, l am.



l am a good mother.



Okay, l'm coming right now.









-Let's just go.

-All right.



-You really goin'?

-Don't worry about it.



Maybe l can swing by when l get off.



Got a porch light or something

you can leave on for me?



Yeah, okay.



l can't believe she's doing this to us.



She's right, Deb.

l can't go leaving her alone anymore.






lt's no big deal, it's just Ollie's.



lt's not like it's gonna change my life.



C'mon, Amber's waiting.



-l'm not goin'.




Maybe l want another drink.



Here, just take my car.



-l got to go, Deb.








-You're back?

-A Screwdriver.



You got it.



See you later.



Hold on.



You okay?



l'm fine, why?



No reason.






You ever work here in the afternoon?



Once or twice.



lt's so different,

all men sittin' around drinking.



How would you know?



My father used to come here.






You came here with him?



l came in looking for him.



But he must've changed everything

in his life because l never saw him.



lt's a shame, Deb.



Another Screwdriver.



This song is so great.



Where you been?




-l've been right here.



-Good for you.




What are you doing?



l'm out having a good time.



-Are you alone?

-No, of course not.



-Where you been?

-Around, you know.






Look, l got to go hang out

with my buddies, so....



Have a drink with me first.

C'mon, l'll buy one.







-No, they're waiting for me, so l got to go.

-All right.



-l'll be right here, okay?




What are you doing after?



l don't know.






You want to get laid?



Yeah, okay, l'm up for it.



Okay, good.



l'll be back when l'm ready to go, okay?



All right, cool.



Yo, Deb. Seen you talking to him.



-Yeah, l know.

-Looking good.



Yeah, he is good.



-Something special.




l just really feel like dancing again.



Excuse me.



-What's up? How you doing?

-Just dancin'.



-l really feel like dancing.




l just want to party all night!



Too bad there's no dance floor here.



l don't need one. Do you?



-Dance with me.




l don't really want to, l don't want to.



-Why don't you want to dance with me?

-What? l don't know.



l think we should sit and talk for a minute.






Why not?



Why don't you want to sit down

and talk to me?



l'm not looking for someone to talk to.






That is nice.



Thanks a lot, that is real nice of you.






Just walk away from me.






What, l mean, you don't know me?



l'm going home with you tonight,

and you don't know me?



Calm down, all right?



No, you don't understand.



l've been thinking about you.



-Me and you could really hang out together.

-l don't know what you're talking about.



Come on, just sit down with me.



-You okay, buddy?




-l'm going home.

-You're what?



Rick, just talk to me.



Just talk to me.



-Deb, are you okay?

-l'm fine. Hey, Rick.



l just want to make you filet mignon.



You should sober up.



-What happened?

-Can l have a glass of water, please?



What's wrong with me?



l really want to know.



Maybe you don't see things so clearly.



Fuck you!



l love you, Mom.






My God.



-What the fuck?




Where'd all this come from?



-Value City.

-My God.



-Where'd we get the money?

-l saved up.






You mean, this is really ours?



Yeah, l guess.



l can't believe this. This is amazing.



My God.



Sit down, already.



Doesn't feel like mine.



That's okay,

we'll get used to it being so nice.









-l'm quitting smoking.










You know, if you wanted to, Deb...



we could start having parties out here

like we used to in high school.



We could play Neil Young and Bruce.



All the people would stop by.



-We would have to get beer.




And we'd have to get lawn chairs.



We can't just be sittin' out here on the steps

like a couple of kids.



-Definitely. l like that idea.

-Yeah, me, too.



-Hey, Ma.

-Hi, honey.



Oh, God.



Look. What's she....



Hey, Amber!






Are you gonna do your new routine?



You want me to?







-l'll watch this time.







Go, Amber!

Special help by SergeiK