If These Walls Could Talk Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the If These Walls Could Talk script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the controversial HBO abortion movie starring Demi Moore, Cher, Anne Heche, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of If These Walls Could Talk. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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If These Walls Could Talk Script



We have power. We have presence.

We have knowledge.



Pro-life is on the move.

This is a war to the end.



They're sick.

They're perverted.



You must repent.



Not the church! Not the state!

Women must decide our fate!



We want equality now.



Last night the abortion controversy

was back in the House.



I do not sit down and negotiate

with baby killers.



We will no longer tolerate

laws that degrade...



mutilate and murder women!



What about the child's right?



When you talk about the woman's right,

that's one third of the rights involved.



Listen, honey,

it men could get pregnant...



abortion would be a sacrament.



The Court's   to   decision that in

the first three months of pregnancy...



only the woman and her physician may

decide whether she may have an abortion.



- Morning, Miss Donnelly.

- Hi, Jim.



- It's looking very nice.

- Oh, yeah.



You're gonna have the prettiest

home on the block.



Dr. Hanks is sorry

it's taking so long.



How much longer will it be?



I think it should only be

another ten minutes...



and then he'II come out

and talk to you about your mother.



Dr. Kramer?



Dr. Kramer, excuse me.

I need to talk to you about...



I have to meet my wife

and I'm running late.



It'll just take

a minute ot your time, sir.



I've been in a bit ot shock

since we spoke yesterday.



But I've thought about it

and I know what I need to do.



I just need your help

and some information.



You're putting me in

an awkward position, Claire.



I've known the Donnellys

tor a long time.



I'm thinking of them too,

Dr. Kramer.



They're practically

all the tamily I have.



That's why I was thinking that maybe

you could prescribe something tor me.



I know there are things

that I could take.



I'm just atraid

I don't know the dosages.



I can't prescribe

anything for you.



It's illegal

to terminate a pregnancy.



I can get you a number for

the Florence-Critten Home in Moreville.



They'll take care ot the adoption

for you, give you a place to stay.



That's impossible.

I can't go away tor seven months.



- What would I tell everyone?

- I don't know, Claire.



That's the sort of thing

one should think about...



before one puts herself

in this situation.



- Becky, you don't have to do my dishes.

- Oh, I woke you up.



No, I'm just kind of sick.



I know. I was on the hot line with Mom.

She told me everything.



- Hi, my sweet girl.

- You know what?



No otfense,

but I'm sure it's contagious...



and the last thing

that I need is a sick baby.



Come here, sweetie.



- It's some kind of stomach thing.

- Here's your toys.



I didn't want to bother you, but Mom

wanted me to bring some chicken soup...



and I brought you some magazines.



She also sent over

a hot-water bottle.



Here, honey.



- Thanks.

- Geez, Claire.



You really do look like hell.



Your mom is too much.



I mean, she just does

too much for me.



Painting the house and...



I know it's

a huge expense for them.



Well, you know how she is.



Let her help you though, honey.

It's good tor her.



You know what it is?



I think that by doing tor you,

she teels that she hasn't...



completely lost Steven.



Boy, she was so happy

when you two got married.



You were so good to my brother.

He loved you so much.



I'm sorry, Claire.

I'm so stupid sometimes.



It's okay.



I wish I could help you, honey.



There's just so much happening.



- I'II see you.

- Tell Mom thanks for the soup.



I will. Bye.



Look who's here. Hey, Louise.

Avon lady, where's my lipstick?



- Next Tuesday.

- I need it for Thanksgiving.



She is so impatient.



Here is my last sample, and this is

gonna have to hold you till Tuesday.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.



My goodness.   :  .

I gotta pick up Michael.



- I'll see you, okay?

- Bye, sweetie.



- The house looks great, Claire.

- Thanks, Louise.



Hey, Louise?



I've gotta ask you a question.



Can you come up here though?

'Cause I'm not dressed.



Oh, sure.






- See you in an hour.

- Okay, Jim.



I would never ask you this...



but I know that you have an opportunity

to get around and see a lot ot people.



There's this woman,

and her son is in the hospital.



She has three

little ones at home...



and she just told me that

she found out that she's pregnant.



- Oh, dear.

- She's just overwhelmed.



Overwhelmed is right.



She asked me it I knew someone

who could do something.



Hi, Louise.



- Are you stopping by later?

- Yes.



I'll be over this afternoon.

I'II see you then.



Well, I honestly

don't know anyone myselt...



that's ever done that, or at least

that's told me that they have, but...



I guess I could ask.






I have heard rumors about

that green house on Worth Street.



You know, the old, big one

near Worth and Pine?



I thought it was just

abandoned houses down there.



Well, yeah.

She'd have to be pretty desperate.



But you should ask

at the hospital.



Someone there's bound to know

of a better place, right?



I hope so.



- Excuse me, Mrs. Ford?

- Mrs. Donnelly.



I haven't started my shift,

and already the work pours in.



I'm sorry. I can wait.



Let's see what you have there.



I have a question about

Maureen Cain's admitting intormation.



I need to get a prescription

and I need this to be clear.



I see.



I can send up the into, but you can

still put the prescription through.



Very good. Thank you.



I also have

another question for you.



I have a friend

and she's pregnant...



and she asked me,

since I work here...



Well, you see, she can't do it.



She can't have the baby.



What is it that you want trom me?



Well, I was hoping that

we could help her here.



I heard there's someone in E. R...



Mrs. Ford, I'm sorry.

I didn't know who else to ask.



- I know you've worked there the longest.

- Yes.



And I would like

to keep working here.



Or hadn't you heard they dismissed

two nurses a tew weeks ago?



Excuse me.



That's all right. Go ahead.



We're finished here.



Time to hit the trenches.



What can I tell her?

I mean, what should I tell her to do?



I don't know...



but I'd appreciate it

if you didn't ask me anymore.



I think it might be the next one.



I haven't been around

this neighborhood in years.



Here's Worth Street.

We take a right here.



Okay, it's right down here.

It's the big house.



This house?



Lady, I don't know

what you're doin' here...



but it you want, I could wait.



That's okay.



I think I made a mistake.

It's not the house.



Leave it, Mom.

It's not gonna wake her.



Oh, it's loud.



The neighbors will think that

we're having some kind ot a party.



Let me take this.

It's a holiday, Mom.



It's Thanksgiving.

I think we can listen to some music.



Sit down.



For a renovation tor an apartment.



Would you like a piece?

It's your favorite.



It they are renting,

they can't do anything.



In this neighborhood

it's illegal.



I heard that Uncle Al...



has found a tenant

tor the apartment.



That Marty ain't

too happy about it.



Well, I don't blame her.



I mean, she's a divorcee.



Oh, my goodness.



You don't know what kind of people

she'd be bringing home.



If she pays the rent,

it doesn't matter what she brings.



She pays the rent.



- This pie is so good.

- It is.



- Scrumptious.

- Forty-five, tifty dollars?



This reminds me of Aunt Maureen's pie.

Aunt Maureen?



- Aunt Maureen's were delicious.

- Daddy?



Just delicious.



- Yeah, but not like this.

- Thank you.



I'm gonna have to excuse myself.



I have to work tonight,

so I have to go.



Don't go.



It's late.

Bill, let's go.



No. The kids are exhausted.



- We'll take you home.

- I'll just walk.



No, you won't.

Kevin will take you home.



- You'II drive her home.

- Give your sister-in-law a ride.



Really, it's okay.

I could use the walk.



Kevin will be absolutely delighted

to take you home.



It's nice to have you here.



- It was nice being here.

- Let me get your coat.



- I'll see everyone later.

- You take care.



You have to work on Thanksgiving?



Yes. They had no one else

to work the shift, so I said I would.



Claire, I don't want

to seem like a...



busybody mother-in-law,

but I'm worried about you.



I'm really fine.



I think that you work too hard, and

I don't want you to worry about money.



We want to be able

to take care ot...



- To take care of you.

- You're doing so much tor me already.



I'm not gonna hear

anything about that.



We're still tamily, Claire...



and we're gonna

get through this together.



Thank you.



- Thank you.

- Wait.



I wanted to call you,

but I just couldn't.



I'm sorry, Claire.



I'm so sorry.



What are you doing?

What are you doing to yourself?



I just wanted to help you.



I never meant tor anything like that

to happen. You have to believe me.



- He wouldn't want you doin' this.

- Damn it!



Don't you tell me what he wants.



He doesn't want anything.

He's dead!



Goddamn you, he's dead!



You seem to have forgotten that.



I wanted so badly

to call you and...



tell you how sorry I felt

tor what happened that night...



but I just couldn't.



I felt so... ashamed.



It's not your fault.



I know you'd never

do anything to hurt me.



I know you wouldn't.



Stop crying.



You just have to torget

it ever happened.



Do you hear me?



It never happened.



Yes, I found the mix-up.

It's Carmen M-O-R-O.



No "T."

Birth date:   - -  .



Give her my name

or she won't tell you anything.



I trust her.



She'II find you someone safe.



Thank you.



Good luck.






I'm looking for Audrey.



This is she.

Who is this?



Well, you don't know me.

I got your number from a friend.



Who gave you the number?



Actually, Jenny Ford.



I work with her and...



well, she said that you might have

the name of someone who could...



Someone who could

give me an abortion.



The name I have...



is ot a woman in Puerto Rico.



She isn't cheap,

but the place is clean.



How much would that cost?



With airtare and hotel,

it'll cost you around a thousand.



Oh, God.

I don't have that kind of money.



- This is the only woman I would trust.

- But I really need to get this done.



- I understand.

- But I can't borrow from anyone.






Let me make some

phone calls, okay?



Maybe I can find someone closer.



It's just that I can't

make you any promises, okay?



Just in case,

let me take your number.



KL-     .



Thank you.



Hello. I was going to the store.



Do you need anything?



What's wrong? What happened?



- It's bad enough.

- What happened?



What happened?



Oh, God.



What happened? What's wrong?



Tell me. What's wrong?



- I couldn't do it.

- What?



Oh, Becky, I'm pregnant.



Oh, my God.

Who did this to you?



I can't tell you. I can't.

It doesn't matter.



- What do you mean?

- It was just a mistake.



I was just lonely and I was...



I was hurting,

and I didn't mean tor it to happen.



I'm so sorry.

Oh, my God, am I sorry.



You were lonely?



My brother's been dead

for six months.



Oh, my God.

Everybody in this town knows us.



- I tried to take care of it.

- You can't stay here.



You have to have this baby

somewhere else.



Becky, I can't have this baby.



I just can't do it.



I'm gonna have

to have an abortion.



How could you do this?



How could you?

Baby, let's go.



Come on. We're going.



We have to go.



Becky, please don't.



It my mother ever

finds out about this...



it'll kill her,

so I don't give a damn what you do.



How dare you shame us like this.



How dare you.



Hello. It's Audrey Miller.

I found someone for you.






I've got someone named Tom,

and he comes to your house.



I got his name from someone

whose sister-in-law used him.



I didn't speak

to the woman directly...



but I do think it's good

that he comes to you.



I mean, it seems

a little safer that way.



What's his number?



You can't call him.

He'll call you.



I'll need your name

and your work number.



Why my work number?



Look, he'll be discreet.



I've gotta have your work number because

he needs to be able to reach you.



It seems he's pretty busy.



How much does he want?



He said    .



This is all tinished.

Here's the chart.



Oh. All right.



Three West.

This is Annie Ross.



No, I don't see it anywhere.



I'll call you

if it shows up. Okay.



Hold on, please.



Claire, telephone for you.



It's Tom.



Rose, can you take

Mrs. Sherman back to her room?



And I'll come right down

to check on you.



- Hello?

- Claire Donnelly?



Speaking. Tom?



Yes. Hold on. Okay.



I guess you know.



Four hundred cash.

You need to pay it in full.



- Can you get it by tomorrow?

- Yes, that's fine.



What's your address?






I'm in the middle ot the hub.



All right. I'll be there

at  :   tomorrow night.



I'll do it in your kitchen, so I'll need

something to cover your table with...



a bucket,

maybe a few towels, okay?



- Anything else?

- Nope. That's it.



- See you tomorrow.

- Okay. Thank you.



I'm running late.



- Do you have the cash?

- Yes.



- In tull?

- Of course.



Okay, let's have it.



You'II get the money

when it's done.



- Where are you going?

- I don't have time for games, lady.



Please come back.

I'II give you the money.



I'll give it to you.



- Anybody else here?

- No.



- Where's your kitchen?

- Back there.



- Do you have everything you need?

- That's fine.



Take off your underwear.



Would you like to use the sink?



Come on up here

and lie down on the table.



Move down to

the edge of the table.



Are you gonna disintect those?



They're fine.



Well, I would really

rather not get an infection.



Look. Do you want to

do this or not?



- Yes.

- Okay.



So let's do it.



Lie down. Lie down.



Leg up.



Don't move.



Don't move.



The more you move,

the more it's going to hurt.



So don't move.



All right, that's it.



- Is it over?

- Yes.



You'll have some cramping...



and you'll have some bleeding.



It you start to hemorrhage...



call the hospital.



Am I okay?



Am I okay?



- Hospital.

- I need your help.






- Right away.

- Yes, I understand.



- I need your help.

- Ma 'am.



Ma 'am, I need to get your address.



Ma'am, we can't send an ambulance

without your address.









I may be callin' too early.

My name is Barbara Barrows.



I'm callin' about the results

of my pregnancy test.



No way! It's my turn!



Hey, come on!



I was just in there!

I gotta pee!



You'll have to wait.



Mrs. Barrows,

the test came back positive.



And that's it? I mean,

there's no chance of a talse positive?



No. The tests

are pretty accurate.



Well, thank you.



Would you like

to make an appointment?



No. I'II call back later.



- Thank you.

- Mom, could you help me?



I tinished it.



It's heavy.

I almost broke my arm.



- How are you gonna get that to school?

- Jason's gonna help me.



What is that?



Seaweed. It's good for

calcium and iodine.



It's better than

Red Dye No.  .



- Are you wearing a bra?

- Nope.



Put one on.

I don't want you goin' out...



- Sally!

- Sorry.



Go, please.

Wake up your brother.



Excuse me, but why

can't Ryan wake up Scott?



Sexual discrimination starts young.

Better get used to it.



Oh, spare me.



Chester, here.




- She woke me up late.

- Better hurry if you want breakfast.



Look at him. Ape Man!



Linda, do the world a favor.

Wear a bra.



- Like you'd even know the difterence.

- Good one.



- Shut up, stupid.

- Stop!



It you're gonna clobber each other,

get out ot my kitchen!



- He messed up my hair.

- Mom?



- Band's gonna rehearse here today.

- Not before  :  .



- Why?

- Your father will be sleeping.



I'm serious, Scott. I won't be here.

Takin' your brother to Little League.






You guys better straighten up.

Your dad's home.



- Hi.

- Hello.






- Hi, Dad.

- Hi, everybody.



- What's the matter? You okay?

- No, actually, I'm not.



We gotta talk. Later.



Dad, you gotta tighten

the chain on my bike. It's loose.



What do we got goin'

over here? Meat loaf?



Meat loaf, baked potato,

salad on the counter.



Honey, don't forget to send

your tinancial aid forms today.



Right. Hey, listen.



Alison and I are plannin' a road trip

to Boston to visit the campus, okay?



I don't know about that.



It's dangerous for girls to be alone.

All kinds of kooks out there.



It's okay. We're staying

at Alison's aunt's house.



John, come on!



John? John?



It's Officer John Barrows

to you, miss.



Or is it Ms.?

That enough buzz for you?



Mom, will you tell him

that this is not a big deal?



- I don't want her going.

- I got the maps laid out...



Can't we talk about this tonight?



Because I don't have a car today

and Julia's pickin' me up.



- I just gotta get outta here.

- Bye, Mom.



And don't torget to put

your dishes in the sink.



Don't break a leg.

We're not late or anything.



I didn't have any cotfee

this morning.



Do you mind it we pass by the deli

so I can get myself a cup?



Hey, what's wrong?



I'm pregnant.



- Drive.

- Sure, honey.



Don't stop, Julia.

I don't wanna be late for class.



We're gonna talk.



- Here.

- Thank you.



Does John know?



I just tound out.



I just now found out.



It's a shock, isn't it?



I know what you're going through.



Do you regret it?



No, I really don't.



You know, my friends

told me I'd be depressed...



and teel guilty.



Honestly, I was so relieved.



But not everybody's the same.



Excuse me.

Do you know where physics is?



Physics. Last row on the right,

by the back door.






I'd like to research the life

of a woman poet for my paper...



but I'm not sure which one yet.



That's very good.

What will your focus be?



Say she's got a tamily.



Where's a woman poet

gonna tind time to write?



I have a hard time seein' her alone.

I keep seein' her kids interrupting her.



I don't know if

it's a good topic.



I just would love...



to know how these women balanced it,

their work, their families.



The important thing is that

you're enthusiastic about it.



See what you come up with.

Give it a try.



So, did you tind out

about the T.A. Position?



- I got accepted tor one.

- Good.



It starts this fall

at Franklin High.



- Eleventh graders.

- Eleventh graders.



The thing to know is, you can't teach

them anything because they know it all.



- Oh, I know.

- I've got one at home.



So do I.

Two, in fact.



- See you Thursday.

- Thank you.



Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Good book.



Oh, you've...

you've read it?



I own it.



Leave it. I'll get it.



You know, Mom, you can get one

at any health clinic.






It's your legal right.



What are you talking about?



I saw you, Mom.



Reading about abortions.



You gonna get one?



I'm so not prepared

to talk about this right now.



But thanks for the information.



- More tood?

- The guys are hungry.



Why don't they go home and eat?



- The gig is tomorrow.

- Oh, the gig is tomorrow.



So, I don't guess you slept

so great, huh? All the noise?



Well, it's just that they keep playing

that one tune over and over again.



Learn a new song!



Mom, I didn't get any dessert.



You didn't?

Then who ate all the cake?



Scott took it out to the garage.

The band ate it.



- What can I have?

- How about a cookie?



- Yes.

- Okay, that's it.



- Now oft to bed with you.

- You said I could see Partridge Family.






One more cookie, please.



Two. Now go.

Leave us alone.



Guess what.






I'm pregnant.



Kidding me.



Get away trom it.

You've been watching TV all atternoon.



- It's my turn.

- Mom!



Sally, stop it.

I told him he could.



If I gotta come in there, it's gonna be

TV otf with the lights out! Got that?



Is that clear?



This is somethin' else, isn't it?



That is some news.



Hi, Barbara. Officer.



Alison's gonna

stay over tonight, okay?



Is that... That's my shirt.



Why the hell is Alison wearing it?

I've been lookin' all over tor it.



I don't know. I guess Linda

borrowed it and lent it to her.



Get it back.

I want it back.



- I'll get it back tonight.

- It's like an invasion here!



Nothing belongs to me anymore.




- One more cookie, please?

- One more.



Mom, want a cookie?



No, honey.

I'm tryin' to talk to Daddy.



I guess we'll talk later, huh?



Right. When they're

all grown up and married.



Oh, man, that's heavy.



Queen of Cups.

That's always my mother.



I love your mom.

She's so cool.



You live with her.



Okay, it's done.



What are you gonna do?

That's it.



We just have to figure it out.

We're experienced enough.



What does that mean to you, John?

What are we gonna tigure out?



How to accommodate a new baby?



I keep talkin' about

early retirement.



That ain't gonna happen

with a tifth child.



Come on, honey.

What do you want me to say?



Havin' kids,

it's a part ot married lite.



I just thought I was done

doin' it, that's all.



I thought I was tinished.



We just got a curveball

thrown at us, that's all.



We'll tough it out.



- What does that mean?

- What I just said.



I don't get to retire, Linda

doesn't go to her expensive school.



- We can't do that to her.

- Do what?



She can go to state college. If it's

good enough tor you, it's good tor her.



We're talkin' about sacrifice.



We all have to make

a sacrifice here, all of us.



Including you.

Your degree is gonna have to wait.



I don't wanna wait, John!

I just got started again.



This is deja vu!



I teel like I'm pregnant

with Linda again.



- What the hell else do you wanna do?

- I don't know.



I just want you to understand

how important school is to me.



- Honey, I know that.

- No, you don't.



If you did, you'd know that my quitting

school isn't the answer to everything.



It's important to me.



For the first time

since Linda was born...



I'm having actual

adult conversation.



I'm talkin' about what's

goin' on in the world, about art...



That's what we're havin' right now.

This is an adult conversation.



It may not be about art and philosophy,

but this is an adult conversation now!



Stop! I know. I'm just tryin' to say

that there are no easy answers here.



I wanna work this out somehow...



without us havin' to give up

everything important.



- I don't know what you have in mind.

- I don't know.



- I don't know.

- What's the alternative?



- What are you saying is the alternative?

- I don't know!



Here are your shoes.



Way to go!



Why'd you tell?



- I almost got away with it.

- One hundred dollars.



John, you're gonna be late.



Got your keys? Your wallet?



We'II work it out, okay?






I just have one thing

to say to you.



It you think I'm gonna give up on going

away to college because you screwed up...



Linda, I don't want you to

give up goin' away to college.



I'm not deaf.

I heard you guys up there.



- We all have to sacrifice?

- Just a minute.



Just listen to me

tor one minute, Linda.



Nothin' is decided here.



I don't want everybody to know about it

until we have decided what to do.



What is there to decide?



Look. You wanna be a martyr,

that's your business.



But I'm not gonna pay

tor your mistakes.



I'm not gonna do it.



I mean,

she came completely unglued.



- Then she called me a martyr.

- Oh, boy.



Katie calls me that

almost every other day.



Atter all I do for her.

Who irons her clothes?



Who cleans her room?



Who argues with Daddy when he says no?

Little ingrate.



That's the job description

ot a martyr.



- I am not a martyr, Julia.

- Barbara, listen to yourself.



You're one and I'm one.



All this selt-sacrifice,

this unconditional love, it's bullshit.



- We expect gratitude tor what we do.

- You're right.



So why am I tryin' to please her?

Let her iron her own damn clothes.



- Let's go have a cup of cotfee.

- Mom on strike.



Good morning.

Westside Women's Health Services.



Yes. Hi.



This is Helen.

How may I help you?



I need to talk to someone.



I just need some information

about getting an abortion.



Here's a really great one.

It's called "She."



"She wears her pain

like an aging dress.



"Moves her hips within

and smothers in its warmth.



"She cries for freedom.



Discard ladylike lace

to lose companionship."



Killer, huh?



Hang up the phone.



I wanna talk to you.



Alison, I gotta go, okay?



I'll call you back later.



You're goin' away to college.

I want you to know that.



- What about you?

- What about me?



I don't think

you wanna have this baby.



Do you think this baby would have

a good life if its mother resented it?



You're exaggerating

how I feel, Linda.



I don't think you

even know how you teel.



We all know how Dad feels.

You certainly know how I feel.



But you're not even giving yourselt

the right to your own opinions.



I have my own opinions, I just don't

need to shout it out to the whole world.



This is a tire hazard.



I've been researching

the topic of my paper...



the women poets and how

they balanced work and tamily.



Well, they didn't balance anything.

I've been doin'...



Reading the biographies

of Plath and Sexton and...



Their lives were a mess.



So much for my brilliant topic.



That's too bad, but maybe you can

make something out ot what you tound.



This wasn't what you expected,

but there might be some good in it.



- Don't give up.

- Well, I'II think about it.



Thank you.



- Hi.

- Hi, Titfany.



- See you Tuesday.

- Yeah.



- I heard you guys rehearsing.

- Oh, yeah?



It sounded really good.



That's good.

Now bring that down.



Bring down the eight...

and the two.



That's right.

Okay, now, check your proot, sweetie.



You look like Leif Garrett

or Shaun Cassidy.



You've heard that, right?



How's my girl?



Got your wallet?



Got your lunch?



- Good night, sweetie.

- Good night.



- Night, all.

- Bye, Dad.



Let's see what you got.

Two and eight goes how many times?






Can I come in?






I just wanted to let you know

what I decided.



I'm gonna have the baby.



I don't know it it's

the right decision, Linda.



It's just the only one

that I can live with.



That's great, really.



I know...



everything seems so simple

when you're young.



Don't worry, honey.



It's what I want.



It'll be okay.



All right. Catch you later.



Come on.



Hey! Will someone please tell Kirk

to turn down...



The Artist Formerly Known As Prince?



- Fuck you, asshole!

- Jack's doing his bad Arnold imitation.



- You're lame, Jack.

- Hasta la vista, baby.



Hey! Hey, you guys.



Don't play in the clothes.

Go play on the sidewalk. Come on.



- Hey, Chris.

- Hey.



Chris, you lett so quickly,

I didn't get a chance...



You lett your blueprints...



and I wanted to tell you

your work is wonderful.



You're really talented.



I want you to have this.

Please, take it.



Look, I know you can't

atford it, so...



- So this is money.

- Yeah.



Giving me money.



I don't know what to say.

What did you expect?



- What did you think was gonna happen?

- That you cared.



- I do care.

- I expected that you cared about me.



- I do care.

- Yeah?



Look, I'm late.

I have to go.



- What?

- I'm late. I have to go.



Oh, I'm keeping you?



I wouldn't wanna do that.

Wouldn't wanna make you late...






- Tonight's Jack's birthday.

- Oh, party?



- Yeah.

- You ever known me to miss a party?



She sits there and calls me

a whore and a slut and a...



- Why can't I call her a...

- Okay.



How can you talk to

your mother like that?



Hey, what's up?



If that was my mother, I would not

be talking to my mama like that.



Thank you! Tell her a little somethin'.

Little trollop.



Kick her out.

What is she still doing there?



Oh, Chris, I forgot.

Your mom called you last night.



I'm sorry. How long

did she keep you on the phone?



We just hung up.

Your mother is so special.



She was telling me some story

about how in the '  s...



women drew their mouths

up at the corner...



so that they always looked

like they were smilin'.



I mean, gone.



She wanted to know if you were coming

home tor your brother's rehab party.



I went to Barnes and Noble today.

I found the best books...



on prenatal care, diet, everything.






What is wrong with you?



- I just saw Jim.

- And?



Basically, he said, "See ya."



Wouldn't really be a...



Then he gave me money.



Well, I'd really like to know what

he thinks you're gonna do with that.



What do you think

he expects me to do with it?



I don't know.

Maybe he's right.



What do you mean,

you think he's right?



You don't even

believe in abortion.



I'm a hypocrite and a fucking coward,

but I can't go through with this.



So let me just get this right.



Are you trying to tell me that

you've decided to kill your baby?



Why is this so important to you?



This isn't. You are.



My God, we've been triends

since '  .



It's '   now.

What is that?



That would be

eight and a half years.



- Eight and a half years.

- And you still suck at math.



I still suck at math,

but I am damn good at you, Chris.



Listen to me.



Chris, I know you.



All right?

I know that if you...



I know that if you

get this abortion...



you are not gonna be able

to live with yourselt.



All I'm asking you is please

think about what you're doing.



Think about it?

I'm ten weeks.



Ten weeks already.



How long you want me to think?



You get this abortion

and I swear to you, you are on your own.



Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us sinners...



now and at the hour

of our death, amen.



Hail Mary, tull ot grace.

The Lord is with thee.



Blessed art thou amongst women and

blessed is the fruit ot thy womb, Jesus.



Holy Mary, Mother ot God,

pray tor us sinners...



now and at the hour

of our death, amen.



Excuse me, honey.



- What's your name?

- Christine.



You're not going in there

to have an abortion, are you?



Doreen, honey, come here.



- This is my daughter, Doreen.

- Hi.



I think Christine might want

to hear what you have to say.



- She's young like you are.

- Hi, Christine.



Listen, I just need you

to hear me out a minute.



I have tour kids.

Now, I am not rich.



I am no super mom, but I am gratetul

tor the gitts that God has given me.



My children are those gifts.



Maybe you're not married.

Maybe your boytriend won't know you...



but, honey, your baby

shouldn't have to pay for that.



Just wait.



When you have your baby and you

hold your son or your daughter...



that love, that maternal instinct,

it just takes over.



- It is so fierce, Christine.

- So, Doreen, tell us.



What happens to all those mothers

who beat their kids or abandon them...



or maybe even murder them because they

didn't want them in the first place?



I guess their maternal instinct

just didn't click in like yours, huh?



Hi, I'm Frances.



I'm here to escort you

into the clinic.



Christine, she's just trying

to distract you.



We can help you keep your baby.

We'II help you financially.



- You'll dream about that baby...

- Ladies, excuse me!



Get back!



You're already a mother,

just like me.



I carry my baby in my arms.

You carry yours inside you.



- You all right?

- Yeah.



Okay. Come on.



She's coming in for a follow up.



- You coming in tull day Fridays?

- I hope not.



Shameeka, do me a favor.

Call my car alarm guy.



Tell him my alarm is still

not working right.



Dr. Thompson, we've got to talk about

tomorrow's schedule before you leave.



- Shameeka, this is Christine.

- Hi, Christine.



Fill this one out, and the other one

tells you about our procedures.



You guys make it impossible

tor me to clear the schedule.



Well, I don't want to come in

tull day Fridays.



All right, Christine. I'm gonna take

your temperature now. Open up.



There you go.



You'II be fine.

We're just gonna have you...



Well, I guess what

I'm not clear about is...



it you're here because you want to be

or someone's pressuring you.



Oh, I'm not being pressured.



I want to be here. I mean,

I don't actually want to be here.



- I'm just a little confused.

- That's okay.



- Let's just go over the options again.

- All right.



The women outside yelled

something about...



taking care ot expenses.



Okay, in all tairness...



they have been able

to provide some women...



with baby supplies

and a place to live temporarily.




That's what I figured.



Are your parents around?

Have you tried to talk to them?



Uh, you know, they're...



they're really strict

Irish Catholic.



I'm one of five kids.



I'm the good kid, so they tell me.



Yeah, that is a lot ot pressure,

isn't it?



Yeah, it's a lot of pressure.



Well, what about the relationship

that caused the pregnancy?



He's married.



He's concerned about his wife

tinding out, and that's about it.



It just doesn't seem fair at all.



He goes on with his lite

and I'm here making this decision.



And I just...



I'm having a hard time thinking about

the baby being ripped out ot me.



They said that it can

feel the hurt.



Is that...



Can it?



Look, I know that's what

the people outside are saying.



I've asked the same question

to the medical people I trust.



They say that it's not true.

There's no pain involved...



in a first trimester abortion.



- This is hard.

- I know it is.



It's very hard,

and it's my job...



to help you be clear

on your decision.



Oh, shit! I can't believe you tell

tor that huge demonstration story today.



We're ready for 'em too. I had

    people ready to come down here.



- That's why they call it rumors.

- I know.



He probably planned it that way

just to watch us jump.



I know.



That one's a baby herself.

Her husband brought her.



There were three other kids

in the car.



The clinic director Angela

told me they took...



Dr. Thompson to lunch one day.



Really? That must've been

something special. What happened?



Nothing. They couldn't convince her.

She couldn't convince them.



It is so weird.



They say hello every morning.

They wave good-bye.



- Huh? How people manage to coexist?

- It is weird.



- I'll do it.

- Okay.



- I couldn't go through with it.

- That's okay.



Take your time.

Think about it.



- Holy, holy, holy

- Thanks.



- We'II pray tor you.

- Pray for me?



- I didn't do it.

- She didn't do it!



- Oh, God!

- Listen, call us.



We can help you.



We can give you baby clothes,

a crib and a stroller.



Here. Oh, thank God.



- It's not Friday yet.

- See you tomorrow.



- How's the baby doing?

- She's tine, Dr. Thompson.



Good atternoon.



Next weekend?



I didn't think the house was

going to be done until July, Mom.






Is that right, you have tive?

Five outdoor ceiling tans.



That's really great.



I'm glad I know they were

a tun thing for you to buy.






No, go get your door.

It's okay.



I'II, um...



I'll talk to you some other time.



I just wanted to see it you were

doin' all right, and you are.



I'm glad. Okay.



Yeah, me too. Okay.



Look out!



Hey, I saw your blueprints.

They look amazing.






- You made it. Good. How are ya?

- Yeah. Good.



Wanna play some quarters?



There you go.



- Whoa!

- Whoa, Chris!



All right.



- You want to try this bed?

- What are you doing?



- Just lie back. It's the lumpiest...

- You think you're gonna get lucky?



Wait a second.

You want to play some pool?



- Come on. Let's go play some pool.

- I'd kick your ass on pool.



Chris, you are wanted on the pool table

immediately for an ass-kicking.



- Good night.

- Where're you going?



No, it's too early for bed.

Come here.



You are pushin' your luck.



Are you sure?

Can I come with you?



You wish!

Some other time.



- You sure?

- No.



All right.






I'm wasted.



Hi, triend.



Hi, sweet triend ot mine.

Oh, boy.



You know...



tonight when I was

in the bathtub...



I looked down at my stomach.

I looked pregnant.



- What are you talking about?

- I look pregnant when I'm naked.



I look pregnant 'cause I...



chickened out.



Yeah, I chickened out, but...




I'm detinitely gonna go back tomorrow.



Why are you even telling me this?




Excuse the shit out of me

tor being a little confused.



Just a little confused over here.

I'm not always right.



- I don't always have the right answer.

- That's bullshit.



You know exactly what to do.

You just won't accept it.



And that's why you're

so damn confused all of the time!



That's right, girltriend!



I'm so screwed!



I'm screwed.



I'm screwed for screwin'

the Nutty Protessor.



That right?



Patty, I made a mistake.



I made one hell of a big mistake.



Could you torgive me

tor making a mistake, triend?



My tucking best triend...



could you torgive me

for making a mistake?



- Here.

- I don't want your snotty rag!



It's not snotty.

I just got it out ot my pocket.



Come on.



Could you help me?



Could you throw away

your morals for once?



Could you just throw 'em away

and help me?



It's cool.



It's cool?



I'll be there tor you.



- What is going on?

- Oh, God.



This looks way too intense.

Maybe we should come back tomorrow.



No, I can't.



Let's just get it over with.



What are you doing here, honey?



We kept you trom this yesterday.



We told you... Please,

let's talk about it. You should go.



Give her a hand. Help her through.

Come on. Let's go.



- Come on. She's going through enough.

- This is murder!



- Frances, I need some help out here.

- If you get an abortion...



you are the mother ot a dead baby.



Come on. Go, go.



- Why don't you go help her?

- No, I got it.



Do you ever ask yourselt it this is

a good, Christian way to make a living?



- Do you ever think about that?

- No, I don't. I'm Jewish.



God, they're bold.



- You all right?

- Yeah.



Let's go on back.



Jesus loves the little children



All the children of the world



Red and yellow, black and white



- Let her through!

- We got you. You're all right.



We will pray for all ot you,

but you're headed straight to hell!



This is a house of murder!



They are doing murder

in this house!



In the name of the Lord,

I will not stop!



Don't worry, sweetie,

we are not gonna let them in here.



We have got the law on our side.

Don't worry.



Come with me. There's a room in

the back where you can lay down.



- You can relax a little bit.

- Can he come with me, please?



- Of course he can go with you.

- Please.



- Go with her till she feels better.

- Thank you.



I'll show you where.

You're okay, sweetheart.



Dorothy just called.

She couldn't get through the barricades.



All right.

At least she calls.



I would never let anything happen.

She's just scared.



- It's ridiculous out there.

- Are you okay?



I'm okay.



This place kills babies!

This place kills babies!



Burn in hell, you baby killer!



Stop her!



Jesus! People!



Hey! Hey, get oft my car!



- Get back!

- This situation is out of control!



- These people are within their rights.

- Their rights? What about my rights?



They come to my house, bother my

children in school... Goddamn it!



That's Dr. Thompson.



She's a tough lady.



She tlies twice a week to this clinic

up north that's always got picketers.



Channel   News has arrived.



Great. The  :   News is here.



Shameeka, have everybody call home.

Let people know they're okay.



My mother's gonna have a heart attack

if she sees this on TV.



It's gonna get worse

now that the cameras are here.



- Are you all right?

- Yeah, Marcia, I'll be right there.



Are you going to be with me

in this struggle?



Our cause is just.

Our consciences are clear.



These people are crazy.



They're not crazy.



I mean, that guy might be

a little radical...



but their overall concept is right.



Excuse me? Then what the hell

are you doin' in here?



Listen to what this young woman

has to say to you...



her urgent message.



I'm here to represent

the young women of this country.



God forgive us tor taking roles

that aren't ours to take.



- Amen.

- May He break the curse...



ot independence in women's hearts.



Those deep-breathing exercises

are gonna help.



Hi, Christine. I'm Dr. Thompson.



I'm going to be doing the procedure

this morning. Here, Marsh.



First I have to listen

to your little heart.



Let me warm this up.






Mm, it's beating.



Okay, take a deep breath.



All right, again.



Okay, great. Lay back.



- Now's when I get nervous.

- That's okay. It's normal.



It's pertectly normal, really.



And it one of us has to be nervous,

better you than me, right?



She's too funny.



Can I ask you a question?



With all that you have to deal with,

why do you still do this?



Because I remember when it was illegal

for women to make this decision.



I don't want to see

those days come again.



And also when a woman

comes to me and says...



that she doesn't know what

she would've done without my help...



I know I'm doin' the right job.



Okay, scootch down, hon.



Come on.

What is that they say?



You can never be too rich, too thin

or too close to the end ot the table.



I'm going to explain everything as we

go along so there'll be no surprises.



I'm gonna put in the speculum.



It's a little cold.

Try to warm it up.



You think the   -year-old

I had in here last week...



should've had her baby?



She could've given her

baby up tor adoption.



Oh, yeah.



Right, girlfriend.



You are livin'

in a tantasy world.



Just the other day

I was thinkin'...



what a big demand there is

tor little black babies.



All right, I'm going to take this swab

and dip it in disintectant...



- You're okay.

- And swab the area.



Who will control

the minds ot our children...



tor the next     years?



That is the struggle

that is betore us today.



We cannot let

the armies of death triumph.



We must win this war!



All right.

You're going to feel a little stick.



I see this all the time.



You people, you come in here,

you get your abortion.



The next day, you back there

out on the line.



That's a completely inappropriate

conversation to be having in here.



Whoa! I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.



- I was looking for the restroom.

- It's right down the hall.



- Yes, ot course. I'm sorry.

- That's okay.



It you'd arrest all the tags

and lesbians, this would all be over!



Fuck you, you redneck asshole!



What are you studying in school?



- Architecture.

- Really? My uncle's an architect.



He just helped me redo my bungalow.

It was so sweet.



He put one of those skylights

in my bedroom.



- All right.

- Let's go.



Take some deep breaths now, okay?



That's it.

You're doing really well.



You're going to hear a suction machine.

You might hear a little noise.



Don't be scared.



- It's not murder!

- Break it up!



You're doing really well.



We're almost over.



Okay, it's all done.

You came through it like a trooper.



- It's over!

- Uh-huh!






Oh, God!



Did I shoot you?



I didn't mean to shoot you.



I'm sorry.



Shit. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Are you all right?



I'm sorry.

You got blood...



She's been shot.



The doctor's been shot!



Oh, my God.



Somebody... Oh, my God.




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