Identity Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Identity script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the James Mangold movie with John Cusack.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Identity. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Identity Script



         He wasn't there again today

          I wish I wish he'd go away

          Where did you learn that?

          Where did you learn that poem?

          I made it up.

          When I was a kid, I made it up.

          What else do you remember from back then?

          Don't beat around the bush, doc. Don't beat around the bush.

           Don't beat around the bush. Don't beat around the bush, doc!

            Tell me what you remember about your mother.

            I remember my mom.

            I remember my mom.

            I remember my mom was a whore.

            How long would she keep you there?

            As long as she was busy.

            Do you understand why you're talking with me now?

            You're supposed to be good with...


            I need something more than aspirin. Know what I mean?

            Do you remember the murders?

            I remember...

            ...that Columbia is the capital of South Carolina.

            I remember that--

            Are you the person who murdered six residents...

            ...of the Lakeworth Apartments on May        ?

            That's my birthday.

            Who am I speaking to right now?

            What should I call you?

            Call me whatever you want.



            Gary, you awake?

            Yes, Greg, as a matter of fact, I am awake.

            I'm sorry to bother you at home...

            ...but there's gonna be a midnight hearing in the Rivers case.

            The defense found a notebook misfiled in evidence, a diary.

            They argued to the state Supremes that it was suppressed.

            What are you talking about?

            There's no media. This all happened under the radar.

            The prisoner transport left an hour ago from Ely.

            Left Ely? What do you mean? What transport?

            The diary gave them an opening to argue insanity again.

            They need Rivers present, so they drugged him, put him on a transport.

            They're taking this scumbag to a hearing...

            ...the night before his execution.

            How the fuck did you let that happen?

            Would anyone like to play another round?

            Let's get another puzzle, Vanna. What do we have?

            -"Around the House" is the category. -Buy a vowel.

            -Buy a vowel. -Pick up that trip.

            -Buy a vowel, you idiot. -I'd like to buy a vowel. An E.

            One E.

            -All right,     left. -N.

            -Buy a vowel. -Buy another vowel.

            -Yes! -An I.

            -I'd like to solve. -Sure.

            "Kibbles 'n Bits. "

            She won't stop bleeding. She won't stop bleeding.

            -Jesus. What happened? -An accident. We had an accident.

            Rain and lightning is moving into Elko.

            Doppler Radar has picked up a severe thunderstorm with lightning...

            ...on its way from Pershing and Lander counties.

            -We could get damaging winds.... -Four times    equals--

            Four times   --

            Timothy, could you not do that now? We're trying to hear about the storm.

            -Sure you don't want me to drive? -No.

            I'll get us to Anderson, then you can take over after we eat.

            Turn into spin.

            Apply brakes with short, firm pumps.

            Check mirror and gauge indicator and roll...

   a slow, smooth stop.

            You okay, honey? Timothy?

            Seat belts, seat belts, seat belts.

            -It's a shoe. -What?

            It's a shoe!

            For he's a jolly good fellow

            For he's a jolly good fellow

            For he's a jolly good fellow

            Which nobody can deny


            -Why didn't we get a better spare? -Do you know what radials cost, Alice?

            Honey, don't get defensive.

            Well, if the point is to put him, Timothy, into the right school...

  's absurd to focus... -George? George?

            -...on replacement tires. -What can I do to help?

            Nothing. I'm fine, but...

             ...thank you.

              Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Alice?

              Oh, my God! Alice? What have you done?

              What have you done? What have you done?

              Hi, Harry. Where do I begin?

              I have walked off the set, okay?

              I know they'll say that I am in breach...

              ...but they clearly did not read my deal.

              They had me at a Ramada--

              Oh, Jesus.

              I think I have a spare battery in my bag.

              Excuse me?

              I have a spare battery in my bag up front, next to you.

              -Any idea which one, Miss Suzanne? -The Louis Vuitton duffel, right on top.

              I don't see anything--

              Just use your fucking eyes! It's in the side pocket! Just look!


              What have you done? What have you done?

              No, fool! If you help him, you assume responsibility.

              It is my responsibility. Let go of me.

              Alice? Alice?

              What have you done? What have you done?

              Let me take a look.

              The driver of every motor vehicle involved in any manner of accident...

              ...originating from the operation of a vehicle shall, within    days....

              You got a towel or something in the car?

              Okay. Come help me look.

              --within    days of the accident...

              ...if you are operating a vehicle and it should, at any time, involve--

              -Stay here. Keep her dry. -It's okay. It's okay, honey.

              -Open the door! We need the phone. -No!

              Sweetheart, it's okay.

              Honey, it's okay.

              -Give me the goddamn phone! -The phone is dead, all right?

              You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be okay.


              -She won't stop bleeding. -Jesus. What happened?

              There was an accident. May I please use your phone?

              -Please use your phone? -Yeah, sure.

              Shit. I'm not getting a line. It happens in the rain.

              The phone doesn't work.

              St. Jude's has   -hour emergency,    miles east.


              You sit here, okay?

              Keep pressure on the wound. I'll be back with an ambulance.

              What are you doing?

              Sorry. It's a step down from the Ramada, but it'll have to do.

              I am not staying here. Are you out of your mind?

              This is my car. You work for me. Get those bags back in this car now!

              I understand the bleeding person has a medical condition, but so do I.

              My lung walls have depleted cilia. If I stay here, I could asphyxiate!

              No, please, please, please, please, please, please.



              Stop. Please, please.

              Hi. I'm sorry, my car is stuck. Can I get a ride?


              You know you're going east.

              Hospital's this way.

              It's flooded. I mean, it's a dead end.

              Yeah, well, if you don't mind, I gotta try.

              Okay, that will be $   cash, please.

              Didn't you use to be that actress?


              -Wow. -Now, is that a nice room?

              Because though I am leaving soon, I still would prefer a nice room.

              Your nicest...

              ...if that is possible.

              Eight's very cozy.

              I tried to tell you.

              Hey! Hey, stop! There's no way through.

              There's no way through! No way through!

              -Lou, wake up. -What?

              Cell phone.

              -What? -Do you have a cell phone?

              Who wants to know?

              There's been an accident, a bad one. A lady's hurt.

              -We need a cell phone right now. -Dude, slow down.

              First, we don't know who you are. Second, we don't see an accident--

              Listen to me, dude, I'm having a really fucked-up, wet, bad fucking day.

              So if you have a cell phone, give it to me now!

              Dude, we don't have a cell phone, so could you just let go of me now?!

              I need you to give me a lift in the other direction.

              It's flooded that way too. It's worse than this.

              Ginny, pop the trunk. Let them in.

              Let them in.

              Hey. How you doing?

              -Phone still dead? -Yeah. Where's your Lincoln?

              Stuck in a run-off two miles down the road. The other way's fucked too.

              The kids gave us a lift. The girl was stranded.

              -Is there another way out? -Is she a hooker?

              Hey! Is there a back road?

              Where do you think the water's going? You wouldn't get     feet.

              -How's the woman? -I don't know. They're in number  .

              I'm sorry. We don't rent rooms by the hour.

              Funny. You still serving food?

              Vending machines are around the corner. Go ahead.

              Rooms are    bucks in advance with picture ID. You need one room or two?

              Excuse me. I was talking to you. I'd appreciate it if you looked at me.

              Well, I don't like looking at trash.

              We're a little stuck here, George. I don't think we can get out tonight.

              -She just keeps shaking. -She's in shock.

              -Let me take a look. -What?

              Let me take a look.

              Did your wife pack a sewing kit?


              Ginny, wait up.


              At least we got a good number.


              I'm here for the hearing of the Rivers case.

              I understand it's in the judges chambers.

              -This way, it's in the conference room. -Has the prisoners transport arrived?

              My client was screwed at trial. He was denied an insanity plea.

              Let's call this what it is Marty, a hell fucking Marry.

              Let me tell you, what I think insanity is councillor.

              The fact that you got some specialist pocking around in his head, giving him meds.

              That's insanity.

              But the fact that that maniac, is riding around out there, out of comunication

              That's fucking frightening.

              Detective. I can assure you, there is no...

              No Marty. I can assure you.

              At midnight tomorrow, an injection of attacyum cloride is gonna stop your client's heart.

              And I'm gonna get the best night sleep in years.

              The families of his victims, don't wan't him medicating councillor.

              They wan't the monster dead.


              But before we rush, to satisfie them,

              you should remember. We must exterminate the rat, not the house.

              Excuse me, who are you?

              This is Dr. Mallick.

              Malcom's psychiatrist.

              -Did you feel that? -Feel what?


              Are you the manager?


              I'm Officer Rhodes, Corrections. I'm transporting a prisoner here.

              The law gives you the right to refuse us service...

              ...but the roads are flooded. I could use a room.

              -It's an emergency. -You got a radio in that car?

              -Who's this? -Limo driver, had an accident.

              I got a lady pretty banged up. I could use an ambulance.

              Four-four-two requesting medical.

              Four-four-two requesting medical.

              Nothing. It's been like this for the past hour.

              She's losing a lot of blood. Got a first aid kit?

              Band-Aids, that's it.

              -How about a needle and thread? -Maybe in the diner.

              I'll get it. Locked up. Stay dry.

              I'll be back with your key. I'll put you in   .

              -Okay, thanks. -What do you got back there?

              Prison transfer.

              Maybe when you get him situated, come to   and look at the lady.

              -I could use a second opinion. -Yeah, sure.

              Looks like you're fucked.

              Shut up!

              -I wish I had beige. -This is fine.

              Would have been better.

              I gotta get the officer situated. Let me know if you need something.

              I'll be right back.

              Where did you learn to do that?

              Pretty much where you're standing.

              Hey, is the...?

              The little boy, is he all right?

              He hasn't said a word since the accident.

              No, no, no. He doesn't talk much ever since the....

              I'm his stepfather.

              His father....

              Two years ago, he left.

              Little temper problem.

              Watch your step.

              The furniture's for shit.

              If you're fixing to cuff him to something, the toilet's bolted down.

              Thank you so much for your assistance.

              -It's a good idea. Come on. -I got stripes

              Stripes around my shoulders And these chains

              These chains They're about to--

              Let's go look at that lady.

              -You get anyone? -What?

              -Did you get through? -No, not yet.

              Good stitch job.

              Pulse is shallow, but steady. Keep her comfortable.

              We should take turns on the radio, if that's all right.

              No, it's not. I can manage.

              You gonna arrest me, officer?


              How'd you do that? How'd you know I was a cop?

              No shit.

              Cheetos for dinner, huh?

              -That don't seem right. -You got a better idea?

              I worked mess in the service. Maybe the diner's open. I could--

              You got change for a dollar?

              I don't know. Let me see.

              Here you go.

              You got a name?

              -Paris. -Paris, huh?

              I'll get it.

              Never been.

              Well, you ain't going tonight.


              Please be strong.

              You see, Timothy and I...

              ...we need you.

              We need you so much.



              You need to tell them, Harry, that I can't work, I can't perform...

              ...I can't shine living in an environment like that.

              No, it is not about the money. It's about the working conditions.

              One bar.

              One bar.

              No bar.

              One bar.

              Two bars.

              Come on. Come on.

              Here we go.

              There you go. Come on.

              Goddamn desert wasteland!

              Oh, shit! I just had it.

              Holy fuck.

              -Jesus, Mother of God. -Who is this?

              The woman I was driving.

              -What the hell are you doing? -There's something in there.

              -Use this, man. -Thanks.

              -Are you a cop? -I was.

              -She was in Room   ? -I am.

              -Where's your guy? -Cuffed to a toilet.

              Son of a bitch.

              That was a fucking drive.

              -Gentlemen. -Your Honor.

              Ready, Sharon? Alrighty.

              In the matter of Rivers v. Nevada, for the purposes of--

              Judge Taylor, sir, with due respect, we should wait till my client arrives.

              -He has a right to be present. -He has precious few rights.

              He's    hours from execution.

              But to demonstrate his mental state, which is the purpose--

              His mental state?

              His mental state?

              Do you know what time it is? You think I got time for bullshit?

              That the justices called me in the middle of the night to review a case...

              ...I already sat on, that I already decided, may make you happy.

              But it pisses me off.

              When your boy gets here, do what you want, but in the name of decency...

              ...state your goddamn case!

              Yes, sir.

              Somebody get me a cup of coffee, black.

              All right, everybody! Listen up!

              There was an incident tonight.

              That's police talk for, "Someone's head got lopped off."


              -Caroline Suzanne was murdered. -What?

              -Who's Caroline Suzanne? -The actress I was driving.

              And where exactly did that happen?

              We don't know, because we can't find the body.

              Not all of it anyway.

              -What do you mean, you can't find it? -Stay calm. Everything will be all right.

              Officer Rhodes is outside. He was transporting a convict.

              -Who escaped. -What are you--?

              -Hold on. -Running free!

              Will you shut the fuck up so he can talk?

              This is my place, ho! I'll say what I please!

              -It's safe here. -It is not safe here!

              -There's a cop here. -Yeah, two cops.

              Wait. You're a cop?

              -I was. Shut up, Larry! -It's not safe here! I'm not staying--

              It's all right. It's okay.


              -Is she okay? -Ginny.

              Ginny, will you...? Stop it. Don't do this right now.

              -What are you doing? -Put your arm around your girlfriend.

              -Actually, she's my wife. -Everybody just stay here.

              -Stay in this room. -Wait! I'm not staying here if he is.

              -Yes, you are. -No, I'm not.

              -I'm not. -All right. Larry?

              -Come with us. -Why?

              -You know the place. -Here's what I know. I'm not a cop.

              I don't take orders from a professional slut!

              -Fuck you! -Listen. Just stay here, please.

              Keep everybody calm.

              He's not gonna get too far. Not in this!


              What are we chasing here?

              Multiple homicide.

              I'll go around this way. Meet you in back.

              Is that where you live full-time? Las Vegas?

              -Used to. -What's that supposed to mean?

              It means I don't live there anymore.


              We'll go see if we can use this one. We'll go in here.

              Since that wasn't a successful attempt, we'll go in here.

              I'll be right out here. It's okay. I'm gonna stand guard.

              Not a worry. I'll be right here. I'm not going anywhere.

              See, his mother usually does this.

              Hey, Ginny. So how long you two been married?

              About nine hours. It was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing.

              Viva Las Vegas, huh, Gin?

              -We need to leave! -I was just talking to her.

              Something's happening! I need to get out of here!

              -Ginny! Ginny! -You don't own me, Lou!

              I own what's inside you! Half, at least.

              You don't own any part of me or my baby!

              Then why did I marry you?

              -Don't slam the goddamn door on me! -Hey! Hey!

              You guys, just calm down!

              We are not leaving. There is no place else to go.

              There's a flood outside, Ginny. Stop it! Stop it!

              I'm not pregnant!

              What did you just say?

              I lied.

              I'm not pregnant.

              What are you talking about? I saw the test.

              Why would you do that to me?

              Because Alison saw you at The Hawk with that fucking girl!

              -Ginny, what are we, like   ? -Go away!


              -Open this goddamn door, Ginny! -No!

              I haven't been to The Hawk in over a fucking year.

              Alison is a stupid bitch-whore, who likes fucking with your head.

              Open the damn door, Ginny.

              -Open the fucking door! -Not until you calm down!

              I'm calm! I am very fucking calm!

              What are you doing?


              Ginny, open this damn door! Open the door!

              -Open the door! -Stop it, stop it!

              Ginny, damn it, open the door! Ginny, Ginny, Ginny!

              Lou, please stop!


              Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

              Help me! Somebody help me!

              Help me!

              Help me! Somebody help me!

              Is he in there? Is he in there?

              Ginny, are you okay? What happened? What happened?

              -Oh, shit. -Jesus Christ.

              Lou? Lou?

              What's going on?

              What the hell?

              Oh, shit!

              Come here!

              They caught him. They caught him.

              Why are we keeping him in here?

              -Where would you prefer, Larry? -I don't know.

              I told you to stay in   didn't I? Did I tell you that?

              They got in a fight! I tried to get them to go back inside!

              Should we try the radio again?

              Larry, just stay here and watch him.

              -Go back and look after Ginny. -Where are you going?

              Just do it, please.


              I don't know if I'm comfortable with guard duty, per se.

              He's unconscious, Larry. He's tied to a post.



              Alice? Oh, my God. Alice?

              I don't remember anything.

              We had an accident.

              George? Can you keep an eye on Ginny for a minute?

              She's awake now. I have to get some aspirin to help her.

              Darling, I gotta go get something out of my room.

              -Shit! -What's wrong, buddy?

              What do you got in the fridge?

              -You shut up. -What's in there?

              What's in there?

              -What do you got in there? -Shut up.

              What is it, huh?

              -Shut up. -You can tell me.

              I'm good at keeping secrets. I got a whopper myself.

              What are you doing?


              -What are you doing out here? -Getting shit that's mine.

              What are you doing? What, I don't get to ask a question?

              I'm taking photos. There's been two murders. Before all the evidence--

              That's not an answer. You're a limo driver. What are you doing?

              Looking to win some "beyond the call of duty," limo-driver merit badge?

              You're not on the job anymore. You don't need to be a hero.

              There's a real, live, active-duty cop outside--

              The one who's managed to lose a convicted killer?

              You're a complicated cat, Edward.

              No. Not really.

              I think so.

              What month were you born?

              -May. -Taurus.

              Same as me.

              -Where were you a cop? -Los Angeles.

              Were you fired or did you quit?

              I took medical leave.

              It was making me sick.

              I burned out, I guess. Wasn't up for it.

              One day I got a call...

              ...for a jumper.

              A young Mexican girl.

              Pregnant, infected with AIDS, totally strung-out.

              She was truly one of the doomed.

              I asked her to come in off the ledge and into my arms.

              She asked me why she should bother living.

              What did you say?

              I was trained to tell her lots of things.

              Her dreams, all the people who'd miss her.

              But for a second, I hesitated.

              And she saw it.

              Within that second, I couldn't think of one optimistic thing to say to her.

              So she spread her arms and jumped.

              I started getting headaches...

              ...and eventually started blacking out.

              So I filed for medical.


              What is it?


              -It's worse. Nothing but static! -Where's that key from the actress?

              This was on the kid.

              -What is it, some kind of countdown? -Larry!

              What the fuck is he doing? Larry, come over here!

              Come over here, man. What are you doing? Come over here.

              -What are you doing? -I just went to get something.

              We told you to watch the guy. What are you doing in your office?

              I just went to get something.

              How many sets of keys are there to this place? Look at me. How many?

              -Two and a master set. -Oh, my fucking God!

              Larry, you mother--! You son of a--! Get the fuck in here! Get in here!

              Why did you kill him? Why did you kill my con?

              Holy shit! Who did that? Jesus Christ, I didn't do that!

              Bullshit! You're lying!

              -It's your bat sticking out of his throat! -I know, but I didn't do it!

              Check the doors!

              -I didn't do it! -Look at him!

              -Why'd you kill him? -Why were you outside?

              -Why'd you leave him? -I was scared.

              -What were you scared of? -You wouldn't understand.

              Try me.

              -Why'd you kill my con? -I didn't!

              I don't know how-- I went to my office, that's all!

              -Why'd you leave him? -This your key? Number  ?

              Ten, nine, eight, huh? This is your key!

              You can't say that! Those aren't my keys!

              That's like leading the witness or something. Look.

              These are my keys, okay? These are my keys. You see?

              You got a Gucci wallet? It's the actress's.

              Yes, I took her wallet. Afterwards. After she died!

              Afterwards, all right? I didn't kill her. And I didn't kill him.

              -Let her go, Larry. -Get back! You won't pin this on me.

              -Timothy? -Get him out of here!

              -Put it down. -I didn't hurt anybody. No one!

              But I don't like cheap fucking whores! If you take one more step--


              Get it off!


              Come on, you little bitch. Please fucking start.

              -Goddamn it! -Hey!

              Larry, stop!

              What is going on?

              -Larry! -Get out of my way, I didn't do shit!

              Timothy! Timothy!

              An insanity plea was refused by the court...

              ...despite the fact that my client is a certifiable Axis IV dissociative.

              To this day, he remains unaware of the crimes for which he was convicted.

              In      the Supreme Court ruled decisively that states cannot execute...

              ...a person who does not understand why he's being put to death.

              He signed a confession.

              -He didn't just sign it, he dictated it. -Thirdly...

              ...Malcolm's diaries found misfiled in state evidence.

              Your Honor, this notebook contains entries made just before the murders.

              Important to note are the spectacular changes in handwriting style...

              ...tone, point of view.

              What you are looking at are the private thoughts of several different people.

              With permission, Dr. Mallick will elaborate.

              Thank you.

              Your Honor, there is no universally efficacious treatment...

              ...for Dissociative Identity Disorder.

              In theory, one attempts to move the patient towards integration.

              -A folding of their fractured psyche. -Your Honor?

              He's here.

              No! What you saw was an accident!

              He ran out in front of me! I'm not a murderer!

              There's a dead body in your freezer, Larry.

              -I didn't kill him. I found him like that. -Stop it!

              Listen! Listen! I was in Vegas last month and I lost everything, okay?


              I drove west. I didn't know where to go, but I was running on empty...

     I pulled in here at this place.

              And there was no one at the station, so I came over to the office...

              ...and I walked in.

              And there, sitting at that desk right there, was the manager...

              ...facedown in a Banquet Potpie. Dead!

              -Heart attack or something. -Banquet Potpie!

              He'd been sitting there for God knows how long.

              All of a sudden, this auto-parts salesman pulls up, looking for a room.

              I didn't have a fucking dime...

     I took his    and gave him one.

              I just took the key from the wall and gave him a room.

              Maybe that was wrong, but I was broke, and that's what I did.

              Then I came back in here...

              ...and I moved Larry's body-- His name was Larry too.

              I put him in the freezer.

              I wasn't trying to hide him. It was hot out.

              I thought it was the best place for him till his family or someone came along.

              Only no one did...

              ...except more guests.

              So I checked them in too.

              And they all seemed happy...

     I just stayed.

              Cry me a river. This is a total crock of shit!

              -No, it's not! -Admit it, you killed him!

              Just like you killed my con. Just like you killed her husband.

              Just like you killed his actress. Just admit it.

              -Say it, "I killed them." -Stop it! He can't take any more!

              Everything is okay now. Everything is fine. We got the guy. It's fine.

              -I don't know what we got. -What?

              We thought we got the guy two hours ago, then--

              You believe this shit? It's him! It's this guy!

              He had a knife to your neck, remember?

              His story's so unbelievable, I think it just might be true.

              She's got a point.

              You guys are crazy.

              Maybe it's the burial ground.


              Read the brochure in there. It's all around us.

              A hundred years ago, the government moved these Indians here.

              They all died because there was no water.

              Now they're coming back to life like sea monkeys, huh?

              Come on. Give me a break, sweetheart.

              -Just take it easy, Rhodes. -You know, you take it easy!

              You've tried to run this show all night. Giving orders, pointing fingers!

              You blamed my con for everything, and he ends up dead.

              I'm telling you, it's him! We all saw him run down George.

              Your actress's wallet is right there. She's dead, there's the wallet.

              -What more do you want? -Stop it! Please shut up!

              All right. You want a plan? Here's the plan, okay?

              No one's gonna move. We'll stay here, like this, in this room until dawn.

              No one leaves, no one moves.

              And if he tries anything, I'm gonna shoot him!

              And if something out there comes in here, I'll shoot it!

              And if anyone of us tries anything, I'll shoot them!

              -We get it. -Good!

              Timmy? Timmy?

              -You need to stay in here with us. -It's all right.

              Remember that movie where the    strangers went to an island...

              ...and then they all died one by one...

              ...and then it turned out they weren't strangers, they all had a connection?

              They all messed with the wrong guy, and he was getting revenge.

              Shut up!

              I'm just saying maybe there's a connection between all of us.

              Like what?

              -We're all in Nevada. -Shut up!

              Where were you going with your con when you pulled in here?

              Carson City. Okay?

              I was going home to Florida. Where were you going?

              I was taking the actress to L.A.

              I was born in Florida.

              Since you been in that chair, no one's died, so shut up!

              No one's died since we've all been here!

              -Hey, sweetie, sit down. -Where in Florida, Larry?

              -Where in Florida? -Friends now, huh? Great.

              -Polk County. -That's where I was born.

              -Which town? -Mulberry.

              -Frostproof. -No wonder you left.

              There's a town called Frostproof?

              They grow oranges. The name doubles as a slogan.

              I danced hallelujah the day I left Polk. Why would you wanna go back?

              I found a grove for sale on the Internet.

              Nine acres,      trees. Limes and oranges.

              According to the realtor, the soil needs a few tills, phosphorous...

              ...lanes need reading, but it's real good land.


              It sounds nice.


              She's dead.

              Get him out of here.

              Come on. Come on, sweetie.

              Look at this.

              -Where'd you get that? -Right here.

              This doesn't make any sense. She died from an accident.

              George was an accident, if you believe Larry.

              Where is seven?

              Back it up!

              -See, I told you it wasn't me! -That's not possible.

              I was standing right there. I saw what happened. We all saw what happened.

              He ran out. Nobody could have known he was gonna do that.

              No one human.

              We're back to that again? It's the spirits, huh?

              Maybe it's the ghost of the guy that Larry put in the freezer.

              Somebody untie me. Goddamn it!

              You know it wasn't me. Come on.

              -Listen. -We gotta get out--

              -Listen. -We gotta get out--

              Take her car and get out. You, her and the kid.

              There's nowhere to go.

              -How much gas do you have? -Half a tank.

              You can drive till dawn on that. Look at me.

              When you get to where it's flooded, go the other way.

              I don't know if I can.

              Get the kid and go. Right now. Come on.


              Timmy, come on. Let's go. Get up.

              What's going on?

              -They can't leave! -This way.

              We'll see you when the storm breaks.

              Hey! Hey! They can't leave! Where are they going? Get back here!

              Go, go, go! They're leaving.

              -They're not leaving. -Go!

              You can't let suspects leave after four people have been killed!

              -You really think they're suspects? -They're not leaving!



              Extinguishers. Larry, you got a fire extinguisher?

              -Fire extinguisher! Where? -Back there!

              Nobody in there.

              Maybe it got so hot, they got cremated.

              There'd be something left.

              You did this.

              You did this! You told them to get into the car!

              Are you happy?

              Where is he?


              I give up!

              I give up! What the hell do you want?

              What do you want, you sick bastard? What the fuck do you want from us?

              I am turning    next week and I just want to go home...

              ...and grow oranges!

              It's your birthday next week?

              It's my birthday next week. The   th.

              Me too.

              Me too.


              George York, May   .

              Alice York, May   .

              Caroline Suzanne, May   .

              Ginny and Lou Isiana, May   .

              Me, Larry Washington, May fucking   .

              What are the odds? Must be    trillion-to-one.

              What is it?

              -Where's the fuse box, Larry? -Other side of the building.

                Ginny and Lou Isiana.

                Virginia and Louisiana.

                Caroline, Carolina.

                Paris Nevada.

                George York.

                Larry Washington.

                Rhodes, Rhode Island.

                Ed Dakota.

                When I was going up the stairs I met a man who wasn't there

                He wasn't there again today

                I wish I wish he'd go away

                Who is this?

                Who am I speaking to right now?

                Where did you learn that poem?

                Who am I speaking to? Look at me.

                Who am I speaking to right now?


                -Edward? -What's happening?

                -Please be quiet. -He can hear what we're saying?

                Of course I can hear what you're fucking saying.

                Edward, you missed your last appointment. Where have you been?

                -Did I black out again? -Try and think back.

                Where have you been?

                All right. I was driving this actress...

                ...and we got stuck at the motel. There was a storm.

                We couldn't get out because of the storm.

                What happened at the motel?

                People started dying.

                And then their bodies-- It didn't make any sense.

                They disappeared.

                Edward, I'd like to show something to you, if I may.

                Do you recognize this man?


                That man, Edward, is Malcolm Rivers.

                He's had a very troubled life. He was arrested four years ago...

                ...and convicted of the murder of six people in a violent rampage.

                -He did this. -Detective, please.

                Edward, listen to me.

                When faced with an intense trauma, a child's mind may fracture...

                ...creating disassociated identities.

                That's exactly what happened to Malcolm Rivers.

                He developed a condition that is commonly known...

       Multiple Personality Syndrome.

                Why are you telling me this?

                Because you, Edward...

                ...are one of his personalities.


                Jesus Christ! What the fuck did you do to my face?

                -Keep calm. -Where is my face?

                -That is your face. -Why am I tied up?

                -Keep calm. -Where is--?

                -Please. -Jesus Christ!

                -Where is my face? -Stay calm.

                No! I'm not gonna stay calm! Why am I tied up like this?

                Who are all these people? What happened at the motel?

                -Where is everybody? -They don't exist, Edward.

                You were all created by Malcolm as a child.

                -You're a liar! -Consider what you know.

                -Everyone named after a state. -No.

                Everyone sharing the same birthday. Your blackouts.

                No! I was a cop!

                I was a cop in the Rampart Division of L.A.P.D. for six years.

                Edward, please.

                I live in Hollywood, in a studio apartment.

                -You don't live there. -I do live there!

                You don't live anywhere.

                I know this is difficult to accept, but the face you saw in that mirror...

       the face I've always seen when I talk to Edward or Paris or Larry...

                ...or anyone else you've met tonight.

                Malcolm is in the midst of a medical treatment.

                One which forces all his identities to confront one another for the first time.

                I knew there would be violence...

                ...and with it, the number of the identities would be reduced.


                One of the personalities you've met tonight, Edward...

                ...committed those murders four years ago.

                He took control of Malcolm's body, as you have now...

                ...and released an unspeakable rage. And in    hours...

                ...Malcolm Rivers will be put to death because of those actions...

                ...unless I can convince that man...

                ...that the killer is gone.

                I need you to stay with me. Edward?

                I need your help. I need your help to finish this.

                Edward, listen to me.

                Edward, stay with me.

                Listen to me. I need you to understand.

                The killer cannot survive.


                Got it?

                I can't see a thing. Is there a flashlight?

                Hang on. Hang on.

                -You got a flashlight? -Yeah, yeah, it's dead. Goddamn it.

                Shut up!

                Hey. What am I supposed to wear, man?

                You're in it.


                Larry, come here.




                Larry? Larry?

                Where are the keys to the truck?

                Where are the keys to the truck?

                -That was good, Larry. -We gotta get out of here.

                -Ed has the keys to the truck. -I got a spare right here.

                -Where is he? -I don't know. Here.

                -What are you doing? -We need a gun.

                Holy shit!

                Give me the keys to the truck.


                We gotta get out of here!

                -Paris-- -He's coming. He's--

                -Stay here. -What's wrong with you?

                Paris, listen to me.

                Stay here.

                It's gonna be okay.

                Throw me the keys to the truck, Ed.

                Throw me the keys to the truck. Stay there. Stay there!

                Ed! Ed! Ed!

                Ed, let me see.

                We gotta get you to a hospital.

                We're gonna get you to a hospital, okay?

                Stay with me because I'm gonna get you to the truck.

                Put your arm around my neck. You gotta hold on, okay?

                You with me, Ed? Stay with me. Okay. One, two, three.

                You gotta help me get you up. Ed, you gotta push a little bit.

                Ed, why won't you let me help you?

                Where did you go before?

                What did you see? Tell me what you saw.

                I saw you.

                I saw you in an orange grove.

                Why won't you let me help you?

                Where did you go?

                What did you see?

                I saw you...

       an orange grove.

                The question, Your Honor, is whether to convict the body or the mind.

                His body committed these murders, that is true.

                The person who remains inside did not.

                Judge Taylor, that may not be true--

                We witnessed the destruction of    identities tonight.

                Nine were innocent and one was guilty.

                They're not real!

                The violence that existed in him has been executed.

                Your Honor, Malcolm belongs in a state hospital.

                In the matter of Rivers v. Nevada, it is the recommendation of this court...

                ...that Mr. Rivers' execution be stayed.

                I am transferring Mr. Rivers to state psychiatric services...

                ...under the care of Dr. Mallick.

                Cracked heels and washed-out horns Blow into my face with scorn

                But it's not that way I wasn't born to lose you

                I want you

                I want you

                I want you so bad


                No, please don't.

                No, Timmy, please.

                What is it, Malcolm?


                Whores don't get a second chance.

                When I was going up the stairs

                I met a man who wasn't there

                He wasn't there again today

                I wish I wish he'd go away


Special help by SergeiK