Idle Hands Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Idle Hands script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Jessica Alba, Devon Sawa, and Seth Green.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Idle Hands. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Idle Hands Script



Did you blow

the candles out downstairs?






Look at this.



A Thanksgiving cornucopia

made of pie plates and spackle.



What the heck is a cornucopia?



It's like a horn of plenty.



Oh, dear, can't it wait?



We just finished decorating

for Halloween.



-Well, good night.

-Good night.



Go look!



Just a prank, that's all. Anton.



Our little Scooter would

never do something like that.



Quit calling him that baby name.



Anton would not scoot his behind

off the couch if the house was on fire.



God knows he didn't help me

with the Halloween decorations.



Did you hear that?

I heard something downstairs.



Well, the dog's out in the yard.



It's probably just the cat.



Well, go see!



Hey, Bones.









Gary, you said you--



The house could burn down!



Wake up!



Anton, is that you?



If you'd like to make a call,

hang up and try again.



If you need help, hang up

and then dial your operator.



Hey, Mom! We're out of milk!



Mom, we're out of dog food!



Murderin Bolan: A Special Report.



Four bodies were found.

And the killer is still at large.



Bolan is gripped with fear...


            killings spread

from a postal route...


            the bowling alley

and now to our own Burger Jungle.



With Halloween only one day away...



...Bolan officials have set

a   p.m. curfew for all teenagers.



Hey, what's up, man?



-What's up with you?

-I'm dry.




-So why don't you bring me a dimer?



This ain't Domino's, you lazy bitch.

Come over and get it.



Come on, man. I'm comfortable.






What's up, Anton?



Nice outfit!



Yeah? lf your mom had teeth,

she wouldn't suck dick so well.



What's your point?



What's up, Anton?



How's it going, brother?



Nice boxers.



Pass the chronic.



I'm sorry, man.

This bong is cashed.



You said you was holding.



I didn't say what I was holding.



That's messed up.



I hear if you combine nutmeg

and oregano you can get pretty wasted.



All you do is smoke pot...



...and watch TV all day.



Don't get me wrong.

That's what life is all about.



But don't you think you should

have some ambition, a goal?



I mean, my dream life would be...


            lie around and watch TV

while some hot broad delivers me food.



Until your parents kick

your oily ass out.



I haven't seen my parents

in a few days.



Maybe they're dead.

Party at Anton's.



What are you doing?



With a killer loose,

you can't rule out murder.



What killer?



Don't you watch the news?



I hate that fucking show.



Our little town is

in the national spotlight.



Local mailman, iced.



Barmaid at the bowling alley, iced.



You haven't heard about the twins?



They were jerking off in the

milkshake-maker again?



Iced times two. Last night, when

they were working at Burger Jungle.






Anton, here comes your woman.



He's got serious problems.



Molly's lived across the street

for, like, what, ever?



Tell her about your

obsession with her.



-Start by telling her your name.

-Yeah, man. She's waiting for you.



She's not waiting for me.



Would you stop being such a puss

and go, like, ask her to the dance.



What dance?



If you'd been to school recently,

you'd know.



Halloween thing in the gym?



 :   curfew?

No trick-or-treating allowed?



Dumb dance is the only option.



You guys going?



Hell, no. Can you see us

in stupid-ass costumes?



Grooving to Hanson and Jewel?



What do we look like,

total losers, man?



I see your point.



She dropped her lyrics book.



She'll catch you reading that

over her shoulder in biology.



Her songs are badass.

She's like a poet or something.



Go bring it back to her.

Be like a knight in shining armor.



She'd be all grateful, invite me in,

offer me a drink, I'd accept.



She'd rip your clothes off...



...and make sweet love to you,

Red Shoe Diary-style.




-Could happen.



Just go talk to her, man!



Maybe she'll think you're funny.



You know what?



I think I'm going to.



You want to borrow some pants, chief?



First impressions and all.



You're a bud.



Think he's going to do it?



So you got to reach.



You're getting

Cheezy Poofs everywhere.



You got to open your mouth, man.



Lookie what I found.



I thought you were dry.



I guess not.



Fire me up.



These are great.



My book!



Thank you for...



...returning it.



You're certain this is the right man?



Well, I'll tell you,

Sister Liquor--



That's LeCure.



-Debi's fine.

-All right, Sister Debi.



He's right here.



It's gone!






Missed it again.



Where did it go?









Wait a minute. Wait a minute.



Holy shit!



Don't move!



Roll over!



Roll over!



Anton Tobias.



You got a reason for

prowling around here?



I live here.



Since when is it illegal

to grocery shop?



Hey, I know you guys.



You guys were seniors

when I was a freshman.



Let's talk about high school.



You and your stoner friends

zipping around on skateboards.



Thought you were too cool for us.



Did you ever, even once, invite us

to get high behind the gym?



You were dorks.



Either of you holding?






I'm desperate. I know you can

get in the evidence room--



You asshole!

You're trying to score from a cop?



That's it.

Complete personal-effects search.



What's this?



Stupid, that's an asthma inhaler.



Empty your pockets, boy.



They're not my pants.



Let's go!



George has found a new home.



What have we here?






Smells like marijuana to me.



Write it up, Ruck.



What? It's empty.



You can't cite me

for possession of a baggie.






Maximum fine.



Two hundred dollars.






Oh, shit! The killer's here!



The killer's in my house!



Okay, Dukey.



It'll be okay.



Come on, come on.



Everything's going to be fine.



Yes, it is.



All right, boy.



He's not dead!



Duke! Come on, lay down!



Get down, Duke!



All right.



Hold on, Duke. Hold on.



Where's the phone?



Run, Duke, run!



He's under the bed!









What's the matter?

Bad shrooms?



You got a fever? Here you go.



I'm going to show you.



Oh, man!



I love this video. I didn't think

they could show it anymore.






Someone killed my parents!



This is the best part.



Shake them, baby.



Look. Look!




-Yeah, you see?



Mr. Tobias?



Miss T.?



Is this some kind of Halloween gag?

Your parents always go all-out.



What the fuck are you doing?

That's my dad!



CPR, man. I saw it on Baywatch.



Check it out.



A clue.



"Ant"? They were killed by ants?



Please, don't be stupid.



Do you have an evil aunt?



Holy shit!



Are those ears?



Ear rings?



They're both lefts.



You know what that means.



Feldstein twins.



The killer was wearing your shirt.



The killer was wearing me.



I'm the killer.



I'm going to call      .



What's the number?



There's something wrong

with my friend.



I think he took

some nutmeg or something.



Mick, buddy.



-I would remember something like that.

-You would.



I'm not the killer. You know?



Yeah, I know. But if O.J.

could get off, then I'm sure--



Do you want a beer?



-No, thanks.

-You sure?



Talk to me!



What the hell is happening to me?



Pnub, man. I didn't do it.



Okay, I did it.

But it was an accident.



I can't believe

you told me to smoke that shit!



Okay, Anton.



I have to leave now.



Yeah, that's probably a good idea.



It's the basement!

You can't get out that way!



Why are you doing this?



I don't know!



It's me, Pnub! Your buddy!



I know who you are.

I don't want to hurt you.



Then don't!



It's not me!



It's my hand!



It's like I have no control

over my hand!



I don't know how long

I can hold it. Run!



Get out of my way!



Just go!



It's going to be okay.

I won't tell anybody.



I swear.



Everything will be cool.



Everything will be...





What have I done?



What have I done?



Get out of here, Bones!









Here, kitty, kitty.



Aren't you a little old

for ding-dong ditch?



Sorry about your bush.



No problem.



What were you doing out there anyway?



Jesus, look at you.



I was looking for my cat.



We got in a fight.



You sure got your ass kicked.



I did okay.



So you ran and hid in my bush.



I shouldn't be here.



I'm not myself today.



I'm someone completely different.



You're so shy.



It's okay, I get it.



So let's skip this chickening-out,

sneaking-around stage.



No, you don't understand. I'm--



Do you want to come inside and talk?



You never gave me a chance to thank you.

That book is important to me.






...nothing cooler than

a chick bass-guitar player.



Especially one that writes

her own lyrics.



You read them?



I couldn't help looking in the book.

They're amazing.



Look, I even got

my favorites memorized.



Devil girl with nothing to lose



She got wind in herhair

And gum on her shoes



I was     when I wrote that.



Yeah, well...



...they're amazing.






I should not be here, Molly.



Safer in here than on the streets.

There's a killer out there.



That's exactly what I'm saying.

I'm dangerous.



Oh, yeah?



How dangerous?



I'm not kidding.



I've done stuff, you know?



I'm impressed.



I never would've thought you'd have

the balls to just grab me like that.



Me neither.



You're kinky.



That's me.



Move it, people! Let's go!



Some of us are on

serious missions here.



There's evil out there

and I got to kick its ass!



Shit, my parents are home.



We'll pick this up later.



My parents might take offense to some

bloody boy banging their daughter.






-You want to see me?

-Come by at seven.



The curfew's annihilated our options,

but we can go to the dance.



I thought you said

the streets weren't safe.



I'll protect you.



Dearly beloved...



...we're gathered here today

because you're all dead.



And it's my fault.



Mom, Dad...



...what can I say? I mean...


            brought me into this world...


            put a roof over my head,

you fed me until I killed you.



If you look at it that way, I haven't

been a good son, but I'm really...



...really, really sorry.



And wherever you are...



...l just want you

to forgive me...



...because I'm going to

try to change.






...Pnub, guys....



You guys were the greatest.



I'm never going to forget

the way we sat around all day...



...watched TV and got really stoned.



And all those other times

where we just....



I guess that's all we did.






Over here.



Anton, help me.



Come on, man.

I can't breathe down here.



Anton, can you hear me?



Yeah, man, Mick.



Now get me out of here.



You're dead.



No, I'm not.



You conked my head pretty good.

I must've been unconscious.



-You think?

-I know, fucker, now dig me up!



Stay where you are, Mick!



Please don't kill me.



Watch it, man!



What did I take last night?



That dream was intense.






-Turn it up. Check it out.

-Yeah, I'm watching.



Did you see?




-That's funny.



Thank God you're alive, because

I had this dream that I killed--



Oh, shit!



Sorry about that thing

with the shovel.



-You're dead.

-Easy, tiger.



Undead, actually.



You said you were unconscious.

You lied.



You killed me, all right?

Try and keep this thing in perspective.



I was bitter about the getting-killed-

by-my-best-friend thing...



...but I got over it.



So why you here?



We need a place to kick it.



Don't be selfish.

No one else's parents are dead.



No, not why are you

"here" here. I mean....



Are you flesh-eating zombies

back from hell to exact revenge?



Is that it?



Why would we go to hell?



We're not bad.



It's not like we're good,

but at least we don't kill people!



I didn't kill anybody on purpose.



Yeah, well, we weren't in hell.



There was this bright light

at the end of a long tunnel.



There were all these chicks' voices.

And that music.






Kind of uncool music, like Enya.



And these chicks were saying...



..."Come to us.

Come towards the light."



So what happened?



We figured, fuck it.



I mean, it was really far.



I've got to ask.

What's with the hand?



It doesn't obey me at all.



The only thing I can come up with is

it's got to be possessed.



Do you guys know anything

about Satan or evil or...?



But we know somebody who does.



Did you know them well?



Not really.






Yeah, they were great.



I just feel really bad, you know?

Because I was always so mean to them.



Like this one time, they asked me

to go out on a double-date...



...and I thought they were 'tards,

because there's only one of me.



So I told them to go blow each other.



Did they?



The way you treated them...



...the guilt must be making you feel

like shit inside.






You still in high school?



Yeah, me, I got out

about three years ago.



I need your help.



What are you playing,

a little two-ball?



Look, I got to talk to you.

Serious stuff is going on.



Anton, can't you see I'm getting

a little action over here?



Oh, man. I can't believe

you cock-blocked me like that.



I thought we were buds.



Randy, wait!



I didn't mean to mess you up.




I need your help.



Piss off!



Fresh tomatoes....



Hey! Who are you?



New. Drive-thru duty.



Excuse me.






-Break time.

-All right.



Give me the Big Five with

the Spicy Safari Fries...



...the African Apple Turnover...



...and the Raspberry Rainforest Shake.



Slap some extra mustard

on that Jungle Burger.



Tell me everything you know

about the devil.



Are you out of your fucking mind?



You listen to satanic music.

You must've picked up something.



Look, it's just music.



Like Mozart and that other fag....



Keep it clean.



Who, Beethoven?



That's the guy. It's just like

their music, only louder.



You got to know.

I'm desperate.



Oh, man!









It's my hand.

It's like it's got a mind of its own.



It makes me do things

I don't want it to do.



I used to be like that.



Get into all kinds of stupid shit.



Look, the trick is...


            keep yourself busy.



That's why I'm always

working on the Ford.



Keeps me out of trouble.



Idle hands are the devil's playground.



Keep my hands busy.



Yeah, that actually makes sense.




You're the coolest.



So do you, like, knit now?



Don't take this the wrong way,

but you look queer doing that.



Randy broke it down for me.



"ldle hands are the devil's playpen."

So I'm thinking...



...keep my hands occupied, right?



Man, that saying's not literal.



It's more like...











This is the noise complaint.



Ain't this the Tobias residence?



Holy shit! It's Anton.

He's the killer!



-I better call for backup.

-Are you crazy?



And let the feds get the credit?

lf we collar him, we'll be heroes.



We can't go in without a warrant.



Piss on the Bill of Rights!

We got just cause.






Yeah, freeze!






...what do I do?



I think you--



I was going to say

do what the officers tell you...



...but now I changed my mind.



You should just kill them.



-They're alive!

-They are not!



You shot one in the head!

They're morgue-meat.



Look, guys. I don't want

to kill anybody else.



You don't want to go to jail, though.



Jail. That's it!



They'll throw me in a rubber room.

I can't hurt anybody else.



Cuff me!



Okay. Just...



...drop the knitting needles.



That's not a good idea.

Why don't you just cuff me?



Drop the needles

and put your hands on your head!



I can't!



Put down the needles

and come quietly.



-Cuff me!

-Put the needles down! Now!



-Cuff me!

-Put them down!



-Put them down!

-Cuff me!



Go, go, Buffalo!






I didn't do it. It was my hand.



It's like, the knitting

didn't help at all.



I told you that saying

was more, like, metaphorical.



I can't keep doing this!



I'm losing my mind.



Get your head.



No way.



It's the only thing I can think of.



Once that hand is gone,

how will you cut off the other one?



The left one's a keeper.



I mean, I guess it wasn't idle enough.



Are you sure?



I use it for a lot of things.

I light up, I change the remote...



...l relieve a little tension.



This is the answer. I know it.



Those things won't even cut my bagel.






Grab the carver.



Look at me!



I'm Leatherface!



Thanks, Mick.



I'll just use this one.



I can't watch.



You missed.






...bite down.



Don't cut me, man!



You scream like a girl.



What the hell are you doing?



I got to stop the blood flow.

Don't you watch ER?



Look at that nasty thing.

That'll be infected for sure.



You got any antiseptic, Anton?



I don't know.



Pnub's got some in a first-aid kit

in his house.



And burritos.



You'll be okay, buddy.



We'll be back in a sec

to fix you up, Anton.



Catch you on the flip-flop.



Oh, shit!



Anton, are you home?



Don't come in!

Just stay there, okay?



Very funny, Anton.



Stay out there, Molly!



I'm freezing my butt off.



Anton, we're going to be late.



Anton, I can hear you in there!



Stay outside!



Come on, Anton!



Let's go!

We're going to be late!



We're going to miss the band.









Anton, I'm coming in.






You look incredible.



Thanks. But you should've called.



If you needed more time with your

costume, fine. But I hate waiting.



So what are you supposed

to be, anyway?



I'm a...


            employee that

cut off his own hand.






Come on!



Anton, we're back!



We got antiseptic

and adhesive bandages!



The ouch-free kind!



"Microwave for three minutes

and enjoy."



This is getting on my nerves.



What are you doing?



Could you...?



This way.






That's better.



All right.



Thanks, man!






Maybe we should clean it first.



While we're at it,

we can clean the whole house.



This ain't our mess.



Look, I can't go to

the dance yet, okay? I'm sorry.



My parents will be home

in a few minutes.



If they see the mess I made,

they'll kill me.



Look, I won't be too long.



I'll meet you there.



Is something wrong?



You need to go there now...



...and you can't stop till

you're inside with everyone.



You wouldn't stand me up, would you?



Not a chance, babysnakes.



I'll get the next one.



Shit! I bit my tongue.



That's disgusting.



I bet I can fix that for you.



Hold still.



That's better.



Burrito, burrito



Wait, wait! Don't open it!



I'm sorry, there were only two.



No! You let the hand out!



We brought you a first-aid kit.



-Where did it go?

-What? You mean the hand?



Of course, the hand.



Try looking up your ass.






Hey, foxy.



Looking for a ball?



Because I could help you find one

that's the right size for you.



What the hell?



Try and keep up.



I'd be happy to keep up

with you, sweet thing.



Didn't you have a dance to go to?



That's right.

We got to do our costumes.



You coming, Randy?



I think I can find myself a ride.



All right.



So what brings you to Bolan?



You don't want to know.



No, seriously.

I'm interested.






Here it goes.



I'm a Druidic priestess sworn

to fight a certain evil force...



...that possesses the laziest

fuckup it can find.



It will kill as many people

as possible...



...and then drag a free soul

into the Netherworld.



That's some weighty shit there.



Here's the kicker.



I have the one thing

that can stop this from happening.



I just need to find the bastard

whose hand is possessed.






Earlier today, this guy, Anton, told me

that his hand was doing stuff...



...that he didn't want it to do.



Don't you fuck with me!



Ease up, there, kitten.



I'm telling you the truth.

This guy was freaked!



Show me where he lives.



Left! Turn left!



Guys! We got to go to the dance.



The hand, it's after Molly.



Let's check out the dance.

I'll win Best Costume.



Chicks dig winners.

I'll probably hook up.



Yeah, because severed heads are

one of the top ten big turn-ons.



It kills me to see you stressed out.



You cut off your hand in the interest

of however many others.



It's not your problem anymore.



So what I want you to do

is take a little Anton-time.



Just relax and kick back, my man.



No, no. You know what?



Not this time, okay?



I'm through with that.

All I do is sit around.



I veg out, I watch TV,

I smoke pot--



No Kevin Costner speeches.

Let's just go.



Come on!



Let's go! Come on, come on!



That's him!



-They're getting into my Ford!

-Wait here. He's dangerous.




Don't let him steal my Ford.



Trust me.

I know what I'm doing.



That's lucky.






Couldn't be automatic.



Want me to drive?



No, just shift for me.



Anton! Wait!



What was that?



Who cares?



Get back here!



Who's got the barf breath?




It's hot in here.



So are you, babe.



I'm sweating my costume off, Curtis.






Help me get this off.



Right there.



It's here.



You guys go in the dance,

protect Molly.



I'll go after the hand.



-What a waste.

-You didn't like Curtis.



I'm talking about that ass!



Well, at least he died happy.



What's bugging you?



Just thinking.



And I know who about.



Just thought he'd be here by now.



He'll be here.



I'll go get punch.

Want some?



Okay, I'll be right back.



You guys look great!



Who did your makeup?



-I guess Anton did.

-Based on my design, though.



You want to dance?



Hell, yeah!



-We should find Molly.

-Quit being a skirt.



We'll look for her while we dance.

There's plenty of chicks here.



-Careful, it's on kind of loose.




Don't put me on hold again.

I want to talk to your supervisor.






Yes, of course.



What's taking so long?

ls this the supervisor?



What do you mean

my credit card is no good?



Well, you must have

the wrong number.



No, it's  - - - .



That's good.



I think you've been a bad girl...



...and I want to spank you

with my ruler.



Yes, that's nice.



That is nice.



Now I'm hot.



I'm hot.



You got me so hot, it's like

I can feel you touching me.



I can feel you touching me.






Come on! We got to find Anton!



And kick his ass!



Are you Anton?



If you're a teacher,

we'll discuss my attendance later--



I found you!

My name is Debi Le Cure.



I know what's happening.

I could stop it.



Really, how?






Yeah, fuck him up, Debi!



The host of evil must die!



Isn't that knife

a little extreme, kitten?



You won't go anywhere,

evil-hosting fuck-stick.



Nobody touches my Ford!



Come on, Debi.



Give him what for.



Wait, wait! I'm not a host.



Okay, look.



The evil was in my hand, all right?



I cut it off. Okay?



Oh, shit!



You let it loose?



That was probably a mistake.



No kidding. And now it's

after my girlfriend.



-You got a girlfriend?

-I got to stop it.



-It's out for blood.

-That ain't all it's out for.



If your girl's the one it's after,

then at midnight...


           's taking her to hell.






It's not even   o'clock yet.

We got some time.



It's actually...



...six minutes till midnight,

druid time.



Druid time.






Let's go!



Oh, God!



That's disgusting.



Come on, man. You're dead.



You know, think about it.

It's illegal.



Move! Look out!






Everybody, go home!

There's a psycho killer here!



I cut off my hand

and it'll kill you all.



Get off the stage!



It's true.

His hand killed us yesterday.



Yeah, it sliced me up real good.



-Molly, you out there?

-Get out of here, kid!



Crank it up!



You had your fun!

Now it's time--






-God! Did you see that thing?

-I have to get Anton!



No, screw him!

I mean, he'll be fine!



Come on!



In there?



You want to stay out here

and get killed and or trampled?



I was going to get some.



I really doubt it.



Pnub's a lot more creative

than I thought.



I mean, he's actually kind of cool.



-He had that costume--

-Maybe we should go faster.



I don't know if he did it or--



-Wait, wait!

-What, what--






Oh, shit! We're trapped in here!



-It's going to get me!

-It's not going to get you!



It's not going to get you!



We can't go through the blade!

We'll be pulverized!



Give me your shoe!



What are you going to do?



No, no.

Oh, God, it's too far!



I can't drop that far!



We'll die in this vent!



-We won't die.

-We'll die here.



The rats will eat us,

and nobody will find us.



Okay, we're good.



-Be careful.

-All right, let's go!



This would be more comfortable

if your ass wasn't so wide.



-This is dumb.

-Anton needs our help.



The best thing about being dead

is zero responsibility.



That's Tanya. Let's save her.

Come on!



She needs me.



She needs you like a fish needs--



Okay, this sucks.



Grab the cord and come down!



I can't. I can't, I'm scared!



Do it, Tanya! Come on!



I can't. It's here.



It's in here, I know it.



Why'd you pull the rope up?



I didn't pull the rope up.



Tanya, where are you?

I can't see you!



Tanya, talk to me, please!



Just jump! Just jump!



Tanya, grab the rope!



Get it off!



I'm not going through all this Tanya.

Go back that way.



-Now you really won't get any.

-It's unfair.



You can go back if you want

to get a piece.



Fucking hand, I got you now!



Who's your daddy now?



Who's your fucking--



We're here for you, don't worry.



-I made that ashtray!




You let it go again!



Fuck you, then.



Fine, then! You know what?



You aren't crashing at my house.



Did you guys hear that?



Help! Help!



Help me!



Bet she wins Best Costume.



Help me!



The hand's raising the car!



Help me!



Don't worry, we got it under control!



Fucker's got a grip.



Hurry, please!



Those auto shop boys

are true artistes.



It's Mighty Joe Bong!



I needs me spinach.



I made that.



The ashtray I'd almost believe.

But this? No way.



Molly will get squished,

you bastards!



This is important. For strength.



There you go.



Now you're taking Anton-time.



You're getting stoned with

your friends? Unbelievable!



That's some one-hit shit there!



Don't worry.



I'll get you down.



That's it?



That's it?

No explosions, no hellfire, no--



I'm glad everyone's all right.



But that was weak.



Well, my work here is done.



Time for the ritualistic sex.

You coming?



You are a pistol.



I'm still up here.



Thanks, Mick.



You're a bud.



Come here.



As usual...



...marijuana saves

an otherwise disastrous day.



I never got a hit. Light me.



Sweet Jesus!



That wasn't my fault!



That thing should've come down

a lot slower!



What the hell.



Don't forget my bong.



You did not make that bong.



I arc-welded it.



You don't take auto shop.



Fuck you!



You coming, Anton?



I can't even believe it.



You blew off Heaven

to kick it with me.



You are the coolest.



You taking care of me

beats the shit out of heaven.






Time for your meds.



Guys! You blew off heaven too?



No, we're your guardian angels.



Poor thing has delirium.

Visiting hours are over.



I'll see you tomorrow, okay?



So the deal is

we're supposed to monitor you...



...and make sure you don't revert

to your evil ways.



But you seem fine now.



Let's hit the Snack Master in the hall.

You want anything?



Get me Crunch Nuggets.

Those are awesome.



Thanks, you guys.



Hit the light.



Mick! Pnub!

Come guardian me!



You're right.

Anton screams like a girl.



Think we should tell him

we painted that?



Fuck it.

Let's go walk through a nurse.



Watch it! Some of them are guys.


Special help by SergeiK