Ichi The Killer Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ichi The Killer script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Takashi Miike and starring Nao Omori as Ichi.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ichi The Killer. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ichi The Killer Script



First Avenue, Kabuki-cho



- Are you sure, Mr. Fujiwara?

- You know what the boss said.



He doesn't need a bodyguard.



At least not in the apartment.



But why not let me keep

a look-out outside his door?



While he's fucking a girl?



That's not what I mean.



You're only a bodyguard, so just

shut the fuck up until you're needed.






Is that you, Takeshi?



You're coming home soon, aren't you?



You're not leaving too, are you?



No Takeshi, I won't leave you.

I'm at work.



- I'll call back later.

- Dad, Dad...



Tadanobu Asano



Hideo Yamamoto



Takashi Miike



Stop it. No!






Cut it out.






Stop it, please.



How does that feel?



Who's there?



Who the hell...!



Ichi the Killer



Hi, Myu-Myu?



It's me.



- Inoue, don't!

- I thought I'd strengthen my resolve



No need.

Ichi will take care of everything.



Lately we only go in

to clean up after Ichi.



Found it.



I thought I told you to quit.



- What the hell?

- If I can't shoot up,



- Don't do that!

- you can't use my phone.



Let's go.



He did it again. As gross as ever.



What's this guy Ichi like, anyway?



Let's get started.



What the hell happened here?



You were guarding

the boss last night.



- So was Kaneko.

- Don't try and pass the blame.



Sorry. My apologies.



Mr. Kaneko,

any idea where he might be?



Oh, Sir! Welcome!



Has Anjo really disappeared?



How much money is missing?



About three million yen.



Then I guess Anjo took the money...

and ran off with the girl.



Sir, the boss

would never do such a thing. Never.



All that time he spent in jail...

must have softened his brain.



A guy grows old,

gets obsessed with a broad



and can't even tell

his ass from a hole in the ground.



Probably some other gang

is behind it, sir.



There are many who bear us a grudge.



It's not Anjo who made enemies.

You did.



The boss is not dead.



Please excuse us.



- Don't you have a girlfriend?

- No. It gets lonely, you know.



- Why don't you get yourself a pet?

- I used to have an alligator.



but they get hard to handle

so I flushed it down the toilet.



I see.



- What kind?

- A mongrel.



He was so cute.



But this bloke next door...



He made fun of it.



So I started praying.






- Is Karen here?

- She's there. Follow me.



- My wish was fulfilled.

- Really?



It died.



It did?



C'mon, have another.



- Masa.

- Did you hear?



The boss has disappeared.



If he ran off at all

it would've been with you.



Another gang has got him.



What are you going to do now?



He's not dead. I'll find him.



I'm sure you will.



Don't fool with me, Karen.



He's alive. I'm dead sure of it.



He's just waiting for me to find him.



Yeah, but...



You're the boss's woman.



What are you talking about?



I'm sorry.



Is it a birthday party?



It's my birthday.



Today's your birthday?



- Then this is your present.

- I thought I told you to quit.



They are outcasts from the gangs.



Murder, arson, smuggling and rape.



How have you been?



So you're back in Shinjuku, huh?



This is the only place...

where guys like us can make a living.



Did you hear

what happened at our place?



More or less.



When you hear anything,

I want to know. There'll be a reward.



I see.



Kill yourself.



I'm sorry.



I can't hear you.



Hurry up and die. Hurry up and die.



I'm sorry.



I have no use

for your stupid apologies.



Stop crying.



You can shed all the tears you want.



I'll only forgive you

when you're dead.



You stupid son of a bitch.



I don't want to hear

that you haven't found him yet.



Give me that.



I want you

to turn Shinjuku inside out



until you find the boss!

Don't show your face until you do.



Chief, so far

we haven't found any clues.



That doesn't mean, of course...

that I've abandoned all hope.



I'll find him. Just leave it to me.



I'll get it.



It's just a rumour.



Hard to say how much of it is true.



But the Funakis belong to

the Sanko syndicate, just like us.



They even share the building with us.




That way they can keep tabs...



...on who's coming and going.



- They probably staked out your boss.

- Why do that?



Well, Mr. Kakihara,

three years ago you yourself...



...cut Mr. Suzuki of the Funaki family

out of a porn video sales racket.



Word has it that he hasn't forgotten.



So, you think Suzuki

is behind all this?



It's only a rumour.



But behind your back

Mr. Suzuki is bad-mouthing you.



He's spread

some pretty ridiculous stories.



He even said

you had a crush on boss Anjo.



What the hell are you talking about?



Takayama, bring him here.



Bring who?



Suzuki, of course.






You got cold feet?



That's not the problem.



We don't have any proof.



Since when do you care about proof?



If he lies

we'll give his corpse to Funaki.



Get on with it, Takayama.






Jijii, go buy some shrimp.












What the hell's going on here?



Kakihara! What the fuck is this?



You look fantastic, Mr. Suzuki.



Where is the boss?



The boss? You mean Anjo?



He and that girl bolted.

Made off with your money, right?



You're not listening to me.



Wait. Stop, damn it!



You think I took boss Anjo?



I know you're pissed off because

I dealt you out of that video deal.



You've been going around

bad-mouthing us.



No, I haven't.



Yes, you have.

Ain't that right, Jijii?



Who the hell are you?



You say you didn't dub adult

videos behind Mr. Kakihara's back?



That proves you can't be trusted.



OK, it's true about the videos.

I'll admit that.



But I know nothing about your boss.



You have to believe me, please.



I'll ask you again.

Where is the boss?



I don't know. I really have no idea.



- Chief, that's too...

- Wait.



Hey, wait!



I wonder how Jijii managed

to get a camera and a mike in there?



I put them there.



You did?



Jijii talked me into it before

I was kicked out of the Anjo gang.



So you were buddies with Kakihara?



He wouldn't recognize me now.

I had a face job.



Plastic surgery?



Why did you choose this face?



Shut up!



Right, I have to make a call.



You about ready to come clean?



I'm going to kill all of you.



Once again. Where is the boss?



How would I know?



Somebody's already killed him!



He's still alive.



So what?



If you won't talk,

maybe your little one will.



No. Don't do that.



I'll do anything you want if you just stop!



What the hell?



Is that you, Suzuki?



Kakihara! What the fuck

do you think you are doing?



Just a little torture.



What did Suzuki do?






Put that away, Mr. Kaneko.



Who the hell are you?



You tell us first

what you are doing here, Mr. Funaki.



Someone called to say Suzuki

was in big trouble with your gang.



He thinks I kidnapped his boss.



Suzuki would never

do such a stupid thing.



Let him go.



- In this together, are you?

- What?






We were tipped off

that Suzuki had taken the boss.



By who?



That guy there...



- Well, who?

- That guy Jijii.



What guy?



You! Go and find him!



Yes sir!






So you came back.



You are the only one who enjoys



seeing a girl's body all black-and-blue.






What do you mean, 'how'?



Tell me about the beating

you got yesterday?



What do you mean?



Did it hurt?



I thought I was going to die.



The bastard. I wish he would die.






Yes, I wish he would die.



Shall I kill him for you?



- Ten million yen?

- No, you idiot. A hundred million!



That seems like a fair sum.



We don't have that much.



So hand the video business overto us

and that'll settle the matter.



All of our money

disappeared with the boss.



Take our video business too

and we'll have to fold.



You think

I'd let you off that easily?



Throw this guy out of the syndicate.

That makes it a lot easier.



Maybe you're right.



I'll make a sincere apology.



This is not a matter

of cutting one ortwo fingers.



- I have a taste for sweet things.

- So what?



To apologize,

I'll cut my source of pleasure.



What do you mean?



He-o, it's Kakiha-a.



T-at you, Ka-en?



Yes, all right, I'm on my way.



I'm going to look forthe boss.









I had to stop at the hospital.



The hospital?



That's disgusting.



Look, it's amazing.



It's all right.

The human body regenerates itself.



If I keep talking it'll get better, right?



Who is it?



It's Karen, from the Hirando club.



Good morning.



Have you heard from him?



I don't owe you a thing

so why should I tell you anything?



If you're not here to score,

just fuck off.



How dare you come here empty-handed

and ask me for a favor.



Who the hell do you think you are?



This is Kakihara.



The guy with the body piercings

from the Anjo gang.



Hey, who said you could come in?



I don't care who he is.



I don't associate

with the likes of you.



The boss is going to die.



What's this guy talking about?



If I don't hurry, the boss will die.



Like I said, if you're not here

to score you're in the way.



So get the hell out. Scram!



Do you know

what'll happen if he dies?



Jijii, hurry back here

and give me a hit.



He was already in there

when we arrived.



I taped it up

in case he tries to escape.



Where's your boss, Jijii?



What's this?



That's our office.



Look what I found.



Boss Anjo...



So you guys kidnapped him.



Where is boss Anjo?



I'll tell you

if you shoot me up first.



I'm asking you. Where's the boss?



He's long dead and buried.



If I'm not getting a shot then hurry

up and kill me, brother Kakihara.



Who are you?



I know your methods.

If you're going to kill me anyway



just get it over with,

brother Kakihara.












Are you Kano?



But your face is different.



So you killed the boss?



It was Ichi who did it.



Who is this 'lchi'?



I only cleaned up after him.



It seems that Ichi's next target

is you, brother Kakihara.



You had the hots for Anjo,

didn't you?



Not because you're queer

or because you admired his balls.



It was because you relished

the pain that he inflicted



when he beat you up.



That's why you want

to find him so badly.



Am I right?



You need him to hurt you again.



I'm going to get you forthis.




I'll never forget what you did.



I'm going to kill you, you bastard.



What did you do with the girl?



He asked where Anjo's girl is.



The girl?



We want the girl

you took along with Anjo.



Return herto us right now.



Wait a minute.



You're also making a mistake.



We'll kill you. If you don't say

something, we'll kill the whole gang.






Will you listen, damn it?

I didn't do it.



I've got nothing to do with it.



I'm innocent.



Believe me, please.



Ask somebody else, please.



- Time is running out.

- Time's up.



What do you mean?



We'll cut you here.



It won't hurt much.



No, please. Help!









I understand.



Someone says he saw a man with

a torn mouth attack Anjo's office.



That's Kakihara. I knew it!



I can't breathe in this mask.



I should've cut the eyes

a little higher.



It fogs up when I breathe.



Hi Myu-Myu. How are you?



This is it?



Stop it!



You know what I'm saying?



Stop hitting me!



Tell me.



You can suck dicks, you have a cunt

and this is all you earn?



How can I get clients

if you keep busting my face?



Shut up, you bitch!



How does that feel?



Who the fuck are you?



Come in here, you little shit.



What the fuck are you doing?

Are you some kind of pervert?



What the fuck is this costume?



Say something.



Can't you talk, asshole?



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



Don't bullshit me saying "I'm sorry."



Why are you crying?



- I'm not crying.

- Yes, you are.



- No, I'm not.

- I can see it.



- You're fucking crying!

- No, I'm not!



What the fuck?



What did you do?



I killed him for you.



I promised I'd kill him for you.



But don't worry.



From now on I'll beat you up.



You'll beat me up instead?



Thank you.



Kakihara, you are expelled

from the Syndicate.



The Syndicate came to this decision



due to the arrogance shown

in your actions and those of your men



during the search for Anjo,

yourtorture of Suzuki



and your refusal

to bargain with Funaki.



Have you anything to say?



Are you listening?






Is that all you wanted to say?



I guess so.



Then I thank you for everything.



That was a piece of cake.



Hey, Suzuki.



Are you sure

we're doing the right thing?



It's strange

the way he took it lying down.



You think he wants revenge?



- I forgot to mention one thing.

- What?



I'm taking overthe Anjo gang.



So we've been expelled?



That's right.



Every yakuza in Shinjuku is after us.



Whoever wants out, better say now.



I'm sorry.

I'd like to hand back the sake cup



- with which I pledged allegiance.

- Do you, now?



They expelled Kakihara.



Where's the money?



- I've put half into the account.

- Only half? That wasn't the deal.



I'll deposit the rest

when you've carried out our deal.



A million yen is a lot of money.



What if you blow it?



In the next three or four days



you kick everyone out

of that yakuza apartment.



They'll only get in the way.

Can you do it alone?



Don't worry.



I'll get on it right away!



Make sure you squash Kakihara,

good and proper.



Where are you going?

What do you want me to do?



Just wait here. Don't move.









I dreamt about Ms. Tachibana.



Who helped you when they bullied you?

The girl that got raped?



When they raped her

she cried for me to help her.



But my legs were shaking so violently

that I couldn't move.



I still dream

about how she cried out.



You wanted to save Ms. Tachibana

so badly?



I felt like raping her.



Surely you wanted to save her?



She wanted me to rape her.



Ichi! Open your eyes, damn it!



Why would Sailor

do such a thing to me?



Who are you talking about?



Why would Sailor

do such a thing to me?



Get a grip on yourself, Ichi.



Well? What's the matter?



You've been expelled

from the Syndicate, haven't you?



Letting you in puts me in jeopardy.



Who do you think you're talking to?



That hurts!



Mr. Kakihara, please stop.



You'll tear it off. It's stretching.



Karen, Karen!



Karen, do something, please!



Help me!






Can I join in?



That hurts.



What the hell are you doing, Karen?



Masa, you know what?



I want to be your woman!

We'll be happy together.



Take off your shoes!

You're so fucking slow!



- Hurry up.

- Go and get it.



Get a move on.



- Hey, give it back to me.

- What?



Your father got fired from the police

because he lost his gun.



What an idiot.



He's as big an idiot as his dad.



Those guns are paid for

with tax money.



Give us our money back, asshole.






Hurry up and bring it back.



Hurry up and bring it back.



Can't you hear what I'm saying?



Hey, you.



Quit staring.



Get lost, you jerk.



You want to be my woman, don't you?



Then give it to me

like you did before.



- Does that hurt?

- Keep going.



Listen, when you're hurting someone



don't think of the pain

that he feels.



Only concentrate

on the pleasure of causing him pain.



That's the only way to show

true compassion for your partner.



It's OK.

Do it like you want to kill me.



The boss was a lot better at this.



That's enough.



You let me down.



Hey, come back!



These guys need to be killed.



Go in fast, and finish them off.



- I can't.

- Sure you can.



They're all bullies. They work for

the guy you killed before.



It's easy. Just go in

and do yourthing.



- No way. There's too many of them.

- Come on, Ichi.



You want revenge, don't you?



Weren't you going to rid the world

of all the bullies?



Those guys extort money

from the poor.



They beat up on the weak

and pretend to own the world.



Vengeance is yours.



See the guy with the shaved head?



Doesn't he look like

that kid lmamura...



who bullied you back in high school?



And isn't the guy next to him



the spitting image of that kid Tokito



who scribbled all over




Well, Ichi?



It does look like him.



You must take revenge.



Killing is bad.



I told you not to worry.



They're just a big bunch of bullies.



The people I just killed



were not the ones

who used to bully me.



They're bad people.

Of course they had to die.



How did it feel today?



I don't want to kill any more.



Don't be a fool.



If you don't kill the bad guys,

who will?



I don't want to kill.



You'll go on killing, won't you?



I don't want to any more.



Kill the bad guys.






Thank you for protecting me

back there.



What's wrong?



Are you all right?



What's your name?






We're friends, aren't we?






What the hell happened?



Chief, what happened?



He showed up, finally.



Isn't this amazing.



I'm scared.



Hey, all of you! Don't run away!



Everyone is bolting!



You're not running?



Not until we avenge the boss.






This is really something.



Look at this.



The human body is made out of a

single tube like this.



I'm sorry, chief.



They've all gone.



Don't bother.



Takayama, call the East Shinjuku

police station.



- You're reporting this?

- No, I'll get them to help us.



I was being bullied when this strong

guy turned up and kicked their asses.



You do karate and all that stuff,

don't you?



Teach me, too.



- Go back home.

- I'll grow strong and get revenge.









I'm on a very important job now.



It may be that one day

I won't be able to come home.



If something should happen to me,



promise me you'll go and live

with your mom.



I won't.



Don't worry.



I can take care of myself.






What's taking you so long?

Go and find Ichi.



I don't know what he looks like.



Find anyone who smells of blood.



Now go and get him!



What the fuck

do you think you're doing?



Hey, you got it?



First you puke all over

one of our girls



and then you say you've no money?



Who the fuck do you think you are?



Answer me, you bastard.



What's so funny?



Give us our money back right now.



Just sell off your kidneys.






As long as we get our money, asshole.



How much does he owe you?



Who the hell are you, anyway?



How much did he borrow?






- Who do you work for?

- None of your business.



Watch your mouth.



What are you looking at?



Hasn't he had enough?



In that case,

why don't you pay off his debts?



Watch out, or you'll get hurt.



- What gang are you with?

- The Anjo gang.



I don't know what backwater

you're from,



but you have "sitting duck"

written all over your forehead.



Aren't you Japanese?



Don't you understand

what I am saying?



Anyhow, get out of here.



Get a move on, I said.



Don't be shy. Eat up.



Boss Anjo, he's the cop

who lost his gun.



He became known as

an Olympic marksman.



You must be hungry.



Go ahead and eat.



Mom won't come back, will she?



She left you for another man.



But I'll always stay with you.



Stop jabbering and eat.



Where are you from? China?



This is no place for you.



You understand?



Don't be so jittery.

I'm not bullying you.



You remind me of myself

a long time ago.



The guy who picked me up

when I was down has been murdered.



He took me in when I drifted

with nowhere to go.



I must find his killers

and avenge him.



Eat up, orthe noodles will go soft.



How are you feeling?



Where are we?



Seems you had bad dreams.



You'll find photos inside.



Taken of the biggest bullies.



The ones that bullied me?



Just like them.



They are even worse than the boys

who bullied you.



Those were not

the only bad people around.



The ones that stood by and did

nothing are even worse.



You must go after all of them.



That's why you grew strong, isn't it?






Ms. Tachibana tried to help me.



Back then you were too weak

to help her.



But now you are strong enough

to defeat all of them.



You can have your revenge.






You mean killing people?






I mean to kill.



- I don't want to kill any more.

- What?



I hate killing people.



Running away from things

will never make you a man!



My dick's hard.



- Since when?

- I don't know.



Why didn't you tell me?

lt'll start to rot.



That's what you get for not doing

what I tell you.



Take some tranquilizers.

They'll calm you down for a while.



What's wrong? Take the damn things.



I don't want to kill any more people.



We'll talk about that later.

Just take the damn pills.









I've been a detective forever but

I've never seen anything like this.



Even you can't do that, brother.



I could, if I wanted to.



There's something inhuman

to this carnage.



Most people have a touch of both

sadism and masochism inside them



but this Ichi is    % pure sadist.



I can't wait to meet him.



But he'll come here anyway, won't he?



There's no pattern to it.

It's alljust a game.



If I'm not ready to die

when he comes,



I'll become increasingly desperate.



But if I know he's coming,



I'll do all I can

to stop him from killing me.



So you will tell me where this Ichi

is even if you don't want to.



Do you have any clues?



Somebody I know stumbled upon

this Chinese pal of Ichi



who goes around pimping.



Find him

and you'll discover much more.



A Chinese pimp, huh?



I picked it up

from a girl in this club.



Well, big brother?



We can't turn down a request

from Kakihara, can we?



Without him we wouldn't even be

detectives. We owe him a lot.



We'll find that dickhead

soon enough.



There aren't so many

Chinese pimps around.



Excuse me.



Hey, hey, hey!



Hey, it's Kaneko.



Damned if it isn't. The cop

who got fired for losing his gun.



What are you doing here?



- I'm a gunman.

- You're kidding!



A guy loses his gun and next thing

you know, he becomes a gunman.



Are you? Really?



Really, really?



What are you waiting for?

Go find him.



I want to fuck, fuck, fuck.



No use.



Hello. Myu-Myu? It's me, Longie.



Can I come over right now?



Did you plant the information

about that girl?



I did.



Then it's only a matter of time...



before Long gets caught.



What happens next?



- Ichi is going through a bad patch.

- A bad patch?



He gets hard,

but he cannot ejaculate.



Really? That's weird.



Tell me, what is this Ichi like?



I can't tell you that.



Come on, tell me about him.



OK, if you insist.



- He's kind of cute.

- Yourtype?



Not especially.



- He is a crybaby.

- What's that?



He was bullied when he was a kid.



Even now, when he gets mad

he starts to cry.



At first he keeps it under control,

then suddenly he lashes out to kill.



So he's sick, isn't he?



Most of the time,

he's quite a nice young man.



But when he loses it,

he turns into a killer.



I sort of understand that.



But he was never really bullied,

you see.



After he killed his parents,

I messed around with his memory.



I made him believe

that he used to be bullied.



So now every time I need him

for a job, I feed him more stories.



And he believes all of that?



Does that post-hypnosis stuff

really work?



Yes, but I think I overdid it

on that rape story.



I told him he was bullied

in high school



and that the girl who stood by him

ended up getting raped.



That got him terribly excited.






Yes, a story about a girl

who was raped.



Can I ask you something?






Did you also put me under

some kind of hypnosis?



I wouldn't dare.






Shut up!



I feel sorry for you, Kaneko.



First you lose your gun

and get kicked of the force.



Then you become a yakuza,

which is OK.



But now you have a killer

on your heels.



You're an unlucky monkey.



I have no regrets.



I've got lots of them.



The only reason I ended up in this

business is because I was tough.



Sometimes I look at those

salary slaves...



imagining I could have easily ended

up that way, living such a life.



What will you do

when all this is over?



I only want revenge for boss Anjo.



There will be no one left

to taste our revenge.



Think about your son.



He'll have to manage on his own.



I have only one thing on my mind.



I've never seen such a tough bitch.



Jiro, you've lost yourtouch.



She's just too tough.



Then it's time...



...for sleuthhound Saburo

to step into the ring.



That brings back memories.



- OK, I know where to find Long.

- I'm impressed.



Takayama, keep an eye on the girl.






Where are you going?



Did I tell you to come?









I didn't ask you to come, did I?



Can't you sense my mood?



I'm sorry, Longie.



God, this is terrible.



Are you all right?



I'm so sorry, Longie.



You want some water?



I said, do you want some water?



Do you want some or not?



I'm so sorry, Longie.






Say something!



Cut it out.



Cut it out!



How come Jijii doesn't answer?






Good evening.



This one's for Inoue!



Put some feeling into it!

Giving pain is a serious business.



There's no love in your punches.



What's taking him so long?



What the fuck?



Sorry. I'm so sorry.



Are you all right?



Are you hurt?






Is it you?



Don't you remember me?



It's me, Tachibana.



Long time no see.



It's been a long time.



Yes, it has, Ms. Tachibana.



Is it really you?



I told you so.



I'm sorry.



Then why didn't you

come to my rescue?



I'm sorry.



I wanted to die.



- Despair.

- Despair.



That's right, despair.



I like to be abused.



I met someone through the Internet

who said he was a sadist.



I was so disappointed.



Slice me up neatly.



Slice you up?



What? You have a hard-on, already?



You wanted me to rape you?



You really wanted me to rape you,

Ms. Tachibana?



You wanted to be raped because

you didn't want to be raped.



You didn't want me to do it

because you wanted me to do it.



Of course.

Like Sailor didn't want me to do it



cos she wanted me to do it.



That's it, Ms. Tachibana.



What's the matter?



I will slice you to pieces,

Ms. Tachibana.






Ms. Tachibana.



I understand now.



You don't want this

because you want it.



No, don't! Stop it!



It's impossible!









What happened? Why is she dead?



I guess he wanted to get something

from her



but just went a little too far.



That's right, isn't it, Kaneko?



Don't get in my way all the time.



I told you it wouldn't be pretty.



I'll ask you again. Where is Ichi?



I told you, I don't know.



Ichi is even more depraved

than you could ever imagine.



He's a monster who kills

without any feeling for his victims.



Is that so hard to understand?






Do you think that what you're doing

will make everything inevitable?



No matter how hard you try,

it'll all be in vain, you asshole.



People like you who can only watch

know absolutely nothing.



I'm pulling the strings. Even yours.

I'm controlling everything.



Don't you feel it's all running

a bit too smoothly, you creep?



Your fate

is without a shred of meaning.



You'll be killed senselessly by Ichi.

No more, no less, asshole.



Your penalty for not knowing Ichi.



A split and pierced penis.



Great. Let's do it.



Takayama, get some scissors.



This'll put an end to your pimping.






I'll try to remember about Ichi!



I'll be outside.

Call me when it's over.






You feel up to it again?



OK, come to the yakuza apartment.



There's lots of work to do.



I can't stand that stuff.



That bastard Jijii.



You bastard!



Where's Ichi?



Behind you.



Ichi has no time to be playing

with a dumb gorilla like you.



No! If you do that, I'll die.



What was that?






He's all broken up.



Hold it.



Don't. You'll never make it.









This Ichi's a real monster.



Even big brotherJiro

couldn't do this.



Watch what you say.



I'm getting scared.



We'll go look for him, too.



Hold it.



You stay here.



It's you and me guarding the coop.



Do you think it's possible

to yank someone's arm off



with your bare hands?



I said, is it possible to yank

an arm off with your bare hands?



Of course not.



That's impossible.



I can't hear you.



- It's impossible.

- Really?



I'll have little Saburo

shaking in his boots.



Ready? I'm going to try now.












So you're back?



Where are the bullies, Jijii?



First, listen carefully.



That man who treated you

to a bowl of noodles...



he's your long lost brother.



So the next time you see him,

make sure you pay him your respects.



My brother?



My big brother?



Damn, the whole world

looks down on me.



I can do it!



I'm sure I can kill Ichi. Ichi!



My brother.



Who's there?



Saburo, what kind of guy

is this Ichi?



- He must be some kind of monster.

- I'm scared.



Even the infamous Kakihara

is scared now?



No, I'm scared of myself.



All this anticipation.



It's been years since I felt such

a mix of anxiety and anticipation.



The few times I've felt this,

I was let down in the end.



I really want to lose myself

in desperation.



What if Ichi also lets me down?



What's the matter?



- It's Jiro. He's dead.

- Really?



It's exactly the same feeling

as when our big brother Ichiro died.



Are you sure? Then let's go back.



Kaneko. Ichi has arrived.






I was looking forward to

killing Jiro myself one day.



That's interesting.



Oh, fuck!



The same as ever.






What is it?



He looks like that guy...



He's called Ichi.



- What did you say?

- Ichi.



He's the guy who used karate

to help me.



Damn! Damn!






Don't move an inch.



Wait a minute.



You're scaring me. Wait.



You're so fucking scary!

You're coming at me again?












What will you do now?






Don't let me down.






Why are you doing this to me,













Hey, wait a minute.






Tell me, brother.



Tell me.












Why, brother?



Stop right there!












I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



Your mind is in chaos.



You are truly demented.



Get up, Ichi.



Get up.



Get up, Ichi.



What's the matter with you?



Come on, damn it!



Do you hear me?



Get up.



Come on.



Stop fucking around.



What are you playing at?



How can we have our challenge match,

if you act this way?



Come on, Ichi.



Come on, Ichi.



Get up and fight. Come on.



Come on!



You're so selfish.



What are you doing?






Nobody left to kill me.



Wow, this is amazing!




Special help by SergeiK