I Am Sam Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the I Am Sam script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of I Am Sam . I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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I Am Sam Script


Decaf double tall nonfat capp for Bruce.

You got it, buddy.

That's a wonderful choice, Bruce.

-Thank you, Sam. Take care. -It certainly is.

One Caramel Macchiato. It's very hot.

Good morning.

Vanilla grande no-foam latte.

That's a wonderful choice.

-Thanks, Sam. -Yeah.

Hey, Sam. They called. It's time for you to go.

Oh, yeah, it's time.

It's time, buddy.

It's time for me to go now.

It's time for me to go now, George!

Good luck.

It's time.

It's time now.

Hurry up. The first floor is two more floors.

Hurry up.

The second floor-- one more floor.

I have to go to Room 324 on the third floor.


You the one responsible for this?

I'm sorry.

Too late for sorries. Get over here and hold her hand.

Are you OK?

Got a live one, Gert.

Good. Come on. Focus and breathe.

This is it.

This is it.

This is it.

And it's a girl!

It's OK.

What's her name?

Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Lucy Diamond Dawson.

You're my daughter. I'm your father.

Get them to make the bus stay. They're leaving.

-I'll get them. -They're leaving.

Excuse me. Hang on one second, please.


Becca! The bus is going!


Didn't you just go to sleep?

Let me see.


Lucy, you look beautiful this morning.

You look very beautiful.

Look at that, Lucy. Nose.

OK. Yeah, l--


What the hell are you doing to that baby?

What's the matter with the baby, Sam?

Everything is just so tiny, tiny.

Will you come over here and help me?

You know I can't do that. What does her mother say?

Her mother said, "This isn't my life...

"and I didn't want a baby with you.

"I just needed a place to sleep."

What if the baby's sick?

Bring her over here.

Sam, babies need food every two hours.

Sorry. I'm sorry, Lucy in the sky.

You know...

critics and fools said that that song...

had some mysterious meaning, but John always said...

it came from a picture his son Julian drew...

of his friend Lucy O'Connell.

So I made a good choice?

You made an excellent choice, Sam.

Now, what time does this little diamond wake up?

What time does this little diamond wake up?

She wakes up all the time.

Let's just assume she wakes up at 6:00.

Keep your TV on Nickelodeon.

I want you to feed her first...

when "Hogan's Heroes" comes on.

And then again. Wait until "I Dream of Jeannie."

And then, feed her when "I Love Lucy" comes on.

We have to be quiet.

I've seen nothing. I know nothing!

Such a nice man for an officer.

What are you doing?

I'm just getting Lucy asleep...

and you're making noise and everything.

-Oh, sorry. -We're here for video night.

Eight years every Thursday video night, and you forgot?

I'm sorry.

It's always every first Thursday of every month...

video night at Sam's house. And I forgot.

Yeah, and I forgot.

Becca's gone. "Gone with the Wind."

1939, directed by Victor Fleming.

That was a very sad movie.

Here we go. Everything changes now.

Soon you'll forget about Wednesday night at IHOP...

and then Friday night at karaoke...

and I got hit by a car today.

You did?

It was probably that guy from the V.A.

Did you bring "Kramer vs. Kramer"?

I see what's happening here. I see.

So this is all my fault now.

Don't tell me you forgot again.

I broke a date with a daydream to come here.

It's your mother.

Hi, Robert. Hello, boys. It's me, Estelle.

Ma, I told you. Video night's over at 9:00.

It's only 6:30.

Well, I guess I'll just wait downstairs.

Sure there isn't anything I can get you?

No, Ma. You can wait downstairs. That's fine.

OK. See you later, Rob.

Bye, Estelle.

What a pretty baby. Hi, little baby.

-Doesn't she look smart? -She does.

She looks smart.

That baby looks so darn smart.

It's amazing how smart she is.

She's very smart.

She really does. I think she's really beautiful.

Of course she looks smart.

She's already reading the paper.

Double Macchiato, low fat, low foam.

That's a wonderful choice.

Oh, my God!

An ice cube went down--

Thank you. Oh, my God.

Can I get another drink, please?

Iced cappuccino. That's a wonderful choice.

-Thank you. -Yeah.

Annie, I can't take her to work anymore...

because she's too big now.

-Annie. -That was her first word.

-Annie. -See?

People worry you're not smart.


Yes. Oh, you smell so good.

You can tell a lot about people by the way they smell.

Daddy, why does the snow flake?

Because snow-- because snow flakes.

Daddy, what is mustard made of?

Because it's yellow ketchup.

Daddy, why are men bald?

Sometimes they're bald because their head is shiny...

and they don't have hair on it.

So their head is just more of their face.

Daddy, are ladybugs only girls...

or are there boys, too?

And if there are, what are they called?

Yeah, the Beatles.

Daddy, where does the sky end?

Why does the moon follow me home?

Why is the sun orange?

Where does the hour go in Daylight Savings?

Daddy, do I look more like you or Mommy?


Do you think she'll ever come back?

Paul McCartney lost his mother when he was little.

And John Lennon lost his mother when he was little.

Annie says that sometimes God picks the special people.

That's what Annie says.

Daddy, did God mean for you to be like this...

or was it an accident?

What do you mean?

I mean you're different.

But what do you mean?

You're not like other daddies.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

It's OK, Daddy.

Don't be sorry. I'm lucky.

Nobody else's daddy ever comes to the park.

Yeah, we are lucky. Aren't we lucky?

Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity.

Sunnyside up, not too runny. two sausage links.

French pancakes instead of buttermilk.

Fruit topping on the side.

The Funny Face special.

I think it's funny when you say "Funny Face special."

French, not buttermilk. Fruit topping on the side.

Not on top.

You're getting a funny face.

That's a wonderful choice. Thank you, Grace.

Thank you very, very, very, very much.

You got it, Sam.

Is that too big?

I think that's a little too big.

You need a pair of good, sturdy school shoes.

These are sturdy.

The arches are very important.

No. Sturdy is boring, Sam.

These shoes light up, OK?

These are really good shoes for school.

I know. I love them.

I found the most perfect shoes.

They look like the shoes that Dorothy wore...

played by Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz"...

1939, directed by Victor Fleming.

These are pink. These are also Velcro.

They might have a little arch in there, too.

Sam, these are probably too big...

but I thought maybe Lucy would like those.

When we were at the zoo, she liked the animal prints.

But these are for adults.

But when we went-- I don't know you.

I don't know who you are.

I like these, Daddy.

She knows what she likes. That's why she likes these.

-Black goes with everything. -How much are these?

$16.19 with tax.

Because I have $6.25.

That's all you have?

I didn't get my whole check because I had to go...

to the parent and teacher meeting this week.

I'm sorry. It's $16.19.

I couldn't go to work all day that day.

It's OK, Sam, because I have $3.00 to contribute.

Sam, I've only got two plus two...

but I need one for stamps, so 1...2...3.

Joe's got $1.50.

Yeah. So, is that enough?

If there's a God. I'll count it.

Do we get a balloon with these?

All of us, or just her?

"And I will eat them here and there.

"I will eat them anywhere."

"I do so like green eggs and ham.

"Thank you, thank you, Sam I am."

One more time?

-Yeah. -OK.

"Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss.

"I will eat them with a mouse.

"And I will eat them here and there.

"Say, I will eat them anywhere.

"I do so like green eggs and ham.

"Thank you, thank you, Sam I am."

One more time?

Daddy, it's my first day of school tomorrow.

I don't want to be too sleepy.

Everybody says Bob's Big Boy has the best hamburgers.

Can we go there Wednesday instead of IHOP?

But Wednesday is IHOP.

Just one time?

Yeah, but Wednesday is IHOP.

Can I read just the beginning?

Just the beginning.

"Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss.

There are four stages of a butterfly's life.

The first three stages are from egg to larva to cocoon.


They're hard to remember because there's so many stages.

It's hard to remember.

33 days. It lasts 33 days.

Spiders and insects are members of the ants--


Conner. Anthropod class.

Anthropod class.

However, spiders and insects are very different.

-Spiders have six legs-- -Eight legs.

Eight legs and two body parts, and they're called...

Conner. What are you doing? You know this stuff.

-No, I don't. -You do know it.

You wrote that part, remember?

I wanted to do potato bugs anyway. Oh, forget it.

I think he can make that boy feel better.

Sorry, Mr. Egg.

What's wrong with your father?

Why's he acts like a retard?

He is.

-Are you? -No.

-Are you sure? -Yeah.

How do you know?

He told me.

He's a retard.

Well, it takes one to know one.

It's wonderful to have you for company tonight.

Isn't it wonderful to have Conner for company, Lucy?

Yeah. "Sorry, Mr. Egg."

"They per..."

"They perched in...




Yeah. Silence.

"They perched in silence for a long time."

Your teacher gave you a really hard book this time.

That's really a hard book to read.

"How can we be so..."



Oh, yeah. OK.

"How can we be so different and feel so much alike?"

I don't like that book.

Let's read "Green Eggs and Ham."

Yeah! OK.

"Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss.

"Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss.

"I am Sam."

Hey, you.

Hey, handsome.

"Premature baby claims he's Cupid.

"Has arrow to prove it." You believe that?

But if he has the arrow, that's the only thing.

You got a good point.

This is the lnternational House of Pancakes quiz.

And Lucy found the word "beet."

I want to surprise her and find the word "carrot"...

but it's hiding.


-Where? -C-a-r-r--carrot.

Carrot. It's right there.

And you're smart. You would be a good mother.

Do you tell good stories?

-I got stories up the wazoo. -Really?

You come with me and relax...

and I'll tell you some nice stories.

Lily, what did I tell you about selling on my beat?

Put it down on the table.

It's the lnternational House of Pancakes quiz.

Put your hands behind your head.

What did l--

Do you have any weapons on you?

He touched me on my private place.

At such a time as this, Annie's the boss.

First time in 19 years I actually believe a guy...

when he says he didn't know she was a hooker.

You say that like it's a good thing.

Did you brush your teeth?

They don't sound like they were brushed.

She forgot to brush her teeth.

Let him go.

Says he never spent the night away from his kid.

Trouble. Oh, boy, I'm really in trouble.

Are you in trouble, too?

Are you in trouble, too?

Yeah, I'm in trouble, too.

It gives us great insight into what she must be feeling.

Mr. Dawson, it's becoming clear...

that she's holding herself back in the classroom.

It's as if she's literally afraid to learn.

No one doubts that you love your daughter.

But the Department of Child and Family Services...

contacted us.

They shared with us that your records show...

that your intellectual capacity...

is around that of a 7-year-old.

Our concern is what happens when Lucy turns 8.

Mr. Dawson, do you understand...

what Ms. Wright is trying to tell you about Lucy?

John wanted to try new things.

And it wasn't Yoko's fault.

No, it wasn't Yoko's fault.

Annie says you can hear it on The White Album.

Because John wanted to try new things.

"They perched in silence. How can we be so diff--"

Diff...diff-- I don't know that word.

Yes, you do. That's the word that starts with a "D."

I'm tired.

I don't believe you.

Are you calling me a liar?

Yes. I think you have to read the word.


Yeah, you have to read that word.


Yeah. Here it is.

There's the picture where they're all perched.

-Now read the word. -No!

I won't read the word!

I'm your father...

and I'm telling you to read the word.

I can tell you to because I'm your father.

I'm stupid.

-You are not stupid. -Yes, I am.

You are not stupid, because you can read that word.

I don't want to read it if you can't.

No, because it makes me happy.

It makes me happy hearing you read.

Yeah. It makes me happy when you're reading.

"They perched in silence for a long time.

'How can we be so different...

and feel so much alike?' mused Flitter.

'How can we feel so different...

and be so much alike?' wondered Pip.

'l think this is quite a mystery."'

Keep going.

They have Oreo ice cream mud pie.

This is so great.

Yeah, this is so great.

And the menu says...

you can have your favorite breakfast all day.

That's so great, too, you know.

Because you wanted to come to a new place...

so we came to a different place.

Hey, guys. Can I get you coffee?

No, I don't drink coffee.

OK. What can I get you guys?

I'd like the Super Big Boy with a root beer float, please.

OK. What about you?

I would like to have two eggs, sunnyside up.

But not runny, OK?

Not runny.

And then I would like to have French pancakes...

with the fruit topping on the side.

We don't have French pancakes.

We have French toast.

No, I don't want French toast.

I want French pancakes, like at IHOP.

Just the same kind like they have at IHOP.

That's what my favorite breakfast is, OK?

They're those thin pancakes.

The crepe pancakes?

I don't even want crepes.

I want to have French pancakes...

with the fruit topping on the side.

That's what I want to have, please.

Thank you.

We don't have that, though, sir.

Do you want regular pancakes and jam--

I don't want something else! Why did you ask me that?

I'll see. Maybe they have something--

-Yeah, ask Bob! -OK.

Ask Bob's Big Boy.

Because the customer's always right.

I understand that--

The customer's always right.

Because when Lucy comes through the door...

everybody says, "surprise!"

You gotta stop bouncing for a second.

You'll say, "surprise!"

Can we keep bouncing?

You'll have to come down.

After Lucy gets here and we say, "surprise."

So you have to assume surprise position.

Should we rehearse it one more time?

Assume the surprise position.

Annie was supposed to warn us.

Brad, hit the light.


It's not her.

Hi. I don't know if you remember me.

I'm Margaret Calgrove...

Department of Child and Family Services.

We met at the police station.

Put the present there.

You have to hurry, because Lucy's coming.

Come on, hide with us.

Come on, over here.

Annie said Lucy's coming up the stairs right now.

So you have to assume the surprise position.

I bet she already knows.

Why are you being a party pooper?

She's coming now.

You have to assume the surprise position.

Don't touch me. I've got cooties!

It's contagious!

Hey, what are you doing? Get your hands off him.

What are you doing touching my kid?

-Surprise! -Leave him alone!

Happy birthday.


You don't have to call him Daddy.

She said you're not her real father anyway.

She said she was adopted.


Given the fact that the father...

was arrested for solicitation...

couldn't control his emotions...

endangering other children.

No, you can't! It's her birthday!

Ms. Calgrove also cites...

Mr. Dawson's mental delays which raise serious questions...

about his ability to properly parent.


I find at this time...

it's not in the best interest of the child to remain in the home.

And I order her detained...

until a formal jurisdictional hearing.

Mr. Dawson.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

I wanted to make it a really special surprise party.

So I went, and I got plates at the Pic 'n' Save...

in yellow and in pink-- Like a princess.

And then I went to the toy store...

and I got balloons with the helium in them.

-Mr. Dawson? -Yeah.

It sounds like you gave her such a lovely party.

Yes, I'm sure it was.

Right now, I want to talk to you about your legal rights.

OK. There's room at this table...

if anybody wants to sit next to me.

I just want to talk to you about your legal rights...

so if you have not already retained legal counsel...

the court will appoint someone for you...

to present your case on January 5. OK?

That's a month from now...

so I come back here in one month with Lucy.

No, Mr. Dawson. You will have monitored visits...

two times a week for two hours.

And now we're moving on to 4-D, Parker--

What do you mean?

You will see Lucy two times a week for two hours.

Why isn't Lucy going home with me?

I want her to go home with me.

Not today. Thank you, Mr. Dawson.

4-D. Parker vs. Van Wert. Thank you.

Of course the judge picked the lawyer.

For God's sake, put it together.

She's the one who took Lucy away from you...

so it's time that you get your own lawyer now.

You guys think I'm guilty?

-No, Sam. -You didn't kill anybody.

I miss Lucy, Sam.

Me, too.

You need a personal injury lawyer...

because you have been personally injured.

When Dustin Hoffman was trying to keep Billy...

from going back to Meryl Streep...

his lawyer told him that it would cost him $15,000...

and that's if we win.

-$15,000! -And that's if we win.

Don't worry about money, Sam.

Get the best. Century City. Here. Look at that.

Let me show you what it looks like.

Rothman, Glenn, Harrison, and Williams.

This is one of the best ads I've seen in the Yellow Pages.

So maybe we're going to win.

-We're gonna win. -One of the best ads I've seen.

With Rothman and Glenn and Harrison and Williams...

we're gonna win.

Did Fred Kimble call? I'm already 20 minutes late.

What did Michelle Kresge say? Was she defensive?

That's ridiculous.

What happened with my car? Because it wasn't my fault.

Oh, I know.

This is Mr. Dawson.

There was some confusion with the temp last week--

How do you do? I'm Sam.

Mr. Dawson. It's a pleasure.

Since somebody made a mistake...

unfortunately we only have a little time.

Hold my calls unless it's my kid.

That's a wonderful choice.

Can we get you something to drink?

Is it for free?

-My treat. -OK. Thank you.

Yeah, I would like a glass of milk.

Did you get that, Patricia?


And Lucy had an ice cream cake...

with pink flowers-- not white--

and she likes cherry vanilla because--

If that's Jake Hiller, put him through.

Jake, no.

So I got cherry--

-Your son's on line two. -Did you get that?

Tell him to hold for just one second.

I have to go. The what?

...melted together as orange.

No. Have a nice weekend.

And Brad wanted a princess on top...

with little pink shoes.

I think there's a--

I think your son's on line two.

Oh, my God. Willy?

Patricia, get Willy back.

Well, keep trying.

Mr. Dawson, quite bluntly, you can't afford to hire me.

Yeah, because I make $8.00 an hour at Starbucks.

Per hour. It's an hourly rate.

I could pay you per hour.

Mr. Dawson, I'm sorry, but I have--

I have to be in court in eight minutes with the Kresges.

But good luck to you. Don't give up.

I'm not giving up. Where am I going?

I can show you out.

Patricia, where are my keys?

This is her on her first birthday.

December 6. That's her birthday.

And this is Lucy two years old.

This is Lucy seven years old on her birthday...

the day they took her away.

Your son's on line two.

Willy, hi.

Jackson told Wyatt he wasn't my best friend anymore.

Could we possibly talk about this when I get home?

Willy? Come on, you're not gonna talk to me now?

I bought a bag of your favorite lemonade jellybeans.


I hate that stupid coffee table.

How many times, Patricia, have I told you...

to get rid of that crappy coffee table?

It's OK.

You have a son, Rita Rothman Glenn Harrison Williams.

If they took him away from you...

would you do what Robert said and got...

the fastest-talking, four-name lawyer you could?

I may know someone who handles these kinds of cases.

I'll see if she can help you. Leave your number with Patricia.

Your therapist is on line one.

Tell him you can't find me.

I'm gonna leave my number with you, OK?

I'm ready to make coffee. Decaf nonfat latte.

It's coffee up to here, nonfat milk up to here...

and chocolate or cinnamon sprinkles.

That's pretty good, Sam. I'll think about it.

We'll come up with a promotion that's good for you.

But I know what that means.

When I worked as a janitor at the La Reina Theater...

I asked Mr. Jenkins if I could be a ticket-taker...

and he said he would think about it.

And Jimmy Peters got the job.

And he let his friends in for free.

I promise you, Sam.

We'll come up with something for you.

You have my word.

Word, words, words. I need more than that.

I need to make coffee.

I need to pay my lawyer.

I am celebrating congratulations to us.

These are the moments. Good night.

By any chance, did you call your friend?

The one that does this kind of work?

I don't have her number anymore.

We lost touch.

Yeah, that happens.

If you get back in touch with her...

and you find her number, will you call me?

I'm just in the middle of--

It's a special--

Yeah, I'll call you.

OK. Yeah.

Is that the new janitor?

Oh, it's a...

a case I'm helping out with...

sort of a pro bono thing.

What's that supposed to mean?

Cracker went down the wrong pipe.

You think I don't do pro bono?

Have another glass, please. On me.

No, on you. It's pro bono.

I do pro bono.

I know. You go, girl.

You just spread that love. Spread it all around.

Stop. Driver, stop the bus.

Stop the bus.

Wait for me. I got it.

Lucy, he's an hour and 45 minutes late.

You'll only have a few minutes left.

You can leave if you want.

-Lucy! -Daddy?

I'm here. I'm here.

It's Daddy. I told you!

Oh, shoot!

I spilled it all. Hi.

And guess her name is.

Her name is Rita Harrison.

Lovely Rita Meter Maid?

Yeah, and Harrison like George.

Is she going to help us?

She can't help us...

but if she ever finds her friend's number...

who does this kind of cases, she's gonna call me.

You've grown.

Have l?

Yeah. Because your ears are bigger...

and your eyes are older.

Guess what I'm gonna get when I get my next paycheck?

I'm gonna get an answering machine...

because then you can call and leave a message.

You can say, "Hi. This is Lucy."

We can't afford an answering machine.

Yeah, because I'm gonna get a big promotion...

a promotion that's big.

They'll let you make coffee?

Always set your dreams high, Lucy.

I'm sorry, Daddy.

It was all my fault.

Don't say that.

It was not all your fault, so don't say that.

I wouldn't want any daddy but you.

Did you hear that?

I said I was sorry!

I said I didn't want any daddy but him.

Why don't you write that down?

Let me make sure that I'm clear here.

Are you telling me neither of you...

wants custody of your child?

He has created a monster.

He is exactly like him.

Here we go again. It's the same old story.

The tears and the tears.

Oh, my God. Are you really--

You cannot stand emotion.

I'm right here with you. Excuse me.

I'm sorry.

Hi! Did you get in touch with your friend?

Because I need legal advice now.

You said I couldn't afford you...

so I have to talk to somebody.

That's why I told you I would be your lawyer pro bono.

I don't understand exactly what you mean.

You told me that you would be my lawyer?

Sam, I'm your--

Golly, because I must have misunderstood.

I told you that when we first met.

You said you would be my lawyer?

Yes. Sam--

You're my lawyer!

That's right. I'm your lawyer.

And I can pay you per hour.

-No, no, no. -On the hour.

Pro bono. It's free.

My lawyer for free.

Now, you--God.

Thank you. Because I have to get this.

It's "Urgent, open immediately"

For my lawyer for free!

They want to have you evaluated by a shrink...

and your appointment is today! At 3:00.

It's today! It's now.

I don't actually want to go to a shrink.

Sam, you don't actually have a choice.

It's court-ordered.

The lady in your office is crying.

Patricia, I'm in the middle of a meeting.

Can you get him out of here?

Don't feel bad.

Sam, come with me.

Don't feel bad.

We'll get through this. Will you excuse us?

It's their turn now, not yours. Theirs.

If you leave now, you can make this...

and you have to make it.

But I have to take the number 13...

downtown Wilshire express to Grand Street...

then I transfer to the number 34 at Cesar Chavez Avenue...

because that used to be Brooklyn Avenue...

and my grandfather had a bakery on it...

when it was Brooklyn Avenue.

I don't think I can get there at the time I'm supposed to.

Go, for Christ sakes! Green means "Go."

I don't like to go to shrinks.

You and me both.

Right or left?

Which is it gonna be, bonehead?

Right turn ahead.

Right on Vermont?

That'll be another 20 minutes, you idiot!

Did your mommy make you go to a shrink, too?

No. Well, sort of.

I spent the whole time talking about her.

Well, that's nice.

-Office. -Dialing home.

Office! God damn it!

You're going much faster than everybody else.

I wonder if you noticed that, because I noticed that.


No more shrinks.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Dawson...

but if I were you, I wouldn't waste any more of my time.

Sorry, Mrs. Dawson, but I think you should put Sam in a home.

Sam in a home.

Mr. Dawson, you do understand...

that since I'm a court-appointed psychologist...

the traditional client-therapist confidentiality...

will be waived.

Do you understand that?

That the confidentiality will be waived.

Good. Let's begin.

I went to a doctor one time who had an orange office.

All the walls were painted orange.

Do you know her? She has an orange office...

and she's in Van Nuys.

I wanted to ask you about Lucy.

How old is she now?

She's six. She's seven.

She just had a birthday, I think.

How was that party?

"Before you read your message...

"press the red button for record."

Let's start with the O.G.M.

What? I don't know. I don't think it's working.

I think it's because it's a used machine.

It's not used. It's pre-owned.

A guy bought it for his auto shop...

and then he got a secretary.

Testing, 1, 2, 3.

That's a good code.

I can remember that--1, 2, 3.

4, 5, 6.

7, 8, 9.

9, 10, 1 1, 12.

Quick. You're recording.

Hi. This is--

Hi. This is Sam. I'm not home.

No, you really don't want to say that...

because you don't want to tell them you're not home.

-Then I'm lying. -Everybody's lying.

Sam, you are on the air.

Hi. How are you?

Maybe you sound a little bit too excited.

And maybe you might think about lowering your voice...

so maybe Lucy can hear you.

Go, Sam.

Hi, Lucy. Thank you for calling me.

That was good.

But did I sound like a good father?

But it's an outgoing message...

so I think you need to sound a little more outgoing.

Hi. This is Sam. I'm not ho--Shoot.

Hi. This is Sam !

I think you should sound like a normal person.

From the heart.

From the heart.

This is--Hello. Thank you for calling.

This is Sam.


I feel that was a very touching moment right there.

I felt that one.


We have a lot to go over, and I have five minutes.

Rothman, Glenn, Harrison, Williams...

is on the 29th floor.

That's 29 floors up...

and the elevators are actually over there.

Keep up. Got to do my cardio. 120.

Got to get to 125 to make it count.

I need that list of names from you...

people who can testify that you're a good father...

despite your handicap.

Just my husband. I didn't mean your handicap.

I meant your disability.

The fact that you're retarded-- that's not the right word.

I don't know what to call you.

Sam. You can call me Sam.

All right! Hello. Hi, Todd.

I was out of range. How you doing?

What do you mean, what's that supposed to mean?

You're supposed to be taking him to karate.

Are you eating? No, I will not hold on.

Go pick him up.

I can't hear you. I'm in the car.

They put you through to me.

I'm losing you.

What makes Sam a good father?

The important thing is for Sam to be a very good father...

is to be there for her...

because the smarter Lucy is, the smarter she will get.

So what makes Sam a good father?

Lucy's first word was "Annie..."

and her fifth word was "Joe."

And I'm Joe.

Sam is a very good father...

because he likes green things...

Like I like green things very much.

I like green peas.

My cousin Luke works for the organization--

environmental organization Greenpeace...

and they like to save the whales.

I like whales.

"Moby Dick" was one of my all-time favorite classics...

by Herman Melville.

Wait. Why are you recording this?

It's often necessary--

You didn't say anything about a tape recorder.

-Who's listening? -Me.

What is that supposed to mean?


Who are you really?

I need to speak to my lawyer now.

I don't think you realize what you're up against.

We have to be in court in three days...

and we don't have a decent witness.

Now, you've got to know someone who can testify...

who's been to college...

or has a degree of some kind...

or has some way of expressing themselves...

that will make the court believe you deserve...

to get your daughter back.

I need coffee. Big, tall.

Tall is the smallest.

Yeah, of course.

Once you think of this person...

and there has to be one person, call me at work.

Because I'm going back there now...

to my seven other cases. What?

Mrs. Robeck. I'm on the 405.

The traffic is horrible.

You want this for here or to go?


Oh, no. No.

Tow truck is towing your car.

Son of a bitch.

It's towing your car.

No, wait! Stop! It's my car. Stop.

But, Annie, it's just one day.

And Lucy needs you because you went to college...

and you can give the right answers.

And we can't lose her.

I'd make it worse for you.

I can't do it.

Don't you think I would if I could?

All rise for the Honorable Judge Phillip McNeilly.

Hi, guys.

Hi, Sam.

Boy, you did a wonderful job making those signs.

You're welcome, Sam. Good luck, buddy.

Go get 'em.

Although, at her birthday party...

I believe her true feelings about her father were revealed.

Objection. "True feelings revealed"?

Your Honor, Ms. Davis is an expert...

appointed by the court for her opinion.

I'll allow it.

Then every child who rages...

because they didn't get to stay up...

that extra hour to watch TV--

Any child who said they hated their parents...

because they didn't want a bath...

would be a prime candidate for foster care?

-Objection, Your Honor. -Sustained.

I think they want you to stop.


Thank you, Sam.

Yeah, OK. Brad's wearing a tie today...

and I think the tie looks wonderful on you, Brad.

You look great, too.

There's a lady-- she's writing everything down.

Watch what you say.

I have the best friends in the whole world.

Continue with your witness, Mr. Turner.

Ms. Davis, I assume in your therapy session...

that Mr. Dawson extolled his parenting ability.

On the contrary.

Mr. Dawson admitted he felt very confused at times.

Actually, that he felt terrified...

that he'd made and would continue to make--

and I can quote here--

"Huge mistakes, huge mistakes...

"mistakes that are huge."

Thank you. No further questions.

You're a mother, aren't you, Ms. Davis?

Yes, I am.

Would it be fair to say that...

as a parent, you've been confused from time to time...

possibly overwhelmed on occasion...

even though you're a wonderful mother?

If Ms. Davis has never had a moment...

where she's been confused as a mother...

it would bias her expert opinion.

I know that I have many moments as a parent...

where I felt I've made huge mistakes.


Get to the relevant point, Ms. Harrison.

The point is, you've never had those moments...

have you, Ms. Davis?

Moments that every parent I've ever spoken to has.

Moments where the task is so unbelievably challenging...

that you feel retarded...

disabled in some way.

Moments where everyone seems to have the key but you.

Really, to be honest--

Yes or no? Please answer the question.

I didn't really feel right now--

Let me rephrase the question.

-When your son O.D.'d-- -Objection.

If Ms. Davis didn't feel she had made mistakes...

mistakes that were huge...

it might bias her opinion toward Mr. Dawson.

I'll allow it.

Ms. Davis, when your son O.D.'d...

did you feel that you might have made mistakes...

mistakes that were huge?



No further questions.

You made her cry.

I got lucky.

Oh, no. That's not nice to make her cry.

Only in there.

And your secretary when you hated your desk.

Green and yellow on the same plate.

Could you separate the lima beans...

from the corn, please?

Sam, don't be impossible.

Can I have the spinach omelette--

only egg whites, no fat, no oil, no butter.

-And extra mushrooms? -Absolutely.

My treat.

-No, no, no-- -My treat.

My pro bono.

That means she doesn't have to pay. I pay.

Sam, do you really want to get this...

or are you just trying to...

trying to act like a...

What do you mean?

You know, like--Never mind.

I'm a grownup.

I didn't say that.

You think what they think.

You're my lawyer, and you think what they think?

I don't have a chance.

I think...

you deserve a fair trial.

Do you think what they think?

Sam can't order food or Sam can't pay a check.

Sam can't take care of Lucy?

It doesn't matter what I think. It matters that we win.

It matters what you think.

It doesn't matter to them what I think.

It matters to me!

It matters to me!

$14.33. That's five ones...

Two quarters. 14.33.

Five ones and two quarters.

And 17 cents less than 20.

Dr. Blake, what would you say kept you going...

the 12 years you were in medical school?

Caffeine and doughnuts...

and my mother's belief in me.

I wish I had a mother like that.

She must have been smart.

She had great instincts.

Do you happen to know what her l.Q. was?

In the lower ranges. About 70.

So your mother...

this woman who had the mind of a 9-year-old...

had the wisdom to recognize you would be a great doctor.

Yes. I can't say it was always easy...

but she taught me the things they can't teach.

Patience and compassion.

Traits most doctors have in spades.

Mr. Dawson.

You've become a wonderful girl...

and we're proud of you.

Lucy will be, too. She'll be wonderful.

He's very enthusiastic. Thank you, Doctor.

No further questions. Come on, come on.

How'd you get through medical school? Where'd you live?

We lived with my mother's parents.

-Grandma and Grandpa. -Yes.

Would it be fair to say that Grandma and Grandpa...

were of normal intelligence?

And so, would it be fair to say...

that Grandma and Grandpa of normal intelligence...

had the real responsibilities?

Objection. Mr. Turner's mother-in-law lives with him.

Motion to strike. Irrelevant, immaterial, and immature.

I warn you, Ms. Harrison...

stick to the relevant issues of the case.

Your Honor, the relevancy is that every parent...

has a right to a support system.

I'm not talking about the rights of the parents.

I'm talking about the rights of the child.

Please let the record show--

Excuse me. Your Honor...

I'm talking about entrusting an 8-year-old's welfare...

in the hands of someone whose record shows...

has been diagnosed with autistic tendencies...

mental retardation--

Objection. Move to strike that from the record.

It is clear that one's intellectual capacity...

has no bearing on their ability to love.

Your Honor, would you please instruct counsel...

to proceed with a modicum of sensitivity?

I'm very sensitive...

especially when I see someone like you...

walk in here and try to give meaning to your life...

by screwing up somebody else's.

That's enough. Ms. Harrison, approach the bench.

My mother raised me--

Tearing apart a family is truly noble work, Mr. Turner.

That's enough.

This is an award for you at some luncheon...

but I'm here every day.

You win, you're out the door.

You know who I see come back? The child.

Only this time, it's too late.

So am I sensitive? Yeah, I'm a little sensitive.

You can't even touch that area.

Your Honor, please let the record show...

my mother raised me.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

His name is my name, too

Whenever we go out, the people always shout

They say, "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"

Excuse me. Time is up.

Please, just a little more.

No. I have another case at 2:30.

I need to go to the bathroom.



She said we could go to the park.

What happened? What made her change her mind?

I started crying in the bathroom...

so she thought we needed more time.

There's the park.

Let's not get off. Let's keep going.

No, Lucy, that would be wrong.

Tamara's mommy lost her case...

and she hasn't seen her in six years.

She had five different mommies, and one of them hit her.

I would never let that happen to you.

That's what her real mommy said...

and now they won't even let her talk to her.


It's the only way to be together.

We'll start a new life...

get new names, live in a new apartment...

and they'll never find us.

That's Rita. Hi!

It's 3:00 in the morning. Hi!

What were you thinking?

What were you possibly thinking?

I wanted to be with Lucy.

That's ridiculous!

Willy, stay here with me.

What could you possibly gain by kidnapping your kid...

in the middle of a custody hearing?

-Lucy told me-- -I don't want to hear it!

Can you possibly explain this to me?

-Who is the goddamn parent? -Me.

Willy, stay in the hallway.

I am deeply disturbed by this.

Lucy, I would have expected more from you.

I can imagine what you're thinking...

but I ask you this--

What parent in their right mind...

seeing their child's pain, their yearning for contact...

wouldn't take them in an effort to comfort them?

You need to understand...

something very important about the father--

Yes, and if I were you...

I'd look at my conscience long and hard...

before I tried to use this in court.

Is that a threat?

No! It's...a plea.

Give him a break.

Just give him one goddamn break.

Lucy, say your good-byes. It's time to go.

Willy, it's time to go home.

Goddamn it, Willy!

Please don't fire us.

It was all my idea.

Please don't.


Raise your right hand.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth...

and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

So help me God.

I heard you turned seven this year.

That's pretty exciting.

Everybody gets older. It's not that big a deal.

What'd you get for your birthday?

I haven't opened my presents yet.

Really? That's odd. Why?

Actually, I opened my presents.

I got the "Help" album, limited edition.

I'm sorry. I'm very confused.

I thought you didn't open your presents...

because you ran away from your own party...

because your best friend told everyone...

that you said you were adopted.

I never said that. Why would I say that?

Why would your friend say that?

Kids lie all the time.

-Remember you're under oath. -I know.

-And you know what that means? -I do.

Now that we have all agreed to tell the truth...

where were you sleeping last night?

In my bed at the foster home.

If you're not going to tell the truth, I am.

Your dad kidnapped you last night.

-Objection. Kidnapped? -Sustained.

Young lady, you have to tell the truth.

You're lying because you're afraid.

Objection. He's putting words in her mouth.


Please limit yourself to questions, Mr. Turner.

You have to tell the truth.

Lucy, are you afraid to tell the truth...

because you'll hurt your Daddy's feelings?

Daddy's right here. You can tell the truth.

Isn't it true that very deep down inside...

you know you need much more than your daddy can give you?

All you need is love.

Where did she go?

Please, God.

Please, God.

Please, God.

These responsibilities include...

busing tables, replenishing the Sweet 'n Lows...

sweeping up the place?


Aren't these Mr. Dawson's only responsibilities?

Because he doesn't have the mental capacity...

to run a cash register or even make a cup of coffee.

As a matter of fact...

Sam and I were discussing a promotion...

we were going to put into effect next week.

Hooray for me! Thank you, George.

Thank you, George. That's very nice.

After eight years, Sam can make a cup of coffee...

and he can certainly help Lucy with her geometry.


And when I ask another question...

-I answer in one sentence. -Short and sweet.

Yes. One sentence. Short and sweet.

Tim Curry was a sweet transvestite...

in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Let's try one word.


You're here! You're here!

Susan Sarandon is also one of my favorite actresses.

Besides being Lucy's godmother...

aren't you also her piano teacher?


Annie plays the piano beautifully.

You really do, Annie.

Sam, it's Annie's turn now.

And didn't you graduate magna cum laude...

from the Juillard School of Music?

Summa cum laude.

Excuse me.

Ms. Cassell, in all the time you've known them...

have you ever questioned Sam's ability as a father?

-Never. -Never?

Look at Lucy. She's strong.

She displays true empathy for people...

all kinds of people.

I know that you all think...

she's as smart as she is despite him...

but it's because of him.

So, what you're saying is...

you don't worry about Lucy's future.

No. I do.


I worry all the time.

If they take Lucy away from her father...

they will take away an enormous piece of her...

and I worry that she will spend the rest of her life...

trying to fill that hole.

Thank you, Ms. Cassell.

No further questions.

Thank you for coming here today, Annie.

You're welcome, Sam.

Can Sam add?


What about multiplication?

He's learning.

What does that mean? He can't multiply two times two?

I don't know about you, Mr. Turner...

but my memories of my parents...

have nothing to do with the times table...

or with state capitals.

A truck ran into the state capital building...

and it went on fire on television.

I saw that on the news with the reporter with the toupee...

and Mr. Turner lost his toupee.

Thank you, Mr. Wali.

I bet he's knocking on your door...

asking questions all the time.

Yes. All the time.

Let's see. The last question...

was whether to use Biz or Clorox...

to get the grass stains out of Lucy's soccer uniform.

Eventually, Lucy will go through puberty.

How much insight or know-how...

will he bring to those sensitive subjects...

of a young girl's development?

I can only imagine how much...

insight and sensitivity you yourself would bring...

to that delicate area, Mr. Turner...

or any father, for that matter.

And you've had plenty of opportunity...

to observe fathers, haven't you?


The fact that Ms. Cassell hasn't left her room in...

I don't know how many years...

must have some effect on her perception.

I'll allow it. Please answer the question.

I have had 28 years in the real world...


I have been able to observe all kinds of fathers.

What about your father?

Ms. Cassell...

since you seem to be such an expert...

on father-daughter relationships.

I'm sorry, Ms. Cassell. I need to hear your response.

What about your father?

What about your father?

Objection to that.

Excuse me, Mr. Dawson. Please.

-Overruled. -That's overruled.

Mr. Dawson, please sit down.


Mr. Dawson, sit down!

Annie's father was a meanie.

Sam has his big day on the stand tomorrow...

and we need to do a little bit of work...

so he's as effective as you were.

I want to be as effective as you were, Annie.

On the Porsche, the door handle...

is a little hidden by that thingamajig.

So, if you're having trouble finding it--


I think maybe Annie's not exactly ready to go yet.

We'll just take our time.

-Home. -Dialing office.

-Home. -Dialing office.

Home, god damn it!

I'm ready now.

Good. Fine.

Sam, Annie's ready.


Let's work in the den. It's down here.

Hey, Willy. Where's your dad?


I don't want to guess. Where is he?

Where was he last night?

Working. Late.

There. You guessed it.

Did he say who was supposed to take care of you?

You. But you said you were working late, too.

I am working late.

How was your day?

You have to work. Go work.

How was your--

Hello? Where are you?

I've been waiting here an hour.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

You were on line two.

You don't sound like you're on the freeway.

Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

There you are.

You gonna come see the movie? It's the best part.

It's getting late. We better get to work.

It's time to get ready for bed.

Willy, it's time for bed.

Our strategy is...

we're aggressively pursuing a support system.

I'm going to ask you...

"How are you prepared to help Lucy at school?"

Let me see. Let me see.

Sam, I told you, you have to stop saying that.

It makes you look stupid.

OK, try again.

You say you will find her a tutor.

Then I say, "How will you pay for it?"

Could you slow down?

Why do you eat so fast?

We have been over this a million times.


You found her a free tutoring service at the YWCA.

But I didn't. You did.

Can you grasp the concept of...

manipulating the truth?

Not lying.

Just a little tweak here and there.


You're so lucky.

You get to play with Willy any time you want.

He doesn't want to play with me.

Yes, he does.

Yes, he does. He does.

He thinks you don't want to play, maybe.

That's ridiculous. Of course I do.


I drove around after work yesterday till 9:30...

Iooking for that frigging Raptor scooter!

So, what made you harass that young boy at your house?

I didn't harass that boy, and you know it, Rita.

I'm pretending to be Mr. Turner. Remember?

If I look at you, I'm gonna laugh again.

OK, Mr. Turner.

I'm Mr. Turner. All right?

Isn't Lucy already smarter than you?

You buried yourself. You've got to do better.

I kind of think we're the same smart.

What does that mean?

I know the bus routes better than she does.

How does that make you the same smart?

Doesn't every parent want their kid to be smart?

That's true, but the issue here is that...

at the age of seven, Lucy is smarter than you.

But in some ways, I'm smarter than she is.

You got to be firm on this.

In some ways, she's--

In some ways, I'm smarter than her.

In some ways, I'm smarter than you, Mr. Turner.

In some ways, I'm smarter than you, Judge McNeilly.

Whoa. Take it down.

Want some marshmallows?

This is my husband's. He'll never notice.

He has ten more just like it.

Try it on.

Will you look that way?

In there.

I wasn't exactly sure how to tie this.

Does it look bad?

No. Very, very good.

Cross over once.

And loop this around...

and up inside of the neck.

And then pull up on the skinny part.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Today's your big day, buddy. Making coffee.

-You ready? -Thank you, George.

What time you got to be in court?

I have to be on the stand at 2:00.

Two venti Caramel Macchiatos. That's a wonderful choice.

Two cappuccinos and a Hazelnut Frappuccino.

Two Orange Mocha Chip Frappucinos.

Two Caramel Frappucinos and a--

I'm sorry. Can you tell me that one more time?

Everybody's very thirsty today.

Oh, boy.

I'm going as fast as I can. That's the only thing.

But I don't have all day.

No, just another couple of minutes.

Not all day.

You know what? Fine. Forget it. Thank you.

Sam, I need that tall decaf vanilla drip right away.

A vanilla drip. Sorry.


I really have to hurry, though.

Is that enough? Oh, shoot.

Maybe you want something else.

Sam, I need a grande soy latte...

but don't put any whipped cream or foam on it.

I'm just trying to go really fast.

-Oh, no! -Sam, you'll be late.

Your Honor, I'm sure he'll be here any moment.

This is an extremely important day to Mr. Dawson.

I'm here!


Your Honor, may I have a moment to confer with my client?

Make it brief, Ms. Harrison.

What the hell happened to you?

-I'm late. -What's that smell? Mint?

No, no. The blender exploded.

Look at me.

Slow down, because Lucy needs you.

Yeah, Lucy needs me.

We need you, Ms. Harrison.

I go in there now, because it's my turn.

Go sit.

How will you be able to pay for private tutoring?

There's a free program at the YWCA...

and Lucy can go to that program.

Don't you ever think it would be better for Lucy...

if she lived with a permanent foster family...

and you could visit whenever you wanted?

No, I don't think that's a very good idea, see.

Because the Fosters, they don't know Lucy.

And I know Lucy because I'm her father.

So, I think if they want to see her...

then the Fosters can come over to our house to visit her.

And I'm very firm on this.

I'm very firm on this idea, because Lucy belongs with me.


Remember when Paul McCartney wrote the song "Michelle"...

and then he only wrote the first part, Annie said.

And then he gave that part to John Lennon...

and he wrote the part that said...

"I love you, I love you, I love you."

Annie said that it wouldn't have been...

the same song without that...

and that's why the whole world cried...

when the Beatles broke up on April 10, 1970.

No further questions.

So, your parents put you in an institution.

My mother got sick, see...

so I had to go in an institution...

when my mother got sick.

What about your father? Where was he?

He was gone when I was born.

He went away when I was born.

So the people at the institution were your parents.

Were they nice to you?

Some, yes. Some, no.

Did they hit you?

Sometimes they did hit me. Yeah.

Like you hit Lucy's friend at her birthday party?

Objection. Mistakes the facts and evidence.

Nobody hit anybody.

I'll rephrase that. Strong-armed.

So, who do you look up to?

Who do you want to be like...

as a father when parenting Lucy?

The head of the institution? The principal? The warden?

Not Mr. Whitehead. Not him.

Then who?



I look up to myself as a father.

Mr. Dawson, you have the capacity of a 7-year-old.

What makes you think you have the ability to be a father?

Your background, your IQ...

your friends who can't even testify--

Objection. Compound questions.

-Objection! -Sustained.

They love Lucy, see.

Even if Rita didn't think they were smart enough...

to testify, they love Lucy.

Yeah. I love Lucy.

Even if Rita thought you'd wipe the floor with them.

Mr. Dawson, your lawyer just objected.

You didn't have to answer that question.

You can't even follow simple rules...

you've been observing day after day.

-Objection. Your Honor-- -Overruled.

What makes you think you can raise a 7-year-old?

A 10-year-old? A 13-year-old?

You know what that means?

She'll be six years more advanced than you.

What makes you think you can do that?

What makes you think you can do that?

What makes you think you can do that?


have had a lot of time, see, to...

think about what it is...

that makes somebody a good parent...

and it's about constancy...

and it's about...

patience, and it's about listening...

and it's about pretending to listen...

even when you can't listen anymore.

And it's about love, like she said.

See, Billy has a home with me...

and I made it the best I could.

And it's not perfect...

and I'm not a perfect parent...

and sometimes I don't have enough patience...

and I forget he's just a little kid...

but we built a life together...

and we love each other.

And if you destroy that...

it'll be irre--irrep--

Let me see. Let me see.

-Irreparable. -Yep!

Yes. Yes.

Joanne, don't do that, please.

Don't do it twice. Not to him.

Meryl Streep can't even look at Dustin Hoffman after that.

"Kramer vs. Kramer."

Thank you, Mr. Wali, for that commentary.

Your Honor, my client is understandably upset.

Motion to recess.

I don't exactly like recess very much.

Motion denied.

Continue with your witness, Mr. Turner.

Mr. Dawson...it's hard.

I know it's hard to know what to say to Lucy half the time.

Right? ls it?


No? Was that a no?

No what?

Let me see.

I don't know exactly.

I'm sorry, Mr. Dawson. You don't know what?

I don't...yeah.

OK. Yeah.

Yes? Yes, you don't know.

Right? You don't know...

what it takes to raise your daughter.


These are not questions. This is an attack.


I'm Lucy's father.

-I'm her father. -Are you really?

I'm not talking about the fact...

that you got some homeless woman pregnant.

Objection, Your Honor!

Get to the question, Mr. Turner.

The question is, if you love your daughter...

as much as you say you do--

and I know that you do--

don't you think she deserves more?

Don't you in your heart of hearts...

secretly question yourself every day?

Objection. Compound questions.

OK, yeah!

I'm sorry. Was that a yes?

I think Lucy deserves everything.

In my heart of hearts, I think she deserves everything.

Yes, she does.

-Yeah, OK. -Yes, she does.

And you agree with everyone here...

that you can't give her that.

Maybe everybody's right, see.

Maybe everybody's right about that, see.

So no more now, OK?

No more now. No more.

I want to stop right now!

This is the end of this for me.

Your teacher told me you're a wonderful artist.

So I was thinking maybe--

Daddy's coming today.

We're going to open my birthday presents.

You must be so excited.

Why don't you just go and do something?

Sam, it's me. Open up.

I don't have time for this.

You were supposed to show up to your first evaluation...

and I leave work early to be there...

and where the hell are you? Open the door!

Sam, open the goddamn door.

If you don't care enough to open the door, I'm out of here.

I've ruined my practice. I've alienated my colleagues.

I sent my kid off on a fishing trip with his father...

so that I could work with you...

and you won't open the goddamn door for me!

Fine! That's it! I've had it!

Sam, can I come in?

Not really room here.

There's no room here.

Yeah, well, I lived in the East Village.

I don't need a lot of room.

Because I make things--

everything is too hard on everybody.

I make everything hard on everybody.

I can go...

at least another nine rounds.

But you gotta let me in.

Please. Sam.

There you are.

Now I can see those kind eyes.

So, George says that you needed a break from work.

I don't really want to work there anymore...

because there's too many people.

Then maybe we can find you a quieter job, because--

Remember that was one of the judge's conditions...

that you earn more money.

You have to keep earning more money...

so that you can get a new apartment...

and Lucy can have her own room...

for when you get her back.

Yeah, except that Lucy doesn't need me anymore.

She has a new family now...

and she doesn't need me anymore.

Is that what she said?

It's because I know that.

Because I just know that.


That's the first stupid thing I've ever heard you say.

Sam, you can get Lucy back.

The court favors reunification.

But, Sam, you have to fight for her.

Yeah, but I tried! I tried hard!

-Try harder! -Yeah, but you don't know!

I don't know what?

You don't know what it's like when you try...

and you try and you try and you don't ever get there!

Because you were born perfect, and I was born like this!

And you're perfect!

Is that right?

-People like you don't know. -People like me?

You don't know what it's like to get hurted...

because you don't have feelings.

People like you don't feel anything.

You think you got the market cornered on human suffering?

Let me tell you something about people like me.

People like me feel lost and little and ugly...

and dispensable.

People like me have husbands...

screwing someone else far more perfect than me.

People like me have sons who hate them.

And I've screamed horrible things to him...

a seven-year-old, because he doesn't want...

to get in the car at the end of the day.

And then he looks at me with such anger...

and I hate him then.

I know I'm failing you. I know I'm disappointing you.

I know you deserve better, but get in the fucking car!

Every morning, I wake up and I fail.

And I look around, and everybody seems to be pulling it off...

but somehow I can't...

no matter how hard I try.

Somehow...l'll never be enough.

You're enough.

Yeah, you're much more than enough.

Lovely Rita.

Get off the grass, Dino.

OK, come on.

Be careful, because you're gonna get hurt.

Guys, be careful of the pictures.

Be careful of the pretty pictures.

Sam, you're early.

All the lights were green.

When I was walking here, all the lights were green.

There's a reason for the court schedule.

You stopped showing up.

Lucy's had to rebuild her whole life, Sam.

I want her back. I know I can get her back.

That's not up to me.

But I'm just gonna tell you...

I'm gonna do everything in my power...

to protect that little girl from getting hurt again.

Whose dogs are these?

These are supplemental income.

Because I wash and I walk and I feed the dogs.

Sam Dawson has everything for your canine needs.

Let me go get your daughter.

Everybody behave like a gentleman...

because Lucy's gonna come out here...

and first impressions are very important.

You never even came!

You never called!

You forgot about me! How could you forget me?

No, I didn't forget you! I would never forget you!

I hate you!

Will you not be mad at me for one second?

Because I want to tell you one thing, OK?

Because last night, I was writing you a letter...

and then the words, they got too big.

Gesundheit, Floppy. Floppy has a cold.

And then I said...

"Dear Lucy, I'm sorry I maybe hurt your feelings...

"and I was thinking about you all the time.

"Lucy on a hammock...

"and Lucy at school...

"and Lucy in the sky and kisses and hugs, Daddy.

"And P.S. I love you, like the song.

"P.S. I love you, like in the song."

Hello, Mr. Dawson.

Yeah. Hello, lawyer.

Shall we?

And in these next months...

Mr. Dawson will be expanding his support system...

to include regional service programs, tutors, and--

I think it's very important that you know...

that the foster family is pushing forward toward adoption.

The Department of Child and Family Services and l...

fully support their request.

Darn it.

Sam, there's one option we've never talked about.

I know what you went through...

the last time you took the stand.

I didn't like that at all.

We could give the foster parents guardianship...

and then we could try...

for the most incredible visitation rights...

and it would almost seem like joint custody.

You're saying I don't have a chance.

That's what you're saying.

No. I'm not saying you don't have a chance.

That's what you said last time and now look where he is.

But she's not saying that I don't have a chance.

So tell me that I have a chance.

Oh, my God. Sam, you guys...

it's video night at my house, and I'm not even there.

-Check. -Sam, get your dessert to go.

Because, OK.

Wait. This is really hard to say.

For me, this is a very hard thing to say...

but I'm gonna stay and have my dessert here with Rita...

and I'm not gonna go to video night tonight.


Gee, that figures. I knew that was coming.

Sam, you can go if you--

-I said no, Rita. -But if you want to go--

Do you want me to go?

No, I don't want you to go, but you can go if you want.

-Fine. -Fine.

Good-bye, Rita.

If you want to come to video night, you're welcome to.

Thank you, Joe.

Bye, Joe.

Because you're eating slower. That's good.

Because it's good to chew.

Buttermilk pancakes.

OK. Let me see.

OK, sidebar.

Because you-- you need to leave your husband.

And I need to get Lucy back.

We need--

When dealing with the customer, always be friendly...

and not familiar.

Because I can be your friend.

Thank you.

But you still need to leave your husband.

My marriage isn't so bad.

It's just that...

it's just...

I've never lost at anything.

-Daddy? -Hi.

What are you doing here?

I live here.

What do you mean you live here?

Actually, I live here.

This is where you live?

So close to me?

Yeah, because I wanted to be close.

I wanted to be closer to you...

so I live here in that apartment.

It's number nine.

And number nine is like October 9...

when John Lennon was born...

and his son was born on October 9, too.

John met Yoko on November 9.

Yeah, and his mother lived...

at number nine Newcastle in Liverpool.

Newcastle, nine letters. Liverpool, nine letters.

Maybe I can talk to Daddy for a minute?

Come over here, Dino.

You're a Girl Scout now!

Is that OK?

Yeah, that's really good.

Look at my pins.

-It looks very good on you. -Thank you.

You'll be a very good Girl Scout.

Sam, we need to talk.

What are you doing?

Trying to get closer to her by moving closer?

We're supposed to give her consistency.

We've got a week till we go to court.

Because every time I came down to see her on a bus...

I was always every time wasting time on a bus.

I really do understand.

But we have to make it about her and what's best for her.

Yeah, what's best for her is what's most important.

-Right. -Yeah.

Does Floppy still have his cold?

Yeah, but Floppy's getting much better.

That's good.

Can I buy some cookies from you?

That'll be 3.25.

We can get it from you later.

We really should get going.

-Here you go. -Thank you.

Can I hug her bye-bye?

Of course you can hug her.


Really very good to see you.


Did you know that Warren G. Harding...

was the 29th president of the United States?

Remember, the 29th president...

in case the judge asks.

What are you doing out here?

I missed you.

You could get really hurted.

And it's really cold...

and you don't have enough on to keep you warm.


She couldn't sleep, so she came to my house.

Give me my daughter. Give us Lucy. Come here.

Easy, Sam. Thank you.

Sometimes if you rub her belly...

and then if you tell her two stories...

and give her half an IHOP corn muffin...

then sometimes she sleeps.

When she can't sleep.

We'll be fine, Sam. Good night.

Good night.

You can go home now.

Yeah, a personal pepperoni pan pizza.

That's a wonderful choice.



Lucy, come here.

Hi, sweetie.

I made us a midnight snack.

Half an IHOP corn cake.

I understand that you want to see your daddy.

And I really don't want to keep you from him.

I really honestly don't.

I want you to know that.

So whenever you want to see him, you just tell me.

Any time you want to see him is fine...

but we kind of need to work it out first.

So how about a snack?

Thank you.

Good night.

Good night.

Everybody behave yourself.

Oh, how wonderful. You brought Willy.

-Hi, Willy. -Hi, Sam.

It's good to see you.

We have to close the door because the dogs go out.

My husband left this when he moved out.

Lovely Rita.

OK, let me see.

They're going to put Randy on the stand tomorrow first...

and then you.

They're a very nice couple.

And she's pretty, and they have a nice house...

and she's smart, too.

Sam, I worry. I worry sometimes.

Do you worry that you did something wrong?

I worry that I've gotten...

more out of this relationship than you.

I have the lawyer that never loses.

That's me.

And the manager at the Pizza Hut's gonna testify...

and that's good.


And Annie said that George thinks--

that George Harrison couldn't--

maybe, he couldn't write a song...

but then he wrote "Here Comes the Sun"...

and she said that it was one of the best songs on "Abbey Road."

George was always my favorite Beatle.

She's OK. Sorry.

She fell asleep in the car.

I was gonna turn back and tuck her in...in her room.

You know, that l-- in her room that I made for her.

Because I tried to make a really nice room for her.

But I was afraid she'd wake up at our house...

and want to come home.

That's a girl.

I have to apologize to you...

because I was gonna tell that judge...

that I could give Lucy the kind of love she never had.

But I can't say that, because I'd be lying.

I hope...

I hope you're saying what I think you're saying.

I hope you're saying what I think you're saying.

I am.


I'll see you in court tomorrow.

Save me a seat, Sam.

On your side. OK?

Yeah. I'll save you a seat on my side.

-Bye. -Bye.


If I tell you a secret...

that I can't do it by myself...

will you tell the judge on me?

No, Sam.


I promise.

Because I always wanted Lucy to have a mother.

I always wanted her to have a mother.

Help. I need somebody.

Help. Not just anyone.

And you're the red in her painting.

Because I think you're the red in her painting.

Thank you, Sam.

Play ball!

Get it, Lucy!

Go, Lucy!

Lucy got a goal!

Lucy got a goal, Rita!

Special help by SergeiK