The I Inside Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The I Inside script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ryan Phillipe, Sarah Polley, Piper Perabo, Stephen Rea, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The I Inside. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The I Inside Script



            Diazepam, five milligrams

            Easy now, Mr. Cable you're gonna be fine

            Just having a nightmare Let it go Mr. Cable

            Whatever it is you have to let it go

            Where am I?

            You're in a hospital Saint Jude's

            I'm Doctor Jeremy Newman

            I've been assigned your case

            You were admitted last night

            Don't you remember?

            That's okay

            Perfectly normal after that kind of trauma

            What happened?

            Paramedics were called just after midnight

            They found you, right in front of your house

            You had violent choleric abdominal convulsions

            I'm afraid we had to evacuate your stomach contents


            It's just, uh... I apologize...

            I've never had to tell a patient this before

            We're a small hospital and painfully short-staffed

            I'm actually a pediatric doctor by training so

            any bad news I have to give

            usually involves a lollipop

            Would you like one?

            It's grape

            Doctor, please

            You died, Mr. Cable

            Your heart stopped beating for nearly two minutes

            No, no, it's alright

            We resuscitated you We brought you back

            You're good as new well, practically

            So, that's why I'm here

            Now, over the next few days, we'll...

            run a series of tests to...

            My name is Simon Cable

            I was born on July  th,     

            My parents were Catherine and Leonard

            My father owned a publishing company

            my mother ran charities

            I have one older brother Peter

            You can ask me anything I'm...


            That's the spirit This won't take long

            Okay, so

            Do you remember my name?

            Dr. Newman... Justin

            Jeremy, that's okay, nobody around here remembers it anyway

            Um, and the date?

            It's the...

            Uh, have I missed a day?

            No, it's Friday

            Then it's uh...

            God, I've always been terrible with dates

            Well, that, that's okay don't worry about it

            Um, how about the month?

            What month do you think it is?

            It's uh, summer, maybe?

            How about the year?

            Well, last year was     

            So, this year is     

            It's the year      right?

            Uh, your wife's name?

            Simon, this is the   th of July

            The year is     

            And your wife whose name is Anna

            is waiting outside

            Back that truck out now!

            Get these cars out of here!

            We're gonna to need some backup here!

            Hey, come out here

            Are you alright? You okay?

            Take it easy man, I'm going to take you on a little trip

            You okay? Just hang in there now

            Won't be long

            - What have we got? - We got trauma...

            Let's move on Saline, stabilize the heart

            Watch your backs

            Make it jolly

            Help me move

            Make that bolder

             His name is Simon Cable

              One, two, three

              Time is twenty hundred hours

              He's crashed, he's crashed! Get the defrib!

              Start chest compression

              One, two, three, four, five

              One, two, three, four, five

              One, two, three, four, five

              One, two, three, four, five

              One, two, three, four, five

              One, two, three, four, five

              No pulse Been flat

              Get someone from surgery down here, pedals

              One hundred


              Clear! No change

              Two hundred

              Charging! Clear!

              There's nothing to explain Dr. Newman

              His Synoptic Cholinesterase is practically non-existent

              I really don't wanna be discussing this right now

              What I need is coffee

              Poisonings have suspicious need

              you have to come report it to the police

              that's hospital policy

              Let's rule everything out first that's all I'm saying

              Diazepam, five milligrams

              Take it easy, Mr. Cable You're gonna be fine

              Just having a nightmare

              Let it go Mr. Cable

              Whatever it is you just have to let it go

              So what we're looking at here is Anterior grade amnesia

              Basically short term memory loss

              Nothing to get too worried about

              Nothing to get too worried about?

              These episodes usually sort themselves out

              in a couple of days a couple of weeks

              You're telling me that I've lost two years of my life?

              Think of it as if your life's a puzzle

              that's been jumbled up

              All the pieces are still there

              We just have to put them back together

              Fit them in the right order and place

              And, honestly, Simon I love a good puzzle

              And I have a wife?

              Yeah, these situations are tough on couples

              But your wife will help us with this

              She could be the key

              So, if you're feeling up to it

              I'll go and get her

              What do you think, Simon?

              Would you like me to get your wife?


              God! Simon I was so scared

              I called every hospital I didn't sleep at all

              Give me a break now

              The doctor says I'll be just fine

              Oh, my God What happened to you?

              You have no idea how scared I was

              For a moment I actually felt what it would be like

              if you weren't in my life I just completely lost it

              You know it was kind of pathetic

              What's the matter? Are you hurting?

              Dr. Newman hasn't told you what's happened to me, has he?

              Now you're freaking me out, Si

              I've lost my memory

              I can't remember anything about the past two years

              I don't even know how I got here last night

              And I don't know who you are

              What are you doing, Simon?

              Telling you the truth

              I'm sorry

              I don't know you, at all

              You're serious?

              With everything that's happened

              This is how you're going to tell me?

              Wait a second I don't think you understand

              - Are you crazy, Simon? - I don't know what happened

              I have nothing left

              Wait! Please!



              Whoa, Mr Cable Whoa, stop

              Stop her!

              - Stop who? - My wife!

              - There's no one here - What Are you talking about?

              No aerobics for at least a week, Simon

              Dr. Newman, will you please Stop My wife?

              Stop her? She's not going anywhere

              You have to tell her what's happened to me

              - I have, Simon - No, you haven't!

              Yes, he has Simon

              Thank God, you're okay

              The kids I work with can't get enough of these things

              I love watching their eyes light up

              when they finally put it all together

              It's just amazing

              Anyway, in order to recover what you've lost, Simon

              We need to find two points in time

              and join them

              So, let's begin with the last memory you can recall two years ago

              Can you tell us what happened last night?

              I wasn't with you last night

              He has no memory of any of it

              Your role, Anna will be to help him

              put his life back together

              Our life

              - It was our life - Of course

              Last night I was at home

              You were up here I don't know what happened


              - I must have been visiting Peter - Peter?

              Peter is my brother He lives up here

              He moved into our parent's estate after my mom died

              We don't really get along, but...

              That's the only reason I'd be up here, right?

              Simon, honey Peter's dead


              Peter died before we met

              There's no fucking way

              I was going to see him just last night

              You didn't see Peter last night

              He means his last night The last night he can remember

              There was rain

              and this light

              Then everything 's quiet

              No rain No light, just...

              Oh, gosh, he's talking about the car accident

              Just this empty void

              And I'm lost in it

              It happened right before we met, Simon

              I don't know that much

              Just that you were up here to see Peter

              I don't even know why

              You never used to like to talk about your brother

              There was a fight over their father's estate

              maybe you read about it

              Anyway after the accident

              This is the hospital you were taken to, I know that much

              Wait a minute I was here before?

              I really need a cigarette

              So, we have our two moments Simon

              Both were accidents both led you to St Jude's

              I can't remember

              It doesn't make sense

              None of this makes any fucking sense

              Two days ago you came up here

              to close up your parents' house

              It's been sitting here for two years, ever since...

              Anyway, you finally agreed to let it go

              You were going to pack up the furniture

              fix some of the fixtures finish the old staircase and



              Not really, it's a gorgeous place but it's falling apart

              No, No, what I mean is

              well, one or two of Simon's enzyme counts are lower than normal

              But I thought you said I was okay

              I said practically, kid

              But your lower enzymes are an indication

              that somehow your bloodstream was poisoned

              Are you saying someone tried to poison him?

              I'm not trying to say anything

              But it's highly possible

              that your condition was caused by fumes

              from certain cleaning solutions or varnishes

              trapped in an enclosed space

              - So now what? - Well, you'll be fine

              We've got you an atropane

              We'll reactivate your cholinesterase

              with one of the doximes

              The sooner you can eat something, the better

              I've scheduled an MRI

              to make sure that everything is A okay

              So, if you'll excuse me

              I'm sure you've seen enough of me to last you a lifetime

              I'll check back in with you in a few...


              You can drop the pretense now you smug fuck

              My God, I knew you were a good liar

              but this performance is unbelievable!

              I don't know what the hell you're talking about

              Then I'd pay closer attention

              Don't think you're going to win this little game of yours

              because I'm a much better player than you are

              This is about her isn't it?

              Do you think I'm that blind?

              Is she really worth this? All of it?

              Who are you talking about?

              I'm talking about you

              A rich little daddy's boy in way over his head

              This would actually be sad if you weren't so pathetic

              Wait! You said Peter was dead

              Of course he's dead You killed him

              Knock knock, Mr. Cable it's time for your MRI

              What happened?

              Ask him sleep well, honey

              You... Hey!

              Come on, home boy

              I'm gonna take you on a little trip

              This isn't happening

              Man, I didn't think you could get any whiter

              but you look like you've seen a ghost

              You have to lie here


              What'd make someone wanna kill a nice

              all-American dude like you?


              Who said what? Relax, man It's just a rumor

              Everyone talks about everything around here

              Especially Nurse Clayton Arms down, please

              Nobody was trying to kill me

              It was just chemical I was using on the stairs

              Right, yeah Fumes must've got to you

              Keep your head still

              Anyway, my point is this everybody dies

              No mystery there

              But why and how everyone dies?

              That is a mystery we would solve

              Probably the biggest mystery there is

              Man, you're not making any sense

              I'm not the one who can't remember what year it is


              - What's your name? - Travis

              Straps, too tight?

              Travis, are you going out of your way to make me nervous?

              Hell no, if I wanted to scare you

              I'd just tell you about the number of tumors

              these machines cause

              You hang tight now

              I don't wanna be around when this thing starts leaking

              I mean scanning

              Dr. Newman will be right along See you later

              Thanks, Travis

              Hey! You, in there


              Who is it?

              Doctor Newman?

              I know this sounds ridiculous but I've got this...

              terrible itch on my nose

              Who is there?

              Hey, I don't suppose you can unstrap me for...



              What are you doing?

              My name is Simon Cable

              You want to check the chart or something?

              I don't think I need that!

              Get off me Get the fuck off me!

              Somebody! Somebody help me!

              Somebody help me!

              Sweet Jesus

              What the hell just happened?

              What are you, some kind of a lunatic or something?

              Who's that?

              This is a hospital pal not a nuthouse!

              Oh, hey Doc! Glad you could make it

              We got a live one here

              - How did I just get here? - Just get into bed, Mr Cable

              You shouldn't be up and about, not yet

              Who are you?

              Someone just tried to kill me

              - Yeah, Wacko! - Mr Travitt, enough

              Giving him some positive reinforcement, Doc

              This is Saint Jude's hospital

              Do you know why you're here?

              I was just in the MRI room I was strapped down mister...

              No, Mr. Cable, you were admitted into this room last night

              Now, do you know why you're here?

              I wasn't in this room last night

              I was alone... in a private room

              - No offense taken - Mr. Cable, look at me

              All I want you to do is to answer my one question

              Do you know why you are in the Saint Jude's Hospital?

              Yes, because of the staircase

              See, I just need to talk to my wife

              - Your wife? - Just find Dr. Newman

              He'll know where she is

              We don't have a Dr. Newman on our staff, Mr. Cable

              Now, please look, if you don't calm down I'm...

              What do you mean you don't have a Dr. Newman?

              - I was with him all last night! - Mr. Cable, please!

              The doctor who was here today

              A pediatrician

              I talked to him for about a half hour

              Mr. Cable, please Listen to me

              You have been unconscious since your car accident

              No, no, it wasn't an accident

              It was poisoning You must not have been on duty

              You've been involved in a serious road accident

              And the trauma has obviously affected your memory

              - A car accident? - Yeah

              And you're lucky to be alive, actually

              - last night? - Yeah

              That's impossible

              Swell going, Doc You calmed him right down

              What are you running away from, Mr. Cable?

              What were you hoping to find?

              Your mind's playing tricks on you Mr. Cable, that's all

              - There was No poison? - No, I'm sorry

              And there is no Dr. Newman on the staff at this hospital

              Look, you've been unconscious

              so the oxygen supply throughout your system

              - What's the date? - What?

              The date today?

              - July   th, why? - And the year?

              - The year? - Yeah, What year is it?


              So you're telling me

              that it's the year      and I've been in a car accident

              That I wasn't poisoned

              and there is no Doctor Newman

              Yeah, that's right

              What about my wife?

              - Your wife? - Yeah, My wife

              Actually, your admission papers have you down

              as being single, Mr. Cable

              Okay, I've just spent the entire day

              wandering this hospital

              talking to a Dr. Newman My wife, a mystery woman

              Orderly named Travis

              now, you want me to believe that none of this happened?

              You want a cup of coffee?

              I'm not crazy I can't be

              I don't doubt you believe what you believe, Mr. Cable

              The mind is a remarkable thing

              Perhaps your mind is showing you

              something you need to see

              So being poisoned and nearly murdered

              This is what I need to see?

              It's not for me to say

              I have been in this hospital before

              But two years from now

              This is not my mind playing tricks on me, this happened

              And this is where you met a Dr. Newman

              and an orderly named Travis?

              Yes, will meet

              You know, it's possible you could be suffering

              from a preoccupied delusion Mr. Cable

              - It wasn't a delusion - just consider

              While you were unconscious you fabricated a story

              then stored it deep within your memory banks

              so that now awake when you look back on it

              it appears as real as any true memory

              It was as real as these walls, or you

              Even when you're unconscious your senses are alive

              You have overheard things

              and then incorporated them into your delusion

              You said Travis, the patient in your room is Travitt

              you met a Dr. Newman I'm Truman

              It's like in a dream

              You think you heard a siren and then when you're wake

              you realize it's only your alarm

              Hey, wacko, you know what I've been thinking?

              I swear I know you from somewhere, I mean

              Were you anybody been in the papers or anything?

              What about Anna? Is she also just part of the dream?

              Yes, Mr. Cable, I would venture that she is

              I just want to remember I have to

              Sorry to interrupt, doctor

              I wanted to bring in one of my nursing students

              to check Mr. Hungout's vitals if that's okay

              That's fine, Nurse Clayton Go right ahead

              Okay, what the hell was she doing here?

              - It's just Nurse Clayton? - But she was in My dream

              Mine, too, hey what's she wearing in yours?

              How are you today?

              That's... but you said...

              What? What is it?

              That's... she's my wife!



              Anna have you been here in the last    hours?

              No, is everything okay, Doctor?

              Mr. Cable, I need you to get into bed right now

              How could I know her name, huh? How could I?

              I know who you are I got it

              You're the son of that dead rich guy, aren't you?

              You're all in on this

              You're all out of your fuckin' minds!

              I know I was here! I was in this goddamned room!


              Tell him you know me!

              - A dactyl ten - Tell him you know me!

              Mr. Cable, just come and sit down, will ya?

              - It wasn't a dream! - I know

              - That was real, and this isn't - just relax

              This is bullshit! What are you doing?

              This is for your own good

              No! No, please

              - That's it - I'm telling you

              You're not real!

              Who's there?

              What do you want?

              What do you want?

              Get away from me!

              Doctor! Doctor, doctor, doctor!

              - Has to be on the door - You're gonna hurt yourself

              this is around that goddamn door!

              Keep your head still - Mr. Newton...

              - Someone behind that door! - Nurse?

              Please! He's right there!

              - Five milligrams Diazefam - No, no!

              Simon, listen very carefully to what I'm saying

              You've been prescribed a drug that's known to have

              mild psychiatric side effects

              No one in the hospital who's gonna kill you

              There's no one behind the door

              Well if you're so sure then look

              Simon, please

              Look behind the fucking door!

              Okay I know Just look behind the door

              Not to see if there is someone there

              But to prove to me that there isn't someone there

              This will relax you

              C ward I'll join you there in a minute

              Don't leave! Don't you leave me!

              Simon, I have other patients who need me

              But they're not about to die!

              Neither are you

              And that's a promise

              Goddamn you people!

              Mr. Cable, please have some consideration for others

              Then get me off this thing

              The doctor's orders were quite clear

              Yeah, I know, I know but I'm claustrophobic

              One hand

              Yeah, well, it'll keep you quiet for a moment

              but just a moment

              Mr. Cable, I am not going to fight you

              What I will do is call security

              Mr. Cable, you're meant to stay here

              until you're ready to...

              What are you looking for?

              He was here I know he was


              Someone just tried to kill me

              I promise you, kid that is not true

              - Pralidoxime is known - You're not listening to me

              Someone tried to kill me before the nightmare

              just after that orderly left me

              strapped to that Goddamned machine

              You've got to believe me someone came into the room...

              Take it easy, kid

              Try and relax take a breath

              Good, okay

              Now, I wanna show you something I think may help

              And that's me waking you up

              Keep your head still

              No masked intruders my friend

              It was so real I, I just...

              Under the influence of some psychoreactive drugs

              nightmares can be indistinguishable from reality

              It couldn't have been a nightmare

              You saw it for yourself, Simon

              You were all alone in that room

              I know I was here two years ago, after my accident

              See now that's good

              I told you to start remembering

              And the quicker that happens

              the quicker you accept what really happened

              The quicker you'll finally be able to move on

              Yeah, but still, I...

              it wasn't as if I was remembering the past

              It was as if I was part of it

              I could interact with the people there

              I got it figured out then

              Maybe whoever it was that came after you

              was part of your memory too

              That's why he never showed up on the tape

              I'll just sit here and look pretty

              Was there ever a Doctor Truman here?

              Truman? That vaguely rings a bell

              Yes, 'cause I remember nurse Clayton

              and uh, and a patient named Travitt

              No shit? There's a Travitt on the fifth floor

              - what? - Yeah

              Heart transplant patient

              been waiting here about two years

              May I help you?

              I'm just uh... Iooking up a friend

              But it's two o'clock in the morning

              What the fuck are you looking at?

              I'm so glad to see you

              Hey, got a cigarette?

              No, he hasn't

              How you doing, Doc?

              Mr. Cable, I think we should leave Mr. Travitt to sleep

              Oh, no

              Plenty of time to sleep

              when you unplug me from all this shit

              Don't you recognize me?

              Grim reaper?

              We were in this hospital together two years ago

              They come and they go

              Come on, Mr. Travitt please

              - Think back,   years - It doesn't matter

              Yes, it does!

              I was in this hospital two years ago I know I was

              And he was here with me!

              Holy shit, Wacko!

              Are you sure, Mr. Travitt?

              Abso-fucking-lutely, yeah

              this guy almost shouted the place down

              I see they won't let you escape from this place either

              It wasn't a delusion then

              I was here two years ago It was real

              This is good isn't it, doc?

              Isn't it?

              So you think you're feeling up to a few more questions?

              Simon Cable, born July  th     

              - My name? - Dr. Newman, Justin?

              Jeremy, close enough And the date?

              Is it tomorrow?

              Then it's the   th of July,     

              I'm impressed, kid Who's the President?

              Don't worry about it

              Let's get you back down to your room

              Is uh, Mr Travitt ever going to make it out of here?

              There's only one inescapable rule in the game of life, kid

              Sooner or later everybody has to stop playing

              Whoops, that's me

              I think it'd be better if you've got some sleep

              Thank you, Doctor I know I haven't been easy

              Of course we're not done with you yet

              We have a puzzle downstairs

              that still needs to be put together

              I think I just might be up for that now



              Where have you been?

              I've been looking everywhere for you

              I know, I'm sorry

              I shouldn't have run off I just...

              It just seemed so cruel what you were saying

              You have to believe me I'm not making this up

              I'm not trying to hurt you

              I honestly don't remember who you are

              The doctor swears my memory will return, but

              it just might take some time

              I've got time

              I'll help you

              If I did something to hurt you...


              My name is Claire

              Going down?



              Freight elevator's broken This never happens

              This never usually happens

              You're going back up I assume?

              Yeah, we must have missed our floor

              There's one thing I don't understand

              How, how can you and I

              - I thought I was... - You're married


              I don't regret it, Simon Any of it

              It was you

              Anna knew

              No, she didn't that's impossible

              Yes, she did, something she said, she, she knew

              She was pissed

              I mean, really pissed

              You don't love her, Simon

              What we have is something really amazing

              Anna doesn't matter

              I know what we were and what you felt

              It's just waiting to be remembered

              Some things just don't get lost

              I don't know what to believe anymore

              I'll come back then

              - We'll just take this slow - Claire, wait!

              I love you, Claire

              Finally, he says it

              Yeah, but don't leave me out here all exposed

              I love you too, Simon

              I wish I didn't, but I do

              I think this is my favorite room in the whole house

              All these things growing I could live in here

              Back in a minute

              Simon, what we just said to each other

              It's serious

              I know

              I really don't need this drama, you know?

              I don't think we have a choice

              We always have a choice Simon

              I remember...


              The sunroom... You...

              I remember loving you

              I told you

              Some things just don't get lost


              I can't help but think that

              we're paying for what happened

              What do you mean?

              I'll come back

              Think of me




              How about a glass of water? Since you're up

              What the hell are you doing here?

              You're not going to start acting funny on me, are you?

              How the hell did you get down here? You were just up...

              Off we go

              - It's the year      isn't it? - All year

              You know, the Egyptians have these things called calendars

              - you might wanna get one - Mr. Travitt

              Will you please stop pressing that button?

              Wacko is flying high again, Doc

              Give him a shot in the ass with something or break my balls

              How are you feeling right now?

              Any dizziness? Shortness of breath?


              I have some difficult news for you

              Concerning your brother

              We did everything we could for him

              Is there anyone we can contact for you?

              Your parents or...

              No, both our parents are dead

              I don't know what friends he had up here

              The last few years

              we didn't really get together that much

              If it makes you feel any better

              You donated blood to your brother last night

              What did he need my blood for?

              I needed a transfusion after the accident

              He was with me?

              Wait, I, I thought I had the accident before


              H. G. Wells back from the future

              It's been a long night

              You're completely loony you know that, don't you?

              So, you want to talk about horse racing?


              Tomorrow morning, they're going to open me up

              and cut out my heart

              gonna replace it with mechanical pump that's

              supposed to keep me going until my transplant comes through

              I like playing the horses

              I like long shots

              I mean, if this is the last conversation

              I'm ever going to have I'd, I'd like...

              Ah, forget it

              You're not going to die

              So, you're a doctor now?

              No, time traveler

              Just like you said

              I've seen tomorrow Trust me

              You're not gonna die

              You feel up to seeing her now?

              And who would that be?

              Your brother's fiance

              Why not?


              Hi, I'm Simon

              It's so nice to meet you




              There's no way you are engaged to him

              Not even in my twisted head

              I was just having some coffee, I...

              I wasn't really looking to get married

              Actually, now that you're here

              I do have a couple of questions for you

              Yeah? About what?

              The car accident last night?

              And about your brother

              I need you in the ICU Miss Hathaway

              Okay, we can finish this later

              We can finish what later?


              Clairee? Jesus, are you okay?

              I've been thinking about you but every time

              It's true about Peter

              You were engaged to him?

              Oh, my God How could this be happening?

              You were with Peter and I knew?

              Simon, stop, what's wrong with you?

              We were having an affair?

              He was my brother, Clairee

              - Don't do this, not now - Well didn't you loved him?

              Stop it

              Did you ever love him?

              Of course I loved him

              Things change You know all this, Simon

              And us? Why?

              I guess now we have one of those moments

              You know, people are always talking about them

              Something that happened in the past, so...

              A moment that you wish you could go back to and change

              Something you wish you could have said or done differently

              So, would you?

              Change what happened?

              Wouldn't you?

              It's really good to see you, Si

              Was that your brother's fiance?

              What do you want Miss Hathaway?

              You know, you can call me Anna, if you want

              I just want to tell you something if you had a second


              Well, I think you'll like this story 'cause it's about your brother

              I was alone in the ICU when he woke up

              What do you mean he woke up?

              It was really beautiful you know this one last

              fight for life before he died

              Always check the patient's blood pressure, Mr. Cable?

              Nurse Clayton!

              Patient has recovered consciousness! Vitals are dropping!

              Simon did this to me

              Simon killed me

              I left it on by mistake in my pocket

              I hate it when I do that

              Do you want some coffee?

              No, that's wrong

              I would never do anything to hurt him

              Are you sure about that?

              What, what does this even matter to you?

              'Cause I think you're lying

              I am not lying

              How would you know? You've been so confused

              Not about that

              I would know if I'd killed my own brother or not

              See, you're not really sure, are you?

              Why are you doing this?

              Truth is anything could've happened that night

              and you wouldn't know it

              Who are you? Who are you?

              I guess I'm nobody

              Not like you Rich family, glamorous

              I'm just a girl who's

              trying really hard to be seen

              Bet you see me now

              You're going to blackmail me

              You've gonna blackmail me

              I love all those pictures of you in the magazines

              Going to parties living the life

              You're fucking nuts

              Won't it be so nice to be part of it all?

              You listen to me I would never hurt my brother

              Do you understand?

              If you want, I can go to the police

              I'm sure they'd decide quickly

              what you would or wouldn't do

              Would it be okay if I called you Simon?

              You know 'cause we're going to be

              seeing a lot of each other from now on

              You're psychotic!

              Wait! You can't do this!

              - I just don't give a fuck - Not anymore I don't

              It's just not going to happen

              Come on, man I just fucking screwed up

              You screwed everything up, Simon!

              Mom was too easy on you

              I'm glad dad didn't live long to see what you've turned into

              You know, I don't have to listen to that shit anymore

              I'm sick of it!

              Oh, you're sick? How do you think I feel?

              I'm sick of it!

              - Get out of my house! - Your house?

              - Our house! - It's my house!

              Now, get out, Simon This time you lose!

              You can't just kick me out, Pete

              Where the hell are they going?

              Stay away from me!

              Stay away from me!

              All right, Mr. Travitt if you have other...

              I told you someone was trying to kill me

              I told you, but nobody wanted to listen

              Okay, Mr. Cable

              Can't you just let me...

              I had no choice

              Mr Travitt

              No, it's not Travitt It's that one

              The one who was waiting behind the door

              the one that was trying to kill me

              I told you to look!

              I told you to fucking look!

              I'm... just let me go


              Help me! Somebody!

              Security to second floor Security to second floor

              Don't do this to me! No, don't do this to me!

              - He's in that room - Alright

              In the stairs!

              Shit, I'm still here

              My God


              You killed him

              No, this isn't real! You understand?

              This can't be real

              Do not move!

              - Hey, Cable, My man, slow down - It's you?

              Last time I checked, yeah You okay?

              Come on

              Look, I don't want mean to be outta line or nothing

              But you're really starting to scare me here, you know?

              - You okay? - Wait

              Hey! Cable!

              Oh, shit

              Thank God! You're alive

              Matter of opinion, Wacko

              What's the problem? You look worse than me

              Mr. Cable, will you please leave?

              He's alright, see?

              He's just fine! It was just all in my head

              Wny don't you go back down the stairs to your own room

              I need you to tell me

              about my brother's death Peter Cable,   years ago

              I need to know exactly what happened!

              The soup tastes weird

              It's the same as yesterday's Mr Travitt

              In fact, it probably is yesterday's

              You were here, I need to know what happened

              Doctor Newman said

              you should remember things at your own pace, Mr. Cable

              But I can't! I'm running out of time!

              The soup is too goddamned salty


              Like my wife she'd oversalt the shit out of everything

              - I need you! - Mr. Travitt

              I'm sorry the food isn't up to your standards

              but it's the best I can...

              Calm down! Calm down! Calm down, Calm down!

              Oh, God, he's hemorrhaging!

              - What is it? - Gurney now!

              And find Newman!

              You need to help me!

              It's not my fault!

              Give me your hands now!

              Press here firmly!

              Okay, Mr Travitt both hands!

              - There's so much blood - I didn't mean to do it, I...

              Move! Move! Both!

              Nurse, get him some oxygen!

              Give me a chest setting for spreaders!

              We're going to have to hyperventilate

              Clear airway

              For Christ's sake, I just told you it was my fault!

              I killed him!

              This has nothing to do with you

              I killed him!


                Let go of my arm Mr Cable

                Okay, please tell me about Peter Cable, two years ago

                Can you page Dr. Seymour for me, please?

                What happened to my brother?

                He was brought in by the paramedics

                I think there were   of you

                Human MVAs arrived We got two

                there's one en route

                Your brother's injuries were so severe

                Mr Cable, that after surgery

                he was hooked up to life support on the ICU

                Where he died

                Yeah, I'm sorry

                Was nurse Hathaway in the ICU that night?

                Why don't you ask her yourself?

                You know I know she was here

                - Clairee, hospital - What do you want?

                Just wanna make sure that

                you're playing by the rules of the game

                I gave into you

                You remember

                What a surprise

                You're completely out of your fucking mind

                you realize that?

                See, there's the old Simon I know

                You coming home, honey?

                - Not to you - Want to bet?

                You're bleeding

                I don't know what happened

                you hit your head in my memory

                And now you're bleeding

                I killed Travitt And now he's dying

                Anyway, now that you've made your breathtaking recovery

                are we clear on the terms of our arrangement?

                - It's over - I will decide when it's over

                No, you won't

                The thing is, Anna

                None of this is gonna to happen

                The thing is, Simon It happened

                And I'm going to change it

                Everything 's going to be different!

                You can't change anything

                This isn't going to end like this!

                I won't let it!

                Take me back! One, two, three, four!


                That was stupid


                I love you, Clairee

                Finally, he says it

                I love you too, Simon I wish I didn't, but I do

                I think this is my favorite room in the whole house

                All these things growing

                I could live in here

                Back in a minute

                Simon, what we just said to each other

                Serious, I mean it's really serious

                We do have a choice

                What are you saying?

                I'm saying

                As much as I love you Clairee

                He's my brother

                I just can't do this to him

                But you can do it to me?

                I have to


                Peter, wait!

                Peter, please can we talk about this?

                I don't want to talk Clairee

                I don't even want to look at you!

                Peter, I...

                Claire! Get the fuck out!

                Oh shit

                Wait! Clairee! Clairee, wait!

                We really need to talk, Pete

                I don't think I have anything left to say to you, Simon

                Peter, please

                She was my fiance Simon!

                Nothing happened between us

                You have to believe me She, she loves you

                She's in love with you

                - You don't know that - Simon, I Want you out Of the house

                Pete, I didn't mean for any of this to happen

                You make me sick

                You are not ending up with her

                Peter, don't go up there I made a mistake!

                Your whole life's a mistake, Simon! Mom was too easy on you

                I'm glad dad didn't live long enough to see what you've...

                Why is it always have to be about this?

                This is what its about I'm sick of it!

                - Now, get out of my house! - It's our house!

                - It's our... - It's over, get out Simon

                This time you lose!

                Wait! Don't! Don't go out!

                Don't go out there!



                Jesus! Hang on, man

                Peter, just keep breathing

                You okay?

                I'm going to change, man I promise, I'll be different

                I'm gonna get you to the hospital

                You're gonna make it, man

                You're going to be alright, Pete

                I'm going to get you to the hospital

                Come on! Just go!

                You're going to be alright, Pete

                There won't be an accident

                Back that truck up, now!

                Caucasian male

                lacerations to the head and neck Possibly thirty years old

                Get these cars out of here

                Are you alright? You okay?

                Take it easy now man I'm gonna to take you on a little trip



                Back here

                A fire in summer?

                I wanted a fire I figured why not

                Learning to live a little

                It's really good to see you, Si

                It's good to see you, too

                Come here

                - Are you okay? - I don't know

                No one says you have to know

                Anyway I know you like bread


                I was thinking how much I've missed seeing you

                Like when we were kids

                Oh, God, we used to be up in that attic for hours


                You know Pete, I don't even remember why we stopped talking

                Doesn't matter now

                You're here We're talking

                That's all I wanted

                I'm not sure I can remember what happened, Peter

                Your memory again?

                I just I need to know what happened

                Why do you want to go over this again?

                You fell through the skylight?

                Is that what happened?

                I think you know exactly what happened

                It's just too tough for you to face it

                which I can understand

                Well, but what about Clairee?

                She was coming back for you, Simon

                You were driving us from the house

                From the cliffs

                There's only one road

                There was no way you could have seen

                Seen what, Peter?

                I can't help but think that we're paying for what happened

                It wasn't supposed to happen like this

                Doesn't matter now

                There's only one inescapable rule in the game of life, kid

                Sooner or later everybody has to stop playing

                No, wait a minute There's something wrong, Peter!

                There's something wrong!

                I was going to change everything

                This is your choice, Simon

                I thought I could change it

                You need to leave this behind you, Simon

                For Clairee For me

                For Dad

                You died, Simon

                We all did

                And you can't move on from all of this until you let go

                Let it go

                I need another chance

                I know I could do better

                Simon, how many more chances do you think you should get?

                Are you alright?

                You okay?

                Take it easy man

                I'm going to take you on a little trip

                Dr. Truman, MVAs arrived

                - What have we got? - We got two, there's one en route

                This is Mr. Simon Cable

                - BP, one ten over forty - Watch Your backs

                MVA, we need assistance

                One, two, three

                Time is twenty hundred hours

                He's crashed! Get the defrib!

                - No pulse - one, two, three, four, Five

                One hundred

                - Charging - Clear!

                Two hundred

                It's your choice, Simon Where you go

                it's your choice

                Time of death   :  

                Easy Diazepam Five milligrams

                Easy now, Mr. Cable

                You're going to be fine

                You were just having a nightmare

                You're in a hospital Saint Jude's

                I'm Doctor Jeremy Newman

                I'm assigned your case You were admitted last night

                You don't remember?

                This is the   th of July the year is     

                And your wife whose name is Anna

                is waiting outside

                You died, Mr. Cable

Special help by SergeiK