Imagine: John Lennon Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Imagine: John Lennon script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the documentary movie about John Lennon.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Imagine: John Lennon. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Imagine: John Lennon Script





I always was a rebel.

But, on the other hand, I want...



to be loved and accepted

by all facets of society...



and not be this loudmouth,

lunatic poet-musician.



But I cannot be what I'm not.



- Good morning.

- Good morning.



People say, "Why are you recording

your life like a diary?"



The thing is that, as a Beatle,

every song and every album...



and every record and every film

was a diary of who we were at the time.



But we were in the dark

about it till later.



So when I got with Yoko...



we were able to turn a light on

in the middle of the creation of it.



The back is going to be eyes

with two sunsets in it.



Freaky, isn't it?



What's the tune of lmagine?



It just goes, "Imagine there's no heaven...



"it's easy if you try. No hell below us.



"Only sky. Imagine all the people.



"Living for today." Whatever.



You'll hear the record.



When I think of Ascot,

I think of making Imagine...



and also just being together,

strolling around in the gardens.



And it was a very intense

and beautiful time for us.



- I should do How? First.

- All right. Set up How?



We built a studio

connected to the house...



and we recorded some songs there, too.



I was raised by my auntie.



My father and my mother

split when I was about  .



I had spent some time

with my mother up till about  .



Then my father split.

He was a merchant seaman.



You can imagine,

it was the     s, in the war and all that.



And he left,

and I was brought up by an auntie.



I had to be solid

because I had a boy to bring up.



It was my job to be there.

He never came into an empty house.



What he could not make out

was how I knew...



when he was up to something.



He was inventive

and was always the leader.



Every time he sat down,

he never wasted a minute.



And it was always either drawing

or writing poetry...



or reading. He was a great reader.



And he sang himself to sleep every night.



And then when I was   ...



I re-established a relationship

with my mother for about four years.



She taught me music.

She first of all taught me the banjo...



and, from that, I progressed to guitar.



And then, unfortunately, she was run over

by an off-duty policeman...



who was drunk at the time.



I lost her twice. Once as a  -year-old

when I was moved in with my auntie...



and once again when I was

re-establishing a relationship with her.



That was really a hard time for me...



and it just absolutely made me

very, very bitter.



The underlying chip on my shoulder

I had as a youth was really big then.



It was very traumatic for me.



I had no idea about doing music

as a way of life...



until the rock 'n'roll hit me.



Then when rock 'n'roll hit me

that changed my whole life.



You know,

you went to see those movies...



with Elvis or somebody in it,

when we were still in Liverpool.



And you'd see everybody waiting

to see him. And I'd be waiting there, too.



And they'd all scream

when he came on the screen.



So I thought, "That's a good job."



He was rough, ready...



and not my type at all. To start off with.



But again, this enigmatic character...



you couldn't resist.



He was like a Teddy boy.

He walked around without his glasses...



a guitar over his shoulder...



and a look that said, "Kill."



Paul met me the first day I did

Be Bop a Lula live onstage.



A mutual friend brought him to see

my group, called The Quarry Men.



And we met and we talked after the show.



And I saw he had talent.

He was playing guitar backstage...



doing Twenty-Flight Rock,

by Eddie Cochran.



And I turned around to him right

then on first meeting and said:



"Do you want to join the group?"

And I think he said "yes" the next day.



Now George came through Paul...



but the person I actually picked

as my partner was Paul.



Hamburg? That city of sin?



No, certainly not. You can't go there.



He said, "Oh, come on, Mimi.

We'll get     pounds a week. "



So in the end, he went.



I can remember the time

when one drunken Kraut...



tried to get onstage

and John Lennon was eating onstage...



and he threw his knife at him.



And then, not deterring the fellow...



he promptly kicked him in the face

to boot him off the stage.



And so you had this town

full of gangsters...



who used to love the Beatles...



and used to send them

crates of ale onstage.



And they'd be legless.

Absolutely legless onstage.



Everywhere they played,

they would finish up in a fight.



In actual fact,

one place that I sent them to play...



they used to have to hide

behind the piano...



because the popular thing was

to throw the chairs at the group.



Then we went back to Liverpool,

and there were quite a few bookings.



You know, they all thought

we were German.



Anyway, Bill was from Hamburg, and

they all said, "You speak good English."



I was told that he was playing

in a place called The Cavern.



It was an old wine cellar...



that had been turned

into a sort of lunch club.



It was Brian that went there.



And he was only at the back of the hall...



listening to those four boys,

but whatever he saw...



he saw that little spark.



And he went right around

and offered himself as their manager.



I was immediately struck

by their music, their beat...



and their sense of humor,

actually, onstage.



And even afterwards, when I met them...



I was struck again

by their personal charm.



And it was there that,

really, it all started.



It took about eight months to...



get to the stage

where we had a recording contract...



and we were having

the first record issued.



That was Love Me Do.



I think it was a very fortunate

coming together...



that we seemed to hit it off very well.



When we were in the studio,

we did really collaborate as a team.



There weren't any egos

protruding through.



But I was very, very lucky

to have met up with them.



George had done no rock 'n'roll

when we met him...



and we'd never been in the studio,

so we did a lot of learning together.



He had a very great

musical knowledge and background.



So he could translate for us

and suggest a lot of things. Which he did.



And he'd come up with

amazing technical things.



When the Beatles were depressed,

thinking the group was going nowhere...



and this is a shitty deal,

and we're in a shitty dressing room...



I'd say, "Where are we going, fellas?"



And they'd go, "To the top, Johnny!"



And I'd say, "Where's that, fellas?"



And they'd say,

"To the toppermost of the poppermost!"



And I'd say, "Right!"

Then we'd all sort of cheer up.



When I was a Beatle...



I thought, "We're the best fucking group

in the goddamn world. "



And believing that

is what made us what we were.



It was just a matter of time

before everybody else caught on.



Thank you.



For our last number,

I'd like to ask your help.



For the people in the cheaper seats,

clap your hands.



And the rest of you,

if you'd just rattle your jewelry.



We'd like to sing a song called,

Twist and Shout.



Maybe we should just go on

and do lmagine, then.



What's this one, a ballad?



Yeah, go on. I'll teach you it.



Imagine was one facet of him.



It crystallized his dream for the world.



It crystallized his idealism.



And it was something

that he wanted to really say to the world.



That's a nice one.






- That's the one I like best...

- What if there's another piano?



Because if we get the same kind of piano,

and do an octave higher or something...



- it would be beautiful.

- We can always use this...



Instead of the electric guitar.

It's a delicate song.



He could do it on the top half

of the piano, maybe.



We could get a mike

through to the front...



That's it.



- The white piano?

- Yeah.



I'll go on the white one 'cause

that's what I wanted to do, use that one.



- Yeah.

- Yeah.



Because we want to do the house.



When Dad moved to Tittenhurst...



it was the first time that he actually

called me in quite a long time.



It was an exciting thing for me to go

and see him again...



after not seeing him for such a while.



And at the time, I was living in...



I won't say a small house, but it

was a completely different situation.



It was on a street

with lots of houses, lots of friends.



And Tittenhurst was this enormous...



palace-like place with    acres...



golf-cart buggies, a lake, a little island

in the middle of the lake...



It was like a house of fun.



It was a completely different experience.



It was wonderful. I loved the place.



I don't remember seeing him as a child.



It was the height of the Beatle thing

so I was working all the time.



I never considered what it was

doing to him. I didn't even count it.



The mother was at home. I was away.



Like most guys at    or    they're too

intent on their career really, you know.



John, as a father, was forced,

I'm afraid, to be a part-time dad.



He wrote to me saying that...



"I'm so sad and I'm so sorry

that I've missed the fact...



"that Julian has been growing up...



"that he is now a little man

and I miss him dreadfully.



"And I've been a right bastard...



"because I've taken no notice of him...



"and I've read the papers

and pushed him out of the room...



"because he's been making noises."



That was the point when he suddenly

realized that he was a father...



Julian was a special little person...



not just a figment of his imagination

when he came home in the early days.



You're going over to the States

early in the new year...



and you're going to top the bill

on the Ed Sullivan coast-to-coast show.



John, so far, all

British pop stars have not



made a tremendous

impact on the States.



How do you think you're gonna fare?



Well, I can't really say, can I?

I mean, is it up to me? No.



I mean, I just hope we go all right.



Are you going to vary your act at all

for the American audience?



No. We haven't really got an act,

so we'll just do what we do.



The journey to America was exciting

but I had to keep a low profile...



because it wouldn't

do for the frenzied fans...



to know that John had a wife

and a baby at home.



What do you think of the comment...



that you're nothing but a bunch

of British Elvis Presleys?



It's not true!



Are you going to get a haircut

while you're here?



- No, thanks.

- I had one yesterday.



- That's no lie. It's true.

- It's true.



You know, I think he missed some.



- No, he didn't.

- You should have seen him the day before.



What do you think

your music does to these people?



It pleases them, I think.

It must do, 'cause they're buying it.



- Why does it excite them so much?

- We don't know, really.



If we knew, we'd form another group

and be managers.



We came here at  :  

in the morning,  :   to see them.



And all they did was push us

farther and farther away.



Then they don't even let you see them.



I got every Beatle record at home

and we didn't get to see them.



What kind of police protection?

I'd really like to get a piece of them...



It was like being in

the eye of a hurricane.



You thought, "What's going on?"

And, "How did I get here?"



The last thing I remember was playing

music in a club, and the next minute, this.



Did you ever have a chance, John,

to just get away, on your own...



without anybody recognizing you?



We borrowed a couple

of millionaires' houses.



Sure we did.



You could afford to buy a couple

of millionaires' houses, couldn't you?



We'd sooner borrow them. It's cheaper.



We did a bit of water skiing.

Well, sort of, anyway.



Did your wife enjoy it over there?



She loved it. Who? Who?



Don't tell them he's married.

It's a secret.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



There was no sort of particular security...



and one of our assistants told us

that there was this strange guy...



that was just staying in our gardens

almost every night.



John always felt responsible

for these people...



because they were the result of his songs.



That's how he felt.



Don't confuse the songs

with your own life.



I mean, they might have relevance

to your own life, but a lot of things do.



So we met, you know. I'm just a guy.

I write songs.



I figured that if we met.

I'd know, just by meeting you.



Know what?



That it all fits.



Anything fits,

if you're tripping off on some trip.



Anything fits, you know.



Like when you said:



"Boy, you're going to carry that weight

for a long time." That was just...



- That's Paul who sang that.

- Paul sang that?



But that belongs to all of us.

He's singing about all of us.



Remember that one:



"You can radiate everything you are.

You can penetrate anywhere you go?"



Yeah, I was just having fun with words.

It was literally a nonsense song.



I mean, Dylan does that.

Anybody does that, you know.



You just take words,

and you stick them together...



and see if they have any meaning.

Some of them do, some of them don't.



See, that last album of mine

was me coming out of my dream.



You can last your whole life

on that dream, you know...



and then it's all over.



You weren't thinking of anyone in

particular when you were singing all that?



How could I be?

How could I be thinking of you?



I don't know, maybe, I don't care, me.

But it's just all... It's all somebody.



I'm thinking about me

or, at best, Yoko, if it's a love song.



I'm saying, "I had a good shit today

and this is what I thought this morning...



"and I love you Yoko," or whatever.



I'm singing about me and my life...



and if it's relevant

for other people's lives, that's all right.



You hungry?






Let's get him something to drink.



Finally, I've got it.



It's great working with you, Phil.

Really great.



I've worked with

a lot of cats in my time...



and I want to say, really great.

Sincerely, really great.



Don't you think the Beatles gave

every sodden thing they've got...



to be the Beatles?



That took a whole section of our youth,

that whole period.



When everybody else

was just goofing off...



we were working    hours a day.



The whole Beatle thing was just

beyond comprehension.



And I was eating and drinking like a pig...



and subconsciously was crying for help.



Shea Stadium was a happening.

You couldn't hear any music at all.



But then it just became

like lip-syncing, miming.



Sometimes things would break down

and nobody'd know.



Last month,    teenagers

from Pennsylvania...



petitioned Her Majesty, the Queen,

to have the Beatles knighted.



Well, this hasn't happened.



But today, I'm pleased to say

that they have been made members...



of the most honorable

Order of the British Empire.



Congratulations, John, George,

Ringo, and Paul.



How did you all react to this?



Well, I went...



Which means in sound?






You all live in, well, good

domestic splendor.



Has this affected your writing,

Paul and John?



No, it's easier to write with cushions,

I'm sure...



than on pieces of hard bench.



But you know we were on hard benches

before we met...



a known terror of Liverpool.

It's much easier on a nice cushion.



From obscurity in a cellar

in Liverpool four years ago...



and now to Buckingham Palace.



We're all delighted.



- Thank you very much.

- Congratulations.



The Beatles arrived in Japan today,

as their tour of the Far East continues.



Across the Pacific, in the United States,

a furor is developing over comments...



John Lennon made: "Christianity will go.



"It will vanish and shrink.

We are more popular than Jesus. "



Here in Tokyo, violence broke out

when right-wing fanatics...



demonstrated against the Beatles

and their effect on Japanese youth.



This is Tommy Charles.



If you, as an American teenager,

are offended by statements...



from a group of foreign singers,

which strike...



at the very basis of our existence

as God-fearing, patriotic citizens...



then we urge you to take

your Beatles records...



pictures and souvenirs

to the pick-up points about to be named.



And on the night of the Beatles'

appearance in Memphis, August   ...



they will be destroyed

in a huge public bonfire...



at a place to be named soon. Stay tuned

to Rocky for further developments.



Now this religious controversy...



I know that you don't want

to say too much about it...



does it worry you it's gonna

boil up when you get to the States?



It worries me, yes, but I hope everything

will be all right in the end, as they say.



I think the Beatles

are a real talented group...



but I think they need to watch

what they say because...



they're in such a position

that a lot of teenagers...



really think of them

as something really big.



When they say things like that...



some teenagers are gonna just believe

anything they say.



I'm not saying that we're better

or greater...



or comparing us with Jesus Christ

as a person...



or God as a thing, or whatever it is.



I just said what I said, and it was wrong,

or was taken wrong. And now it's all this.



Did you mean that the Beatles

are more popular than Christ?



When I was talking about him, it was very

close and intimate with this person...



that I know, who happens to be a reporter.



And I was using expressions on things

that I'd just read, and derived...



about Christianity, only I was saying it

in the simplest form that I know...



which is the natural way I talk.



What's the most enjoyable thing

for you four about this adulation...



this almost godhood on earth

that you've achieved?



Don't say that.



- It was him. He said it.

- You all saw that.



The Ku Klux Klan,

being a religious order...



is going to come out here the night

that they appear at the Coliseum here.



And we're gonna demonstrate with...



different ways, tactics,

to stop this performance.



We are known as a terror organization

and I think we have...



A terror organization?



We have ways and means to stop this,

if this is going to be the case.



What ways and means?



I don't want to say this,

but there will be a lot of surprises...



Monday night, I believe,

when they get here.



You officers that are stationed...



in front of the stage,

behind the barricade...



you will go to Mr. Morris Shapiro,

the first-aid man...



and he will furnish you with earplugs...



so as to keep you from having a headache.



If he runs out of earplugs,

he has got some cotton.



- Is that understood?

- Yes, sir.



The music wasn't being heard.

It was just...



a sort of freak show.



The Beatles were the show,

and the music had nothing to do with it.



The only reason to be a Beatle

was to make music...



and not just to, sort of, be in a circus.



After the Beatles'last tour...



which was the one

where the Ku Klux Klan were burning...



Beatle records, and I was held up

as a Satanist or something...



then we decided, no more touring.

That's enough of that.



But I was really too

scared to walk away.



I was thinking, this

is like the end, really.



There's no more touring.

That's when I started considering:



"What the hell do you do all day?"



So I said yes to Dick Lester...



that I would make this movie with him

and went to Altamira, Spain for six weeks.



At a studio in London...



the Beatles have just come together

for the first time in four months...



to record some songs.



The songwriting team, they will keep

going on, whatever happens, will it?



Yeah, we'll probably carry on

writing music forever...



whatever else we're doing,

'cause you just can't stop.



You find yourself doing it

whether you want to or not.



Do you think the tours, like

the American tours and the English one...



It stands in England?



There must be a point

where they don't work anymore...



because they're not to do

with what we're doing...



record-wise or film-wise.



Before we did Sergeant Pepper, we were

given a license to kill, so to speak...



because we were already successful.



And I knew that I could do in the studio

just what I wanted.



And I knew that they wanted

to experiment a bit more.



So we just let our hair down

and went for broke.



In fact, when I say Pepper, I mean

I'm starting off with Strawberry Fields...



which was the beginning ofPepper,

although it wasn't on the album.



That was one of the great songs he did.



I really wasn't aware of their taking drugs

much before that.



I was aware of them smoking pot.



And even during

the Sergeant Pepper bit...



I wasn't too sure about

what they were doing.



I didn't really want to know,

'cause I didn't approve of it.



And they were rather like school kids.

They used to keep it away from me.



If they wanted to go

and have a drag of a smoke...



they wouldn't do it in the studio.



They would nip into the canteen

and lock the door...



like naughty boys in the lavatory.



They would go away and hide,

away from the schoolmaster.



Surrealism had a great effect on me

'cause then I realized that...



my imagery in my mind wasn't insanity.



Psychedelic vision is reality to me.



Some newspaperman came up

and he said, "Have you had LSD?"



So I thought,

"I'll either be cagey here or be honest."



So I said, "Yes."



And it was his responsibility,

reporting it.



So they had him on TV saying,

"Why did you say this?"



Very much like that statement...



They kept asking him, "Did you take it?"

So he says, "Yeah."



But on TV, he says,

"You don't print this bit of film.



"I don't want to tell anybody about that.

It's private"...



Almost like the situation

with the Christ statement.



But see, they just asked

me a question. I gave them an answer.



And then it was blown up.



I mean, you know, I just spoke the truth

and it's sometimes painful.



This is the truth.

My son came home with a drawing...



and showed me

this strange-Iooking woman flying around.



I said, "What is it?" He said,

"It's Lucy in the sky with diamonds."



I thought, "That's beautiful."

I immediately wrote a song about it.



The song had gone out,

the whole album had been published...



when somebody noticed

that the letters spelled out "LSD."



And I had no idea about it.



And, of course,

after that I was checking...



all the songs to see

what the letters spelled out.



They didn't spell out anything.

None of the others.



It wasn't about that at all, you know.



The terrible news came

that Brian had died.



Apparently, he'd taken an overdose.



We were so shocked because

Brian was such a kingpin...



of what was going on in our lives.

He was the father figure.



And, all of a sudden, that had finished.



That really sent things into chaos.



Tickets, please. Thanks very much.



Following a lecture that everybody

had been to, to see the Maharishi...



they were invited to go to Bangor

for a weekend...



to do meditation and to feel

the experience of meditation.



I think they needed a break

from the madness.



So we all ended up getting on a train

to Bangor, for this trip.



And I, as usual, was trailing behind

with the hand baggage.



And a massive policeman

put his arm out and stopped me.



I couldn't get on the train. And the last

thing that I saw was John's head.



I can't imagine what he was saying,

but it was probably pretty rude about...



"For Christ's sake, Cyn, you're too slow

again. Why couldn't you run with us?"



And at that point I just felt, "That's it."



Somehow, I can't explain it.



And normally I would

not have broken down.



I would have been pretty cool and calm...



and I knew that I would get there anyway.



But at that point, I just felt so sad...



that this is symbolic of our life now.



It's like,

"I'm getting off at this station."



And it was pretty true after that.



Yoko was having an art show in London

at a gallery called Indica Gallery.



And I heard this was going

to be a happening.



So I went down

the night before the opening.



And the first thing

that was in the gallery...



as you went in there was

a white stepladder...



and a painting on the ceiling

and a spyglass hanging down.



I walked up this ladder

and I picked up the spyglass.



It was balancing there.



And in teeny little writing

it just said "yes."If it had said "no"...



- or something nasty...

- Something nasty.



Like "rip-off," or whatever, I would have

left the gallery...



but because it was positive,

it said, "Yes"...



I thought, "This is the first show I've

been to that said something warm to me."



Then I decided to see the rest of the show,

and that's when we met.



We didn't really get together

till    months later.



She came over for a date, as it were...



I had a little studio, which was

really just a lot of tape recorders.



And we made Two Virgins

and I was showing her...



all my different tape recordings,

and all that.



I thought, "This is great."

And I was going...



on the tapes, and she was going...



And we did, we made a tape all night.



And in the morning we made love

as the sun came up.



"Surprise, surprise."



We shot the cover ourselves, privately,

and put out Two Virgins.



And it was a kind of statement as well,

an awakening for me, too.



This is me, naked, with the woman I love.



When you were with the Beatles...



you didn't express yourself

politically at all, did you?



On our first tour...



there was a sort of unspoken thing...



that Mr. Epstein was preventing us

talking about the Vietnam War.



And before we came back

the second time to America...



George and I said to him:



"We don't go unless we answer

what we feel about the war."



'Cause you were being asked?



'Cause we were

asked about it all the time...



it was just silly, and we had

to pretend to be like in the old days...



when artists weren't meant to say

anything about anything.



"When you talk about destruction,

count me out... in."



What did you mean by that, John?



That means I'm not sure. I really think...



if it gets to destruction,

you can count me out, but I'm not sure.



I'm human and I'm liable to change,

or depending on the situation.



I prefer nonviolence.



Yesterday, John Lennon and his girlfriend,

the Japanese actress, Yoko Ono...



were arrested and charged with

the use of marijuana.



And today they were arraigned here,

at Magistrate's Court, in London.



He's the one who's known

as the most "way out" of the Beatles.



Right now, John Lennon is looking

very hard for his car...



because if he doesn't get to his car,

he's likely to be mobbed.



John, Cynthia is better than her!



That girl next to me just a moment ago

said, "Cynthia is better than her."



Initially, when we met...



I think there was a feeling of...



not really wanting to get together.






we knew this was a big one, both of us...



and we didn't want to get in.



And, then, when we got together...



I think we basically knew

that it was going to be it.



And after that, it took about a year,

I think...



before we finally got married.



Yes, fortunately...



we both agree.



Unfortunately, not always.



But in the end...



we get into something

and forget that we ever disagreed.



Fortunately, I met you at the right time.



Unfortunately, that's right.






in the end...



I wonder what's going to happen?



Fortunately, we don't know.






I'm in love with you.



Unfortunately, I'm in love with you, too.



This is another peace protest, by the way.



Why the bag?



Because we believe

in total communication.



That means, if we have something to say,

or anybody has something to say...



they can communicate

and not confuse you...



with what color your skin is,

or how long your hair's grown, or...



How long is your hair?



You have to guess!



It is not important. It's only what I say,

that's what we're here for.



All we're saying is give peace a chance.



Or if the least we can do

is give somebody a laugh...



we're willing to be the world's clowns...



because we think it's a bit serious

at the moment and a bit intellectual.



John Lennon, Man of the Decade.

Take one.



How hopeful are you

about the future, John?



I'm full of optimism, knowing that there's

other people around...






I can get on, agree with.



I'm not insane. I'm not alone.

That's just on a personal level.



Of course, the Woodstock, Isle of Wight,

all the mass meetings of the youth...



is completely positive for me.



And when I'm negative, I've got Yoko.



The '  s were just

waking up in the morning.



And we haven't even

got to dinnertime yet.



I can't wait. I just can't wait.

I'm so glad to be around.



And it's just going to be great,

and there's gonna be...



You're driving it, too. I see.



Sorry. This is for love, I'm doing this,

you understand. And for art.



- He just wanted to...

- For the sake of art.



If you think you know me or you have

some part of me because of the music...



and then you think that I'm being

controlled like a dog on a leash...



because I do things with her...



then screw you, brother, or sister.

You don't know what's happening.



I'm not here for you.

I'm here for me and her.



Is that the audience

you're keeping out there?



I'll try and get them to let you in.



This way.



Can I put something to both of you...



about this creative phase

that you're both going through at present?



I think you've got to accept, John

and Yoko, that, particularly you, John...



that it's alienated you from the people

who originally loved you in this country.



- A lot of them.

- They don't understand you anymore.



The alienation started

was when I met Yoko.



And people do not seem to like

people getting a divorce.



It's all right to do it quietly,

but we can't do it quietly.



So everyone has this impression

that John's gone crazy.



But all I did was fall in love,

like a lot of people do...



who are already married,

who married somebody very young.



We're not superhuman

and we really get hurt by abuse.



We don't mind criticism of our work at all.



But the British press

actually called Yoko ugly in the papers.



I've never seen that

about any woman or man...



even if it was that the person is ugly.



You don't normally say it in the paper.



"That ugly woman." And she's not ugly.



And if she was, you wouldn't be so mean.



They even say "attractive" about the most

awful-Iooking people, just to be kind.



That's the kind of treatment

we were getting at that time...



and it really hurt us.









You're sending us the

"in the middle of the night" verse.



We don't want that one.

We want the one on clouds.



We're going to do the harmonies

to "in the middle of a cloud" bit.



What's the matter with you, Philip?

It's the last fucking verse.



"In the middle of the cloud

I called your name.



"Oh, Yoko."

We stopped here once, remember?



That's the one you're playing now.

We don't want that one.



We want the one

that he recorded afterwards.



"All new and free." That was from

"In the middle of a cloud," after the end.



He did a new version, remember?



- That's the one we want. Okay.

- We're just there. All right.



The end of the song

is just like the fucking rest of it.



We're going to sing the harmonies

to "Oh, Yoko." Come on!



Why don't you just

forget about this, darling?



Relax until we say, "okay."



John, why don't you just

sing it for him once?



Okay, now we'll deal with it.



Okay, let's go on to the next track.



Yoko and I...



when we got together...



decided that whatever... We knew...



whatever we did

was going be in the papers.



Whether it's Richard or Liz...



or so-and-so gets married...



or whatever people like us do

is gonna be in the papers.



So we decided to utilize the space...



we would occupy anyway,

by getting married...



with a commercial for peace.



And also a theatrical event.



And what we basically

had was a seven-day...



press conference in bed.



It's a bed-in, folks.



The first day they fought

at the door to get in...



thinking there was something

sexy going on.



And they found two people

talking about peace.



Even if you can beat the establishment

at their own game...



I don't believe in that game. I think

the only way to do it is Gandhi's way.



That's nonviolent, passive, positive

or whatever they call it these old days.



Is there not a more positive way

of demonstrating in favor of peace...



than sitting in bed

eating three square meals a day...



Now, it's a different age.



It's gimmicks and salesmanship.



And if that's what'll put it across,

that's the way to do it.



Whether you're protesting against

the conditions you live in...



or the conditions you work in,

or the conditions of the whole world.



- Can I talk to you?

- Yeah, sure.



Okay. Okay Rog.



I think we got the message over, Roger.



I think the message is catching on.

The peace message.



Chuck, don't you think so,

the peace message is catching on?



Right, he thinks so. We met a lot of

groovy people, made some good contacts.



- Right?

- For tomorrow?



For tomorrow? Who knows?



I'm a dreadful Neanderthal fascist.

How do you do?



John and Yoko, meet cartoonist Al Capp.



We've had all sorts in here.



I'm sure you have.



One of the things that had...



interested me was that you said

that you were very shy people.



Yes, we are.



And yet, these are...



- Does that prove you're not shy?

- Certainly not.



Only the shyest people in the world

would take pictures like this.



Do shy people...

Do they ever become naked or not?



You think that people that are shy...



Am I quarreling

with your description of yourselves?



If that isn't a picture

of two shy people...



I'd like to know what shyness is.



- What filth!

- Do you think that's filth?



Certainly not.

I'm denouncing people who think it is.



I think that everybody owes it to the world

to prove they have pubic hair.



And you've done it.



You've done it and I tell you

that I applaud you for it.



If you want to prove it, you can prove it.



Why don't you prove it now...



I don't feel that there's

any great interest in it.



Clearly, you must have felt

the world wanted to know...



what your private parts looked like.



And now the world knows.



I tell you that's one of

the greatest contributions...



to enlightenment and culture of our time.



I'm glad you noticed.



I wanna thank...



I wanna tell you it's hard not to notice.



Now you have a song and one of the lines,

and correct me if it isn't:



"Christ, it ain't easy. Everywhere I go,

they're gonna crucify me."



Rubbish. I didn't say it. The lyric goes:



"Christ, you know it ain't easy.

You know how hard it can be.



"The way things are going,

they're gonna crucify me." And you, baby.



This isn't my song.

These don't express my...



We are all together in this world.



Let's face it. You and I are married

together in this world.



You see, it's like being stuck in...



That is a very unkind thought

to plant in my mind.



I want to tell you

that this may stay with me...



and I'll wake up screaming.



This is not true.

You say that to him, not to me.



That's your paranoia.

Everybody's married in this world...



No, it's just a matter of taste.



What do you want to know?



In the lyric, you said

they were going to crucify you.



- Yeah. If you take it literally.

- How did you mean it?



- It means everything you want it to mean.

- What did you want it to mean?



They're gonna crucify me

and you and everyone else.



But you said,

"They're going to crucify me."



- Lf you're gonna take it literally...

- Me is you.



Me... And I say that we're all one.



I didn't permit you to speak for me.

Who are you speaking for?



I took that liberty, Mr. Capp.



It's too much of a liberty...



I was speaking on behalf

of the people in general...



- in a poetic sense.

- You're speaking for yourselves...



As a representative of the human race...



I'm speaking for us all

whether you like it or not.



Whatever race you're

the representative of, I ain't part of it.



Maybe yours is the human race

and mine is something less hirsute.



But whatever race, it's your race.



- You belong to a race on your own.

- Everybody in this room...



represents humanity.

Everybody in this room.



No, you don't represent me, though.

You don't write songs for me.



I want to make that clear to all of Canada.



Especially for you.



I'll let Kate Smith sing my songs.



Who do you write your cartoons for?



I write my cartoons for money.

Just as you sing your songs.



Exactly the same reason.



And exactly the same reason

much of this is happening, too...



if the truth be told.



You think I couldn't

earn money by some other way...



by sitting in bed for seven days,

taking shit from people like you?



I could write a song in an hour

and earn more money.



Now look here, don't say this.



You got into bed so people like me

could come and see you.



But not for money,

that's what you're saying.



It won't do you any real harm...



except you might get some bedsores.



But I could earn money

in more easier ways than doing this.



I tell you what would do you harm.

So could I.



I could make a lot more drawing

people like you, than confronting you.



And I must say it's much more

appetizing drawing them...



because I can leave them.



I prefer singing to doing this

but I'm doing this for a good reason.



What you've just done is when you said:



"Taking shit from people like you."



Now, I was invited here.

You knew I was coming.



- Yeah, sure.

- That's right.



So we're not doing it for money.



- You indicated...

- You haven't any manners at all.



And you have manners?



- I'm your guest. And, really even if...

- And I'm yours.



No, you're not! This is your bedroom!



Mr. Capp, may I say one thing?



I'd be delighted with any conversation.



Okay. I'd like to add to that...



Good God, you've gotta live with that?



It's good to just...



Nice guy.



I can see why you want peace.

God knows you can't have much.



I'm delighted to have met you,

Madame Nu.



You are our answer to Madame Nu...



It was great meeting you, Barabbas.



But I'm sure the other three guys...



the other three fellows are Englishmen.



What does that mean?



- You think about it.

- Get out.



I'll try to work it. Now, Derek.



Oh, really, come on!



But I'm not having these people

insulting you.



Leave it. We asked him here. He's right.



Forgive me.



Look, Derek, it's not for me to

forgive you, it's for your psychiatrist.



Christ, you know it ain't easy

You know how hard it can be



The way things are going

they're gonna crucify Capp



Okay. A one, two. A one, two, three, four.



When John hitched up with Yoko...



he said, "Yoko is now a part of me.



"In other words, as I have a right

and left hand, so I have Yoko. That's me.



"And wherever I am, she is."



That was a bit difficult to deal with.



Suddenly, she would

appear in the control room.



Nobody would say anything to me.



I wasn't even introduced to her,

but she would just sit there...



and her influence would be felt.



To begin with,

everyone was irritated by it.



By the time we got to Let it Be,

we couldn't play the game anymore.



We could see through each other...



and therefore we felt uncomfortable.



Because up till then, we really believed

intensely in what we were doing...



and the product we put out.

Everything had to be just right.



And we believed.

Suddenly, we didn't believe.



I don't mind. I'll play

whatever you want me to play.



Or I won't play at all, if you don't

want me to play.



Whatever it is that will please you,

I'll do it.



So we couldn't do it anymore.



It came to a point

where it was no longer creating magic.



And the camera sort of being in

the room with us made us aware of that.



That it was a phony situation

and that was the end of it.



Out of that frustration

came the crazy idea...



to do a concert on the roof

above the Apple offices.



Of course, none of us

had the vaguest idea...



that would be the last time the Beatles

would ever perform together in public.



Now, does this mean

a business or emotional split...



within the Beatles?



Actually I think a bit of both.

But I think it's more of a break.



He asks this himself...



but doesn't know if it's temporary

or permanent. That's the truth.



I think none of us know that.



His financial interests in Apple

and the organizations will stay?



Yes. Contractually they have to...



and I think emotionally

they'd all want it to.



They never argued about money.



What are the personal differences

that he refers to in...



I don't know.

It's probably to do with growing up.



There was a time

when there were just four of them.



But now they're married

and there are children.



Will anyone ever replace

the Beatles for you?



- No.

- No.



It's just one Beatles group. That's it.

There could never be another.



- What is it about them?

- We grew up with them.



They started when they were younger,

and we were younger.



And all through these years

we've just developed with them...



and grown up with them.



They, like, belong to us, you know?



But there could never be

another Beatles. Never.



Yoko, is that a fresh pot of tea?



- Yes.

- It's fairly fresh.



This is actually a Beatle wife

fixing the tea...



for one of the fab four ex-Beatles.



- Fab three.

- Fab three.



I see Beatle Phil making a pig of himself.



You see much of the Beatles

these days, other Beatles?



I saw a Beatle. Beatle Ed.



- Beatle Ed. How is he?

- He was all right.



But he was just going off on a tour.



Beatle Ed's not doing too well

these days, is he?



- He's number five in Sweden.

- In Sweden, I see.



Paul wrote some song that was...



like a private message. So to speak.



John was upset about those songs.

And so that's how it happened.



It was, like, a reply to Paul,

rather than a message to Paul.



Okay. Stop.



I wrote a sort of song of How Do You

Sleep? On Walls and Bridges.



I can't remember the name.



Steel and Glass, which I thought

was about a few people.



But then I realized, no, it's me again.



It's not about Paul. It's about me.

I'm really attacking myself.



But I regret the association.

Well, not really regret.



He lived through it.



The only thing that matters

is how he and I feel about those things.



And not what the writer

or the commentator thinks about it.



Him and me are okay.






I am a very busy housewife,

to put it mildly.



Oh, no! They have to say

that it was all a hoax.



What was?



"Lennon lie-in."



"Dear Mr. Lennon. From information

I received while using a Ouija board...



"I believe that there will be an attempt

to assassinate you.



"The spirit that gave me this information

was Brian Epstein.



"He said the attempt will be made in place

on March  ...



"Mr. Epstein also said

that Paul McCartney was alive in London."



"John Lennon doesn't affront the queen

by sending back his MBE.



"He doesn't make ha'penny's

worth of difference...



"to attitudes on Biafra or Vietnam.



"Or to the place of his drug-orientated

record in the charts.



"He makes an ass of himself."



- We waited for hours.

- Remember me?



If I'm going to get on the front page...



I might as well get on the front page

with the word "peace."



But you've made yourself ridiculous.



To some people. I don't care...



- You're too good for what you're doing.

- Lf it saves lives...



You don't think... My dear boy,

you're living in a never-never land.



You talked to a...



You don't think you've

saved a single life?



What do you know about

a protest movement, anyway?



I know a lot about it.



It consists of a lot more than...



sending your chauffeur in your car

back to Buckingham Palace.



You're just a snob about it!

The only way you can make...



You're a fake!



Can't give up something

that means a little more?



It was no sacrifice to get rid of the MBE,

it was an embarrassment...



Then what kind of protest did you make?



- You said I don't know what this...

- It is an advertising campaign for peace.



- Can you understand that?

- No, I can't.



A very big ad

campaign for peace.



I think it's vulgar

and self-aggrandizing.



Are you advertising

John Lennon or peace?



Do you want nice,

middle-class gestures for peace?



And intellectual manifestos...



written by a lot half-witted intellectuals?



And nobody reads them. That's the trouble

with the peace movement.



I'm someone who admired you very much.



I'm sorry you liked

the old mop-tops, dear...



and you thought

I was very satirical and witty.



And you liked Hard Day's Night, love,

but I've grown up.



- But you obviously haven't.

- Have you?



Yes, folks.



John Lennon stopped

during his busy peace campaign today...



to give an interview in which

he spoke candidly about drugs.



It's no good us preaching

at people and saying:



"Don't take them,"

because that doesn't work.



It's like the church telling you

not to drink or not to have sex...



when you're a kid. There's nothing

on earth that's going to do it.



But if people take any notice

of what we say...



we say we've been

through the drug scene, man...



and there is nothing like being straight.



But you need hope,

and hope is something...



that you have to build up within yourself.



London police today confiscated

a number of erotic lithographs...



by pop musician and artist, John Lennon.



A local district court will rule...



as to whether the art is pornographic...



and whether or not

it can displayed publicly.



But even with drawings and things.

I have been talking to Yoko.



And she convinced me that anything

I draw or write...



is just as important communication-wise.



I shouldn't just show it to friends.



I should put everything out.



While we were living in New York...



we started to see the resemblance

between New York and Liverpool.



And the docks, the piers, you know.



I said, "This is like going

back to Liverpool. It's a big Liverpool. "



I've met a lot of New Yorkers who

complain about it, but nobody moves out.



It's the greatest place on earth.



Documents released today reveal

that a massive FBI investigation...



in the early     s...



was part of a government effort

to deport John Lennon.



You don't think there's

any possibility that...



the government is trying to harass

the Lennons?



Absolutely not. This is the kind

of treatment we would dish out...



to anybody convicted

of a narcotics offense.



When it first started,

I was followed in a car.



And my phone was tapped.



And people thought I was crazy then.



They do anyway, but I mean more so.



"Lennon, you big-headed maniac,

who's going to follow you?



"What do they want?"



That's what I'm saying.

What do they want? I'm not going to...



cause them any problem.



Everywhere John went, people asked him

that question...



the one about the Beatles

getting back together.



And even though we were friends...



I was a reporter at that time

and the question was almost obligatory.



Will they ever team up again?



It's quite possible, yes. I don't know

why the hell we'd do it, but it's possible.



- Would you like that to happen?

- Lf it happens, I'll enjoy it.



Would you want to initiate

that happening?



I don't know, Elliot. 'Cause you know me.

I go on instinct.



If the idea hit me tomorrow...



I might call them and say,

"Come on, let's do something."



I couldn't really tell you.

If it happens, it will happen.



So, it is not something you'd totally

rule out as never taking place again?



No. My memories are now

all fond and the wounds are healed.



If we do it, we do it.

If we record, we record. I don't know.



As long as we make music, you know.



Crowds have been gathering all day...



in anticipation of

John Lennon's appearance...



here tonight for a charity concert.



John has rarely been seen onstage...



since the Beatles'

final tour six years ago.



Ladies and gentlemen, John Lennon!



By then it was getting very obvious...



that the world didn't want us to

really work together.



So, it was     . I just felt like

saying to John:



"Look, why don't you just go to L.A.

And have fun?



"Leave me alone."



I just wanted to think straight,

because I couldn't think straight anymore.



She had literally said, "Get out."



And I said, "Okay, I'm going."



I had been married before Yoko,

and I immediately married Yoko...



so I've never been a bachelor

since I was    or something.



So I thought, "Woo-hoo!"



The lost weekend was a combination

of a remarkable party...



an exercise into

the depths of foolishness...



and, I think, John's last effort

to assert his manhood.



I think it was his departure...



from his innocence and from his youth...



to becoming a man, to becoming serious...



to wanting to be with Yoko,

to having a child.



And this is...

Some people have bachelor parties.



John had a lost weekend...



that went on for    months

or however long it went on.



Clearly it was necessary for somebody

to be with John...



and Miss Pang seemed like

a logical choice.



Nothing gets done with John

unless there's somebody there.



And Yoko suggested that she would

be the ideal companion...



for John for this mission.



That lost weekend that everybody

keeps talking about, it wasn't so lost.



People saw more of John

than they had in the previous years.



And he was out and about a lot.



He had recorded several albums...



starting with Mind Games

to Rock 'n'Roll to Walls and Bridges.



And he worked with Ringo on his album.



There's also David Bowie...



when they collaborated on...



David Bowie's first

number one hit song, Fame.



And also Elton John, when we went

to Caribou. So there was a lot going on.



We had a lot of fun.



There was Keith Moon, Harry, me,

Ringo all living together in the house.



We had some moments, folks.

But it got a little near the knuckle.



I hit the bottle like I was    and   ...



and I was acting like

I was still at college.



The only terrible thing...



that I can say about John Lennon is

he was an absolutely miserable drunk.



He could not stop once he started.



Two Brandy Alexanders, and he

was absolutely charming, delightful...



told the old stories, was witty and lovely.



By the third...



he started to snarl, and after that,

he was uncontrollable.



It was the first night

I had drank Brandy Alexanders...



which is brandy and milk, folks.



And I was with Harry Nilsson, who didn't

quite get as much coverage as me.



They just sort of said, "Okay...



"you better leave, Mr. Lennon."

And then they took me out.



It was a mistake but, hell, I'm human.



I was drunk in Liverpool and smashed

phone boxes...



it didn't get in the papers then.



Fred Astaire and Ginger Beer!



All right, dancing over with.



- We've done the dancing one.

- Let's make the commercial now.



I'm gonna impound all those photos

till I get my green card.



I was out of control

and nobody was looking after me.



I needed somebody to love me.



There was nobody there to support me

and I fell apart.



The worst was

being separated from Yoko...



and realizing that I really,

really needed to be with her...



and wanted to be with her...



and could not, literally,

survive without her.



Sean was born on October the ninth...



which I was, so we're almost like twins.



It's a pleasure for me to hang

around the house.



I was always a homebody.

But I think a lot of musicians are.



I've been so locked

in the home environment...



and completely switched

my way of thinking...



that I didn't really

think about music at all.



My guitar was hung up

behind the bed, literally.



I don't think I took it down in five years.



The fact that my father...



almost completely stopped

his musical career to raise me.



It makes me feel good. I know that.



He would play music around me.



I never really registered

that he was a Beatle...



until I saw a movie

called Yellow Submarine.



And I just put it together.



I would ask about it. He would say,

"Yeah, this is the Beatles.



"I was a Beatle, but that's over now."



"That's over now

and I'm spending time with you."



What's your favorite part of the circus?



I like the clowns and the little dogs.



Would you give it all up

to run away and join the circus?



I've already given it up, but I haven't

decided where to run, though.



Say hello.



Hello. We're having lunch

on Sunday, April the   th.



Hello, we're having lunch on TV!



I'd go through periods of panic

because I was not in the Billboard...



or being seen at Studio   

with Mick and Bianca.



I didn't exist anymore.

And I realized there was a life without it.



I thought, "This reminds me of being   ."



"I didn't have to write songs at   .

I wrote it if I wanted to. "



That's when I suddenly

could do it again with ease.



All the songs that are on Double Fantasy

all came within a period of three weeks.



When I was singing

and writing this and working with her...



I was visualizing

all the people of my age group.



I'm singing to them. I'm saying,

"Here I am now. How are you?



"How's your relationship going?



"Did you get through it all?



"Wasn't the '  s a drag?"



"Here we are. Let's try and make

the '  s good. "



- John Lennon, can I have your autograph?

- Yeah.



I got to shake your hand, man!



What's up, man? I can't believe I met you.

I swear to God.



When are the Beatles

getting back together?






You're full of it.

When are you getting back together?



I love your album. I like your blue album.



- Hey, who's that guy?

- John Lennon, from the Beatles.



I can't believe it.



It's not out of our control.

I still believe in love...



peace, I still believe

in positive thinking.



While there's life, there's hope.



Because I always considered

my work one piece...



and I consider that my work

won't be finished...



until I'm dead and buried.

I hope that's a long, long time.



There was a lot of feeling of premonition,

when you look back at it now.



But I was very worried about him.






in fact, I told John:



"It's getting very busy.



"And it's a strain on us.



"The schedule is a strain on us

and I think you need a rest.



"And you and Sean should

go back to Bermuda."






he said, "Not this time.



"I'm going to be with you,

no matter what."






that's how it was.



John Lennon shot yesterday in front of

his New York apartment building...



Residents say a man in his late thirties

had been waiting for hours...



He died in the emergency room

at Roosevelt Hospital...



... once called the guiding spirit of

the Beatles, dead tonight at the age of   .



There was no...



there was no wall facing us anymore.



There was always something

in between us...



but it had been knocked down.



We could actually...



"Hi, Dad, I'd like to come see you.

Is that okay?" "Yeah."



It's hard to explain emotions...



in dealing with...



that situation especially...



especially when we were...



getting so close.



His music...



will live on forever in my heart

and in many people's hearts.



Because it was so vulnerable.

It showed such a vulnerable man...



who cared so much about people

and expressed himself so well.



The first few years after his death...



I would always cry

when I heard the music.



But now I got over it.



The thing I miss most about him

is just him being around...



taking me places, doing things with me,

talking with me.



He tried to show me how to play

the guitar once. It didn't really work out.



Just his presence was all I needed.



He was my husband, he was my lover.



He was my friend.



He was my partner.






he was an old soldier that fought with me.


Special help by SergeiK