The Ice Storm Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Ice Storm script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Tobey Maguire and Christina Ricci, Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Sigourney Weaver, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Ice Storm. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Ice Storm Script



[ Hydraulic Brakes Release,

lce Crackles ]



Good morning, ladies

and gentlemen ! This train,



originating from New York's Grand

Central Station, is back in service !



Next stop will be

New Canaan, Connecticut.



New Canaan, Connecticut,

next stop.



[ Boy Narrating ] ln issue

number     of the Fantastic Four,



published in November,     

Reed Richards has to use

his antimatter weapon...



on his own son who Annihilus

has turned into a human atom bomb.



It was a typical predicament

for the Fantastic Four...



because they weren't

like other superheroes;

they were more like a family.



And the more power they had, the more

harm they could do to each other...



without even knowing it.



That was the meaning

of the Fantastic Four:



that a family is like

your own personal antimatter.



Your family is the void

you emerge from and the place

you return to when you die.



And that's the paradox:



the closer you're drawn back in,

the deeper into the void you go.



[ Man ] The dilemma Dostoyevsky

claims here to have discovered...



goes to the very core of Christianity's

relationship to the modern world.



But it is a dilemma that--

Yes, Libbets.



But Dostoyevsky is saying

here is that...



to be a Christian is to choose, because

you have to choose of your own choice.



And since you can't choose

to be good...



because that'd be too rational,

you have to choose to be bad.



- It's existential.

- Thank you, Libbets. That's

a very compelling summary.



But, of course,

existentialism, per se--



Libbets ? Hey,




I'm also really a fan.



And, uh, what you were

saying, you know--



- Have you ever read The ldiot ?

- The ldiot ?



If you liked Notes From Underground,

you'll love The ldiot.




Thanks for the tip.



The ldiot !



[ Boy ]

I'm in love with Libbets Casey.



Oh, come on. She's a poor little rich

girl. Check out the jeans and fur look.



And get a load of this: like, her mom

and stepdad and stepsisters...



are going to Switzerland

to ski over Thanksgiving break

and they didn't invite her.



- How do you know this shit ?

- They did it last year too.

It's traditional or something.



They've got this humongoid place

in New York and she just holes

up there with a wad of cash.



You think Francis is going

to beat me to the punch here ?



Since he sleeps with every girl

you ever show an interest in,



why don't you just keep your

Libbets fixation a secret from him ?



You already told him.

[ Scoffs ]



[ Bluesy Rock ]



I hope you changed the water

in that bong from last night.



The water, as you call it, is a special

mixture of amaretto and brandy...



blended for just the exact

chemical interaction...



with the last

of our precious Thai stick.



Give me your dirty love



[ Continues ]



- [ Coughs ]

- Oh-whoa-whoa ! Waste not,

Master Hood. That was    for the bag.



[ Continues Coughing ]




I've been thinkin', Francis.



You know, you are

one drug-addled elitist freak.



And when the revolution comes I do not

want to be lined up with you and shot...



because you are fuckin' ripe

for political reeducation--



- you know, like in the fields.

- Let me enlighten you

about something here.



You and I exist on two opposite sides

of a great existential divide,



that being your pathetic

virginity on the one hand...



and my astonishing number

of sexual conquests on the other.



- You're simply jealous.

- [ Knocking ] Hood, telephone.



And remember: With your erogenous

zones lubricated with the mighty herb,



beware out there because you drone on

like a motherfucker when you're stoned.



Flame on, asshole.



- Hello ?

- Paul ?



- Oh, hi, Dad.

- Hey, guy.



- How's it goin' ?

Everything all right up there ?

- Yeah, everything's good.



Well, good. I'm just confirming you'll

be on the  :   on Wednesday, right ?



I'm gonna come Thursday.



Well, you can't come on Thursday, Paul,

because Thursday's already Thanksgiving.



[ Nixon On Television ] ...but a record

which would only be disclosed--



- [ Continues, lndistinct ]

- Well, that's the whole point

of the holidays, Paul,



so you and your sister can mope around

the house and your mother and I can...



wait on you hand and foot while

the two of you occasionally

grunt for more food...



from behind the hair

in your faces.



-Believe it or not we actually enjoy it.

-Okay, okay, Dad.



Good. Thanks, guy.

Hang on a second.



Wendy, you want to say

"Hi" to your brother ?



Wendy, come on !



[ Nixon, Continuing ]

...we should get the facts out first.



- Charles.

- Charles.



Have you been

keeping out of my shit ?



Have you refrained from entering

the sacred precincts of my room ?



I haven't touched

your sh-- stuff.



- Are you watching this ?

- Watching what ?



Nixon, doofus. It's incredible.

He should be shot.



Hey, drop the political

assassination stuff, please.



He's a liar. Dean told him

on March    about Kalmback and Hunt,



all about the payoffs

to the Watergate burglars,



so you tell me where

the so-called "Dean Report" is.



- But you can't,

because it doesn't exist.

- All right. The defence rests.



[ Wendy Continues,

lndistinct ]



- You want another ?

- No, thank you.



- We should be off.

- Gotcha.



- ...knows that when the March    tape--

- Charles ?



Charles, calm down.

I wasn't in on it.



It's gonna sink, and the entire

country will fall into anarchy,



- and the Symbionese Liberation Army--

- Dinner's on the counter.



We'll be at the Carvers'.

You know the number.



- Paul, hi.

- Hi.



Hi. Is there anything special

you want, any particular kind

of food we can stock up on ?



- Nope.

- No ? You're all right ?



- Yeah, I'm-l'm good.

- Yeah ? Okay, all right,

we'll see ya next week.



- I love you.

- Um, me too.



All right. Bye-bye.

All right, Wendy. We'll see you later.



Asleep by   :  .

I mean it, young lady.



As a matter of fact, I have a practice,

whenever I'm not too tired at night,



of dictating my own recollections

of the day.



I think that, perhaps, will be the more

accurate record of history in the end.



[ Chattering ]



The dog jumps up

and barks--



It was a benefit

for the ACLU or something.

Harry Reems himself was there.



- The man with the--

fr-from Deep Throat ?

- The very one.



- Classic.

- Something about a First

Amendment defence fund.



- Ted took me to see it.

- Oh, Ted. How romantic.

- Hmm.



You know, I have to admit

the movie didn't do much for me.

But being in that theatre,



surrounded by all those horny young

college boys and perverts,



I mean, there was something

in the air that--



- Oh ! I'm sorry !

- Jeez !



- Oh, I'm sorry.

- No, no, no. No problemo, Mikey.



It's okay, Mikey. No problem.

Put the wine down.



Just leave the wine on the table.

Go on into the kitchen.



- It's fine. It's fine.

- Sandy, help your brother out.



It's nothing.



It's fine. Thanks.



- We changed our couples group.

- Now we're in some geriatric group,



though I must admit

there are a couple of lookers.



But you two are still

sticking it out with Dr Pasmier ?



Oh, actually, Ben decided that--

Well, I mean we both decided--



I just don't see

what the appeal is.



I mean, like Ted said,

people go in there and just

get themselves all worked up--



And that's the point.

Then go home and make up.



But Elena and l, we don't, uh,

go in for those sort of histrionics.



About the only big fight we've

had in years was about whether

to go back into couples therapy.



It appears you won.



[ Laughter ]



[ Soft Jazz ]



[ Chattering ]



- Oh, please don't.

- It's no bother.



I insist.



Don't touch them.




[ Chuckles ]



It's really

quite all right.



Of course.



[ Laughter ]



- [ Woman ] And to think they met

at a key party of all things.

- A key party ?



Oh, you know. It's a California thing.

That scuzzy husband of hers...



dragged her kicking and screaming

to one when they were out in L.A.



You know, the men put

their car keys in a bowl,



and at the end of the evening the women

line up and fish them out...



and whoever's they've got

they go home with.



Anyhow, that's how she met this

Rod person or whatever his name is.



He's left his wife, she's packing

for California and lrwin is devastated.



- It's so ironic.

- Ironic ?



[ Chuckling ]

Well, yes, ironic.



His name's Rod.



[ Chuckles ]



No, come on. He's like a big,

infected whitehead. I would never--



- [ Door Closes ]

- Shit. It's my parents.



[ Chuckles ]

He's so gross.



My drumstick was still frozen

when you, you know, cut inside there.



[ Sighs ] Probably gonna get--

whatever that disease--



- I knew it. Watch this.

- [ Chuckles ]



- Dad, stop it !

- Get to sleep, young lady. I mean it !



- Fascist.

- If I were a fascist...



I would have sent you to one

of those southern military

academies a long time ago.



Now, get to bed !



Hey !



Hey, kiddo.



- Sleep well, huh ?

- Good night, Dad.



[ Sighs ]






[ Sighs ]



[ Brakes Screech ]



...reduce its cash position, especially

during this period of inflation.



[ Continues, lndistinct ]



Elena ? Elena Hood,

am I right ?



- Yes.

- Reverend Edwards.

Philip Edwards. You came by...



- and checked out the congregation

a couple of times last year.

- Oh, yes.



It was, um--

Oh, I ended up--



Oh, no need to make excuses.

We're not for everyone, I know.



But, um, I did think for a time

that you might be someone who--



Well, what I mean is that you

didn't seem to think what we

were trying to do is laughable,



Iike some of your fellow

citizens around hereabouts.



No, no. I didn't think

it laughable at all.



Perhaps you find in books

what I try to find in people.



[ Chuckles ]

That sounds vaguely like an insult.



Oh... my, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it that way at all.



Perhaps I meant it simply

as a, a provocation.



[ Scoffs ]

She's a total Young Republican.



She said you licked Dave Brewster's

weenie in the  rd floor bathroom.



She's lying. I wouldn't touch

Dave Brewster's dick if you paid me.



It's probably crawling with V.D.

from when he stuck it in her,



- [ Scoffs ]

- which he did.



Donna said that her brother and all his

stupid friends were talking about--



[ Boys Shouting ]



Mikey !



Stoner !



I suppose my reluctance was...



the group aspect of it; I've

never been much of a joiner,



although I still consider myself

a somewhat religious person.



Well, l, of course, flatter myself

that our church is not exactly...



what most people would call

organized religion.



At times, it's

the disorganization that's liberating.



And, of course, I've begun to minister

much more in what one might call...



therapeutic environments-- in small

groups and couples and, uh, one-on-one.



My daughter.



I haven't been on a bike

for years.



[ Both Chuckle ]



When was the last time

you rode a bike ?



They say you never forget.



- Hi, Wendy.

- Hey, Sandy.



- Mikey was looking for you.

- Oh, yeah ?



See ya.



[ Imitates Gunshot ]



Want some gum ?



- Devil Dog ?

- Chewing.



- Did you tell Sandy ?

- Tell Sandy what ?



You didn't tell him

either, did you ?



[ Both Moan ]



[ Both Sigh ]



We were golfing. And golfing, to me,

is something I'm supposed to enjoy--



and I was on the goddam

golf team in college,



so it's something one would assume

I do well-- I used to do well.



But basically, these days, golfing

for me is like hoeing or plowing.



- It's like farming. And George Clair...

- [ Chuckles ]



has obviously-- in the mere

two years he's been with the firm--



he's obviously been taking

secret lessons with a golf pro.



I bet the entirety of his

disposable income has been dedicated...



to humiliating me

on the golf course.



And that guy talks nonstop

throughout the entirety

of the miserable    holes...



- Ben.

- on topics that are the supposed

domain of my department.



- Ben.

- Yeah ?



You're boring me.



I have a husband. I don't particularly

feel the need for another.



You have a point there.

That's a very good point.



We're having an affair. Right.

An explicitly sexual relationship.



Your needs, my needs.

You're absolutely right.



- You better get dressed.

The boys'll be home soon.

- Gotcha.



- Hi, Mom.

- Hi, Wendy.



It's funny. When I was in town

I saw you on your bike.



- With Mikey ?

- Who ?



- Nobody.

- Mikey Carver ?



Oh, we were just

riding around.



Well, you looked

very free when I saw you,



as if I were seeing my own

memories of being a girl. [ Chuckles ]



There was something

internal about it.



Mom, are you okay ?



[ Scoffs ]

Of course, Wendy. I'm sorry.



- You must think I'm ripe to be

checked into Silver Meadows.

- You're not a psycho.



- People at Silver Meadows

aren't psychos.

- I know.



They're rich drug addicts

and celebrities.



They need the money at school

for my band uniform.



I thought you quit the band.

I never hear you practise any more.



Yeah, well, I don't

really need to practise.



I just play a few notes, anyway,

so I figured I'd just stay in.



Well, I'm sure your father

and I would love to hear

what you're playing these days.



Maybe after dinner ?



[ Plays ]



The Halfords have

invited us again this year.



[ Dropping lce ln Glass ]

Do you want to go ?



- Mmm. What do you think ?

- Well, it's a neighbourhood tradition.



- [ Sighs ] I'm, uh, gonna go to bed.

- So early ?



Mmm. Rough day.

Good night.



Is that a new aftershave ?



Uh, yeah. Uh, musk or something.

You like it ?






- Good night.

- Good night.



- Hey, Mikey ?

- Yeah ?



- Geometry ?

- [ Scoffs ] Sure.

Anything but this English.



How come you're so good

at math but not at English ?



I'm not good at math,

I'm just good at geometry.



It's like, you know

when they say "two squared,"



you think it means

two times two equals four,



but they really mean a square--

it's really space.



It's not numbers, it's space,

and it's perfect space,



but only in your head 'cause

you can't draw a perfect square

in the material world,



but in your mind

you can have perfect space.



You know ?



Yeah. But I just need

some help with my homework.



- Hey, guys. I'm back.

- You were gone ?



[ Laughs ]

Yeah, Mikey. Yup.



I was in Houston working on some

great new ideas about silicon.

It comes from sand.



It's a semiconductor. So,

how you guys doin' ? How's school ?



Um, I don't know.



Okay, I guess.






All right.



[ Sighs ]



- [ Sighs ]

- Good trip ?



You bet.



- Jim. Jesus.

- Oh.



I'm sorry.



- Hell, we gotta trade this thing

in for a normal bed.

- Just be careful.



Have you noticed anything

with Mikey lately ?



The kid seemed a little

out of it tonight, huh ?



[ Scoffs ]

Tonight ?



Mikey's been out of it

since he was born.



[ Sighs ]

Guess the kid takes after me, huh ?



[ Laughs ]



[ Sighs ]



[ Chiming Quietly ]






Because of molecules we are connected

to the outside world from our bodies.



Like when you smell things.

Because when you smell a smell

it's not really a smell,



it's part of the object that has

come off of it-- molecules.



So when you smell something bad it's

like, in a way, you're eating it.



This is why you should not

really smell things...



in the same way you don't eat

everything in the world around you...



because, as a smell,

it gets inside of you.



So, the next time you go

into the bathroom after

someone else has been there,



remember what kind of molecules

you are, in fact, eating."



[ Playing ]



[ Fades ]



Mrs Hood ? Mrs Hood,

did you forget something ?



- No.

- Uh, wh-why don't you

just come on in here.



I think maybe

you forgot something.



[ Paul Narrating ] To find

yourself in the Negative Zone,

as the Fantastic Four often do,



means that all everyday

assumptions are inverted.



Even the lnvisible Girl

herself becomes visible...



and so she loses

the last semblance of her power.



It seems to me that everyone exists

partially on a Negative Zone level--



some people more than others.



In your life it's kind of

like you dip in and out of it:



the place where things don't quite

work out the way they should.



But for some people,

there's something about the

Negative Zone that tempts them,



and they end up going in--

going in all the way.



[ Bang ]



[ Loud Bang ]



Sandy !

You idiotic little dope !



You could blow yourself fucking

sky-high with this demented crap !






[ Whispering ]




I'll take this.

[ Sighs ]



You're not gonna tell

Dad, are you ?



Would it matter ?



What's this ?



You know, it's the whip--



the one Uncle Frank

got me from Mexico.



It's not packed

with explosives, is it ?






Play with the whip.



- You turned them all down, didn't you ?

- Well, I didn't love them.



Isn't it a fact that you turned

them down because these men wanted--



- Hi, Wendy.

- Hi, Mrs Carver.



Mikey, have you heard the explosions

coming from the back yard ?



- [ Television Continues, lndistinct ]

- I don't know.



Do you know what

your brother's been up to ?



I don't know.



- ...a secret intention

not to want children ?

- [ Sighs ]



- [ Woman On Television ]

That's not true !

- Didn't you--



No, sir. I want children

very much and so does Bill.



[ Television Continues,

lndistinct ]



Then, when that happened, you went to

another doctor and got a prescription.



- No, that is not true.

- Excuse me.

Don't you kids have homework ?



[ Together ]

Thanksgiving break.



If you deny that, we have a witness

in the courtroom, another druggist.



- Take a look. You're under oath.

- All right, I did. Is it a crime ?



No wonder the police can't find out

how the gang is transporting the stuff.



They're using milk trucks.



[ TV ]



They're leaving. Return the scanner

and follow the truck.



- Oh. After you.

- No, you can--



Hey, Sandy, what were you blowing up out

there ? Your mom seemed pretty P.O.'d.



- All my model planes.

- The ones you built ?



Yeah. They were getting old.

[ Laughs ]



They couldn't fly anyhow.

I'm gonna get a radio-controlled

aeroplane for Christmas.



I'm gonna stuff it full of M-  s

and fly it into Mrs Burgess'

class and blow it up.



Well, I have to go

to the bathroom.



I'll show you mine

if you show me yours.



[ Breathing Hard ]



[ Shouting ]

What do you want ? What do you want ?



Get out of here !

Get out !



[ TV Continues ]



[ Janey ]

What's going on here ?



Wendy, a person's body

is his temple.



- [ Panting ]

- This body is your first

and last possession.



Now, as your own parents

have probably told you,



in adolescence our bodies

tend to betray us.



That's why in Samoa and

other developing nations...



adolescents are sent out

into the woods, unarmed,



and they don't come back

till they've learned a thing or two.



Do you understand ?



I don't ever

want to see you.



Then why'd you come

after me ?



[ Ben ]

Elena, can you give me a hand here ?



- Oh !

- I'm trying to get this turkey

defrosted before tomorrow.



- Whoop ! There.

- [ Laughs ] Got it ?



Can you take this ?

Oop !






You all right there ?



Oh, sure. I'm--



[ Sniffling ] Um, did you remember

to pick up the cranberry sauce ?



Uh, yes. Yes.



Because, uh, you like it

on your turkey sandwiches.



I do.




Are-Are you--



I-l don't know.

I think l, uh--



- Elenie, you know--

- Ben--



- I've been thinking--

- Ben, maybe no talking right now.



If you start talking

you're going to--



- I'm going to pick up Paul

at the station. Want to come ?

- No.



- What you been up to ?

- Nothing.



[ Shower Running ]



So how's school

treating you ?



It's good.



- Classes ?

- Fine.



- Grades ?

- All right.



- Anyone special ? You know--

- Huh-uh.



Well, it's good to see ya.

We miss you around the house and all.



But this, uh, this St. Peters--

it's top of the line, eh ?



Oh, yeah.



You know, Paul, I was thinking

this may be as good a time as any...



to have a little talk...



about, um--



- Well, uh--

- About ?

- [ Horn Honks, Tyres Screech ]




the whole gamut, uh,



facts of life.



'Cause I tell ya there's

things happening that you're

probably old enough to digest.






Well, things that happen

between a--



Well, um,

on the self-abuse front--



and this is important, uh--



I don't think it's advisable

to do it in the shower.



It wastes water and electricity

and because we expect you to be

doing it there in any case.



And not on, uh,

onto the linen.



Oh, anyway, if you're worried

about anything at all...



just feel free to ask,

and, uh, we'll look it up.



Dad, you know I'm   .



[ Chuckles ] All the more reason to be

having this little heart-to-heart.



- Uh,

- [ Elena ] Hi !



Paul, uh,

I was wondering,



could you do me a favour

and pretend I never said any of that ?



- Sure, Dad.

- Thanks.



- Hi ! How are you ?

- Hello.



Movin' ahead

so life won't pass me by



[ Continues ]



- Hello, Charles.

- Greetings, Charles.



How are the parental units

functioning these days ?



Dad's doing his "Up with People"

routine; Mom really hasn't

been saying much.



I don't know. Dad seems

a little weird. You know, nervous ?



[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well,

wait till Mom finally opens her mouth.



And I'm gonna go there free



Do you think they're headed for,

like, the dustbin of history:



divorce court ?



Well, they dropped out of their

couples group therapy thing.



Is that good or bad ?



They can change their minds

but they can't change me



May I operate

the telephonic apparatus ?



Why don't you use

the one downstairs ?



Well, I'm calling an individual,

Charles, in New York,



confirming a social outing

for Friday night.



Can I come ?



Well, it's a one-on-one

kind of date thing.



- With who ?

- Her name's Libbets.



"Libbets" ? What kind

of a name is "Libbets" ?



- [ Record Skips ]

- Is that my record ?



- No.

- You have messed with my shit, Charles.



[ Continues Skipping ]



[ Sighs ]



Well, it's great

that we can all be together.



And this Thanksgiving, no, uh,

yelling, no hysteria, especially

with your grandpa not here--



although we miss him.



So let's do it right.

Wendy, why don't you say grace ?



You used to love

to say grace, remember ?



Dear Lord, thank You for

this Thanksgiving holiday...



and for all the material

possessions we have and enjoy...



- and for letting us white people

kill the lndians and steal...

- Wendy.



- their tribal lands and stuff

ourselves like pigs...

- Okay. Okay.



- even though children in Asia

are being napalmed--

- Jesus ! Enough ! All right !



- Paul, roll ?

- Thank you.



- Can I have the gravy ?

- Uh-huh.



[ Liquid Pouring

lnto Glass ]




You having one ?



In a bit.



[ Sighs ] You know,

I think Elena might suspect something.



[ Sighs ] Maybe it's all

for the better, you know ?



Yesterday at dinner, she--

Well, she didn't say anything.



Has she acted funny to you ?

I mean, have you...



- noticed anything ?

- Have I noticed anything ?



- Mmm.

- I'm not married to her,

Benjamin; you are.



I think you've probably a better

vantage point from which to observe her.



Yeah, but, uh, I've been

working a lot lately, and--



No, that's not it.



I guess maybe we're just on

the verge of saying something--



saying something

to each other.



On the verge.



I'll be back.



- Hmm ?

- Birth control.



Right. Gotcha.



[ Sighs, Cracks Knuckles ]



Janey ?



[ Car Starts ]



[ Car Drives Away ]



[ Clanks Ring

Against Bottle ]



[ Muffled Voice ]



[ Mikey ]

No one's here.



We can just watch TV.



Maybe we can

mess around, you know ?



Only if you want to.



I don't know.



Why did you--

with Sandy ?



I don't know.



Do you like him ?



He worships you.



What's that ?



- Oh, wow !

- Wendy.



I won't take my pants off. I'll touch

it, but that's as far as it goes.



[ Grunts ]



[ Grunts ]



[ Footsteps ]



[ Door Opens ]



- When Worlds Collide.

- What ?



 :   movie,

When Worlds Collide.



What the hell are you kids doing

down here ?



- What do you think we're doing, Dad ?

- What do I think ?



I think you're probably

touching each other.



I think you're touching that

reckless jerk-off, for God's sake,



and I think he's trying

to get into your slacks.



I think at    years of age you're

getting ready to give up your girlhood !



- Hey, hang on there, Mr Hood.

- Don't you direct

a single word at me, Mikey.



I don't want to hear it.

I'll be discussing this matter

with your parents very soon.



- Young lady--

- Talking to me, Dad ?



Who else would I be talking to ?

And take that thing off !



Then forget

all the stern dad stuff.



I'm not interested in your

smart remarks right now, young lady.



Let's go, right now ! You and I

can discuss it on the walk home.



Look, kiddo, don't worry about it.

I really don't care that much.



I'm just not sure

he's right for you is all.



- Huh ?

- [ Sighs ]



It's just, you develop

a sense, when you're older,



if things are gonna

work out or if they won't.



And sometimes

it's not worth the mess.



Your toes cold ?



Come on.

I'll carry you.



Hey, should I dress for the Halfords

now, or, uh-- Give me your--



It's up to you. I'd like to go early

and leave pretty soon after that.



I get you, loud and clear.

Hey, you look nice.



Thanks. So, where've

you two been ?



[ Chuckles ]

You'll never guess where I found her.



You found her ?



In the basement at Janey and Jim's

with that weirdo, Mikey.



Not even a TV on.



They're on the floor,

and he's got his trousers undone--



though, thank goodness,

she was still dressed.



Well, I really let him have it,

and Wendy came home peacefully.



So, uh, what were you doing

in the Carvers' basement, anyway ?



I was just dropping off a coffee cup;

Jim left it last time he was over.



It was on the dash of the car.

You were, you know, reading.

I just wanted to catch some air.



Oh, yeah, right, right. The mustache

coffee cup, the one sitting on the dash.



- Yeah, that one.

- That one.



- See ya.

- Stay out of trouble.



- You'll be on the   :   train ?

-   :  .



- Paul--

- Oh, let the guy have some fun.



What's the name of this girl

with the fancy New York address ?




Libbets Casey.



"Libbets" ? What sort

of name is "Libbets" ?



Just get a taxi home from the station

tonight. It's supposed to storm.



Okay. Bye.






[ Sighs ]



[ Newscaster ] its inquiry on Thursday.



- And that ends tonight's coverage

of the Watergate affair.

- Oh, shoot.



- In other news, outside--

- ...a few snow showers which

quickly turn to light rain.



Unless that rain comes down

even harder tonight, accompanied

by decreasing temperatures...



getting down

to around freezing by midnight.



Drivers in particular, beware-- it's

gonna get awfully icy on those roads.



- We have a severe weather warning--

- What's for dessert ?



- See for yourself.

- No advice from the experts, eh ?



...flood warnings in parts of southern

Connecticut and the Jersey shore.



- Let's go to our weather map

now for the grim details.

- [ Dishes Clattering ]



A line of showers now located

across central New Jersey is

sweeping our way...



and is expected to arrive

in our area within the hour.



- [ Sighs ] Look, um--

- Don't start.



- Do you-Do you-Do you think l--

- I have no idea.



Well, what's on your mind ?

I mean, you--



It wouldn't make for a pleasant evening,

if that's what you're after.



I don't want to talk about it.

Stupid mustache cup.



- What do you mean ?

- Don't be dim.



I know you think I'm so dense.

You think I'm so dense...



that now you want to be seen with your

dense wife at the cocktail party.



And you want me to shake hands with

your friends and make conversation...



and you're not going to accord me the

respect of talking honestly about this.



You don't really know

what this feels like.



I didn't--




it's not what you're thinking, Elena.



Please have the decency to at least

not tell me what I'm thinking.



Oh, Ben ! Elena !




- [ Kisses ] Wonderful. Come in.

- Great to see ya.



- Ooh, I just got lipstick--

- That's all right.



Good to see you too.



Would you care to play ?

New this year.



It's strictly volunteer,

of course.



You can put your coats

in the library if you like.



Oh, damn.

I've left the, uh--



- Oh, you've--

- In the car.



- Oh. Right.

- Yeah.



We'll, um, we'll

be right back.






Oh, Rob.

The, uh, stuffed tomatoes.



[ Sighs ]



This just isn't

the best moment for this.



- I know. I know.

- [ Sighs ]



I had no idea--



- That this was going

to be a key party ?

- Yeah.



Well, if we'd understood, uh, we

could've invented some sort of excuse.



[ Sighs ]

A key party.



Did you see how stuffed

that bowl was already ?



Well ?



I think we're here,

and we don't have to stay.



We, uh, ought simply to put in an

appearance, and then we can head home.



You have some marker,

that's what I think.



If you wanna know the truth,

you have some marker.



And you're gonna put it on the house

keys so that Janey can find it.



And then when I get back to the house,

I'm gonna find the two of you in there,



and Wendy will be able to hear you, and

Paul will be back and he'll hear you.



- And I'll catch you.

That's what I think.

- Elena.



It's not what you think.

It's not some big plot.



Honestly, l-l--



I don't feel good about it.



I just--



I don't know.



Well, I'm really pleased

to hear a confession.



Elena, you're just getting

wound up to get wound up.



Listen, let's just go

to this fiasco.



If that's what you want.

Let's just go on in.



I'd rather talk

to anyone else but you.



[ Door Opens, Closes ]



My dear, he wrote her out of the will,

and now her attorneys are, um--



- and this has been goin' on

for years-- her attorneys--

- [ Elena ] Oh, Dot.



-  [ Soft Rock ]

- [ Indistinct Chatter ]



- Ben, how you doin' ? You're soaked.

- Hey, Jack.



- Hell of a night out there.

You know my wife Ronnie.

- Well--



- Yeah, nice to see you.

I'm just gonna go--

- Hey, Benji.



- Hey, Mark. How you doin' ?

- Good to see you.



Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

Excuse me.



Hey, Maude, how are you ?

Pierce, how you doin' ?



- Did I see Elena ?

- Uh, she's here, yeah.

Just gonna get a drink.



- Excuse me.

- Benji.



Clair. George Clair. What the hell

brings you to New Canaan ?



Well, it's

the funniest thing.



I've been talking

to some investors--



a little, uh, outside venture

you understand, between you and me--



about a scheme to manufacture

a new styrofoam packaging.



These little, um, uh,

these peanut-like pieces...



that keep an item free

from trauma during shipping.



It's miraculous.

Anyway, it turns out...



that the genius behind the whole project

is your neighbour, Jim Carver.



How about that ?



Well, isn't that

a one-in-a-million coincidence.



A real dreamer,

our Jim Carver, eh ?



You're right. Listen, I'm gonna make

a break for the hors d'oeuvres guy.



Right. See you, uh,

bright and early Monday a.m.



Say, uh,

where's the wife ?



Uh, in Rhode lsland with her folks.

I'm a free agent tonight.



[ Indistinct ]



Oh, jeez, Benji.

Well, here you are.



Damn right.

Where the hell were you ?



What are you

talking about ?



Don't bullshit me

around, Janey.



Jesus Christ !



I waited around for more

than half an hour in nothing

but my boxer shorts and--



- Ben, Janey.

- Oh, hi, Dorothy, Ted.



What's all that about ?

I mean, what the hell happened ?



A prior engagement

overcame me.



- What ?

- Listen, Benjamin Hood,



I have obligations that proceed your--

from before you showed up.



I mean, one or two good-natured

encounters-- that doesn't mean I'm--



I'm not just

some toy for you.



When I remembered some chores I wanted

to get done before the party...



I just did them, that's all,

because I wanted to get them

done before I saw Jimmy.



Jimmy ?

Jimmy ?



I'm not sure how to take this.

What do you mean, Jimmy ?

I thought you and your husband--



How you take it isn't all

that interesting to me, Benjamin.



[ Whispering ]

I'm sorry.



I just can't believe

you could be so--



[ Sighs ]



[ Woman Laughing ]



[ Man On P.A. ] Now approaching

our final stop, Grand Central Station.



Grand Central Station.




We were waiting.



We ?



You ought to read this, Hood.

Nixon, our leader.



All ye need know about

the travails of life.



- Check out the Checkers speech stuff.

- Francis.



You're gonna leave the seeds in there ?

ln the binding like that ?



- All will be revealed, baby.

- [ Man On TV, lndistinct ]



Don't be deceived, Dan.

When this falls to the ground,

it's turning immediately...



- to the hard,

slick and slippery stuff--

- Significant sleet and rain.






Hey there, you young knight,

can you, uh, check on the mead ?



Can you sally forth and

secure us some more mead ?



- Huh ?

- Moisture. Moisture. [ Chuckling ]



[ TV Continues, lndistinct ]






[ Indistinct Chattering ]



[ Chuckling ]

Frankie opens his with his teeth.



Hey, that's

a sellable skill.



[ Grunts ]

Hell on the fillings.



Oh, man.



Everything's gonna freeze,

you know ? Big freeze.



Yeah. Paul, are you

gonna get home okay ?



- Yeah.

- [ Lighter Clicks ]



[ Indistinct Chatter ]



Elena ?



Reverend Edwards.



Perhaps you might find it

in your heart to call me Philip.



- You're here. I'm a bit surprised.

- [ Laughs ]



Sometimes, the shepherd needs

the company of the sheep.



I'm going to try hard not to

understand the implications of that.



Forgive me.



I hope those weren't

my keys.



[ Water Running ]



[ Water Shuts Off ]






Valium, Seconal.

Paregoric ?



Francis Davenport IV, tonight

you sleep the sleep of the just.



[ Rock ]



And whence has yon

virginal maiden absconded ?



Into one of the other    or so

bathrooms they got in this place.



Check it out.

Not for the faint of heart.



Pharmaceutical !

You are a god.



Oh, yeah, yeah.

One for you... and one for me.



No candy for me ?



Groovy. Young master of the revels,

a treat for our hostess.



Um-- Well, uh,

I don't--



- What is it ?

- Come on, Paulie. Share the wealth.



- I mean, you copped 'em

from her mom's stash anyway.

- Let's see.



Libbets, you really shouldn't mix

and match. You know, with the beer.



I'm gonna put 'em back.



Oh, far out, Paulie. Hey, look,

these expired, like, five months ago.



Think they're better aged ?



- [ Laughing ]

- Maybe you should just have a half.



Thanks for the advice, Dad.



All right.




Feelin' no pain.



The lndian saying goes,

"Pain is merely an opinion."



Hey, check it out.

Maria Conrad brought her son.



[ Indistinct Chattering ]



I wish some of the gang

had brought their daughters.



[ TV ]



Thank you, Brian.



[ Telephone Ringing ]



- Hood residence.

- Your parents at that party ?



Yeah. Yours ?



[ Sighs ]

You get in trouble ?



I don't know.

I can't really tell yet.



- Sorry if I got you into trouble.

- [ TV, lndistinct ]



I'm gonna check out the ice storm.

Wanna come ?



[ Wendy On Telephone ]

Maybe. I don't know.



[ Psychedelic Rock ]



Where are you going ?



- Out.

- It's freezing.



- Yeah.

- Then why are you going ?



When it freezes, I guess that means

the molecules are not moving.



So when you breathe, there's

nothing in the air, you know,

to breathe into your body.



The molecules have stopped.

It's clean.



[ Door Opens, Closes ]



[ Footsteps Departing ]



When you're asking yourself

this question, "What is 'is' ?" and--



Oh, wait. This is the-the-

the training where they don't

let you go to the bathroom.



[ Laughs ]

That was the hard part, but I did it.



-  [ Soft Rock ]

- The foot. The foot.



Toe clipper man.

[ Laughs ]



I guess he's just really exhausted

from, you know, tests and stuff.






You know, Libbets,

I really feel,



you know, like, a real

connection to you.






- You don't even know me really.

- Sure I do.



Like, your aura

that you give off ?



My what ?



It's, like, very positive.



And, um,



I feel a real...

special feeling for you.



I have a special feeling

for you too...



because l-l do--






- You do ?

- Yeah.



To me,

you're just like a--



I feel for you

like you're my ow-own--



You're just like a--



[ Together ]




- Yeah, you're not alone with that line.

- I do.



You are.




That's cool. Um--



So, how about we take

a bath together ?



[ Laughing ]



You're funny.



- A bath.

- [ Laughs ]



Like brother and sister.



Oh, man.



I'm so wasted.



[ Indistinct ]



[ TV ]



Hello ?



Wendy ?



[ Sighs ]

Sandy, you scared the shit out of me.



What are you doing ?



I just thought

I'd stop by.



Mike's out. I think

he went to Silver Meadow...



to see if you were

hanging around there.






- Oh.

- Mm-mmm.



Okay, everyone, we have

a little business to attend to now.



So, everyone who'd like to stay,

please gather in the living room.






[ Dot ] All right,

everybody, I've got the bowl.



We're gonna start now,

so nobody go anywhere.



[ Woman ]

Oh, my-- Oh !



You ready to go ?



We're not going anywhere.



[ Female Guest ]

Mark ? Mark, where'd you go ?



[ Grunting ]



[ Wind Howling ]



Check this out. He's supposed

to say all sorts of stuff,



but he's kind of




[ Electronic Voice ] Mayday ! Mayday !

Get this message back to base !



Same thing,

again and again.



It's gonna get a lot

colder tonight, I predict.



Maybe even a blackout.



[ Electronic Voice ]

Mayday ! Mayday !



[ Sandy ]

Do you have candles in your house ?



I know where

the candles are.



And I know where every

emergency exit is on this floor.



This knot's called

a hangman's noose.



Let's hang him.



[ Wind Howling ]



He's dead.



If it wasn't raining, we could

take him outside and blow him up.



He wouldn't blow up.

He'd just get all mangled or twisted.



Well, looks like someone

got to its private parts before us.



Communist Viet Cong.



He left it

in the jungle.



Can I get in your bed...

with you ?



[ Indistinct Chattering,

Laughing ]



Well ?



- What shall the order be ?

- [ Laughing ]



Alphabetical ?

ln order of appearance ?



- [ Clears Throat ] Golf handicap.

- [ Laughing ]



Lowest handicap

does the honors.



[ Male Guest ]

That'd be Benji.



Ladies, isn't this

really up to you ?



[ Maria ]

It's up to one of us.



Oh, hell,

I'll go first.



All right,

all right.



[ Pierce ]

That's it.



[ Cheering, Shouting ]



[ Male Guest ]

Go get her, killer.



- Good night.

- Good luck.




here goes.



Okay, Pammy.



[ Cheering, Shouting

Continue ]



[ Creaking ]



Want a drink ?



- Vodka ?

- You never tasted the stuff ?



[ Wind Howling,

Rain Splattering ]



Try again.



[ Coughs ]

Feels warm.



[ Laughs ]

One more shot ?



Under the covers ?



- [ Wendy ] Get 'em off.

- [ Both Giggling ]



[ Giggling Continues ]



Have you ever had

a nocturnal emission ?



Huh ?



That's when you wake up and you

find this pool of sticky stuff,



Iike after

a sexy dream.



They haven't told you

about this stuff yet ?



On what planet are you living on ?

[ Giggles ]



I love you.



That's nice.

Are you drunk ?



I don't know.



How do I know ?



I don't know either.



You spin around

when you lie down, I think.



I don't think I'm spinning.



[ Grunting, Panting ]



- [ Thud ]

- Oh !



[ Door Opens, Closes ]



[ Keys Rattling ]



How did you guess ?

[ Laughing ]



- [ Male Guest ] Good night, George.

- Let's go.




good night.



- Good night, George.

- Ladies, good night.



[ Male Guest ]

Sleep well, George.



Oh, my own husband.

Isn't that against the rules ?



- Try again.

- No.



- No, no, that's--

- No, thanks.



- That's fine.

- Come on, honey. That was too easy.



[ Dot ]

Getting down to the wire.






No, no, no.

[ Groans ]



- Whoa, whoa.

- Are you okay ?



[ Janey ]

He's okay.



He'll be okay.

Come on.



[ Mark ]

You okay ?



[ Exhales ]




Sorry. I, uh--



Maybe, uh, the bathroom ?



- Yeah, yeah. Up we go.

- [ Dot ] It's right down the hall.



[ Bell Ringing ]



Hold the train !



- [ Ringing Ends ]

- Hold it !



[ Pants, Laughs ]



Watch your step.



Well, I have to say I don't have

much faith in my car keys.



They're still

in that bowl.



It doesn't seem very safe

leaving your car keys laying around.



Let me.



Thanks, but--



Oh, I don't think so.



It's been kind of

a discouraging evening.



Well, you couldn't have hoped for

much better when you came up the walk.



Somehow, it seemed different in

my imagination when I thought about it.



Actually, I didn't

think about it at all really.



You want some coffee

or something ?






the fact that we're neighbours--

[ Sighs ]



close friends--



well, it makes all of this

seem a little strange,



don't you think ?



[ Sighs ] My husband is probably

passed out in the bathroom,



or at least

he wishes he were.



I've been married to him for    years

and I have no intention...



of going in there

to get him.



So, what I'm proposing

is that...



since your wife went off with a boy

and since you are here alone,



I'm proposing that you and I

do what makes sense.



Stay warm, pass some time.

That's all.



Now don't make me feel

as if I'm being too forward.



- If you don't--

- What the hey. Let's go for a drive.






- Whoa !

- Oh, Jim ! Hold on to me.



[ Indistinct ]






- We're gonna have to defrost

this thing for a while.

- [ Engine Starts ]



Do these seats go back ?



[ Electronic Whirring ]



[ Grunting, Moaning ]



[ Horn Honks ]



[ Grunting, Panting ]



Oh !

[ Laughs ]



Oh, God !



That was awful.



Really awful.

I'm so sorry, Elena.



Um, look, can you

wait here a sec ?



I, uh,

I need to tidy up.



Uh, just a minute. I'll, uh,

I'll be right back. Will you wait ?



Of course.



[ Door Opens ]



[ Breathing Heavily ]






[ Sighs ]



Ben, I've got

a ride home.



Maybe you should sleep this one off

on the couch here.



- I'll drive you.

- No. No, Ben, no.



You're in no condition

to drive.



We'll talk

in the morning, okay ?



You get some sleep

on the couch out there ?



I'll try.



We'll talk

in the morning.



We'll talk

in the morning.



[ Tyres Skidding ]



Shit !



- Oh, my God ! Stop.

- Easy does it. Easy.



You okay ?



Yeah, yeah.

I'm all right.



[ Engine Revving,

Tyres Spinning ]



[ Car Departing ]



[ Icicles Tinkling ]



Whoo !

[ Laughing ]



[ Panting ]



[ Engine Winding Down ]



[ Brakes Squeaking ]



[ Paul Narrating ]

When you think about it,



it's not easy to keep from

just wandering out of life.



It's like someone's always leaving

the door open to the next world,



and if you aren't paying attention

you could just walk through it,



and then you've died.



That's why in your dreams it's like

you're standing in that doorway...



and the dying people and

the newborn people pass by you...



and brush up against you as they come in

and out of the world during the night.



You get spun around,

and in the morning...



it takes a while to find

your way back into the world.



- [ Shivering ]

- Phone's out.



Hope the pipes--



[ Blowing Nose ]



Well, why don't you

put on some dry socks.



Uh, and there are some, uh, rain boots

in the guest closet back there.



- Last room downstairs.

- Thanks.



Get dressed.



[ Electrical Buzzing ]



Good morning, ladies

and gentlemen.



This train, originating

from New York's Grand Central Station,



is back in service.



Next stop will be

New Canaan, Connecticut.



New Canaan, Connecticut,

next stop.



[ Ben ]

Jim ! Janey !



[ Panting ]



[ Elena ]




Jim, he was just...



up in Silver Lane.



I think a power line--



[ Sobbing ]



[ Sobbing Continues ]



[ Sighs ]



[ Sobbing Continues ]



[ Sobbing ]









[ Sobbing Continues ]



I can't read

and I can't write down



I don't know

a book from countdown



I don't know

which shadow gets me



All I've got

is someone's face



Can I see a family smile



Can I reach tomorrow



Can I walk

a missing mile



Can I feel

Can I please



I can't reach it any more



I just sit back

and ignore



I just can't seem to get it right

Get it right



I can't reach it

I can't reach it

Special help by SergeiK